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Rating #176 of 20 26 days ago
BttF is my favorite movie franchise. Unfortunately, this game does not do the franchise justice. At all.. This is just a run of the mill and shallow late 90's Data East game. It plays very much like Playboy, The Simpsons and Phantom of the Opera. Which is a major shame, considering how much cool stuff there is to work with from the 3 movies.

BttF is a missed chance. If anything, this theme deserved the treatment that Indiana Jones got from Williams a few years later.
Rating #176 of 8 26 days ago
I thought it would be more like funhouse .
average game
Rating #176 of 34 26 days ago
Another Lyman masterpiece!

I love building up the inlane multiplier, stacking it with 2X playfield, and then nailing a huge shot. What a rush! The walker and prison bombs on the premium/LE completely change the game and add a very cool dimension to the strategy. I also really enjoy nailing the BG shot. To me, it's a lot more satisfying than simply looping the left ramp over and over again on the pro. With the latest code and the modded callouts, this is easily one of the best pins out there.
Rating #176 of 11 27 days ago
I own a nice one, but am just not in love. I own an mmr and ij and sttng and this just doesn't seem to compare. Sound is too repetitive and disco. I love the old show, but am just not into the game that much.
Rating #176 of 37 27 days ago
This is a really fun pin and it's easily my favorite non-DMD. It has a simple ruleset that's easy to learn and hard to master. The playfield is laid out perfectly and it offers tons of interesting and fun shots. I love the multi-ball mode on this machine with all the randomness caused by the spinning discs and the tough upper flipper shot for the jackpot.

The artwork, music, and call outs are all top notch. The simulated tornado on the playfield and the fan blowing on top of the cabinet make this a machine that absolutely nails the theme. Overall, this is a top tier System 11 machine and one of the most fun games out there.

From the fan blowing on top of the cabinet to the chaotically spinning discs on the playfield, this machine really nails the theme. This is a classic machine that hard to find any fault with.
Rating #176 of 37 27 days ago
This machine has a great theme, super deep rules, awesome artwork and good music and call outs. There is so much to do that after 50+ games on this machine, I feel like I'm just scratching the surface. The sheer amount of content and strategies available make this game shine for the experienced pinhead, but it's still a very fun and approachable game for casual players.

On the negative side, it's a shame that it's missing the voices of Lisa and Marge in the call outs. However, with the dozens of character voices that the machine does feature, this is a small complaint. Also, high scoring games on this machine can get pretty long and start to feel pretty "epic", which is by design.

Overall, this is a top tier machine that gets almost everything right and is tons of fun to play! There's just so much packed into this machine that it's one of the most ideal games for the home environment.
Rating #176 of 85 27 days ago
Underwater was the first pinball machine I ever saw. In Germany you had to be 18 to get into most arcades since they had slot machines as well. The bar I had to pass by on my way home from school had one of those machines near their window. I spend hours looking through the windows at this wondrous machine. It was inconstant use, so I got somewhat of an idea what to do. I finally got the nerve to walk into the bar act like I was 16 (minimum age requirement) and drop some coins into this pinball.
I was hooked ever since. The machine is actually pretty fun for an old EM but there are other ones higher up on my "want list"..
Rating #176 of 85 27 days ago
Pinball hell from my early childhood. I remember playing on this machine many times because it was by far the cheapest machine in the entire arcade near my home. I couldn't afford the fancier machines like Time Warp or Gorgar that had just come out. It was pure desperation, so I was stuck playing "Aces & Kings". To be fair, "Aces & Kings" is better than no pinball at all. Not much to shoot for except those spinning post and the stand up targets. If you were careful and avoided the "Post down" button you could play for a while. The saucers at the side required correct timing otherwise the ball wouldn't stay.
Anyway, that's the first pinball I learned how to play on.
Rating #176 of 7 16 days ago
For an EM a very interesting game - very fast and unique. It gives you the chance to get the ball back into play after it passed the outlanes. You need to work physically and use the "bounce-back outlanes"...a real challenge but it can work! Try to play it if you get the chance.
Has a very colourful backglas - I can understand that some don`t like it, but I think it is not too bad.
Rating #176 of 12 7 hours ago
Manage to snap up this Pin. Seriously underrated here on pinside. Should be at least in the top 50. Great fun :-)
Rating #176 of 28 28 days ago
A little fun-machine!
Rating #176 of 19 28 days ago
Wow. What a pleasant surprise this pin is. Played one a PAPA and liked it enough to search out a diamond plated one.
First off, if you don't have LEDS in this pin, shame on you. Absolutely beautiful with them in.
For a system 11, it's quite deep in rules. There are 6 "games" you play to spell CASINO for a 2 mil prize. Also there is a progressive jackpot. The roulette wheel is damn fun.
Skill shot is one of the best of all time.
This pin is perhaps one of the MOST underrated I've come across, albeit I'm a bit partial to system 11 pins (the best era ever). The theme song isn't annoying like some say. The attract mode is cool too.. the pin teaches you how to play it, just like Pinbot does.

