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“All around good game. After playing one dozens of times, it's grown on me. Well made for the times, especially the sound. Few annoying features. Fast to learn, long to master. Girls love it. Skill shot is one of the best made. Great theme. Pink cabinet art is probably the worst part. The two part head makes it hard to work on.”

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  • “finally got one and got to put some serious hours into playing it and I can't get enough. Sooo many different modes and things to do. This has quickly become my favorite pin I've ever played.”

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  • “I really enjoyed this game when it came out in 1994, played it a lot on location, I still enjoy it today. It has a unique feel.”

    “I took me 3 years to track one of these in great shape .....I finally got one and I'm loving it ....great music , art , theme , and it's so much fun I really don't understand why so much hate for this pin , it's a great pin .”

    “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turdles.”

    “When people say "Sterns have a 'cheap' build quality" - this is the first game that comes to mind. It just looks and feels sort of... well... crappy. The game itself is thin, overly simplistic and gimmicky. But just like a lousy Adam Sandler summer movie, it's a crowd pleaser. Go figure.”

    “After years of searching... I FINALLY got a chance to play this game. Muchos thanks to Bridge Morrigan for buying a copy and letting me session it out!

    The Pros:
    A very interesting layout and a more complex ruleset than any of the other Bally Buh-donk-a-donk-5. Big ups to Greg Freres for taking a chance and putting together one of the more creative and less literal art packages seen on a pinball game in a long time. For some reason, I'm hungry for Ike and Mikes now. Spelling out HOTDOGGIN can come rather easily with the lanes, but it is more fun to sharpshoot the standups around the PF. I like the narrow shot to the inline drops at the top of the PF and going around the lane to the saucer is satisfying. The spinner is way sweet when it swings easily. The sounds on this game are really incredible. For a game of this vintage, it is almost like playing a Frontier. Nothing else sounds quite like it.

    The Cons:
    This game is WAY too easy to roll with the bonus multiplier at 5x within 3 shots. The coolest feature of the table is a lucky-bumble it in shot. Can it be reflected off of other parts of the PF skillfully? Maybe, but I have yet to find that shot. 5, count em'... 5 inlanes. Yes some of the inlane rewards are different, but... 5 inlanes?!? The saucer to the right of the inlanes is accessed about 78 times more from a shot from the flippers or a random bounce from the upper left hand pop bumper. A switch/rollover at the top of the u-turn lane that would offer a REWARD for accurate shooting through the inline drop lane is what should have happened here. Don't crack your lower left pop bumper cap. They can't be found anymore!

    The Takeaway:
    While Strikes and Spares may be Gary Gayton's best design, this one isn't that bad at all. I'd put it right about the same place as Evel Knievel. Bonus is King on this game and there is a PF collect, but you have to get the center lane at the top of the PF and then drop the ball into the kickem'-outer lane on the right. Do this 5 times over at 5x bonus and roll it! This game is in desperate need of another digit or a s/w alteration to get rid of that last zero. A fun game, I'm glad I finally got the chance to play it.”

    “Awesome woodrail, really like it. 2 lower flippers, 2 higher flippers (=4 flippers!) with a set of pop bumpers in between. This gives it two separate play fields, in a way, which makes sense because there are 2 ways to win on scoring (total score or points). To me this game plays like two games in one. The back box animation just adds frosting on top of an already awesome pinball machine. Only negative would be that a lot of features need to be activated to light (ex. both lower sling shots, 1/3 of the pf!) so game can look a little dark. But when it starts to light up (features will then be activated on and off, it puts on a great light show. It has a permanent home among mostly 70's pins.”

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  • “Hahaha Team One is (as of 4-15-15) not in the top 100, but it's better looking (but less fun) cousin AbraCaDabra is No. 1. Yes the art is arguably not as good, and it's an Add-A-Ball, but the aab aspect is what many say makes this game superior. Team One is much rarer, a better player (IMHO), and should be MUCH MUCH higher on these list. But, it's rare, so not many have played it. You want a #1 playing pin for 1/2 the price? Keep on the lookout for a Team One!

    I own Team One...so I could be biased, but only slightly.”

  • presqueisle1 currently owns this game.

