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Rating #176 of 7 18 days ago
best modern day pinball hands down
Rating #176 of 30 18 days ago
Fast, brutal, bright and intense, with a simple rule set that's hard to master.

Vault Edition looks stunning with all LED's.

One of Stern's best efforts, a classic for sure. Owned mine for nearly two years now.
Rating #176 of 27 18 days ago
This game was almost boring me until I switched the flippers to super rubbers and suddenly the added control really opened the game up.
I am playing the fan-modded ROM and the rule improvements make this game oh so much better.
Rating #176 of 27 19 days ago
This game needs to be modded for home use: make the Special also reward 50 points. If not, you're just racking up free games when it doesn't matter, and not getting points for all of your hard work.
Central Park is all about the upper playfield. Far more points to be had at the lit bumpers than making the risky standup targets.
Still lots of fun, and who doesn't love that dang monkey?
Rating #176 of 27 5 days ago
There is no denying that this game is a classic. So many toys, great sounds + animations, lots of great shots.
But for some reason the longer I have it in the lineup, the less and less I come back to it.
Maybe I have found a type of pinball machine where I actually just prefer to play it on occasion in someone elses's lineup?
Rating #176 of 27 19 days ago
Stars is a great game available for what I think is a bargain. The early Sterns are having a bit of a collector renaissance, with most touting Meteor, but I dare say Stars is superior to Meteor in some crucial ways.
The key with Stars is that it constantly offers shifting situational play. You can work towards lighting the Stars via standups to build the right spinner (and collect the roving 50k if you get them all,) or you can work the drops. Left spinner is 200 + 400 for the center target of each drop target bank. First time you drop a trio, they all reset, and your left spinner is back to 200. Next time(s) requires all 6 down. But maybe you really want to finish and take the 3x multiplier reward? Maybe you now have the right spinner built enough to take that bonus?
The dynamic value of the left spinner, with the right spinner value that builds, offers very unique gameplay strategy. It makes Meteor feel more one-dimensional in comparison.
A caveat is that if your an A-group player, Stars might not be so amazing as you can probably call each shot and make it. But for the C-level and even B-level players, the situational play will come forth in a big way.
Chimes and art are classic for the era. Only thing to dislike is the one Star target that you can't hit directly.
Rating #176 of 6 19 days ago
Classic Steve Ritchie design. Gets fast at times. Supercharger is neat but just a spectator once ball is in it. Animated driver look like Hank Hill. Fun game in Pinball era when points still meant more than modes in pinball.
Rating #176 of 12 19 days ago
You have to own this pin to know the beauty of the design.
Rating #176 of 43 19 days ago
Fantastic looking game that plays fast and feels like a system 11 with a DMD. It's good to see some different style games being made. It won't be for everyone and it's not as polished as sterns new games but it's fun and a good mix of pace. Still needs some polish on the code and I would prefer some more toy interaction but I think fast an furious was more the goal with this game. Another solid offering from Spooky.
Rating #176 of 10 20 days ago
This game is pure fun. You are in the middle of war against the bugs! This game takes you there if you a fan of the movie. Challenging game that requires real skill and strategy to get high scores. I like that you don't get lost with what you have to do like in some other games.

3rd flipper makes certain shots that can't easily be had with the right flipper.

Psychic video mode is fun when you get a match!

Brain bug delivers the goods!

A keeper!
Rating #176 of 367 20 days ago
Good comic book update version, but the only Spider-Man realm I liked was Amazing Spider-Man series one...
Rating #176 of 28 20 days ago
Tdk is a really good game, very challenging and addicting. Not the best looking, and the sounds (actors) are quite bad, but I still really enjoy it.
Rating #176 of 15 20 days ago
This machine is special. A shooter's game for sure and super deep so lastibility is high. This machine just feels solid and luxurious. The best way to describe it is imagining a contemporary B/W, that kind of feel. Ramps are great, drops are one of a kind, monitor is what pinball should be in 2016, playfield is great quality, on and on and on...
Rating #176 of 28 20 days ago
I was really excited about this game. But it's so blinking slow. It feels like an EM with training wheels. Nearly impossible to get a SDTM drain. Where's the challenge, the luck and that "just one more" feeling? Not here unfortunately...
Rating #176 of 9 20 days ago
It's a blast to play!!!
Rating #176 of 33 20 days ago
This is such a tough game. You can play several games and not see much happen at all. On the other hand when it opens up you see the magic of Iron Man.

The rules are simple but difficult to pull off a lot like BSD. You will have lots of frustrating games but one awesome run mixed in here and there.

Killer game. Put in several games and then come back and let us know how awesome it is.
Rating #176 of 22 20 days ago
The fastest wide body I've played, excellent game.
Rating #176 of 6 22 days ago
Great layout, not sure how they crammed so many great shots into a non widebody! One of the few machines I doubt will ever leave my collection.
Rating #176 of 6 22 days ago
What a fantastic game! The shots are all fun to shoot and the only thing i would change would lower the outlanes a bit so the ball doesnt automatically drain if you hit the metal. The artwork just shows you that photoshop is not always needed in this day in age to make a game.
Rating #176 of 39 22 days ago
Artwork is hideous. This felt cheap and offered even less than a usual PRO does....Music is outs the same. Game play was nothing great.
Walked away from this quite disappointed as i love the show.
Rating #176 of 25 22 days ago
The Supercharger track is great!
Rating #176 of 62 22 days ago
Love this freaking game. I'm a fan of open middle PFs, so this one nails everything I like as far as layout is concerned for me. Deceivingly simple and bare, but not at all in reality. I'm a sucker for Oursler layouts. Tough shots from far away & some of the best rules in pinball, to add to that. Really cool music and sound effects.

Sample quality is a little rough, even for the time period, but the samples picked are great. Great animation. Nails the theme perfectly. It definitely immerses you in its world. And tough as hell too. What's not to like? I guess if you aren't very good at pinball, this one might not be much fun. So not a great game for casual players, but for ownership, kind of a no brainer. I'd grab one in a second if I had the $.
Rating #176 of 43 22 days ago
I realize a lot of people will disagree with this statement but here goes...

I personally believe that this table is partially responsible for the Williams integration of ramp shots that feed balls back to the flippers. This game predates Space Shuttle by 8 months and High Speed by nearly two years.

It is obvious to me that the ramps transferring the ball to the upper flippers on the clear play field was a step forward in pinball design. It makes for an ultra smooth transition to the upper flippers. This is something only previously seen on the Zac. tables Pinball Champ 1982, Soccer Kings 1982, and Farfalla 1983.

Both Bally and Williams certainly had it's share of upper playfield layouts (Black Knight, Solar Fire, ect.). However, I believe the three Zac's mentioned above were the transition that pinball needed to realize the repeatable "flipper fed ramp shots" that exist in nearly every single pinball machine made since 1985.

Besides THAT cool toy on this game, there are also the traditional Zac outlane flipper savers and ramps that drop when you complete the drops. The layout may seem simple but this game is so gratifying when you finally put up 3 or 4 million points on it. It also has some of the fastest ball speeds from the 80's as well. Just think of it as the 80's version of Johnny Mnemonic. The sounds and speech are even well done on this game and it has a great backbox animation that reminds me of Evel Knievel. It really adds some awesome variety to a cookie cutter collection of A and B Bally/Williams titles.
Rating #176 of 290 22 days ago
Super orbit is an ok game it has good rules, decent artwork, and a decent theme.
Rating #176 of 27 22 days ago
Tough pin with short ball times, but can be very rewarding. Game benefits from alternate sound code and better LED lighting with colors instead of bright white.
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