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Rating #201 of 6 22 days ago
love my f-14. it has been in my collection the longest. can't wait for my new repro playfield!!
Rating #201 of 11 23 days ago
Can't get enough of the music, love the upper playfield and layout, art is fantastic!
Rating #201 of 6 23 days ago
Maybe the top theme of all times for me. Game is fast and addictive. The rules are straight forward. The shots feel great. Arnold callouts are awesome! Must have for any terminator and Richie fan.
Rating #201 of 6 23 days ago
Perfection! I can't think of anything I would change about it.
Rating #201 of 6 23 days ago
Great game. I love the topper and modes. The game is fast and flow is great. I love the theme.
Rating #201 of 6 23 days ago
When dialed in this game is very fun. Rules are shallow but it's definitely fast and what pinball should be. For the price this game is worth every penny.
Rating #201 of 6 10 days ago
Good game for the price. Owned it for several years and still enjoy playing it. I think the shot selection is very good and I really like the flow. I was a kid when SF2 the video game was big, therefore I love the theme. It really reminds me of the arcade game. Kill an opponent by hitting the lit up shot and do this until you have killed all opponents to make it to the wizard mode. Which is really hard; I think I've only beat it once or twice. The cool thing about this game is there are side missions too that are more important point wise than actually completing wizard mode. I think the points are pretty well distributed based on what you achieve.

Edit - Played SF2 for about 3 hours today. I own quite a few top games and I still think this game is great. You really need to take it for what it is. No it's not TZ or TAF, but it's a game that is just a blast to play. It started out as my only pin for about four years and I played it for a good year until it had some issues. I didn't bother to fix it for a couple of years. That tells me that it's probably not great in a small lineup, but now that I have several machines that include deep games like TZ and TAF it's a great change of pace game because it's so different. I was planning on selling it but am almost considering selling a different game instead.
Rating #201 of 42 24 days ago
I decided to add this game to my collection after playing about 2 dozen games on location. Like many have mentioned, this game can be very brutal. From the second the start button is pushed until the moment the final ball is drained, this game offers a very intense and heart pounding experience. It's one of the fastest games I've played and the ball times can be ridiculously short. The "just one more game" factor is higher on Iron Man than any other machine I've played.

The rules are easy to understand and relatively simple. While not extremely deep, the rules fit the fast nature of the game very well and there are enough strategies and ways to play this game to keep things interesting. The artwork on the cab and translite are great and hard to find any fault with, especially if you're a comic or Iron Man fan. The playfield artwork is decent, but it's the weakest part of the art package since it has that "photoshop" feel. The playfield layout is great and there are tons of satisfying and challenging shots to hit. The music is some of the best in pinball and it couldn't fit the action better. A handful of actors from the various movies do the call out's and all of them are pretty good. However, the ones done by Robert Downey Jr, are fantastic and it seems like I hear a new one almost every time I play.

All in all, this is one of the most intense and satisfying pinball machines out there. Due to the fast speeds, short ball times, and overall brutal nature of the game, it's not going to be for everybody. However, I've found that this machine is hard to beat for sheer intensity, challenge, and fun factor. I find myself playing 10 games in a row every time I turn on this machine, which usually doesn't take as much time as 2-3 games on most other machines. Iron Man a perfect compliment to my collection and it holds it's own against some of the more complex and longer playing pins.
Rating #201 of 8 24 days ago
A very fun machine! It looks and sounds great! My only criticism is that it is a little simple.
Rating #201 of 102 18 days ago
Jus a awesome jus can't beat the gameplay on this and brutal but yet super satisfying...
Rating #201 of 114 24 days ago
This game is totally my style, a huge widebody with just a ton of lanes and crap to shoot on the playfield. The three captive balls on the side of the playfield have really neat mechs that hold them in place. Give me this over Gorgar any day, it's a shame it's so rare.
Rating #201 of 114 24 days ago
A very unique "ball catch" toy, zipper flippers, multiball, this game's got everything but a nice EM spinner. The art isn't my style, but most EM art from this era isn't. One of my favorite EMs.
Rating #201 of 16 24 days ago
my other standout pin from replayfx2016, the other being adromeda. this pin was fun to look at and a blast to play. perfect implementation of the skateboard park theme as there are ways of keeping the balls going from ramp to ramp to maintain the flow. interesting placement of drop targets and ball lock. if i could afford one i would get a radical in no time.
Rating #201 of 16 24 days ago
had never played one and got to try one at replayfx2016. Amazing game, art, playfield, backglass, gameplay, and the multiball was a challenge to maintain. Really liked this pin. One of the standouts for me in replayfx2016
Rating #201 of 8 18 days ago
I didn't give this much of a chance initially as I figured it was old and boring. Once I gave it a chance though it blew me away.

