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16 days ago
Fun,Fast and deep, my favorite machine.
16 days ago
What a great game! Currently my favorite game to play on location and (so far) the only NIB pinball that I would ever considered purchasing. Really hoping that we see some more games like this in the future. Scott Danesi is Awesome!
16 days ago
A pooular game for a reason. Kids & adults alike love the theme with Santa, Marliyn, Pinbot, Gorbachev & Dracula. The joyride & carried passengers shots really add to the fun. I absolutely love the backglass with the characters, rearview mirror & taxi meter. The cabinet is a bit bland but the cab-themed topper at to its appeal. Alternating ramp shots on the "highway" can make you dizzy, but it sure is fun. I love the skill shot start although it could be better integrated with the theme.
16 days ago
Black Rose grew on me a lot. The cannon is a fun feature, although the seam created by it leads to a lot more SDTM shots. You have to bump this machine quite a bit. Once you get in the habit, your score will go up considerably. The animations & video mode are about as good as I've seen on a monochromatic DMD. I did check Color DMD's website & they do have a nice video showing this game in color. I like color DMD in general and on this game it looks amazing. The Davey Jones locker shot can get a bit repetitive, but is really it. Having played it 30 times, I will add it to my wishlist.
16 days ago
Another classic! A fun machine to play with a great theme and lots of toys. This would be a keeper in my collection.
16 days ago
I really like this pin, everything works well together... theme, sound, game play, it's just a lot of fun! It's just a touch on the dark side but once you get going it lights up better. If I owned the machine I doubt it would leave my collection.
17 days ago
WOW, i have the Lucy Vault and is a real beauty. Very fun and very deep game, a keeper for me. One of the best light show. A real pleasure to play, for all the family and friends, good player or not. AWSOME
17 days ago
Early multiball example with fun call-outs. The play can be fast & fun. The rule set is fairly easy. The best part is stealing your opponents locked ball. It can be a little anticlimactic after multiball. I ended up selling it as it was the one game in the line-up that wasn't getting. My kids & I miss the the attract mode all-out " Fireball awaits you" with its sinister dialect.
17 days ago
Great theme, but you really only need to master a few shots. The game opens with a throw away launch. It matters not at all how you start the game. Getting Yagov is always fun. "Shooting" down the other planes is straight forward, I still have yet to land all three of my planes. The tie in of the playfield to the theme is a little bit of a stretch & the cage tunnels a bit of a gimmick. Even with the drawbacks it is a fast & fun pin. The Top Gun like theme & the light show are the draw.
17 days ago
This is an early solid state, late chime box game. In some ways this is my most difficult pin. I love this game. It is a simple rule set, so great for when non-pinners come over. It is really popular with with experts too. You need to drop either set of drop targets to get the double & triple bonus going & then drop all 6 for the extra ball. Hit all 5 stars to get the moving bonus lit. For its age, I highly recommend playing it. The sounds from the chime box are music to my ears.
17 days ago
I rated Shangri La very high - back in the late 1960ies it was my first love (pinball machine). I could buy me an Shangri La +/- 7 years ago. Most I play now are 3 inch flipper bat pins - but I also like the 2 inch flipper bats - and Shangri La is one of the best "2 inch flipper bat pins". A unique / special feature is the center target - actually four targets - the stuff rotates 90 degrees when hit. Greetings Rolf
17 days ago
Nice game, fun, fast, nice back glass , i like the orbit (loop), 4 flippers , drop targets...but jus not enough to do by todays standerds ...not a keeper for me , nice addition to a big collection!!!
17 days ago
Your goal should be to Tour the Mansion by getting all tasks lit. Along the way there is enough variation in the tasks to keep longer playing times interesting. For a 1992 production they put a lot of effort into the speech & callouts. Longer games can lead to repetition though. The layout with 3 ramps & 3 shots works well. For 1992 the animitronics are very well done. All games should start with some short of skill shot as it engages the player immediately. While many of these jave been produced, it does not take away from wanting to walk up & credit it. It is a pleasure to watch people play it for the first time. The rule set is shallow enough to explain yet deep enough to engage even some of the most seasoned players. The general appearance the topper are above average, but could players in better.
17 days ago
Fun game, slot machin is cool but makes scoring random and less about any skill.
18 days ago
What an innovative pin. Nothing quite like it out there. It embraces the circus theme perfectly and uses it for gameplay. The menagerie combined with the whip sound effect is great. The ringmaster is a perfect adversary, with some cool tricks up his sleeve (neck). And thank you for playfield jet bumpers! Everyone seems to want to hide these things in a corner. The giant neon tube is unique and has different colors (as well as the menagerie balls). I like the "Volt" buttons in the playfield and the unique open outlanes. Hard to find these anywhere, play or own one if you can!
18 days ago
This game, for it's time, just rocks. The music is probably the best in pinball, the stock sound system is crazy good, the layout and shots flow very well, and the fun factor is at the top of the list in my lineup. It definitely has the "just one more" game appeal. I see where it gets a little hate because of the scoring, and yes, there have been a couple times where I've let a ball or two drain, just to get my initials on the high score, without turning it over. Hey guys (and gals), it's pinball. It's fun, it's fairly priced, (for the moment), and it looks and sounds great. Those are the criteria that make it a keeper in my home. I've looked for one for quite some time, and my good pinball friend "reddog" in Cincinnati finally hooked me up. I love it, and it's not going anywhere! Love the theme. Not really any "toys" to speak of, but, like F14, it doesn't need them. The ramps are a blast to hit, and the 2 or 3 ball multiball is fun and challenging. The chute to load multiball is not an easy shot at 1st, and I'm still getting it down. The jackpot isn't real easy to obtain either. Rules are simple and fun. Great for beginners, and seasoned players alike, in my opinion. If you are one of those people that get upset playing golf, this one might not be in the cards for ya. Just sayin. Worthy of its current spot at 96, and even higher. Love my system 11's, and would like to have even more. Great value, great fun, and great quality. These 80s and 90s Williams and Bally games are the best pinball machines out there, in my book. "Lionman! Take Ogre down!"
18 days ago
If there was one machine I would like to own is this one,it really suck you in like the black hole,very addictive and fun to play,best machine ever made in my opinion.
19 days ago
Recently picked up Master of Puppets LE after months of playing pro's the extras on the Prem and LE are great and im so happy I went with the full feature game. LE has a gorgeous backglass and side art all combined with the best music package to date (until iron maiden :) for me). We've all played Met and after a ton of games I knew I had to own it and will never regret it!
19 days ago
It's a simple game, but like many other very hard to master (guess mastering is subjective, my "mastering" goal is breaking 60 million W/O extraballs). Sometimes it's nice to have a game that isn't all about finishing modes to get to a wizard. Was pretty close to getting to my goal a few months back... maybe some day.

