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7 days ago
This is my second Popeye. very underrated game still have not made it to the end. Pick this one up as undocumented Huo comes with most of the original decals for replacements on plastics which are incredibly rare.
8 days ago
The best of the Pinbot family. Definitely a keeper and worth some quarters. Williams really did well with this one. Play has decent speed and shots give you reward and risk.
8 days ago
Solid pin and a good starter if you are getting into buying your own. It is enjoyable but not very deep which is typical of most games in this era. Worth a try and fun.
8 days ago
I have been lucky enough to own all top 12 pins on the top 100 list besides dialed in. I recently picked up a brand new Stern Star Trek premium. I waited a long time on this title since the theme does nothing for me. However, good things come to those who wait. This is quite the shooter. Flow for days. Love the upper flipper shot for the Warp. Rules are great and seem balanced. Color changing leds for different modes is fantastic. Installed color dmd and shaker. Just an awesome game. Highly recommended!!
8 days ago
First to qualify my review. I own about 80 pinball machines but only 3 were made after 1980 (Data East Star Wars, Houdini, and Dialed In). I have now played between 50 and 60 games (thanks to Silverball Museum on Delray Beach, FL) that are in the Pinside 100. I have only enough time to give a fair review on maybe 30% of those games. I have no real way of comparing this game to any Stern Game after AC/DC and I have never played a Spooky Pinball game (Although I do have a deposit down on a current game).

As of today, I have played over 1000 games.

I was hesitant to spend 9K on a game with a theme I don't love but I was swayed by the fact that it is partially science fiction (my favorite theme) and I thought that being an unlicensed game I might have a better chance at getting a game with more money being put into the game itself as opposed to licensing, rights and acting fees. I honestly don't feel like any game is worth 9K but nevertheless I was getting tired of having a whole bunch of cool looking old pinball's that played like garbage. My initial plan was to start buying some of my old favorites but with the current prices, I couldn't justify spending 5-7K on a 20 to 30 year old machine when I could get one new in box for just a little bit more. Thus I went out and purchased 3 new machines with the help of credit cards and sales of some of my old machines (The third is Alien LE, which I have yet to receive). Dialed In was the one I wanted least but will probably turn out to be the one I like the best.

Just one more note before on to the review....I set my game on the most difficult settings when I get them. I know most people start easy and then work there way up. I like to do the opposite. I hope to never see everything there is to see and if the game is easy and I see everything then I will have nothing to look forward to.
The first few games were played on factory settings. The remaining 1000 were played on the preset level Extra hard (70% of games) and Hard (30% of games). The outlanes are set at factory settings and I have limits of 2 extra balls with sensitive tilt (I'm in the minority, 'nudging is cheating' camp, yes I know games have been designed for nudging for a long time).

POSITIVES: - The game playing elements are superbly incorporated into the theme. Like the theme or hate it, they did an excellent job with this.
- I love the Theater. While the animations aren't that advanced this a very 'cool' feature that is excellently incorporated into the game. I never get tired of shooting for it as it continually has different things to shoot for. I actually find myself disappointed when I look up and see it empty.
- The shaker motor is used well in this game and adds to the experience. While I'm not in the camp of 'I must have a shaker,' in this game it works well. The game shakes when the train passes by, this is especially nostalgic to me as I spent a lot of time just outside an elevated train in father's office as a child. The building would rumble every time. Anybody who has been in building with a subway beneath them can definitely relate. It's also used well in the disaster modes, such as the meteor shower and volcano.
- The cell phone is awesome. I've heard (or read) this being ridiculed so many times here on Pinside. I can't think of anything more relevant and more appropriate for the game's theme, especially in this day and age. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but I'd be willing to bet that just about everyone who makes fun of this feature has not spent much time, if any, with the game. I love the way it adds apps and you have to charge it up...this is simply terrific creativity by JJP. I think using an app to start a mode is a great way to start that mode.
- The magnets are excellently done. This is especially done well in EMP mode. This is definitely one of the best use of magnets ever in a pinball game. It's almost like they should have used this for a 'magic' theme gamed. This just 'wowed' me the first time I experienced it.
- For whatever reason, I like the way the pop this game. I love the fact that the developers decided to stop the clock on any countdowns whenever the ball is bouncing around in there. I'm not a big fan of pop bumpers in modern games and think they are a bit anachronistic but at the very least, they 'feel' more advanced in this game.
-....And the best for last.....(THE BIG BANG).....Damn, I love this....for me (and my admittedly small amount of experience on games of the past 20 years) there is no better feeling than hitting that target when you need it to complete a mode. The developers did a great job the 'explosion' effects. At first I didn't know what this did, but once you learn, you can't wait to hear those words..."Big Bang is Ready".... then comes decision you wait to start a mode or do you take the points now and try to light it again. I do have one issue with this which is discussed below in the paragraph about the Sim Card.

