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Rating #51 of 10 7 days ago
There are things I really like about this pin and things I find totally annoying about it.
Seems a little overdone and too gimmicky.
Fun to play, but would never own it.
Rating #51 of 34 7 days ago
This is the best game of 2016. Great call outs and sound effects. Getting multi ball is a challenge and the center gap between the flippers means frequent (frustrating) drains.

It's got some neat tricks - not even sure how I activated it, but the flippers got 'possessed' and reversed. Took a few seconds, and 4 drains during multi ball, before I figured out what was going on.

Like other players have noted, the ball often jumps the ramp and drains down the left outline. Not cool, not cool.
Rating #51 of 45 8 days ago
This is one of my favorite EM games and one that I was thrilled to be able to add to my collection. The old single player wedge heads usually have decent rules and Sky Jump is better then most. Using the center bumper to change the bonus target, roll-over to give bonuses to all drop targets and the constant attempting to get both lit under one available target is pure pinball bliss. In less than a week we have put almost two hundred plays onto the machine so obviously it plays great and appeals to everyone from age 9 through 45.

As for the theme, think about the skill of skydiving. You are aiming for a target and the closer you get to the center the more points you get. (As an aside, I remember playing the Sky Diving mini game in Super Monkey Ball on the Gamecube for hours and hours!) Hitting any of the drop targets with nothing lit under them is lust a successful jump and very little points. You activate the numbered roll-overs to light the top row of lights under the corresponding numbered drop targets which represents landing on the outer rings of the landing platform and more point. If you can use the center bumper to move the "hot" target to a standing drop target and hit it you get EVEN more points for landing on the inner ring of the landing platform. If you manage to get both lights under s standing drop target lit and then hit that target, well you just successfully sky dived onto the bulls eye and will be awarded big time points.
Rating #51 of 45 8 days ago
This table is just to bare for my tastes, the secondary reverse table is neat but everything is a long shot on top. One of those tables that I never see anyone play on league night.
Rating #51 of 8 8 days ago
It’s hard to say what endured me to this game. A local guy who shops out pins he gets from arcades called and asked if I was interested. I seemed to remember playing GL at an NCO club someplace back in 1987 but had to look up the game on Google because I did not remember the lay out. I thought the design and art were just plain weird, and I like weird.

OK. The theme is…a freaking lizard! The pin came on the heels of the seminal Steve Ritchie hit “High Speed” so maybe Williams was trying to do an anti-High Speed to compete? I don’t know.

The play: I love it. Looking at this in the terms of 1986 and the beginning of System 11, then this game is just a lot of fun to play. I think there is just a really good flow to this pin and I like the early use of ramps, which would become such a stable in pinball games to come. It’s not super easy, but it is devoid of the complicated rule sets found in machines that came after it. I have mine next to a Ghost Busters Premium, a Walking Dead Pro, and a Metallica Pro and the Grand Lizard gets a fair share of the play.

The upper playfield is a points and specials bonanza when you master it, and you have four different shots to get the ball back up there. On the lower playfield you have a lot of fun things. You have magna-saves that throw the ball all over the place, a suicide pin between the flippers, and a three ball multi-ball feature that launches whenever you trap three balls. And if the person playing with you leaves trapped balls in the multi-ball trench, then they are yours for the taking on your next ball. There are no pop bumpers at all!

Multiball lights scoring bonuses but it’s not easy juggling them while hitting targets on the upper playfield. But, if you can manage it then lots of points can be had.

The playfield is well done. Good art. The cabinet is OK, and the back glass is fugly. Another glass was created originally but after a delay in production the original artist could not go back and re-work his art to accommodate some changes with the new display (or so I read). Williams pulled in another artist to make a completely different back glass that looks rushed and is otherwise "meh." The artist was well known and had done some awesome back-glasses, but Grand Lizard was not his opus. A lot of owners have gone out and gotten the original back glass and it does look better with the rest of the art, though I will keep mine because it was the original release.

The sounds: First, you have a background drumming noise and then of course you have the sounds made by the ball on the playfield. There is no voice but the animal call outs work pretty good for the theme. Hey, after all, you’re in the jungle, baby! Despite adding a new sound board and a new power board, I still can’t shake an annoying hum that the speakers generate, they seem to work in unison with the GI circuits. This is a know problem with this game. I am going to put in new speakers and hope that makes a difference. There is a somewhat annoying bell that rings when you get an extra ball, etc, and I’m thinking of disconnecting it. When I got the game, the drumming back ground music/sound was disconnected. I think it probably wore on some folks after a while and they decided to just disconnect it in favor of playfield sounds only.

On a lot of these games the upper playfield is really torn up and decals can be had to re-cover the surface. Mine was not so bad and I am regularly polishing it with carnuble wax to protect it going forward.

