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Rating #201 of 8 27 days ago
This game plays nicely to me, despite that I think the artwork and theme and music are hideous.
Rating #201 of 8 27 days ago
More of a work of art than a pinball masterpiece, but that's good enough to gain it credence as a classic game.
Rating #201 of 78 27 days ago
I think this game is average, good if you like the theme, I remember watching r and b show, "nothing up my sleve".... just so outdated today , good job D.E during it's release, there were better machines at the time to play, this one was no fun ,anoyiing, and seemed to colorful to me then and still just average today, not a awful game, definitely not a keeper!!!
Rating #201 of 8 27 days ago
Stewie Pinball is a super feature.
Rating #201 of 8 27 days ago
It's amazingly beautiful and immersive. There is a lot going on and it's not always clear what you should be doing to score well. It's a frustrating game for tournament play but an thrilling one as a general enthusiast.
Rating #201 of 62 27 days ago
I really hope this catches on and takes off. Must play for anyone who appreciates forward thinking.
Rating #201 of 90 28 days ago
One trick pony game.
Rating #201 of 18 28 days ago
For the most part I love the Show but just like the second season this game fell short...What Would Darrell Do??---He would shoot this one in the head with his crossbow and never look back.
Rating #201 of 18 28 days ago
For the most part I love the Show but just like the second season this game fell short...What Would Darrell Do??---He would shoot this one in the head with his crossbow and never look back.
Rating #201 of 7 29 days ago
Great looking pinball machine and very fun to play however, after you complete the relatively easy objectives it can get repeatative...
Rating #201 of 22 29 days ago
Another great game by Stern and a nice homage to the Star Trek TNG machine by Williams (same designer, Steve Ritchie!). Excellent shot flow and ruleset to follow, along with the different Multiball modes and the Vengeance toy (also pays homage to Attack From Mars in a way).

Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a pinball wizard!
Rating #201 of 22 29 days ago
Really enjoyed this game on Microsoft's Pinball Arcade, then on Pinball Arcade, then recently at ReplayFX. While it is a nostalgia game for me, it does kind of get old after some time and is usually worth a few plays every now and then. It's still an enjoyable one, though.
Rating #201 of 22 29 days ago
One of the best releases from Stern. And apparently one of the most brutal-draining games out there.

But the theme itself makes me want to play it even more! I've yet to say the famous line that starts the first Wizard Mode, but the time will come eventually.
Rating #201 of 13 29 days ago
A great little flipperless game. Lots of action with the 7 kickouts and real excitement when those 50K point bumpers light up!
Rating #201 of 37 1 month ago
Amazing title. Doesn't get the attention it deserves. I would say its the best game in my collection and I never thought I'd say that.
Rating #201 of 37 1 month ago
Took a while to like this game. Theme didn't grab me at first. It has a good playfield and mix of shots. Doesn't drain badly but takes a while to master.
I bought the Aurich translite/speaker grill when it was available, actually before I received the pin. Has improved the artwork and theme.
Rating #201 of 120 1 month ago
Super cool back glass. If I had the room I would buy it for the back glass alone. The game is pretty average for its time period. Collect bonus enough to light the spinner and then go for the big points by hitting the spinner repeatedly.
Rating #201 of 10 1 month ago
what a great pinball !
the best i ever played,there so much things to do !
yes it's hard but very fun,at home since 3 months and when a game is over you want to play it again,very addicting game !
Rating #201 of 8 1 month ago
I picked this game up on a lark and took the time to restore it mechanically and cosmetically even went full color matched LED- I always wanted a cocktail cabinet and most are not known for their amazing game play so I was basically buying this as a novelty and because it was in good shape.

