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15 days ago
Great layout with some nice new shots. Nice looking art and good sound quality although Maiden not my cup of tea for music.

Fun machine and will play frequently on location!
15 days ago
Game suffers on theme and art but this is a GREAT theme integration. Sort of like Baywatch...fantastic THEME INTEGRATION, not so great theme. I love the multiball start, that just never gets old with the spinning disc and magnet. Pretty simple game but when its playing well and working 100% its a super fast fun game! I would buy this one again if a deal came across my radar. One of the pins I miss playing the most that I have owned...I don't miss LOOKING AT IT (pretty bad translight - is there an alternate?) but its a really fun game.

Biggest complaint is the flakey ball lock trough in the canister. That roll over switch mat thing was a terrible concept that barely works and is expensive to replace. They should have just used a standard trough with actual microswitches. That trough can be a maintenance headache for sure.
15 days ago
I've owned this machine for about 2 years now and have played several hundred games. I haven't played it more often because it had a lot of down time while I was waiting to repair it.
I have changed the lights to LED lighting and the game looks quite nice with them. Next up, I'm changing the DMD to color.

Data East's, 'Star Wars' sold quite well at the time of it's release around 1990, over 10,000 units. So it was quite popular in it's day. It has some interesting features and modes.
The Death Star and the large R2D2 figure are the two features that easily stand out above everything else. R2D2 doesn't do a whole lot other than bounce up and down but it is better than nothing. The Death Star is far more important as the game pretty much revolves around this feature. You need to open it up by lighting the 8 moons. The moons are lit by hitting the Death Star and simply by moving to your next ball. You can also open the death star by hitting the button on the shifter/plunger after 5 moons have been lit, but then you only have a limited amount of time to do so or you have to start over. Hitting the Death Star while it is open will start multi-ball and destroying it will give you the largest jackpots in the game.
There are two scoops that will start modes and/or give you benefits. The inner loop will do likewise when the various inserts are lit.
There are three drop targets to the side of the ramp and need to be cleared 3 times in order to get to 'Hyperspace.'
There are 5 X-Wing fighter static targets that are used to start a mode and also will score you a lot of points if hit during the 20 second X-Wing Fighter mode.
The DMD display is for instructions and information only. There aren't really any video modes. There was supposed to be but this was changed and is discussed elsewhere in this review.

POSITIVES: - The artwork on the playfield, while not spectacular, covers a large amount of material from the original trilogy. You will see scenes and many characters from all 3 movies. I think the backglass is quite nice.
- The various modes and rewards that are included cover a lot of ground from the trilogy. There are quite a few modes, some of which are hidden and you won't see until you've progressed far enough. This is especially so when it comes to 'The Force Scoop." You need to hit this often because not all rewards are available until you've cycled through it more than once.
- There are quite a few call outs that any fan of Star Wars will recognize and you won't hear them all until you've played a lot of games. Also, the music is nice, especially the Victory theme after you destroy the Death Star!
- The animations are pretty good on some of the modes.
- Most shots are pretty smooth. There are very few 'klunkers.' The most satisfying shot is the left orbit through the bumpers but unfortunately this shot is one of the least important ones in the game.
- Again....the Victory theme after destroying the death star!

NEGATIVES: - The ramp is too easy to hit and it causes an imbalance in the game. You can hit it repeatedly and your score and benefits will keep increasing. What's worse is that you can easily make the shot from either flipper. I highly recommend that you turn off the save feature on the ramp so that your score doesn't carry forward on each successive ball.
- The shifter/plunger has been rendered fairly useless by a last minute game design change. I'm not exactly sure what happened but I'm pretty sure it was meant to be used during the 'speeder video mode'. The way the game came out, you automatically win the race and you can end it early by repeatedly hitting the button on the shifter.
- The modes are simplistic in nature but that was the case with pretty much all pinball's from the era.
- The three drop targets don't add much to the game. Even if you clear them 3 times, the Hyperspace reward isn't worth a whole lot. So you just sort of take it if it's there. This game really didn't need any more reasons to hit the ramp!

NO, THE GAME IS NOT BROKEN: Until I read further about this particular game on the internet, I thought that the game had a few issues that didn't need fixing. The first one involves the StormTrooper shootout. Since this brief mode started up while nothing in particular was happening, I thought it was started through a flaw in my game. As it turns out, there is no rhyme or reason, for this mode starts randomly throughout the game. The second issue, I discussed above under 'negatives.' The shifter did not seem to work during 'speeder video mode' and I thought this was an issue or it perhaps I had the game on an easy setting since it always awarded points. As it turns out, this is due to a last minute change in the game.

