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Rating #176 of 24 15 days ago
Superman is such a mixed bag. It has a few cool ideas, and some really good shots, but it's also hampered by several things.

First, I should note that the art looks great. Playfield art and backglass both give the comic book vibe from the era. George Opperman may have been Atari's greatest asset. Cabinet art is pretty tame comparatively, in that limited color stencil style favored at the time.

The playfield is well lit, and given the bright colors I think it is pretty easy to keep track of the ball.

The play itself is mixed, so let's hit the good parts first. I'd consider the main goal to be spelling SUPERMAN. Nothing spots letters, so you have to make all the shots, and they require you to play the entire table, so I think that's well implemented. There is a drop-target bank in the center; completing the drops advances the kick-out hole's award, so you can choose to take the center-shooting risk and try to light that for more value. There's also a roving lit drop target (reminds me of Tri Zone, another 1979 game) on the bank which can be hit for additional points. The game has two spinners, either of which can be lit, and they can be a lot of fun. I also really like the lower-pop on the left-hand side. It gets a lot of play in games, and introduces a lot of action in an otherwise slow table.

So, the bad parts. Well, as my last sentence in the good section demonstrates, this game is slow. All the Atari games are widebodies, and this suffers as you'd expect. Big outlane sections, lots of (slow) side to side action, and sometimes significant time waiting for the ball to actually interact with something. The Fortress of Solitude shot is long (better have strong flippers to make it), and it takes up a ton of space. Outside of hitting the spinner, all it does is have an elaborate path back to the top of the playfield. It is sort of neat to see, but it requires such a strong shot that you'll just wish the game had an orbit instead. Luthor's Lair is easier to make (the ball has less routing to deal with) but it also is pretty lackluster outside of the spinner.

Sounds are fun, but no background music is a disappointment (not surprising for the time, but knowing that the designers wanted to add it in and Atari said no just makes it sting knowing it could have been more immersive).

Overall, Superman is a decent pin. Steve Ritchie's design, while not consisting of the flow he is now known for, does offer a number of shots, and the rules incentivize taking those shots. But even steep the game doesn't play particularly fast, and you MUST have good flippers in order to reach the top of the playfield. But if you see one in decent shape, this can be entertaining and challenging.
Rating #176 of 8 15 days ago
Like it so much, I bought one in January 2017. I'm not a toy guy, so it is perfect for me.
Rating #176 of 51 14 days ago
Plays exactly the same as the original.
Timeless, elegant, well rounded pinball at its 90s best. A sense of humour is everything. Showing its age in terms of code depth these days, but it is so well balanced and thought out that that hardly matters. And who wrings everything out of their super-deep coded machines anyway? :-)
Rating #176 of 12 16 days ago
I played about 40 games yet on my Hobbit. This game is a blast. Epic! There is no comparison to Stern. Very Deep game. Maybe for pro players is to simple at the beginning but the joy of playing on it is amazing!
Rating #176 of 21 16 days ago
Have owned a Smaug for only a short time, but I'm truly blown away by the experience of playing this table. This is what pinball should look and feel like!!
Top Ten all day long, in my opinion.
Rating #176 of 51 13 days ago
Want your ass kicked? For realz? This is the master.
Rating #176 of 51 13 days ago
Beautiful! Love the playfield artwork. Code is fun but still feels a little incomplete, but that's not really going to kill it for most people. You DO have to like KISS music though. I changed all the music out.
Rating #176 of 51 14 days ago
So deep, so wide. Amazing machine and my pick as the best of the 90s.
Rating #176 of 51 14 days ago
One of the greatest machines when considering how well it achieves what it sets out to do. It is pretty much the same gameplay every time, but it does that type of game better than anything else. Brilliant in a medium to large collection! Sound is amazing.
Rating #176 of 51 14 days ago
Whitestar glory! All the rules you will ever need.
Rating #176 of 51 14 days ago
This is the oldest machine I own. I tracked it down for a while and find it extremely addictive. Early example of LFS' code work and his future brilliance is there if you look for it. The new, better balanced scoring ROM is a nice upgrade.
Rating #176 of 51 14 days ago
Tightest ruleset there is. I prefer the original callouts to the VE. I have owned SM twice but have sold it again. I have always thought SM gained respect rather than love. Everyone seems to agree it's a great game. But, after a while, it becomes less fun. One of the best. You should experience owning it and really go after Super Hero. Can it keep you engaged forever? Not sure.
Rating #176 of 51 13 days ago
SUCH an underrated game. Put a Helen decal over Angus and fire away! I had the premium as well. Sold it and kept the Pro.
Rating #176 of 51 14 days ago
One of the best Stern Pros, along with Met and ST. What an amazing game. Brilliant theme integration and incredible gameplay that keeps you coming back for more.
Rating #176 of 6 17 days ago
Really had a blast with this game. More than 2 flippers, lots of critters popping up on the playfield with trap doors, the giant Smaug dragon head turning and looking at you, great effects. Loved the lighting on this machine (as it comes) and felt it was always very clear what I should be doing, something that I can find overwhelming on other games. This is my second Jersey Jack game that I've played and I clearly enjoy their games over all other machines. I also enjoy that the game gives you time to view the video screen on the cabinet in between plays.
Rating #176 of 10 17 days ago
Buck Rogers is a great game. Seems very simple at first but there several choices to be made during the game.
Some of the most important shots are the most punishing, just the way it should be.
There are 2 different sound options that can be selected, the second one is awesome.
I only wish there was a spinner up the left side...
Rating #176 of 10 17 days ago
Very unique game with several strategy options. The rules can seem simple at first but as you learn it you will find yourself trapping up to consider strategy. I thought I had this game all figured out an mastered but a slight change to the difficulty settings put an end to that.
Outlanes can be harsh with no rubber post to nudge off of, controlled play is key. The Time Expander is one of the best toys in pinball and always surprises new players.
Sound is great especially with a sub, lots of bass on this machine! The yelling Dalek does annoy the wife from 2 floors away though..
Rating #176 of 34 17 days ago
Very lucky that my local arcade has this pin on location played it loads and love it more and more each time. Cool how the hammer bangs the pinball into the coffin under the playfield love beating up on sparky, the only drawback for me is i'm not a metallica fan but who cares it's still a top machine.
Rating #176 of 6 17 days ago
I'm giving this machine a perfect score because it's the most fun I've had playing pinball. John Trudeau did a masterful job designing the layout and shot selection. Such a wide variety of shots! I like the Newton balls in particular, as well as the subway ramp integrated with the physical ball lock, and movable Slimer bash toy. The Magnaslings are a true innovation, work perfectly, and are wonderfully suited for the ghost theme. I'm even beginning to appreciate the Trudeau gap.

