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34 days ago
This game drains way to easily.. the animation is ok but could have been better... what saves this game for me is the nasty comments each fighter has and still makes me chuckle. A fun game to play but is difficult score with the easy drains....I love the old times music and the jump rope. Game gets too dark when in multi ball making it really hard to see with the lights turned off....
34 days ago
My surprising second favorite pin! After adding the dead world mod and a color dmd and several other mods ( crane,sniper tower and adding several led’s ) this game has so much to offer that I find I’m still getting different scoring combos and have fun every time I play it. The only down side is the many Optus to keep up with maintenance wise. To me this is definitely in my top ten of all times.....
34 days ago
This game jumped off the page after I added the miked mod and a color dmd. The animation is perfect for the theme, and the music and flashers seem to go hand in hand...the only disappointment I have is the absence of a replaceable translite which I assume is due to universal studios being stubborn with the rights.. my favorite overall game of all time, took me several years to find a nice one and I will have it till I die!!!
34 days ago
Being a huge Trekkie this game was a no brained for me. The laser cannons anthe Picard manuver offer some difficult shots and Picardy opening monologue is
Perfect. This is a really fun game!!
34 days ago
Fireball II gets kind of overlooked for being the sequel to a game that it really has very little in common with. A shame, because it's a very nice game.

For starters, the game is just beautiful. The reds, yellows and blacks work really well together. The mirrored backglass is breathtaking. Coincidentally (?), the original Fireball was Dave 'Mad Dog' Christensen's first pinball artwork and Fireball II was his last.

The playfield is a classic 3 pop bumper setup, with some nice extra's: a third flipper, 11 drop targets and an interactive 'Little Demon' post in between the flippers.

The sounds can get really frantic. Fireball II screams for your attention at times. Especially when you can score the (timed) extra ball. Lighting effects are awesome for the time period, as the game plays with its general illumination and the 4 flashers below the playfield.

Rule-wise, it's simple yet addictive. Build bonus, collect bonus. And go for a nice multiball (2 or 3 balls) if that's your thing.

1981 was a great year for Bally. A year that Fireball II kicked off in style.
35 days ago
If you hate the Blackhawks, the Yankees, Ford and any and all other mainstream successful entities, you will hate this game. You just hate a winner.

Yes I own it. I loved it for long before I did purchase it, because of my love of it. Of course I would own what I feel is one of, if not THE, best pinballs ever. The sense of humor, the shots, the art, the theme, the fun of playing it and its general universal #1 favorite status of people that come to our house and have access to my decent sized collection says it all.

The only people I know that hate this game are usually feel they are "above" loving such common and universally loved games.
It is en vogue to deride the "commoners" subject of affection. Those that "hate" this game are tired of its success, jealous of its near universal loved status, or just bitter contrarians. If it isn't your favorite, it should be within spitting distance, and if you claim to "hate" it, then you hate pinball.
35 days ago
Such a great Pin. Great shots, great rules, great music, callouts, toys. Truly an awesome pinball machine that is able to defy the odds and stand head and shoulders above its subject matter and bad movie theme.
35 days ago
Simple, linear approachable system 11 fun. It flows really well and this game is a hit during our parties. The rules and simplicity, while off putting to some die-hards, is a reason why it is so popular in our house. My wife loves it, my friends just want to constantly beat their last score, and I enjoy it as a nice quick change of pace occasionally. I don't know that I would recommend it as your only pin, but as part of a multigame collection, it is a gem. As all system 11's, multiball is unforgiving as there is no ball save, ever. Sounds are great, but can get a little repetitive. We have a chuckle during the call-outs as it sounds like a bunch of white guys trying to attempt ethnic sounding accents. Great fun though and highly recommended.
35 days ago
Pros: Gameplay is incredible. Great "flow." "WIND'S!!!" Callout is epic. One more play syndrome for sure. Cool light shows, very atmospheric. Just a fun pin.

Cons: Theme/Movie is meh overall. Outlanes can chew you up. Some of my non pinhead friends think it is too difficult and not enjoyable, (I say they are wacko). Manufactures short cuts include "Ron Jeremy in a box" as Dracula and a back coffin cover that seems like it was made in 4th grade art class and almost must be replaced.

