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13 days ago
The best early solid state pinball game made...perhaps the most fun and addictive widebody game ever? It's arguable. Harry Williams really did a good job designing the bingo cards into the gameplay, and made it more than a throwaway gimmick. Chasing the drop target numbers as the playfield mechanics cycle through the cards is a fun challenge. The far left spinner into the Big Game "pocket" is a super satisfying shot, and can be worth a decent amount of points. There are some neat angles to be shot here, and many lead through the pop bumpers. Just like all of these Stern games, the rules can be tightened up via DIP switch settings to be extremely stingy or liberal. Make sure your game has the rules tightened up for maximum replay value. I can take or leave the theme or artwork. It seems a bit irrelevant to the centrality of the bingo layout. It could have very well been outer space, sports or the old west and it would have been a bit cooler. The jungle theme stands out in stark contrast to Stern's other games of the period, so marks can be given for originality, even if the theme does seem a bit random. Arguably, one of Stern Electronics' best games.
13 days ago
Just an average game in the cannon of 1960s Gottlieb wedgeheads, and one of the last of the gobble-hole games. The game requires some finesse to maneuver through the two narrow areas around the gobble which lead back toward the upper rollovers--otherwise, you'll be playing the bottom half of the game, and draining quite frequently. Lots of risk/reward especially at the left and right standups which increase in value with collected cards, but overall, its not as fun as some of the other Gottlieb games of the era with similar layouts. I'm not a huge fan of card themed games, and this Roy Parker artwork really isn't his best--so a few points are lost there. Still, there is some fun to be had from this middle-of-the-pack game that edges out the likes of Gigi, but falls short of games like North Star and Cow Poke/Buckaroo.
13 days ago
Just not the game I was hoping it would be. I've waited a few months since release to see how it would change and unfortunately it hasn't improved how I would have hoped.
Will add more detail later.
13 days ago
Super Game with a Killer LoOk !
13 days ago
What an amazing game. The sounds are amazing, even though the speakers are a bit tinny-sounding. Light shows are incredible. The screen is a HUGE improvement over WOZ - it's much more clear on what to shoot. Love it. I could play it over and over again and not get bored. (The phone connection is a bit of a gimmick, though.)
14 days ago
This pin was in a bar closed to my school and I have a lot of memories with it.
That's maybe the one who make me enter the pinball world.
Seriously, an underrated pin, lot of fun, vibration great and really cheap. Today a real bargain. For how long...
The lack of playfiled design come from the short dev time...
14 days ago
Silver Slugger, the first of the "street level" games Premier released and the most produced of the six. There's a lot going on in this game (despite its simplistic elements and lack of ramps). Most of which works, some of which doesn't.

Pros: The shots feel great. There is a surprising amount of flow to this game, and really the only elements that slow the ball up are the two kick-out holes that operate the games mystery awards. The vari-target is a fun shot with a great sound, and it's got *three* spinners, all of which can be hit cleanly and are very satisfying.

The modes are entirely activated via the mystery system on the kick-out holes. This includes the multi-ball. Scoring appears well balanced across all the modes (an exception to Premier's typical reputation; even the multi-ball doesn't appear overpowered versus any other option). The music changes up for modes, and they present some challenging shots.

Speaking of shots, this pin is full of them. Drop targets up the middle, stand-up targets on the sides, the aforementioned spinners and vari-target, some active pop bumpers that see a lot of use... the game is jam-packed with shots and will keep you on your toes.

Related to all of this, the game's displays offer both traditional scoring as well as playing for runs scored. So, you have an option to mix things up and mandate playing for runs in competition, or relying on the traditional rule-set (where runs are worth bonus points but hardly need to be the focus).

A special shout-out to the skill-shot as well. Four lanes at the top, one of which will be flashing. You cannot move it. You can under-plunge or over-plunge and miss the in-lane section entirely. You must be precise, and you must nudge. One of the best designed skill-shots I've seen.

In addition, the backbox has some cool features. In addition to all the lighting, you can actually see the players' positions on the bases represented (as they are on the playfield) and home runs versus a pop fly gets animated via lights.

Cons: Baseball theme works but for the strange future-style they went with (robots? why?). Playfield art is pretty uninspired, as is the cabinet and backbox (so, really all the art). Alphanumeric display doesn't have much in the way of animation (sometimes a baseball is shown). The sound package seems a bit sub-par for the era, and some of the call-outs are too repetitive (namely "There's a drive").

Also, even if the scoring in multi-ball isn't lopsided, I find it very disappointing I have to rely on a mystery award to give me the two or three-ball multi-ball. The game would be so much better if you could activate the locks and then decide if you want to start a two-ball or go for three.

