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17 days ago
I was all set to buy one of these until i played it. Started to lose interest after about 6 games or so, Most of the play is pretty straight forward and while it has a few gimmicks overall i wasn't all that impressed. I think that they nailed the theme and i love the artwork, very cool, but i really didn't like the joker and the call outs during the play. I would have thought that maybe the band would have been a bit more involved.
Summary: Overall a fun game that i would play if i see it out, but not one for a collection as i would tire of it too quickly.
18 days ago
game gets dull in my opinion. very few shots. Very good sound and the time expander is cool gimmick
18 days ago

- very colourful game with wonderful toys
- some great shots, it's a game that really gets the player involved
- the colouring of the playfield does an amazing job of keeping in the theme of the game
- tonnes of modding potential


- this is quite a general remark, but I feel like they could have done much better with this theme (perhaps skewing towards something like Gottlieb's Class of 1812)
- the back of the playfield is PACKED, a problem for me since I like to have the ball in sight for as long as possible
- minor point, but I'm not a fan of the cabinet artwork
18 days ago
Great game, cool rule set. Love playing it.
18 days ago
- Multi ball heaven, easy to get and you will get them often.
-Cool music bad to the bone, can't go wrong with this song, lol
-I like the traffic lights and motorcycle that goes up and down. Also the smaller bikes by the flippers
-Pretty fun and entertaining, easy for kids and beginner players
- Easiest jackpot ever to get. You will get it often.
-Easy game, easy shots, just fun. Good if you have the tougher games in your collection
- Fun bar game


- Not a deep rule set
- Shots are mostly in the front half, nothing to really get in the back playing field
- To easy
- not a lit playing field, very dark. Must add LED lights and spotlight.
- Not for your pinball experts.
19 days ago
Actually a really fun game and I dislike most sterns for their cheap cop out to pump out games. Alot of fun, call outs get old cause the jack in the box is lame. Music is good, gimmicks and toys are fun. Surprisingly easy for a stern. Artwork is above average but below most 90s pins. Fun game but my opinion is purely from a location stancestors. Time will tell on home side
19 days ago
MET has proven itself by now to be an all-time great pin. It really is one of the best pinball machines ever made, bar none.
19 days ago
So many good things about this game! It really is very hard to find fault with it. The shots, modes, and variability of the game are great! The flow of the game and shots are very satisfying. Some seasoned players might find this table too easy, but for me, it's perfect!
19 days ago
Monster Bash is an amazing pin.

A great layout, by George Gomez. Especially the Frankenstein shot is amazing.

Williams/Bally/Midway has used some cool features there like for example the "Phamtom Flip".

All the figures match to the iconic characters out of the classic Universal movies.

The artwork is very good, especially when you compare it with modern games like the Batman TDK game.

The game is a little bit dark. Maybe LEDs would be a great choice to put in there as GI-lamps.

The only problem on this game is the gamecode.
Don't get me wrong, the rules are good, but they're too easy.
Moster Bash is a great game, no doubt and it has a great gamecode as well but I believe it is far too easy for an advanced player. I for example got to "Monsters of Rock" the 5th time I first played the game.

The game is great, but for some people like me the gamecode is too easy and so it might be too repetetive.
But it still is a lot of fun.
19 days ago
Spider-man is my favorite game.

Mostly, because it plays so well and almost without stops. You can for example shoot the ramps all day.

The playfield layout is one of the best I've ever seen, though I understand people, who don't like it because the game is very much based on ramps and loops.

The figures are nice too, they really look close to the characters in the Spider-man movies.

The outcalls, sounds, and music are good. Mostly because Stern has put in some custom speech by J.K. Simmons.

The sound quality is good, not excellent but good.

Every game gets repetetive after some time, but on Spider-man I haven't witnessed that yet. It still keeps me want to play another round.

When you look at most of the "animations" you'll probably have problems to spot something, but in my opinion everything else on the game looks great and so I can live with that.

