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32 days ago
great if you want the cheapest EM possible. Good also for new owners.. makes for good practice. All large scores heavily based on bonus. After 5 months owner ship, easy to flip on the 5 ball setting. the gigantic captured ball feature is usually to difficult to deal with and takes up a ton of real estate, but the game as a whole isnice to hear and look at. Not as nice to play... Least favorite game in the collection. tops out at $500 fully shopped and LEDded.
32 days ago
this game is 3 things: bonus rollovers ( A/B in 2 different places) Spelling "ZONE" with drop targets, and Rolling over "TRI" targets. Thats it, really. Pretty simple, but the back glass and the relatively simple sounds make for an interesting gateway game that many people can pick up on right away. I would describe the BG theme as Space Spandex Future People Waiting For The Space Taxi At The Computer Store. The mirrored back glass certainly makes it attractive, though. all in all, decent if the system 6 problems are fixed.
32 days ago
The back glass is quite attractive with the komodo dragon and rider, in a '70s comic book way. The playfield art carries over with the same feel. the sounds are not great with electronic chimes. the real chimes might make it feel better. gameplay is simple, its a very gateway pin. 3 ways to score bonus , with a spinner to add control/variability. 2 varitargets make for a unique game as well... especially if youre not used to them. not bad for the EM/SS hybrid it is.
32 days ago
Simple rules.. multiball, bonus multiplier, heat bumper multiplier, increasing drop target values.. fairly standard. The artwork is polarizing, but Retro Cheese is much more popular today and this fits the bill. Classic gottlieb reliability problems , but luckily the previous owner fixed those. Had it for 2 weeks and playing 3 games a day. Great for non pinball types as its relatively easy to get multiball.. except for that ramp!
32 days ago
So the first thing to say about jungle lord is that you should add the "new tricks" ROM created to add some pizzazz and allow some control over the mini-bagatelle:

Magna Whirl:
Whirl L-O-R-D letters with Magna-Save buttons to improve odds with the mini ball.

This change gives a lot more control over the game and allows multiball much easier. the other tricks also help with playability. without the rom upgrade, it is truly a struggle to like the game.
with the rom, scores and engagement are much higher. My personal best is 2.2 million with this rom.

