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Rating #176 of 17 28 days ago

While I avoided this game at first, I've really come to like it a lot. It's funny with a pretty simple rule set. Love the stackable MB's, moving Buck and Ram kicker. Bonus modes are hilarious. Can be pretty cruel at times, but hey... it's pinball!

Rating #176 of 17 28 days ago

While I do like the rules, I just can't get into the shots. Too many posts to be considered a good flowing game (S. Ritchie trademark). I've played this game a lot for league and every time I start putting something together, I hit one post and it's all over. No Fear = No Forgiveness.

Rating #176 of 17 28 days ago

Fun Steve Ritchie three-flipper layout, but lacks a good 'hook' IMHO. Rules are a bit too deep for must to understand, Sandman center arrangement gets old and Doc Ock is notorious for rejecting perfectly placed shots. I do like the combo encouragement and a lot of the rules, but I find GG and Venom confusing. Pretty fun gameplay overall though... not a drain monster.

Rating #176 of 17 28 days ago

Playfield looks too simple at first, but once you get a good feel for the rules it keeps you interested. Rewards good aim, zipper flippers are interesting and the two bells sound good in concert. Love the colors and art. Outlanes are huge and 100 point pop is dangerous if you go straight for it. I haven't played a ton from this era, but I've really enjoyed owning this pin!

Rating #176 of 20 29 days ago

BSD is a great game that doesn't really work that well in a small collection. It has a simple premise that, while it feels amazing to pull off (the triple stacking of the multiballs), doing this repeatedly with little other variation turns into a very "grindy" kind of affair. After owning it for a little while and playing it into the ground, I found myself yearning for deeper experiences that allowed me to do more than play video mode as a side option.

Don't get me wrong--BSD deserves every bit of respect it currently gets. It just needs to be experienced on location or in a larger home collection. If you only have three or four games and you play them a lot, BSD will likely get old (left ramp, left ramp, left ramp, bats.. right ramp, right ramp, right ramp, right ramp, lock, lock; left ramp, left ramp, castle lock.. start mist, do this for all eternity, or so it feels).

Sound-effect wise this game nails it with some excellent sound effects when super jackpots are attained and when movie sample callouts are played. The music itself, while memorable, doesn't stand the test of time as well as the SFX due to the archaic, synthesized nature. The cabinet art is excellent, whereas the backglass is so-so and the playfield art looks like it could have used a little more detail to truly stand out.

Rating #176 of 20 29 days ago

Jokerz is a game I thought I would not like, but ended up loving. The playfield layout isn't conducive to flow. As such every shot (except the drop targets) effectively stops the ball for a moment while you watch it do its thing. However, when you figure out what all those shots do and how they can affect your score, things start to become more interesting.

The big payoff is getting your Jackpot in multiball (center ramp). However, there's some fun strategy in completing your top lanes while getting "2X playfield" running in multiball. Also, getting a second jackpot in the same multiball is one of the most satisfying things I've accomplished in pinball simply due to the fact that it is so risky (the ramp lowers back down after each shot when going for the second jackpot). Building your right ramp value and cashing that in is a lot of fun too, and getting that or getting the drop target million hurry-up while at 2X playfield is very satisfying as well.

Art-wise things work on the playfield, although the art style may not be all that appealing to many. There's no denying though that the way the art is implemented on the playfield is creative, especially by the flippers and the "table" in the center of the playfield. The cabinet art itself, while creative, doesn't really do it for me. The backglass on the other hand is excellent with a much smoother art style than what you get on the playfield or cabinet itself. Sound-wise I grew to enjoy the game, but the laughing sound and goofy music was a turnoff at first. It fits the game though and I do like it for what it is.

It should be mentioned, Jokerz is a challenging game very much in the same vein as a lot of early solid states--simple playfield layout, pops in the middle of the upper playfield, with lots of unpredictable bounces as the ball makes its way back down to the flippers. Lots of fast drains here on this one and as a result the game heavily rewards slower, methodical play styles, not fast on-the-fly shooting (although, you can still play like that occasionally if you are really good).

The "Double Your Score" mechanic. I like this and it makes Jokerz stand out from the rest of the pack. There's nothing quite like getting a high score on balls one and two (say, 14 million), then doubling it right at the last second on ball three. The feeling you get when you manage this is awesome.

Some tips I have for making this a more enjoyable game: 1) Set the game on Novelty mode. This forces the Jackpot at the maxed out four million and doesn't reset when scored. This makes multi-player and competitive/tournament games more balanced. 2) Setting the "Million drops" timer higher than the default is recommended as well--20+ seconds is where you want it. The stock 10 seconds or so is too short and difficult to complete which makes going for it not very worthwhile. Extending the timer balances things out a bit and makes it worth shooting for. 3) Put smaller post sleeves at the base of the "raise ramp" target. When I got the game there were fat yellow sleeves there and the shot was very difficult to hit. The shot is already risky as is and having fatter sleeves surrounding the target makes the player ignore one of the most important (and fun) playfield aspects of this machine. 4) This should be a given on any game, but make sure the flippers are in good shape. When the flippers are snappy like after a rebuild, this game really screams and keeps you on your toes.

