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Rating #351 of 61 1 month ago
Awesome game play. The non-standard cabinet and smaller backglass are not quite as aesthetically pleasing to most, but the gameplay is identical, which is what really matters. A true classic!
Rating #351 of 22 1 month ago
Brilliant game. Will never leave collection.
Rating #351 of 266 1 month ago
Enjoyed this one. There is some controversy on the art...Most pins have some sort of boobage on them...But this takes it a bit further. Alot further. And not in a good way. Looks as if the art department was led by an 8th grade boy. More stupid then "sexy".

That said, game plays well. Skill shot truly is a skill to hit. Ruleset is easy to pick up and I like how your progress is saved from ball to ball. Scoring is balanced.

Layout is unique and those double posts near the flippers provide for some one of a kind bounces. Not a must play for me, but I think with better art this would have been a classic. Great cabinet!
Rating #351 of 266 1 month ago
I think this is the best stern since Star Trek. Really nice layout.....The Demon kickout is wicked! I got plenty of straight down the middle releases from it. I see the ball save some times saves you...but on the one I was playing it was VERY short in time.

I like the scoring early on, balanced and the bonus actually matters. Nice multiballs, easy to pick up ruleset.

Really enjoy it. I don't care for KISS the band but this is a great game. Nice homage to the original as well.
Rating #351 of 30 1 month ago
Good family theme game. Great for the novice player. Some tight shots but fun when you hit them.

If you like multiball then this is a game for you. You plunge the ball, hit some targets, you get multiball. You get another multiball for getting multiball. You lose your multiball, you get a multiball for that.
All in all its s gun game but not on my short list to own. Again, a good location game and or home game for a novice player.
Rating #351 of 26 1 month ago
A lot of game to keep you busy for quite a reasonable price (whatever a "reasonable price" is, these days!). The game feels, plays and looks like a comic book, which is quite an achievement. It has a lot of the goofy John Trudeau hooks that take a while to get used to: like the right side in-lanes and the cluster of business that packed into the right rear of the game. Its a crowded playfield, to be sure, which may be a negative for people first discovering the game. I'm still not sure what I'm shooting for up in that right hand corner! The natural SuperPin comparison to JD is Demolition Man, and to be honest, I'm not sure which one I like better.
Rating #351 of 50 1 month ago
Tales from the Crypt plays well - but its theming and fun is where it gets its clout with me. The skill shot is fun (a "timing" shot, with drop targets involved). The callouts are fun and I am almost always a fan of wireforms and metal ramps. I haven't ever been able to rack up a huge score on Tales, but it's worth playing just for fun.

I'd like to have one some day - after some of my other favorites. However, I would like to see an Elvira (SS and PMs) and Tales lineup (campy, silly, licensed B horror).
Rating #351 of 50 1 month ago
Freddy: A Nightmare on Elm Street sure is a nightmare. The SDTMs abound, the super fast ball lock (skill shot-ish) robs the game of continuous fun when the house on the upper PF eats the incoming shot, and the Freddy face toy is neat but fairly useless.

Don't put any money in this machine - no matter how much you like the NoES franchise (well, maybe one credit, just to see how awful a great license can be in a pin).
Rating #351 of 50 1 month ago
There are some Star Trek (DE '91) haters out there - I'm not one of them. There is an issue with the ball eject from the right side of the upper PF - sometimes it shoots the ball directly to the drain. However, with that issue aside, I really like playing this version of ST. The ramps are out of the way in the upper PF, but they play a role in the game play. The center "moving target" is a little too easy to hit at times, but shooting ships on the DMD is one the rare video features in pins that feels well-integrated into the theme and play.

I'd like to own this machine someday (and, hopefully all the haters will keep hating - drive the price down for me).
Rating #351 of 50 1 month ago
Grand Prix feels like a Williams EM. Shooting the spinners and the center drops is fun, but the rules seem a little weak. The saucers are fun to shoot, but they don't seem to add much to the game play.

