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Rating #176 of 11 17 days ago

Great theme. Definitely a favourite here. Reminds me of a golden era in pinball and maybe my life at the time :-)

Fun fun fun..Keeper for me..

Rating #176 of 61 22 days ago


- Really well-balanced scoring - max out what you can!

- Electric Company sign is a cool feature that later appeared in other Stern titles.

- Best BSMT2000 sounds in any game.

- Nice board game idea that was taken from Safecracker and improved upon.


- Not much rule depth - no modes can be stacked besides Cash Grab.

- Occasional airballs off of the ramps.

- Modes are worthless, try and time them out.

- Flyer looks horrendous.

Rating #176 of 61 22 days ago

Sometimes, machines don't hold up as well as you remembered. I enjoyed this machine back when I first played it and it influenced my pinball hobby, but now you might as well call this machine "Hurl Came" or "Hurrydrain".


- Hurricane ramp is an awesome, flowing shot and one of the coolest gimmicks in pinball.

- DMD animations were pretty good for their time.

- Dunk the Dummy is pretty funny.


- Multiball is tedious and scores more points than anything else.

- "See the clown perform his annoying tricks!"

- Routed tables are often unplayable because of dust piled up on the Hurricane ramp behind the flippers.

Rating #176 of 10 22 days ago

Got to play this in Niagara Falls Ontario, and it was in great shape. I love Indiana Jones, so this hits home for me. Cool theme and toys on playfield to hit. Sound was perhaps a bit repetitive, but enjoyable. Really like this game!

Rating #176 of 61 22 days ago

AKA World Cup Soccer 2: Electric Boogaloo


- Music during Shootout is... um... interesting?...

- Multiball + xtreme mode stacks are fun. Best part of the game by far.

- Can work towards the Championship during Multiball.


- Middle ramp is a joke.

- Right ramp is impossible to hit thanks to poor build quality. Playfield design in general doesn't match the actual physics.

- Sound is terrible as usual.

Rating #176 of 61 23 days ago

AKA: X-Piles


- Good game to practice your death save skills on.

- Not many were made.

- Playfield layout is ok. Not much flow but honestly a decent effort


- Death saves may cause sore hands.

- Too many were made.

- Magnet in front of the file cabinet becomes a crater after a couple of weeks on location.

- Some of the most horrendous sound in pinball. Very staticky compared to other SEGA tables of the time.

- Backglass art looks terrible. It's so bad that I'd give the game a higher rating if there wasn't any backglass.

Rating #176 of 47 23 days ago

A super fun game. Its nice to see a EM machine that really stands out art and sound wise. Not a card theme, bowling, pool, etc.

One of the best art packages on a EM.

The dragon sounds and digital chimes are also make this game stand out from other EM machines.

No slingshots either.

Built like a tank. Reliable.

And it plays fast, super strong popbumbers. And the plastic playfield make for short ball times. A great multiplayer game.

Unbalanced scoring. But the Dragons make up for it.


Rating #176 of 61 23 days ago

Cheating makes baby Jesus cry!


- Deepest pinball machine ever made! All modes stack, and share a timer that can be increased in several ways.

- Double scoring multipliers add a touch of strategy.

- Appeals to casual players thanks to its large variety of ways to play the game.

- Multi-color TV display is cool and helps players new to the machine out.

- Upper playfield is enjoyable, couch shot is extremely satisfying once it's nailed! :)


- Cabinet art is horrendous thanks to how poorly it was printed out. Such an eyesore.

- Music can get really annoying after a while.

- A little too deep? If you play it a lot, it feels more like chopping wood than playing pinball.

- Some objectives aren't explained too well (ex. Treehouse modes, Multiball rules, Springfield Mystery Spot rules)

Rating #176 of 61 23 days ago

Mongo can't think of a good video mode! Mongo running over people is fun! Mongo like.


- Wizard mode is tough to reach and requires amazing pinball skills.

- Decent flow for an early Stern. Ramps and loops send the ball around the playfield nicely.

- Red Light Multiball is fun and can give a huge payoff in the form of the Red Light Super Jackpot.


- Video mode is horrendous, perhaps the worst in pinball. Scores more than anything else if you know the pattern as well (EB first couple of times, then an unbalanced 35m)

- During Harley Multiball, you collect Jackpots by shooting a post. Nuff said.

- Sounds ripped off from other pinball machines, plus they generally sound terrible

- VUK and motorcycle often malfunction on location, making the table unplayable.

