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21 days ago

-Death Lock, just a cool function
-Play field layout
-Cool toys and gimmicks
-Great artwork and translite
-Just a fun game
-I love the DMD graphics and actions during game play
-Pretty challenging skill shot for the last one
-Fun multi ball
-Great theming


- Not a ton of shots
- The lighting is not that great. Could use a spot light or 2. I'm working on adding more lighting
- R2-D2 doesn't do a lot besides jump up and down. I believe they could of served a better function with that toy.

Overall a fun game that you don't have to think too much. I wonder how many games are resting in peace. A lot of them have been beat to death.
21 days ago
Cant get into the gimmick
22 days ago
I can’t believe how low this game is ranked. I think this is a real gem and would love to own one. The theme is great and I love the timeperiod artwork. The rules are so clear and simple: do “x” win a prize, shoot a ramp to collect your prizes.
I also enjoy the repetitive games how music. It’s perfectly done and the voice sound bits and audience applause is a great add.
Also a great safe family/kid friendly theme and art.
22 days ago
Played this at a few places which is weird because I don’t really think it’s all that impressive of a game. It gets old after about ten minutes and I’m moving on. I do like killing Kenny and getting the Chief points. I feel like it’s just three or four shots to the game though. I must be missing something though.
I did watch the show a few times, but never was a huge fan of it. Maybe being a super fan makes the table more fun to play. The match animation is sorta funny the first or second time, however it feels like I’m 12 years old waiting to see if I get a free game while dot matrix cartoons from London make fart bubbles.
I have heard there’s a safe mode on the machine that lowers the offensive language, but I have no idea what the machine plays like in that mode... never heard it. I’m sure I’ll put a few more quarters into South Park though I’m still not sure why. Just hungry for cheesey poofs I guess.
22 days ago
I was really impressed by this game and like the rampsthe most. The cannon is very cool too but is hard to get... unlike Big Guns where you can fire a ball through the air with a lot less work.
I love a good pirate theme and this table delivers! Reminds me a lot of my smartphone app Pinball collection HD “pirates”. I didn’t get as much time on this table as I would like so I don’t know if the layout gets old. It is a very fun game in my opinion, and if it wasn’t a dot matrix $3k+ machine, I’d be more serious about trying to track one down.
22 days ago
I absolutely love this table. I played one at an arcade auction and it was in near mint condition. It went for more money than I budgeted so it’s still on my wishlist. The art is simply beautiful and really well thought out. From the red and white checkered paint to the spring suspended characters on the back box. I also like the simple instructions of get this food to person x. It’s really engaging and the shots (though clear) are challenging. I also have four little boys that like to play pinball at the house and this is a completely safe themed machine without any worries of half dressed female artwork. Great game all around.
22 days ago
I thought I would love this game because I loved the movie so much and I grew up in a time when it was cool to watch Ghostbusters on VHS and play the soundtrack on cassette. But honestly speaking, I don’t understand the flow of the game or where to make shots. It seems too chaotic to me. And, since every machine I’ve played costs a dollar (which is a lot when your game lasts about two minutes) I couldn’t get into it. I guess I need to stick to simpler machines from the 80’s.
I’m not great with my smartphone so it could just be an age thing. Do love the art and theme though!!!
22 days ago
My first few plays didn’t impress me all that much. Shoot balls at lightning bolts... sorta like missile command on Atari. But my playfield display wasn’t working properly (see my other posts/videos on fixing that issue) and the game took on a whole different level of fun once fixed. Here’s the deal, some folks don’t want to call it “pinball” and maybe they are technically correct. However, it’s super fun especially if you’re trying to spell the words and get all the letter bonuses. I admit this game is more entertaining with two or more players as it’s all about beating your buddy because a crazy high score isn’t going to be likely. I love the fast play and my only gripe is the machine noise. I decreased the noise in about half by installing some sticker felt fabric in some key locations as described on “Ed’s Hyperball” link online. For literally $2 in materials and about 3 hours of labor... the noise is far more tolerable and my wife is letting me keep it now.
22 days ago
Played this game at an arcade and it has great crisp art but the actual game is quite empty and simple. The layout has orbits and 2 uninteresting scoops and one ramp and that's about it. You basically just hit the shots to spell out character names to collect them for a multiball. There is another multiball for shooting the scoop on the left a few times. Other than this, I don't know what else there is to even do on the game. Pretty boring layout and rules. The art on the playfield is really good though and it's very vibrant and clear.
22 days ago
Excellent pin. Plenty of shots. Right ramp is super smooth. Good rules for modes, MBs, multipliers but hoping for a code update.
22 days ago
Really cool multi ball.
22 days ago
Why doesn’t this game use actual sound clips from the movie instead of not so great approximations of them? It’s fun and plays well but it’s pretty damn unforgiving.
22 days ago
Can’t stop playing this game!! What an amazing technological feat all around. Plays super smooth. Shots feel great, does not get old. Playing on 2.01 code.
22 days ago
It takes some time to learn all the rules. I found that the playfield is easiest when split in half. When I’m in the top half, I try to get the multiplier as much as possible. The lower playfield is all about loading cannons. Once in multiball, loading the correct cannon can be tough and saving the Queen is always a challenge! I played the machine on old rubbers and now that I’ve shopped it and replaced every rubber and rebuilt the lower flippers it plays completely different very challenging and fun.
22 days ago
I agree with most others, music absolutely rocks on this game and is integrated very well into the theme. Even the simple credit sound makes me excited to play. I really like the flow of you get on a roll with the two horseshoe's. Like other system 11's gameplay and rules are not deep but this is a great "time for 1-2" games real quick type addition to your collection.
23 days ago
I have to say I was pretty disappointed in how quirky this machine is. From my experience I would say it's not a great choice to be anything other than a part of a private collection. I had the ball get stuck on the play field multiple times once bad enough that I ended up tilting the machine getting it unstuck. The final nail for me was when the ball got stuck in the right ramp return and the pin was rendered unplayable (no one on location had keys to open it up).
23 days ago
In my opinion this machine isn't up to par with most of the newer pins available. It felt a little too busy and kind of thrown together for my taste. I was never able to get the flow of the play field down.
23 days ago
Of all the newer stern pins this one is my favorite. I hope to add it to my collection one day next to a few other of Steve Richie's creations.
23 days ago
This was my first machine. If you like the theme you will love the pin. If Austin Powers isn't your thing you will likely find the music and call outs a bit annoying.
23 days ago
In my opinion this pin should be at the top of the list for any collector. Once I get my hands on one it will be the last pin to leave.
23 days ago
Nostalgia definitely plays a role in my feelings for this machine. That being said I find it extremely fun for players of all skill levels. Shots are pretty basic but the rules are deep enough to keep even high skilled players challenged.
23 days ago
Very fun game. Good value for the money and in my opinion, very underrated.
23 days ago
I spend my childhood with these ladies. Still a good memory...
23 days ago
I was very excited when I met this game first time. Lot of new gimmicks and toys, coloured modes etc. But that enthusiasm disappeared quite soon. Sorry.
23 days ago
Dolly P. is still one of my favourites. Easy and annoying at the same time.
There are 31630 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 9 of 1266.

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