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Rating #351 of 106 1 month ago
I really enjoyed this game and would definitely consider owning one! Despite all the crap it gets, I think it earns high marks.

The Good:
-a great playfield layout: it should be as it's basically a new take on T2 from the same designer
-SUPER fun with fantastic callouts from the T800 himself
-The cannon shot in the backglass: sure it's gimmicky and you learn how to nail it quickly, but it's a cool gimmick that I liked and thought was well implemented
-the music and light show is great. Animations are very well done as well.
-relatively cheap pin for the amount of fun it is!

The Bad:
-Ugh. Cut and paste Photoshop job. So glad that we are past these horrible days from Stern. Such an ugly playfield that could/should have been beautiful. I mean, just look at the T2 playfield next to the T3: night and day.
-Not very deep and the modes get old after a few plays
-Nothing incredibly original in the pf design or DMD animations. T2 did it, and arguably did it better.

Not a bad pin at all. Nothing revolutionary, but definitely a great SR to own.
Rating #351 of 106 1 month ago
Ghostbusters is just a fun pin to play. The artwork!!!! OMG, THANK YOU Stern for finally listening to your fans and critics. It is about time that pinball had a resurgence in being an artform vs a simple cut and paste Photoshop mess.

The Good:
-SUPER fun game to play with some incredible toys
-killer modes with clear objectives
-GREAT playfield toys in the Scoleri brothers and Slimer
-very well designed playfield. Perhaps this is JT's best work yet? Tight shots, multiple objectives for each flipper, great ramps that are FUN!
-The Screamer is absolutely hilarious and terrifying the 1st time. WOW.
-good callouts from the original movie
-THANK YOU Stern for spending the $$ to get the license right (callouts, faces, music, etc). I know it costs a lot of money, but it's so worth it
-Fantastic use of the DMD. The end of an era, which brings me to...

The Bad:
-It's a DMD game in 2016. I am fully aware that Stern is now onto the TV kick, but's 2016!
-That flipper gap is tough! Not necessarily bad, but certainly annoying! ;)
-Some of the modes & callouts get a little old after replaying it a few times ("who brought the dog...")

The 1st Stern pin in a long time IMO that is truly worth owning. Really enjoyed this game and would be completely open to owning one!
Rating #351 of 6 1 month ago
Big Guns is not the most technically challenging pin and some pinball wizards may be able to master it too quickly, but for pinball peasants like myself it is just a BLAST to play!

Sound: The orders being yelled at you, the music of a military cadence, and the sound effects of sci-fi blasters and explosions make you feel like you are really in the battle.

Play: The rules are pretty basic. Take out the guards kill the trolls and load the cannons to start multi-ball for a chance to save the queen. For me it is challenging to make shots during multi-ball in the upper playfield while keeping balls from draining in the lower playfield. The skill shot on ball launch is very difficult and will reward you by loading one of the cannons. This game is not about the difficulty of the shots but about the excitement and tempo it generates while playing. Gameplay is fast and fun. I don't expect it will take years to master some of the shots but I do expect to have fun with it even after I have.

Artwork: Medieval Sci-Fi. It is beautiful. The bright colors, the giant back box and the lighting that animates the firing of the weapons add to the excitement. It is even fun to watch while someone else play.

"GET BACK IN THERE" and have fun with Big Guns!
Rating #351 of 11 1 month ago
One of the best pins in my collection,family fun, deep rules set!
You can play this game every day of the week and still want more. Layout is next to perfect all shots are doable ranging from very simple to extremely hard. The DMD animation is excellent and with color DMD it's amazing.I see it is high on the top 100 list but I think it's due to go higher , there are a few games above it that are half as good in gameplay ,art and Play field layout......... Well built machine. machine very good quality stern surprise me with this one I think they've fallen off with quality in more recent years so it is a prize considering what they put out now compared to what this is . A must have for any serious pinball fanatic !! So take my advice go out and get one! and don't have a cow man over the price..
Rating #351 of 15 1 month ago
A fun, iconic machine.
Rating #351 of 15 1 month ago
The first pinball machine I ever played--it was at the Showbiz Pizza on West 38th Street in Indianapolis. I finally owned one a few years ago. Always loved the Space Shuttle on the playfield.
Rating #351 of 15 1 month ago
Any pinball is good pinball, but this one tested that notion for me. Frustrating that hitting the spinning race car mechanism would sometimes send it back down the middle for a drain.
Rating #351 of 15 1 month ago
It was designed for kids--so if you're expecting it to be the most innovative and extremely fun example of pinball you'll be disappointed. I enjoyed progressing through the levels and even as an extreme novice was able to beat the game. I wouldn't pay a huge premium for it, but I guess it's more for Nintendo fans who gladly overpay for unique Mario stuff.
Rating #351 of 15 1 month ago
Annoying song by ZZ Top gets stuck in your head. It's fun hitting the supercharger, but for the price range, there are better options.
Rating #351 of 15 1 month ago
Based purely on looks, this (fully modded Pro) was my favorite machine of them all. I would still have it if the game was nearly as fun as it looked. It's just kinda bland shooting once you take away the music and light show.
Rating #351 of 15 1 month ago
Can be frustrating, but not all pins are meant to be mastered in a day. I shake my head at all of the ways people have changed the game to make it easier. Would not be surprised if I own this again some day, but had to part with it when a game that was high on my want list was offered for it in trade.