Staying for awhile!
Rating #176 of 24 28 days ago
This is by far the fastest (older) wide body that I've played. The odd pop bumper layout combined with strong slings and crazy strong kicks makes for ball blurring lower PF at times. The top of the PF seems ho-hum unless you are accurate with your shots from the lower flippers. Getting the multiball is nice, but with the lower PF on this beast, it doesn't last long. I didn't think that this one would last long, but everyone that plays it seems to think that its a keeper.
Rating #176 of 24 28 days ago
This is a pinball machine that leaves a "love it" or "hate it" taste in your mouth after every game. The black hole of an out lane on the left takes the fun out of it for most, but when you learn to control the ball, it doesn't factor into play as much. I enjoy turning it on from time to time, but it is not my favorite table in my collection.
Rating #176 of 6 28 days ago
I finally got one of these after many years wanting and playing where I found one until my fingers were numb. A very fun machine that is demonstrative of Pat Lawlor's early gadgets and themes that are found in a lot of his other machines. The theme is timeless and play flow can be very fast when the flippers are strong. The main thing here is to make sure you get plastic protectors as the ball can go flying around into some otherwise unprotected and vulnerable plastic pieces that are increasingly difficult to get in one piece. It can get bogged down with flippers that aren't well maintained. Overall a sweet machine to have in your collection!
Rating #176 of 6 29 days ago
One of the best games I've played to date. It's exciting and the rules are fun to follow through! It's a shame it's so darn expensive but it makes sense.
Rating #176 of 718 29 days ago
The latest Steve Ritche game from Stern just came out and Dan Gutchess had an unboxing/beta testing program. I was fortunate enough to play a few games on this new deck!

The Pros:
An incredibly smooth layout with great shots and a ruleset that even in it's earliest incarnation shows a great deal of thought and creativity. Two types of stackable shot/pf multipliers as well as a Dr. Who like House choice that alters the rules to your own style of play and strategy. Granted that this will probably be sussed out by tourney players who will find the best scoring choices and exploits, but from what I can see from the game so far, the "alliances" add layers to the strategies and tasks at hand. Building up gold and getting to buy/pass on awards is an interesting ruleset, but you have to be lucky enough to have the game give you an award you want to buy. This will probably be refined in tourney settings as well. The battering ram is a dangerous shot that really has to be nailed to register. I recommend saving this up for multiball/ ball saver play. The art pax looks solid, the PF is really well signed and the lighting does a better job of guiding the player to the shot that needs to be made next better than any game I have ever seen. The shot multiplier is noted on the bottom of the DMD and guides the player to work as many combo shots as they can without denying multiple shots to the same ramp/lane in a manner that is subtle as well as easily noted. Granted this may not be something you can pay real attention to when playing a hectic multiball, but it is always there when you need it. The Sword lock works incredibly well and the center ramp flows when it needs to without hinderance, and it traps the balls smoothly and efficiently when it should.

