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Rating #326 of 142 26 days ago
There are so many fun shots on Metallica Pro, yet, it seems difficult to really bring a game together. The more I play this metal-loving champ, the more convinced I am that it belongs in tournament play beside GoT and other games with complex, progressive rule sets. Even if there aren't a lot of shots to fall in love with on this table, it is nevertheless a lot of fun to play - and, I'm a sucker for in-line drops, so bonus points there.

There aren't many band games that I'd like to have in a personal collection, but Metallica is the first on the list. Great fun to play!
Rating #326 of 142 27 days ago
I played this beauty at Zapcon 2016 (4) quite a few times. Oddly, there wasn't much of a line for this machine, so I found myself playing it over and over --- great lastability. The upper right PF mini PF is a fun and unique addition to a game with decent shots and original plastics.

A great game that is difficult to find - I'd love to own one if I could ever afford it. Find it and play it if you can.
Rating #326 of 142 27 days ago
Medusa has a deceptively simple layout that challenges the player to pop all the drops possible to rack up the points. The art is fun and caters to fans of the Western mythology. My only complaint about the machine is that there are times when it can get repetitive after the zipper flipper fun is over. Head to Neptune's Cove!

I'd like to have one of these someday, but they seem overpriced for now. Play if you see it, for sure.
Rating #326 of 23 27 days ago
One of Sterns best. The artwork is excellent (especially on the playfield). There is plenty to do with a wide variety of shots. The audio it terrific with great music, good sound effects, and plenty of call outs. The bad, the game plays poorly it is less refined and clunkier than a Data East. Airballs galore, the ramp feeds to the inlanes are inconsistent and don't flow well. I don't know how one can screw up an orbit but that right orbit rejects the ball frequently with a solid shot going into it. The drop targets are more of a hindrance than a help, especialy during loopin supers. Good game, just wish it played smoother and didn't cheat you out of shots due to the crudeness of its play.
Rating #326 of 142 27 days ago
Hyperball is not a pinball machine proper, and it is really a different kind of game than pinball other than the fact that it uses small metal bearings to finish various words. So, comparing it to other pinballs is really not a good analogy. However, the game should be outed as a boring, attention grabbing yet silly game that doesn't deserve a quarter. Fits better in a redemption game format at FEC's than in a pinball collection.

Just keep walking.
Rating #326 of 142 27 days ago
A better-than-average widebody with in-line drops in the upper left and a fun little middle PF flipper make Hotdoggin' a treat to play. The shots are decent and the gameplay is exciting enough. I'm not a fan of the skiing theme, and the left lower pop bumper creates chaos at times. I'd like to play this a bit more, but first impressions were favorable.

Worth playing and a solid machine relative to its age.
Rating #326 of 142 26 days ago
At first, I was tempted to just point and laugh at this Miami Vice ripoff that reminded me of Hardbody and mediocrity. However, once I started playing, I realized that Hollywood Heat is another one of those underrated games that shouldn't be judged by its spoofy, corny art and design. There are some great shots and excellent flow to this game - and the layout is unique enough that it doesn't get boring immediately. It isn't the best game in the world, but it is a hell of a lot better than it seems at first. The captive ball, the short ramp on the left, the wackiness along the left side, and the ramp on the right that seems adequately difficult to master all add up to make this table a perfect sleeper - shh... don't tell anyone and the price won't crack $1k.

I'd own one... the price is right and the cheesiness can be overcome. Play it - you'll like it.
Rating #326 of 142 26 days ago
Haunted House is a unique, tri-level flipperfest that doesn't have much mercy for newbies. The layout is a little off, and there are some feature placements that just don't make much sense - a lot of action in the upper PF left, not much on the right. The raised PF is okay - but the lower PF "Basement" is the most challenging. Unfortunately, there wasn't much keeping me at this table, though I wouldn't say it was a bad game.

I'd like to have an HH someday, but it is down the list. Worth a short road trip (3 hrs or less), but not worth actively hunting for.
Rating #326 of 142 27 days ago
I have been a fan of the WMS Sys 7 "Big Four" for a while, so I expected a lot from this WMS Sys 11. I was, of course, somewhat disappointed since Grand Lizard does not really offer the kind of game play that the Sys 7's do. The playfield looks enticing yet cheap, and the shots were clunky and odd. So, overall, GL is worth checking out, but don't get your hopes up.

