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“Very original theme but requires patience. Shots are generally not easily made and the game isn't a fast flowing one. Lawlor's Roadshow has a few similar shots, as well as two talking heads and is much smoother. Still a great game.”

“In terms of fun, this is the pinnacle for me. 5x and mb, Wet Willie's, Vacation Jackpot for mucho points. The tempo of the music increases as you move up the river classes. Super challenging game and imo, Nordman's best game.”

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  • “Game is generally a little dark everywhere I've played it but it's a flowing game. The shots are fairly challenging and it's a fun game to play. I've dropped more quarters than I can remember into this game when it was around me.”

    “Smooth, quick, and fun to play. I can play for about half an hour before it gets a little monotonous. Once you can hit the trunk and ramps with decent accuracy, the game starts to get a little boring. I personally would choose a plethora of other games to play over this one but I see how others love this game.”

    “imo Lawlor's best creation. Very fun to play and some of the shots (vault, left ramp) are very challenging, even after playing this game for ages. This game will always be a classic.”

    “One of my favorites and definitely the game to own for tinkerers. Tons of sweet mods for this game. I can play all night and not get tired, unlike a lot of the other games around. Game seems sensitive as it is down quite often in the places I go to.”

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  • “Best pin ever made IMHO. Many the top pins are very similar in layout, gameplay, and rules but in terms of theme and artwork I like MB more than AFM or MM.

    As as others have said the only thing negative that can be said about MB is the rules aren't as deep as modern Stern's.”

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  • “This is one of the all time great pins. It has some of the best gameplay and rules in all pinball.

    The only thing I don't like about the pin is I think the figurines look cheap.”

    “Great pin. I've probably put 30 games on it on route at various locations so far. I absolutely love the playfield artwork. The gameplay is lots of fun.

    This is definitely a pin I hope to own it one day.”

  • oohlou has this game on the wishlist.

  • “Jokerz is a solid game. You probably won't find anyone who would call it a great pin, but it is definitely fun. Good artwork, okay sound, lots of shot variety, fun gameplay.

    I have mixed feelings on the rules. They do an excellent job of encouraging you to shoot the risky shots and shoot shots which don't score much themselves but instead build up the ramp bonus, table bonus, or jackpot. Where the rules fail is the shots don't move. So while there is a lot to shoot at, only a few of the shots are actually worth shooting. Scoring is also unbalanced but the adjustments give you some control over it.

    All and all, I really enjoy playing Jokerz and it gives me that "just one more game" feeling.”

  • oohlou currently owns this game.

  • “STTNG was my favourite game back in the day when in came out in the 90s. i used to play it in pubs and clubs and bars and it was always the game i'd seek out in arcades - so much so that when i finally got around to thinking about owning my own game for the first time back in 2009/10, i didn't give any thought to which game i was after - this was my first ever pinball machine of my very own.

    i still like it, still rate it, still enjoy it - but these days, now that i know so many other games, and can see it in context, it's no longer one of my very top favourites any more. but man, it's a blast.

    it looks fantastic - the colours pop out, the layout is fantastic, the cabinet and backglass and animations on the DMD are all very impressive. it sounds fantastic - brilliant theme music, teriffic zingy space noises of lasers and torpedos, explosions and cannons and phasers and holodecks, even custom speech by the stars of the show. and it plays fantastic - plenty of shots to aim for, several multiballs, those ace cannons to fire with the cool looking gun handle, that wicked cool 'Picard manoever' with left orbit-upper left ramp, the thrill of super spinners and the countdown of Warp Factors to try to get to warp 9.9. it even has a feature where the Borg ship fires back at the player!

    there's only a few downsides, and most of them aren't really the machine's fault. it's a bloody heavy beast. the cannons tend to go wrong. the video mode is the same every time (so just remember LLRRLLRLLL and you're golden), and the outlanes are a bit drainy. but i bought the outlane extender mod which just adds 5mm to the tip and makes a big difference, and even SR agreed those things are an improvement.

    anyway, STTNG is a load of fun and i really enjoy it. go play it. and if you will find that if you had propelled the ball in the correct trajectoTHANK YOU MR DATA”

  • cooldan currently owns this game.

  • “This is old school gameplay in a modern format. It has really satisfying shots and I love the challenge of achieving all the objectives in one ball. Cool theme, art and dots. My current fave.

    [UPDATE] I've owned this for two weeks now and I love this game. It has the simplicity of a game from the 80's and 90s, yet great depth in the ruleset (v1.83). While the playfield looks quite simple, it has 12 different shots plus the Iron Monger that rises up out of the playfield plus the 7 Iron Man stand up targets - 20 shots in all. People say the game is tough, but if you set the outlane posts to narrow 10-15 minute games are the norm. The four settings on the outlane posts give you plenty of control over the game difficulty.

    The sound effects are awesome, there are great callouts from the movie, and the missile sound effects during the Jericho wizard mode are incredible, I think I'll be getting a speaker upgrade and sub just for Jericho. Do or Die wizard mode adds further depth to the game. I haven't worked out what to do to get Do or Die multiball yet, I'm looking forward to this. There is also double scoring somewhere in there, too, which obviously ideally should be stacked with some of the big payoff features. So the gameplay is not as thin as some suggest. Before I bought this I did a lot of research with owners past and present. They love the game, and most that parted with Iron Man regret the sale, some have bought it back.

