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“Beautiful cabinet , beautiful playfield, and excellent gameplay.”

“Elvira and the party monsters in way better , I really like the art and music ....it doesn't have many shots.”

“Good pin but don't know why this is #1 of all time .....”

“beautiful machine, well diversified and interactive, one of my favorites.
"I'm the ringmaster!"”

“I really don't understand why so much hype for this game , I played it for my first time and was very disappointed . It's very repetitive . All the game play is based on hitting that trunk . Sorry but this pinball is awful .”

“one of my favorite and certainly one of the best machines ever made. the game is difficult but very engaging, the sound quality, but sickens a long time music. beautiful machine is quite coveted”

“the game is easy, but well surroundings. the music is cool, but long sickens. overall it's a great and beautiful machine.”

“very easy to understand game with great gameplay, audio is excellent with plenty effect, especially when the "monster bash". The machine is beautiful!”

“Had a blast playing this table, feels a little delicate but not cheap. Love the fact you can choose your song off the start”

“Played this a few times and was very impressed.
Great toys and gimmicks , fast with great ramps.
All in all, a very under rated Pin.
If it was a Bally/Williams in would rate so much higher , I believe.

I finally added this to my collection and cant stop playing it.
It has renewed my enthusiasm for this great hobby.
If you have never played It , go out of your way to.
You wont be disappointed.”

  • richyrich currently owns this game.

  • “A good game but a little repetitive for me and the 2 shots with third flipper are difficult coz very close. Otherwise a very good game for this generation”

  • colonel_caverne has owned this game in the past.

  • “A decent game but not my taste. I like the diverter system but a little hard for my level like shots with the third flipper. I don't like the mini playfield and the general artwork. So not so fun for me.”

  • colonel_caverne has owned this game in the past.

  • “Hyperball looks great. It's basically an electromechanical version of Space Invaders with great sounds, neat light show, and, well, a machine that launches small, steel bearings at targets :-). It simply has no longevity. It's not a great game to own unless you're a big time fan. It's also a nightmare to maintain for those not experienced with fixing these things. This game is great in a large collection. I wouldn't let this one take up floor space when there are better, more reliable and fun games out there in the same price range.”

  • megadeth2600 currently owns this game.

  • “This machine is among the best. Crazy, but challenging layout. Awesome music and sound for the time (and today for that matter). Outstanding theme. More than likely, you will not get sick of this game.”

  • megadeth2600 currently owns this game.

  • “A very bland pinball machine and an equally bland video game. The pin/vid hybrid was a great idea, but Baby Pac Man fails to deliver. Also, owning this game is not advised for people not well versed in arcade machine repair. They are known to be very problematic. Hopefully, someday, a kit is made that will both enhance the game as well as make the electronics (particularly the Vidiot PCB) reliable.”

  • megadeth2600 currently owns this game.

  • “This game is lots of fun. Light that spinner and rip it! Gives a lot of satisfaction. A great tournament game as well.”

  • KingNine currently owns this game.

  • “A great machine. Not exactly my go to EM that I MUST play but I really enjoy this pin. Glad to own it!”

  • KingNine currently owns this game.

  • “What more can I say than this is probably my all time favorite machine! Been in my collection for years and is going NO WHERE!”

  • KingNine currently owns this game.

  • “The new code has made this extremely good game a great game. The addition of the medals and the light show is spectacular. Steve Ritchie said in his speech at TPF that he even would like to see more light show effects on this game. Wh What? I think they are great now! This is a game that will probably never leave my collection. Only thing I didn't rate it high on was the translight. The add one from Aurich is simply spectacular though. Worth every penny if you own this game!”

  • KingNine currently owns this game.

  • “The latest software update made this game into a classic. Fans of Star Trek (especially the newer films) will outright love this game. There's nothing more I can add about the gameplay that's been covered in other reviews. For whatever it's worth, this game was my first "big dollar" machine I ever bought (virtually everything I own was bought back in the late 1990s). I can't imagine it leaving my collection.”

  • megadeth2600 currently owns this game.
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  • “This game is among my favorites. Any review I give will be obscenely biased, so I am not going to delve into any details of the game :-). I love the music, playfield, light show, and flow. When I first started collecting machines, this was my first must-have. If you ever find one at a reasonable price, you will not go wrong snatching it up ... it's very difficult to get sick of the overall game.”

  • megadeth2600 currently owns this game.

  • “A surprisingly fun budget game. Plays very similar to The Addam's Family as far as how to light and start modes, and with the content of the modes themselves. The multiballs, however, are a bit underwhelming, as they feel a little useless as far as scoring goes. The mode multiballs score very little, and the main multiball is extremely difficult to light (besides the pity multiball on ball 3 and the smart missle), and after the jackpot and double jackpot provides little scoring oppritunity. The game has great art and audio, and overall is fun to play. Also the topper is totally awesome.”

  • WaddleJrJr has owned this game in the past.

  • “One of Stern's best. Continues to be my most played game on location, and one that I would love to add to my collection. The playfield is extremely well designed and is fun to shoot, and the rules are excellent. The playfield multipliers make the multiballs much more interesting, and Crank it Up is possibly the best series of single ball modes in pinball history. Truely an adrenaline rush at times, and just an overall joy to play. Great artwork and great audio really round-out this overall outstanding game.”

  • WaddleJrJr has this game on the wishlist.

  • “Looks and sounds great (love the heart beat and the speech), but there's just something missing from it. Compare to Xenon or even Black Knight and Firepower from the following year and you can see that its simplicity hurts it. If it weren't for the theme and the speech, Gorgar wouldn't really be memorable.”

    “Really a fun pin and a very good use of the theme. I never know when using the magna-save is worth it, but it's a cool feature nonetheless. Even on a poorly adjusted table (like the one I've played) you can see how nicely this game flows and I can't wait to play a nice specimen!”

    There are 22134 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 13 of 886.

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