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Rating #351 of 17 1 month ago

This is was my favorite game growing up and the memory of it is what made me really want to own a pinball machine when I was older. That said, I don't own this one now and don't plan to. Playing it again as an adult, I thought it was a lot of fun, it just didn't quite live up to the memory. Killer theme and good play, but there are better games.

Rating #351 of 17 1 month ago

Wow, giant pinball. Activating the flippers would shake things off of the shelves in the next room over in the place where I played. Otherwise, not much to the gameplay, but worth checking out once just for the size.

Rating #351 of 17 1 month ago

The only one I have played was really not working very well and I still loved this game. I like the movies but don't love them so I'm not a fan of the photo "art" on the cabinet, back glass, and playfield, but everything else seems to make up for it. Lots to do and nice looking playfield, with a great deep ruleset that I unfortunately couldn't get very far into because of the condition of the one I was playing. Would love to own one but prices seem a bit high considering there might be a VE coming or perhaps another fantasy-style game that's in the works (GoT...please...).

Rating #351 of 17 1 month ago

It's apparent that a lot of people disagree, but I actually prefer this version to the Data East version. I haven't played either of them a whole lot, so that might be why I prefer the Sega. Nice looking playfield and art. Simple but fun so I would love to have one along side some pins with deeper rule sets. It's the kind of pin that my guests would love for a quick game here and there without me having to explain anything to them. Great theme, recognized by everyone, so that's really something extra that sets it apart, I guess. The addition of trivia is nice too.

Rating #351 of 17 1 month ago

Had to play this one a few times to really appreciate it. The first time I came across both of them together, I was much more enthralled with Haunted House because of the 3-level field. After enough plays though, that one got old quickly while Black Hole still held my interest. I love any game with a lower playfield under the main, so I'm a bit biased, but this was also has a great looking back box and a relatively simple, but entertaining rule set. Cool sounding too, almost puts you in a trance. Would love to own one someday.

Rating #351 of 7 1 month ago

I think this machine is somewhat underrated, for it's era it's a very solid machine. The objectives are perhaps a little too straight forward and you can destroy it by getting the hang of the horseshoe shot and just hammering it. It'll get you everything, multipliers, letters, extra ball, and kickout so if you can hammer it you're golden. It's a sensitive shot and will punish you if you miss it, but if you can get hot and hammer it this machine is pretty easy to turn over which is always rewarding. Also the backglass progressive spelling of silverball makes this a must play if you see one that's close.

Rating #351 of 6 1 month ago

Although it's ranked just below MM at the moment of this review, in my view the most classic, most popular DMD-style table of all-time. It's unbelievable how much is crammed in this machine without disrupting flow. It's one of those design things that shouldn't work on paper but does in real life. I love how the designers said themselves they went probably a bit overboard with this one after getting carte blanche because of the success of TAF. All the details are covered much better by others, so go read those reviews. But this is the one table I always include in the line-up when I take a non-pinball person with me to the clubhouse of the Dutch Pinball Association. I love how they discover that small fourth flipper at the top. It's a daunting table at first but when you get the hang of it, it's addictive. There's so much to do, genius stacking of modes and multiballs and nothing is really out of balance scoring-wise. Great integration of a theme that's difficult to implement coherently, and if you are not familiar with it, the table will look something a madman made out of a scrap heap. It all works though. Innovation galore with magnetic flippers and a working gumball machine. I think it makes for a good home machine, although it may get a bit easy after a while.

Rating #351 of 6 1 month ago

One of the best tables as can seen by it's stable high position on the boards around the 'Net, and also the price a good machine can fetch on the open market. I love it because I once got a higher score on it than Josh Sharpe in tournament play. What happened next is that I didn't qualify and he took first prize. But hey, it was fun while it lasted! Great flow and on a well maintained machine absurd high paced action is what defines this table for me. This is pinball on steroids and very difficult to play in a controlled way. If you master flow playing, then you're in for a treat! The theme is fun albeit a bit goofy for my taste but they thoroughly ran with it. Great themebased video mode for which I practiced years before without knowing it (based on an Apple II game). The flow comes from an open playfield with orbits and ramps that quickly feed back the ball to the flippers. It's ruleset is not deep but getting to the end game is no joke. I don't know if this will last for a home game, if you master it too quickly, it will get a bit boring. But I always love to meet this table in tournaments, like an old friend without the likes the party would be not complete.

