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Rating #201 of 38 20 days ago
So much fun to play. So many shots and the music is great.
Rating #201 of 28 21 days ago
Anyone that doesn't consider this a soild top 100 must have played a poor example. One of thw best art packages from the 80s i think. Brutal fast quick multi ball great call outs. Just love this Mark R. Table
Rating #201 of 235 21 days ago
I thought this game was boring as hell. I did well enough to earned a free credit on my first game (not from a match) and yet I don't feel like I was having fun. Ugly BG and the rest of the art is so, so. I just don't see why others like it. Oh, well.
Rating #201 of 235 21 days ago
I loved that BG when it was the cover for the game, and still love it. Interesting layout and I think the lane saves are neat. I want to put more time on this pin. I wish they were more common.
Rating #201 of 12 21 days ago
The cannon really kills the machine. I love ac-dc rock band.
Rating #201 of 12 21 days ago
pinball out of standard size and lots of operational problems when more used. Annoying sounds when compared to more modern machines. Good machine but nothing else. Honestly I don't see anything superb. It is very overrated imo. Sorry fans.
Rating #201 of 12 21 days ago
Destroy the Solar Sun..remember those words, because you will have a tough time getting there! This game looks simple enough but it holds many surprises for the pinhead. Make it through the solar system planet by planet either by drop targets or a tough planet shot. The opening robot head for ball capture is an awesome feature. The play field in led is incredible and the color selection and sequence is the WOW factor! The red light sequence flashing topper is a plus and adds to the attraction of the game. Many gamers at my pin Game On parties comment on this game and remain attracted to it, mainly because of its openness of shots and incredible lights. This is a keeper for me in the collection but once again the infatuation with space themed pins and the cool game play.
Rating #201 of 12 21 days ago
No..No...Noooo...screams General Yakov as you send the final kill shot! Yes, this game is that good and addicting but you have to be on point. It is unforgiving and extremely fast. I have seen many novice players step up and get shot down but it is highly addicting. The mars lights that spin on top combined with one of the best challenging multi balls to date make this game a keeper! This is classic Steve Ritchie at his best the flow is awesome but as I said super fast which is why I love his work. This pin captivated me in the Aladdin's Castle arcade where I spent my youth and when I had a chance to restore one that is exactly what I did! Combine this with led lights and this game rocks and is always challenging Now You Die Comrade keeps you inspired.
Rating #201 of 12 21 days ago
Head for the Checkpoint....Redline!!! This machine was featured on Storage Wars and really grabbed my attention with the racing theme and orange cabinet. Plus, I love any pin that has an automotive racing theme. In my opinion this pin is well underrated from a collectible standpoint alone and the game play is challenging. Here's why check these features out: shaker motor, turn the key to start the game, select your music prior to play, a spinning wheel on the back glass that gets faster as you hit shots. The back glass is awesome it is mirrored and is very cool. Game play is good especially the ramp shots that drives red line! Bottom line play it if you can find one and make your own decision. I do believe these pins will go up in value because of the limited production (3500) and the automotive genre that is increasing. I was already offered to sell mine and refused because I do enjoy playing this pin and it originated the dmd world. I put led lights into mine and it is breath ta-kingly gorgeous to look at and is addicting to play!
Rating #201 of 62 21 days ago
A good, solid Williams pin but not my favorite. Rules and PF layout just seem to elude me. Decent flow and a hard pin (which I usually like) but just CANNOT GET INTO IT.

The fan is a nice toy.
Rating #201 of 12 21 days ago
3...2....1...Launch Space Shuttle which is a timeless classic and a blast to play. Please keep in mind this is 1984 and it's finest a whole new endeavor of game play. In my opinion this pin has the best back glass of any Williams Pin, it is gorgeous in the dark. My game was changed to led and the rockets flickering red and orange really draw a crowd, plus when the attract mode spelling of space shuttle is spelled out this is awesome! This pin is fun to play and the music and sounds are 1984 aka infatuation with anything space related. This pin has a bell and a space scream when the ball drains that would rival any ring tone today. I absolutely love this pin and it took me a long time to track one down with a trade, it will not be leaving my collection! Own one if you get the opportunity!
Rating #201 of 12 21 days ago
Have No Fear purchasing this pin providing you can find one! This pin is extremely fast and is a loop lovers dream! The talking skull is awesome and the comments made "this guy is crazy" this guy is nuts" adds to the excitement! I really get this game wound up and it is by my favorite designer Steve Ritchie. This means dangerously fast and requires skill as a player or using auto fire as a crutch. The cabinet in my opinion is one of the best ever..flames enough said! The back glass is very cool and displays the extreme sports world well. This one will never leave my collection!
Rating #201 of 14 21 days ago
for the price can habe much better pins cheap quality stern go down no really cheap
Rating #201 of 35 15 days ago
Drain Monster. Would make a good operator machine.
Rating #201 of 14 21 days ago
this games is not for me easy and fast boring play was good at the time but todays more exceting games
Rating #201 of 14 21 days ago
this games is to easy and fast boring play
Rating #201 of 14 21 days ago
try to love this games but not for me was good at the time but today to old
Rating #201 of 103 21 days ago
"I am the Ringmaster. Defeat me for the Ringmaster marvel."
Who does not get the quote stuck in their head after playing this machine?
Eventually some people will go "$#@%, ARGHHHH, shut up already!"

