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Rating #126 of 13 18 days ago

Perfect mix between Mini games challenge and ball flow !

Rating #126 of 34 18 days ago

Whitewater is "a player's game" by which i mean that it's hard: the home ROM version has a ball saver, but the original didn't; any shot to the orbits is dangerous as it can end up in the bumpers, which, being so far forward, are a real drain hazard; and unless all three flippers are set up properly, you're gonna have real difficulties making all the ramps - in particular the jackpot shot that is designed to hit the glass on its way down the waterfall towards you from the upper pf.

It's great fun once you know what you're doing, but nowhere near as easy as it is playing it on your phone on The Pinball Arcade - it's a real challenge to try to get to Wet Willie's AND to get to Class VI Rapids, so to try to do this as well as all the modes (Man Overboard etc) and then start a multiball is incredibly challenging - i've only managed it on TPA and not in real life so far.

The sounds of WH2O are instantly recognisable, the music is one of the best in pinball, the game has lots of shots and looks beautiful. Dennis Nordman looks good as bigfoot and is understandably proud of this, his best work. If i was a better player i'd probably give it even higher scores, sadly i'm just not good enough for my games to last very long on this machine ...... but that keeps me coming back for more.

Rating #126 of 34 18 days ago

i owned my Jackbot for only a few weeks before i got bored of it and moved it on. Of the three Bot games (Pinbot and Bride of Pinbot being the other two) this is the most modern but probably the least fun, for me anyway. I like the visor and locking balls in the eye sockets, but let's be honest, the only way to score big on this game is to repeatedly aim for the saucer between ramp and visor until you get Casino Run. i watched Cayle George doing this, he made it look easy but also dull.

this is ok as a starter DMD game, but if you're a bit more used to playing lots of fifferent games, you will tire of this quickly.

Rating #126 of 34 18 days ago

This game rapidly climbed my ladder of favourites and is already well in side the top ten, since i spent some time getting to know it on my way to writing this rulesheet: http://papa.org/wp-content/uploads/Batman-The-Dark-Knight-Rulesheet-English.pdf

ok, the theme is killer, and they used the best version in my opinion, and focused on the best part of it - Heath Ledger's Joker. it looks and sounds the dog's bollocks, it plays fast and fun, and it has a wonderful feature to it of shot doublers, that was also used in Spiderman but not as well (because the doublers aren't visible on the playfield as lit inserts).

i love my BTDK, it's up there with the very best Stern games (for me SM, LOTR, TSPP and BTDK). highly recommended in any collection.

Rating #126 of 59 18 days ago

AC/DC LE is an average overall package.

Originality: low.

Art/Lights/Theme: So bad I could barely look at the playfield.

This is the typical weak art package from Stern with photoshopped pics of band members all over the playfield. (Unlike what Dirty Donny did with Metallica)

Sound/Callouts: Can't hear since I was in an arcade… I did hear a bell.

Flow: weak. But there was a nice orbit shot in one direction only.

1. no orbits / orbit shots get trapped to pops

2. pop pen is a mindless waste of time ...zzz...

3. the way the ball dribbles out of the pop pen is insulting

Toys: There's a bell. If you miss this shot, wait a while and you may have a ball SDTM. (but not too often)

Ball Control/Hazards: weak. The stand ups might as well just be solid walls. The ball ricochets off them at full speed -- sometimes straight to the outlane, without giving the player a millisecond of any ball control to help avoid disaster. It's another fast "vertical" game from Stern that doesn't allow for much nudging. Most of their games are configured like this now.

Balanced Scoring: (unknown) I haven't played enough games to know how the scoring works

Fun/Lastability: 1 game was enough for me. No desire to play AC/DC again. I never finish it. I keep trying.

Symmetry: good. I’m rather sure its an asymmetrical design.

Use of pops: POOR. They only have scoring opportunities. They cannot hurt the player. I still have no idea why manufacturers continue to hide pops in the upper corner of the playfield in a spot where the cannot harm the player. The way the ball dribble out, when the game is busy keeping you from playing adds insult to injury.

PF Visibility: POOR: I didn't like the use of the cannon over the right sling, and some junk over the left sling, which makes playing a ball off the outlanes impossible (a la STTNG) -- this REALLY kills the game for me. It's like playing with blinders on. Steve Ritchie hasn't had much respect for outlanes in a long time. First the gaping kickback hole on left in the early days, and now putting toys on top of them, so you can't see what you are nudging/saving.

