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13 days ago
Tee'd Off isn't a highly complex game, especially by today's standards, but it's fun and a great crowd-pleaser with a diverse group on hand. Kids and adults enjoy it, and the myriad of shots and modes are solid for the average player. Sure, you can fire the same shots over and over if you want, but the game has more depth than that, and there are enough ways to score points that you can try different tactics when you play.

Usually inexpensive for a DMD, it's a great pickup if you can snag one for a reasonable price.
13 days ago
Some really neat features that make this game fun to play .. Some really fun shots..Ball accelerator..Drop Targets and great theme..Overall pretty fun and I kinda like the sounds and voice call outs
13 days ago
Fast Player with Good Flow and a Great Backglass
13 days ago
Great artwork and pretty fun to play..Cool features with having the rollercoaster habitrails and spinner in middle of playfield..Game has lasting ability and doesn't get boring..A keeper for sure
13 days ago
A game I never thought I'd own, and one I kinda avoided for the last three years. Well, once I came back to give it a try finally I instantly fell in love. The fan layout is by far my fave, and it's similarities to Attack From Mars made it an instant classic for me. Not a fan of the new Metallica music but was a huge fan when I was a kid, so I'm glad the majority of the tunes are classics. The center shot is a dream and the left ramp is such a huge challenge to hit consistently. I am now an owner and a believer, and understand why this shot up the top 100 charts as fast as it did. It truly is one of the funnest games of all modern pinball!
13 days ago
It sure is nice to look at but man does it not play well. Make the spinner shot to get to the pop bumper and it often rolls straight back down the drain. The rollovers are not fun to shoot at and the bonus multiplier is only for the last ball which makes it a one-ball game. There is a nice kickback and gate to return the ball to the plunger but over all it feels like a design that was never completed.
13 days ago
Where Cleopatra really shines is it's artwork. The backglass in particular is stunning, and flanked with four large electromechanical score reel units, this game doesn't mess around. The playfield is a little less stunning, perhaps even a little dull, with light green and yellow dominating the color scheme.

Perhaps the best feature of the game is it's main gameplay strategy. The player must match colors on the bonus unit by rolling over corresponding rollovers and hitting the drop targets. There is a significant amount of risk/reward strategy--the most valuable targets are not only the hardest to hit, but also the most dangerous, but the player MUST hit both targets of the same color to score the bonus value, otherwise, no score is awarded. The way the bonus is "scanned" at the end of each ball is really neat. Very reminiscent of games like Royal Flush.

My only gripe come from the symmetry of the playfield layout. It'd have been nice to have some asymmetry to make the game a little more diverse, and shots back up to the top rollovers are often stifled by a poorly placed post. Still, the game is mostly fair, and very fun, especially when playing against others.
14 days ago
This game is very underrated and i think it is mainly because of the bashing it received when first released. It is a fast and brutal game with some good flowing shots. Plenty to go for on the playfield and i think this pin doesn't need the crossbow or the extra bash toy. I actually prefer it without those extras. Perfect layout and perfect theme.
Instant classic though.
14 days ago
AC/DC is a very fun game with some great shots. The music and modes are very well integrated together in this pin. It makes for a more varied game dependant on which songs you pick.
14 days ago
IJ is an awesome machine. Unlike other machines with simpler rule sets, this one just doesn't become boring and keeps you playing it over and over. The theme and modes are just great.
I'm not a big fan of widebody pins but this one is well worth the extra playfield size and very well used.
14 days ago
A great game with some very smooth, fast flowing shots. The warp ramp is a great shot to hit a nultiple times if possible. The light show and the music are great! Definitely one i will own one day but until then I'll play a mates when ever i can.
14 days ago
I am rating based on the LE package. This game is awesome! The fastest pin I have ever played. I put a lexan play field protector on it and it just made it look nicer and made the game even faster. A must have mod in my opinion. The art and lighting is amazing. The game looks and feels futuristic. Game play and sound are fantastic! I highly recommend.
14 days ago
This game has a great variety of shots and modes. The rules are easy to understand and the shots are quite satisfying. It's a classic. This is one of the must have pin for every collector at some point in time.
14 days ago
The call outs on this game are great. Game play is also very fun. I find that games last quite a long time due to the amount of extra balls that are awarded, but games are never stale due to the large difference between the several modes that the game has. I have around ten pins and this fits into my collection great. It's so different from a regular pin. Not sure I would want it in a one or two pin collection.
14 days ago
Recently purchased this game without first playing it. As others have said, it's fast...real fast...and that's good.

The workmanship on this cabinet, playfield, electronics and artwork is top-notch. For the money it's hard to put out the money for a new Stern with this one priced right in between the Pro and Premium and being so much nicer. The bling factor on this is right up their with Jersey Jack's lineup. The BackBox looks a little out of place in a lineup of traditional pins but I haven't seen very many collections without some games looking out of place.

