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Rating #126 of 58 9 days ago
Great game!
Rating #126 of 58 9 days ago
The Illuminati tune is the coolest SS tune out there!
Rating #126 of 58 9 days ago
I am a vikkkkingggg!!
Rating #126 of 58 9 days ago
One of the Sterns where the Pro loses nothing to the LE/Premium.
Rating #126 of 13 9 days ago
Currently, my favorite pin.
Rating #126 of 12 9 days ago
My favorite machine of the eight I own. John's best work. Sure, it is an easy machine to reach the wizard mode on, but don't that add to the fun? I don't understand the bashing it receives in some of these reviews.
Rating #126 of 38 9 days ago
Finally bought one. JJP do make quality machines. This is going to be a keeper. Such a work of art...
Rating #126 of 738 9 days ago
Astro is the Add-a-aball version of 4 Square. This game is a player that will sneak up on you and make you wonder if that incredible game you just scored was truly earned... or was it just pin-lucky?

The Pros:
Another deceptively simple layout with simple but rarely easy goals to accomplish. What do you expect? It's a game from Master K! Eeeety Beeety Fleeepers make sure that you make the most of every opportunity to get that ball where you want it to be. Hi-Tap it if you dare! The artwork package on the BG is great and the art on the PF is a big step up from 4 Square.

The Cons:
This game must be tuned or "dialed" just right for steepness, fresh rubbers and flipper strength to keep the balance of this game's rules and play where it should be.

The Takeaway:
This game gives as good as it gets. People complaining that this game is too easy have not set up this game as it should be. (pssst, try it steeper) If you can find a well loved copy of this deck. Play it. Now.
Rating #126 of 738 9 days ago
Aerosmith is the first rock and roll themed pinball game made with the new screen from Stern.

The Pros:
This layout seems to be an amalgamation of Kiss, Metallica with a touch of Indiana Jones. There are some great shots on this PF. The integration of song modes and the animations on the screen is well done. Cycling through songs is well executed and the go-go dancing dude-ladies are hilarious. From what I can tell, you start each mode with a timer and specific shots to make. When you make a certain amount of shots... then the PF lights up to build on the scores from the shots you built during the mode timer. I am still figuring this stuff out after about 10 plays... but the rules for this part of the game in this state of development are really well flushed out. The art package reminds me of an old 60's concert poster. Well played Durty Donnie! Even Stephen Tyler looks good on this table. The new screen is a good indicator of what is happening, and not distracting. The Start of the toys in the attic multiball has the Mustang pass/build strategic decisions that are incorporated into the game play. When multiball starts, very satisfying. The ramps feel GREAT! There is a tiny skip on the center ramp, but it does not feel like the game slows down. I like the elevator multiball as it requires you to shoot both orbits and then the elevator, do it 3 times...

The Cons:
Grandpa rock is getting old... This can be evidenced by the "Rock n' rollercoaster" at the disney parks in Orlando. If this game has one issue that no amount of software can fix is the SDTM kickout from the elevator.

I DO NOT LIKE THIS. Even with a half second ball saver, this kicker must be adjusted so that the spectrum of the shot is aimed towards one flipper/sling or the other.

The major toys on this game both loft the ball and do not always put the ball where it should go into gameplay. As time goes on... these games will have more issues with the ball making the shots that are completely out of the player's control. I am not very happy with the one way gate for the ball lock that is open on the left side. Lucking into locks... these should be skillfull shots, but at the same time, some luck is to be expected in pinball, I just didn't expect this critical shot to have that much luck in it. I also have an issue with the openness of the left side of the lanes. I have had more than a few balls exit from the pops and head straight into the left outlane without ever having the player touch the ball. And I thought TZ was tough...

