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11 days ago
The one thing I didn't like about this pin is the little wire right after the skill shot that redirects the ball almost certainly to the hole between the 2 flippers. Don't know if it's there on every machine but it was there on the one I played... Otherwise, it's ok but I prefer the premium version.
11 days ago
Another machine with an excellent theme that misses the mark. The multi-ball is way too easy to abuse and most of the modes boil down to just making the same shot over and over again. It would be cool to have, but I can't imagine it would keep my attention for long. Really unfortunate. Hope we get another South Park machine someday.
11 days ago
One of my all-time favorite games. The theme is excellent and there are enough quirky gimmicks to make it unique. Smacking those little gofers in the face always feels good, and getting a hole-in-one always feels GREAT. Fantastic machine, and frankly, a reason to get good at pinball. I can see how it would get boring eventually, but you could say the same of Attack From Mars or Medieval Madness -- I hold this game in the same esteem. I just effing love this machine.
11 days ago
Finally got a chance to play this. Definitely has its positives and negatives. On the positive, it's fun and on the easier side. Getting higher scores and longer games doesn't take a lot. Which is kind of the negative. The game is simple. It's a self-esteem game, as most of the shots are easy. I wish it were faster.

It has good flow, the sounds are really good and can be hilarious. For my money, could use more going on with the playfield. Good, solid pinball game, but kind of overrated for where it's ranked on this site. I'd rather spend my time with Simpsons Pinball Party or TZ.
12 days ago
I've played this a couple of times soon after it came out but didn't give it much of a chance. So I just went to a location that had this game and I figured it was time I learn a little more about it. I played a little over 20 games, to make sure I wasn't going to miss anything.

I understand the basics, you have to hit either the drop target or the standup's in the ring to weaken your opponent and then try to make it in the hole to finish him off. There are a few different multiballs that are achieved in different ways. to get to the next opponent knock down the drops. The frustrating part of this game is trying to make it in the damn hole in the ring. I felt like I spent half the time trying to finish the match then exploring what else the game had to offer. which really wasn't much since the ring took up the majority of the playfield and where all the points were.

I don't mind gimmicky games, I even have the champion pub. That at least that isn't based on one main toy like WWE. I really don't know that many grown men/women that have disposable income, that like TV wrestling. There might be some, but not enough to justify this theme. I didn't like TV wrestling when I was a kid and still hasn't changed.

That being said, it was a fun game to play with others at least after the first few beers. Kind of reminds me of one of those movies that was so bad it was good. I thought they did a fantastic job with the integration. The volume was turned down so it was really hard to hear what was going on, but from what I could hear the sound wasn't bad. Think they were bold to try something so different.

I think if you got better at the upper playfield, mainly getting good at putting the stupid ball in the hole then it might be fun. Then you can progress further and I'm sure there are other aspects that would stand out. It's just hard for me to want to get better, when it feels so random.

final note :I'd say the only reason to own this game is if your a fan of TV wrestling, if your even considering getting one PLAY IT FIRST.
12 days ago
In comparison to many of the other Ted Zale "zipper flipper" designs from 1966-1973, this game is average. Yes, it has multiball, but the playfield layout and artwork is just not as aspired as other titles, especially *really* hard to find ones. You cannot judge this game well, unless you have played many of his titles side by side. Capersville as an earlier game has a superior ruleset. Many features such as gating, buttons, and bonuses were better integrated with later games such as Dixieland, Dogies, Four Million BC, and Nip-It and all have better gameplay value. I speak from experience as I presently own 13 of the total of 19 zipper flipper games that Ted Zale designed during his decade in pinball, including "The Wiggler".
12 days ago
After playing the Pro version 20+ times, it was replaced with an LE on location. Hoping the LE would bring more to the game, it did not. The hyper ramp shot is about the only thing it has going for it. Bare play field with a few more toys, fast drains and somewhat confusing rules (yes, I know you are supposed to shoot where the arrows go).

