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30 days ago
I enjoy shooting this game, too bad the sound is so lo-fi and the art belongs in a Chuck E. Cheese. Probably my best bet for a re-theme since I like the layout but don't care for the aesthetics.
30 days ago
I finally had a chance to play this pin at a convention and I can see why it is so popular. I'm looking forward to playing it again if I can find one near me. One weakness I noticed is it's hard to see the dragon, he needs a spotlight on him.
30 days ago
After I had a blast playing this game I looked up the designer and was pleasantly surprised to see it was John Trudeau. It suddenly made sense that he was involved considering how much I also like Ghostbusters. Great design, sound, and shots on this pin. I wish the creature hologram was more interesting considering how much space it takes up on the playfield. Also, if the ramps aren't perfectly clear, it gets hard to see what's going on in the upper playfield. I guess the price reflects the demand, I wish I could pick one up.
30 days ago
Simple rules and addictive to play, like the pinball equivalent of Tetris. The music and lights are top notch. I expect to own a used one someday. If I could change one thing, I wish the video graphics were as colorful as the backglass and cabinet.
30 days ago
I've been playing pinball regularly for about 5 months and this is the first game I would buy if I had $5K to blow. Highlights for me are the theme, art, sound, and layout. Yes, the center drain is cruelly wide, but consider that incentive to learn to nudge.
30 days ago
Strike is a good Bang for the Buck Pin. if you like Soccer then this Pin is good. Good shots. Goalkeeper is cool. For me it´s better than WCS.
30 days ago
It is a great looking machine with awesome Iron Maiden album cover art type just attracts a person to play. I am not a fan of Iron Maidens music but I did deter me from playing and enjoying the game. The game play lighting is great not the usual style from recent Stern games. The game layout has some easy shots and some difficult shots that have to be precise to get (ie. the left ramp). This looks like it will be a great hit for Stern to keep it competition with JJP and Spooky.
30 days ago
Such an under-rated game.

Amazing flow.

Superb call outs by Gene.

Gameplay - it's all about trying to get the multiplier at the right times to blow up the score.

Rock City is supposed to be great but haven't got there.

Hoping the final update polishes the code and does the game justice.

Will update again then.
30 days ago
Very addictive game.

I think for mortal players, a mini wizard mode at reactor 3 and 6 would have been cool.

Fantastic multiplayer game. Time will tell the longevity of single player game.
30 days ago
AFM - one of the best games of all time.

AFMR - color display is great.

Don't like the feel of the flippers - feel different and not in a good way.

Lighting is super bright, in your face. Really didn't like it. Why no diffusers?
30 days ago
Spent 6 hours on this table last night. This morning i woke up and started listing my whole collection for sale.
At the end of 6 hours game play we realized not 1 game was the same. The main goal was the same but the modes change everytime. I know this is normal on sterns too, but you dont need a 300 page instruction book and 20 internet videos to learn it. It simple enough for the casual player to feel like they are playing like Keith O.
The light show is smooth and fluid. The BG animation does not look like a video editor with turrets. Its simple yet entertaining.
Sterns dead. Games like this and TNA are the future.
30 days ago
This game blows pretty much every other game I've played out of the water. The lighting is beautiful. The interaction between the play field & LCD screen is flawless. There are a lot of different types of shots to go for. It's difficult enough & there is enough variety in game play to keep it interesting in the long run. The rules are very intuitive & overall it's a blast to play!
30 days ago
Will update this rating again for sure after a few more code updates.

For now, great art, superb layout, super high intensity, and code is already very good.
30 days ago
This was fun to play. It's an open playfield, which I tend to like; Metallica is game I also very much like. I would like more Tie fighters to hit though when shooting for those in that mode. The only thing lacking is something to keep bashing on.
30 days ago
The hardest category to rate is Theming. It's a theme nobody wanted or asked for, but the theme was done well. I had a lot of time today to play many pins, all the new titles. I really enjoyed spending my time on the Dialed In. The best thing for me is how it told me what to do. Sometimes rules are hard to follow, but with this pin it tells you where to hit, which is nie. This game took my attention away from most of the top100. It's not that is the best, but it really had my attention today.
31 days ago
Had the chance to play IM at the Kalamazoo Pinball Expo. If you go by the lines at the two machines they had on site, I think the game is going to do quite well. I actually have one on order, and can't wait to get one home where I can crank it up and feel it. Great layout and challenging shots with 4 flippers. Not a huge Maiden fan, but the song list is good and the game is a blast.

