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2 days ago
I can't avoid the bandwagon. I think this is the best game money can buy. It's the most fun. I has the best theme with the best shots.
2 days ago
I don't have this one YET, because a neighbor allows me to play it. :-) This game gets everything right - theme, shots, FUN. The LE topper is a
2 days ago
This game has been in my collection for 20yrs and will remain for many more. This game isn't perfect, but it's very close.
2 days ago
This game is so bad ass! It's not very deep but that's an advantage IMO. The shots on the game and stacking multi-balls is so awesome! There are a lot of people who seem to think that a game's lastability and rating should be based on the depth of the rules. I don't always agree with that philosophy. I have a few very deep games that I love and I think that BSD is the perfect complement to those games. It's simple economics, why would I want two cheeseburgers if I could get a cheeseburger with fries for the same price? Variety is the key here. This game is a great addition to any game room regardless of size. Couple it with a deep game and you have a great two game collection.
2 days ago
I have owned this game for several month. I currently have ten machines. Half of them being 80/90s Bally/Williams and the other half modern sterns. Sometimes I enjoy a brutal game that has simple rules, flow, and satisfying shots. Other times I enjoy playing a game that takes a little bit more time to understand and has more depth. This game is of the second variety. At first I didn't really gravitate towards the game because I didn't quite understand the rules, but after spending some time figuring out the rules I realized how great this game is. I think it's ridiculous and uninformed when someone creates a review after playing any pin for '30' minutes at a local bar. In my opinion these reviews should be instantly disqualified, because no one can understand the rules of a pin after 30 minutes of play. I have almost half of the top ten pins and IMO this game is definitely a top 10 pin.
2 days ago
This game is so much fun!
3 days ago
Got the game thinking code was going to stink. It is a real blast to play. With finishing touches this could be another TWD. Game looks awesome and hearing old KISS songs hearkens back to my teenage days. Buy one, mod it, enjoy.
3 days ago
Why rate my own game? Why not?! Ok... here's reality. When I laid out a game this different I KNEW it would be judged harshly. People that like "fan layouts" aren't going to get what this was meant to be... or maybe they will and just don't care for that. THAT'S FINE! The game is harsh and brutal and the absolute best game we could make on our second release. It has a ton of quality upgrades from AMH, and easy to forget now but was THE FIRST "COLOR DMD" style game to hit production. We also didn't raise the price a dime for it or the license and kept it under $6,000. We're still proud of it, and if you haven't played it with the finished code then I think you might have missed out on what this game became. It was a blast to make, Rob was awesome to work with, and I'm glad we at least tried something different.
3 days ago
I tried this title at TPF two years ago. It did nothing for me and I lasted about two minutes. It is a nest looking machine and the way Gottlieb set it up was well thought out. But the game play just did not work for me.
4 days ago
Wow, just played several games for the first time. Very cool race track when you shoot the ball out it goes round and round the race track. Then for multi balls you have several balls racing around the track with engine noises, wow, just wow. Very unique and I haven't seen that in any game that I played. Works great with the Theme. Fun game, rules are pretty good, still learning the game and rule set. I will add more comments in after I play some more. I love all of the chrome including the rails and the game head. It really makes the game pop.

