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Rating #176 of 6 24 days ago

STTNG is a great game,

game play and rules are so much fun,

ramps are awesome,

sound is great,

artwork is awesome,

Tranlate is a 6,

Steve Ritchie what a genius..

Rating #176 of 6 24 days ago

Great game,

really liked the genie,

lamp awesome,

ramp shots are cool as,

translate only a 6,

sound is brilliant,

From the genius of j pop

Rating #176 of 6 24 days ago

LOTR is great game,

brilliant artwork,

deep set rules are great fun,

DMD is awesome,

sound is brilliant.

Great work Mr Gomez

Rating #176 of 6 24 days ago

Awesome game,

Had our MM for 10 years and still fun to play.

Castle brilliant,

trolls great fun,

humour awesome,

artwork really fun and cool,

would highly recommend...

Rating #176 of 46 25 days ago

Absolutely beautiful game with some if not the best rules in a pin.

Rating #176 of 100 25 days ago

Not impressed with this game at all. Straight down the idle ball drains when you lock it in the head. Decent flow but horrible rule set. Very shallow game. I did not enjoy playing it at all.

Rating #176 of 6 25 days ago

Best integration of any themes. Wow.

Rating #176 of 6 25 days ago

Just plain fun.

Rating #176 of 6 25 days ago

Fun game. Awesome speech. Too easy.

Rating #176 of 6 25 days ago

Perfect game.

Rating #176 of 6 25 days ago

Not one my favs. Never makes it through a tourney with repairs.

Rating #176 of 6 25 days ago

This machine is my wife's favorite and turned her on to pinball. Shows what a great set of rules can do to update a playfield.

Rating #176 of 6 25 days ago

My first Pin ever......excellent.......over and over again....

Rating #176 of 87 25 days ago

If you find one ......GET .... IT !

Rating #176 of 8 25 days ago

Super cool game. Looks really nice. Love the music and sound quality. Good flow and shots. The game is a blast to play. Cannot wait for code to be updated down the road. Stern manages to come thru in the end with code.

Rating #176 of 26 25 days ago

Wow I wished I had a chance to play this title back in the day. At first glance I thought it had a multilevel play field. Very deceptive but just a fabulous title. Looks like a green Sorcerer from a distance and plays phenomimially. If you get a chance play or pick up.

The backglass is interesting. It fits the times, but I think it could have been a bit less cheesy, more like Sorcerer.

Rating #176 of 26 25 days ago

One of the Best Games out there. Fine example of modern Stern twist on a classic title. Out of all the marvel pinball games this is the best. Includes all three Spider-man movies. I just could not wait to include this into my collection. I just really get charged on adrenaline while playing. An aggressive pinball to play. In general I like the fighting style pinballs most. This is another level of excitement! The music, sound, and lighting are choreographed beautifully. A shaker is a must!

Rating #176 of 30 26 days ago

blast from the early solid state years. Good gimmick with the blackout effect. Well tuned game can be very fast. Often overlooked as the cousin of the more successful Firepower. No multi-ball, but does have basic speech and lane change.

Rating #176 of 26 26 days ago

Very fun to play. It never gets old trying to shut up Rudy by sticking a ball in his mouth. I love how he insults. Although there isn't a lot to shoot. There is a good variety and different modes to entertain. Trapdoor shot is rewarding. The second lefty plunger for the game of chance is a unique part of the game. Its cool how the clock advances. At midnight enables Rudy to fall asleep as the funhouse closes. Only negative is that it gets repetitive quickly.

Rating #176 of 8 19 days ago

One of my favourite movies now in my favorite pastime! Can it get better?

Rating #176 of 41 26 days ago

I've played several on-location versions of Firepower and it just doesn't do anything for me. As an early solid state, it seems to hang on to so many EM type shots and features (and, as several early SS's, it has no ramps), but it seems like it could have been so much better. That is, I've played comparable EM's that blow Firepower away.

No fun, not even for free play. Also, if you are fan of Robotron 2084, you'll hear some familiar sounds... they couldn't even make an original sound board? Just falls flat...

Rating #176 of 41 26 days ago

Poor Xenon - I want to like it, but it just isn't in the cards. From the annoying pop bumper male and female "moaning" to the less-fun-than-expected ramp-to-tube shot, I really can't stand to play more than a few games on this snooze-fest. But I really want to!

I wouldn't go out of my way to play it - as a matter of fact, I have no trouble just walking past it. Maybe it's just not for me...

Rating #176 of 6 27 days ago

Oh the amount of VO on this machine is unreal. It's neverending one liners.

Rating #176 of 26 27 days ago

Great pin, have enjoyed it at all of the shows I've gone to. Used ones don't seem to come up too often locally; when one does I won't hesitate.

Rating #176 of 8 27 days ago

Good machine overall. The lights show is the best of any machine so far with a near perfect use of color changing LEDs. The game rules should be more clear...so the first several game plays feel more like just "hit the ball" not "aim for this"....Both upper mini playfields lack any kind of skill play.

The Pros:

One of the most iconic movie theme of all time...Who doesn't remember growing watching The Wizard of Oz every holiday season !!

Overall very fun game for all ages.

Beautiful artwork, lighting and integration of movie clips & sound.

The Cons:

Rules are unclear/deep and take several repeated game plays to start to understand.

Upper mini playfields lack any sort of real skill.

The Takeaway:

With deep rule sets and beautiful theme WOZ is a keeper.

Game play may seem unclear at first but will keep seasond and novice players coming back for more.

Would I buy it? Yes...

Just a side note: This by far is my wifes favorite machine so I will be adding a WOZ 75th to my collection. I will update my post afterwards.

There are 23640 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 7 of 946.

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