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23 days ago
Another "big hit" (pun intended) baseball pitch and bat machines that is packed with features.
The last of the Williams "Big Four" games I needed to review for coin operated history.
You can see the others in my list.
This is a hard choice, but the game probably ends up in the fourth position only do to comparison of features between 1962 'World Series', 1959 'Pinch-Hitter', and 1960 'Deluxe Official Baseball'.
Colorful cabinet and backglass, running man unit, 3X home run ramps, batting average hit scoring, and solid all wood construction.
They just do not "make games like this like they used to" overall.
A fantastic complement to any gameroom.
Plays "butter smooth" when tuned, and an early example of a game that used a plastic (formica) playfield for long lasting wear resistance.
If you own this game, DO NOT SELL IT, as you will regret it later, and you may not be able to find another for YEARS.
23 days ago
"Unimpressive it is, Nonapprove I do."
- Yoda

Data East's (AKA Stern) Star Wars game from 1992 has unequivocally retained its 25+ year champion title status as the continued "best choice award" Star Wars pinball machine in comparison to Stern release of this title.

Complete Stern "cash grab" complete with a stripped down game concept of the original design.
Mediocre features, recycled game layout from multiple Stern titles, uninspired toys, and poor artwork.
Ruleset remains confusing and video clips repetitive even for seasoned players and owners.
"Hyperspace" ramp was poorly designed from the standpoint of gravity shots and movement.
A person can get the same effect with HS II: The Getaway, or No Fear.
Now, people figured out that the game is poor example of executed theme design except for route operators, and games are already coming up for sale, whether Pro, Premium, or Limited Edition.
Just because a game "plays fast" or "new" does not make it a good game.
It is amazing how polarizing this game is for people they either "love it or hate it" auspious title.
Stern did not have a "strict budget" or "hands tied by Disney", go look at TSPP, LOTR, or the original SM Black in comparison, they look like "Super Limited Editions" in comparison.

It is basically the equivalent of Stern's 2008 Indiana Jones to Williams 1993 Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure in every area. It simply does not live up to any form of value for personal ownership. A Yugo versus a Mercedes.
As a barcade pinball, it is not that bad for a few rounds.

Stern, for the love of all that is pinball, stop removal of game features and basic functionality of your titles which has occurred significantly since 2012. Many veteran old collectors, especially those with more than 25+ years experience in the industry and hobby, are watching with disdain and boycotting Stern game purchases in the future. New enthusiasts and potential owners are starting to get smarter as well. This should be a serious concern as the latest market "stall" has already started, and economy has begun a recession with higher costs of living continuing to rise against static salaries.


23 days ago
The replay version of Williams game with replay function. The novelty version is 'Deluxe Pinch-Hitter'.
The playfield is made out of formica, a composite laminate (plastic resin).

Another of the "Big Four" most famous Williams pitch and bat games.
The others being 1962 World Series, 1956 4 Bagger Deluxe, and 1960 Deluxe Official Baseball.

Another game with a few unique features as well.
Includes "P-I-N-C-H H-I-T-T-E-R" score up lightning, running man unit, 3X home run ramps, and another unique early first, SELECTABLE ball control of two different pitches, fastball and curveball (magnet).

Backglass artwork and cabinet is eye catching and colorful.
A true winner in larger collectors or get togethers with friends.
23 days ago
I like what I've played so far. The name is terrible of course, and the focus on the phone is weird, but it's a cool disaster themed table with lots of disaster. The toys I think look a little mismatched and out of place. I kind of don't like the look of the game in general, coming off Hobbit which might be the best looking game of all time in my book. The gameplay is great though. Things to shoot are clear, every shot feels good, and the lighting is great as is the JJP standard. It's a sweet layout. I think the magnets are kind of annoying, just my preference. I like how the game talks to you. It sounds like Safecracker.
24 days ago
Artwork is substandard, sound is awesome, leds are too bright during modes... Blinding.
24 days ago
Way too complicated, overwhelming graphics and rules. Probably would be more fun after playing 100 games, but that's way too long to have to play something to understand the game.
24 days ago
Surprisingly a pretty fun game.
24 days ago
I don't know why people like this pin, it's so boring. Other than the dude in the electric chair, nothing interesting about it.
24 days ago
Recently played this for the first time. Way better than expected.
24 days ago
Tough game that just has you pressing start over and over to get further in it. Love this game.
24 days ago
This game is absolutely amazing. Other than the overall lighting for a dark room its almost all 6's for me. The Heighway team has some work to do as far as QC on machines that leave the factory so if you are going to buy this one, you need to have patience when setting it up, but hopefully they can get their stuff together and start shipping games that need less set-up time. Holy crap! This is THE BEST PIN of 2017 and even longer! Great shots, great rules, amazing sound and call outs. more more more...
24 days ago
Update! i just bought the PRO and i don't know where ive been without it. after buying five pins this year, i decided to sell a couple pins to save for a newer stern. after playing all the new sterns at pinball madness in banning, i decided metallica would be my upgrade pin. i was fortunate to find a killer deal on an almost new met pro. i am thrilled! this game is absolutely off the charts awesome. i still don't LOVE metallica music because there are a lot of heavy metal bands who are much better, but being a metal fan, this is the perfect music themed pin and the real only good music pin available, so ROCK ON!

