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Rating #51 of 16 5 days ago
Such an underrated game. I can play this game for hours. I think the movie is as underrated as this machine.
Rating #51 of 24 6 days ago
The build quality of the game is just amazing. The monitor is great visualy and integrated perfectly. The game is just fun and I thought I would never purchase such an expensive machine, however I traded two modern Stern machines for a Smaug edition and do not regret it. I am pulling for Jersey Jack to grow as a competitor because his quality and innovations are great for the hobby. I never thought I would rate a machine as high as this review, but it deserves it.
Rating #51 of 21 6 days ago
Fun game. Everyone enjoys playing it. Great theme. Funny call outs and good music.
Rating #51 of 21 6 days ago
Recommended this game. Really enjoy playing it, always a challenge.
Rating #51 of 19 7 days ago
I really like this game but I am a fan of the show too. The gameplay is really well put together with a lot of great shots. I like the freedom to choose your own modes in the beginning of the game which can really vary the outcomes. Overall I would say it's one of the best games put out by stern, with SM, Tron, LOTR, etc
Rating #51 of 16 8 days ago
Rating after only owning for few days.
Rating #51 of 46 8 days ago
I was surprised at how much fun this pin is! The theme is not going to happen for my young family, none the less, it's still a fun shooting pin! A unique layout on this deck & some interesting rules. I really like how the add-a-ball is done. Spooky is getting this pinball manufacturing down! They know how to build fun! ;)
Rating #51 of 46 8 days ago
Such a fun pin! Collect the Monster's(Band) & rock it out!
This theme is perfect for the entire family. This pin isn't perfect, but it's close!
Rating #51 of 102 8 days ago
This game is just boring. No real shots to hit. Plays fast, but leaves you with an overall "who cares?" type of feeling.
Rating #51 of 102 8 days ago
Very challenging game with a beautiful rule set. I love the details on this pin like the sling covers. Has basically a beefed up EM style ruleset where the goals re-set each ball. But it is a blast to play. Very underrated game.
Rating #51 of 102 8 days ago
Classic Gottlieb solid state pin. Everything that black hole was, but better.
Rating #51 of 102 8 days ago
Probably my favorite Bally widebody game. I love the sci-fi art package all around. Even the stencils on the cabinet are cool. Game layout is very unique with lots to shoot for. I also feel like this is probably the only widebody game of its era to properly deal with the added space at the bottom of the game near the flippers. Most widebodies are just kinda floaty down there and the flippers are usually farther apart creating awkward shot geometry. But Embryon nails it. Only downside is that it might be a tad easy. Love this game.
Rating #51 of 102 8 days ago
A classic gottlieb pin. The animated backglass is stunning, and the crude sounds are great. The game is built around the under playfield gimmick and it serves to keep you coming back to it well enough. Although it's big brother Haunted House is a much better overall game. Black Hole feels like a warm-up for HH.
Rating #51 of 102 8 days ago
Solid pin all around. I could care less about the theme, but as with Game of Thrones, I can see why Stern chose it. Layout is unique and the shots are fun. John Borg only makes good pins. I prefer Iron Man, Tron, and Metallica over this Borg design, but it still a great effort. If you're a fan of the show, I am sure that it helps.
Rating #51 of 161 8 days ago
Playing GB on location can be a true nightmare. Just taking your $ at an amazing speed. Game looks nice but is really brutal. The right ramp is not very well executed. Many airballs.
Rating #51 of 102 9 days ago
Ugly pin, regrettable theme, but a blast to play. Deep and satisfying ruleset, it is probably Lawlor's best Stern pin.
Rating #51 of 102 9 days ago
Obviously this is a re-skin of a classic Stern pin. The gameplay is basically the same, the difference is the art upgrade package and some better quality pieces for the toys. Unfortunately, I love the sound package from the original game better. Basically a pick your poison, this one looks better, the original sounds better. Otherwise basically the same.
Rating #51 of 102 9 days ago
Some shots are very fun. Good Flow, and fast. Ambivalent about the theme, but don't care for the art package or the ruleset. Metallica is really the cream of the crop of Stern's Music pins.
Rating #51 of 28 4 days ago
Kick Off (and I am assuming the 2-player equivalent Quarterback) is an excellent and vastly underappreciated EM game. It is probably one of the best 4-player titles, up there with Surf Champ and Top Score.

First, this game needs to be set up properly: fresh bouncy rubbers everywhere. Very steep slant. You want each drop catch to be a real risk.

The game will test your mettle as a player, and will force you to play by it's rules. You have to learn when to wait, to predict the bounces, to know when you can or can't drop catch, to play it live...
Down by the flippers there is almost no safe moments. Even if you catch the ball, if it rolls upwards on the bottom flippers, it might just roll the short distance straight to the outlane.
There are 5 ways to drain, so get ready.

