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“great game, excellent humor, challenging shots, spaceship shot never gets old, lots to do in this game at every skill level - another Brian Eddy and Lyman Sheats triumph”

  • AJB4 currently owns this game.

  • “Can't beat a Scared Stiff. Fun filled action packed game.”

  • paulywalnuts23 has this game on the wishlist.

  • “Fun game although it is a bit weird on the scoring and such.”

    “Can't go wrong with Adams Family, one of the best of all time...”

  • paulywalnuts23 has this game on the wishlist.

  • “Although Dr. Dude isn't the deepest game it is still a great game for it's time with great artwork and a fun theme.”

  • paulywalnuts23 currently owns this game.

  • “Love this game. Been one of my favorites since a first played it years ago.”

  • paulywalnuts23 currently owns this game.

  • “Meh... Average. This shows how a non-creative corporate structure (Stern) can suck the life out of a brilliant game designer (Pat Lawlor). I guess if you fnd a nice one for closer to $2k it might be worth giving it a whirl, but no way is it a keeper. The game play is okay, but the art direction and aesthetic of the game are shockingly poor when compared to Lawlor's work at at Williams. To the pont where they affect the enjoyment of the game.”

  • KingDaddy has this game on the wishlist.

  • “A really fun game of it's time. Not a ton of shots, but the ones that are there are really fun and the flow is great. I'm a huge fan of scary pins so this of course is a win-win for me and I truly feel it would fit my haunted house pinball arcade quite nicely, and yours as well ;). I'd almost say get it just for the art and music alone, but trust me... the gameplay is just as solid. Don't expect any sort of Wizard mode action, but do expect a few hidden surprises.”

  • mrsomeone currently owns this game.

  • “This is the "total package" pin for me: the theme, the art, the easter egss, the sounds, the creativity, the execution, and most importantly the gameplay are just all so perfectly blended together.

    For a non-DMD pin, there's an amazing array of variety and complexity to strategize, and a constant battle of risk/reward. For example, you might finally line up your shot for right ramp tolls only to find you raised it accidentally... so do you try to lower it again (risking the craziness of the pf) or take the right orbit to set up Super Cellar scoring? There's a nice number of shots to go for, but all of them have different penalties for missing a shot. Even "safe" routes carry some potential risk, such as a bad exit from the right orbit, or a STM rebound from the center target. Don't forget the spinning discs! Witnessing them snare and skew the ball mid-path is a surreal and heart-thumping experience.

    The sound package is brilliantly melded togther: storm effects are varied and numerous and change depending on the mode. Light flashes sync perfectly, the hillbilly callouts are humorous while the storm's "voice" is appropriately God-like sinister. The music starts whimsically enough and turns suspenseful as you progress. Just a great package.

    Youssi is probably my favorite artist and this is one of his best efforts. The cabinet art is a somewhat odd: the logo seems like a simple play, while the backbox sides almost seem Seussian.

    Trying to remain objective, the only points I knocked were for scoring (because for its difficulty, the 3-way combo should be worth more), animations (I've seen better on alpha displays), and the art (for the base cabinet). Everything else is perfect.”

  • goingincirclez currently owns this game.
  • 1 Pinsider starred this rating review

  • “This is a fast game with a well developed rule set. The artwork is very well down by sterns standards and it's good to see metal ramps on a pro again. The only really negative to me is the playfield is pretty open but there are enough shots to keep you interested and the game flows well. Overall a great pro and one of the few pros that stand up very well when compared to the premium or LE versions. The game is a little bash happy as you have to keep hitting the same shots lots of times but crank it up is a ton of fun. This is a pretty easy game so keep your out lanes posts in the widest position and give the game plenty of pitch. Otherwise the ball times get really long. This game is a blast to play when setup properly.”

  • jgentry currently owns this game.

  • “Didnt like it, I dont know how this pin is one of the most popular...”

    “Played on the 4/5/2015 and was impressed even tho code needs updating, good ramp shots, good lower orbit shot that gets some speed up on......... this game has potential to be one of the best, like the fact you have to wrestle different characters and you can upgrade skills for easier pins......... this will have a bit of depth but it needs more code code code get some out there. (played on a pro)

    "If you smell what the Rock is cooking"”

    “My first Gottlieb and I really like it, backglass is bad but bad on a level that almost makes it good. Cool 80's music and SFX. I will be adding many more to my collection. Good pin.”

  • Hazoff currently owns this game.

  • “It has Jar-Jar, get over it. You eventually stop noticing he is there, and months later barely remember to mutter derisive comments towards him after his major sound bites. His presence is not overly prominent in the game, he just is the focus of criticism because he exists in it at all.

    This is actually a good game to own in any size of collection. While the playfield layout is not the most inspiring, the modes are deep enough that even after owning it for nearly a year and playing hundreds of times, my wife and I have never reached the 3rd out of 5 (or is it 4?) Jedi battles. Our interest in it wanes and waxes, but its a solid one to go back to at any time.