The Takeaway:
This game has got some good, and not so good things about it. The good news is that the software is only going to get better. The bad news is that this may still not be able to make up for the flaws designed into the playfield. I'd love to be wrong, but only time will tell what will come out of this design.
Rating #126 of 8 10 days ago
Blacker than black. The most metal pinball game ever. If the most metal kid in your 80s High School class, has nothing on Centaur.
Rating #126 of 8 10 days ago
Beautiful game, and a great theme. I'm hoping the supply issues are resolved, and we can get our games shipped to us, soon.
Rating #126 of 8 10 days ago
I love this game. I must because, the theme is ugly as sin. If you don't mind the sight of zombies and severed heads, this is a top 10 game. The rule set is amazingly fun, the shots great, and the new color dmd seal the deal.
Rating #126 of 8 10 days ago
Just a gorgeous game. It's a bit gimmikie with the rubber ball. But in good condition, this game is an absolute stunner. I'm hoping to get one before they get even more expensive :(
Rating #126 of 8 10 days ago
Probably the game that gets the most plays in the house. Great theme, layout and rule set make this a classic. A must have in any collection.
Rating #126 of 8 10 days ago
Probably my all time favorite pin. I would only put MM above it, due to the fact that MM is such a pure pinball experience. Twilight Zone is complicated, mystifying, and just jam packed with cool shots and features. Not leaving my collection, hopefully ever.
Rating #126 of 8 10 days ago
The sound is a bit suspect, the shots can be challenging and repetitive. It's a fun game that will probably at some point in time leave my collection. It isn't a top 10 for me, unfortunately. Luckily, they sell well.
Rating #126 of 8 10 days ago
Just like the original, only better. This is the game all others are judged by. It's a great pin for new players to learn the various objectives and rule set associated with modern pinball machines. I own one, and I wouldn't sell it. If/when they stop making these, expect the prices to climb up there with the original.
Rating #126 of 12 10 days ago
A great game from Williams. A great example how to make a fun to play game that is not associated with a established brand or franchise. The music does not really hold up after 25 years. The playfield art is a little cartoonish, but what do you expect in a game about fishing?
Rating #126 of 137 10 days ago
Finally spent some time on this as i was able to add one to my collection.I was quite surprised at how fun it was.Lots of shots,good flow,great light show and Its not even refurbished yet it or led'ed.I think it will really pop and play faster when I'm done.A for sure keeper in my collection.
Rating #126 of 187 11 days ago
Simple but fun
Rating #126 of 25 6 days ago
It definitely is great masterpiece and you can get quite easy 20min+ games with it, but overall its not that much fun as it looks. I have it at home and spent lot of days really trying to love it and understand the hype around TZ.

- possibility to play modes simultaneously which gets you in to game and make feel like "everywhere is something happening"

- deep and complex rules, but nothing you cant handle after while

- lot of sounds and music themes

- Powerfield with "magnet flippers" is fun

- One of smallest playfields ever (yes it is widebody, but actual playfield is tiny because of brutal waste of space)

- Few layout mistakes like bumpers too low and close to outlane, lot of hard spots close to flippers, this pin can be very unfair to player

- Quite repetitive gameplay after while because nearly all important shoots are from left flipper - right orbit "Gumball", slot machine hole, lock hole, right ramp "Powerfield", you can even shoot left ramp. The right flipper is actually only for shooting left ramp

- Useless toys and gimmicks which takes huge part of space on the field:
Mechanical clock are really only piece of junk to malfunction, you never look on it during play.
Gumball is almost same useless (ball goes in....and another goes, its amazingly smart piece of engeneering:)
Powerball (ceramic ball) is too light to play pinball with, so its just bouncing and jumping all around, falling from ramps, dont goes properly to Lock hole, jumps over flippers etc. Its not fun its simply stupid!

Only good toy on TZ is the Powerfield.

- Theme is a little problem. TV series itself is cool no question, but almost nobody knows it these days so its weird connected with gameplay. Why Im collecting some robots or hitchhikers. Why Im shooting piano, camera or slot-machine. Why is some town square on playfield...
Rating #126 of 23 11 days ago
A favorite EM for me, nice roll over targets and it's definitely a very unique table, vanished from the PHOF, I was bummed.
Rating #126 of 14 11 days ago
I have had the game since new. Nice game. Was first Stern game with leds if I recall correctly. Just added speaker lights and color dmd. A fun game. A workout to play. Low scoring in my opinion. Recommend the game. Can be challenging. Overall a solid game. Should be rated higher.
Rating #126 of 9 11 days ago
This game has great flow. Fairly easy ramp shots and the enterprise is cool. Overall a very fun pinball and Im not really into star trek.
Rating #126 of 9 11 days ago
I have a heavlly modded GnR and LOVE it.
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