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10 days ago
The vault edition is my favorite of the bunch. The dmd animations are great and the comic art style is far more appealing than the movies. Sound effects are great and the gameplay is fast. Ruleset is decent, but may get repetitive over time. Best version of a great game.
10 days ago
Jersey Jack adds to their incredible lineup of games. Dialed In has many great shots to make and a decent rule set. The shots flow very nicely together and the sound effects are great. Can't go wrong playing it.
10 days ago
It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be or as bad as I've read. Game plays fast, honestly too fast, and suffers from short ball times. I managed some crazy air balls, but over all the shots were better than expected. I really liked the lighting and the color changing GI lights.
10 days ago
Fast. Challenging. One of the best theme to table I’ve seen. Would be difficult to part with. Amazing game.
10 days ago
Played this for the first time last weekend, and was the only pin I kept wanting to play again and again. Loved the callouts and unique toys. Somthing different to what I'm used to and I loved it. Hopefully can own one if they re-make it.
10 days ago
I want one so bad !

Can Afm be more awesome ? Yes AfmrLE :)

The add-ons are awesome !
11 days ago
Game is really fun. The topper, speaker lights and color dmd look great. The mirror blades also look cool
You really get your monies worth. Solid build. Small
Issue with lockdown bar powder coating. Stamp showing in metal. Other then that machine plays and looks great.
11 days ago
A real players game. Modes within modes. A heap of ways to combine things. The wizard modes are a quite difficult to reach and are a bit hard when you get there, but that should keep interest. Art of course is great. Nice open playfield with challenging ramps. Fast and flowy but with pitstops for a breather. Great game!
11 days ago
To be clear, I've always felt that the original AFM was the best pin of all time, and perhaps the most copied. I try to be objective and take into account the following things for each game; the era in which it was made, the appeal of the theme, the simplicity to learn, difficulty to master, ball times on average (not too long, not too frustrating), whether or not it makes you want to keep putting quarters in the slot rather than how it stands up at home. Given this formula, my favorite game for the last 23 years (STTNG) falls short. But that is another review...

AFMrLE surpasses AFM in almost every way and is now my new favorite game. I'd pour quarters into it on location and I ignore the other games in my collection now that I have it at home. I'm sure all of you are familiar with AFM so it's unlikely that I need to get too detailed on the original design. I'll just say that it is the pinnacle of playfield design and programming. There are clear objectives and excellent flow. If you've never played it before you can quickly figure out how to blow up the UFO yet there are goals for the experienced player that are challenging to achieve.

The differences between AFMrLE and the original are (mostly) improvements. The lighting is much better and it has the look of a modern game but retains the 90's feel. The light show with the color changing saucer LED's is unreal. The shaker motor is so well integrated that it makes you wonder why it wasn't included on the original. The larger screen is an obvious improvement and I like the new animations. But like the topper, the new screen doesn't have an effect on gameplay. They are just fun to watch while you're waiting for your turn. Flipper response feels excellent and if anything this new version plays faster. With all of the adjustment options I see no reason why you couldn't make AFMr play and feel like the original if you wanted.

If I have any criticism for AFMrLE, and I truly am looking for things to complain about here, it's the strobe and the sound. The LED strobe is bright enough but because I can see the reflection of each individual LED from the strobe board on that beautiful clear-coat, I prefer the original. This is just me being picky. I bet it isn't long before somebody actually measures the light output of the original vs remake. Lastly, the sound quality is good, not great. This is more a complaint about the sound being stuck in 1995. The speaker upgrades for AFMrLE are excellent and it sounds great right out of the box. Much better than the original cheap speakers. But, there is a bit of distortion to the speech that let's you know the compression is over 20 years old. I have to wonder if PPS or CGC had access to the original sound files and could have cleaned them up. I only mention this because if you compare AFMr to Monster Bash, the sound on Monster Bash is far superior and it sounds like it was made yesterday. It's hard to believe only 3 years separate AFM and MB. Again, I'm reaching here.

Can you take an original AFM and mod it to the level of AFMrLE? Just about and if you have one I wouldn't sell it to buy the remake. But having the option of a new copy of an all-time classic that comes fully modded out of the box can't be beat. If I were an operator I'd buy an AFMr and make sure I emptied the coin box regularly.
11 days ago
I highly recommend MMR! I love my MMR and it may be on the way to being my favorite game. It's definitely top 3 in my book at this point, at a minimum. I love the two ramps not seeming like just two normal ramps. The Catapult and Damsel aspects of the ramps make them feel like so much more. The castles and trolls are nicely implemented and don't seem repetitive, despite the fact that the castles really are repetitive, but still fun. Besides that there are also Peasants, Jousting, Merlin, a nice mixture of multiballs, funny callouts, etc. I have the color upgrade and 3D translight on order, so I can imagine that MMR will only improve.
11 days ago
Recently picked a beautiful HUO heavily modded pro. As I play it more, I like it more. At first, I wasn't sure about Tron. I'm not impressed with the PF art. This pin absolutley needs LEDs and the Eli ramp lights. However, the more you play, the more it grows on you. I had been told that Tron is easy to understand, hard to master. I think that's right on.
I love the left ramp and the upper flipper shot into the ramp that brings it back to the left flipper. It definitely has that one more game feeling.
11 days ago
very fun pin! i love the drop targets and shot channel through the bumpers. very tough shots but very rewarding. the additional flipper really makes this a a top 20 game. this game is not for beginners, and really demands attention to the mode you are in. overall, very stimulating and fun to play everytime.
12 days ago
the fun factor is lacking. the shots are too few, and the playfield needs to be redone. essentially, it is like a three shot game. as such, it becomes boring quick.