Overall, this game is a lot of fun. The misses on this pin are relatively slight, and more than made up for by the balanced scoring and great flow. It'll always look dated next to what other manufacturers were doing in 1990, but go in understanding that "street level" pins were shooting for a different market segment, and just judge the game on its own merits rather than comparing it to Whirlwind, and you'll probably find it to be an enjoyable experience.
14 days ago
Aerosmith is one of Borg and Lonnie's best. The layout is absolutely fantastic - I love that each ramp can be hit with either flipper, the execution of the skill shot is the best as I've seen in any modern game - it's challenging and rewarding, and the fact that there are essentially three different skill shots that are really well integrated into the rules is amazing. I love being able to build my box locks and then quickly try and lock them via the skill shot before the auto fire kicks on. Likewise, if I'm close to getting a lock for the elevator it's really fun trying to get one of those orbit shots via a quick skill shot. The rules are nothing special but they really fit the layout and the theme well. they are straight-forward, but at the same time the little bit of nuance with what is added to the game if you complete certain modes is really well integrated. The game is just straight out fun to play despite it's basic rule set. The art is fantastic despite it being based on Aerosmith. I'm just glad I can tolerate Aerosmith music so I can play this fun game. If it was any other theme or band that actually resonated with me I'd own this pin in a heart beat.
14 days ago
Very underrated game.

Superb set of rules, tons of toys, good theme integration.

Non linear and apparently BOSS wizard mode is excellent but not got there yet.

As good as what Stern are making now.
14 days ago
This game , being the add-a-ball version, blows Buckaroo right out of the water. The centre roto-target is one of the biggest drain monsters and sucker shots in all of pinball, with much risk associated with it. It is much better suited for a game that will award another ball if shot at, rather than the chance of a replay, especially in the home environment. The playfield, plastics, backglass and backglass animation really bring the western theme home. Everything about it screams "DUDE RANCH". This game is a real gem amongst the Gottlieb two-inch flipper library.
14 days ago
Nice looking game, lovely proper backglass, beautiful powder coating, awesome sounds.

As for gameplay, not a fan of low scoring games and the code/rules just aren't fun. Too many multiballs, not enough stacking.

Display is a bit too low resolution.

A decent game , maybe more fun with a group of 4 players, than just single player.
14 days ago
Absolutely love this game. Art and play field is beautiful, callouts are humorous and is a game that everyone can play, without having to have a PHD to know the rules.
It has the right amount of toys to ensure its still plays fast and the trolls really add a nice touch. If you get a chance to play one I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
14 days ago
Super creative game with awesome artwork.
Game play flow seems choppy.
I love the music and sound.
15 days ago
This is one lethal pinball!! The speed, targets, and video modes are extremely fun. One video mode plays like a Track and Field button action game where you have to beat up the bad guy. Another is like Hogans Alley where you shoot the bad guys. The “toys” are the video modes you play. Music is enjoyable and takes game play to another level. The fact that back in 1992 you select the music shows how innovative this machine was. Great humor and has all the characters from the movie
15 days ago
Shocking, Startling, and Amazing!! This game is very addictive. Takes a few games to figure out the rules. Game play is pretty deep. You’re in a drive in movie and some guy starts creeping in on you and your hot date, so go out and beat him up. The “Move your Car” bit is classic. Of course you have to kiss your date to progress to multi-ball. Challenging to keep your ball in play. Unique skill shot, very challenging. Call outs and humor are top of the line.
15 days ago
Owned this pin for about 4 months. In a large collection, 10+ this would be a real winner. Friends and casual players LOVE it. Slimer is quite innovative, lighting is really nice and you can get a high score easily enough, if you can keep the ball alive long enough. Theres the rub, for me anyways. On my highest scoring games, I walk away not really understanding what I did to get the high score. But, when I play STLE, LOTR, ACDC, SM etc, I know exactly what I did to get a high score and that didnt appeal to me. BUT, it really appealed to friends who came over to play. So, if I had a big collection, its a keeper, but I have room for 4, so I replaced it for a MET. Luckily, I sold it to a friend, so I will get the chance to play it again, hopefully after an update!
15 days ago
This was in a game room at my work for a while, so I've played this a lot. Fun game with a very distinct theme and feel. Love the Noir setting and overall objective to catch the killer and figure out who-dunnit. Sound and callouts are really good and animations fit well with the theme.

That said, there are definitely some things I don't like about this machine. Clues are repetitive and don't always make sense for figuring out the killer. Tony's palace is WAY too easy to hit and roulette completely destroys any semblance of balanced scoring. Ever wanted to completely dominate a game or an opponent and walk away with basically nothing and a loss due to pure luck? Or play a so-so game and end up on the leader board without earning it? Then this game is for you. Kind of cheapens the experience.

Really fun for a few games if playing alone and care more for the experience than your score, but wouldn't hold up long term for me or be something I'd want in my home.
15 days ago
More than the sum of its parts. Along with blackout, this is my favorite backglass of all time. The playfield plastics are awesome as well, but the actual playfield and cabinet art are nothing special.

The "waves crashing" in-game sound fits well with the theme although there isn't much more to it than that.

Nothing to write home about in terms of shots or things to do and an almost worthless upper left flipper since you are shooting at targets like
3 inches away with it. But something about the flow just feels "good". Very smooth shots and a good game to just get into a groove playing. Always makes me want to play one more game.

