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18 days ago
for once, i think the premium/le is substantially better than the pro model. you take the hyper drive metal ball loops off, and add plastic ramps on the pro and it just doesn't have the 'it' factor anymore. I enjoy the pro model more than recent sterns (aerosmith, ghostbuster, and batman), but it doesn't stack up to the premium.

the hyper loop toy is one of the most fun implemented toys stern has had recently, that actually matches the theme well. you take that away from the game, and it just isn't as exciting. don't knock this model until you have played it, it is going to gain fans once they get over what theyhad originally expected of the machine.

the premium is just solid, plays well, rules are great, code (.89) is horrible but shows promise.
18 days ago
Very fast and fun. I think they could have given the playfield a few more toys and gimmicks, but it's still a blast. I love the light saber sounds
18 days ago
Although I'm not a fan of either the backglass or the cabinet, I think the Raven is still, not that bad. The game is fast enough and it has a lot to do. Perhaps the best SYS 80B after the Genesis.
18 days ago
Great game. i love the layout and the gameplay. i can recognize the same creativity of Lyman then in TWD
Very addictive pinball. the art is top notch
i was reluctant to buy this one as i don't like the music but it's possible to change it and so i'm very happy with this pin. i think i'm holding my third keeper with TWD and MM
18 days ago
Indy 500 is fast, furious and full of fun. It's a real adrenaline rush and the gameplay links beautifully with the theme.
18 days ago
This game is an absolute blast. The artwork by Dirty Donny is first class. Gameplay is great. Hopefully this will be my first Stern!
18 days ago
Great game layout, cannon is a bit repetitive and extremely easy to master the timing. Machine holds up really well, satisfying ramp shots, cabinet art is so-so. translight is really nice especially when tastefully backlit. very straightforward ruleset that does get stale in a small collection but the theme is fantastic for the era.
19 days ago
Variety of shots, fast ramps, cool theme. Nice features. Love the artwork and callouts. Sounds and music are cool. Very nice game!
19 days ago
It play like a Lawlor from the older days !! Great !!
So TH has to go .... DI will be played more ....
19 days ago
What a pin! Jack & team can be proud of this one.
This one ticks all my boxes. I especially like the flipper area; they 'feel' right.

At first I thought the 'theme' was a little off, but now I see if is really about jamming up 'Big Brother', and not about a cellphone. Fitting theme for the times we live in.

This is worth the price. Best new release since I've joined the hobby. It sounds militant to say so, but I daresay that if a person doesn't like this game, they probably don't like pinball. So fun!
19 days ago
Just cant get into this one. Too floaty, too much going on. The cannon wasn't that great on T2 and the need to put two of them on this game doesn't make sense to me. just not that much fun
19 days ago
Premium is the best of the bunch. Period. Love the upper playfield and the additional strategy that comes with it. Had this for about a year and really enjoyed it. As a fan of the source content it is even better! Super fast game, sometimes too fast but in a home environment that frustration just makes you want to play more.
19 days ago
A true classic. I owned an original and really enjoyed it but it does get a little stale after awhile. I have a small collection so this had to go back out the door but I do miss it. Shots felt great, strobe effect was awesome (and something the remake dropped the ball on frankly), the theme is one of the best ever.
19 days ago
Very underrated game!! I just rewatched the movie and it is really amazing how much theme integration is in this game. After rewatching the movie I picked up on so many more references in the artwork, callouts, animations, etc. The claw is obviously easy to exploit everyone knows that so sure, the code has some issues from a strategy and scoring perspective. The shots feel GREAT. Lots of great ramp shots and loops. This is easily one of the fastest playing wide body games of the SuperPin family. The sound on this game is fantastic. It feels like no expense was spared on this one. I cant believe these are still selling as cheaply as they are. My only gripes would be that they are quite a chore to shop out. So many parts on the playfield to remove!! If you can force yourself not to exploit the claw / lock freeze thing the game is really a lot of fun and can offer a really deep experience.
19 days ago
I haven't felt compelled like this to rave about a game in quite some time. I always thought this looked like a fun game over the years & might be one to own someday, but I've thought that before about other pins with even higher ratings & have been let down. I just went with my gut, & bought a super nice PZ that this guy had. I definitely overpaid a good bit if we are to believe pinside's pricing on this one, but I didn't care, I really wanted it.

This thing is a blast & continues to grow on me, my girl, & my friends love it. It is sitting next to another b/w title that is definitely higher rated & more expensive, yet it is PZ that keeps drawing us in. It has that "one more game" factor which in my world is huge.
My example is incredibly clean & finely tuned, I'm sure that helps. Ramps are clear & in nice shape, & I did color matched LED for the inserts & some nice strong frosted red LED for the red GI & the game is just stunning.

The game flows better than you would think, considering both of the ramp returns have a pit stop. That stop is quick enough though that I don't think it disrupts flow at all just speed but that isn't a bad thing. Gives you a moment to ready your next shot or consider what you need to do next.
Shots on this game just feel good to hit. The captain & his standups can be a challenge but even that shot feels great when the ball sticks in the hole nicely!

