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21 days ago
I waited a long time to leave this review. Full disclosure. I am an owner of a Batman 66 Super LE. I spent over $15K on it and would have given it a bad review if I had not waited. I'm glad I did because this game will go down as one of the best of all time.

Game Design: The playfield layout is great, but not the best of all time. Two ramps and a very cool turntable with multiple shots. The rules have improve to a point where I feel they are balanced and intuitive. The toys and gimmicks are the best on any game other than TZ that I have ever see. It is an engineering marvel. Bottom line is that it is fun and challenging to play.

Art: What can I say? It is the most beautiful game I have ever seen in person. The cabinet, playfield, backglass and toys are amazing and all fit the theme perfectly.

Sounds and music: Again, a perfect 10. If you grew up on Batman, you will love the sounds, music and callouts.

If you have not played this game, give it a chance. By 5 or 10 plays, you will be hooked.

I know that early code sucked, but this game has come a long way. Jim
21 days ago
Could really use a higher scoring level than 100 pts, and carry-over of the scoring levels.

Scoring of the 5000pt skill shot and 1000pt targets is a bit too much in comparison to the low scoring doodle bug
21 days ago
fun game, but really needs some other way to collect the #1 ball besides plunging the center lane up top. With no way back up there, you can be stuck for the whole game trying to plunge that lane and locked out of everything
21 days ago
I'm going to hold off on detailed commentary until I get in many more games in the future, and allow this game to go code final. Thus I will not rate the code or LCD integration whatsoever. In moderns, that's a big part of the experience.

I played it 3x at Golden State Pinball Festival, and watched people play for about an hour -- and my conclusions were:

If you match the venn diagram of:

1. Code explorer (versus a whitewood/physics player)
2. Alice Cooper fan
3. Modern Fan layout fan
4. People that like green with purple
5. You don't mind obfuscation (aka Creature) -- you don't get to watch any ball movement in the upper 1/3 of the playfield. It is all hidden.

Then this is the game is A++ for you. Since I am none of those things, this isn't the game for me. I am ranking it in my ratings in correlation with other Spooky titles... I would put RZ ahead of this title. I like the "Shell game", humor, and multiball action of RZ much better -- it is closer to a Black Hole/Centaur kind of feel which is more my style.

In short I learned this from playing ACNC (and other moderns):

1. Upper playfields are hard to design -- so why do we keep seeing them?
2. What happens when you brick a shot -- is really important to a game (this is why my favorite early 80's games have banks of targets, preferably drops on the lower PF) -- so that when you miss -- something random and hopefully fun still happens.
3. Don't ever put a post in the very middle of a playfield. It is the last thing in the world I want to shoot right in the middle -- other than a bash toy.
4. I miss banks of drop targets... why did the 70's/80's have to end?

Instant Pros on the take-away:

* Incredible code is coming (for code explorers) and people who like to "See what the programmer came up with" -- will love this pin.
* Gorgeous cab and BG (too bad you can't play those)
* Very beautiful sculptures (too bad you can't play those either)
* Flippers and inlanes are super smooth
* Spinner rip on left is really cool
* Alice Cooper callouts I think will be a positive and add well to the theme choreography.

What I did not see:
The guillotine in action... look forward to that.

What I did see:
Most people had about a 1.5 second ball time on the upper playfield (oy my...)
21 days ago
I was lucky enough to get the LE. There are only two negative things I can say about this game ...

(1) they could of done so much better on the cabinet art - so many cool Eddie art throughout the years and this is what they come up with! since when did you see two Eddie's in the same vehicle / plane? I am shocked maiden approved the art, but it is what it is. I will say looks much better in person then the pics, so glad about that.

(2) the toys are very lame in the game. again stern thinks they put four flippers and now, wait, we need to cut back on toys to make 200% profit. If I wasn't such a die hard maiden fan and this is a dream theme for me then I would of just got a pro. The extra money is not worth getting the LE or even premium. Stern will just make a vault in 2 years or a spin off like "number of the beast" edition :-)

Now for the positives ...

