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40 days ago
Fun game. I really enjoy the game play. A color dmd really made the game look amazing. For a 90’s game one of the better ones.
40 days ago
Love this game. Unique ball walker to set up multi ball. Some people knock the voice, but I find it perfect for the space genre. I see it mor akin to the arcade wizard of wor rather than a speak n spell. Anyways, difficult to achieve multiball on 3 ball game, keeps you coming back. Love the artwork, especially the backglass. The woman in the cryo tube rocket is beautifully drawn and perfectly captures the future concepts back in the late 70’s and early 80’s.
40 days ago
41 days ago
Updated 6.0 roms are a must. Great theme! What’s better than a T-Rex eating your ball!
41 days ago
Not sure why this game ranks so low. Cabinet art is very nice. Put some LEDs on the playfield and it brightens it up nicely. The sound on this pin is its low point, speakers are just not that good. Game play is awesome with the monster hurling balls at you is a great gimmick.
41 days ago
OK, I know this game is not aimed at me as the target audience. This is a mini game for kids. This is a great game for dollar game betting among partying adults though. Very well done. I actually enjoy playing it. It is much harder than you think.
42 days ago
Pinbot is a brutal system 11 game. The sounds and lighting are very well done for a game of that era. Build quality is also solid.
42 days ago
A real gem of a game. Simply fun and very well put together. Well done Greg, Dennis & Stern.
42 days ago
A great pinball! Easy to learn, hard to master. Especially when hitting the gate which can deflect ball straight down out of play- maybe only my machine. The castle multiball lock is a very satisfying shot. Better then original?...YES.
Is it the best?? everyone will have their own favorite. Indy still tops for me. I think we need a new way of ranking top 5- everyone just ranks their top 5 and points are accumulated. I only started playing this a few years ago, so I have no nostalgia when I say this pin has a much better feel then most of the new pins coming out. It has that balance of sound, light, playability, family fun...a permanence.
42 days ago
Surprising how much this game gets played. The rules are super simple, but it is appealing to experts as well as beginners. The play is slow and controlled, and you can hear the ball rolling a lot. A really fun table to keep in the mix if you have newer tables.
42 days ago
T3 is a pretty good game overall. It can be fun once you learn what to do. Once you get Assault or a Multiball, it can get pretty exciting. RED is a beautiful lightshow. I do like Arnold's custom speech and it can be pretty funny sometimes like "You screwed up" when you tilt or "Shoot here, then here" when you start a ball. Playfield art is not so great and cabinet and backglass doesn't have much to it. I can't rate considering the machine at my arcade's didn't work. After you play it for a while I can DEFINITELY see it getting boring. Overall a pretty fun game the first couple months you have it but probably not a keeper at least for me.
42 days ago
As a kid that grew up going to Bally's Aladdin's Castle arcades in the 80's, I was very excited to add this machine to my collection. Even though this machine really doesn't have much to do with the arcade chain, other than the name, I always smile every time I look at the backglass.

The machine plays fast and it has some great shots. The right spinner is a blast to hit, especially when you get it maxed out at 100 points per spin. The Aladdin's Alley shot is also a great risk/reward shot since just a slight miss will cause you to hit a post and drain. The playfield artwork is decent and I love the lamp on the left side. Overall, this is a fun machine with a really cool theme.
43 days ago
What makes it great:

4 slings, so tons of lateral ball action
Sweepable drops with a special score for it
2 spinners
4 banks of drops
Great speech
good pops that help you or hurt you
Henry Williams in his prime
Very good art from Doug Watson

What's missing?:

Hurry ups (like black knight)
Changeable inlane lamps (like black night)
Changeable rollover lamps (like firepower)
43 days ago
This game has me shook! I had a premium version of one of Stern's offerings with tons of mods, a good game, but I saw a chance to trade even up for a JJP, Hobbit Gold Edition. Never had a game with these sorts of features & wanted to give a JJP game a shot. I did, & all of a sudden I feel like the newer stern's I've recently owned are just pieces of junk haha. & that isn't a knock against Stern, nor is it true, they do some cool stuff, but more a nod to JJP, TH just feels like its in its own class of game.
I was going to go on about what I think is so impressive about the game in detail, but honestly don't feel like typing up that much.

The game is super customizeable which is great, you really can dial this thing in however you want. Visually just stunning, never seen anything quite like it with the lamp effects, displays, etc. Game is beyond deep, I don't believe I've played the same game twice & there are still modes & features on this game that I didn't even get to yet. But in this case depth doesn't mean complicated. Read for 5 minutes about the basics & pretty well got the hang of it. Unlike some Stern's these days where I feel like I need a degree in cryptology to figure them out. To me that is perfect, depth without overcomplication.