Overall the game is awesome with some minor issues like the sound quality and the animations
20 days ago
This is a remake. Can't match with the original
20 days ago
Love this with the continued setup. Theme, shots, humor. All on target!
Cheers Hombres
20 days ago
One of the greatest games ever designed!

It fits great to the Lord of the Rings theme.
The game is very unique.

One of the greatest shots in all of pinball is the shot into the "One Ring".
A great idea to use a magnet there. Even if that ring-magnet-fuse burns through approximately every month you play the game. For a good player, I believe, there is almost no chance, that the fuse does not burn through.

Another thing that makes this game so unique, is the amount of figures, Stern has put on the machine.

And of course, there is the "Balrog". It looks really nice. I never had any problems with mine yet. I guess I am lucky there.

The "Path of the Dead" is an addition which is very interesting, it gives the game a really pinball-like feel. First it feels like they could have put some figures on there too, but after some time you get used to it. By the way it is kind of inevitable that the "Arwen-plastic" breaks without any protector.

The VUKs on the game are very good "disguised" on this game. For example the "Orthanc-tower-VUK" or the "Shire-VUK".

Nice work done there on the code by Dwight Sullivan and Keith P. Johnson. Even if there are some bugs, like for example, that sometimes the "Destroy the Ring-insert" doesn't flash during the "Destroy the Ring-mode".
It is very difficult to get to Valinor. The Spider-man "Super Hero" wizard mode for example is far easier to reach, mainly because you don't need to complete all of the multiballs. But it is possible to get there.

The DMD-animations are great. Especially, when you compare them with those on the Iron Man or Spider-man games. They've really invested some time in that.

The sound isn't the best, though when you realize which sound-system Stern had back in the days, then that is bearable.

Overall it is a great game, with just a few problems and a great amount of fun.
20 days ago
Very fast and a lot of action. It's a great game to play. The usual complaints I hear such as the garage shooting the ball down the middle can easily be fixed with a little tweaking. Keeping some wax on it especially in the outer loop keeps balls moving efficiently. I find this game to be moderately easy but a lot of fun to play. Although, I am not a fan of Nascar. I am a huge fan of this game. It seems the more I play this game the more fun I have playing it. Go Fast! Turn Left!!
21 days ago
I'm not a fan of the band, but I really like the game. I'm not a new Stern booster, but I'll put this game at the top of my list, with Iron Man, as one of the best games Stern has produced since their transition from Sega Pinball. The fan layout works well for the "metal" theme, and keeping things streamlined and the ball moving. I like these sorts of Borg games better than the "packed" ones like Tron or X-men. When I first played the revised code, I was blown away...such a difference from its previous form in the years since it was first released. The game can be thanked for leading the "art revolution" on modern games, without this Dirty Donny art package, we'd still be swimming in Photoshop purgatory.
21 days ago
Fun game, plenty of toys and fun theme
21 days ago
Fun game, plenty to do and keeps you coming back for more
21 days ago
Classic game, would love to see a updated version or remake
21 days ago
Fun game, the best stern machine so far
21 days ago
Fun 6ball multiball, good ramps, sound and speech awful, sega machines not very good or reliable, different size dmd and will cost a lot if anything goes wrong with it, fun to play but sound and music so so annoying.
21 days ago
Fun game, keeps you coming back for more.
21 days ago
Not a bad machine but does start to get boring after a few goes, not much to this game but plenty of good ramps and lights very good.
21 days ago
Excellent update of a classic game, really cant fault this game, its gunna take some beating to find a better machine.
21 days ago
This game would have got a perfect score if it was ever working properly at my location. The right flipper always sticks.. For days the bat phone could not be answered. If it works it seems like a bad ass machine. If not, just another labor of pinball love.
21 days ago
I had no idea what was going on but I was kicking this games butt and getting all sorts of rings and crap. I am sure this would all make sense to me if i watched the movies. Someone please buy me this game
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