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1 day ago
Odd layout and VERY odd theme. Not sure why they thought it would be good for a pinball machine. Although the game isn’t too bad.
1 day ago
Game plays well and actually isn’t that bad, but the theme is just terrible.
1 day ago
An ok game that suffers from a horrible, immature theme.
1 day ago
Beautiful game. I just feel like it is too easy.
1 day ago
Seriously cool and unique game. Really neat technology for the time it was made. Feels great to play. Only put two games on it so I’m unsure if it would get boring after a while.
1 day ago
CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! Very cheaply priced game so if you can tolerate the obnoxious call outs and not so great art, I would pick one up. Game just isn’t that great. Modes would get very repetitive although wizard mode is “sorta” cool. Good beginners game at a good value.
1 day ago
Underrated. Gets too much hate but in all reality it’s not that great. Played it twice at Ohio show and was one shot away from beating it. Moving thing is cool but rules aren’t. That one sound is also extremely annoying.
1 day ago
Fun game. Lower play field is awesome. Art isn’t the best. Great game for sure.
1 day ago
Not a huge fan of the music, but game plays excellently. Great code and great wizard mode. Not a huge fan of the art either, but it’s definitely a solid game.
1 day ago
Fun game with unbelievable art from dd. Really looks excellent. Not crazy about the theme, but it’s ok. Not a fan of the upper playfield, and I don’t believe that it is worth the extra money.
1 day ago
Good looking game with a very unique theme. Police car is very cool and I love the main music. Only problem is code. The “double your score” or “take the highest score” is SO unfair. Definitely not a game for a tournament.
1 day ago
For this era of Stern pinball, I'm much more taken with Stargazer, Big Game and Quicksilver than I am with Seawitch. I realize I may be in the minority here, as Seawitch is the darling of competition players and collectors alike. The bonus collect during gameplay via the drops is a great touch, but the shots/layout isn't all that great compared to the other Sterns of the era. Things seem tight and claustrophobic; a widebody game squeezed into a standard body cabinet. The art is also a drag, it just doesn't appeal to me. I'll take a singular focus character (Stargazer), over the split focus of characters used here. Decent game I suppose, but overshadowed by the games that came just before and just after it.
1 day ago
So, first let me say that I would highly recommend buying this game. It was clearly a labor of love and AP did an amazing job for their first game. The shots are definitely tight, but not nearly as bad as some people make them out to be. The theme integration is top notch, the rules are very deep and engaging, and the overall game qualify is top notch. The trunk shot is one of the best toys I have ever seen in a pinball machine and never ceases to amaze me. The sound quality isn't great due to the lack of a sub-woofer and the shots can be frustrating if you don't own one to practice on.
2 days ago
Action shots and modes from the first plunge. Fun shots that connect from boince to bounce to flipper to shot. Great music, animations are adequate and good call outs. Addictive in a way. Refreshing.
2 days ago
A good Stern with some unique aspects (mashing buttons for one) and lots of selecting missions, characters, moving bonuses around which isn't really my thing. Between moving multipliers and mashing the button, it sure is a very active and exciting game to play. The hyperdrive is awesome and its position makes it more exciting than something like NASCAR or HS2.

Fun game, no real problems except the art. It just doesn't blow me away like I wish a Star Wars game would. I also wish local ops would turn off the video mode.
2 days ago
Iron Maiden is what Keith Elwin's Archer project turned into. Watching him run away from Eddie in the forest cracks me up!

The Pros:
A great layout with insane shots. This game feels like there are two playfields on it with the flipper layout with the upper two flippers leading to looped and diverted shots. The rules are well hashed out for a new stern release and the game definitely awards skillful play with big scores. Shooting for the orange "x" multiplier shots means that everything that can be scored, can be boosted. I have only been able to complete one of the 4 Eddie's so far. 4 mini-wiz's to get to the big show...So meeting the beast is out of the question for now. This ruleset seems to be a great balance between accesibility, great shots and some things hidden deeper into the game than one might originally be aware of. The skill shot is tough. I have yet to hit the super skill-shot. It's a tough one. Loopin' the upper flipper with the upper left flipper up is easier, but with it down, it scores 2x loop combos. this can be hyooj! The ramp to the target reminds me of the Addams Family ramp that feeds Thing. The post divider at the top of the arch makes all the shots even more interesting and the riser ramp from the plunge is one of the simplest and most effective gameplay dividers that I have seen in a long time. The rules are not that complex. There aren't too many modes. It is almost a throwback to older pinball games that were simpler, but were never easy. To get big scores you have to play this game with great skill. And the bottom line is... this game plays GREAT!

The Cons:
Some people will not like the heavy metal theme. Who knows, they may give this table the "Shrek" treatment as they did with FGuy and give this layout another themed treatment. Playing Aerosmith means I'm playing with headphones. Iron Maiden made great music that isn't grandpa-rock, even their new release felt envigorating and honest. Some people just don't get the metal... Other than musical tastes, this game only has one thing that I don't care for. I got a few stucky balls at the top of the upper orbit arch. Other than that, this game feels super tight. I don't know what stern is doing with their cabinets, but this game felt "light". How does a game with 4 flipper and metal ramps feel light? Is this cabinet made out of carboard? Some new material that is hopefully strong enough to withstand a street environment I hope...

