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“I have 10+ ems. My perspective comes from comparing this machine to my other 70's drop target wedgeheads.

This game differs in many ways, and for those reasons it is a keeper in my collection (gotta have variety). Four 3" flippers - drop targets reset after each ball - center turret (no plunger) - 2 vari targets - lower pop bumpers (think AbraCaDabra) - two ways to play/win (point total AND runs scored).

Vari targets don't come into play as much as one would think, but are a fun aspect of this already unique game. Keeper.”

  • presqueisle1 currently owns this game.

  • “Beautiful game! This is the game that expanded my pinball horizons. I was mostly a 70's Gtb drop target guy until I played this game. Now I have an appreciation for the finer things in life...Woodrails! Unique back box animation and a lot of nudging sums up this one for me. Land in the kick outs to light the 100k pops, try to keep the ball up top...and avoid the gobble hole. 2" flipper play has it's own nuances, which is addicting, and adds a great variety to a 'newer' collection of Em's. Last use of bulb scoring for Gtb...which makes this game even more significant. Interesting note: 'Game Over' is printed on the back of the backglass, but there is no socket in the head to illuminate it. Supposedly the animation took up too much real estate. When the 'match' star lights up...Game Over!

    after further review...this game is tough tough tough. Fun, but tough. I have my posts set liberal, and replays set at 6m + and 30 points +. Tilt disabled. And I still get a 2m average score. I'm not a bad player. This game will kill you 5 times before you hit the ground. If you like punishment in the form of pinball, buy one. Make sure you put a more 'giving' pin next to it though so you don't go crazy. Do I sound crazy? I think I am going crazy. 50+ plays with only one replay won.....sheesh.”

  • presqueisle1 currently owns this game.

  • “Unique layout for my collection (mostly wedgeheads). Very challenging, and probably one of the toughest to win extra games on for me. Gotta have tough ones in your line up, and this is one of mine. The bagatelle, along with the 5000 point 'double' drop target scoring, gives a very nice variety of play. Others can wax more poetic than I, and believe them. This would arguably be a game that would keep your interest in a 1-2 pin collection. Few games I would say that about.”

  • presqueisle1 currently owns this game.

  • “WOW, what an intense game. After owning it for only a few weeks i have to say there is so much energy in this machine, it really gets my heart pumping everytime i play it! Multiball is an adrenaline rush, getting a jackpot or even a super jackpot is extremely rewarding! I modded my machine with LEDs throughout, some LED Flasher stripes and the blue police flasher topper from mezel mods. In combination with the siren light, the awesome ZZ Top soundtrack and the cool callouts, this game puts on an awesome show.
    Gameplay is easy, not very complicated but that's really not needed here, it’s only straight forward like a fast car. Stevie Ritchie flow in a classic package, i really love it right now!”

  • Ben1981 currently owns this game.

  • “Sopranos is one of my alltime favourite TV shows, so the theme strikes some chords for me personally. The layout is not the most original in the world, critics say that George Gomez just keeps rehashing his popular Monster Bash layout. This is true to a certain degree, but i have to say this layout simply works and is plain fun.
    The toys in the machine are nice but nothing special, nevertheless it’s always cool to see the strippers start dancing in the upper left playfield corner. The safe in the center is an easy target but those center shots can cause some dangerous SDTM drains. Hitting one of the two ramps feels satisfying but is not that easy. Left and right orbit are the easiest shots on this playfield, as is the center spinner shot which starts all the modes.
    There is some strategy involved in stacking the multiballs and maxing the score while reaching underboss. I always feel like there is a healthy amount of things to do and different approaches to follow on this machine.
    It’s definitely not a visual stunner at first glance but i really like the gameplay. Can’t put my finger on why i love playing Sopranos but it’s always very entertaining!”

  • Ben1981 currently owns this game.
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  • “Pros:
    You can't deny this is an original / unique layout…
    The pin fits the theme.
    Looks better in reality than on pictures

    The ring is extremely boring. Kills the flow.
    Not a fan of this symetrical layout
    Understanding the rules is hard.

    Unsure if better code can save this one.”

    “I waited several months to rate that pin after playing it for the first time. My first experience was truly abyssal. Now that I found one with code update and most of the worst drains corrected, I can say this pin is far better than WWE, good but not outstanding.