One of my favorite Lawlor pins. The thing I love/hate about this game is when you have a bad game it's usually pretty bad, but when you have one of those "all the stars align games" its really, really good.

Plus what's not to like about a talking head that eats the ball.
19 days ago
Potentially one of THE best games ever produced, and without all of the 3-dimensionality of modern games. Everything from the flow, speed, ruleset, and quite possibly the best soundtrack EVER made in pinball gives this game some of the best replay factor I've ever seen. Amazingly fun and super challenging keeps you coming back for more. Scoring is perfectly balanced and I find novices having as much fun as skilled players. Way to go Spooky!
19 days ago
Wow, what a great game.


-Totally unique and cool upper play field with several thenings to do, unlike make mini or upper play field
-Totally unique jackpot for multi ball
- many shots to make
- pretty descent rule set. Not an easy game by any means
-cool cabinet and back glass
-great theme intrigration
-awesome ramps on lower and upper play field


I really can find much, but I will try.

-when you start the game repetitive voice
-I cant find a way to give any 5-15 second ball save. at least I can't find it. You will be having agreat game and lose 2 balls in 2 seconds and you're done.
- cramped play field, but it was done close to perfection
19 days ago
Big fan of this game. Set it up so the playfield has a nice slope to it and it plays great. Focus on the runs scoring and competing against another player makes it even better. (Even though its not a 2 player but its easy to remember runs scored. I love the backglass lighting up to show runners on base and the plunger shots are very satisfying. Truly an underrated game from Gottlieb's glory years. Great sound as well for this period of EM as you have 3 distinct chimes, a bell for runs scored, and a great knocker for extra balls/replay(Depending on which version). My only complaint is a rather bland cabinet art choice. Christmas colors and arrows? Meh. The playability of this machine as well as the neat backglass animation more than makes up for it though!
19 days ago
It's nice to have a football themed game in the Gottlieb family, but it falls short of what Gottlieb did with wedgehead baseball themed games.

The game is nice to look at, but the four flipper setup is a bit cumbersome. It does however add a sense of frantic-ness as shots from the lower flippers are run-and-gun, because you can't trap. The darn vari-targets are here again, my least favorite Gottlieb feature, but at least they add to the overall theme of running the ball up-field. I think the baseball games Gottlieb made were executed better. The artwork here is better all-around than the wedgehead version of the game, Pro-Football. More gritty and realistic, better cabinet stenciling, too.
19 days ago
It's nice to have a football themed game in the Gottlieb wedgehead family, but it falls short of what Gottlieb did with wedgehead baseball themed games.

The game is nice to look at, but the four flipper setup is a bit cumbersome. It does however add a sense of frantic-ness as shots from the lower flippers are run-and-gun, because you can't trap. The darn vari-targets are here again, my least favorite Gottlieb feature, but at least they add to the overall theme of running the ball up-field. I think the baseball games Gottlieb made were executed better. Art is good, but I prefer the football artwork on Gridiron, the 2-player version of the game.
19 days ago
Poor all around.

Artwork is dreadful. A rare miss from Gordon Morison. The gameplay is dreadful, with only the spinner leading into a single pop bumper area being the only "fun" shot available to a player. Tying these two unique features together in one shot really is putting all eggs in one basket. And it really doesn't work to make gameplay meaningful. All of these Gottlieb multi-player games seem clunky and bare compared to the wedgeheads they were making alongside them (the game was remade as a wedge, with add-a-ball function, which I guess alters the rules to make them a little more meaningful...)

Avoid the 2- and 4-Players versions of this game.
There are 32376 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 9 of 1296.

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