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Rating #126 of 69 8 days ago
I've only played the LE, maybe 2 games on a pro, man this one is a dog. Mick on a stick is perhaps the worst toy ever, randomly running around and blocking your shots. Nothing is more fun than trapping up and waiting for Mick to randomly move so you can hit a particular shot. The Sharkey's Shootout style post saves probably make the game a lot more fun than the non-LE. Mick frequently decides to kick the ball directly into an outlane or have the ball dribble off him STDM. I have to say I really abuse the unlimited post saves. Almost every single shot I make I get ready to save it. Combined with the occasionally deadly Mick, that's definitely the most fun part of the game. Other than that it's a really sparse layout, no theme integration, terrible art, bleh.
Rating #126 of 47 17 days ago
I generally don't like Williams EM's, which I guess is why they tend to be cheap. I picked up this game for a really good price and brought it back from not working to fully functional... and I found out in the process that it is a pretty good game... even for a Williams!

The main gimmick on the playfield is a 3 reel slot machine thing. You can hit stand up targets and roll over lanes to advance the reels. When you have it where you want it, you can shoot a saucer to collect the bonus, which can be up to 5000 points and 3 extra balls (when set to add-a-ball).

There are 5 pop bumpers and when the ball gets into them there can be a lot of action.

There are two saucers at the top of the machine that can light the pops for extra points. One lights the green pops, and one lights the yellow pops. If you get them both lit, the red pop is lit for 1000 points. The problem is, this saucer is super tricky to hit with the flipper (if it's possible at all), and the single pop bumper located below it just doesn't have enough UMPH to knock it in there. As a result, the bumpers are almost never lit.

There are outer lanes that raise a post between the flippers, and there is a rollover right in front of the flippers that will drop the post - so you have to be on your toes and not expect that the post will be there when you need it most.

The art on the playfield is the famous pointy elbow and knee style, and that is not the best thing. The backglass is a lot better. It's worth a flip!
Rating #126 of 69 2 days ago
I think... I like the Pro better? The Pro really has a lot of stuff and the LE has a TON of stuff, but it doesn't all add to the game to me. I think the minor additions are detracted by the giant hammer which blocks way too much line of sight and slows things down a bit. I can take or leave the coffin ball locks and snake. Still a great game, after playing it I just think the pro is more attractive and easier to play.
Rating #126 of 69 3 days ago
Gene really is an awful shot. You can nail him and get rejected. I've seen players turn around because they expected multiball to start because the ball was up in Gene for 3 seconds, only to have the ball slowly dribble out. It's a tremendously unsatisfying shot, with an even worse dribble out. Bad dribble outs seem to be a common theme with modern Sterns. I'm not mad about it going STDM or to outlanes, just the speed, random ability to hit, and bad feel of the shot. Yeah the head also spits STDM sometimes, but there's a ball save and I'm sure it can be adjusted somehow, whatever.

I'm no expert on the rules, but it seems to boil down to the two multiballs and comboing flashing shots. I don't know the differences between the songs other than which combo shots will be available. Single ball comboing shots seems really valuable, which is good since I don't like just multiball all the time. Encouraging on the fly shots at combos keeps the gameplay fast. I didn't notice anything interesting about any particular song, they all felt about the same in the few dozen times I got to play. Couldn't decipher if the KISS ARMY inserts did anything at all in all their different colors other than that it somehow added to bonus.

Is there a skillshot? I don't think so, nor do I see the ability to code in a good one. This layout is sparse. I'm a big fan of games with a ton of shots like Metallica and Star Trek, there are relatively few here. I do like that a lot of the shots are dangerous, really only the ramps will guarantee a safe return. The only real toy is the Gene head. I have to say, seeing Gene spit the balls out is kind of funny, not sure if that's what they were going for.

In terms of LE stuff, the dancing Starchild is pretty lame. Look at how much motion the dancing Elvis had. We don't get complex toys like that very often anymore, even on LEs. It's barely a step up from wiggling AC/DC plastics. The levitating ball is fine, but there's no thematic integration. There isn't some wizard causing it to levitate or UFO tractor beam, it's just a levitating ball. A real waste of a brilliant mech. Impossible not to draw BSD comparisons where it's used to incredible effect. I haven't played the Pro, but don't think the LE additions are really necessary and they're not nearly worth thousands of dollars extra.

