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33 days ago
This EM game has great potential, but has, I think a major design flaw. The potential lies in following different strategies to score: you can either go for the upper stand ups to light the bumpers for 10x scoring on each bumper hit or you can grow the bonus value then cash in – starting at 1000 and growing up to 10000. You grow the bonus by hitting one of 4 targets – two which can be hit directly and two which an only be hit from bumper action. You score the bonus by shooting the ball into one of the sink holes – the award you get by hitting the sink hole is determined by an under-playfield pointer and has the possible awards as 1x, 2x or 3x bonus, open one of 3 diverters or 500 points (or extra ball when lit – does not award extra ball often). The pointer changes every time one of several different targets is hit. Particularly when going for the bonus you can try to grow it very high, wait for 3x bonus and score big (risk vs. reward) – if you wait too long and drain then the bonus goes back to 1000 for the next ball.
The design flaw (in my view), is that I have not found a good way to shoot the ball into a sink hole. There are two, both in the middle of the playfield – the upper sink hole is behind the 5 pop bumpers and can only go in by chance (except by the plunge, thus constituting the skill shot) and the lower sink hole has nothing behind it so if you shoot the ball at it the ball flies over the hole into the pops. You need a very weak shot – how do you shoot a weak shot up the middle? - so hitting the sink hole becomes a luck shot. I haven’t given up yet trying to find a way though: an on the fly shot to make the shot weak or banking it off the post next to it seem like the only possibilities but require fraction of a mm precision.
33 days ago
Classic game, classic design. After all, how many other pinballs had two sequels made after them? The idea of a 5x5 matrix of lights with 2 rows of 5 stand ups perpendicular to each other to light up the matrix – great idea. This leading to the rising visor revealing the two sinkholes to lock balls for multiball – that was out of the box thinking. In a real throwback to the beginning days of pinball (when there were really pins on the playfield) Pinbot has this nifty upper playfield – the ball bounces around on the pins and can leave this playfield on one of 4 different spots – each with different consequences. Not sure if nudging would help here – I’m always fascinated watching the ball bounce around.
There are several different goals to achieve. In addition to the multiball there is also trying to get all the planets. It is a fun challenge, but kind of dangerous because you’re shooting sharp left or sharp right.
Pinbot has great sounds and also a very good light show.
33 days ago
A friend invited my over yesterday to play his NIB Aerosmith Premium. I put about a dozen games on the machine, and I have to say it was incredibly fun to play. The artwork is amazing, the flow is great, the toy box is really fun, and the variety of shots is great. I played the game with the early code so once this gets perfected this game will be right up there with Metallica and ACDC....
33 days ago
Fun, fast game with good call outs.
33 days ago
Fun game with all the targets.
33 days ago
THis is one of those games which baffles me . Top 10 all time? c'mon. I know people are like snowflakes, all different.. we all have different opinions for different reasons... but honestly I was very disappointed with this game when I finally got the chance to play it. I am a huge HUGE fan of the Franchise, especially The Last Crusade.
The Playfield may be IMO the WORST looking PF , especially artistically, that I have ever seen. Without writing a complete dissertation, I will just say that I was very disappointed and while its still a good game, don't get me wrong.. top 10 all time? When you have truly groundbreaking games like High Speed out of the top 100, other crap SS late 70's into early 80's games ranked highter than classics like Taxi, TOmmy etc etc...
Sometimes I just don't get it.

I wish they would remake this game but lay it out more thoughtfully and with better artwork and lighting .
33 days ago
Wow! This game is absolutely stunning! Take one of the most beloved games in pinball history and add awesome enhancements such as a large high-resolution screen with beautiful color dots, shaker, enhanced speakers with improved sound, all LED lighting, and the coolest topper ever! Chicago Gaming knocked this one out of the park. This is as good as pinball gets in my opinion.
34 days ago
It could be the location I played at, they seemed to have very little slope to the playfield. I had very long ball times and surprisingly loved the game. I don't think I scored incredibly high but I felt like I was doing incredible and it was exciting and well-paced! Several plays at different times all left me with the same great feeling of a game well played.
Call outs were excellent and music was great! Who doesn't like Ghostbusters??
34 days ago
I finally got a chance to play Baby Pac-Man a few weeks ago and I played it probably 8 times in a row.

Baby Pac-Man is addicting and cruel, and I love it.

It's a game you either love or hate.
I love the unique quirk to it. It's such a weird, awkward, strange game the someone comes together and plays wonderfully!

The video portion is so insanely hard it draws me in. Good luck clearing the first maze. If you're good you might make it to the 3rd one.

The pinball portion is very very smooth and somehow the half-sized playfield really is a dream. It has an incredible flow and really helps the game immensely. The strategy and technique is all in the pin.
Done with LEDs the playfield looks beautiful.
My only complaint is the left flipper shot to the right upper post sends the thing SDTM and it pisses me off. On my last game I hit that twice in a row and immediately drained the ball... that really ruins the mood pcassionally.

