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Rating #351 of 11 1 month ago
possibly among my top ten in back glass artwork. reminiscent of japanese artist Sorayama. unapologetic about beautiful female forms on back glass this is a good one. as for the table it's self. there doesn't seem to be much to do except shoot for a spinning turret. when you land that you may use the turret to shoot at something else, problem is... there IS nothing else. beautiful design on the backglass, less so on the play field, and none whatsoever on play field layout.
Rating #351 of 22 1 month ago
The bad: horrible lighting and the cabinet artwork is the worst I've seen on a Stern.

The good: everything else!!! Wow, what a great integration of theme into a machine and such deep rules. People say the game doesn't have great flow because it has some stop and go and is often a sharpshooters game, but that is just a matter of opinion and dependent on your play style. I like this game, would love to have it my collection one day.
Rating #351 of 22 1 month ago
This is the ultimate one more game machine. My husband and I acquired this game for its individuality, uniqueness and espcially artwork.

The gameplay is fast. If all of the Williams 80's game looked and played like Sorcerer, the early 80's Williams would be just as much in demand as the early 80's Bally machines. This is probably the best looking game in my family's collection.
Rating #351 of 11 1 month ago
being from chicago i love the back glass and theme of this pin. i can pin point the spot on lake shore drive that serves as the back glass location. the whole mad max apocalyptic biker theme is cool. but..... (and this may be only my experience) the game play on this is an atrocity. thinking i've stumbled upon merely a badly tuned table of this i've now played it in four locations and always with the same result. launch the ball and then watch it come round and shoot right down the middle between the flippers..... time after time. take a shallow ball plunge and watch it ricochet of the pop bumbers and settle right down the middle between the flippers. in over twenty attempted plays at this game i believe i've needed to hit the flippers only four or five times. the result is ALWAYS the same. i hate this game.
Rating #351 of 11 1 month ago
normally i like unique pinball layouts. this definitely qualifies, but alas i don't care for it. two thirds of the play field are totally out of use at any given time. it just doesn't work. the feature at the end where you can gamble away points for a potential bonus means that scoring is anarchic and detatched from skill level or even game to game conduct. not huge on the WB theme but i understand it appeals more to younger children. i believe atari made a road runner pinball. i would like to see that.
Rating #351 of 22 1 month ago
A couple thoughts about my ranking: the play field layout is so strange and unique I ranked it a six since there really isn't any other layout like this kind, I have no reference of comparison. Also, the game doesn't really have a back glass per se, it is a 1/3 size translight like you would see on video games, the artwork is good but it is on such a small surface that it is hard to detail it much for ranking purposes.

Obviously this game is non-traditional in that it is a stand up arcade and you are playing with joysticks off a mirrored reflection designed to make you feel that you are playing a vertical pinball machine. The effects on the game with the lightening and floating scores are just straight up super cool.

The game is hard to find since not many exists and most of the ones that do exist are in rough condition. The game is hard to find parts for. The game is really pretty though, first class artwork and I like the mini play field, it remains me of an early 80's version of the ACDC miniplayfield. The left ramp is a challenging shot. I'm still struggling to figure out the lane change rules.
Rating #351 of 11 1 month ago
this is a machine i remember playing and liking as a kid. to this day it's sound profile brings me back a little. as a young person playing it i was struck by the humorous concept of dracula, marilyn monroe, mikhail gobechev, and santa claus sharing a taxi ride. as i got older and more into pinball i appreciate it's layout. a smooth not overly fussy play field and rule set.
Rating #351 of 22 1 month ago
I've been waiting on code update from code update to fix the magnet drop on the prison, it has improved but still occassionally the ball with simply release down the middle.

Our LE at home was blinded out by Gio and everyone says its the best playing example they have seen (thanks Gio!) so my perspective may be a bit warped, but this is easily one of my favorite games. I like the depth of the rules and love the modes and the way you can have scoring champions on each mode. I like the call outs, even though they don't have the actors voices as it fits the general idea of zombie survival.

