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11 days ago
Not a bad game for what it is. Neat theme, I liked the sounds and the shots. definitely worth some loonies/quarters in the wild
11 days ago
Nice layout, and one of the faster games by Gomez. The sound package on this game is amazing, and adding in a ColorDMD is a huge bonus, especially for the movie clips. Lighting could be better, as some of the playfield feels dark, and there isn't much in terms of GI. The "modern" Transformers may turn some people off, but I really enjoy the theme, and appreciate the use of some sound and music from the original 80's series. The toys, on the playfield are just that, off the shelf toys. They look cheap, but serve their purpose in locating shots.
11 days ago
This has to be one of the best lit games of all time. You can see it from the parking lot and it looks absolutely amazing. Other than that, it's Attack From Mars, one of the best games of all time. I thought the giant widescreen DMD would be dumb but it's totally fine. Maybe the best topper ever made too. Incredible game.
11 days ago
Long playing, ho-hum Stern movie game. I thought this game looked a lot like Metallica or Iron Man but I can't say I prefer it to either. Doesn't bring much new to the table. Really nice and colorful though.
11 days ago
The game is amazing! I've been in the hobby since '04 and have played every new release game and I don't think I've ever seen another game that had this level of polish and breadth to the rules so quickly after release. At this point I don't even know what's missing or incomplete software-wise. Everything about this game feels well executed and thought-out. The layout has a ton of shots, speed, combos, loops and a good mix of tough, moderate, and easy shots. It doesn't really play like any other game that I can think of. The ramps I'd say are moderate in difficulty.-the left ramp is easier than it looks. The mini loop and super-jackpot shot are tougher to hit than I thought which is a good thing. The main loop is very repeatable and fun to hit. I love hitting the left orbit and then ripping off 3-4 consecutive loop shots! The power orb shot is actually pretty tight which is a good thing as it's not something you really want to hit "by accident". my guess is that this is by design. The spinner shots and the sounds associated with them are awesome! It's great to see a game with really good spinner rules. Lighting revive using the lower left spinner is a great rule as are making that spinner score double in Fear of the Dark. You can tell that the team behind this game put their heart and soul into it! I love that there are only 5 main modes in this game. I'd rather have 5 modes that are well thought out and feel unique than 125 modes that feel the same. The modes in this game are just as fun as playing the multi-balls which is rare in games today. The game doesn't play as brutal as games like TWD and GOTG but isn't easy either. I'd say it's just about right. Most of my drains came as a result of "playing loose" with the game and not being able to react to the speed.

As far as other aspects of the game go I think the artwork is phenomenal and may be the best looking modern game to date! The sound and callouts are all really well done and the music really fits pinball well. The display does a great job of telling you what you need to do and displaying where you are at. Yes the style may not match Zombie Yeti's artwork but when you're playing you don't care. It still looks good and does the job it needs to do. I think the lights and use of RGB lighting for the main shots on the Pro is really well done.

I know there's been a lot of praise about this game's layout and how much it flows and opens itself up to so many shots but the genius part about it is that the layout completely changes when you are in multiball play. All of a sudden this open layout changes because when you have more balls in play the upper flippers block the 2 easiest shots in the game (orbits) and force you to take more difficult shots (ramps) and play more in control instead of fast and loose. It also makes it difficult to trap up and pick off shots with one of the flippers because of this. You have to work on techniques such as ball transfers and using flipper staging way more than you have to do in a 2 flipper game. I think it's a game that will drastically improve your multiball skills the more you play it.
11 days ago
One "BAO!" does not a good game make.

Like many of the European-made pingames, this one plays hard, and as a by product, has little regard given to design, rules and scoring. The flipper gap is enormous, so be prepared for some frustrating house balls. The art is a confusing mix between what Gottlieb was doing in the 70s with what Bally was doing in the 60s. The game sounds like an old solid-state cash register, with beeps in various tones. It seems people are really into the sound the pop-up dragons make when you knock them down. The game's mystique is built around the "BAO" sound, and the fact that many of these games, new in box, were discovered a few years back in Canada, meaning there are some really nice examples kicking around. The game is a disappointment--all hype, no substance.