- Awesome playfield layout: finally something a bit different then standard fan layout!
- Music is great of course: I would of picked a few different songs, but I guess they were looking at non-metal folks playing this game.
- Animations are very well done in my opinion. I am actually surprised at some who complain about the animations in this game, including SDTM guys. Really?? I am actually amazed at how they made Eddie come alive - great job IMO. It beats the annoying animations in Aerosmith or the lame movie clips from GOTG and Star Wars. If I wanted to see clips from a movie I can watch the entire movie - no effort in my opinion when it comes to taking clips from movies. Look at the difference when Stern uses dots in or lame clips from movies (i.e. spiderman or GOT) - easy way out.
- Rules: very well implemented. I can't say anything negative about the rules at all ... makes you take risks and just different then other games. Remind me a bit like the 90s Williams/Bally games.
21 days ago
Best Pin i have ever owned. They will bury me in it or burn me with it.
22 days ago
Great game but absolutely hate the music. I wish another choice was made for the music. Not a buyer because of that.
22 days ago
I bought a nice HOU only original IM a few months back from a local pinhead. At first I thought this game is just too brutal and kind of regretted buying IM. As I’ve played it more, however, it has grown on me and I now find myself playing it more than the others in my 7 pin collection.

It is the toughest pin in my collection (which includes challenging games like Fish Tales & Space Station) but the one more game factor given the short ball times and challenging nature of the game keep me pressing the button for one more game over and over (even having it set for 5 balls).

I love the call outs and think they did a great job of integrating the theme and the movies. My only criticism is I felt they could have included a few more (and higher quality) toys and figures and a better dmd (a color dmd is a good upgrade for this game). The fast, adrenaline oriented gameplay mostly makes up for these shortcomings, however.
22 days ago
This rated as the top machine of all time for a reason. I didn’t play this growing up so there is no nostalgia factor in my rating. This is just a great designed, classic game with great toys (castle, trolls, etc) and theme.

A color DMD on the remake is a must. It just adds a ton to the game. The call outs and humor in the game are great as well. Some of the valley girl damsel stuff is very 90’s and dated but still fun nonetheless.

I have heard some say the remake doesn’t play as well as the original but I’ve played the original a few different places and there isn’t much difference. The remake has newer parts and is probably more reliable, though. Where I think Chicago Gaming could have (and should have) done a better job is on the speakers. The voices at times are a bit muffled and higher quality speakers would have been nice, particularly at this price point.
22 days ago
The hype is real. I've been playing non-stop for the past two weeks... I've had games approaching a billion and I still have not made it to several of the wizard modes. Shots, light show, programming, artwork, audio... all top notch. No bash toy? Hallelujah.

What an amazing first game from a rookie team. If you're remotely into the theme, this is an absolute no-brainer.
23 days ago
I've never been a true Iron Maiden fan, but I think I may start to be. This is just one of those games that when you saw it, you knew it was special...a world under glass! A VERY refreshing design from Stern Pinball!

Stern FINALLY released a game with solid code right out of the starting gate. I had one gripe about the code, but that seems to have been rectified (.97 seemed to start too frequently in Flight of Icarus).

The playfield features, layout and rules clearly have a considerable amount of thought given to them. The differentiation in modes is nice and keep gameplay interesting. There's plenty to do and and what is there is fun! Don't let the amount of mode inserts fool you. There things hidden in the game that will keep you coming back for more. No action button is a plus! Some people whine about the quality of the animations, but I think they're spot on. You're playing pinball, not watching a movie. The LCD also keep you well informed of what's going on and your progress. This game is so good, the only rating ding I can think of would be a lack of toys and gimmicks, however, the Sarcophagus Lock is pretty cool. I'm actually happy there's no giant bash toy staring at me.

All you need to say about the artwork is Zombi Yeti. He helps bring you into the Iron Maiden world. I had originally ordered a premium, but when an LE came up locally at a decent price, I jumped. After the reveal of the premium artwork, I was glad I had grabbed the LE. I personally prefer the LE artwork. This game is parked on the end of the row so everyone can see it! LOOK AT ALL THOSE EDDIES!

