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15 days ago
Most underrated pin of all time.
15 days ago
Here is a game that gets the same amount of plays as my Iron Man, which is saying a lot. I don't know about the old coding, but my pin came with 1.60. Great code! Plus after adding the sound callouts from the TV show, game is perfect. Yes it is a gruesome looking pin, but that is the point, it isn't supposed to be bright like guardians of the galaxy or iron maiden. Having so many leader boards in one game means you can compete for multiple top spots with your family and friends. If you are remotely a fan of this show, the one must mod you need to do is add the new sound code with the TV show call outs. Without this sound, the game falls a little short, but the music is still there. With the sound, you'll snicker at times with callouts from the cast members including Negan! Best of all, my wife is a huge fan of the show and this pin is her first go to pin now.
16 days ago
EM at its best! Back in the days when bumpers and rollovers were 1 point each. Ten or forty points when lit, and a few other combinations. The pop bumpers are arranged around a rotating wheel like a ferris wheel. Get the ball flying around the bumpers and watch the roto-wheel spin for extra points, bells and whistles (well, not the whistles). Easy rules...light all the cars on the ferris wheel for a special, or special via points. Fun and nostalgic. This game goes well next to a jukebox playing 45 oldies.
16 days ago
Played about 5 games, liked it, didn't love it. I love the JJP cabinets vs sterns. Fun game
16 days ago
Groundbreaking & revolutionary. The interactive playfield surface is one of those features you never knew you wanted until Multimorphic made it possible. The genius of this feature cannot be overstated.
Modes are fun and varied. No hold flippers on the shooting range. Eight ball multi-ball available. Some easy shots, some difficult shots. A wide variety of settings make the game challenging enough for competition or easy enough for new players. Easy replacement of modular components.
16 days ago
A neat game with a great toy. Feels like a one trick pony, but that one trick is good. The game could use better scoring logic and more to do. There is a reason this game was not a big seller though I really enjoy the theme. Some minor tweaks could make this a great game.
16 days ago
After a very long wait, I finally have this game in my collection. I was only able to put a few (20-ish) plays on one on location. That game must have been set at 6.0 degrees because it felt slow and the sound was so low I had to stand next to the speaker to hear the music. Now that I have it at home, level at 6.5 degrees with default volume...WOW! This game is so much fun. More than I expected. It's fast, challenging, and keeps me re-starting. Best shaker integration of any game I've ever played. Best music integration as well. It's just the little things that draw you in deeper. I like the theme as and art as a throwback to the '80's. It's just beautiful. My family loves the co-op and vs modes. I can see my kids and their friends battling on this for a long time. The rules are simple on the surface, but provide enough nuance to make it really challenging. Relighting your locks is not as easy as you think, especially when every shot seems dangerous on this machine. This is pure '80's throwback pinball with modern flair. It's exactly what I was hoping it would be and more. Thanks Scott and Charlie for creating and manufacturing this masterpiece. It is truly a special game.
16 days ago
Lots of places where you lose site of where the ball is and how quick it is moving. I find that frustrating. Good feeling shots though.
16 days ago
A wide body fan layout. Not lit well, but this is a solid and fun game with good theme integration.
17 days ago
I never saw bricked shots behave like this in my life.

In Houdini, when you brick, the ball rattles between two standup targets in the entrance to each lane, and then dribbles back to the flippers.

While I've never designed a game in my life. I'm going to go WAY out on a limb here and say...

"Whitewoods matter."

I think if this had 7-8 main lane shots instead of 9-10, then you'd have a great pin here. I like the theme, and theme integration, and I think a lot of heart went into making this game.

Hear me now, and remember me later, modern game designers of the fan layouts...

Brick Action: What happens when you MISS a shot in pinball is REALLY important, it's what beginners and intermediate players do most of the time. Adding bank(s) of drop targets to the LOWER playfield -- allows for "something" to happen even when you miss...

I went to the arcade to play Houdini -- I played 1 game, and had no interest in continuing my exploration. Another day perhaps...

