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Rating #226 of 7 25 days ago
My kids favourite pin to play. Its a blast! Colordmd fits so well in this pin. Easy to play and understand the rules in order to make great scores. Its Alive!
Rating #226 of 7 25 days ago
Lots of fun with MM, only good vibes playing this historical pin.
Rating #226 of 13 26 days ago
Very simple, not interesting game. Scoring is very unbalanced, and the game gets old pretty soon. I usually enjoy fast machines, but this remains a really boring game. Not worthed even in a big collection - a boat anchor.
Rating #226 of 65 20 days ago
I love Mark Ritchie. This pin stands on the shoulders of Sorcerer, Taxi, and Diner -- he's aiming for that perfect pin. Why do I like FT? The M. Ritchie/Python/Granner team is second to none in total packages.

Game has the best from: Firepower, High Speed, Embryon, and Taxi -- with the total theme package of Taxi.

Favorite shots:
1. left half-orbit (spinner/saucer) and improvement on the firepower left half-orbit from his brother Steve.
2. center shot (captive ball) an improvement on embryon, with more rules integrated into it, and the strength of the shot matters
3. criss-cross ramp shots, make both flippers feel equally important, but they are easier to make than taxi, but they have interesting strength requirements
4. nice right orbit that can be re-shot and combined with other shots for a combo (improvement on high speed)
5. standups on left and right, just like high speed.

Game is missing drop banks, and a real plunger.

Action/Per/Minute: very good - but only 2 flippers
Backhands: yes
Dink Donk: good — doesn’t really have any
Drops: none
Drops Sweep: I just said, no.
Flippers: just 2
Inlane Lane Change: not sure
Inlane Ramp Release: good, would like to see if speed can be improved
Inlane Swoosh: yes, great inlanes and outlines
Lane Change: yes
MB Earning: moderately tough to earn, right in the middle
MB Fun: pretty fun, good detaining ball shots
Metal Ramps: none
Nudging: lower PF needs it for sure
Orbits (Repeatable): yes, the right orbit. left is the same shot as firepower
Outlane Fun: good outlines. fair.
Pops: ok
Shots (total): 9
Skill Shot: unknown
Slap-Saves: absolutely with lightning flippers
Spinners: 1 on left, really good spinner, great sound.
Stop'n'Go: fair. ball lock, and the DMD has a lot of pauses.
Taunting: not aware of any.
Toy/Gimmick: reel, criss cross ramps, DMD integration.
Voice / V. choreography: super good.

ART: tops
SOUND: great
DISPLAYS: funny animations
FEEL: solid and needs total focus with short flippers
OVERALL: Wish it had a drop bank, other than that has what I like in a game
Rating #226 of 63 26 days ago
duh da dun duh
duh da dun duh
duh da dun duh
WOW that music is gratingly repetitive. Shot layout is really boring. JAFL (Just Another Fan Layout). Art is horrifically bad and obvious that the lawyers are the ones that did this art. Theme is OK.
Ruleset is the ebst thing going for it but based on layout the Premium is the clear winner in the GoT realm.
Rating #226 of 63 26 days ago
Another junky ritche game. Blarggghhh. Only thing this game has going for it is the theme and the history for being DMD.
Rating #226 of 49 26 days ago
Love the color scheme on the glass and especially the playfield. Very easy to pick up and play
Rating #226 of 49 26 days ago
Very odd game that didn't really draw me in
Rating #226 of 15 27 days ago
Cool machine, but quick games. Will update my review if it gets better.
Rating #226 of 6 27 days ago
At first glance the field was very plan and I felt that more was needed. When playing that game it was very fast (I felt the ball drained every 10-15 sec. I has mixed fillings on this same. I believe it wasn't a bad game for it's time but...
Rating #226 of 6 27 days ago
Played this game a few months back and I can see why this is ranked in the top 10. Great lights, theme and game layout. I enjoyed playing for the Monster Bash and Monsters of rock. Then for the more expert players there are difficult modes and shots. Also lover the sound, music, very good call outs and entertaining animations. A+
Rating #226 of 6 27 days ago
I really liked this game and would seriously consider including in my collection. I am a Star Wars fan and the theme works very well on this machine. I think the artwork of the playfield and backglass could be better though. Almost forgetting to say: the sound track is awesome!
Rating #226 of 6 27 days ago
I did not really like this machine, maybe because I am not really a Ghostbusters fan and the machine theme is really important for me. Anyway, the playfield with the hanging and lit Slimer ghost looks nice!
Rating #226 of 6 27 days ago
Nice game to play, but I would have picked a different soundtrack from Metallica discography, a number of songs I do not really like and I would expect other ones in the list. But that is really more of personal opinion, and others may love the musics picked for this game. Despite of that, it is an awesome game to play, the electric chair is really cool!
Rating #226 of 6 27 days ago
I really enjoyed sound track pick from Kiss discography, but did not really like the playfield and the toys. Anyway, it is a quite good game to play in the amusement shops, although I would not buy it for home use.
Rating #226 of 6 27 days ago
The sound track is awesome and the toys capturing the spirit of AC/DC main themes is spot on! The Hell's Bell sound? Oh my God!!!! Very nice game, maybe my next pinball acquisition!
Rating #226 of 6 27 days ago
I love this game because I am a car enthusiast and it reproduces the feeling quite well. It also has many very cool mods available in the market to upgrade and make it even cooler! It has a 1/18 scale model car on top a spinning turntable which can be replaced by your own model car if you want.

