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Rating #51 of 21 5 days ago
Love it, fun game, lots of shots and modes, great theme integration, nice flow.
Rating #51 of 21 5 days ago
What can I say, it's a 10 all around.
Rating #51 of 21 5 days ago
Great game, well integrated them, wide variety of shots and modes, moderately difficult. Slower paced game, but can be brutal if you can't control the ball.
Rating #51 of 7 6 days ago
Underrated game. For me personally, this -and now I must quote Chris Bucci on this- pulls the old heart strings. This is a machine you would find on vacation on a camping site in a very wrong cantina where you could get so freaking drunk. This is a machine which will be screaming for attention. I love the bell, i love the fast balls, i love the simple ruleset, i love the artwork.

I'm getting old i guess.
Rating #51 of 20 6 days ago
Great game, very fun to play; and gorgous.
Rating #51 of 51 6 days ago
This game is always going to be a classic. Easy to understand the game rules and fun to play! A little simplistic but that was what makes it an easy chill game. Although, it does get exciting when you're under pressure to collect the jackpots. Sometimes I feel like I can ride the ramps forever back and forth. Once mastered the multiball shot becomes extremely easy. It has a little bit of everything going on extra balls skillshots. An easy game once mastered but still fun.
Rating #51 of 51 6 days ago
Overall a great game. Challenging even at an intermediate level. Not too overwhelming for beginners. You got to get good at your shots on this game to get through it. Completing the missions to earn enough jewels to put the smackdown on the genie. Shooting stars a cool way for ball saver. Although it's a cool part of the game the lamp just always seems in the way. Nice artwork, good sound and great gameplay!
Rating #51 of 9 6 days ago
Rating #51 of 7 6 days ago
This is one classic game.The 3d backglass is amazing.Had one years ago and sorry I sold it.Just picked up a HUO SS and am loving it.one of my favs
Rating #51 of 101 6 days ago
A very unique layout. The major gripe I have is that you can't reach the top of the field anymore after you launches the ball. So 25% of the field is completely inaccessible. A major design flaw in my opinion. The 10 drop targets ans 4 flippers provide plenty of entertainment to keep me interested at least for a while. The layout without drain lanes but 2 pop bumpers instead is different and not bad at all even so I prefer the standard layout with lanes. It certainly makes for a slightly different game play when compared to standard flipper and lane arrangements. It has good lastability, one more try to get at all those 10 targets which is not easy.
The artwork is good but not great. One of the better EMs out there.
Rating #51 of 101 7 days ago
Very fast playing game with good flow, one of the very best ever made. The game is a joy to play. The main toy, a magnet/hand that allows to to place the ball into a tray is interesting and unique but not really my thing. The artwork is below average which is probably why this pin is relatively cheap considering the fun factor.
The excellent playfield layout greatly contributes to the flow, speed and fun factor of this game. Too bad the machine itself is kind of ugly.
Rating #51 of 13 7 days ago
very good flow, fast and fun machine !!
Rating #51 of 19 7 days ago
Wanted to love it.. Just couldn't!
Rating #51 of 34 7 days ago
Really cool and unique game. I had fun playing it because I really dig the theme and how they combined a mystery game into a pinball game. I'm not sure how long it would last in a small collection, however. Plus i'm sure if you play it enough, it may be become easier to guess the clues. Could become repetitive. I will always play it when I see one, though. Great game.
Rating #51 of 7 7 days ago
Has some cool features for its day. Stop post between bumpers. Ball save ejector on left outlane. Ball save gate on right outlane. Moving pendulum target in center of playfield and important hole at the top. A very fun game, perhaps not politically correct artwork for today. But way fun.
Rating #51 of 34 7 days ago
Fun game, but not enough going on to keep me interested for very long. If I had room for a large collection, I wouldn't mind owing one. I love the artwork and animations and the lights are awesome. Great looking game! As far as features go, just decent.
Rating #51 of 15 7 days ago
What a fun and fast flowing System 3!

The rules and scoring are a bit tricky to understand at first but it really is a fun game. Hard to find one but I recommend it. Can be had for a decent price.
We just ours a couple of weeks ago and finally got it working 100% correctly last night. I'll update the review when I've had more time with it.
Rating #51 of 15 7 days ago
What a great playing, fun to look at game! Pity that it has suck a shallow rule set. I am currently babysitting this game and am having a blast playing it but I am already seeing how it would got old quickly unless you have a big collection. It is a ton of fun to play however. So fast and mean when set up right. Not sure it's really worth the going price for what you get game wise.
Rating #51 of 15 7 days ago
I wanted to like this game. I just don't. It feels clunky, the shots are decent but not great, and if I hear Edgar Winter playing Frankenstien one more time I'm gonna flip this game over.

I don't get why it's rated so high on pinside. I'll pass thanks.
Rating #51 of 15 7 days ago
Fun game. Just feels a bit too easy at times. The callouts and fun factor make up for that. A perfect game to play in a friend's home collection just not sure I want to own one. That being said it's pretty damn awesome and a ton of fun.

Elvira Rocks!!! Have you been Scared Stiff?
Rating #51 of 15 7 days ago
TZ.... you are a mystery to me.
I love your layout, your toys, your callouts. I even bought you in spite of the fact that I hate the way you shoot. And I really hated the way you shot. I even told people I'd not cross the street to piss on you if you were on fire..... that's how much I hated your gameplay.

And now after a few months of ownership I have come to appreciate you in a way that I never imagined. You are evil, that is true. But it's a joyful evil. I now understand you in a way that only home ownership can truly provide.

My reccomendation:
This is a game that can be really frustrating and fun. It's best played in a home environment. Control is key. Flailing about will punish you. Stay out of the pops. It really is a top ten game.
Rating #51 of 15 7 days ago
I own this game. Waited about 2 years after it was released to pick one up so all of the code issues could be ironed out and I can honestly say that it rocks!

Gameplay is amazing, shots feel great, rules are awesome, callouts are great.
I just think Stern nailed this one. It's their best pro package to date and other than Ghost Busters, it has their best Plainfield art of any modern Stern game.

There are a few different ways to play it in terms of strategy. It's easy enough for new players to grasp (shoot Sparky!!!) while at the same time being difficult for real players. This makes it have real long legs in a home environment.

Buy a used pro. You will not regret it.
Rating #51 of 22 7 days ago
The lower play field is what keeps this game from receiving a higher rating from me. It is not attractive, active or fun.
Rating #51 of 22 7 days ago
I've only played this on rout and in a tournament. I would love to try it in a home arcade setting.
Rating #51 of 26 7 days ago
I played a Wrestlemania I found at a Walmart in Bloomington, IN on Sat. I found it very hard to hit the tag shot. Is that normal? I don't think I ever intentionally hit it, just by accident. There just wasn't much to shoot for either. I'd beat the wrestler, hit the drop targets to start another fight and continue to beat him in the ring. The play in the ring is so inaccurate it borders on random. I could hit the ref shot to start a multiball or ref scoring but I was getting bored. The replay was low so I didn't pay much to play the game for a half hour. It had 1 1/2 credits when I walked up, so I left two credits in it when I had to go.
It definitely needs a code update to maybe use the ring in different ways but there's just not many shots in the game. I don't know how much they can do with it to spice up the gameplay.
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