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4 days ago
Tron is a unique reverse layout unlike any other game. It falls into the category of a simple game that is easy to understand, but difficult to Master. The sound is superb and this game needs to be played at home to truly understand its how good it is. Tron is the type of game that can last a long time in even a small collection.
4 days ago
One of my favorite games without question!! “I’ll be right over honey, just one more game!!” I love the layout and the rules of this games. The biggest issue regarding Getaway is the art, it needs to be redone!
4 days ago
What can you say about Metallica that has not already been said??? This game is top 10 all day long. It truly is a pinball masterpiece. Many great games lack something, whether it be art or sounds, but this pin hits all the high notes in art, animations, music, layout and rules. Simply one of the best games ever created.
4 days ago
I love this game!! I am a huge Kiss fan, but I like to think I would love this game even if I wasn’t. I went with a pro as the premium and LE models offer almost nothing for the increase. Overall, the rules are simple, but it’s fast and flows well. In many ways it reminds me of Iron Man, brutal fast and short ball times. It is the ultimate pick up game and works in small and large collections.
5 days ago
Same review as King Kool...two-players, four-players...makes no difference, this game is a snore.

I guess pumping up the bonus through the spinners is cool, but there ain't much more than that going on here. Go figure, a one-dimensional Gottlieb 4-Player from the 70s! Perhaps a few drop targets could have saved the game. The backglass art is nice, the playfield art is the pits, but the vomit brown cabinet takes the was a poor choice. Avoid.
5 days ago
I guess pumping up the bonus through the spinners is cool, but there ain't much more than that going on here. Go figure, a one-dimensional Gottlieb 2-Player from the 70s! Perhaps a few drop targets could have saved the game. The backglass art is nice, the playfield art is the pits, but the vomit brown cabinet takes the was a poor choice. Avoid.
5 days ago
This is a classic solid state game. Everything coincides with the theme: voice, background sound, cabinet, backglass. Good shots, only wish there was a ramp added just to the right of the black hole entry shot. Actually, I purchased a vivak playfield protector for one of my black holes and installed a ramp glued to the protector and I have a switch mounted to it that is wired to the left ball lock for crazy ramp points. With the ramp it's a 10, but without it it's still an amazing piece of pinball history.
5 days ago
Same exact layout as Metallica, but not even half the game.
5 days ago
So far so good. The game is a lot of fun. The code is making the game better with every release. The artwork is really cool and I like the playfield layout. I added a few toys to the playfield and the game looks really nice and complete. I also added the new speaker light kit that is available. The shots are really fun on this machine. A few tight shots but not hard to me. A nice flow feel for sure.
7 days ago
I know many people are very fond of this game, but I honestly don't remember playing it much at all back in the days when it was out on location, and my reaction to it as a player's EM game based entirely on recent plays is much more muted (and perhaps less nostalgic).

The theme is old-timey movies, with a variety of stars depicted. I find the backglass to be a bit weird, just the characters splashed across, with a start of dark marquee-like concept. The playfield is a little more successful, with the feel of the lights of a marquee laid out. Also I think the slang term "Flicker" was not only obscure in the 70's, it was obscure by the 20's! (Replaced by "flicks"; the "flickers" were the first generation of hand-operated movie projectors causing the characteristic staccato, slightly irregular flickering.)

That said, although there are a lot of shots required in this game and a bonus goal to work to, I find the top playfield to be too closed and the bottom playfield merely a rebound ground. The two captive balls on either side are definitely skill shots, but the recovery from a successful or an unsuccessful hit is equally random. And the inner orbit loop is so hard that it's virtually out of play for any game of length. So one is left picking out safe shots and working very gradually. I'm just a little bit flat on the game play - it plays more like a carnival game than a flow.

Question: was this a licensed theme game -- were the estates of the actors depicted compensated? I have always kind of wondered about this.
7 days ago
Popadiuk had quite a string in the 90's, from World Cup Soccer to Cabaret Voltaire, but I think this is the machine that really established him as an auteur -- a designer whose work you could recognize just by playing the game, without knowing for sure he'd designed it. Arabian Nights is "themed but not licensed" - inspired by the classic work of literature, but also clearly drawing inspiration from the arabesque Hollywood movies of the 30's and 40's and maybe a few Warner Brothers or Scooby-Doo cartoons. (I consider World Cup Soccer to be of similar ilk -- licensed by FIFA perhaps, but almost creating a new back story for Stryker. I digress.)

