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“I'll start at the beginning with this pin. Playfield layout is typical Stern and a little disappointing (2ramps, bash toy, magnet X2) Like Metallica, X-men, etc... So I was not instantly loving that aspect of the game. It plays really fast though, with some fun combo's (tight loop to right ramp gets that ball screaming!!) and relatively easy multi-ball modes to initiate. I like the skill shot, as well as the woodberry shot is pretty tough and the crossbow is a pretty cool (but hard as hell to complete) feature. There are some definate missed oportunities here in a ball lock mode (really Stern? WTF?), scoops, bumper placement, etc. The rules are easy to understand with good callouts for shots and should only get better with future code updates. The bicycle girl lifting ramp is cool, but I don't think it's enough on a LE machine selling for as high as 10 000$ in Canada. The artwork on this machine (as on any machine) is subjective, but I think it is amazing! Zombies everywhere! What else could you want?!?! The crate cabinet reminds me of Scared Stiff, and has the lastability as far as a good looking machine goes. The playfield artwork is great with areas to customize and mod the sh*t out of which is sweet. And hands down, no contest, I think this game has the best DMD animations of any pin out there. Soooooo badass. I know a lot of people were crying that Stern did not go to an LCD screen line WOZ of personally I like the DMD aspect of pinball, makes it feel more like I am in the arcades of my youth! The music is bang on, the callouts are nothing to write home about with the hillbilly talking instead of TWD cast (see "Missed Opportunities") but I find both are never too much, but rather just enough. Lighting is great other than around the bicycle girl, but with a little mod thats also fixed.

Quick rundown of pro's vs cons.

Amazing artwork (playfiled and Cab)
Great music
A few tough shots (Woodberry, combo's)
A few fun combo's (left ramp to left loop, right loop to right ramp)
Challenging to complete (My best is 84 zombies killed)
did I mention the AMAZING F'N DMD ANIMATIONS!!!!

Gets annoying when ball sits in pop bumpers for half your game the SDTM drains on you
So much missed potential (No ball lock, generic Stern desing w/ 2 ramps, bash toy, etc, no actors voices)
You should get more on an LE for the price (Topper, mods, extra SOMETHING worthwhile)
Too hard to get crossbow activated and hit all the shots (could be fixed w/code)

All in all I love the theme of this game as I am a huge Zombie Walking Dead fan, but put another theme in place of it with crappy artwork and whatever DMD animations and I would pass. I think the whole package is what sells this one. Nothing to ground breaking as far as shots and playfield goes, but never the less I think this is one to keep in a collection as it has the same effect on me as BSD does in the sense that I have a few bad games and want to light the piece of junk on fire and then I have a great game and I am right back into it hook line and sinker. Plus did I mention KILLLING ZOMBIES DMD AN........”

“boring , mini playfield is lame without any fun , no god flow , played it several times , more than 3 hours , never met any player who liked it
theme could have been fun , for example i like the wwf royal rumble old school style pin”

“Centaur is a machine that has some of the best art that I've seen in a pin. The wonderful black and white art is still stunning to this day. Even though this pin is over 30 years old, the art and dark theme make this machine feel very fresh. I love how the red accents on the inserts and posts contrast with the artwork. The audio on this machine is decent, but it doesn't live up to the high standard that the visuals set. While I like the reverb heavy taunts, the music is just okay and is a little on the repetitive side.

The rules are easy to understand, but there's enough depth to keep the machine interesting. Getting multi-ball by hitting the "ORBS" targets requires some very precise shots. This is not a machine that's beginner friendly since just shooting the ball around the playfield isn't going to net many points.

While this machine is fun, I honestly feel like the gameplay on this machine is a little dated. While good, it just doesn't live up to the wonderful artwork on the machine. For an early 80's pin, it's a lot of fun. This is a visually stunning pin that can make a great showpiece for a collection.”

“Amazing PF shot map. Very original, very diverse and well thought. The mini-flippers are really cool.”

“Junk Yard is a fun machine that has a decent theme that's plagued by slightly juvenile humor. The playfield layout is good but I'm not a huge fan of the blueprints taking up so much real estate in the middle of it. There are quite a few good shots to aim for and hitting the wrecking ball is always satisfying. I also like the time machine that allows you to play a few modes from other popular games that came out before this one.

I always appreciate an original theme and escaping Crazy Bob in his junk yard is certainly interesting. While the theme is good, some of the humor is a bit juvenile. The toilet on the playfield and the slightly juvenile noises it makes when you hit the shot are funny the first few times, but they get old quickly. Also, the video mode where you throw toast at the dog is entertaining the first few times you play it, but this mode starts to get annoying when you play it 5 or 6 times during one game. The stoner is the VW is also funny the first few times, but starts to grate on your nerves after a while. Getting to the wizard mode isn't too hard and I can usually defeat Crazy Bob at least once during a normal game. That's really saying something since I'm not that great of a player.

