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Rating #201 of 58 9 hours ago
this machine was awsome wen it came out in 1993 one of DE's best, great theme ,out of all pinball machines the shaker motor works the best wit this theme,the dino follows the ball on the playfield then eats the ball, awsome!!!, on the dmd he eats the goat, all of the animations are great! this game is very fun to play, always a favorite to play by all when i owned it, great family machine, i jus had to move on,
still a great price for all this machine does...the dino will probly need to b serviced at some time in order for it to work 100 percent,the games choas is sweet 6 balls, finish all the modes for the shut down,then multi points,fast fun wizzard mode....dnt pass up a chance to play this classic DE pin.
cant keep em all damn it! i sold it only because i couldnt loop the orbit from the rt side only flaw i think...i wish they put a diverter on the rt upper loop to orbit from the rt side into the pop bumpers.....the guy i sold it to changed the roms to the new upgraded version ,he said it plays like a new machine..go figure
Rating #201 of 720 24 days ago
The latest Steve Ritche game from Stern just came out and it now has an upper PF. This table layout was good before. It's a fantastic layout now.

The Pros:
An incredibly smooth layout with great shots and a ruleset that even in it's earliest incarnation shows a great deal of thought and creativity. Two types of stackable shot/pf multipliers as well as a Dr. Who like House choice that alters the rules to your own style of play and strategy. Granted that this will probably be sussed out by tourney players who will find the best scoring choices and exploits, but from what I can see from the game so far, the "alliances" add layers to the strategies and tasks at hand. Building up gold and getting to buy/pass on awards is an interesting ruleset, but you have to be lucky enough to have the game give you an award you want to buy. This will probably be refined in tourney settings as well. The battering ram is a dangerous shot that really has to be nailed to register. I recommend saving this up for multiball/ ball saver play. The art pax looks solid, the PF is really well signed and the lighting does a better job of guiding the player to the shot that needs to be made next better than any game I have ever seen. The shot multiplier is noted on the bottom of the DMD and guides the player to work as many combo shots as they can without denying multiple shots to the same ramp/lane in a manner that is subtle as well as easily noted. Granted this may not be something you can pay real attention to when playing a hectic multiball, but it is always there when you need it. The Sword lock works incredibly well and the center ramp flows when it needs to without hinderance, and it traps the balls smoothly and efficiently when it should. The Extra ball and mystery shot are now at the right orbit instead of the draco shot. I'm also a big fan of the wall multiball indicator arrow on the PF. Now the biggest difference, the upper PF. At first I thought it would be slow with big flippers, but it plays really well and the two exits at the top of the PF as well as the bottom exit mean that this game plays fast all over. Times on the upper PF (NOT WWE) are short and there is even a Trudeau/Norris loop in the upper left hand side of the layout for a touch of flow. Combined with house modes and multiball goals, gameplay looks like it will incorporate both PF's at once many times during a single game. The light show on this game has been "colorized" to reduce retina burn during the start of Blackwater Multiball (it's christmas time!).

The Cons:
The game killscreened me and one other player during the evening's play. In my case I was just about to start Blackwater multiball and the game reset during a 4 player game. Yeowtch! I know that this is the first iteration of software for the game, but fatal errors during operation while the game hits the street? Hooo-wee! Dan already had an update that he was going to put into the game, but this game shipped with software that wasn't stable. The Dragon lane has the tendency to let the ball drift SDTM from the post lock in particular. Yes, it's another fan layout... The video mode. How do you play this thing? (OK, ok... I need some more miles on this table). The dragon is an interesting little toy, but the wow factor is not there for me on this flying lizard. The throne itself (might have been the copy I played) barely coughed out the pinball into the pops like an octegenarian coal miner. This layout may need to be seriously nastified for the top tier players. Video mode = meh.

The Takeaway:
After getting to play the LE/Preem, it is similar to AC/DC where you just can't live without the extra PF. Star Trek, you could do the pro and be quite happy, but the extra game in the upper PF makes a huge difference and requires multi PF control and play. Stern has another winner on their hands and Steve Ritchie has proven himself once again as "The King".

