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9 days ago
To me, "Aerosmith", "KISS" and "Metallica" are pretty much the same table. I played this one at a local bar. Three games. There wasn't anything that really stood out to me except for Sparky getting zapped. That sequence along with the drain sequence is neat. But there really isn't much to it. Nothing groundbreaking, nothing "different". Stern's "AC/DC" is still the end-all/be-all of "rock band pinball" to me. Compared to that table, anything else is just a quickee meant to capitalize on a recurring theme.
9 days ago
I played this game on and off for the last few years, never really understanding what the fuss was about. I finally sat down to really dig deep this weekend and, while it's not my absolute favorite pin (Pat Lawlor would triumph with his follow-up, "Twilight Zone"), it's a solid table. You can definitely see the influence it had on T-Zone what with the player having to collect "Mansion Rewards" in order to get to the Table Wizard mode of "Tour the Mansion". The call-outs are fun (LOVE the Mamushka and the SHOWTIME multi-ball sequence) but some shots are insane and tough and require pinpoint accuracy. The audio also sounds unfortunately garbled. All in all, the table still delivers.
9 days ago
Do I buy one? Or not? Depends on the day you ask me.

If so, Hyper Ramp worth going Premium? Again, depends on when you ask me.

I've been following this pretty closely as it would be my 1st NIB pin. Not a light decision. I'm not loaded. Still, Star Wars is my Dream Pinball Theme.

Sound familiar? Do you feel the same way?

I think the machine shoots really well. Nice Flow. Even the Code shows Tons of potential, however there is something slightly off with the way everything comes together. I don't feel like I am getting lost in the Star Wars universe, YET, when I play the pro.

DON'T GIVE UP Star Wars lovers!

This is just one Man's opinion, but a tweaked Code could quickly make this a very sought after pin.

It is not easy to come up with moments in a game that suspend reality and put you in that zone. I am sure it is even harder to implement these ideas with coding limitations. However, to save Star Wars, every attempt must be made. The Theme deserves it!

I created another Thread listing off 9 ideas that could bring a more Immersive Experience to all of us.

Fellow Star Wars Junkies, click on the link below, and VOTE FOR EVERY Code Adjustment on my POLL that you like. Furthermore, post on my thread as much as you want to keep it up top and visible for more Pinsiders to discover. Together, with Strength in Numbers, Stern might lend us an ear, and give us the Star Wars we want and deserve!

Remember, you can select as many as you like when you vote:

Oh ... and my rating of the game is in it's current state. I hope to edit it as the Code develops ... and the Hyper Ramp gets used well! Epic themes like LOTR and IJ got awesome treatment. Now it is Star Wars turn!
10 days ago
I am revising my comments after owning this game for a while. I have put about 40 games on this machine, and its just an incredible machine. The rules are very deep, the light shows are truly amazing, the upper play fields are very fun, the upper castle is great, and the spinning house is amazing. On top of all that the customized bumper sounds are truly exceptional. I have several pins in my collection and the WOZ, and Hobbit are the first two I go to every time (along with the kids). This game is the real deal. My only regret is not buying one sooner. Stern can learn a lot from JJP, and the quality of build. This game is built like a tank.
10 days ago
This is a great DMD pinball for your money. The playfield layout is good. The music is good. I am not a fan of some of the callouts. The game does not have many if any toys (the blue police light topper). Its simple, it is actually well built, and lethal weapon is a good series. The game theme is family friendly. Gun video modes can be challenging. It did not last the long run in the game room because there are better titles and limited space, but this would be a good entry level pin or really one to put out on location.
10 days ago
Jurassic Park was a game I was sad to let go and will be looking to get another in the future. I think this is one of the best Data East games and found it was always a favorite in the game room. I found the game to be easy to get high scores. The Toys were a lot of fun and even has a shaker motor. Great game with family friendly theme.
10 days ago
I enjoyed the game play, overall a fun machine.
10 days ago
I am NOT a Harley guy (Honda/Yamaha) but this game is not as bad I see reviews for in my opinion. I have played it a few times and understand the rules without having to read up on it. It is a good layout and the "toys" fit quote well for this.
10 days ago
This is my most brutal game as far as difficulty. With the lightning flippers expect many random drains. I absolutely love the mist multi-ball. It is one of the coolest features on a pinball. I think the art is overall great, but yes that coffin with the Dracula doll is kind of lame. I think if they just did a plain coffin it would have been fine. This is a good game to obtain if you have several titles because it is nice to have a tough game or two. If you are looking for a challenge this a great title, creepy theme, and good to cut your teeth on.
10 days ago
This game is hands down my favorite pinball. I am a huge Indiana Jones fan, this was also the first pinball I ever played and vowed to get one. I think it is packed with shots, it is a challenging pinball and the theme is a fan boys dream. The music is iconic and loaded with movie sound bytes. Family friendly theme, even the people who claim they do not like the Indiana Jones Movies love playing this table. The good news they made a lot of these machines so if you want one you will be able to find them, the bad news they do seem to cost a quite a bit.
10 days ago
Fun family friendly theme. The topper really draws people over especially when it gets going. I think this game could have been a little more wise with playfield layout, some heavy wasted space where the boat is. This game is also very tough to get a high score on. It is a nice game to get to improve your skill while not turning off the non-pinball playing people because for whatever reason difficulty will not stop the general audience from playing several games and getting their butt kicked.
10 days ago
I wanted this game so bad when I first saw it. Found it on location after looking for a while and played it for a long time. Did not turn me on at all. I have played a few, its OK but I would personally not own one.
10 days ago
I hope this clip art era of pinball is dying. Good game, first time I played I was able to start a multiball, 2 games I was able to win a game. I will always play one when I see one.
10 days ago
I really like this game. keeps me coming back every time I see it on location. I see why it costs what it does.
10 days ago
This is one of the most popular games in our game room. It appeals to more then just soccer fans. Just like how foosball is soccer themed yet draws many people. Driving the ball into the goal past the goalie is a lot of fun then topped with the machine screaming "Goal" The game has also been very reliable and looks good with LED's. Highly recommended family theme and challenging to battle against Germany in the final draw with a non-stop 4 ball multi.
10 days ago
Another excellent gottlieb title for a beginner collector. Fun shots and call outs, goofy music and sounds. I mean who wouldn't like a talking Jamaican alligator? Lol
10 days ago
This was my very first DMD game and I miss it sometimes. An excellent title for the beginner collector and can still be found at reasonable prices. First game that I had ever experienced a shaker in and the one in this game is powerful which is very cool.
10 days ago
Owned this one a few weeks and here are my thoughts after installing new elastics, scoring motor and buff and wax on the playfield.

