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Rating #226 of 26 29 days ago
See my ACDC Prem comments. I played the prem in an arcade several times, loved it, then found and bought one. Then I played a Pro at a show the following week and what a big difference in the two models. The pro seems like a cheap imitation in quality of targets, gimmicks and general looks. The prem seems like a much better machine, even though it is basically the same. The prem has the added playfield that is "kind of" a reward for good play in most modes. The pro lacks that drive to obtain that. The average ratings between the Prem and Pro show that others feel there is a big difference also. Even with that being said, the pro is still a good game. Go for the prem if you can ... it's worth it.
Rating #226 of 26 1 month ago
See my MET pro comments. I like this one a bit better because of the added hammer gimmick ball lock. I would play this game every time on location. It may get old after a few months as a home pin, but I still like this one a lot ... especially if you find one with all the good mods installed. Mods definitely add some more fun and excitement to this pin.
Rating #226 of 18 1 month ago
I've owned the Hobbit for two weeks now so I feel I am ready to post a review. I may come back as I own the game longer and as the code gets updated to tweak this review. This review is as of code version 1.90.

I will start with non-gameplay aspects. The machine is gorgeous. The cabinet art, the playfield, the bright white GI, the RGB LEDs, the HD Monitor, etc are all top notch. I am really impressed with what they have done with the display. I like the layout much better than how JJP did it with the Wizard of Oz. Lots of information always available. The sound is also great with lots of variety.

What can I say, the game is super fun to play, especially once you start to learn more and more the rules. There are 5 main objectives (runes) you need to collect in order to start one of the main movie multiballs. The runes are: Smaug Multiball, Beast Multiball, Feast Frenzy (collect all the Dwarves), Spinner Frenzy (Advance to Erebor), and complete a mode. There are 31 unique modes to play with several ways to earn extra bonuses on them depending upon the order they are played in, how far you advance in them, how much time you have left, and how far you have advanced to Erebor. There is a ton of other stuff to the rules which I recommend you research if you are interested in the machine. I imagine the code will continue to be tweaked with new additions and refinements, so it will only get better from here.

The machine is super fun to shoot. Before I bought my machine, I played it at a couple shows and on location, and how this machine is setup really makes a difference. It can be slow and floaty if not steep enough, but crank up the pitch and give the flipper coils a power boost and the game flows much better. It can still slow down a little a times, but my machine plays pretty quick. There are some easy shots (the ramps), but the VUK holes and orbits are not easy shots (at least for me). The individually controlled drop targets are SO cool, and make for a lot of unique modes and shots. I read a lot of complaints that the machine is empty and there are not enough shots, but these 11 drops targets alone are so unique (including the stand ups behind them) that they are like 11 unique shots in my book. I like the 4 beast pop ups, but I do feel they are used a little too heavily, primarily when Beast Multiball is running. Hopefully future code will allow Beast Multiball to be completed and that mode will end.

The three main wizard modes/movie multiball modes are challenging and fun. I wish that there were different ways to qualify the three main wizard modes, but instead they are all started the same way - by completing the 5 runes. From what I understand, that will not change.

There is always a lot going on, and the extra monitor on the playfield is helpful, but it currently does not always have details about what you need to do next (like in the wizard modes). I am hoping that more call outs will continue to be added, as well as instructions for the wizard modes on the playfield monitor.

I think my biggest personal concern with this machine could be longevity in my collection. Games can be quick, but when you are on a roll game times can be VERY long. That is needed on such an epic machine to progress, and works for this game. Lord of the Rings is one of my favorite games of all time, but that also has really long game times and can be a commitment to play. In my small collection we will have to wait and see if The Hobbit can last for the long haul. It certainly has the potential to.

JJP really made something special here with this game. In it's current state it is awesome, and will only get better as the code continues to mature. I keep thinking about playing it, and once I start a game it is hard to stop. I don't see that feeling going away anytime soon...but we will see in a year or so from now if I still feel the same way.

If you cannot tell, I would recommend this game to anyone who is interested :).
Rating #226 of 11 1 month ago
Very fast and fun machine. Rules are tough to figure out. Overal if you like acdc and donot want to spend an extra 2 grand for a lower playfield then the pro works just fine.
Rating #226 of 66 1 month ago
Simplistic and fun. Seems the longer you play a game the more it becomes enjoyable. Becomes fast-paced with the music as you're challenged to hit the correct shots and trick shots. Overall, I find the game very easy.
Rating #226 of 16 1 month ago
Funhouse is Fun!!! Not only is it very entertaining to watch Rudy talk, but it is extremely addicting. This is one of Pat Lawlor's grand slam machines.
Rating #226 of 72 1 month ago
I think this machine ranks up there with other late 80's hits like TX Sector and Space Shuttle

