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16 days ago
Pretty cool game. I like lots of toys in a game and the playfield is a little barren for my taste. It has the main toy box and the elevator but as far as toys go thats about it. Decent flow and without the code the game would be a bust. The cabinet is beautiful! This pin is a good pin if somebody wants a music pin at a decent price. Right now used Aerosmith pins are very reasonable. I think the home buyer would really need to like the music or it would get old fast.
16 days ago
Picked up a low use Magneto LE for a pretty good price. Speaker upgrades are necessary as well as the newton ball mod. I added a. Color DMD and the dots with it are real good. Pretty good rule set. Shots from every Flipper. The unique combos are fun and this pin has got me going thru the movies to understand the call outs and more. Many varied ways to play this game. A pretty good value for those in the 5K market. Some people knock the voices for the call outs. I think that is a bit over done in the criticism area. There are a lot of call outs. The Deadpool rules are a great concept.
16 days ago
Great rules for a system 11. Has a wizard mode. Excellent shots. Making the 3 shot combo is an achievement. Played a lot in the wild so hard to find a decent “survivor”. One of the best bang for the buck pins in my opinion. Similar rules to Earthshaker but having both is a treat.
16 days ago
Beautiful game and the most immersive game versus theme that I have played. There is a lot of depth in this game but my main concern is that over all the strategy may be a tad too linear with arkenstones. I think more strategy in the code tying together the modes will help dramatically. Like LOTR it is an adventure game that is meant to have long ball times. This can get a bit old so I removed the center post and adjusted the beast multiball to super hard which helped that problem. I do not feel the game is “floaty” and I like the long shots. Every shot is makeable when needed and the tie in with the movies are excellent.
16 days ago
the fastest I ever sold a stern game. Had an LE. Loved the looks and multiballs right from the go. Two things killed it for me , the air balls and the linearity of the rules. Absolutely the worst air balls I have seen in a game. I understand I could have fixed the air balls with mods but nothing to be done on the rules. Lastly the emotional concerns about insert ghosting on this model did have merit.
16 days ago
Rating on the LE. All around the best looking package Stern has put out. I had it next to my STLE and The AS playfield puts it over the top in the looks department. Straight forward/ easy to understand rules. I would like to see a little more depth. I like the large screen in the back box but again I would like to see a little more animations. The Toy Box engineering is fantastic. I really like to see people’s faces the first time they see it in action. I like the non linear rules as you can select your song up front. Enjoy the multi balls and the risk reward of toy box multi ball. All the shots are makeable when needed. Last improvement I would like is more rules tied to the mini upper play field.
16 days ago
Fun but not deep game. I liked the call outs the first 200 times I played. Great theme , good shots, like the ramp shots mostly. Glad I owned one. Sold and do not miss it at all 12 months later
16 days ago
The ramps and rails are so over the top in this game and they become a distraction instead of a positive feature. It's fun but just doesn't have the lasting power you'd expect from such a cool looking game. Capcom quality is so awesome it is a shame we didn't see more tiles from them.
16 days ago
Great Rules ! Some of the best in pinball. I really like the ramp shots. They are very smooth on my LE. The Geometry of the play field is excellent and all shots feel makeable when needed. This is a game that demands mods (kinda like Tron). The various ones from pinball refinery work really well an external subwoofer is a plus as well.
16 days ago
This game plays so fast and looks cool but the geometry of some shots makes them reject all the time and the solid state flippers destroy all the plastic on the game. It is tough to the point of not being fun. The simple objective of multiball can be hard to achieve and that's a bummer when there's not much else to do.
16 days ago
Open floaty game that is cool but gets boring quickly.
16 days ago
Party zone is really striking to look at and the colors of the playfield along with the lighting are so good. I just wish it was more than a colorful game. The shots are fun. But it doesn't have enough going on in the center playfield and the gameplay falls flat after a while.
16 days ago
Superb 80s Bally in every category. I have a deep love for this era of Ballys and this game is in the top. Excellent in every way.
16 days ago
I'd have thought from the layout that this game would get boring quick but there's an aspect to the layout the makes for amazing shots. The geometry often encourages you to shoot the left side when trying to hit a target on the right. I can't think of another game that taps into the bank shot for a design feature in the same way. Excellent game all around. Art, chimes, gameplay you name it.
16 days ago
The quality of Capcom always blows me away and this game is no different but the game rules fall flat in single player mode and the layout doesn't have a lasting power.
16 days ago
It is a constant in my collection and on location. The number of people that have played Getaway a thousand times and will still post up and put $5 in it on a regular blows me away. It has an immense presence in the pinball community and it's simplicity and perfectly laid out shots are timeless. Hard to believe you can make High Speed better but they succeeded.
16 days ago
Beautiful and colorful art on the playfield and backglass, cool speech and call outs, neon tube in the backbox. This game has lots of great features and is probably one of the best Zaccarias in bith game play and art.
16 days ago
I enjoy pins with lots of smooth shots and places to put the ball. Games like GB which has like 10 distinct shots, not counting the stand-ups and other targets. I like a lot of spinners, ramps, scoops, VUKs and variety. CBL is too limited. There are only 6 main shots. 2 ramps, which are nice and long, but they wrap around directly above the playfield and obstruct your view of the ball. The artwork and theme are good. I like the rules and goals. I just don't enjoy playing this game. The repetitive music can grow tiresome too. If you like the Creature, play Monster Bash instead.
16 days ago
My 1st ss game..and what a classic! I learned on the fly what to hit/aim for for big points. That spinner on the top right just doesn’t get ripping that! It has a nice layout, a kick out, and drop targets..who doesn’t like drop targets? I actually enjoy the background sound as it intensifies..the game was, I think, the 2nd most produced..I wonder why..this game rocks!
16 days ago
Loved it at first play, but by the 5th game, it lost a lot of the luster. Wish they had "Dream On" or some other better tunes vs some of the choices. You get stuck on the music a little long, but at least you can make a shot to change it. Problem is, once you do it a couple times, you get bored. The ball locking is novel, but that and the awesome light show are really the only high spots. Fun fades quickly.
17 days ago
This is a unique game. Less random ball action due to no pop bumpers. The game challenges you to think what to get in order to build items like a toaster gun to shoot toast at the dog. Due to the uniqueness it does take a few extra games above the normal to grasp the rule set. Once rules are understood it’s a blast. The time machine mode is out of place and detracts from the video mode of the actual game the video mode was copied from. Music tempo shifts to drastically. The interactive back glass adds to the game. Hop on the magic bus for the fun.
17 days ago
XM could have been a great pin because the code is real good and the layout is cool, but callouts and music are terrible...
Too bad because it's a beautiful machine.
17 days ago
Great theme and great songs, but i don't like the code.
I don't find this game deep. I had mine 3 months and played it dayly but it doesn't stay after the honeymoon phase. The Pro is fast but there's too much cheap drains.
After owning ST, GOT, SM and Acdc i can say I really don't like Stern/ Ritchie games...
17 days ago
Cool game, but not a keeper for me.
17 days ago
I don't understand why this game is ranked so high.
Code is very bad IMO, very boring and repetitive. Callouts are always the same for each Vengeance multiball. Ramps are smooth but i find the gameplay is bad (ball hop at flipper bats, cheap feeling, airballs...)
There's really nothing really exciting in this game, we are far from a Met or a TWD. STTNG is a better Star Trek machine for me.
I keep my ST Pro two weeks and it was really enough.
There are 31938 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 8 of 1278.

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