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Rating #351 of 74 1 month ago

This game came up for a good price and I grabbed it, was kinda blown away with how much fun it is, music and sounds are fantastic, yet another reason to disregard the ratings on pinside. You have to really own a pin and play it set up properly with good volume to get the full experience. I'm now looking for a Checkpoint which is another underated game.

Rating #351 of 15 1 month ago

Finally picked up an Addams Family. What a classic!! Four flipper game. Great build to multi ball. It's a great game and I can see why this is one of the most popular pins of all time. Keeps you coming back. Touring the mansion is pretty cool, too.

It's an awesome pin. Can't go wrong with The Addams Family.

Rating #351 of 90 1 month ago

... testing...

Rating #351 of 12 1 month ago

Love the unique backglass and scoring placement. VERY easy to see the display AND play simultaneously. More games should have taken this approach.

Rating #351 of 13 1 month ago

I played this and really didn't like it, I know I'm probably in the minority on this, but I found it uninteresting an boring , so for me I didn't like it !

Rating #351 of 13 1 month ago

I got a chance to finally play and was blown away with how awesome it was ! It is on the wish list for a future purchase !

Rating #351 of 7 1 month ago

It is important to setup this game correctly. If done so, it's fast, fun and challenging. The outlanes, in typical BO style, have no rubbers and are a pain to work with. Keep the lower playfield waxed and the slings sensitive and you'll be fighting to regain control.

Folks dis this game for being simple, but I find the rules and layout to be very good. Here's why: many of the more popular games for that era are mainly one shot games. While not the most interesting layout, the scoring rules are quite balanced and entice you to shoot for all the shots. This game has a 1000 point spinner when lit, so does Grand Prix and Hot Tip and Magic, etc all popular games - guess which games it's right to shoot nothing but the spinner? Not Phoenix.

For high scoring you have to lite roll overs 1-5 which will advance the Phoenix shot, the more you do so, the more you advance it's value. Once you get some bonus built up you need to complete drop target banks to increase your multipliers. These shots will put the ball in trouble, but you need to shoot for them. Also, the A and B targets in the center of the playfield are worth 10K a pop and increase your bonus, which is a fairly large award but also put the ball out of control. The Phoenix will also take away features, usually the lit spinner. Shooting the spinner all game would not be a way to tourney results. Once you drop the center drop targets they can only be raised by the inlane switches (Shatz it?) or the 2 and 4 rollover. Keeping those drops up so you always have a lucrative shot is important. If you can manage a long ball, you'll have the Phoenix shot up to 40K and will take that as much as you can, but when the ball comes back to you it's coming Stdm sometimes.

This is a well balanced shooter that makes this a lasting game IMO. It would be great for tourney play - not sure why PAPA doesn't have one!

Rating #351 of 248 19 days ago

This game is cool, but fairly confusing. Good sound though.

Rating #351 of 248 19 days ago

Judge dread is a game that is unlike any other. However, I feel like everything is too congested.

Rating #351 of 41 1 month ago

This game is terrible to play however i like the theme

Sounds and callouts are just repetitive and not entertaining which means for me not fun.

This is the worst layout table i have ever played, some important lights (loki) are not visible from your player position, the center ramp is too much difficult to climb coz of a 90° turn, and the hole saucer is quite impossible to get with no luck. i get it twice in a row with the mini center loop but i don't know if it was the right shot to do or if it was luck. Other shots are smooth and quite challenger. the center spinner disc is there to drain balls between flippers.

Rules seems to be quite simple but not played enough to well understand all, all the more as the machine i played was not set properly.

Not a machine i want to play anylonger except it's free!

Rating #351 of 9 1 month ago

The theme works well and reflects on the machine. Biggest problem for me, I don't want to be able to play an hour on one ball. It's just far too easy, yes, yes valanor etc but who want to play on one game for the period of time to reach this. I like pins that can be ruthless allowing for either a 1min ball time, but if lucky and all the stars align, maybe 10-15min. That's what keeps you coming back, swearing at the machine, not turning it on for one game and then turning it off.

