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Rating #51 of 13 6 days ago
Overall fun game with an excellent theme implementation.
Rating #51 of 22 5 days ago
One of the better Data East machines. Very fast game and short ball times on 3 ball. Took a while to find one, not alot of them around. Thr sounds in this game are very well done. Backglass is very nice. Its not difficult to play and thats part of the appeal. I really enjoy the machine for what it is. Simple fun pinball.
Rating #51 of 68 8 days ago
This is the best of the street level Gottliebs and one of their best non-em games. The music and sound package is amazing (as most Gottliebs of this era) but it really shines in straight forward yet fast and challenging gameplay. The basket point scoring is a clever implementation of basketball style point accumulation without sacrificing the traditional pinball scoring for it. It's fun to play dollar games for baskets!! Just love this game, way underrated.
Rating #51 of 237 8 days ago
Finally got to play a bunch of games on this title. I like the artwork. The sounds were good. I was surprisingly not annoyed at the Theme song. Hitting Slimer is fun. Nice array of shots. The wide flipper gap will take some getting used to. The one thing didn't like was the ball would hit the outlane guide and bounce over it to drain on both sides if moving at a good speed. Did this to me on every other game I played. Is this normal or just this machine? Modes seemed relevant to the theme and the sounds and dots were good as far as I could tell.
Rating #51 of 33 8 days ago
The game is a real blast and a nice change of pace for Stern. I am a big Stern fan, by the way. I love the unique layout and design.

Some of the big complaints are wide flipper gaps, air balls, and linear code.

I completely adjusted to the flipper gap in a few games. No problem.

I did notice some air balls. This should have been addressed before release but it is what it is. I would double up on plastic protectors.

The code would not bother me. I don't mind playing through tasks to reach the higher levels. I was a NES kid. What can I say?