Overall, this is a fun machine that I enjoy playing occasionally. The theme is interesting and I give it props for originality, but it has elements that are hit or miss. Junk Yard is a solid machine but not one that I would seek out for my collection.”

“Bsd very underrated Pin not as hard as people put it out to be Super fun”

“fun Gomez theme

I enjoy the backbox flipper”

  • TheCnyPinGuy has owned this game in the past.

  • “fun game. Great for the whole family.”

    “Personally I hate the artwork on this game. It is naff. The sounds are naff. In an arcade scenario it would be one of the last games I tried.

    BUT the game itself is a peach. It gave a flavour of how talented Lawlor was as a designer and look at the games that followed - Addams Family and Twilight Zone.

    Earthshaker rewards you for accurate shooting and has a great array of shots. The fault line is a great feature and it has the best use of a shaker motor in any pinball machine made.

    One of the best, if not the best, alpha numerical games around - if you can live with the artwork”

    “One of my favourite pinball games with a great theme and a sublime execution of that theme on the playfield.

    - absolutely brilliant artwork on the playfield
    - toys that really help to put you in the Wild West
    - lots of different game modes, I particularly enjoyed the gunfight
    - easy shots, you'll know your way around the playfield quickly
    - lots of ramps
    - the train
    - great backboard art

    - no habitrail
    - only 2 pop bumpers
    - some speech very dodgy, I could swear that Eric Cartman from Southpark is featured in the game”

    “A playable game that fails to stand out in any particular way, with a very unenjoyable theme.

    - spinning head of The Machine is an interesting feature
    - easy shots, definitely doesn't take that much skill to play
    - habitrail shooter lane
    - nice swerving ramp
    - Small Loop gives easy access to bonuses

    - pop bumpers are genuinely hidden
    - moaning of The Machine can get very irritating
    - poor theme
    - no great game elements on the lower part of the playfield
    - lack of toys”

    “Poor example of a Williams Bally DMD game. The table looks nice, but is let down by wish washy sounds and time delays caused by the ball going round the Ferris wheels and looping round the bottom ramp.

    Game play is about average for the period.

    Good for a few games. And like all pinballs, it is better than not having a pinball. But much, much better games were produced in this era.”

    “A truly massive pinball machine. A Supersize Bally is always a handful to play.

    Awesome retro playfield theme with classic 70s art. The back glass is by a different artist so just does not match the game. The cabinet art is terrible and based on a white background which is always the wrong colour for a pinball in my opinion

    Game is slow and brutal if you miss a shot. Interesting outlanes. Ball seems to travel for ever before actually hitting anything

    A game of its time, but much better Bally Supersize tables exist.”

    “A game that definitely provides a great deal of fun. It's very strange not to see it in the Top 100 list...

    - fantastic toys
    - colour composition is dazzling; the playfield artwork is a real Bally work of art
    - surprise multiball
    - enjoyable theme ("Let's party again, dude!")
    - wonderful swirling ramps
    - flipper-choice elements provide a nice variation to the gameplay

    - shooter lane could be a bit more interesting
    - game gets a bit hectic, it's a really fast-flowing game (much like a party, though)
    - animations could be a bit better considering that this is a DMD game
    - quite a let down that the pop bumpers are hidden, personally I like being able to see the ball whizz between them”

    “Stunning and iconic pinball machine. One of the all time masterpieces of pinball art

    Petty basic shots with awesome female voice. The increasing heartbeat sound is hugely repetitive and annoying though.

    Above average game for the era, but surely a place for this in most collections due to the artwork.”

    “Decent table with terrible artwork and theme. One of the worst backglasses in pinball history.but aftermarket ones are available that transform the look of this game.

    But this is truly a players game. Fantastic ramp diverters and a great mini playfield. In fact, along with Twilight Zone, I would say the best mini playfield of the era.three flippers produce superb shot variety, and an upper shot flipper loop that will test the most able players around.

    The scoring system is hopelessly unbalanced though, so enormous scores can be amassed quickly by exploiting this

    Good value in the used market if you can get past the terrible backglass and average playfield artwork and the theme tying it to a very average film.”

  • DRD currently owns this game.

  • “After the industry changing success of Addams Family, the design team was given a huge budget and produced this incredible machine. Simply stunning to look at, listen to and play.

    A superb wide body pinball. Great theme. Awesome toys. Wonderful flow and integration of upper flippers into gameplay. The best use of upper flippers on any pinball ? - quite possibly. There is a design flaw in the playfield layout - if you go for the skill shot you risk a drain under the poppers

    It is notoriously unreliable as it is so complex and packed with features. It took me considerable time and money to get my example sorted. For this reason it often went wrong in the field, and even 20 years ago, most ones I played had faults. The clock in particular is prone to overheating so buying a new clock board with LEDs is recommended.

    To own one is to take on an awesome but complicated delight. Playing it is rewarding for pinball novices and addicts alike. But repairing it is maddening.

    If you like this kind of thing but don't feel confident repairing a game, buy an Addams Family instead.”

