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Rating #176 of 14 24 days ago
Ive played one numerous times, I think the game play is godawful and the flow is horrible !
Rating #176 of 7 25 days ago
Love the theme. Great toys and flow. Need to play it more, but would highly recommend.
Rating #176 of 67 13 days ago
Finally got to play CG. It's right in there in likeability and simplicity with Blackout and Firepower.

Action/Per/Minute: Very good, only has GI-out and ball locks
Backhands: very good
Bonus Multiplier Goal: yes - right orbit shot
Dink Donk: good, might be a little coming out of pops with narrow opening in middle
Drops: very good - 3 sets!
Drops Sweep: good - can sweep right bank - very satisfying
Extra Balls: yes - 3 ways to earn them
Flippers: 2
Goals - BC/MB/Jackpot: has a "cosmic ball" where you can get 30-99 seconds of time. You can set it where if you get a set of drops in order 1-2-3, then you earn another extra ball and extend the game.
Hurry-ups: barely - just the cosmic ball itself
Inlane Lane Change: no
Inlane Swoosh: excellent
Lane Change: Yes - very cool! two levels of it
MB Earning: fair - too easy -- just your 1-2-3 lanes top right
MB Fun: looks good, no real detaining other than half-orbit to pops
Nudging: definitely on the outlanes
Outlane Fun: looks decent. metal inlanes
Pops: two sets. they are good, in that they help score 1-2-3 lanes, not too random or dangerous otherwise
Rules (time/order): if you hit the drops in order during cosmic ball - something cool happens.
Shots (total): 7 (super low)
Skill Shot: nope
Slap-Saves: yes, it's williams
Spinners: none -- what a bummer !
Stop'n'Go: Very good, only has GI-out and ball locks
Taunting: none, other than the sound effect of a drain
Toy/Gimmick: does a GI blackout when you lock the ball, cosmic ball is interesting. A-B-C x 3 is interesting
Voice / V. choreography: no voice ! thanks, 1982!

ART: amaze-balls

SOUND: Strong firepower set, but no voice

DISPLAYS: normal williams

FEEL: sure it feels great -- solenoids thunk hard in this one

OVERALL: quirky machine where you have to play it if you ever see one... 1000 made, makes this really tough.
Rating #176 of 67 16 days ago
Never played it. I play it on TPA.

I think this machine ranks blah blah

Action/Per/Minute: Good - subway holds the ball a little, and multi-ball happens here and there.
Backhands: unknown
Bonus Multiplier Goal: unknown
Dink Donk: Good - just a little as ball comes out of pops
Drops: Amazing - two big meaty sets
Drops Sweep: Good - looks like upper flipper could sweep whole bank?
Extra Balls: unknown
Flippers: 3
Goal -EB/BC/MB/Jackpot: unknown
Hurry-ups: unknown
Inlane Lane Change: don't think so?
Inlane Swoosh: looks good
Jackpot/Bonus Collect: unknown
Lane Change: none
MB Earning: looks reasonable
MB Fun: looks very good - a few detaining shots - not sure what goal is once in MB
Metal Ramps: nope
Nudging: looks average
Orbits (Repeatable): none
Outlane Fun: looks good
Pops: might be the weak spot -- no 1-2-3 rollover lanes
Rules (time/order): unknown
Shots (total): 9 shots and two ramps
Skill Shot: kinda - it's more about strength like black knight
Slap-Saves: weak, since it's not a williams
Spinners: 2 -- sound decent, not sure how to light and rip them
Stop'n'Go: ok - subways surely suck up some clock time
Taunting: weak - don't think so
Toy/Gimmick: subways are it afaik.
Voice / V. choreography: seems pretty good. lots of voices, not sure how well they are tied into the shot location

