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Rating #226 of 20 21 days ago
Very fun and addictive, the best gottlieg, the best EM style game, the chime sound with digital display is a real + for me.
Rating #226 of 10 21 days ago
I recently picked up Dirty Harry for a great price. I wasn't looking for this game specifically, but I'm very happy to have one now. There's a lot of game for the money here. Much deeper than I ever expected. The call outs are great if you are familiar with the movie. It kind of feels like a cross between T2 and ST. I love the top loop shot with the upper flipper and the ricochet award. The artwork is nice and the gameplay keeps me interested. I think this would be a perfect starter pin for someone looking for a dmd machine, deep ruleset, nice pace, and can be purchased fairly inexpensively. DH should be rated higher in my opinion.
Rating #226 of 14 21 days ago
This is a cool game I love it but there's a lot of air time with the ball when you miss your shots looks like the ball is going to break shit I would own it
Rating #226 of 7 17 days ago
Very deep and enjoyable game to play. Many different modes, skill shots, toys. Tie in to the theme is excellent. Every game seems to expose something new.
Rating #226 of 8 21 days ago
The first time I played this game, I was drawn in because of the backglass. I love bowling and the backglass is is my favorite on any pinball. The play field isn't typical, which makes it interesting. I prefer an asymmetrical design, but this works. If I owned the game, I would probably play my Top Score and Atlantis more, but for me this game has extreme head-turner appeal. The perfect backglass.
Rating #226 of 8 21 days ago
Card Whiz is a fun game. If I had all of the quarters back that I spent on this game at Captain Jacks pizza and bowling in Minnesota, I could make a house payment. Drop targets are well placed and the theme is classic.
Rating #226 of 14 22 days ago
This is the most beautiful looking and sounding game I've ever seen. It is very fun. The ball times are long, which isn't a negative to me. The pop-ups can get old and the third flipper is truly useless. I have the Smaug Gold SE so I am rating the artwork based on that (which is far superior to the original IMO).
Rating #226 of 14 15 days ago
My favorite game. This classic will never leave my collection. The theme is great and the call-outs are funny. I love the upper playfields and the difficulty will keep home owners busy for a long time. I could see it being less desirable on location but in the home it is awesome and a favorite in my basement arcade.
Rating #226 of 14 22 days ago
The pin I played has poor lighting in the back, little to shoot at, and was repetitive.
Rating #226 of 97 22 days ago
spider man ,VE,black spiderman,3 ratings for the same lol
Rating #226 of 6 22 days ago
This title was in our lineup for approximately a year. Though the machine plays a bit clunky & the build quality isn't exactly top of the line.... Once one gets past that ~ there is a fun factor to be experienced. The theme w/ the updated code makes this machine a thrill to play. The modes vary in difficulty, as each mode is unique & different by what you need to do to accomplish or complete each objective. In other words, the overall gameplay will have you shooting all around the playfield during the entire game. The callouts are not overly repetitious & are actually entertaining & funny. Additionally, getting to the wizard mode is quite a challenge & when you do it is a thrilling accomplishment. Overall this is a very fun machine w/ a relatively deep rule set. It's theme is spot on, & the difficulty factor will challenge you to eventually make it to the final objective wizard mode. I wish you well in YOUR pursuit of the perfect machine!
Rating #226 of 6 22 days ago
Our family had T2 in the lineup for over a year. It's a good approachable machine for most, as the majority recognizes the universal Terminator theme. It's a good title but not something you should consider in a smaller lineup. T2 has that classic layout & a great light show, but beyond that ~ this title can easily be manipulated. Hit the alternative ramps, complete the top rollovers, & go for mutiball. Also, once you get the pattern down, going for the 50 million point shot becomes second nature. I wish you well in YOUR pursuit of the perfect machine!
Rating #226 of 42 23 days ago
Just like the pro it suffers from basic issues that should've been corrected in the factory...

Airballs at left ramp entrance...slimer issues...ghosting of inserts.... ball plunge careers balls into slimer or plastics at back...cant see skill shot area well. Sdtm drains from pops....and they widened the gap of flippers...did they even test this??. Balls jump rails often. The fact that its a mess out of the box and requires so much work and aftermarket purchases (plastic protector to limit airball at left ramp targets....and slingshot protectors to limit ball hopping...just as a start) is just ridiculous.

Its just a mess of a design....but hey the LE has a few extra toys etc to paper over the issues and warrant a better rating than a pro....right?. Wrong....both are disappointing pins for the same reasons.

Would never put a coin in either on location....

