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Rating #326 of 14 1 month ago
Excellent theme and well made game but not very fun for me. I always try to give it chance when I run across it but I simply think it's boring. I want to like it.
Rating #326 of 18 1 month ago
Paragon is simply my favorite widebody, closely met by ASM, Genie, and Embryon. Paragon has it all - spinner, saucers, drops, inlines and normal drops. The artwork is my favorite Paul Faris next to SI. The game is challenging and a great tourney game as it provides a really level playing field. The key to scoring is the bonus on this game but it doesn't feel imbalanced. Why not? Because you really have to earn your multiplier and the bonus. You don't get a 2X till you've hit 3 inlines and it takes the full shot up the left to get your 5X. Paragon truly lives up to its name like few other machines.
Rating #326 of 58 1 day ago
hard to find one but when you play it, it is very fun... shooting the pop up targets bad guys takes skill,fun..mine shaft,train bad guy,get to high noon,love it..too bad they didnt make more,easy rules easy to learn .i wish i could afford one!! i did find myself getting tierd of it after getting replays over and over .ive only played it three times at three diffrent locations had a blast everytime...holy grail? no, over priced yea but since there are only 903 made very rare to find and play one... it is a great machine and a keeper for that reason...very fun, very nice western theme im so happy to have played c.c ill play it again if i find one. you got to play it once to do the holy grail!
Rating #326 of 18 22 hours ago
Best music and light show ever! Such a cool game that I wanted for a long time and finally found one in pretty good shape last year. I immediately updated the speakers and added a subwoofer to make the audio even better. Considering what era this machine is from, both the audio and lights are amazing. I love the theme and the artwork as well. I think if this was my only machine it could get quite repetitive and tiring but in a medium to large collection it is great! I really feel I nailed an LED conversion down well with this one too which makes it look even better!
Rating #326 of 15 1 month ago
What a great game with a ton of challenging shots. This game is a step above all the marvel games that are available by stern. The longer I have it the more I like it.
Rating #326 of 19 1 month ago
I own this machine for a year and the fun increases. This is due to the improved software and the good mixture of the implementation of the theme and the good balance between easy and difficult shots
Sounds fit well to the theme.
I miss artwork for the crossbow
If you own a machine, try to light the bicycle ramp.
Rating #326 of 134 1 month ago
Somewhat of a one trick pony in my view.
Rating #326 of 25 1 month ago
Looks good, but no fun to play. Getting a good score is just a grind. The buck moving across the playfield is just annoying, especially since it often doesn't register hits. The bird shot usually just dumps the ball SDTM. Poor layout.
Rating #326 of 56 1 month ago
Big mario fans so theme is king, super easy to understand , hit the left ramp an try an make it across to collect your super letters to become super mario an go straight through the bumpers an smash that castle, sounds pretty straight forward but isn't the easiest , cool modes going for it , that totally relate to video game, the way the designers translated the mario bros licence into pinball is fantastic , they did a great job an made it friendly for new an experienced players alike to play an have fun, with out having the stress of not knowing to shoot for away , because the rules are very basic an easy to follow, not really the game for me personally to have in a small collection because of the repetetive music an call outs but find one on location I'm there all night, really fun game, totally love it, especially when playing with family and friends.
Rating #326 of 56 1 month ago
This game is 100% awsome , it looks stunning, out of the line up of TWD,Ironman, kiss,Wwe this is the one that grabbed our attention, it's fast and furious an just an awsome machine, love the gears multiball how u can cancel out on 2 or 3 balls an risk it all to play 6 balls in 6 gears it's friggen awsome, any game with a Motörhead track in it is going to be off the chain, I can't give this game enough praise, I thought it was awsome from the get go, it looks just pure class , I really wish I could own one but the way the pinball prices are here Australia it's a big stretch , but you never know. Great machine if your thinking about it an you got the funds, do it, it's just that damn good!!!!!!!
Rating #326 of 56 1 month ago
Finally got to spend some time on this machine, unfortunately the copy I played was heavily routed with no one taking care of it, the hands didn't work which was unfortunate because I really wanted to see what they do an how they effect game play, saying that I still think this game is awsome, totally loved it, does what a pinball is meant to do an put you in another world, this time being the matrix, pretty easy to get your head around how to start modes an light your kick back, great when u hit your ramps an a special sort of mode starts after a number of hits , yeah the art work is nothing flash an back glass is nothing to write home about but this is a really great machine, definatly a player . An I would love to spend some serious time on a well maintained one to see every thing this game has to offer.