Action/Per/Minute: good, other than the bagatelle
Backhands: good on left flipper, not sure about right flipper
Bonus Multiplier Goal: good - top left orbit
Dink Donk: none (other than bagatelle)
Drops: 1 set of 3
Drops Sweep: good - almost sweepable
Extra Balls: very good - you can earn one per inlane/outlane
Flippers: 2
Goal -EB/BC/Jackpot: good: lots of EB’s no Bonus Carryover, sadly it has a progressive jackpot
Hurry-ups: very good - drop target has it, and I think a standup or two
Inlane Lane Change: yes, 4 EB’s to manage
Inlane Ramp Release: ok - not super fast
Inlane Swoosh: good on left side, not sure about right say
Jackpot/Bonus Collect: very good several jackpots to collect
1-2-3 Lane Change: none
MB Earning: good - takes some effort to earn it
MB Fun: very good - has a clear goal
Metal Ramp: none
Nudging: very important. outlanes are tricky
Orbits (Repeatable): none
Outlane Fun: very good — like cyclone
Pops: fascinating placement - on right with a nasty shot to left outlane at times
Rules (time/order): very good - there’s a flashing light on the drops
Shots (total): 9
Skill Shot: good one - almost a full plunge or u score pennies…
Slap-Saves: yes - it’s a williams.
Spinners: none - too bad…
Stop'n'Go: good other than the bagatelle
Taunting: none
Toy/Gimmick: the visor was a breakthrough at the time, copied several times after (doctor who), the sound that accompanies it is great.
Voice / V. choreography: good

ART: Python, of course it’s great
SOUND: Granner, of course it’s great
DISPLAYS: Fun gimmicks in the alpha numerics
FEEL: Feels good
OVERALL: Very good pinball, with a great soundtrack and awesome use of color.
Rating #226 of 10 1 month ago
What a great pinball ... the movie definitely deserves it!
Rating #226 of 51 1 month ago
Picked this game up not knowing how awesome it was. Its one of the fastest wide bodies I've ever played and definitely one of the funnest.
Rating #226 of 10 1 month ago
one of data east greatest games
Rating #226 of 10 1 month ago
Mark Ritchie created an awesome superpin
POA was ahead of its time,pure pinball genius
Rating #226 of 10 1 month ago
Pat lawlor what a genius
Rating #226 of 10 1 month ago
Pat lawlor is a genius
TZ is the bally wms greatest game of all time
Rating #226 of 42 1 month ago
So much go shoot for. Great design and toys. Worth the money
Rating #226 of 42 1 month ago
Tons of fun and great shots.
Rating #226 of 42 1 month ago
It's a wide body but the playfield seemed barren until the guys popped up from the playfield. It felt clunky and I feel the quality was not near the newer sterns. They feel a lot more solid.
Rating #226 of 10 1 month ago
Another bang for buck game wished i got onto it earlier just didnt like the translight yhough i have now the alternative
Rating #226 of 11 1 month ago
Having a chance to play the difference variations of Ghostbusters, what a great game no matter which but the Pro has the best playability factor to me because there's less complexity on the right ramp & with the game being very difficult as it is & the Scoleri brother drop targets already getting in the way of shots, slimer moving up & down & not left to right really speeds up the game as well. It may be more reliable & easier to work with/fix down the road if it needs adjusting. I also like the traditional bounce off the slings. Hand drawn artwork is very refreshing to see, the colors really pop & the game makes for a beautiful addition by adding life to any gameroom. The song can become a little tiresome but it's perfect for Pinball. Nice job Stern!
Rating #226 of 17 1 month ago
Great party game! It's cool that you can play against the computer but this is awesome 1 on 1!
Rating #226 of 21 1 month ago
Another piece of s**t by Stern. Boring layout without any idea. Poor ruleset and moving "Mick Jagger target" is annoying. Its terrible pin as Mustang and many more Stern mistakes.
Rating #226 of 16 1 month ago
Bought this game knowing nothing about it. Wow what a sleeper! Definitely a keeper for me. Sure the theme is unusual but who cares if the game play is that good.
Rating #226 of 25 1 month ago
This is a very fun machine with great sounds and excellent lights. Voice of pinbot screams the eighties and its part of the appeal. Great machines can be found without dmd displays and this is one of them. Very affordable and fun machine.
Rating #226 of 20 1 month ago
Great underrated game with really good flow. Relatively simple fan layout. Quality wise, these older Sega games havent aged as well as Bally/Williams games of the same era, so needs to be tweaked to be a good player. If you want to know how your new Stern will look and feel in 20 years, this is it.
Rating #226 of 9 1 month ago
Good game , easy game a good place on top 10
Rating #226 of 9 1 month ago
Good game very fun...
There are 27290 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 9 of 1092.

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