I think that the game is a blast and would love to own a Prem/LE someday.
Rating #51 of 6 8 days ago
I'm not a big fan of comic book themed anything, but this machine is super fun to play and gorgeous to look at. Superb light show and great variety of shots. The magnet locking feature on Doc Ock is really really cool.... best toy on the machine. Sound is decent (the again, I haven't upgraded the speakers). Callouts have decent variety. If you get several ramps or combos in a row, Spiderman yells "Woooooo Hoooooo!", which I love. Hahaha. I have owned this game for about 2 months now and do not regret buying it. I play it every day, and definitely has a "one more game" factor. Bottom line: GREAT game, even if you don't like comic book themed games.
Rating #51 of 92 8 days ago
I love the theme but there is noting else nice about this game.
Have played it at least 50 times but it got worse and worse !
Its a waste of wood , plastic and electronics . . . . brrrrrr
Rating #51 of 25 8 days ago
This is one beautiful machine. The cabinet artwork is very nice, and the playfield artwork is clean and crisp. The toys are all custom and nice to look at. Good combination of metal and plastic ramps and wireforms. The white Russian toy is shockingly lifelike, and the pop bumper caps and bowling toys are beautiful. The lighting is bright and crisp, with warm GI that keeps the entire playfield illuminated, and a combination of insert lighting that is straight single-color LED, and RGB LEDs. I could see no ghosting. Just one look at the playfield, with the machine on or off, and you can tell this is a fun one to flip.
The LCD substituted for the DMD is great. It's bright, crisp, and colorful, and I like the fact that it's a bit oversized. There are several display options, but curiously, all of them have some sort of DMD filter, so there's no way to see everything without the simulated screen door. The movie clips look clean enough, but some of the smaller badge icons suffer from the faux-low-res filter.
Even in the early code, the animations are pretty robust, with a combination of movie clips and stills, and some original artwork.
The sound is great. The speaker system is high-quality, and the sound is crisp and relatively free from compression artifacts. The subwoofer is powerful, and almost makes it feel like there's a shaker motor inside at times. The crew overall did a great job isolating dialogue, and there's only a few instances where some background noise or another line clips into the sound bite.
I was disappointed when I heard that the music rights didn't include rights to the actual cuts used in the movie, but the instrumental re-creations are overall very good. I'm hoping that some enterprising pinhead is able to find a way to sideload the actual music and share it with the Pinside community.
Callouts often have little to do with the objectives, since they're mostly movie clips, so you don't get a lot of audible cues to what is ready to go, outside of the stranger announcing that the locks being lit or a rug mode ready to go. Guy does a pretty good Sam Elliott impression.
Overall, this thing is solidly built, and a lot of attention has been paid to detail. The backbox is an absolute monster, with the translite and lighting being housed together in a very heavy plank, and a very heavy speaker panel and LCD housing.
I was concerned after playing the machine at Pinburgh this year that the rug would be problematic, and that seems to be the case. It can go for a stretch of time where it is completely unresponsive, and then all of a sudden it registers several shots in a row. It can even occasionally be activated by a nearby pop bumper. Once it works, it works.
The auto-plunger is a bit wonky, and the ball only makes it up the shooter lane about half the time, regardless of the coil settings. It almost always makes it on the auto replunge, so maybe this is just software.
The car toy doesn't hide and unhide smoothly, and the motor has a difficult time knowing it's all the way closed. This results in the wall wobbling for a few seconds. It's also intermittently responsive when a car mode is active. From what I can gather, the car basically hits the standups next to it, but I find the only way to get it to register is to hit it squarely on the front corner, and even then, it doesn't register reliably.
The kickback relight standup is finicky as well.
The bowling alley has some issues. I have one pin that will not move in test or in game, which causes errors. Sometimes hits do not register as well.
One of the biggest issues is that the left ramp is not well-stabilized. The main arch of it is just hanging in the breeze, with no support. Often, when the ball is shot up the ramp, the ramp shakes, causing the ball to bobble back and forth and lose momentum, causing it to roll back even when solidly hit.
Finally, the flippers are a bit squishy, or at least there is a big dead zone. Unlike pretty much any modern game, the flippers don't seem to be dual-fire, so staging of the upper flipper does not appear possible. Even worse, the flipper does not disengage until you let the button out almost all the way, so post passes and tap passes are very problematic. I think this is a design issue with the flipper buttons themselves.
