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“Who doesn't love AC/DC? Great theme, great look. Wish the game had more depth like Metallica, but any shortcomings in execution are quickly overlooked by the kick-ass theme and solid soundtrack. Props to Stern for delivering on the fidelity for games that revolve around music. Keep hoping we'll see a software update that will put me over the top for this game, but for now, its a must play at shows and sites, but not one ready to come home with me. Still, a strong showing.”

“This game gets it. It takes a theme, wraps it around a solid game with some depth and progression mixed in with enough randomness to keep you guessing. Music builds with progress and the payoff when you get the bad back together is awesome. Always puts a smile on my face despite the comedic theme, which is typically a turn off for me. Will have this one in the collection, no doubt.”

“This is one of the few top rated pins that I just don't get. The rules seem pretty simple to a casual player, and the progression seems very linear. Has some great call outs and a solid theme, but not a game I'd play over and over. Perhaps I'm missing some key aspects of the game that I'll appreciate later, but I find some of the newer Sterns like LOTR and even some classic Williams (BK2000) to be more engaging. Will give this game more time in the future and try to see what makes everyone so excited about it.”

“Enjoy this game but can't get past the comedy theme and linear levels. Even so, always enjoyable to play when I find one, but will never be one in my collection.”

“Crowd pleaser for players of all skill levels.”

“The artwork is so-so. Has pretty decent flow to it, and a fair number of toys. The vault is kind of cool. I like how you can work yourself up through the ranks. I never made it to Boss or Under Boss, but that what kept me coming back for more. Overall an above average machine as far as actual game play is concerned that suffers from below average artwork.”

“Terrible artwork make this machine an instant turn-off (like High Speed or Flash). Once you get to play you find that this is actually an incredibly fun machine to play on (like High Speed and Flash). Nice game flow, target rich environment and the control handle make for an overall fun pinball experience. Despite the awful artwork it was a blast to play.”

“Fun game. Great art, cool theme, fun to play. Can be had for cheap.
Brutal outlanes. This game begs to be nudged.
Get one, play one. Not the deepest rule set, but a fun and inexpensive game that is very family friendly.”

  • mrgone currently owns this game.

  • “Good flow, loads of ramps and fast.”

  • dalispictures currently owns this game.

  • “I agree with "toasterman04" not into the theme... to nerdy or something.... but the game play on this title is fantastic I play it at every show I see it @ & anywhere else ....Replay's in Tarpon Springs has one”

    “My wife and play the heck out of this game several times a week at a local pizza parlor. The amount of variety is a bit limited, but what is there is fun and solid. Some tricky shots on it too.

    Cletus, though, is the devil.”

    “What a surprise this game was. The sound is a bit obnoxious, and the theme isn't the most enticing thing in the world. But every other aspect is solid fun.”

    “Six ball multiball.”

    “Man, I can't say enough good things about this game. Great art, great play.”

    “A lot of people complain about cheap, quick draining. And yes, sometimes that happens. I "played" one game where I very nearly didn't use the flippers. Plunge, drain, re-shoot, drain. Ball 2. Etc. That being said, it isn't nearly as bad as people have complained. And frankly, I play pinball because it has an element of chaos. Your goal is to manage that chaos.

    I love this game.”

    “probably one of the best if not the best Sega title IMO ....... Yes its a multiball fest but its just too much fun not to enjoy it , the spinning disc start to mutltiball is spectacular to behold , cool music the "everybody underground" call out gets old & its damn near impossible to find plastics for it but a great game overall”

  • TecumsehPlissken currently owns this game.

  • “Great title really love spending time on this one / lots of shots , fun & probably a bit under rated / traded my Blackwater 100 for it”

    “pretty fun to play system 11 I really like the music & sound effects on this game if they are dated & 80's sounding hearing the LIONMAN!! LIONMAN!! call out never gets old for me / for me this is probably the first title I ever got a really good deal on as far as fair price & good condition I play it almost daily”

  • TecumsehPlissken currently owns this game.