    Cool ramps – smooth and clear.
    Original skill shot
    Interesting (but not family friendly!!) animations
    Shot map / layout is original
    (Game needs to be set up properly to be enjoyable. You will find the right settings at home, but finding the right one on location is another story)

    Artwork is not stellar, but not hideous either.

    2 bash toys is one too many. The Well Zombie is kind of ridiculous. The Head bash toy in the barn is even worse. And both seem to have problems registering shots.
    Ugly White lightning…
    No actor voices
    Rules are far from self-explanatory.”

    “A good "kitchen sink" game - feels like Lawlor threw everything he had into this one. I like the mini flipper hitting the blast; having the ball head to the left plunger, a la Funhouse and GnR; locking balls for multiball through a tight spinner; obligatory Lawlor shot through the bumpers to a cool ramp, etc. Layout kinda reminds me of Last Action Hero - lots to do everywhere.

    Sounds are okay, a bit repetitive as you work your way across country every game. Carlene Carter fans will love it! Wish it had a bit more variety...

    Oh and yes, the theme is confusing...country music, construction, trucking, ???

    Overall though, a fun game by the master designer.”

  • Dbaum88 currently owns this game.

  • “WOW Iron Man Vault edition....may be what I have searched for - a KEEPER!

    I love fast games and this one is fast. Very similar in game play to Metallica if you ask me, with a fan layout starting various stackable multiballs. I love the ramps and the bogey sequence; the whiplash is a cool boss/toy and of course, the Iron Monger. On the Vault Edition, the unique backbox is stunning and the 3D side art is incredible. I have added figures to mine with a shaker, etc.

    Audio is top notch. The roar of the jets never gets old. I enjoy the "Spiderman" - movie feel to the animations, also similar to Tron. If you are a fan of the IM movies...forget about it!

    I like Stern; they make good games (despite the correct complaints from many about delayed code) and I think Iron Man is one of, if not their best. Play it!!”

  • Dbaum88 currently owns this game.
  • 1 Pinsider starred this rating review

  • “I bought an Indy 500 and love it! It is set up steep and man oh man, is this one HARD and FAST game. Brutal. I love it...(btw, I also love Iron Man). The game feels like its uphill all the way and man does that ball fly around the PF.

    Lots of gimmicks and gadgets, i.e., the ball accelerator made famous by the Getaway; the RED targets; the center hole for modes; the upper flipper shot to the turbo. The turbo shot off the orbit for turbo bonus is one of pinball's great shots.

    Audio is top notch in my opinion and the announcers (real announcers) are great. They really add to the feeling and sound of an Indy 500 race. The lightshow for multiball is very nice.

    Artwork is so-so, although I added a bunch of scale cars from Ebay. Lots of fun to mod.

    One of my favorites - walk, don't run! But not for the faint of heart....”

  • Dbaum88 currently owns this game.

  • “Very fun pin. Obviously, a take it or leave it theme but I think it would be fun to mod, what with all of the WWE figures available these days. A good variety of ramps, and I especially like the one in front. Very good flow. Sound is good, but the sound of Macho Man saying "YEAH" every five seconds would wear on my nerves after a while. All in all, a solid, fun pin and a good bang for the buck in a not-very-desired-game.”

    “Super Game is Fun

    the Multiballs are challenging

    for a pin with no bumper jets, it still offers a lot of shots and targets


    “I enjoyed TRON (PRO) so much I sold it for an LE

    Daft Punk made a great game soundtrack and the shots are killer

    Flynn is open for business :-)”

  • TheCnyPinGuy has owned this game in the past.

  • “WHITE WATER !!!”

  • TheCnyPinGuy has owned this game in the past.

  • “I love the show when you blow up the saucer in the center”

    “Goldeneye 007 is an interesting game that, while missing the "A" mark, is a fun machine that lands itself in solid "B-grade" territory thanks to its fun ramps, solid main multiball, good use of theme, and one of the coolest toys in pinball--a satellite that grabs and holds onto the ball during multiball play. It has modes, it has toys, it has magnets, it has orbit-area ramps, it has a scoop that fires the ball right back at you, and it even involves the gun during one of the modes (unlike other games that do this, it's actually quite useful).

