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“Fun game. Love the music. Change the sub, the game rocks”

  • chet218 currently owns this game.

  • “Love playing this game. Love the music and sounds. Would love to own a premium at some point”

  • chet218 has this game on the wishlist.

  • “great theme, really like how it followed comic books more than movie. Very fun theme IMO. Placement of some of the toys and such bothered me in the shot layout. Overall, fun game though”

  • chet218 has owned this game in the past.

  • “Great game, love the music and feel of the shots. not a very deep ruleset, but fun. If you only have one or two games, shallow ruleset may get old after awhile”

  • chet218 has owned this game in the past.

  • “great theme. One of the best lightshows I have seen in awhile. Fast and fun”

  • chet218 has owned this game in the past.

  • “In my opinion one of the best games out there due to theme and lastability. For a small collection, this is one of the must haves due to the fun factor and deep rule set. Sold it, then bought it again later. Great game!”

  • chet218 currently owns this game.

  • “Fun and fast for a wide body.”

  • Wickerman2 currently owns this game.

  • “This is very solid game, but for a supposed $5,000+ "Top 10" game I believe it's slightly overrated. The theming is excellent and the game is indeed fun - albeit not as deep as some of the other top titles. However, the sound is repetitive - and the ladie's incessant voice reassuring you that you "have the magic" is annoying, as others have mentioned. When compared to a game like TOTAN or MM which both have spectacular sound, this game falls woefully short.”

    “I own this game - and it has lasted in my collection while I have sold many other titles. Why? Because it's awesome! This is Pat Lawlor's fastest playing pin by far. The goal of the game is to win a virtual motorcycle race. You start in last place and have to work your way to the front. You do this by hitting all the targets for one of the competitors - then you have to make the shot that will take you to the vertical playfield. Up there, you have to make a specific shot in order to "pass" that racer and move up in the race. if you don't drain while up top, you can attempt the cliff jump and get a satisfying "Baaaanzaaaaiiiiiii" call out if you make it. In order to take the lead, you'll have to lock one of the balls during multiball, then make a very difficult shot on the upper playfield. It's a challenge and very rewarding when you finally achieve it. Williams actually lost money on this title, so it's super rare...but highly recommended if you can find one!!!!”

  • Damonator currently owns this game.

  • “Wow! Never saw this before this weekend...what a great game! Starts with a wonderful skill shot...lots of options off the plunge and locking a ball is one.

    Wicked fast. Center ramps remind me of who dunnit?...but don't miss! If you do it is a rocket right back to you.

    Hard to hit drops on each side...great ramps...deep enough rules that I could play this a lot more! Really love the layout...if this were themed as top gun with Tom cruise on the backglass their would be 5,000 made.”

    “I've owned the game for about a month before rating. This is an extremely tough machine, but similar to IM you just have to play one more game.

    You're not going to have 20 minute average games unless you're a high level tournament type. The game is extremely fast and some of the shots are too unpredictable and unavoidable to consistently have high scores. It's not OK to just hit the ghost bank and door, you have to hit them just right or the ball is out of control. And you have to shoot the right VUK for a number of modes and the kick-out is hard to control. If that wasn't enough the geometry of the slings with additional rubbers above each creates plenty of horizontal movement. All of this makes the game a great choice for a home collection. They didn't have to worry about designing it for "operators, casual players and collections."

    I love the theme, and unlike popular opinion, really like the playfield and backglass artwork. And with the recent code updates, the sounds and speech are outstanding.

    It can be frustrating at first but after you learn the shots you can get deeper into the rules and it becomes very satisfying. So I'd take the rating from anyone that hasn't played the machine a good bit with a grain-of-salt.

    The build construction is also a big plus. The quality of the decals and powder coat are as good as you can get - much better than a Stern premium and comparable to an LE. The sound system and DMD are also top-notch.

    There are some cons that are not surprising for the first pin from a small company. Scratches are more visible with the dark colored playfield. The thickness of the playfield seems thinner, which by itself is not a problem, but the fasteners are shorter and I've had some parts come loose. The ball trough is finicky and can be a PITA if out of adjustment (believe they could not use BW or Stern designs due to IP concerns). The code still has some bugs but Ben is fixing. The white LEDs are basic and you should plan on spending extra to color match the inserts which makes a huge difference.

    Overall, I'm extremely happy with the game. There may be some resales early on from buyers who get frustrated with the difficulty, but I think over time it's going to be stashed away in most collections.”

  • luckymoey currently owns this game.
  • 3 Pinsiders starred this rating review

  • “The shots, rules and toys are very good, but I think it's really the theme integration that makes it a top 10 game. Even though AFM and MM are similar designs, the themes and fun factor are so strong I wouldn't hesitate to own both.”

  • luckymoey currently owns this game.

  • “I really would like to understand what all the fuss is about. I play it every opportunity I get...multiple times. But there's just not much to it...literally! The bottom 2/3 of the playfield is completely open - so yes, the existing shots are LONG shots. But it just feels rather empty to me. The rules aren't overly deep either. For a similar shot layout, but a *MUCH* better game, pick up an MM or MMr instead.”

