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Rating #351 of 10 1 month ago
This is one tough game. So tough I know people who have not kept it in their collection very long. But for a experienced player, it can offer lots of challenge. For a novice player, it will just piss you off. Nice callouts, nice ramps and many toys add to the game.
Rating #351 of 22 1 month ago
A near perfect pin I would say. Very well theme integration.

What I like:
-Artwork on cabinet
-many modes and videomodes (3)
-good soundtrack

What I don't like:
-Playfield artwork (little cartoonish)
-It is hard to make the shots because they are small and it are many.
Rating #351 of 22 1 month ago
Well, this is one for the collectors.

I like the theming and the artwork.

When I play it, it feels a little like an 80ies pinball machine.
Game is OK.
The ball locks are pretty awesome and so is the left ramp.
Only 200 made, so a must have for any pinball collector.
Rating #351 of 181 1 month ago
Just the same average game as the original Iron Man
Rating #351 of 22 1 month ago
Great Fun.

Lighting and sounds are the best Stern has done to date. Such a fantastic and unique layout from Trudeau. The magna slings are a home run.

Flipper gap is a non issue for me, this pin plays fairly easy compared to TWDLE. It shoots really smooth. The reverse flipper Mass Hysteria is actually kind of cool. Didn't think I'd like it but crossing the arms really works.

The only negative would be the Scoleri brother targets, cheap looking.

If Dwight finishes the code like Lyman on this one it will go down as one of the best ever.
Rating #351 of 27 1 month ago
Wide body, fun game, tons of shots. Good in a larger collection.
Rating #351 of 27 1 month ago
Cool game, a bit too stop and go, but its a fun game overall. Worth owning at some point. Probably better in a larger collection.
Rating #351 of 27 1 month ago
Pretty difficult game, not too deep, but a lot of fun. One of the best of its time.
Rating #351 of 27 1 month ago
One of the best games from this era. Just an overall really fun game with a great theme.
Rating #351 of 15 1 month ago
This is a lot of fun when in good condition and set up properly. So many things going on that are unrivaled in many other games. This game relies on good shot placement. It's an excellent example of a quality designed pinball machine.
Rating #351 of 16 1 month ago
Good game, but number one, no way.
Rating #351 of 23 1 month ago
I own an IMVE and I am a huge fan of the 1st movie so this pin is a dream theme to me. I love the art (both backglass and side art) and think the music and call outs are really well done. Dots are a letdown but the color DMD upgrade really adds a more 'finished' feel to the game. With a shaker, sub and volume turned up, I scare the dogs and the neighbors. The game at times (many times) is brutal, fast and unforgiving but that also seems to make a good game all that more enjoyable. You can have 5 games in 10 minutes but the machine seems to call you back for just that chance to reach greatness. Addictive and fun.
Rating #351 of 8 1 month ago
Love this Pin. We used to play the heck out of this after it took the place of a Comet. We were bummed Comet was gone but this made up for it. Great Shots. Amusement Park #2. Art by Python. RIP. Barry Rocked this one.
Rating #351 of 8 1 month ago
A friend of ours has this one and it is a blast to this day. Shots are great Love the EM sound.
Rating #351 of 8 1 month ago
Fun old game. I remember when I played this at Cedar Point quite often as a kid. Don't even know if they still have these old pins. I found a Gem. Plan to sell or trade someday.
Rating #351 of 8 1 month ago
My favorite game as kid. Still love to play her today. Big fan of Barry O.
Rating #351 of 8 1 month ago
I loved this game as a kid. Couldn't afford to play it often because it sucked quarters like a Shop -Vac.
I always dug the upper playfield and the mini-ball game.
Rating #351 of 8 1 month ago
I never walk away from this game without my blood pressure racing. I don't get that experience From a lot of pins that are in that top 100 that's for sure.
Rating #351 of 31 1 month ago
The layout is different than anything else out there, which is great for the hobby. The pop bumpers and slings really keep the ball flying around. What really makes this machine stand out though is the amazing artwork by Alex Horley. Seriously...the best side art and translight combo on any machine.
Rating #351 of 31 1 month ago
Looks and sounds great, but gameplay, theming and toys are all by-the-numbers. Modes are repetitive and not very engaging or original. Layout is a boring fan and rules are shallow- never a good combination. Fun to play at first, but gets old very, very quickly.
Rating #351 of 114 1 month ago
These widebody Superpins that are crammed to the breaking point with toys and shots and modes are right in my wheelhouse. I LOVE this game.

If I have one complaint it's that the game has a lot of multiballs and I'm a bigger fan of single ball play. The Path of Adventure is kind of cooler in concept than execution, but even if it was just a straight bagatelle playfield it would be fine.
Rating #351 of 114 1 month ago
This game is very fun! Mushroom bumpers are the coolest. The skill shot is really valuable and the "around the world" backbox toy is a great effect. I can hardly think of a zipper flipper game I don't like and this one is no exception.
Rating #351 of 114 1 month ago
Banzai Run is 100% kick ass and probably the best gimmick-centered game of all time. It blows away games like Champion Pub, Orbitor 1, Hercules, and all those other one trick ponies because it's actually a fun pinball machine. I love the different colored standups to light the racers. I love that the ramp dumps the ball back at your flipper rather than safely returns it. I love how ABC doubles your cliff jump value on the upper playfield. I even like the stupid little cannon on top of the left slingshot

If I had one criticism it's that I would make it a little harder. The rider standup targets are all clumped together so lighting a rider by flailing in their direction a couple times isn't too hard. Also once you get the hang of the cliff jump it's a little too easy. I wish there was more motivation to actually play the upper playfield each time rather than dumping the ball directly into the cliff jump with 2 shots. Even with these complaints I think it's a very satisfying game to play.
Rating #351 of 114 1 month ago
With simple rules and a decent layout, this game is somewhat better than the disaster you would think it is looking at the backglass. It has the "pop bumper dribble down" where balls slowly and dangerously exit the pop bumper area, which a pet peev of mine that I hate but I'm more willing to forgive brutality in older games I guess. An OK game, nothing too special.
Rating #351 of 22 1 month ago
A fun game, that mashes previous pin characters into one game. For the most part it works. The dual GI colors really make the game pop in certain modes. Game is fluid, and plays great. Music has some variety, if you don't mind a midi version of Pinball Wizard. Dancing Dummy and the Captain are interesting, and the way they interact with the game is pretty cool. As others have stated, make sure the ramps are in good shape, to fully appreciate them. Nice game for sure.
There are 26684 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 14 of 1068.

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