All I can say is, thank goodness that Stern got pinball right with Metallica.


Rating #126 of 149 18 days ago

special force is such an gem in the rough .

it's a rare game you hardly see it around ....but if you play it it's such a blast ....fire rockets at drop target tanks , rescue your locked balls (their called hostages in the game ) collect rockets to blast your way to the village , collect bombs , load the up to the helicopter once you have them loaded in the chopper , hit the helicopter ramp and blast the 3 pop bumpers villagers ....after you complete all the goals it's time to escape in the helicopter ........it's a blast .....

Rating #126 of 11 20 days ago

I hated this game when it first came out because the actors voices weren't used. HOWEVER - an awesome pinsider has tediously replaced most of the callouts with clips from the show. Now that my only gripe is gone - I ordered the LE and I absolutely love it! The animations are the best Stern had ever done, the music is great, cabinet art is great, love the layout. There are a ton of cool mods now too - pick up this game while it's still cheap because it's going to climb in value!!!

Rating #126 of 75 20 days ago

When I turn this game on it feels alive, very creepy, very cool and damn fun, character is off the charts and 3 pf's amazing pin.

Rating #126 of 6 20 days ago

I love this machinne. It´s very fast and you cann´t stop playing again and again.

Rating #126 of 7 21 days ago

Lighting is great, balancing the limited artwork on the playfield. Fun to play.

Belongs to the best recent issues by Stern, along with MET, XMEN and ACDC.

Rating #126 of 6 21 days ago

I have played this game a few times now at different places, I overall look and art inside and out is fantastic. I do find the play field view obstructed a little. I like the overall game play it just seems to be missing something i will keep playing it when i come across it might grow on me more.

Rating #126 of 6 22 days ago

Needs software update to make better. Newest version much better than original, but still needs work. With WWE dropping Hulk Hogan, let's hope software updates don't drop him as well. Upper flipper on left has limited targets to shoot, not sure I like that there's a "max bonus".

Rating #126 of 6 22 days ago

One of a kind, LEDs and sound amazing, best pinball I've ever played.

Rating #126 of 75 22 days ago

Love it, great pin.

Rating #126 of 25 22 days ago

Another rating skewed by childhood memories? This game was right in my wheelhouse, playing it in arcades alongside Funhouse. I was the target quarter-dropper, and this game took lots of my loot. The game may come off as a bit rudimentary in its overall historical context, however, it’s a Steve Ritchie flow game when you can loop ramp shots over and over again with kinetics that feel as smooth as soft butter. The cannon launcher is a neat touch, and something that made the game unique at a time when plunging the ball was standard fare. Great multiball approach where balls can be re-locked to multiply the jackpot shot to the side targets. The art package is a bit frazzled, but captures the overall feel of steel that is associated with the T2 theme. Say what you will about Steve Ritchie, he has a way of leading pinball change and innovation, and T2: Judgement Day stands as a perfect example of this.

Rating #126 of 25 22 days ago

TOTAN has a beautiful art package with rich colours and a lot to look at. Neat ideas and toys that are well integrated to gameplay. However, this game is an exercise of style over substance. The phrase “The game is too easy” may be overused in his climate, but it absolutely fits here. I guess a positive, is that it makes bad players, like me, feel good to walk up to it and reach the wizard mode on a regular basis. Jewels are given away far too easily. If you are looking for eye candy, this game is it. If you are looking for a game that can provide long term challenge, this isn’t a game for you. (And at the price it commands, you can get two or three challenging games that would work better in the home environment.). It's a great game...for your friend to own.

Rating #126 of 25 22 days ago

As a company, how do you follow up High Speed, a watershed pinball game that sold a ton of units? Apparently with Grand Lizard, a game whose layout is a copy of Solar Fire, which was in turn a near copy of Black Knight. It may not be fair to compare this game to High Speed, but how can you not? Everything about this game seems lazy: from the copied layout to the simplistic jungle drum soundtrack to the disconnected art package. Python Anghelo, bless his soul, really missed on the backglass design. The playfield art works, and it is a shame the original “matching” backglass wasn’t used in the production run as it gels better with the overall package and is head and shoulders above Mr. Anghelo’s work. The changes in gameplay make Grand Lizard a step above its copied predecessor Solar Fire, however the game pales in comparison to other early System 11 luminaries like High Speed and Pinbot.

