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“Was pleasantly surprised by this pin. Though I wasn't a fan of the movie, overall I enjoyed this game. The magnetic pickup is a nice touch, overall good flow and enough going on to keep it interesting.”

“I thought this game was just ok, not great. The drag race multiball was a plus. Overall this is a very attractive pin. My only complaint with the layout is the placement of the Mustang toy, the ball can hide behind that then come screaming down playfield for a quick drain.”

“I wanted to give the game chance before posting a review. I played it over the past few months hoping that it would click. Unfortunately, that never happened. The game has no flow. It is as if the designer pressed the "random" button in the AutoCAD software and kept the targets wherever they landed. The design flaws appear to cause the ball to continually get stuck around the Hulk target.”

“I just love this machine & its gameplay. As a revhead from wayback perhaps I am biaised but this game has great appeal from the cab, the bg & the playfield. It has a simple ruleset x2 but it is appealing & for me I just keep on coming back for more. If you achieve the elusive 7 numbers the pop pop pop from the knocker is electrifying.”

  • wayner currently owns this game.

  • “For and EM, this game has a lot going for it.
    4 Player, two spinners, two collect bonus holes, extra balls, rotating bonus advance and a collect bonus light that switches sides between balls. One of the greats.”

  • Arcade currently owns this game.

  • “This game is just fast and fun. A pure adrenaline rush. Can't get enough.”

  • Arcade currently owns this game.

  • “One of Stern's best. Really well put together. Theme, rules, sound and look and feel, all top notch.”

  • Rlerman currently owns this game.

  • “I picked this up based on the fact it was a John Trudeau design. I found it very fun to play. I liked the rules and the multi-ball was a challenge to get and hard to keep going. Def want to get as the triple scoring during multi allows some good scores to be racked up.”

  • harbngr has owned this game in the past.

  • “Extremely fun fun game. Makes me laugh even now when I play it. The sound is great for the era - & again just fun. Very attractive & tasteful cabinet & backbox art, the backglass is a dud but nice when replaced with alternate of original cartoon. Playfield art also great & colourful - not so keen on pale colourings of rock houses along the sides or colour on apron - but these can be modded. I keep coming back & very surprised this is not at least a top 100 game - although based on a movie it has more than enough "original cartoon" to be timeless. Big thumbs up.”

    “For a classic this game is cool,fast and super iconic.its creepy 80s awesomeness at its best.the 3 playfields are killer fun one of the best system 80 games you can get:)”

  • Snowyetti currently owns this game.

  • “It feels like a bit of a spiritual successor to Twilight Zone, and that's a good thing! This game has some really fun shots, some imaginative modes, and top notch presentation. I need more time with it to understand it better, but it's a winner.”

    “Purchased this game 6 months ago and just love it. It sits next to my MB, AF and MM. The sounds, colors and play are truly fantastic. When friends come over they gravitate to WOZ and MM. Quality of the machine is great. Don't plan on selling this one.”

    “Let's get this out of the way: Fireball was a breakthrough game in 1972, and the sequel would have to be brilliant in its year to match up. FB2 is not a breakthrough deck. It is a good overall package.

    Asymmetry: Good
    Backhands: Weak. I wasn't able to make either money shot with a backhand. Is it impossible? I can't say.
    Ball Control/Hazards: Good balance, lower playfield feels "just right"
    Ball Time: short but the deck I was on was on the easier side
    Flow/Stop n Go: Very good flow
    Fun/Lastability: Too early to tell, felt good to me
    Inlane Flow: Weak, there are posts that slow the ball down, then it has a tiny short inlane, like in Fathom/Embryon
    Multiball Lock: Clearly marked, and both are challenging shots.
    Multiball Play: Very good, there are objectives, and space, and you can re-lock balls during MB.
    Nudging: Required, lots of lateral motion, lots of dead ball passing
    Originality: While it's a continuation of a theme, it's nice being very devil-like
    Orbit/Spinner Speed: No orbits, no spinners
    Pops: On the friendly side. They help score standups and 1-2 lanes
    Scoring Balance: No jackpots, and too early to tell. Likely it's fine
    Sound/Callouts: Fun callouts, with Zap, Pow, etc, when you use the moveable post between the flippers.
    Taunting: Yes, when you tilt, cackling laugh.
    Theme/Art/Lights: Very good. I didn't stay long enough to watch the attract mode lights, but seemed average. Typical nice spread of colors from 1981 Bally.
    Toys: Center post-flipper is a cool toy
    Voice: Yes - it's the classic 1981 Bally voice

    Overall, it's a narrow version of Embryon. If you are on a budget, it's only 1 step down from a Centaur/Fathom for less than half the price. Recommended.”

    “Whoa Nellie is a repackaging by Nordman/Freres that was based on the Gottlieb Continental Cafe game.

