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“Once again, one Tron pinball gets more than one slot on the top 100? I still don't understand why the LE and the Pro aren't the same ranking. One has cheapo ramps and the other has the ramps with the EL lighting. One has more toys (that you could have bought at Toys R Us at closeout) and one doesn't. There's not much (if any) difference otherwise. It's a fun game for a little while but its really kinda a boring layout. Hit the ramp, hit the ramp, hit the ramp. That said, if they did a classic 80s TRON version of this game I'd be tempted to buy it.”

“I love this era of Williams and Bally pins and games such as Taxi are amongst my favorites but this game just doesn't click for me. It never feels like it all comes together as it should.”

“I'll echo what I said for the standard. I've played both versions and I don't see the extent of differences that would give this game two different rating slots (or is it three?)... I can't figure out why these Stern games should get different slots (and therefore multiple spots on these lists) for games that are essentially the same with some added toys and trim features. Doesn't make sense. Anyway -- the game is ugly, its got some real neat rules and programming but the playfeild design has poor flow and the ball gets stuck often.”

“This is a really fun and underrated Sys 11 era game. The sounds get annoying and the flow could be better. I think the playfield design is a little overloaded but this is a really cool machine.”

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  • “It's sticky and the flow isn't really there. Maybe it needs to be worked in or something? The machine I played was brand new. I don't really care for the theme, I love fun and funny 'horror' games like the two Elviras, monster-themed games like Monster Bash and TAM because the humor makes it fun. The incredibly grim TWD just isn't a theme I care to celebrate in the form of pinball and I'd never want such a bleak and unattractive pin in my home. The ruleset and programming seemed great but the physical design of the playfeild didn't work well for me and the ball got stuck a bunch of times and I had to really bump the table to get it to release - which was not appreciated by the owner. This game didn't do it for me at all.”

    “Metallica is one of the biggest bands in the world. Their music has reached millions of people and from Kill'em All to Justice, has some strongly lyrical taboos. It only made sense that sooner or later, a pinball machine would be made on a mass scale (not to undermine the one-off made from an Earthshaker prior to Stern's release). Let's get right to it: the good and the bad.

    First, the goods:

    1. Absolutely gorgeous artwork design. Stern made a very wise decision abandoning phototshop artwork and going with an all natural hand-drawn setup. Just beautiful, and a huge breath of fresh air.

    2. Light shows are outstanding, especially when the electric chair goes off. LE light shows take it to a whole new level incorporating the light shows with the rulesets, but the Pro does an admirable job here as well.

    3. Metal ramps. That is all. Metal ramps.

    4. Sparky is a well integrated toy. It may be just a solenoid going back and forth, but the gimmick is strong and looks great when electric chair multiball is started.

    5. Song package is just superb. They picked a strong and solid set of songs from Metallica's album collection.

    6. Great number of multiball modes, and boy is it exciting to stack them!!!

    7. Love the mini-wizard modes. This game has a LOT of depth. Not as much as LOTR, but that's a high bar set.

    8. Lots of mods out there for this game, and most of them are done very well. Snake tongue decal and teeth are a must right out of the gate.

    Now the bads:

    1. Sound package. Yes, the songs are great, but the speakers - yeesh. Do yourself a favor, at the minimum get yourself an external subwoofer - holy cow - the bass will be 10x better.

    2. Bash, bash, bash. This is not strictly on Metallica, but a lot of games lately just seem like bash fests. What happened to interactive toys like the JM hand, or things that inspired like TZ's gumball machine or BSD's mist ball. I miss things like that. Metallica just doesn't have anything that makes you go "ooo....ah!" when it comes to toys.

    Overall, what a package deal here. This is easily one of Stern's best in the last 10 years when it was released. The fun factor is definitely up there, and while it may not be super friendly to non-pinheads, show them how to at least start electric chair multiball, and you have a game that can get addicting quickly. Metallica is definitely a case of justice for all!”

  • NPO currently owns this game.

  • “How can you not like a game with fast cars, rock music and lots of code? A lot of flashers utilized in the light show. This is a speed / energy game. If you like that in Tron and IM then this game could be for you. It is the fastest I have played andI love that feature. Lots of depth. The code was supported a lot right out of the gate ( just look at the read Me sheets in the Stern Code library for this table).

    I sold my Avatar LE ( which I really liked as well) to fund this purchase and not sorry one bit.”

  • sulli10 currently owns this game.

  • “The artwork is great on this machine. Some of the best IMO. I love the music but I cannot stand a lot of the callouts. Gemeplay reminds me a lot like Spiderman. While I really like SM, I don't want two of them. If you love the play of SM you will probably love this game. I just wouldn't own both but I prefer variety in my small lineup.”

    “The Getaway.... a game I didn't want at first, and then the overall art package made me want one. I wanted to try something different with this one.

    Let's go over the goods and the bads:


    1. As mentioned, superb art package. Excellent cabinet art as long as it does not fade. The reds are sharp as a guillotine. Logo for the game looks like something you'd see on a high-end sports car. Just looks solid.

    2. PF layout is great. Only one really main ramp to shoot at, but it's a big one to go for as the entrance to the supercharger. Back ramp for ball lock works very well - very few technical problems or glitches with it. Satisfying kick-out hole in the "mountain" - almost can hear and feel the ball go "thunk!" into it each time.

