The MEZELmods Story

By Tmezel

August 21, 2016

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5 years ago

Once upon a time there was an engineer named Tim Mezel who worked in semiconductor manufacturing. As much as he enjoyed his work, he would find himself restless and yearning to make something. So, he ventured into slot cars buying a livings room worth of track and cars. And after that it was RC airplanes. After too many shoe box landings, he switched to n-scale trains. Now all those hobby's find themselves tucked away or hanging from the ceiling of his garage.

Humble Beginnings

Then one day he and co-worker Eddie gathered to play pinball, drink and plot the purchase of his first pinball machine. Seven pinball machines later, Tim decided his new High Speed II needed something- so he set about making his very first mod, a Doughnut Heaven.

But the finished product just looked, well, like crap. Tim resolved to build a better mod by investing in a 3D printer. Suddenly he found he could make a damn nice Donut Heaven and so much more- Skull Shot Glasses, combs, key rings- and of course pinball mods.

Late in 2013, Tim launched his Etsy shop to sell his pinball mods. He had no idea how successful the products would be. Customers came from across the world- Malaysia to Austria to Canada and Australia- to buy his unique pinball mods. In just four short months the products have become so popular they compete with some of the best the industry has to offer.

As the business grew, Tim found himself unable to keep up with production, assembly, fulfillment and product development so he enlisted the help of his wife Kristin (Mrs_MezelMods) who manages the day to day shop operations. Tim also enlists the help of local pinhead Don Walton (CallMeSteam) in some of the production and testing work of the shop.

We are located in lovely Rio Rancho, New Mexico (that's USA) and enjoy the challenge of producing high quality, fairly priced pinball mods. Our goal is to expand into new pinball machine product offerings and of course to keep up with the expectations and needs of our loyal customers.

As a team we strive to

  • Provide high quality products that make you say 'Wow!'
  • Build relationships with customers, suppliers and pinball lovers everywhere!
  • Ensure your experience with Mezel Mods is outright awesome so you'll keep coming back
  • Offer new and innovative pinball products at fair prices

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5 years ago

I just drove to Colorado Springs to meet Team Mezelmods and picked up two machines from them. They had every mod I asked for and installed, they are amazing machines made by amazing people.
All Hail Team Mezelmods, they are a true gift to the pinball world.

5 years ago

You could have easily added some photos to your story of some of your 3D printer made products.
Early Prototype, failed mods, best sellers, etc
to make the article more interesting.


5 years ago

Hello, I got from Mezel Mods the Stroke Of Luck light mod and Eiffel Tower mod, both for my Revenge From Mars, great mods and easy to install.

5 years ago

Good read, great mods.

5 years ago

Great mods...and even better people. The Mezels are great ambassadors of our hobby. I have chatted with them at TPF a few times and really see the passion in their eyes and the willingness to listen to the customer. They really want the customers to love their mods ...a great glad Tim moved away from slot cars and RC planes :)

5 years ago

Great quality mods and supreme quality humans! Highly recommend their products. :-)

5 years ago

Just bought a pinside T-Shirt from them. Very good company to deal with and most definitely would buy again. Oh before I forget, love the little black rodent.

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