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Rating #126 of 62 13 days ago
Really fun game, and the best of the 3 rollercoaster themed games. Awesome PF art and unique and fun layout. This game is all about the fun factor. I wouldn't want to own it in a smaller collection though, it might get tiring after a bit.
Rating #126 of 62 13 days ago
Iron Man is Dope on a rope. Finally got to play one, so this is a first impression review. But man, what an awesome, fun, and brutal game! I love brutal games like this, and if they're going to be fast & defensive, ultra deep rule sets aren't want you necessarily want to see. It is straight and to the point. I agree the rules are more akin to sys11 games from what I could tell, but that is my favorite era of games, so I am biased in that regard. You didn't have to play it a bazillion times to know what to do.

Game flows really well, and the layout is great, although not unique. The only thing that seems a little rinse-repeat is the bash toy. Not overly unique. But it makes sense to have it based on the theme and it was done well here.

I'm not sure I'd want to own one, given the current price of it. But I'll definitely play it if I see it. It reminded me a little of f-14 in its speed and defensiveness, only f-14 pisses me the hell off and doesn't make me want to keep playing it to come back and kick its ass.
Rating #126 of 62 13 days ago
Way ahead of its time. Think about the games that were coming out in 1980, then think of this game next to them. Hard to give this one a low score then considering that.

As for modern day comparisons, it still holds up today. it is very unique, still looks cool, and is still fun to play. The rules are lacking in that regard, as are the lack of shots to make, but at the time, complex rules were not the norm, nor were fancy ramps and whatnot. This would be a good one for a larger collection.
Rating #126 of 22 13 days ago
I don't like this pin at all to say the least.

Besides the fact that I generally don't like the cheap DMD animations that are taken from movieclips, this game is too much of a drainer for me.

This game is fast and brutal. The toy in the middle that comes up that you should bash has a magnet, under the playfield. So when you hit it in 2/5 times it slings it back super hard right through the middles.
It is an important part of the action, so you need to hit it many times during your game.

For me, this makes the fun disappear within 2 minutes. My tactic is trying to hit it on the side a bit but is right in the middle and close to the flippers. This makes it very hard not to hit it in the middle.

Not my cup of tea. But if you like fast and short games this one it for you.
Rating #126 of 62 13 days ago
The layout on this game is what I like best about it. There seems to be no end to what you can shoot for in this game, and the rules work really well in conjunction with this. It is a great casual gamer game. It doesn't require a great deal of time with it to learn what you need to do. Another positive note is the excellent flow in this game. It just feels right and fluid. Not much to nit pick on this game for me, other than the sounds and music don't do anything for me. it is easy to see why it ranks so high. It is a busy layout done right.
Rating #126 of 22 13 days ago
This Game is epic!

What I love:

-Long ball times
-small playfield is very well done and functional
-With the RGB leds lighting has gone to a whole new level. Others said it below as well: it can be almost too much :):) Great light show
-In combination with a shaker and the dragon there are really cool efffects
-Missions are simple but there is so much to do. Great rules!!

-Sad, sad sad animations. Just like all the other Sterns lately. Some movie clips that are rendered on dot-matrix. You can't make anything of it. Booh!!
-Orbit is kind of flawed, even if you make a solid shot if often doesn't end up in the VUK or at the diverter.
-Aweful playfield artwork like all of the Sterns (except ghostbusters and metallica). Cheap pixely prints of the plastics.

But the gameplay makes all up for this. It is great.
I've seen some complaints about the mini playfield hiding a lot of area, but I can't see why that is a problem.
Rating #126 of 6 14 days ago
For me not as good as the ranking says, I enjoyed other games much more
Rating #126 of 6 14 days ago
Top game in all aspects
Rating #126 of 6 14 days ago
At first I did not get familiar with the stuck left side of the playfield, now the more I play this machine the more I love it...
Rating #126 of 6 14 days ago
When I owned this machine I had to get me the alternate translite, I missed a multiball, I liked the lower loop shot and the upper playfield is good fun to play. Next to other machines it won´t be played often
Rating #126 of 25 14 days ago
Given it a lot of plays and it just seems "flat." Not impressed at all. It's not horrible, but very basic in a not good way. It has speed, so if that impresses you this is the game.
Rating #126 of 33 14 days ago
This is not my style of game. I prefer deep rulesets with varied shots and theme integration. I love a challenge, but I want to go on a journey when I play and be immersed, and instead this game is like walking across the street. It's is a product of the lean times at Stern. Stripped down to almost nothing and bare bones physically and rule wise. You can see the entire game in 5 minutes. Ball times are short so you find yourself repeating the same things over and over quickly game to game since there is so little variation. I would never want to own one due to price and repetitiveness and I find myself not really interested in playing it on route when there are other options. For what Stern charges for their games, I expected a lot more out of this game. Next to the Stern Indiana Jones, this is easily the most disappointing modern Stern game for me.
Rating #126 of 15 14 days ago
Very nice game. Having played enough games to get the hang of the shots and rules, I feel that this is a game for advanced players. It plays very quick, and it has very nice flow if the shots are made well. The lightshow is incredible and very well done. The only thing is that sometimes it flickers too much, and then I'm having trouble following the balls. Both target banks are placed well, they can be hit with a bit of effort, but it's definitely not impossible to directly hit.

The mini playfield castle looks nice, albeit a bit large, but it's not like there is so much action in the lanes under the castle. The mini playfield can be used to start another multiball.

The rules are good, there are still enough things for me to discover in there. At the start you can choose out of 6 houses from the books/series. Each house has a special perk that gives you an advantage in something, but honestly, I have not noticed that so much as of yet. You can also gather gold, which can be used to buy bonuses/modes/power ups.

