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37 days ago
This game is tough and I love it like that. Right off the bat there's several different ways you can tackle the game. Do you want to go for Borg multiball, Missions/Final Frontier, Warp Factor 9+ or if you're really ambitious all of the above!? The Neutral Zone is a nice little mini-game in and of itself though I find the Ferengi multiball to be the most fun. The cannons on this thing are a blast (ha!) and I feel that they get the right amount of utilization; not too much not too little. The missions are varied a good amount for my taste though some you may pursue before others (easier to obtain artifacts). The artifact system itself is a nice meta-game that you can gather along as you're completing missions for some serious points if you reach Final Frontier. The ramps in this game are very satisfying to hit with the Delta ramp taking the crown. Speaking of the Delta ramp going for warp 9 through multiple Picard Maneuvers in a row is a great challenge and personally very rewarding. The shots are well laid out and I really like the throwback to Firepower in regards to the lower playfield standup targets energizing the kickback. Even the sounds have a slight similarity to the 1980 classic. Overall I love the game and it took me by surprise as thematically I wasn't a super hard core Star Trek fan but because of this pin I actually started watching the whole next gen series from beginning to end.

In regards to the infamous outlanes it is true that they can be unforgiving but I find the challenge acceptable. I would never consider the outlane extenders as I feel it would soften the game too much, extend ball times and make it an overall snooze fest.
37 days ago
Aztec is a great game, and it's not easy, which is actually a good thing. Some EMs are so simple once you get the hang of them, it feels like you can play forever. Aztec is a game that punishes you on the outlanes, and makes sure that risky center target is something you have to think about, rather than smack endlessly without concern for a ball drain. Could it have been designed a little better to avoid those easy drains? Sure. But should it be? A good game will hit you over the head now and then and remind you that life isn't fair, and I think Aztec does that. At first I disliked it, and felt like I was never able to play a ball for more than a few seconds. Once I got the hang of the game though, I realized that you really had to pay attention and react well to avoid the easy loss of your ball. I do feel it could have used a little design tweaking to dodge some of those unfortunate "unfair" drains, but in the end it's all part of the game, and you can't expect an easy ride all the time.

As a fan of spinners and kickout holes/lanes, I find the game design fun. You have a left-hand side spinner ramp that leads back to important rollovers, and you have a right-hand side u-turn kickout lane that can award big points over time. Both are fun shots, and enjoyable when you land them.

I'd say the only real issue with the game is the sound, which slams you over the head when you drain a ball and listen to your bonus points tally up. If you don't get the double-bonus during gameplay, each bonus level is 5000 points, which unfortunately was designed to ring for every 1000 scored. Your bonus level can go up to 50,000 during play. That's 10 levels. Now think about hearing that chime hit for every 1000 points as that sucker counts down. Yep. 50 times. 1-2-3-4-5, 1-2-3-4-5, bang-bang-bang-bang-bang... 10 times. It's a bit too much. You get to the point where you hate scoring high bonus if you don't get the double-bounus... because for every 10,000 you get just one chime. 50,000 points, double-bonus, 10 chimes and done. Sounds just right.

If you enjoy that rapid-fire chiming though, this game is perfect for you. I've learned to simply absorb it as part of gameplay, and finally love playing the game, but for some folks it's a bit jarring. Check out gameplay or try it before you buy it to make sure you like that sound and style!

Last thing - I LOVE the cabinet artwork. Just well done, and unique. People always notice it, and comment on how cool it looks, even kids.
37 days ago
Seems like a fun pin. My review is based upon approximately 30 games on a pro on location with the call-outs turned up nice n' loud. Has that 'One more game factor' (ask my fiancee, she begged for another loonie to play a final game herself).
I really enjoy the 'Love in an Elevator' multiball as it is a challenge to get. The bash-toy is excellent, and the launching of the ball into the Toy Box is a new thing for me. This worked perfect on the Pro I played and it blew me away even after a few hours of play.
Code seems fairly advanced for a few months post-release. Really enjoyed my time on this, notwithstanding the fact that I am not an Aerosmith fan at all.
Bottom line for me: I enjoy this pin and will feed it when I see it on location. Well done, Stern.
Pinball is fun, and this is a fun pin to play.
37 days ago
Though some people prefer the Fire Queen for her pretty appearance on the backglass over the muscle-bound guy on Vulcan, I think both are thematically great. The playfield always draws my eye with its colorful design and artwork, and something about that fire-ish theme just seems right. The game has plenty of targets and objectives to keep you busy, and the game simply looks great in a lineup. If you can find one in good shape, grab it, you won't be disappointed in my opinion. While not on my top-10 list of EMs, it still holds a special place on the overall list. It's enjoyable and solid, nice artwork and fun to play.
37 days ago
Centigrade 37 will always be a classic in my mind. the gameplay, the look, the feel, everything about it just has a nice flow to it. Even if you laugh at the wacky "theme" of the game, you still enjoy playing it, and love watching that thermometer in the backbox climb as you play. Anytime a game keeps you coming back for more, always trying to achieve a goal aside from high scoring, it's a good sign. You often catch yourself forgetting your point total as you glance up at that lady and her rising temperature gauge, which I think makes the game even more fun.