My quibbles with "Tales" are mostly in the areas where Popadiuk games tend to fail -- their toys break, and when the machine isn't tuned or the magic lamp spinner or magic trunk or goal keeper isn't working, the games tend to be a chore to play. I'm also not a huge fan of his skill shots, which tend to be short and trinary.

But finely tuned and maintained, this game is tops: medium-depth rules-set, an achievable but not too easy wizard mode, balanced scoring, sequential goals, and a sort of whimsical interpretation of the theme, all in a two-flipper game.

I have a magic wish to make: that the ROM set to this game be expanded using modern capacity and programming, to incorporate more tales; we've got another 990 or so to work with.
7 days ago
I haven't actually played this game yet, and come to think of it this game has not actually been built yet, but I have seen a couple of photos of it. Judging from the photos and knowing that Stern would not possibly build anything other than a solid winner, this game has to be my favorite of all time! A solid 10!! It will be an 11 once (or if) the code is finished!!!
7 days ago
Played for 2 hours before this review. Brutal, difficult game. But a helluva lotta fun.

Art - absolutely beautiful. Probably one of the most detailed art packages in pinball. The backglass artwork and lighting is amazing. Personally, I love the sinister Houdini on the playfield. API did a great job sprinkling historical references all over the pin.

Music and Callouts - The general theme soundtrack is almost on par with TNA but with far less variety than a TNA. The production of the soundtrack is top notch. The voice acting sounds very much of the period in which Houdini lived - sounds like my old Edison record player from the 1910s. The game uses music and callouts to generate tension and excitement as modes are executing.

Lighting - at the time of this review, the programmer is stated that the light shows are not completed yet. But so far, wow! Again, not quite TNA lightshows but doing much more that Stern is with RGB leds. Considering that there is only one model (no Premiums, LEs, etc.) the complete use of RGBs is impressive. It does have a dark playfield but it's lit well.

Toys and Detail - This machine is an excellent value. Lots of mechs, toys and attention to detail. Custom molded "mods" come standard such as the milkcan, the Ouiji board planchette, theater spot lights and the steamer trunk. The stage mech is deceptively cool. It functions as a bash toy but with far more functionality that some of Stern's bash toys of recent memory.

Playfield Layout - I thought it was very unique. Not your typical fan. Not so much a flow game. More stop and shot. Obviously, the shots on the right side are tighter than most games. I consider myself a below average player and I was hitting the difficult shots with more frequency that the tight shots on my KISS Pro. This layout will be fun and challenging at home. I LOVE the 2 shots through the pops! What a clever layout - nice work Balcer.

