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Rating #176 of 15 14 days ago
Saw it..... played it in the wild wherever I found it.... looked for one for a year.... bought one.... This is far and away the all around best pinball machine I've ever seen. They did their homework, and maybe saved pinball.
Rating #176 of 7 1 day ago
My kids and I love this game. After watching the movies again -it ties in all together. This should be rated much higher on top 100.
Rating #176 of 37 15 days ago
Was in on the SMVE before I knew about the changes. Let me just say that after a month of owning this thing, the changes don't really matter--the music is the same, the shots are the same, the modes are essentially the same (except for their names) and all the important stuff is the same. People who down rate this on art are insane--the art looks fantastic, and I am an artist with many years drawing experience.

The game plays really fast, and it's a hoot. I think it will be a keeper. Getting to Super Hero is a serious challenge.
Rating #176 of 12 15 days ago
The Sistine chapel of pinball. This game, quite frankly, is the pinnacle of pinball perfection.
Find one, play one, and fall in love.
Rating #176 of 38 15 days ago
Have the Black Arrow SE model and absolutely love it. Its a blast to play. Very deep rule set, 31 modes and many multi balls. It's a beautiful looking game and it's built with quality and has lastability in any collection. Can't recommend it any higher.
Rating #176 of 9 15 days ago
Fun. Fast. Beautiful. My personal favorite.
Rating #176 of 25 16 days ago
As usual Stern delivers a half finished product, this time also drastically increasing the price.
At the same time recycling the toys of TDK.

So you get less for more, job well done.
Rating #176 of 6 16 days ago
Fun Game Under rated Like the theme This one is a keeper !
Rating #176 of 9 16 days ago
Had it as a winter project as I could pick up one at a decent price. Fun to play for short period but got bored to soon. Just didn't do it for me :(
Rating #176 of 25 16 days ago
One of the greats, every pinhead should have at some point owned this game, it has it all and is one of the most fun games ever. The artwork inside and out is perfect for the era it was made and the theme and simply gorgeous to look at, DMD animations are superb and some of the best to ever come out of willaims and then there is the shots, each shot is joy to hit oh and an upper playfield that doesn't completely suck!

Just like the original films in the franchise this pin is the definitive Indiana Jones pinball experience.
Rating #176 of 25 16 days ago
T2 was simple yet awesome, T3 takes the basic building blocks of T2 and puts them on steroids!

The rules are better, the shots are better, the RPG is a great little mini game IMO, Steve managed to take a simple classic and make it even better with T3 helped by improved code and rules.
Rating #176 of 25 16 days ago
Possibly one of my personal favourites pins, great theme one of my favourite action movies brought to the world of pinball what more could I ask for other than Terminator (thanks Willaims) DM is full of awesome shots and boy are there a lot of them, literally every inch of the playfield is covered in a variety of unique shots, the cyro claw is a neat trick albeit the rules a little shallow around it and I love the centre jump ramp a really fun shot to hit plus the vertical triggers add a uniqueness to the way you can play the game and fit the theme perfectly.

I will add one of these to my collection again some day and add more Sly & Wesley audio via pin browser making the game even better!
Rating #176 of 25 16 days ago
IMO Bally's most underrated game, Shadow was either my 3rd or 4th pin and it was an instant hit at home, the diverters on the ramps are great fun and add a nice layer of depth and strategy to what would otherwise be standard ramps shots. The upper playfield via VUK is a great shot from the upper flipper and then there is the WALL, it just never gets old and always amazes and impresses visitors, a truly great game hampered by its licence which personally I like and enjoy, probably helped being very young when the movie was released and being easily pleased, but don't let the theme fool you this is a gem!
Rating #176 of 25 16 days ago
The second pin I brought! Loved the movie and the pin captures the character of the theme perfectly, the sounds and speech are top notch and the modes are pure Addams immersion. Great variety of shots and playfield gimmicks/toys from IT to the POWER, crossramp shots, scoops, magnets, ramps galore Addams has it all wrapped up in a wonderful theme!