I love the round inserts towards the bottom of the playfield showing how many ghosts have been collected. That gives you two things to shoot for: a high score as well as a high number of ghosts. It reminds me of something you might see on an old EM game, which I like.

Zombie Yeti did a beautiful job with the night cityscape art package with hues of rich purples, blues, and pinks. Hand drawn art is part of the heritage of pinball and this machine honors that tradition in a grand way. I think this is the best looking game out there. The light show is superb. And it sounds great as well. The theme integration is exceptionally well done. Ghostbusters is a happy title that will bring a smile to the face of almost anyone.

One criticism that seems to come up regarding this game is that it's challenging. And that's true. As with most modern Sterns the ball moves around very fast. I'm not a strong player and many of my games are short. However that makes obtaining a good score even more satisfying. This game is perfect for home use since after a quick game all you have to do is push the start button again. And again. And again. Lol.

After this masterpiece I can't wait to see what the John Trudeau/Zombie Yeti team does for an encore.
Rating #176 of 6 17 days ago
This is a terrific game. The open playfield and ramps give the game exceptional flow, especially with combinations. This is one of Steve Ritchie's best designs. The upper right flipper adds to the gameplay with the Warp ramp and Away Team shot under the flipper. Multiballs are easy to achieve. I like having the ability to choose which modes you want to play before plunging the ball. I love the kickback from the left outlane!

Sound effects are top notch and theme integration is very well done. There is even some humor in the game, which is always welcome. The light show is perhaps the best in all of pinball. Every light is a color changing LED. The game is simply beautiful to look at. One minor criticism I have is that the translite has photoshopped images of the actors. It is tastefully done, but I prefer hand drawn art.

Like most modern Sterns this game is fast! I prefer games with magnets, like this one. The Vengence shoots balls back towards you at tremendous speed which will definitely keep you on your toes.
Rating #176 of 6 17 days ago
I'm not a huge fan of the band, but their music is growing on me after playing this game. This machine has a lot going for it: fun layout, beautiful hand drawn art by Dirty Donnie, rocking music, and deep gameplay.

This may be John Borg's best design. The hammer ball lock is super cool. I always prefer physical ball locks to virtual ball locks since the balls exit the scoop as opposed to the shooter lane. Some people say the hammer partially blocks their view of the upper playfield, but I haven't found that to be the case. The in-line drop targets are reminiscent of something that might be found on an EM game, which is a good thing. It's a nice blend of old and new. A big part of pinball is the tradition, and celebrating that is always appreciated. Sparky has to be one of the coolest toys in pinball. I like games with magnets and this game has 3!

Lyman Sheets did a masterful job with the code. He apparently has a deep affection for this game and it shows with his work on it. Lots of different multiballs available: Cross, Sparky, Coffin, Snake. Crank It Up modes are very rewarding.

It's easy to see why this game is so highly rated.
Rating #176 of 6 17 days ago
In my opinion this is one of the most underrated pinball machines. I really enjoy the amusement park theme and sounds. The lighting for the clown's face and hat are nicely integrated into the design of the game. I play this on location whenever I have the opportunity and always have fun. There is a Zen-like quality to repeatedly hitting the Hurricane and Comet ramps. It's true that there is a lot of stop-and-go with this game due to the spinning backglass, Ferris wheels, and juggler, but I enjoy a game like this due to the change of pace it offers.
Rating #176 of 6 17 days ago
A classic for a reason. One of the best games out there at integrating humor into the theme. Easy to understand rules. Satisfying gameplay. Terrific all around machine.
Rating #176 of 6 17 days ago
A classic. I prefer it's sister game Attack From Mars, but there is no denying this is a fun game with lots of great humor. The castle toy gets a little repetitive but it is an iconic part of pinball.
Rating #176 of 18 17 days ago
I like it, fun and "easy" machine for the family.

Maybe a bit easy if you just bash the ramps for points but otherwise a well done succesor for Cyclone.

And i have to agree: 1700 is not a realistic value in my opinion--> but thats probably auomated math stuff anyway.
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