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Rating #176 of 34 21 days ago
While I appreciate the art on Centaur it's not my favorite. That being said the gameplay is fantastic. I always play Centaur when I come across one. Love the shot and features in the game and considering when it was made it was definitely ahead of its peers feature wise.
Rating #176 of 58 21 days ago
A respectable design effort by Stern.

Solid, deep ruleset and great variety of shots.
The game design was definitely a tribute to Pat Lawlor's creativity, and did not constrain him.
The game is generally very confusing to new players, as the callouts are not always clear.
The talking shrunken head and announcer voices dominate the game, which some do not like.
Music is uniquely identifiable from other pinball machines.
Build quality is average.
Mechanical design is above average
Artwork quality is average.

If you do not mind the artwork, it is a very good player's machine, but still has that Stern "cheap production" quality feel about the construction unlike most Bally/William machines.
Rating #176 of 8 21 days ago
A surprisingly addicting game to play. The music gets stuck in your head long after you are done playing it, but hitting 16 drop targets is a great challenge and trying to do it multiple times and in a time period makes it strangely addicting to play just one more game.
Rating #176 of 58 21 days ago
jus pretty good ,i dnt care for the small upper playfield,every time i play one on location it jus dosnt seem to fun to me,if there was one f.g to play on location close to me i would pass on it. south park and sherk are the others... if there wer only those three to play id probly play family guy.not a keeper
Rating #176 of 18 21 days ago
Great game. Very fast. Looks incredibly cool.
Rating #176 of 65 21 days ago
The cheezy backglass makes people stay away from it, but turned out to be a lot of fun to play. Great game all around.
Rating #176 of 65 21 days ago
I have this game. It is a conversion of the bally Kiss. The artwork makes it much more appealing. Love the heavy metal type artwork. Fantastic art package.

Only 5 miss worlds are known to exist. Started out as 150 to be made, but there were errors in the playfield routering. Which made the whole project get thrown in the trash. very rare but nice eye candy.
Rating #176 of 65 21 days ago
I love the looks and sounds to this game. Wish the rules would have been finished. You can tell there are things that were ment to do something else, but didn't have the time put into them, since it's basically the last zaccaria made. If I had the ability to finish the code I would. But looks like it will be to time consuming for me to make it happen.
Rating #176 of 65 21 days ago
I love robot. Unique robot head toys. Great layout. Overall just fun. Only second to Zankor.
Rating #176 of 65 21 days ago
zankor was surprisingly fun. Only reason I bought one, was because i'm getting a full set of Gen2 zacs for my collection. But this game blew my doors off. Unique and complex rules, with a ton of things going on the playfield. One of the best Zacs i've ever played, and I love almost all zacs.
Rating #176 of 13 22 days ago
This is a great players game, with the lower PF having a drop target and 2 swinging targets to shoot for that can add up points fast once the bonus is built up by raising the notches on the thermometer.
With each new temperature zone achieved the ability to increase the thermometer gets harder, but then one also gets more pop bumpers lit for higher score potential. One key is to nudge the ball to rollover the arc of rollover buttons to increase the temperature ribbon on the thermometer. The colors and artwork are grand on this machine.
Probably my current favorite WMS reverse wedgehead.
Rating #176 of 7 22 days ago
I have bought my own MM 3 weeks ago, and i'm more than excited about this cool machine. I was playing it on VP over years and loved it, but in real it is much more fun! For me this game is really the King of Pinball and the best in all aspects. However, the bad thing is that a Williams in a good or very good condition is hard to find and expensive, because they made only approx 4000 and it is one of the most popular games. But i found the one i wanted (condition/Price) and do not regret it for a Minute! It's always a pleasure to Play it and i never get tired even if i Play for hours.
Rating #176 of 58 22 days ago
The "homeless pinball fan's" World Cup Soccer '94.
Obviously this was the title that marked the "return" for Stern pinball machine production as an ORIGINAL title (not the remake of Sega's Harley Davidson), but the design is just completely flawed.

People who rate this game "9 out of 10" have absolutely no practical experience whatsoever in this hobby or just have no discerning interest in quality, and deserve to be forced to watch pinball reruns of Williams pinball promo videos tied to a chair for 24 hours for education.

John Borg must have been asleep at the design wheel or his arguments to the game engineers went unheard.
Certainly game aspects were copied from WCS '94 POORLY.
Kevin 'O Conner must not have been allowed proper creativity.
Keith Johnson must have been busy on other projects.
It just did not come together into a good, tight project.

