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4 days ago
I've had this for a couple weeks, this review is based on .87 code.

A few disclaimers: Yes, the game is stripped down compared to every modern Stern release. Yes, multiple inserts are ghosting on my playfield. Yes, Stern now calls this "normal", and I've put in a request for a potential future playfield replacement with my distro should things progress any further.

Now that we've gotten the negatives out of the way, the game plays like a dream. The light show is amazing. The Spike sound system really shines. There's a bazillion amazing video clips and sound bytes from the trilogy well represented here. And the shaker integration is very tastefully done.

Dwight has a potential home run with the code even at this early stage of things. I'm not a serious "player", but I'm loving the entire risk/reward system of building your multipliers and taking your hands off the flippers to move them. It adds a totally fresh element to gameplay. The other day I stacked two planet multiballs with a tie fighter multiball as well as hyperspace multiball, it was amazing! If you're a fan of GOT and IM, this is like the perfect mix.

Shots are smooth and satisfying. The multi-color GI really shines for hurry ups, and there's a ton of approaches to blow this game up. I love how different characters start with different modes already completed. If you're a masochist like me, it's super fun to just play with R2D2, beat a single Death Star mode, and jump right into the Destroy the Death Star mini wizard mode. Spoiler alert: it's seriously challenging!

I'd love to see some call outs added to the modes for what to shoot for a hurry up, when you have three different sets of flashing arrows and the ball is flying around it's tough to know what to shoot for to end a mode. I'd also love to see some more animations added to the three bank mini-lcd.

I was fortunate enough to pick up this along with AFMr recently, SW gets three times the play in my humble basement arcade. And I LOVE my AFM. It really does have the one more game quality I've grown to expect from a Stern machine, and I am very much looking forward to the 1.0 code release.

Thanks Steve, thanks Dwight, you did a great job on this despite what I presume was a monster licensing fee to get this made... please keep up the great work!
4 days ago
This theme should have been a home run without trying. Well, Stern really didn't try and it's barely a base hit. The artwork is lunch box quality, the playfield is tired and unimaginative. The theme is hardly integrated into the gameplay. Sure the Star Wars music is great. It's Star Wars...Yes, the game is fast, but after that..So? The rules are confusing, the monitor animations, fonts, etc barely immerse you into what is genuinely Star Wars. The theme itself makes you want to like it but can't carry this one across the finish line. I was going to say poor effort, but there really feels like there was any effort.
4 days ago
Played a bunch of games on this and it was fast and brutal with the flow as expected from SR. Lightshow was pretty good, though I felt blinded by the flashing at times and I am definitely not a LED hater. I like how you can choose a character to switch it up and add some strategy. Sounded good on location. Artwork is meh, but I assume that was out of the development team's hands.
4 days ago

Sensational art package representing the fight between Tony Zale and Marcel Cerdan in 1948. Playfield art is very expressive. Backglass is one of Roy Parker's best - maybe THE best. Animated in that every 10000 points a different animation of the boxer is shown culminating in knock out.


Designed by Harry Mabs, there is plenty to shoot for. Collect rounds to win replays. Pair the rounds with number 1 - 10 collected and can win a maximum of 5 replays.

On ball 5 there is a very clever feature that is triggered. It is possible to score 100000 instead of 10000 as the ball enters the ring and same at bottom of playfield.

This enables some frantic last balls where it is possible to come back from the dead and win a replay. The feature goes off at 2 million 800000 so still work to be done until first special.

Game can get frustrating as ball drops below flippers and it can be hard to recover. Depends on the bounce.

All in all though, considering the game is from 1950 it is an A plus. It is a work of art.

