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Rating #51 of 64 3 days ago

This table is way too simple, it is all about the video game - which is unfortunately very lame

Rating #51 of 64 3 days ago

A unique and fun game, doubt it will have lasting power though

Rating #51 of 26 4 days ago

Being a limited edition makes this game a little more collectible than Nascar though it plays just the same. This was an example of Stern's earlier attempt at a limited edition model pinball machine. To me it plays like a hybrid of a Stern and Pat Lawlor. Very fast and alot of action. Don't understand how anybody could really say anything negative about it it's a great game to play.

Rating #51 of 63 5 days ago


Looks good, theme is cool

The shots that are there feel good....


...But you can damn near play the whole game with only one flipper button.

Not much to shoot for from the left flipper.

Rating #51 of 63 5 days ago


Good layout, shots flow well with decent risk/reward

Nice toys

Good rules, except.....


....having to shoot for the bagatelle gets frustrating and comes down to too much luck

Playfield art isn't quite as good as the translite

I think the code may be a bit lacking, but don't have an intimate enough knowledge of this one to be sure.

Rating #51 of 63 5 days ago


Just plain fun

Good sounds (though I feel they'd get old in home use)

Stewie pinball is kinda fun

Looks good, and well-lit


Feels like it doesn't have as many shots as a Lawlor game should

Upper flipper isn't terribly useful

I find the theme a bit obnoxious, but that's all personal preference

Rating #51 of 63 5 days ago


-Good theme

-Gruesome animations

-Scoring feels reasonably balanced, though I don't know all of the rules


-Constant laughter from the cryptkeeper gets annoying

-Some shots aren't laid out quite where I want them

-Just doesn't feel as well-thought-out as some other games of the era.

Rating #51 of 63 5 days ago

I'm writing this based on code available as of October 2015.


-Plays very well thanks to the last couple code updates

-Good theme, with mostly decent art

-Shots feel good

-Seems to be pretty deep


-Toys are just ok

-Default voice/callout package (which is what you're gonna get on location) is rubbish

-I HATE HATE HATE that feed out of the pop bumpers. There are fair ways to shorten ball times; this one feels obnoxious.

Rating #51 of 63 5 days ago


-Probably the coolest toys in pinball

-Sound is good, and fits the theme

-The boxer is just such a great toy

-Theme is really well intigrated

-No, really, the toys.


-Scoring gets horrendously unbalanced once you get good at it

-Not a whole lot to shoot for; most of the shots are the minigames/toys.

-At times feels more like an amusement machine or video game than a pin (because of toys and rules)

-Backglass is a bit garish

Overall a fun game that guests loves, but it wears out its welcome quickly. This is one I wish was on location nearby, as I would love to drop a couple quarters in a few times a year. I couldn't justify keeping it in even a moderate-size collection with 25 games set up, though.

Rating #51 of 10 6 days ago

Love it. Always a crowd favorite. Early Richie flow.

Rating #51 of 81 6 days ago

The playfield looks interesting but is not all that much fun to play. Artwork and sound are horrible, nuff said. I never liked split playflieds. Now you have 2 small fields, neither one being particularly fun and all together make for a poor flow.

On the bright side, it has a magna save and a mini field with a mini ball in the upper left which is semi-cool. It's OK to play a few games but then my interest in the game faded quickly.

Rating #51 of 81 6 days ago

It has some of the coolest artwork of any pinball machine in my opinion. But opinions differ and my wife absolutely hates it, that the only reason I don't own this machine.

It has a fair number of toys on the field, unique outlanes, multiball, a decent flow and great sound. I wouldn't want to own this game for the fun factor alone. It's fun but there're better machines out there. The artwork and the sound are what separates this machine from the rest. The only con is that sometimes the silver ball is a bit difficult to track against the black and white background.

Rating #51 of 6 7 days ago

Amazing game with great callouts and theme. The roulette wheel and slots are awesome!

Rating #51 of 15 7 days ago

One of my favorites, and definately Stern's best. It doesn't have at all this flimsy feel that I have with some others.


