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2 days ago
Great theme, lot's of fun. I would like to own this one day!
2 days ago
I liked it. Unique theme, fun shots. Too much gottlieb hate on these reviews
2 days ago
There's a lot to like about "Theatre of Magic". The playfield is gorgeous with unique ramps that resemble red rug-covered "stairs" and a beautiful "magic trunk" that gives you several different missions to play. It's incredibly polished and classy. The issue is that the trunk is the center of everything and the audio constantly reminds you of that. That's your #1 target every single time. Either that or the one or two ramps which are easy to hit. That and points are too easy to accumulate. A player with little to no skill with decent reflexes can hit 250M in about five minutes or less. It's so easy, you basically don't even need the missions. That said, it's a great table, reminiscent of "Tales of the Arabian Nights".
3 days ago
Literally the only thing bad about this game is that it is unfinished...the art, layout and sound are all superb and it only lacks in software depth. The theme is great, we'd had awesome Medieval, Alien, Arabian and Circus themes so a Western version of this classic game style was a welcome addition. The toys are great and work well, and the more ramps the merrier as far as I'm concerned! The lastability is a little weak again due to the software, but this game is very rare and very fun all the same!Always love giving it a go at Chief Coffee in London, as you just don't see them around. Drop targets are also fantastic - glad these came back for 24, Ghostbusters, Mustang etc., but they've been used best here!
3 days ago
Not a fan of the Jersey Jack screens. Whe n the game is off, theres just a black panel where the art should be, and when it's on it's trying to show so much information at once that it becomes muddled and confusing. The display should be there to keep score and offer interesting animations, but ultimately the player should be able to know what they're doing without constantly referring to paragraph C subsection 6 on the fourth section of the screen. The themeing of this game is great, and the playfield is jam packed with interesting toys, which is a bonus. Art is good, not Ghostbusters or Aerosmith, but as good as photoshop can be. Game feels a bit too clunky and wide, and breaks down frequently on location. I also don't think there's much lastability, at least for me, as the mian multiball and rescuing Dorothy are the only things I really understand how to do and actually want to do. I appreciate knowing the rules inside out probably make it a better game, but I don't have enough interest in the theme or layout to look up what 'Horse of a different colour' actually means. It's definitely a spectacle, but I would never wish to own one. Also, what's the upper right flipper for exactly?
3 days ago
First off I haven't seen the show, but my girlfriend loves it so I know enough about the theme to understand what's going on. This is game is very very ugly, with photoshop all over and not a single hand-drawn element, which must be down to HBO because I doubt Stern would be happy with this otherwise. The layout is...okay. There's lots of flow, but not many of the shots can be backhanded as I'd have liked. Orbit stops the ball dead sometimes which is not good. There are no toys that interact with the ball, theres a kicker under the dragon and there's a battering ram that moves a couple of milimetres but for the stupidly high price that simply isn't enough. VERY stripped back compared to premium/LE efforts and it really shows. Rules are clearly deep and well thought-through, but theres simply nothing good to look at it and nothing interesting for the ball to do. Good for tournaments where you can just focus on strategies that will ellicit high scores, but not that fun on your own, which is a shame.
3 days ago
Monster Bash is a fantastic game, one of the most recognisable Pinball layouts with great flow. Themeing throughout is well integrated with each monster having his or her own area of the playfield, and it's fun to recruit them all into the band and to stack their modes. Music and callouts are some of the best in Pinball, and there is a great deal of good humour on this machine. The only problem I have with it is the lastability, as once the player has assembled the band and their instruments, there's not a great deal else to do aside from do it all over again, which means this game is super fun as you work your way through but you're left a little bit deflated once you've completed it. For this reason, I wouldn't want to own it, but that doesn't detract from it being a well thought-through and fun game!
3 days ago
Very unique machine, lots of colour and great themeing. Ringmaster is a great bash toy, and the way in which different marvels are collected offers up plenty of variety as far as rules go. Not a huge fan of the inlane/outlane arrangement, but it does offer an additional challenge. The playfield layout is great with the exception of the upper left corner with the juggler mechanism, more could've been done there. But overall, it's a classic game with a quirky theme, great art and good audio, well worth a play whenever you see one.
3 days ago