Pairs well with a Game of Thrones Pro. I would have a good game on one and then would hit shots with greater ease on the other machine soon after.
Rating #351 of 15 1 month ago
Simple & straightforward shots that you must make if you want to get anywhere in the game. Game gets a bad rap for looking a bit bland and being a bit light on theme integration. I'd consider owning this again one day.

It pairs well with the tough shots found on Ghostbusters Pro. I would play one machine and then do well on the other too.
Rating #351 of 15 1 month ago
This game didn't click with me, but I can appreciate it's iconic status.
Rating #351 of 15 1 month ago
I highly recommend getting the custom version 1.12 upgrade from a Pinsider--I think it's mentioned in the game's discussion thread on here. A very good option when looking for a lower-cost DMD pin that can be enjoyed by all ages. The crane is a fun toy, the shaker going off when the crane moves is CRAZY! It also has a good level of "just one more play" factor--it keeps you coming back to it.

Fun fact: the guy with the red hair and beard went on to play Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones.
Rating #351 of 15 1 month ago
For me, this game's deep rule set went mostly unexplored. I've seen the quote on this site, "it doesn't matter how deep a game's rule set is if you can't keep the ball in play long enough to see it". So when you're an average player, stepping up to this game often elicits thoughts of frustration--until you finally get into a rhythm and have a decent game. Until that time, you go through the same few modes, often with the Comic Book Guy hurry-up music playing.

I have sold this game twice, but would still have the second one had I not received a trade offer for the #1 game on my want list. It's not a bad game, and I probably could've become a better player and seen more of the game more often (I did get to the reverse flipper mode once) but in my lineup I often felt playing this game was way more of a chore than the others.
Rating #351 of 15 1 month ago
A very approachable game that is really fun with all of the combo shots whizzing around the metal and plastic ramps. I like the Cryo Claw--it gives you a quick breather as you plot which option to choose. Sure, some people like to only choose to exploit the Lock/Freeze option, but choose them all, they are mostly quick and easy shots so show some restraint and enjoy all of this great game's modes.
Rating #351 of 6 1 month ago
Cool theme, love the magnet and the toys. There was too many drains for me to get into it.
Rating #351 of 6 1 month ago
Lots of depth in the game-play and a great theme that comes together really well.
Rating #351 of 95 1 month ago
Iron Man is one of my favorite games too. I saw it the first time in a cinema. Before I watched the film I played about three games and I had fun although I weren't that good, so the next times I went to the cinema more to play the game than to see a movie. The music is just like in the movie. I love the Iron Monger, Whiplash and War Machine and the speech and the sounds are just awesome. It's a great game in general. In my opinion the playfield artwork isn't that good like on machines like Spider-man or Metallica, but the game is just great.
Rating #351 of 95 1 month ago
This refers to the new released Metallica 1.7 game code
Metallica is one of my favorite games.
I love all of the shots. It's a great design done by John Borg. The only thing you have to replace is the post of the loop with a metal post, so the ball doesn't come back when you shoot the left orbit.
In the new 1.7 game code, you earn more points so it isn't that difficult to get a good score.
In my opinion the playfield artwork is the best playfield artwork by now. But I think that's a matter of taste. The backglass and the cabinet are great too, just like the playfield.
In my opinion the "The End of the Line" Mode is a bit too difficult and for me the game is very repetetive after some time playing.
To end up the game is in my opinion one of the greatest games I ever played and it makes lots of fun.
Rating #351 of 383 1 month ago
I like the red LED display, changed speaker panel angle/added art to it and the other minor changes.
Rating #351 of 6 1 month ago
The DMD interaction is neat and the wrecking ball toy is creative. I'm not convinced I would come back for more as the lasting "draw" isn't there for me.
Rating #351 of 6 1 month ago
This game has a good flow, and the two spinners are great. The center hole/bonus randomizer is great and that double bonus is awesome! Drop targets are a hoot.
Rating #351 of 32 1 month ago
I've played 2.0 only a handful of games. I own a BOP and still am on the fence about purchase of 2.0. There is lots more to do on 2.0. The uneven scoring has been resolved. Animations are terrific. The music is strange. Not sure if it grows on a person or grows more annoying.
Rating #351 of 84 1 month ago
Far superior to the Premium/LE, it has much better flow and visibility to the top of the playfield. The depth in the rules and the different approaches you can take to the game via selection of house at the start mean that I am still enjoying this game greatly 12m on.
There are 27756 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 14 of 1111.

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