ART: good playfield, worst backglass of all time? horrible cabinet

SOUND: may be best music of all time, sound effects are great, voices are great

DISPLAYS: worst of all time, tiny little blue things up top

FEEL: likely feels good. don't know yet

OVERALL: music and layout are king here
Rating #176 of 13 26 days ago
Awsome game but i think is a must to have it at home for really appreciate. A lot to do, very deep, its easy to keep ball in play and ideal for long game, but in same time, its not an easy pinball. A lot of good and new idea in this machine. Its one of the best pinball i have played(i prefer a little bit WOZ) and Hobbit is the favorite of my wife and daughter and the most played when we receive guest. The higher score of the day in addition of the high score is a fun idea and offer possibility to less good player and guest to write name in the machine. Lack of just one or two toys for give a total 10/10 but is nearly perfect for me.
(Sorry for my bad English,i speak french)
Rating #176 of 34 26 days ago
Best Pin I have ever seen.
Rating #176 of 16 26 days ago
Once you play this one you almost cant play the basic game.
Rating #176 of 7 26 days ago
Ok game to play, but didn't keep my interest. Maybe I didn't play it enough to appreciate it, but I feel the white LEDs everywhere are unacceptable...seriously, it's so monotone and like playing under a spotlight. I also don't like the photos they use for cab art, back glass, and playfield...I'm a fan of drawn art on pins...just my opinion.
Rating #176 of 6 26 days ago
I love this machine. I wish I owned it. I'm not even a huge Metallica fan. It's challenging without being impossible. It has some awesome gadgets. It's lit up well, the sounds are great, but sometimes I find them too repetitive.
Rating #176 of 6 26 days ago
I love this game. Great ruleset, great layout, great shots. Of 15-or-so machines, this is one that I keep trying to play over and over.
Rating #176 of 7 26 days ago
A beautiful game with great game play. Lots of toys and cool magnets will keep both the avid player and the casual player coming back. Would love to own one someday.
Rating #176 of 6 26 days ago
I love the looks and the theme. That's the best part of this machine. The layout is great too. It was the first pinball machine that really got my attention. It's fun for beginners, but lacks the challenge beyond that imo. The sounds got annoying for me, and the music was lacking. It went from a machine I really wanted to play to the machine I avoided over and over again. I did like the lighting. I also had a lot of fun with the ramp and number lottery. That's fun to me for some reason.
Rating #176 of 161 26 days ago
Nice original theme
Good shaker integration