Rating #326 of 8 1 month ago
Very good machine, great effects and game-play. overall fun fun fun...
Rating #326 of 8 1 month ago
yeah, good games, open play-field i like, tho not a top 10 for me, fair better games in top 50 in my opinion
Rating #326 of 8 1 month ago
loved the look of this play-field, thinks its very fun also love the speed of it.
Rating #326 of 8 1 month ago
Really like WCS 96, it keeps me coming back for more and more, i thought i'll get bored easily but keeps me going back for more, overall ill love to have one in my collection one day..
Rating #326 of 6 1 month ago
The first pin I purchased for my collection. I couldn't get rid of it fast enough. Very boring, no ramps, no multiball, although I feel bad criticizing it for that because this is an early 80s pin. Some early 80s pins like Paragon can be fun with no ramps or multiball. I hate that shot in the middle, it zips through and drains right down the middle about 90% of the time. The only cool thing is the captive ball on the left, I found myself just continuously shooting for it. Probably the coolest looking backglass in pinball, I almost kept it just so I could look at that alien! I wouldn't recommend buying one of these, you'll get bored quick.
Rating #326 of 6 1 month ago
Not a big fan of this pin. I think Star Trek Pro is more fun. I think the theme drives higher ratings on this one with the popularity of the books/show. The pin is not terrible by any means, it can be fun, but suffers from poor quality, it just looks cheap to me. I don't see how this could be a top 5 pin.
Rating #326 of 6 1 month ago
My first pin. Parents bought this when I was young, we played the crap out of it for 12 years. I love this pin and want one in my collection so bad... Unfortunately these machines are now very, very old. Most of them I see up for sale now have a playfield in pretty rough shape. The artwork is awesome on this pin! The addictive shot on this one is the 4 inline drop targets up on the left, once they are down you shoot it back up there to increase your bonus. I love the waterfall and the beast layer. Spelling PARAGON on the playfield is also very fun. 3 more drop targets on the right, but I always found those to be less important to shoot for than the other inline drop targets and also spelling out paragon.
Rating #326 of 6 1 month ago
Classic Arnold. T2 will not disappoint. Challenging game and very enjoyable.
Rating #326 of 6 1 month ago
Classic....though I may just have a lot nostalgia from my N64 days. Music is repetitive and will get sick in your head! Satellite shot for 5 ball multiball is rewarding though I found it to be too much of a focus on the game. Enjoyable pin though and especially for those who have a multiple pins.
Rating #326 of 6 1 month ago
Ok, so maybe this is not the "must have" Arnold pin. BUT...It is a very fun pin to play. So the theme sucks, we all know that. Take that out of the equation and this is a very fun pin that is affordable.

The Movie = 5
The Pin = 7 but slap a different theme to it, I would put it at a solid 8
Fun Factor = 9
Rating #326 of 6 1 month ago
Very enjoyable game that is super fun. I like how you can pick your mission. There are a ton of mod options out there that allow you to customize your pin however you deem appropriate (though not necessary to enjoy of course). I will have this pin in my basement soon I hope!
Rating #326 of 6 1 month ago
What a classic. Extremely fun pin that keeps you coming back for more.
Rating #326 of 6 1 month ago
I have played many machines but this was my first pinball purchase. Very challenging game with a number of objectives to go for and keep you busy. Love the wide body and the shaker on this pin is intense. All of the mini games within the game are entertaining both in voice overs as well as on the dmd. Family friendly with a slight redneck feel to it. Both my wife and 7 year daughter like playing it. I believe this is a highly underrated pin and feel it will not get boring anytime soon! I will be back to edit this review in a couple of months!
Rating #326 of 10 1 month ago
Great game. Theme integration and playfield art could have been better. But nobody that plays the game in my house can play just one game...they always play at least three, if not more. It's got that "one more game" feel, and that's the true test of a great game, IMHO.
There are 24852 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 13 of 995.

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