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“This was fun when I had it, but it wasn't a keeper for me and my space constraints. I wish I was still able to look at the lit backglass from my chair. TRex always makes me smile. The sound quality is a grinding neutralizer.... Play was okay.”

  • BenetBoy78 has owned this game in the past.

  • “Great game for the kids. Also gets a lot of play when family/friends are over. Still need to tweek mine, so the rating may change over the next few months. Shots are good, basket and jump ball make good use of magnets. Originally thought the Space Jam modular targets were in odd spots, but are fairly easy to hit, same with the drops. My main complaints would be with the light show and some of the art, mainly the cab art. Decent game that has a bad rap, try one and you may like it.”

  • blowback1976 currently owns this game.

  • “Picked up a mint condition IMVE recently and I will probably update this over time (I do go back and update my reviews). Right now it's still fairly new but I've been playing it a ton and have a good feel for the rules and how it plays:

    I've never played a game this intense. It truly does "fight back"! Make no mistake that this is probably the most difficult DMD game ever put out. BSD might come close but I find IM more difficult. If you like a serious challenge (just to keep the ball in play) and you like speed and a great light show and music then look no further. Pure adrenaline rush.

    This game does require some tweaks to the settings to make it play at its best....at least I think it does. Set Monger to "hard"! This actually makes the game a little easier since Monger tends to pop up too often otherwise and he really gets in the way of advancing the game. Set him to hard and you'll still see him plenty, but you'll also have a better chance of getting to the achievable wizard modes - DOD & Jericho! I also prefer (personal preference) to disable the back post. This makes the "skill shot" a real skill shot....very difficult. It also allows orbit shots to always come flying back at you....which I like. You still get into the "pops" on 1) the skill shot if you make it & 2) on any center spinner shot. So it's not like you don't still incorporate the pops into the game.

    It's difficult but not in that frustrating way.....it just really makes you want to try again. You get soooo close only to have it all yanked away in a split second that you swear to yourself (and at the game) that you will get it next time! Good luck with that though ;).

    On another note; it's a fantastic multiplayer game! No waiting for 20 minutes while someone plays their ball (cough, LOTR cough). IM is also a great "equalizer". Newer players have a real shot at beating more advanced players on any given game....and that's really fun for them.”

  • Astropin currently owns this game.
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  • “Just about as much fun as watching a wwe match”

  • 1 Pinsider starred this rating review

  • “wow this table is tough love the full-length ramps and the variaitions of shots great fun but wholly cow its not a long ball game need to work on the out lanes”

  • glauses currently owns this game.

  • “A fun old pin”

    “Fun pin,Not Stern's best.”

    “Great pin,Love the LCD,Layout and toys.Very fun to play.”

  • scooter has this game on the wishlist.

  • “A classic table that is still as fun and unique as when it came out. Brilliant game!

    For the most part, it's a one-shot game. But wow is there a lot of fun in that one shot!”

    “Amazing game, whole field full of shots, actual hard wizard progression. The art blows me away although I think the cab would be great in other colors besides green. Very polarizing too, people love it and people hate it. I love all of the jpop but this one is the standout.”

  • nikpinball currently owns this game.

  • “What can I say. It plays the same as my pro but looks nicer and has the awesome lighted ramps stock from the factory.”

  • SealClubber has this game on the wishlist.

  • “The game played better than I thought it would. It is very dark though. Good looking game, just the theme kills it for me, and I live in Kansas. Not in my gameroom Toto.”

    “The game is fast and flowy, and even though it has a bunch of modes, they all seem the same to me. Animations are real good. Not a bad looking machine either. This is just not one I want to own.”

    “Not a fan of this game.”

    “Best classic wide-body I've ever played, and I think I've played them all. Embryon has better art, but I very much prefer the gameplay of Algar. Anybody want to trade?

    My rating may be skewed a bit, because I just played an Algar restored by Pheobe, and it has to be the nicest one on the planet. Gorgeous restoration, makes me wish I was an artist.”

  • swampfire has this game on the wishlist.