Rating #126 of 25 22 days ago

Everyone you talk to claims they love Rollergames, however, there isn’t any love for Rollergames on the Pinside Top 100! The game is basically a re-hash of everything High Speed did years earlier, however, it embodies all the traits of early-90s excess: neon, catchy music, big hair, spandex! It may be an exercise in style over substance, with the music and art package carrying the bulk of the positive things to say about the game. After all, it’s a System 11 game with simple rules revolving around big points in multiball. However, in typical Ritchie fashion, he’s created a fast, kinetic game that can be challenging if set up properly. The orbits are lightning fast. The left orbit to top flipper to side ramp shot will score the bulk of the points outside of multiball, and is difficult to master thanks to the speed at which the ball careens around the orbit. Getting the multiball side ramp jackpot shot timed properly can be quite the task as well. The “Pit” to “Deep Freeze” VUK is a neat little toy, and is pretty impressive when working properly. Dan Forden’s music and sounds are absolutely spot-on. The chanting of “Roll-er-games, Roll-er-games” before each multiball pumps you up for the three-ball frenzy (and gives you time to catch your breath). Perhaps the theme kills the game’s appeal, being based on an unsuccessful TV licence. Smack a WWF or American Gladiators licence on this and it’s an instant classic. Regardless, in my experience, this game gets the most play and most positive comments from visitors to my gameroom, especially non-pinball enthusiasts. It may be High Speed on rollerskates, but it is executed well and remains one of the best value pins of its time.

Rating #126 of 262 22 days ago

Game needs to be played with two people...like sex, it can be done solo, but is nowhere near as satisfying. I've played it both ways and it is very boring solo.

With two players you really need to know the rules which aren't that easy to pick up and understand. Would be great as a knockout tournament game.

Art is dead on and noises complement the game. Gets old quickly for me, but I enjoy the novelty.

Rating #126 of 16 22 days ago

My rating is based on the LE. In my opinion this is the most breathtaking, heart pounding and beautiful game Stern has ever and may ever produce. With over 18 different modes, the toys, the colour changing LEDs this game is as fun the first time as it is the 500th time. Game will never leave my collection. Wish Stern to make something this high quality again some day.

Rating #126 of 34 23 days ago

I always wanted to play and glad I did. Fantastic light show by even today's standards. Rules aren't super deep but its a classic. Fun for a small collection. Rudy is a great toy. It's fun to smash a smart ass. The two plunger set up is a set up to line a good shot for Rudy. Cabnet is meh. Very addictive.

Rating #126 of 34 23 days ago

I did not find this to be a fun pin. I thought the action was stop and go and a spongy feel to the flippers. The rules are not very intuitive at all. The artwork was OK. I didn't want to spend time on it. It felt lethargic. Perhaps it grows on you?

Rating #126 of 715 24 days ago

Bo Bo is a game that needs to be fresh and crispy to play as it should. The game I played was not. I am rating the game with the experience I had with it. Please note that I will update this rating after I get to play a better working copy of this game.

The Pros:

An interesting PF layout from 1961 that does not have a gobble hole. The flipper layout is great for defensive nudging and most of your balls will be lost out the sides. The 1-4 in order sequence is tough. If you are lucky, you might get the numbers at the rollovers at the top of the PF. Getting all 6 in order, I tried... never did it. The cabinet is great for holding beers and sagrits. The metal legs on this table are post modern and then some. Work the slings as much as you can to gits that ball up the PF.

The Cons:

Clowns are creepy. Bo Bo looks like he drives a large white van with the words "Candy Inside" painted across the sides. The copy I played was tougher than tough. It was truly brutal. didn't help that the flippers were weak and mal-adjusted. If I find a better playing copy, I will update scores after reviewed gameplay.

The Takeaway:

If you want to work on your nudging skills, here is your game! This game NEEDS to have fresh rubbers, strong slings and flippers. For a game that is this open and of this vintage, the more you can do to get to the top of the PF, the better.

Rating #126 of 18 24 days ago

This game is NOT fun. End of story.

Rating #126 of 66 24 days ago

Played this one last weekend at the Dutch Pinball Museum. What an unusual game! I absolutely loved it and would really like to own one sometime.

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