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Rating #51 of 25 8 days ago
Fun, fast but gets old quickly. Theme isn't super compelling.
Rating #51 of 17 8 days ago
Afm has it all. Theme, layout,rules, sound, quality. One of my favorite pins all time. Really nothing bad to say other then the price tag. Will never leave my collection!
Rating #51 of 25 8 days ago
Played it for 45min. Theme is great if you're an Alien(s) movie fan!
Rating #51 of 15 8 days ago
This is a great sounding game with the cool reverb and was ahead of its time. The way the playfield GI goes out when the ball is launched for multi-ball is exceptional and when I played the game on location could not figure out where the balls came from.

Great use of sequential drop shots to launch an orb or to light the release target. Out-lanes that reward nudging and a magnet that can give you a sneaky extra ball. Many ways to start a multi-ball and love the inline drops for the queens chamber with 2 ways to score. "Only single value?" is just one of the ways the game taunts you.

Not as deep as todays games of course and the home ROM really helps keep the scoring down. I bought this game because I always played it on the rare times I found it. This is the first Bally SS game for me and a nice surprise was how easy to troubleshoot.
Rating #51 of 6 8 days ago
I know everyone complains this is a "one shot wonder" but I do not care. I rate this game highly primarily because of that and the repeat, rinse, repeat factor. Love it. Am currently in the process of restoring one. It is the first, and probably the only, pin I will ever restore. That is because I know that once I have a nice one I will never sell it. Everything works in this game for me. It is my second-favorite pin of all time.
Rating #51 of 6 8 days ago
I have a hard time rating this game. I have a very, very nice one. That being said, I initially did not like this game much but over time have come to respect it as one of the better games I have played. Yes, LIONMAN is annoying to some players, but that is not a problem for me. What was a problem was it was the second game I ever owned, and it is fast and hard, so I was a bit put off by it. My son, on the other hand, says this is his favorite game in my collection. I once started to trade it and he got angry. It is fast, and, now that I am a better player, fun. As others have commented, the music is simply the best. When it goes on, you want to slap those flippers and get that ball racing around. the mini playfield is one of the best in pinball.
Rating #51 of 6 8 days ago
This is a fun game. Never tire of playing it, and when you get the hologram of the Creature, well, that is a good day of pinball. Playfield, as others have commented, is great except is too dark on the upper area. A mod adding lights to the pop bumpers is essential to spark that area up. The music is the best. The animations on the dot matrix are okay, but what makes the game is the beautiful playfield and the great sounds. It is not a super fast game, but I love the flow and there is a large variety of shots.
Rating #51 of 6 8 days ago
Ok, I know this is the "King" the Best in Show, and all that, but I just do not get it. Played it numerous times on various locations. Won repeated free games. Laughed at the sounds, but then, got bored. I just find it boring. I understand why others love it, but given the choice, there are about 35 other games on the top 100 I would add to my collection first.
Rating #51 of 6 8 days ago
First, let me say I own this game. It was the first pin I ever bought, and I did so without knowing much about pins. I have since owned numerous pins, and played most of the pins on the Top 100, and I will never, ever sell this game. It works for me, but I am one of those players who is bored by MM. I like this game because it is linear and challenges you to make shots in the right order. The artwork is not great, but fits the game. The play always brings me back. My family all love this game, and there are other pins I have that they do not even play. The voices are great. If you get a chance to play it, do so. The elevating ball in the stage is one of the best toys in pinball.
Rating #51 of 16 8 days ago
Fun game but not for have it at home, and is not a beautiful machine FOR ME.
Rating #51 of 9 2 days ago
My first ever NIB pinball and I am a child of the 80s so my review may be slightly skewed (but doubtful). To be upfront, I also currently own an orig Indiana jones and creature FTBL and Have owned a jurassic, black rose and theatre of magic in the past. This machine is a compete package, love the artwork and theme. The magna slingshots are very cool, fit the theme perfect because it seems likes it's being controlled by ghosts and it provides randomization so that you are not fully in control (this can be frustrating but it's unique). Once you get a good game flowing the machine sings to you, if you never get on a roll then you Probably haven't heard the other great sound tracks and seen the real light show that is GB. The one thing that lacks for me are the animations, I expected a little more for a brand new game. The call outs and multiball are spot on, very fast and fun game that is easy enough for a kid (mine loves it) but challenging enough for an enthusiast. My high score is 434 million, I have had the game for a few days now and I Will update this rating if my mood changes.