As far as EM's go - I wouldn't snatch this one up unless it was dirt cheap.
Rating #351 of 50 1 month ago
Hook has some fantastic ramps and neat toys - but it has some serious play flaws. It feels limited and the shots seem orthogonal, boring, and frustrating. I'll admit that I couldn't make it through two games on the machine I played on-location. Perhaps I would like a HUO Hook better (though the one I played seemed to be well-maintained).

I'd give Hook another chance because it looks like it should be fun to play - but it really failed to live up to the excitement the playfield generated as I walked by.
Rating #351 of 50 1 month ago
Johnny Mnemonic is a great game. The ramps are quick and easy to hit, the orbits are smooth, the Crazy Bob's hole goes to a somewhat lame but innovative video mode. And, of course, the Glove toy is unique and (when it works correctly) a pretty neat feature.

Near the top of my wishlist - play it if you can.
Rating #351 of 50 1 month ago
Ripley's Believe It or Not has a lot going on - sometimes a tad too much. The Idol toy with the magnet catcher in the upper playfield is neat, but could be more visible. The ramps are so-so, but somehow, RBION is still a pretty fun game to play.

I'd like to own it - probably after 20 or so other games - but it could make the wishlist once a few others move off that list to my "collection" list.
Rating #351 of 50 1 month ago
Poor Flying Carpet - I really wanted to like you, but making me hit four letters as my ball goes through the outlanes is no fun. Also, the chevron shaped layout of the rollover lanes on the upper playfield are not a skill shot - they are just annoying. The concept is neat, but there's no lastability to this Gottlieb EM.
Rating #351 of 50 1 month ago
Cyclone has tons of squiggly clear plastic ramps, which really helps visibility during play. The spinner in the back box is fun, as is shooting the center hole. The orbits are just okay, but the overall feel (kinematics) of the game are pretty decent. The Skill Shot is a real Skill Shot - even if it looks a little cheap - hitting the 100k is fun.

I like enough that I'd let it take up space in a large pinball room. Weird clowns aren't really my thing (not creepy, just don't do much for me), but the game is fun enough to merit a few plays on location to judge its playability for your self.
Rating #351 of 67 1 month ago
Ordinary game, it is a conversion of Spy Hunter
Rating #351 of 67 1 month ago
Bad game for tournaments because of shoot centre ramp all day strategy - after 99 miles it is worth 250K per shot.
Rating #351 of 67 1 month ago
The game is a bit simple, but I love the theme and the art. I played this game a lot when it first came out, so it must be pretty good.
Rating #351 of 8 1 month ago
At the time of this review we have owned TWD for about 6 months. At first I have to admit that TWD was not my favorite pin, and I mainly got it because the family wanted it. Two things changed my outlook on the game.

#1. The new code releases have saved the game for me. When we first got it the code was not finished and some modes didn't even work, pretty sad for a new game to have modes that didn't work. There have been several code releases in the last several months and the game is much more interesting to play.

#2. The left loop shot was the other thing that really drove me nuts. Shoot the left loop and the ball gets stuck in the pops ~99% of the time killing the game flow. I followed a suggestion from others here on pinside and put a small piece of felt on the loop right above the pops and now the ball feeds the left flipper the majority of the time and never gets stuck in the pops.

I have not played the LE/Prem version of TWB but I can't help but think that some of the features of the LE would slow down game play and make it clunky. Again I haven't played the LE so I may be totally wrong.