NEGATIVES: - There are a few spots where the ball gets stuck. It gets caught frequently on the side of the front right side of the ramp. Occasionally the ball guts stuck in gap in the rail where the wrench goes up and down. The ball very frequently gets stuck on the track where the 'electric guy' goes back and forth...usually right under his foot. This comes undone when the game does a search but about 10% of the time it ends up draining the ball down the side. I understand there is a 'mod' to correct this. There are a few spots on the playfield where the ball gets stuck but you can loosen it up by shaking the machine. On the positive side of things, after a few searches, the game sends out another ball so you don't have to immediately open up the game.
- Occasionally the magnet in the theater doesn't work properly and drops the ball down the middle. However, I'm beginning to wonder if this might be my house rather than the game. I have had other issues with other games with inconsistency with coils. Some days my games are stronger than others.
- I have had some quality control issues. The first week 3 things went on the machine but I was able to correct these issues through the help of technical support. These were all known issues and were being corrected on future machines. These issues include the subway getting stuck open and the theater going out due to a wire that is not glued in. I am not an advanced repair man so pretty much anybody could do what I did.
- I'm really nitpicking here but there just aren't a lot of negatives. I'd like to see some more saveable high scores for various modes. Currently you get to save your high scores...obviously....but the the only modes with high scores are the advanced 'BOB' modes which only come into play if you have a really good game and get that far. But I suppose a lot of the other modes have a fixed score you can get so there is no point. Still...some code changes would give you something else to shoot for. I'd love to be able to go for a high score every time a new mode started.
Really, really, nitpicking.....they could have painted the train station or put some lights on it instead of leaving it to the modders. On the video portion, the station is painted and/or lit up. You can get the color scheme from Mezel Mods.

I'd say that these issues are minor after 1000 games played and the problems that were correctable were easily repaired.

The Sim Card Shot: I sort of have mixed feelings about this one. Being an old EM guy, I'm used to very difficult shots that you often need a lot of luck to make. I think very difficult shots should be included in every game but should be used for only the most important of shots.
I can't really make up my mind on this, but sometimes I feel like it would have been better if the Sim Card shot and The Big Bang shot should have been reversed. The Big Bang shot is so beneficial in many ways and in all modes, so in my opinion it should be a tougher shot than what it is...kind of like the Sim Card shot.
The Sim Card is, at least for me, very difficult to make the way you are supposed to. The ball goes in there many times throughout the game by accident but I can't seem to make it when I need to. I find that I can't ever make it off the upper right flipper unless I'm trying to get it onto the upper tracks and time the flip wrong and it floats in. The only way I can intentionally make the shot is by rebounding it off the area around the Big Bang Target or by rebounding it off the drone targets. But even with those ways it only goes in occasionally. The vast amount of the time it goes in after a hit the flipper button too soon and the ball kind of floats up there and in or bounces off something else and in.
The Big Bang shot on the other hand, is not too difficult. Occasionally the electric guy gets in the way but you have a direct shot on it and a skilled player should be able to hit it without difficulty. It seems like a great way to finish a mode. On the other hand the Big Bang shot can be extremely beneficial and it seems like it should actually be a bit tougher to get. Therefore, this is my reasoning for why I think this shot along with the Sim Card Shot should be reversed.
One more thing on this....., at this time, I have only played this on the harder levels and the Sim Card light is not saved if you lose your ball. I'm not sure if it is saved on factory or easier settings. My stance would soften a bit if the Sim Card light was saved from ball to ball.