The hyper ramp shot is about the only thing it has going for it. With that said, I'm not a fan of that ramp blocking the view near the flippers, which creates the toy a wash in my opinion. As many have said, I was interested in purchasing this game, but glad I waited and didn't. A disappointing pin for a great theme.
12 days ago
Had this I my place for a while but barely played it as I have other better machines.
It's built like a tank and should be reliable with a little TLC but the toys and playfield are pretty clunky.
Good starter game for kids. Seems to appeal to Street fighter freaks but it really lacks flow for pinball diehards.
The car crusher pretty dumb but some of the other shots are ok and the game is pretty logical and easy to understand. Happy to see it go.
12 days ago
Goofy, colorful game with simple rules but it's a lot of fun for mindless pinball action. I'm not sure if it will last in my small collection but I'm really enjoying the fame so far.
12 days ago
Very fast playing pinball with good shots and a beautiful backglass (if not faded and in one piece). Cool triple bonus award at the end of the game, not much games have this feature. Most games for sale are severely beaten technically and suffer from damages at cab art, playfield and backglass; too bad. This beauty has such a good gameplay it wants to be played again and again and again...
12 days ago
Very good theme for an EM pinball.
12 days ago
A perfect integration of the theme into the rules. The show when you wake up the bride makes you smile every time again.
12 days ago
What a cool machine! This one is blowing away most of the top ranked pins. Most played pinball machine and very addictive.
12 days ago
Very fun game for time period.
12 days ago
This is also a shitfest, almost up to par with street fighter 2. Talking about putting someone to sleep while you play. This game can make that happen. I have never had such an uneventful pinball experience than the first time I played this pile-o-shit. I paid to play at a bar. It was sooo boring, I almost walked away before even finishing my game. Luckily, a speck of hope for some fun....glimmered in, when a bulb, managed to work it's way out and roll upon the playfield. Now I had something fun to shoot for, hoping to wedge it in something to bring the game down, so nobody else had to pay for such an awful experience. Trying to hit that loose bulb in something good, was more fun than what the entire game had to offer.
12 days ago
This game is a blast. Awesome risk reward rules. Give it scissor flippers, and it makes it even better.
12 days ago
Worst WORST WORST DMD ever made. Someone has to be at the bottom. and SF2 has fully earned it with flying colors. Someone really shite the bed on this one.
13 days ago
I like this game immensely despite hating the way it plays some times, and the generally symmetrical layout, because it revels in its oddity.

First off, a classical theme - the legend of Medusa! Complete with hunky drawings of gods, demi-gods, monsters, and heroes of both sexes so it's not sexist per se, just lurid. Did I say lurid? The artwork just gushes all over the playfield. It's a little hard to see, with darker brownish hues, but well worth taking in.

The playfield has upper and lower parts. There's three pop bumpers in the lower section. You access the upper playfield via the plunger (with a timed shot for various skill shot values), but not too hard, as it will bounce out the left side if you go full measure. So the skill shot is a combination of points reward and trying to to lay the ball into the upper playfield. You can also get back to the upper playfield through a center shot up through the bumpers, or via left and right orbits. While the orbits are symmetrical, the left has bonus X advances and the right has progressive points values.

On the right of the lower playfield is a bank of drop targets, and the big scores are made by getting the drop targets down here while getting the mini-drops and saucer value in sequence in the upper playfield. In general you want to get it up the left orbit for bonus X and work the upper playfield as much as possible, but you can't entirely ignore the lower playfield.

The upper playfield's flippers are a throwback - old school two inchers, complete with the old Gottlieb-style lock-together on a timer if you hit the A and B lights on top.

On the bottom is the devious snake-like feature, ugly outlanes with double posts that are like navigating Scylla and Charybdis (just to mix up our mythological tales a bit), plus the bumpers that are major hazards if they get hit from below. The outlanes eat balls incredibly, and if you have a tight tilt it's quite difficult to nudge them back. But it can be done, as an advanced skill, so it's a player's feature in some ways, although you'll be cursing Medusa and her stoney drains fairly certainly.

I tend to dislike symmetry, bad hazard outlanes, and survive-or-die rules sets, yet I like this machine. Go figure.
13 days ago
This game is a classic with fantastic art/sound package, great risk v reward, a great layout, fun multiplayer action, and the only thing holding it back is that there were not more made.

not sure what really to say, but go find this deck and play some games!

Light up the spinner, max your pf multiplier and get to it!

Has the "just 1 more factor" like many of the classic 80s Ballys, so if you like those, you will love this one also.
13 days ago
In the top five of most racist themes, featuring a caricature of a Mexican, complete with Donkey, and a cantina scene. There's no coherence to the imagery other than to reinforce the stereotype.

