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For Trade/Sale: Gold Wings

Added: September 21st, 2021
Condition: Fully shopped/refurbished

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Hello everyone. I thought it was time that I put my Gold Wings up to see what people have for trade. And even though I have spent more time with this machine than any of my others, it might be time to let her go. So you're probably like. $2500 for a Gold Wings...that's crazy! Allow me to tell you a story.(Or you can go to the run down of features below it. ^_^)

Years back in my early collecting day I had noticed that a fellow up in the city had this machine for sale. The price was reasonable so I agreed to meet him. I pull into this driveway and am shocked by what was easily a million dollar home. We go to his basement area, passing a beautiful baby grand piano, so he can show me the table. He opens it up, shows me the boards all the normal stuff. He proceeds to tell me that his wife doesn't like the machine....that it's....too ugly for his collection. Now to be fair the sides were scratched up, the play field had wear and much of the text was unreadable. I said...that's fine. I know just what I'll do. I'll make this the best possible looking Gold Wings anyone has ever seen. After extensively playing the game for a year or more, finishing the grounds, making sure all the board were working, I decided it was time to make it pretty. First I pulled out the playfield. After dismantling it, pulling off all the posts, plastic and what have you I decided to clean and start touch up. Brush in hand I spent my weeks vacation matching colors, blending shapes and colors until it was just right. Since all the text was ruined I decided the best course of action was to use water slide decals. They matched up and once they were in place the next step was to take it to an auto shop. It wasn't long before I got the playfield back, now shining like a piece of glass. I convinced a friend to help me carry the cabinet down a flight of stairs into my finished basement and for the next few months I slowly repainted both sides and the head with blue glitter paint. The lock down bar and legs got the same treatment, only this time with gold glitter paint. In fact all the gold on the playfield was repainted with gold glitter for a nice effect. After that I applied multiple coats of polyurethane, waited for it to cure, got the cabinet back upstairs, reassembled it and after what seemed like a years long journey have the most unique and special game.

The Good

*Boards all functional and tested
*Head Grounds done on all boards
*Ground mods done in the lower cabinet
*Additional lighting throughout playfield
*Leds installed both below and above
*NOS translite
*New Shiny Gold Trim T-molding
*New decals on bumper caps

The Great
*Playfield touched up by hand and clear coated by an automotive shop
*Cabinet repainted with glitter blue and gold paint
*New ramp
*Orange Titan rubbers on all posts
*Lock down bar and rails painted and polyurethaned
*Custom Spinner design made with old translite

The Not so Great
*Inside of cab isn't pretty
*Had to disable one of the pops because the coil was locking on.(Get's plenty of action with 2)
*Paint on legs was a little thick and looks odd in a few places

So really I'm not sure what else to say. I've had this machine for such a long time and I never thought I would let it go moves on. I really would rather trade towards another pin. I will also consider doing a deal if someone wants my Holly Wood Heat as well. Ok guys. I know that was a lot. Thanks for your patience. Thanks for looking.

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