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23 days ago
Full disclosure, My scores are based on a nice CCC. I'll never understand why people complain about the guns blocking the playfield, they hover right over the slingshots and only partially hamper vision to the flipper lanes. No big deal at all as you don't need to see all of these lanes; if the ball is coming down the lane to flipper you should be well aware and skilled enough to time your return shots. In fact I think the guns are actually tactful. Awesome theme, great colors, perfect sounds and nice animations. No too giving on multiballs and it's not a drainer, but not easily mastered either. Well balanced machine and The CCC setup is very sweet; a beautiful machine overall. Will probably keep in my collection forever!
23 days ago
One of those games that has become the reason I keep coming back to play. Addictive, fast, dynamic and full of pure and simple fun. The lighting, the sounds, the theme, it's all there. Plus, who couldn't love the scoring on this game. Billlions!! Just adds to the hilarious factor. A game I gotta put in Horrorhouse Fest, as well as in my living room. Which brings me to the fact that I know I'll be owning the remake once it finally releases, but I had to start here by rating the OG cause what would a remake be without an OG.
23 days ago
I really wanted to like this pin. I love the movie and Tron in general. I know this pin is highly rated but I just didn't get it. Didn't seem fun at all at the two locations I played over and over. Beautiful though and love the music.
24 days ago
Frank Thomas Big Hurt pinball is easily the best baseball themed pinball. The modes are fantastic and encompass almost every aspect of the game. Gottlieb themed this after one of baseball's biggest stars of the 90's, neck and neck with Ken Griffey Jr. at the time. The home run/grand slam shot is one of the best in pinball and the glove is one of the most satisfying "stuffs" in all of pinball. The 7th inning stretch is a blast and what the music/sounds lack overall, it's made up for it in this mode. The announcer is fantastic and will take you right back to the mid 90's; it reminds me a lot of NBA Jam. If you get a chance to play this game, don't pass it up, and if you can find one to buy and have an affinity for 90's sports, it's a must own.
24 days ago
If you've seen the film you know they couldn't have done better with a game. If you haven't seen it, you'll still love this machine for it's lastability. So many fun shots, so many callouts.
24 days ago
Artwork is amazing as well as the video screen. You know when you talk about the looks of a machine first there is a problem. The gameplay and shots are just average. The upper playfield is not much fun at all. There are not enough shots on this one. It is fun yes but not one of the best new Stern's.
24 days ago
I used to have this, and I do miss it.
24 days ago
Awesome game, and flipper gap is not as bad as some say.
24 days ago
This is a very fun game.
24 days ago
I came close to getting one of these, someday I may yet. I do not like the show, but this is a very fun game.
24 days ago
My personal favorite pin period. The only thing I do not like is when in special modes still hard to figure out what I am supposed to aim for.
24 days ago
The ramps are what draws me back to this game. It's a great feeling to land the combos.
25 days ago
I like Aerosmith so I am not turned off by the theme, but am not a fan of some of the songs on the pin. The upper playfield is pretty boring. Right ramp too steep to backhand but not difficult to make with left flipper. Right orbit a tighter shot and seem to be way lower on the flipper than it should be. I feel like I am trying to Shatz the inlane when going for the orbit (flippers were in correct location) Balls coming from the pops likely to SDTM as are ramp returns. Can't remember if the pro had the cool lightshow. Would rather have a pro.
25 days ago
Very pretty machine with an AWESOME lightshow. Dots are cool and callouts are done well. Music is fine. Toys were real nice. Not a fan of the magna slings, primarily, the fact that they don't always seem to be on. Some hits to the slings will activate them, and other times, they don't. Maybe the switch wasn't gapped right. Or maybe they are not activated during a mode. Hard to tell. Ball likes to jump around a lot, sometimes right over the flippers. Right ramp is a PITA to get the ball all the way up, it seems to loose a lot of energy making that tight turn. Left orbit is real tight but make able. Left outlane was a gobbler, much worse than the right. Rules: seems like there is a lot to do but the wide flipper gap will probably keep many from seeing it.
25 days ago
Different but fun......only for a couple of plays though.
25 days ago
Hard to add to the scores of great comments about an all time classic. Theme aside, the shots/ layout and player feedback have to be some of best all time for a single ball/single level game!
26 days ago
Great theme.
26 days ago
Great looking pinball and pretty fun too.
26 days ago
I do not really care for the theme a whole lot but there are worse out there. Overall, really fun game.
26 days ago
This game made me play it again and again. Some games might have more to offer but as for fun, this might beat them all.
26 days ago
With variations of multiple stories this game always draws me back to play. So many interesting different shots can be accomplished with flipper skills. Great lighting and theme.
26 days ago
Pretty great game. I'm not a big James Bond fan but the game is done really well. The two magnets are awesome. Hitting the satellite dish electromagnetically grabs the ball and triggers multi-ball and there's another magnet in the main drain that can save your ball. It's a great game even if the theme isn't for me.
26 days ago
Hard to beat the JP theme and come on... the dinosaur eats the ball. High ratings for these aspects alone. The lighting is cool with spotlights on T-Rex. My kids would rate this a 10 but I do get a little bored with it after while. It's definitely an awesome DE title and gets a high rating from me on artwork, theme and sound.
26 days ago
Added an extremely nice TZ to the collection quite a while ago. I've waited a long time to rank it. This game is incredible. I believe I prefer it slightly over Indiana Jones, though both tables are incredibly fun wide bodies. I absolutely love the rule set and the shots in TZ. It also has the great combination of punishing you if you're not on, which I like. Keeps you coming back and absolutely deserves a high rating. For me personally, monster bash doesn't even come close to TZ.
26 days ago
Operation Thunder is one of the most unique pins I've ever played. Your goals are based on missions that you achieve by hitting the right ramps, holes and targets. I rate it highly for how unique it is. However, it does get old. The power plant is fun at first but can get annoying and repetitive every single time you long the ball.

The playfield layout is pretty cool but there's a ton of red, a little yellow and not much else. It is a great one to have in a collection but not if it's your only pin.
There are 29314 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 8 of 1173.

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