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19 days ago
This is another game I was very much looking forward to playing. When I found it in a lineup in Houston I was excited. I went directly to it first. I will say the game had some issues and the room was very dark. I played 5 games thinking, no, it just me. I need to get use to it. I no longer have any desire to play this game again.
19 days ago
First let me say, I haven't seen the movies. I had a chance to play this at a show and wasn't to impressed. I got a chance to play it again on location and played several games and it really grew on me. I really liked the flow of the game, Multiball is crazy, but a lot of fun. The soundtrack on this game is awesome!
19 days ago
Whenever a new pinball company comes out with their first design, I get VERY excited. I was there when they unboxed and set up the (proto) copy of Houdini at the 1up on Colfax in Denver. These are my first impressions.

The Pros:
There are many incredible things about this game. It looks and sounds fantastic. The rules are well thought out and the screen does a better job of telling you what you need to do with shots and modes. The combo shot sequence in particular is an excellent example of how well the communication and integration of technology communicates to the player. The Seance multiball mode is very well done and spelling out S-E-A-N-C-E in order during multiball is a challenging task for even the most skilled player to complete. The modes require the player to shoot all over the PF. The shot through the lane and pops to the standup at the top of the pop-garden.

This art package of this table is colorful, vibrant and holds to the early 1900's. The screen animations remind me of old colorized postcards. The entire package is unifying and really brings you into the "Theatre of magic" (yeah... I said it) that this game presents to the player.

The Cons:
The vidja mode needs to be rewritten, sped up, or taken out of the game. It is a chore to play and completely distracts from the pace of the rest of the game which is fast and dangerous. For some reason this game was not that loud. I don't know if the settings needed to be adjusted, but I could hardly hear the table in the room full of pinball games that this table was in. The catapults need to be more consistent. After about 100 plays, the catapult into the trunk (see another continuing theme here?) stopped working and putting the ball into the hole. I don't know of any table that has 2 catapults other than... Big Guns... maybe?

So here is the real problem with this game. The layout, specifically the shots. Almost all of them are approximately 1 1/2 inch wide. IF any of the blue seance standups get loose and lean to one side, many critical shots on this game (light lock and lock in particular) are not going to be able to accommodate a 1 1/8th pinball. The shots are so tight and angled in a way that backhand shots are nigh impossible. This means every shot is dangerous and every shot is so tight that only the sharpest of shooters can survive this PF. The lock shot reminds me of Stern 24. The only shot that is wider than 1/1/2 is the ramp Very frustrating to say the least. Most recreational players will become frustrated and walk away from this deck. NO amount of software will save a pinball game with a poor layout. This game has such a demanding shot selection that many people are going to become frustrated very quickly and walk away. And this is coming from people who play lots of pinball, not just casual players. This is not good. Unless Houdini is re-designed/engineered with better variance in the shots and having some tight shots and some less demanding ways to get the ball to travel around the game.

The Takeaway:
This is a great start that American Pinball has given us. Joe Balcer may be the dark horse that the industry of pinball that people may have to start to take notice of. Look at titles that he has worked on: The Simpsons Pinball Party, High Roller Casino, Starship Troopers, Godzilla and one of the best earning pinball games of all time (while not a fav) South Park (which led to TSPP). I understand that he is traditionally known as an engineer. Which is super old school. This is how designers of the past came to be. They learned how to build a pinball game AND THEN design pinball games. Congrats Joe. This game was originally laid out by John Popaduik. I would be interested in seeing the original layout for this design.

As this game stands right now. Playing Houdini is not fun. Pinball is supposed to be fun. If playing the game is not fun, people will not play it. You can have a weak theme/license, not so great art and a game that plays great (The Shadow, Tales from the Crypt, Laser Cue and for some players, the pointy people games of Marche and Kelley, intelligent) players can get past this and enjoy playing the game. But a game that does not play well is an unforgivable sin to go into production. I hope we have a better layout with Oktoberfest. I will be updating this review after more mileage. Best of luck to the entire team at American Pinball. This is a great start. I see them learning from their experiences and making better pinball in the future.

