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Rating #126 of 18 20 days ago

Tron is a pretty game, but you need to add the light wire mods to get the full effect. A little over photo-shopped, but an attractive layout nonetheless. It is a very fast playing game with very few pauses apart from the scoop. The rules are fairly simple - make a start on all the central ladder of shots to go to Sea Of Simulation, than try and complete them all for Portal. Simple to understand, but very difficult to achieve. Owned the game for 2.5 years and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Rating #126 of 7 20 days ago

The game looks cool and plays with some flow. That's about it for me. Only WOW factor is the ART.

Rating #126 of 7 20 days ago

This game is just pure fun to play. Rules are awesome, shots are nice, artwork and sound kick-ass.

Rating #126 of 41 20 days ago

Laser ball is a wiiiiiiiiddddde body. This thing is huge. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles like multi ball or some toy or gimmick but it is a pretty fun game to try and master. This game is all about getting your multiplier up. The 2x and 3x will carry over to your next ball, but once you hit 5x it resets when you drain. At 5x you also light your spinners, which you have one on each side, and they are now worth 1000 instead of 100 points. There are 9 drops to shoot. The pop bumpers on mine are really strong and can send the ball flying. This game can be pretty fast when set up right. Not an amazing game but it currently has a nice spot in my lineup and it continues to challenge me to beat the high score and play just one more game.

edit: I forgot to mention I love the sound effects on this game! there is no background music but the sounds are awesome! When you havent hit something for a few shots and its quite it builds up some tension and you know you gotta hit something soon :)

Rating #126 of 11 20 days ago

Aztec is one of my favorite EMs. Great layout with a mix of easy and hard shots. I love the backglass, bright vibrant colors that matches the theme and the era of the pin. Top of my EM collection

Rating #126 of 31 20 days ago

This machine is rated way to high IMO, objective is not obvious (for me personally the objective was to change the track before it got on your tits) shots are good, game has great flow, lighting is decent but could be better, playfield art is horrible, right out lane is obscured by canon (poor design) canon gets repetitive and the call out is annoying after a couple times, owned the premium and sold it, don't miss it.

Rating #126 of 121 21 days ago

The pin is an absolute blast any way you look at it!

Rating #126 of 11 21 days ago

I love EMs and this game has an old school feel with drop targets, ramps, bumpers ... no need for bash toy. Fast fun game.

Rating #126 of 11 21 days ago

Don't like the band but love the game.

Rating #126 of 11 21 days ago

One of my favorites, easy fun to play

Rating #126 of 7 21 days ago

Awesome machine that needs to be shopped 100% to appreciate it's game play. Once you understand the rules and the ability to stack multiple modes it becomes a blast. The current price tag reflects upon how truly great this pinball is, true keeper for any collector.

Rating #126 of 36 21 days ago

Really enjoying my Kiss Pro. I got the game on code 0.92 (beta), as did many others. I had a couple resets on that code but now have updated to 1.02. I love this game! Great addition to my Stern lineup alongside MET and AC DC. Audio/sound quality is Very good and gameplay is a LOT of fun! Highly recommend and very happy with the purchase of this pin.

Rating #126 of 8 21 days ago

This game is great! I played TWD back with original code and can see how people got a bad taste but with the new code it's a total winner. No regrets, will not sell. This is my favorite pin now and gets the most play, and I have ACDC even! Once people play this new code this one will be moving up the list.

Rating #126 of 706 21 days ago

Hot Shots is a game that is best described as "overlooked".

The Pros:

A surprisingly robust layout with 16 drop targets and a layout that with few exceptions has great flow, sharpshooting and nudging qualities that will keep a player interested. The theme of carnival games is always a great one for pinball and the vibrant colors on the PF in particular will keep kids young and old entertained. Hitting the correct color combination of drops WITHOUT hitting the wrong ones at the top of the PF will award 10 credits! This game is worth playing for that feature alone. Shades of Diamond lady...

The Cons:

The art pax for the BG and cab are not inspiring in the least. What was it with all of those photo translites? The saucer works as a lock, but staggers the otherwise fast gameplay. Random double your score from the drops? Rrrhrrr... Me no likey.

The Takeaway:

A better game than most will give it credit for. Considering this game was made in 1989, it is easy to see why it was overlooked. Even games like Bone Busters and Lights, Camera, Action had more to do than this table does. However, if this game is properly tuned, adjusted and nastified... I think you will find a fun game that will keep all but the most discriminating players away.

Rating #126 of 171 21 days ago

The shaker motor is pretty amazing. That is the biggest improvement over the Pro model, in my opinion.

Rating #126 of 49 21 days ago

Fun game! Hard to actually "shoot" for the bonus, usually a semi-lucky bounce. Drops not resetting could be a mild downer if you have it set up to play easy or are a real wizard. Even with the non-reset drops this is a great game, I was lucky enough to find a nice one that needed just a little love to get going.

