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22 days ago
File Mystic under the "bingo card" or matrix style games from the 1979-80 Bally/Stern offerings. This one has a unique hook that every square on the card can represent two different symbols, thus making it two bingo cards in one. Stern's Big Game makes it a little more clear having three cards laid out separately on the playfield. Mystic is a bit confusing to get your bearings on, having each drop represent a square on the matrix, and each square being lit for one of two symbols, but it sure as hell isn't as confusing as Bally's Spectrum. The art package works for what it is, but how great would it have been to have had this as a Houdini theme? It's just a sidestep away, but not having that attached theme probably relegates this game to Bally's C-Squad of offerings from the early solid state era.
22 days ago
Quite possibly the most boring classic Bally layout ever produced. But paired with one of the most beautiful art packages of the era. The theme and art work for me, it's Dave Christensen at his very best, but why or why does this game have to rely on the same two shots over and over again? The "saucer all day" strategy is at work here, much like the "spinner all day" strategy rears its ugly head on Kiss. Neat to play if you can find it at a show or in a private collection, because one or two games will be enough for you.
22 days ago
A dreadfully boring offering from Bally. It follows the same pattern as the other Bally games of the era--a set of drops on the side, a hot spinner and a centre standup target sucker shot--but it all comes off a little dull...perhaps this is because of the lack of licenced theme? The left hand lane seems to just eat up space, without providing much in the way of rewarding feedback. The game drags along as a carryover from their EM era, with geometric playfield art to identify it as such. It must have looked completely trite and dated, sitting in arcades alongside Evel, Playboy and Kiss, with eye-popping artwork. Supersonic is a hard pass from me. Others that are into aviation may feel differently.
22 days ago
STERN Star Was is the best Star Wars Pinball based on the original trilogy ever made . The Pro is an excellent example of value as it has the same RGB color changing inserts and the choreographed GI lighting as the Premium/Limited Edition. It is all about the game play. The modes are represented great in synergy to the LCD film clips and voice overs from the original films . The music by John Williams score is excellent . All this brings you into the Star Wars original Trilogy universe . The game play is hard. But there are so many ways to choose to play the rule-set. The shot multiplier system is very addicting as you learn how you may manually move the shots around the playfield for maximum scoring . I have never played a pinball game with this type of control given to the player. This style of code brings so much "breadth" of strategically building up you shot multipliers and choosing different main character from the Star Wars 1977 film to aid you through your playing experience . It is a " masterpiece" in coding and fun. And "Fun" is what defines a great pinball machine .
For people on this forum to score STERN Star Wars pinball in the range of (2-3) Such as (@ Guitoone) and many (others) as read there ratings for this title is quit frankly ( laughable, absurd, comical, funny, hilarious, risible, droll, amusing, farcical, silly, ludicrous; and ridiculous ).
22 days ago
Great game. Has lots of toys, difficult shots, DMD animations, magnet, 2nd playfield, just great game play, rules set and fast.
22 days ago
I had a good feeling with this pin. I'm not a real fan of this band but it track are good for anyone.
It's a good pinball that deserve more time!
22 days ago
I am so sad to see such a good theme with such a poor pinball!!! It's amazing. What did stern do with this???
It is so void, so boring... It's really the worst Stern since a long time!
22 days ago
Nice lcd, artwork and playfield not whaw, decent flow
22 days ago
Beautiful Blue!
22 days ago
Very interesting game. Cool features and gimmicks. The sounds are good quality but there isn't much adrenaline excitement - seems very low key. The under field bowling alley is pretty different. A lot of stop and go, which normally doesn't bother me, but it seems to drag on to me maybe because of the lack of adrenaline rush.
22 days ago
I put this one as a middle of the road machine. Easy to get a replay on it, so that helps a lot when you are playing it out somewhere. I seem to be able to put a quarter in this and play for 20 minutes on a regular basis. That being said, there is nothing super flashy about it. Has a ramp, has extra balls, has some mini games in it that are fun once you figure out what you are to do. I still play it when I see it, so it is worth a try!
22 days ago
A fun game with some funny adult humor - that is what makes it great. The gimmicks are ok. The sound quality is pretty bad - definitely need one of those pinsound upgrades. Would play a few games on it at a location if I see it.
22 days ago
It's not a bad game. Stewies mini pinball game is an interesting side shot, but overall, it gets boring imho. The bonus games just didn't have that thrill I'd look for in a normal pinball of this year. Not bad, but if you aren't a Family Guy fan, you probably should just pass this one by.