I think it's the nicest looking machine ever built, just amazing. I am just not a huge fan of the theme...not really sure who it's for. I wish they were making the new Star Wars game rather than Stern...would be cool to see what they would do with it. I have played several different machines many different times and I still feel like I haven't scratched the surface with the rule set. I like that. I need to get one for the house! Best game made since the 1990's.
3 days ago
I told my buddy that I played this game and it was awesome and fun, he said "yeah, have you heard water is wet?" Awesome game with a tremendous reputaition for a reason.
3 days ago
It's weird, this was supposed to be the future of Pinball yet compared to the games coming out in the years before it, it feels incredibly dated now with those cheesy low-res animations. The game clearly has good themeing and the art is very nice, but it's just not that fun to me. I can't see where any of my shots go, so none of the shots feels good except for maybe the left ramp. The modes are very repetitive and ultimately end with the player firing the ball up an impossible-to-miss ramp into the centre. The ball locks are very unceremonious, the display text looks like it was written on Word, and the main gimmick of the screen just doesn't cut it for me. Very dull, it's predecessor is far superior in every way.
3 days ago
Tales of the Arabian Nights is a beautiful game to look at it, and thankfully also very fun to play! There is a good level of difficulty in some of the shots - particularly the orbits and skill shot - that keep the game challenging, and the playfield is very unique with the best ramp in Pinball. The Genie and Lamp toys are good, but it's the use of magnets on the game that make you stop and say 'okay that's neat'. Some people argue the rules are repetitive with always having to shoot the golden symbols, but I disagree, I think it's the audio cue that's repetitive because each mode requires different symbols and combinations so technically different areas of the playfield are utilized for each tale giving plenty of variety. The audio, particularly the bonus count, is also very in keeping with the theme and great to listen to. Very good mutliball start too. This is definitely one of my favourite games!
3 days ago
This game is so much fun, and is one of the best recent Stern games (I prefer it to Batman, Kiss, Game of Thrones etc.). The theme is perfectly integrated across all rating categories, the main music theme pops but doesn't play throughout as every mode uses different music - with lots of variety in style. The animations are decent and the layout is refreshing, and the game is beautiful. My only gripe is that the linear nature of the gameplay and the fact you have to wack Slimer to light modes does occasionally leave the player with very little to shoot for in order to progress through the game, but this usually resolves itself. Multiball is challenging to get to at times, and there's loads more to discover than just the regular modes. Overall a mostly brilliant game that is tough - in a good way - and does justice to such a classic theme. The pro also doesn't feel as stripped down as many Stern Pro games often do.
3 days ago
I mean, what more is there to say? Medieval Madness is probably the best pinball machine ever made and will hold that title for years and years to come. It's not necessarily got the best of everything, but it's definitely the perfect example of art, sound, playfield and rules coming together in a way that does the theme justice and makes it tonnes of fun to play. The castle is a great toy and draws people in to the game. The speech is hilarious. The rules are good in terms of stacking multiballs and getting to the wizard mode (of which I have a few times, but never completed). Video mode and easter eggs like Barnyard Multiball also keep the seasoned player interested, and the flow is fantastic - love those ramps! This game is far too expensive, and that is literally the only reason I don't own's brilliant!
3 days ago
I've finally been able to spend some proper time on Aerosmith and i'm inclined to say it's one of the best music themed machines out there. I personally prefer it to AC/DC, because although it fulfills many of the same tropes - picking songs, changing songs, tours, albums etc. - the multiballs and rules really make it pop much in the same way Metallic does. Ball locks are a big thing in this game - something AC/DC definitely lacks, and the main toy the 'toy box' is spectacular, and 90% reliable. I love the way you can play a 3 ball mulitball or risk losing it in order to lock up to 6 balls, and I feel this feature is executed better than on Mustang. The art on this game is perfect - just hoe pinball should look! (Again, miles ahead of DC). The display is also pretty good, as I was expecting not to like it. I prefer it to Jersey jack's displays, because rather than over complicating things it just shows you what you'd expect from a DMD, but more HD, colour and animation. I'm a drummer myself and it's great to see the drummer on the display do the fills in time with the music! Overall, a solid new pin and even though I only know one Aerosmith song really well, I will put money in it whenever I see it!
3 days ago