Rating #351 of 9 1 month ago

Terrific pin with all the bells and whistles. The high price reflects collector thoughts on this machine. Universal monsters is a favourite of mine so the theme for me is fantastic and displayed with perfect playfield and cabinet art. One pin that's mod free, Williams has added every mod you need from factory. Sounds and gameplay is fantastic making it top 3 of all time.

Rating #351 of 7 1 month ago

This is the one pin I regret selling. A classic game.

Rating #351 of 7 1 month ago

IMHO this game is way underrated. I have played this game a thousand times and never get tired of playing it. The movie sucked but this game is great. The only negative is the art on the game is pretty crappy. The game is also a little too easy to beat :)

Rating #351 of 7 1 month ago

My first out of the box pin and it took me quite a while to figure out the ruleset. A very fun game, the only negative is the music is weak.

Rating #351 of 7 1 month ago

I absolutely hated this game at first but....What a great game. It took me a little while to get good at this game because if you miss your shots the ball is going either SDTM or out the left outlane. Once you get the hang of it it's one of the best and fastest pins ever!

Rating #351 of 7 1 month ago

I wondered why this game was rated so high until I got to play it at the Texas Pinball Festival! This game is definitely top 5 material. VERY VERY fun game

Rating #351 of 7 1 month ago

Definately one of the best Pinballs ever. The ruleset is incredibly deep and even though I've played th egame hundreds of times I'm still discovering new things.

I really don't have any negatives for this one :) Play it!

Rating #351 of 7 1 month ago

After playing this game for 2 weeks I have to say it is becoming one of my all time favorites. The game has great flow and is designed well with a pretty good ruleset that reminds me of the Stern Star Trek Ruleset. Obviously if you're not a fan of Kiss music you may not like this game. The so called "remake" songs sound great even if they aren't the originals. I'm not sure why everyone is complaining about the starchild area as I have NO problems hitting it at will. The 3 multiball modes I have obtained are great and super fun with the music that plays and the love gun magnet toy is one of the coolest pinball toys in a while... I noticed that when you get the love gun multiball the reflection of paul follows the ball to the stage and achieves a very cool effect. I don't know if it was intentional or accidental but it's a great effect.

The cons:

The Gene head out of the box shot every ball SDTM until I made some adjustments. Now it works perfectly.

The call outs by gene and paul are terrible and we make fun of them every time one calls out. Both Guys sound like they are reading them and have no feeling in their voice.

Rating #351 of 12 1 month ago

If you can ignore the odd objectification, this is a fantastic game with a great theme. Pick devil or saint, build your machine, hit that crane.

Rating #351 of 715 1 month ago

I don't like KIZZ, the band. Yes... it's almost as bad as Metallikuh for me. But hey, that's me. Let's get to the game.

The Good: John Borg is the most prolific pinball designer of this generation. For Real. I feel so lucky to have such a talented, hard working and successful pinball creator in my world. It's kind of crazy, Steve Ritchie makes the magnum opus every 18 months, John Trudeau spins the creator's wheel and makes games off his cuff about every other day. And then... in the middle, Borg. Well Played, John. Imma gonna gits a play or 17 on TFTC now. This layout is a winner. The randomixer under Gene's tongue does it's job VERY well. The Starchild ran miniPF will need some good old fashioned EM nudging skills, That's a good thing as Martha would say. This layout is SOLID. The K. O'C art pax is great when it isn't photoshop hairs on Paul Stanley's chest. The Demon's multiball is very well done and reminds me of Whitewater for qualifications/locks. I like the song/city cross selection. I am VERY curious to know how this will be implemented in future S/W iterations. Hitting the KIZZ drops to light the ball save on the left outlane is a great addition to gameplay. The standup at the mouth of the starchild target fan makes that part of the PF play better. The color coded mode lighting is well done.

