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Rating #51 of 22 4 days ago
Some how this game works, it's original playfield that's been thus copied to its beautiful art and spot on themeing. The music and sound effects to each ball are some of the best and truely adds a classic feel and although it's a 90s pin takes you back. Ramps are satisfying and there are plenty of shots to make. Call outs and humor is great. One of the best video modes and a fun easter egg at the end. The only downside to this game is the 2 ball multiball, but it's not a pure chaos make shots machine. It's pure build up, hard work and making shots. It's really quite fun if you accept the game as its own beast and don't want it to be something else. Truely a classic and gem but it's not for everyone. Best in a multicollection. Give this game more than 1 or 2 games. Once you feel the goals and enjoy you'll see why it's usually in the top 20
Rating #51 of 389 4 days ago
Very slick game, good variety of shots, great animation, neat call outs and sweet toys.
Rating #51 of 8 4 days ago
I'm not sure what I can add to the other comments, but this was a grail game for me to find and I ended up with a great one! The artwork is just outstanding, bright colors and a great space theme. Sure the ball times are short, but it's a great game to compete against your opponent. Nothing more satisfying than stealing their locked balls after they drain. Mine's not going anywhere.
Rating #51 of 738 4 days ago
While not a big fan of BoP, this game is better.

The Pros:
A substantially improved ruleset, DMD and music make this package even better theater than it was before. The programmers were kind enough to keep the old roms in the game as well as the new package.

The Cons:
No amount of rules will make this half of a playfield game play better. Still a 2 (maybe a 3 shot) game.

The Takeaway:
If you really LOVE BoP, got for it. but the physical limitations of the PF design will always keep this game from being better than "ok".
Rating #51 of 38 4 days ago
I'm not sure why the low ratings. I bought the pro version because it actually requires some skill to bounce off the ropes for the pin. The LE version has a spinning disc = all luck.
This game is very straightforward. Not a deep rule set, but a fun break from some of the deeper ruled games. I think WWE is a much better title than some games ranked way ahead of it. For example, Dialed in, Roadshow and Twister!? It is hands down a better title than these 3. Dialed in gets a low rating from me mainly because of the theme and sounds.
Rating #51 of 34 4 days ago
Actually not a bad game, not at all like TDK really except the crane and left orbit/targets. Quite fun and looks nice, new screen is nice as well. Didnt like the spinning disk with the car on top on the main disk - should have been a drop target IMO, but over all a fun game. Needs better code, but that should come, only real complaint is the price, if it was pro priced I may have considered one.
Rating #51 of 8 5 days ago
Very original and classic dual theme (Monster Movie with 50's Drive In Theme) that is very fun to play for all types of players. Ramp and combo shots are very smooth and satisfying, hitting the high speed right ramp over and over is great. Although it may seem repetitive, this game is much deeper than it first appears.
Fantastic artwork on play field and backbox. Playfield lighting is good but, the game could use better lighting at the top of the play field and in the Jet Bumpers.

Games can be very quick and challenging as there are lots of drains..but you keep coming back for more. Attaining that great game on Creature is extremely satisfying.

Playfield is tight, but very well thought out. Even though its only a two ball multiball, the tighter play field layout, upper ramp to swamp bowl , "Find the Creature, Save the Girl" multiball ruleset and the Creature appearance make this much more challenging, exciting and rewarding then many other machines easier attainable and more repetitive multi ball modes.
Rating #51 of 85 5 days ago
This remake, really doesnt seem to play near as good as original.
Rating #51 of 21 5 days ago
FACES is certainly an interesting game with a layout oft compared to Grand Prix (WMS) and Sonic did use WMS style parts. The open gate on the left makes for an interesting orbit to flipper shot and timed right you can return the ball right back through the spinners. Lighting them by advancing the bonus to max really gets scoring going but the game is all about bonus. Going to mod my game for tournament so that it grants points instead of extra balls as the reward for collecting faces.
Rating #51 of 116 3 days ago
Since many may not ever have the opportunity to play this machine, I will provide an objective review based on both personal gameplay and history.

The game was "under development" for 5+ years.
It had three major periods of change and ownership including the licensing.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent on trying to "jumpstart" the process from 2011-2017.

The direct end result:

The theme is outstanding and a combination of the features of ToM, TOTAN, and CV, but...