CONCLUSIONS: If you are at all considering this game for a purchase, you should just go ahead and purchase it. You are probably being held back by the same reasons I held back for awhile. Basically, if you are not completely turned off by the theme, you will not be disappointed. When I was deciding which games to buy I was on the fence and was considering about half a dozen new games. This was the one game I was most reluctant to buy. Admittedly, I was held back by the haters out there. If money is holding you back, that is a different story. If there is such a thing as game being worth 9K, then this game is as close to being worth it as you will probably find. Again, I have not played a lot of the recent games, so I'm not saying there isn't anything better. If bang for your buck is the issue, there are other choices. Afterall, you can get 3 Stern Pro Edition pinballs for the price of two JJP games. So that's a whole extra game of value to make up for the shortfalls of the other two, if indeed they are inferior games to the JJP games.

BOTTOM LINE: I feel like that there are no perfect games out there. There are plenty of things on all games that I think could have been done better. When I say better I don't mean by spending more money on more gadgets.

To this point of my life, playing this game is by far the most fun I have had playing pinball. Once again, There are a boatload of games made in the past 20 years that I have never played so don't take that statement to mean this is the best there is.

....bottom might not be the best game out there, but it must be one of the best.

A BRIEF MOMENT TO BOAST (cuz I get so few chances at this): I am at best an average player despite having many years of experience. I never even learned to cradle balls during multi-ball. Definitely can't get the ball to the opposite flipper. However, after over 1000 games played on Dialed In, with my high score being 751,000 and all the other top 8 scores between 590,000 and 690,000....I had an extraordinary game a few days ago of 3.2 million (at this time, the 8th highest on Pinside). I even saw a mini-wizard mode, my first ever. The one you get after you start 6 modes. The ball just didn't seem to want to drain. Just when I got an inflated head, I haven't come close to a top 8 score ever since.

If it's game play you are looking for, it's hard to wrong on this one. Same applies if you are buying it to use with family or friends. What better way to introduce today's youth to pinball. All they have to do is add facebook to it and you'd have new pinballers for life.
Do I need to spend the extra money for A LE? Depends.....the game plays the same either way. If using headphones with an external volume control is important then you need the LE. But this is not a rock and roll themed game so it's not as important on this game. For what it's worth, I have never used the headphone jack. You also get the blue body armor paint, a nicer looking sign on the quantum theater, a limited edition plate with your game number. You get a few extra doodads, like the comic, and you also get some lights on the ramps. There is also a lit city skyline in the back which doesn't really add much to the game, at least in my opinion, because it is clear glass with white lighting. In a way, it's out of place.
You get the invisiglass, an important option depending on where the game is set up but you can always buy this separately.

Hopefully this review is helpful to anybody considering a purchase or anybody comparing notes!
8 days ago
Good flow expected from Ritchie but not a game I got into. I loved Ritchies later pins like Elvis and AC/DC.
8 days ago
Had this on my shirt list of wants and after playing it several times had to buy it. So much fun and deep enough to never get old. Get the LE because the topper is awesome!
8 days ago
This was the game that got me interested in early solid states. I tend to gravitate towards games that are harder to keep the ball in play for long periods. Similar to newer games, there is more going on under the covers then at first glance. Obviously the rules aren't as deep, but it doesn't need to be.