Ffs stern lift your game.
Rating #226 of 23 23 days ago
Artwork is top notch. Game play is smooth and unique. Some of the best artwork on any pin. Rules are basic and not too deep, but a real blast to play. L9ve this game.
Rating #226 of 6 23 days ago
I acquired a WPT approximately three months ago & our entire family is extremely pleased w/ this gem. There is so much to do on this fantastic playfield layout, that it takes many plays before comprehending the overall complexity of the rules. There are so many variations rule-wise when playing this title, as the strategies are virtually endless when approaching this machine. There are many main objectives & a layer of subtleness that make this title unique! There is nothing more thrilling when stacking Change The Gears mode & Super Chip Trick w/ All In Multiball, & Ace In The Hole. The machine completely lights up, as the call-outs & light show is fantastic! As personally experiencing this title extensively for the prior three months, one thing is for sure ~ WPT is never leaving my lineup! I wish you well in YOUR pursuit of the perfect machine.
Rating #226 of 27 23 days ago
Just a great playing machine.
Rating #226 of 6 23 days ago
This is a very decent family oriented machine that follows the theme of the movie very well. It's a relatively a deep & challenging game w/ the 12 modes & of coarse the T Rex himself. The greatest attribute of this machine is the T Rex toy, & when he picks the ball up & swallows ~ it was always a thrill! Though the machine plays a bit clunky it was an after thought because this title is really a lot of fun. We had JP in our limited space three pin line up for over a year & 1/2, & that is the longest a machine ever lasted in our rotation. Overall, a nice challenging machine that will keep you coming back for more.
Rating #226 of 10 24 days ago
It sounds easy, right? Just hit the left ramp several times and eventually do it with a 2 ball multiball. Have I ever reached the billionaires club? Sadly, no. Do I still love playing this game every time I see one.....absolutely.
Rating #226 of 10 24 days ago
It took me a while to really appreciate this game. Once I got a better understanding for the rules I began playing it more and more. Stacking the multiballs is the only key to success. The lightening flippers don't help anything, as the game was probably difficult enough without them. Still, I can't get over the feeling I get when I play this game. The theme is implemented perfectly and you actually feel like your are inside Dracula's Castle. The mist multiball is one of the coolest features of the game. The artwork might not be for everyone, but I think it only adds to the experience. More and more people seem to be pushing the game up on their list. If you can find one for a good price, grab it.
Rating #226 of 10 24 days ago
Arguably, one of the best games of all time. You wil have to be on your game to reach the end of this one. Perfect playfield layout, great speech, and just a blast to play.
Rating #226 of 10 24 days ago
You have to give JJP credit. They designed and built a quality machine on their first attempt in the pinball market. I wish the game played as good as it looks, though. It's a little clunky, but it does fit the theme. More of a stop and go layout, with some very interesting shots. When it was first released I found myself playing it as much as I could. Problems on location were abundant at the beginning, but now most if not all have been rectified. Some of the most clever toys and features in a modern pinball machine and the lighting effects are some of the best I've ever seen. It's a great game that stands out from the crowd.
Rating #226 of 10 24 days ago
One of the best codes available thanks to Mr. Sheats. A game that is often overlooked, but once understood it is as deep and brutal as anything you can play at the moment. A custom sound update is a must. Make sure the game is level and set up perfectly and the fear of drains from the pops and off the magnet disappear completely. It's a game that you never really feel like you've gotten the best of. After owning the game for a little over a year it's still on of my favorites. Your game could last 1 minute or a half hour and you still might not reach the end. Great job by Stern on this one and a perfect application of code.
Rating #226 of 10 22 days ago
As of the current code, I truly think TBL has all the makings to becoming a classic on the same level as most Bally/Williams machines that came before it. The machine is beautiful. Dutch Pinball really did an excellent job of recreating the feel of machines that were available during the peak of pinball. The code is a little weak at the moment, but I still had a great time bashing the car, rolling the rug, watching the ball lock system, and looking down at the very unique bowling alley. There are a couple of modes worth noting, especially the nialist mode. The lighting effects are spectacular. Speech and sound is some of the best in the industry and the total package is amazing considering that this is the first real game from Dutch Pinball. I'm looking forward to code updates and watching this machine evolve.
Rating #226 of 10 23 days ago
Creature has probably one of the most unique playfield designs of all time. What initially seems like a cluttered mess, actually becomes one of the most thought out designs you will ever play. The game is simple. Spell FILM, save the girl, find the creature, get the super jackpot, and repeat. What sets this game apart from everything is else is that every aspect of the game is gorgeous. The sound, artwork, and overall design are perfect. There are several layers of depth to the game that are worthy of going after once you fully understand the multi-ball. If you see one in the wild, drop a couple of quarters through the coin slot and enjoy.
Rating #226 of 10 24 days ago
Just an absolute classic pinball. Simple rule set, but difficult to accomplish. In a medium size collection, the game really stands out. Excellent playfield layout and sound. Add some LED's and upgrade the speakers and I think you will be very happy with a game that can be picked up for a relatively cheap price.
There are 27772 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 9 of 1111.

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