Rating #176 of 7 23 days ago

Very Addictive Pin! The red light is almost hypnotic! You Want to keep playing this game and run the cops everytime! Very good game!

Rating #176 of 712 22 days ago

Special Force was a game that I had looked for, for a long time. Thanks to Mr. Ron Schuster in PA, I finally got my hands on a copy.

The Pros:

A great layout with lots to shoot for. The classic Bally build/collect bonus scoring scheme is well implemented here and is part of the multiball qualification process. Multiball rerquires shots to be made all over the PF and when collected builds the "escape" bonus during multiball. Using the rockets to drop the drop targets on the respective sides of the PF adds to the strategy of the game. Do you want to use the rockets? Do you want to save the rockets? Decisions, decisions... The helicopter ramp is a great idea that uses the saucer as a randomizer for the ball's path as it drops back onto the PF. It's a really cool idea that I don't recall ever seeing in any other game. The layered plastics of the jungle make for an amazing effect and the vacuum formed ramps give us an idea of things to come with Blackwater 100. The Centaur outlane gates mean that nudging is still in fashion in late 1986. I heartily approve! The rules on this game are what will keep you coming back. Considering this is Nordman's first design, I am thoroughly impressed with it.

The Cons:

The cheapo black bally cabinet blows. I'm not a big fan of the theme and while I like the effect of dropping bombs on the thatch roofed huts... it bums me out. What can I say, I don't like the smell of napalm in the morning. Other than the helicopter blades, the sounds on this game are super cheesy. The BG is not my favorite, but then again it could be worse. It could be Special Force Girls.

The Takeaway:

A much better game than most would give it credit for. Not the best looking or sounding table, but this game has it where it counts: IN THE GAME! They can still be found for cheap and when set up properly, offers challenging and strategic play. I may have to put this one on the want list!

Rating #176 of 43 24 days ago

I was sort of surprised just how much I liked this table... this is one of the easier tables to understand. I found out everything I had to do within my first game, I think. There aren't any "tricks" that are difficult to follow. The ruleset is very simple, but it's not so simple to get high scores on this table. Space Shuttle plays very quickly, and you need a quick trigger finger to keep balls in play. Multiball is very easy to release on this table, be it two or three. It's satisfying to "launch" the shuttle, hitting that middle ramp to start multiball. The sounds are quite good considering the year this machine was released, too. This is a very underappreciated machine. I'm not super fond of the cabinet art or the backglass, but the game plays very well.

Rating #176 of 43 24 days ago

What a fabulous machine this is. I thought Bride of Pinbot was pretty fun, but this is definitely a better pin, as it has a wider variety of shots to make, and the premise is just more interesting. This is a challenging table, but not too difficult. Its ruleset also doesn't take too long to grasp. The layout and table art are both great, and the sound is quite good as well. I'll admit that I'm still not exactly sure how you advance planets on this game, but I've not played it a whole lot (though I plan to). As with many pins I have no idea what to do on, your best bet is to shoot at the flashing targets -- it seemed to work pretty well for me. Also, Pinbot has a pretty interesting skill shot that's fun to play. There are definite similarities between this table and its successor Bride of Pinbot, but this table just feels a lot better and like it has more to it.

Rating #176 of 43 24 days ago

Certainly the best Gottlieb machine I've ever played... and it seems Pinside agrees. I find many Gottlieb machines to lack a certain something, but this is a wonderful machine. I like that it has three separate play areas, including one under the table. I know Gottlieb did this with Black Hole, but this table feels much more cohesive and is more fun to play than that one. The sound and music on this table is also quite good, which is nice coming from a Gottlieb pin. This is an interesting table that will grab and keep your attention thanks to its three playfields, great looking artwork, and surprisingly decent sound. If I were to ever consider buying a Gottlieb machine, this would be the one -- very good.

Rating #176 of 43 24 days ago

A unique table, for sure... the game starts with a multiball, and there are no out-lanes. You lose balls either by having them fall between your flippers, or if the timer expires. The gist of this table is to hit the many colored targets to get "extra squirrels" and keep the game going. If you lose a ball on this table, it's quite easy to get one back if you're any good at pinball. This is a reasonably fun game in short bursts, but there's not all that much of a challenge here. The flipper layout is interesting, but the rule set is incredibly basic. This would be an excellent table for a child, but I'm not sure many adults will be swooning over this table. It's pretty one-of-a-kind (almost literally) and worth playing a few games on, but it's not especially interesting.

