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Rating #351 of 57 1 month ago
fun, fast multi ball. Love the color and the game just looks cool. Fun to play and not easy to beat. a keeper
Rating #351 of 34 1 month ago
I bought this game after playing it in Dallas. The adult mode is a nice novelty. It is not as deep as Scared Stiff (one of my all time favorites), but it gets close. Many modes, challenging rules and fast action insure this game will not grow stale. It is probably a top 20 title.
Rating #351 of 16 1 month ago
If I owned a pinball company and wanted to produce the ultimate game, this would be the one! Sales numbers aside I think only AFM rivals Addams for being the total package. Neither playfield layout, rules, artwork, sounds, nor animations make the game alone. But when you put it all together you get a masterpiece. The design team just crushed it. The buildup to multiball is probably the most exciting since Black Knight, and the building the mansion is stupid fun. Although short, Seance is the best mode ever. It's probably all been said about Addams Family. And yes, I'm a little nostalgic as I remember playing it in the arcade in the 90's. If Addams Family was built 5 years later, had WPC 95 technology and lower sales numbers we'd all be paying double the price for it. Knock three times.
Rating #351 of 16 1 month ago
I’ve had White Water for a long time and have played it more than any other game that I own. I realize it’s a top 20 game, but it’s still underrated. I’d say it is top 5 but it’s tough to compare it to other games because it is so unique. The bottom line is if you like ramps, you will LOVE this game. If ramps aren’t your thing, then don’t waste your quarters. White Water really flows, even with all of the ramps. It doesn’t appear there are a ton of shots in the game, but combos are the key. It’s like pinball chess and you need to plan two of three shots in advance. Miss one of your shots and you’re going to be sorry…as well as feel some other negative emotions as you watch your ball drain. Insanity Falls is a shot you’ll want to hit over and over, regardless of points or if you need it to complete a raft. It’s just that satisfying. Plus, being Waterfall champion is a nice goal in your pinball life. Don’t ever judge White Water by a game that isn’t 100% functional and dialed in. It tends to suffer more in the wild and likely gets overlooked at times. Also, it’s so unique that I probably wouldn’t pick it to be my only game for the Pinball Desert Island. But, it would be my second game for sure. Stop reading, go play White Water.
Rating #351 of 16 1 month ago
Monster Bash is one the of the best uses of a license I have seen as the integration of the theme is on par with the greats. It has excellent flow and the ramps (or the Creature shot for that matter) have a satisfying T2 feel to them. But unlike T2, there are plenty of other shots to attain. The Drac shots are challenging which add a level of difficulty to the game. Pop bumpers are better utilized than any other game I have played and you actually TRY to shoot them as much as possible. The center spinner shot is tight but attainable and achieving Mosh Pit Multiball is tons of fun. Speaking of fun, I can't stop shooting Frank and I find myself forgetting objectives just so I can get Frankenstein multiball. After collecting your monsters and starting Monster Bash the game goes to 11. This whole game is just loads of fun and surprisingly balanced. Easy enough for beginners but there are some difficult objectives to reach. Kids LOVE this game and this is a great way to get them into pinball. Build quality, art, sounds, toys, you name it and this game is the total package. A nice example looks like it could have been built yesterday. I wouldn't park it next to a new Stern except maybe GBLE. Yes, it's expensive, but Monster Bash is on par or nicer than the new LE's being produced today.
Rating #351 of 6 1 month ago
Great game play once you figure it out...
Rating #351 of 12 1 month ago
Ok folks, Star Wars Episode 1 wasn't a bad film at all. Yes, Jar Jar is in this game, get over it. Jar Jar is part of the theme and has nothing to do with the quality of the game which is top notch. Yes, the game might have been a little better if the designer wasn't locked in a secret room, but the truth is that this game is fun to play and unique. There is no better Star Wars pin out there. This is a movie translated to a pinball game and it works quite well, especially with a nice set of superbright LEDs to make the playfield "pop" more than the monitor. You can play hundreds of pinball tables that will offer you similar gameplay, but there is nothing else like the Pinball 2000 pair. The fact that this is not even ranked in the top 200 clearly indicates snubbing of the theme. Pick one up now before they start releasing one Star Wars film per year and people start realizing that Episode 1 will always be just that... the first episode in a fantastic saga.
Rating #351 of 12 1 month ago
It's the best Star Trek pinball representing the best Star Trek series. On top of that, it's a widebody "superpin" penned by the "king of flow" Steve Ritchie! As if that wasn't enough, it's got sound clips from the entire cast of the show, up to 6 ball multiball, more Star Trek toys than a collector's showroom, more modes than you can count, and you can continue your game! Some of these features aren't even seen on today's games! The Williams quality was second to none, so we're here 20+ years later and it still looks great!
Rating #351 of 152 1 month ago
This is an insult to the Rollercoaster Tycoon franchise, cleary this game is meant to be Hurricane 2.0 or another rollercoaster in that line of games because it is very obvious they wanted to make a continuation of the Comet/Cyclone/Hurricane series. Stuff like 'Dunk the Dummy' which doesn't even feature in Rollercoaster Tycoon at all, and the talking Troll? What the hell happened? Aside from having guests in the park and the artwork this game doesn't even remotely represent RCT, a game I grew up playing - and still play! Hugely dissapointing machine. You have to completely ignore the theme to enjoy I think, which I just can't do.
Rating #351 of 9 1 month ago
This game is absolutely spectacular. There is nothing else like it.