The game still does not work properly.
Physically the game shot flow is still clunky.
Mechanically the game needs redesign.
The game does not have completed code.
The current game has incomplete major features, and is missing playfield assemblies.
The simplest example, is multiball is impossible, because there is no means to lock balls, even virtually.
Not a good start.
The only thing that keeps this game from getting a "1 out of 10" is the artwork and baseline design, which you cannot rate as a low score.
People are being a bit non-objective, out of jealousy, anger, lack of experience or stupidity.

The artwork is the standout in all areas, playfield, translite, and cabinet.
These are all superb, almost breathtaking.
Animations and LCD images are also very good, but incomplete.

Sound quality and music is excellent.
Sound calls are incomplete.

The bottom line is this remains a prototype game, barely out of the whitewood stage, not much further progressed than the original prototype which was debuted in 2011. It simply was never fully playtested. American Pinball still rushed it out the door to not look like fools, close their involvement with Mr. Popadiuk, and try to provide a product as promised. There was not much else they could do.

In fact, there are LESS features that what was originally included, some of which previously existed, and somewhat worked.

A person cannot evaluate the original prototype to this game, and I say "played the game back in 2011", pintard reviewers, it is not the same game!
Also, rating anyone rating game BEFORE it was released and no one has played except a dozen people locked behind closed doors in the past 2 years is a complete bell ringer, a person is uninformed, and should not be believed.
In essence, that person is announcing to the world, "I am a pinball monkey spanker, hear me, hear me LIONMAN!"

Back on point.
Without significant overhaul by both technical mechanical engineers and programmers, the game is not a fully functional pinball machine, but a little more than an extremely expensive Christmas tree.

Original owners are selling the game for a multitude of reasons, but mostly to get their money back while the hype is alive.
I would.

Ultimate value of the game for pinball history is unknown at this time, but I would suspect between $20-25K for the next 5 years by "deep pocket" collectors who want to have bragging rights, not the original owners. It is hard to see respectable long time collectors who were not part of the original boondoggle to be proud of this title in their collection. It does have bad karma.

My nickname for this game is "The albatross of pinball".
When Ri¢hie Ri¢h is a better pinball game than this title, that is fairly indicative of the situation.
It will always have its place in pinball history, but not every story is a good one.
Rating #51 of 39 5 days ago
I really wanted to like this game. I just couldn't. I love the Rob Zombie theme and I really dig his music. The machine itself it built very well and I think Spooky did a great job with it. I wish them the best and am anxious to see their next pin. There are just a few fatal flaws in this game. The right orbit it just too tight. There is no fixing that. The code is decent but also has some fatal flaws. Ball search after 10-15 seconds. Drop target not resetting to where it was before mode start. Identical modes. Repetitive call outs.

Overall this is a very neat game, just not one that couldn't last in my home.
Rating #51 of 76 5 days ago
I'll offer my first impression after a dozen games played on location. Overall I like it. A good variety of shots and well integrated into the various song modes. I like the choice to play multiball or try to lock more balls. I like the crank it up scoop shot objective to increase the value of your mode shots. Screen animations and call outs are cool. I did not experience unfriendly kickouts from the elevator - although I often shot it right back into the elevator multiple times - it was a challenge to send it elsewhere. I do agree that the lock shot is not ideal and can be gotten by luck, but not a major issue for me.

I like the music theme overall, and song choice was decent. I enjoy playing along to music and most songs worked for me. The art was good overall and the machine looks pretty cool.