this pin is super fun to play, especially for more experienced players who can hit shots regularly. very fast game with incredible lighting. all indicators are on point, and the game allows several different ways to accomplish multiball modes. always a fresh game with a lot of variance on modes to achieve. the sounds are amazing and the way the lighting reacts to shots is absolutely perfect. this game is my favorite as for the games interaction with the shots being placed. programming is absolutely spot on.

the game is gorgeous, challenging, and lastable. having a very clean LED model makes a difference. the ramps are stunning and well placed and the ball really flows on this machine. for a thrilling overall experience this pinball is a pure adrenaline rush!!! go get one NOW
25 days ago
A lot of fun to play and very difficult shots. The spinning disc adds a level of unpredictability to game play as you never know where the ball is going. Call outs are great too. This machine is worthy of top 20 of all time in my opinion! Difficult to find for sale and when you do, it's priced very high. Hope to land one someday.
25 days ago
Overall, I think this game is a lot of fun. As others have mentioned, underrated! The roulette wheel definitely adds a lot to the game and allows a break in the action. Multiball is fast and the 10,000,000 shot is always challenging. Very fun machine that can be picked up relatively cheap.
25 days ago
For what it was when released it was impressive. The subject matter could not be beat and considering how many were made, shows its appeal. Forward nearly 40 years and it is still very popular for it's subject matter alone. Classic gameplay with not a lot going on. As others have mentioned, it's basically a show piece for the artwork but likely doesn't hold up in a small collection.
25 days ago
Classic machine that is very challenging. Overall a fun and difficult game to master. Descending into the lower level via the gravity tunnel is always fun. Shots on the lower level are tough and unforgiving. My only complaint about this game is difficulty in repairs and keeping it running but once all the recommended ground mods are done along with the addition of the pull-up resistors, particularly on the lower level, the game can be made to be rock solid.
25 days ago
with the lower playing field it always looks interesting but I find that unless the machine in well funded, they just don't play that well
25 days ago
KISS Pro is themed very well . Hard shots but great sound and decent game play . Addicting
25 days ago
The more I play it the more I want to play it. Not the quality build of a JJ pin but none the less a very fun and addictive game. Mr. Richie again has hit a home run with SW. Even with Stern's strict budget.
25 days ago
Very intense, fast and fun game. When you get this game flowing it delivers an adrenaline rush. Excellent flow with great combo shots between the ramps, orbits and the spinner orbit. This is the fastest flowing machine I have ever played. On repeating orbit you can get it so fast you literally have to time shots without even seeing the ball. The hand and cybermatrix is a cool toy that creates a memory aspect to the game; remember where the extra ball and other rewards are so you can get them with when locking a ball. There are number of different modes and multiballs and the final PowerDown Mode is a great Wizard mode; Sectors in the machine are shutting down and you try to keep powering them up by shooting at them. Not the best looking artwork on the cabinet or translite but the play field is nice. Overall a lot of fun to play.
25 days ago
To me, Spider-Man VE is Stern's best Marvel game. Moreover, I think the game compares pretty favorably to the rest of what Stern has put out for the past 8-9 years, meaning it is in Stern's Top 10 for that time period; probably even Top 5.
25 days ago
This is my favorite game of all time. The ruleset is so deep and complex the game just doesn't get old. The shots are good. There are 9 different skill shots. There are 6 distinct playfield shots. The premium is what I own and it is worth the extra money for sure. The quality is so good from the code to the playfield art, its just there. Everything flows and is not repetative at all. This game is a keeper. It will probably never leave my game room. Highly recommended!
25 days ago
If you are an enjoyment seeking player like myself and don't take super deep game rules too seriously, you should be ok with this game. You will need to get an understanding of the game to enjoy. The easy stuff on other games does not seem to appear here. It can be difficult to understand. I am working on it which makes the process an experience. As for the layout I think it is cool. Lack of toys not a problem for me. The game can be a drainer. I cheated and moved the outlane pins in. If you are sort of a novice like myself it will take a while to learn game. Someone stated that the right kick out was a drainer - you can adjust that. So far working better. I like to upper lane hyper gimmick. Adds to the game. The pop bumpers are kinda not there not part of game really. The more I play it the more I like it. Give it a shot. So, keep playing-watch a tutorial. Worth it.
26 days ago
Playfield is packed - rare to see a Stern game with this many goodies. Code is very deep almost to the point of being unbeatable. Has the feel of a Williams/Bally game. Quality of build is very good!
26 days ago
This remake plays pretty good.
There are 30909 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 13 of 1237.

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