Rating #176 of 43 24 days ago

This reminds me a lot of Firepower by Williams, which was released the same year. It has a similar feel to it, but I actually prefer Flight 2000 more... I like the table design and table art more, and the multiball on this table is quite unique and cool. I tend to not care as much for early 80s machines, but this is one I quite enjoy do its general simplicity. Once you manage to get a 5x multiplier on this table, get ready to watch your score bloat up big time. The sound on this table is also pretty decent, all things considered. I feel like this is needlessly underrated, and I'm having a hard time understanding why Firepower is so much more highly regarded.

Rating #176 of 7 24 days ago

One of the best stern titles.

Rating #176 of 43 24 days ago

It's pretty "whatever." Apparently this is the first pinball machine to introduce multi-ball, so it has that going for it. It's just a machine that has a very "been there, done that" sort of vibe. In many ways it reminds me of Centaur, but it's less memorable. On this table you want to do what you should do on many tables from around this time period -- build your multiplier, and hit the flashing/lit targets to increase your score and set yourself up for a multiball. This is a fast playing table that has a familiar feel to it. It plays quite well and is reasonably fun, but I can't help but compare it to Centaur and feel like it pales in comparison. Most definitely worth a few plays, and it's quite fun, but it isn't particularly "craveable."

Rating #176 of 259 24 days ago

Found myself wanting to learn the rules on this one...played it many times and enjoyed the game play. Found the rules to be easy to pick up and the roulette was a nice touch.

Not the worlds biggest challenge but provides some nice entertainment. Theme and art are well done.

Rating #176 of 259 24 days ago

Finally played this and really enjoyed it. If it is steep and fast this is a blast...very challenging game.

Rating #176 of 10 24 days ago

I own this game German version with no sound. No sound really takes away from it but I guess there was a reason for it. Considering the age, the gates that get triggered to open are really cool. It can play fast especially when coming off the mushroom bumpers. Quite the theme to this game, Campus Queen.

Rating #176 of 10 24 days ago

Great toys and features such as the gum ball main, clock and magnets on the mini playfield to shoot the eye. I pkayed it about 20 times. The game I played had no shoot again feature and the ball often drained right off from the launch which was annoying. May have enjoyed it more or perhaps this by design. I felt a little slow as well. The skill shot from ball launch was cool as well. Everything you got it into the gum ball machine or fight the eye with the magnets you felt like to accomplished something. Cool game.

Rating #176 of 43 25 days ago

First of all, El Dorado: City of Gold just has a gorgeous play field. I really, really like how it looks. In fact, I even quite like how it plays. Where CoG fails for me is the sound... it's one of the most annoying tables I've ever played. The sounds are both of weak quality, and incredibly repetitive as well. After just two games I had just about enough of CoG because of the redundancy in sound. The game plays pretty well, although I find the top two flippers on this table to be borderline useless, as the ball seldom finds its way there, and when it does, it doesn't last there long. I actually think this table is pretty decent, even if its a bit uninspired, and the sound pretty much ruins the El Dorado vibe.

Rating #176 of 43 25 days ago

A very underrated table, in my book... while the rules are incredibly simple (shoot the ball here, here, and here, hit jackpot... that's it), the comic book look and feel of the table keeps me coming back. While I'll agree with some others here that the sound can get annoying pretty quickly, it's a table that's fun to play and one that's easy to understand, so you don't need to break your brain trying to understand the rules. For that reason, yes, the table can become repetitive quite quickly. If I were to buy a pin, it probably wouldn't be this one for that reason. However, when surrounded by a number of other machines, this is one that I come back to relatively often as it's accessible for anybody to play with.

Rating #176 of 43 25 days ago

Cue Ball Wizard is a table that really puts an emphasis on getting high scores, and constantly having a specific shot to put a ball to maximize your score. While the ramp is where you'll want the ball to go for the most part on Cue Ball Wizard, the many "missions" require you to shoot it certain places, including one where you need to hit the physical cue ball in the middle of the table into targets. There are also quite a few opportunities for multi-ball on this table, regardless of how good or bad you are at pinball. While I find the sound to be comical/cheesy, it's somewhat endearing in an odd... creepy way. I haven't played a ton of pool themed pinball tables (in fact, only three, I believe), but this is one that I can say that I enjoy, and it's one of my preferred Gottlieb machines.

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