My main beef with Earthshaker is that I do not any satisfying shot. The clunky right ramp is the worst. The playfield is cramped. The center ramp is repetitive and seems to be the most valuable shot in tournament mode. Skill shot is not interesting. Not a big fan of artwork…
Rating #176 of 8 26 days ago
Friend of mine has this machine. It is misunderstood. Completly misunderstood.
This is not a machine for a single player. It doesn't have complex rules, modes, depth, anything. It is not made for tournament mode or even for playing sober.
This is a party pinball machine, in my opinion the best there is. To make the most of it you need 4, or better 6 guys and a sizable supply of beer.
It has a very fast player rotation and groups the players in two teams playing against each other so it never gets boring, after sufficient alcohol intake people start cheering on their team mates and high fiving each other at every goal.
The dots, they are awesome, the callouts are funny and never get old and this poll needs another category for filthy language just for this game in which I give it a 6/6.
I don't even like soccer but unlike WCS95 which sounds like the commercial stuff this, at least, sounds like real soccer. That's why I give it 6/6 for theming.
Rating #176 of 18 27 days ago
I've owned totan for a few weeks now, so this is an early review that I'll adjust later on.
I absolutely love this game and find myself needing to play it on a daily basis.
I was lucky enough to buy one with a perfect cabinet. I find the cabinet art and PF art very desirable. Game play itself is awesome. Main ramp that diverts the ball in different directions is great. Multiple magnets used throughout the game. Hit genie, spin the lamp. Great bash toys. Love the save on the outlanes, very similar to TOM.
I own TOM and Totan and would give a slight nod to totan, though I think both games are awesome. I personally rank TOM and totan higher than MB and Lotr, though I realize this opinion is not shared by very many people.
If you are thinking about buying totan, fire away. You won't be disappointed.
Rating #176 of 21 4 days ago
The theme of this game, the ramps, the mods and the shots are great. One of the ten best games according to me. Clearly undervalued rate on pinside.
Rating #176 of 7 27 days ago
Best. Pin. Ever.
Rating #176 of 7 27 days ago
I think hurricane gets under loved here because great players find it too easy. But, i, my kids, and most of my friends aren't GREAT players. The theme and artwork are great, the shots are really fun, and the dot's and sound are very good. Hurricane is probably the best bargain in pinball today. Pinside has it worth 1700 or something? I wouldn't part with mine for less than 2100 and I'd still be sorry to see it go. The other 'issue' with this and all games of the era is condition... mine isn't perfect cosmetically but it plays perfect. If flippers are weak or if the ramps or toys aren't dialed in; it just isn't as much fun as it should be. But, when it plays as it should: it's great!
Rating #176 of 24 27 days ago
A friend and I have passed this game back and forth a few times. He's not getting it back again. :D
I'm mostly a 90's+ collector/player, but this game really stands out as one of the best and most fun solid states.
The rules are about as good as they get for the timeframe. The playfield artwork and backglass are FUGLY, but I'd rather have a sweet playing game than pretty artwork. Both is nice, yeah, but Warlok playability makes up for the artwork shortcomings.
Better than Blackout which the layout is very similar to.
Rating #176 of 12 27 days ago
The game is ok ... I like it. Fun to play for a few plays, but then it's on to another pin. Nothing really bad to say about it, but it does not hold my interest. Needs a 3rd party color DMD to maybe spruce it up a bit. I would play it on location or at a expo for a few plays. The car carousel is a cool feature but is not too exciting as a gimmick. If you are a Mustang gear head, you would probably love and cherish this pin.
Rating #176 of 12 27 days ago
I'm not into the theme, seems well represented in the game, but that does not matter to me. It drains too much on the sides, but not bad enough to dislike the pin because of it. Repetitive sounds and call outs. The game plays ok, but seems a little slow. I would play it if I saw it at a location or at a expo, but only a few times. It looses my interest quickly. If you are a "treky", you would probably like it more than I do because of the theme. I like the newer Stern Star Trek pins better.
Rating #176 of 12 27 days ago
Representing the theme, sound, lighting is ok. Toys and features are ok, but the way the game is purposely designed for cheap drains is really disappointing. I was excited about this one before I played it. So many features designed against you that mod people are making mods to counter that - so ... yes, bad designed in drains. Wish it was better. I would NEVER play this on a location where I would have to put money/tokens into it. If I can play it on free play at expos and such, yes I would keep giving it some more chances. The mono-color DMD is hard to see/decipher sometimes, so if you like this kind of game, count on needing the 3rd party color DMD. My wife & I played it maybe 50 times at a few expos and we both walk away disliking the game because of the designed in drains.
Rating #176 of 7 27 days ago
I bought this game without playing it, but watched a ton of videos. I'm a Metallica fan and again, I own it, so this review may have slight bias. I own a TZ and Cyclone machines. Both are fun, the TZ is incredible, but this is a whole different game. Speed and adrenaline are what it's about. You also have to be very aware of your shots and how to slow it down when necessary. Obviously I love the theme. The music and the call outs are great, but if you don't like music pins, or Metallica I'm sure this will be a problem (I couldn't stand a country music themed pin). I hope Stern (and the other pin companies out there) keep using original art for their pins. The real photos of some of the newer pins ruin the beauty of the machine, and distract from the game play IMO. The only pin out there that comes close to this art work (both cab and playfield) is ghostbusters. Game play for the occasional player is a blast (although drains can be ruthless), but for the avid player it's incredible! Stern has revised the code to 1.70...this many code updates is virtually unheard of and they have done a great job dialing in a game with a very deep rule set that makes sense and is a blast to play. I looked at the pro, premium, and ghostbusters premium. Ghostbusters is too new...although I hear the code is good, I didn't want to have an early machine that I felt I was beta testing (although in a couple years this may be my next pin). I went with the Pinball Refinery edition, it blows a stock pro out of the water. I can't say enough how worth it it was to have a custom pin, and the additions make playing it that much more enjoyable. I will probably never buy a stock pin again. There are a few companies out there that do this, but the quality of build, and the ease of communication made this a great decision. I will never sell this game. I don't see getting bored with it with the deep rule set, and the custom mods put this over the short, this is MY game, how I specified it. The Metallica run is almost done. If you miss this, many will regret it, but there's always used. I can't stress enough how I think original, drawn artwork is the way to go for future pins. AC/DC is suppose to be an incredible pin (I admit, I haven't played it), but there is no way I could own it with the artwork (although the Luci cab is good, but the playfield art is annoying IMO).
Rating #176 of 6 27 days ago
Love the pinbot.. finally have one in my collection...
Rating #176 of 7 27 days ago
I played this game at a local bowling alley, I was surprised with how much fun I had. The center ramp was cool and the mouse theme works. Solid game.
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