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March 28 - My new passion

It was a cold Feburary evening. I was waiting with my girlfriend at the airport for her mom. I was ...

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March 25 - Living the dream

Being a Video Game Designer is the fulfillment of my childhood dream since Christmas, 1979. ...

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March 24 - Woooooo!

I'm actually a vid guy but came upon this Baby Pac badly in need of restoration.  That's my story! ...

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March 24 - Long time ago...

It all started Fall 1996, I was at a family outing at the local restaurant, Balls Burgers to be exact, ...

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March 24 - What have I gotten myself into?

I've been collecting a few pinball machines at a time over the years, and started out with a pretty beat-up ...

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March 23 - How I got into Pinball

I grew up with Nintendo, both I and the little gray box came into the world at roughly the same ...

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March 22 - My Story of how I got into pinball

Started playing pinball back in 2004, at a friends house. The game was space shuttle. Got in to it HEAVY ...

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March 22 - Greetings

Not much to say here, For starters I always liked pinball machines at arcades or anywhere I could find them.  ...

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March 21 - Red Door Pinball - My Pinball Story

Ok so I finally am going to take the time to write my bio on here.  I am a musician ...

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March 21 - Avid Amateur

I am a relatively new pinball fan, having been introduced to it where I work at Home Leisure Direct. Among ...

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