Only 900 made.
4 days ago
I really like GoT for a newer stern. This is the first game to have a strong departure from the "classic" pinball rules, where strategy can make a huge difference in score (versus just completing modes to get to mini/wizard modes for big points). Which house to you pick to start makes a big difference on how you play the game, which houses do you try to bring to multiball make a big difference, the order of houses completed makes a big difference, etc. Also, the game shoots really, really well, and the physical ball lock is a nice added touch. I would definitely enjoy owning this game at some point (and the Pro over the Premium, even through I love the lighting effects on the Premium.)
4 days ago
I really like GoT for a newer stern. This is the first game to have a strong departure from the "classic" pinball rules, where strategy can make a huge difference in score (versus just completing modes to get to mini/wizard modes for big points). Which house to you pick to start makes a big difference on how you play the game, which houses do you try to bring to multiball make a big difference, the order of houses completed makes a big difference, etc. Also, the game shoots really, really well, and the physical ball lock is a nice added touch. I would definitely enjoy owning this game at some point (and the Pro over the Premium, even through I love the lighting effects on the Premium.)
4 days ago
For a sequel game, I think this one is great. Takes the great elements of HighSpeed and bumps it up several notches with a WPC system -- better rules, sounds, etc. For a Steve Ritchie game, this is one of his best. Three flippers, great flowing loops, and a wonderful toy with the super charger.
4 days ago
As the second game of JJP, I had very high expectations. While the game is definitely worth dropping quarters in to play, it wouldn't be one for my home. Basically, you have a crazy open open playfield with very long shorts to hit anything. Which is fine and fun. But there are four popup monsters that come up regularly that get in the way of shots. I'm a huge fan of 3+ flipper games, but the third flipper on this one is useless. There are no special shots that you can make with the upper right flipper, which makes it feel useless. While the code is phenomenally deep, none of the modes necessarily feel unique. Rather, I just work into multiball and try to keep the balls alive. While hitting things, modes stack on, points go up, and the game progresses. A lot of fun if you like multiball, and lots of lights and call outs, but hard to really develop a strategy.
4 days ago
Unique game and I like the three ball locks for multiball. However, if the game isn't shooting well, it will be hard to make the upper right lock. It is a pretty good System 80, but overall, I'm not a fan of those games. Maintenance can really suck, especially if there are any issues with boards, transistors, etc.
4 days ago
What a difference between playing a remake and a 20+ year old machine (even in good shape). The use of LEDs stock really help to brighten up the game. If I were to get one, it would be a remake the whole way. Just like a car, the miles of driven (or play put on the game) really make a difference.
5 days ago
The ultimate theme presented beautifully by Stern
5 days ago
Dixieland is another one of those Ted Zale classics that is not well known, and rarely seen today, mostly out of neglect and age, not quality of gameplay.

It has a combination of many of Ted Zale's earliest innovations that were then ported to later machines such as Four Million BC (Bally, 1971) such as the controlled ball gates in a slightly different manner, and mini bagatelle playfield that was used in Joust (Bally, 1969).

One unique feature is the spelling out of Dixieland via score double bonus lighting on the backglass for bonus.
People should recognize this specific feature as it was used in other later titles, most notably games like Eight Ball Deluxe (Bally, 1981).

Sometimes pinball history and developments are a circle, even if people did not know it happened or why.

This is another game from Bally that had its backglasses made in both 1/4" thick crystal (think expensive glass vases) and plexiglass.

One other notable area is the artwork.
Atypical of the period, it did not use "straight line" jagged artwork but rather cartoonish style that was not particularly common as it was not in fashion.

It is a easily understood, strong playing game that is enhanced with its proper use of "zipper flippers" and very solid shot flow.

I will eventually upload high quality photos of my personal game that was non-routed and privately owned between two people for nearly 50 years. The current photos are not well representative of the game.
5 days ago
Not sure why this game is rated well below "Top Score" which is exactly the game except 2 players not 4.
5 days ago
A fan layout that truly works and is truly fun! I love the toys, the callouts and the overall speed at which this game plays. It's a unique and hilarious adventure and I'd love to own one.... if... the game didn't have a bunch of actor pix all over it. That's my only gripe! Otherwise I'd easily say this is one of my favorite playing machines.
5 days ago
Had a few rounds on the new hyped up game hoping to love it, and for the time being all I can say is that I am needing a bit more time to fully appreciate it. Got a bit spoiled with all the amazing art on Ghostbusters and am feeling a bit sad to see this one featuring a much more basic design and overall layout. The flow is a good Steve Ritchie style make-up, and the shots are all in good places, but it just feels slightly empty and shallow for me. I don't think the pro model is doing this game any favors, as I'm just not finding that one really cool element to keep me coming back for more. Overall it's sounding like the premium and le have what this game needs (hyperspace ramp especially) to truly fall in love.
5 days ago
I was one of the people who were initially skeptical about "Dialed In", with it themed around a phone. Having never read the comic book or about what this game is truly about, I passed it off until some time earlier this year. I've heard that it was a blast to play, from time to time, and it was eventually shown at Summer Games Done Quick 2017. I wasn't there, but I watched footage of it. Dialed In looked like an absolute blast to play.