I was very happy with the music and the sound quality. Add a Pin-Vol and free standing subwoofer and you're right there where you want to be.

As for the lighting, although I am not a fan of the typical color bombed GI, I do love the color changing GI in this game and most games that have it. I think it's a real mood enhancer, especially with the mode music and animations.

I have absolutely zero buyer regrets upgrading to the LE and expect this game to stay here for a VERY LONG TIME!

23 days ago
This is unbelievable to me. Currently ranked #145 overeall?!?! The list of games currently ranked higher than GOTG are unreal. This game is frequently compared to MET as being a very similar layout. Yet, the 2 rankings are so different?? HUH?? GOTG is LOADED with the best film clips from the movie and has a TON of custom speech in it with hilarious callouts. The toys are every bit as good as MET if not better. Now that Groot mouths the words "I AM GROOT" at Groot multiball as he spits out the balls, it's awesome!! Love the Rocket kickback and the Orb lock mech as well. Rules have gotten fantastic after they were completely redone from earlier code. I can only imagine 90% of these ratings were done before the later code updates because this overall ranking is ridiculous.
23 days ago
Awesome game! It's unreal to me that a game like Iron Maiden is currently ranked higher. This game has real flow with an extremely unique layout and use of diverters. Not only does it have great flow, it has innovative (and molded) toys. JPop became a legend because of crazy fun games like this. If anything, I only wish the rule set were much deeper.
23 days ago
Twilight Zone is my all-time favorite game that won't leave my collection. I put it just slightly ahead of Monster Bash. It's hard to find something negative for me on this game. My biggest criticism is not having a ball save and the cabinet artwork is just okay, lol. Beyond that, this game was just so WOW when I first saw it many years ago and it always keeps me coming back. Lawlor really nailed it out of the park with this one and I'm yet to see this level of innovation.
23 days ago
One of my personal favorites that definitely has lastability. Love the toys in this game and the overall theming. There is nothing like getting to Monsters Of Rock and jamming!! Very rewarding. Just a great family pin that never gets old.
23 days ago
I finally got to try a Premium this weekend and I just don't get people's blanket 10 ratings on this. Yes, a refreshingly original layout which is really nice. But no real innovation in playfield toys and basically sparse. Great, the ball moves around in circles smoothly (ooooh, flow). The animations are just silly IMO and how do you have a pin themed after a band without having things like guitars, speakers, a stage, band members, etc. Something?? Instead you get Egyptians, soldiers, Satan, and ghouls?? Okaaaay. I just don't understand how you put a game like this next to Twilight Zone or Medieval Madness and pretend it's anywhere near as fun or innovative (much less ahead of it in ratings.) Pinside ratings have officially jumped the shark.
23 days ago
Classic! Whirlwind is one of the defining games of that era, it was fun, innovative and had one of the best layouts available at its time. I really loved it back then, and I still do. The idea was cool, the theme charming and they made great use of the toys (spinning discs) and the fan on top - well, not exactly a toy, but a nice feature which makes it a good game for hot summer days :).

The shots are well thought of, the flow is nice and everything just feels very balanced. Pat Lawlor already knew how to design very good games back then. The music is catchy and there are some nice details in the sound effects, just launch the ball slightly so that it drops back to the plunger and listen what happens...

Very good game I would definitely recommend to anyone!
23 days ago
First of all, I have to say that I am not especially an Iron Maiden fan - but I don't think they are a bad band, and the fact that they had their dedicated 747-airplane (and their singer Bruce Dickinson flew it) makes them sort of cool. But now, back to the important things: The game!

