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11 days ago
Theme (7/10) I never watched this show as a kid. I recently went back and watched it a little. I admit, it's pretty good. I never knew Batman was originally a tongue-in-cheek, campy thing. I like that approach better than the modern, more serious take on it. So, it's a better theme than I originally thought. Not nostalgic for me, but still not a bad choice. I'm eating some crow on the theme.
Art (8/10) It's very colorful, which integrates well with the theme. The playfield art is a little too crowded for my taste, but that seems to be the trend lately. The graphics displayed on the LCD are stunning. I'm really impressed by Stern on this point. With their notorious issue of slow coding, I figured this would be a weakness. It's not. It looks great, and very professional. They don't overload you with information like WOZ or Hobbit. The screen adds to the experience, but doesn't require your constant attention.
Gameplay: (9/10) It's a fun game. I like BMDK, and it's pretty similar. I understand them wanting to reuse the crane idea, that's a great toy. The main shots are fairly simple but rewarding. The "lazy Susan" mech is kind of interesting. It does quite a few things. Nothing mind-blowing, but it's a pretty good addition. The Bat-phone ringing sound is annoying. Please, pinball manufacturers, stop using this sound. The only think worse would be the sound of a pager beeping and vibrating. (cringe)
Code: (8/10) Getting the main 4 characters is simple and fun. I still don't completely understand the "minor villains" part, but it seems to add some depth. The code seems fairly complete, if a little shallow. Hopefully, the depth will come with updates. Certainly in a very playable state already.
Overall: (8/10) It's a nice game. I don't love the theme, but that's a minor gripe, and wouldn't keep me from buying it. It's fun and engaging. I give Stern a lot of credit for doing such a nice job with the LCD coding on their first such game. One of Stern's better games lately. Not quite on par with Ghostbusters or GOT, but better than Kiss, Wrestlemania, Mustang. Unfortunately, my favorite local arcade (1up Colfax, Denver) isn't getting one because of the Premium pricing structure. C'mon, Stern, give us a Pro model!
11 days ago
The second d best coctail pin out there..Can get repititive but still great 80s fun..Music and playfield layout is cool and multiball is easy to achieve..If you own a coctail pin..This should be one of them..
11 days ago
Probably the greatest art work on a game ..It's quite fun with alot of cool features..Upper playfield is cool with a great use of time ball feature..This is a zaccaria masterpiece
11 days ago
What a great playfield layout and great artwork..Timed last ball is challenging and fun ..A unique game that is one of zaccaria best..Cool Backglass
11 days ago
Game is hard to find but when you do it will never leave your collection..It has multiball..Cool artwork and fun gameplay..I think the best coctail pin ever made..Great lighting as well
11 days ago
This game is loads of fun to play and quite hilarious..Don't know why it gets a bad rating..Speech and toys make this game a true keeper..It always makes me laugh..Very enjoyable
11 days ago
I think this game is alot of fun especially if you are a south park fan..Great toys and I love toilet multiball..Chef and Cartman are quite funny..Game can get repetitive..But I still like it anyway
11 days ago
Simply the greatest Pinballs out there ..So many things to do..So many challenges..So many shots..Great toys..You will never get bored of this Pinball..ever
11 days ago
I believe this to be one of the greatest Pinballs out there..Simple but fun ..Fun ..Great artwork..Backbox animation..Great shots to make and not even a multiball..A must have for any collection
11 days ago
I believe it's a great .. Challenging game to play with cool artwork and toys..A true Sega classic that never gets old
11 days ago
To me - the playfield art work is dark, so the lack of GI makes it hard to see the art at all. The "adult" mode additions mostly seem stupid to me - Dildo bonus and repeated "chicken fucker" (or something) sound calls. What guy wants a dildo bonus or is even amused by seeing it? I have not noticed any adult mode additions that are amusing. I wanted to love this title, thought it could be the coolest music pin ever. I'm not even sure I like it. Game has a simple and small feel. It just seems like a 3/4 size game due to an overall lack of shots and features. The way the display has been implemented makes everything look pretty poor.
11 days ago
Cool layout, great rules. But, lacks excitment which hurts fun factor and in turn makes the game a bit of a grind.
12 days ago
A complete horror classic. Strangely there are not many games based on scary themes. Dracula is one that actually brings true horror intensity unlike others. While the game is pretty basic in a lot of ways... The overall mix of the music, cool toys, and the rush of combining all three multiballs at once make this a game I never get tired of.
12 days ago
Good game but not a great game. Code is the only thing that can make this one a winner, so hopefully Lyman comes thru! I bought an LE and had sold it within a few months. The extra cost and hype around the anniversary stuff was nothing but a cash grab from Stern and it never sat right with me. Here's to hoping it does get polished up and becomes a fun game. Has potential but has a long ways to go!
12 days ago
This game has really shown its charm since purchased. The theme of whirlwind is flowing through the whole machine. The playfield art, translight, cabinet, spinning disks and the fan topper really brings the experience together. The gameplay is really some of Williams best gameplay for the system 11 machines. The spinning disks really play a key part of the game changing ball reaction to keep each game fresh. The topper fan blowing on you during key parts of the game really brings the storm theme together nicely. All in all its a great game and wish I would have bought one sooner
12 days ago
A great code update saved this game from being one of the biggest dogs in recent years. unfair bounces out of the pops and magnets throwing the ball down the middle are very frustrating.
12 days ago
Still the BEST game of all time! There is a reason they made 20k of them. There is a reason it is still the most sought after game!

Same as the standard and just gold ROMs (which actually bring it down one notch due to randomness)
12 days ago
the ruleset makes a great layout wasted. light the spinner, hit the spinner, score huge points. fun sound effects.
12 days ago
Banana flippers!! makes for a challenging game and a great piece of pinball history. ugly backglass.
12 days ago
not much to shot for from the left flipper. another great spinner game.
12 days ago
interesting rule set - unfortunately most people have never seen it or haven't played it enough to appreciate.
12 days ago
shallow rules and super short uncontrollable ball times make this game a nice novelty.
12 days ago
set this game to 5 ball so that you have to earn the lit spinner. once you do that it becomes one of the best games of its era. gotta love real chimes too.
12 days ago
very tough game to master. only big knock on it is that Bobby Orr isn't in a bruins uniform.
12 days ago
slow and floaty game. makes for a nice change of pace compared to a modern standard size game
There are 29007 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 5 of 1161.

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