This is the first pinball machine I have bought for my Man's Cave and do not regret a single bit! I agree with other comments saying that this game is quite underrated, it is a hidden gem in my opinion.
Rating #226 of 173 27 days ago
A big disappointment. Except for the better balanced scoring, the original BOP is so much better with stunning music and atmosphere. They shouldn't have changed the audio at all. What a waste of a game.
Rating #226 of 8 27 days ago
Exciting gameplay, nice artwork, fairly deep rules, good translation of the theme into the gameplay (although the humor of the movie doesn't really come through much in the game). Innovative use of Newton balls. Inserts do a good job of guiding the player; callouts are not as helpful. Some shots are ridiculously tight, which can be a plus or a minus depending on the challenge level one is looking for. A few drawbacks: bare metal in/outlane guides, upper rollover lanes (PKE) almost impossible to see, ugly red DMD.

Overall positive impression; I would consider buying for myself though family and friends would probably find the tough gameplay somewhat frustrating.
Rating #226 of 6 27 days ago
I once owned this game because it attacked me with its looks and creativity. It was a great beginner game but I found myself gravity to the other pins and end up selling it.
Rating #226 of 6 27 days ago
I enjoyed playing Grand Lizard and I was considering buying one that was listed locally (just couldn't agree on a price). It had cool art and sound effects but after a some playtime I found myself getting bored quicker then normal. Worth playing and owning for the right price.
Rating #226 of 6 27 days ago
This is the best out of the Playboy machines but it lacked depth and the game seems easy. I'm a huge fan of William Pins but this was one that doesn't rank high in my book.
Rating #226 of 24 27 days ago
Have played this 10-15 times at shows. Not my favorite game but also early code and limited play. Perhaps it is too son for me to add my rating and it will change when and I get some more time with the game. It just seems like a very difficult game with not obvious objectives. Cool look and awesome LCD but game play seemed hard enough for only really experts to enjoy.
Rating #226 of 7 28 days ago
My first ccm pinball machine. Now completely restored. Love playing that one. Cool design of the playfield with 5 bumpers and the space theme really makes it a cool pin.
Rating #226 of 63 28 days ago
I own a Laser Cue, and prefer that game over Alien Poker, the layouts are quite similar with advantage to LC. AP is a good game in its own right. Great controlled drops in the middle provide a challenge. Lots of looping shots that bring the ball to the corners of the playfield. Tony Ramunni art is terrible, no need to sugar coat it. Speech callouts are creepy, and fit the theme. Theme of aliens playing poker is unique...however I've always imagined dogs playing poker to be a better theme (so many different art opportunities). One of Williams last great games before talking a nose-dive as video games took over the arcade space.
There are 26930 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 9 of 1078.

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