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Rating #51 of 9 4 days ago

A unique game. A full video game (low rent, Pac-Man rip off), set within a full sized (low rent, limited) pintable. It is much more of a true video game than the Bally Mr and Mrs Pac-Man. But the Bally is much more of a true pinball.

The video game is really boring and primitive (Caveman an apt title), the pinball is boring and primitive too

A couple of games is enough on this to say you have played it. But I would not want to own one unless I had a very large collection for two key reasons

1. Poor overall gaming experience

2. Potential for fiendishly difficult repairs as it has the boards for a full video game and a full pinball in one package

Pinball manufacturers were not daft. This concept was quite rightly tried and quite rightly rejected.

Rating #51 of 58 4 days ago

An incomplete pipe dream by scam artist John Popadiuk that was used to extort over a million dollars of capital and sweat equity by people of all walks of life. Why someone would want to tarnish their name and ruin their small legacy they established designing a few cool games in the past by spreading so many lies and misinformation in an effort to defraud the pinball community he once legitimately made his living off of is beyond me. Whoever did the artwork did a decent job. The rest of the game was haphazardly assembled by a team of die hards who were either trying to get the game finished for the fans, or trying to help the fraud continue. I'm not sure what the real answer is there. But I'm told what appeared at the NW pinball show was nothing more than a complete and utter failure and embarrassment with most everything turned off, not functioning and a mylar overlay that wasn't done right or well at all. Disgusting.

Rating #51 of 21 5 days ago

One of my favorite games. I love the artwork!!

Rating #51 of 7 5 days ago

I PLAYED this game at the Northwest Pinball show. After all the hype behind this game I was really looking forward to seeing and playing the game in person. At first glance the game looked phenomenal, the artwork and theming was beautiful and the animations on the LCD display were fantastic, but that's as good as it gets. The playfield is a Mylar overlay that he'd not been secured properly and made playing a game nearly impossible. Most of the major toys were missing and parts of the playfield he'd been purposely blocked off so the ball could not enter areas that would cause the game to lock up. The skill shot was so frustrating that I eventually gave up and dropped the ball into the flippers so that I could start the game. All in all the game felt like more of a working piece of art rather than an actual pinball machine

Rating #51 of 16 5 days ago

Really nice to finally have a new game with great flow and an entire field to play in. The frustrating thing about this game is all the negatives are by design. Everything you would want in this pinball machine is in the Premium and LE edition. Drop targets, ball locks, floating ball, animated props, and more. That would make the Premium/LE a perfect 10 but good luck finding one on route and prepare to pay over $2500 more to buy your own. Stern should go back to the days when the differences between Standard and Limited were only cosmetic.

Rating #51 of 338 5 days ago

Pure work of Art.

Great Music!

Totally unique cabinet.

Fun to play and quite a challenge!

Rating #51 of 169 5 days ago

Overall KISS is a fun play. My main complaint would be that when you lock the ball into the Demon's head, it often comes back dangerously or even straight down the middle. I would understand if this would only happen when the lock is NOT lit, but we should never be punished for locking a ball. It is also not much of a "lock" if the ball comes screaming back at you. I believe the Premium and LE actually do lock the ball so perhaps we are all suckers for playing the Pro version.

Rating #51 of 151 5 days ago

A decent game I could simply not love. Multiball is easy to reach (not a bad thing) but scoring seems unbalanced (?): spinner rules, for what I know.

Rating #51 of 55 5 days ago

I got in my first 10 games of Defender. 10 quickly turned into 20.

* Asymmetry: excellent

* Backhands: very good. Not sweepable, but you can backhand both target banks

* Ball Control/Hazards: Really neat to "sometimes" have a drop target in low to hit, otherwise on the "easy" side of ball control with a wide open playfield: (similar to Nine Ball, Pinbot)

* Ball Time: (I wasn't on a fast 6.5° leveled machine, so hard to know. Being an early Williams, I'd guess an average ball time)

* Drops (Sweepable): fair. I think I got a few 2-3 combos but certainly not ALL 5.

* Flow/Stop n Go: good. There are locks and releases for multi-ball of expected 1-2 second length.

* Fun/Lastability: Very good. I didn't understand the rules, and I was really enjoying the geometry of the PF.

* Inlane Flow: great. Standard Williams great flow.

* Lateral movement/Nudging: unknown. I didn't try much nudging. Not too much lateral (iirc) since there are drops on both sides, instead of standups.

* Multiball - entering: good. Not easy, not hard. I think I got into multiball every 3rd game or so.