  • DRD currently owns this game.

  • “This game changed Pinball and resurrected a dying art form. We have all played it. We all know it. It is simply superb in every way

    If you have only space for one game, buy this one. It also happens to be very reliable and ample spares are available.”

  • DRD currently owns this game.

  • “Vector is a beautiful and seriously underrated game. The best lighting of any early Bally SS game ? - quite possibly. It is not a Fathom, but the art was produced by the same artist and the game
    designed to compete with the growing threat of video games. Bally threw everything they had at this game so it has a myriad of extra features, sounds, solenoids and lighting.

    It is rammed full of features (9 drops - 6 of these with individual controls, 2 outlane saucers, double backglass, most speech of any game of this era, in playfield plasma display, ramp shot speed detector, 2 or 3 ball multi balls, 4 flippers, 3 ramps, pop bumper ..)

    But this makes the playfield cramped, you need accurate shots and quick reactions to play this game. It is CRITICAL that Vector is set up and working properly and that you have pinball skills to play it. Nudging skills are vital on this game as both outlanes have saucers to save you. A well sorted example is a delight to play, but a tired example will be rubbish. It rewards you for hitting drop targets and stand up targets in order. You will both lock balls and release multiballs far more quickly if you shoot accurately. The speech and call outs beat anything of this SS era.

    Most Vectors you will see are not set up properly and were hammered in the field. The crowded playfield would take a pounding from over-powered flippers leading to air shots from 3 of the 4 flippers.

    I bought my game as a tired example. Like many reviewers I initially thought the game was rubbish. But now I have tuned everything properly. This was just adjusting what was there - refurbing the linear flippers and slingshot assembles, adjusting EOS switches to set sensible flipper power, replaced rubbers, set leaf spring gaps, put correct sized rubbers on the critical posts next to the outlane saucers ..... it has completely transformed this game.

    If you are a decent player with some nudging skills and you get to play a well maintained Vector, you will be very pleasantly surprised.”

  • DRD currently owns this game.

  • “Still shopping one out and making it functional. From what I can tell this is a great design.”

  • mof currently owns this game.

  • “Yikes...this game is just a mess. I don't want to keep piling on, but really. My time on two different versions of the Pro model, I was hampered by more stuck balls than you could shake a stick at. Very little to shoot for, even less to shoot for that rewards you for your work. Stern has reopened talks of (perhaps) revisiting code, and maybe that is what the game needs to pull it out of the dump. There is nothing to be done about the build quality though: the game rattles around like a bucket of bolts held together by masking tape...thus, there is no satisfactory heft to the shots. This could have been a slam dunk of a theme that was really mismanaged (and then given up on) by Stern.”

    “About to own my 3rd. BSD. Every time I sell, I need it back in the line-up. I think this is a super theme that never gets old. Very dark and will kick your ass. Mist feature is one of the most rewarding shots to make. LOVE NEVER DIES!!!”

  • neverahighscore currently owns this game.

  • “This pin definitely deserves a place in the Top 10, no wonder since it is THE best selling pinball in the history of pinball machines, earning itself a Special Collectors Edition (TAF Gold).

    - amazing gameplay, tour the Addams Family mansion, meet the family, basically enjoy your time with them
    - 5 pop bumpers!
    - 4 flippers
    - the layout is perfect; I particularly enjoy the positioning of the pop bumpers in the lower part of the playfield where they're more visible (Lawlor used the same concept in Twilight Zone)
    - lots and lots and lots, and I mean LOTS, of modding potential
    - in my opinion, the pin that revolutionised modern pinball games
    - Thing flips
    - Thing's box
    - great multiballs
    - The Power is a great variation to gameplay
    - lots of cheeky skillshots and holes
    - great artwork and sound
    - potential to upgrade your TAF into the Gold version (new chip, powdercoat these metal elements and you're good to go!)

    - sat there for almost 10 minutes thinking of what I should put here and, honestly, I have no clue... perhaps some people may consider The Power annoying, it can fling your ball into the drain hole”

  • snowvictim has this game on the wishlist.

  • “A game with quite a lot of potential that had not been used, although for an early alphanumeric it's decent.

    - 5 flippers
    - extra upper playfield
    - some nice artwork on the playfield and backglass
    - simple layout, easy to figure your way round the game

    - nothing particularly interesting in the game
    - alphanumeric (don't fancy them)
    - colour schemes on the playfield are a bit dodgy; the genie cloud is wonderful, looks a lot like the lamp trail cloud on TOTAN, but the dominant yellow comes at odds with the theme, overall lack of colour variation”

    “A mediocre machine. Although it's not a bad game it also doesn't stand out with anything particularly interesting.

    - 3 flippers
    - some interesting shots
    - nice toys, particularly the "Easter Island head"
    - the biggest pro of this game is the artwork, in my opinion
    - overall enjoyable, but fails to dazzle

    - strange rules
    - little modding potential
    - the "talking head" at the end of the score count is annoying”

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