If CGC & PPS ever do another remake after MMr & AFMr I hope to see Addams remake, I would love to experience a NIB Addams as I wasn't born to experience it the first time.
Rating #176 of 25 16 days ago
DE Star Wars, is a good game but it always feels like all the budget went into the licence and everything else was done on a "we have this much of the budget left for the game what can we get for this amount". Some great fun shots but the code is super shallow and with a licence like Star Wars should have been so much more, but it was my first pin and for that reason alone I love it as it got me into the hobby as I am sure it did a lot of others, a fun game and a must play just not a keeper.
Rating #176 of 25 16 days ago
One of my favourite DE games, awesome theme with superb artwork and I just love the way this game plays!
Rating #176 of 25 16 days ago
Great theme and in a bigger collection a great game to have providing you love the theme you can over look the games short comings of which there are not many (sound is pretty poor & the rules aren't amazing) but due to the SEGA badge again it gets a much worse rep than it deserves. A dialled in X-files is a good shooting game, the inner orbit shot is super quick and the bookcase is a great toy not to mention the custom molds of the flukeman and alien are great, dial an xfiles in and spend a few $$ modding and adding to it and its a great game!
Rating #176 of 25 16 days ago
Awesome game, very challenging for a player of my skill level to work through the modes, but there are great shots for players of all skill levels and some of the best shots in the Williams era period. If we ever see a STTNGremake I will be first in line :)
Rating #176 of 25 16 days ago
Yet again like a lot of SEGA games overlooked and underrated, easily one of the best games to come out of SEGA. Tonnes of shots to make on the playfield with a couple of unique feeling shots in there, if the theme had maybe been Batman Returns this game would get a lot more love.
Rating #176 of 25 16 days ago
CSI is a little underrated, it is pretty shallow what with only 3 main multiball modes, but the layout and shot geometry is pretty unique and its a fun game providing you like the CSI theme. Definitely benefits from being part of a larger collection but shouldn't be over looked.
Rating #176 of 25 16 days ago
A very simple game mechanically but the cold looking artwork and metal helps perfectly capture the theme of the franchise. Great flowing game with a simple layout you can shoot shot to shot (combos if you will) all day long. One of my favourite games ever made but I might be a little biased due to the theme, either way a great game that's simple to shoot and tonnes of fun.
Rating #176 of 25 16 days ago
A classic and easily one of the most jammed pack playfields in the history of pinball, their is something for players of all skill levels to shot for and see. However I have owned 2 and each time I have struggled to keep it around as compared to other classics I find TZ a little shallow and dull once you have seen everything it has to offer.
Rating #176 of 25 16 days ago
Such a missed opportunity, amazing theme equally as good as Spiderman yet Gomez dropped the ball big time with the playfield design, teeter totter ramp and upper playfield are terrible and do nothing but highlight their repetitive nature and slow the game down.

However! There is the crane, possibly one of Sterns best playfield toys and the 3 different levels of code Lyman created for it makes each mode feel fresh and unique from the last. The joker can although the mech itself suchs the shot through the drop target and into the lock is a great shot.

All in all this game is like 2 face half of it is good and half of it is downright bad!
Rating #176 of 25 16 days ago
What can really be said about SM? Possibly Sterns greatest game ever! Ritchie & Lyman absolutely nailed everything about this game, the playfield toys/mechs are simple yet so effective, due to each villain shot feeling completely different and unique, custom speech from JJ is the icing on the cake.
Rating #176 of 14 16 days ago
I picked up Hobbit in a trade but it wasn't really on my wishlist based on the few plays at TPF. I am very happy I gave it a chance. Totally different type of game play as it seems to be heavy on multiball action but it really works well in my opinion. Beautiful art and animations, latest rules are a huge improvement. Don't let the "wide open" look of the playfield fool you there is plenty to shoot for.
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