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Rating #126 of 13 17 days ago


Rating #126 of 27 18 days ago

Best pin I've ever played. When you compare it to the stock Stern product that is released these days, there is no comparison...and that's why these guys bailed on Stern! Amazing game. I was fortunate enough to play an LE on location in Vancouver. These guys are not fooling around; they know good pinball.

Rating #126 of 26 18 days ago

I'm not one to pump ratings but his machine is grossly under rated. It deserves to be a top 50 machine and maybe higher. Setting aside the theme, if you are looking for a challenging, fast, fun game with a different layout then Mustang is a great choice and a bargain. Unlike Avengers were Gomez tried to be different and missed the mark (and I'm not an Avengers hater), Mustang's layout is unique and really works. There are no clunky shots and the geometry is clean. None of the shots, including the drops, are death traps, but you need to be in control because the ball just moves so fast and has some different bounces.

Like many, the theme has no appeal to me, but I picked up a heavily modded pro with custom music in a larger trade. Thought I'd flip it but have been thoroughly surprised. I played it on location a few times, but like most new Sterns it's hard to judge without putting in some time on a clean machine were you can hear the sounds. The modes, speech and cabinet art are actually very good and you can easily change the music. The playfield art is uninspired. The rules may not be extremely deep, but they are on par with plenty of highly rated Sterns and certainly won't get old quick.

I can see why this is a popular tournament game. If a challenging, fun game is your first priority, then you should take a hard look at Mustang. Other than art preference, the LE and Premium don't have much over the Pro which is only around $4k.

Rating #126 of 13 18 days ago

Got 14,000,000,000 my third game playing it and have loved it ever since!

Would love to own this machine one day but it to expensive for me... I can dream about it though!

Rating #126 of 14 18 days ago

As uninspired as a high school book report.

I think they spent all the money on the sound and let their out of work cousin do the art work and playfield layout.

The playfield is as sparse as Donald Trumps humility and grace.

Rating #126 of 14 18 days ago

I have NO idea why this is on the top of the list.

It's an OK game at best.

The problem with the machines of this time are they look more like toy boxes than an actual pinball machine.

10K a pop? I just don't see it. They made almost 5 THOUSAND of these, it's not rare and, in all honesty, not that much replay value to actually want to own it.

Rating #126 of 176 19 days ago

Not my favourite Pat Lawlor game...it has an incredibly original layout and a good theme with the shaker and such, but gameplay is very repetitive.

Rating #126 of 176 19 days ago

I own a pro, and think although the LE is a fantastic game, there's not enough difference in gameplay to purchase an LE...it's all just eye candy aside from the kickback which has kind of been added to the pro in the recent software anyway.

LE is still an amazing spectacle to play at shows though.

Rating #126 of 14 19 days ago

The cabinet and backglass on this game is stunning. The art is all taken from comic books, and theming is top notch. This is one of the few games I have yet to get tired of playing since it was released. Shots are tight, all kinds of named combos, and a deep ruleset with dozens of modes, 3 multiballs, two mini wizard modes, and a main wizard mode that is challenging to reach for even the best players. It would be one of the last to leave my collection.

Rating #126 of 9 19 days ago

A game not many people know. It's a tad slow... so increase the angle but the rules are VERY deep for a game of it's era and it's a lot of fun. You need to be a good shooter to accomplish the goals with a few variables where luck is involved. If you find one... play it. It's a good old game.

Rating #126 of 9 19 days ago

My first experience with Genie came on the Pinball Arcade App. Found myself playing it a lot so I went in search of one. The one I found is in incredible shape and is a lot of fun to play. Maybe I'm just bad... but the one knock I would say is that occasionally, I'll get in to a rhythm where I might shoot the ball 5 or 6 shots in a row where it hit's nothing but posts and rubbers with no score switches behind them. Only happens occasionally but I've never played another pin where you could take 4 or 5 shots and not hit anything, even with it bouncing back and forth across the play field. Something with the angles I guess. Only other knock is that the sounds are repetitive but when you consider it was one of the first pins WITH ANY electronic sound at all... it's very good.

The art is incredible on both the play field and the back glass and the cabinet... while very subtle... is completely on point with the theme of the game.

It's a fun wide body with lots of shots and a good rule set... albeit very simple.

Play one if you find... you won't regret it... and you might just end up owning one a short time later.

Rating #126 of 9 19 days ago

Picked up this game having never seen it before. And I'm not a huge fan of EM games but it's not a bad little game. It has a good rule set for it's age. Clear but challenging to accomplish. It's actually pretty fast playing for it's era.

Some of the knocks... Perhaps it's just mine but most of the time when the ball comes down from hitting the King it rubs on a post on the left side plastic and requires a nudge to save it from going directly down the centre. Setting that post back even just a hair would let it roll off the rail and return to the left flipper which I would think it should. There's a post right above the pop bumper near the Ace. This makes it hard to hit the Ace off the pops... also makes it harder to get the ball back to the top of the play field which is basically inaccessible after the plunge. I also think getting a straight flush should be worth more than 3 aces. Collecting 5 shots is harder than 3.

All in all it's a good title from it's Era. Prior to this game my experience playing a pin with shorter flippers has been one game and move on.

Aces High isn't my most played pin by any means but it does get it's fair share of play. If you see one... give it more than just one try.

Rating #126 of 10 19 days ago

This game combines video with pin extremely well. Features are challenging, but attainable. Goals are challenging, but enjoyable. My only grip is that I like plungers and this has a launch button. Not a big deal considering how much fun this game is.

