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June 2018 scores

Game Score Photo Scored Location Balls Software Ranking
Magic Circle 586 2018-06-02 location 3 #1
“Absolutely should have been an early Psychedelic band signed to Warner Brothers somewhere around July of 1966...”
Fandango 199,120 2018-06-02 location 3 #4
“Great ZZ Top album...”
Zig Zag 1,736 2018-06-02 location 3 #2
“I thought it funny that I had not entered a game that began with the letter Z, even though I have played Zodiac and Zig Zag many times before in my career...”
Bell Ringer 9 2018-06-02 location 3 #1
“Inspired by The Salvation Army...”
Big Top 1 2018-06-02 location 3 #1
“IT WILL NOT LET ME ENTER A ZERO FOR MY SCORE (which it actually was!!!)...”
Happy Tour 363 2018-06-02 location 3 #1
“Always wondered if that was supposed to be another 'H' instead of a 'T'...”
Gladiator 676 2018-06-02 location 3 #1
“Put an 's' on the title and you might have a great pinball machine...”
Dungeons & Dragons 146,000 2018-06-02 location 3 #19
“Yuck. Rare...but yuck.”
Preview 636 2018-06-02 location 3 #1
“Licensing concerns were probably not an issue...”
Humpty Dumpty 210,000 2018-06-02 location 3 #1
“The prototype with REAL eggs as targets was quickly abandoned...”
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