It's all about multiball. There isn't really much to shoot for though beyond ORBS but it's a cool concept. Once you get 5 balls going it is a lot of fun.

There really aren't any gimmicks to it or toys. It's pretty simple and straightforward with solid gameplay but the art and sound are spectacular. It's just a solid game and I want to add it to the collection ASAP.
Rating #201 of 33 25 days ago
Nice predecessor to Cyclone. I think it is no where near as fun as Cyclone, but it definitely "got the ball rolling". To be fair, these are two very different machines.

For it's time, this was a fast game with some rules in place to obtain high scores. The Million point motorbike ramp shot made things tense and hitting that is a huge payoff in both scoring, and fun!

I'm more of a fan of the in/outlane type, so the outlanes here are frustrating to me, also can be rewarding (like in Centuar) if you nudge properly.

Well Done.
Rating #201 of 33 25 days ago
I like this machine. The quotes might be my favorite "What kind of a cow-pie shot was that?".

The drop targets are rewarding, as is hitting the cue ball, but beware of SDTM. Ramp is sometimes hard to get under time pressure.

Fun to be had overall! Great theme. One of the better modern Gottlieb games. Underrated.
Rating #201 of 33 25 days ago
Fun Multiball game. I like the rules and sequence. It can be frustrating drain-wise (for me, anyway) so you really have to earn multiball. A players table.
Rating #201 of 33 25 days ago
This is a fun and FAST player. I really enjoyed my short time playing it, hoping to play it again, soon!
Rating #201 of 33 25 days ago
This is a fun EM. This is more like a "players" game. It has a few shots to hit like the right scoop, which lights the left spinner, ball goes to right flipper, hit left spinner (lit) hard and opens the right outlane return gate. Hit center kick out hole for points and bonus, also lights both top pop bumpers and so on. Increase bonus beyond 10k and extra ball is lit.

My only gripe is the double bonus, it automatically lights on ball 3 (and 5 if set to 5 ball mode). I wish there was just ONE MORE sequence to hit to light double bonus, instead of it automatically happening on balls 3 and 5.

It's a fun game. Worth a few plays before it gets repetitive. Wait a day and play again. Four players can compete.
Rating #201 of 33 25 days ago
First Bally game with pop up bumper between flippers, that was an innovation, and the only toy/gimmick. (Copied from Rally's Playboy 1967) Other than that, the top rollovers are placed well, light green, but red pop bumper is under, converse for green, great idea. The top rollovers are tough to get once you complete one after shooting the ball. The Left-side 3,000 point (kill) shot is also tough to get, you need the help of the red pop bumper, but if you happen to get it, hot damn! You could only get 2,000 or 1,000 points as well, leading to frustration or heavier competition! The Advance Bonus shot is also aided by a green pop bumper. I like the way the two pop bumper colors intertwine with two key shots in the upper playfield.

Is it better to "light" a specific pop bumper color (for 100 points each hit), or plunge the instant 1,000 point shot? You play, you decide! That mentality plays well on a simple machine with virtually nothing to do in the lower playfield. It's all about shots to the upper playfield. This game begs you to play two players. This game is very competitive, even though the action is on the upper playfield only. It's fun!

The theme is wonderful, I happen to like the pointy people! Wish mine was in better overall condition.
Rating #201 of 6 26 days ago
I like a lot of machines but I love MM. The callous are well thought and funny and everything blends well with this landmark game. The trolls and the catapult are well done. The only complaint I have is that with a cliffs installed over Merlin's magic, sometimes a shot just won't stay and invariably rolls right down the drain. Other than that, the game is simply awesome.
Rating #201 of 14 26 days ago
TAF - Bally's magnum opus. The top selling machine in pinball history. The year is 2016, and I finally have this in my collection. I was very blessed to receive this machine from a fellow Pinsider, and he had taken great care of it. Very happy to own one, and I'll jump right in.