I could not get to far into the game since the tilt was ridiculously tight on the one I played. But overall it was a rather fun. Hard to say about lastability - will need to play it more and see how rules develop.
Rating #51 of 37 5 days ago
As with many multi-player EMs, single ball games are hit or miss. A great (lucky) ball followed by 2 drains makes for frustrating play. Gap between flippers is huge. Outlanes are greedy. Great art package, just wish there were more skill involved, not just luck. As a decent player, I find games like Lucky Hand much more satisfying. Atlantis can be brutal, but good shots are more often rewarded with a break through game. Games that never reward skill won't last long in my collection.
Rating #51 of 7 6 days ago
This is Bally's First Magic Line bingo pinball machine were you are able to move the first three lines three different directions.. It has four corners, and spot 25/10.
Rating #51 of 20 6 days ago
Finally had a chance to play this last night. Put a buck in, played it once, and that was enough. Maybe if I was a die-hard RZ fan I would consider purchasing this machine, but even then it would be a stretch. Just not enough going on in this game. The middle of the playfield is just empty, wasted space. The backglass is really nice to look at, but for the prices this game is fetching, you'd be better off just buying a reprint of the backglass, framing it, and putting it up on your wall. Game just feels cheap to me.
Rating #51 of 9 6 days ago
Wow! This game is fun! This has to be the most underrated pinball of all time. If you have a chance to get one, do it! You won't be disappointed. From what I understand the code was so bad when it first came out that a lot of people gave up on it, but that is their loss. This is probably my new favorite pin right now. The artwork is beautiful on the mirrored backglass and the cabinet. The playfield has TONS of shots and combos and the action is intense with what I think was probably the best use of a magnet and spinning disk that I have seen on a pinball machine. I know people complain about the oversized wolverine on the playfield but I actually like the placement of it because while the shots are still doable it makes a few of the a little tougher, not to mention that wolverine mode is fun to start anyway. Speaking of, if you like multi ball modes like I do then you will love this machine, it has many multi ball modes and magneto multi ball is my all time favorite.
Rating #51 of 38 6 days ago
I really enjoy this pin and think it could be ranked higher than, say ACDC. Lovely execution on the theme for the era. Video modes are fun enough that I find myself going for them hoping to get to play, as opposed to other pins where a player might play the video mode begrudgingly.
Caveat: the example I put my 30 or so games on did not seem to have a working lower-playfield, nothwithstanding the fact that I scored 1,400,000,000 and took the GC spot...maybe my moderately good game is why I like the pin so much?!
Rating #51 of 28 7 days ago
Full disclosure I love JJP machines and was predisposed to like this one. I didn't, though, the first two times I played it in Connecticut at a Christmas showing, though I agreed with others playing it at the time that it recalls Ripleys and Addams family. Spent 3-4 hours on it in Chicago on free play at HQ, where there's a line for it at all times. It is a tank. The build quality is of great. The machine takes a huge beating on route and just didn't care. It's beautiful. Lighting, integration of LCD and phone toy and bob all perfect. Shots feel exactly right. It is shocking this code is so incomplete because it already is coherent and engrossing. I don't know why anyone would pay $12.5k for an LE because the pro I played is perfect in terms of how it looks, though the backboard and topper must be a huge pain in the ass to move around. This is the machine that will bring a new generation to pinball and a great one to teach skills. The selfie cam should be moved to the top because hello old people don't want to watch their double chins haha. The theater works well, much better than the same tech implemented in WoZ. It's a great game
Rating #51 of 30 7 days ago
Pretty awesome pin. Much to do and although the layout looks simple it still has a lot of variety.
Some may not like the long ball times.
Rating #51 of 30 7 days ago
Just as good as the original.
Only difference are color DMD and shaker motor, but plays the same.
Nothing new here
Rating #51 of 30 7 days ago
Played it 20 times maybe at my friend who has this at home.
I can't get into it really. Simply not my cup of tea.
Don't like the DMD animations or the gameplay.
Rating #51 of 30 7 days ago
Finally a pin with an original theme (not just a band or movie theme)!!!!
Whether you like the theme or not, it required much more creativity and work than Stern's copy-paste pins with franchise or band themes and this is reflected in my rating.
Original artwork, music and videos.
Rating #51 of 115 7 days ago
Don't think I have played many games that are as hard as this. Sounds great, and overall feel is one of immersion. But progressing started to feel like a chore as there are not enough rewards early only. Sold mine, haven't regretted it for a second. Before I sold it I played it with the glass off to see what the software was like.

Deep into the game with metamorphosis it is amazing. Trouble is I reckon I needed 30 balls to get there. Bottom line this is a game for serious, talented players. Played lots of other hard games but they have hooks to keep on playing and trying again. The game doesn't.
Rating #51 of 30 7 days ago
This is on of my favorite pins, mostly because once you start it will be a 45 minute epic pinball journey.

The layout looks simple and open, but it is done pretty awesome with the ring, the ballrog and the diverter for the tower. Plenty of narrow unique shots.
I wouldn't say the rules are very difficult but indeed there is a lot to do and to accomplish. The end game multiball is very, very hard to achieve.

The playfield artwork sucks, just photoshop clipart like all Sterns with very few exeptions (Metallica, Ghostbusters). The backglass is hideous too.
The shaker motor is the only difference with the standard one. A must have pin in any collection!
Rating #51 of 115 7 days ago
Similar to MM but it just doesn't feel the same as a really nice original MM. Flippers feel different and ramps don't feel as solid. Classic game though, one of the best but always have preferred AFM.
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