Designers hit the nail on the head with this EM, and it stands the test of time. Great game if you can find one, either to own or just play!
37 days ago
Abra Ca Dabra was one of the first EMs I experienced, and even after dozens of others, I still think of it as one of my favorite. Something about the design is just perfect. It flows and plays well, giving you an array of targets and objectives, while not seeming cluttered or boring. The artwork is amazing, especially for the era, both on the playfield and the backglass. Layout is just right, and the game just has a classic EM feel that many others don't quite achieve. I've watched young kids in today's world play it over and over, even with more modern flashy DMD titles sitting nearby, which says a lot I think. I've yet to find one for my own collection, but I hope to some day.
37 days ago
Heat Wave's most prominent feature is probably it's backbox "toy" or mechanic, which is a thermometer that rises as the game is played and certain scoring achieved (similar to Centigrade 37). The fact that it predates C37 by over a decade (Heat Wave 1964) is a telling sign of what it achieved in an earlier era.

The overall theme is perfect for the title. You have the hot sun glaring at you from the playfield, overheated characters on the plastics and backglass, colors and style that just flow well with the overall game. It just has such a nice look to it, and the array of colors is not jarring because the tone is just right.

Gameplay is progressively harder as the game goes forward, something less common with many early titles. Your goal is to raise the thermometer by hitting lit targets, which increases your overall bonus scoring shot value. What's great about the game design is that as you raise the thermometer, LESS targets are lit with each level you achieve. Each time the thermometer rises to a new status, lights/targets go out, making it harder and harder to reach the top (Blow Your Top). A lot of games have repetitive designs, so hitting the same shot over and over and make scoring too easy. Heat Wave successfully takes that away, as it makes sure you need to vary your shots a little to get where you want to go.

And as if that wasn't enough, the flipper area had to be unique too. Rather than a standard set of flippers with a gap, you're given the widely space flipper design with a center, triangular posted playfield object. It doesn't score, and doesn't sling, it's just there to redirect the ball. You can use it for shot angles, ball saves, or any number of things (keeping that rubber fresh is important!) It can be a nudger's dream or nightmare, depending on how you learn to use it.

Heat Wave gets a big thumbs up in my mind, especially when you consider its era and design.
37 days ago
Night Rider was one of the dual EM/SS games that came out in the mid-to-late 70's. I've played both, and feel that the EM version is superior. Something about the feel just makes it one of the better EM games I've ever played/owned. Few games have as satisfying of a spinner "ramp" as a this trucker themed title. It feels like you're firing the ball up an on-ramp to the highway every time you hit the shot. The spinner sound chiming away, score racking up as you hope to add to the bonus, or get that crucial double-bonus kickout hole moment.

To top it off, when you hit the rollover moment and strike 100,000, the machine buzzes and puts up a "King of the Road" on the backbox. Pretty satisfying when that happens. Great game, lots of fun, and a hit at parties. I always find myself going back for more.
37 days ago
I've played Dialed In many times since it was unveiled at Expo. I was hooked the first time I played it!
38 days ago
I can't claim to have played every pinball machine... or even most... but of the ones I have played the only one that comes close to MM is TZ. The game is the ultimate addiction. You can never just play once. I always get drawn in for more than I had planned.

The game itself is nearly perfect. The playfield is awesome - both open and interesting. The game is also super smooth - I never feel cheated out of a ball or shot. The exploding castle is my all-time favorite gimmick. The voice acting is second to none. The art is both funny and intricate. AFM is obviously very similar, but MM has a few extra shots and just a little more interesting. If I were to only own two games it would be MM and TZ. If I were to only own 1..... ugh... I am not sure if I could handle that hard of a scenario!
38 days ago
One of the games that I play almost daily, but rarely more than 3 or 4 games at a time. Indiana Jones IMO has the best sounds and music of any of the games that I have played. MM has way more humor - and TZ has more variety - but for me all of the sounds in IJ makes me think of adventure. All of the aspects of IJ really work together and it is the closest I have to come to playing a pinball machine that is more *game* and less *pinball* - if that makes any sense.

The game has a couple of minor flaws. The game can be a bit slow, and at times the video modes can take you off of your game rhythm. However, it offers great variety and some very fun multiballs. It is a keeper.
38 days ago
Of the games in my collection WOZ is my least favorite, and honestly, it isn't even close. As for my wife - it is her favorite, and honestly, it isn't even close. I guess that proves that to each their own. What can't be debated is that this game looks fantastic. The RGB lights and LCD screen give it a very unique and cool look.

