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Rating #176 of 16 18 days ago
Need i say more, this game makes all others seem a bit overshadowed :)
Rating #176 of 726 19 days ago
When you call your pinball game "Pinball", it had better live up to the name.

The Pros:
A great layout with a solid balance between skill and luck. The lane to the right may be wide, but the sling switches will determine what award you get from the saucer when it is hit. Great shots with a SOLID layout that requires skill and almost STARS like luck to deal with the randomness of the angles, bounces and trajectories of the deck. Ripping the spinner is incredibly satisfying. While the drops may seem to be wide (ala. Williams Grand Prix), the game requires accurate aim and the ability to survive the fall back to the outhole once the shot is made. The scoring is balanced with an emphasis on the spinner when lit. As it should be.

The Cons:
The outlanes are incredibly hungry and if your (aim and) game is not on point, you are in for a short visit in front of this table. The frustration factor with this game is high. Any shot you make will put your ball in danger. Do you have the skills AND luck to survive?

The Takeaway: Bally games from this era are fantastic, and this one (when properly tuned) is right up there with them. Do you like pinball from the late 70's? do you like being humbled by a great game even when you know your own pinball game is on? Think Paragon, Think Phoenix. Think Stern "Pinball".

This game has made my want list.
Rating #176 of 20 19 days ago
This game is definitely a "sleeper" - - one that does not command it's worth as yet!
Rating #176 of 20 10 days ago
I LOVE this game. The lights, sound, and gameplay are incredibly fun and this game always keeps me coming back for more.
Rating #176 of 6 19 days ago
Good SS pin that sound and acts like a EM game. Cool pool layout with nice shots to collect the 8 ball. This pin demads respect. Out lanes can be bruttle but with a little nudging can be worked in your favor. I really like this game. I wanted a EM pin but I didn't want the hassle of a EM. this is the best of the old and the new.
Rating #176 of 6 19 days ago
Finally found one after looking for one of these for a while. This pin keeps the casual player in mind with the need to hit the 16 drop targets located near the top of the playfield. You can complete all features by just hitting these drop targets. For major scoring options you can hit the freeze targets or shoot the ramps to freeze the feature bonus to allow more time to collect bonus.
This pin has some cool features that work well. One is a ball accelerator that launched the ball to the main ramp. The ball returns to the flipper but if your not ready it may just get by you. Also the games offer ball saves for both out lanes.
If the ball follows it's normal path then drains the left will kick the ball back into play and the right will return your ball to the shooter lane. Pin also offers a drop target that pops up between the flippers to help keep ball in play. Wish that is was a 3 ball multiball game but it is not, 2 ball is all you get. Decent call outs but gets very repetitive after a while.
Game is very fast and the ball gets out of hand a lot. Average cabinet art and a horrible back glass. Excellent playfield art that pulls the theme off. Wish they would have spent a little more time on back glass.
Game is very fun and is worth every penny that they are going for right now. Keeps me coming back for one more game just to see how many time I can get all the drop targets down.
Rating #176 of 68 20 days ago
Looks cheep and plays cheep. Nothing going on. Poor example of a pinball machine.
Rating #176 of 68 20 days ago
Will update later on. Plays better than most sterns. Just not a fun as I hope.
Rating #176 of 68 20 days ago
Pretty basic game. Really slow. Really overrated.
Rating #176 of 68 20 days ago
Toys kinda cheep. For a Stern it played better then most.
Rating #176 of 68 12 days ago
I was really surprised this game is fun. I dont really like soccer, but I liked this game.
Rating #176 of 68 20 days ago
Thought I was really gonna like this game. Forced myself to play it a few times. Just wasn't fun.
Rating #176 of 68 20 days ago
Really an overrated game. Doesn't have any flow. Not for me.
Rating #176 of 68 8 days ago
Star Trek looks good and is sorta fun. Every ST, I play does not work/play properly has problems.
Rating #176 of 31 20 days ago
A very fun and challenging game. Lightning flippers help make it a difficult game. Some find the music to be too repetitive but I dig it.
Rating #176 of 31 20 days ago
I had a strong dislike for this game for quite some time. It felt clunky and unintuitive.
I finally had a great game and understood what people love with it. I would gladly add one to the collection some day. It is a fun and innovative game. Well done, JJP.
Rating #176 of 26 19 days ago
Awesome fast fun game! Incredible lights show and great original music done by stern. I don't find it to be the drainer people say it is and I personally love the magna slings. I find they make the game more random and they just look great. I turned mine up a bit from the factory settings so they act a bit stronger. Left ramp is a bit wild at times and the targets beside the ramp launch the ball around but all in all I'm loving this game.
Rating #176 of 6 21 days ago
I have not yet won a championship ring, but I have witnessed it.
Rating #176 of 6 21 days ago
This game is fantastic. But the ability to play flippy ghost is one the most amazing things I've seen in a pinball machine. Also, there is an elevator which is cool.
Rating #176 of 6 21 days ago
All-around, it's a decent game.
Rating #176 of 6 21 days ago
This is just all-around the best pinball machine out there. I couldn't ask for more out of a pinball game. It's simple and fun and amazing. I have already played the game over a hundred times.
Rating #176 of 6 21 days ago
Bought hobbit mainly because we love woz and wanted a quality product with a different feel from our other machines. We love the theme, looks, and feel. As far as gameplay, it has exceeded all my expectations. It is quite possibly my favorite game. It's challenging, fast(not stern fast, but fast), and has such a fun unique rule set. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a deep game with beautiful looks and lighting. It is truly a work of art and a refreshing change of pace.
Rating #176 of 25 21 days ago
The #2 tri-playfield behind Elektra. I believe this is a desirable game among beginning collectors. It's defiantly cool that the physically moves between the playfields and that it has the inverted flippers and that it has "secret" passage ways to the lower PF.
The rules are quite simple and its fun for a quite a few plays. It lasted in my collection a bit longer than I expected, probably because I had it sitting next to Black Hole and I spread my time among many other titles.
I could see the novelty wearing off quickly in a small collection.
If you ever buy one. Make sure it's been gone through! System 80 is not for the novice repair tech.
Rating #176 of 103 21 days ago
"The storm is coming..."

100% Classic Pat Lawlor at his finest, just like its partner Earthshaker.
Hopefully, his "trinity game" get produced someday based on his concepted design.
Be patient, watch the pinball skies for an angel.

No, this was not Funhouse, RoadShow, or anything else he made.
Certainly not Grand Prix or Roller Coaster Tycoon, his two WORST games.

Solid shots, good ramp action, and the spinning disks.
Ruleset is easy to understand and follow, and fun.
Good windup challenge shot for jackpot during multiple, which he has used on many other machines such as The Addams Family later.
Good artwork, basic on the playfield, colorful and artistic on the backglass and cabinet.
NOT an overrated game, and a family classic.
The working fan on the game really is just a still extra pizza slice with full toppings, that Stern is TOO CHEAP to include in games today with their designs.

If you are Bally/Williams System 11 fan, this game is a must have.
Rating #176 of 12 21 days ago
I think this is one of the funnest system 7 games because of how well the rules match the video game. While it is way easier to get a million points on this game than the video you have to follow the rules of the video game to do well.

That is why it is not a normal system 7 rule set and why it is so cool

The bomber inline lane and single drops on the play field are really fun. The smart bomb and manual kickback (reverse) are nice touches for those who love the video game. I think TAF matches the theme better than all but this is close (if you love the original Defender)

Super fun too bad it is rare. Top on my wish list
There are 26757 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 7 of 1071.

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