Amazing light show. Amazing to play. I wish I was good enough to get to Hord mode, I will be soon..I hope. :-)
Rating #351 of 9 1 month ago
Not many people like this game but I love it!
Rating #351 of 8 1 month ago
This game has a great playfield layout but was held back by incomplete code at first. With the latest (end of 2015) code updates, it's a top three pin for me.

- Great flow, cycling the warp ramp is fun. Good combo system.
- Lots of strategy options with the mode grid.
- Two achievable multiballs. Vengence is especially satisfying (fire proton torpedos!).
- Kobayashi is just the right difficulty to be seen somewhat often but still feel like an accomplishment.
- Away team is very satisfying now and adds another strategy option.

- Vengence scoring and battle usually aren't worth it (especially with extra balls off).
- It can be difficult to start new modes, especially for newer players
- Even with the timer pause, it's still kind of beneficial to catch the ball at every opportunity.

The LE looks better with the full spectrum lighting. I have no idea why they chose to make the playfield different - the pro involves a little more skill to livecatch but it doesn't have the dangerous kickout so I don't have a preference either way.
Rating #351 of 21 1 month ago
The light shows are absolutely stunning--even on the Pro model. I can't imagine how they'll be on the Premium/LE model. Very smooth gameplay. There aren't too many toys, which in this case is a good thing. Definitely my favorite new Stern after Spider-Man.
Rating #351 of 8 1 month ago
Great table held back a bit by awkward rules/scoring. Still very fun to play.

- Great flow, especially ramp mode.
- Lock grid is a cool way to insert variety into the multiball (and into multiplayer mode!).
- Diverters give the layout more depth
- One of the best video modes

- Having to much flow puts you into frenzy mode which is pretty bad.
- Super spinner is too valuable and shouldn't apply as bonus.
- Starting normal modes turns off some of your lock shots.
- Modes aren't worth enough.
- Getting a second multiball is too hard (you often feel "stuck" after getting super spinner and multiball).

What are you doing?
Making a long distance phone call.
Rating #351 of 8 1 month ago
Very satisfying game considering the age.

- Nice shots which are well balanced.
- Arnold Schwarzenegger (get out).
- Cannon is a great toy.
- Super jackpot is one of the best.

- Doesn't have quite the depth of some newer games (it's very possible to complete everything and start over).
- If the center targets are flaky, the game becomes much more difficult and less fun.
Rating #351 of 8 1 month ago
Usually I prefer more complex games such as Star Trek (2013), but Iron Man is fun for how simple it is

- Playfield is very satisfying (especially war machine "ball teleporter). Fast and furious with good flow. The ball only stops when you hit the pin in the orbit (which isn't always up).
- Shooting the edges of the war machine is safer, making this shot much more skillful than it initially appears.
- All multiballs are achievable.
- Stackable multiballs.

- War machine popping up in the middle of the playfield kind of ruins the layout (yes it's both a pro and a con :P).
- High scoring is heavily tilted towards one single good ball. Luckily this only affects the very top games.
- 35m point hurryup (a super jackpot is 3m). It's satisfying to hit but almost always it makes you feel terrible instead.
- Simple rules. Really needs one more feature like Metallica's hurryups or Star Trek's warp ramp or away team.
- Normally I don't care about art that much, but this game has the worst video-to-DMD art I've ever seen. It's offensively bad.
Rating #351 of 8 1 month ago
"The most popular pinball machine." I can see why others like it, but it comes up a little short for me.

- Some clever shots (5x graveyard, two upper flipper shots)
- Stackable mansion modes
- Thing steals your ball
- Thing flips!

- Difficulty varies wildly depending on the condition of the machine.
- Your game will be short and unsatisfying unless the kickouts have been softened
- Unless the right flipper power is reduced, it's possible to cycle the center ramp for a long time (and for some reason the game gives huge bonuses at 100 ramps...)
- "The power" magnet not suitable for competitive play. It would be better with glass playfield so a clever player could avoid it.
- Multiballs are not very valuable
- Most games revolve around grinding the scoop and ramps. Snooze.
Rating #351 of 8 1 month ago
Fish Tales is a pin with a lot of flaws.

