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“I like this game quite a bit but it suffers from a much too simplified mode progression, almost allowing chair all day strategy to tour the mansion. This makes wizard mode extremely formulaic. It's still fun and I love the endless mode stacking. Though, multiballs are almost not worth going for.”

  • finalboss has this game on the wishlist.

  • “This may be the best pin ever produced. It has everything, something for all tastes. A great bash toy that's beginner friendly and so much more for the experienced. Amazing callouts, well produced dots, enjoyable sound effects, and a superb playfield layout combine with a rewarding rule set and progression toward objective completion to create an addictive gameplay experience that never gets old. Theme layers beautifully on top all this in every aspect.”

  • finalboss currently owns this game.

  • “TZ has a lot of things going in on the playfield to draw you in. Mode progression is easy to explain, makes sense, allows stacking, and are mostly fun. Powerball mania is a lot of fun and so are the multiballs offered. The wizard mode (Lost In The Zone) is attainable for many, but you won't see it terribly often. Reaching it is incredibly rewarding.

    The game is pretty brutal, however. No ball save of any kind combined with often erratic slot machine scoop ejects on many examples and devilishly placed pop bumpers make this a fairly spiteful game. Can be lots of fun but not beginner friendly. Also, I feel it's a touch overrated.”

  • finalboss has owned this game in the past.

  • “not an easy game to 'get' at first. You really need to understand the rules and the timer/clock to enjoy the game and appreciate it and it's depth. The theme will attract play, but it is not a fun game to play if you don't know the objectives, since the shots are difficult and it can be unclear what to be doing, with so many things flashing all the time.”

  • rosh currently owns this game.

  • “one of the best interrogations of at theme into a game. Fun for beginners and certainly challenging and deep for experienced players. One of my all time favorite games.”

  • rosh currently owns this game.

  • “I was skeptical by its preposterously long history as #1. Honestly though, it just has so much going on in every category that you can't help but adore this machine. It's easy to poke at the cheesy 90s humor, but the theme allows even it to work, IMO. It's challenging enough to reward players of all skill levels, proving just enough variation on path. The callouts are among the best overall of any game. Multiballs are fun/challenging, trolls are a brilliant deviation from the typical pattern/layout, ramps are fast and rewarding and it has one of the most memorable toys in all of pinball.”

  • finalboss currently owns this game.

  • “Picnic is a game that I came across in a private collection recently. I had never seen it before so I HAD to session it out. I am very glad that I did.

    The Pros:
    No Gobble hole. Lots of Roto-spinning fun! A challenging flipper layout that will make you do as much as you can before your ball gets to the bottom of the playfield as well as when it is there. This game will make you become a more skillful and anticipatory nudger. This art pax is why Roy Parker is king to so many pinball collectors. The amount of silliness and detail on the PF and BG is staggering. Can you imagine having do detail those screens? Oy-vey! Do you light your pops? Or do you take the 100 pts from the top-center lane? The roto target is lit for 100x the scored target. Do you go for the shot knowing that there is a high percentage of you losing the ball once you hit your target? This game has a SPESHUL!

    The Cons:
    Game times can be incredibly short until the nudging learning curve kicks in. The biggest toy on the game is a roto-death-shot! Trap that ball. I dare ya to! The rubber kit needs to be fresh for this game to move as it should. I hope your flippers are strong enough to get the ball up to the pops again...

    The Takeaway:
    Your nudging skills better be on point! You are playing a Gottlieb woodrail from 1958. So... act like ya' know! Getting the ball all around the PF and back to the upper PF is the safest way to play this game. Considering the limitations of the tech, this game requires a solid plan, on the fly playing skills and a cool temperment. This deck will test you!

    I did mention nudging... didn't I?”

    “Everyone has one that has to be the bottom of the pile and this is mine. Terrible terrible game which is utterly irredeemable in every way. Awful artwork, music, gameplay and I just detest the theme and how Stern handled it. Personally if they all went up in smoke I would not care, Stern should have left this one at the drawing board!”

    “This game is so much fun and immersive. I can't stop playing it!!!”

    “Absolute weakest of the 3 'Theme Park' releases, in my opinion Cyclone and Comet are far better games and for some reason this one just really doesn't translate well. I really tried to like Hurricane but it just never clicked for me, theme is alright but the rest of the game...bleh.”

    “Good wide body release, I quite liked Space Invaders when I got to play it but I don't think it would have a huge amount of last-ability in a collection.”

    “A fun sys 11 from Bally, a friend had one for a while which was an enjoyable game to play. Kind of rare here as well so it was great to get to play one. Love the skater theme and the game has a lot going for it. 'Shoot the skate run!'”

    “Classic early solid state Bally, 10x better than the terrible Stern release in the early 00's. Artwork is tasteful but also the game is enjoyable.”

    “Theme does nothing for me on this release and the music is annoying as hell. Not one of the better sys 11 games I have to admit but I can see why others enjoy it.”

    “This is a real marmite game, you either love it or hate it. I did hate Rollergames for a whole and its whole cheesy theme but one day it clicked and I started to enjoy it. The soundtrack makes this game great although the girls constantly singing 'rock-rock-rocking rollergames' gets kind of old. A real early 90's pin and all the cheesy artwork and advertising shows it, but I like it.”

    “A nice theme, I love the whole comic book feel of Dr Dude. Fun to play on location but likely would not have one in a collection unless I had a large collection.”

    “A lot of people really like this game and I cannot fathom why, the theme is downright awful. What the hell where Gottlieb thinking with this one? I get that you have to bring together classmates for a reunion but it just doesn't translate very well at all. The music is dull and the multiball chicken overture while cool the first time gets boring super fast. A poor solid state release from Gottlieb.”

    “A very simple game but that is what makes it all the more enjoyable. I found Meteor a lot of fun playing it on location but likely would not last in a collection that long.”

    “Huge game with lots on the playfield to shoot for, but I can see this game would not last that long in a collection before being moved on. I imagine if you played one a lot as a kid nostalgia would help it stick around but apart from the awesome artwork this game doesn't have a massive amount going for it.”

    “Played a very nice and well cared for version of this game at a local meet not long ago which certainly helped but this game just doesn't do it for me. The playfield feels very bare and the ramps all seem to hug the edge of the game which looks a bit odd. Stern could have done a bit more with this license to make it so much better.”

    “Not my thing, we already have plenty of car themed pins so another is not really much of a surprise. This to me is a very weak release from Stern sitting smack bang between Star Trek which was great and The Walking Dead which I have not had a chance to play but people highly rate. Still a lot of shots and has some cool features like the 4 pop bumpers and spinout ramp like creech.”

    “Not as nice as the LE, the back of the playfield looks incredibly bare compared to other versions of the game. I'd probably avoid this one and go for an LE model instead.”

    “This pin is a lot of fun for a short time, I imagine very good if you have kids as there is plenty to shoot for and a lot of toys around the playfield which make it fun. Not one I would probably look at owning but a solid release from Williams none the less.”

    “Carbon copy of Family Guy bar the theme, Shrek really doesn't do it for me. Theme is awful, game is not really that much fun and I'm not a fan of Family Guy so having a copy of a game I already didn't like probably doesn't help!”

    “A cool wide body from Bally which has a lot going for it, probably not one I would look at owning but a popular game.”

    There are 22166 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 8 of 887.

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