If you read through the ratings people will say it will get boring or that it is easy but it makes me wonder if they actually played the real thing or just played it on Pinball Arcade. I was operating under a similar line of thinking until I played the real thing.

Amazing. The toys aren't gimmicks but actually vital to the experience. Seeing the boxer turn around for the first time to fight is an eye opening experience. It makes you wonder where pinball would be today if WMS didn't stop producing machines after this one.

The game is not easy. I have been playing it over and over and find it a challenge and I'm not someone new to pinball. I'm not a wizard or anything but I play quite a bit. It has plenty of modes to challenge anyone. Like anyone here has actually completed the Ultimate Challenge.

There are complaints about scoring regarding betting points later in the game. I can't even get to this point and neither can anyone else that has played my machine so what's the big deal? Plus, shouldn't you be rewarded with big points for making it that far?

The point ultimately being not only is there plenty of depth and challenge but it's FUN! This is the definition of a fun table. Casual observers want to play after seeing it in action. My entire family is hooked. This is the type of pin to get anyone to love pinball. It's just got that kind of wow factor and appeal. I can not think of any other game that elicits such a joyous reaction so quickly.

Once you factor in the rarity, the sound, the fun factor, the humor, the playfield, the art, the toys, and how easy it is to pick up yet how much depth there is Champion Pub is unrivaled. It is just so innovative and fun I wish the designers were able to keep things going.

It's never leaving my collection. If you can even find one, scoop it up before someone else jumps on it. It's brilliant.
Rating #351 of 108 1 month ago
A Data East game with an incredible Paul Faris artwork package for the playfield and backglass, and an average gameplay design and ruleset.
Most owners have the game for exactly these reasons, and no other.
DE screwed up and really wasted the great potential of this game.
Sound quality for music and callouts is above average for most DE games.
The game is completely missing the original true musical orchestration, that would have greatly improved the game experience.
The organ takes up so much space on the right corner of the playfield it completely dominates the entire game.
The single ramp seems almost like an afterthought, similar to the repetitive ramp in Star Wars.
It just does not seem to provide the game with more comparable flow.
The "Magic Mirror" (trapdoor subway scoop) is the other main feature which controls the game speed.