The basic play is: hit the right lane to light the spinner on the left orbit shot; hit the left orbit to spin the spinner for big points and open the right gate; keep repeating the left orbit shot as much as you can to build points and bonus. It's simple and not an ineffective rules set, although the machine plays a little boxy on the right and if you have weak or hot flippers it's very hard to get the left shot correctly. I'd rate the game play as decent....but then you look up at that glass for your score, and if you don't wince, something is wrong with you.
13 days ago
Stars is an excellent game that's really held up well over the years. I go long enough between stints playing it that I tend to forget it has a nice progressive points scheme, where you alternate hitting targets to get additional points on the spinners, bonus X for completing a bank, and eventually a special light for completing both banks (available at a standup). It has only a single bumper, but it's got a lot of kinetic action for its placement. There are three overlapping arcs/parabolas that play dominantly, and you can if you want make almost every shot from both flippers, although it has the typical crossover pattern for most shots. The left spinner is harder, hidden up beyond the banks, but isn't impossible. In general it's got a lovely open playfield.

The artwork also is pretty cool; it's a generic space scene, with a kind of SST like rocket on the backglass, and spacey stuff on both the cabinet sides and playfield. There isn't a huge incorporation of space sounds and a "story" on the playfield, though.

The one caveat is that there's no blinking indicator for which player is up, and this is one of those odd machines with the player scores not in left to right top to bottom order -- it goes up from bottom left and then down to the right. In tournament or multiplayer games, make sure you keep track of who's shooting!
13 days ago
I've only ever played two iterations of this machine, and they both had weird mushy flippers. I have been assured by another player that this is not universally true with CRs, but there it is.

The design is sleek and uncluttered, without a lot of extraneous artwork, and there's a simple saucer to collect what's on the spinner wheel (which is a ring of lit lights in the lower playfield). The saucer collects the value on the spinner; otherwise it rotates around, although there's a "top spinner" light. If you get a special or an extra ball (which doesn't do any good at all in tournament play, this being a pre-SS game with no alternate settings for points) it's kind of an exciting roulette-type award, but it's a high risk sequence and not a path to a high score.

The playfield has only one shot, really - up the left orbit. You can light a bumper for 1000 points, up to the three bumpers, let the ball rattle around, and try to recover. There isn't a safe shot from the left flipper other than passing (which doesn't work with the mush flippers). There's a right lane shot which is difficult but which doesn't return to the top rollover lanes. All in all, not a great rule set.

The artwork is a bunch of sophisticates at a casino, presumably Monte Carlo, not a tie-in to the 1967 James Bond parody movie, but is kind of meh. The most recent one I played on, at a tournament, had been retrofitted with LEDs and it looked nice and bright, as befitting the casino theme, so I'd recommend that if you are buying one.

It's an unusual game in North America, I don't know how common it is to find in Europe, so worth a play for curiosity but it's not going to be a favorite.
13 days ago
Ok, I'm kinda biased, as I own it. I have close to 100 plays. I don't get why people think the playfield is bare. The shots are satisfying with some easy and some hard. The hyperspace loop is used often and so cool. Really adds a lot IMO. I backhand the loop/Death Star about 75% of the time. I think the tie fighter is cool (it's not just on a spring, there is a coil that is set off when you hit it, like hitting Sparky on Metallica). Add a shaker motor and this adds to the tie fighter shot. The light show is second to none, music is awesome (it's Star Wars), and the screens are utilized well. It really helps to have a "co-pilot" when you are getting know the game. They can help you by reading the screen when you can' the ball can move at blazing speed (I love games with speed). The middle button is a blast and has multiple uses, not just killing tie-fighters (such a rush while not loosing your ball). The code is not polished yet, but really good and I find it to have tons of variation and depth...make it as easy or complex as you want (i.e. Shut off stacking).

If you want a playfield with tons of toys, buy/play a TZ...totally different machines, and play is much slower (fun, but not the adrenaline rush I like). I think Stern got this Star Wars right. I know some people want this or that, but you'll never please everyone. This game really feels like you are part of the Star Wars universe when you play it. Totally immersive.
13 days ago
One of my favorites.. Classic game, looking to add it back to my collection. Sorry I sold it.
13 days ago
Great fun game
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