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17 days ago
Very disappointed in this game.
I like how fast It plays, I like the flow. I like the sound quality and the VIdeo.
I HATE the lack of Ramps, Lack of Toys and Lack of Originality.
I Loathe the Artwork. It seems rushed to me. The toys and gimmicks seem shoddy at best and tells me they put this together half assed to make $$$$ . I understand the idea is to make a profit, that's what business is there for but Pinball is an Artform as well. Wheres the originality and art? Especially with such an Epic theme... they could have designed an Epic game. While a fun game with nice lighting and Fast play... its not a keeper or a game I'd invest my hard earned money in. Its anything BUT Epic.
17 days ago
Super cool theme! Fun to play! ( Have only played it on location )
17 days ago
It's ok!
17 days ago
Ok gameplay, but not a fan of the drain shots on the left side of the playfield. Ugliest pin i've seen. Sorry GOT fans :)
17 days ago
The games play, lighting and video will blow you away. This pin is fun and fast ! Every visitor that has seen my game has thoroughly enjoyed it as well and everyone has been quite impressed with this game.
17 days ago
This is a really nice looking game that is loaded with shots and features. The code is complete and has lots to do. The light show is the best so far in pinball. The shots are really smooth and combo very nicely. The game simply shoots great. I'm not a fan of the theme but it doesn't bother me. The biggest complaint for me are the call outs just don't really build up any excitement. I think they fall really flat. The toys are also very kiddy looking and rather silly but they do function very well.

Overall this is a loaded full featured game that pretty much everyone is going to enjoy shooting. It's super smooth and even if you hate the theme and look of the toys they game play more then makes up for that. JJP's best game by an landslide. WOZ is good, TH was a huge step back, DI really brought them back to the front of the line.
17 days ago
Varkon is a seriously cool novelty game. Its concept is flawed, which is why so few got made.

It sits in a cab that is identical to the ones used in video games dating from the early 80s. The pin table is reflected in a mirror, so you look at a vertical playfield. This is kind of eerie.

As you flip using up-down joysticks, you feel a bit disconnected from the game. It has very few solenoids in it, so you do not get the sense of vibration you do from most pinball machines. So it actually feels like you are playing a video game rather than a pinball machine.

It also has a countdown to the ball release, there is no plunger. Lane changes are done on separate left and right circuits using regular arcade cab buttons. So you have to let go of the flipper joysicks to lane change.

It has a second mini playfield too. To get big points you have to get all 4 top standups, then shoot the ramp to the mini playfield. Spend as much time as you can in the mini playfield as you cannot drain from here. Completing the lanes also enhances your score. This game is end of ball bonus heavy.