Rating #351 of 6 1 month ago

A tournament favorite (and feared) machine. I played this table quite extensively at a friend's and at the yearly Dutch Pinball Open. The one thing this table oozes is atmosphere. Quite dark, sinister, great sound(s), call-outs and music. It also feels like Dracula is your host for the game and that makes it a bit more personal (although he is also a bit of a sad character). DMD animations are great and really complement the gameplay. I love the start of Mist Multiball in which you have to shoot at a ball that is magnetically carried over the playfield as if it were levitating. It's even possible to shoot that ball away only to have the ball you shot it with catched by the magnet. Funny stuff (but not when you are going for that HS). It's a big drain monster so you have to be very precise and especially avoid that dreaded target bank in the middle of the table. The left ramp shot is very smooth when the table is set up right, and makes you feel king if you loop it just a couple of times. Scoring is a bit of a hit/miss thing. It's very uneven because a potentially highscoring mode ("Bats") gets carried over from ball to ball and if you stack a couple of multiballs, scoring can go through the roof. So get a high Bats at the first ball, and mostly you defeat your opponent, even if he objectively plays better. Those couple of games that really go well like that will have you come back for more! A good example of a table that does nothing really spectacular but is defintely more than the sum of the parts.

Rating #351 of 6 1 month ago

The first pin I owned and for that reason alone very special to me. I'm a big NBA fan, and that was part of the appeal for me. It was also not that expensive. Now that I own it about a year, and with a LOTR and shortly also IJ'93 next to it, it has a bit of trouble keeping up. It doesn't have a deep ruleset and although winning more than 3 rings (which means reaching and winning 3 endgames) which you have to do in order to be the overall grand champion (winning with the Chicago Bulls) is still very hard, it does mean doing everything 3 times. Thusly there is some repetition involved that can get a bit boring. But enough about it's downside. I still like this pin and it even grew on me because of a couple of things. First off, the main fun is in getting good at combo shots. They are very important in reaching the end game and make for a lot of precision playing. Also very good for your flipper techniques and it is surprisingly hard to keep the several multiballs going. There is is also a good flow to this game because of those combo's. The integration with the theme is very well done. You score points as if they were baskets. This I read has deterred some people who miss the millions and billions, but 150-200 is a very good score on this machine. You just have to imagine that you are actually playing basketball. Scoring millions is an extra setting by the way, so it's there for those who want it. Hitting the right shots with good flow, feels like the flow on a basketball field, and this is helped by suberb faux audio commentary as if you were watching an NBA game. Animation is also very good, some players seem almost recognizable by their DMD-portraits and action like shooting and dunking is done very well. The teams don't have the real superstars from the '90s (too expensive probably), but as a fan I recognize all the other more second tier player names that get called out. For real fans: they managed to insert Pippen's dunk over Ewing in the 94-95 playoffs on the playfield, that may have been the most expensive part of the whole machine because of license fees. There are two toy-like features on this table: a moving shotblocker around the basket and 4 holes around the "paint" with which you can pass the ball around, trying to evade the shotblocker. It's cleverly done but once mastered not very difficult. It sure wows onlookers though, if they see what happens. The other feature is an active backglass in which you can also flip a ball at a basket, vertically. It features in one mode and in between is also a bit active. Mine tends to get broken a lot because of wear to plastic pins that keep the ball rails in their place. Pacing is good in gameplay, you achieve subgoals at a steady rate. Only part I don't like about this, is that some achievements have to come from a set number of bumper hits. This doesn't feel as an accomplishment and can even feel like hindering progress because it prevents combo shots and other modes from running. The end game is a nice and not too easy frenzy in which you try to score baskets faster than the computer opponent.

All in all a fun, well-designed if not overly complex game with decent flow and great theme integration, a nice couple of small innovations and features. At the time of writing this review it sits at #90 in the top 100 and that's a good place for it. It will especially appeal to those with interest in the NBA. Fun fact is that you can couple two Fastbreaks, they then feature a special timed mode for head-to-head play. Great for tournament play.

