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“Kids & people new to pinball seem to gravitate to this pin because of the theme, lighting, & the sounds. It is a very different layout. The diverters that allow the ball to wrap around the apron & back to the flipper that just shot the ball is "Way Cool"! The bowling shot alone will keep a smile on your face, it's a fun shot with great call outs & animation! The rule set is unbalanced & shallow, but who cares! This pin bright! It has great sounds & call outs! It's just simple straight forward flippin fun for the whole family!”

  • Zampinator has owned this game in the past.

  • “Not long ago my rating for this game would not have been nearly as good, but I have come to appreciate just what an amazing achievement this game is, truly a classic and Steve Ritchie's Magnum Opus. A stunning integration of art, sound and theme, to create a sci-fi world under glass.”

  • dgpinball currently owns this game.

  • “Wonder why this is ranked so low? Tons of shots all over the playfield...pretty good modes. I like the artwork. Huge ramp on this one as well. I will try and play this one more, maybe even buy one!”

    “The backglass is very odd. Still not sure what's going on there. The playfield adds some intrigue though. One of the more unique playfield layouts and gameplay for the era.

    I like it. but could understand why others don't because it is so different...I do like the "transporter" effect though.”

    “Considering how good this game is it is a shame there are not more out there. I can only imagine how many are left in good playing condition. Luckily there are two places close I can play it.

    Love the layout...gameplay is fun. Very goofy art and music but it is alot of fun. Kinda reminds me of an updates”

    “Another great system 80 game. Love the ruleset. Backglass is not great, a robo war really doesnt come through all that well.”

    “Not my favorite Sega. I find that it gets a bit boring...plus the music is awful and it never lets down...just a constant loop. Animations are really good for the time period, but thats about it for me.”

    “Easy to pick up ruleset and the playfield is marked well. However it packs a huge challenge...tons of risk reward shots out there. I love it, always happy when this is in a classics back for a tourny.”

    “I like all the red on play field . every one wants to play this machine . putting pinball magic right next to twilight zone”

  • kong currently owns this game.

  • “way cool game”

  • kong currently owns this game.

  • “I'm glade I finally got one in my collection way better than the new le version by stern”

    “Very underrated pin due to low production numbers, IMO. A Gottlieb wedgehead add-a-ball with a billiards theme, perfect! Has campy art (which I really like) and an easy rule set. Not easy to accomplish though. 14 drop targets make this pin one of the most 'drop target heavy' pins out there. The open playfield gives the player ALL drops to shoot at. Drop balls 1-7, or 9-15, then get the 8 ball via the kickout hole or top center roll over lane. This will light up the corresponding 'WOW' lights (top right and lower left and/or top left and lower right). You'll have that one ball to rack up 'WOW's, because once it drains the drops reset (along with the 8 ball light). Game starts with 5 balls, but credit goes to 10 balls. You can win WOW's (extra balls) by hitting the lit 'WOW' targets, or by your high score settings. You can win almost unlimited balls, as each ball can keep maxing out the 10 ball credit lights. This doesn't happen though, as the game always wins. My high score was in the 450k range (tilt disabled, ha), but this game can easily put you in your place too. A lot of opinions about aab play out there, but two things are for sure:
    1) you can be doing horrible, but on that last ball...be the king (or queen) and rack up a huge impressive win, not just a good finish. All ball's lives matter!
    2) when you get beat by this aab (knowing HUGE scores are at least possible), you feel much more humiliated, and you have to play again so as not to feel like a chump. And then it beats you again...and so on. An excellent aab that will add a unique variety to a collection of replay games.

    I had specifically searched for this game, and a fellow Pinsider whom I had just recently met called me back to say, "Did you know I have one? It could be for sale". The machine lived just minutes away. Bam! Thanks Pinside!”

  • presqueisle1 currently owns this game.

  • “Great theme! I would like to play it again.”

    “Nice light playfield!”

