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19 days ago
Walked up to the game with high hopes. Thinking Metallica and other pieces of games would be great.

Turns out it's not so good. Shoots alright, but overall feels like a cheaply made Metallica. The plastic ramps (especially being two pieces) feels clunky. The right scoop (or lack thereof) seems like they cheaped out on an actual scoop.

Mixed feelings really. I wanted to love this game, but being an owner of Metallica and iron Man already, I was quite underwhelmed.
19 days ago
Game is not hard to figure out.....but what a great game to play. Supercharger is a great feature. I love locking balls. The dots, sounds, and shots make this game a classic. Great in a larger or smaller collection
19 days ago
Its Ghostbusters! Game is fun to play. I love the artwork and the callouts. The rules are more linear on this one. Lots to do on this one. The game is full of cheap drains, but that just ups the intensity.
19 days ago
So if you say that you don't like a game because the playfield is copy-paste from Metallica, The ramps are copy-paste from Iron Man and the rules are copy paste from Aerosmith, some silly persons flagged your rating.
Also the sound is very bad!

How pathetic..!!
19 days ago
Fun games, I put swear roms in mine.
19 days ago
Attack from mars is a great Bally classic and deserves to be in the top 20 of all time; however, I would not place it as high as its current pinside rating (2). I'm assuming the ranking has shot up due to inflation caused by the sudden influx of ownership due to the remake.


-- The game offers a healthy variety of shots: the loops and ramps are smooth yet challenging when it counts.
-- The shaking saucer and aliens are great toys.
-- The bash target is utilized well.
-- The mini-sewer below the bumpers is cool.
-- Excellent wireforms with the ramps


-- The theme of this game is it's strongest asset, in my opinion. It is integrated perfectly.
-- The humour (speech) used in this game is the best in all of pinball.
-- The accents for the different countries and the stereotyping is funny.
-- For its time, the lighting is really good.


-- Objectives, combos and saucers are fun.
-- The game can be dangerously fun, and it can tempt you into dangerous shots.
-- Killing saucers is very easy to understand for newbs, which is an often overlooked strength.
-- The center ramp shot can be very difficult to nail, which is a good thing.


-- My number one complaint about this game is that it becomes redundant pretty quick.
-- I find center bash games, with maybe the exception of MM, to be uninspiring.
-- The game, when compared to something like TZ, is pretty simple in design and in toy offerings.

In the end, Attack From Mars is one of the best games Bally made, but it falls a little short in the lastability zone. I play it when I see it, but I find it's a bit too pricey to add to my collection. I still see myself owning this title in the future when the prices come down due to oversupply. In a small collection, I would argue your money would be better spent on TZ, MM, TOTAN, DI etc.
19 days ago
I have had the game about a week now and cannot stop playing it when I can kick my family off it... I bought an LE and I have to say it is beautiful. The cabinet art, playfield and LE backglass are amazing. The gold trim which I was originally concerned about looks AWESOME! I did purchase the upgraded etched side rails and awaiting those to ship.

Game play is VERY fast, fun and addicting. My family is totally addicted to the theme and logging a ton of play on it. They have even started researching the rules which they have NEVER done for our Metallica Pre or Tron LE. Stern continues to release code containing new content, music and voices. There has been debate here on Pinside about voice actors being used instead of the movie actors. In my own opinion it has made ZERO affect on how I perceive the game. It truly is allot of fun and I don't really notice!!! I continue to look forward to the code progression!

If you like Pinball/Guardians of Galaxy you cannot miss out on this pin!!!
19 days ago
Fun game! Would have been the first pin I ever bought back in 1978 for $500.00 from an Operator when I was 16 but did not buy it as I could not get it up the stairs to my room being the staircase was too narrow, oh well, got one now only 40 years later! LOL!

Just got it so I will play it for a while and give a more detailed opinion on Gameplay later on.

Artwork is tops in my book even though it is mild by some pinball art standards. A magic theme works well with this game and in our household. Playfield, Backglass, and Cabinet art all tie in together nicely on the game.

Late Bally's have nice Chime units and having an "Over The Top" buzzer just makes it that much better.