Every once in a while there is a game that challenges a player. Houdini makes it absolutely clear to me that the my weakness in gameplay is accurate aiming. This game is absolutely brutal with missed shots. So after giving this table some more miles I have come to the conclusion that I must refine my shooting and aiming. This is not always easy with tight shots and mushy flippers. But I also have to own the reason why this game is not "fun" for me. Houdini makes me look silly, it kicks my ass and I have to make myself play it to confront and overcome these weaknesses. Controlling this game is not an easy thing to do. Bigger points seem to come from the modes and if you can start the needles mode and then get into multiball with a ball in the pops and to the spinner on the right, this game sings. For a fan layout I am constantly surprised at how little flow this game has. Other than the ramp, orbits and the milk jug (the most incredible tough shot that flows, ever), this game is stop and go. Shooting from the lock lane into the open saucer to start a mode is very satisfying if you can nail the shot hard enough to get it to the saucer, but not so hard that it bumbles out. After getting the catapult adjusted bu the op, this mech works all the time now. But the timing on this table is stop and go as well. To lock a ball the ball has to be diverted into the vuk from the lock lane by a post, gets kicked into the first catapult and then is fired into the trunk. Seems a bit of overkill to lock a ball, but hey, it works and is great for the "theatre" of the game. Yes, I said it again. So snipers are going to love this game, mere mortals like myself are really going to have to work to "find" the shots and control the ball. Houdini is a really tough game. I have to respect that it makes me play better, but even some incredibly difficult tables like iron man, creech and Dracula have more variance in their shot selection. This game is a butt-kicker and I am not going to let it get the best of me. Bring it!
20 days ago
I am a big fan of all things 80s, especially Retro-futuristic (I’m a huge Epcot fan for example). When I first heard about this game I wasn’t thinking much of it due to the fact it didn’t look as elaborate as the other new games and the 90s B/W games I love so much.

My thoughts changed when I attended the PBL launch party and actually got to play it and see it in person. Such a cool idea to have a flashback/retro 80s game with an original theme and modern technology! I can understand that this kind of thing won’t gel with everyone, as there are other games people find cheesy that I think are cool for that very reason (see Rollergames) but this is right up my alley. Always try something out first to see if you personally like it. For myself though, this game is great! I love the theme, the music and the lighting. The game feels well built and solid. Some games have this cheap feel and this one certainly doesn’t. Scott did a great job is all aspects of this game. The gameplay is super fast with more to do than you’d think when you first see the layout and I love the lock mechanism. I’ve got to play again on location and my opinion on it is still the same. I look forward to owning one of these someday!
20 days ago
really do not get the flow of this table. no ball save...ehhh just doesn't do it for me. maybe its our local table, but just is no fun to play on.
20 days ago
phantom flip is pretty cool, when working correctly with a level table.
20 days ago
I wanted to love this game, but just could not. It is a good game if you like really long ball times. I gave it a good go at an arcade and got bored of it really quickly. I can see why so many people like it though. Theme is different.
20 days ago
20 days ago
Egg Head is like that really hot girl you know. Who you is a 10/10 until you get to know her. She is a pain in the ass to deal with and she is very difficult to be around. But damn does she look good.
20 days ago
Beautiful game. Fun game too. Nice collectors game. Wish I wouldn't have sold mine.
21 days ago
This game to me is one of the most underrated. The theme is so so but the voice work is good and the game has very good flow. When someone awhile back had said that GoT would being having a layout similar to No Fear, my first thought was about time someone rethemed that layout and get it the attention it deserves. Probably, the biggest complaint with this game is that it does too good of a job at bringing the ball back to your flippers. It might be too easy for some pinball savants. The ball keeps and it is fast. Johnny Mnuemonic might be a game that is fast that I like a little better, partly due to the theme but this layout has a lot going for it that works.
21 days ago
2 words: Operation ButtF***
21 days ago
THIS PINBALL MACHINE IS A WORK OF ART !!! The Back glass, playfield and cabinet are just beautiful !!! Unfortunately, it isn't very fun to play (the ball just kind of rolls down the playfield bouncing and bumping into stuff. The main objective is to hit all the pop bumpers that have a letter on them to spell out S-E-A-I-S-L-E. When this game came out it in 1947 it didn't even have flippers but a pair were added on the playfield of my machine. (This was common as game owners had to compete with the next generation of machines that had flippers). Not very fun to play compared to later pins but I bought mine to preserve a piece of history and enjoy the art work. LOVE IT !!!
21 days ago
When I saw this game > I didn't think I would like it very much. The artwork and theme are so "cheesy" 1980's. But after playing this multiple times on several occasions I have to say THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST PINS I HAVE EVER PLAYED !!! Play is REALLY fast and fun ! It is a challenging and some times frustrating. Tons of drop targets and stand up targets grouped in "work out stations". Idea is to hit all the targets in each area to complete that station. After completing all stations you can get the ramp to go up and shoot under the upper level playfield. One of the cool (although sometimes frustrating features is the Flex Save > gates in the lane next to flippers that some times activate automatically (to save the ball from draining) or you can manually activate with buttons on cabinet under the flipper buttons. COOL but a little challenging to get the hang of. The lighting is awesome ! Lots of lights and strobes. The only down side for me is the cheesy 1980's artwork ... and super cheesy "panting" sound the girl makes. If you can get past that and just enjoy the game >> it is an AWESOME pin. Highly addictive !!!
21 days ago
This a very strategic pinball machine !!! Playfield design is very unique, fun and challenging !! A lot of skill shots ! This is definitely a thinking person's pinball (not the kind people can just hit the ball around and love it). Learning the rules really helps with the enjoyment of the game. Art work is very good (although cheesy 1980's). Artwork on back glass, playfield and cabinet work well together. Sound is very good also ... maybe a little repetitive but not enough to bother me. Lights are excellent. GREAT GAME !! Challenging but fun !! Can play it for years to come !!!
21 days ago
WOW !! This is a fast and fun to play EM !! Can be very challenging but when you get on a roll you can rack up the points. The Roto-target is fantastic ... the Vari-target is fun and makes you feel good when get it with a hard, direct hit. I love the artwork ! The art on back glass, playfield and cabinet all work together nice. Sounds are good > old school chimes (classic pinball). Only complaints are On the Back glass >WHY the guy (to the right of the red head woman) doesn't light up .... and when you hit one pop bumper > they both fire (reducing the excitement when the ball is bouncing between the pops). Also wish the bonus points didn't max out at 15,000 (for each ball). but AWESOME pinball machine !!! LOVE IT !!
21 days ago
I have had this machine for 10 years and it is still fun to play !! The tunnel is very cool and challenging (and necessary to rack up big points). It is also challenging to open the gates on the right side and get the ball thru the gate in into the right lane to score a lot of points and send the ball back to the plunger. The artwork, cabinet and sound are very good for a pin from this period. Experiment with the leg levelers > pitch of playfield changes the play a lot. GREAT EM !!!!!
21 days ago
I grabbed this game based on the ratings and I am glad I did...
There's something about it that pulls me back...
Mind u I never last long with multiball for some reason...
It's s fun game to play and my favourite of that era...
It's my only 90s game I kept...
21 days ago
I played this game on the day it arrived at Level 257. I was a bit disappointed as the machine felt very clunky. This could have all been down to setup, but I played one set of games and then returned to Playing Batman 66. I think perhaps a better setup would have made all the difference, but my experience was quite contrary to the other JJP that they had on the floor. My better half played it after me and echoed many of the same things I said. I will defintely give it another shot once the unit has had time to break in and be dialed in. This is a MUST PLAY before throwing out your money. Hopefully this was just a bad setup and the game gets better. I REALLY wanted to like this game...
21 days ago
When this game hit the market, all I read was people bashing the game. "Code not being complete, It's a box of lights, etc." After playing this game for an hour straight, I keep on going back for more. Although I purchased GOTG LE first, this will most definitely be my next pinball. Go do yourself a favor and go play one in the wild or from someone you know. Setup makes big difference from game to game.