This is what you really checked out this message for. Gameplay is fast and flowy, and borrows heavily from Medieval Madness, with a little sprinking of White Water and Simpsons Pinball Party. Not that that's a bad thing. In fact, it makes for a game that is a heck of a lot of fun to play.
Overall, the layout is very nice. It's mostly a fan layout, with all shots makeable from a cradle or a rolling ball. Several shots are associated with a character and not only advance towards qualifying each character mode, but also serve as that character's jackpot during character multiball (just like Medieval Madness).
There are two skill shots: hold the right flipper as you plunge, and it will feed the upper playfield (provided the plunge makes it), and you need to hit the bowling loop to instantly qualify a bowling mode. You can also go for a standard plunge and try to hit the lit rollover. This is not selectable, so you have to nudge. Going for the super skill shot appears to be the better strategy.
Starting from the left and moving right:
The kickback relight is at the far left, and is a tough shot to a finicky target. I find that I mostly hit this when the ball is exiting the slings.
There is a scoop at the far left that is used to complete "mark it zero" qualifications, activate bowling when lit, or start character multiball. The kickout by default is a bit weak.
The left orbit is the Donny shot, and it sends the ball careening around to the right middle, which does have a tendency to send the ball SDTM. Perhaps this is a leveling issue. This will hit both spinners.
The left ramp qualifies The Dude, and also locks balls for the main multiball. To light the lock, you have to hit the standups on either side, like White Water. Unlike White Water, these lock lightings cannot be stacked. When lit for lock, the ball travels behind the back of the playfield, like the Damsel in Medieval Madness, and when the lock is not lit, it diverts to a wireform that feeds the left inlane.
Next to this is the Maude minefield, with 2 pop bumpers and five rollovers stacked in an inverted pyramid. The ball can leave this area one of two ways, either to the left orbit, or right in the middle, which caroms to the right flipper.
Next to the right Maude exit is the scoop. This gives mystery awards and starts Nihilist Battle once qualified (this was a nice surprise I didn't know about). Balls that are fed into the lock on the left ramp or into the rug hole, and balls which exit the upper playfield end up here as well, and feed the right flipper with a nice feed that is easily handled with a drop catch or flipper bounce.
Front and center is the rug. It's very much like the castle from MM or the saucer from AFM. You bash this until it rolls all the way back, then sink it in the hole to start the mode. I don't know what selects the mode... maybe the pops. This is a dangerous shot, as the ball can have an unpredictable return. The rug doesn't always register that well, and it almost seems that it has a better chance of registering if the ball hits one of the metal guides as it caroms. This is flanked by 2 nihilist targets (the other being to the far right of the playfield).
To the right of the rug is the Jesus scoop, which will feed the upper playfield.
To the right of Jesus is an orbit that feeds the pop bumpers and also serves as the shot for Maude jackpot. The entry has a spinner that is simply satisfying to rip. We're talking Grand Prix or RoboCop satisfying.
The right ramp qualifies Walter and is the other way to get up to the upper playfield.
To the far right is the white russian target bank. Default settings allow you to collect an adjacent target if you hit one already collected.
The inlane and outlane rollovers spell ZERO, which qualifies a "mark it zero" award at the left scoop.
The upper playfield feels a lot like TSPP, but with one flipper. There are 3 shots to make with the small upper flipper: a shot off the tip will send the ball looping back around and award a BOWLING letter. The two standups will light a car mode, and both bowling and car can be started by hitting the rightmost hole which is an exit to the scoop to the left of the rug. You can also drain out of the bottom, which returns the ball to the right inlane. Assisting with keeping the ball up there is a long rubber than you can use to nudge the ball back to the flipper. Once a car mode is started, the car swings out from the wall and parks in front of the standups, blocking the upper exit. You then bash the car to advance through the mode. This is finicky as well.
The sub playfield is the bowling alley. You select a character and try to complete the task, which is either knocking down all the pins or hitting a roving pin. There is a bit of a delay before the release button becomes active. I find that the top facade of the alley obscures your view of the back pins. Completing the frame awards a ball.
Modes are qualified very much like MM and AFM. Hit each shot X number of times to light the character. Like MM, once one character is qualified, you can start a character multiball, that can be anywhere from 2-5 ball, depending upon how many characters you've lit before hitting the left scoop to start the multiball. This is exactly like Medieval Madness, except you have the option to postpone the multiball by hitting the launch button, but ONLY if you have something else lit at the scoop. This allows you to cash in rewards as they come instead of avoiding them to avoid prematurely starting multiball. That's good, because "mark it zero" is only lit for a short period of time after completing the inlanes, and then it resets.