I don't like KISS' music, but didn't rate it. The hand drawn art is a neat throwback, it's good but not excellent like Metallica or Zombie Yeti. The red full motion video dots seem like they're from a by-gone era, I'm totally done with modern machines cheaping out like this. This is another area where Metallica and AC/DC show far more effort. The FMV also ensures we'll probably never see a ColorDMD for KISS.

Overall I think KISS is a big step down from Stern's other recent band games which I'd consider modern classics. It's a fun game, but without an overhaul I don't see it holding my attention like those do.
Rating #126 of 266 18 days ago
Great looking game...but not too much fun...a bit slow...not enough to shoot at for me.
Rating #126 of 266 18 days ago
What a fantastic game! Played this about seven or eight times now and really enjoy it.

Layout is damn near perfect...VERY FAST! Those orbits whip it right back to you. Ramps flow well...game flows well. Only problem I witnessed was the ball rockets right down the middle of the plunge...so in multiball your first ball is direct drain...total killer.

Lights are awesome, love the lit targets on the side.

Themed damn near perfect. Art reminds me of early 90s sega games, not nessasarily a bad thing. Lots of racing elements and no "dead time" with balls staying in pops forever.

Overall great game, even though the theme does nothing for me it it fun to play.
Rating #126 of 26 18 days ago
As a decades long Harley owner, this is a game I really wanted to like. But couldn't. The 2nd Edition had a mountain of potential.....yet delivers so little. Yes, its a little better than Road Kings. This pin was made during peak demand for Harley motorcycles.....where anything & everything that said Harley on it....was voraciously grabbed up by Harley riders. Its like this pin was designed & brought to market in 2 weeks. I usually play this game once or more a year, hoping I'll find some (any) reason to like it. And always, I come away away disappointed. This pin doesn't age well at all. If you are unfortunate enough to own one, sell it in the motorcycle classifieds. Just like KISS collectors prop up the price of the Bally KISS, there still remains lots of Harley riders that will buy anything that says Harley on it.
Rating #126 of 20 19 days ago
Ignore the lame theme, this is one of the best games ever made. Layout and ruleset are first-rate, and scoring is very balanced. The Battlefield and the player-controlled ramp diverters are excellent, unique features. Artwork is the game's weakness; the blend of noir, art deco and Asian motifs don't gel at all, even though each element is well done in isolation. The upper playfield lighting is also a problem when the room is dark, particularly for the Battlefield.

The Shadow is usually considered to be a hard game, but apart from the diverters taking some time to get used to, I don't think this is really the case. It's fast, and has some risky shots, but since the scoring is so well balanced, it's easy to come up with a strategy that allows you to concentrate on the shots you're comfortable with. Wizard mode is difficult to complete but you always feel like you have a chance. In short, The Shadow is a true classic with the price tag of a B title.
Rating #126 of 20 19 days ago
This is a pretty ordinary game. Layout is okay, but rules seem disjointed. Artwork fits the theme, but all the blue gets really annoying after a while. Music is awful.
Rating #126 of 69 19 days ago
A ton of toys and shots, one of the best art packages ever, rules that make use of all the fancy shots, TOTAN is a solid game. To me it really lacks the it factor of a TZ or MB, maybe it's just too repetitive game to game or it's too easy to reach the end.
Rating #126 of 69 9 days ago
Good unique layout with a couple things I don't like. The rollover lanes are really hard to get back to and the the center lane tends to brick back down and frequently aims STDM. The rest is really original, toy filled, and shoots great. Theme is off the charts. Sound is off the charts. High quality, good sound effects, funny callouts, moody background noise. Still getting to know the rules, but there seem to be many paths to take and they're not all shoot the random lit shots. I personally like the backglass art and somewhat don't like the playfield art.