Stand up and take a BAO.
11 days ago
11 days ago
A true classic. Love the sound and music. Flow is great, feel the power of the wind.
11 days ago
What a game. So much to do and hard to master. Great sound and lighting. Install a color DMD and the fun gets even better. Just do much fun to play and really fast. Hard to master, but that is a goood thing.
11 days ago
The music and sound on SOF are classic Williams. Love the flow and upper mini playfield. Never gets boring for me. An under appreciated classic game.
11 days ago
Holy crap. First impressions this game is awesome. It's hard, fast, loud, flashy, and you don't need a PhD to understand what's happening in the game at any given time. Maybe this game has a deeper underbelly, but 30 minutes playing this game without reading the rules card and you pretty much know exactly what's going on at any point in the game. There's no selecting characters, mashing buttons, or reading little signs above inserts full of text. There aren't 10 modes shooting different colored flashing shots to get different movie clips. No mini playfields, no waiting for balls from scoops, no saucers, no freaking brakes man.

There's so much satisfaction in this game. Destroying a reactor feels so good. Heck, even just having a reactor go critical feels like something important just happened, when it's just a ball bouncing around the upper playfield. Every every ball lock is so mechanically satisfying. Blowing reactors is like the getting a big super jackpot in any other game, except it happens all the time in this game.

If I have anything minutely bad to say about it, the playfield art isn't mind blowing or anything, but it doesn't look cheap. I've had a few times the slingshots airballed the ball directly into the outlane. While the light show is great, I don't think it's on par with a visual spectacles like JJP games like others have said. There's kind of nothing at the top of the game, but not being loaded with "stuff" is kind of the reason this game is great. I'm stretching for bad things to say about this game. Nothing about it is bad.
12 days ago
It's a great game and I love it, but #1? The fan layout is basic and makes it feel less strategic than any game with 3 or more flippers. For fan layouts, I like TOTAN more even though the software is limited. I like a number of wide body Superpins more including WOZ, STTNG, TZ, IJ, and ...gulp... even PSTE. Bang for the buck just doesn't seem to be there on this one. If it was a Superpin and had the castle on an upper playfield to storm with more flippers and a dangerous moat beneath it to contend with, then maybe it would rise to the top for me, but woe to us peasants, it isn't a Superpin. It would have made a fine one though. Yes, it was a late Williams game, and yes, they didn't make very many, and yes, it is good, yes it is fun, yes it has a great theme, but again #1?
12 days ago
Very fun game the layout feels unique which is refreshing.
12 days ago
I find myself skipping this pin for others that are more fun.
12 days ago
I don't know. It's just something about this game that I really like. All the shots are very smooth, especially the ramp shots. I didn't expect anything else from a Steve Ritchie game. The rules aren't TOO complicated but good for a beginner or intermediate pinball player. Obviously, the sound quality is far inferior for 2003 (even WMS games from 1993 have better sound quality than some Sterns from 2005), but I kinda like it. It sounds a bit like a retro SNES console. Listen to the music and you'll understand.
12 days ago
This is #1 for a reason... it's really that awesome!
12 days ago
Jersey Jack really has their stuff together. This is a nice pin.
12 days ago
Relatively basic design... I feel like they could have done more with this modern IP, but overall still fun. It's my sons new favorite machine, but that probably has more to do with it being Star Wars than the actual game play :)
12 days ago
Gotta love a new Pat Lawlor game! I got to play this for the first time at TPF a few weeks ago and loved it!
12 days ago
Great game,easy rules,fun game play.
This game has a lot of things to do,lightening animation is gorgeous.
13 days ago
Best circus themed pin, fantastic artwork and lighting effects. Plays smooth and fast, ramps are fun. I don’t like the video modes.
The cannon in the backglass is cool, and the placement of the DMD is fitting.
13 days ago
Finally found an El Dorado after a long search. This is the best p/f layout and ruleset of all the similar p/f games that Gottlieb produced. I had a Solar City before this and I didn’t enjoy it at all.

The reasoning is ED has better artwork and it’s a wedge head. It’s a stunning game to even just look at. The targets only reset after all targets are knocked down and the 5K rotating shot is very challenging. I put mine on three ball play and set it up steep so you must use all four flippers to play well. This is truly a “just one more game” title to own.
13 days ago
Stared off really bad with the code it was released with.

The playfield is bright with vibrant colours and a nice art package. The layout is cool, with good flow, the kick back is brutal!
It’s a real shame that STERN couldn’t get the rights to use the real actors voices, but that is being addressed by pinsiders.
The animations are OK, could use so much more from the movie to make it better.

With the new code the game is so much more fun and interesting. It has evolved into a much better game and could, in future be regarded as a classic
13 days ago
You can't go wrong with this machine. I've played it WAY more than any other. I remember playing it over and over as a kid in the arcade and still find myself coming back to want to play whenever I have the chance even now time and time again!
14 days ago
This was my first machine... bought it non-functional and was able to restore it to fully functional... still a few small quirks, but this will always hold a special place for me since she was my first machine to own and have set up in my home!
There are 32388 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 7 of 1296.

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