The Takeaway:
For a first game design from a "new" designer, this game is a player and a winner. A strange thing happened when I first played this game. It was setup right next to a Twilight Zone. Looking at the two of them next to each other the similarities became apparent. The flipper layout. The shot between the pops and the orbit over the upper right hand flipper. This game is a narrow-body twilight zone (my favorite game ever...) with a more competitive and skillful-play as compared to a mode based ruleset. I wonder who programmed this game? Could it be... THE REAPER?!? I can't wait to get my hands on a preem/LE and every indication points to this game being a big seller.

Getting the best pinball player ever to design a damn fine playing pinball game... what a concept!
2 days ago
Never owned the old Machine, this new one with the LED's is Beautiful! Was always told the shots were the same as MM, BUT I like this lay out much better as the last center shot to shoot down the main flying saucer is way narrower and more challenging to hit(as it will reflect off the side targets if your shot is off AT ALL to the left or right) than the castle on MM which I always thought was TOO easy to hit every time to take down the Castle. All and all just different enough with the whole theme AND SHOTS to make it a must buy even if you have MM.
3 days ago
Just landed my 2nd one, which is in much better condition than my 1st. I liked it so much, I've been looking ever since I sold my 1st one. This game has a decent ruleset, and is a blast to play. I can play this one for hours. The jukebox has a 6 song selection, and it has a 3 ball multi, although you have to plunge the last 2 manually. When set up right, this game is just pure pinball fun. The backglass is cool, the cabinet the standard boring Bally from the late 80s. Sound is 80s as well, but suits the time period and the machine. Playfield is beautiful, and the copy I just obtained has to be one of the best in existence. Spotting the letters, and getting the surprise bonus is just one of the many ways to score here. This deck deserves a much higher ratiing than it has. Worthy of a spot in the top 100, as it is much better than several that are there now. As it gets more exposure, it will go up over the years. If you get the opportunity to play it, do so. Letters carry over, so play a 4 player game and complete the objectives, and you'll be hooked! You can't play it a couple of times and get a feel for it. This one requires the time and effort it takes to experience it fully, to really appreciate it. A quality build, and neither of mine ever gave me any problems. I play this one a lot.
4 days ago
One of the holy trinity of the late 90s, the best time for pinball.
4 days ago

Good layout, not Stern's usual recycled crap.
Fast Play.
Trooper Multiball and Aces High are pretty decently programmed modes. The other modes are so-so.


Bad animations.
Sound isn't that great, especially for a music pin.
Mummy multiball is awful, switches, captive ball, over and over.
The pro model which I played extensively feels flimsier than Stern's previous pins. Definitely lighter than Stern's recent pins.

Overall: Feels like Stern took a great design and slapped a quick theme and software onto it. Seems like they are using cheaper production methods which makes their pins feel "cheap" compared to what they were producing just a few years ago. The entire machine is very light, if you have the game on a hard floor it is going to be sliding all over the place. I moved the machine over six inches with a slap save at one point.
4 days ago
Is there a better game that excels in combining music, lighting, lastability & flat out fun??? I think not. The gameplay is brutal & keeps you coming back for more. If you want to become a better player, keep hitting that start button.

TNA is a breath of fresh air to the pinball industry. Classic Bally 80's design with today's modern tech. For me, it's a match made in heaven. I hope more game like TNA come to market in the coming years. Co-op mode just takes the game to another level of enjoyment.

I'm proud to be a TNA owner :)
4 days ago
What's not to love about Flash Gordon?! Awesome layout, exposed pop bumpers, inline drops for bonus multiplier, "Emperor Ming Awaits!," the spinners; an awesome game that is brutal and punishing for making poor shots! People complain about the linear flippers, but I actually like them. Rebuilt, they are not as sloppy as some people say. Compared to Williams of that era, they are a bit, but compared to the previous style Bally, they are a bit more precise.

The upper playfield is challenging, and your ball doesn't stay up there for long, but the 15 seconds of 2x playfield with lit spinners and the lit bank of drops is worth it. There are also two opportunities to collect bonus. You can really rack up your score this way. A basic set of rules, but you'll kill yourself trying to line everything up, and that's a good thing.
4 days ago
Love the theme, but there could be more song choices. I like the gimmicks and toys, but was disappointed in the coffin on the pro. It seems a bit thin. Picked up the Lermods coffin mod, and it improved drastically. We've definitely played this one a ton, and it is going to stick around a while. If you like the band, this is a good machine. I'd have a hard time believing non-fans would enjoy it.
4 days ago
fast fun game lots of unique shots, I really like the racing cars on the Right side of the game that move as shots are made. The revving engine toy is great as well as the engine sounds it produces. cabinet art is also a strong point, If you like corvettes don't pass this one up.
4 days ago
Great theme and art package make this one a winner. It is very fast and fun with a super light show (beacon on the top of the machine looks amazing in a dark room) Music can get repetitive, this is a great value pin.
There are 32369 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 2 of 1295.

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