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“Very good Pinball,design beautiful and happy game!”

“Played and wasn't very impressed for new technology. Skill shot is confusing--pops are the best part. Like the grunting when slings are hit! Plastics are ok, playfield art is ok, the "ring" is an interesting gimmick but not as well done as one may think. Bonus at end of ball is slow and is not explained.”

“Very fun, the Alien Star cabinet art is phenomenal. Cool sounds effects--slightly repetitive. Great flow, awesome spinner shot, fun ball flow from flipper to flipper.”

“TX Sector has the coolest sound effects out of any game I have every played! Ball in the pops makes strange different noises all the time. Cool light show when ball teleport gimmick is achieved. Ball has potential to be saved in right outlane, can bonce back in shooter lane.”

“John Trudeau is the man--Robo War has rewarding sound effects and a very fun outlane gimmick on the right side--collecting ROBO letters is challenging, hitting alpha and beta targets are a fun repeated task, multiball has very straightforward and simple guide. Beauty in simplicity!”

“There is nothing else on this game I can ask for, it has one of the best light shows ever! Sound effects too--get an extra ball and a special and tell me space station isn't the best!!!! LOVE”

“Scorpion is by far one of my favorite tables. With one of the coolest color schemes and a beautiful mirrored backglass, I have fallen in love. The lights flash when multiball is achieved and the scoring countdown bonus is an awesome gimmick... very rewarding and you want to play again and again! The artwork is so 80's, rad!”

“Cool widebody game. Scorpion is a game that must be adjusted correctly- make it fast, wax the playfield throw in some Led's and you got a great looking and playing game. Loads of drop targets, tough multi-ball and good ball flow keep me coming back for another game.”

  • dalispictures currently owns this game.

  • “This game is a lot of fun. I think it's underrated. There are a ton of shots and playfield is very well laid out. Audio "oh yeah" from Macho Man gets old, but game overall is well worth putting up with that. I plan to own this game for a long time.”

  • PinFan4Life currently owns this game.

  • “I really enjoy this game. This is my 2nd time owning it and will not trade it again. It's a keeper. One of Sega's best efforts IMO.”

  • PinFan4Life currently owns this game.

  • “Fun game at first, but gets boring. I've owned it a couple of times and pretty sure I will not again. I can't get past the annoying audio of this game, biggest draw back to me.”

  • PinFan4Life has owned this game in the past.

  • “This game is a lot of fun. The toys and playfield are very well done. I am very impressed with the build quality of this game. It is one that I would certainly love to have in my collection. I've played it a lot at a friend's house.”

  • PinFan4Life has this game on the wishlist.

  • “This is a really cool pin that can be found at a decent price. Overall it looks really great especially when converted to colored LEDs. There isn't really a whole lot to do. Just got to do all the shots and complete everything to get to the final battle fighting the TX,she keeps on fighting pulling out all the stops. payback time is cool the red features pretty neat and the RPG back glass is just completely kick butt. Sometimes you gotta pull the gun handle during gameplay to complete the RPG while you're playing also to kill terminators on the DMD! There is even a pretty cool video mode. Definitely an action-packed fun pinball game”

  • tk-the-jammer currently owns this game.

  • “Wish it was based on the original. Get the overlay if you buy it.”

    “I did not enjoy this game whatsoever at all”

    “Just started to give Sega more play time. This is a very nice game.”

    “I was hoping to love this game..drained too much for me to play very many game.
    Maybe a bad night.”

    “I like saga pins..and I like this one.”

    “This game is worse then I thought it would be”

    “Don't think it should be rated this bad”

    “A unique game made for those who have a rather large collection”

    “Sounds of this game kill it for me.”

    “Got a chance to play it..nice game”

    “I find a nice one close to me at the right price..yes.”

    “boring..very fast.”

    There are 21285 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 14 of 852.

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