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Rating #226 of 6 18 days ago
I kept trying to play this game and just couldn't get into it. IMHO it's a drain machine but a neat idea.
Rating #226 of 9 18 days ago
If I had never played a pinball machine before and this was the first and only one I played, it might be fun. But playing it alongside a bunch of other ones (even mediocre ones) makes you realize how boring it is. it's too divided between lower and upper playfield. The ball seems to drain too quickly when it shoots back down to the lower playfield. And I really dislike the flex save buttons - it's too hard to get used to using them.
Rating #226 of 9 18 days ago
There is so much to do and so many shots on this game. The glove crane toy is pretty amazing, and when it releases the mutliball and all the balls come down at the same time it's epic. The flow is really nice with a few orbits and ramps that all play together nicely. This game has a really full feeling to it and is very true to the subject matter.
Rating #226 of 9 18 days ago
The biggest fault of this game is the layout. It's stop and go but not very satisfyingly so. There are no orbits and only one ramp. The spinner at the top of the ramp is pretty cool though. I also can't stand the theme, it's very annoying looking and sounding. Just doesn't give me that good feeling I like when I'm playing a pin.
Rating #226 of 17 19 days ago
Yep. Us old timers love it because they have years of experience playing lots of pins.

Very fun game with fantastic implementation of a great theme. Well designed with fun, flowing shots. Great humor. Rules are fun and spider wheel is a great invention. Rules aren't deep so it's last ability is hurt a bit. I think it's a top 20 pin all day.
Rating #226 of 9 19 days ago
Definitely a classic. Really fun targeting each passenger. Pretty decent flow, too. If you're looking for a classic sys11 I would say put this one right up at the top of your list after Diner.
Rating #226 of 9 19 days ago
The light show is absolutely fantastic. It's so good that I would play it even if the gameplay was terrible, just to see the light show. Speaking of gameplay: it's so-so. Fun at first, but a little confusing. The flipper setup is really strange and takes a while to get used to. It's somewhat backwards and counter-intuitive. I love the left outlane game though, really cool idea. I wish the cabinet art was hand drawn instead of photograph based.
Rating #226 of 9 19 days ago
I've never played the 1997 original version, so I can't compare this to that, but this one is stunning. Absolutely a thrill to play. There's a reason this game is ranked #1 (currently) on Pinside - it's just THAT good. It's hilarious and I love the stacking multiballs. This one is in my top 10 played machines of all time.
Rating #226 of 9 19 days ago
They really nailed the pirate theme with this one. The sinking ship is awesome and one of the best toys I've ever seen. There are a lot of shots to hit and lots to do. The more I play this one the more I enjoy it (and I don't even like the movies)!
Rating #226 of 9 19 days ago
I absolutely love the stop and go "sniper shot" aspect of this game. It gives you time to work out where you want to shoot next. You can trap the ball 80% of the time, so games last longer. The car crunch is a little weakly-implemented, and the sound effects can get a little repetitive (but the music is great). I absolutely love how solid this game feels and how well it plays. Wizard mode is awesome! Absolutely an underrated game.
Rating #226 of 9 19 days ago
SST has great flow and plays fast. Multiballs are where it shines. The third flipper actually becomes more and more useful and fun over time. A great first pin to own! The only real negative is the sound - just not very good quality.
Rating #226 of 19 20 days ago
Had been looking forward to playing this machine for a while. Boy was I disappointed. I played probably 10 games on it across 2 occasions. The ball flow just felt horrible. Tons of SDTMs, clunky feel, and quite boring quickly. I so wanted to like this machine too. Enjoyed GB so much more.
Rating #226 of 11 20 days ago
NBA Fastbreak is fast, bright and fun.

Very different from most pins. Scoring is more like basketball, soring in 2s and 3s not millions. I'm still working through the rule set. It seems to be fairy deep yet all the scoring seems to be achieved by repeating the same enjoyable shots over and over again.

Its a fun play, keeps me wanting to play one more game.

Backglass is unique too in that there is a game within the game played inside the backglass.

I wish the game had a little more typical pinball, pop bumper action, drop targets, etc. But I suppose with a collection of pins, it's nice to have variety.
Rating #226 of 11 20 days ago
I have been searching for an affordable Atlantis in decent shape for a long time. Patience is a virtue....

With a little touch up on the cabinet Atlantis has been brought back to life. Well worth the wait.

As EMs go, Atlantis is as unique as it gets. I'm not entirely sure why it has become so collectible, and thus expensive, but it is a joy to play with a unique and fairly deep rule set for a game of that era. The bagatelle down the right side with a surprise drain possibility is a "nudgers' dream and really makes the gaem what it is.

Thrilled to have it in my collection.
Rating #226 of 100 20 days ago
Fun game but I didn't like the back box portion and the ruleset isn't for everyone thats for sure, good but didn't last long.
Rating #226 of 7 20 days ago
Very nice artwork and music. I don't like that the center of the game is only in the lower half of the playfield, and the multiball with only 2 balls...
Rating #226 of 7 20 days ago
Pros: The fan and the spinning discs, the sounds and lights
Cons: repetitive gameplay.

If i can choose a Pat lawlor's game, i prefer the Addams
Rating #226 of 7 20 days ago
Very nice artwork and one of the best toy: the ship i fantastic! But it's not my pin: a lot of stop and go, and no flow. A good theme thrown away
Rating #226 of 7 20 days ago
Epic pinball's experience! The atmosphere increases with the game, the sound and the animations are incredibles! Deep rules (31 modes and 3 wizards) makes every game different. The next age of pinball are here.
Rating #226 of 9 20 days ago
This game is a perfect 10 for me. Doesn't get any better than this. I owned Stern star trek pro for 6 months, sttng is way better.
Rating #226 of 26 20 days ago
I had to let AFM go to get my hands on MB, and the verdict is still out. The more I play it, the more I like it. The layout and shot selection is fantastic. Toys galore with great sounds and call outs. I added a color DMD which helps the animations. My only complaint is the feed from the pops. It may just be my table, but I can't seem to get a consistent feed down beside the Dracula.
Rating #226 of 7 21 days ago
The number 1 of the '90! Gameplay and toys are the top!
Rating #226 of 7 21 days ago
THE classic of the '90s. Simple to play, the multiball and the hand are really cool!
Rating #226 of 7 21 days ago
FUN! One more game please!
Rating #226 of 11 21 days ago
Great card theme game by Gottlieb. Challenging, fun, cool art work, nice overall & very playable.
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