  • “Great drop target game and really compliments the games sitting beside it, Atlantis and Jacks Open. Love the shot where you ricochet (volley?) the ball off all three banks..then back to the flipper for another try. Of course getting into the upper lanes lights the corresponding bank and increases each drop to 5000 points rather than 500. This will stay lit the rest of the game, whether the banks get reset or not. That is the whole key to this game. Keep shooting for the upper play field / lanes and ignore the drops, until at least ball 4. Very colorful and is supposedly based on the famous 1970's Bobby Riggs/Billie Jean King battle of the sexes.”

  • presqueisle1 currently owns this game.

  • “For me there is something about this game that I just GET. I am not a huge fan of the theme ( I like the movies just isn't on my list of pins that need made) but I like how they integrated it. The sinking ship is really cool and for me the game objectives are pretty easy to follow. I know for some people the game isn't deep enough but it's good for where I am at. Things are well spelled out, clear objectives, and a lot of fun.”

    “Not an EM pinball machine of course, but it has familiar mechanics and sound. I am lucky to own one and love it. Takes up a small foot print and lights up real nice. A perfect addition to an EM game room. Yes, addicting play. It's just as popular as the pinballs when folks come over, and is a conversation piece. I talked with an old bar owner once who said he bought his for around $60 back in the day. Said it earned $30 a week in nickels FOR EVER.”

  • presqueisle1 currently owns this game.

  • “I like the numbered shots ES makes you shoot before you can start mutliball. Sometimes a game might have a ton of shots and only two thirds of them will really matter for gameplay. The center ramp is the easiest/safest scoring mechanism, but if you shoot that all day instead of playing the game you're lame. Interesting layout with a bunch of good, challenging shots (plus a hard jackpot). I don't normally like games with obvious balance or risk/reward issues but ES is one that I always play how you're "supposed" to rather than the safe strategy.”

    “SS is one of those games like Attack From Mars that's good simple fun, easy to approach with a big dumb thing in the middle for you to bash, and has a huge price tag I can't fully explain. It's a straightforward game and definitely on the easy side. Great theme, cool backbox feature, oozes its light horror style.

    People will say "good in a larger collection" about some games, and this is one I wholeheartedly agree with. I don't think there is enough lastability here considering the price it commands, but it's a very fun game to play occasionally that I'd have no problem owning at the right price.”

    “What I like:

    1. It's the newest game out there (not for long!);

    What I don't like:

    1. The theme;
    2. The lack of control over your ball due to the spinner, the 'wrestling ropes', and the plunge.

    The place I play has machine #33 of 400. I play this generally when I need a break from Walking Dead or Sopranos...or any other pin they have.”

    “T3 is miles ahead of T2. I don't find the games very comparable really. This one is about playing pinball, T2 is about shooting a cannon. At least the cannon shot is a backbox mini-game and not the core gameplay feature in this one. I digress... but can't emphasize enough how much I prefer it to T2.

    The layout is a lot like T2, but by moving the pops to the back right we get a new thin ramp shot and captive ball. The multiball/lock shot is the same but we get a more standard lock three balls approach then the game fires the balls at you which is a fun way to start. The game isn't super difficult and Arnold is a little on the nose with "SHOOT HERE THEN HERE" but I find the lock shot drop target to be occasionally punishing with STDM drains. It's still not the deepest game, but I don't see how anyone who likes T2 can complain.

    This game is also pretty ugly all around from the weird Arnold head to awful playfield art. At least we get 3 metal ramps which always look and feel awesome.”

    “AFM has everything you'd want in a fan layout game. It's fast, has good shots, has cool toys in the saucer, aliens, and UFO flashers, good straightforward rules, great light show, eye catching art, funny dots and callouts, and everything fits the not-too-serious theme perfectly.

    Despite me having no problems with it, I just never understood why this was a $7-8k game. It certainly proves that a game doesn't have to be crammed with fancy gimmicks like TZ or CV to be pricey game, just simple good fun.”