    The issue I have with the game is, while the multi-ball modes are great, and while the game has some worthwhile flow, the progression to the wizard mode doesn't seem to be very well thought out and the weight of certain modes score-wise is negligible at best. As such, progressing through your modes isn't all that engaging (nor hard to do) and what you end up doing is playing a lot of multiball instead, maybe a lot more than any one should ever want to. Certain aspects of the playfield layout also does not lend itself to lighting certain inserts for the wizard mode (such as "007 Top Lanes", something that would be meaningful if there was a way to get the ball to the top lanes without intentionally draining out on the plunge). Again, some things were just not very well thought out from a progression standpoint.

    I'm not going to comment as much on gameplay in this review as I normally do (maybe I will update this and do that at a later time, there is a lot--both good and bad--to address in detail), but I would like to comment on the theme: I find the use of it to be great. I dig the backglass art, the cabinet, backbox head and speaker grills have a great style overall and I think the playfield art is fine as well. A lot of people have mentioned the "Photoshop-esque" art on SEGA games, and while the playfield looks very smooth in a PS kind of way, you can tell it was hand-drawn as well, and I think it looks good. The soundtrack is also very solid. It still has a little bit of that Data East/SEGA edgy/cheesy feel, but it integrates the classic bond theme very well which makes the soundtrack stand above most else you will hear from DE/SEGA. The sound effects are much more varied than an older DE title and it doesn't sound like a lot was regurgitated for this release, which is refreshing. The callouts are decent as well, but some do get repetitive, like the "Hurry! Hurry! This is your last chance" at the end of every mode. Bond's, "Shaken, not stirred" never gets old, and there are quite a few classics like that found within the game. The voices sound pretty convincing overall as well, and it's hard to tell if they were done by the real actors or impersonators. There is a quote or two that makes me think they are impersonators, but most of them sound true to the film (Goldeneye) for the most part and so I'm not 100% sure. Maybe it's a mix of both like in Batman: Dark Knight by Stern.

    Overall, Goldeneye 007, despite its issues, is still a wildly addictive game. There's just something to the flow of the game and the speed of the action that keeps me coming back for "just one more game" pretty much any time I play it. I wish the rules were fleshed out better because it's this that keeps the game from reaching true greatness (something SEGA pins rarely achieved), but it's still a very solid playing machine as-is and will fit nicely in a large collection.”

  • akm has owned this game in the past.

  • “A near perfect game in my humble opinion. There is little that could be improved. Of course there is the code, but in terms of design and variation it is solid. In fact, this is a tough review to write because there is little to say other than the game should be in the top 5.”

    “This machine is fun to play with a group of friends. The game is fast and the ramp shots are smooth. I don't mind the bash target either. My concern is that the theme will seem dated in a few years. As others have said, it is game appears licensed in name only. The integration with the show is only superficial. It could easily been a generic zombie themed pinball machine. In fact, it may have been better, since there would be no constraints from AMC. Finally, I am not a fan of the backglass, primarily because I do not think photoshop an pinball mix well.”

    “This is the first game that I have purchased. Purchased from Dr. Scott in 2011. This is the first game with a basement sub-level. Activating the multi-ball function is one of the hardest systems I have ever played. Fun wide body five ball game, and, owning a Gottlieb feels like owning a Rickenbacker; it's just cool.””

  • ulysseslions08 currently owns this game.

  • “Best in show Michigan Pinball Expo 2015. This game is played with subtle shot selection and the game play is slow compared to contemporary machines. This game is for enthusiasts.”

    “I'll start at the beginning with this pin. Playfield layout is typical Stern and a little disappointing (2ramps, bash toy, magnet X2) Like Metallica, X-men, etc... So I was not instantly loving that aspect of the game. It plays really fast though, with some fun combo's (tight loop to right ramp gets that ball screaming!!) and relatively easy multi-ball modes to initiate. I like the skill shot, as well as the woodberry shot is pretty tough and the crossbow is a pretty cool (but hard as hell to complete) feature. There are some definate missed oportunities here in a ball lock mode (really Stern? WTF?), scoops, bumper placement, etc. The rules are easy to understand with good callouts for shots and should only get better with future code updates. The bicycle girl lifting ramp is cool, but I don't think it's enough on a LE machine selling for as high as 10 000$ in Canada. The artwork on this machine (as on any machine) is subjective, but I think it is amazing! Zombies everywhere! What else could you want?!?! The crate cabinet reminds me of Scared Stiff, and has the lastability as far as a good looking machine goes. The playfield artwork is great with areas to customize and mod the sh*t out of which is sweet. And hands down, no contest, I think this game has the best DMD animations of any pin out there. Soooooo badass. I know a lot of people were crying that Stern did not go to an LCD screen line WOZ of personally I like the DMD aspect of pinball, makes it feel more like I am in the arcades of my youth! The music is bang on, the callouts are nothing to write home about with the hillbilly talking instead of TWD cast (see "Missed Opportunities") but I find both are never too much, but rather just enough. Lighting is great other than around the bicycle girl, but with a little mod thats also fixed.