One of the games new collectors blow serious loads on (outside their pants), but never play before buying the game due to low production availability.
"It looks so cool."
Simulations did not give a good impression of the complexity of some of the things this game has going on in terms of maintenance.
It is equivalent to buying a new car, but never testing driving the model.
This is the fully gear engaged definition of "pintard".

I give credit to John Popadiuk, who at least pulled some different tricks out of his hat on this game unlike ToM and TOTAN.
Phenomenal music and sound, but it grinds on you over time.
Excellent shot selection and gimmicks, however nothing truly revolutionary.
Even putting the DMD inside the game and using a bell shot in the backglass, could not save the game from being a moderate failure when produced.
TERRIBLE route machine, due to maintenance requirements on assemblies.
High wire lock, needs the upgrade kit, or it will just fail even in a home environment.
If you do not know what I am talking about owners, go READ the WMS service bulletins.
Time has been kind to this title, however.

Linda Deal did a great job on the artwork.
The ruleset has a lot of hidden secrets packed into the game.

It has become a collector favorite for BLY/WMS DMD enthusiasts, but it often does not last long in collections for people that are just looking for a "ticket to ride."
Just like TOTAN, the novelty wear off fairly quickly, and you are left with a machine that people will playing when you have been get togethers. There is a learning point here.

The machine will always maintain a high value for collector quality examples, due to the amount of game specific parts that get trashed on most of the games.
The neon tube may be replaceable, but a lot of the other parts are unobtainium.
Hell, I remember people fighting over a set of plastic purple backbox scrolls.

Some CV owners would give their left testicle for some NOS parts.
Rating #201 of 8 17 days ago
Always fun to play
Rating #201 of 8 21 days ago
I have played this game alot as it's the only game at the shops near me it looks cheap plays cheap I don't know why this is in the top 100
Rating #201 of 69 22 days ago
Game Design - Game rules are already very advanced in latest version 1.2. Love the pop ups reminiscent of the machine I have next to it MM, but much more involved in the game play. I really like the drop target skill shots and the extra ball shot that lurks behind them. Although many complain about the purpose of the upper flipper, it definitely helps hitting the targets and the extra ball shot. The game plays plenty fast, especially as you are hitting the drop targets and unlike WOZ it isn't a drain machine. This machine has the best multi ball modes I have ever played.

Artwork - I have the SE and believe it is the best of the versions; however, man like the LE and standard as well. This is one of the most beautiful play fields I have ever seen. I actually bought another to hang on my wall. The back glass does seem a little washed out at the top but it really doesn't take away from the artwork overall. The LCD animations are the best bar none. I really believe that WOZ was a game changer but this blows it out of the water. I have bought the color DMD for many of my games but there simply is no comparison. JJP did a great job using the LCD in this game.

Sounds and Music - The music from 2 steps from hell are really unique to most pinball games. I love the sounds and speech but I can easily see it just getting better and better with the code. The use of Gandalf as much of the narrative was well done.

Other Aspects - Game lighting is awesome and really sticks out. I love the LED's under the pop up trolls from the play field. Theme is why I love this game so much. This story was my favorite as a child and continues through this game. I liked the movies but even if you weren't a fan of them this game still is a blast! This has the best multi ball out of all my games, the best lighting and artwork, and is simply the best pinball machine I have in my house bar none.

I have this game between my MM and MB and it gets played way more by family and friends than any machine I have. I have had zero problems with this machine and recommend this to anyone who loves to have fun playing pinball.
Rating #201 of 17 7 days ago
Fun Stern game. Interesting factoid: Stern used the EXACT same ROMs in both the 1977 Stingray and in their 1977 "Pinball by Stern". But other than the same startup music (which kicks ass), both machines offer a unique playing experience. Play both and truly appreciate what can be accomplished by "moving a few things around!".
Rating #201 of 17 22 days ago
First DMD game I ever played. Lots of fun!
Rating #201 of 17 22 days ago
Love that fan...
Rating #201 of 17 22 days ago
Quick balls, but keeps me coming back
There are 26748 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 8 of 1070.

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