It is true, the game isn't really a flow game & more of a shooters game as others have mentioned. I don't find the game slow at all though, at least not how mine is set up. This game was clearly designed to be an epic shooters game with tons of shots, wasn't meant for flow. Its not like they went for flow & missed the mark. The game plays as it was designed to & it does it well. Lots of ups & downs during gameplay which is fun. Yes sometimes the game does have more of a classic gameplay feel with long shots typical of a widebody & lots of drops & the relaxing background music. & that is fine by me. But when certain modes or multiballs kick in, the tone of the game can shift pretty quickly as the music & lighting change their tone as well. Just a beautifully done game & it does seem like it was built like a tank. Solid, not easy to nudge & it had the be the heaviest game I've moved... so its not going anywhere anytime soon haha.

Oh & a quick update, I saw it mentioned in other reviews that some people think there is too much multiball.... Then Just hit the ring button on the lockbar! It will postpone your multiball! Putting you to where hitting the right ramps starts a mode for you instead of locking a ball. Love this feature! You really do have a lot of choice in how you want to approach each game.
43 days ago
Got a great deal on this wonderfully themed pin. It sits next to GOT Premium. Similar vintage, but not as good... Needs one more software upgrade to be really good.
43 days ago
I will never understand the fascination with the "split the pf up into 2 separate levels" design approach. Obviously, I'm no Black Knight fan. That said, I think this game is much better than Black Knight.

-The corny factor is so ridiculously high that you actually have to like this one.
-The outlanes saves are really cool. While I wasn't a huge fan of it on D&D, I really like Pemberton's use of them on this game. They add a layer to playing here that is needed with this design.
-The top left shot is really hard. Similar to D&D, it's an almost impossible shot to hit with intention, but when you do, it's very satisfying.
-The game is actually quite fun. I would love to buy a beater of this game one day to retheme.

-Do I even need to say the artwork? The artwork.
-The sounds are so freaking bad. That sound chip that Bally used in this era is the cheapest of possible options for the time period. NOTHING sounds good on it. Not even the female heavy breathing that starts off the game.
-Dual-level design = 2 really short playfields. Some people love this design, and I get that; I just don't.
-It's so obvious how bad Bally was trying hurting at this period. Even the cabinet design and build quality (MDF) reeks of corporate cost-cutting. Hope you don't find one that's gotten wet.

Takeaway: a game that actually plays better than the scores will indicate. If you see one of the wild, drop a quarter.
43 days ago
One of the best classics ever. Unique playfield layout makes great use of the wide-body. The double right flipper forces you to think twice before attempting to trap up and taking an errant shot. Love the single pop bumper in the beast layer and having the work the game to get it out. The inlane drops, golden cliffs, spelling PARAGON, so many great ways to play this game. It is deceptively difficult and has a huge replay value. Great art package.
43 days ago
A much better game then it gets credit for. The code is unique and challenging and very different which is a great thing. The art and toys are just ok but the lighting and code makes up for what it lacks. It's fast, shoots good, and is a really tough pin. Not Stern's best but a really unique, fun offering. My only big negative is the fork ramp which has a lot of rejects, if you hit it pure it's fine but it's a tight shot.

Update: With the 1.0 code this game is really starting to shape into something pretty special. I love the different ways to attack this game and that I always am a few shots from setting up a huge scoring potential. The code is super unique and really fun and fresh. Pinball really needed this in my opinion.
44 days ago
I finally got to play a well-maintained Space Shuttle table. It is a beautifully themed table that does a great job of capturing the feel of NASA in the 80's.

The table plays well. The left and right ball locks seemed to be the hardest shots; otherwise, I wouldn't say any shots were overly difficult. That doesn't mean this table is necessarily easy. Well-aimed shots are essential as there really isn't much chance for sloppy points like on some tables.

Increasing the bonus multiplier is as easy as lighting the U-S-A rollover targets, allowing for some huge bonus points. The multiball is fun and not too hard to start. Lock one or two balls then hit the left/center ramp.

The table seems to play fairly. The left and right outlanes aren't pure evil and I didn't experience too many balls down the middle.

My only criticism is that of the right ramp. It's essentially a dead end and doesn't feel satisfying at all to hit. Ball goes up, ball comes back. I would like for it to at least transport the ball to another area of the table. Oh well.

Overall this is a solid Williams table and one I would be happy to have in my collection.
44 days ago
One of my favorite Bally machines. The timer on the spinner is great, 10X on the drops if made in sequence, the 50K timed shot always seems to come up when the ball is on the left flipper, in line drops for bonus multiplier, great art package...this one is here to stay.
44 days ago
This is the only post-1998 pin that I enjoy. It's an absolute beauty, particularly in terms of the sound and music. I don't expect to ever own it just because of the price, but it's on my wishlist anyway!
44 days ago
Very fun game, easy to play and fast!
44 days ago
Awesome Game. Lots of toys and lots of fun !
45 days ago
I've played several of these in wild, and a common issue is that the flippers lack the power to make the middle ramp and the right ramp (to the top to collect the cheese). It is still a popular favorite in the places near me even though these shots can't be made. Collecting the letters, cheese and multiball is fun enough by itself. Very family and kid friendly theme.
45 days ago
The sounds and music do get a bit repetitive, but the gameplay is great. The six ball multiball is insane. The theme isn't kid or family friendly... kind of scary with murder scenes, etc.
There are 31271 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 14 of 1251.

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