Sidenote: This is just my opinion, but I also have to say that while I love Steve Ritchie's games, he also has the benefit of a much longer production cycle than the other designers at Stern. Both KIZZ (H-D V2) and RassleMane-yuh are games from great designers who had to put out quick designs and came from the Premier/DE design cycles. Now while they can put out designs quickly, don't they deserve the respect and time to create the quality games that Steve is afforded. I understand that the business requires that the production line keeps moving. I get it, but I would rather have quality over the spinning wheels of quantity any day. Would this the be opportunity for a other designers to come to Stern and create new games? Would Stern be able to hire outside freelancers? Who knows? But I can tell you this. If Stern keeps releasing games of the quality that Steve Ritchie has been able to consistently produce with EVERY title, that would be the best for everyone involved, wouldn't it?
Rating #201 of 6 24 days ago
Could have had some more variation - side flippers etc
A lot of the upper area is blocked by the second playfield.
Rating #201 of 11 25 days ago
Fast, bright and fun. A combination of the Star Trek lightshow with a Lord of the Rings theme. The LE is a very different experience from the Pro, the upper playfield affects gameplay significantly. The game does not feel as deeply integrated into the theme as it could be, maybe more voice actor callouts could tie it in deeper. The game is easy to play, but very difficult to master. It should be in my collection for a long time, I've had probably 20 DMD pins and this is the first one my wife likes. Go figure.
Rating #201 of 58 24 days ago
one of my first favorite multi ball games b.k is the other ,but i didnt know then (1980)what i know now is that steve richey is one bad ass desighner ,he did a great job on this one,classic machine,very simple fun play!!...i jus remember playin to achieve multi ball and play with three balls as long as i could ,i dnt recall a jackpot but i didnt know then that it was about getting a jackpot it was about getting the most points and a replay ofcourse,many games played on this in my youth i would love to play one again....three,two,one,fire!!!
Rating #201 of 39 25 days ago
It's a boutique pin for sure, plan on constantly tweaking/fixing this pin. This pin gets repetitive fast, & the call outs drive you mad. Jump ramp is cool shot, when it works properly. Overall it's just an average pin. Combine that with the quality control issues, & I couldn't trade it fast enough!
Rating #201 of 169 25 days ago
I like the added playfield, but find it takes away a lot of pf real estate.
Rating #201 of 19 25 days ago
Lots of fun!
Rating #201 of 58 25 days ago
classic...the best single ball game of all time !!! probly coulda been better with multi ball but a great game as is, i enjoyed playin this wen it came out in 88 and thru the early 90's it held up well for game play vs dmd machines... i prefer to play a taxi now in life but have had a great time wit cyclone,always wanted both in my collection jus couldnt find a nice cyclone at the time, im past that now...deffinately a keeper if you have space in a small collection ..i do like cyclone alot!! im sure if you can of u get past playing a single ball u will love it..easy game play, classic ! intro to the best pinball to come !!!! 1988 and on ..hey you with the face..lol
Rating #201 of 16 25 days ago
Not a huge fan of this theme. Got to like the music. Unfortunately it grinds after a while.
Rating #201 of 16 25 days ago
Not a huge fan of this theme. Got to like the music. Unfortunately it grinds after a while.
Rating #201 of 11 25 days ago
I was skeptical at first with this pin but the more I played it the more fun I had. The layout is different then a lot new pins nowadays. The theme is integrated very well I'm a fan of the show and I think they nailed it with this pin. I was never in the market to buy one but the more I play on location the more I think I'm going to have to add it to my collection. IMOP this should be a top 50 pin if not higher
Rating #201 of 101 25 days ago
Unique pinball machine that at first appears to be a video arcade game due to cabinet design.
Flippers operated by up/down joystick handles on front of cabinet, instead of flipper buttons in std position on side of cabinet.
High marks for artwork and theme.
I like the game design, game play, and fun factor.
Look forward to seeing it be used in a pinball tournament someday. :-)
Rating #201 of 24 25 days ago
This is based off a Lucy
Rating #201 of 13 25 days ago
Really enjoy this game for all of the same reasons
Rating #201 of 59 25 days ago
I find this game, ranked #353 on Pinside, to be highly underrated. It's a newer Stern with a fairly deep rule set coupled with Stern's typical insert lighting system. Of course the music is excellent if limited by often changing songs.

