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Red Door Pinball - My Pinball Story

Ok so I finally am going to take the time to write my bio on here.  I am a musician and a professional audio engineer. I attended Full Sail University in 1998 and started working in a professional studio in 2001 full time.  Music has pretty much been my entire life.  As a what we call in   » Read the full story...

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About Me - From

About Me - From "Nip It" to "Fis...

Hello fellow Pinsiders!      I've put off writing my background story long enough. Where shall I begin? For starters, my name is Allen Robertson. I'm   » more...

My short pinball life.

As a life-long KISS fan and kollector, the Holy Grail had always been a KISS pinball machine. I knew that at some point in   » more...

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Pinball events

IFPA - Oursler Tournament. Stonehedge fun center

Akron, Oh (United States) April 19, 2014

Mustang Launch Party

New York, NY (United States) April 25, 2014

Mustang Launch Party at the Pinball Gallery !!!

Downingtown, PA (United States) April 25, 2014

Pinholics Anonymous West Coast Chapter Annual

Portland, OR (United States) April 26, 2014

2nd Dave Christensen Pinball Tournament

Thalwil, ZR (Switzerland) April 26, 2014

Stern Mustang Launch Party & Python Anghelo Benefit

Rockwall, TX (United States) April 26, 2014

Pinball Tournament To Benefit Barry Oursler

New York, NY (United States) April 27, 2014


Mission, BC (Canada) April 27, 2014

Red Door Pinball Monthly IFPA Tournament

West Columbia, SC (United States) April 27, 2014

PinFest 2014

Allentown, PA (United States) May 1—3, 2014

Pinball news Headlines


The cabinet and translite art package for the Limited Edition version of Mustang is revealed, featuring the original 1965 and the latest 2015 designs of the iconic 50-year-old car.   Read on...


To help promote National Record Store Day, a special double-album is released featuring custom pinball artwork.   Read on...


Pinburgh player and first-time visitor to PAPA David Mainwaring gives us his take on the world's biggest pinball tournament, complete with a video tour of the facilities.   Read on...


Three new videos show the whitewood of JJP's The Hobbit being flipped, along with a new multiball start animation and a look at the game's anticipated dashboard layout.   Read on...


Passionate, talented and controversial pinball artist and designer Python Anghelo has passed away following a lengthy battle against cancer.   Read on...

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Kickback Pinball Cafe: My First Williams/Bally Experience

Kickback Pinball Cafe: My First Williams/Bally Experience

On my trip to Pittsburgh last weekend, I had the opportunity to stop by one of the two pinball locations   »

This game is so fast...

This game is so fast...

I picked this game up a few days ago and it's lightning fast.  The combos flow is really great.  I   »

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Ralph and the mystery wedgehead

Years ago, a friend acquired a "Flip A Card" at an auction. It needed work, and he didn't know   »

The owner of the prototype!

The owner of the prototype!

For my 8th grade graduation my Dad bought this for me!   Little did the previous owner know he sold   »

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Stealing Quarters

When I was growing up, my parents were divorced. My sister and I lived with my mom. Mom wasn't around   »

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Taking the Plunge into a Pinball League

I joined my first League Wednesday night. Doors opened at 6:30 and we were to start at 7:00. When I   »

Picked this game up from an operator in Barnstaple, Devon UK back in 1987.

Picked this game up from an operator in Barnstaple, Devon UK back in 1987.

Game was in amazing condition and I managed to get it back fully functional without the aid of any schematics...or   »

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Well and truly hooked

A last summer I bought my first pin, a slightly worn down Bally Special Force - and set to fixing   »

My life as a Collector/Operator

My life as a Collector/Operator

After living in Seattle from late 2007 to early 2009 and going back in the summer of 2010 and experiencing   »

My PinBot story

My PinBot story

  As a teen playing PinBot at the local hangouts, I hated it with a passion as a wicked quarter   »

Way back when

Way back when

I use to play this game all the time 33 years ago at the arcade when it first came out.   »

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Pinball - Its in my blood

Pinball - Its in the blood. Pinball has always been good to me through the years, and although I was never   »

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