Wish I could put my finger on why I like this machine. It's odd to really like a machine that has nothing truly memorable about its play..... but definitely try it (if you can find one). Unique.
15 days ago
Probably the most accessible theme out there. Everyone loves the terminator and people gravitate to this machine. Inserts and GI look fantastic in this machine if you LED it out. Also looks great with mirror blades, since the chrome/metal colors create a really futuristic look with them installed. Tons of (mostly non-interactive) mods are widely available for it as well, so it's a really fun game to dress up.

Has my favorite video mode in pinball, the cannon is an awesome gimmick for starting multiball, and the feel of hitting the chase loop multiple times in a row is very good, although the scoring for it doesn't really reward doing it.

Not a deep machine but that's part and parcel to its accessibility for beginners. There are a couple good ways to score, but payback time is really the only way to go to really push the scoring through the roof. Left ramp, right ramp, repeat over and over. As such, can get a little repetitive for experienced players. But Ah-nold holds his own regardless. Overall, always fun for a few games, when sprinkled in to a mix.
15 days ago
Barry Oursler's masterpiece. While the backglass is pretty weak and there could be better lighting on the playfield in areas, this is probably the best example I've ever played in terms of integrating everything into a theme that sets a mood. Dark and unique. Nothing else pulls you into the game like this one does.

Mist is the best gimmick of all time. Stacking multi balls requires smart shots and strategy. Playfield artwork by itself looks like garbage but works perfectly with the dark and edgy feel. Sound and callouts are awesome and every one of them matches the overall feel. The freaky-erotic moan when increasing the bonus multiplier is beyond awesome. The general sound during play is maddening repetitive but still fits well.

Very hard, very fast, very unforgiving. Game times can be really short, but when you put it all together for a long game and high score, nothing feels better. I've actually played this with mild-mannered friends that end up screaming and swearing at the machine out of frustration after a quick drain (for the hundredth time)... And then can't wait to push start again.

Best change of pace game out there. Get any machine with long ball times and put this one by its side and you'll never let it go.
15 days ago
My favorite System 6 game. One of the best backglasses of all time. The primary colors really pop against the black. Cabinet art is nothing to write home about, but is still decent for the time.

The machine has an extremely easy to understand objective (blackout) that is still difficult to achieve and always brings you back for one more game to get there. Explaining the high-level objective to a new player takes all of about 30 seconds and they are off and playing.

Great game for learning shot accuracy. Watching the blackout and then the progressive relighting if the playfield is always awesome.

Sound is great for the theme. Gorgar-style language was about as good as it was at the time. Resume Blackout Mission!
15 days ago
A very underrated game by an underrated game designer (Oursler).

When waxed, cleaned and set steep, this is a mean machine that rewards accurate flipper play and brutally punishes bad shots. The center drop target bank especially requires care (and requires you to use one flipper or the other consistently when hitting particular drops or the ball will be rocketing down the right outlane before you even have time to blink). Upper playfield is excellent, with 6 drop targets, 3 standups and a spinner that are ALL instrumental to good scoring. With 3 ways in/out of the mini playfield, ball control is important and just mashing the flippers quickly won't cut it. The wide body design is well served in this machine considering the 3 unique areas of play and the out-wide locks for multi ball.

Backglass and playfield art is pure 70s-80s awesomeness. Many complain that "its a dragon/hydra-thing, not a scorpion". Don't be so literal. It's the name of the weaponized hovercraft-boat-thing fighting the monster. Make sense? Absolutely not. But that's part of the fun of it! My only complaint here is the cabinet art is pretty bad.... But so was almost every cabinet in the Era....and who plays the game for the cab art anyway? As a plus, the red/yellow/green cabinet does at least stand out.

Sound is pretty blah, no voice, no music and little variation. That said, the sound goes crazy during a countdown timer multiball (along with a nice lights-out start to it) that really amps things up and increases the challenge. And the multiball is hard-as-hell since ball control is so important and just keeping it alive without accurate shots is a quick way to an outlane drain.

All in all, a really fun game. Game times can be long with accuracy or insanely short without. A good change of pace in a collection that can improve your skills, but would be hard to justify as a stand alone.
16 days ago
Great multiball , love Frankenstein throwing the balls at you, artwork and music and callouts are great. Weak point is the switch to launch it breaks often but a kick solder and you are back in business. I love the sega games they are great value at their price points and this one doesn't disappoint.
16 days ago
This is a reasonably priced system 11 machine that offers great multiplayer play. It has cool gimmicks , I love the high score steal in the final ball in multiplayer makes for a great party game. It plays smooth, nice shots , I haven't found anything limiting with the scoring, you can adjust the unlimited millions shot if you are finding it unbalanced. I've LEDed mine it looks great.
16 days ago
this is my game this one is a time machine for me,
the backglass is problably the most beautyfull one u are in the cats 'stupidities routine the playfield atrwork the backglass all the sounds just loop the loop perfectly and show u that u are playing a none multiball piece of work
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