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““[FWIW I self-rate my skill level as medium] Oh, I really wanted to like this one better. I love the concept and from an artwork perspective, it works. But playing this was next to impossible: between the blur of red, red, red, and more red, under white... and hidden / obstructed targets, inserts, and other toys... I really did not have much fun at all. Plus the music just doesn't sound good even for its time, but I admire the attempt. The clock and patron animations are neat. It's very creative and I appreciate what they were going for, I just wish I had fun playing it. Probably my biggest disappointment to date.(Played at Louisville Arcade Expo 2015)”

““[FWIW I self-rate my skill level as medium] It's not a fluke, the raves are real: of the dozens of machines I played at LouArcEx, this is the one I loved the most. The theme is fantastic and the execution is superb a-la Monty Python is disguise. Play is a perfect blend of "easy for kids / challenging for wannabes" and just too much damn fun. Besides, how can anyone not love a pin with a bleeped out humorous f-bomb in a callout? (Played at Louisville Arcade Expo 2015)”

“[FWIW I self-rate my skill level as medium] WOW! I like the band well enough but was pretty "meh" on the concept of a pin based on them. Hot damn was I ever mistaken - this pin was AWESOME and my best surprise of the show! Talk about a fast, snappy, keep-on-your-toes game... I was never quite sure what I was "supposed" to be doing, but it didn't matter - there's a lot to do, and a lot to discover. For a gimmick, the cannon shot is more fun than it looks, and the subwoofer THUMP on a target hit never got old. Will definitely play this one every chance I get. (Played at Louisville Arcade Expo 2015)”

“[FWIW I self-rate my skill level as medium] A favorite of mine in the Pinball Arcade app, after finally taking Pinbot's Bride for a spin in the... "flesh" as it were, I was pleasantly surprised - she does not disappoint! The art and theme of course is now regarded as a classic, and rightly so. But the play is what kept drawing me in at Expo. Nice balance of flow, skill, and egg-on frustration. Could make a few ramp shots safely to lock the balls for the awesome face animation, but that center heart ramp was a nice challenge. For some reason I loved the sound effect as bonuses are tallied. (Played at Louisville Arcade Expo 2015)”

“I had No. 501 but sold it. It is a fun game with some speed and great DMD graphics and funny call-outs. The John Wayne impersonation is wonderful. I will definitely buy the remake CCC, when it becomes available....get 'er done!!”

  • BenetBoy78 has this game on the wishlist.

  • “TronLE, No. 101, is fast, furious and has a beautiful light show that is the highlight of the collection. Tough, challenging and great shots with a three flipper left side configuration doubles the fun and strategy. An alternative backglass with the "chicks" only would be so much better. Strangely the TronLE does not get played as much as the other pins.”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “Scared Stiff is ramp to ramp fun!! Another beautiful B/W game that keeps you alert playing this fast and very fun game. I will likely put one in the line-up once the daughter grows old and moves out of the house. LOL. Get one when you can.....”

    “This is a solid and overlooked game.

    There is a lot to do on this board. The shots are precise and fun. A failed trap on a flipper doesn't instantly punish you. And the story is fun. Highly recommended.”

    “I love Gorgar. I love the terrible art (seriously; did they hire just anyone to do art from the 70's through the mid 80's?). I love the speech: "Me got you." And it's a satisfying play. Stripped down to the bare essentially of a pin and does what it does well.”

    “Great skill shot, awesome art package, fun to play. 3 ball multi-ball and zipper flippers.”

  • dalispictures currently owns this game.

  • “This is just a really fun game. Not overly hard and not too serious. The theming is put together extremely well and there are a lot of really cool mods for this game. the callouts are funny and the spider wheel is a nice unique touch. The only downside is the rules are a little shallow and the shots are pretty wide open. Nothing really tight or hard to hit on the playfield. After a brutal game of CFTBL or Tron it's fun to play something a little more forgiving. Non pinball people typically love this game also so that's nice to have in a collection.”

  • jgentry currently owns this game.

  • “The game seems to play well, but the theme kills it for me. I hate to put so much weight on theme, but I just cant get into a game that doesn't appeal overall.”