-Lots of shots and variations

-Easy to make the shots

-Plenty of missions and stuff to do, deep rulesheet

-Plenty of toys etc

-Long ball time

-Easy to get multiballs


-I had one with a little weak flippers and that makes the ring shot virtually impossible.

-Failed ring shot can make easy drain

-I don't like the way Stern designs playfields; has this 'photoshop' feel to it.

Rating #51 of 6 7 days ago

Great theme and with the new code it is no longer a ramp monster.

Rating #51 of 6 7 days ago

Interesting theme but the game does not grab me.

Rating #51 of 6 7 days ago

While it is a fun theme; it does not compare to IJ.

It gets old very quickly.

Rating #51 of 6 7 days ago

On the 7th day Williams made IJ The Pinball Adventure.

Rating #51 of 6 7 days ago

I was really looking forward to this but it lacks something.

Rating #51 of 715 8 days ago

Full Throttle is the first game from Heighway pinball and I got the chance to play it at PinBurgh and talk to the programmer Brian Dominy about it at length.

The Pros:

A fantastic game out of the gate for a new manufacturer. The layout is solid and while it is a widebody, it feels fast and flows incredibly well. There is no upper flipper on this game and unlike most widebody games, it doesn't feel like it needs it. The digital skill shot is fast. The shots are fast. The flippers send off fast shots all over the design. I really like the inner PF loop to the left out/return lane. The ramps are truly a thing of beauty, fast and flowing. The saucer is not a gimme shot. It is 3/4ths the way up the PF and just off center. With a dozen shots (and then some) around the PF, this game is a shooter, yet none of the shots feel like they are too tight or too wide. The ruleset is not the deepest (by design). This has allowed the programmers to focus on balance and the fine tuning of the way the PF as much as they can as compared to not being able to match up manufacturing and software dev. cycles.

The Cons:

Will there be technical issues, yes. This is their first game and just like JJP, there is an experiential learning curve that cannot be overcome by any other way other than learning from your mistakes. The spinners were originally designed to pop up out of the PF, but due to reliability issues, they were left to be flat to the rest of the PF. They don't have that much surface area to affect the path of the ball with, but I agree with the decision to go with reliability first. The left hand in/outlanes felt "tinny" and while this isn't bad, it was the only part of the PF that didn't feel right.

The Takeaway:

A fantastic first game from a manufacturer that does what they say they will and releases a solid product! Play on pinball players. I like this game quite a bit and will update it again when I get some more mileage on it. Looking forward to the journey!

Rating #51 of 31 8 days ago

Metallica is as good as it gets. AC/DC is decent. KISS is as bad as it gets. The initial opinions were right on. The follow thru, overly enthusiastic positive reviews smells to me like Stern got on the phone and asked for a few favors. I don't understand how anyone can find this game 'fun'. But then again, I don't see how Twilight Zone is #2 - above Monster Bash?!

Rating #51 of 6 8 days ago

I am lucky enough to have this as my first game. It hooked me into pinball. I never get sick of playing this game no matter how many time I play it.

Rating #51 of 19 8 days ago

A great classic EM that requires nudging if you want to keep playing. I love the idea of knocking down a set of drops and hitting the special for an extra ball. The art is simple but great. It's just a really fun game that will keep you coming back for just one more.

Rating #51 of 19 3 days ago

This game is tough but in a good way. The main objective is to git rid of the upper drop targets twice before you drain. Nothing else matters until you do that. The game can get kind of repetitive because of that and can get very frustrating if you fail but you will want to try again. The art is the best thing about the machine. It has really nice jungle art on the playfield and the cabinet looks cool.

Rating #51 of 19 8 days ago

I really enjoyed this game. There are many modes and many shots all over the playfield. The cue ball is a little underutilized for it's prominence on the playfield. It only factors in to the skill shot and jackpots but those jackpots take a little skill to time just right. I love the humor with the Clint Eastwood sound alike and the art is a little bland but works with the theme. The animations are non existent and could have easily been done with a alphanumeric and just got rid of the video mode.

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