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Rating #326 of 85 4 days ago
First new machine. Really needs to be dialed in. Needs adjusting. Plays fast, lots of kickers. Very busy game, lots to do. Hope they are working on switch and software problems. Will update.
Rating #326 of 6 29 days ago
Cutting edge for it's age. 2 level, voice, magna-save. Much quicker than I expected. Best looking game out there...mine sits between twilight zone and Creature and I think the graphics are incredible ( convert it to LEDs to make it come alive).
Rating #326 of 114 29 days ago
Another Gottlieb "should of, could of" game. Compared to NGG of around the same era, this game is ultra bad. The layout is terrible and you never get any good flow going. The shots are boring and weird. He art is meh, sounds are meh, animations are meh. The only thing I really dig was the gopher topper, which still should have been better designed than how it was. Premiere, you guys just pumped out games too fast and didn't take the time to let your designers TWEAK your games to perfection! Bummer.
Rating #326 of 114 29 days ago
Street Fighter 2: how could anyone possibly screw up this license?? Truth be told, this pin gets a lot of flak here on Pinside and I don't think it's that bad. No, it's not nearly as good as it could and should have been, but how can you fault the designers when Gottlieb was forcing them to pump games out to market so fast (with no code revisions allowed!)?? I digress.

SF2 is a pretty easy game; great for newbies and young players. It's. It's not hard to beat all opponents and end up in the "wizard mode." There's some interesting shots and the whole theme/art/sound is well-known. The game instantly feels "familiar."

Sadly, like so many other Gottliebs of this era, the game just falls flat. It doesn't feel like a quality game, the shots are meh, the artwork terrible (again, how do you screw this up?!), and the animations atrocious. While probably one of the better Premiere decks from this era, that's not saying much. Could of, should of...
Rating #326 of 114 29 days ago
Another letdown from the once great pinball manufacturer Gottlieb. While I'd take this game over Freddy any day, it's still just a poor design with a license attached to it, rushed to market. The layout is awful, the art atrocious, and it plays like Mariah Carey on New Years Eve. What should be a really unique, fun approach to pinball (like Gomez's "NBA" game), just falls completely flat. Bummer.
Rating #326 of 114 29 days ago
Raven really isn't all that bad. Obviously the art sucks but once you get past that, it's a nice Trudeau layout! To be honest, it's a brutally hard game! There's many close up shots that will send your ball SDTM. Additionally, the sniper pop-ups (yes, a la Medieval Madness!) will knock your r ball right back at you incredibly fast. While this game is not multiball, don't let that deter you (personally, I think this game is the perfect game for a returns project), this deck is a FUN one. Play on!
Rating #326 of 11 29 days ago
This is a truly great EM, and a wonderful entry-level game to play for non-pinheads. That's because it's so damned easy that you really should set it to 3 balls. Any experienced player on a 5-ball game won't have many challenges playing this. You'll rack up free games by the truckload and find yourself just trying to make it to 300,000 consistently. That's why I dinged it a bit on replay value: it's just too easy. Artwork is glorious, and the fun in playing this is learning how to bank balls to make shots you wouldn't think could be made. Great game all around.
Rating #326 of 738 29 days ago
Batman 66' is the newest game from stern featuring their new platform.

The Pros:
This game looks, sounds and feels GREAT! While the design is pretty much the old Batman with the upper left hand side of the PF redesigned,it is very well done. The toys interact very well and the different angles of the bash toys at the top of the game mean that the same shots give very different results. Multiball is king, but these rules are in an un-refined state. Still lots of fun to play. This game feels great. Stacking multiballs with major villians is great and where I found my biggest scores. I like this layout better than the original batman. The ramp toy and dead space in the center of the PF are gone now. The music is spot on and this game would be perfect in a tiki room!

The Cons:
While I enjoy the rotating platform that features a rotating platform within it, I just see technical issues and problems in the long run with wear and reliability. The premium is the old pro. Is it just me, or did I not see a wizard mode yet? Only time will tell as I get to know the game better and more updates are released! I had more than a few airballs off the left ramp to the back and right hand side of the game. Those ramp trails have to be habitualized!

The Takeaway:
I thought that The Big Lebowski did a great job of integrating a licensed theme into a pinball game. Stern just stepped it up a notch. Yes... Stern has done a great job with this table. Now, I didn't get a chance to play the LE, but I did get to see one and it looks absolutely stellar! I look forward to seeing more games like this from Stern. Keep up the awesome work guys!