Rating #351 of 6 1 month ago

My favorite pinball during my college days. This one and Star Wars probably fanned my pinball flames up until today. I vividly remember the giddiness when first confronted with the six-multiball mode "Well of Souls". Had to play it again and again, just to experience that some more. Love the films and their atmosphere, and this is present also in the table with the music, artwork and quotes from the movies. The Path of Adventure (PoA) minifield was a nice innovation at it's time (not really sure if something like that was done before) and makes for a real challenge. Also used nicely in multiple modes. I think it compares very favourably for instance with the Path of the Dead in LOTR which you can't steer and is only used to collect Souls. There is lots of different things to do, go for modes, build up multiball or loop the ramps for points. It's rulesheet is not as deep as say a LOTR but it's still very hard to reach the Eternal Life endgame, so this makes for a good home game. It's also an excellent pinball to practice all kinds of flipper techniques. I love the little things like locking a ball with a ricochet shot (missing the targets), the table recognizes this and has a well-known funny call-out for it from the movies "You cheat Dr. Jones!". One thing has to be said: it has to be very well maintained or it will spoil your experience. Weak flippers prevent shooting the right ramp, also barring you from the PoA, and a lot of flow to the game comes from clean orbit shots. Things like Narrow Escape have to work properly and a broken or otherwise faulty mode saucer is the worst case scenario for this pin. I know this from first-hand experience because the Indy at our clubhouse is more often broken than not. I hope to have a different experience with the one that's on my way for my home collection. I had it cleaned and fully restored by Paul's 50's in Germany, which already proved themselves with my almost "as new" LOTR that I got a few weeks back. Check them out if you live anywhere near! All in all a great Williams table with a nicely integrated license/theme.

Rating #351 of 706 1 month ago

The Hobbit is the next game from Jersey Jack. So far, I like it better than WoOz.

The Good:

A surprisingly open PF with lots and lots of shots to consider. From the moment the game starts, the progressing skill shot from the upper left drop target bank greets you with the consideration of skillful play. The entire A/V package is stunning. The game looks, sounds and feels great. The LCD is divided into a number of different data centers that quickly and accurately tell you what the heck is going on and what you may want to do for the big scores. This alone is a HUGE improvement over WoOz. JJ has really gone through their work and learned from their past mistakes. I will say that this game is lots of fun. The combos of ramps to pop up characters are easy to see and entertaining. The L-O-C-K rollovers to the right ramp are as simple as pinball multiball can be. I like the FishTales ramps with the captive ball in the middle. It's far enough up the PF that it isn't the death shot that FT is known for, but it is still dangerous if missed and the ball is coming atcha SDTM. Is The Hobbit perfect, no (sorry fanboys). But even in this stage of development, it is a massive improvement over what we have seen with WoOz. Gone are the crazy outlanes and their rulesets that confuse the novice. Even in this earlier stage of the process from just a few 2 ball gameplays at The Pinball Showdown, I can tell you that this game works and it works very well.

The Cons:

What does the upper flipper really do? How many shots can you make from that flipper that you can't achieve from the two lower flippers? It looks like another long S/W dev cycle. That's fine with me, but others will complain. For a game that is so wide open the upper third (pops) seems really crowded and cramped. Let's see how long those little axes on the slings will last, shall we? Smaug is a cool toy, but I have to admit I expected more. I know I'm being picky about a toy, but I really thought the dragon would spit out (fire)balls. Honestly, The Hobbit series was a bit of a disappointment for me as far as movies went.

The Takeaway:

Another direction for gameplay from JJ. I like playing this game better than WoOz because anyone can step up to it and access the FUN of the table. This is something that you really couldn't do with WoOz unless you really knew the ruleset. We shall see what happens in the future. What more would I like? lots. In particular a Star Wars pinball game designed by Pat Lawlor, but hey... that's just me. I will be following this review up after the game is released to the awaiting public. In the meantime... I feel much better about Jersey Jack than I ever have before. This game is already really good in it's current state, let's see if the JJ team can make it really great.

I'm crossing my fingers and toes for this pinball company and this title!

Rating #351 of 14 1 month ago

The play field is too crowded--that just RUINS it for me.

Rating #351 of 44 1 month ago

I always thought I wanted an A13. I'm a rocket guy, liked the movie - and am a really big fan of SEGA pins in general.

When my nearest pinbuddy bought one, I was super jealous! I told him that if he ever sold it, I wanted first dibs on it.

Then, I played it a few times. I really didn't like it. Tight shots meant it felt really clunky. Only one ramp with a weird passive diverter that alternated ramp shot exits. It just felt really different.

I gave up on ever owning it.

When my buddy put his up for sale, I ignored the FS post.

After a few days of it being for sale, something happened. I decided that maybe I didn't give it the best chance... So I sent him a text telling him I'd take it. I was worried someone might buy it before I could. I even sold games I thought I really wanted to keep. I had no idea why.

Fast forward a weekend, and several plays, I have started to like it quite a bit. The shots aren't natural, but can be learned. The rules are typical SEGA, and there are a large number of mechanisms put into the game to make it interesting.

Here's the "bad" I can find with the pin.

1) The moon magnet. It's a lot of nothing for the overhead. Once you see it the first time, you don't need to see it again.

2) Left orbit drop down ramp. WAY underused. This would be such a better game if that was more active.

