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16 days ago
i love this game a lot, with a new translite and mods, is a beautiful machine. Very very fun.
16 days ago
VAULT edition review.... i love Ac/Dc the band and was one of those that always preferred the Pro. it played faster and I was never a big fan of the premium ‘s lower playfield because the objectives seemed like a lame bagatelle and the windows get foggy over time and look like crap. I do like the crossover ramp on the premium’s but just could not see paying 1000-1500 more for that. I could not bring myself to buy the old Pro due to the horrible Angus constipation face in the middle of the play-field. I know this is from the album cover but just looks really out of place and used as an afterthought to cover for no lower playfield... just super ugly and way too big. My pinball prayers were answered by stern with the vault edition! I LOVE the new artwork and the revamped bell - bought it immediately and could not be happier! This is thing just plays lightning fast and the code is wonderful.... never getting rid of it
16 days ago
Owned my LE for almost a year, and still loving it. The variety and number of modes really makes this game great for a home environment.
17 days ago
When you look in the pinball dictionary this should be the example. It's a Classic for sure just on looks alone and the game play holds up to its looks. The 1st game even my wife said "wow that's a nice looking game"
17 days ago
Iron Man is a fun, fast, decent game. But personally I'm at a loss for why it ranks as highly as it does. The challenge and difficulty of the game is (in my opinion) in its speed and layout - lots of drain risk, tough to maintain long ball times and game times. Those aspects are good and they make the game fun and engaging for serious players. Great. But my feeling is that the sounds, callouts, display graphics, cabinet, backglass, and playfield creativity are generally below average and even poor in some respects (esp. callouts, video, and sound). So to me the game is far short of a complete package. I like the game well enough to play it but frankly think it gets a lot more hype than it earns.
17 days ago
Bad Cats is a machine I'm really split on. On one hand, I think the backglass art and the game logo make for a very stylish looking machine from a distance, but the playfield artwork is something I'm not as thrilled on. The wheel in the center is cool and hearing "Meow Meow Meow Meow" from the main ramp is a cute touch. The gameplay just isn't deep enough for my taste however. The lack of a multiball is very disappointing and extra balls are too easy to get. I've never really been a fan of the "shoot the same ramp over and over" mechanic in any pin. I like the machine for it's theme and quirkiness, but the gameplay can't back it up.
17 days ago
Music and themeing can seem a little hokey at times, but the main rules and modes are fun enough. Lots of opportunities to get extra balls and the wizard mode is fun to play. Scoring seems balanced with the 1/2 billion shot appropriately tricky. Double is a fun addition to with a narrow window of opportunity to get it. Multiball could have been implemented better though as it seems to happen every game, not something you really work for. Some better artwork, music, and another ramp would have made this pin really shine.
17 days ago
A really fun pinball machine to play. The gimmicks of the spinning disks and fan are very immersive and raise the excitement level of the game. This game can play very fast and be difficult at times, but it's very rewarding to master the different shots. The rules are great for this era of pins and the super cellar bonus is a nice goal to aim for beyond the typical multi-ball jackpot. The two sets of pop bumpers on the game are also neat and help differentiate this game from others.
17 days ago
Pure pinball Heaven shooting around this deck!
A masterful design that has been executed to perfection!
An absolute flow monster, with just the right amount of stop & go.
Who knew collecting SIM cards to upgrade your phone would be this much fun!? Not me.
The modes are a blast, with a real sense of urgency to complete them, to have a shot at collecting your SIM card.
Honestly, the most fun I've ever had playing pinball, hands down. Thank You JJP & PLD! I hope we see this marriage continue to grow & produce more great pinball offspring.
17 days ago
Played this at FlipOut in Vancouver. Really enjoyed it. Different playfield layout. Kudos to Spooky for keeping it weird!
17 days ago
I don't know what else to say other than that if there's a Bash at a location it's what I go to first and if it's in good shape it may even be the only thing I play all night. I never tire of this table.