TWD is a very challenging game and will make you a better player if you spend enough time on it. I have played ~1500 games on TWD since April and still enjoy the playing it.
Rating #351 of 88 1 month ago
Well balanced and pretty hard game!
3 playfield are a blast and well designed.
If you find one you should buy it and have a chance to explore the great ruleset.
Rating #351 of 14 1 month ago
A very hard game, but keeps me coming back for more. This is the whole package, sight, sound and play-ability. Drains come way too fast, and 2 ball multi ball seems like it ends before it even begins. Great feel, and I know I can improve my skills on this one.
Rating #351 of 14 1 month ago
Fun machine for sure. The music is very catchy and will get stuck in your head. The color schemes and artwork feel very late 80's, but not as bad as some make it out to be. Nice range of shots, and ramps all over the place. Amazing light show, and good decent call outs. A fun game the family can enjoy.
Rating #351 of 19 1 month ago
"Let's get physical, physical." Okay...so Hardbody is the pinball incarnation of the Olivia Newton-John song Physical. Because of that many won't give the machine a shot, but those that do will be rewarded. The basic gameplay involves shooting four sets of targets, aka Stations. Completing all four Stations once or one Station three times will complete a Circuit. Four Circuits completes a Tournament..."Muscle Beach", "North Shore", and "Hardbody". In addition to progressing through the Tournaments completing a Circuit will light a center shot to raise the ramps, exposing the Power Reps loop. This shot progresses from 50K, 100K, 200K, 400k, and Extra Ball. The upper playfield is among the best I've ever played. In addition to the two Stations it features a inline drop targets and a Blaster Loop. The loop progresses the value of Station #1 from 20K, 35K, 50K, 65K, 80K, 100K, and Extra Ball. The game was also has an outlane save features which diverts the ball back to the flippers called "Flex-Save". These diverters are often automated, but can also be controlled by the player by pressing buttons below each flipper button. To quote Physical..."keep [your] hands on the table".
Rating #351 of 12 1 month ago
I really enjoy this machine. The call outs are funny and campy. Being able to replace the sounds is a plus. Lighting is great.
Wish there was a colored screen for animations.
Rating #351 of 22 27 days ago
Near perfect machine design for many reasons, but...
POOR choice for a first time pinball buyer for his/her/family "collection", due to the complexity and things which can go wrong.
Reliable once squared away in restoration. Know what you are getting into here. Many collectors do not. WAIT, get your feet wet, understand basic pinball functioning, care, and maintenance. Difficult to find in superb+ condition due to popularity. Extremely overpriced now in comparison to what it used to be. Every "hardcore" solid state pinball machine collector eventually owns one, that is just the way it is, unless you collect woodrails, wedgeheads, EMs, and/or early solid state machines exclusively.

It was labeled "one of the most complex pinball machines ever made" for a reason. Availability of replacement parts is excellent now, however. I do not recommend installing the "third magnet mod", as you can damage your machine, if you do not know what you are doing. Just let it go new collectors, it really is not that important, and it does nothing to improve game play.

Another personal quote from me: "The most garbage modded machine in pinball history".
This is the game that brought out all sorts of people from the woodwork putting all sorts of ridiculous crap on their playfields, and sellers charging INSANE amounts of dollars for plastic toys for this $#%@. Get wise, and go find them in the Toy-R-Us first, if you want to do it. TAF is right behind this machine under the same circumstances.

My personal #1 machine which I purchased NIB in 1994, owned for 21 years, and better than Medieval Madness with "shoot the castle".

If you are SERIOUS about pinball, go buy one, you will understand later because of the ruleset depth, as many people never get to play a PROPERLY OPERATING machine that works correctly. New collectors will finally "get" the game if they decide to stick around for more than two years collecting pinball machines, just trust me I have heard comments like "I don't get it, it is just not that good" since 1993...
Guess what?
Time has shown otherwise, 21 years later, and it remains in the "Top 10" list on every website.
People that rate games like TOTAN at 9.1+ are not privy to the balance between collectibility, gameplay, and rulesets. I can beat TOTAN with one ball. It took me 15+ years to master TZ for everything backwards and forwards to get the most out of the machine.

"Get lost in the Zone"!

P.S. BTW, the three holes for the legs are important, bottom two always on front and back while installing, otherwise your game is going to play like a woodrail! (I have seen this, and it was quite humorous).

Old Simple 2005 Review:
Complex ruleset, cool toys, long term appeal, great music and sound! THE "PERFECT" PINBALL!
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