    “Creature is a straightforward game that's fun to progress through every time. It doesn't need to be deep to be fun. Spell FILM, hunt the creature, get 2-ball multiball. As someone who's not the biggest fan of multiball, I actually prefer that it has only 2-ball play. It's one of those games like BK2K or F14 that people will say is fantastic "in a larger collection" which I only agree with to an extent. I think Creature holds on its own a bit better than most games people rag on for its deepness/staying power. The hologram is kind of whatever. The local CFTBL has the fancy LCD mod and I still basically never look at it.

    The playfield is pretty obstructed (by honestly not the most important giant spiral of a ramp), I find myself bending down when aiming shots more than most tables. The ramps are BUTTERY smooth though. WOW. If you ran out of ingredients while baking, I'm pretty sure just throwing Creature in there would suffice. Some of the best feeling ramps in pinball.”

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  • “TZ really has it all, it's crazy how much is jammed into this game. It's hard to say anything about that hasn't been said before.

    Don't bother buying just a players condition game, it's a (beautiful) keeper.”

  • DefaultGen currently owns this game.

  • “Flipper Clown is a fun game where the main goal is to hit the white and purple rollovers such that the white number from the roto target exceeds the purple number. After both numbers are made, if the white number is bigger, you get an add-a-ball. It's a game that involves some strategy, luck, and careful nudging to do well at. It's also hard to get the ball back into the upper playfield, so once the ball is in play on the lower half there aren't many shots you will make that give you a break in the action. I'm not usually one for EM themes, but clowns aren't the worst and the artwork is very good. Backbox animation is always cool to have.

    This was my first flipper EM game and I'm happy I chose a good one.”

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  • “John Popadiuk hit it completely out of the park with his first game somehow, it's one of my favorite DMD games ever. Innovative layout bringing back rollovers, scoops all over, and of course the goal. Rules are very simple to understand and the big ol' goal shot makes this a very easy game to approach and just immediately know what to do. Hopefully the announcer got a bonus for the over the top work he put into this game too.

    The theme does nothing for me and the backglass is horrible, which is probably a major reason this game isn't crazy expensive (although it's creeping up in price).”

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  • “BK2K has a unique layout, but immediately what you think of is the music, callouts, and backglass which are basically the undisputed best of the era (of all time probably?). This game is one hell of a looker and the theme song is the catchiest jam in pinball. The light show backs it up too.

    The gameplay is difficult. The safest strategy is to just ram it back up to the top and go for multiball and hurry-ups. Nudging the WAR lights is a fun and fairly unique feature. I'm less familiar with lower playfield strategies because I'm not good enough to keep the ball in play very long down there, which seems like a common sentiment with this one. It's right flipper heavy too, which is well documented.

    Honestly I'm not sure if I would absolutely love it without the awesome theme, looks, and sounds, but it is fast, fun, and not leaving my collection anytime soon.”

  • DefaultGen currently owns this game.

  • “The SuperPin games are generally fantastic and Steve Ritchie's is one of the best. The playfield is just jam packed with shots that work for all three flippers as well as the two cannons. In terms of layout it's absolutely one of the best designs ever. The code backs it up too with lots of missions and multiple multiball modes. As a Star Trek fan, I love the callouts with "Thank you Mr. Data" being one of my favorite in all of pinball.

    The cannons aren't overused despite there being two of them (unlike in T2, for example). The subway is used effectively to bring balls that go into holes immediately back into play. There's really little to find fault with in this game, it's absolutely deserving of a top 10 spot. The left outlane is brought up a bunch by detractors but the game in general doesn't feel drainier than any normal pinball game.”

  • DefaultGen currently owns this game.

  • “This game is obviously packed with neat features between the diverters, sanctum, and battlefield. It even has good shots from the upper flipper which I always appreciate. The game is probably the most difficult in my collection since it is fast, punishes you for missed shots, and the start mode shot is plain tight. The game has enough depth and difficulty to be a keeper. It's definitely not something I've mastered at all.

    If I have a complaint it's that the sanctum effect, while neat, is a little slow and tiresome once you've seen it a few times.”

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  • “Gold Ball maybe one of the last Bally games before switching to their cheaper tables and systems that is actually fun to play and challenging.