If you don't have the full complement of characters lit, you can start another multiball as you qualify the others, and then the characters reset and you can rinse and repeat.
The other main multiball works a bit like WH2O or Cirqus Voltaire, in that you have to hit the standups next to the left ramp and then hit the ramp to lock the ball. Unlike WH2O, you can't stack the lights on the first multiball, which I think would be nice, since it's a dangerous shot. Once you start this multiball, all the shots are lit for jackpot (including both upper playfield shots). I assume you complete all to light the super but I've always fallen one short.
The rug modes are varied, and getting them started is the biggest challenge due to the responsiveness of the rug. They will have you ripping the spinners, or hitting ramps or bashing the rug, etc.
Bowling is pretty straighforward, and lighting bowling is relatively manageable, due to the nice return to the upper flipper for repeat loops. It's a lot of shots, though. The car modes require a lot of hits, and I've never managed to finish one, due to the bash toy failing to register reliably.
Nihilist battle is qualified by hitting the nihilist standups several times, then hitting the middle scoop. It's a multistage battle where you have to peg the standups again. This is a lot like Martian Attack.
Not sure what completing a white russian does except for adding to your bonus.
The wizard mode apparently requires you to complete everything. Start all characters, complete all frames of bowling, all rug modes, all car modes, and get a super jackpot. Very reminiscent of AFM.
1) Take the super skill shot. It's easy enough to hit the loop to instantly light bowling, which awards a fair number of points and allows you to make progress towards wizard mode.
2) Qualify all characters. Try to keep the scoop lit for something in addition to character multiball so you can cancel the multiball start if you hit it too early. Once all characters lit, start multiball so all jackpots are lit.
3) Don't aim for the standups to light the locks, or if you do, backhand it to keep it safer. Generally, you will light locks with random caroms. Lock a ball as soon as it's lit so you can reset the targets to light the next lock.
4) On the upper playfield, keep hitting the bowling loop. It appears that you can stack "let's go bowling" qualifications, so you can get a lot from keeping the ball up there and in play. Wait until you've qualified bowling before shooting for the standups to light car, so you don't inadvertently exit the upper playfield. I find it's generally best to stay up there as long as you can, because you can get a lot done if you play it smart. Use that rubber to get the ball away from the upper playfield drain.
5) Shooting for the trampoline kickback relight is dangerous. This game isn't all that drainy, so I just hope to get it on a carom from the pops. Same for white russian targets.
6) Take the rug modes as you can get them. Until they issue a fix for the sensitivity and let it register reliably, it's just not worth risking unless you've accidentally registered the first shot and the rug has rolled back a bit, which makes the return a bit more controlled.
All in all, TBL is a fantastic game, and the code is already quite robust for a new release. The flow is good and the shots are satisfying. The game really is a lot like Medieval Madness in that it's simple to make a few shots, and the ruleset is easy to grasp, so novices will find a lot to like, but if you are an advanced player, getting everything stacked is quite a challenge, and makes the game deeper than it seems at first.
As I mentioned above, the lack of stability of the left ramp is disappointing, but I imagine there could be a fix for that. I'm hoping some of the switch issues can be fixed with software, and won't require replacing mechs. I also hope they can issue a replacement for the flipper switches so post passing and taps will be more feasible.
Some things I'd like to see with future updates:
1) Allow the lock lights to be stacked for at least the first multiball
2) Give us a video mode to enjoy that beautiful screen. I still think it'd be hilarious to have a Knox Harrington, The Video Artist Video Mode
3) More sound bites
4) More callouts that help guide the player
5) A Royal Madness type mode after you've qualified the characters
6) More variation in the bowling objectives
7) Fewer hits to complete the car modes
An option to keep the player signed in when playing consecutive single-player games
9) more match screens besides Marty's cycle
10) incorporate the bowling alley into multiball
11) Allow the upper playfield to serve as a playfield multiplier during multiball like WOZ
Rating #51 of 9 8 days ago
X-men is a fantastic game. I was hesitant to get one since the early code suffered from some serious flaw but am happy I did. I find this game is great in a home environment because once you learn the ruleset is just really a fun shooting pin. I played it on location when it first came out and was turned off because it wasn't super obvious what the goals of the game were and in typical Stern style has a worthless instruction card.