I really loved this game so much I'm currently on the look out for one!
35 days ago
This was my dream pin and it doesn't disappoint. The theme and sounds tie in great. Make sure you machine is level! My mode start hole can be tricky from the right flipper so I am still playing around with the best combo to allow the shot not to bounce out. Backhand from the left flipper to the start mode is good when the machine is level. Now should I redecall the cabinet fade or not... Hmmmmm.
35 days ago
This game is truly stunning. The art package and theme are really well done, even if Oz isn't your thing.
The light show and integrated video really complement this them well.
The scoring is a bit on the low end, and I have yet to find a machine on route that wasn't either not 100% functional, or just plain poorly tuned.
35 days ago
This is just a fun pin. The theming with the toys is just perfect, you really couldn't do it any better than this.... endless replay.
35 days ago
Game is definitely a long term pleaser - wish they had updated this a bit more given the treatment they gave to AFMR. Themeing is solid, although I'd give the artwork a 'B'.
35 days ago
I enjoyed this game quite a bit. Rules seemed to have a decent depth, shots are definitely there and I enjoyed the art package.
That being said, some of the features and art/animations seemed a bit dated given the time that this particular machine came out. I still would love to own one, and can see myself playing it when I see it in the line up - it was a fun game and kept me engaged.
35 days ago
This is a game that will suck you in and keep you playing for years.
I've owned this one for 6 months, and played it before that. The rules are deep and the theme is well integrated. I doubt this would be a game I'd ever want to sell.
35 days ago
This remake is just a blast to play. I remember the original, and this fresh take with upgraded sound, shaker, HD color screen and the fully integrated topper just takes it to a new level. The rule set isn't super deep, but the shots are fun and the integration to the animations, sound and theme are superb.
One minor downside is that the back glass art is clear in spots (usually thin lines), making the individual leds behind it occasionally visible - it takes away from the design and aesthetic, and a little distracting once you notice it.
35 days ago
Gorgeous artwork and coloring. Gameplay is simple and straightforward. Most of the chimes on the one I play are not working which is a shame.
35 days ago
The best game made in 20 years... hands down.
35 days ago
With fourteen playfield bumpers there's always something to shoot for. Since the object of this game is to either light all of the red or all of the yellow bumpers, the smart money is on the red bumpers that can be more easily reached off of the flippers.

Completing all of the red (or yellow), lights the side lanes alternately for a special, plus it adds a 100 point bonus to your game that's awarded at the end of the last ball. It's a difficult special to achieve and it's dangerous, too. The side lanes empty the ball into the middle of the flippers, which have a dangerously wide gap and can be a real drain monster.

My game does not have a post in the middle, which many people add to provide longevity. The lack of a post makes this game frustrating at times, but also much more rewarding when you score a good game.

It's tough to get over 1,000 and even tougher still to light all of the yellow bumpers. In all the years I have owned the game, I've only had the yellow bumper sequence lit once.

The Marilyn Monroe figure in the backglass is part of the game's appeal, but the clowns and the humorous writing and signs on the playfield are really the stars of the show.
35 days ago
Another Gottlieb game with many ways to win:

1. High score
2. "Points" (bumpers that score 2 "points" at a time... 38 points = 1 replay
3. Making a square or a line out of captive balls.
4. On-field special lit after hitting and turning off all eight bumpers twice.

It's another one of those games that constantly has the player feeling close to winning. The reverse flippers throw a lot of players off at first, but they actually are an asset to the game, making it possible to turn the ball in the right direction to reach certain targets. The dancers on the backglass actually light up in sequence with the holes on the playfield, making this a primitive animated backglass. Really quite a fun game that doesn't get much attention.
36 days ago
Ok it is not my theme, game is good, playfield art is not my think. The toys are ok but not top class. I like the phone but the metro station is way to big and there toys are also not in relation to each other. There is a lot of going on on the playfield, looks like a busy city and looks real cool. Music looked to me a little bit repetitive, but maybe is that just because i did not get far in the game. Modes look real cool. The part that your flipper is attacked is real cool. Playing via your phone is just a gimmick no serious player will do that. Selfie mode is nice but I did not have time to look up. Also the animations are for the spectator and not for the player. Game will do great on location but in a home environment, just do not know.
36 days ago
Played this game a lot in an arcade in Italy. Great music, cool shots and a lot to see and do. By far the best feature is the sinki äng ship, but i also like the whirlpool in the upper left corner and the big treasure chest on the right. Play this game if you are a fan of the series, you won't regret it
36 days ago
This is one of my favorite Stern pinball machines. It has a really deep ruleset and i love the upper mini playfield and the multiballs. The only thing is: every single TSPP that i have played so far was malfunctioning at a specific point (garage door stuck, drop targets always down, etc...) so i do not know if the quality is that bad or if it is just a real diva in the bank of pinball machines and difficult to keep running.
36 days ago
Fast game with a lot of cool shots. I love the original movie scenes and the lighshow when you hit the TIE fighter. Nevertheless, i was disappointed because of the low amount of toys on the playfield.
36 days ago
I'm not a big fan of the movie, but i love the pinball machine for a couple of reasons: the battlefiels, the sanctum and the switchable ramps. These festures make this pinball machine unique in a way that a lot of my friends say it's their favorite of my collection. This pinball machine is highly underrated!
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