    The Pros:
    This game looks absolutely fabulous. This is a frivolous and fun pinball endeavor that will make players re-think about what older designs are really about. inside pinball jokes (and some blatant ones as well) are all over this table. This has to be the best cabinet design I have ever seen!

    The Cons:
    The novelty wears off quickly. I understand what collectors are looking for in a game like this and I'm glad I had the chance to play a game or three, but I would not want to spend the $$$ that this game demands for the amount of game I get out of it.

    The Takeaway:
    Find one if you can and play it. Then you can say you played it. This rating is Dave Mercer approved!!!

    I finally got to play the new Stern produced version of this game. The biggest difference is the removal of the gobble hole replacing it with a saucer. I have to say that the game plays longer than it should now. I do like the 4 lanes at the top lighting 4 related rollovers and the individual pop bumpers sounding off when the PF saucer is scored. There are lots of quotes and the small details that have been added to this game to refine it are well done. I like this game quite a bit, but it would not be something I'd put in my collection. Great to see at a show and have a beer with friends over, but in my own arcade, it is too much of a novelty for me.”

    “Mousin around was the first sys11 game that I have played. I have repaired it for a nearby guy and I was hooked. Great artwork, catchy music and nice ball locks in form of mouse traps. Nice and simple game with addictive gameplay. I occasionally play this game and try to beat its owners score, but I ve got no luck so far.”

    “Excellent pinball machine and great atmosphere
    Fast table with good flow and great layout. I love the miniplayfield
    Some challenging shots and this machine has a great "play again" factor”

  • colonel_caverne currently owns this game.

  • “for some reason this game does not resonate with me. I keep playing it, thinking I am missing something. good game, not great. In my book anyhow.”

    “just have it.and i think its gonna stay for a long time.really addictif.”

  • rubendub currently owns this game.

  • “I don't have a lot of experience with EM machines. But I do have the opportunity to place this machine quite regularly amongst 5 other DMD era machines. This game has consistently provided the most fun.

    The "skill shot" or small gap between the top plastic and the right post above the pop bumper is easy to master but always produces different results. It's challenging to use a plunger shot to assure a joker, but it can be attempted as well.

    Decent shots can be had from both flippers, from the right flipper when the left hand 3000 rollover is lit especially and from the left flipper up the right side to get a chance at bouncing up into the joker area again.

    Once all the jokers are obtained, its time to knock down some cards and pickup some bonus especially if double bonus is lit. (usually on ball 2 and 3)

    Eventually you can get the kickout hole to reward replays over and over again, and this is (for me) where the fun is really at.

    I think the theme has "staying power" unlike other pins of the same era, but there isn't anything really revolutionary about this pin either. It has however, provided me with hours of fun and I hope to have one in my collection someday.”

  • mwycoff has this game on the wishlist.

  • “Crazy addictive. Simple but intense. Tough to describe. True definition of a keeper pin. And I'm not even into EM's....
    Haven't touch my other tables in months.
    Somebody send in help”

    “Other than the lame skill shot and weak call outs (and monotonous music if you are not into Metallica), this is a really nice game and a lot of fun to play. Metallica fans will love this one (and if I were a fan I'd rate this higher). I prefer AC/DC, SM and Tron as they are all better overall packages (IMO) because of their themes. Metallica has great flow, lots of targets to shoot for, cool metal ramps (although they may be a bit slower than slick plastic ramps), good use of magnets, love that hammer ball lock trick! Well, at least the locking part, it does otherwise obstruct what is going on behind it. Not the end of the world, but it is big. The electric chair toy and corresponding video animation are cool for awhile, then get old/repetitive. Then again, the multiple shots-banging-into-Sparky multiball is always fun to obtain. Hitting the snake can also be fun, but a lot of shots that should stick tend to brick out. Bottom line though--if you are a fan of Metallica and of pinball, you are really gonna want this game. I'll take a pass, but not because this game is not a good one.”

    “Fantastic EM game!!! Just got to play this title at the VFW showcase. The bonus count in the backglass is a really cool touch. Game play is excellent, fun, fun, fun, this a a must have EM for me in the future.”

    “If you're local and want to check it out, PM me.”

  • jfesler currently owns this game.

  • “I'm not sure why this isn't in the top 10. It has a great theme, deep rule set, great skill shots, great animations and audio and clever call outs. What is there not to love. Is it as good as Star Trek or Metallica? No, but it is close. A truely impressive first game by a new pinball company and I believe a collectible that will just go up in value over time.”

    “Pretty good machine, I think once more code hits it will be a killer game........I like the spinner and ring, has a good extra flipper and really like the loops up the ramps, I'm a fan and now own number 28 all the way here in Australia”

  • Mato currently owns this game.

  • There are 22416 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 2 of 897.

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