    The art package is great on the PF, translite and cabinet and really emphasises the Iron Man theme. I have not been this excited about a title since AC/DC.”

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  • “Code is obviously very early in this game and will only get better as most are saying, but that being said, this is not a bad game by any means. Our game resides in a home of WWE fans, so we may be a bit partial towards it, but the game fits the theme very well. The upper playfield shots are not very difficult but it is a challenge to get it in center hole to pin your opponent. I think the audio is very well done. Music is good and true to theme. Lighting looks great too. I like the playfield layout quite a bit as well. I'm impressed with what Stern has accomplished in the SPIKE system. I am looking forward to the next code update but overall give this game a thumbs up.”

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  • “Best SEGA? It's in the running. It would be top 5 on anyone's list of SEGA pins, I'm sure.

    3 ramps, no orbits. Lots of stand up targets oddly spaced. Oddly in a good way.

    The skip ramp to the Satellite magnet is pretty awesome as is the auto magna-save between the flippers.

    The tank shot is neat too, but ends up wasting part of the playfield that would better be utilized as a traditional orbit IMO.

    The ramp shots are mostly smooth, but I find the design of the ramp exists to be a bit of a speed-killer. They aren't as smooth as ramp exists in other Pemberton designed games (see Mousin' Around).

    Great game. Glad to have it as part of my collection.”

  • tamoore currently owns this game.

  • “I've only played a few times, but I really enjoyed the theme and the uniqueness of the game. Awesome theme integration - the fights, the practicing, and the multibrawl!”

    “Great artwork, lots of toys and good layout. So far so good. That double flipper on the lower left ruins an otherwise perfectly good game. Double flippers look cool put are a pain to play. The ball bounces going from the upper to lower flipper which makes aiming impossible.”

    “I love drop targets and hate symmetric fields. This game has both. Pretty straight forward, 4x4 target banks and 4 flipper make for an entertaining game but eventually gets old. The layout is so-so, love the targets and 4 flippers but the upper field is very difficult to access and somewhat a waste of space. The artwork is OK, certainly nothing extra special. Overall a decent game”

    “Short flippers and poor play field layout make this a below par pinball experience. The upper part of the field is only reachable by pure luck, the center target bank blocks access to most of the field. No lanes leading up to the upper third of the field, poor design. The ball drains very easily at the sides. 2 slings and 1 bumper make for very boring game play and the artwork is nothing to write home about.”

    “Tried it several times at different locations and wanted to like it, but it is just not fun at all to me. I like the theme, but game play gets boring quick.”

    “Better than I thought it was going to be but that laugh, ergh!! Can someone adjust the code to take it out? Not a fan of the art, the playfield is too busy.”

    “it's Family Guy, what's not to love?

    the Stewie Pinball mini-pinball table complete with mini ball and flippers and ramps is pretty memorable and probably this machine's best feature. it has wonderful cartoon comedy in visuals, sounds and animated dots, but you do get a bit tired of those same old lines after a while.

    still, it's a great looking game, a ton of fun to play, and highly recommended. and no, i'm selling mine, so don't ask.”

  • cooldan currently owns this game.

  • “Great theme integrated well however like most people say it gets very old very quickly.”

    “BSD is like MSF, ie WTF, why the long name? it's Dracula, and it's dark and cold and cruel and mean and fanbloodytastic.

    some people don't like the look, they say it's depressing and dark, but not me. i loooove the dark blues and deep blood reds. i adore looking at Ron Jeremy in his coffin, it has the best video mode in all of pinball for me (maybe a tie with shooting jetskiers in FT), the sound and speech callouts are wonderful and completely original and authentic (they went to Gary Oldman to get him to record custom speech for it), and this game is just so mean and difficult that it keeps you coming back again and again.

    the magnet across the playfield makes Mist Multiball a completely original feature. the Coffin Multiball is reasonably tricky due to that steep little ramp around the coffin; and the Castle Multiball is extremely rewarding, especially when the devil women on the DMD screech and wail at you, eyes bleeding as they screech about the winds or Matt Vince or something like that. you can almost imagine them clambering out of the screen to come and drink blood from your neck or something.

    when all three multiballs come together, and you manage to get a big rats and bats bonus on ball one, then get a huge double castle jackpot, suddenly after 29 games of this machine kicking your arse, suddenly on that 30th game it's your turn, and you rack up a big score in the billions and feel invincible. then next game less than 20 million in total again. it's that rare one brilliant game that keeps us coming back. Dracula is a magnificent game, not many better.”

  • cooldan has owned this game in the past.
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  • “I have never owned this machine. I have played it at several locations. This game draws me in everywhere I see it. The field is not overly done and very open shooting. I think the best thing is the call outs and the voices! Makes me laugh every time I play - "use the big o beam". I love the target that you have to hit "force field" to get at the aliens. Plenty of targets to hit and overall theme is awesome. I would love to own this game - especially if they remake it.”

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  • “I see a lot of comments from others stating there is too much "bashing" on this machine. I see this as shooting targets. This seems to me as showing some skill that you can hit points on the machine when needed. The artwork on this game is unusual and killer - I like the fact that they didn't just throw the band all over the machine. Game plays well and flows well. I love the toys including frying Sparky. Im not a complete fan of the band but do like some of their older material and that is what they mainly put on the machine. The only downside I see is the music doesn't coincide with the play. I own the game and will keep for quite a while. Fun to play”

  • brettam currently owns this game.

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