The gameplay is average along with the shot flow, except the main right ramp...doh...
The code quality is average.
Build quality is well below average.
The artwork is unappealing with the entire playfield covered with flags.
The cabinet and translite artwork is just plain fugly beaten with an ugly stick X20 over.
The sound is incredibly annoying and poor quality.

Bottom line is if you like soccer, stay away from this game, save your money, and go get a WCS '94 instead.
An average price of $2500-3000 is INSANE for this title on the used market.
This has 100% NOTHING do to with "Stern versus Bally/Williams games" bias in terms of quality.
Just thank me later.

If soccer great, David Beckman took a BIG steaming dump onto the middle of the playfield, the game might be worth a bit more to everyone.
It might then even become "craptastic".
As it stands in pinball history, it remains only one tiny step above fireplace kindling.
I truly mean this and will shout it from the mountaintop and every single pinball expo from now until eternity.
Stern's WORST game since their return to manufacturing pinball machines.
Stern knows this as well.
It is not like it is being showcased on their factory floor as an accomplishment.
Why Stern continued to reuse the same layout and design for their NFL games is beyond my personal comprehension.
Rating #176 of 38 22 days ago
Amazing machine, with so many novelty. It's so sad that the main theme music is so repetitive and irritating!!
Rating #176 of 38 23 days ago
Such a good game!!! Rules are not so complicated, but the gameplay is really deep. Game are not too long, and you have quickly a lot of pleasure. Game are varied due to the fact that it's never the same track lit between 2 games... There is no save time during multiball so you have no right to do wrong...
Lastability is really good and i can't wait for my next game!
Rating #176 of 58 23 days ago
This game as UNOBTAINIUM as it is overall, really boasts several really unique features for the period.
I have had the opportunity to play it ONCE for a couple of hours and conduct a detailed analysis.

The first feature and the most notable, the hidden animated (rotating) "Loch Ness" monster in the playfield window which is "revealed" during gameplay and during multiball.
John Trudeau took inspiration from this game when he developed Creature from the Black Lagoon.

The second was the integrated artwork inspired both on the playfield and backglass.
This machine was Seamus McLaughlin's greatest artwork pinball contribution with a secondary notability to Cyclopes produced the same year.
The backglass is just completely stunning and amazing in every respect for a pinball machine.
Almost too good to be in an actual game.
There were a number of confirmed additional backglasses (~15) made for this title, but the machines were never built.
Most have been lost to time, and they have never been reproduced.
I own one of the additional spare backglasses in a frame on a wall (and will NEVER sell it), but would fight to get a copy of the original drafted hand drawn version from the artist himself.
I *might* be willing to let CPR borrow it someday for reproduction if needed.

There have been reported rumors there was a second FUNCTIONAL prototype was made, but I have never confirmed the information after exhausting all efforts with network contacts.

Nearly everything on the existing lower bottom half of the playfield was either "handmade", or cobbled together from existing parts from other titles, but actually is very well polished for a prototype.
The top level of the playfield does NOT look like a prototype either with the playfield itself or plastics.
It looks as though the game was "ready to go" into production, as is equally well polished with its nautical theme.
The significant number of drop targets is quite unique for a Game Plan machine, and has some playfield game shot and layout similarities to Bally's Fathom.
Sounds of the prototype are average as most were recycled from other Game Plan games of the period.

This certainly could have been Game Plan's greatest accomplishment but was at a period of the company's waning success.
Game Plan will remembered predominantly for their "cocktail" pinball machines, which certainly were not terrible machines but many had various reliability issues.
Rating #176 of 58 23 days ago
The TRUE "legendary myth" of the Gottlieb System 80 machines.
The second best game in the the entire series lineup, which is only beaten out by Black Hole.
The reduction lense lower playfield window is by far its most notable feature, but should not be forgotten that is has an upper level playfield as well just like Haunted House.

The game shot flow for the entire playfield is VERY GOOD, and the sounds and basic music are excellent.
Playfield artwork is good, but the plastics really mesh well with the overall theme, making things seamless.
It is so rare, I have only had the opportunity to play the machine TWICE in over 25 years.
Yes, the game is heavy, but all Gottlieb System 80 machines are HEAVY!
Ever try moving a Gottlieb Caveman (1982)?

