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Rating #51 of 6 3 days ago
Fast and fun!
Rating #51 of 6 3 days ago
A beautiful game that's also fun, classic layout.
Rating #51 of 6 3 days ago
One of the best early 80s games.
Rating #51 of 6 3 days ago
Love Pinbot! The first game I really got into.
Rating #51 of 9 3 days ago
Disappointed with my Ghostbusters. I love the theme and I like the art package. The playfield LOOKS cool. I've had the game a while and I've tried my best to dial it in, but it's just a clunker. Always malfunctioning, balls jumping, mechs going bad.. and the game code is just very poorly done. Feels rushed/unfinished. I love the topper though!
Rating #51 of 9 3 days ago
Pat Lawlor with JJP/Williams quality and feel meet 2017! Quantum City is under attack! Asteroids, UFO's, earthquakes, tornado's, nuclear attack...all depicted in a city on the screen. Animations/music/characters all original theme. Great shots and gameplay - light shows - innovations including camera and phone app. JJP continues to raise the bar. Must have in any collection!
Rating #51 of 6 3 days ago
I liked this game more than I thought I would. The magnets and two upper play fields were great. I kept going back to this machine.
Rating #51 of 10 4 days ago
Pretty table, fun modes and great shots. <3
Rating #51 of 6 4 days ago
I had one of these fully working briefly. Did not enjoy it one bit. Just shoot the pop bumpers and walk away. The ball will be up there bouncing for a while. Go have a beer and come back, might still be bouncing back and forth up there. There are gifs of this game doing that for a reason.
Rating #51 of 6 4 days ago
Game plays horribly. Brutal game. Everything wants to drain down the middle. The music sounds like a space game but is based around classic Americana. Can't recommend this one.
Rating #51 of 6 4 days ago
One of my favorite games of all time and definitely on my want list. I play this in my pinball league all the time. Shots feel great. I love the theme and all the comments the gophers make. Hole in one is a tough shot and I never seem to get the timing down as its hit or miss for me. (maybe I'm not good enough lol). Definitely recommend this game for playing multiple times. The scoring is fun as well
Rating #51 of 6 4 days ago
I love this game and so does my girlfriend. Loved it so much that we had to buy one. Flows nicely and the music sounds great while sounding classy all at the same time. The roulette wheel can make or break your score, so the highscore can change overnight if someone's luck is better than yours.
Rating #51 of 6 4 days ago
I like this game a lot. The shots feel good, ramps everywhere. The theme song gets repetitive but works for me since I'm a nut for this cheesy music. The use of the magnet works well here. Activating lock is easy and getting the balls locked isn't too hard as long as the game is leveled properly. I recommend this game for those wanting a fun game to play with an enjoyable theme.
Rating #51 of 31 4 days ago
Arguably the greatest EM of all time.
Rating #51 of 6 4 days ago
I've owned this game for about a year, and it has stayed in my collection so far. The gameplay is all ramps all day every day. This game will help you make your shots more accurately because you will either miss your shot or make it. If you miss your not going to bounce off of something and still get some points. The skull is my favorite toy out of all my games. I just can't bring myself to get rid of this one, so it's a keeper for me.
Rating #51 of 119 4 days ago
This game obviously isn't finished yet, but I think it's a lot of fun right now. My score will probably increase if the code gets better. I won't complain about the price since when games start costing 3x something like a TZ or IJ, they wouldn't be on my radar no matter how great they are. It's pretty clunky, especially the left orbit and turntable. Shooting just about anything on the turntable doesn't feel great, especially when it gets caught in something up there are just loses momentum. The art package and LCD look great (miles ahead of TDK), although I wish there were more callouts. What's there is fun to listen to. My favorite is "Shall we Robin? Let's Batman!" at the start of multiball. Scoring seems fun, although I don't fully understand the rules yet. You can get 100,000,000s from a single jackpot or end of ball bonus, which is always a lot more fun than slowly grinding up score.
Rating #51 of 15 4 days ago
BOP is a good game but a "1 trick pony". Running the shuttle ramp is what its all about. You can hit other shots but the big points come from completing the face missions which means running the shuttle ramp over and over. Gameplay is fun and I my wife (a novice) loves it. It just wears out its welcome quick for an advanced player. The BOP 2.0 kit fixes the rules and adds animations and new sound from the original actress. So a good game---especially for a novice player, and that has great potential with the new kit that is available.
Rating #51 of 15 4 days ago
BOP was a good game to begin with but a "1 trick pony". With the new rules and the 2.0 kit, BOP has all the design, rules, sound, animations, and game play of one of the best modern games. Bottom line, its fun. If you love lots of missions and fun game play, this is a game to seek out. With the number of 2.0 kits out there, it also makes it a very rare game, but at the same time obtainable. I would have to put it in the top 10 games out there and the price point may just put it at the top!
Rating #51 of 6 4 days ago
Certainly the worse of the two "Terminator" machines available. Crowded playfield with not a ton to really shoot for. Left ramp, right ramp, up the center for lock.

