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Rating #351 of 11 1 month ago
I own a nice playing wipeout game. One thing to note about the gottlieb system 3 games... NEVER unplug anything from any board while the game is on. If you do, you will certainly blow the $53 U8G chip... at the very least. Just don't do it!

I like this game. The taunting call outs are hilarious. The "rip the crud" shot is nearly impossible. The ski lift is one of the most interesting & well thought out toys on a pinball playfield... period!

The slalom is a little hokey though. While in avalanche multiball the slalom rocks back and forth continuously, regardless of the flippers. Once in a while you will get to control the slalom with your flippers and then it's not very well done. You don't have much choice where the ball goes.

The flasher bulbs are super bright and add to the intensity of game play. It's a cheesy early 90's theme with cheesy early 90's art and silly, hilarious surfer dude voices (The ski pole is stuck in my sternum!) but it's super fun and quite rare to see for sale.

If you're buying this title, watch for major wear at the ball drops near each flipper, broken or non working drop targets (they get hammered because they're quite close to the flipper) and make sure all the flashers are working. They really add a lot to the gameplay.
Rating #351 of 7 1 month ago
I think this is a fun "Drop Target" game. Has a nice theme, with a great backglass. If you like this era SS, you might really like this one. Has a decently open PF. Isn't filled with a ton of stuff. Just a good solid game.
Rating #351 of 27 1 month ago
A ok DE game. Can be alot of fun at times and boring at times. Playfield is ugly but they did good with theme intergration
Rating #351 of 27 16 days ago
Owned it for short time. Fun DE game. Tag area on playfield is a big waste of space
Rating #351 of 27 17 days ago
Shoot the middle...i dont like either pin2000. This one is crap with limited shots and i hate the video screen
Rating #351 of 43 1 month ago
This game is just an all around ass kicker. You make a good shot you get punished, you make a bad shot you get punished. You walk away cussing and then keep coming back for more for some reason.
Rating #351 of 43 1 month ago
An underrated game with lots of shots. A simple ruleset but there is enough there to keep you playing. Game plays super fast with pretty much no stop in the action. Artwork is pretty terrible but the gameplay and price this goes for makes up for that.
Rating #351 of 43 1 month ago
No matter how many times I try I just can't get into this game. Lots of things that I like about it but I always just end up walking away with no real desire to press play again.
Rating #351 of 35 1 month ago
Decent enough game. Not for me though. Very mid-range.
Rating #351 of 35 1 month ago
Finally managed to play this at a meet. Liked using the handles for the flipper action but the theme is not for me. Playfield looks like a stretched T2. No nice artwork, theme or callouts here. Reckon it should be out of the top 100.
Rating #351 of 24 1 month ago
Fast and furious game - fun for kids with bash toy iron monger and fun for the advanced player with ramps and combos and rule set. Looking on the bright side, the machine is naturally difficult that it teaches you to nudge for saves and makes you enhance your ball control - key skills for a budding pinball enthusiast.
Rating #351 of 35 1 month ago
Played it at a meet, all I can say is I want to own one and it could be my next machine if I save up enough. Amazing light show, beautiful build quality. Great sound and callouts. Only niggle I see is why the third flipper? Impressive machine.
Rating #351 of 43 1 month ago
One of the best examples of theme integration ever. Just a really fun game with great toys. Not very deep and never very serious. If you don't have fun playing this game you probably don't like pinball.
Rating #351 of 35 1 month ago
Played it at a meet. Didn't like it at all. Pin didn't play very well with weak flippers and awful targets but the theme didn't suck me in. I may change my review if I play a better condition machine.
Rating #351 of 35 1 month ago
Music good and foot tapping. However very little to aim at. The playfield is souless. Actually was very disappointed in the pro version.
Rating #351 of 35 1 month ago
Played it at a meet. Rules look interesting but didn't have time to gel with it. Playfield was very dark I thought.
Rating #351 of 35 1 month ago
Played at a Meet. Two were connected up and we were playing each other for number of baskets. Nice fun game.
Rating #351 of 17 2 days ago
Table with great unique atmosphere of noir detective story, which is awesome. The "back loop ramp" in the center of playfield is also unique idea. Plus part of "gambling" and chance with slot machine and rulette. Rules could be deeper and more complex, thats true.

For me its great fun and awesome pin, really different than other pins.
Rating #351 of 259 1 month ago
Hmmm, I prefer this game to WOZ, but I'm still not too impressed after a few dozen plays. This is probably another game where you need to own it to appreciate everything it offers. I still have no idea what to do to progress through the complex ruleset apart from starting a few multiballs.
It sounds very loud and clunky with those drop targets rattling away and the Orcs popping up and down all the time. Nice animations on the large screen in the backbox. The playfield feels very open with lots of very long shots to make. What is the purpose of the upper flipper?
Rating #351 of 35 1 month ago
Fun game but can get a bit repetitive. My friend has one so get plenty of opportunities to play it..
Rating #351 of 35 1 month ago
Played it at a meet. Fun game. The ramp down the middle can be a bit off putting for some.
Rating #351 of 290 1 month ago
Volcano is a fun game it has a great theme, cool features, and decent rules but the only thing is I don' really care for the playfield artwork.
Rating #351 of 290 1 month ago
Charlie's angle is a decent game theme is good, rules are good, and artwork is decent.
Rating #351 of 290 1 month ago
Jungle lord is an ok game the rules arn't deep, artwork is decent, theme is decent but I don't really care for the game that much.
Rating #351 of 12 1 month ago
Rudy is a fantastic toy. lucky who owns this pin. Love it.
There are 26931 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 14 of 1078.

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