The Bad: Skill shot? Where? The Starchild fan with the S-T-A-R targets and the saucer will require attention during play as it is not a consistent shot. The Demon (depending on the individual table and setup) has a nasty habit of spitting the ball down between the flippers if not properly set up. The music which this game is built around is BORING! That and Gene Simmons is a dick to someone unless he has a use for them. The "licky" animations make me nauseous. Rolling Stones, Metalliker and now this?!? I'm gettin' sick of these weak-deek rock n' poseur pinball themes. You know Aerosmith is good for a non threatening power-ballad or 7. Poison? Limp-deek Bizkitz? Ohhh wait... I heard Warrant is on a comeback tour with Great White. How about some Winger?!? Hold on. I got it. The next Stern music pinball game is NICKELBACK!!! Sorry Stern Marketing gurus, good Rock and Roll is not about the musical lowest common denominator. It's about the music, man... (Say it like the Dude).

The Takeaway: A great layout and PF design. Lots of good pinball awesomeness to built a great ruleset upon. The KIZZ ARMY will buy lots of them as KIZZ KAZZKETS are much more expensive and this game will be much cooler to be buried in. For all the extra "features" that this LE/Preem has. Is it really worth the extra $1600.- to $2800.- more as compared to the pro?!? This game needs more S/W development. And while I have bagged on games before (WWE, sorry...) for this. I am trying to understand and be more fair with the S/W dev cycle. IF this game gets the treatment that 'Tallikuh and AC/DC got (and I can't imagine it not getting it)... Music pinballs may be in style for quite a while. I will be coming back to this review as the software is completed and refined.

So... Where's my F'n MOTORHEAD pinball game?!? Warpig Wizard mode, anyone?

Update: With the first iteration of the software update I was hoping to like this game more. Instead, the mileage has shown the flaws of the game even more than I had feared. The worst being that this game layout is a re-hash of one of my least favorite Stern V2 games: Harley Davidson. The features may be a bit different, but the shot layout is pretty much the same with only difference being a steeper and narrower ramp on the right to make room for the center ramp. I still think the randomizer under the demon's tongue is well designed. I like the levitating ball on the Starchild MB start. Other than those two things I just mentioned... all of those nice things I said about the layout on this game. I take them all back.







The modes have been flushed out a bit more, but tweaking will still need to be done. If the programming team can pull the rabbit out of the hat, I'm all for it. But I'm not sure ANY amount of tweakulage can save this lackluster, uninspired and REHASHED poorly designed playfield. I admire John Borg and may have to give him a pass with his production cycles, but please... re-work and refine a layout like Tales from the Crypt instead? Just a thought. So here's to hoping for the future and listening to pinball with headphones turned up loudly enough to block out the din of sub-standard 70's Crotch-rock.

If we have to do 70's music, I'd rather have a Captain and Tenille pinball game. Muskrat Love Multibawl would be something to look forward to on the way to Love will keep us together Wizard mode. When you match, you get a Captain's hat. If you don't match, Toni divorces you. So dark...

Rating #351 of 11 1 month ago

Always enjoyed this pin when i meet him on tournament/expo, but without the idea to go deeper in the rules & strategy of play... Now it landed home (in a swap with my MET), its a good surprise, as its better than what i was waiting for. Of course still didnt see the "end", but already have a really good feeling not only with the flow and the gameplay, but with mature (and complete ?) rules, and also the sound/efx theme with the lights (its a pro version, moded with quality LEDS). Again, a underated pinball for sure, cant really understand why, but lets deal with it, we all have different taste and its better as it ;)

Rating #351 of 6 1 month ago

not a keeper on my own,this game is boring because the sound is bad and the quality of the game too

Rating #351 of 43 1 month ago

I was surprised to see this was made in 2005... it does feel a bit dated, but it still plays very well despite that. I'm no fan of NASCAR, but this machine is surprisingly fun. I'm clearly in the minority, and I'm okay with that. The sound is weak and the theming COULD be better, but hey, it's a nice playing machine. While I don't see this as a 6/6 "Fun" game, it's the only way I could get the rating where I wanted it... so there's that.

Rating #351 of 43 1 month ago

One of my least favorite machines released in the past handful of years that I'd played, but I like it. It's a "clean" looking play field. It's fun to play, even if a bit... bland? Hard to explain, I guess. It's just missing a certain something. Good, but could definitely be better. The Pinside rating is appropriate, so basically, I don't feel so bad giving it the score I am.

There are 23616 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 14 of 945.

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