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Rating #226 of 6 1 month ago
If this title said DE on it, it would be about 60 spaces lower. Just sayin'.
Rating #226 of 6 1 month ago
Great for a party, easy to understand and very true to the show. I only wish Shatner and Leonard had contributed voices. Pinsound someday???
Rating #226 of 78 1 month ago
One of the most beautiful games of the 70's, I still remember seeing it for the first time, I was about 10, it had 3 flippers down low and a upper and I was in awwwww everytime I seen one on location, great art, great game play back then, classic 70's look and play, not much fun today, it would be a museum piece if I owned one, tried a few times to buy one just couldn't find one nice enough and I dnt have room for a game that is not that fun, I have a king pin em and have more fun with it than captin fantastic, I can't think of a better looking pin from the 70's, good old days! If I find a nice one bye,bye king pin,sweet memories of the nicest looking 70's pin ever!!! 70's eight ball and captin, e.k, 80's black knight, fire power, taxi, and the 90's fun house and addams family and afm defined the decades!
Rating #226 of 19 1 month ago
One of Stern's best games from the last decade. There's nothing like getting this one running on all cylinders.
Rating #226 of 295 4 days ago
I like everything about this game except the magna slings
Rating #226 of 295 1 month ago
Royal rumble was a fun game to play but I felt it was just go for multiball over and over which got boring theme and callouts sucked but it was a fun game to play.
Rating #226 of 11 1 month ago
Not a Transformers fan. A nice value for the price. I have the Combo and looks fantastic. Theme doesn't do much for me but the layout and music are really well done. I am having a lot of fun and my kids love this game. I don't understand the complaints about the toys. The game play is what your looking for. This game has that. You have to make good shots to complete modes. Yes the mini play field does hinder that a little. Overall this is a very good game. To me feels solid and I will be holding on to this one for some time.
Rating #226 of 63 1 month ago
An underrated pin in my opinion. I know its not fancy but it is a lot of fun. Note that the version I played (which i own) has strong flippers, which is likely a must to reach top of steep ramps. My balls rocket around the playfield.

Game has a moving goalie which works extremely well. It has a magnet which "saves" the balls when shot at goal. I also like the stadium which gathers balls for multiball. I disagree with other reviews about the sound as I like the European announcer and the familiar chant of "Gooooaaaaalllllllllll!!!" For around $1500, you cannot go wrong.
Rating #226 of 6 1 month ago
Have played,sevral times.. just picked one up for restore .. classic game...
Rating #226 of 23 1 month ago
This is the game that hooked me on pinball, back in college.
Rating #226 of 12 1 month ago
This is a great pin! You have to like AC/DC to really enjoy it. The rule set gives you a variety - a different set for each of the song selections that you choose at the start of the game. That gives it some "lastability" to figure out all of the rules and strategies. That would make this a great HUO pin. Others don't like the cannon or the lower playfield. I like them.

The mon-color DMD is bad and outdated. My ratings are based off of the "stock" premium as received from Stern. There are some much needed upgrade mods out there that would be a must for me to own one. That includes the color DMD and the cannon mod. Another good mod that I would have fun with is the MikeD LCD mod to replace the band automation. With those mods (and maybe a few others) my rating goes up to very close to a 10. I like the Helen mod upgrades too. So many good mods out there for this pin.

I will own one of these pins soon. I hope to have one within a year if I can find one in perfect shape for a decent price. If Stern made a ACDC Prem Vault NIB, I would order one tomorrow!
Rating #226 of 12 25 days ago
This pin is my "top dog". As I went through each of the ratings, to me The Hobbit is the best game currently out there. Great theatrical presentation with all the video, music, and sound. The rules are deep and fantastic. The rules allow several different strategy approaches. Lastability - there is so much to try to figure out and try different combinations of approaches that it will keep my interest for a very long time. Because of this, it would make a fantastic HUO pin. It may not do as well out on location because of the complexity in understanding the rules as soon as you walk up to it for the first time. There is nothing bad about this pin and I know of nothing that falls short of a perfect grade for it in these categories. The only thing that is not "perfect" was the roll out of the pin when first in production. There were a few flaws that became apparent, but JJP came up with and distributed fixes for those flaws. That is great for a pin company to do that.

The play of this pin puts you into a type of quest and keeps your interest (instead of just banging into targets and toys in a meaningless way to make lights flash and score points). As a result, there are very long balls/games. If you are more of a person that just likes the quick games with a game designed to drain the ball and beat you, this is not that kind of a game.

I love this game and I have one on order. It will be a keeper in my collection until I die.
Rating #226 of 10 26 days ago
My 1st Pin! Absolutely one of the best out there! Great light display,sounds, keeps you coming back for more.
Rating #226 of 31 1 month ago
Very fast game but the pace is ruined by the glove, unfortunately.

Great game though, even if the scoring is a bit imbalanced (get spinner millions going and you can get a humungous score!).
Rating #226 of 12 1 month ago
This is a good pin to balance out a pin collection with ones that have big in depth rule sets like LOTR, WOZ, TH. It is a pin that is a fast game that will make you want to play another game, then another. Sound is "ok" but reported to be a lot better with a external sub. This pin likes mods. There are some pretty good mods out there for this pin that help the appeal of the game, but are not necessary.

