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“El Dorado is an excellent four flipper pinball machine with two banks of drop targets that reset after you get them all. A real sharp shooters gameplay with nudge skills a must to experience the full playfield, roll-over experience. The western theme is America all the way!! Another 1970s, three-inch (and two-inch) flipper wedgehead from Gottlieb that is a keeper.”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “Abra Ca Dabra is a keeper. Drop targets that reset after hitting the center bulls-eye is classic pinball fun, IMHO. Nudging off the upper slings can drop a target or two. skill and luck to make it back up to the upper playfield through the One or Four lanes. Excellent three-inch, two flipper game. Too bad it wasn't themed swapped with Team One. The add-a-ball feature in Team One adds another goal to achieve in the same pin set-up.”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “This is old school gameplay in a modern format. It has really satisfying shots and I love the challenge of achieving all the objectives in one ball. Cool theme, art and dots. My current fave.”

    “Code is obviously very early in this game and will only get better as most are saying, but that being said, this is not a bad game by any means. Our game resides in a home of WWE fans, so we may be a bit partial towards it, but the game fits the theme very well. The upper playfield shots are not very difficult but it is a challenge to get it in center hole to pin your opponent. I think the audio is very well done. Music is good and true to theme. Lighting looks great too. I like the playfield layout quite a bit as well. I'm impressed with what Stern has accomplished in the SPIKE system. I am looking forward to the next code update but overall give this game a thumbs up.”

  • PinFan4Life currently owns this game.

  • “Best SEGA? It's in the running. It would be top 5 on anyone's list of SEGA pins, I'm sure.

    3 ramps, no orbits. Lots of stand up targets oddly spaced. Oddly in a good way.

    The skip ramp to the Satellite magnet is pretty awesome as is the auto magna-save between the flippers.

    The tank shot is neat too, but ends up wasting part of the playfield that would better be utilized as a traditional orbit IMO.

    The ramp shots are mostly smooth, but I find the design of the ramp exists to be a bit of a speed-killer. They aren't as smooth as ramp exists in other Pemberton designed games (see Mousin' Around).

    Great game. Glad to have it as part of my collection.”

  • tamoore currently owns this game.

  • “I've only played a few times, but I really enjoyed the theme and the uniqueness of the game.”

    “Great artwork, lots of toys and good layout. So far so good. That double flipper on the lower left ruins an otherwise perfectly good game. Double flippers look cool put are a pain to play. The ball bounces going from the upper to lower flipper which makes aiming impossible.”

    “I love drop targets and hate symmetric fields. This game has both. Pretty straight forward, 4x4 target banks and 4 flipper make for an entertaining game but eventually gets old. The layout is so-so, love the targets and 4 flippers but the upper field is very difficult to access and somewhat a waste of space. The artwork is OK, certainly nothing extra special. Overall a decent game”

    “Short flippers and poor play field layout make this a below par pinball experience. The upper part of the field is only reachable by pure luck, the center target bank blocks access to most of the field. No lanes leading up to the upper third of the field, poor design. The ball drains very easily at the sides. 2 slings and 1 bumper make for very boring game play and the artwork is nothing to write home about.”

    “Tried it several times at different locations and wanted to like it, but it is just not fun at all to me. I like the theme, but game play gets boring quick.”

    “Better than I thought it was going to be but that laugh, ergh!! Can someone adjust the code to take it out? Not a fan of the art, the playfield is too busy.”

    “Great theme integrated well however like most people say it gets very old very quickly.”

    “Challenging and fun - great use of the theme. I agree that the playfield is too cluttered, making it sometimes hard to see what is going on.”

    “I never played this title until I bought it. There was one at MGC, but it was always full. It's definitely a sleeper title, great bang for buck. You've got a cool crane toy, 6-ball multiball, top kickback, dropdown targets, magnets. I highly recommend getting the updated modified roms because it not only balances the rules, it randomizes some of the sounds (some you'll never have heard). They were hidden away and never used. That means instead of hearing "come back later" over and over when you go into the scoop early, you'll sometimes hear "not yet".”

  • toyotaboy currently owns this game.

