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Rating #126 of 55 15 days ago
i like the theme playfield is cool,nice toys, it jus didnt do it for me, plays real slow not much flow,not a keeper for me,i dnt hate it. i jus wnt go our of my way to play it again ,i did wen it was released more than a few times it jus seemed slow and boreing...do u wanna swim with the fishes...i pass on it now..just good not good enough for me to spend my time or money on it..ouch
Rating #126 of 7 15 days ago
Played this a bunch the other day. Im not into racing, but the game is a LOT of fun, and well designed.
Rating #126 of 175 15 days ago
Finally got to play Kiss Pro, and it was a mixed bag for me.
Pros: Artwork really stands out compared to games like GOT and ACDC - very nice to see! Playfield layout for the ramps and orbits is very good. Sound is pretty good but I'm not a big Kiss fan so the songs don't mean a huge amount to me. Balls flying out of Gene's mouth are great when properly adjusted (the one I played a Tilt in Birmingham didn't fire it down the middle once)
Cons: The lastability just isn't there, after 3 games I'd played most of the songs and got both multiballs and while I appreciate theres slightly more to it than that, I didn't really want to put more money in as I felt I'd seen the best bits. The starchild area is completely dead for me, I don't like shooting a shot and then watching the machine bounce the ball around for me for a bit. Better use could have been made of the space up there.
A good game that Kiss fans will love but the average player may tire of quite quickly.
Rating #126 of 17 15 days ago
I don t get it why the ltd and normal must be separately in the rankings.

Stern just adds some toys and there you go a ltd ed for twice the money.

Nothing significantly different, although the ball lock is nice!

As with all Sterns I dislike their cheap feel on all their pins
Rating #126 of 17 15 days ago

For a change not this cheap look of photoshop on the playfield and cabinet. Really well done
It's a nice and varied pin to play actually


Stern makes cheap quality and you feel it in every single pin they make. Rusty balls, floppy flippers and it just doesnt feel solid.

Also it is not an original pin, just another music pin.
Rating #126 of 9 16 days ago
Prettiest game out there , love the colors and how bright it is .
Rating #126 of 51 16 days ago
I really enjoy the rush of playing this game. The best version of a Star Trek Game to date. Stern followed a similar layout to Spiderman though. Everything about this game is coordinated nicely. The missions are challenging. The sound effects and music are theatrical. Laser light a plus. Side rails are beautiful!
Rating #126 of 55 16 days ago
originaly played on location...nice game to play simple to master ,2ball multi ball,the center ramp can get pushed over during multi ball and wnt shut,the little jokers laugh is kinda cute kinda anoying but would always make me smile, if i was behind on points and last ball and was last to play i would double my final score by hitting both ramps and made a come back many times which always upset the person i played,,only game that has that function...had one for about 7yrs sold it to get a taxi..it is diffrent, not much flow but fun to play,i liked the queen alot more on the playfield tho...it is kinda missed..great 80's game,dnt have room for one at a good price, not a keeper in todays market for me,but i do like the 80's vibe it gives
Rating #126 of 55 16 days ago
fun wen it was released, it is simple game play not much to do,i prefer to play cyclone..not a keeper for me its just a ok game,better in the 80's, it dnt step up to todays games like other mid to late 80's games do,not to hate just way better games out there
Rating #126 of 55 16 days ago
i will pass on it ive played on location about 3-4 times it is not fun to me..just o.k it remnds me of family guy and i dnt care for that one too..too bad they didnt get those two right,i dnt hate them ,they just wont get any of my money....definatly a pass for me
Rating #126 of 55 16 days ago
jus dnt like it ,picking transformer or decepticon is a cool feature ,the playfield seem a bit cramped to me,did not enjoy the flow much,first impression kinda sucked,
maybe if i play a le or try the pro some more i will re edit i liked the movie not the game
Rating #126 of 55 16 days ago
one of my early 80's favorites, my go to pin till late 80's nice flow ,two levels,multi ball ,not much sound but recalled hearing im black knight duting multi ball that seemed so big back then,i would like to try one again to bring back them early memories of pinball...fun days, steve richey classic
Rating #126 of 55 16 days ago
it was good back then , decent flow i recall ,seemed a bit slow back in late 78-79,it was a favorite until b.k and f.p came out in 80, still very nice back glass art ,nice play field art, great classic fair price if you got the space 70's keeper
Rating #126 of 55 17 days ago
i was lucky to play this and was amazed by the machine not typical. it is uprite video style pinball,very different one of a kind game ,not a keeper cause u cant get one. two or three made im told... the one i played was in vegas..it is a trip to play but i wouldnt call it pinball,try it in vegas
Rating #126 of 55 17 days ago
fun to play for a few games not much to do but raise the ramp ,save the girl and get multi ball jackpot after put all the fires out,no pop bumpers ,fast play,nice flow ,two levels,still not much..definittly a keeper for fireman..looks great in a room with dim lights the general illumination lights looks like fire great job of that..still not much to do
Rating #126 of 55 17 days ago
another great williams classic easy game play nice flow,shaker is sweet ,califonia and nevada breaks apart on the upper playfield is classic one of a kind..upper left flipper to side center ramp not the smoothest but ok... i like this game..keeper in a bigger collection
Rating #126 of 83 17 days ago
Yes, it's Superman. Yes, it was designed by Steve Ritchie. Yes, it's a BEAUTIFUL looking game. No, I didn't think it was very much fun.

