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19 days ago
American Pinball brought their prototype of this game to Southern Fried Gameroom Expo (Atlanta GA) in June (2017). I played the game more than a half-dozen times. (Would've played more, but this game had the longest and most consistent line at the show, so waiting for a three-minute play was kind of like being at an amusement park.) First of all, props and thanks to American Pinball and SFGE for having the game there. I appreciated the respect for the Atlanta pinball community. Second, as for ratings comments: this game has a TON of potential and looks like it could become a real standout in terms of playfield design, deep rules, interesting shots, engaging modes/goals, and entertainment value. The guys from American Pinball mentioned to me that some things from the prototype are likely to change for the production model (e.g., changing the mini-screen on the playfield from portrait to landscape, widening some of the playfield channels/shots, and switching the ramp from plastic to wireform, among other things). Also, the programming and the callouts on the prototype weren't complete yet (per the company reps). So my ratings are preliminary, and I hope to play a production model and then edit/update my comments and scoring. Still, on the machine at SFGE, the sound quality was very strong, the playfield art looked great, the playfield design was excellent, and the rule set seemed very good from the sense I could get in a few tries. (Also, the ads suggest a very deep ruleset with a lot of goals and activities, which is important to me.) The flipper strength on the machine at the show was dialed down (per the company reps; I asked and they confirmed), so this affected my ability to get an accurate read on gameplay. Pricing that I have seen so far seems quite fair for a game the delivers as much as this game promises to deliver (proof remains to be seen in the pudding). I like the theme and the steampunk stylings. Not a big fan of the unusual shape of the backbox, though (but I got the impression that the shape helps the sound projection from the speakers. So it might be a good trade-off, although sound projection is also less important in a quiet home-play environment.) I really hope that American Pinball pulls off a successful and reliable-quality full production run of this game at the advertised prices and without significant changes from the prototype (other than to finish coding and callouts). If so, I'll have some heavy temptation to buy this game from them.
19 days ago
I played this at a local bowling alley with a friend and we did have a lot of fun playing it! As far as owning it I don't think a pro model would be the version I would want, premium would probably be the way to go with the extra features Stern is advertising but would still have play this version to see how much it would change game. Fun game if your looking to kill a couple hours but is not a home run more could have done or added to playfield. Just my 2 cents
19 days ago
I think this is a really fun game, when I can keep it running. The one that I have breaks a lot and at random. The playfield is REALLY heavy to lift and components are stacked on top of each other. Would not suggest buying this game for a home but it is REALLY fun to play. The wheel and ramps make it great once you learn the rules. Has a lot of action, is fun to play, and people love all the extras. It really is the most played game in the house, when I am not working on IT!
19 days ago
Interesting school house theme that is not really done anymore. I do not find the game that fun at all. It is a 1968 EM so it does not have the perfected mechanics that some of the 1970's EMs do, this makes it a bit annoying to play at times, the flippers are REALLY small and underpowered! The sound is annoying as it is just a school bell. Fun theme and on point with that, spelling words is great and all but this game just missed its mark.
19 days ago
This is a great old EM! I have one in my house and LOVE to play it. The game play is great, the rules are simple, and it is really about the skill of the shot! There are no complex gadgets or anything that these new games have, this is just a really solid EM game that will last a lifetime!
19 days ago
Great old EM game, the ball counter in the back glass is a great feature.
19 days ago
Game is hard to understand at first, some of the shots are impossible and really hard to make unless the machine is in perfect working order. Once you get into the game it is a great classic pin! It is harder to play on 5 ball than 3! You are targeting the balls that are "blinking" to put into the rack, on 5 ball there are less options available so you have to constantly hit the spinner or the 8 ball pocket to get more options. I now have mine set for 3 ball and it is a lot more fun and is a great game to work on your targeting and shot skills!!!
19 days ago
Great game for any level, it is easy for a first time pinballer to understand due to the poker theme.
19 days ago
Total Nuclear Annihilation is my new definition of "just one more game!" pinball. The basic game progression is to destroy nine reactors. To do this you need to shoot the center keypad targets to unlock the reactor, start the reactor with a shot to the scoop, overheat the reactor by hitting spinner or switches in the upper playfield, and then destroy the reactor by hitting the random lit shot(s). If you collect the skill shot without switching lanes you will automatically start a reactor. With how difficult this game can be, that is certainly a skill worth practicing. Unlocking the reactor the traditional way involves shooting the three center targets. These shots seem to be angled perfectly to feed the exposed pop bumper, making ball control difficult.

By far my favorite aspect of this game is the Danesi Lock. It reminds me of the locks on Fathom, in a good way. These targets offer players a huge risk reward. A novices player, like me, can use multiball to start the reactor whereas a more skilled player can wait to start multiball when it's time to destroy the reactor. Each ball in play adds a multiplier. The lock is also used as an inline drop target for the jackpot. It takes some concentration as the targets reset rather quickly. I hope to someday be good enough to destroy all nine reactors, but until then I'm happy to keep saying, "Just one more game!"

PS: I didn't even mention the sound. Even on volume four this machine is loud. The super spinner will make you swear the game has a shaker.
19 days ago
I got top play a few games at California Extreme 2017 in Santa Clara, California.

I like the game, even though it feels like a Dutch Pinball/Jersey Jack production with the gigantic LED, something I wish Stern hadn't used since I feel like less is more with a regular DMD display but it's 2017 and here we are. The table has some cool toys in the Death Star and Tie Fighter. I like the mini-LCD screen on the playfield. Makes me think of the obscure original Future Pinball table, "Jaws". It's about time somebody made that a "thing". Very clever.