The rules are pretty great, too: Get 10 soccer balls to advance a 10 yards marker. Spinner advances a soccer ball. some rollovers and switches give 5. When lit, the standup and rollovers give a full (and lucrative) 30 yards instead.
Get a 1000 bonus increment for each 20 yards. Get to the GOAL once, get 5000. A second time: extra ball. Third? Special.

Get the drops all down, get the next GOAL award. Getting them down a second time gives a special, but should also almost never happen if you have the game set difficult enough.

Nudging is a must to keep the ball under a semblance of control. Bumpers in the outlane give a chance to nudge the ball back in if you can raise the top flippers up. Nudging is needed to hit the lit lanes whenever you get the ball to the top.
Even slap saves are different on this game. Slap it and perhaps project it up from the bottom flipper? Or do you need to keep that other flipper down lest the ball is "saved" only to be projected to the outlane?

The playfield art is basic, but I love the colours. The backglass vibrant even has an unlicensed FIFA mention. Would highly recommend grabbing this game if you ever have the chance. An excellent game, even if you don't have much room for EMs. Also great for competition.
Rating #51 of 15 10 days ago
Addictive to a point, but not a really great game. Basically you'll be shooting 5 shots a prescribed number of times to reach your objective (and the game's only toy), the robot reveal. None of these shots are smooth, and the ramps are clunky and slow even when you hit them perfectly. Tons of pops, but you'll get plenty of straight down the middles off the vari-target and pops exit. Depending on how you shot the ramps, you'll be awarded 2 ball multiball occasionally, but since it's not clear how to capitalize on those, you'll need to repeat the robot reveal several times for a good game. It's not difficult by any means, and once you've seen it, there isn't much wow left to the game. The playfield looks good and the light show is surprisingly decent. Though there's no speech, the music is fun and catchy. Translite and cab suck, as everyone knows.

Good: Cool theme, playfield and lights look great, robot reveal is neat (the first couple times)
Bad: Repetitive and limited gameplay, cabinet and translite art
Rating #51 of 30 10 days ago
Making and fitting an air ball protector has totally changed this game for me. I feel that it is Sterns best game since TWDLE! My wife loves it!
Rating #51 of 12 10 days ago
Love this machine. I'm a big fan of car themed machines and this is the best one available. The flashing police light and the urgency that the music and sounds provides, keeps me coming back for me. This is a machine I can never just play one game on. Once I start I have to play until I get the police chase at least once. The super charger is a great toy that works very well for this game.
Rating #51 of 10 10 days ago
Games either hit or miss for me within the first 5 minutes, and this was no exception. There isn't much to say that has not be said already. I love it.
Rating #51 of 11 11 days ago
I played this at the Wilderness in Sevierville, TN and played it, and played, and played. I found the cannon and fire button to be unnecessary and distracting, especially when starting multiball. I have a 1993 Star Trek TNG and it has much more satisfying and functional cannon shots. This game is fun to play though, I 'll grant that, it's certainly a Steve Ritchie game and flows nicely. The lighting and light shows are good, but what this one needs is some animation in the backglass/backbox. It's 2016 for goodness sake and this game just doesn't draw a crowd. My 1980's Data East Secret Service even has bright lights in the topper and flashers in the backglass, so why doesn't Stern give us some killer light shows in the backglass/backbox sides to draw a crowd? I put up the number 1 score on AC/DC and no one even noticed. When the score gets high, the machine needs to respond so that people know that something special is happening and have a desire to do something special themselves. My suggestion? Add "For Those About to Rock" to the mix when the score gets high or during multiballs and have a smoking and flashing cannon topper with a high power subwoofer and bass shaker in the cabinet. Put lots of superbright undercabinet leds in there for the explosions too. That should get some attention!
One other thing, it's a pinball machine for goodness sake, nudging is part of the game and head banging is part of the theme. I tilted the thing every time I got into the music and every time I got multiball. I felt like Elvis in Florida, can't gyrate hips, only move little finger. It made me want to move a finger alright... my middle one straight up, but I didn't because the machine was in a family environment. Tilting sensitivity should be set up to avoid abuse, not promote it. Speaking of Elvis, it's a better pinball game built in a time when Stern didn't even have any competition (2004). It's time to up the ante Stern; I'm probably being too kind to this game just because of Steve Ritchie.
Rating #51 of 90 11 days ago
This refers to the new released Metallica 1.7 game code
Metallica is one of my favorite games.
I love all of the shots. It's a great design done by John Borg. The only thing you have to replace is the post of the loop with a metal post, so the ball doesn't come back when you shoot the left orbit.
In the new 1.7 game code, you earn more points so it isn't that difficult to get a good score.
In my opinion the playfield artwork is the best playfield artwork by now. But I think that's a matter of taste. The backglass and the cabinet are great too, just like the playfield.
In my opinion the "The End of the Line" Mode is a bit too difficult.
To end up the game is in my opinion one of the greatest games I ever played and it makes lots of fun.
There are 26696 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 2 of 1068.

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