I really enjoy collecting all the x-men by hitting their various shots. Professors X's mode of finding the mutant is super cool, but can be frustrating since some of the mutants shown aren't obvious which shot they go to and when you hit it again for it to light the shot, it isn't obvious which shot is lit.

Collecting storm is one of my favorites and I think the lighting effects when hitting the pop bumpers with the GI going off and the flashers lighting up simulating a storm is fantastic. It feels so great when you stack this with weapon X or magneto multiball.

I don't find the ease in starting weapon X multiball to be that annoying as others do. I still have the factory wolverine on there and while it's hard to strategize when to start the multiball, the randomness doesn't always come at a bad time.

I have xmen stacking turned on so I can collect multiple characters at once while playing thru the game. I personally find this more enjoyable and eliminates a little bit of the linearity that you would have if it's turned off.

My usual strategy is to try and collect a few xmen while making combos to get close to lighting deadpool and also lighting a villain at the scoop. I then will play the villain and I pick one depending on if deadpool is lit or not. If I have him, I'll usually pick sabertooth or Omega Red since I find those two modes to be more challenging to make the shots. If I don't have him, I'll pick sentinels since all shots are lit or shadow king.

I have yet to get to dark phoenix but have almost beat danger room.

My advice is to play a more than a couple of games on the machine before you judge it. It really is a great game, but lacks that easy to learn ruleset of the classic 90's B/W pins and takes a little time to learn. It is well worth it once you do.
Rating #51 of 9 9 days ago
This has to be one of my favorite Gottlieb pinballs of all time. If the Vista cruiser from that seventies show embodies the seventies then Bad Girls embodies the eighties. Put some Duran Duran on the boom box, break out the hair moose and find your favorite girl in a black leather mini skirt. The game successfully embodies the feel of its era. The unique mirror cabinet just adds to the enjoyment. The fact that the pool mod in the middle of the playfield is still available as NOS make it a fun restoration. The game has most of the typical play features that Gottlieb was using at the time. Given it's relatively low production number (800) , Bad Girls is somewhat rare and a good unusual piece for any collection.
Rating #51 of 9 9 days ago
This is a year 2000 pinball. Right at about the darkest time for the pinball world. The pinball is a good candidate for restoration. The worst wear is around the out hole and can be easily corrected with a metal out hole protector. The back glass art is uninspiring which is too bad because the playfield is flashy and well crafted. The game is very solid and the beginning of Stern's run of quality and well crafted pinballs. I enjoy the tie in of the magic eight ball into the pool theme. The game flows well and if you are not careful you can spend lots of time on the pin. It just lacks that razzle dazzle we all want in our pinballs. If it were ice cream it would be vanilla. A solid fun game and a good starter pinball.
Rating #51 of 9 9 days ago
If you are a South Park fan then the game is a must for you. This could be the height of Sega's pinball work. The restoration work for this pin is relatively straight forward. The pinball has all the classic features including wonderful multi-ball events. The topper is just plain fun to look at. It is hard not to play the game without laughing. One of the real drawback is that potty humor can get tired. The other issue is that many consider this game unfriendly. The ramps and ball challenges are all there. The game is well built and from a strictly pinball perspective, it plays great. It depends on your threshold for talking poop and a toilet target.
Rating #51 of 9 9 days ago
This pin is a good example of Gottlieb in this era. It is vibrant and colorful. The game play is pure fun. The real deficit is the game quality. One of the things we look for when we consider a game for renovation is playfield. It never works out if the playfield needs extensive restoration to deal with wear down to the wood. It is for that reason that we have not seen one that would make a good candidate for restoration in a few years. I would love to find one new in the box just to protect it properly. The game is that fun.
Rating #51 of 9 9 days ago
I love this game. It is number (1) one my sleeper list. The only drawbacks are that it is victim of the sound limitations of it's day. The other is that the head is so high that it sometimes limits where it can go. We have restored many of these. I try to keep one in my showroom at all times. I have always been a sucker for an interactive back glass and this one is tops. Free the queen and defeat the king is not easy. It is wonderful in its challenging simplicity. It doesn't rely on a movie theme or television show. It is pure pinball design at it's best. It also reflects everything that was right with Williams. I feel it is so low on these ratings because it is not a game everyone has played. After a complete restoration the game just shines like it was new. That is always a testimony to the craftsmanship designed into the game initially. You can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear, but you can make one out of and old one. I see that I keep getting more request for Big Guns as time goes on. It could be the slowest catching on pinball of all time. This machine is an asset to any collection.
Rating #51 of 9 9 days ago
The vast amount of lights makes this game pure eye candy. After a full LED installation it is a self contained carnival. The game is sure fun with ramps and the swirling bowl in the middle. I wish that more time went into cabinet design and better quality went into playfield toys. Getting past those issues the game does shake rattle-n-roll. It is a more challenging pinball to restore. It is always that way when there are some quality issues. Replacing the flipper mechanisms with better grade ones improves game play vastly. This is a good family friendly pinball. Looks great under the Christmas tree!
Rating #51 of 9 9 days ago
We just did a full restore on a Popeye. We added electric blue legs with black cabinet protectors and the game just shines. The back glass is way ahead of it's time, almost as if it had been waiting for LED's. The theme of saving the earth speaks to todays culture. It is a family friendly pinball with a green message. The play has lots going on. The biggest issue for me is that the upper playfield obscures too much. The pinball lends itself to restoration as well as any pinball. It has it share of unique features and is durable. A good family pinball at a reasonable price point.
Rating #51 of 9 9 days ago
If you enjoy baseball and all it's nuances then you will love Silver Slugger. This game was made for restoration. After a complete LED refit and upgraded components this game is beautiful. It was meant for lighting. Adding a high quality flipper kit really zooms this up. The game design had the ball cracking against the glass to simulate the crack of the bat in a real baseball game. This game also has nuances that are subtle and similar to it's on field counterpart. In my humble opinion- A great game to own.
Rating #51 of 9 9 days ago
I put this pin on the high side of my sleeper list. The game is interesting. We have restored several and they seem to shine after the proper TLC. This is one game that an LED upgrade really helps. This pinball tends to be a real value ever after a full restoration. I would not be ashamed to have this in my collection.
Rating #51 of 114 9 days ago
Cirqus Voltaire gets top marks for artwork and toys, it's loaded! The playfield layout is great too. The areas of the playfield feel "unique" which is something I love, between the complex ramp, the Ringmaster area, the ball, and the U-turn the leads into the BOOM pop bumper. Great geometry all around. I even love the brutal lack of lanes. It keeps the game fast! You can't trap up as easily because the ball rolls a few inches up the ball guide, hits a rubber, and comes straight back to the flipper if it has any momentum.