    3. Toys is definitely where HS2 shines a bit. The traffic light is simple but sweet. There's something about it I have always loved; it is very aesthetically pleasing about it. It looks like a literal mini-traffic light you'd see out on the street. Just love it. The supercharger is a beautiful design of optos and magnets with "zero moving parts" that can REALLY get the ball moving when tuned right. If it stops working, it is a bit of a pain to service, but nothing too insanely difficult.

    4. Parts for this machine have become a bit more available especially with CPR bringing out the plastics again.

    Now the Bad:

    1. The rules. I wouldn't say I have to have a ocean-deep ruleset, but this thing is VERY shallow in the rules department. Go for all 5 gears, boom, done. Yeah, you can manipulate things to get more points and not fly through the gears, but this was definitely the first game that I beat repeatedly with little effort. Just, what a drag.

    2. 1 orbital, 1 ramp, 1 kick out lane. There's your shots. Yeah, you have to go for the traffic light stand-up targets, but some of that is just pure luck. The bottom two sets of targets I can understand there's some skill involved, but that last set near the pop bumpers - holy cow - you're at the mercy of the pops.

    3. PF layout with regards to the pop bumpers/targets. The middle just seems - dead. You shoot in that area, and the ball either nails the stand-up targets or just rolls all around with no real purpose/direction. Just seemed like a dead area to me.

    Overall, a very fun game to have in a large collection. This is definitely a non-pinhead friendly game. First timers who don't play much or any pinball will naturally gravitate to it. The theme is excellent, and the sounds of the game will get people involved. For people wanting more of a challenge though, they will move onto the next machine.

    I wanted to keep mine, I really did, but in the end, I had to move on.”

  • NPO has owned this game in the past.

  • “Easily one of my favorites. Love the theme and the set up. I tend to gravitate toward pins that incorporate multiple characters as objectives (Spiderman, IronMan, etc). The only issue i find with this is the price to purchase these days. Would love to see a remake in the coming years.”

  • TheGuy-BCB has this game on the wishlist.

  • “An extremely challenging game. Still trying to work my way deeper into the ruleset but so far this is a stand out game. Certainly doesnt hurt that the wife loves playing it too. We both grew up watching old reruns of the show so it stands out to us and could easily make its way into our collection.”

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  • “At this time my favorite EM of all time. Game play is fast and fun. The Sonic games PF are always really nice and fast. Great theme, the extra ball horse shoe is a fun yet challenging shot. The only draw back is the cabinets are particle board and not plywood. Also because theyre a lesser known brand they can be had for a good price.”

  • Rodger313 currently owns this game.

  • “Needs better wizard mode”

  • musketd currently owns this game.

  • “Decent game...the fonz rules.”

    “Where's my platform boots so I can kick some Ace!”

    “Great game.....excellent layout for hours of fun”

    “Great game....had so much fun playing this in my youth and now today In my home.”

    “Great game. One of the best early 80's SS pins.”

  • Jimmyd044 currently owns this game.

  • “Cool game. The backglass is definately ugly but it sort of fits the theme well. It definately has a B movie feel to it but it all ties together well. The stock lighting is pretty crappy and probably the weakest part of the game. The green screen looks great and the animations are awesome. The ghost back stories are really well done and are my favorite part of the game. It's pretty cool that you can control the hellavator by hitting a target. The shots feel good and are fun to make and the game just has a nice feel. It is really tough though. Brutally hard but a lot of fun. A game you definately need to play before you buy but I really enjoyed it. Definately a great 1st game for Spooky, I think this game will slowly rise in popularity as more poeple get to play it.”

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  • “Under rated and dismissed because of theme. When you give it some time you learn it is a fun original "racing" game, and really if you were to strip away the Mustang license, this would be a fun UNLICENSED original racing game.

    Each mode has completely unique dots, objectives, characters and call outs.

    The LE features over the Pro add more to an already fun game.

    I don't care for the included music package, but that is easily (VERY easily) solved with Pinball Browser. Now my Police Pursuit rocks out with SABOTAGE.”

  • frolic currently owns this game.

  • “I wonder if TWD is a case of trying too hard - too many involved in designing/adding to the game, too many ideas crammed in. For me the playfield is way too busy, while the cabinet art is surprisingly dull. On top of that the game seems to drain for the hell of it - maybe this can be helped with tweaking. Not a machine I'd want in my home (not a show-piece at all) & after a few plays it didn't draw me back.

    Edit. I had a further 10 games or so on my mate's TWD. I'm still not impressed but during multiball did find myself having fun. The music is good, not as good as AC/DC or METLE - but good. The callouts are terrible - just awful - redneck voice that cheapens the game. The bash toy is ordinary & the playfield remains too busy. The cabinet remains dull to my eye & the ball drains at times when on any other game I would say it's not my fault. Slight upgrade in ratings for fun, music, gameplay & playability, & larger upgrade for theme & lastability. I will return again if I find more positives or the game really grows on me - super expensive game so it at least deserves a fair trial.”

    “This is the Pin that brought me back to Pinball and will always be in my collection!”

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  • “One of the Games I'd like in my collection but lower on my list”

  • surfinvet has this game on the wishlist.

  • “Great Rules and Theme”

    “This game surprised me, much more fun than I expected”

  • surfinvet has this game on the wishlist.

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