    The design is fairly simple. However, there are plenty of games throughout pinball’s history with simple layouts that are still fun and challenging to play. There are many games with more complex or feature heavy layouts that are terrible. There are also many worse games than Gold Bally made during Bally's solid state design era. A couple of good examples that come to mind are Star Trek 78, Playboy, Lost World, Rolling Stones, Dolly Parton and Spectrum. I'm not going to look but, I wouldn't be surprised if all of these games are rated higher than 1/10. As bad as some of these games are, none of them deserve a 1/10 and neither does Gold Ball.

    The rules again are simple but, with a pretty important caveat that makes Gold Ball much more interesting than a lot of games with similar rules. IMO the spinner is a key shot since it is always worth 1k a spin and leads to the top lanes which advance bonus and eventually an extra ball or special. Now that you've got some bonus you might want to multiply it by hitting the 1-2-3 touch targets in the upper right. Sounds similar to hundreds of other games right?

    Here's where the game takes an important turn from other similar less interesting Bally games, there's a gold ball in a separate trough waiting to come on the PF and give you 3x scoring. Did I mention that Gold Ball is actually made from a different metal than the regular ball and similarly to the powerball feels different? How do you get this ball you might ask yourself. By default there is a percentage chance at the start of every ball that it will appear. This feature sucks like most random features but, it's a lot of fun when casually playing with your friends. If you are losing and are the lucky recipient of the gold ball, there's a good chance you might make up those points and beat your opponents. This is because the Gold Ball gives 3x to all scoring including bonus countdowns. This creates a fun dynamic with friends because you still have to have a good ball to come back. It's not a score swap or some other crappy gimmick. Still having a random feature like this can make a game unsuitable for tournaments which is frustrating!!! So, to fix this issue Bally came out with a new service ROM! What does the service ROM do? It creates a dip switch setting so that only after you spell gold ball do you get an extra turn with 3x scoring.

    Now for the other elements of the PF that I previously didn't talk about, because they are worthless and dangerous without this new ROM addition. Most people know that shots near and directly between the flippers are death shots. Think of the captive ball on Fish Tales or an endless number of EM's from the 60s. Gold Ball has a similar bank of death shots. Hitting the center gold target awards one letter of Gold Ball but, the arrow above the words gold ball must be above an unlit letter or you get no letter and advance to the next position. There are other things that change where the arrow is like the spinner, slings and bumpers. You can also hit the stand ups to the left and right of the center gold target to move the arrow. So what if you want to skillfully gain the letters and maybe only risk mostly certain death, shoot the small lane on the right with the star rollover to claim an unlit letter. Spelling Gold Ball also advances awards. The first of which is 100k I believe and eventually a special. Another interesting aspect of gold ball is there is a skill shot that you can only claim while the gold ball is in play. If you avoid all of the top lanes and hit the star rollover to the right of these lanes you get a special. Not that great if you are playing for score but, a cool feature regardless.

    Unlike the later Bally games that use the "cheap squeak" board, IE black pyramid, 8 ball champ, kings of steel, spy hunter etc, Gold Ball has some great sounds that still remind me of skate ball and other legendary Bally games. The sound package for Gold Ball is exceptional. If these sounds were in another more revered Bally game no one would complain I'm certain. The game does lack speach however and the constant background sound loop could be grating for some but, no more than any other game from this era.

    Lastly the artwork is great. Most characters in the art appear to be a mixture of Daft Punk and Judge Dredd and are from a future where everyone plays golden pinball machines while wearing gold platform shoes. I believe this game is called the TARG 100 and someone who resembles the silver ball mania guy is materializing from out of the back glass inside the back glass, trippy, to hurl pinball’s at you. Luckily you can see your own reflection in the gold ball and you are ripped to shreds. Then there’s a few other characters on the left probably playing the TARG 100, "Watch your heel man! Get that thing out of my butt crack!!!" Lastly a Ms and Mr Daft Punk lovingly embrace after a killer game of TARG 100! Really I dunno WTH is going on in the art package but, its cool and the art is well done.

    So before you rate your next game, I would suggest you try a game that truly deserves a 1/10 and is also from 1983, Gottlieb's Ready...Aim...FIRE! In the future please use Ready...Aim...FIRE! as the gold standard of bad before giving a great game like Gold Ball a 1/10. There are better Bally games out there and this is one of them.”

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