The criss-cross ramps are very satisfying, but they sit extremely close, blocking more than half of the playfield. The multiball lock is nice (assuming the drop target is disabled), but the multiball is difficult and usually you get zero points from it. Monster fish is the other common strategy, but it counts down quickly so one missed shot can lose half of the value. The captive ball is dangerous but it's holding the high scoring video mode.

There's more to the game, but most games get stuck trying to accomplish the above, so what's the point?

Not a knock on the design per-se, but I've played four or five of these and they've all had similar playfield warping problems coming out of the ball lock area.

I'm a lot better at this pin than I used to be, but it's still one of the most frustrating to play.
Rating #351 of 57 1 month ago
one of the best classics i had rudy for twenty yrs played it far less the last ten but evry time i did i remeber what a great game it is... he seemed alive to me and i felt like i was playin him,i really miss funhouse alot! great game keeper if u like rudy and he dnt freak u out..great flow great rules,very fun,fun fun...if you wer to rate funhouse in the early 90's it would get a ten but by todays standerds it get a 8 plus or less ,hard to rate great old machines to newer ones, the olds ones set the standerd!
Rating #351 of 7 1 month ago
Awesome game! 13 ball play is insane! Very challenging to get top scores, very accurate shots need to be had.
Rating #351 of 7 1 month ago
Love the mini game and being able to switch the ramps, very cool!
Rating #351 of 7 1 month ago
Great game play
Rating #351 of 7 1 month ago
Pro model is a fun game, quite challenging. Music gets annoying quickly even if you're a Metallica fan.
Rating #351 of 7 1 month ago
TOTAN is an excellent game. Number 1 on my list
Rating #351 of 8 1 month ago
Complex game with a lot to do. This should be one of my favorite games. Exploring the ruleset was fun originally.

The big downside to this game is the disruptive playfield. The ball is constantly in saucers or VUKs. Whether in tournament mode or not, you're compelled to grind the garage and upper playfield. Totally ruins the flow. Copious extra balls in the default ruleset turn high score games into marathons, but lack of a ball saver means less experienced players have short games.
Rating #351 of 19 1 month ago
I played this on location after watching quite a few videos of it, and the videos don't do the game much justice. The game played super fast, and the slingshots play unlike anything I've played before.

Really left this table only to come back for more. Definitely a challenge. Really great game with only a few negatives ( ball seemed to get stuck behind the ghost quite often, animations lacking, and scoop shot straight down the middle pretty often, which most of the time was mitigated by a 1 second ball save)
Rating #351 of 8 1 month ago
My favorite pin of all time, with a ruleset that is deep without being complex. The playfield is a simple fan with criss cross ramps.

Four multiballs, all with a distinct feel. Gravestone requires the fewest shots, but resets after each ball. Coffin is too difficult to go for directly, but partial progress during other multiballs and stackability make it valuable. Snake is probably the weakest, but the shot doubles as the add-a-ball (after collecting the standups), so the shot is far from unused. Electric chair is the easiest multiball and the best for starting a game.

The key feature of Metallica's ruleset are the hurryups. Hitting a shot activates it with a red arrow. Hitting the three main features lights that feature on the active shot. Complete all three symbols, hit the shot again, and then hit the coffin to collect the hurryup and lock in the symbols.

Hitting the three main features progresses you towards a mini wizard mode, but hitting a collected hurry up awards all three symbols at once. Most games of Metallica start with electric chair, but during that multiball you can progress towards hurryups and gravestone. The randomness here causes each game to branch out. The mini wizard modes give the game depth, and there are plenty of other bonuses like seek and destroy and scales of justice.

Very few things are as satisfying as caching in a doubled crank it up or a quadruple super jackpot.
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