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Rating #201 of 7 1 month ago
Not a bad game but unfortunately you will realize that the software is not finished....this is sad as the pin has huge potential. I don`t know how good the new software Cactus Canyon Continued is, maybe this would change the rating. Very rare but if you get the chance "shoot the bad guys"...do it!
Rating #201 of 7 1 month ago
For me the most beautiful pin ever! The artwork is perfect and the sound good. I like the comments from Elvira. The rules are very easy to understand but to complete the "Spider wheel" is a true challenge. It fits perfect into a collection but if it is the only pin you might get bored. But I have it since years and I still play it regular.
Rating #201 of 7 1 month ago
A all-time classic! Played it several 1000-times but still like to play it. The Multiball is still awesome! The only thing what could be better: The final is a little bit boring - nothing new. But I will keep this game in my collection till the end
Rating #201 of 18 12 days ago
First thing to note: Turn off the claw!

This game sucks with the claw enabled, because having the claw enabled kills the flow of the game and allows the player to just choose lock freeze and play multiball all day, without ever experiencing the great modes packed into this game.

Demoman's flow may be some of the best in all of pinball. It's such a pleasure to shoot, and the game encourages and rewards flowing combo play. The way the rules work with combos, lock freezes, and claw awards makes the player keep flow going between the center shot, left ramp, right ramp, and eventually left inner-loop. It feels incredibly fun to do, and the rules do a good job of rewarding the player for doing so.
Rating #201 of 18 12 days ago
Scared Stiff is one of the most approachable and casual friendly pinball machines ever. The first crate and coffin multiballs are easy enough to get to the point where odds are the a new player will get one of the two in a game. Plus the ramps have a certain satisfaction to them which comes with how smooth they are.

As far as play for the core player goes, however, the game has its ups and downs. The Stiff-o-Meter is extremely fun and is one of the most heart-poundingly awesome features in all of pinball, however ultimately it isn't really worth going for because that upper kickout is so dangerous. Due to this the game ends up just becoming a grind of left ramp to coffin multiball, and since the left ramp doesn't have a cap on its combo value, looping it all day can start to dominate the game.

The callouts and artwork are incredible, and the custom speech is some of the best in all of pinball.
Rating #201 of 718 1 month ago
Gin is a table that is as simple as it looks.

The Pros:
Good lanes back to the top. The art package is great. One of Christian Marche's better illustrations and cab designs.

The Cons:
This table is so simple that after a few balls, I'm bored. Spinners on the lanes to the top would be nice. Was CC just so concerned with the BOM that they cheaped out the play in the game?

The Takeaway:
Chicago Coin makes incredibly simple games. It is what it is. If you like simple pinball games, this is a great table to play. If you want something more (as in, just about anything more) you will want to look elsewhere.
Rating #201 of 18 1 month ago
A decently fun to shoot game with okay rules. The modes are typically low value, and some are time-out-able, however others are worth playing and can be worth big points when stacked with something. Between Stewie Pinball, Crazy Chris, and TV modes, the game does a decent job of requiring the player to shoot around the playfield, however it does start to feel a bit repetitive and grindy.
Rating #201 of 18 1 month ago
Gameplay-wise this is the best pinball machine ever made. Incredibly smooth and fun playfield with the most well-crafted pinball rules ever. There are so many different viable strategies in AC/DC, I can play the game 10 times in a row and each time use a completely different, but still equally relevant, strategy. There's so much to learn about the rules, and so much cool stuff tucked away deep in that rule set.

The only problems with this game are things that don't matter much at all to me. For one the artwork is only okay, and for two the game doesn't have a stand-out gimmick or something easy to get without knowing the rules in order to draw in casual palyers.
Rating #201 of 11 23 days ago
I love this game! I mean I hate this freaking game! The flow and speed are out of this world. But it's brutal in that it drains quickly if you're not careful. It certainly hooks me into that "just one more game -it ripped me off with that drain" syndrome. I'd love to buy one but I'm afraid that I'd smash it after it just brutalizes me over and over again. I finally got G.C. on a V.E. on location today after trying for two weeks and it made my day!
Update - I just ordered one. I'm weak. But oh so happy!
Rating #201 of 12 1 month ago
What an awesome pinball. Nearly 30 years old and I would still love to have one in our collection
Rating #201 of 25 1 month ago
Played this game yesterday. I thought it was great especially loved the flow and smooth ramps.
Rating #201 of 8 1 month ago
Good game but not great
Rating #201 of 8 1 month ago
One of the best
Rating #201 of 8 27 days ago
Fun and nice to look at
Rating #201 of 6 1 month ago
I own this game and quickly found it to be very, very boring. It's more a showpiece or conversation piece than a machine to play.
Rating #201 of 6 1 month ago
This game does not have the most intricate design and it is not the deepest.

But, it is really fast, really hard and has a great license in Robocop.

The sound is killer. The jump ramp is fun and the call-outs are among my favorite.

I'm a big fan of a simple machine like this in the line up. People always want to play it.
Rating #201 of 6 1 month ago
An EM I want to hold on to. That backglass is just epic. The flag flipping is cool, and there's a variety of shots to make.

I'm a fan of this machine relative to its time and era.
Rating #201 of 6 1 month ago
I picked up this game in a bulk buy and I was intrigued by how little information there was on it. After replacing the fuse holders it fired up and I have been pleasantly surprised.

The game is really smooth for being an EM. I am not a big EM fan, but of the 3 that I own this is my favorite. The backglass looks great lit up in a dark room. The spinning wheels on the playfield are a nice twist to an otherwise rather standard EM layout.

With the rarity of these guys I would highly recommend it to EM fans and casual fans alike.
Rating #201 of 12 1 month ago
Great family fun. The artwork is colorful the gofers are fun to hit. This is my favorite Lawlor pin.
Rating #201 of 10 1 month ago
I don't know what it is about this game, but I just want to play it all the time! Unfortunately, the only one within driving distance is plagued by weak flippers, making many of the shots near impossible. And the one at the Pinball Life party was unfortunately turned off. Bummer.

I just love how this game looks, sounds (most of the time) and most importantly, PLAYS!

Since I can't find one to play regularly, I now have the itch to buy one. The search begins...
Rating #201 of 6 1 month ago
A fun game to play. I enjoy the different multi-balls and the spinner on the right. The largest drawback is the lack of the song Stutter anywhere in the game.
Rating #201 of 6 1 month ago
This is a fun game to play. The artwork is lacking unless you like 80's women of questionable character. There are a lot of challenging shots that keep me coming back again and again. I think there are many different strategies to score in this game. A fun, rare game to play from the mid-80's.
Rating #201 of 27 1 month ago
Rating #201 of 27 1 month ago
Flipper wonderful, wonderful design, double game plan and excellent plan, no doubt the best pinball ever produced by brothers Zachary.
Rating #201 of 27 1 month ago
Pinball fun, only to watch it puts you in a good mood, no doubt one of the most enjoyable ever produced by Bally
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