Update: I don't normally rate sound, but gave AMH high marks across the board because the 7.2 rating felt too low. This game is a joy to play (and listen to!) and shows Spooky Pinball is going places. The fact that their games for the foreseeable future will be rare collectors games is a huge bummer.
Rating #126 of 16 16 days ago
i cant say why,but i keep comming back for this pin.
there is something magic about this one.i think its haunted
Rating #126 of 103 20 days ago
Very smooth game. Great flow with nice shots to hit. The game is very fast. Interesting rule set and fun to play. A solid game.
Rating #126 of 20 20 days ago
Solid game with an interesting ruleset. Different areas of the playfield represent parts of Springfield (Moe's, the Kwik-e-mart, the Simpsons' living room etc) and these are well incorporated into the modes. All modes run on the same timer, which resets every time a new mode is started. So stacking modes is really the critical skill. The ruleset is extensive and confusing for new players, but easy enough to follow once you've learned the basics. Wizard mode is extremely difficult to achieve.

Artwork is typical of the show, bright and colourful. This does mean that the game's lightshows (the ones I've seen at least) are quite pedestrian. It's also sometimes difficult to tell if an insert is lit or not. Callouts are very funny, but sound quality is poor.
Rating #126 of 15 21 days ago
Really fun game to play
Rating #126 of 8 21 days ago
Very good ... The most fun I have had with a em.
Rating #126 of 10 14 days ago
Over rated in my opinion.. I've played it a number of times and can never get in to it even though i like the theme ... Cant see why its up there with Medieval Madness and Monster Bash
Rating #126 of 22 22 days ago
A game that really stands out from most other 1980s machines.
The innovative "face" lock ball system itself as part of the theme and combination of techno music track along with the sound clips are really shine here.
Only a few machines are equal in quality, namely Black Knight 2000 and Swords of Fury.
Most people know this was the first pinball to feature the "One Billion" shot.
Not-overly repetitive because the game is challenging, and can be tricky in the outlanes.
I hated to get the "machine going" only to have multi-ball end quickly due to drains and have to build up momentum again.
If you have to choose one machine between Pinbot, The Machine, or Jackbot, this is the one to get.
Its one of those "keeper" machines, if you have one that DOES NOT have a fully mylared playfield.
Rating #126 of 37 22 days ago
This is a great pin that plays even better than it looks. I was a big Metallica fan in my younger days, so I can appreciate the music and theme of this machine even more. Even if you're not a fan of the band, the music compliments the gameplay nicely. The dot animations on this machine are some of the best I've seen and the quantity and quality of them don't disappoint.

From a gameplay perspective, this machine hits it out of the park with a great playfield layout, super deep rules, satisfying shots, and fun toys. I haven't played the premium or LE models, so I can't comment on how this machine stacks up again them. However, this is honestly one of the best machines I've ever spent time with and I would love to add one to my collection.
Rating #126 of 37 22 days ago
The "horror movie playing at the 50's drive in" theme is unique and gives this game so much personality. Honestly, this is one of the better looking machines out there. It also has interesting dots, good music, and great artwork. The game plays fast and the ramp shots are fun to hit and really smooth. The "Move your car" mode is a lot of fun and features some great DMD animations and call outs.

On the negative side, the rules are a bit shallow and the 2 ball multi-ball is a bit of letdown. Getting a high score can be a bit of a grind hitting the shots to build up your bonus to 16 million before cashing in over and over. Overall, this is a fun machine that looks and sounds great, but the gameplay never rises to the level of the machine's aesthetics.
Rating #126 of 108 22 days ago
When you don't know how to play a game, you usually hate it. That's the case with Monster Bash and me. Once I got the "hang" of it, began to really like it!
Rating #126 of 108 22 days ago
Me win League matches with dis. Many League matches...
Rating #126 of 46 22 days ago
Its overrated, overpriced. Toys kinda cheep, jumping frogs. Machine plays well, for what is is it was fun.
Rating #126 of 46 22 days ago
Doctor who fun game. Love the toy in center, 3 levels. Anyway i dont love the show. However this game is fun.
Rating #126 of 108 22 days ago
Some may criticize it for being a "one shot game". All I can say is: if you can keep making that shot every time, you gotta love it!!! Plus: BEST pin music EVER!
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