  • “this is a wonderful title it was the first pin I purchased , I think I wanted it more than any other I could think of at the time its super fun to play , deep rules, stackable multiballs , joining the circus is an awesome feeling to accomplish & the crazy video mode after beating ringmaster battle & the wizard modes are epic”

  • TecumsehPlissken currently owns this game.

  • “The Sopranos is awesome. it's a fan layout just like the holy trinity (AFM, MM, MB) and the game just works. it fits the theme perfectly as it has plenty of characters from the program doing voices, and it features several recognisable aspects like a fish, a speedboat, and of course those pole dancers at the Bada Bing nightspot.

    the overall rules are excellent in my opinion - to get to the Wizard mode (Boss) you have to play all the modes, plus finish all of several other items (Meadowlands = multiple R ramps, Bing multiball = multiple L ramps, RIP = multiple rollover lanes, Truck Heist = multiple orbits, Food = various shots), bash at least one Safe in, score at least one SuperJackpot, and work your way up to Underboss by either smashing safes in, or loads of ramps and loops to pay lots of tributes.

    the two-tone cabinet and characters backglass are just perfect - ok so they all look miserable on the backglass, so what? that's true to the program! sticking with the art, i think the playfield is gorgeous as it has a lovely spread of shots and things to look at. maybe i'm just a sucker for a fan layout, i admit it.

    this game has some humour and some darkness, also plenty of rude adult content but that can be turned off in the menus. it definitely has that 'just one more go' feel to it, so it's very addictive and can easily steal a couple of hours without you realising it; this is why my operator friend tells me it's his best earning game on site, by a long way.

    i'm a big fan and find very little to complain about on the game, but i'll try i suppose. the boat obscures the rollovers on the right. the Fish saucer doesn't always catch the ball. and there's not enough murder in the game - but i expect that was taken out by the marketing people :)”

  • cooldan currently owns this game.

  • “I really dig this title got to play it for the first time at APE this year & what a blast! I think I played it more than any other game at the show I love the magnetic wand & the levitating ball on the stage”

    “This was a grail title for me when I first got into pinball & I had to hunt long & hard to obtain a nice one finally got it & while I do enjoy it & think it may be one of the most beautiful pins ever made to look at , it just isn't all that fun to play for me at least it just doesn't compare to the fast & crisp feel of newer more modern pins ..... lots of center drains & keeping multiball alive is a bit of a challenge”

  • TecumsehPlissken currently owns this game.

  • “a really gorgeous game to look at and pretty fun to play as well”

  • TecumsehPlissken currently owns this game.

  • “Freddy. hmmmm. well, first the positives - the machine looks excellent, it's colourful and scary and fits the theme of a horror film character, and the big Freddy head on the playfield is a thing of dark beauty. i can imagine it would terrify small children.

    there are a few little toys - Freddy spits the ball out of his mouth, he has a claw-flipper half way up the playfield that you can control (though the fingers always snap, as they only made the bottom one out of metal), and it has a neat rake thing between the flippers that can be used as a ball save if used properly.

    the negatives - for some reason it gives a multiball right off the bat, there are no ramps, and the modes all suck arse. the music and call outs are entertaining the first time you hear them but very quickly become old. those snapped fingers. the fact it's a Gottlieb DMD game with the quirks that go along with that - things like funny easily-broken piezo switches, DMD animation junk, error messages that make no sense, almost impossible to get into free play mode because of that stupid 'tournament mode' option, if anything goes wrong with the coin door switches.

    meh. it was ok but i don't miss Freddy. to use his acronym, F NOES why i bought it in the first place. ok i was just trying to get that into my review. not that bad, but gets boring fast. an ok starter table but really the bottom of the DMD pile. almost as bad as X Piles.”

  • cooldan has owned this game in the past.

  • “I love this game more & more everyday, it just keeps getting better for me / in a few words this title flat out Rocks!!!!”

  • TecumsehPlissken currently owns this game.

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