na-na-na-na... na-na-na-na... PINBALL!
Rating #326 of 85 29 days ago
I like kiss, just not this machine. Looks and feels cheep.
Rating #326 of 10 29 days ago
great great classic stern game. i feel lucky to have a very nice example. I have 15 games in my gameroom. we usually spend 4 to 5 hours playing...3 nights a week. we play 5 to 6 pins every night. catacomb is always one of them. If you go look at my current and past collection and it will give you a better impression of my regard for this game.
Rating #326 of 11 29 days ago
Love me some TFTC. This table has it all: strong modes, achievable multiball, strong layout, great call-outs! It has the typical Data East sound quality, but if you can get past that, it's not so bad. It also has the typical Data East flashing when multiball is ready. When playing in a dark room, this can be quite distracting, even blinding. Wish there was a way to get rid of that. Otherwise, it's a ton of game for the money. Would love to add to my small collection one day!
Rating #326 of 15 30 days ago
This game can be so hard but it is so much fun to play over and over again!
Rating #326 of 15 30 days ago
Note: Playing an LE with the latest code (v1.56) and edited audio (RandomKG mix). I traded this for the HobbitLE and enjoying it far more. Game sounds solid and edgy with the Nine Inch Nails audio, plenty going on, lots of shots to make and a lot of fun. Lots of fun mods too, which is an aspect I enjoy.
Rating #326 of 7 30 days ago
Great game. Best stern for me.
Rules are deep , really fun game.
Rating #326 of 11 30 days ago
Top machine. Nelwly added to my collection.
Rating #326 of 6 30 days ago
I own the Premium of this game my first NIB pinball. I can comment because I own not just played it. I agree with comments on the code seems rushed but it is still a big step in development of pinball the integration of video with game play is excellent but you have to like the theme. The campy old batman is part of the fun if you don't like old batman you won't like the game.
The game is fast the art is amazing on the whole game. Yes it is high priced but I like that I am paying that for a new Spike system versus games that were built in the 90's that are great but need a whole restore. If they make a remake of Attack from Mars like they are talking about you would have a great new game.
The game will get better over time as they recode.
Rating #326 of 6 30 days ago
I own this game it is great but you have to like pinball 2000 style of games. The interaction between the screen and the game is excellent how can you not like Bill Clinton saying save the interns.
This game is great I love it and won't ever sell it. Great art and has some of the stuff from Attack from Mars what could be better.
Rating #326 of 6 30 days ago
I own this game so I can comment more than some of the haters out there. Yes, sound quality on this game is bad, the sound is scratchy but the sounds are good and flow with the game not annoying. You have to upgrade the cheap crappy Sega single speaker system they put in and if you really want to go up put the components for both speaker channels. This game could really benefit from a Pinsound upgrade.
This game benefits from some tweaks like a LCD OCD board to stop ghosting and some bright LED's. I love the theme and I like the showcase cabinet many people do not but I think the it's different factor works.
It's a sleeper game it is fun and challenging many people think the play is off because of ramp placement but I think that's what makes this game good. It is not easy the multi ball is great and there are a lot of levels to progress through.
I recommend this game if you can pick it up definitely take it. It's a value pin usually cheaper for a DMD game I have not had any issues but it is a game that needs extra lighting it is a bit dark in the center.

Don't trust the hater reviews they do not own it most likely.
Rating #326 of 6 30 days ago
I owned this game I love the theme and I think it gets a bad rap overall but some of it is justified. The game can get a bit repetitive and I knew when I bought it I would like sell it later on. I love the Fat Bastard multi ball I love the color changing LED bulbs I put in. This game can pop with bright LED's.
It is a game I describe as a quick pinball game good for a quick game but nothing like deeper games where you can play longer. It's good just not great.
Rating #326 of 7 30 days ago
Rating #326 of 34 30 days ago
People are quick to knock this game because the original code was confusing and difficult. After the code update, this game is a lot better. The new code makes much better use of the lower playfield and de-emphasizes the ring. The game is very challenging to try to get through and it uses the theme well. It could still use some bug fixes and a couple tweaks here and there, but as it sits, it is a fun challenging game IMHO.
Rating #326 of 18 30 days ago
The trick to this game (and others from the same era) is to find one that set up correctly and properly maintained, i.e. not too shallow/floaty, good flippers and properly gapped switches.

Many people get this game and don't invest anymore time or money into it but when you do the payoff is there with a fast, challenging game that has you beckoning for more. This game will teach you nudging and flipper skills and will also have you cursing when you get double flipper bitched!

Factor in the AMAZING artwork on the backglass and playfield and you've got one of Ballys best solid state games!
Rating #326 of 64 30 days ago
I LOVE my new Rob Zombie pin. Great haunted can't go wrong with scary and spooky. I'm not a RZ fan but still really like the music. The game feels really solid and well built which is a testament to Spooky and co. I love the add a ball and modes and the extra slings EVERYWHERE which really keep the ball hopping. Also, fun to mod with good room for extra toys. Can't wait for another code update!

Rating #326 of 6 31 days ago
I bought revenge from mars originally, and found someone with a SWE1 playfield after getting pinbox to work I was finally able to try out the star wars game.

Well let's just say it's easy to see why its not the more popular of the two titles. I'm assuming if it weren't a p2k title it probably would of been forgotten. The theme isn't bad, I've never been a big star wars person, but they seemed to do a good job with the artwork and playfield. With any playfield from this decade it extremely dark maybe cause I'm used to led tables now.

I'm playing now with the computer monitor off to the side, So everything is a little more visible. If the screen was over the table I could see how it could be a little distracting on how much it covers. The shots for most of the video modes consist of a bumper target that will drain your ball, two ramps and two standup purple targets. So most of the modes are pretty much the same thing over and over. In revenge it tends to widen and vary what you need to hit in order to get a flawless, but there are less video modes in RFM also.

The good stuff is it's unique, I'm happy p2k came out with another title but I wish it were something else.
After playing the game for a while I'm starting to see there is a bit more strategy involved then I originally thought. Its one of those games you don't care for at first, then you become okay with the more you play. The jedi battles are interesting and challenging multi-ball mode where you have to defeat the sith before you takes you down, the good thing is you have infinite ball save . Finally made it to jedi knight and barely lost the second battle.

It's definitely not the best title out there, but it's fun.
Rating #326 of 45 31 days ago
This game is so much fun but can pick you up and throw you down sometimes.
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