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Rating #326 of 10 1 month ago

One of the best games of all time. Easily the best Stern game for many years. Still among the all time best. Outstanding on all levels. Only possible drawback could be the playfield layout, it is slow and there are a lot of ball stops. However, that makes for a long, strategic, game.

Rating #326 of 10 1 month ago

This game used to be not regarded very highly, but these days, it is up there. The playfield layout is very similar to Funhouse (and Tron). Good solid game. I like the basement. One of the very few Williams games made with a lower level. Good playfield artwork. Mediocre backglass artwork. Cabinet artwork is downright ugly. Sound is good, although music gets repetitive over time. The rule set is frustratingly random, and there seems to be little to do. A great improvement is to set it to Tournament Mode! Now, the random features become sequenced awards, and the object of the game becomes to get through the sequences (Map awards, Zinj/Mystery awards, Gray Gorilla awards). Wizard mode suddenly starts at 100 diamonds (and every 100 thereafter). Mystery scoop has to be bent just right to hold the ball, otherwise it will reject shots, or stick.

Rating #326 of 10 1 month ago

Great game! It is a narrow-body Atari game, the only narrow-body they made. Good fast playfield. Very bouncy. The circular layout around the jet bumpers reminds me of Star Gazer. Tricky objective: knock down all 8 targets. The catch is that there are 3 waves you are trying to complete simultaneously. Various other shots will switch waves. If the target you need is already knocked down, but you need it again for a different wave, too bad, you must complete the entire bank to raise it up again. So there is good strategy there. Lots of bonus possible on this game, the Bonus Accumulator goes up to 99 (I think) but time has not been kind to it and the display is difficult to read as it is going somewhat senile. Fun game, play it if you see it at a show!

Rating #326 of 10 1 month ago

What can I say? I spent many many hours and allowance quarters playing this in my youth. An evolution in pinball when it was released, Black Knight helped to solidify Steve Ritchie's place as the number 1 pinball designer of all time.

Rating #326 of 10 1 month ago

Great fast game. I love high speed games. This o e is pretty simple but I like how where the balls are coming from can be a bit of a guessing game.

Rating #326 of 23 1 month ago

This game is such a hidden gem. If you've walked up to it at a show and played one game without hearing the music and callouts...or understanding rules and objectives...then you're missing a lot. This is a nicely layered mode based game. Has some great hurry-ups...a killer skill shot...and loads of very satisfying shots. There's also some unique strategic decisions that players choose throughout the game that have risk/reward implications. As a baseball fan, the game theme - for me - is killer. If you own this game...check pinrepairs tips on changing out the the coil stop with Sys 1 coil stops to make the flippers more Williams-like (and the game more challenging.

Play Ball!

Rating #326 of 41 1 month ago

My local arcade just picked up a Flash Gordon - decent early SS. I really liked the drop target series on the upper right PF and the raised PF with 2" flippers. Also, the sharp drop-off to the saucer is a unique way to get the ball back to the main PF (center down ramp). Some of the sounds drove me a little nuts, but that usually isn't a reason to dislike a game for me. rnrnFG would be a great early SS for a collection, and I'd pick one up for a good price if I found one.

Rating #326 of 41 27 days ago

I bought my Quick Draw as a learning project EM, but I ended up really liking the game play. I see why the multiple drop target games, especially the Gottliebs - are usually highly rated - so much to shoot at!

From the two horseshoe kickouts to the 2x 5-drop target banks, Quick Draw is a super fun EM. (Watch out for that AX relay though!). I'll be selling mine soon, but somewhat reluctantly now that I've seen how fun it is. Definitely would add to an EM collection after my fictional SS collection comes to fruition.

Rating #326 of 41 1 month ago

Space Station feels like a solid game, even though some of the shots are a little awkward. I like the integration of the drop target in front of the ramp, as well as the ball lock / release system.

Overall, not a bad game, and I'd add one to my collection if I needed to fill a hole. Definitely worth the play on location.

Rating #326 of 10 1 month ago

The first game I ever bought. Great fast Steve Ritchie gameplay. I just love fast flowing play and this one has it in spades. Keeps me coming back for just one more game. Love the hidden frenzy.

Rating #326 of 10 2 days ago

One of the best stop and go games out there. Can't wait to get one. Love the stacking challenges.

Rating #326 of 10 1 month ago

A pretty nice game. Good variety during gameplay and great "just one more game" value. But too unforgiving. Predestined ball save.

Rating #326 of 155 1 month ago

I like the playfield layout with many interesting shots. Excellent theme integration. The big DMD is a plus (as long as it's working…) with good animations.

This game is begging for an alternative David Hasselhoff-free translite…

Rating #326 of 155 1 month ago

Decent game that was probably lagging behind in comparisons to pins produced during the same period. Rules are not bad - deserves to be played over and over to discover its subtilities. Worth owning if you have space for a number of pins.

Rating #326 of 7 1 month ago

I played both this and Kiss and found Kiss more fun. It was Ok. Not bad but overhyped. Also doesnt have their best song, Money Talks which is really odd.

Rating #326 of 7 1 month ago

The first time I played this, I thought there would be more to it given the hype. Supposed to have a deep rule set. It was interesting in a quirky way but not one where you are wowed. Nothing really spectacular about it. It was ok but not a have-to-keep-forever type game.

Rating #326 of 7 1 month ago

I like the band but not my favorite (AC/DC is better). However, i found it to be fun to play. Highly underrated. Would probably buy it at a future date.

Rating #326 of 7 1 month ago

Some people really love it but I found the playfield somewhat barren and very short ball times. Was thinking of buying one because really like the theme but just found it to be work than fun.

Rating #326 of 7 1 month ago

The premium version of this game is just visually stunning and exciting to play. Really nice flow and captures the theme. Im more of a Star Wars fan than Star Trek, but bought this because I wanted to play it all the time. A great family game and also fun (not always easy to find)

Rating #326 of 7 1 month ago

Great game for beginner or experienced player. The layout is fantastic and the Ring Magnet is just really fun.. Long balls allow broad appeal even for the casual player. The voiceovers are awesome and captures the theme of the movie and series. Even after 12 years, it doesnt have a dated feel to the game. A great overall experience.

Rating #326 of 250 25 days ago

Another game that I find is over rated. The art and theme aren't great, and I don't see a lot of variation

Rating #326 of 250 25 days ago

This pin has some triply art and sound. The game needs some explaining to understand, but its a fun pin.

Rating #326 of 15 1 month ago

Fun but too slow for me... and finally borring.

Rating #326 of 12 10 days ago

Middle of the road DMD game. Layout and rules are good but not exceptional. I'm not a fan of the theme or artwork, and the music is just straight out annoying. Good for a few games but I wouldn't want to own one.

Rating #326 of 12 1 month ago

Apparently Stern think a few soft porn pictures can compensate for a badly designed game. They can't. Gameplay is boring with very shallow rules and unbalanced scoring- the multiball modes are easily the most profitable, but getting there is a chore. Lame theme. The one standout feature of the game is Photo Shoot mode's blinding white flashers when you make a shot (simulating a camera flash).

There are 23642 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 13 of 946.

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