Come ReplayFX 2017, Dialed In didn't disappoint. The shots felt really good, the callouts were CRAZY, and everything just seemed to come together. It's a classic Lawlor disaster-themed pinball machine. We need one in my neck of the woods; this is too good not to pass up, even if the prices seem unsettling at first.
5 days ago
To begin with, I think the layout for this pin is great, lots of shots that requires skill(maybe because I'm relatively new with adjusting my strikes). Game rules are ok but somethings need to be told: When you select your skill shot, that is not very obvious, what you're gonna get. Sounds, speech & music are the same as if I would listen to actual wrestling since it's their voices and entrance music. I'm sold to the theme, because I was a big fan of WWF back in those years. Overall, I think it's a really good pin. I would definetely buy one.
6 days ago
I *LOVED* this game. The shots felt great, the rules felt great, and I really enjoy soccer as well so that helps. The spinning ball is a neat toy. The ramps felt quite smooth. I also really enjoyed the incorporation of Striker. I know that a lot of folks don't like the backglass, but I loved it! The cabinet art was kind of meh, but I liked the BG. The sounds were fun, the callouts were varied and exciting, and I overall thought the game would be a keeper in a collection.
6 days ago
I really enjoyed this game, even though I didn't expect to. The artwork, sounds, and gameplay were all quite fun. The ramps were super smooth, and the locking of balls was a neat watch!
6 days ago
A very close runner-up to the similarly-designed Raven for a contender for worst pinball machine ever. Everything about the build is cheesy and cheap-feeling, and on a well-maintained machine it's highly unpredictable whether "made" shots will actually make it up around the ramps or slots or what have you. Throw in a photographed translite "theme" that seems like it should be from some obscure British science fiction TV show, but in fact is nothing (a knock off of Strange Science, Bride of Pinbot, or whatever by some theories, but my theory is it was a random photo of odd people somebody threw up as 'inspiration' on the design board that accidentally got put into the final game).
6 days ago
I had to play this game in competition at Pinburgh, and I was reminded of why it might possibly be the worst machine produced of all-time. From the horrible theme and incredibly cheaply-produced artwork to the nearly unplayable rule set to the cheesy mid 80's flippers to the dim and tiny LED scoring, and the hard to see playing field, I have tried hard to find one redeeming feature about this mess, and have failed.
6 days ago
I've played this game enough to feel I can rate it, but I don't feel like I can properly review it, given that I swoon with joy every time I hit the start button. I haven't gotten through full wizard mode so I can't comment on its lastability, either, but the tremendous variety of shots and multiple levels of play suggest I won't be bored with it anytime this century. Gimmicks? It has invented whole new categories of gimmicks. Playfield layout? Among the best ever. Surprises, overlapping modes, an extremely large number of permutations on how to maximize scoring, a variety of multiballs, and an array of combos. It doesn't quite incorporate the "one of everything" aspect of Wizard of Oz (which may be a good thing) and it's an incredibly busy playfield, so it's hard to call it perfect (if such a thing will ever exist), but it's clearly the best design of a generation, with only Lebowski possibly giving it a run for the money for having a superior theme and integration. (Are you the good guy or the bad guy in this pinball, with its hommage to Lawlor disasters of previous machines? Who knows? Who cares? It's only the lack of coherence in the theme that really keeps the design from pure nirvana levels).

The best.
6 days ago
Stern's best use of the LCD screen so far. Fast gameplay, deep code. I wish there was one more toy that interacts with the ball on the game.
6 days ago
A game where the schtick (the elevator!) and the artwork are so pleasing that it raises a fairly simple game play up to a level of enjoyment well above the sum of its parts. The scoring is pretty simple in the end - for a two-inch flipper game, it's got about four shots to make - get it up into the bumpers high and leave it, collect the elevator levels 1-12 at will. But enjoy the swells partying down all the while, and bump and grind as best you can. The era is straight up gambling -- the payoff on this game are specials, and the literal payoff came from collecting them as frequently as you could -- so if you own this game, you might do something like have a jar of coins or candy or something and you get one every time you make a special.
6 days ago
The flow on Flash is quite good. There's two loop orbit shots that are overlapping parabolas, asymmetric and which play different from right and left. But you can't just sit there making the shots; the big payoff is on a lit right spinner, which requires going down to the lower playfield. I think the bumpers are a bit superfluous to the overall scoring (simply rattling the ball around the top rollovers) but the overall gameplay is excellent. I'm not a huge fan of the theme and artwork, but it's not ugly and the 'flash' theme and strobe match the pinball idea pretty well. All in all I think among the better gems of the early SS era, and while clearly hearkening back to the late EM era for the point scoring design and not using chip scoring quite as much as later machines, there's a clean simplicity that does not fall off into tedium.
There are 29989 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 2 of 1200.

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