Animation/Display - I was critical of the animations before I actually saw it in person. They are not JJP quality but they're very good indeed. The game teaches you the rules better than any game I can think of. Some people will find that annoying but you can dial it way down in the game settings.
7 days ago
First week impressions: The first night I was already thinking of reselling this machine. The straight down the middle drains prevented me from getting anywhere. I only started liking the game when I started getting aggressive with swinging the machine and movie it around to catch a lot of the straight down the middle drains. I still don't like one of the cups that has a tendency to fire it down the drain. I am starting to like the machine a lot more. A center post might be preferable for people that don't like bumping the machine around. The game would kind of suck if the legs were super tight and the tilt mechanism was set to be sensitive. The graphics are good and the playfield looks great in a dark room. The sounds and callouts are good. They got voice work from Earnie Hudson and it is great. It would have been cool if they had gotten the whole cast but never happens anymore. The music is good. AC/DC is the only that I can think of that is clearly better. Overall, I think it is a pretty good game so far with the exception of the straight down the middle drains. It really needs a center post or loose legs and tilt. But what do I know, I just play for fun. I am not a huge tournament player or anything but the game doesn't give itself a chance to put you through its gears with how short the games can be. The audit on the machine put the average game at 1:24. That is pretty brutal. All that code and modes put together never was even seen by most.
7 days ago
7 days ago
When I went to play this game (1.0 code) for the first time, I had low expectations based on watching early streams and reading and listening to reviews that gave a poor grade to this game. Then I played it. The first time I put 20--30 plays on it. I had only intended to play my 3 games for $2, but I couldn't stop playing it. Then, went home, watched a tutorial and learned more about the rules and multipliers. I went back and put another 20-30 games on it with my wife and kids. We all loved it! We played the premium version. The hyperloop was amazing! The supercharger in Getaway is my all time favorite toy/mech in a game and the hyperloop is the supercharger on steroids. Yes, it is a tough shot. But the payoff is worth it. It's not too tough, my 13 y/o son hit it three times when we played it. The art is better in person and there is more to it than just the 4 main characters. The sound is great (it's Star Wars). The lights were awesome. Clips are good. And the gameplay is fast and has flow, which is what I'm looking to add to my collection at the moment. After family approval, I put an order down for this one. I can't believe how much my opinion on this game changed after code updates and actually playing it. Please, do not review or pass judgment on this one until you play it. I didn't think I'd like the multiplier rules, but after learning about them, they are quite unique and fun. Constantly swapping them makes it a new game every time. Also, this is the best incorporation of an action button to date. And I used to hate those buttons.
8 days ago
Decent fun for a while. Bash toy coming out of the playfield resulted in very satisfying shots. Still after a few plays, it stopped engaging me.
8 days ago
I played this a lot at a bar back in the day. I really liked the music and biker sayings. I don't think I would want to own it as I'm not sure how long it will be before it became one dimensional and boring.
8 days ago
I am not a metallica fan but I am a fan of this pin. Shots, artwork, sounds, music. Great package.
8 days ago
This is a really fun game. I played it in a crowded arcade and so couldn't enjoy the music as much as I would have liked. The layout and rules are similar to the top machines of all time. No doubt it is a winning combination.
8 days ago
I owned this game for many years and then stupidly sold it. It is actually a fantastic machine. It includes so many way cool thematic elements that it stays entertaining for a long time. It is not a dark war-like theme which is refreshing and very family friendly. It has scooters, airplanes, captive balls, and a retracting mirror that makes a cool metallic "ting" when hit. There are even blinders that cover the flippers during Tommy mode. The broadway translite is way better than the stock one. I changed mine out early on. Then it was perfect. On the downside, the electronics had an overheating problem and frequently burned out chips and transistors. Still, I wouldn't be deterred to own it again.
8 days ago
The Hobbit is an epic journey. It is different from other machines and really spices up our gameroom. It drew me into the story, emotionally, in a way that no other pinball machine has. The integration of the three movies is dazzling in a way that flashy lights alone can't do. It does this with movie clips on the big screen, sound clips, use of multiballs, and shaker motor. It is absolutely amazing and surely is one of the nicest under-rated games of all time. I can understand the polarizing reviews of The Hobbit. It is difficult to understand the rules and what is going on at first play or even after a dozen plays. But then everything comes together and the thing just takes you an amazing adventure. I think that this is an unavoidable necessity to allow such a deep story line. There is no way to put enough lights on the table to explain where you are in the game and what every goal is. Fortunately, there is a huge screen and a smaller book-screen to help you along.
8 days ago
Really hard game with annoying's not an awful game but decent at can be found cheap but you get what you pay for.I have no plans to sell mine anytime soon but it's the only game in my collection I would sell if I had a decent offer.I do play it when I'm looking for a quick game.
8 days ago
Bof bof,
i have played it today and I m' really surprised how cheap the playfield compared to great 90s' pinball. Items are so-so. There is more thing to do on the left side of the playfield. Lot of stuff, but no so much fun. But it s'new and buyer probably think they shall not put their hands under the play field, witch is probably about half of the fun in life.
Friendship to all.
8 days ago
Game could benefit from the addition of "1" more interactive toy! However! This game is as underappreciated as it gets! When I first approached this game I was ready to pick it apart in every way possible! It's Star Wars right? And that's what I did! High expectations! High hopes! After code updates and giving the machine a chance to prove itself, my opinion has changed considerably! Game is difficult which I like a lot! Innovative and unique and enjoy it as much as any game I own! This game can only be evaluated fairly after spending some serious time playing it! If you're going to play a routed pro model, bring your $$$ cause you will need it! Not a player friendly game to play on location!
There are 31633 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 2 of 1266.

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