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Rating #226 of 31 27 days ago
An amazing looking and playing machine.
Rating #226 of 73 27 days ago
The best toys ever in a pinball machine, v popular with beginners and the ladies.
Rating #226 of 73 27 days ago
Decent game with cool theme, not deep enough to own especially at the crazy prices asked.
Rating #226 of 24 27 days ago
Finish the code. Just not a fan. Bash sparky, bash sparky.
Rating #226 of 25 28 days ago
Game looks and sounds great but it was clunky and boring. Very disappointed.
Rating #226 of 58 28 days ago
its a nice looking machine,it plays o.k i like sinking tbe ship ,deal wit the kraken is fun but everytime i play one. the machine seems slow,not the flow and speed i like ,decent it o.k to play
Rating #226 of 58 28 days ago
one of the best skill shots,(wish it was on t.o.m )they nailed it,the levitating ball ,wand, fit the theme well and are sweet.. i enjoy playing this game with not the best of flow but plays well enough for me to want to play it,not a keeper for me but wont pass up a oppertunity to play a few times if i see one in the wild...
Rating #226 of 58 28 days ago
this machine is fast and very fun to play i love all the ramps,lights and the smooth play it gives me...not a trekie and not a keeper for me..it kind of reminds me of a.t.m. the center shot....all in all not goin out of my way to play it but glad i have had the expierience , i will play it again if nothing else better is around...nice newer machine good job stern !!!
Rating #226 of 13 28 days ago
I'll admit I've never been a big fan of Williams woodrails. The artwork always seemed a bit crude, and the games relied on gimmicks. They just weren't games that had enough lasting appeal to deserve a spot in my line-up.

Then I found a Jig Saw. What a great game. The artwork is beautiful, especially in a darkened room, and the game play is as good as anything Gottlieb ever did. The jig saw pieces are challenging enough to keep you coming back for one more game, and if you do light the specials the games rack up like crazy. Even if you don't get specials the scoring opportunities to get points keeps winning a game within reach right down to the end of the last ball, and when you're done you find yourself wishing that Gottlieb had used higher voltage coils like Williams did, because that extra bit of "snap" makes playing it a lot more interesting.

This one's a keeper.
Rating #226 of 18 29 days ago
Finally had a chance to play this at Chronic Town in State College, PA last night. WOW!!! I don't think I've ever seen routed games in this perfect of playing condition. Every game was flawless, and LOTR was no exception. For strong players, I can see how some REALLLY long games can be had, or maybe I was just in the zone surrounded by hookah's. I already love the theme, and I think Stern nailed it. Sad I had to wait this long to play it. A great fan layout game, but with some really unique variety shots. My only draw back is that the upper left playfield has no "skill" involved, other than I suppose nudging. An Indy style PF would have made if over the top.
Rating #226 of 9 29 days ago
This is a superlative pinball machine.

Simply magic; it ended being an instant classic
Rating #226 of 58 29 days ago
i do like the game alot..i have played on location many times i score well on it.. play forever on couple bucks great play, lamp ,genie the captive cage ball all is very well done .(sweet) ..incorperated nice for the theme ,nice flow but missing something for me i jus dnt like it much ,girly colors ? ..i dnt find them in the wild anymore so i dnt miss it. but if u see one play it..it is fun..
Rating #226 of 58 29 days ago
one of the most fun games to play,the playfield is amost perfect,i like the volcano shot.. i realy love playing this machine, damn it its good...keeper on play alone,the theme sucks, to bad this didnt have a better theme cause it would b a top 20 for sure,i dnt like the sound bites the movie was a good family movie but a pinball game, wasted a great machine on the theme here ...to to bad sorry amy !! not a keeper for me but wont pass up a oppertunity to play one
Rating #226 of 32 29 days ago
repetative callouts during the multi-balls are the only thing annoying with this game.. Other than that, it is just awesome.
Rating #226 of 8 29 days ago
I have been drawn to this machine for as long as I can remember. I ALWAYS wanted one as a kid, but I had to settle for my Super Orbit for many years before I was old enough to buy my own machines. Finally I have worked my way up to my "grail" as some call it. SO HAPPY. Haunted House has awesome spooky music and sounds, the playfield art is one of the best packages ever created. The three playfields are so fun to jump between and I dont even miss multiball when I play this single ball game. The lighting could be better, especially in the center under the lower playfield.
Rating #226 of 58 1 month ago
One of the stronger Gottlieb System 80 titles from the 1980s.
Definitely the best well known, next to Black Hole, but Black Hole edges this game game out due to depth with its multiball lock system and additional challenges.