Pro's: The art on the cabinet, backglass and playfield all ties together and is a cool looking pin! The Williams chimes are ok, if somewhat sparse on this title. The pops and slingshots are pretty potent getting the ball around the playfield in a hurry.

Con's: The lower section of the PF is a tad bare with a fair amount of open space to cross before getting something to score on. I'm not a huge fan of drop targets so this pin just not be suitable for me to review as there is 3 drop targets as your primary targets in the lower half. The outlanes are vicious ball magnets.

This pin just doesn't jell for me, I'm sure it has its fans but can't count myself as one of them aside from the artwork.
10 days ago
I absolutely adore this game. I've owned Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and now Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters is my favorite so far. The modes are varied and fun, I love the incorporation of the scoleri brothers, and the lighting and music are AMAZING!! My only real complaint with the game is that I have the older slimer mech and sometimes he is difficult to register hits. I'm not under warranty, so I'd have to buy the new mech, and I'm not in a position to do that. Luckily, there's a fix here on pinside that helped the problem enough that I'm not concerned with it any more, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

The art on this pin, no matter whether it be the DMD, Playfield, Plastics, Backboard, or Cabinet, are all amazing.

The right ramp is one of the most satisfying shots to's sooo difficult that when you do hit it you feel accomplished. When you have a good game on this pin, it's absolutely exhilarating. Stay Puft mode is great!
11 days ago
I like the game and I think it's fun but let's be honest if it was a new stern game that came out it would get bashed for not having enough on the playfield. While it's fun it does get repetitive.
11 days ago
I have a feeling it's going to be a long time until we see another stern with a playfield this loaded, a original layout, and fantastic art not to mention a dream theam for most. This is a great game, I love the unusual nature of the magma slings, lots to do on this one!
11 days ago
EM's with backglass animation rock! EM's with TWO backglass animations rock even more!!
12 days ago
Waaay underrated pin! Great shots, great rules, killer multiballs!!
13 days ago
So the company that brought us the brilliant "Pinbot" decided to eschew thoughtful design and a wondrous, colorful space theme...and replace it with a female Pinbot that looks like she's blowing one of the ramps. The really weird borderline misogyny aside, the sequel to "Pinbot" is nowhere near as good as its predecessor. It's just shooting the left ramp over and over to accomplish stuff with the main goal being to bring the female Pinbot to life. The flipping "face" at the top of the table is a REALLY cool idea, though when it comes down to it, it isn't anything we haven't seen before. Not a game I'd play over and over unlike the first one.
13 days ago
"Pinbot" is one of the two tables that got me into pinball. What isn't to like here? The name of the table is catchy, the design is eye-popping and colorful and the audio is an absolute work of art which works in tandem with the visuals. The package is beautiful. The only bad thing I can say about it is the table's penchant for draining out the left side without touching the bottom flipper on some turns. Doesn't happen all the time and perhaps it's a balancing problem with the version I played. That and the strangely ironic bagatelle on the right side (a neat idea, to be sure; it melds pinball's past with its present here) that really doesn't do much. Other than that, "Pinbot" is a classic.
There are 29989 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 5 of 1200.

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