I've owned the Pro version of this game for over three years and I believe it's one of Stern's strongest titles in recent years. There are a couple of negatives - the artwork is a bit bland and unimaginative in places and there's not much on the playfield in the way of toys that interact with the ball, however those are literally the only negative points. The flow on this game screams Ritchie all over and makes it very exhilarating to play. The modes are all colour coded and require different combinations of shots in different orders, and each mode has three stages so what appears to be a 6 mode game is actually an 18 mode game and I have never even gotten close to playing through them all in the same game. Multiball startup sequence is awesome - up there with Addams and Gofers, and overall the lighting and animations are very very solid. Theme is perfect whether you're a fan of the new movies or not, and it's a strong addition to any game room!
3 days ago
No Good Gofers has been in the house for years - its my dads game officially but we play it the same amount. This machines is just plain fun, and perhaps a little under-rated. The call-outs and taunts are frustrating and hilarious at the same time and really make you want to defeat the Gofers, and the layout is a very good mix of classic Lawlor 'stop-and'go' alongside very fast ramp and orbit shots. The hole-in-one shot is the most satisfying shot in all of Pinball, and this is unlikely to ever change. Art is good, music is good, all-round one of the slightly more forgotten 1990s Williams game that can hold it's own up there with the best of them!
3 days ago
A beautiful looking game and fun to play. For me it just didn't gel like Theatre of Magic does with similar game play feel. Still a great game but not upset I moved mine on.
3 days ago
Another one of my absolute favourites. The theme sound and game is so much fun. Looked for ages to get one and now have a original release beautifully restored one.
3 days ago
I sold my first theatre and it was a mistake. What a great game and theme. My only gripe is the music and call outs get a bit repetitive so I am about to pinsound it. Probably the best cabinet art on a pin imo.
3 days ago
I love creature. FInished a full refresh and restore a while back with all the bling and my own pinsound track now. I can understand some people thinking it is a bit boring and slow but I just get so immersed in the theme game and sound I love it. I find it also challenging to max out jackpots etc.
3 days ago
Just finished a full refresh on my MB and added Pinsound with my own mix. What a great game.
3 days ago
I get the appeal. The machine feels like you're playing "Army of Darkness" without the Deadites. There are goofy, tongue-in-cheek callouts and the game play is nearly unrivaled...but it feels somehow one-note to me. I like taking out the castle but it almost seems so easy. That and the callouts are 90's arcade schlock at their worst. I don't mind a game not taking itself seriously but damsels sound like valley girls and the guys (and various other characters) spout off modern pop-culture phrases and slang like "I'm gonna get medieval on your behind." Yes, really. It's cute but just not for me. I DO, however, think the playfield and toys are gorgeous and colorful with some great lighting that really pops, especially during the night. MM is Top Ten material but not a #1 table for me.
3 days ago
This has to be, without a doubt, one of the most beautifully-designed tables I've ever played. Colorful playfied, awesome toys and cinematic-level audio (the musical scoring in this game is incredible and doesn't sound at all synthetic or electronic) make this game a winner. The issue is that the ball draining down the middle is an annoying problem -- but it's replaced with joy when the machine calculates your score set to a nice light show and sitar music before a brilliant blue flash of light travels along the board and finishes things off. The female narrator adds a magical tone to the proceedings and battling the genie is always uniquely satisfying. Table is a winner -- though the "missions" can get repetitive.
3 days ago
After the awesome table that was "Elvira and the Party Monsters", she returned with "Scared Stiff", a fine table to be sure, but a slight step down from its predecessor.

The design is eye-popping. The playfield is brilliant and colorful with a 60's grindhouse horror cinema feel to it. This is capped by a coffin/crate in the center of the table and a giant ramp covered by the skeleton of a dragon's neck and skull. The music matches the theme but gets really repetitive very quickly. The frogs screaming each time you hit one is not great audio because you seem to hit them every five seconds.

Elvira has her usual double entendres but they're more innocent this time around and some of the others seem forced and too scripted ("Nice, us"; "Oh! I'm having multiple jackpots!"; "How 'bout another ball?") to be truly memorable.

"Stop the Spider" is also repetitive and wrecks the flow of the game. Sorry. I've never liked it. It's just an annoying feature that gives you repetitive tasks to accomplish ("Fish Head" for the 173rd time in ten minutes?!) and makes it feel like something completely separate from what you were just doing.

Aside from that, the gameplay is very smooth. It's fairly easy to hit the ramps and I love the light show during the multiball event, though it just sort of "happens" without much fanfare.

Great ball drain sequence (no pun intended).

I just like the first Elvira game better. It was beautifully simple whereas this game is needlessly complex and repetitive.
There are 29486 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 2 of 1180.

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