So, TAF was introduced right as DMD graphics were first being produced. On that note, there aren't a WHOLE lot of animations on the screen and they can seem a bit repetitive. It's nothing that ruins the game, in fact, to me it's a "less is more" scenario that gives TAF a lil' bit of throwback charm. Just don't go in expecting movie clips like today's Stern games. Not going to happen.

Gorgeous translite art fully encapsulating the vibe and image of the movie the game is based on. Cabinet art is subtle with Thing twirling and shooting the pinball all over the place. Great stuff, looks the part and to the point.

The playfield with the mansion center stage - looks fabulous. It seems like we have seen this layout before, say, Whirldwind? Not a direct copy by any stretch, but you can see the similarities, and hey, with Pat Lawlor working both - I think that's a bit expected. No biggie here.

The gimmicks and toys on this one, man - the 3 magnets underneath the playfield, Thing coming out of the box and taking your ball, the "Thing Flips" flipper shooting the shot for you - you just don't see this level of toys anymore. Hell with all the bash toys (looking at you MetPro and TWD): THIS is how you implement features and toys. And then after you drain the ball, Thing randomly flips the flippers with the end of the Addams family music. Absolutely awesome.

The sounds and callouts are pretty good overall. Raul Julia put in some very intense custom voicework for us, and man, did he give it his all - especially with "Showtime!!!" and "Who says you can't take it with you???" Lightshows are spectacular on this one - especially the buildup to Showtime MB - fan-flipping-tastic.

Look, I'm slow here with finally owning TAF 24 years later after it came out. Think about that, a quarter century since it came out - some of your kids have been born and gone to college already before I bought my TAF. Why would I go with this over a new Spooky, JJP, or Stern? It's just got a charm to it. This was pinball at its peak when there was "magic" still to the game. Everyone knew TAF, and this game crosses 3-4 generations of people who love TAF. It doesn't feel cheap or watered down with its QA, and it certainly doesn't feel like a collector's item in terms of rarity. It is a game for everyone - not just people with deep pockets or those who love supporting a company that keeps cost-cutting while price increasing.

It is simply a great game, and sure, touring the mansion is easy, but there's more to this game than that. It is a game of character with some of the most recognizable characters in film history. My only regret was taking so long to finally get one. ColorDMD and Pinsound board already installed, and man, with the motion picture orchestra score playing, this game just got even better....!

The only problem is finding one with a great playfield. These games were beaten into oblivion, and with CPR scheduled to release the repo playfields about the same time I look to retire from the Air Force, make sure you shop around and find one in solid condition. There's a lot of them out there, but don't take too long. They are getting harder to find in solid condition without paying a small fortune.

I'd type more, but I think I heard Gomez just tell me that it's............SHOWTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rating #201 of 6 26 days ago
I really enjoy AFM. It is a hard machine for me to master but the layout is open and the objectives are clear. It can be both frustrating and addicting. The dancing Martians are a great touch as are some of the Easter eggs. Cows are awesome. I wish my pinball skills were better. It is easy to understand why MB and MM can trace their roots to this game. A great rule set and solid theme music add to the overall execution. The only complaint is that the cabinet graphics get faded easily.
Rating #201 of 237 26 days ago
I own this game. My 2nd GamePlan and both have solid cab and parts. Very similar to early Bally/Sterns so not sure where the cheap feel comes from. Artwork is better than the original IMO. Playfield layout and rules seem to be the exact same as original. This hurts it in one aspect, sound. There is no background sound or speech which is pretty unacceptable for 1983. Game has some very difficult shots which require nudging and luck to make (left targets and S.H.R lanes. The ball will almost always roll down the A unless you do some serious nudging. Since there is no lane change, this becomes a real skill shot. With rebuilt flippers and a waxed playfield, this game is fast. Missing a drop often results in a fast return SDTM. Shots to the left of the sling are rare because of the small opening but if it goes in there it is usually a drain due to the trajectory. Go for the Horseshoe lane. Debating whether or not to keep this game.
There are 26942 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 8 of 1078.

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