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Rating #176 of 16 1 day ago
Beautiful with a fantastic gameplay. Unique, magic with a subtly chemical touch, classy, rare, splendid. Simple, perfect game. Among the very very best ever created.
Rating #176 of 19 16 days ago
Great design, cool loops. Lots of neat modes. Cool toys/features. Wow! What an excellent game. I want this one!
Rating #176 of 19 16 days ago
Really cool game with lots of depth and features. So much stuff going on (upper magnetic playfield, some weird clock, gumball lock) Really cool pin. I didn't think I would like it as much as I did! If only the price was decent
Rating #176 of 19 16 days ago
This game had great flow and lots of cool shots to hit. Neat toys. I was hoping for more modes/missions and found that I couldn't really figure out the rules while I was playing. I would own this one!
Rating #176 of 23 16 days ago
My first Playmatic played ever, at PHOF, really enjoyed it, I would call the game the victor, but I was a very willing victim.

Tricky midfield "box", one way in, two triggers outside, very risky if the ball is fast, better controlled, really enjoyed several games, felt very well made, and at 40 years old, theirs was in good shape.
Rating #176 of 17 18 days ago
You need to punch not to think should be the perfect pinball :)
Rating #176 of 12 18 days ago
only the magna slings are great
Rating #176 of 22 18 days ago
A great game with a lot of different things to shoot for.
It has a Deep rule set, which im still learning.
Great playfield layout.
I have a feeling the better you understand this pin, the better it gets rated.
Cant see this leaving anytime shortly.
The LE lacks the figures of the original , which is a pitty.
However, they can all still be purchased and fitted , no problem.
I think ,it finishes off the LE perfectly.
Rating #176 of 19 18 days ago
I never thought i like this pin due to its theme, but once I played what a great pin! It never gets old. not sure what pin I like better? MM or MB? Both are great!
Rating #176 of 19 18 days ago
Fun pin! Add a pinsound card to it and its great. Add some mini-guns and its even better!
Rating #176 of 19 18 days ago
Recently got HS2 on a trade. Perfect game to re-theme into a Disney Cars pin. Add a pinsound card, reprogram the sounds and add some Cars mods and its great! The original HS2 if fun, but the sounds/music get old after while. The game play is great! Simple to play hard to master!
Rating #176 of 6 18 days ago
I don't own this game in my collection, but when I have played it, I always things it is great, for the time period and even today! 5 ball multi-ball, inline drop targets, cool sounds/voice, and I love the creepy feel/visuals.
Rating #176 of 6 18 days ago
I thought I was going to really like this game having played the video version of it, but when I had the opportunity to actual play the real game in person, it wasn't anything like what I expected. It didn't feel "good" and I felt more like I was just trying to keep the ball from draining than actually playing the game. It has more going for it than say a T2, but at least with the T2 it feels "good" and I felt like there was more purpose to my shots. Maybe I just didn't pick up the game quick enough despite having played it online, but it didn't play like I had hoped.
Rating #176 of 6 18 days ago
This game seems to really divide people. Some people love it (I do) and others don't. I don't compare it to the games that came after it that perhaps were more complex, but those games also generally cost more. To me, it was a nice addition to my collection. Not as basic as my early SS game, but not as advanced as my later DMD game. Sometimes I don't feel like playing a complicated game, and just want to play a fast game with good flow and a theme that I really enjoy (yes, I am a terminator fan and unlike most people, thought the original was the very best). I think I might get bored if this was the only game in my collection (although they can be purchased for a reasonable price), but with several games it fits in very nicely and won't be leaving any time soon.
Rating #176 of 6 18 days ago
What a fun and creative game. I originally was not planning on getting one (I am not a golfer), but was persuaded to give it a try and loved it. The gofers are funny, and the overall the game is just a lot of fun to play. It also feels "good" with the right amount of flow. It also has a nice balance of not being too difficult but also not being too easy. It also seems to attract the widest group of family and friends to play.
Rating #176 of 11 19 days ago
Brand new version of the top game with upgraded graphics. Timeless classic
Rating #176 of 12 19 days ago
I love this pin. Has fun factor and lots to shoot at. Toys are fun and there are lots you can add to the remake.
Seemed to function better out of the box than Stern vault edition pins.
Rating #176 of 23 19 days ago
Had a blast on this one, different, earn your keep, timer instead of "# of BALLS".

Good sound and voice letting you know where you stand: even complains if you don't plunge ball waiting.

True, it's no Safe Cracker but I still have to rate it worthy.
Rating #176 of 23 19 days ago
This game I thought was going good at first, then the symmetry and fast drains off the main feature of the game: the bang the ball in the center with only 2 spots it can be hit at got unfun in a hurry due to it being just too easy to drain.

The upper bumpers can/will hit the ball down into the side slider & kicker and there isn't much skill involved but that's where a good amount of points may come from.

So comparing this to other games, I have to give someone a low score, and this is one of them.

Still worthy of playing, just lastability to me is awful, and no drop targets at all: my own preference.
Rating #176 of 12 19 days ago
Includes the dreaded Crystal Skull movie. Any Indiana Jones pinball machine will have a tough time living up to the incredible 1993 Williams machine. The game consists on 4 main shots which have to be made over and over again. Starting Ark mode dumps balls everywhere for the sake of having balls everywhere.
Rating #176 of 12 19 days ago
Played at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. A refreshing and fun design. I'm not much of a fan of LED displays, but it seemed to work well with this game. The playfield was very bright and attractive. I kept on returning to this game to play more. I wish I had more time to explore it fully.
Rating #176 of 12 20 days ago
A fun early modern game. It's nice to play pinball with original themes. I'm yet to see a Road Show with 100% of components working, but that's the nature of pinball.
Rating #176 of 34 20 days ago
I can't even comprehend how ugly the PF is. Grey background with spots (people). That alone is enough to never stand in the presence of it. Oh my god just gouge out my eyes already.
Rating #176 of 100 20 days ago
I'm not really sure what to make of this game. It's a backwards hybrid--while most American games at the time had digital scoring paired with chimes, this EM has score reels and digital sound. It's an anachronism that messes with your mind! Snappy flippers and a decent layout make the game enjoyable to shoot. Those early electronic sounds can really grate on your nerves after a while. Fantastic colourful artwork. A neat little game that would stand out in any large collection because of its little differences.
Rating #176 of 100 20 days ago
This pinball machine is just like Andre the Giant late in his wrestling career. Imposing size and impressive to see in person, but slow, plodding and painful to experience. It is a game that you have to play a couple of times just to say you've played it, but it's really nothing to write home about, and offers little in the way of "fun" beyond having someone take your picture beside the game once your game is over. It fits in with the rest of Atari's bland pinball lineup. I can actually say I've tilted a Herc, not on purpose, in regular play trying to nudge a ball out of the outlane. I'm lucky I didn't pull a muscle.
There are 28582 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 7 of 1144.

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