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33 days ago
Fun challenging games that doesn’t get old. There is enough modes and bad guys to fight to keep the game fresh and it is super multiball happy. Love the music that pays homeage to the 70s cartoon I used to watch back in the day. Great light show and the cabinet art is perfect for this game. Looks great In a collection of pins or by its own. Same layout as Star Trek and that is a good thing. It is just fun either in casual play or for serious players. Glad I picked this up and it isn’t leaving my collection.
34 days ago
I played "Circus" the four player version of this machine when I was a 8 year old. I remember having "so much fun" playing it as a kid trying to get my bonus to increase. Now that I own "Big Show" and started playing it, I was still able to enjoy the game. I feel it is a lot of fun and simple which maybe was why I enjoyed it as a kid. The rule play is simple and minimalist. Some may find this boring compared to other EM's however the openness of the play-field, trying to hit extra ball when you increase your bonus, and shooting it up the sides makes this a fun game.
34 days ago
OK - this game does not get a lot of credit for how good it is because it was over-shadowed by other games in that time frame like Flash Gordon, Eight Ball Deluxe, Fathom, etc. It is still a great game - hard to find as there were not many made. The game may not be as much fun as a Flash Gordon or EBD but it is still fun especially with the lower playfield that is really fun to get to on each turn. The two ball multi-ball is a great feature it is hard to get but fun as well.

A common complaint is the lack of pop bumpers or maybe drop targets which is true but if you are working for multi-ball or Elektra points you don't miss that.

I think the artwork is great - both on the playfield and the cabinet. It is typical 80's stuff....but neat if you like the vintage of it all.

The upper playfield can be worn - as they are hard to find un-used but there are people who touch them up or make overlays for it.

It is a rare game so most people do not get a chance to play it, I never saw one until I found one for sale and I grabbed it as fast as I could and I think it is great.