    Its biggest problem is that playing it is a commitment: it can be too easy to keep the ball in play, resulting in play sessions much longer than from any other machine in our collection.”

  • Wahnsinniger currently owns this game.

  • “Pro-Football is great because of one very specific reason ... CLANG-CLANG-CLANG-CLANG-CLANG! CLANG!

    Many of its shots are very mundane points-scoring shots, and indeed the game lacks virtually any features to increase the rate of normal point scoring. Instead, it has a second (American) Football score, increased slowly by a handful of 'Field Goal' targets, and more dramatically, by pushing the football to the endzone to score a 6-point touchdown. Each of these Football points result in a strike on a large bell in the front of the cabinet, directly next to the player. Thus touchdowns cause a very gratifying 5-1 clang sequence that gives this game all of its charm.

    This game stands head-and-shoulders above the 'chime' sound package on most or all other EM's. In a small collection, it lacks sufficient depth to have long-term appeal. Indeed, this is why I initially sold mine... but now I want it back. In a large-collection, or for American Football fans, it would be a great addition.”

  • Wahnsinniger has owned this game in the past.

  • “Dear Stern:

    Will you PLEASE give the most righteous John Trudeau the RESPECT and TIME he needs to complete a pinball game as it should be done. He does not deserve to be regulated to "filler" titles that are rushed and show it. Wrestlemania is an interesting PF layout that (as of this moment of the initial release) needs a great deal of work.

    The Pros:
    The ramps and the orbits are well laid out and flow well. Especially the up and around the playfield loop through the ramps.The extra ball lane is the best side shot I have seen in a while. I think John has been taking notes from Steve on that shot. Learning how to flip with the upper slings is an interesting proposition. Is that a Motorhead song I hear on the soundtrack on this deck? I like the angle at the top of the slings above the flippers as it has an Iron Mang feel to it to make sure your nudging skills are on point. Any ball that exits from the pops is in danger, so you'd better be on point when the ball heads that way. The game sounds good and the audio calls/songs/effects are balanced. This may have to do with the new hardware platform.

    LE Specific:
    I REALLY like the spinning disc on the upper PF. The pro really needed it as well to keep the game moving and exciting. I had no expectations for the mini-fleeper, but it works really well. Much better than I originally expected. These two features alone put the LE over the PRO in terms of gameplay.

    The Cons:
    The wrestling ring is incredibly distracting from ANY game flow. As in, it stops any excitement dead in the water. Even when the ball just drops into the ring, it lingers... for a damn long time. You know what kills a pinball game more than anything else? BORING THE PLAYER!!! In it's current iteration, this games rules make little sense and the ability for the game to guide the player to the next match is... where is it? The ramps are lit with flashing colors to the top lanes and...??? Really? I know lots of people who bag on Stern for releasing games with incomplete code, but TWD was playable out of the box on day 1. This game... really isn't. The pops are in an unusual place that is only accessible from the extra ball lane or a random drop from the exit on the ring. The art pax, while better quality photoshop work than what we have seen in the past... features numerous pituitary retards that make this game a real winner in WWE mancaves or gay bars. Which, when you think about it, could be the same thing. DERP!

    LE Specific:
    A mini-TV screen just below the DMD... really? The definition of redundancy in pinball. ACK!

    The Takeaway:
    This review might just change for the better when the Baron Von Rashke goosestep frenzy and the SuperFly Snuka wizard mode are finally implemented. As it stands, Wrestlemania needs lots of new code, a timer on the ring (5-10 secs at the most, s/w adjustable...unless it is mode specific, in multibal and/ or timed) or simply a pass most times (think of the usability and the access/reward of the powerfield on TZ). My real concern is that even with new code and managing the time in the ring, this game may not be savable/viable even with the layout and the stalls in this game. There are some incredible parts of this game. But the whole of the gameplay package is sorely lacking. I love John Trudeau and his designs. Personally, I like Mustang when many don't... but this game is quite possibly the worst Stern game release since Rolling Stones and possibly even... Indiana Jones. For me, it's that bad. As in Chicago Coin kid of bad. I cannot remember the last time I played a new game and felt like walking away after a few games... on FREE PLAY.

    The contrast between the slowness of the upper ring/PF and the speed/deadliness of the lower PF makes for an interesting rhythm during gameplay. The idea of earning a 3-5-10 second timer (Or whatever scheme the codemasters at Stern are brewing up) is something that has to be done to keep times lower on the upper PF. Playaing multiball on this game is a hoot as the ballls in the upper PF really mean that you have to play both levels at the same time. Software is the weakness of this game. My biggest concern is that software may not be able to save this game layout. The software is so lacking on this table that I have "Killscreened" this deck during competition. An interesting take as it makes you make the most of what you have, while you have it, but if I wanted to play a time-limited game, I would be playing Safecracker. We shall see what the future holds... C'Mon Stern, GET IT DONE RIGHT!