It was unfortunate the game licensing caused the production of this game to fall apart.
The movie was a partial bomb, and that did not help matters, and the project was dropped.
It certainly would have been successful for Gottlieb if the timing had been correct.
There were just too many other good titles at the time, and pinball was not really selling well at that point in overall production.
It could never compete with games like Black Knight that were so popular at the time.
It was just too late.
Most operators were holding their ground with their current stock.
Unfortunately, it turned into one of those "ghost stories" of pinball.
Just like King Kong for Data East, and Big Bang Bar for Capcom, it was dream never to be realized.

For many Gottlieb System 80 collectors, this is their "holy grail", and for good reason.
Most of the current owners have death grips on their machines.
These days when one comes up for sale, expect to see the price take a serious shark bite out of person's wallet.
Rating #176 of 58 23 days ago
Another one of those "must haves" if you like Early Bally machines.
Fits right in with the game lineups like EBD, Centaur, Fathom, Medusa, Vector, Flash Gordon, Embryon, Spectrum, Elektra, Mystic, and several others.

The game is notable for its "tube shot" with strip incandescent lighting (long before LEDs) which was one of the earliest attempts at a "double level" playfield feature and had a separate patent just for the design.

Artwork by Paul Faris is OUTSTANDING.
Double piece backglass with mirroring is PHENOMENAL with its ringed lighting.
Only a few games from the era did these type of backglasses correctly.

A game that actually looks even better with proper use of blue LEDs instead of bulbs with blue "condoms".
The game female voice is sexy and sensual, especially with the pop bumpers.
I generally turn the "music" off, because it really does not exist from this era and is garbage tones.

This is one game that has held the "test of time" well, and remains popular.
Rating #176 of 51 23 days ago
This is a game that is fun for the whole family. Simpsons has been entertaining for years. So many shots and toys make this an instant hit. I really enjoy watching the DMD effects as others play. When you become good at the shots the game is very rewarding. Great design for the upper playfield. Great design and challenge!!!
Rating #176 of 84 23 days ago
A classic with a lot of sentimental value for me but fast and fun, feels solid and its kinda like a great system 11 game with a DMD.
Rating #176 of 15 23 days ago
While I appreciate and applaud what this pin system is accomplishing, I think it falls really short of a satisfying pinball experience.

I like the video screen in the playfield and the artwork is OK. I don't think the spinning wheels on the bikes do much of anything at all, in fact, I didn't even notice them until after I played the game.

It's a really cool concept, it just looks like you could pick one up at at Cost-co.
Rating #176 of 253 9 days ago
Not my favourite modern Stern. I find that the target between the left side loop and ram is much too close to the flippers making it a dangerous insta-drain if accidentally hit. My reactions these days aren't quick enough to cope! Very bright and flashy. I'm still having trouble understanding the rules and why I occasionally suddenly double my score!
Rating #176 of 11 24 days ago
I got Nascar on a trade fully expecting to move it out of the collection quickly but it has turned out to be a much better machine that I thought it would be. It's fast, has a pretty good ruleset and is a hard game to put up good scores on. The outer track/shooter lane that goes around the outside of the PF is one of the coolest features I have seen in a pin. Between the scoop, the testcar and the outer track multiballs are chaos on this machine and multiballs are usually fairly short "for me at least". I have yet to get CHAMP1 mode started but I keep trying.

Not sure how long Nascar will stay in the collection but like I said it is much better than expected.
Rating #176 of 8 24 days ago
My favorite SEGA!
Rating #176 of 55 24 days ago
In the hierarchy of System 1 games with split banks of drop targets (a narrow category), I'd put Sinbad behind Totem. Whereas the targets light the rollovers on Sinbad, the opposite happens on Totem, and its more satisfying to collect from the rollover on the plunge and then shoot for the lit targets rather than lighting the top rollovers only after completing the drop banks. Sindbad's drops are dangerous, especially given that cradling the ball or minimizing trouble using the flippers is difficult—the four flipper setup is unique. I can appreciate it, and it provides quite the challenge. Most of the times I find myself flailing away trying to catch a dead bounce to gain any kind of control. Four-bank of drops are knocked down quite easilly (linked to the special), whereas the two bank is deadly difficult. The art is decent, but near the bottom of the System 1 catalog for me, with Close Encounters. A decent challenge with a maddening flipper layout...but overshadowed by other early Gottlieb solid-state games of the era.
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