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Pirates of the Caribbean (CE) 1 of a kind build rare mods
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Added: November 17th, 2021
Condition: HUO - Documented (Home Used Only)

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$ 45,000

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The best of my collection. This ad is for the POTC ce only. This machine was purchased by me from a good friend at Oracle pinball as part of 3 matching # ce's . POTC ce, WW ce, GNR ce. If you have interest in all 3 as a matching numbered set then reach out to me. This was part of his personal collection. His work is remarkable and this machine is as much a work of art and something to admire looking at as it is to play. Painstakingly assembled and cared for and without a doubt a one of a kind to be proud of owning.

Below are his build specs for the adds to this machine sourced through many industry contacts with many rare or hard to get items, making it truly a one of a kind.

*** Includes the limited edition HMS Endeavor mod *** not many made and impossible to find. ********


1.) Custom Powder coated playfield glass back channel
2.) Custom Powder coated coin door
3.) Custom Shooter rod from Europe ( The pirate pistol is one of the best mods on this game )
4.) LED lights for chest
5.) Pirate skull for devils triangle mod
6.) Decals for stand ups
7.) Rope mod for entry ramp to ship
8.) Lighted shooter rod plate
9.) Leg lights
10.) custom cup holder
11.) cup light
12.) Autographed apron by game designer Eric Munier
13.) 3D display frame for apron
14.) 3D cast plastics set
15.) Complete set 3D cast pop bumper covers complete set.
16.) Davey Jones spinning barrel mod
17.) Custom lighted door mod for moving ship
18.) Magnetic apron covers
19.) Actuating chest mod
20.) Custom coin door collectors edition shadow box
21.) custom barrel lights
22.) beware of kraken mod
23.) hangman for shooter lane
24.) Custom pirate cannon mod
25.) custom sound buffers for playfield
26.) custom dauntless railing kit
27.) custom monkey on ship mod
28.) custom power flasher mod
29.) custom jailhouse dog mod
30.) custom dead men sign
31.) custom where's the rum pop bumper mod
32.) custom maelstrom battle mod
33.) custom pirate flag
34.) custom ye be warned sign for shooter plate
35.) east india trading company barrel mod
36.) custom whirlpool Kraken mod
37.) custom devils triangle mod
38.) custom spinner decals
39.) power taps
40.) pin stadium lighting
41.) POTC dust cover
42.) POTC stool cover
43.) playfield cliffys

very proud to have had this in my collection. I am willing to help with professional packaging for your shipping company. I am super picky and no one will package this machine better than me for transport. If you want to make the trip or you are local then id love to have you stop out and see the machines in person. I can also face time etc, if you would like.

I would entertain trades and cash or any combination of either but mainly want to sell. Trades of higher end collectible pin restorations or higher end collectible pins would also be considered.

All the best .

Item photos

0E8E5DA8-B94A-432A-B960-9D443641D357 (resized).jpeg
09CA7332-221D-4E5B-B689-42B74554D724 (resized).jpeg
00D53C66-0009-494A-9C5A-3102362FB13B (resized).jpeg
502888DD-2E4F-4708-8724-FCDEBC829073 (resized).jpeg
6B1B5130-F256-4E17-81A1-136EBD6D75EF (resized).jpeg
8AF36003-93A5-4E75-800A-943D92A647B4 (resized).jpeg
F33716F0-CF01-428B-800F-185A8BA6AC41 (resized).jpeg
150D20CC-EE4B-4E02-99C0-D05E07C68A6F (resized).jpeg
37892399-BEF6-48E2-9BFB-7D55D6132762 (resized).jpeg
3AFEEA02-612A-4248-9F70-9D385FC9EF0A (resized).jpeg
451464DF-C03D-4C86-A8F8-3418D148DA30 (resized).jpeg
45283AD5-7BC0-4B8C-A1E5-0187973702AF (resized).jpeg
45E2D331-CFFE-4E84-BBB2-E6D6C7DB309B (resized).jpeg
53334CB1-BB38-4C6B-8C52-2CACB578EDB7 (resized).jpeg
57E2A9C2-9771-40EB-82E6-D10825A41529 (resized).jpeg
5EE4C011-397F-4AB1-9C35-51576494F5F7 (resized).jpeg
6CF607DB-1938-4B76-AE7D-76A958EA67DE (resized).jpeg
6DFEF5D0-74F4-4215-8109-5EA1EFF985AA (resized).jpeg
797AF568-3C4F-410E-A238-3678E10C1C88 (resized).jpeg
7990EC44-BC4E-4AA7-91CA-0E0E8C55718F (resized).jpeg
7E275911-E132-4B97-B62A-41FC8CA8D713 (resized).jpeg
8A046E62-7909-43D9-92D5-7986C09CBC21 (resized).jpeg
8BD482AE-D617-4415-850A-979D406FC984 (resized).jpeg
94A89217-78D1-4CD5-B447-167C717EEC8F (resized).jpeg
9701902A-7E54-4477-BD89-5F37D8C0BFF2 (resized).jpeg
9B48BA6C-8E99-4102-AA25-2FA9E1294218 (resized).jpeg
9F01B172-F37F-47B6-833E-ADD4E1764EBB (resized).jpeg
A5A5E5FE-E4CE-426E-8D12-F39F2DD44754 (resized).jpeg
A6C2FDF2-0AF5-4EA8-98EB-A01C5A034B48 (resized).jpeg
B608AF16-4EEB-40D3-B513-EE2D72A4FBDE (resized).jpeg
C36694EE-656D-4633-BE5D-DC81D0EFA98F (resized).jpeg
D1A09BE8-CC9C-4E03-A8DC-25192A5CF888 (resized).jpeg
D61B692A-3052-4BB6-9226-82A464809D5D (resized).jpeg
D8ED4ABC-670A-4525-B955-6C9E712470CB (resized).jpeg
DCF0AE46-AC33-4459-93EE-09EA5DC8DC6A (resized).jpeg
E7322179-C1C8-4E71-A074-5021B858D9E2 (resized).jpeg
E84D252F-9665-41FE-8C2C-461F41BE8853 (resized).jpeg
EB45859D-CD6A-4554-8D67-C13FC5A2642B (resized).jpeg

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