3) 13 ball multiball. Yea, I get that the pin was never intended for home use where it would get tired so quickly. It's unique to see a couple of times, but it's really a 5 ball multiball, with 8 balls draining immediately.

4 The rocket subway. Seems like overkill, as it could just shoot back to you like it does all of the time other than when you've started multiball.

Rating #351 of 59 1 month ago

Fun with some surprising depth

Rating #351 of 59 1 month ago

A beautiful game, an extraordinary number of things to shoot for given the era it was made.

Rating #351 of 55 1 month ago

Really fun and unique game. I was pleasantly surprised by it. Sound package is poor for the year of release, the sound quality is rough and the samples used aren't that good (screaming cat stock sample?), but the game is fun as hell and tricky with the oddly shaped ramps, also hard as hell. Rules are simple and straight forward for the most part. This game throws you for a loop when you are used to standard games. The machine playing you comment is spot on. I like chaotic games though, so it fits my personality.

Rating #351 of 10 1 month ago

I look at this game as a bit of a novelty, the spinning soccer ball on the playfield I would expect it to do more but it's pretty unimpressive. The goalie is a neat feature, but it really is the only decent toy in the machine. The magnasave is a neat addition, but it's often difficult to use practically. I will say that people that don't play pinball often tend to like this machine. For that reason I wouldn't mind having one, but it's not top of my list. I hear plastics are difficult to obtain.

Rating #351 of 10 1 month ago

all has been said already, one of the best sys11 ever created :)

Rating #351 of 706 1 month ago

Pistol Poker is one of the reasons why Alvin G. isn't around as a pinball company.

The Good:

A very creative layout by the man who created Medusa for Bally. There are some incredible shots on this table and the upper PF plays much better than you think it would. I like the full PF wrapping Blackjack ramp. Getting the Royal Flush is satisfying. Any time spent on lower PF is short, fast and deadly.

The Bad:

Artwork, animations and sound are horrid. This game MUST have it's mechs up to snuff or getting back to the upper PF (esp through the u-turn ramp in the middle) is a pipe-dream. Rules are lackluster and the software is buggy to the point of being incomplete and multiball is downright unmanageable, especially in a multiplayer game. Did Wally and his team forget to put in an Auto-plunger?!? This game actually has artwork on the back of the backbox. Woooo-hooo.

The Takeaway:

Cards, Cowboys and Pinball, it's a great theme. But this design needs more than a theme. Unfortuantely what we find is an incredibly ambitious deck with a poor case of execution. If I find another copy in better condition, I'll update this review. However, I'm not sure I'm going to be that lucky. Only 200 Pistol Pokers were made, and with good reason. If you bought this deck, I hope you stocked up on Alvin G. parts when you bought this game, wherever they may be...

Rating #351 of 706 1 month ago

I don't like KIZZ, the band. Yes... it's almost as bad as Metallikuh for me. But hey, that's me. Let's get to the game.

The Good:

John Borg is the most prolific pinball designer of this generation. For Real. I feel so lucky to have such a talented, hard working and successful pinball creator in my world. It's kind of crazy, Steve Ritchie makes the magnum opus every 18 months, John Trudeau spins the creator's wheel and makes games off his cuff about every other day. And then... in the middle, Borg. Well Played, John. Imma gonna gits a play or 17 on TFTC now. This layout is a winner. The randomixer under Gene's tongue does it's job VERY well. The Starchild ran miniPF will need some good old fashioned EM nudging skills, That's a good thing as Martha would say. This layout is SOLID. The K. O'C art pax is great when it isn't photoshop hairs on Paul Stanley's chest. The Demon's multiball is very well done and reminds me of Whitewater for qualifications/locks. I like the song/city cross selection. I am VERY curious to know how this will be implemented in fututre S/W iterations.

The Bad:

The Starchild fan PF to the saucer will require attention. The music which this game is built around is BORING! That and Gene Simmons is a dick to someone unless he has a use for them. The "licky" animations make me nauseous. Rolling Stones, Metalliker and now this?!? I'm gettin' sick of these weak-deek rock n' poseur pinball themes. You know Aerosmith is good for a non threatening power-ballad or 7. Poison? Limp-deek Bizkitz? Ohhh wait... I heard Warrant is on a comeback tour with Great White. How about some Winger?!? Hold on. I got it. The next Stern music pinball game is NICKELBACK!!! Sorry Stern Marketing gurus, good Rock and Roll is not about the musical lowest common denominator. It's about the music, man... (Say it like the Dude)

The Takeaway:

A great layout and PF design. Lots of good pinball awesomeness to built a great ruleset upon. The KIZZ ARMY will buy lots of them as KIZZ KAZZKETS are much more expensive and this game will be much cooler to be buried in. This game needs more S/W development. And while I have bagged on games before (WWE, sorry...) for this. I am trying to understand and be more fair with the S/W dev cycle. IF this game gets the treatment that 'Tallikuh and AC/DC got (and I can't imagine it not getting it)... Music pinballs may be in style for quite a while. I will be coming back to this review as the software is completed and refined.