The Cons:
The game killscreened me and one other player during the evening's play. In my case I was just about to start Blackwater multiball and the game reset during a 4 player game. Yeowtch! I know that this is the first iteration of software for the game, but fatal errors during operation while the game hits the street? Hooo-wee! Dan already had an update that he was going to put into the game, but this game shipped with software that wasn't stable. The Dragon lane has the tendency to let the ball drift SDTM from the post lock in particular. Yes, it's another fan layout... The video mode. How do you play this thing? (OK, ok... I need some more miles on this table). The light show on this game is SO powerful that epiliptic fits will be attributed to playing this game (AFM Saucer MB on steroids!). The dragon is an interesting little toy, but the wow factor is not there for me on this flying lizard.

The Takeaway:
I was prepared to be disappointed by GoT pro. The upper PF looks way sweet and while I can't wait to play the LE/Preem... I can say that the pro is a great game unto itself. It's a winner! Will the LE/Preem be similar to AC/DC where you just can't live without the extra PF? I don't know, but what I do know is this. Stern has another winner on their hands and Steve Ritchie has proven himself once again as "The King".

Sidenote: This is just my opinion, but I also have to say that while I love Steve Ritchie's games, he also has the benefit of a much longer production cycle than the other designers at Stern. Both KIZZ (H-D V2) and RassleMane-yuh are games from great designers who had to put out quick designs and came from the Premier/DE design cycles. Now while they can put out designs quickly, don't they deserve the respect and time to create the quality games that Steve is afforded. I understand that the business requires that the production line keeps moving. I get it, but I would rather have quality over the spinning wheels of quantity any day. Would this the be opportunity for a other designers to come to Stern and create new games? Would Stern be able to hire outside freelancers? Who knows? But I can tell you this. If Stern keeps releasing games of the quality that Steve Ritchie has been able to consistently produce with EVERY title, that would be the best for everyone involved, wouldn't it?
Rating #176 of 13 29 days ago
Have the new code 6 installed. Thanks ChadH
Rating #176 of 78 29 days ago
I love this game, coolness factor is through the roof and its fast for a widebody and then some. Great
Rating #176 of 15 1 month ago
This is a very fun game with good game play and rule set. While the art work is average it is very fun machine and a great value. Two thumbs up!
Rating #176 of 85 1 month ago
One of the coolest and most evil looking games ever made along with Centaur and Fathom. A game that looks and sounds this good just has to be fun! So, as a kid many years ago, I was throwing coin after coin into the machine hoping for the fun factor. I wanted to like this game but always left somewhat disappointed since this machine never delivered. Poor layout and poor flow just ruin a game that could have been one of the best. Still a very nice game to look at if you have the room.
Rating #176 of 7 1 month ago
Not a bad game but unfortunately you will realize that the software is not finished....this is sad as the pin has huge potential. I don`t know how good the new software Cactus Canyon Continued is, maybe this would change the rating. Very rare but if you get the chance "shoot the bad guys"...do it!
Rating #176 of 7 1 month ago
For me the most beautiful pin ever! The artwork is perfect and the sound good. I like the comments from Elvira. The rules are very easy to understand but to complete the "Spider wheel" is a true challenge. It fits perfect into a collection but if it is the only pin you might get bored. But I have it since years and I still play it regular.
Rating #176 of 7 1 month ago
A all-time classic! Played it several 1000-times but still like to play it. The Multiball is still awesome! The only thing what could be better: The final is a little bit boring - nothing new. But I will keep this game in my collection till the end
Rating #176 of 18 12 days ago
First thing to note: Turn off the claw!

This game sucks with the claw enabled, because having the claw enabled kills the flow of the game and allows the player to just choose lock freeze and play multiball all day, without ever experiencing the great modes packed into this game.

Demoman's flow may be some of the best in all of pinball. It's such a pleasure to shoot, and the game encourages and rewards flowing combo play. The way the rules work with combos, lock freezes, and claw awards makes the player keep flow going between the center shot, left ramp, right ramp, and eventually left inner-loop. It feels incredibly fun to do, and the rules do a good job of rewarding the player for doing so.
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