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14 days ago
The sound effects and DMD animations are great! There are a lot of different objectives and skill shots that make this game a lot of fun. It's definitely one of my favorite games and I highly recommend it.
14 days ago
I have a rather big collection and have a lot of bally/Williams games. this feels like that but new. The lighting and the topper are unbelievable compared to the orginal. Everyone one has there opinions but this game is better than orginal and I am not a b/w hater. infact love them. This thing feels way better than the stern games and I have it right next to an AC/DC premium. This is by far the best game I have There is a reason it is #1. If at all possible upgrade to the LE for the topper. I am not a topper guy but this thing adds to the game and atmosphere while you are playing.
14 days ago
Game play does not do a lot for me, It seemed to be a bit cluttered for me. The light show is awesome and lots of toys but I just don’t have much fun playing this pin. The theme is not all that bad. Maybe I just need more time on one but for the price I’m just not sure I’ll get a chance to pick one up locally. I had a chance to pick between TH and WOZ and I went with TH.
14 days ago
This game is so fast and a great shooter.
If you can get over the theme you will have a lot of fun with this lawlor game.
15 days ago
My score says it all this game was always special, but Chicago Gaming stepped up to the plate and hit a GRAND SLAM; play this game and be prepared to be mesmerized by how good it is. ITS A TEN
15 days ago
Decent enough game, although understanding the rules is not easy.

Playfield is pretty uninspired.

Good flow.

Feels a bit flimsy.

Another game I enjoying playing but not on my list to buy.
15 days ago
Superb layout, smooth, with a nice variety of shots.

Great lighting, not too bright. Just right.

Theme is a bit of a miss really. And the guy holding the phone just doesn't look cool.

Game is fun to play but it feels strangely lack lustre as the call outs just aren't that inspiring. Music is not great either.

Enjoy playing it but no desire at all to own one.

Will update rating if I ever change my mind.
15 days ago
Very cool and unique game a Williams classic for sure
15 days ago
It is silly I have to rate the same game three times. What is even more silly is people remaking a vey mediocre game some 20 years later.

Coupled with the insane amount these machines tend to go for, and I think you have a fairly overrated machine. I have a more detailed review in my post for the original MM.

The gist? Not a bad game necesarily, but not a top 10 game either. Nostalgia has been very kind to this game. But the truth? It was never more than a fairly mediocre and simplistic bash the castle fest that gets old and tiring pretty fast — again, see my more in depth commentary for the original game.

I rated this one even less because it is the more expensive limited edition of a remake of a 20 year old mediocre game. Look, it is not a bad game. But it is nowhere near a top 10 pin of all time. There are many, many flaws with this game that readily get overlooked simply because it is “MM.”
15 days ago
It is silly I have to rate the same game three times. What is even more silly is people remaking a vey mediocre game some 20 years later.

Coupled with the insane amount these machines tend to go for, and I think you have a fairly overrated machine. I have a more detailed review in my post for the original MM.

The gist? Not a bad game necesarily, but not a top 10 game either. Nostalgia has been very kind to this game. But the truth? It was never more than a fairly mediocre and simplistic bash the castle fest that gets old and tiring pretty fast — again, see my more in depth commentary for the original game.
15 days ago
My parents bought this and I played it a ton growing up. It is not the most sophisticated pinball out there, but it a super fun game, especially in group play. Given the fact it has fantastic call outs and original music, plus a huge glowing lightsaber on the playfield, what is not to love? Super fun in multiplayer.
15 days ago
Arguably, one of the best machines ever made. I think there are few machines that can match this game. For me, this was quintessential pinball. The theme, the mystere, the layout, the really cool genie with the light up eyes. The artwork was second to none. The entire game was just superb.

To be fair, shooting the lamp could get a bit repetitive and the game rules weren’t overly in depth, but overall, this was and is the pin everyone wants to play, and then play again beachside it is just so much fun.

Edit: Played it again at a friend's house and updated my rating. I want this pin.
15 days ago
My parents owned one of these for a while growing up. Beautiful machine, but the game was really repetitive over and over. For a 90s game, I suppose it was very good, but it is pretty static and gets boring pretty fast in my opinion. I love the look and the overall theme, but the shots are at really odd angles and can be difficult to hit from the perspective that the angles appear to be just a bit off.

It is not a game you want to keep coming back to — especially when compared to a lot of the newer pins.
15 days ago
Played this pin a ton growing up. My grandpa used to have one up at his cabin. Overall, it is not a bad game I suppose. But man, I felt the game was brutal and entirely unforgiving.

Well built games should be easy to learn, but difficult to master. I felt this game was both difficult to learn and master. I can’t help but attribute that to poor design. The flow of the game I felt was very poor — so much so that I preferred all of his games over this one, including Popeye. :)

The gimmick with the playfield screen was cool back in the day, but it is entirely outdated now.