    “CFTBL is a great game - the music, lights, sounds and speech all make for a very good theme. However - most people under 40 have never been to a drive-in theater, so the theme and music are a bit dated for some people's likings. The creature hologram takes up an enormous amount of playfield real-estate and is rarely active (and most have turned to blue instead of green)...thankfully the LCD replacement mod is available and corrects this negative. The playfield is a bit claustrophobic for my tastes - but the backglass and playfield art are some of the best in pinball. My wife likes this one more than me - but it's a fun game - I can't really knock it too much.”

  • Damonator currently owns this game.

  • “I am a huge Star Wars fan. I've actually owned every Star Wars pinball - the Data East, the Sega and the Williams. Unfortunately none of them have been that much fun and I no longer own any of them. This game was the best of the three Star Wars - but the Pinball 2000 platform was just too much of a gimmick in the end. I didn't like the smaller playfield and I didn't like the fact that 1/3 of it was covered by the reflection of the monitor. Throw in some JarJar, some Anikan and a "dress the princess" video mode and you end up with a mediocre game. The multiball is cool however. I really, really wanted to like this one - it was the first game that I paid full retail for even...but not even a jedi mind trick could get me to like this one.”

  • Damonator has owned this game in the past.

  • “I consider this one a missed opportunity - it's just too slow and shallow. A made right ramp shot takes a long time before the ball is back in play...a ferris wheel shot takes even longer. There aren't any modes to speak of - just a multiball to work towards. The monotone call-out when you lose your ball in the outlane sums it up - "This way to the egress."”

  • Damonator has owned this game in the past.

  • “CV is one of the best looking pins every made - the sound, speech, music, art and rules all tie the theme together nicely. It's John Popaduik's best game (followed closely by TOTAN). I love cranky toys - and the ringmaster fits the role nicely. The wizard mode is one of the best in pinball as well.”

  • Damonator currently owns this game.

  • “MM is a great game - fast and flowing, but not brutal. The castle is one of the best toys in pinball and the theme is a classic. On default settings, it's difficult to reach the wizard mode - so it keeps you coming back for more.”

  • Damonator currently owns this game.

  • “The twilight zone is Pat Lawlor's best game to date. It has a lot of different shots and it's fast paced, but not brutal. The theme, music, sound and art all tie in well with the theme. The game was designed for DCS sound, but it wasn't ready yet, so the music and voices aren't as high quality as they had wanted. However, a PinSound board completely solves this issue.”

  • Damonator has owned this game in the past.

  • “Bally went and made a nearly perfect game, with two fatal flaws:

    1. The spider wheel. Cool trick at first but I'm not really a fan of anything that stops game play that often for that long.

    2. It's too easy. The code would be incredible if the game was tough as nails. But it's not, so SS gets boring fairly quickly.

    Had a blast with it while it was here though, and pretty sure it's my wife's all-time favorite pin...that's worth something.”

  • jitneystand1 has owned this game in the past.

  • “This is the best looking LE Stern has made so far - mirrored backglass, custom illuminated side rails, illuminated starfleet emblems on both sides of the head, stainless speaker panel, blue powder coat, RGB LEDs, kickback, interactive vengeance, ramp lighting, signed playfield, extra asteroids and a frickin' laser! The game itself is incredible - the sounds, music, lights and modes tie in to the movie perfectly. If I had to name one downside - the playfield artwork is a little plain - but I do like it more than the traditional photoshopped characters from the movie approach.”

  • Damonator currently owns this game.

  • “Had this one for a few months on a temporary trade with a friend. Good flow, beautiful art package. But game play is what it's all about, and Theatre lacks in that department...I was pretty bored with it a few dozen plays in but kept trying to find the "magic" so I played a couple hundred more times. It's not there.”

  • jitneystand1 has owned this game in the past.

  • “B E S T G A M E E V E R M A D E. Ok, seriously - there are a couple of games that have deeper rules or more toys. But I KEEP COMING BACK TO PLAY MORE - it's just intoxicating. That freaking GEM shot is soooo tough...but not impossible. It's the ultimate theme - trumping all other themes. If you can have only *1* pinball - this is the one to own.”

  • Damonator currently owns this game.

  • “Indiana Jones has it all. I wanted to complete all aspects of the game before rating it. There is a lot of variety for game play on this widebody. Overall, a fairly easy game once shots are mastered. The DMD scenes are fantastic! The main theme song gets old quick, but there is a variety of other music scores pertaining to each "mission". I really enjoy the video modes. "Choose wisely" is neat but too easy. The bar shootout is fun. The mine cart is challenging.”

  • tk-the-jammer currently owns this game.

  • “A wonderful game that doesn't fail to take you on a rafting adventure. Definitely one of my favourites!

    - superb artwork
    - a very adventurous game that takes you down a water run that you'll definitely enjoy
    - amazing playfield layout, particularly the upper playfield with the 3rd flipper
    - lots of ramps
    - beautiful toys and gimmicks, especially the decorative rocks
    - pop bumpers are made to replicate a rocky obstacle
    - lots of great, but easy, shots to make

    - my only beef with this game is the sound, tune could be better, so could the quality”

  • snowvictim has this game on the wishlist.

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