My only issue is all Bally of this vintage don't have freeplay settings - I updated the board and put in a freeplay rom. Also, I think during the attract mode the repeated call out of the Elektra voice gets repetitive. I could probably shut that off I guess but to me that is the only downsides of the game.
34 days ago
Nice Williams game but kind of typical. The oxo theme bores me.
It does not keep me coming back.
34 days ago
I like the targets and the back glass. Game seems sluggish when you play it. It does not make me feel like playing over and over. Not my favorite.
34 days ago
Not a game that keeps me wanting to play over again. The theme never really attracted me. This is a game I could take or leave.
34 days ago
Truly another great classic EM from Gottlieb. One of my all time favorites that I just can't say know to when I see one at a show or and arcade. Definitely a keeper if you have a collection of EMs.
34 days ago
I liked it!
34 days ago
I Love this game!! So much to look at so much to do..
The layout is great, the gameplay is fantastic and the art is awesome specially the translight.
A real superpin in my book.
34 days ago
Awesome pin , real character that Rudy. I Sold FH to a friend to get room but missed it too much so bought it back. Who cares about room anyway..
34 days ago
Sing Along is truly a classic EM. I have always loved playing this machine where ever I came across it. For me it has it all and when you play it you will see why. Great game.
34 days ago
I owned this machine at one time and I was glad to sell it. For me it was very boring. It simply does not have enough going on in the playfield.
And it did not keep my interest at all.
34 days ago
I have to say Slick Chick is one of my all time favorite Ems. This was the second game I ever played and I looked forward to playing this game everyday after dinner at the rear of my local grocery store along with several best friends. Even today I still enjoy this machine as much as any I've played.
35 days ago
I just got done refurbishing mine. What an amazing machine. I know it is the best game I have ever owned. So many different shots. Very challenging.
35 days ago
fun !!
35 days ago
Can't believe this pin is not in top 10...
Keeps you on your toes. It's simple to learn and hard to master.. very fun especially with sub, shaker and great lighting kit..
Never leaving my collection
35 days ago
“In ancient Baghdad, a most beautiful princess was imprisoned by the evil genie, Saleem Bagazai!!” It’s beautiful. It’s pretty. Can we just get that out of the way? This is one of the most gorgeous pinball machines ever produced and if you are in the market to buy one, the price will reflect this. When fitted with proper LEDs it looks even better. This title is from the golden age of DMD pinball in the mid 90s. Some of the most collectible machines were created during his time period. The local bar I frequented in the 90s had this machine and I spent countless hours on it. The vocal cues, toys, long spiraling and winding ramp returns make this game very enjoyable. The ruleset is not very deep. Beating the game does not have the extreme level of difficulty as modern pinball machines, so I am not sure how well the replay value would be in a home collection. Despite the accolades the backglass has received, it has always been my least favorite part of the game. I have seen alternate translites that I have preferred better. Magnets, spikes, spinning lamp and Genie bash toy, all great things that add to the fun of this machine. Music, animations, lighting and sound effects are well done. Any pinhead would be proud to have this machine in their collection, thus why it is becoming more of a rarity to see it on location. “Fly on your magic carpet!”
35 days ago
Underrated.... this game kicks ass and is brutal hard... fast and gas great flow.... looks great just backglass needs to be changed
35 days ago
Rudy? WTH? This guy(?) is the jacked up cousin of Lady Elaine Fairchilde from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. They probably hang out in that Museum Go Round on the weekends. They both have a complexion that says, “I got drunk on antifreeze and passed out face down in a snowbank which resulted in frostbite and permanent tissue damage.” All jokes aside, this game was pretty innovative for its time. I think most of this machine’s high rating on Pinside is due to nostalgia and just the sheer number of people that have been exposed to it. It’s a good game, but I don’t consider it a great game. Lighting design, kooky music, sound effects and the big smack talking dummy head give this game most of its charm. Shot variation, mechanics, and ruleset were ahead of its time. I think Funhouse set pinball design in a new direction. Kudos to an innovative, yet creepy machine. It will always hold a place in pinball history.
35 days ago
If fun was a volume dial, AFM would have it cranked up to 11. I love kitschy 1950s “It came from outer space” type stuff. We all know that except for ET or Alf, if aliens ever come to earth, they are up to no good. They want your cities, your livestock and to hit your women with that Big-O-Beam! The voice acting is hilarious and the sound and lighting effects are matched perfectly. Shots, targets and layout is pretty standard issue and the rules aren’t as deep as some more modern pinball machines, but that doesn’t stop this title from being loads of fun. Blow that saucer out of the sky! Be victorious! This has always been one of my favorite machines to play on location.
35 days ago
I LOVE Star Wars. I have over $20K of Star Wars collectibles in my home office, yet I do not own any Star Wars pinball machines. That is always the number one question people ask me when they are at my house. “You love Star Wars and you love pinball, so why don’t you have a Star Wars pinball machine?” The answer is simple, I don’t like any of them. I have put in 40+ games on this new Stern title. I am just not feeling it. Enjoyment is such a subjective thing. I am not slamming the machine. There are a lot of nice things that I can appreciate, but it just doesn’t move and excite me. I need to be moved. Most of all, I need to have fun. I did not find this machine to be fun. I can’t pinpoint exactly why this game falls short me, so I will leave it to the other reviews to point out its deficiencies or its strong points. I guess my main criticism would boil down to theme integration, artwork and too much video integration to carry the lacking gameplay. I am glad to hear that some of you are really enjoying this title. It’s just not for me. I will continue to play to see if I can revise my rating in the future. May the force be with you!
35 days ago
I always think a well designed pinball machine needs to stir the senses just by looking at it. The Aerosmith pin nails that objective. The whole package is just beautiful. It’s like a 60s VW hippy bus crashed into a pinball machine. I like Aerosmith, not a huge fan, but this whole vibe is just dialed in! Love it! The toybox is such a new and innovative feature. The only thing not new about it is the familiar Sparky voice for Jacky. I wish they would have gone a different direction for the voicing of this character. The lighting design is gorgeous. Well laid out playfield with satisfying shots. Rock N Roll and pinball are the perfect combo. John Borg and Dirty Donny knock it out of the park again! I would highly consider adding it to my home collection if I had the funds.
36 days ago
Underated game that gets a bad rap because people compare it to the Williams Indy. Stands well on it's own merit. Try to buy one and they are hard to come by, people hold on to this game because of the theme and the gameplay is above average.
36 days ago
I dont get this game. Played it at a convention because I had heard it was awesome. I had to wait forever for the two guys ahead of me to finish their game. When it was my turn I found out why: nothing happens in this game! It was practically impossible for the ball to drain and super easy to get extra balls. I just kept playing and playing, my score slowly going up as I didnt know how to get good points. As I recall people started waiting for me and eventually I felt bad and just left. It was a beautiful exercise in pointlessness.
36 days ago
Awesome gameplay the rules the sounds the theme integration is amazing. It draws you in and you want to play it again and again. The Alien team has produced a very addicting game mission accomplished.
There are 31638 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 13 of 1266.

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