I will add this, Pinside is the last place I know go to for recommendations on what IS and ISN'T a good game. I've driven beautiful cars that IMHO are clunkers, and those that are despised being a treat to drive. Do yourself a favor and play it. Not just once either, but give the game some time and I believe that you might just agree with me.
21 days ago
I've spent a straight two hours playing this machine, and it's definitely a game that's going to take some time to master. The game I played was a test location prototype on location at level 257, and I did notice some functionality issues, (such as the ball catapult.) But with some further revision with code and settings, this is a fantastic machine. I once again recommend anyone adding this to there collection to go out and play one. Aesthetically it's beautiful but the true fun is in the mechanics.
21 days ago
A lot of people have spoken poorly anout this machine, but my advice is to go out there and play one. Also, play a premium or LE versus a PRO model, as I think this machine will become a cult classic in the future. I jut wish more people would play the game instead of looking at pictures online and then joining in the "drama/Hate." I'm not perfect, I've done the same, but as I become more integrated in the hobby, I now hold judgment until I've had the chance (at least an hour) to fully appreciate the game. I was luck enough to get an hour on GOTG and really enjoyed myself on the pro model. But for me, the premium/LE plays differently and feels so good under the fingers. Hopefully the code continues to update and this machine starts to get the respect it deserves. Less hate, and more playing! In conclusion, don't let the negativity of others sway your opinion. Get out there and play one and make up your own mind.
21 days ago
Wow, what a fun game. Let me start off by saying how is this game not in the top 50? 165 really?


-13 BALL MULTIBALL, do I need to say more. WOW, just wow!
-Rocket Ship
-Ramp that moves up
-Cool shoot ball (totally unique)
-Lots to shoot for
-cool Moon Ramp with magnet
-DMD screens swings out like door, that's different
-Great lighting
- I like the call outs including the countdown
-Only 2000 made, so hard to find.


-Boring black cabinet, not much design there
-Ramp could be better used
-Not a deep rule set, but not horrible.

What a fun game. This is a game you must play. People who come over will love it and be the talk of the night. If you get a chance to own it, buy it! You won't regret it.
21 days ago
been playing this game at a friends house for awhile now and have to say its very fun. the motor switch operates the scrolling tunnel thing is cool but makes a lot of noise.. good times tho!
21 days ago
i really like this game! actually scary at times with the music and female voice counting down.
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