Game play is surprisingly fun, the pop bumper on the bottom left near the out lane adds a lot to the game, the right side out lane save gate is easy enough to open that your constantly trying to make that shot (even though its not points) because it saves the ball- and it works, it brings that shot into the game. Aside from that, you have a couple other shots to make to advance bonus they are not super balanced- easy to hit top left rollover if you just hammer the ball up there- right standing target is a much harder shot- but hey... in just a few games I can tell you what to shoot for and I apparently have developed a little strategy- worse things have happened.

To get bonus multiplier you need to drop a sequence of drop targets- and this is where the game differs from a "pinball" game in that the drop targets each do something different, some reset the drop targets (this can be good or not what you want). Thats a little arcade like and allied leisure was an arcade company- this is a 1979 pinball game with real LED segmented numeric displays... thats very advanced for pinball in that era- but I am not sure I fully get it yet...

The drop targets also operate as typical drop targets, put down a set of them (they have colored symbols in front) and your bonus multipler goes up, again this is something I shoot for, and its another level (think 1979, not Jersey Jack) of strategy brought into the game, and I appreciate that.

All in all- if you want to play pinball but you would like to do so with your beer set firmly on the glass -all in good fun enjoying the throughly retro and decidedly non-annoying beeps and bops ala 1979- its a great game. I can trap the ball, live catch, and generally play pinball. If I want to nudge a game and play serious, I go play one of my full size games, but this is surprisingly fun and honestly packs a whole lot into a very small package.

My kids vote two thumbs up, its their size, is fun, and they can see everything going on.

On another note, the build quality on this is fine, but for every part that Williams or Bally or Gottlieb had engineered to withstand a beating- Allied leisure used plastic. In home use, I hope it holds up and certainly its playing strong and well... but replacement parts are hardly routine.
Rating #201 of 25 1 month ago
WCS is a fantastic casual pinball experience. Shooting the lit GOAL! is always satisfying. The ramps flow nicely but the rest of the layout is just so-so. The spinning ball does very little for gameplay. The game is very fun if ultimately a bit shallow and repetitive. The World Cup Final mode is a blast. Call-outs are entertaining and funny. It isn't exactly a looker, but it certainly isn't offensive. Overall a great pin and a perfect first machine.
Rating #201 of 12 1 month ago
A really good pin that's fun to play. My ratings are based on a "stock" pinball machine as it would come loaded (at the Pro level) from Stern. The mono-color DMD is boring and not to clear to see what some of the images are for the first few times you see them. This game REALLY needs a color DMD upgrade to enjoy it better. The shot targets are pretty cool. The game code/rules do not seem to be very deep and is ok if you want a game that is not too complex. My wife & I like the game and make sure to play it in our rotation when we go to a arcade or pin expo. Played it many, many times. The more mods the better as they spruce things up and add to some of the entertainment. The premium is a little more fun with the extra "hammer" and such, but haven't played that one enough to really be a good judge of how much better it is (to us at least). I'll review the premium at a later date.
Rating #201 of 6 1 month ago
If this title said DE on it, it would be about 60 spaces lower. Just sayin'.
Rating #201 of 6 1 month ago
Great for a party, easy to understand and very true to the show. I only wish Shatner and Leonard had contributed voices. Pinsound someday???
Rating #201 of 78 1 month ago
One of the most beautiful games of the 70's, I still remember seeing it for the first time, I was about 10, it had 3 flippers down low and a upper and I was in awwwww everytime I seen one on location, great art, great game play back then, classic 70's look and play, not much fun today, it would be a museum piece if I owned one, tried a few times to buy one just couldn't find one nice enough and I dnt have room for a game that is not that fun, I have a king pin em and have more fun with it than captin fantastic, I can't think of a better looking pin from the 70's, good old days! If I find a nice one bye,bye king pin,sweet memories of the nicest looking 70's pin ever!!! 70's eight ball and captin, e.k, 80's black knight, fire power, taxi, and the 90's fun house and addams family and afm defined the decades!
Rating #201 of 19 1 month ago
One of Stern's best games from the last decade. There's nothing like getting this one running on all cylinders.
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