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Rating #351 of 6 32 days ago
I owned this game I love the theme and I think it gets a bad rap overall but some of it is justified. The game can get a bit repetitive and I knew when I bought it I would like sell it later on. I love the Fat Bastard multi ball I love the color changing LED bulbs I put in. This game can pop with bright LED's.
It is a game I describe as a quick pinball game good for a quick game but nothing like deeper games where you can play longer. It's good just not great.
Rating #351 of 7 32 days ago
Rating #351 of 34 32 days ago
People are quick to knock this game because the original code was confusing and difficult. After the code update, this game is a lot better. The new code makes much better use of the lower playfield and de-emphasizes the ring. The game is very challenging to try to get through and it uses the theme well. It could still use some bug fixes and a couple tweaks here and there, but as it sits, it is a fun challenging game IMHO.
Rating #351 of 18 32 days ago
The trick to this game (and others from the same era) is to find one that set up correctly and properly maintained, i.e. not too shallow/floaty, good flippers and properly gapped switches.

Many people get this game and don't invest anymore time or money into it but when you do the payoff is there with a fast, challenging game that has you beckoning for more. This game will teach you nudging and flipper skills and will also have you cursing when you get double flipper bitched!

Factor in the AMAZING artwork on the backglass and playfield and you've got one of Ballys best solid state games!
Rating #351 of 64 32 days ago
I LOVE my new Rob Zombie pin. Great haunted can't go wrong with scary and spooky. I'm not a RZ fan but still really like the music. The game feels really solid and well built which is a testament to Spooky and co. I love the add a ball and modes and the extra slings EVERYWHERE which really keep the ball hopping. Also, fun to mod with good room for extra toys. Can't wait for another code update!

Rating #351 of 6 32 days ago
I bought revenge from mars originally, and found someone with a SWE1 playfield after getting pinbox to work I was finally able to try out the star wars game.

Well let's just say it's easy to see why its not the more popular of the two titles. I'm assuming if it weren't a p2k title it probably would of been forgotten. The theme isn't bad, I've never been a big star wars person, but they seemed to do a good job with the artwork and playfield. With any playfield from this decade it extremely dark maybe cause I'm used to led tables now.

I'm playing now with the computer monitor off to the side, So everything is a little more visible. If the screen was over the table I could see how it could be a little distracting on how much it covers. The shots for most of the video modes consist of a bumper target that will drain your ball, two ramps and two standup purple targets. So most of the modes are pretty much the same thing over and over. In revenge it tends to widen and vary what you need to hit in order to get a flawless, but there are less video modes in RFM also.

The good stuff is it's unique, I'm happy p2k came out with another title but I wish it were something else.
After playing the game for a while I'm starting to see there is a bit more strategy involved then I originally thought. Its one of those games you don't care for at first, then you become okay with the more you play. The jedi battles are interesting and challenging multi-ball mode where you have to defeat the sith before you takes you down, the good thing is you have infinite ball save . Finally made it to jedi knight and barely lost the second battle.