Rating #51 of 8 9 days ago
Took me ages to track down a Tron. Got one HUO with all the bells and whistles. I'm like a kid at Christmas with it, it's my ultimate theme so can't say a bad word regarding it. Actually... Bloody lucky that my ultimate theme is such a visual delight, pumping soundtrack, many modes to stack and very fast. Top 10 and so happy to own it!
Rating #51 of 7 9 days ago
This game is just like title says a lot of fun .lots of shots good flow Rudy's really cool . Love this game lots of fun !
Rating #51 of 7 9 days ago
This game is fast very good loops and orbits you can hit both ramps back to back .the game design is lot like a lot of Gomez game and probably why his designs are so popular lot of flow lots of speed .the glove is neat because it hasn't been done a hundred times and doesn't slow down gameplay any more than a video mode .in a game this fast a little slow down in pace sometimes is a nice break . Fun game . Don't be a zombie play pinball !
Rating #51 of 7 9 days ago
Wow this game is nuts and has a serious cool factor . If you like dark themes cursing and swearing and gore this has more than any other pin . If your against demons and hell themes this game is not for you!! I don't a lot about modes or anything like .this game rocks straight out of the box the bass is awesome .this is a super fast super brutal pin even for good players can be difficult and a challenge every time .very different than most pins that's a plus in my books .art work is everything it should be for rob zombie a must try pin .
Rating #51 of 13 9 days ago
This game got me started on pinball back when I was 12 years old. I played it nonstop for hours at a neighbors house. 38 years later and I finally have a sky jump in my house. It's not quite as much fun as I remember it being when I was 12 but it's still pretty cool.
Rating #51 of 25 9 days ago
This pin is a blast to play. It rewards practice and is enjoyable for folks of any skill level. A truly refined game and also very pretty and solid. Love it. If only it weren't so dark.
Rating #51 of 25 9 days ago
Dark dark dark. Better have some lights shining down on this pin because it is hard to see anything. It is a confusing playfield and the best thing about it - cool shots - is hard to master at best and really isn't that much fun. I want to like this pin and played for hours but it just isn't great.
Rating #51 of 25 9 days ago
My wife loves this game. I've seen loads of people play it. People like the theme. And those pretty plastic ramps that glow. Etc. But the game is boring, in fact to me it is definition of boring. It doesn't feel like you are in the movie or for that matter like you are going anywhere. It has flow but only because of the same couple of easy shots that get old quickly.
Rating #51 of 25 9 days ago
Really? Derivative doesn't begin to capture how boring this machine was to everyone I've seen evaluate it. I wonder sometimes whether folks are paid to give the numbers on a few of these machines because on no planet would anyone honestly say this is a game that is enjoyable over and over or has good sound or lighting.
Rating #51 of 25 9 days ago
The gimmicks are good, the best use of the basic Stern table I've seen. It feels like Star Trek and Metallica bought an erector set, though, from a creativity standpoint. It makes up for its lack of creativity with a nice build quality though. Probably the best of that era at stern. Fun to play but not super fun.
Rating #51 of 25 9 days ago
I get why folks love this game. I do come back to it pretty regularly because I'm ok at it and it is a good warm up game. But it is cheap looking even in the LE and the pro is just cheesy. I don't know why anybody thinks this is a good investment but maybe it is because I don't love Metallica enough to enjoy that part of it. The magnet is its only truly redeeming feature.
Rating #51 of 25 9 days ago
I guess kids might like it. But it feels cheap to me and the game play is just endless despite a few interesting shots.
Rating #51 of 35 9 days ago
I got the Hobbit 4 days ago and have been playing it almost nonstop. It has many skill shots and is very deep. To echo another reviewer... why the third flipper? There is nothing special to shoot with it. Odd little quirks, but overall, an excellent game.

Now for my beefs. JJPs quality control leaves much to be desired. The small LCD screen arrived DOA. Worse, the speakers are muffled and the sound quality clips, even at fairly low volume. The only way to enjoy this game is with headphones. I also had many quality problems with WOZ. Unless and until they can fix these QA issues, I will not be buying or recommending any more JJP titles.
Rating #51 of 6 9 days ago
I really enjoyed owning and playing the SS version of Cleopatra. The game features a symmetrical layout and although rather basic it is still fun. Gameplay can be quick from shots made off of the center drop targets.

The backglass looks absolutely great on Cleopatra and will really make the game pop in your game room.

I would highly recommend picking up a Pascal all in one board replacement for a Cleopatra if you buy one to greatly improve the games reliability.
There are 27290 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 2 of 1092.

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