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Red Door Pinball - My Pinball Story

Ok so I finally am going to take the time to write my bio on here.  I am a musician and a professional audio engineer. I attended Full Sail University in 1998 and started working in a professional studio in 2001   » Read the full story...

Kickback Pinball Cafe: My First Williams/Bally Experience

Kickback Pinball Cafe: My First ...

On my trip to Pittsburgh last weekend, I had the opportunity to stop by one of the two pinball locations I wanted to go for: Bradish Street Pinball Parlour or Kickback Pinball   » Full story...

I got the pinball disease in the...

Skip back a few years to the mid  to late '70s.  My friends and I used to hang out at a particular 7-11 all hours of the night, shooting the breeze and   » Full story...

My First Hands-On Wizard of Oz Experience

My First Hands-On Wizard of Oz E...

I've been aspiring to play this game for months on end. Ever since I saw the pictures and read about people talking about how solid the game feels, how fun the shots   » Full story...

My Story as an Operator, Reselle...

I worked as a busboy for the Viking Village buffet in St.Paul and soon was promoted to dishwasher. This came with a raise of .05 to 3.40 per hour!   » Full story...

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April 2 - The Story of a Normal Guy Getting Sucked into a Pinball Addiction

I guess it all started back in the late "Bingo" ...

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April 2 - Homecomming

Howdy, My name is Scott Jarrell and I live in ...

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April 1 - Dusty desert pinhead

So I am relatively new to pinball myself. As a ...

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April 1 - "I think i'm addicted"

Started to seriously play just last year. I have background ...

10 years in the hobby and going strong !

March 29 - 10 years in the hobby and going strong !

I have been in this hobby for ten years now ...

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March 29 - Stargate, to have or to hold ?

Hi there all, I'm owning a SG for more then ...

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March 29 - Rockford Art Deli - R.A.D

R.A.D. is a one-stop shop for custom design (print and ...

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March 28 - Med1cated, Gerald Wagster's experience..

    I started my pinball career in 1980 in ...

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