I think in this game it's especially important to fine tune it. lot of things to watch out for death shots, scissors flippers, a waterfall drop (that throws the ball down the middle), and beast lair as well as the normal outlane, It keeps you on your toes constantly.
Unlike most games where you nudge mainly around the flippers or outlanes. Here you utilize that skill set a bit more. If your looking for a challenging early SS under $1500 then this would easily fit the bill. Unlike other popular SS titles this seems to come up somewhat often, so getting one shouldn't be to hard. At least at the time I wrote this.
8 days ago
Depeche Mode wasn't exactly punk, but that's ok, this game is FUN. A weird layout that still manages to flow, those groovy kicker targets, plenty of drops, four flippers... this widebody has a whole lot going on. The naysayers just can't stop hating on the graphics long enough to actually play the game. Play four or five games and you're hooked like a fish with a safety pin through your lip. Would LOVE to snag one. (Hello @MrArt2U.)
9 days ago
Beautiful artwork, crazy cool backbox drew me in. Now I have one, and am learning these were not built according to Williams/Bally. Some things better, some not, but a very interesting learning experience.
Would not change a thing. Like mentioned, make sure all pf parts are there. You aren't going to get a plastic set at Marcos..
9 days ago
There wasn't that much to shoot at and seemed very repetitive. Multiball modes were uninspiring Not the game or theme for me.
9 days ago
Lots of different shots, unique theme. I only played a couple of games but I get the feeling that this is an underrated stern pin.
9 days ago
Not a bad game for what it is. Neat theme, I liked the sounds and the shots. definitely worth some loonies/quarters in the wild
9 days ago
Nice layout, and one of the faster games by Gomez. The sound package on this game is amazing, and adding in a ColorDMD is a huge bonus, especially for the movie clips. Lighting could be better, as some of the playfield feels dark, and there isn't much in terms of GI. The "modern" Transformers may turn some people off, but I really enjoy the theme, and appreciate the use of some sound and music from the original 80's series. The toys, on the playfield are just that, off the shelf toys. They look cheap, but serve their purpose in locating shots.
9 days ago
This has to be one of the best lit games of all time. You can see it from the parking lot and it looks absolutely amazing. Other than that, it's Attack From Mars, one of the best games of all time. I thought the giant widescreen DMD would be dumb but it's totally fine. Maybe the best topper ever made too. Incredible game.
9 days ago
Long playing, ho-hum Stern movie game. I thought this game looked a lot like Metallica or Iron Man but I can't say I prefer it to either. Doesn't bring much new to the table. Really nice and colorful though.
9 days ago
The game is amazing! I've been in the hobby since '04 and have played every new release game and I don't think I've ever seen another game that had this level of polish and breadth to the rules so quickly after release. At this point I don't even know what's missing or incomplete software-wise. Everything about this game feels well executed and thought-out. The layout has a ton of shots, speed, combos, loops and a good mix of tough, moderate, and easy shots. It doesn't really play like any other game that I can think of. The ramps I'd say are moderate in difficulty.-the left ramp is easier than it looks. The mini loop and super-jackpot shot are tougher to hit than I thought which is a good thing. The main loop is very repeatable and fun to hit. I love hitting the left orbit and then ripping off 3-4 consecutive loop shots! The power orb shot is actually pretty tight which is a good thing as it's not something you really want to hit "by accident". my guess is that this is by design. The spinner shots and the sounds associated with them are awesome! It's great to see a game with really good spinner rules. Lighting revive using the lower left spinner is a great rule as are making that spinner score double in Fear of the Dark. You can tell that the team behind this game put their heart and soul into it! I love that there are only 5 main modes in this game. I'd rather have 5 modes that are well thought out and feel unique than 125 modes that feel the same. The modes in this game are just as fun as playing the multi-balls which is rare in games today. The game doesn't play as brutal as games like TWD and GOTG but isn't easy either. I'd say it's just about right. Most of my drains came as a result of "playing loose" with the game and not being able to react to the speed.

As far as other aspects of the game go I think the artwork is phenomenal and may be the best looking modern game to date! The sound and callouts are all really well done and the music really fits pinball well. The display does a great job of telling you what you need to do and displaying where you are at. Yes the style may not match Zombie Yeti's artwork but when you're playing you don't care. It still looks good and does the job it needs to do. I think the lights and use of RGB lighting for the main shots on the Pro is really well done.