Should it be in the top 100? Well, it’s a matter of choice. I think it should be but not a lot of them were made and the game did not score as a hit anywhere on the scale of High Speed. It really had a tough act to follow. But I really like mine and have no plans to move it out of my collection.
Rating #51 of 44 8 days ago
Lots of really cool features on this game. Love the magna slings, love the subway lock, love the slimmer toy and the lighting effects. The art and music are also great. Some major design flaws on the left ramp which creates crazy air balls and the inlane guides are way to short, ball are constantly jumping over them. The flipper gap is also crazy wide. All of this adds up to a game with a lot of cheap drains. It's fun but can also be very frustrating, nothing like making the right ramp only to have it bounce over the lane into the drains off of what is supposed to be a controlled feed.
Rating #51 of 14 9 days ago
The artwork is very nice.
It plays fast for a 2" flipper game.
Rule set is simple but hard to master.
I am not a big soccer fan but i do like the theme it is well done.
Its a good looking and very nice playing game.
Rating #51 of 8 9 days ago
Greatest pin I've played. Thanks JJP
Rating #51 of 14 9 days ago
I have played this game on location (pro at first then premium when it came out) and it has improved so much with the code updates it is hard to believe.

The rules are what makes this a fun game as you learn what to do there are opened up a lot a different approaches. I imagine in a home setting this game can last a while but I am sure I have not found everything to do. If I am hitting the shots well, I go for blood bath and starting modes. When I am off, I go for multi-balls and try to get to the replay score. But many different approaches based on your skills.

I can't stand how often I get a drain out of the pops but assume in a home setting this can be tweaked. Vs the pro, the moving ramp on the premium is so disappointing to hit perfectly and have the ball hang up (especially in that ramps mode) so I don't like it as much as the pro for what it gives you. On the other hand the moving crossbow on the premium is really cool and timing when you get it part of strategy.

I don't watch the show but do like the art work.
Rating #51 of 7 10 days ago
Top 5 game overall for me. I'm big on theme and there is nothing better than the Simpsons in my mind. The voices and art are perfect.
Rating #51 of 7 10 days ago
A classic and a personal favorite for theme, music and fun.
Rating #51 of 7 10 days ago
I'm not a ZZ Top fan, but the music is oddly appropriate. Very much a Ritchie design with the middle shot from upper flipper. Hard shots all around that you can't be a little off on. I'd trade mine for something with a theme I prefer!
Rating #51 of 6 10 days ago
Great theme, OK game, terrible quality. Steve Ritchie did a nice job with the shots, but the game never really got me hooked. The audio, artwork, and art are a bit disappointing, to be honest.
Rating #51 of 6 10 days ago
Pat Lawlor and Ted Estes are probably the best duo in the history of pinball design. Great game, must-have in any collection.
Rating #51 of 6 10 days ago
Fun game overall, mostly because of the theme and humor. I loved the movie so naturally i love the game. The shots remind me of Monster Bash. It's fun to play a few times, but not a game I come back to over and over and find myself playing for hours.
Rating #51 of 6 10 days ago
Incredible game with the updated code. Jam packed with 32 modes which are all fun and different. Multiball feels like a real battle, and is my favorite multiball among all my games. Call outs and music are on point. Wizard modes are really tough but attainable. Love the rule set. Light show is amazing. Movie was a flop but the game is great. Congrats JJP #2!
Rating #51 of 6 10 days ago
The best game in my collection. Top quality and value. Lights are incredible. Lot's of movie footage. High-quality sound system. Challenging ruleset. Appeals to everyone. A+
Rating #51 of 7 10 days ago
Pretty simple but fun rules yet a very difficult game to have a 30 minute ball. Sounds and theme are very appealing to me.
Rating #51 of 7 10 days ago
Very much a stern game. Sort of a backwards version of Simpsons party pinball. The clear upper play field is kind of clunky. The hound dog toy and feature and is pretty weak. Sounds are king-like so what's not to like. I've still not completed my trip to Graceland.
Rating #51 of 7 10 days ago
Terrific in every way. Asking me to select my fave pin is like forcing me to choose my favorite ice cream. Twilight Zone can easily be my fave ok any given day.
Rating #51 of 7 10 days ago
One of the best Em-Pinballmachine ever
Rating #51 of 15 11 days ago
When this game came out, I attacked Jack and called him a fool for making a theme like WOZ.........Well I couldn't have been more wrong or in this case more of a fool. WOZ is a pinball masterpiece and is one of the greatest games of all time. The theme integration is top notch, along with the art package and overall fun of the game. I recently saw the broadway show Wicked, which prompted me to buy the game. After seeing that show, I was reminded how timeless the WOZ theme really is. One last note, my girlfriend hasn't played pinball in 4 years, but I am happy to say we have been playing WOZ every night after dinner........That alone is worth the price of gold to me!
Rating #51 of 13 11 days ago
Damn i love this game so much, i bought a new Pro edition. The flow... is typical Gomez... fast and gives a good feeling. Art is great if you love the franchise, sounds are superb, and lighting also very good.
Ruleset is maybe not that deep or inventive, but its still hard to get done. Its rewarding to play, and keep you going for a while.
Rating #51 of 16 11 days ago
The inner loop shot
Theme Integration
Good Flow
Deep Rules
Lots of Multiball
Long Games

Lots of multiball
Parts of the art package
The audio quality is inconsistent
Rating #51 of 16 12 days ago
AFM is classic pinball fun. Fast, flowing shots. The theme is well designed and integrated with great quotes. Good rulle set. Challenging but not ridiculously hard.
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