* Multiball - enjoyment: Excellent. Open PF designs shine for multiball play. Good detain shots with the 1-2-3-4 lanes

* Orbit Shots: fair. inner orbit TO pops, but otherwise no orbit shot

* Originality: high - completely unique PF design and rules

* Pop bumpers: excellent. TWO top middle that can help AND hurt you

* Scoring Balance: unknown, no jackpots afaik, so I assume it's good point balance

* Skill shot: none. confined 1-2-3-4 lanes with lane change.

* Sound/Callouts/Voice: no voice ! great sounds from Defender vid. No background sound attempt at all.

* Spinners: none.

* ThemeArt/Lights: good. Didn't pay attention to know if it's great or not. Interesting big RED plastic in middle of PF with 4? flashers below it.

* Toys/Gimmicks: excellent. smart drops, smart bomb button that kills the drops, manual-ball-save, 2 drops that pop up in middle of PF and upper PF.

Pros: Innovative, captures the vid game

Cons: Not enough made, no voice (this would have put the game over the top) -- but it's ok. WHY? Because the vid was VERY quiet as well other than the sounds in the game. One speaker middle of BG seems weird to me. Looks awesome though.

Rating #51 of 16 5 days ago

The theme and flow of this game are the highlights. which says a lot and explains why this 29 year old game holds such a high rating. The cons are the cabinet art, topper, and music. If you like to mod pins, this machine is the perfect foundation for that -- I know as I modified the heck out of this pin and it is all super cool! The theme from COPS would be much better background music for this pin -- maybe a sound mod that offers that option will somday become available someday.

Rating #51 of 17 5 days ago

In my opinion, this is pinball perfection!

Rating #51 of 16 5 days ago

This is a classic game with classic sounds and even now, 29 years post production, it still sounds and plays great. No collection is complete without at least one member of the PIN*BOT family. My favorite is Bride of Pinbot but Pin*Bot comes very close to that.

Rating #51 of 16 5 days ago

One of my favorite games of all-time.

Rating #51 of 16 5 days ago

I recently acquired this game. My plan was to shop it, add LEDs, and sell it. Never for a second did I think I would find it worthy of adding to my collection but, quite frankly, it is a lot of fun. It's actually hysterical. The novelty of it draws players in and the outrageousness brings them back for more. Definitely a hard game to play just once and an even harder game to get high score. I've owned over 200+ pinball machines. I have seen some very underrated games and IMO this is one of them. It's not a technical game. It's not a game that looks to be judged on by flow. It's just good-clean-fun. The artwork is not great but its not bad either - it is thankfully not too explicit. The pop-bumper tease sounds are probably the best feature on the pin - I didn't expect the sounds it generates and haven't stopped laughing since hearing them. The theme is clearly not for everyone, and so that will reflect in public reaction but, if you have an open mind and want a fun adult pinball machine that will draw attention, stimulate conversation and post a high collect-ability rating, check this one out.

Rating #51 of 56 5 days ago

I love this game, other than the fact it is an AAB this game is one of my faves. it looks like it should be easy. not always ..Fun and fast.

Rating #51 of 56 5 days ago

+I like the game, I own it's cousin but not an AAB fan. but still a fun game to play.

Rating #51 of 57 6 days ago

I wouldn't have known what this game is, but for the fact that a local league buddy has had one for the past couple years. I found Special Force to be a very pleasant surprise. This game is hard as balls, frequently frustrating, but also quite a bit of fun. The Centaur-esque outlanes and ramps that don't feed flippers add the sort of risky random ball movement that I miss in more modern games. The 'launch rocket' to lower drop targets is a cool, novel feature. Ramp shots feel good. I love the multi-layer plastics and grass hut pop bumpers. The backglass and playfield art are decent in my mind, though the girlfriend thinks it's hideous, so your mileage may vary.

Woefully underrated, like pretty much all Bally 6803 games. One of the best value-for-money titles in this range. Frustrating and fun.

Rating #51 of 57 6 days ago

This is hands-down one of the fastest, most modern-feeling EMs I've played. Definitely my favorite Williams 3" flipper EM (and really, my favorite Williams EM overall.) The theme really does it for me, the backglass is great, chimes are good, playfield art is decent. Though I don't normally love symmetrical layouts, the alternating bonus from ball to ball makes this one work very well. The inlanes that let you lose a ball if you catch it the wrong way keep the pace up. Great spinner shots, and the ability to add double bonus on any ball adds something. Great risk/reward in choosing to collect bonus or rip the spinner for 1000 a spin once bonus is maxed on the unlit side.