BSD is a keeper. When setup correctly, it is a game that I feel will long outlast its dreadful movie theme subject. The ramp shots, the flow and the feeling of accomplishment during high scores makes this a machine that is "bolted to my floor." It is a must play, and a must own IMHO. If you can get over the backglass, it is a gem.
35 days ago
One of my favorite games and a game that really does an amazing of integrating its theme in all aspects of design. A true classic.
35 days ago
It's got a spinner, roll overs, pop bumpers, a kick out hole and drop targets! What more could you ask for out of a EM? Gameplay is fun and fast. We love it. It's became the favorite in our gameroom.
36 days ago
This is my go to pin after playing my sterns. Reminds me why I love the classics. Great shots, flow and the theme is the cherry on top.
36 days ago
One of the better layouts from a European pinball manufacturer. The play is interesting if somewhat simplistic for a DMD game of that era with several features that are fun and enjoyable. The Magnetic House multiball can be particularly tough to start. Call outs are somewhat repetitive but it’s a fun game for a larger collection.
36 days ago
This machine is a must have for any collector.
36 days ago
Fun and very deep, beautiful machine, after many years i have this game, is always fun to play, a keeper.
36 days ago
WOW, the perfect machine, Nothing negative about this pinball. Pure fun, a keeper.
36 days ago
If you played the game initially and haven't lately, do so. The ruleset and coding updates have revolutionized this game. There are several Pinsiders which have contributed to ROM updates making for an AMAZING music/callout integration. That aside, this game has great shots that are difficult, yet rewarding. ColorDMD is a must given the awesome animations. While I'm not a fan of the crossbow in the premium/LE, there is a large scoring difference between the two games owing to the spinner contribution to switch-hit based modes as well as the lockdown button for cashing in "bombs". Replacing the stock lighting with reds/warm whites really makes a difference, and there are some phenomenal functional mods to integrate the TV show more into the playfield (tower, CDC ramp, prison, flame bulbed barn, etc).
36 days ago
The sleeping giant...literally & metaphorically. This is a monstrous game (widebody with BIG backbox) with lots to shoot at. I'm sure plenty of non WWF fans have robbed themselves of some fantastically fun pinball by walking past this game.

The ultimate integration of the shaker motor ever. Non pinheadz playing this for the first time completely freak when they achieve Royal Rumble Multiball. OOOOOoo YEAAAHHH!!!
36 days ago
The silent assasin...easy to walk past until you play a game on it. What Robocop lacks in cool artwork & quality sound, it makes up for in outstanding theme integration.

The sound package is there - with all the cool call outs from the quality is what it is from back in the day though.

Game play is simple to understand & fun to achieve. And the jump ramp is quite simply one of my all time favourite things in all of pinball.
36 days ago
So close...yet so far. From the stereo entrance the full color LCD mini a truly unique controllable upper the coolest orbit shot in the gold armor, gold trim, gold speaker panel & Hulk Hogan autographed gold plaque...WWE LE has the foundations of a legendary pinball machine.

But unfinished game code, some lazy art direction in places & the potential for freakn cool modes that were never realised leave this game as 'very good' but not 'great' - which it could & should be.
36 days ago
I'd gone through my entire life with no desire whatsoever to purchase a NIB pinball machine until the moment I saw Metallica LE! Which says a lot about the Dirty Donny art package - which is a throwback to the iconic pins of the 70s IMO...we'd been waiting a long time for something like this. The art combined with the prospect of one of the most iconic sound packages in pinball history was enough for me to purchase the game never having played it.

So for it to arrive & play the way it did was a dream realised. Jon Borg has applied the magic touch to 2 games in my collection that are all time keepers - GnR & METLE. This is pinball personified.
37 days ago
I really want this machine for my collection someday. It's hard not to give it a perfect score. The soundtrack, voices, playfield , backglass are all amazing. This is my number one favorite machine of all time.
37 days ago
Just doesn't seem to hold up for its age. The speech and sound aren't too bad but gets a bit repetitive. Replay ability is OK.
37 days ago
This machine is a classic. Looks great and plays fast. However to really experience the best with this machine you must have the pinsound board installed. All original sounds from the movie with the Prince and Tim Burton soundtrack. Absolutely elevates this game to the next level and makes it a keeper. My kids love this one and after playing the other three Batman tables, I have to say this one is the funnest!
37 days ago
Absolutely gorgeous playfield. The artwork really draws you in along with the vintage sounds. So much fun. My wife really loves this one.
There are 31879 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 14 of 1276.

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