Very difficult to find a game now that:
1) Does not have a delaminating backglass or scratches, particularly the Phantom's Mask
2) Does not have a worn playfield
3) Does not have a cracked wood planking cabinet
4) Does not have broken plastics / worn decals which need to replaced (repo sets are finally available)
5) Does not have a broken organ, motor assembly, or worn out trapdoor

It commands a higher price than it is truly worth, but if you a POTO opera fan this game is a must.
I have only seen ONE NOS playfield in nearly 30 years since 1990.
I have only seen FIVE NOS backglasses in the same period, although I am sure there still a few out there.
Many of these games did not survive past the late 90s into the early 00s.

If you do find a HUO game, buy it immediately, if not, skip it because it probably will not be worth your time to fix or own, as the theme is not conducive to most family collections and has little game depth.
Rating #351 of 10 10 days ago
First and foremost, I own this game and have a biased opinion. That being said I feel like it gets bad review because some people are just not fans of GNR. This game gets played more than anything else in our house, especially when guest come over. The game play is very good and fast paced, multi ball is awesome, ramp shots etc. Really underrated in my opinion. A lot of thought went into the design and playability of this game and I love it.
Rating #351 of 16 1 month ago
Hypnotizing and fun this game just gets better with age and its challenging shots and pace are better too with time. Utterly different from its peers and the opposite of all games in the top 10, it is in a place all its own.
Rating #351 of 16 1 month ago
I've tried this machine in five different iterations and I just do not get it, the rule set is not that rich or deep and its shots are fast but the geometry isn't actually that great, but equally important it is fragile and quickly seems gimmicky. Maybe it's just me but I think this game benefits from nostalgia d.b.a. hype.
Rating #351 of 16 1 month ago
It took about a week to get really tired of this one even though it is complex and fast and colorful. There just isn't enough there and it gets cheesy fast.
Rating #351 of 16 1 month ago
This game feels like it is younger and is in many ways a worthy namesake for Tommy, and it is very "meta" of course in that it is a pinball about pinball in which your pinball emulates the pinball player who ... you get the idea. This machine would be at the top of the charts but for one thing: its theme tie-in to the musical vs to the Who. Nobody wants to hear the Broadway rendition of these songs and frankly the feel of the machine needs to be darker to go with the awesome shots and speed of the game play. Really rewards a good player.
Rating #351 of 16 1 month ago
Love it. Beautiful pin with clear pathway and fun objects in playfield. Tough shots and fast moving game. I would buy it. The voice subs are a little, um, hard to understand but the zombie feel comes through.
Rating #351 of 16 1 month ago
The playfield is almost boring it is so empty. The complexity of the rule set is ridiculous to the point that this game only belongs in the home. So why is this game great? Not sure but it is, and it does redeem itself after a week or so of learning to love that open playfield with so few fun gimmicks - eschewing the obvious for the feel of a board game. It rewards your patience.
Rating #351 of 16 1 month ago
This might well be the best pinball even made. It is certainly the most imaginative and its feel is elegant and so well constructed that no other machine at the mass production level is likely to beat it.
Rating #351 of 16 1 month ago
Unbelievably fun and well paced. Rule set a little repetitive but what it repeats is fun anyway. Fabulous feel though only the LE and premium are really elegant.
Rating #351 of 16 1 month ago
Nobody loves sttng more than me and that saves this game for me because the game is fun but not incredibly so, and the droning of the theme song is a bit much even for me.
Rating #351 of 16 1 month ago
I don't get it, and maybe that is the problem but this machine bores me to death. So much potential but it seems to flounder when played fast and hard.
Rating #351 of 16 1 month ago
I wouldn't buy and I don't love this game because of the theme, which bores me, but it plays so well and is both predictable (in a good way) and forgiving (also in a good way) without being easy or floaty.
Rating #351 of 16 1 month ago
It is hard to imagine a better pinball game all the way around. Endlessly fun and balanced so well it defies physics and logic.
Rating #351 of 16 1 month ago
Enjoy it a lot. Deep rule set. Fun to play for a long game.
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