The rules are not overly deep but with shorter ball times, the game doesn't have to be. I like the ability to stack your 2 ball MB's by completing the Ramps, Orbits, Center Shots or by hitting the Bike 5X. If you start one of the MB's, you might find yourself starting 2 more MB's and have 6 balls raining down on you quickly...great fun!

The other major part of the game is the Bike Challenges and is activated by hitting the center scoop once you've lit RACE. I like how the targets turn red (ramps, orbits and center lane) and keep changing as the race goes on. You advance by hitting the lit lane as long as it's red...don't hit the blue or your opponent over takes you.

You also have a Full Throttle MB to achieve by locking the balls. And did I mention hitting the pop bumpers a number of times multiplies your playfield points by 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X and 6X. You can collect the extra Gears and apply it by hitting the Launch/Plunger button when you think it will pay off best. I believe this is only applied for a period of 10secs but I'm pretty sure that can be extended in your features if you feel it isn't enough.

The Fast Lap Orbit is a gas. First time hitting it was a blast with it quickly...and I mean super quickly, wrapping around to the left flipper. Every now and then I get lucky and hit that shot 2 or 3 times in a row...what a blast!

This is a great game of high adrenaline with relatively short ball times (most under 3 minutes). It's a game where you can play multi players and not sit around forever while a buddy puts in a 10 minute marathon ball.

Did I mention short ball times. This can be frustrating at times. New players tend to play a couple of games and quit. This is for a player with quick reflexes and who appreciates quick drains when shots aren't made well or missed all together.

The code is a little immature for the potential of this game. I would like the ability to customize the game to my liking regarding save times on the MB's and Races. You will find yourself wondering why they don't have more call-outs, bigger selection of music and more entertaining videos. I have the 27" screen on the backbox and it seems very underutilized. There's rumor that once they've caught up with their Alien orders, Heighway will spend more time on updating the code for FT...fingers crossed.

The acrylic habitrail is a big part of this game. It makes me nervous that there is so much potential for this thing breaking in the future. If one becomes unavailable like history has proven with other manufacturers, this game is pretty much useless. Would have instead liked to have seen a chromed habitrail to better fit with a racing theme along with having the longevity to match the rest of the games build.

Be prepared to take your game apart and adjust the odd thing. Some orbits are too tight and rattle out far too often. I needed to widen my left Orbit so I could make that shot a bit more reliably. Unfortunately, it seems to have made the Skill Shot around the left Orbit go straight down the middle...needs a bit more tweaking...Grrr.

I feel that the flipper action needs to be tweaked as well before getting your full entertainment value. Heighway has given plenty of settings for changing your flipper power and performance such as strength, delay and hold times. I personally removed the Orange Super Bands on the flippers and posts and replaced this with less-thick red rubbers. The game still looks great but is far less bouncy. With the Default Super Bands, you have very little chance of ever catching the ball on an already very difficult game to do so.

Shots generally need to be made on the fly. It's not easy to control the ball as it is usually flying around at ridiculous speeds and as I've said; catching the ball is very difficult. You need to put in several games before you have a chance of hitting shots on the fly. This game is all flow and not intended to stop and go like many Bally/Williams games so if that's your style, you may not like this game.

Generally, many shots feeding the flippers are too fast to hit the ramps with accuracy and therefor rattle and fall out...this can get frustrating. The right Orbit is a good example of a very difficult shot to hit on the fly as the flipper doesn't have the power to hit it accurately due to it being at the start of the flipper stroke. But when things are working, hitting the SWEET SPOT on the ramps and orbits is very rewarding...especially during a Race.

Great fun if you like a challenge. Don't drink too many beer and think you're going to do well on this game, you won't! The sound coming out of this Pin with the upgraded bass speaker along with a built in Lepai Amp, is fantastic for being stock. The game is fast and with music and sound that rumbles in your hands, it adds to the theme nicely. When you make your shots, this can be one of the most rewarding and exhilarating games you'll ever play.
15 days ago
This game has lots of replay value for me :)
15 days ago
I was not able to hear the sound but it is an overall good game with some simple gambling rules.
15 days ago
This game was a big let down for me. It may have been due to the condition of the machine I played. A clunky game.
15 days ago
I own a pro and I have played the LE. To me the LE lacks flow and the upper playfield takes away from the game because it hides where your shots go. I don't feel like it adds much to the game as much as it hinders it. Still a very good game but I think they sacrificed gameplay for gimmicks.
15 days ago
I personally did not enjoy the game as much as my buddies but I can see why people would like this pinball. The theme just does not do it for me.
15 days ago
A wonderful game. A lot of shots and things to do that I felt like I only scratched the surface of it after playing for 30 mins.
15 days ago
A simplistic yet effective game! I did not hear the sounds when I played this pin so I had to remove it from my ratings.
15 days ago
Either this game is not very good as everyone says or I did not play it enough. I feel like it's an overhyped movie that lets you down.
15 days ago
This pin didn't do it for me. Cool theme that had potential but fell short like many gotliebs
15 days ago
I understand that this pin was ahead of it's time but after playing it and comparing with newer pins it just does not stack up.
There are 29269 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 7 of 1171.

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