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Rating #201 of 17 1 month ago
IMHO Best Stern to date.
Rating #201 of 185 1 month ago
What a great game...I love it !!!!
Rating #201 of 8 1 month ago
I recently sold my first pinball machine (High Speed) and wanted to upgraded to a newer machine. My friend has a bunch of new titles (walking dead, star trek, metallica, iron man, ghostbusters, etc.). After playing his machines for awhile I found myself gravitating towards Star Trek.

I really like the speed and ramps on this game. The third flipper for the warp ramp is awesome. I have friends that aren't into pinball, but no one can deny how good this game looks all lit up. By far the best looking game in my opinion (although I'm not a huge fan of the backglass, that may get changed up someday).

The rules are repetitive, but not in a bad way. Both multi balls (klingon and vengeance) are great. Taking down Vengeance is great. Lots physically and visually going on in this game.

Music and animations work really well, definitely a complete package.

Overall super happy with Star Trek, even my wife likes it :)
Rating #201 of 10 1 month ago
New to my collection it is so brutal but I'm loving it the playfield looks amazing and it's fast and the shots are rewarding and it has the best topper in pinball
Rating #201 of 9 1 month ago
Very good for family fun. My little girl loves it, I can't get her to stop playing it. Original them and for that I give it a very good marks A+++ .
Rating #201 of 9 1 month ago
Good table good clips from movie fast and fun a++ . Underrated
Rating #201 of 9 1 month ago
Fun,fun,fun, good table fast give it a shot
Rating #201 of 9 1 month ago
Very good pin fast and fun!!
Rating #201 of 7 1 month ago
Excellent machine, and a very heavy playfield. I opened it and then opened a Sopranos wow what a difference. They really put a lot of money on that playfield. Light show is excellent.
Rating #201 of 98 1 month ago
Not much to say, just fast and fun pinball.
Rating #201 of 25 1 month ago
Ratings are for 1.56 cleland code, new code makes a huge difference and updated sound is great.
Rating #201 of 17 1 month ago
The artwork is hideous. The gameplay however is really good. There is a nice balance of risk vs reward in the layout. It is a simple game by today's standards but challenging and fun none the less. It would get a lot more love if the artwork wasn't so bad. (The cabinet looks good. They should have gone with the same aesthetic for the playfield and backglass).
Rating #201 of 60 1 month ago
fun to play with many shoots and beautifull machine ...a Steeve Ritchie pinball for a lot of pleasure ...
Rating #201 of 25 1 month ago
One of the great early 80's bally games. I really like the widebody. there is so much to shoot for. great looking playfield. hard game to find.
Rating #201 of 734 1 month ago
Silver Slugger is a better game than most would take it for. Admittedly this game is simple. The good news is it is well done.

The Pros:
A BRILLIANT single layer layout from John Trudeau and the street series from Premier. There is not a millimeter of wasted space on this deck. The sounds on this game are sweet. The light show with the flashers is fantastic and the double scoring mechanism of point and runs brings me back to some of the classic Gottlieb EM tables of the early 70's. The shots feel smooth. The shooter lane is above the right orbit shot and the skill shot to the 4 lanes at the top requires soft plunging and nudging with SKILL! The Vari-target is accessible from both flippers and a full shot on it is very satisfying. The Stern (v.1) bar between the lanes keeps the ball moving fast at all times near the flippers. The left outlane is hungry, so keep it lit from the standups. While they are deathshots, the 4 drops need to be hit in sequence for the special when the award is lit. Those baseball robots crack me up.

The Cons:
This game plays great and makes me wonder what JT could have done with more. Locks and multiball seem to come from random awards as compared to skillfully earned shots.