It's Star Wars and there are several missions but only one theme that revolves around the Death Star so missions in Tatooine don't really feel "authentic", but that's not entirely bad. I do love shooting down Tie Fighters with the red firing button placed in the bottom center of the table. Pretty cool idea. I'm not entirely sold on it because I'm not the kind of person who needs more than the flipper buttons but I do like the concept.

The table plays smooth and the ball doesn't drain as much as other Stern tables so that's a huge plus.

Compared to last year's "Ghostbusters", though, this isn't as inspired and feels too "safe" at times.
19 days ago
I played the LE version first. It was boring as hell. I played it again. Still boring. I was told by my friends that the Pro version was "so much better", it isn't. It's worse. It's the same boring gameplay without the upper playfield. There's no thought put into this thing. There's a dragon and the "throne". M-kay. Other than that, two ramps and an extremely ugly, uninspired playfield just doesn't make me want to play this. The shots are pretty easy to make but there's nothing here that makes me say, "Wow!" It's a boring table with boring art, boring gameplay and boring and lazy theming. Are we upvoting this thing just because it's Game of Thrones?
19 days ago
I like playing this table a lot. It has some really great shots and ramps and a great effect in the "lagoon" where a green hologram version of "the Creature" lurks. Love the 50's drive-in movie theming. The cons? The audio is AWFUL. Everything sounds garbled as if the sound chip was dipped in water. That and the placement of the ramps feels like you're looking at a set of ramps having an orgy. The entrances of certain ramps are hard to make out unless one knows where they already are. That, and aside from the hologram, there isn't much "story" to this board except for couples making out at a drive-in. Almost nothing here has anything to do with the actual creature. Still, a decent game and a lot of fun to play.
19 days ago
SO. MUCH. FUN. Your goal is take out four or five saucers hovering over major world cities. Each flying saucer toy rules. They "hover" near the back with their little blinking lights and you can't help but be charmed. Beating the main saucer over and over is always satisfying and gives you a hell of a light show which turns off all the other lighting save for the upper saucers and gives you a strobe that blinks as the saucer "explodes". Great stuff. The only cons are the game seems too simple and there's not much else to do except blow up the same saucer over and over. That and you can score 100 million points just by hitting a target and letting the ball drain. I've never played a game where your final score is an average of 2 billion points. Maybe that's the joke, I don't know, but it's odd to be able to score that many points on a table. It doesn't feel like you've "earned" anything. Even still, this is a great, fun game.
20 days ago
Simply the best. Neverending fun for beginner or advanced player. Flow, humor, everything hit the point.
20 days ago
Simply the best. Neverending fun for beginner or advanced player. Flow, humor, everything hit the point.
21 days ago
I have MMR LE, WOZ RR, LOTR LE, MET LE, and the Hobbit Smaug in my line up. This is nothing short of amazing. The build quality is incredible. The overall feel of the machine is great once you have it dialed in. I have only played about 40 games, but thus far its a very fun machine. For those of you who compare the game to LOTR LE ... well there's no comparison. Their both entirely different games. If given a choice all of my kids gravitate to the this game if for nothing other than the incredible graphics, sound quality, and general theme.....the entire family loves playing this game. My initial impressions were good, but not great. The key is you have to give this pin a chance. Its a little slower than my other pins, but once you get into it, and start understanding the deep rules it gets really really fun.
21 days ago
only 10 games or so played.

1. early code vers .87 or something?
2. good looking machine, it isn't Aerosmith, Ghostbusters, or Metallica by any means.
3. playfield was ok, not bad, not good.
4. i like the non typical plunge into either the 3 bank, or try for the 5 drops.
5. i enjoy the option of selecting a character for different strategies.
6. i enjoy selecting play bonuses/options each ball for that character.

7. gameplay. This machine feels like a super fast SS. with the inner horseshoe looops and orbits, the ball doesn't leave the playfield much unless you start comboing ramps.
8. rules. well, there's a bunch. this game is GOT pro model on steriods, options for stacking 2 modes, stacking abilities for 9? multi balls.

overall feel? i think it is a fast challenging game, but not as tough as some others like TWD or GB. all of the shots are deep, i enjoy that. I don't really enjoy the 3 bank target area, i feel that is was an afterthought or something. They missed an opertunity for something more there to make the game more interactive.

overall, i really enjoyed the game. you get so immersed in the gameplay that you really don't have time to look up and see the pf or the display on the backbox, just the shots you are trying to make and combo.

i'll have to play more, and hopefully on updated/newer software. I would say it is equally as fun as GOT, but with more depth and lightening gameplay.
21 days ago
Love this game. The rules are deep and make sense when playing. The gameplay is challenging and a lot of fun. One of my favorites for sure! Happy to have owned it.
21 days ago
This is a tough game, very fast and kinda refreshing in a way, although I do already own 2 no fears...
22 days ago
It's repetitive, but that's its shtick. Simply one of the greatest pinball machines of all time. The theme is timeless and progressing through the modes always feels satisfying. This is one of the tables that sets the standards by which I judge other tables.
22 days ago
This was my first pinball it is slow but for its time it was all right !
22 days ago
I have upgraded LED lighting in my game and it is cool I have lots of fun with this game and it has been dependable I have upgraded boards also !
22 days ago
THIS IS THE ONE AND ONLY GAME i bout new it was a fun game but it was down more than up I UNDERSTAND thy have fixed a lot of the bugs in that system !
22 days ago
I liked this game but I had a hard time keeping it working !
22 days ago
I had lots of fun with this game I wish I still had it !
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