The backglass gun gimmick is neat, but gets repetitive quickly. That being said, firing the gun in the middle of wizard mode is always a blast to try and pull off... Especially if you're not trying to trap everything on the left flipper!

I found the game to be exceptionally easy to score big on, and thus rotated it out of my collection at the first opportunity. I would play it again if I saw it at a movie theater or bar or something, but I wouldn't want to own it again.
Rating #51 of 6 4 days ago
Even all these years later, still the creme de le creme of Pinball machines.

It certainly lives up to the moniker of "pinball excess", but for all of the pinheads out there, this is exactly the game we would all design if we had unlimited budget coming off of selling 20,000 Addams Family machines.

Not a flow game whatsoever, this game is all about making your shots and marching inexorably towards Lost in the Zone.

As time has progressed, this game has become what I call the AR-15 of pinball machines; infinitely modable. Hell, it's getting harder and harder to find TZ's for sale that HAVEN'T been modded! When you combine the amount of toys the machine has to begin with with all of the mods available for it, you can certainly cross the line into the ridiculous.
Rating #51 of 6 4 days ago
A "Zipper Flipper" EM. 4 Queens is a challenging game that can certainly be taken advantage of is the playfield conditions are setup to do so. Once you get the flippers zipped, being able to reliably and consistently put the ball back into the center hole is the key to big scores.

Beware of the HUGE outlanes on the game; anything to the left or right basically gets vacuumed out and drained with no remorse.
Rating #51 of 6 4 days ago
If you're a fan of Metallica's music, then look no further for a game that exemplifies the "band pinball" theme. I would rate it right up there with AC/DC as far as games that are as fun to listen to as they are to play.

The song selection is right out of Metallica's wheelhouse; no garbage from "Re-load" here!

The game flows very fast, and has a great wide-open playfield. Getting to the minor wizards modes isn't a tremendous challenge, but getting to End of the Line is no joke; just as a game should be in my opinion.

Obviously the center stage toy is Sparky, and seeing the toy get electrocuted along with the hilarious callouts is always a delight.

If you have small children playing in the arcade, I would make sure that the "Adult" mode is turned off or make sure to tell your kids to earmuff whenever Lars starts F-bombing you!
Rating #51 of 6 4 days ago
Certainly a good game. I prefer the older ST:TNG for overall gameplay, but this one is no slouch. With the latest rule set, it pays to know the game and what missions to accomplish in what order. (Hint: going straight for Kobayashi isn't the best scoring method!).

The missions are deep, and get extremely difficult on level 3.

The game flows very well, the only time you're really going to need to take a break and really concentrate on shot making is to start missions, and then on level 3+ missions.
Rating #51 of 6 4 days ago
One of my favorite games, and one I can't see leaving my collection anytime soon.

Having played both the Pro, which I own, and a Magneto LE, at the local Pinball Hall of Fame, I have to say I'm more pleased with the layout of the pro over the LE. The only feature I really wish was on both is the spinning Magneto Lock area. I can do without the Nightcrawlers and the moving right Iceman ramp; both are prone to mechanical failure from what I've seen. The ramp especially seems more akin to failing, and ending up loose, not providing good drains coming off of it.

If you're a comic book fan, I would rate the game as a must-have, as it's not based on the films at all.

One thing to note: The game is NOT easy, and I would hesitate to recommend it to someone who's just getting into the hobby. It's definitely what I would consider to be a slower "shooters" game that rewards painstakingly accurate shots. Don't buy this and expect it to flow like it's a Richie!
Rating #51 of 23 4 days ago
Played a few times at vfw. A good refresh of the classic. The audio and visuals cue you in as what to do. Slight bump in lastability thanks to the DMD.
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