A NOTE ON THAT HUMMING NOISE: Many Data East pinball machines have an issue with the machines making a dull humming sound while turned on. You don't hear it much during the game but if you leave the machine idle, it will be noticeable. I have read into it and there are some answers but it probably comes down to a design flaw. Some are fixable and others aren't. There are various suggested fixes but none are full proof. They include tightening screws, changing capacitors, changing the DMD, etc.

CONCLUSIONS AND BOTTOM LINE: Fans of Star Wars will probably enjoy this game. It's pretty good for the time period. There are nods to most characters in the original trilogy but focuses largely on the first two movies (A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back) with only a few bits on "Return of the Jedi".
Star Wars can be exploited by shooting the ramp repeatedly but it does have a good variety of targets. The Death Star, and 'TheForce Scoop' along with the inner loop are all important. The orbits are important when trying to get points during certain modes. The other scoop, The Saarlac Pit and Jabba's Bounty, gives some good rewards also.
Overall, I would rate this game as decent and higher if you are a Star Wars fan.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give this game a 7.
15 days ago
Endless multi ball 2 3 and 4 short games great music of surf John Trudeau unique shots of travel perfect set of rules and placement for difficulty and play field multipier to 5x if you can keep it moving along the switches...found tonight a sneaky shot from third flipper past left drops thru pops finally passing thru right upper inlane amazing most difficult shot but has power of the knuckle flip enjoy
15 days ago
This is just a great Pat Lawlor game with basically all the classic Lawlor shots and features. Some people describe this pin as TZ lite, and that's a fair description. However, I personally enjoyed this pin more than TZ. I know that's heresy to some people, but they really are very similar in many ways, with TZ getting the nod for innovation, theme and rules, while the layout and more modern feel to Ripley's is better. I feel it shoots better. The humor and weirdness of Ripley's is fun. This game is simply packed with ramps, magnets, scoops, trapdoor shots, and an upper playfield. Definitely feels like a Pat Lawlor game. I personally find this one to be one of his best ever games, and for the current price for a clean HUO? Incredible, underrated bargain. I wish I had discovered it sooner. I would own one by now.
16 days ago
This is a true player's game. Tough, and mostly fair. Through ball saves, the game gives you just enough rope to hang yourself with.

Gameplay and layout is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Fast playfield loaded with TONS of great feeling shots, with selectable flow. Lots of modes, and the game allows the player to determine different approaches and strategies to score well and advance through the rules. The battlefield is a mechanical version of breakout, and it's absolutely terrific.

My biggest gripes:

-The backglass artwork. Honestly, this is just a given.
-Horrendous airballs off of the yellow mongol targets adjacent to the left ramp. Missing the ramp, and hitting the targets is a one-way ticket to DrainTown, USA.
-When a ball to the left ramp is diverted to the right side, the switch is poorly placed, and doesn't always register skill shots or rings.
-The game is relentless. Sometimes it feels like a gruel to get to the final battle.