18 days ago
I had a lot of fun on this pinball machine. The "hand" is a very nice idea, it adds almost a new game and also recalls those of fairgrounds.
18 days ago
I was genuinely surprised by this game. When I first saw it I hated it, I thought the playfield looked barren and couldn’t believe it was a wide body. Then I played it on location and had a blast with it even before I understood the rules, but after a little research of the rules and playing it in a home environment this game really shines. It has super deep code with the most modes I’ve ever seen in a game. When set up properly it actually can shoot quite fast, mine is not “floaty” at all. The only downside is that it seems to have its share of air balls. It’s definitely the most beautiful machine I have seen!
18 days ago
Although the timed version did not originally receive a very good welcome by the players, I find that it is finally the most interesting to play.
It is a machine that we meet quite rarely and it is a shame because it is certainly not the worst SYSTEM 80 / 80A. For a simple ball model, the board is quite complete with many targets. The location of the credits display in the apron was innovative for the time, the backglass would have deserved better.
18 days ago
Many hours of fun with this one. Definitely requires skill and luck. Challenging for us.
18 days ago
Holy underrated pin Batman! I lucked out and own a very nice example of this pin. Glove working great. Cabinet in fantastic shape with little to no fade.
Game plays fast and fun!
I presume this game gets overlooked due to theme and a glove that usually doesn't work. However, play a solid JM and you'll be pleasantly surprised. It'll be interesting to see how long she lasts in my collection, as I turn over the collection quite a bit. But, as it sits right now, I am very much enjoying this pin.
18 days ago
Awesome art work.... all around a fun pin....
18 days ago
Limited shots. Ok game. Just doesn't seem to have much lastabity.
18 days ago
This is the pinnacle of pinball. I love every little detail of this game.
The game is deep. The theme is original and fun. The artwork is fantastic. The sound is second to none.
The closest thing we have to a perfect 10 in pinball.
18 days ago
This game has it all for me. Its tough, fast, beautiful. Its truly a top 10 game and honestly Sterns second best in my opinion (only to LOTR). I own an LE I play it all the time and it has some tough competition in my basement. when I first played this game I didn't get it at all and even avoided it for a while. Once I learned the rules and played more it was the only newer stern that is a must have in my home. Added all sorts of things to my game official topper custom sound mix subwoofer pinbladez and invisiglass. Its awesome!
18 days ago
Amazing. Very similar to MM in many ways I find with the overall Alien theme over Medieval. Bash the ship. great depth and humor. awesome title a must own. so glad the remade this one. only small gripe is that the bottom playfield seems just a touch bland being so grey compared to MM.
18 days ago
Great sound and good gameplay but some layout flaws in my opinion with some draining ball from inner loop, target bank, mystery vuk. Closing outlanes are required.
This game needs to be well set up to really enjoy it.
I also regret this game has been built to economic
18 days ago
Finally got this one running after it sat in storage for a year or so.

Python was incredible, if not sometimes a very, very big risk-taker. Oh boy. This art package.

I'm enjoying it a lot so far but I can see where far more proficient players could tire of the somewhat repetitive nature of most of the shots. Set up to be a little difficult and with a waxed play field and new balls, though, my sorry ass can't keep balls out of the right outlane.

If you're a sucker for system 11 games like me, and have a decent-sized collection (mine is in a four machine collection of mostly C+/B- titles), pick this up if you see it for under a grand. Clean it up, turn it on, and tell me it's not surprisingly engaging. Then when you're tired of it just sell it for more than you paid for it.
18 days ago
The electronic version of the Royal Flush is interesting because the rules are simple to understand. Gottlieb has retained the mechanical spirit while modernizing this game.

It plays like a mechanic, it sounds like a mechanic, but it is not one.

Finally with a simple idea, Gottlieb produced a successful and unpretentious machine.
18 days ago
A great classic, simple and easy to play. With that damn right outlane!
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