22 days ago
Fun game with some cool effects and gimmicks. Would play it on location every time if it was there. I think some of the cool effects would get old if you owned one though. The fun factor is there for me primarily because of the gimmicks. Overall "one of the good ones".
22 days ago
This game is actually pretty fun. I think the theme and the cabinet are poorly done. Perhaps I'm just not a disco guy, but I really wasn't impressed at all with the look of it. But this game shines for its playability for a 1972 machine. Lots of opportunities for extra balls. The star spots that you have to roll over to move up the bonus works almost like a ramp. A perfect shot hits all 5 and helps add up the score similar to the ramps of the future. Lots of things to watch out for (hit this, turns on side block, hit that, turns it off). Constant action! So, for a playable game, I love it. Just wish the theme was better.
22 days ago
Hands down the most beautiful pinball machine I've ever seen. If it weren't for those stupid, stupid outlanes, I would love this machine more than my mother. If that wasn't clear enough, let me just say it again: The outlanes are stupid. Take one look at 'em, you'll see what I mean. Other than that, this machine is truly a piece of art. It's like Mardi Gras and a fever dream had sex and this pinball machine was their offspring. Too much fun in a box. Just fantastic. A collector's item for a reason.
22 days ago
Right off the bat: I hate Star Wars. I don't see what's so damn great about it. That being said, this game is pretty sweet. It plays more like an arcade game than a pinball machine with the multiplier and all, but that's what I like about it. Nailing a shot with a huge multiplier feels great! But overall, the machine does leave me wanting. It's just so basic.
22 days ago
There's not much to say about this game. It's difficult at first, but once you've got it, you've got it. The rules aren't so deep, and a couple of the modes aren't so great. The playfield looks fantastic, especially if you have the cartoon art instead of the live-action art. The live-action art on the playfield and the backglass date this table, hard, but those little stone buildings are cool no matter what. You probably want it in your collection if you are nuts about The Flintstones. If not, it's so-so. There's just not enough here to warrant more than a couple dozen plays.
22 days ago
Forget about that other Simpsons pinball machine, this is the definitive Simpsons pin. I love this game to death, but wow is it easy to send the ball SDTM -- Itchy and Scratchy can kick the ball SDTM, the bumpers can send it SDTM, not completing the Otto loop can send it SDTM, and you can even plunge the damn ball into a target and send it SDTM. When you're playing on rubber feet it makes the game really, really difficult. Aside from that this is one of my favorite pins; they did a bang-up job on capturing the spirit of the cartoon and there is more than enough to keep you busy for a good long while. "Jackpot!" It's a classic.
23 days ago
This is a solid game, but honestly, I love the movie so it might be slanting me a little bit. This is another good multiball game with plenty of opportunities to get it. The only thing is that it's a game of mostly ramps......tons of them. I enjoy ramps, but at times, it can get repetitive. Lots of points for hitting the same one time after time. Really is one of my favorites, but I think it depends on what you really look for in a game (for me is an exciting multiball and fun sound with it).
23 days ago
Not a bad game, but boy, the main playfield is empty. The doctor escape is cool, but the game is almost all about setting up the multiball with very little else of interest. I'm a Dr Who fan, but the game left me wanting.
23 days ago
This is my all time favorite from my younger days. The buildup for multiball (plus having a couple multiball options) has you super excited as it gets ready to start. The constant dialogue during the playing sounds as if they are as excited as you to play "Get the extra ball"..........."Now you've done it......" I get chills just thinking about the sound and excitement of this one!
23 days ago
Another winner in the "Flipper" series, with add-a-ball action allowing for strategy in spades. A near identical game to Cow Poke. Cow Poke edges out Flipper Cowboy on the backbox animation (kicking Mustang edges out target shootin' rancher), but I like the overall colour scheme of Flipper Cowboy, it has a bit more style and swagger than Cow Poke. That carousel smack dab in the middle of the playfield is trouble any way you slice it--some entertaining danger worked into the gameplay. A great EM made in the early sixties that can stack up against anything made by any manufacturer in the fifteen years that followed.
23 days ago
Everything I've said in my review of Cow Poke, the add-a-ball version of this game, holds true. Less points because the add-a-ball Cow Poke is the superior game--it's an add-a-ball after adds an extra element of strategy. Still, a good game of risk-reward packaged in a nice western theme.
23 days ago
Sound gets annoying after a while. Machine looks nice but does not play that good.
There are 30973 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 9 of 1239.

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