All in all, a great game that I would say is a keeper.
Rating #126 of 729 14 days ago
Iron Man is a challenging game that requires your attention and ability to control the ball at all times. This is not a game for the timid or the flailer.

The Pros: Standard issue fan layout and a few randomizers on the PF make this game look like it's going to be easy... Do not be fooled. This table will eat you up if you are not paying attention. Skill is required at all times as well as patience with your multiball technique. Do or Die lives up to it's name at the hardest shot on the table.

The Cons: Ball times can be incredibly short. I've seen kids run up to the machine and say "Cool, it's an Iron Man game!" They put in their quarters and their game is over in 45 seconds. After getting beat down a few times... they walk away dejected. The art on the BG is overly simple for my tastes. The rules are following the standard Stern ruleset pattern... Lyman... C'mon! Lane-change-anti-skill-shot is a letdown.

The Takeaway: A challenging game that needs to have a ball saver on location, not at tournaments. Some players that I respect LOVE this game. I'm watching them play this table and learning from them. I still don't "get it" yet and think that there are many other more creative and better playing games out there. Even from Stern... TSPP, LOTR, WPT, Spidey, Monopoly, RiBoN, WoF, Elvis, PotC... Or even better, grab a BSD or a Dr. Who to work your pin-fu. Am I making my point clear?

Game depth = System 11 (+1) era.

This game falls under the Fish Tales category of a great tourney game. It also is fantastic in a larger collection. I had the chance to trade for one and between this NIB game and TAF, I picked TAF. No regrets at all. Both games are great and still easy to find, but man... you really have to be in the right mood for dealing with this table. John Borg did a fantastic job with this deck design. While I am not so hot about the DemoMang-like BG, my eyes are usually on the PF. I also have to respect the shots on this table as missed shots are death. Fortunately, the kicker is not the BBH insta-death angle that we have seen from other designs, but still, stay on your toes. If the ball is ANYWHERE near the left outlane... bump it, nudge it, get it outta there! That side took great notes from ST:tnG/ DM and it will make you look silly on the regular. The rules on this game are not deep, and they do not need to be. Few games have the challenge/fun/frustration balance down like this game. Lastability is good, but you may also have to take a break from it before you throw it down the stairs out of sheer pin-fury. I like this game, but I don't love it. I hate this game, but I respect it. You'd better play well or Iron-mang is gonna play YOU!
Rating #126 of 14 14 days ago
This is not a great game but, it also doesn't take itself seriously and I love seeing the dancing cactuses.
Rating #126 of 35 14 days ago
this game is lightning fast ! beautiful game.
Rating #126 of 10 14 days ago
I prefer the alternate translite.
Rating #126 of 16 15 days ago
I found the game a drain monster, and although it was fairly fun, it wouldn't last in the long run for me.
Rating #126 of 9 15 days ago
TWD LE/Premium is a blast to play! Code 1.56 really brings this game to life. This one will be in my collection for a long long time!
Rating #126 of 18 15 days ago
Have no idea how this # turns out, but for a pure, adrenaline pumping pin, it's hard to beat this machine.....fills a niche for power pinball, period!!!
Rating #126 of 104 15 days ago
"Operators... Start your engines!"

Highly underrated machine that is not well know in the community but gaining momentum.
Becoming desirable due to market stupidity of Stern and JJP NIB costs.
Probably Dennis Nordman's second greatest design beyond Whitewater.
Comparable to quality of games like Shadow, Congo, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Getaway or Fish Tales.
Very fast, great flow, but not an entirely difficult game with practice.
Ruleset is average, but getting GOOD SCORES requires understanding of the game and maximizing the races.
Ramp shots are good with gameplay.
Artwork is above average.
Toys are not revolutionary, but the variable lighted square targets are a neat feature.
Good complement to most medium size collections.
Superb complement game to Getaway overall due to theme and the speed, and significantly better than Stern's Grand Prix or NASCAR overall.

My best recommendation is CLOSELY look at the game specific parts on the game meaning the targets, ramps, and racing wheel track, as these are getting VERY hard to find now if you wish to own one.
Rating #126 of 31 15 days ago
I haven't seen he movie since it first came out, and based on the ratings that's a good thing. I can just enjoy the machine as a jungle adventure. I do agree with other reviewers that the lower playfield is a bit of a gimmick. Having said that, at worst, it's a change of pace like a video mode. Plus, being under the playfield it doesn't get in the way of any of the great shots. The best "toy" on the machine is probably the volcano. Having the balls shoot out of a volcano to start multiball is entertaining. Shooting the volcano ramp through the pops is also a rewarding shot. I even like the linear scoring, where there really isn't any single objective that allows a player to achieve an instant high score. You just have to keep shooting shots. A few years ago this machine was in the underrated category, but now it's about where it should be in my opinion.

PS: With the super skillshot it's a more challenging setup to reduce the left outlane.
Rating #126 of 7 15 days ago
I swear Iron Man and War Machine are mocking me behind the glass. The most brutal game I have ever played but it has made me better in every other pin I own. Nothing more satisfying getting Jericho or Do or Die.
My only complaint is with the back glass on the VE, the brushed aluminum side art looks fantastic, wish Stern would of done more with it
Rating #126 of 35 15 days ago
Hated the game at first (IM and INVE) but the more I played the more I liked it. Game awards you for well placed shots and punishes for the bad ones. Big thing that needs to be changed are the requirements for Do or Die Multiball as it is unachievable by mere mortals.
Rating #126 of 7 15 days ago
Love the layout and feel of the table. The rapids on the left side are awesome, the first time I saw the ball flying down I let out a small squeak of excitement.
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