Maybe it requires a skill level far better than mine, but I never saw this as an overly fun pinball game.

High quality build overall, but this is not a game I would want to own based on my personal experience with it.
15 days ago
I am usually pretty critical of “golden age” pins in th 80s and 90s — especially those made by Williams. I feel many of the games are generally rated far too high simply because of nostalgia and groupthink bias. The exception? Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure.

I have never owned this pin, but I have played it and I want to own one very badly. Everything from the themeing, artwork, music, callouts, and sound are superb. But it is the gameplay and playfield layout that really make this game stand out. The multiple drop targets and the hidden targets and gems (including the subway ball lock in the golden idol) really make this game stellar. The upper playfield has a real purpose. The shots are highly satisfying.

All in all, a great pin. This is one of the best ever made actually. One of the few examples where nostalgia actually does note overstate how good of a game this is and was.
15 days ago
I grew up with this game. I purchased it from my father recently. I have probably played this pin over the decades more than any other.

Look I love this game. But even I can admit that is largely due to my love of the LOTR. As a pinball game, this machine is very good, maybe even great. But a top 10 pin this is not.

Look the music, artwork, callouts, sounds and overall theme are really second to none. Many of the callouts are not only custom, but are from the actual movie actors! I have yet to see a game do better with licensing other than maybe the hobbit. The animations are only rivaled by the new lcd screen games. The modes are different, challenging and fun. But the design of the playfield is lacking.

First, the magnetic ring rarely works right even in the best of machines. A shot up the middle is supposed to start modes, but it really is a design flaw where even on the best of machines, a perfect shot up the middle does not always work. Also the right ramp is a bit of a joke. It is not at a correct angle for the flippers to reliably target. Even for great players, the bad layout of the right sword ramp is more of a luck shot.

The toys affixed to the playfield also are pretty cheap. They are quite literally the same boxed action figure toys that were sold at Toys R Us back when the movies were hot. How do I know this? Because I owned a lot of the same toys. Even the main Balrog toy is nothing more than a mass produced action figure.

The tower up kicks are cool, but the path of the dead upper playfield is pointless, luck driven, non-interactive garbage that severely hinders the flow of the game.

Reading this, you would think that I don’t love the game, but the truth is I do. I love it for the depth of the rules and the modes. I love it for the callouts, the music and the theme, which it probably got better than arguably any other game out there. But, the playfield layout and the toys leave much to be desired — so much so my kids prefer Star Wars Episode I over this pin.

A top 100 pin this is, a top 10 pin this is not.
15 days ago
MM is, overall, a fun and decent game that most assuredly deserves a place in the top 100 games of all time. But, a top 10 pin this is not.

This game benefits greatly from the nostalgia factor, an issue that is only enhanced by the fact it was one of the last pins made by the old Williams company in the so-called “golden age of pinball.” While the playfield layout is stellar, the game is, overall, less than so.

The problem? Scoring is largely a one trick pony. Bash the castle to lower the drawbridge and get a really rewarding shot to destroy it. Yes, there are other things to shoot for in the game, but scoring is so imbalanced that all other objectives become secondary.

Coupled with the fact that the sounds, music, and animations are cute but outdated (and the fact the cabinet/playfield art was always pretty tacky), the overall game is great, but not stellar. Twenty years ago, this game was the bee’s knees, but even then it was overrated.

Like others, we have a lot of respect for this game largely because we grew up playing it. But, unfortunately, we tend to view things from our youth a little more favorably in our memories than they actually deserve.
15 days ago
The Hobbit is simply one of the most beautiful games ever made.

The artwork on the cabinet and playfield is second to none.

The overall detail into the design of the game is outstanding. The game has a very deep and intriguing set of rules. The game is very deep with 31 different modes and 3 wizard modes. It is, arguably, the most sophisticated pin ever made.

Between the lighting on the playfield and the LCD screen book in the corner, it is pretty easy for player to figure out where to shoot.

Speaking of shooting, this game is a shooters paradise with shots galore. It has two kickups (one hidden behind drop targets), two ramps, eleven drop targets, a captive ball shot, and four pop up targets. The game puts your shot skills constantly to the test.

Everything about the game screams perfection. JJP nailed it with the theming. The game was designed to make you feel like you are on a quest. There are no other words to describe this game other than, “Epic.”

The game feels and plays like a mashup between Stern’s LOTR and MM, however the Hobbit is better than either of them.

