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Rating #126 of 202 12 days ago

I played a very nice version of this machine. It was still one of the worst machines I have ever played. A great theme completely botched. Apparently the designers were rushed and it shows. Sad, really.

Rating #126 of 31 12 days ago

Very good game

Was surprised How i felt good on it. My third PL favorites with Addams family and No Good Gofers

The only grip is that skill shot of the death. No interest.

Would like to own it

Rating #126 of 31 13 days ago

I had a chance to play one game and it has been enough to think that is a very good game

I love The adult theme ( it makes me think to manga of Cobra in some ways)

I love The artwork

I love the Great toys

I love the ramp

I love the captive ball game

Ruleset is in average

It's really a pity that so few machines were produced

Rating #126 of 12 14 days ago

Overall, very good game for home use. Requires a wide range of shots, pretty simple rule set that can be picked up quickly by visitors. Definitely passes the "Wife Acceptance Factor" as she plays it as much as I do. Plays very fast for an early SS, and can drain quick, the left drain in particular is a PITA. Definitely not "Today's Multiball" as you really have to earn it! But once you do, quite satisfying...and thus far for me, a pretty quick experience. Initially I thought this would be a temporary addition as a step up pin, but now it may be making a permanent home.

Rating #126 of 19 14 days ago

I'm glad to say that this pin is in the lineup. It is one of those machines that you can have a great game and a horrible game back to back. This keeps some people from playing it, but it brings me back for more.

Rating #126 of 19 14 days ago

Not much that I can add here. Fun game. If you see it, play it.

Rating #126 of 19 14 days ago

This is a strange machine that you don't see everyday. I was able to 6 or 8 games on one at the SFGE, and I really liked it. I'm sad that I passed up an opportunity to own one.

Rating #126 of 19 14 days ago

I played this at SFGE, and I really liked it. I was only able to put 5 or 6 plays on it, but it was unique and fun to play. The lower pop bumper make things very interesting.

Rating #126 of 8 14 days ago

Overall this is a good pin with some great potential. It has good flow and speed as there aren't too many gimmics that slow down game play. The randomixer under Gene's head is pretty cool but there were issues when the ball would eject from his mouth. We actually had a few shoot directly into the right outlane so adjustments were needed. The pin definitely feels incomplete and really needs an update to improve upon the rules and modes. Some of the features are not completely implemented which kind of sucks because after awhile it felt like all we were shooting for was multiball. I could be wrong but it seemed like there were only four songs to choose from as well it felt like we were listening to the same tracks over and over. I think this pin will really come together once the software is complete. Not sure if it will meet AC\DC or Metallica standards.

Rating #126 of 41 14 days ago

The Hulk LE looks great. The layout is unique but in many areas poorly designed. To many tweaks and fixes required on this game. It's a lot better then the pro.

Rating #126 of 41 14 days ago

Stunning game with some really cool toys and unique ideas. The biggest downfall is the ruleset which leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion. If the rules were redone with a home rom this could be a top 5 game. Without that I think it's greatly overrated for a home environment.

Rating #126 of 6 14 days ago

The outlanes are way too aggressive for my taste, once you've had some serious practice, you get used to them, but this game intimidated me as a beginner for a while. Other than that, this game is near perfect.

Rating #126 of 6 14 days ago

Although the gameplay is decent for a game of that era, the theming is way off the mark. Sorry for being a su[er-nerd but "Jump to Hyperspace" is a Star Wars phrase. Otherwise, it's not too hard to get a boatload of credits with the drop target specials.

Rating #126 of 6 14 days ago

The 50,000 for 3 side targets and 2 rollovers is wildly unbalanced. It takes too much effort to light the spinners. The pop up large center post is a nice addition, and the rollovers to drop it are placed in a very mean spot. There is little to nothing that connects this to the 6 Million Dollar Man, so the theming is lackluster. Simply having the 50,000 shots be the different parts of the body would have tied the game into the theme much better (rollovers for arms, the side targets could be legs, torso, head).