My favorite thing about this game is that not only is the layout & shot selection solid, but the rules make it so that they all have value. I've seen too many games that had cool shots in a sweet layout but they just weren't called on to be hit enough or weren't worth it. On PZ I find myself utilizing all the shots the game has to offer during each play. I don't feel restricted in what I need to do, nor do I need to think too much. I think that is what all of us are loving about this game. & I've seen it mentioned other times in these reviews. The game is somewhat mindless fun. & to me that holds incredible value!

Sometimes people knock a game for not being deep enough, but I'll be honest, I'm kinda tired of super deep games. They are a dime a dozen these days. But a DMD game that is fairly straightforward yet still engaging, challenging, & fun? Not a ton of them. I put this game right up there with Black Rose as an all time favorite from this time period. Deep is not always better folks. & lack of depth doesn't make for a dumb game either. PZ has a terrific brain in it.
& let's not forget that there is multiball & times during each game where things get a little more goal specific, so it isn't like the game lacks depth. It has enough.

Let's talk theme. It is pretty wild & dated in some ways. In fact I think it might be so dated that its actually cooler now in 2017 than it would have been in 2000. It is very unique, it is an original concept & original artwork. & again in the pantheon of all DMD games in existence, this is a rare trait & becoming more rare by the day.
I love all the color the game offers & it helps make for a good looking & beautifully lit game in the dark, & I love all the details in the artwork as well as the toys. Oh yeah, TOYS, the game has tons & are interactive. People are always floored by the fact that the captain's head follows the ball around once I point out to them that he isn't moving at random.

In closing, I'm finding this game to be a great fit in a collection where I have a couple deeper, more intense games that require a little more thinking. This game definitely has a place in today's pinball world. The only question remaining is how long will I keep this game, & how much will I miss it when it is gone. I just felt compelled to write this review between how impressed I was by it, & how underrated I found it to be.
19 days ago
How do you make a Star wars game and not have a feature that utilizes magnets as "the force"?
19 days ago
The game with thirteen balls is funny, but it is not the most interesting part of this pinball. Even without this, the playability is excellent and we replay with pleasure.
19 days ago
Not that terrible. Too much over-rated in my opinion, because of the license. Of course the theme is well respected, but the game itself is ultimately not so varied as that.
19 days ago
Empty and cheap game.
lot's of shots an to many rules.
Hard to know what you're doing.
I just don't like it.
19 days ago
It's a fun game, but it didn't blow me away.
It feels like a modern 90's game.
Why a plexi on top of the popbumpers ????
19 days ago
Playing this pinball is pretty fun at first, but we get tired of it soon enough.
I have never quite understood the theme and the relationship between tic-tac-toe and backglass.
The small top tray is almost useless, because once you've lost the ball, it's hard to go back.
It's a shame because there were some good ideas in this pinball, like that of deporting the display of credits in the apron.
19 days ago
A very colorful widebody and a fairly loaded playfield.
The presence of two vari-targets reminds us that the era of mechanics was not so distant, and the fashion of the multi-balls had not yet appeared.
20 days ago
Q*Bert's is quite fun to play with its unusual playfield layout. It takes a period of adaptation, but it is done very quickly.
In this game, the originality is also due to the subtle use of the phoneme generator SC-01 in order to produce the Q*Bert's language.
20 days ago
When I first got this game I was not impressed. The pin felt dated and clunky ... Then I started to upgrade the machine and JP quickly ibecame one of my favorite games. I added a subwoofer ., the unofficial code and leds . The bass on this games make the walls shakes in my house ..the 6.0 code makes the game significantly more challenging. ...and the leds makes this game POP ...the best thing is all 3 of these upgrade cost me about 250 dollars . I'd put JP up agaist 90 percent of the newer stern games .This game is a must have for any home collection IMHO. I'm gonna add the motorized gate at some point ...if you have one on you jp private message me and let me know if you like it
20 days ago
Why do I love this unusual machine? I shouldn't. No upper flippers. Long ramps are not much in play. It's got fairly a fairly simple rules set. There's a ton of luck involved with high scores, digital luck at that. And it's in the heart of the absurd point hyperinflation of the mid 90's; a billion is just a kind of OK score on this machine.

Oh, despite all that, it's just fun as hell. For one thing, the jazzy Theme from Peter Gunn music. The 1930's hardboiled private dick - problem gambler narrator, like from some kind of noir film they never made. (Yes, it's a teensy bit like Clue: The Pinball, but not really.) The (tiny) logic puzzle involved in getting to the suspect. 2, 3, and 4-ball multiballs. A wizard mode that's not really a wizard mode. A hidden midnight mode. The weird-ass triple scoop in the front, which is unlike any other game's (and really does require some skill). The sequencing required to get certain bonuses. The variety of strategies available to score high. It's got Novice mode for your guests and beginners, it has buy ins to keep it going, it's got cute little quotes like the Pack of Rats and the (mostly) meaningless Secret Bookcase lock. Despite the ostensibly violent theme, it's a good kids' game - see also those easy multiballs and the not-really-bloody "murders" one has to solve.
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