    “Funny machine. I like the crane mission!”

  • PohodaVole has this game on the wishlist.

  • “I like this pinball but it is not something special..”

  • PohodaVole has this game on the wishlist.

  • “This is a very hard pinball machine because there is missing shoot again option when you start playing the ball and the final mode is also very difficult to reach but you have many posibilities to get "easy" extra balls in the elevator / replay / left ramp so it balances the difficulty. I think that the worst part of the pinball is a left animal game. It is not very nice but I can accept it because other game parts are really excellent! I loved this machine when I saw it first time. The light playfield is very nice and the design of the cabinet is excellent! The upper playfield is also great part and the wheel is a very good idea for a skill shot. You can also shoot the wheel from the upper plafield. I think that it is better option than play Swee Pie mission for ONLY 50 mil. At the end I would like to tell you: "If you have any possibility to buy thiis machine - DO IT! It is very funny and you will like it very much when you learn the rules." I like it with another games still more and more!”

  • PohodaVole currently owns this game.

  • “This is the best pinball machine which I have ever played. That is very pity that there are no bulbs who will show you which Neutral Zone mission you will play but this machine is really excellent! I can play it still again.”

  • PohodaVole currently owns this game.

  • “I miss my R&B. After I bought the pin, I bought the set of CDs of the TV series. Great pin, great show. The WayBac is my personal favorite aspect of the machine and show. It takes me way back to when I was a kid in the 1960s and 70's. I would get another one when I can find more space.
    Every dog needs a boy!!”

  • BenetBoy78 has owned this game in the past.

  • “Finally played one, not a huge fan...reminded me a bit of an inverted Rolling Stones.

    Moving Buck is not a great feature.”

    “Overall a good machine, which definitely represents the movie well.

    - nice combination of habitrails and ramps
    - pop bumper multipliers
    - pop bumpers exposed, nicely visible
    - outlane saver is a great addition
    - interesting slingshot plastics
    - great speech from the movie
    - Terminator head is a fantastic element of the playfield

    - playfield too simple, not a fan of the artwork
    - cabinet artwork could be improved
    - overall lack of toys and gimmicks
    - only 2 flippers, game could be more interesting with 3 (4 is a bit of overkill on a non-widebody pin)”

    “A simple and fun game, worth having in every collection.

    - goes around cheap
    - enjoyable game with simple rules and a relaxing theme
    - mini playfield
    - cross-habitrails add a great pace to the game allowing you to manouver around between the flippers
    - nicely decorated playfield
    - digital pinball mode
    - the two giant fish :D
    - great, innovative plunger that matches the theme

    - cabinet artwork and backglass slightly disappointing
    - too simple
    - lack of toys
    - haven't seen a great deal of mods for this game”

  • snowvictim currently owns this game.

  • “A fine game that replicates the movie well, but fails to provide anything unique into the domain of pinball.

    - nice speech from the movie ("I am... Dracula")
    - interesting habitrails
    - multiball easy enough to get
    - simple rules, you get the hang of the game quickly

    - playfield artwork is a tragedy
    - backglass artwork could have been better
    - cabinet artwork has nothing exceptional
    - abundance of lightning inserts...
    - overall lack of toys
    - haven't seen a lot of mods for this game”

  • snowvictim has this game on the wishlist.

  • “I agree with everything NPO said in his review.”

  • Jumbosinbad360 currently owns this game.

  • “Rogo is the first pinball game I remember playing as a child. Therefore it holds a special place in my heart. That being said, it is a pretty decent player but there are much better EM games from the era (Fireball comes to mind).

    The theming and artwork are decent. They playability and features are also decent, but not great. It is fun to play the loop over and over, but it can be a dangerous shot. The playfield is pretty tight so many of the shots are just plain luck.

    Mine will never leave, but I understand the lower ratings on this machine. Great for a medium to larger collection.”

  • gearheaddropping currently owns this game.

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