I know there's been a lot of praise about this game's layout and how much it flows and opens itself up to so many shots but the genius part about it is that the layout completely changes when you are in multiball play. All of a sudden this open layout changes because when you have more balls in play the upper flippers block the 2 easiest shots in the game (orbits) and force you to take more difficult shots (ramps) and play more in control instead of fast and loose. It also makes it difficult to trap up and pick off shots with one of the flippers because of this. You have to work on techniques such as ball transfers and using flipper staging way more than you have to do in a 2 flipper game. I think it's a game that will drastically improve your multiball skills the more you play it.
9 days ago
One "BAO!" does not a good game make.

Like many of the European-made pingames, this one plays hard, and as a by product, has little regard given to design, rules and scoring. The flipper gap is enormous, so be prepared for some frustrating house balls. The art is a confusing mix between what Gottlieb was doing in the 70s with what Bally was doing in the 60s. The game sounds like an old solid-state cash register, with beeps in various tones. It seems people are really into the sound the pop-up dragons make when you knock them down. The game's mystique is built around the "BAO" sound, and the fact that many of these games, new in box, were discovered a few years back in Canada, meaning there are some really nice examples kicking around. The game is a disappointment--all hype, no substance.

Stand up and take a BAO.
9 days ago
9 days ago
A true classic. Love the sound and music. Flow is great, feel the power of the wind.
9 days ago
What a game. So much to do and hard to master. Great sound and lighting. Install a color DMD and the fun gets even better. Just do much fun to play and really fast. Hard to master, but that is a goood thing.
9 days ago
The music and sound on SOF are classic Williams. Love the flow and upper mini playfield. Never gets boring for me. An under appreciated classic game.
9 days ago
Holy crap. First impressions this game is awesome. It's hard, fast, loud, flashy, and you don't need a PhD to understand what's happening in the game at any given time. Maybe this game has a deeper underbelly, but 30 minutes playing this game without reading the rules card and you pretty much know exactly what's going on at any point in the game. There's no selecting characters, mashing buttons, or reading little signs above inserts full of text. There aren't 10 modes shooting different colored flashing shots to get different movie clips. No mini playfields, no waiting for balls from scoops, no saucers, no freaking brakes man.

There's so much satisfaction in this game. Destroying a reactor feels so good. Heck, even just having a reactor go critical feels like something important just happened, when it's just a ball bouncing around the upper playfield. Every every ball lock is so mechanically satisfying. Blowing reactors is like the getting a big super jackpot in any other game, except it happens all the time in this game.

If I have anything minutely bad to say about it, the playfield art isn't mind blowing or anything, but it doesn't look cheap. I've had a few times the slingshots airballed the ball directly into the outlane. While the light show is great, I don't think it's on par with a visual spectacles like JJP games like others have said. There's kind of nothing at the top of the game, but not being loaded with "stuff" is kind of the reason this game is great. I'm stretching for bad things to say about this game. Nothing about it is bad.
9 days ago
It's a great game and I love it, but #1? The fan layout is basic and makes it feel less strategic than any game with 3 or more flippers. For fan layouts, I like TOTAN more even though the software is limited. I like a number of wide body Superpins more including WOZ, STTNG, TZ, IJ, and ...gulp... even PSTE. Bang for the buck just doesn't seem to be there on this one. If it was a Superpin and had the castle on an upper playfield to storm with more flippers and a dangerous moat beneath it to contend with, then maybe it would rise to the top for me, but woe to us peasants, it isn't a Superpin. It would have made a fine one though. Yes, it was a late Williams game, and yes, they didn't make very many, and yes, it is good, yes it is fun, yes it has a great theme, but again #1?
9 days ago
Very fun game the layout feels unique which is refreshing.
There are 32375 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 5 of 1295.

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