I'd definitely recommend playing Grand Lizard if you can find it, but it's not at the top of my mid-SS wishlist - needs to be cheaper before I'd even consider buying (goes for around $1.5k as of this writing, Jan. 2017).
Rating #326 of 142 27 days ago
Gorgar has some decent fantasy art going for it, but it plays just like an average early SS (like Galaxy or Blackout). I didn't dislike it, but I could easily walk away from the table. It has a fairly normal layout with some fun drops and a spinner, but there are some good shots available - just not much to do after those few shots are mastered. Rules are somewhat shallow, but not bad.

Recommended to pick one up if it's super cheap - otherwise, not much to write home about other than the art package.
Rating #326 of 142 25 days ago
While Ghostbusters has a great theme and an adventurously decorated playfield, the game play is just slightly above average. The shots are fine, and the Slimer toy and pop-up Scaleri Brothers drops (a la Cactus Canyon / similar to the trolls in Medieval Madness, etc.) add variety to a somewhat limited playfield design. The only way to accomplish much on this table is to fire up the multiball and rack up some decent points. Activating MB is a matter of hitting the left ramp three times, and then the scores seem to skyrocket (disproportionately, it seems). Pretty to look at and nostalgic for the right target age group, this isn't a loser from Stern - but it's not a winner in several ways either. I'd like to spend more time on this table because I feel like I'm missing something. But, for now, after 50 or so games, this machine is just slightly above average, so not worth it MIB sticker price. Also, it tends to be a bit of a drain monster, so bring a sack of quarters to get a good feel for it.

I'd recommend finding one on location and playing it for a long while before purchasing it.
Rating #326 of 142 27 days ago
Game of Thrones (Pro (and Premium)) has some of the most complicated rules sets that I've seen on a game in a long while. Which House should you play as? Which Houses should you go to battle with, and when? Right before Blackwater MB or save it for Hand of the King? To really squeeze all the points out of this game requires an abacus and a good memory. However, when it comes down to the actual game play, the shots are boring, flat, and not very entertaining. The Dragon kick out is surprising but usually survivable, but the Battering Ram is pure death. The only time you can really let loose and play is when the ball save is on during a multiball. Everything else is flip and pray that you don't hit a stand up or get a ramp / toy reject. I like that the rules keep this game interesting and add a sort of calculated approach to pinball that is seldom as complex as GoT. But, the kinematics are blah; the shots feel very binary - you either make the shot or die. Nothing real fun on the table either - seems like it is best for tournament play, not for casual games.

I'd like to own a GoT Pro (not a fan of the Premium) just so that I can learn to master all the ways to progress through the modes. However, I could probably have just as much fun with the game's manual and rule sheet.

Give it a shot, but hire an expert to go with you so you understand what your options are.
Rating #326 of 142 27 days ago
FunHouse is a kooky, often creepy middling game that is basically a filler table for FEC's. The right scoop is annoying and the shots feel clunky and often pointless. This is a miss for Williams and a rare miss for Lawlor and DeMar - should be called DullHouse.

Put a quarter in it if you're stranded on a desert island without any coconuts to play with.
Rating #326 of 142 27 days ago
Four Million B.C. is one of my top ten EMs. It is difficult to describe because there aren't many EMs like it. The rules are a bit difficult to deduce at first, but once they are learned, FMBC is a challenging, intriguing game that continually offers a challenge to the player. Also, this is a great example of some of the earliest attempts at having a multi-ball feature, so the game is worth playing just for its status as an innovative EM alone.

I'd love to own one of these, and I recommend seeking one out to play for any fans of EM design and unique gameplay. The purchase price seems prohibitive for EMs, so look for one on location or at a convention just to have the experience of playing this gem.
Rating #326 of 142 27 days ago
The noise... the NOISE! Much like Meteor, Flash builds into an ear-piercing cacophony of distracting game play. That said, the game play itself is middling, not much to say other than the game often has great flow and the upper PF flipper is not a waste like many games. Feels a lot like an EM (of course), but it offers challenging game play.

