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“Sluggin' Champ makes me wish I lived as a teenager back in the 1950's. Collect the teams for the National League and the American League to light the specials on the gobble holes and score big points. Shoot the targets and score RBIs. This game is great for me as an old time baseball fan when the Dodgers were in Brooklyn. Sluggin' Champ is fast, fun, and always wants me to play another game. Baseball and pinball nostalgia all in one. Sluggin' Champ is one of the classic woodrails I have found as a keeper in the collection.”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “The rules (Lyman) have turned this into a great game. I think the general playfield design is good but has some well documented, annoying aspects like the huge/vision blocking hammer, PITA snake rejects, and equally PITA captive ball failing to register. You can overlook these flaws though due to the outstanding art package, sparky, extremely satisfying metal ramps and creative rules. Sparky brings a ton of humor to the game but also makes the game pretty random. Unlike some other bash toys he's dangerous and unavoidable. Borg did the same thing with the TWD prison and Monger which subtracts some points in my opinion. I'll enjoy it for a year or two but it won't be a keeper. Mainly because it centers too much on Sparky Multiball as a way of getting to coffin Multiball and CIU modes where the real fun starts. I'm also not a real Metallica fan so it has no emotional appeal to me.”

  • luckymoey currently owns this game.
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  • “World Champ is world class pinball from the 1950s. Pop bumpers, targets roll-overs, a gobble hole to avoid and knock downs to accumulate. Gorgeous backglass and playfield. Fast, Fun and a Favorite woodrail that is a keeper in the collection.”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “A glorious widebody with gimmicks and art that makes you appreciate a non-licensed game. As opposed to a theme from a movie you're able to write your own script and taking in the back glass and playfield”

  • embryonjohn currently owns this game.

  • “What can I say that hasn't already been said. Truly fun game that keeps me coming back. All ages enjoy this theme, the music, and the comedy built into it”

    “Surprisingly fun, well-balanced, challenging and deep rule set”

  • embryonjohn currently owns this game.

  • “this was my grill pinball that I had been on the hunt for five years. I sold it in less than six months”

  • embryonjohn currently owns this game.

  • “I still have separation anxiety from selling this fun, fast, challenging & perfectly laid out game”

  • embryonjohn currently owns this game.

  • “The game is visually striking and insanely hard to master if that's even possible. It's an A-list game for sure that anyone would be proud to have in their collection. It could be a very rare bird, a game that is beautiful, frustrating, and yet so rewarding. I still can't get my mind around the design and artwork”

  • embryonjohn currently owns this game.

  • “Dragonette is a beautiful game themed from the show Dragnet. Just the Bare Facts Mam! Classic Americana artwork that is unparalleled. One to Six number collection, roll-overs, 500,000 points holes, Specials, pop bumpers and all the 1950's fun available. A beautiful pinball machine that will want you to play one more game.”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “"Holy Over-Rated, Batman!"”

    “Nostalgic game for me plus mine is near mint. Love this game. Upper playfield is a cool feature. Call outs and retro music are a big plus.”

  • Strummy currently owns this game.

  • “Can become repetitive. Fun game but it feel s like it is mastered quickly. If I had more room I probably would have keep it just because I love the terminator movies,”

  • Strummy has owned this game in the past.

  • “Fun game. The Monger is a wicked cool toy. I also love the whiplash kickback. Every time I think of trading it, I play it a few more times and say, no way!”

  • Strummy currently owns this game.

  • “Great game. Fun modes. Addictive”

  • Strummy currently owns this game.

  • “This is still one of my favorite shows so that definitely adds to my love for the game. I like this game way more than I expected to. I knew that it had a high rating when I bought it but didn't expect it to be this awesome. What a great game, so much to it.”

  • Strummy currently owns this game.

  • “I had the pleasure of playing this at a fellow collectors home. All I can say is: "wow!" In every respect - the aesthetics and gameplay - this deserves all the hoopla. The addictive nature and playability surpasses any EM I've ever seen.

    A true "Grail" pin.”

    “Fantastic, under-rated EM. They have one in the new game room at the Woodstock Inn in Vermont - and kids were lining up to play it (more than the Xbox and PS4).”

    “Best/most fun (on multiple levels) pinball game I've ever played.”

    “This is one of the early "talkies" so to speak. The mono robotic voice must have seemed amazing back in 1981 - "wow, it's talking"! - unfortunately it wears thin fast in this day. Pros - the Volcano theme (with cavemen and dinos) is well executed... The glass is beautiful. However, the game is mono dimensional and slow - with only one real target (the "ski ball" Esque field, top right.). Better games from this era. Also, beware of sys80 - notoriously problematic.”

    “Popular Science ranked this game as one of the "8 Most Influential Pinball Machines of All-Time"... The first to license film rights ("Tommy") this game, with it's stunning retro-hip Mad Dog artwork is an iconic time capsule of mid-70's pinball. While the game achieves aesthetic perfection, you have to review it against others of that era to appreciate the game itself which is outstanding for an EM. Simple yet compelling. Highly recommend if you can find a good field and glass.”

  • KingDaddy currently owns this game.

  • “Big Hit has it all. It has the Sear/Willis Tower in the backglass from a viewpoint at a baseball game from what is likely Comisky Park where the White Sox played home games. It has four, three-inch flippers to bash two banks of drop targets. It has two pop bumpers down playfield to randomize the game play and influence the target shots to the vari-targets. The playfield lights the bases as singles, doubles, triples, and home runs are earned. Scoring points and runs gives another aspect of fun to the gameplay. This 1970's wedgehead could likely be a keeper for me.”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “Sky Jump is a wonderful 3-inch flipper, resetting drop target pinball machine from the 1970's. Difficult to find one with a playfield that isn't destroyed....a good sign they are fun! I traded up to a Free Fall, for the add-a-ball feature with the same playfield features. Backglass is great with a bit of vertigo experienced in its presence. Pinball on a parachute....what's next?”

  • BenetBoy78 has owned this game in the past.

  • “Pin-Up is a four flipper, resetting drop target game that has the add-a-ball feature. The backglass is colorful and cute. The bowling theme playfield is gorgeous. The gameplay for me was not there as other wedghead, three-inch flipper games, especially add-a-ball versions. Only bashing one set of targets didn't work for me near-long term. Space requirements pushed this pin out of the collection.”

  • BenetBoy78 has owned this game in the past.

  • “Capt Card has four banks of resetting drop targets you can master your target shooting with two, three-inch flippers. Roll-over fun and nudging skills developed, tested, and required. Love the center skill shot achived at initial ball shoot, but also from either flipper with a shot to the top of the playfield to get that start again feeling without having to pay. The backglass is classic 1970s. Capt. Card is a keeper that is fun, draws me back for one more game, and is beautiful sitting in the front row.”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

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