Iron Maiden Pro to me is a mixed bag. I really love the artwork (yes, it's one of the best packages recently), the gamemplay is fast and fun, and the layout by Mr. Elwin feels quite refreshing. I also think it has a high lastability, I constantly felt like I had to come back for more. The shots are challenging, there are a few difficult shots, e.g. the right ramp or the extra-ball target. Overall a nice experience - even to a point where I might consider getting one. But there are some drawbacks: For example the Pharao-Target. It feels a bit odd and takes the flow out of the game, there should happen something more satisfying than just hitting a target on the wall (just compare it to the ring on LOTR and you might know what I mean). Also, there's absolutely zero toys - but maybe that's the reason for a better gameflow after all - but come on, one toy at least would have been fun. It also does not have a video mode, which I consider a good thing (I hate video modes as they take away flow and focus). Also, the small upper left flipper feels a bit bulky - it's difficult to get shots right with it.

The modes are sort of a bit dull, too - at least that was my impression. I am not a big fan of the animations on the screen, as they sometimes look a bit cheap and too rendered for my taste. Multiball is relatively easy to achieve, so it's by no means like the rather unforgiving Star Wars, which takes quite a lot to figure out.

The music works surprisingly well to me - it feels like it was made for pinball as it seems to have a certain appeal that goes very well with the game. The songs are catchy and I even had them stuck in my head after playing it, I might even claim that this is the best Stern Band-themed-pin. The callouts are kind of cool, too. Overall audio-quality has been critisized by some, but then again keep in mind that lots of the songs are pretty old and that the recordings back then were possibly not the most sophisticated.

The lighting, well. Pretty much standard. It's solid, but nothing too special. Lots of white lights, although the playfield may seem a bit dark overall. I've seen better recently.

Thing is - it's a very solid and overall fun machine - but compared to Dialed In for example, I think that the gameplay is nowhere close to DI in terms of layout, flow, toys and modes. Also the lighting of DI seems to play in another league - but, to be fair, IM Pro is only 2/3 of the price of a DI.

Sorry to compare the game to another one, but I can't see why exactly this game is ranked better than DI, as it's less elaborated and less detailed by a far margin, even gameplay-wise.

I would not mind to have an IM Pro in my collection, though. It undeniably offers a great layout, fun shots and a good value-for-money ratio. I would love to try the Premium now.
23 days ago
I have a remark SE, and unlike the MM remake, this plays identical to the original. I played them side by side and had absolutely zero issues making shots on both. In fact, blasting the left orbit sometimes fails to register the switch (same on the original) haha. I say the SE is superior to the original because of the high res dot work that was done on the full color display -- amazing, and the game definitely has better lighting. I fault this game (and the original) on repetitiveness of call outs and the music. I fault the remake on poor LED integration. Specifically, the insert fading used on the original for "hit me" shots is obvious. On the remake, it's VERY tough to distinguish solidly lit inserts from those strobing. There's simply not enough dynamic range in the light fade. That's a big drawback for me.
23 days ago
What a home run Keith hit here. Outstanding Stern code right out of the chute is just one of the many pieces of awesomeness that is Iron Maiden. Even if you don't care for the band, the music MAKES YOU WANT TO PLAY PINBALL! Theme integration was spot on, but it's the incredible shot flow and unique playfield layout that makes this one of the best Sterns ever produced. Great fun, regardless of the Pro vs. Premium/LE versions, incredible replay factor, gorgeous art and displays, and exactly what a modern game should be.
23 days ago
New code will help the rules
23 days ago
I own a GB pro that is heavily modded by Pinball Refinery, so some of their work is reflected in my scores. The side rails, lock down bar, hinges legs and coin door are all power coated metallic purple. graphic blades, lots of lighting mods, air ball protectors and the center pin to reduce the SDTM issue. I have to say I LOVE this pin. So many fun and challenging shots, great looks, great theme, one of my all time favorites for sure. I can understand without the fix for the SDTM issue it would be very frustrating, but with that issue solved, this is a great pin IMO. probably will never leave the collection.
23 days ago
I just bought this game and I can see why it stays in the top 2 for such a long time. The game makes you want more and more the longer you play it.
23 days ago
I got my le for a few days ago.Wow.What a pinball machine.One of the best pinball machine i ever played.Good job stern,and Keith Elwin.This is a keeper for me for sure.
23 days ago
Up there on my wanted list. Really enjoyed playing it on location. Its kind of creepy and surreal but I like that.
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