Playfield lights up quite nicely. Nice simple Ruleset that is not that too easy or too hard to achieve getting the ABCD three times to get all the goodies going.

Definitely has that play me one more time aspect to it and I hope to keep this one around for a while.
20 days ago
This game is great!!!!!
20 days ago
I don’t know the rules and I can’t figure them out. This is ruining the game for me, which otherwise seems awesome! I love the music, the artwork and playfield are awesome, I like the shots, I just can’t get any points! I know this is an easy fix, I just need to take 10 min to read them, but as of now I find this game very frustrating and I can’t enjoy it. I call this the Getaway effect.
20 days ago
One of my all-time favs, maybe my fav playfield layout ever. Cool modes, fun tilting ball toy thingy, fun shots, simply sublime!
20 days ago
This game is awesomely outrageous! The shots are fun, it’s challenging, the artwork and music are the best. I could play this game forever
20 days ago
Extremely fun game - easily one of Data East top 3 pins ever. Very well rounded especially with the newest code! Great layout with lots of variation and shots. an amazing value in pinball right now. There are ALOT worse games from Bally Williams and Stern presently selling for nearly double the going rate of a Jurassic Park. Also looks fantastic with ColorDMD.
20 days ago
One of the greatest themes in pinball history. The backglass and playfield art are fantastic for the era (in spite of no MJ Fox). The gameplay is very simple, yes AND not deep at all. It is not a game you go to if you want a deep experience but as far as a fun machine with a fantastic theme at a decent price, its a keeper. Not many around all things considered. Getting rarer all the time.
20 days ago
This game looks great and shoots great. The toys are well done and it's just a great feeling layout with colorful art that really pops. The video, sound, and code work is currently a complete mess though and really brings the rating down. The voice work sucks and the sound/music integration feels really weird and doesn't feel cohesive at all. The code is a copy and paste and the video work is strangely implemented and just feels off. The layout is great if they can fix the other issues it will be a winner. For right now it's an easy pass.
20 days ago
Love the art and has great flow. That said, I found the game gets tiresome quickly. Long ball times also make it difficult for 4 good players to play a game together within a decent time frame. Lastability is not there for me.
20 days ago
I never watched a single episode of Southpark, so I didn't understand what I should be laughing at. Probably hilarious if you knew what the jokes were referencing. On it's own? Not funny. MM or AFM, those are funny.

It's got a really crappy looking playfield that is a perfect match for the crappy art in Southpark. But it's still crappy.

It's trivially easy to play, to the point of being boring. I was at a convention and it was next to a pin I wanted to play. I played a few games for about a half hour until the pin I wanted to play freed up. I don't need to play Southpark ever again.
20 days ago
I recently played a game of The Hobbit for 45 minutes in an arcade. I had no idea what I was doing, but I really enjoyed it.

The game is probably the best looking game I've ever seen. It's simply gorgeous. The massive LCD draws you in from far away and it keeps you there. The playfield is stunning. I love the dragon, and the other playfield details.

The pop up targets a la Medieval Madness are even more fun than MM. The skill shot and the way that JJP plays with the drop targets is brilliant. The light show is among the best I've ever seen. Not the best, but in the top 5.

As I've said, visually, the LCD is all eye candy. But visuals aren't enough. And that's where my problems with the game lie.

As a technical person, I appreciate complexity. I desire it. I own and love LOTR and TSPP for their complexity. But the LCD should not require me to study a manual or pore over FAQs for me to understand what it's trying to tell me.

Having said that, things like multiball I found trivially easy. Keep shooting up the middle, eventually you'll trigger a multiball.

I still have no idea how the hell the game works. It sure is fun though! Someday I'll buy one, but I probably won't put it on route.
20 days ago
While I love the playfield art more than any other Stern ever produced, I can't get over two things. First, the thing is just stupid greedy. It's not fun to drain balls all the time. I've played at least six different GB's and they're all drain monsters.

Second, and this could be so easy to fix in a software update, why isn't there more variety in the starting modes? BORING!

