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Rating #51 of 19 6 days ago
With mature (final??) code this table is a journey.So much to do.Thanks to Borg and Sheats.
Rating #51 of 9 6 days ago
I finally had the opportunity to play this a few weeks ago. I played 40 different machines that day and this was in my top two (wizard oz was #1). I really liked the flow of the game and am now on the lookout for one of my own.
Rating #51 of 53 6 days ago
Funny game.
I really like the mini playfield, one of the best for sure.
Original layout but Not enough flow for me.
I hope to update later about gameplay
Rating #51 of 53 6 days ago
Average game overall.
Nice flow with smooth shots.
The problem is there no risky shot.
Rating #51 of 81 6 days ago
The pro is excellent and could be one of the best since Metallica
Rating #51 of 27 7 days ago
A solid but unspectacular game. Good for its time, but quickly overshadowed by Williams' subsequent masterpieces. Very good theme integration. Straightforward ruleset that still offers quite a few strategies. The centre of the playfield is strangely dominated by inserts that relate to minor scoring opportunities, so a good knowledge of the rules is a prerequisite.
Rating #51 of 27 7 days ago
Fun, but range of shots is limited and ruleset is shallow. Doesn't take long to see all the game's features. A good game for introducing new players to pinball.
Rating #51 of 289 8 days ago
vector is a cool game with good rules, cool features, and it also has cool sounds.
Rating #51 of 95 8 days ago
Damn fun, so glad these Sys 80's are overlooked and obtainable for half the cost of Sys 11's just as good and for me in many cases better. Gameplay is above average.
Rating #51 of 38 8 days ago
There are some tight shots and unique flow to this pin. The channel from the initial plunger shot should be more offset because it lends to ball drains. The prison is a nice interactive feature. The well zombie is mediocre and poorly placed. I found the rules simple and varied enough to be entertaining. I can see it doing well in a small collection. Pick your shots wisely and be ready to push the pin around right up to tilt otherwise your going to deal with many drains. It's not really colorful but it follows the post apocalyptic gore theme well. Nice game.
Rating #51 of 38 8 days ago
A decent pin with good flowing long shots. The slam ramp is well integrated and the pop up gofer blocks are great fun to hit. It does not have a deep rule set and I can see it getting repetitive in a small collection. The pop bumpers are ill placed.
Rating #51 of 102 8 days ago
My review of this machine is based on the opportunity I had to play it at the 2016 Pintastic New England show. As always, these reviews are offered with the understanding that there is variation from machine to machine in terms of the way the machine plays, condition, restored vs. original, etc… all of which can influence the impression that the machine leaves on a user.
This machine is quite uncommon, and was one of the first SS machines ever produced. I was pleased to have the opportunity to play it. I like the artwork… it is stylized such that it could be current “retro 70’s”. Gameplay? Not great. Not awful, but totally “meh”. I have felt the same about every Allied Leisure pin I’ve played—they were just totally uninspired and trying to catch the pinball wave.
Rating #51 of 102 8 days ago
My review of this machine is based on the opportunity I had to play it at the 2016 Pintastic New England show. Dutch brought two TBL machines to the show, and I got a couple of plays in on each… WHAT A GAME! The first offering from Dutch pinball raises the bar, just as Jersey Jack did, far beyond anything that Stern has ever produced. I found the game to be absolutely captivating, and I plan to build up the slush fund and buy one for myself—it’s sure to be one of the all time greats.
Rating #51 of 14 9 days ago
There's just something about this machine. It's mysterious, it's creepy, it's tough as nails, shots feel great, theme is odd in a good way, etc. Not too deep but plenty to do and lastibility. One of my favorite things about BSD are the call outs, sounds and music. One of those games that will stick with you.
Rating #51 of 14 9 days ago
This game is perfect for having fun. Great layout, interesting toys, plenty to shoot for, just a lot of fun. Rules are fine, dots are fine, everything is fine. Just don't expect deep gameplay and strategy, in my experience. Family friendly and always fun to shoot. Side note: it's a pain to shop.
Rating #51 of 35 9 days ago
Knew I would like this pin and when I finally played it. I realised my judgement was correct. Fun pin with nice shots.
Rating #51 of 35 9 days ago
Nice game. Enjoyed the them and playfield.
Rating #51 of 35 9 days ago
Good theme. Playfield is a bit full with lots of plastic.
Rating #51 of 35 9 days ago
Played it at a meet. Not a fan of the theme or the sound. Not a bad game
Rating #51 of 35 9 days ago
Played it at a meet. Nowhere near as good as BOP. Still I can see the natural progression of the theme.
Rating #51 of 35 9 days ago
I wanted to like it. Still not many games based on fishing so it's kinda fun. Would still like to have it in my collection. Don't know for how long mind. Lightening flippers are a bit of a pain.
Rating #51 of 35 9 days ago
Good pin with nice playfield and toys. Callouts are repetitive though.
Rating #51 of 289 9 days ago
Bounty hunter was a pretty cool game with great artwork, great theme, and a good layout.
Rating #51 of 289 9 days ago
Had no idea what I was doing.
Rating #51 of 11 9 days ago
I own a nice playing wipeout game. One thing to note about the gottlieb system 3 games... NEVER unplug anything from any board while the game is on. If you do, you will certainly blow the $53 U8G chip... at the very least. Just don't do it!

I like this game. The taunting call outs are hilarious. The "rip the crud" shot is nearly impossible. The ski lift is one of the most interesting & well thought out toys on a pinball playfield... period!

The slalom is a little hokey though. While in avalanche multiball the slalom rocks back and forth continuously, regardless of the flippers. Once in a while you will get to control the slalom with your flippers and then it's not very well done. You don't have much choice where the ball goes.

The flasher bulbs are super bright and add to the intensity of game play. It's a cheesy early 90's theme with cheesy early 90's art and silly, hilarious surfer dude voices (The ski pole is stuck in my sternum!) but it's super fun and quite rare to see for sale.

If you're buying this title, watch for major wear at the ball drops near each flipper, broken or non working drop targets (they get hammered because they're quite close to the flipper) and make sure all the flashers are working. They really add a lot to the gameplay.
There are 26679 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 2 of 1068.

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