A run down on my hit list.... I love the look, lighting, artwork, display, and I am ok on the theme (although it is very confusing), however I just don't care for the game. It has a few bad angles which seem to always pop up. I guess I should study the rules a little deeper, but I rarely know what my objective is... I can't lookup at the uber impressive LCD without fearing to lose my ball. I also find the play field a little to congested with Dorothy's house taking up way too much room. I guess I could be nit-picking!

My wife (on the other hand) loves the integration of the RGB's she finds the lighting to be much easier on her eyes and less headache inducing. For whatever reason... she just really likes the game.
38 days ago
My first crush in Pinball. I played JP daily for about 2 years while in college. I loved the game so much that I knew I had to add it to my collection. However, this game is sitting right next to my pristine TZ ... and that comparison doesn't do JP any favors.

The game itself is a bit of a contrast - it has some very cool features (t-rex, skill shot, smart missle), but it also has several warts. It is not rare for me to launch a ball and have drain on the sides without the ball even approaching my flippers. There are definitely some unforgiving angles in the game. I wouldn't say it makes the game hard... just more random and prone to luck (again... compared to TZ sitting next to it).

Another reviewer mentioned that if JP had been made by Bally/Williams in value (and ranking) would have soared. I agree with that.... only because they would have fixed some of the flaws with the game. The physics would have been tweaked, the playfield art (and art in general) would have been improved, and the flippers would be much more smooth.

The game is fun, but it can also be a bit a frustrating if you are used to Bally/Williams or some of the newer games out there. In the end... I still play it as much as any of my other games!
38 days ago
One of my favorites. I think I prefer its sister game MM a bit more, but AFM is definitely a keeper. The playfield is very open, and deceptively simple. However, the game really makes you think about your strategy and approach. I own AFM but I am intrigued by the new remake... it seems like a color DMD would be very a cool feature.
38 days ago
I am a huge fan of the show so I may be a bit biased. However, this is the game that has it all. The game is so deep that it allows every game to feel very unique. Personally, I continuously change my mind between TZ and MM as my all-time favorite game. TZ is probably the more impressive machine, but MM may have a slight advantage in play ability.
38 days ago
What's not to like about JP. The dinosaur is a cool toy that picks up a ball and swallows it. That in itself is themed great with the game. Very fun to play and a deep rule set. I just picked up the game. I added all LED lights and now it's very colorful and easy on the eyes. Families and kids will love to play this game all day long.
38 days ago
I´m an Williams/Bally guy ,but wow the Metallica rocks!!!!
Perfect addition to a small collection.
38 days ago
Decent game for it's era. Don't like the artwork so much, but I know that's subjective. Plays well but I don't like how the ball can slip between the extra flippers. It's a wide body machine so it may not fit through your doorways if you want to take it home.
38 days ago
Like this game but not real fond of the sounds. Overall it's a cool game but could get tired of this one after a while.
38 days ago
Love the ramp shots and roulette wheel. Great game but backglass art and lighting is really bad. Pretty cool game overall.
38 days ago
I really like this game and added it to my collection to have a "pre-dmd" game and because I loved playing it when I was younger. It had then and still has that "I wanna come back and kick Rudy's ass" feeling. To me his call outs never get old - I love how his eyes and mouth move - best play field toy. I guess compared to the more modern games the rules are shallow and I really like what the DMD brings to games. However this is "my" beginning pinball experience as I am not interested in the older EM machines. I like games that have something different and having the left plunger is fun to try and hit that skill shot - similar to TZ ball launch. My game was done by a fellow pinsider and has cool lights along the back that tie into the game, nice side blades and other enhancements like color bumper caps so bring the entire game more alive.
38 days ago
Bash toy/toy chest is a very cool and unique gimmick. Magnasaves are super cool. Ramps are satisfying. Lots going on here. Theme is great too.
38 days ago
Cool pinball theme that comes together well. Fun shots to hit. I would like to own this one some day.
39 days ago
One of my all-time favorites! I love the theme, the toys, and the sense of humor. I could play this one all day!
39 days ago
This is a pretty simple and straightforward game, but wonderfully fun. Like it's cousin, Theater of Magic, there isn't much to the multiball, and the tales are pretty linear. Being simple and easy to understand really isn't a problem, though, as the game has a nice variety of shots, and is great for someone who is just learning the ins and outs of pinball. The wizard mode is also quite entertaining! My eleven year-old daughter and I played this quite a bit on Pinball Arcade before we could find a nice one on location, and I really think this is the game that got her excited about pinball.
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