Honestly, replace the backglass with Aurich's art package, make sure the battlefield is in top working shape, and you've got a damn fine game. The gripes are minimal when it comes down to gameplay and strategy.
16 days ago
This game is amazing, fun to play, can’t get enough, funny comments throughout I can see why it’s in the top 2.
16 days ago
Let me start by saying that MM ans AFM are 2 of my favorite games. That said this is right up there with them on the A-list. True the BG art sucks, grab a Aurich Alt BG and throw some purple lighting in this thing and man its a good looking machine. The music and sounds flow perfect. The captive ball is the best in pinball. And its a hard damn game. Simple enough rules had my novice friends playing real pinball in minutes. All around the best bargain in pinball next to HS2.
16 days ago
Wow... played a few games at the Yegpin expo and tourney and loved the game so much had to buy it and take it home. It is the holy grail in our 10 pin collection, really nothing to fault on it other than my wife has better scores than me. Shots aren't giveaways, have to be accurate but the accumulation of points is progressive and fun to jump to different modes. I think the SE has it all except the topper and the powder coating of the LE. Great game .
16 days ago
Currently my fave machine to play. Love it!
16 days ago
One of my fave classics. Easy ruleset, challenging shots.
16 days ago
My favorite call outs!
16 days ago
I played this pin last weekend at my friend's house and I wasn't disappointed. First, the theme is spot on. I grew up with all the Mario's game on almost every Nintendo console so this is just a normal translation from video games to pinball. Music comes from the games which is great. The shots are not to tough and not to easy either. I would play this one over and over again, I found it very fun to play­. The only negative point i could say is that almost every closing shot(finish a castle, add an extra ball, etc.), you have to shot the castle, a little diversity could have been great. Other than that, everything is fine.
16 days ago
I wasn't expecting much when I saw Popeye for sale in a bar up the Sunshine Coast. The owner was sick of giving patrons their money back as it had a fault where it would reset the game when you touched the left flipper. I was amazed that it was in near perfect condition cosmetically and when i got it home the issue had magically fixed itself! I've owned it for a month now and am loving it. My family and I relate to the eco friendly theme as it's probably the only pinball that has this. I like the fast play, the side animal ramp and the swee pea mini playfield which is tricky but fun and up to 6 ball multiball. I enjoy the Bluto challenges as well and rescuing the animals by getting he loop shot. Once you work out all the rules it's not that hard to rack up high scores and I guess my only negative would be that occasionally the ball will fly off wildly when playing the top mini field and occasionally when the ball is spat out from the middle trough it will go straight down the guts(but maybe that's just my machine needing an adjustment). The music at the start of a ball gets a little repetitive and 'I'm gunna level ya' at the end...I wish they'd done a few different variations but it's no biggie. They could've done more interactive stuff with the DMD as well. I replaced the 2d with the original 3d Bluto head and a full led kit and it all looks awesome. I'm just glad that so many people whinge about this game so that I was able to get it for a bargain price compared to other Bally Williams 'superpins'.
16 days ago
Although like many of Ted Zale's "zipper flipper" designs they are not as well known today, much of his innovations he offered to Bally have been used by countless machines since the 1960s. The main draw is the "spinning bumper" which reflects shots to the various mushroom bumpers to score planets with R-O-C-K-E-T letters. It was not necessarily revolutionary, but did modify previous games will the constantly spinning motor. This is long before this feature reintegration with Fireball. The one downside of this feature is its accessibility. Once the game has been plunged into play it, it can be hard to be able to get the ball back into the spinning bumper to get more rapid hits. As far as all the Ted Zale "zipper flipper" games, it falls in the middle range of all his games in terms of fun. Difficult to acquire, as most were played out and many remaining are in poor condition.

"Little Known Fact": Rocket III was released two years before the actual Apollo moon landing in 1969.
16 days ago
Not very fun, the original High-speed is much better.
17 days ago
Changed my mind about's still an ugly game for sure...but it's a very fun shooter!
It can be mean, but when you dialed in your shoots and get a feel for the is rewarding!
17 days ago
Sorry this has to be the single most overrated game in history. The toys are horrible like the book case is blue or the library is red or whatever why not theme those? This game was made to be mass produced and cheap as possible. Lucky for us people are making mods today to drastically improve the game.

NOw after you’ve spent around 1000 on mods and upgrades the play field is much better. Certain things shouldn’t be involved in the game like a train the Adams Family are mostly about the interior of the their house. This game can be 100% better game only after you’ve spent a lot of money to make it feel and look more like the Adams Family. This is a game I’d like to see re-done but a modern version with movie clips of the TV show not the movie.
17 days ago
Again the flippers are a serious issue they should have been made to extend up another 1/4 inch. Big problem when playing the game. Also wish they would have got rid of the cheap looking plastic green targets why not improve them or even put a sticker on them. IF they’re trying to improve the game would have been cool to see pop up targets of the aliens like in MM. I don’t think when doing this remakes that any games should have chrome armor the LE’s prove people would rather have green or whatever color.

Color screens should be included in all games. Why because all games that come out now are color. The topper is a perfect example of how you make something way better than the original. Do more of this type of stuff.
17 days ago
When you’re remaking a game you should try at least to make it better. Make the dragon do something, or at least light up. My biggest problem with these remakes is that the flipper don’t extend far enough to hold the ball when it comes down. These flippers should go up at least another 1/4 inch. Also when you’re remaking games you should again try to improve them such as the side armor or the screen or anything cheap plastic parts just make the game an improvement. Sure the game is better because its newer parts but make it look and play better rather than doing an exact copy. The game is fun its a classic but would just rather see an attempt to improve upon that.
17 days ago
If this game had more toys it would be a top 10 classic. It’s missing a few little things here and there but this game is funny, and fun to play
17 days ago
This is by far one of the most underrated games ever. This game is amazing and probably inspired games today like TNA and many others. This is a true classic.
17 days ago
This game has to be the single most overrated game in pinball history. It’s okay but clearly is not one of the best ever created. Either way its good but not top 20 good.
17 days ago
Metallica is a blast to play. Playfield layout is super. I used to be a fan of the music when I was younger, it’s not really my thing anymore but I don’t mind the music too much. Overall a blast to play.
17 days ago
One of my favorite games, I always come back and play it. Never gets old.
There are 32671 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 8 of 1307.

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