Update 5/14/18. I have owned this game now for a few weeks and still love it. There are some shots that are easy and some that are quite challenging. That makes the game very difficult to master and fun to play IMO. I agree with others that "keeping the ball alive will get you a big score", but that is part of what makes it fun for me. I play with the intent of starting and finishing the modes, while my kids are just trying to keep the ball alive but are still able to get a decent score which makes them feel competitive. I still think this is a big win for Stern. I do wish it had more toys, but that leaves more room for the extras and add ons market to come in and make them awesome and more personalized. I like the video screens these new machines have. It keeps the others waiting to play more to watch rather than stand right over your shoulder.
31 days ago
Very fun, I can’t believe how smooth the ramps are for being metal. Great mix of dangerous, moderate and rewarding shots. Sound is great in this pin, the art work is nice too. Animations are good too, especially compared to the other pins with this LCD set up. The only real problem I’ve experienced with it so far is the ball can get hung up in the upper orbit of the pin is set up beyond about 6.5-6.6 degree of pitch. I have it on location and everybody has great things to say about it. I think it’s a keeper pin for me, might upgrade to the premium when I get a chance to play it.
31 days ago
Monster Bash, much like Road Show, is one of those "kitchen sink" games made during pinball's golden years. This game is a well-organized toy box that only suffers from being too easy.


-- The six monsters around the playfield are awesome!
-- The major toys (Frank and Drac) are designed to enter and exit to help with flow
-- The scoops and ramps are classic shots
-- The game utilizes the playfield and values both flippers equally


-- The theme is a stacked monster theme, with constant references to the classic monsters
-- The idea of the completing the modes for Monsters of Rock is a cool goal
-- The lighting is great and typical for the time period
-- The sounds, call-outs and music are great for this pin


-- This game successfully forces you to play all shots and areas in the game, including bumpers
-- It's great that you can stack the modes
-- The code for this game is clean enough for tournament play


-- This game, like TOM and Creature, suffers from being too easy, even when set up to be difficult
-- Monster Bash is really easy to achieve, and Monsters of Rock is not crazy difficult either
-- With it being so easy, its lastability is rather low to me, but the toys and action help here

In the end, Monster Bash is a highly rated pin for very good reason: it is absolutely loaded with great toys, has good flow, has a great ruleset, and the theme and sound are wonderful. If it was a little more difficult, I would own one for sure.
31 days ago
Always looking for that pin that holds my interest, I think I have found the one that will never leave my home. Feeling that i need or want many Pinside top games I've found to be very overrated to me. Houdini is the most stunning pin, just beautiful. It will force you to become a better pinball player. Watching people play Houdini that didn't like it were just hitting the ball around, using no ball control, hoping it will do something and saying it to hard. I am still in awe every time I see it across the room. Nice job American Pinball!!! Proud to own it.
31 days ago
Love trying to hit the “4” on the rotowheel to score 4 replays at once when you have it all set up.....
31 days ago
Ordered this game NIB "blind". I am very happy with my WoZ so I thought the Hobbit be also a wonderful game.
The first week it was fun to play. But afert around half a year it became boring, very boring. The software was final but I have had games where nothing else was to hit or fullfill until the ball dropped out.
In multiballs it was nerving that the bashtoys came up rapidly, no chachance to hit the targets you had to hit.
With my opinion I was not alone and so more and more TH came up for less and less money. So I pulled the brak and sold it , it was a finaciel pat situation. No win, no lost ... everything okay !
Meanwhile I orderd also blind a DI! and I am still happy with that machine.
For JJPOTC I am on pre-order but thinking about leaving the pre-order-club due the new idea to swap 3 discs with one disc and apizza graphic ;-(
31 days ago
A really excellent game that just doesn’t justify the price tag. Great coding and art though.
31 days ago
Overrated game. Too expensive for a game that doesn’t have the best code and would get stale.
31 days ago
LOVE this game. Theme is super unique and coding is excellent. Vacation Jackpot is one of a kind. Do wish it was a little cheaper though. WHITE WATER!!!!!
31 days ago
Ridiculous price for an ok game.
There are 32662 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 14 of 1307.

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