I do love the ramps, the playfield layout is quite nice and the shots have a nice variety. I won't drop quarters into it but I'll always play it for free if I get a chance. Someday I will own one and put it on route - not because I like it, but because I think kids will like it.
20 days ago
This was one of my first favourites, but the more I play it the less it grabs me. For me it's naturally linked to Twilight Zone, as it is for probably most people, and it's weird because I initially enjoyed Addams Family a lot more than TZ, but I now like TZ way more. For one thing, I like the modes in TZ a lot more, in Addams Family most of them are just so blah and they don't seem to stack as well. It's a lot more satisfying to have an awesome ball in TZ where you complete a ton of modes and rack huge points during and at the end of the ball. It's just a lot meatier than AF, where the modes aren't as well defined and don't give as many points. TZ also plays more dangerous than AF, which makes it more fun to me. The whole lower left side of TZ's playfield is extremely dangerous and often results in a left outlane drain, so it adds a lot of tension keeping the ball out of the there and if/when it does go in there. AF is much safer, with a double outlane on the left and a right outlane that's tucked behind a few features. It's relatively easy to keep the ball going compared with TZ, the most dangerous spot is the middle, but you usually have more time to nudge the ball over if it's going to drain there. The shots in AF are also easier. It's simpler and less risky to shoot the mode start scoop in AF because it's closer and in TZ there's always a chance of an immediate bounce back drain if you miss. In AF if you hold the ball you can lob it softly at the scoop, but in TZ you have to shoot it firmly to get it in. The main ball-locking shot in AF is also a lot easier than in TZ. Shooting it up to Thing is super simple because it's a straight shot to a big gap and if the bookcase is open you have two paths to make it. The TZ ball-locking shot is a tight angle with a small gap. All these things are why I enjoy TZ more: more risk/reward, more tension, harder shots. The games have equally awesome themes, call outs, music, backglasses, rules, good toys and special features. I do like battling the power in TZ a lot more than dealing with the power in AF. In AF the power is an annoyance which messes with your ball in the middle of the playfield while in TZ it's confined to its own mini-playfield and you only confront it there. Much better design. Both games are fairly repetitive, but that's really the nature of pinball, repeated shot-making. AF takes this too far in my opinion tho and makes you shoot some shots way too many times. For example, you get different awards for shooting the center bear-kick ramp at certain intervals up to 95 times, I believe. The game encourages you to shoot one shot 95 times in a game; to me that is more annoying than a test of shot-making. All in all I still love AF, it's still a great game that holds up well 25 years later, has a lot of innovative features, a great theme, awesome art and sound, good scoring, and a good layout. It's just not as good as TZ, which is extremely similar in gameplay. This makes perfect sense as TZ was made a year later by the same designer (Pat Lawlor), allowing him to perfect his ideas from AF. As a standalone game it's one of the best of all time, but in my mind it does not standalone because it's so similar to TZ and they were released so near to each other by the same designer. AF is like Alexander Ovechkin to TZ's Sidney Crosby. They came out together, are both all-time greats, but one is just slightly better and if you had to pick one, you'd take Crosby every time. If I had an AF and a TZ, I would play the TZ 10x more, but if I didn't have the TZ I would play the AF more than pretty much any other machine. I will say this, however: the side art on AF is definitely better.
20 days ago
Super fun, nice layout, one of my faves!
20 days ago
One of my favourite games ever! Pretty simple, straightforward rules, but something about it just draws me back again and again...
20 days ago
Awesome theme, straightforward rules, fantastic artwork and call outs, this game is one of the best!
21 days ago
I am really enjoying TNA. It is very addictive. I keep coming back to the game. So different than the pins coming out today. The build quality is really good. I ordered the butter graphics and they look amazing. It really makes the game standout. Well worth the money in my opinion. The light show this game will blow you away. So cool. This game plays fast!!! Simple rules just hard a hell to accomplish and advance in the game. The ball lock is unique and different, a great game to play with others. Ball locks can be stolen! If you get a chance to play one do it. You will really enjoy the game!!
21 days ago
Played it a few times at a recent tournament. Afterwards, choose to wait for F-14 (a game I'm not in love with) rather than try this one again. Theme, playability, art... just not my thing.
There are 31271 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 8 of 1251.

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