    Update v2:
    After playing the LE version of this deck, I have to say that I like the LE version much more. The software has progressed significantly and this game plays so much better than the release/early versions of the software already. Progressing through the belts to the heavyweight championship of the world is not an easy task and I have to give the design/programming team kudos for getting the balance right. WWE theme music is sufficiently exciting and yet bland at the same time. The contrast of the upper and lower PF is growing on me, however the spinning disc on the LE makes the game all the much faster and more interesting.

    Not a fan of the Dev. cycle, but the final product is fun and entertaining. Select the Undertaker, every time! No that's not a gameplay tip. I just like the Undertaker. And if you have to settle, Stone Cold Steve Austin will do in a pinch.”

  • 1 Pinsider starred this rating review

  • “With artwork not exactly categorized as "cool", it still puts off a warm, country vibe that is, if anything, refreshing. Additionally, it can be considered a family-friendly fall/autumn/Halloween theme without any semblance of a horror-movie.

    It is simply not a deep game, and thus in a small collection is not recommended, nor as the sole EM amongst any number SS and DMD games. But with the 10-pumpkin carryover feature (leading to mildly amusing jeering as someone in a household collects the accumulated pumpkins, thereby stealing the hypothetical award from everyone else), and the four slingshots in the lower playfield area, it holds its own in a bank of contemporary EMs.”

  • Wahnsinniger currently owns this game.

  • “Space Invaders is a very cool game, and is fun for a moderate amount of time. But its rule set is pretty shallow, with the only real large goal to be to ramp up the cool-factor, getting the lights and background music to maximal speed by advancing a handful of features.

    So its a great pin to have in a large collection due to its cool factor (heavily due to the artwork, lighting, and sound), but not great to have in a small collection (due to its shallowness).”

  • Wahnsinniger currently owns this game.

  • “I'd Buy that for a Dollar !!!! This pin gets my heart pumping every time I play it !!”

  • Hyderyoda currently owns this game.

  • “It is a simple, but fun game. It has just enough features that, compare to various other EMs, it does not seem boring. Instead, there are several shots to make, often at different times (features tied to match unit) so that you're always challenged with a risky shot to make. Shows itself a worthy predecessor to some of the very popular Bally EM's of the mid 70's.

    I personally like the backglass art stye. The cabinet artwork is a bit too simple, but the castle theme still looks cool from a distance. Playfield art is only sufficient, but not bad.”

  • Wahnsinniger currently owns this game.

  • “At first, the three separate playfield sections (lower playfield with non-centered full-size flippers, upper playfield with small flippers, and top-left bagatelle) are part of the allure of this machine. But long-term those separate sections mean at any given time, you have very little to shoot for and thus the game gets old too fast.

    Overall, a fine machine to have in a large collection, due to its theme and unique layout, but in a small collection (it was one of two machines we had for a year; the other, Eight Ball, never got old) that unique playfield is its undoing.”

  • Wahnsinniger currently owns this game.

  • “Had this game a couple years, and it does not get old. It has no specific toys/gimmicks, but its fast speed and challenge, combined with the charm of a chime unit, makes it perpetually great. Getting the spinner lit for 1000 points, and then hitting it full force to blast out 20+ hits, all ringing out with chimes, is great.

    Also a beautiful art package of that era, and has striking cabinet artwork when seen from a distance.”

  • Wahnsinniger currently owns this game.

  • “Had for half a year now. Does not get old, but we're suckers for a lowish-gore horror theme.”

  • Wahnsinniger currently owns this game.

  • “Had it since March now; still great to play.

    Cabinet side art is excellent (the blue swirling ghosts), harking back to older art packages that looked great from across the room, beckoning you to come over and see it closer. (Versus muddy photo-realistic decals).

    Small details are what set this apart. GI lights flickering out after thunder, audio variations and mocking the player, and depth of rules show how well programmed and designed this is.

    As a fan of the most prominent paranormal show on TV at the moment (which if you are a fan, you know which one I'm talking about), the ghost-hunting-parody theme is executed very well.”

  • Wahnsinniger currently owns this game.

  • “DH was a WPC surprise game of the decade for me. I have had an opportunity to get it nearly for free a long time ago, but passed it because of its bad reputation. I have got one literally for free so I have grabbed that opportunity. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. The game flows like a Steve Ritchie game and it is lots of fun. Artwork on the playfield is decent, but sound and quotes are great. I am not a DH fan, but I have watched two movies after playing the game and I can say that the game incorporates the feeling of the movies pretty well. It is the best bang for the buck WPC game. It is a game that makes you a better player.”

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