This pin polishes you shot skills and helps you do better on other pins as well. There's just something about it that makes you want to play it over and over again. If you like long quest type of games and those only, this one is not for you. This one does compliment those long running quest games though. This game would do well out on a location as it is a good familiar theme and is easy to understand the basics of the rules. The deeper rules aren't as easy to initially pick up on, but are more like rewards for having a good ball going.

The "stock" mono color DMD is pretty bad - especially with the movie clips. A color DMD mod (add-on) from a third party is almost a must for making it a little better. My ratings are based on the "standard stock" options from Stern. Add a +1 to it with modding it out.
Rating #226 of 12 1 month ago
This is a good Williams game from the 80's. It was the first to put a ball save feature into a game. It was the first to shoot the ball at the flippers at high speed. Knowing that gives it a little nostalgia. The game is fun for a few games, but then you need to move on to another pin. Not much depth as most of the pins in this era. I added tons of customizations to spruce it up a bit to set next to more modern day pins and that helped to get it more attention. The sound quality is pretty bad like other 80's machines but is a pretty good over-all pin. Fun for a few games at each venture at least.

If you are looking for a game from the 80's build era to balance out your collection, this is a good one.
Rating #226 of 12 1 month ago
WOZ is a really great HUO machine. It has a lot of code depth, which give it good "lastability" to keep learning how to get to different modes and to get deeper into the layered rules/modes. The theatrical presentation with the lights and music is great and has a lot of variation from one mode to the next. The actual theme is not my favorite, but JJP presents it very well in a cool design, so it gets a high rating from me also. Even after my 80 year old mother-in-law played it a few times, she was hooked and is her favorite in my small collection of pins.

Game play is long if you are a good player. This is good if you want to really get entrenched into a game that takes you on a journey. If you only want to play short games, activate the pindemption dongle (extra) to shoot for specific things. This is a good compliment game to a fast pasted pin like IM, ACDC, or GB.

I can see why some people do not like playing this at a location. It takes several plays to get hooked on the depth and intrigue of what else the game has to offer.
Rating #226 of 33 1 month ago
This is a great game that plays super fast. Just added it back to my collection. The rules are simple yet very satisfying.
Rating #226 of 7 1 month ago
Jurassic park the movie has always been a favorite of mine. Then I played the pinball machine. What a fun game. The shots are challenging. The toy dinosaur is very cool. Shaker motor really adds to be effect. I love it and can't get enough.
Rating #226 of 36 1 month ago
C2Step hits the nail on the head with his takeaway. Jack it up in the back, make sure it's clean and bouncy, and this baby is fun. For those of you who hate outlanes, this is the game for you!
Rating #226 of 407 1 month ago
Best superhero themed pin. Fully developed theme, art, sounds and rules are well rounded.
Rating #226 of 67 1 month ago
I really enjoyed this pin. Yes the play field art is not great, but it didn't matter while playing. I like how well lit the game. It is a fan layout, but has some good toys to interact wth. The moving dragon is cool and so is the battering ram.
Rating #226 of 8 1 month ago
This is my Sci-Fi Whitewater. Love the theme, which is very well integrated. Call outs are from the real actors, which is always nice, and they are great. The claw has not given me a lot of problems and it doesn't hold up gameplay quite as much as the Johnny Mnemonic hand for me. Art package is good and a blue LED behind Wesley Snipes eye in the back glass will make it much more interesting. Some good light shows on this one as well. I love using the upright handles in lieu of the traditional flipper buttons, I would add them to every pinball I had if I could. If you are relatively tall, the upright handles will be much more comfortable for you.

You will read a lot of reviews of the movie itself here; however, a quick look at Rotten Tomatoes will show you just how high the critics and overall population of readers of that site felt about the movie, which was overwhelmingly positive.
Rating #226 of 8 1 month ago
This game is amazing. There are tons of different modes to play, which keeps the game fresh. Animations are incredible with a color DMD. Artwork on the playfield, back glass and cabinet are some of my favorite and definitely match the comic. Really enjoy the call outs and music, although the multi-ball music does its work of being harrying/irritating. Lots of things to shoot for here and very challenging shot making. Bally/Williams from this time period have such a nice, smooth flow when you get them going. The playfield definitely needs LED/extra lighting to show off the artwork.
Rating #226 of 7 1 month ago
I have had this game for 8 years. The cabinet art and playfield art is great and the theme invites a lot of fun. Play speed is defiantly slower than some, but when you throw in the white ceramic powerball it can border on uncontrollable speed. The amount of toys (upper playfield, gumball machine, piano, slot machine, clock, and camera) puts it in a class of its own. If I were to casually play this game in an arcade, it'd be fun, but again slower than some, but the more you play it, the more it will suck you in. The rule set is very deep, but not so complicated that you lose interest. This game will never leave my collection...there is nothing like being "in the zone" to get your heart pumping and the adrenaline going!
There are 26700 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 9 of 1068.

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