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Rating #326 of 29 1 month ago

This machine does not belong in the top 100. Is Stern stuffing the results?

Just terrible, repetitive music, uneven game play, boring, not fun.

Rating #326 of 55 1 month ago

Big Game is a fantastic playfield design by the great Harry Williams himself.

* Asymmetry: very good

* Backhands: YES, you can back hand all the important shots

* Ball Control/Hazards: The 3 pops and the post between the spinners are the main hazards

* Ball Time: seems like an easy player, but if I owned one, it would be steeper and faster

* Drops (Sweepable): (maybe the right bank?)

* Flow/Stop n Go: very good flow -- only ball stop is the saucer, and it's momentary

* Fun/Lastability: very good

* Inlane Flow: very good

* Lateral movement/Nudging: always a little tough to nudge a wide-body, but this is smaller as wide bodies go

* Originality: yes

* Pop bumpers: excellent, three mid-field pops

* Scoring Balance: very good

* Skill shot: barely, it's a 1-2-3 without lane change

* Sound: good Stern sounds

* Spinners: yes 2 of them

* ThemeArt/Lights: good, but you'd better like a jungle theme

* Toys/Gimmicks: 4 flippers


* no voice

* no multiball

* no orbit shots

Rating #326 of 16 1 month ago

I had a lot of fun playing this game in it's early state. The rules seems to be somewhat there and you can tell there is a lot there to code for. It looks like the rules can be on the order of Metallica when developed.

I like the combo shots required to get an instrument and I liked the randomized under the demon head. The starchild section did not seem to be implemented yet or perhaps I did not get all the way to it. And where is the multiplier...was trying to figure it out but could not.

All in all, I think it is a very promising start and a fun machine. I am looking to see how this one evolves.

Rating #326 of 42 1 month ago

Fun game with great flow. Lacks depth and can get repetitive quickly with the ruleset. The layout is really nice though and the toys are fun. Shame that the code doesn't match the quality of the layout.

Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago

Game is very fast to play and I find the ball drains down the middle easy. Could tolerate that more if there wasn't a great big head drawn smack in the middle of the PF where the lower PF is on the LE. Sound is awesome but game feels cheap. Good for a few plays before moving on the the next pin.

Rating #326 of 13 13 days ago

I haven't owned this machine long. I'll probably update this review in the future.

Can be a fast game when shots are nailed. Upper flippers and loops can really add some speed. Dead World mod is a must. Artwork and theme are executed well.

Wide body that suffers from poor lighting in stock form. The one I have has been fitted with LED's that brightens it up. Game really rewards accurate shots. Missed shots tend to end up heading SDTM, especially off the upper right mini flipper. Central drop targets and trough shot behind them is a bit clunky. 4 flippers make the game loud.

Crane and Dead World mod must be adjusted and working correctly or game will not have accurate ball count during multiball.

I don't think this will be a keeper, but will be fun for a while.

Edit: After more play I've raised my ratings a bit. Bonus points can climb quickly when completing the chain link modes. I'm still saying it's not a game for new or unskilled players, but when you are on your game it's quite fun.

Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago

Only thing not to like it the translite. Looking at Alec Baldwin is annoying lol. Game is fun and smooth to play. Artwork on PF is great. Lighting is good too.

Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago

Well this is my favorite pin of all time at the moment. I don't care that it's only the pro. I'm not a huge Trek fan either. With that said, the game play is near perfect in my opinion. Game itself is thrilling to play. Shooting Vengeance and ramps with an easy rule set makes this a blast. Multi ball is awesome. I only tried this game originally because of free play and 1st game I became a believer. Best layout out there that I've played.

Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago

Super fun to play. PF is well lit and there's a lot to shoot at. Couch 2nd playfield is a blast. Beautiful artwork and a classic cartoon theme. I don't feel you can go wrong with this one.

Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago

Great to have for any Metallica fan. Sound is great and playing to your favorite Metallica songs is a definite bonus. Artwork is beautiful and game play is fast. I truly like this pin but not sure I'd put it on my wish list.

Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago

Love the wide body. Gameplay is fun and lots to shoot at. Beautiful game to look at. Starting to feel a little dated compared to some others of the same Era. Last ability is there though.

Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago

Overall a good pin. Artwork is excellent. Game is fun to play and is beautiful to look at. Theme isn't my favorite, but that's just taste. I wouldn't turn this one away, but I wouldn't specifically seek it out either.

Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago

I cannot figure out why this pin is rated so highly. Usually I somewhat agree with others' ratings but certainly not in this case. Game play is average. Artwork is good. I would never add this to my collection. Good for a game or two, but not to keep.

Rating #326 of 42 12 days ago

This game is loaded with toys and shots. Definitely a great value buy when you look at what you get for the price.

Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago

One of my favorites for sure. The layout is great. Gameplay is fun and you want to keep coming back for more. Artwork is excellent. Close to a perfect pin in my opinion.

Rating #326 of 42 1 month ago

Very creative design. The upper playfield does get a little old but in a decent sized collection I think the game is worth owning. I find the main playfield a little ugly but it shoots well and plays fast. A very different pinball experience.

Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago

Just plain old fashioned fun.

Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago

Just love it, the speed and looping is awesome can repeat all day and night it just has that magic flow!

Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago

Not bad, not good but the ruleset is well done.

Maybe i'll have to learn to like this machine so will update later!

Rating #326 of 30 1 month ago

Great theme. It's a fun pin, but it gets old fast in a home environment.

Rating #326 of 7 1 month ago

Really enjoying Mustang, especially the sound track!!!

Rating #326 of 25 1 month ago

DESW didn't do much for me. Even with the upgraded ROM, I thought it was a very very over rated pin. The music is great and the DMD animations are great, but thats about it. For my $.02 worth, you'd better be a hardcore Star Wars fan to even think about buying this one.

Just thought the game play was weak.

Rating #326 of 32 1 month ago

Disclaimer: I am an owner and have about 300 plays on this game.

This game is very difficult to rate using the Pinside system. The art is average, the backglass is average, the lighting is below average, the toys and layout are all just slightly above average.

Yet, the game is 100% fun and an adrenaline rush to play. The callouts are hilarious and the rules are great. The theme is incredible and timeless. I would rank it as a cross between Iron Man and Family Guy and feel like it's one of the top 10 games in "Fun Factor" to play. However, the art, lighting, and difficulty to update will put it outside my top 15 or 20 games.

All that said, playing pinball should be fun, and this game is a blast so mine won't be going anywhere soon. If art isn't critical, but fun is, buy one of these games! But, make sure you install a lighting (spotlight kit and the plastic protector set).

Can't wait for Spooky #2 which should help the art and lighting to catch up with everything else. Could be one of the greatest of all time.

Rating #326 of 32 1 month ago

Okay, I have owned this game for 6 months and have about 500 plays on it, so I feel it's time to give it a review.

Game Design:

This game is well laid out. It has two great ramps. The one on the left needed the Stern repair kit (which they sent out quickly and for free). The left one is a bit clunky and the right one is smooth as silk. Both are incorporated well in the machine. It has a standard fan layout with two great bash toys that both result in multiballs. The 3 main toys are well incorporated into the LE. They are the Well Walker who leans back and shows his guts, the prison with opening doors and a Zombie inside, and the Bicycle Girl Zombie under the left ramp. The game flows well and the rules can make the game quite addictive in an Iron Man sort of way.


I really feel the art package on the LE is a 10. The toys are realistic and well made. The mirrored backglass fits the theme and does not look like a "cut and paste" job. The dots are incredible. By far, the best that Stern has ever done. Thae cabinet and armor all tastefully bring the theme together perfectly.


Again, a place where this game really shines. The only bad point was the lack of callouts from the show in Stern's code. Well, that's been fixed by some great people and so I have to give it the highest rating based on it's availability and I am rating the play of my game. The music is intense and fits the theme. Of course, you have to add an external sub to get the full effect. The red lights are awesome especially once you reach Horde mode.


This game is just plain fun. I admit that I do not watch the Walking Dead so I reduced my score on Lastability. But, I laugh, I cry, and I want to play over and over whenever I get a chance on this game. Horde might be the most fun you can have on almost any pinball machine ever made. It is intense (you need a shaker and sub). The game starts pulsating in your hands, the lights go red, you are told you must kill the Zombies or be killed yourself, the Horde approaches, layer after layer of them, you must make the shots, OR YOU DIE!

Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago

I can see why this is a top rated Stern game. Simple to understand and yet so much to do. I liked the premise of the movie but love the game for everything it has to offer.

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