  • “I really don't understand the low rating on this game, definitely an underrated game. I'm not really into Transformers but this is a really fun game. It has great flow and lots of fun shots. Cool game over all, I hope to add one to my collection soon. This game should move up on the ratings list, if you haven't played it give it a shot you might be surprised.”

  • ita47 has this game on the wishlist.
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  • “Fun game. Does not punish for attacking the drop targets. Good risk vs reward rule set. Way underrated by the comic book crowd!”

  • Jgaltr56 currently owns this game.

  • “Great theme, not a lot of depth.”

    “Hasn't quite got the depth or challenge I look for in a pinball. I need to play it more to make a full assessment.”

    “For one, the guy that rated this a 2 is crazy. I could barely tell you what pin deserves a pin (maybe a stern home edition or some kids play mini pin). People bombing scores just ruins the reliability of them. Now on to the game. It is a definite family friendly, with something for all ages. There are tons of modes and the rules are deep. Red and Ted's interaction with the player is something that is still innovative today (We'll see how Smaug ends up). Easter eggs like Red singing the country song and Ted sleeping and coughing on the ball when you hit him are cool. There is a lot to like about on this pin and it's one of the reasons it is always consistently rated in the top 50. With a ColorDMD this pin really looks good. Blast Zone is a fun shot. In a 4+ pin lineup, it's a keeper.”

  • FightNightFZ currently owns this game.

  • “Glad that it is in the top 100 but still feel that it is underrated because it is not a B/W. With the right LED lighting the backglass and playfield put on quite a show. The sound quality and dots are beyond anything at the time. The rules are fairly deep and Frank throwing the balls and tracking them with his head is a cool toy. They playfield layout has everything you'd want, good pop placement and spacing, scoops, the ice cave shot, ramps, orbits, it's all there. To me it's the best SEGA and if it was a B/W with a different theme, it would be a top 30 pin. Give it a try and some good plays, you'll be surprised.”

  • FightNightFZ currently owns this game.

  • “I expected this one to be on the level of say, Johnny Mnemonic, but it easily outdistances that machine and other titles in a similar price bracket.

    Starting with the theme: we all know the translite falls into the celebrity fathead category, but this is easily remedied these days. Cab is average and the playfield, with it's hand-drawn art looks good. The modes faithfully recreate scenes from the movie. They did what they could with what they had (Khan has to be one of the stupidest villains ever).

    Playfield design is solid and has lots of shots. The upper flipper has three (at times four) dedicated shots and with the twin ramp diverters you can really mix it up to ride the miles of habitrail. Though the mini playfield takes up a lot of real estate the design is clever enough you won't notice - inner and outer loops run beneath. The only thing missing are pop bumpers, but something had to go. The left ramp is low (like JM) and can come back at you very quickly. The main scene start saucer is a tough, narrow shot that accounts for a good deal of the game's difficulty. Once you master that shot, you'll make much better progress as the other goals (2 multiballs and defeating the Battlefield) are much easier accomplished.

    A couple of great toys to keep your interest. The magnetic Sanctum lock, though hard on the playfield, is a fast, nifty trick that looks great. The ramp diveters are interactive as is the mini playfield, a fun if simplistic break from standard flipper action (if only you could skip the instructions). A single video mode that is basic and tough.

    Overall, a solid, fun machine that suffers very slightly from the theme. Or rather, from the movie. The Shadow, of course, always knows.”

  • canea currently owns this game.
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  • “One day she will sit right beside my Pin*Bot, and they will be happy together. One day...”

  • LukeDFields has this game on the wishlist.

  • “tons of flow and i like being able to add multipliers to different shots (just like BDK) the amount of shots needed to complete each mode is a little ridiculous at times, and all the modes feel the same, but overall a great game if you like flow and transformers”

  • darkfaith currently owns this game.

  • “Typical JPOP game. Layout, art, feel are all top notch. Replay ability and depth of rules are just not there for the games to stay in a collection.”

  • Euchrid has owned this game in the past.

  • “Best jackpot callouts in all of pinball!”

  • Euchrid currently owns this game.

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