    Quick rundown of pro's vs cons.

    Amazing artwork (playfiled and Cab)
    Great music
    A few tough shots (Woodberry, combo's)
    A few fun combo's (left ramp to left loop, right loop to right ramp)
    Challenging to complete (My best is 84 zombies killed)
    did I mention the AMAZING F'N DMD ANIMATIONS!!!!

    Gets annoying when ball sits in pop bumpers for half your game the SDTM drains on you
    So much missed potential (No ball lock, generic Stern desing w/ 2 ramps, bash toy, etc, no actors voices)
    You should get more on an LE for the price (Topper, mods, extra SOMETHING worthwhile)
    Too hard to get crossbow activated and hit all the shots (could be fixed w/code)

    All in all I love the theme of this game as I am a huge Zombie Walking Dead fan, but put another theme in place of it with crappy artwork and whatever DMD animations and I would pass. I think the whole package is what sells this one. Nothing to ground breaking as far as shots and playfield goes, but never the less I think this is one to keep in a collection as it has the same effect on me as BSD does in the sense that I have a few bad games and want to light the piece of junk on fire and then I have a great game and I am right back into it hook line and sinker. Plus did I mention KILLLING ZOMBIES DMD AN........”

    “boring , mini playfield is lame without any fun , no god flow , played it several times , more than 3 hours , never met any player who liked it
    theme could have been fun , for example i like the wwf royal rumble old school style pin”

    “Centaur is a machine that has some of the best art that I've seen in a pin. The wonderful black and white art is still stunning to this day. Even though this pin is over 30 years old, the art and dark theme make this machine feel very fresh. I love how the red accents on the inserts and posts contrast with the artwork. The audio on this machine is decent, but it doesn't live up to the high standard that the visuals set. While I like the reverb heavy taunts, the music is just okay and is a little on the repetitive side.

    The rules are easy to understand, but there's enough depth to keep the machine interesting. Getting multi-ball by hitting the "ORBS" targets requires some very precise shots. This is not a machine that's beginner friendly since just shooting the ball around the playfield isn't going to net many points.

    While this machine is fun, I honestly feel like the gameplay on this machine is a little dated. While good, it just doesn't live up to the wonderful artwork on the machine. For an early 80's pin, it's a lot of fun. This is a visually stunning pin that can make a great showpiece for a collection.”

    “Amazing PF shot map. Very original, very diverse and well thought. The mini-flippers are really cool.”

    “Junk Yard is a fun machine that has a decent theme that's plagued by slightly juvenile humor. The playfield layout is good but I'm not a huge fan of the blueprints taking up so much real estate in the middle of it. There are quite a few good shots to aim for and hitting the wrecking ball is always satisfying. I also like the time machine that allows you to play a few modes from other popular games that came out before this one.

    I always appreciate an original theme and escaping Crazy Bob in his junk yard is certainly interesting. While the theme is good, some of the humor is a bit juvenile. The toilet on the playfield and the slightly juvenile noises it makes when you hit the shot are funny the first few times, but they get old quickly. Also, the video mode where you throw toast at the dog is entertaining the first few times you play it, but this mode starts to get annoying when you play it 5 or 6 times during one game. The stoner is the VW is also funny the first few times, but starts to grate on your nerves after a while. Getting to the wizard mode isn't too hard and I can usually defeat Crazy Bob at least once during a normal game. That's really saying something since I'm not that great of a player.

    Overall, this is a fun machine that I enjoy playing occasionally. The theme is interesting and I give it props for originality, but it has elements that are hit or miss. Junk Yard is a solid machine but not one that I would seek out for my collection.”

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