As I write this review, the game sells for under $1k, so it's a cheap way to break into early-SS pinball. I'd only buy it if it was very cheap, but I think it is worth a three or six plunges.
Rating #326 of 142 27 days ago
Fish Tales is a comedy game that offers a unique layout and a challenging set of shots. The rules are deep enough to be interesting, but not exceptionally complex. The two center right and left ramps are almost intrusive on game play, but I appreciate the closeness of the ramps (but not the repetitiveness of the shots) at times, much in the way that I like the ease of hitting the WHO Dunnit ramps.

The theme wasn't appealing to me, and there are some limitations to the table, but overall it is worth playing several times and would be a fun addition to a collection that already has better games in it.
Rating #326 of 142 27 days ago
Well, there's no zipper flippers, but Fireball Classic is still a fun ride. I'd prefer the EM for a collection, but I think I'd rather play FB "Classic" when I just want to shoot around in a casual game.

Worth picking up because it's usually cheap and you're likely to get a decent entertainment-to-dollars return on this middling game.
Rating #326 of 142 26 days ago
Dine has some fun shots and neat rules. The playfield is populated with a good variety of targets, ramps, gobble holes, etc., but it doesn't feel too crowded. The layout is expertly done and the rules keep the player involved, but they aren't particularly deep. A slightly above average, family-friendly machine all around.

Worth playing and adding to the middle of a ranked want list.
Rating #326 of 142 27 days ago
Derby Day (1967) is a challenging, exciting bash-n-race machine. I'm not usually into the horse racing theme, but this game provided enough of a challenge that I found myself wanting to try to win over and over, though, by the tenth game, I was noticing diminishing marginal returns on the excitement factor. Derby Day is probably best to play at an expo like I did, or on location somewhere - not one I'd like to own. Worth playing just to see the design engineering in the backbox.
Rating #326 of 142 27 days ago
The SS version of Close Encounters of the Third Kind is not impressive. It feels like an EM (not surprising since it is one of those border EM / SS machines), and it plays like a slow, boring EM at that. The theme isn't even executed very well, so I felt like I was forcing myself to play a few games just to say I did. Even then, it wasn't worth it. Not much worth discussing about this game - I'd say avoid it unless you are like me and want to play every pinball machine ever made.
Rating #326 of 142 27 days ago
This sequel in the PIN BOT trilogy is a fun, bawdy, slapshot kind of game. The rotating face-box in the upper PF (left) is hilarious - there aren't many games so suggestive of fellatio in all of pinball. The shots feel okay enough, but nothing that feels special. If you take away the art and theme, the layout would still be original and with its unique design, but the rules are little repetitive and weak. Watch out for the start of the 2-ball multi out of the eye-locks; the balls usually come down quick and knock each other around and down right after release.

Give this one a whirl on location, and, if sophomoric "third base" themes trip your trigger, you might grab one of these if it's cheap.
Rating #326 of 142 26 days ago
At first glance, this homage to the Adam West Batman TV show looks like a campy, candy-coated re-theme of TDK. However, the rules and theme are sufficient to make 66 a different and fun game. And, that LCD is so pretty. The TV / phone / spinner toy is cheesy but in a nostalgic way (better than the gloomy Joker on TDK), and the playfield is decent but a little too open (even considering the room needed for the crane). The shots feel smooth and the game has even more lastability than The Dark Knight, but ultimately is a bit of ball-getting-stuck-in-the-spinner mess with just regular, average play (even a bit dull at times... I spelled GADGET, now what?). The LCD and the campiness give it style points, but the lack of shots and other complaints like those made about TDK still loom in the background.
Rating #326 of 142 25 days ago
Shoot the rocket three times and BOOM! --- 13-ball multi-ball. Then, after 8 balls drain in the first 10 seconds, the multi-ball becomes manageable. The shots are smooth enough, but there doesn't seem to be much else to do with this table after the 13 ball multi-ball. The moon toy and rocket are interesting and, since there is currently no other game in the world that will give you a 13 ball multi-ball, this machine is definitely a must-play. However, don't expect to feel like you can't tear yourself away from this one - one or two games and this one-trick pony is all used up.

I'm glad that I've found this game on location, but I'd never recommend buying one.
Rating #326 of 6 28 days ago
Sweet just tried it
Rating #326 of 6 28 days ago
overated I don't know though I am not a big fan to begin with.
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