Rating #126 of 6 21 days ago

Gone Fishin! with attitude, that is Fish Tales! This pin is awesome and if you can find one play it and you will want it! It is a very unique pin that appeals to anybody that has ever tried the sport and loves the outdoors. This pin is a solid 10 on a 10 rating scale..yes read on. A collector will want it because it is different and LED really brings it to life! The shots flow the artwork is incredible and the flopping fish at the top is timeless, along with the reel for ball capture and the catapault system. The play is fast very reminiscent to T2 but on a smaller scale with a center shot, you can definitely tell his brother Steve Ritchie influenced him on the layout. Anybody that knows pinball can be assured of one thing, anytime a designer named Ritchie gets involved that pin will play well. Combine that with the video mode and MONSTER FISH that ROARS and you have a keeper that you won't be putting back!

Rating #126 of 6 21 days ago

This pin is a must have for any science fiction collector of that genre. Definitely LED this machine it makes it way more appealing and futuristic. The only week point of this machine is the cabinet artwork...half clothed stallone..really? Out of all the other action sequences they choose that as a background..anyway this game plays awesome! The ramp shots the car crash, floating eyeball, and the cyro-claw yes...own it if you can find one. It is the only pin to have raised flippers that make it very distinct and entice a novice to want to play it! The music is aggressive and the sound effects rock especially amplified, in my opinion this pin will be on the all time collector list. Yes, it's that good minus the cabinet, definitely play it and see for yourself!

Rating #126 of 18 22 days ago

While county + western pool hall, as a theme, might not interest me in the slightest, the beautiful artwork, appropriate rules, and well executed digital speech make everything integrate extremely well.

I can only imagine the splash this must have made in the arcade when it was released!

I really enjoy the simple rules of this game, and very much appreciate the strategy that arises because of them. It is addictive to the highest degree and a GREAT game for competing against friends.

The drops are individually controlled, allowing your progress to saved after others play. This gives a satisfying linearity to the game, since each balls builds on the prior (bonus carries over,) and that allows you to adjust whether you're going for the rack, the 8ball + bonus collect, or the bonus multipliers.

Rating #126 of 42 22 days ago

Rating the 0.92 code as that is what has been out with the release of the game.

Overall a fun game and nice ramps to shoot. The starchild area is pretty much a complete waste of space and a pretty major flaw IMO. Lots of luck with the number of S T A R target hits helps detract from the fun/challenge of the game. I find that whole poriton of the playfield to be something to avoid rather than shoot for and no game should have that.

the sad part is that the remainder of the game is very fun to play. Cool ramp shots and returns. A fun short scoop shot. A through the pops shot. A nice spinner rip. Nice combo from inland to opposing target. It will take some solid code to really make this game overcome the crappy starchild area.

Rating #126 of 15 3 days ago

As a lifelong KISS fan, I was going to buy this NIB and keep forever, even if it sucked. Well, now that I own one and have about 60 games on it, I'm happy so far. The code is super early and there really isnt a lot to do, but the potential is there for a great game. I'm realizing this is a hard game and I haven't had many games lasting more than 5 minutes (vs. my sometime 15-25 minute games on Metallica). The playfield artwork is great and the LED bulbs really make the game shine. The Gene head is an awesome feature, but be sure to set the power on the kickout down or you will get tons of frustrating sdtm drains. The real voice work by Simmons and Stanley adds to the experience. The songs selected for the game are great and the sound quality coming out of the speakers is excellent.

Rating #126 of 23 22 days ago

So much fun. Love this huge dmd screen

Rating #126 of 89 22 days ago

i liked this much more than the xmen pro that was beside it, maybe i didnt have enough play time on avengers, but i dont see the hate the pin gets, i think its better than its ratings

Rating #126 of 89 22 days ago

looks and sounds great, just couldnt get into into it. it felt clunky to me, although i was playing a routed version

Rating #126 of 6 22 days ago

COWABUNGA DUDE!! TMNT is an excellent pin and I can't understand the ranking of this pin! Take the time to LED this and you will reap the rewards, awesome colors await and this is a classic. This pin is what started my collection, I remember playing this at a pizza shop, saw one for sale, and the rest was history! This is a great value to add to any collection it has the theme..flow..music..sounds including turtle voices that stay in your head! Now, playability I truly love both ramp shots are challenging and then there is the 10 million point sewer shot combination that will keep you playing! This is an instant favorite and topic of conversation whenever I host a party! The spinning pizza adds to the challenge and when you are in the zone with this machine it goes from a kid game to an adult challenge very quickly. In my opinion it is a sleeper that most people for whatever reason choose to ignore but should not. Play one if you get the chance. I definitely will never sell mine it will remain in my collection as long as I am able to keep on flipping! Radical Dude!!!

There are 22950 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 5 of 918.

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