    “I love Fire! It's a great theme with top notch artwork. Trapping firemen and breaking the window is always a blast. Not a good pin for non pinheads. It's a tough game for most who can't learn to trust the fire hydrant plug.”

  • damageinc55 has owned this game in the past.

  • “Love the theme, love the band, love the game. Played it on site extensively, and can't wait to bring one home. Will be my first NIB.”

  • damageinc55 has this game on the wishlist.

  • “I want to like it, I really do. I'll honestly keep trying. I'm waiting for that moment that it clicks into place, and I fully understand the rules. I love the theme and even the artwork...”

    “Champion Pub is another wonderful B/W games that would be great to own, but never seemed to make a place in the line-up yet. I appreciate the theme and bashing the bag. Easily one of the best frustration relieving pinball machines worthy of praise. Bashing Smaug and Sparky are fun too, but I digress....”

    “My TFLE Combo is a ramp to ramp, and in your VUK kinda game. It is a blast and fast!! The shaker is a must. Megatron multiball is a gas to play and listen to blasting out of the speakers. The Skill Shot is blind, and requires some skill. The mirrored backglass is beautiful. Wonderful game that all skill levels can enjoy, and will want to make you come back for more Megatron multiball!!!”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.
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  • “TSPP is a game with less flow than most pins I prefer. The upper playfield didn't work for me. I appreciated the garage door and nuclear reactors. I miss that element of the game. Not a keeper for me.”

  • BenetBoy78 has owned this game in the past.

  • “The layout is iconic but the gameplay is a bit of a snooze since it lacks any real rules! I really thought I'd love this game since I love drop targets, but there needs to be rhyme and/or reason for what I'm doing.
    You can get a bit of risk/reward going if you have it set to 3-ball, then have the lower drop back only worth 500 each instead of 2k. This bank is easier to finish, and thus light extra ball rollover, so seems strategic to make it worth slightly less than the upper bank.
    But, the extra ball rollovers, even when lit, are a crapshoot. You can't really aim for them.
    So you drop the banks... Then what? They do not reset mid-ball, so you're stuck taking wild shots off for the rollovers.

    Amazing art, but quickly becomes tedious when you're just shooting for rollovers..”

  • cait001 has owned this game in the past.

  • “Hi,

    It might be pre-mature to rate this game--the only one I have played is on-location, and it is not well-maintained. That said, I have poured enough cash into it to have a feel for the game...and I don't like the feeling. Too many STDMs from the middle block-peg. The one I've played on is really dark.
    Hope to revisit this once I get to play on a HUO pin.”

    “Played about 10 games on this machine this weekend. Not impressed. Pretty boring layout and the rope sling toy thingy gets boring fast. Dont care for wrestling and dont care for this pin. Blech.”

    “For reasons that are inexplicable even to myself, this is my favorite table. It isn't very deep, it drains so much on the right side it's almost a feature of the game, it is unforgiving, and there isn't a ton going on.

    I can't get enough of it.

    The sound is fantastic. The turning head gimmick is satisfying. The skillshot is fun. I've played this more than any other table only because I keep going back over and over. If I only ever get to own one machine, I hope it is this one.”

    “If you're not a NASCAR fan the game looks OK at best. The ball making the few laps around the field is a cool idea but gets old after a while. It adds nothing to the fun rating.
    The field has a fair number of toys and stuff to go after but nothing I would describe as a target rich environment. The flow was about average.
    Overall an OK pinball but nothing I would spend space or money on.”

    “Congo is a reasonably attractive game, especially the back glass and cabinet, the field not so much. It has a good game flow and a decent number of toys. A bunch of different modes keep things interesting. The sound is OK, nothing special.”

    “A tale of 2 machines. The main play field is a pretty nice pinball in itself. Decent layout and flow combined with a relatively target rich environment. Fun game to play.
    The upper field is pretty silly. It adds absolutely NOTHING to the game play. Actually it is mildly annoying.
    Still, overall a fairly attractive and fun to play game.”

    There are 21691 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 7 of 868.

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