So... Where's my F'n MOTORHEAD pinball game?!? Warpig Wizard mode, anyone?

Rating #351 of 706 28 days ago

America's Most Haunted is a "boutique" pinball with a production of 150 from Spooky Pinball.

The Good:

Games like this give me hope. Built off the Ben Heck Platform, this deck is a homebrew and then some for pinball enthusiasts as creators. I don't think people realize how big this is for the culture and continuing success of the game of pinball. The layout of this deck is SOLID. Skip ramps from where most would look for a right orbit. And not one of these crummy "Hulk Trap your pinball" ramps. It's a simple straight forward and well considered ramp. Think Robocop. The ghost, door and elevator ball lock are incredibly well placed and functional. The Sppoky team will be the first to recognize that they stand on the shoulders of giants, but consider this: Airborne Avenger was Steve Ritchie's first game ( https://pinside.com/pinball/archive/airborne-avenger / http://ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=33 ). Running out of the gates like this... sweet! The Ghost toy works as it should and the multiple skill shot options are well thought out. The art pax on the PF/bg/cab looks fuzzy and soft as do the ghosts on the DMD. While I understand that this is supposed to be about plasmatic matter, the DMD looks good.

The Bad:

This game is not allowed to have bad, because this is a labor of love that took a team that frikkin' knocked it out of the part with their FIRST pinball game. Alright... here's the real deal. This game is great, but it is "unrefined" in the sense that people with decades of experience (Ritchie, Gomez, Turdeau) have the acquired knowledge of what needs to happen with a design to really make it come together. Consider the guidance that the game gives you through the modes. It needs to be absolutely apparent of what you need to do, this game will require some mileage to really find out what needs to be done. With this consideration as well as the hardware polishing that will make a big difference in a game, the Spooky team is on that path, but this game still does not have the benefit of the kind of experience that you see at Stern and JJ. The art pax on the PF/bg/cab looks fuzzy and soft as do the ghosts on the DMD. While I understand that this is supposed to be about plasmatic matter, the BG/PF and cab looks unfinished.

The Takeaway:

This game does something that most game designer aspire to create. This deck is FUN! I would buy one if they were not already sold out and "nastify" it as much as I can. This game is a player. Now let's see what happens with gameplay and refinement of their software and designs. Personally, I'm cheering these guys on as much as I can and would love to play one of these games even more in the future. Of course the real question is: "Could you ever do better? Well then... do better!"


Speaking to Dan Gutchess at the 1UP. He had to go through the entire PF and found nearly 20 dead spots in the layout that would have brought this deck to a screeching halt on location. There were no coin mechs and when he installed them, he had to alter a cashbox to make it fit behind the coin door. Once again, all part of the learning curve. I am starting to find out some real strategies with this game and I feel incredibly lucky to play one of (maybe) 3 of these games on location ANYWHERE. Will put on some more miles with this deck and will report again once I know more about this game.

Rating #351 of 56 1 month ago

She;s quite a looker! Awesome lights and sounds. The gameplay is only OK - not enough variety. Satisying to hit the billion shot, but it's a prime example of unbalanced scoring.

Rating #351 of 69 1 month ago

I find these system 80's to be such a great change up from the B/W and Stern games that alone makes them special but Arena like TX Sector and Robowar etc. are so unique and have the best sfx/music ever in pinball, just love it. Not too deep at all but there are plenty of deep games around and as for scoring you can always put a rubber across the million shot if its a problem, I like it. Great game.

Rating #351 of 15 17 days ago

Bought this game a month ago, nice looking game. First thing I took the huge hideous clear plastic shield off, the ship looks much better without it.

The ship is one of pinball's greatest toys, but it's a little too easy to hit.

It's a very stop and go game, the Tortuga spinning thing really slows the game down.

Completing the compass for 4 winds multiball I have yet to do but it does seem do-able, not sure I will accomplish this before I get bored of the game though!

The pirates theme is well done, but links to the films are tenuous. With such huge licence potential, it's a shame that most of the callouts are done by a Johnny Depp soundalike (although he is pretty good!), but where are all the other characters?

Overall a good game, fun for novices and challenging for pros. Could've been a lot better though, seems like a bit of a missed opportunity.

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