Artwork is exceptional, particularly the backglass with the hidden "lightning bolt strikes".

Playfield was revolutionary at the time due the backwards level play or lower level "spider web" playfield.
The baseline music tune of Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor will stick in your mind after you get done playing.

Relatively fast game for its size as well, especially with the kickers.
The trapdoor and center rollover targets to the basement were always a nice touch.

When the game was introduced, it was a complete $#@$@ to maintain.
Operators really hated it.
All sorts of electronic problems due to the edge board connections and lack of ground mods on coils.
Up kicker from the basement still can be an "Achilles heel" if not fixed correctly.
Overall, a solid game and nostalgia at its finest, but it is one heavy monster to move around.

Make sure you LOCK that main playfield with STRAPS or a WOODEN LOCK BOX when working on the lower playfield or you will be in for a nasty surprise!
Rating #226 of 7 1 month ago
If I could only keep one of my games, this would probably be it. Great artwork, great set up and playfield. I love the widebody feel. It makes it seem like a much more solid game. I never get tired of looking at this machine.
Rating #226 of 7 1 month ago
Great Ritchie game. I find it hard to hit the ramp regularly even after 200 plays. High scores are still very satisfying. I love the theme and the design.
Rating #226 of 7 1 month ago
This was my first game to own. I fell in love with the early habitrails and the spinner in the center. It makes every game unique and adds a lot to multiplayer games. Great game.
Rating #226 of 7 1 month ago
This game is easily the best baseball themed machine I have played. I love 70s EM machines. I love the double scoring of the runs and points. The World series is much better to own in my opinion than the grand slam due to the add-a-ball feature. You always have something to shoot for.
Rating #226 of 7 1 month ago
I recently acquired this game. It is a blast to play. i love to rip the spinners and i LOVE the chimes! Great game.
Rating #226 of 7 1 month ago
This is my current favorite game. My game plays fast. The shots are not boring. I love the multiball and the clear objectives. I put some mild LEDs in my machine. Not too bright, but enough to bring out some more color. Excellent design from a master.
Rating #226 of 7 1 month ago
This machine is a blast to play. I haven't played the original, but I love the feel of this game. The ball rolls well and the double pop bumpers at the bottom of the playfield are unique and challenging. There are tricky shots all over the playfield and enough speed and action to keep me coming back again and again. I have owned this now for about 2 months and has become one of my favorite machines. It is right there in the crossover between EM and SS and has the advantages of both. The sounds are not excellent but are much better than some bloops and bleeps on other games. The playfield layout is my favorite feature. I like this artwork better than the original, but I know that is very subjective. If you find one, play it or buy it. Great game.
Rating #226 of 12 1 month ago
What can you say, it is simply one of the best games ever made
Rating #226 of 58 1 month ago
cant say to much on this one. dnt have to many plays (30-40)..but it is very fun ,diffrent from other machines i miss the dmd on the back glass but think it is great on the lower back box playfield the back glass seems to be missing your score ,takes getting use to and i could live with out the ball play on the back box but that what makes c.v what it is ...a bit diffrent...,it plays
fast and smooth...personaly i think a keeper a bit over priced but all new and great games are up in value,way to high..not affordable for the average joe
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