the callouts are not exciting, and there needs to be more interaction on modes.
12 days ago
fun game but a bit overrated and repetitive. i love the lighting and the callouts are spot on. however the shots are kinda random, and the playfield is not especially fun over a lot of games played. i like how random the games become, but accomplishing much in the way of modes is a bit difficult. perhaps i am just not that good, but other pins are funner because the shots/modes are attainable without too much effort and thinking. overall i will play everytime because it is a beautiful machine, but it shouldnt be ranked so high.
12 days ago
super fun pin! great playfield and shot layout and variation. the bash toy is cool with the magnet. i love the easy mode start and multiball. this is one of the funner stern pins. nice and fast, and easy to comprehend the modes and shots available for scoring.

love the placement of ramps and bash toy, love the placement of the bumpers. its super fun to shoot the channel shots on this game if you are precise in your shooting. not for novice players.
12 days ago
really fun widebody pin. plenty of shots, and very satisfying when you hit them. i love the sound as it reacts to the player, and always a rush to loop the ball around. nice fast widebody with a fun theme! i want one
12 days ago
great theme and playfield. this game being a widebody is awesome! its a bummer some of the playfield is so obstructed, but overall the right side is open and really fun to shoot the targets. i like the programming and shot selection, which is easy to figure as a casual player. lots of variety in the shots, and the modes are simple, yet satisfying. the lighting could be better on this one. the price of this pin is too high, but thats just the market speaking. i think this is such a popular pin just for the theme, although i like it for other reasons.

the speech and music are pretty bad, and just don't promote the fun factor enough. they could have really done better by creating a better sense of mystery during gameplay, but no...
12 days ago
highly over rated pin. the theme seems to be the best of the game, being so original, but overall its just ok as far as playability and fun

the good: great shots available; the game reacts really nicely to shots hit, and the shots are not too difficult. i like the speed of the game and open layout, which makes it very fun to just run and gun on your shots.

the bad: a bit repetitive after a dozen games. the goals are not apparent, and the game becomes a bit random and chaotic quickly. this is also an overpriced game for some reason. not a top ten pin, let alone #1. the lighting needs work; it is too dark and the field is almost invisible.
12 days ago
Great pin, but overrated, and especially overpriced.

the good: the theme, lighting, and sounds are amazing. the neon strip is so uncommon and gorgeous! music is gripping, and sounds are straight on point. art and backglass are great.

the bad: not that fun after a dozen games. the shots become repetitive and the ejector at the front is too big a factor in regular play. the ramps are misplaced and one of them is almost impossible to hit. the rules are difficult to ascertain, preventing casual play. sometimes the speed of the game is too much, resulting in very short games, and random shooting just to survive. this game would have been better with better playfield design on the shooting end of things.
12 days ago
I'm glad I waited a few months of owning this title before rating it. I originally somewhat dismissed it, it didn't have enough shots or wasn't deep enough. I've had the opportunity to first, dial it in and get it playing like it should. It has smooth shots an the game plays incredibly fast. Not sure if it's a T2 thing or not, but my pop bumpers are ultra sensitive and fire rapidly when the ball is in play. A Pinsound board made a huge difference in sound quality too. I am using the original speakers and I swear it sounds like I have it hooked to a sub. I think this is one of the better <$2500 games out there. A total package in gameplay, theme and price.
12 days ago
At first glance, the pinball seems too simple, but in fact the game is quite addictive.
It is a game based on the cards, not necessarily very fast, but that demands reflection. You can not shoot any way, anywhere.
There is some nice rules here, and this is probably why it was chosen to serve as a prototype for the 80B SYSTEM.
12 days ago
A pinball quite classic but too simple. Not much to do and repetitive enough. We get tired of it soon enough.
12 days ago
I don't like this game.
It's just booring.

There were also rubbers on the machine that were to big, they almost fell of the posts. :-/
12 days ago
I love the Flow of this game.
12 days ago
OK, the pit is a pretty good feature, but apart from that the rest is pretty disappointing.
By dint of saving, Gottlieb ended up producing a game that looks more like a martingale, without any bumper. At the same time the competition was much better and more technologically advanced.
There are 30794 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 5 of 1232.

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