The rules never grabbed me for whatever reason. There are plenty of modes and stackable multiballs, but for some reason it doesn't grab me like a CFTBL or IJ.

The DMD is a pain. First of all, there is an easy and lengthy video mode, ugh. The stupid Ringmaster animation is too long and unskippable too.
Rating #51 of 114 9 days ago
Having a toilet on the playfield is a curse. I hate South Park. I hate Junkyard. And I hate Austin Powers. I actually thought "This game looks kind of like AFM" when I first walked up to it. It *should* be a cool theme, but everything about it is a letdown. It's ugly, the shoot-this-X-times for everything code is super boring, and the Fat Bastard multiball jackpot callout haunts my memory forever.
Rating #51 of 114 9 days ago
An early 80s Bally game with ZIPPER FLIPPERS? How can you go wrong! Damn this game is freakin' awesome! Badass art, I love the upper playfield with the different drop target patterns and the saucer. The Shield of the Gods is ridiculous, I don't think I've ever successfully used it actively. Sweet skill shot on the game too.

Almost every single Bally game from around 1979-1982 is a top tier game in my book, and Medusa is no exception.
Rating #51 of 114 9 days ago
A good game, with obvious look and feel and rules similarities to Taxi. I much prefer Taxi myself. I like how the right loop snakes up to a saucer, it reminds me of Embryon.

Serve customers, get multiball, shoot rush, loop the left ramp over and over, cash in your cup bonus (or don't... and DINER stays lit for multiball which is kind of neat). It's fun, but nothing mind blowing.
Rating #51 of 114 9 days ago
Not the game for me. The jump ramp is super, duper cool and feels SO good. The ball also loses speed when it comes around making it easy to loop it over and over. This feeling is freaking awesome.

Modes are boring. There are a ton of shots, but it's not like they're very interesting. I don't personally find it a "super fast flow" game because lots of shots means lots of posts. If you miss your shots the ball comes screaming back at you.

When I play this game now, I just go for 25M jump ramps over and over since it's the only think I like about the game.
Rating #51 of 114 9 days ago
This is a great EM, although it has to be noted that a lot of the upper playfield scoring comes down to luck. 1-2-3-4 in order? Come on now. With no shot at the center standup target you're at the mercy of the bumpers. Even without outlanes it's pretty brutal but easy enough to nudge and keep the ball in play. A lit gobble hole for 100 points seems enormous on this game. It's very tempting to end your ball with a bang rather than fizzle out with a center drain.

The Slick Chick bumper effect is awesome. This game has maybe the best EM light show ever. In fact it's overall a great looker. I normally hate symmetrical layouts, but just look at how cool this thing is!

I'm not going to call it the most skill based EM out there, but Slick Chick is a lot of fun to play.
Rating #51 of 114 9 days ago
Not at all a fan of this. Boring layout with targets down the sides and a full row of lanes up top. The things you have direct shots on are death. The top of the playfield is half targets and lanes you lob the ball up there and pray to hit. Other than that there's no saucer, spinner, gate, or much of interest at all. Even in the sub-sub-sub-genre of 1970s Bally card-themed EM games this would be low on my list.
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