Like MM, you have two ramps. You also have a main bash target on the upper left playfield. You also have pop up targets. However, with the Hobbit, you also have a dedicated flipper and a unique slingshot to bash the main target. You also have 4 pop up targets instead of 2. The hobbit also has far more drop targets besides. The hobbit also has a much deeper rule set than MM that exceeds even the much celebrated LOTR.

In many ways, it is interesting that so few recognize that the Hobbit is basically a very similar layout to MM, but with far more going on.

Like the castle in MM, the main toy/gimmick in this game is a talking dragon, giving callouts directly from the film.

The music and clips are from the blockbuster trilogy. JJP did a fantastic job with the overall immersion factor.

The Hobbit is one of the best games ever made. Personally speaking, it is very similar to MM, but much better. We own both the LOTR and the Hobbit. We have played MM extensively. If we had to choose between the three, the Hobbit would win hands down. It is essentially very similar to MM, but with far more shots, sophistication, and a much deeper sets of rules. Not to mention it is just a much better looking pin altogether with a far more immersive experience.

It is a masterpiece in my humble opinion. If MM and LOTR are both considered top 10 games, then the Hobbit should be there as well.

The only critiques is that the playfield, at first glance, appears to not have as many toys or gimmicks as some other high end games.

However, this is because so much of what is going on with the Hobbit is actually meant to be “hidden.” In a way, the entire game is built like a treasure chest. It is hard to tell what the game really entails without spending time learning it’s secrets.

For example, the hidden cave shot that takes the ball into a hidden subway, the windlance shooter, the one ring ball save, and the four pop up beast targets all add to the element of being a mysterious treasure chest. The LCD book and barrel bumpers are also interesting, with the barrel bumpers splashing water on the LCD screen of the book.

I should also add that in spite of the open feel of the playfield, there are numerous areas to add custom mods or toys should you desire.

Some reviewers say there is no reason for the upper right flipper. In response, that is like saying there would be no need for an upper flipper to bash the main toy in MM (which, you would have to admit, would be awesome if it existed). The upper right flipper and left slingshot gives you the opportunity to bash the daylights out of the Smaug play area, which includes 5 drop targets, two hidden bash targets, and a hidden upkick.

In conclusion, we find it hard to believe that anyone could fail to rate the Hobbit as one of the best pins of all time. It is the only pin in our relatively small collection that will, for certain, never leave. We find it an impossibility for any rational mind to rate MM as being one of the best pins of all time, but at the same time fail to bestow the same or similar honor on the Hobbit. In many ways, the Hobbit is very similar to MM, but with far more shots, far better rules, far more modes, far better design, far more sophistication, far better sounds and callouts, far better theming, far better artwork, far better music, far better animation, far mode modes, far more features, and, overall, a far better experience.

It is one of the best pins of all time.
15 days ago
I’m a train buff so therefore I love Cactus Canyon. No two ways about it. I wish they would have finished the code but the continued version is awesome. I’m not the best player but I know what I like. Of all the western themed pins, this and thev1975 El Dorado do it for me. Not an easy game to locate but well worth it if you can. The pop bumper layout isn’t as good as I would like. The slingshot doesn’t really give the same effect as a third bumper would.
15 days ago
Too much focus on the snake but still a quality game. Some days I like it better than AFM, some days not. Bottom line is that it’s somewhat an AFM clone and it fits Stern’s general theme. Happy to have it but that’s because I don’t have a lot of similar titles with the same layout/goals. Will always give the nod to the original (AFM) in terms of scoring, but Metallica is a great machine to play. Not a big fan of the translate art. They definitely could have done a better job with that.
15 days ago
El Dorado has one of the best layouts available. The board is easy to understand but nearly impossible to master. Working on the game makes me appreciate its design even more. It certainly has that “ one more game” feel to it. The scoring is balanced and getting a special is, well, special. The drop targets carry over and the bumpers and flippers are well placed. Without a doubt one of my favorite EMs. I looked for an El Dorado for a long time and it was worth the wait.
15 days ago
Pros - a fast game with a well integrated theme. Good overall sound package although the music is just ok, The gear shift is fun and the supercharger is a cool feature - especially when you get more than one ball whirling around. The siren topper caps it off very nicely. Good rules overall and good objectives. A fun game that gets the blood pumping!
15 days ago
Expected much more from this game. The layout is overburdened, and the theme seems wasted. The rules aren't as clear as they should be, and it definitely takes quite a while to get the hang of the game with the amount of ramps and rails this game has. I also don't like the talking heads, they look terrible. Overall I'm not a big Road Show enthusiast.
16 days ago
Beautiful woodrail and quite fun to play.
16 days ago
I enjoy playing this woodrail, good layout for an older pin and flows nicely. Took me awhile to find one of these for my collection. Beautiful artwork and design, I'm sure this a sought after machine with car collectors.
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