Atari pins were some of the most colorful and beautiful looking games. Unfortunately, they were all widebodies, that just felt clunky and oversized for no good reason. This game is no exception to me. I was bummed playing it because it just looked so good, but the ball moved so slow and I got quite bored by ball 2. For me, I'd rather pass this one up and play something from another company. And good luck finding parts for these old Ataris...
Rating #126 of 83 17 days ago
Not sure I can add anything here that others haven't said but:
-a FANTASTICLY fun game!!
-great callouts
-TONS of gimmicks that come together to make a really cool game (they really threw everything at this game!)
-Bad artwork IMO
-Excellent build quality
-GREAT shots
-Monotonous due to the objectives ALWAYS being in the exact same order every game (calling mystery programmer!)

Overpriced at this point in pin history, but a REALLY fun game that I'd be happy owning someday.
Rating #126 of 83 17 days ago
I own Black Hole, love Haunted House, and was so pumped to play this game....but was ultimately disappointed. Everyone raves about how great of a game Spirit is, and that it's the best of the Gottlieb "monster" games from that era. Maybe I need more time on this deck, but I gotta tell you that Black Hole is still my fav (perhaps this game has a slight edge over HH, but not much)!

Trudeau's 2nd game and it shows. It honestly feels like randomly placed shots all over the place with no real feeling of flow. While I dig the mini-flippers in the outlanes, I just couldn't get into this game. If it were cheaper, sure grab one. But as it stands, they go for such ridiculous prices here in the US (most of these games went overseas). Decent background sounds, but nothing great. The artwork? Okay, it is a beautiful game (as all the "monster" games had). Decent but not great IMO.

For my money, I'd rather play a brutally fast and furious game of Black Hole!
Rating #126 of 83 17 days ago
I want to lie to you and tell you that this game is awful so that it doesn't jump up in price....but I won't. Barracora ROCKS. One of Oursler's first games and possibly his best. Story has it that he designed the table without any theme ideas. After all the shots were laid out and the engineering portion was done, he came downstairs one day to see the prototype with all the weird "hot chick meets fish" theme and was like, "what the....?!!"

FANTASTIC shots, really great rules, a cool horseshoe shot, great sounds, 3-ball multiball, a great spinner, and the individual drop targets all combine together for one heck of a game. I want one.
Rating #126 of 83 17 days ago
Oh how badly I wanted to love this game........terrible. All the other reviews you're seeing here are spot on: it's just a bad game. The sounds are TERRIBLE quality (most of the late Bally games pre-Williams buyout suffered from this), but the playfield layout is absolutely DREADFUL. What the heck was JT thinking on this one?! I love Looney Tunes and wished this game were better (albeit the artwork is really good, but it's not an art piece!). It really is bad and not worth whatever price you're seeing it available for. Walk away friend...
Rating #126 of 83 17 days ago
What a fantastic little game that is hard to come by! Seriously, if you can find one with the topper... They must have thrown everything but kitchen sink at this one. LOTS of gimmicks from the old-school animated backglass, a playfield feature that spins and changes the way that side of the playfield plays, video mode, etc... The next game that threw in this many gimmicks to me is probably Pinball Magic.

Unfortunately, lots of gimmicks don't mean that the game has lasting power. I put several games in on this one, and while I definitely liked it, I'm not sure how long it would stay in my collection. A LOT of stop-and-go here and game times usually go quite long due to the standard Gottlieb flipper position (the flipper go almost 90 degrees which makes for VERY easy ball trapping) and the post in the center of the flipper at the bottom.

If I found one for the right price, I'd definitely grab it but like SOOOO many Gottliebs from this era, it just doesn't have the best flow, feel, or playfield layout. Ultimately, it just didn't compete play-wise with so many other games from the same era.

And scene...
Rating #126 of 83 17 days ago
Man, this game gets dogged! It's a really fun game and a great player! Fine by me...keeps the price low for when I actually want to buy one!

People complain about the helicopter slows the game down, but man I love it! Sooo stinking cool. The music is fantastic, and while the artwork is pretty bad, it fits the theme well. There's some great shots on this game, and the rules aren't bad either. I love grabbing the bonus drop from the helicopter into a hole on one of the plastics. Very creative thought went into this one.

I really enjoyed this game, way more than I thought I would. Let the haters hate...I'm digging Rescue 911!
Rating #126 of 83 17 days ago
Being a touring musician myself, I really wanted to like this game! Alas, pass...

The layout plays horrible, the ball gets stuck all over the place, and there's just very little flow on this game. The artwork leaves MUCH to be desired, the callouts are annoying, and the gimmicks are things that Williams and others had already done, but to a much better degree. Everything about this game is "pass" to me. Sorry Alvin...
Rating #126 of 83 17 days ago
Totally a "decent" game. Nothing stand-out, but nothing terrible either! If you see one for the right price, jump on it!

Long story short, the playfield is broken up quite similar to "Black Knight" (which I despise) but IMO plays much better. There's some cool shots to make and some cool animation modes as well. The backglass features a poker-type matching game that, while cool to pack into a game, slows down the flow of the game as well. Personally, I think the artwork on the playfield is quite cool and the wood stain underneath it (a la say CV but a much reddish, darker stain) looks beautiful.

Not a bad game, but not enough to save a fledgling company either. :(
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