Just a fantastic game, and the most popular EM I have for league play.

Rating #51 of 57 6 days ago

I first played this at Louisville Arcade Expo 2015, and loved it. I was recently lucky enough to find one that only needed minor work a couple hours away.

I'm no EM expert, but this is quite possibly my favorite 2" flipper game. The rules (counting down to 0 to launch) are very compelling; simple and addictive! The backglass is some of my favorite 60s art - nothing too "out there," but looks great and harbors a bagatelle. The playfield layout is great; trying to count down multiple numbers with one shot up the middle is great, and the orbit shots feel ahead of their time. Just a fun, fun game, and it looks great to boot!

Rating #51 of 68 6 days ago

Really like this game, great sound and gameplay.

Rating #51 of 58 1 day ago

Put in a couple hours and overall I thought this was a decent pin but not even close to Metallica and ACDC - even though code updates are obviously expected. The flow/speed is solid with a simple fan layout. Gene's head and the randomixer under Gene's head are nice features. I also like Demon Multi-ball and how the ball comes out of Gene's mouth. A lot of drop targets - on the left, right, and the middle with the circular Starchild drop targets. The code appears not even close to complete so I'll have to come back and re-review it. Music and sound are solid - although I'm not a big Kiss fan. Once again, decent pin but I was hoping for more in light of how well Stern did with Metallica and ACDC but hopefully future code updates will change my thoughts.

Rating #51 of 13 6 days ago

Great game, played it in Chicago in the Beerarcade, want one now!

Rating #51 of 55 8 days ago

Good pin for operators. Easy to understand. Shots are easy. Forgiving game.

For the home market, this might be good for beginner players.

* Asymmetry: decent

* Backhands: very good

* Ball Control/Hazards: very good, on the easy side

* Ball Time: long, on my table, all outlanes were maxed, so the right outlane was a pain

* Drops: none =(

* Flow/Stop n Go: good flow, VERY little stop n go for a DMD.

* Fun/Lastability: decent

* Inlane Flow: smooth as butter. Super smooth inlane guide flow

* Lateral movement/Nudging: Good - this surprised me.

* Multiball - entering: A little tough to enter demon multiball, but not too "hard" -- could get it most every game I played. (I played 10 games on a new machine)

* Multiball - enjoyment: very good - open field

* Orbit Shots: no spinner, but a good orbit. Seems 100% uninterrupted (most odd)

* Originality: decent

* Ramp/Orbit Re-entry Speed: good. th ball comes off both ramps rather quickly

* Pop bumpers: good. I like having a pop *right* at the end of a stationary target set

* Scoring Balance: (no idea)

* Skill shot: none ?

* Sound/Callouts/Voice: couldn't hear, in a bar

* Spinners: yes, but didn't get to focus on it and enjoy it

* ThemeArt/Lights: decent

* Toys/Gimmicks: I liked the randomness of shooting the Gene disc

Rating #51 of 10 8 days ago

After 4 years of misery, heartache, and $23,000.00 lost I was able to spend about 2 hours playing a flipping prototype of the game. The game is ok and that's if you still use your imagination. It's probably only 45% complete while John Popadiuk believes and regularly tells his customers that it's 90% complete. There are no working features and only basic scoring on the one working prototype in existence.

The artwork is phenomenal. It is exceptional.

What a letdown :(

Full Disclosure: I am currently suing Zidware and John Popadiuk personally over breach of contract and failure to deliver a purchased product and interstate mail fraud.

Rating #51 of 10 8 days ago

I've played about 300 games on it including my $50 at the PHOF, the NW Pinball Show 2015 and receiving my own game and feel I've played enough games to leave a review. Overall, I think it's important to know what you are getting into here if you order this game. If you know the game and know that it's definitely not an ACDC or a lightning fast game with WOZ rules that you will be happy. So far it's delivered on everything that I expected.

I wanted this game badly since I heard Greg and Dennis talking about it in 2009. I had a bit of sticker shock when I heard the MSRP so I waited until I tried one to buy one. Well I played it about 50 times at the PHOF and placed an order for one while I was still in Vegas. The build quality is 100 out of 5 stars. It's the best built game I've ever played.

Some people say that it's the worst of both worlds, but I think it's the best of both. I like a game with simple rules that's easy to learn and hard to master and this game is fast if waxed and coil strength high. It plays fast, and has simple rules and those old gottleib flippers make you a better player. I'm in love with this game and even when not playing it's just beautiful to look at in my living room. Do yourself a favor and play it and decide for yourself.

There are 22814 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 2 of 913.

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