Caucasian2step has outlined the other pros and cons of the game well. I just wanted to add the recommendation for the rom.
32 days ago
Unusal layout for me with an easy to shoot at central ramp. Had a lot of fun on this one recently with plenty of free plays at the end.
32 days ago
Ok to me. The game lighting can be creepy !
32 days ago
The cartoonish look put me off initially but the the theme is good and the machine is fun to play. Does the job for a few plays... at least !
32 days ago
I do not like the artwork but it is a damn fine pinball.
32 days ago
Come on it is AC/DC ! Great theme with superb artwork as they cleverly avoided to make everything looks cartoonish (Metallica anyone ?). Best played obviously with LOUD sound.
32 days ago
I think I hate this one actually, feels cramped with lots of ramps. Never watched GoT so that does not help to appreciate the theme.
32 days ago
A true classic !
32 days ago
Great theme, lot's of fun. I would like to own this one day!
32 days ago
I liked it. Unique theme, fun shots. Too much gottlieb hate on these reviews
32 days ago
What can u say...its Star Trek....I have updated speakers, shaker motor, invisiglass.....all really help in making this a really fun game....
32 days ago
I added the color DMB, Invisiglass, upgraded speakers, flashing LED's, and this game is simply awesome....
32 days ago
If you like Metallica you'll love this is great, and the game is a blast
32 days ago
I upgraded my LE with high end speakers, external sub, color DMB, invisiglass, LED flashers, Color changing LED back box, and a bunch of other goodies. With these upgrades it makes the game simply incredible. Very deep rules, challenging shots....bottom line this game is very fun, love the artwork, music, animations, and when your lucky enough to destroy the ring....look out...its awesome...
32 days ago
I have no clue why people have rated this game lower than it should be...this is game is very fun, addicting, creative....I have 10 pinball machines all rated in the top 20, and the myself and the kids always turn to Transformers first....great game
32 days ago
There's a lot to like about "Theatre of Magic". The playfield is gorgeous with unique ramps that resemble red rug-covered "stairs" and a beautiful "magic trunk" that gives you several different missions to play. It's incredibly polished and classy. The issue is that the trunk is the center of everything and the audio constantly reminds you of that. That's your #1 target every single time. Either that or the one or two ramps which are easy to hit. That and points are too easy to accumulate. A player with little to no skill with decent reflexes can hit 250M in about five minutes or less. It's so easy, you basically don't even need the missions. That said, it's a great table, reminiscent of "Tales of the Arabian Nights".
32 days ago
Literally the only thing bad about this game is that it is unfinished...the art, layout and sound are all superb and it only lacks in software depth. The theme is great, we'd had awesome Medieval, Alien, Arabian and Circus themes so a Western version of this classic game style was a welcome addition. The toys are great and work well, and the more ramps the merrier as far as I'm concerned! The lastability is a little weak again due to the software, but this game is very rare and very fun all the same!Always love giving it a go at Chief Coffee in London, as you just don't see them around. Drop targets are also fantastic - glad these came back for 24, Ghostbusters, Mustang etc., but they've been used best here!
32 days ago
Not a fan of the Jersey Jack screens. Whe n the game is off, theres just a black panel where the art should be, and when it's on it's trying to show so much information at once that it becomes muddled and confusing. The display should be there to keep score and offer interesting animations, but ultimately the player should be able to know what they're doing without constantly referring to paragraph C subsection 6 on the fourth section of the screen. The themeing of this game is great, and the playfield is jam packed with interesting toys, which is a bonus. Art is good, not Ghostbusters or Aerosmith, but as good as photoshop can be. Game feels a bit too clunky and wide, and breaks down frequently on location. I also don't think there's much lastability, at least for me, as the mian multiball and rescuing Dorothy are the only things I really understand how to do and actually want to do. I appreciate knowing the rules inside out probably make it a better game, but I don't have enough interest in the theme or layout to look up what 'Horse of a different colour' actually means. It's definitely a spectacle, but I would never wish to own one. Also, what's the upper right flipper for exactly?
32 days ago
First off I haven't seen the show, but my girlfriend loves it so I know enough about the theme to understand what's going on. This is game is very very ugly, with photoshop all over and not a single hand-drawn element, which must be down to HBO because I doubt Stern would be happy with this otherwise. The layout is...okay. There's lots of flow, but not many of the shots can be backhanded as I'd have liked. Orbit stops the ball dead sometimes which is not good. There are no toys that interact with the ball, theres a kicker under the dragon and there's a battering ram that moves a couple of milimetres but for the stupidly high price that simply isn't enough. VERY stripped back compared to premium/LE efforts and it really shows. Rules are clearly deep and well thought-through, but theres simply nothing good to look at it and nothing interesting for the ball to do. Good for tournaments where you can just focus on strategies that will ellicit high scores, but not that fun on your own, which is a shame.
32 days ago
Monster Bash is a fantastic game, one of the most recognisable Pinball layouts with great flow. Themeing throughout is well integrated with each monster having his or her own area of the playfield, and it's fun to recruit them all into the band and to stack their modes. Music and callouts are some of the best in Pinball, and there is a great deal of good humour on this machine. The only problem I have with it is the lastability, as once the player has assembled the band and their instruments, there's not a great deal else to do aside from do it all over again, which means this game is super fun as you work your way through but you're left a little bit deflated once you've completed it. For this reason, I wouldn't want to own it, but that doesn't detract from it being a well thought-through and fun game!
32 days ago
Very unique machine, lots of colour and great themeing. Ringmaster is a great bash toy, and the way in which different marvels are collected offers up plenty of variety as far as rules go. Not a huge fan of the inlane/outlane arrangement, but it does offer an additional challenge. The playfield layout is great with the exception of the upper left corner with the juggler mechanism, more could've been done there. But overall, it's a classic game with a quirky theme, great art and good audio, well worth a play whenever you see one.
There are 29597 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 14 of 1184.

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