  • “I spent an afternoon at the Seattle Pinball Museum today and they have a GORGEOUS edition of this Zaccaria Supersonic. Holy cow -- it's really pretty with vivid colors and lights. The back glass, playfield and cabinet are all close to a 10 in my opinion.

    The targets and sounds are distinctly "European" and the playfield layout is very unique and plays very fast. Overall a really, really fun game to play and, as I've said, visually appealing.”

    “I had No. 234. I sold it to some nice folks who had a Pro, loved it and wanted to upgrade. It all works out fine. I was happy to make them happy, because my LE was not enjoyable. It is beautiful, except maybe the brown coloring. Blood, dried blood red, would have been better. It is not a bad pin. It is just that there are many other pins that I enjoy more, and no time was available for such a pricey toy.”

    “a great pin that is tons of fun to play , wouldn't mind owning this title some day”

  • TecumsehPlissken has this game on the wishlist.

  • “This classic 1960s single-player Gottlieb Wedgehead has wonderful playfield and backglass art that depicts a carnival boardwalk scene. The theme is carried over in the two "Duck" spinners and the ducks on the playfield, which light up different numbers that trigger bonuses as you spin the spinners. This is one of a handful of EM games that the Seattle Pinball Museum deemed good enough to make its collection, and I'm proud to say that in March 2015 I added a beautiful one to mine as well (pics coming!).”

  • goldenboy232 currently owns this game.

  • “I"ll regret giving this game such high marks (since I haven't snagged mine yet), but as a true fan of the engineering and artists that craft these, I can't do any less. This game is one of a handful I'd truly call a masterpiece. It takes a theme and uses it as a foundation, from skill shot to artwork, and even lore and music. Speaking of music, this game delivers, arguably, the BEST soundtrack in pinball. Instrument sounds, clarity of tones, overtures and keys with Persian flair. When the sound on this game is cranked it will draw a crowd every time. Cool toys, stunning art, what more is there to say? There are newer games with better tech, but Totan will remain one of the TRUE classics.”

  • wsrainc has this game on the wishlist.

  • “ToM is one of those rare games that pulls off a unique theme with depth and quality. I like the funhouse-style countdown that you are always fighting against, and the trapdoor / quick shot opportunities are great practice for budding technical players. Music and sound are well matched, and the art package is worthy of the title. Laucher feels like a wasted opportunity for a cool skill shot, and the old "beat the target til something happens" mode select is a bit tiresome. Criticisms aside though, this is a sexy game that sounds, plays, and looks good with appeal for new and experienced players. Well deserved top rated game, and the reigning king of the "magic" pinball title. Owned a Pinball Magic and despite being totally different games (linear vs. mode), ToM feel more mature. One I'd own if I had the space and a good deal, but not one I'd overspend for.”

    “Who doesn't love AC/DC? Great theme, great look. Wish the game had more depth like Metallica, but any shortcomings in execution are quickly overlooked by the kick-ass theme and solid soundtrack. Props to Stern for delivering on the fidelity for games that revolve around music. Keep hoping we'll see a software update that will put me over the top for this game, but for now, its a must play at shows and sites, but not one ready to come home with me. Still, a strong showing.”

    “This game gets it. It takes a theme, wraps it around a solid game with some depth and progression mixed in with enough randomness to keep you guessing. Music builds with progress and the payoff when you get the bad back together is awesome. Always puts a smile on my face despite the comedic theme, which is typically a turn off for me. Will have this one in the collection, no doubt.”

    “This is one of the few top rated pins that I just don't get. The rules seem pretty simple to a casual player, and the progression seems very linear. Has some great call outs and a solid theme, but not a game I'd play over and over. Perhaps I'm missing some key aspects of the game that I'll appreciate later, but I find some of the newer Sterns like LOTR and even some classic Williams (BK2000) to be more engaging. Will give this game more time in the future and try to see what makes everyone so excited about it.”

    “Enjoy this game but can't get past the comedy theme and linear levels. Even so, always enjoyable to play when I find one, but will never be one in my collection.”

    There are 21673 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 8 of 867.

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