So far I love the game and can't stop playing. I hope that lasts.
4 days ago
I've played the originals. Put it on my list to own, Pre-ordered a LE, waited months. Its a great old game. Chicago Gaming did a outstanding job! My only kick is its too dam bright, kills my eyes in a dark basement.
4 days ago
I owned a Metallica for about a year, and already with it going out the door for a trade, I know I will be getting one again. I love the band and all their music, but even if you don't, it's hard not to love this game. Great shots, badass original artwork from top to bottom that references tons of their songs and albums, amazing software including lots of hard to attain goals...the list goes on and on. Outside of LOTR and maybe one or two others, this is Stern's crowning achievement to date in my eyes. I have yet to find someone who really has anything bad to say about the game, Metallica fan or not. You won't be sorry getting one.
4 days ago
Fun game. I really enjoy the game play. A color dmd really made the game look amazing. For a 90’s game one of the better ones.
5 days ago
Love this game. Unique ball walker to set up multi ball. Some people knock the voice, but I find it perfect for the space genre. I see it mor akin to the arcade wizard of wor rather than a speak n spell. Anyways, difficult to achieve multiball on 3 ball game, keeps you coming back. Love the artwork, especially the backglass. The woman in the cryo tube rocket is beautifully drawn and perfectly captures the future concepts back in the late 70’s and early 80’s.
6 days ago
Updated 6.0 roms are a must. Great theme! What’s better than a T-Rex eating your ball!
6 days ago
Not sure why this game ranks so low. Cabinet art is very nice. Put some LEDs on the playfield and it brightens it up nicely. The sound on this pin is its low point, speakers are just not that good. Game play is awesome with the monster hurling balls at you is a great gimmick.
6 days ago
OK, I know this game is not aimed at me as the target audience. This is a mini game for kids. This is a great game for dollar game betting among partying adults though. Very well done. I actually enjoy playing it. It is much harder than you think.
6 days ago
Pinbot is a brutal system 11 game. The sounds and lighting are very well done for a game of that era. Build quality is also solid.
6 days ago
I designed the game and I could not be more proud of the final result. Everything that I wanted in the game made it to the production version. There are even a few things that were made better in the production version than the whitewood concept. I truly, in my eyes think this is a 10/10 pinball machine. I worked extremely hard on the music to really make people feel like they were in the game. Please give this machine a shot in real life, the videos do not do it justice. :) Also, thank you to everyone that helped make this project possible. <3
6 days ago
A real gem of a game. Simply fun and very well put together. Well done Greg, Dennis & Stern.
7 days ago
A great pinball! Easy to learn, hard to master. Especially when hitting the gate which can deflect ball straight down out of play- maybe only my machine. The castle multiball lock is a very satisfying shot. Better then original?...YES.
Is it the best?? everyone will have their own favorite. Indy still tops for me. I think we need a new way of ranking top 5- everyone just ranks their top 5 and points are accumulated. I only started playing this a few years ago, so I have no nostalgia when I say this pin has a much better feel then most of the new pins coming out. It has that balance of sound, light, playability, family fun...a permanence.
7 days ago
Surprising how much this game gets played. The rules are super simple, but it is appealing to experts as well as beginners. The play is slow and controlled, and you can hear the ball rolling a lot. A really fun table to keep in the mix if you have newer tables.
7 days ago
T3 is a pretty good game overall. It can be fun once you learn what to do. Once you get Assault or a Multiball, it can get pretty exciting. RED is a beautiful lightshow. I do like Arnold's custom speech and it can be pretty funny sometimes like "You screwed up" when you tilt or "Shoot here, then here" when you start a ball. Playfield art is not so great and cabinet and backglass doesn't have much to it. I can't rate considering the machine at my arcade's didn't work. After you play it for a while I can DEFINITELY see it getting boring. Overall a pretty fun game the first couple months you have it but probably not a keeper at least for me.
7 days ago
As a kid that grew up going to Bally's Aladdin's Castle arcades in the 80's, I was very excited to add this machine to my collection. Even though this machine really doesn't have much to do with the arcade chain, other than the name, I always smile every time I look at the backglass.

The machine plays fast and it has some great shots. The right spinner is a blast to hit, especially when you get it maxed out at 100 points per spin. The Aladdin's Alley shot is also a great risk/reward shot since just a slight miss will cause you to hit a post and drain. The playfield artwork is decent and I love the lamp on the left side. Overall, this is a fun machine with a really cool theme.
7 days ago
What makes it great:

4 slings, so tons of lateral ball action
Sweepable drops with a special score for it
2 spinners
4 banks of drops
Great speech
good pops that help you or hurt you
Henry Williams in his prime
Very good art from Doug Watson

What's missing?:

Hurry ups (like black knight)
Changeable inlane lamps (like black night)
Changeable rollover lamps (like firepower)
There are 30960 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 2 of 1239.

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