The biggest complaint is about Mick on a Stick but I enjoy the toy. It adds randomness and I like having to shoot around it, especially on Rock Star mode to add a ball. There aren't a lot of toys/shots but the game is fast and hard and has good flow.

350 better games than this one? Yeah right. "I know, its only pinball, but I like it....."
Rating #201 of 58 26 days ago
This is underrated unknown machine which deserves a bit more credence because it has some unique features.
Next to last designed System 11 machine before the age of the Williams Pinball Controller (WPC).

The playfield multiple "minigames" of blackjack, roulette, poker, and alpha numeric display slot machine are VERY well integrated into the theme.
Artwork is another "Linda Deal" special, and is colorful, eye catching, and "prone to fading" (a little humor of truth).
The main game music is catchy and blues style and great quality, although a bit repetitive after a while and will eventually get "stuck in your mind".

The really notable feature in the Roulette wheel in the backbox and "chip betting" risk versus reward feature.
One of the few machines that integrated multiple lockbar buttons for interaction.
Only a few other games did this feature, and no other with FOUR buttons.
You can win big for jackpot or lose it all.

"Ridin' on that lucky riverboat... Ridin' on that lucky river boat... Take a chance, make a bet, try your luck, you might win yet... Ridin' on that lucky river boat! "
You are not going to easily forget this quote.

FINAL NOTE: Around 500 or so of Riverboat Gambler machines had Diamond Plated (DP) playfields and are EXTREMELY hard to find in superb+ condition coupled with the fact this machine has a number of "unobtanium" game specific parts that have a tendency to get broken, especially the main ramp.
Many parts have never been reproduced for this machine, which makes matters more problematic.

I would not even consider another machine without DP and no factory mylar (which was installed on some machines).

Production number on PinSide is completely incorrect, a little over 3000 were produced not 1280.
Early production (~250 or so) do exist with a different playfield set of inserts.
General low production makes it hard to find in an general decent condition anyway, as many were heavily played into submission.

Nice examples will fetch good prices for those that like the overall theme.
Rating #201 of 10 26 days ago
It's the total package.
Rating #201 of 10 26 days ago
It's been along time since I've reviewed a pin.
But I have to say something about this game.
Besides the first time I brought a pin home 5 years ago (space shuttle)
This game Has everybody in the house going crazy lovin it !
I just got a MMR last week and all I got from everybody was "that looks cool" :(
I bring home Family Guy and the wife and kids are texting/emailing posting pictures to all there friends that we have a Family Guy!
That was just the beginning after we started playing it the laughs just kept coming.
Realizing there's actually a lot of game modes makes this game a nobrainer keeper for me.
Rating #201 of 73 26 days ago
I didn't like this game much when it first came out so didn't play it much back then and still feel the same way. I don't know why it get's such high ratings from others. Perhaps I need to play it some more and find out what it is people like so much.
Rating #201 of 73 26 days ago
Pretty ordinary game that tires quickly. Very innovative toys and cool theme.
Rating #201 of 73 26 days ago
I get bored of this one pretty quick, thin gameplay.
Rating #201 of 11 26 days ago
IJ has it all! Great shots,cool animations,awesome theme just a darn great pin. I highly recommend it.
Rating #201 of 58 26 days ago
easy game play ,fast and fun !! wen shooting at the drop targets the ball will bounce hard to out lane or shooter lane so i try not to hit the drop targets as hard, i love the metel ramps, a bit busy with the wire returns in the center i think but not awful the three spiners are great ,six ball electric chair mode sweet, lots of great modes to play, then crypt jam...i like this game alot looking to upgrade software soon so the keepers laugh isnt so anoying and for more balanced scoring ...and a shaker motor works great wit the theme..if u like the crypt keeper its a keeper...because the back glass is ugly but works great wit the e.c comic book theme...one of DE's best machines, still a good price for a great game !
Rating #201 of 13 27 days ago
Love this game. Instant favorite in my collection. Where pinball should be in this day and age. This package is clearly the result of years of experienced design. Fun, fun, fun.
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