Rating #126 of 10 19 days ago

I've only played this game about 10 times. The problems I have with it: No ball save. The balls can drain in 2 seconds and you just lose the ball. The game typically only lasts a minute or less. I have won replays on this in that time. The point of a pinball is to get to play for more than a few seconds. The sound is repetetive and frankly, terrible. The flippers are kind of neat. Other than that, this game has very little going for it.

Rating #126 of 10 19 days ago

This game is available on location near me and is a fun play. I usually end up getting a good enough score for a replay. High score has topped 75,000 a few times. The most fun is when you get multiball going. If you can keep the balls active, you can really build up the bonuses and scoring. Overall a fun game to play.

Rating #126 of 36 19 days ago

Batman TDK is fun to look at, and sometimes fun to play - but ultimately it ends up being a sluggish, awkward contraption. The crane shots are exciting and challenging, and the Joker shots are fun to hit. The see-saw on the left side is strange, as are the shots that go to the upper right playfield.

The playfield art actually bothered me, which never really happens - it was too realistic and somewhat distracting. Sounds weird, I know, but it happened.

I'd recommend giving TKD a whirl, but I wouldn't seek it out. However, I did get the impression that the game could grow on me, so 'll keep playing it when I can - maybe my rating will change after I've gotten over some of the cosmetics and weird shots.

Rating #126 of 36 19 days ago

Iron Man is quick, high-power game that features great toys and challenging gameplay. One of the things that drives me crazy about certain game designs (AFM, Spider-Man, many others) is that they have center playfield shots that almost always end up in a SDTM rebound. Iron Man fixes that by having its raised center target (Iron Man MONGER toy) have a magnet in front of it. When the ball hits the toy, the magnet randomizes the return of the ball. This changes a risky and often frustrating shot in to a thrilling and fun shot.

The game play is quick, but the ball doesn't drain quickly. The MONGER multiball is easy to activate, and what's more fun than one rapidly moving pinball? Three rapidly moving pinballs!

I'd like to have an Iron Man in my collection - definitely play Iron Man on location when the opportunity arises.

Rating #126 of 36 19 days ago

I wanted to like Elvis. That raised playfield and the nice shiny metal ramps were attractive features - it looked like fun from afar. But, as soon as I started playing, the kinetics were all off, and the standup hound dog seemed to draw all my shots.

I wasn't a fan of pinball Elvis.

Rating #126 of 36 19 days ago

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of those games that feels like the lower playfield is too bare and the upper playfield is too crowded. I liked the game play (sinking ships and attacking the Kraken is fun), but the shots seems like I was shooting longshots at wide open Swiss cheese.

The theme fits Pirates well, and I liked the DMD animations and I liked the call-outs. However, I just couldn't get in to the game. I'll bet this game could be fun for others who don't mind the barren playfield, but this wasn't my cup of tea.

I'd recommend playing Pirates, but not owning it.

Rating #126 of 36 19 days ago

Poor P2K... RFM beats SW:E1 in lastability, but SW:E1 has great theming (most of the time there's a little *too* much theme). The dual saucer multiball is easy to hit, as is the center target (over and over and over). There isn't much to the playfield or to the ruleset - definitely a game designed for beginners.

I'd rather have RFM between the two P2K's, and I wouldn't go out of my way to play SW:E1. However, there's only two P2K's, so I'd own SW:E1 if I could Jedi mind trick the seller into selling it for under $500.

Rating #126 of 36 19 days ago

The Getaway is always good for a few plays. Watching the ball fly around the metal track is a thrill, as is changing gears with your knee as you hit the RPM orbits and race around the playfield. Good fun - not great - but solid as a good game.

I'd recommend giving this game a few plays, but I wouldn't go out of my way to play it. Probably won't ever own this unless it fell off of a truck.

Rating #126 of 36 19 days ago

WHO dunnit feels like playing a mix of pinball versions of Clue and The Maltese Falcon (or whatever noir PI film you like). The theming makes the game a unique experience, even if some of the shots are a little awkward.

The elevator ramps located dead center in the PF are a unique feature, but they can be a hindrance to game flow. Still, I like the concept, especially when I'm in the mood to play something a different. The phone shots and the large orbit are run-of-the-mill, but not bad.

I also liked the casino features like playing roulette with bonuses and spinning slots (though, the casino theme seems out of place for a murder mystery oriented game). Figuring out who the killer is in each case presents engaging modes with enough sideshow modes to be satisfying.

I'd recommend playing and owning WHO dunnit to anyone - just be prepared for that center ramp set to be annoying at times.

Rating #126 of 24 19 days ago

One pinball machine to rule them all.

Owned it then sold it, missed it so much I bought it again. This machine is never leaving.. Its my precious!

Rating #126 of 10 14 days ago

Great theme. Definitely a favourite here. Reminds me of a golden era in pinball and maybe my life at the time :-)

Fun fun fun..Keeper for me..

Rating #126 of 61 19 days ago


- Really well-balanced scoring - max out what you can!

- Electric Company sign is a cool feature that later appeared in other Stern titles.

- Best BSMT2000 sounds in any game.

- Nice board game idea that was taken from Safecracker and improved upon.


- Not much rule depth - no modes can be stacked besides Cash Grab.

- Occasional airballs off of the ramps.

- Modes are worthless, try and time them out.

- Flyer looks horrendous.

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