I'm ok with 1 tight shot in a game, note to self: Do not design a game with 10 tight shots. Horrible idea.

On a positive note: the Spotlights are really neat, and are placed in a great spot... creative thinking there...
17 days ago
Super fun game that I find myself coming back to again and again.
17 days ago
Wow. Just wow! What a great effort by both Elwin and Yeti. They both knocked this dead. Believe me when I say that photos do not do this justice, none of them that I have seen bring out the true colors, detailing and highlights. There is so much to shoot for/at in this game it is hard to wrap your head around. A players pin and fun for hacks as well. Very fair table, no cheap drains unless you get very unlucky. This pin is way too much fun right out of the box and will only get better as I figure out the rules. I don't think the LE and Premium justify their prices with the extras that are included, but that being said the ball lock features, rising ramp and newton balls do really add to the great play of the pin. And, the LE might just be the best looking pin, ever (and I am not a Maiden fan). Elwin will have trouble topping this, a solid top-five pin, Imo.
17 days ago
What a game! This game is very enjoyable and has enough challenges so its not ever boring. The art and theme are so well done.
Its a perfect representation of the the old tv show.
17 days ago
I'm biased. I absolutely love this pin called Big Game. It is fast !! If you don't like wide bodies because you think they are too slow, give Big Game a try when ever you get a chance.

The outlanes are tough but not to the point that you would want to walk away from the pin. Good nudging skills can help with the outlanes. If you like a pinball machine where the ball comes to you and offers good flipper action, give Big Game a try. Other than the saucer at the top that traps the ball for 2-3 seconds, the ball is always in motion.

The only time the ball is stopped is if you have trapped it with one of the four flippers. With the four flippers you need to modify your flipper techniques. Post passes are possible but difficult. Flipper passes can be made by bouncing the ball from the lower flipper to the lower side of the upper flipper which ricochets over to the lower flipper on the opposite side.

My girl friend asked me several months ago that if I could only keep one pinball machine which one would it be. Big Game is my keeper. It is like the engineers asked my my likes and dislikes and built a pin to my specs and desires.

The rules are simple but not easy to achieve.
18 days ago
This is how much layout can matter.... The premium had a much better layout
18 days ago
Waaay better layout on this version, than ön The PRO!!! This and Batman 66 are up Therese with Twilight Zone, and MM, and CV, and AFM!!!!
18 days ago
Smooth game with a lot of balance. That right orbit is a killer shot when you need it. Love the how the music subtlety changes as you advance the raft. Unique layout.
18 days ago
Best call outs in pinball, even superior to family guy.
18 days ago
what a marvellous pinball machine ! a real pat lawlor treasure .... the ball is very smoothie, the art work is original and the lights arre great ....very addictive machine one of the best I never play congrtulation J J P : Home Run Jack ! very close to the the Perfection
18 days ago
Super fun pin. It’s a shame this game was not made to be the Legend of Zelda like originally intended as this layout is wonderful. Might be my favorite game from this manufacturer.

The scoring is not really balanced though which really is a shame. Too many exploits for this to be a top game or even a B list game. It’s a solid C list game though and will usually be pretty cheap to buy, which is nice.
18 days ago
Rules are the weakness of this game. The game needs more diverse strategies to attack it. Only lasted six months in our collection.
18 days ago
My favorite new game in recent years. Wow! What can be said about this game that hasn’t already been said, not much! The immersion into this game and “world under glass” is only surpassed by the high intensity game play and best music in pinball history. Love the light show as well.
18 days ago
The most exciting pin I've ever played.
18 days ago
Lets start by saying i’m not a big IM fan but the pin is awesome. Love the art and the modes. Its just fun! I find myself hitting start over and over again. My wife hates pinball and she actually said she kinda likes this one. I woke up this morning and she was playing it without me begging her to. I will say im getting some air on the balls off the slings and pops and i cant seem to dial in the auto plunger but other than that love the game!
There are 32925 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 5 of 1317.

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