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Rating #201 of 20 18 days ago
Not my cup of tea for a theme
Rating #201 of 97 18 days ago
Cards, Billiards and Bowling. The big three of EM pinball themes. Bowling is probably my least favorite of the three. 300 is an okay game, certainly better than King Pin, Gottlieb's bowling wedgehead, but it's not a game I would go out of my way to play, let alone own. I'm a big fan of the spinner that stands alone in the middle of the playfield, but other than that, the layout is standard fare. The right side bagatelle just takes up space, and I'm not a fan of them on Gottlieb games overall. The double kickout holes that run underneith the upper plastic are a novel idea but I think the idea works better in design than in actual practice. Middle of the road game, for a middle of the road theme.
Rating #201 of 13 18 days ago
Very good table keeps you coming back for more, this table should be higher on this list. If you have not played this pin then you should it is good fun and with a color DMD it's incredible ! It could use a rom update , but all pins need rom updating!
Rating #201 of 22 18 days ago
When you play a dialed in LE . it is just awesome , again and again, The Hulk Toy Is great . The tight shots are not easy but when you make them Bliss!! I have Hooked's Modded one and it is for sure one of the fun one;'s at home / The callouts are so much better than X men . Very happy that we can change them with Pinbrowser and since then I have my games With call outs I love to hear and proper music backround . These sterns are a bargain since the Negtative troll Reviews plenty to do on this machine
Rating #201 of 20 18 days ago
Arguably the best Data East game to ever be released.
Rating #201 of 10 19 days ago
As a Steve Ritchie fan I love fast pins and yep, No Fear is one of those.

Great artwork on playfield and translite, fast playing, great toy as the Skull, good instructions what to do in callouts (and man, Steve Ritchie can do nice call-outs !) and on DMD. Nice variety in rules and the end-game is obtainable even if you are not a pinball-god.

I love HS2 slightly better but NF is a great pin !! It has this special one more game pls factor :-)
Rating #201 of 16 19 days ago
Great game for the price.Under rated for sure.
Rating #201 of 13 19 days ago
So Much Fun!!!
Rating #201 of 188 19 days ago
The LCD display is perfect
Rating #201 of 188 19 days ago
good game
Rating #201 of 188 19 days ago
Another masterpiece from JJP
Needs more realistic animations,I assume this will come in time
Rating #201 of 17 20 days ago
This is just a great, great game. The drop target/VUK/cannon multiball is super fun, the ramp shots have a great flow, it's got one of the best video modes in all of pinball, and many ways to play to rack up points. Arnold's speech takes it over the top. Definitely a keeper.
Rating #201 of 17 20 days ago
I've always felt this game was underrated. It's quite popular with kids and has a nice flow. It's quite satisfying to fire balls up the various ramps, and the reverse handyman drop target shot is fun to hit. I'd love it if someone came out with a better rule set - there are features that are barely used that could be much cooler (scrolling LED readout, I'm looking at you).
Rating #201 of 17 20 days ago
Unquestionably the most popular game out of the (currently) 17 I own. This game has extremely broad appeal, a incredibly deep ruleset that takes time to appreciate, superb artwork and sound (which does sometimes get a little annoying, however), a gorgeous cabinet and the best stock playfield lighting I've ever seen. Some of the shots are incredibly hard, the upper playfield is fun and actually playable, and the way you can stack modes is quite fun.
Rating #201 of 17 20 days ago
I really love all things pirate, and as a result have played PoTC quite a lot. Sadly, the game is quite easy and I often find myself getting bored on the third ball - there's only so many times I can sink the dauntless and feel excited about it. I may eventually get around to owning one because I think it has a wide audience appeal, but this one is definitely not a must have for me.
Rating #201 of 17 20 days ago
Solid game with great flow, maybe a tad too easy, but still very fun to play.
Rating #201 of 17 20 days ago
I've tried several times to like this game. I want to like this game. I love the books and the series. Unfortunately the way they did the art feels childish, like someone got hold of a bunch of clip art and spammed it everywhere. The rules aren't well explained. The DMD is shamefully bad. The upper playfield is interesting, the shots are okay and the flow is fine, but I find the whole to be uninspired. I expected something more like The Hobbit or LoTR but this just doesn't come close.
Rating #201 of 7 20 days ago
An interesting toy or two but the centrifuge just dominates the game. Flow feels interrupted and too much is happening on the far sides of the game. Upper flipper is of limited involvement. Side shots are very difficult. The game is just very hard. A good looking game that is fun at the outset but usually ready to move on after playing a few games. Look and artwork are good despite a so-so-theme.
Rating #201 of 7 20 days ago
Could be better - music is ok but gets repetitive. Lighting is just OK - they could have done more interesting things with the theme.

Good - overall game play. Lots of variation in shots. Rule set is wide, deep and stackable.

Great - theme and TOYS!
Rating #201 of 7 20 days ago
Overall a fun game, but fairly simple. Perfect for casual play. Limited rule set. Interesting toys. Great lighting and theme.
Rating #201 of 7 20 days ago
Good: Theme, color scheme and lighting. Upper flipper involvement. Enterprise toy. Clear rule set.

Bad: Primarily ramp game which gets repetitive and can feel like banging posts a lot. Not much for toys besides the Enterprise. Rule set is repetitive. Unremarkable music.
Rating #201 of 7 20 days ago
Good/great - absolutely stunning visuals, lighting and sound. Intricate and deep rule set. Innovative playfield. Wide body design.

Could be better - beasts can be intrusive. Can feel excessively multi-ball driven at times. Can be challenging to know what the objectives are during MB modes.
Rating #201 of 7 20 days ago
The Bad - the leapers sounds get tiring. The Good - just about everything else. The callouts are classic and just about the best of any game out there. Stop the spider is genius. Multiball modes are challenging.
Rating #201 of 7 20 days ago
Fast play. Superb call outs. FOUR cool toys. Mix of easy/challenging multi-ball modes. Truly one of the great games to play over and over.
Rating #201 of 13 17 days ago
I found the game to be entertaining and look forward to seeing where it goes with updated code
There are 28556 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 8 of 1143.

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