The Takeaway:
A great playing game that reminds me of Alien Star with the criss-crossing orbits to lanes/saucers/targets. While behind in the features of other manufacturers of the time, this game once again shows us how much can be done with good design, simple and balanced rules and solid hardware. Find one if you can and play on!
Rating #201 of 110 1 month ago
Stern achieves an outstanding design and success on this title.
The artwork by Jeremy Packer is a real standout.
Gameplay is challenging with a multitude of shots built into this standard width playfield.
Some shots can feel "cheap" due to balls jumping lanes or airballs causing SDTM drains.
Backglass image harkens back to the days of BLY/WMS designs.
Features and toys add to the appeal, but are not particularly innovative.
The lighting sequences and use of LEDs is truly exceptional.
The sound calls and music is appropriate canon use.
The integration of the magna-slings does make good sense in their "randomness" to make you believe ghosts are controlling the ball.
Code design currently needs to be tweaked a bit, as the latest release negatively reverses its progress by making the game much too easy, and introduces more problems than it solves.
Considering this is a 30+ year old license, Stern really did justice to the franchise.
It is no wonder the game continues to sell well, despite continued Stern quality assurance and control problems at their new factory facilities.
Stern continues to sell "less game for more money" regarding basic game features.
Given a small amount of time and the fans of the game, I would expect this will remain one of Stern's Top 10 modern machines they have created, not to mention their last to use a conventional DMD. It also may be one of the last games with semi-realistic pricing before the next market stall and closeout of titles somewhere between 2017-2019.

"New pinball blood" is like people with "new money", lack of knowledge leads to inflation at all levels.
It also allows companies like Stern to get away with removal of features from basic pinball machines.
People may not care now, but they will later, or perhaps not if they decide to move onto the next fad hobby.
Play more games, and recognize this game title will never be in the Top 10 games of pinball history predominantly due to the fact the the license is not anywhere near as recognized as others in its field.
Rating #201 of 14 1 month ago
Two great banks of drop targets that can be hit with the lower or upper flippers. Dangerous vari targets that are satisfying. Slightly different strategy if the player is playing for score or runs. Lower pop bumpers. Fun game!
Rating #201 of 9 1 month ago
Good game fun bright hilarious,not the fastest table and not the deepest set of rules but a good game to keep you interested.
Rating #201 of 20 1 month ago
One of the best games ever built. Period. Many shots to make, even more modes to complete. The music, sounds, voices, and animations completely embody Twilight zone and are grade A. A little stop and go mixed good flow keeps the game from being monotonous. One look at the play field and one cannot help but be drawn in at all that is going on. Fun house: terrific game, Addams Family: incredible, Twilight zone: takes it to the stratosphere.
Rating #201 of 6 1 month ago
A classic. My first pin and maybe the best system 11 ever created. Great fun and a beautiful machine, if you can find one in good shape
Rating #201 of 20 1 month ago
If you want to take an iconic show like Star Trek: The Next Generation and cram it into a pinball machine this is how its done. This is a table designed by Steve Richie so ball flow/combination shots are king on this one. The artwork is terrific and has held up over the years. The game play is smooth and fast. There are plenty of shots to make and many modes to complete. The game has all of the main cast voicing their roles, plus Q, which is a bonus as he taunts you during his mode. The Borg multi-ball is fast and furious and well implemented. Star Trek is nearly "the perfect game" in terms of play, theme and execution. The only knocks (very very minor nit picks) are the cannons feel a little rehashed from T2 (they are fun and well tied in) and the fidelity of the sounds is not as clear as I wish (if you want that you have to get a game 20 years newer.). Again very minor complaints. This is about as good as it gets.
Rating #201 of 6 1 month ago
I loved the show, i hate the pin.
Data East cheap feel, i want to kill myself if i hear again the keeper laughings
Rating #201 of 6 1 month ago
One of the best widebody, if not the best for me. Much better than TZ but i think you need to love the theme. I just played it too much and I'm not a Trekkie so i sold this pin after a moment. Great flow when you are "in" and one of the best multiball ever created
Rating #201 of 6 1 month ago
Great theme and a very beautiful pin.
Extremely boring, callouts are annoying. I had no fun at all playing this game.
I was happy when this pin left my gameroom, and it left pretty fast.
Rating #201 of 6 1 month ago
Just a perfect pin. A keeper for sure.
Mine is bolted to the floor.
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