Weirg game. Weird controls. Weird scoring. Weird art. The world was a better place when folk experimented with stuff like this
18 days ago
I like this machine. I know it gets kind of a bad wrap, but the theme is just so damn timeless. Granted, I've played this more in a virtual environment than in real life, but I was totally hooked on this for a while. Finally got a chance to play one on location and was blown away by the toys and gimmicks. If you could choose one pin to play for the rest of your life, it probably wouldn't be this one, but it's a good time and shouldn't be passed up if you have one local to you.
18 days ago
This machine is fantastic. The theme is just quirky enough to be funny and engaging without being cheesy. I remember the first time it dropped an "f" bomb -- it made me laugh out loud. Sure you'll end up making the same shot over and over again, but you'll always feel inclined to take advantage of other strategies as well. Expensive for a reason. Based on one of the games that defines pinball as a whole.
18 days ago
First of all, I couldn't care less about wrestling. That being said, this game is lots of fun! Not a keeper by any means, but definitely a fresh gimmick, and it gets you excited about theme -- even from an outsider's perspective. Probably won't help you sharpen your pin skills though.
18 days ago
Overall a bit lacking, but definitely a classic. The "pinmation" leaves a real impression, and the theme just works. It always feels good to smack Rudy in the mouth or force a pinball down his throat after the funhouse closes.
18 days ago
This is the top rated game for a reason - it does everything well. This machine has many strengths and no real weaknesses. The theme is original and innovative. The humor is great and adds to the longevity of the game. Lyman's coding is superb. The shots are well thought out and work beautifully. The art is wonderful. The castle toy is an icon of pinball. While I might slightly prefer its twin game, AFM, there is no denying this is a masterpiece.
18 days ago
I wrote a review already. In short, the flow is good and hurry up shots can be fun. There is no real gimmick toy and the shots you have are smooth but unsatisfying. The animations are familiar. The pro model death star lights up but that's it. The modes are just different colored lights and can be challenging but not really fun. I was disappointed. Pretty repetitive. It got old fast.
18 days ago
Fun and fast game with good flow. I agree with the several comments saying this game was one of Stern's standouts during the couple of years surrounding its release. I think the game's strength is in the combination of the modes, the flow of the shots, and the interaction of the playfield activity with the activity/graphics on the DMD, accentuated with the lighting effects. But while this machine is very good, it has a few disappointing weaknesses. They include lackluster and unmotivating callouts/speech, and missed opportunities to go deeper with the good rule set and to get one or two more features into the playfield. More specifically, while the rule set and the playfield are quite good -- above average -- they are missing a little something extra that would have made them great. And while the speech and callouts are okay, ultimately they are mediocre when you consider the material that the theme made available to Stern, and they do little to help build emotional engagement and tension with the gameplay. Thus, in summary, this game is solid and entertaining -- fun to play if available on location -- but falls short of true greatness in my opinion (which is worth saying because the game could have been better without a lot more effort).
18 days ago
Not bad, especially if you love Nintendo. This machine came out before Mario's personality was on total lock-down, so he says funny things like, "Holy macaroni!" I spent a lot of time just waiting for the ball to return to play, but aside from that, it's pretty fun. If you dig on Mario it's a must play. I can see how it would get really repetitive though.
18 days ago
I love this machine. I certainly don't think it should be considered one of "the greats", but I've had a blast with it. The tiny pinball machine in the top right is a ton of fun, although a tad easy to master after repeat play. All of the modes are pretty satisfying, and I love that the wizard mode's value depends on the level of your success on the way to achieving it. The only real complaint I have about this game is that you have to shoot the right orbit over and over again to start the modes, and that can be a bit of a chore. If you're not a big fan of Family Guy it may not be for you, but if you are, then you're gonna dig this machine.
18 days ago
I have played the bejesus out of this game. It was the first pin that I really had to shake around to keep the ball in play, and boy do you have to shake it. The game is really difficult, but it keeps you coming back for more. If I were to purchase a machine, I might choose TWD. Its deep rule set and variety of strategies have yet to become tiresome for me, and I've dumped at least 50 hours into the thing. Which is to say that getting good at this pin is the equivalent of running with a backpack full of rocks. I've found other pins to be much more forgiving after spending a good deal of time with TWD.
18 days ago
I kept coming back to this EM at Pinburgh. The art is just average, but it has a lot going on for an EM. Targets A and B light the outlanes for special and extra ball. C and D light the spinner target for big points, but it's a dangerous shot. E and F light a saucer back up top for double bonus. The layout is well-balanced but asymmetrical. Play this with friends, and it's a great time.
18 days ago
This pin is a treasure. I love the hologram, the steep ramps, everything. Cool back-story too, with the 'Trudeau Gap' and such. I knocked off one notch on 'bash toys' due to the fact that the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man doesn't feature more prominently in this one. Hard to argue with Slimer though.

The last DMD game from Stern. Remember this one.
18 days ago
Star Trek is an awesome pin that really feels like it was ahead of its time. My one major complaint are the dreaded outlanes as I often feel cheated when I am playing well and without warning the ball drains and there's no way I could have avoided it. However, everything else really stands out, the sound, the feel, the rule set. Great pin.
18 days ago
This is a tough game for me to rate. The light show is seizure-inducing extraordinary and there is a ton to this pin in both rules and toys. But, in some ways, there is too much going on, as if they wanted to throw every idea in there, making the experience potentially too busy. It would never be a pin that I'd own, but I can see how it wou appeal to others. All-in-all, a good game, that's really different than most anything else, and better than JJP's sophomore effort as well.
18 days ago
I think this game is a blast, even if it's pretty simple. I never hear anyone talk about it but was sucked into it big time at ReplayFX. The inner orbits are smooth and feel "rampy" whatever that means. It's got two big ol' target banks but unlike many games of similar concept they're not really all that dangerous to shoot. At least it's not high stress like an EM where you need to save your out-of-control ball at every turn. Great theme. Hamburger inserts. A mechanical bell. I'd definitely pick this one up cheap if I could. It's a shame it's pretty rare.
18 days ago
I think it is a great game. It is definitely confusing at first but the more I play it the more I love it. I would agree with some individuals that it is a bit repetitive but I think the concept of playing both sides is great. The rollover on missions is awesome which helps to complete more of them to have a chance of getting both sides done. I really think the playfield and all the toys are great on the LE. The ramps and the lighting look fantastic. I am a little surprised at the rating it currently has. I guess I enjoy more handling than bashing so overall I really enjoy this game which is why I ended up buying. I bought the Autobot Designer LE and the Red powder coat looks amazing.
18 days ago
100%, one of the best machine, all is perfect on this pinball.
19 days ago
If you like the tv show its a home run. This is a very funny machine. Call outs are great. Animations are funny. Fun to play.
There are 29983 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 8 of 1200.

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