Rating #126 of 6 14 days ago

This is a game that could really benefit from a ball-save. The initial plunge just has so many ways to immediately drain. The fan topper is probably the best topper idea ever, and the spinning discs add a challenging but not impossible element to the game.

Rating #126 of 29 15 days ago

A highly recommended game, inspiration for many successors including Attack From Mars.

But if you can't nudge, you can't play this game, the drains will get you crazy.

Rating #126 of 29 15 days ago

This is a timeless classic, played it often on the PC but the real thing is even better!

Great design, often copied, never as good as the original.

Drop target heaven, good for competitions.

Rating #126 of 29 15 days ago

This machine does not belong in the top 100. Is Stern stuffing the results?

Just terrible, repetitive music, uneven game play, boring, not fun.

Rating #126 of 29 15 days ago

This machine does not belong in the top 100. Is Stern stuffing the results?

Just terrible, repetitive music, uneven game play, boring, not fun.

Rating #126 of 55 15 days ago

Big Game is a fantastic playfield design by the great Harry Williams himself.

* Asymmetry: very good

* Backhands: YES, you can back hand all the important shots

* Ball Control/Hazards: The 3 pops and the post between the spinners are the main hazards

* Ball Time: seems like an easy player, but if I owned one, it would be steeper and faster

* Drops (Sweepable): (maybe the right bank?)

* Flow/Stop n Go: very good flow -- only ball stop is the saucer, and it's momentary

* Fun/Lastability: very good

* Inlane Flow: very good

* Lateral movement/Nudging: always a little tough to nudge a wide-body, but this is smaller as wide bodies go

* Originality: yes

* Pop bumpers: excellent, three mid-field pops

* Scoring Balance: very good

* Skill shot: barely, it's a 1-2-3 without lane change

* Sound: good Stern sounds

* Spinners: yes 2 of them

* ThemeArt/Lights: good, but you'd better like a jungle theme

* Toys/Gimmicks: 4 flippers


* no voice

* no multiball

* no orbit shots

Rating #126 of 16 16 days ago

I had a lot of fun playing this game in it's early state. The rules seems to be somewhat there and you can tell there is a lot there to code for. It looks like the rules can be on the order of Metallica when developed.

I like the combo shots required to get an instrument and I liked the randomized under the demon head. The starchild section did not seem to be implemented yet or perhaps I did not get all the way to it. And where is the multiplier...was trying to figure it out but could not.

All in all, I think it is a very promising start and a fun machine. I am looking to see how this one evolves.

Rating #126 of 41 16 days ago

Fun game with great flow. Lacks depth and can get repetitive quickly with the ruleset. The layout is really nice though and the toys are fun. Shame that the code doesn't match the quality of the layout.

Rating #126 of 11 16 days ago

Game is very fast to play and I find the ball drains down the middle easy. Could tolerate that more if there wasn't a great big head drawn smack in the middle of the PF where the lower PF is on the LE. Sound is awesome but game feels cheap. Good for a few plays before moving on the the next pin.

Rating #126 of 13 16 days ago

I haven't owned this machine long. I'll probably update this review in the future.

Can be a fast game when shots are nailed. Upper flippers and loops can really add some speed. Dead World mod is a must. Artwork and theme are executed well.

Wide body that suffers from poor lighting in stock form. The one I have has been fitted with LED's that brightens it up. Game really rewards accurate shots. Missed shots tend to end up heading SDTM, especially off the upper right mini flipper. Central drop targets and trough shot behind them is a bit clunky. 4 flippers make the game loud.

Crane and Dead World mod must be adjusted and working correctly or game will not have accurate ball count during multiball.

I don't think this will be a keeper, but will be fun for a while.

Rating #126 of 11 16 days ago

Only thing not to like it the translite. Looking at Alec Baldwin is annoying lol. Game is fun and smooth to play. Artwork on PF is great. Lighting is good too.

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