Overall Jokerz shines in the challenge and it has the same kind of replay value as many games that came six to eight years before it. It's a great game that's going to be a mixed bag to some in terms of theme and sound implementation. On strictly a gameplay basis, it's a great game that I highly recommend playing. If I am able to have a greater amount of space to store pins in the future, I would love to own another.

Rating #176 of 20 29 days ago

Ripley's is a game for players, featuring a deep ruleset, challenging wizard modes to achieve, and lots of scoring opportunities. It's like an amalgamation of past Pat Lawlor games, particularly TAF and TZ, and it shares many of the same features those games have. However, RBION to me features a more meaningful ruleset with greater things playing a bigger part when it comes to scoring big (i.e., not just play multiball or get Gumball locks over and over). The flow of the game is great when you get it down, but the shots can be tricky if you're new to the game, but that makes the satisfaction of dominating this machine even greater.

Cabinet art itself is probably my least favorite aspect of this package. The theme itself though works very well and despite it being a licensed properly, it fits as if it is a completely original theme. The sounds and speech are some of Stern's best when it comes to pre-SAM games with lots of humorous, memorable callouts and beefy sounding tunes. The playfield layout is very well done with a lot of shot options, and just about every shot on the playfield is important at one time or another. The looping left ramp wireform is nice and the right ramp crossover is interesting as well. Not many real "toys" on this playfield, but the two magnets, the upper gated playfield, the multiple spinners and the vari-target are implemented in a way that makes the game stand out. For lastability, Ripley's should satiate a skilled player's need for a long time. The stacking options are great in this game, particularly once you figure out how the tic-tac-toe style board works, bring those modes into traditional vari-target Continent modes, then bring both of those into the standard multiball (three modes running together). Truly satisfying stuff.

I sold my Ripley's only because I needed the money. I look forward to the day when I can acquire another one. It's a fantastic game and one of my favorites I've had the opportunity to play.

Rating #176 of 14 29 days ago

Fun fun game, really well done.

Rating #176 of 14 29 days ago

Great game, first of the classic pat layouts, great for its day and still lots of fun!

Rating #176 of 14 29 days ago

Very fun and fast game, hard and mean but in a good way, I could see getting tired of it. But for now, having a blast :)

Rating #176 of 14 29 days ago

Addams is a classic, whats amazing is how much in influenced future titles. Kind of a recycled layout from ww, but theamed well and fun! Who says you cant take it with you!

Rating #176 of 14 29 days ago

One of the best late EM machines made. There is a lot happening on this machine. Williams spared no expenses creating this one. I'm lucky enough to have purchased one recently after searching for one for a bit. One of the best things about this machine is the many "easy shots" that help rack up points quickly.

Rating #176 of 202 1 month ago

Truly great artwork. Definitely one of the top 5 prettiest backglasses ever. I like the ball lock behind the drops. Other than that, gameplay is average.

Rating #176 of 13 1 month ago

i like pinballs , i like walkind dead, but i don't like this pinball

they could do a great pinball with this theme but no

the new code don't save it

Rating #176 of 13 1 month ago

i like pinballs , i like walking dead, but i don't like this pinball

they could do a great pinball with this theme , the new code don't save him

Rating #176 of 13 1 month ago

cool ramps and mini playfield

but not a top 20 !!!

Rating #176 of 13 1 month ago

it was a great game in 90's

but not a top for me today

Rating #176 of 13 1 month ago

it was a great game in 90's

but not a top 5 today for me

Rating #176 of 10 1 month ago

Cool game - pun intended!

Rating #176 of 12 1 month ago

Just a fun pin to play, when you have more pins in your collection its ok, not for just one pin collector....thats my advice....the kids love it by the way!

Rating #176 of 12 1 month ago

Just a very nice family pin that everybody here wants to play!!

No top 10 pin but underrated for sure...i think top 25.

Rating #176 of 12 1 month ago

Very fast pin, nice machine to keep when you are short with pins in your gameroom. Also nice to have when your gameroom is full of pins ????

It's a top 10 pin, no doubt about it !!

Rating #176 of 27 1 month ago

How is this game not in the top 100?

Fast, fun,Steve Ritchie flow.

Great bang for your buck and more to shoot at than high speed or f14.

Just a good fun game that won't break the bank.

Rating #176 of 8 1 month ago

Love the main shot on the safe and the clear goal of working your way up ranks

Rating #176 of 8 1 month ago

The tortuga spinner gets a little old after a while and overall the game seems a little on the easy side but still a very fun game! Clear goals set out, and the sinking ship is sweet!

There are 22718 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 7 of 909.

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