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“Just purchased the IM (VE). Really like this pin. Fast action, lots of meltable, strong fidelity to the theme; a solid pin.”

  • AvidPinPlayer currently owns this game.

  • “Fast action, lots of fun. I played it the first time at the Chicago Expo and I knew that I had to get one so I just purchased the Pro LED -- great pinball machine in my opinion. One of Stern's best.”

  • AvidPinPlayer currently owns this game.

  • “I want to like this game. I really do. The game has good flow. Its fast and smooth. And the Vengeance ship is a good toy that shakes and fires the ball back at you. Playfield looks pretty good. Lighting on the LE looks good, but there are no GI lighting changes.

    But I just can't get over the fact that the rules are crappy. The modes are generic. Timing out modes is a valid strategy which is lunacy. Not being able to complete level one modes with successful shots is dumb. And it sucks that the stacking is so limited. If you are in a mode, and you start Klingon MB, you finish the mode eventually and you are stuck in KMB without the ability to start a new mode. I get bored very easily playing this game. I play a game and have little to no desire to start another.

    Changes from pro to LE also suck with respect to gameplay. There is so little difference. The LE looks pretty but plays the same as the pro. The left lane dual kickout is a horrible cop-out.


    “This is another exellent example of a Williams pinball. Just gorgeous to look at and pleasure to listen to. But the gameplay is also amazing and just a great pin all around.”

  • MikeTangoIndia has this game on the wishlist.

  • “Absolutly gorgeous! Its such a beautiful game to look at and watch but even more fun to play! Would love to own one someday. For now Ill have to continue going to the PHOF in Las Vegas.”

    “Totally rocks. I LIKE acdc as a band but I LOVE the pin even more. Just an all around perfect game.”


  • MikeTangoIndia has this game on the wishlist.

  • “Prolly one of my Favorite pins ever! I love horror movies and cheesy sci-fi movies so this pin is PERFECT for me. The sounds and theme are just awesome.”

  • MikeTangoIndia has this game on the wishlist.

  • “Very fun pin. TONS of stuff to do. Like others have said it gets old after a while having to start on the east coast every time. I like country music so the theme and the music doesnt bother me but to some its a total turn off. Great pin if you can get past the theme and music you will have yourself a Lawlor masterpiece!”

  • MikeTangoIndia currently owns this game.

  • “I freakin LOVE this game. Its the only pin that was a MUST have for me. I love the movie and I love the pin even more. Super creepy, super fast and super hard. Keeps you coming back for more!”

  • MikeTangoIndia currently owns this game.


    “so bland. hit the center drop, hit the center ramp, play centerfold multiball, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat. dumb theme, even dumber "artwork".”

    “street fighter has alot goin for it but the game is absolutely ruined by the fact that every shot (except for the guile ramp) stops play to serve it up from one of the sinkholes. add that to gottliebs super easy to cradle flippers and this game is as stop and go as any pinball could ever be. it actually seems to reduce the amount of flow from games neighboring it.”

    “i didn't appreciate this one at first but it quickly grew on me. there is only one objective, yet many ways to go about it, which makes the game addicting as hell. jungle run is one of the funnest hurry-ups i can think of, and hitting the fifty million shot is soooooo satisfying. frustrating to miss, but sooooo satisfying to snag.”

    “i'm biased towards this game because it is my favorite of all time. the game is a perfect time piece. awesome sounds, simple gameplay, bumpers in the middle of the playfield. There aren't many shots but they are all very potent. plus its star trek baby!!”

    “MJ MJ that's all this game is: bugs bunnys annoying voice yeliing MJ at you. the games fatal flaws are the skill shot (repetitive and way too easy), and the toy backboard. which never seems to catch the ball. toss in some bland ass graphics and ear drilling call outs and thats space jam. the basketball lock shot is chill, locks are clearly indicated and the shot is fun and easy to hit with a backhand or forehand.”

    “great game. Aside from the one I played had an issue with the ball getting stuck behind the trunk a lot. I love the theme, and hidden stair shot. I like the skill shot into the trunk, it beats just a plunger skill shot.”

    “do not like the theme but game play is great. it is a deep game; something I rarely get to experience, so for me not too important. I feel no need or desire to have this game in my collection right now... maybe in the future thou”

    “Fun Game it is easy to want to keep coming back. I hope it is remade to make it more available to play in the future. Most people grew up with the characters which makes it easy relate too. nice flow, great creativity”

    “AC/DC is a great pin to play. Alot of different strategies to score points.
    Has a shaker motor, cannon fire, swinging bell. Just wish callout's were better.
    I did change most song's from the highway to hell album. A real classic.”

  • limelime20 currently owns this game.

  • “Uh, this game has it all. There is so much I love about it:

    1. Thing!;
    2. The flippers do the theme song at the end of some/all games!;
    3. The modes are deeeeeeep;
    4. Skill-level is perfect for beginners all the way up to players.

    I can't think of a single thing I don't like.

    Wicked pin. I wish I could give it 7/6 pins for the voices. Raul Julia and Angelica Huston do amazing voicework.”

    “Has that 'one more game factor'...as evidenced by the jerk who monopolized the pin for three hours before I got to play. But once I did, heck, I was all over that sucker! Such a good game. Pure pin, in the realm with Medevil Madness.

    So much to like that's already been said, but here are a few highlights:

    1. The tricks with the bash-toy/box. Only the Shadow's dissapearing-ball trick impressed me more;
    2. Flow--this game has it!;
    3. Multiballs were fair; and
    4. The call-outs and theme are terrific.

    I can't think of a single thing I didn't love about this pin, aside from the fat dude playing on a chair for three hours ahead of me. Sour grapes.”

    “More like Snoozie. Even for the era it's a bore.”

    “Agree with many folks below--number one for a reason. Got to play about 15 games on it tonight for the first time ever. Approached cautiously...but then sunk that castle for the first time and just started lovin' it. More specifically I enjoy:

    1. I like the callouts, which are hilarious (and about the tone of humour appropriate for pinball, I believe);
    2 The variety of shots;
    3. I love the trolls, because I didn't know they were there until about my 8th game; and
    4. Multiballs are achievable, but still a challenge and are rewarding to get.

    Only thing I'd change is the backglass, which I thought was kind of generic.

    Overall, so glad I made the two hour drive to get a chance to play this! Kudos to the fine folks, Richard and Constance at D&D Pinball in Tucson for having their pin in top shape.”

    “I love my Frontiersman. The playfield is open and fast. Send the ball back up to the top of the playfield, or play speed ball in the lower half of the PF trying to keep away from the Gollum Hole. The artwork is unprecedented. I have found myself admiring the artwork on the playfield and backglass often. The BG is a framable piece of work IMHO. Lighting the progressive flaming arrows on the BG is 1950's sweet! Still fun in 2015.....
    Lighting any four spots of the same color lights a flaming arrow on the BG.
    Each 5 flaming arrows lite 1 number
    Lighting five numbers awards five replays”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • There are 21304 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 9 of 853.

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