It's definitely not the best title out there, but it's fun.
Rating #351 of 45 32 days ago
This game is so much fun but can pick you up and throw you down sometimes.
Rating #351 of 11 12 days ago
This is a good game, but I do think it is a little over rated. Especially if you are trying for a high score then all you are doing is alternating boat shots and ramp shots
Rating #351 of 20 33 days ago
Diner is a beautiful System 11 masterpiece. The animated backglass is perfect. The skill shot into the jukebox is a joy. The left bank of drop targets are challenging and must be hit to progress the game. The gobble hole is a nice one in a tight spot. The goals are very clear. The play is exciting and speedy. The multiball lock is ingenious. Only two ball multiball, but that's all it needs. And finally, the "stir the cup" shot is magnificent, definitely a top 10 shot in all of pinball history. My only gripe is I wish there was more music and the callouts can get annoying. However, the sound roms were limited in 1990, so I can't gripe much about that. The sound that is there fits and still has some classic early SS sound to it as well which makes it feel even more like a classic. As it says on the backglass, it's "A Classic Williams Pinball".
Rating #351 of 100 33 days ago
I figured this game out enough to do a review about it. It has a pretty steep learning curve, but the game is a blast once you get the hang of how to collect the centre “toast” numbers and how they interact with the backbox bagatelle. I can imagine the bagatelle was quite the draw in arcades back in the day (it is in my gameroom), but I also imagine casual players would be put off by the confusing gameplay. The game can be thought of as a “thinking player’s game”, along with Big Game and Spectrum. Careful planning and accuracy is needed when collecting the coloured numbers from the banks of targets. Collecting the A-B-C-D banks in order to claim an extra ball is a difficult task. I appreciate the hidden ball locks, and the fact there is not clean shot to lock the balls. Just as the voice call out states, it is more of a random “capture”, than a traditional lock. Multiball moves at a fevered pace when achieved, and kicks up the fun factor of the game. Fantastic spinner shot, as found in many Stern games of the era, that can collect drops on the top and side banks before rocketing back down to the flippers. Theme serves the game well, its earthy browns and greens add to the eerie atmosphere, while the metallic voice is as jarring as it is creepy. This is a game that absolutely requires a tutorial to be appreciated. An underappreciated title from the period.
Rating #351 of 20 33 days ago
I wanted to love it. I love the theme. It looked great, had lot of toys, great ramps, great animations, lots of stuff to do, but alas none of it was challenging or fun. My general feeling was that the game could almost play itself. Ball times were long and rather dull. Might be interesting to kids for a while, but it's no Twilight Zone. I considered buying one, but passed after playing it. I'd much rather own a System 11 game, Data East, or Sega.
Rating #351 of 19 33 days ago
Gameplay was decent. Not sold on the theme. At all. I'm a pretty big BH fan but I don't think it translates to the pin very well. The bash toy is great but I don't think you can create a pin around an arcade concept like shooting deer. The scoring was a little low for me too.
Rating #351 of 6 33 days ago
Classic Lawlor!
Rating #351 of 6 33 days ago
Fast and fun!
Rating #351 of 6 33 days ago
A beautiful game that's also fun, classic layout.
Rating #351 of 6 33 days ago
One of the best early 80s games.
Rating #351 of 6 33 days ago
Love Pinbot! The first game I really got into.
Rating #351 of 9 33 days ago
Disappointed with my Ghostbusters. I love the theme and I like the art package. The playfield LOOKS cool. I've had the game a while and I've tried my best to dial it in, but it's just a clunker. Always malfunctioning, balls jumping, mechs going bad.. and the game code is just very poorly done. Feels rushed/unfinished. I love the topper though!
Rating #351 of 9 33 days ago
Pat Lawlor with JJP/Williams quality and feel meet 2017! Quantum City is under attack! Asteroids, UFO's, earthquakes, tornado's, nuclear attack...all depicted in a city on the screen. Animations/music/characters all original theme. Great shots and gameplay - light shows - innovations including camera and phone app. JJP continues to raise the bar. Must have in any collection!
Rating #351 of 6 33 days ago
I liked this game more than I thought I would. The magnets and two upper play fields were great. I kept going back to this machine.
Rating #351 of 10 34 days ago
Pretty table, fun modes and great shots. <3
Rating #351 of 6 34 days ago
I had one of these fully working briefly. Did not enjoy it one bit. Just shoot the pop bumpers and walk away. The ball will be up there bouncing for a while. Go have a beer and come back, might still be bouncing back and forth up there. There are gifs of this game doing that for a reason.
Rating #351 of 6 34 days ago
Game plays horribly. Brutal game. Everything wants to drain down the middle. The music sounds like a space game but is based around classic Americana. Can't recommend this one.
Rating #351 of 6 34 days ago
One of my favorite games of all time and definitely on my want list. I play this in my pinball league all the time. Shots feel great. I love the theme and all the comments the gophers make. Hole in one is a tough shot and I never seem to get the timing down as its hit or miss for me. (maybe I'm not good enough lol). Definitely recommend this game for playing multiple times. The scoring is fun as well
Rating #351 of 6 34 days ago
I love this game and so does my girlfriend. Loved it so much that we had to buy one. Flows nicely and the music sounds great while sounding classy all at the same time. The roulette wheel can make or break your score, so the highscore can change overnight if someone's luck is better than yours.
There are 28570 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 14 of 1143.

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