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Rating #326 of 69 1 month ago

WCS has a lot of cool toys, I gave it perfect there, no question. Goal net with moving goalie, soccer ball that can play havoc or help, Striker saucer is a great idea, diverters, even the left pop bumper that is exposed on the left side for shots (headers) into the goal.

The rules though are too easy, and are somewhat simple. I like the Final draw, in fact much more than the wizard mode, which is all too easy. Like all of Jpop’s machines, the rules are just too simple, and need more, and have an underwhelming wizard mode (well, CV is pretty good actually).

The layout is ho hum at best, and terrible for the exit of the left orbit. This comes out on a strange angle to the left sling, and does not allow for right orbit shots – how odd. The right ramp is positioned where an orbit is, and as such is a harder shot to make, given the broader angle, and has little point to shoot ever, especially given how deadly it is if you don’t make it, which is common again because of the angle.

The magna save is useless. It won’t save balls down the middle, it isn’t strong enough, and the button is not close enough to really utilize anyway, unlike the classic magna save games.

All in all this is a fun game to play here and there, and for a novice, or kids especially, a great starter that has great theming and cool toys, but there isn’t much after this.

Rating #326 of 53 1 month ago

One of the Only GTB I would ever own

well that and Freddy :-)

Enter the Sarcophagus....

Rating #326 of 53 1 month ago

Welcome To Jurassic Park

I always enjoyed this Pin but the sounds do get rather old after a but

the DE pity Tri-Ball is lit on Ball 3 is nice if your a noob, but skilled players wish to earn the prize

How about another tour of the park???

Rating #326 of 53 1 month ago

I cant get past the software bugs in this game

I love Pat Lawlor, but if your a skilled player you will definitely complete the holes

Rating #326 of 9 1 month ago

Played a HULK LE and loved it. difficult shots but that's part of the fun. love the theme. Sounds are great and callouts funny. Loved it so much I'm getting an Avengers LE Blue.

Rating #326 of 20 1 month ago

I'm surprised this is a Lawlor game. I'm a Pat Lawlor fanboy, I thought he could do no wrong...until I got some time on Family Guy. The game plays like an exercise in style over substance, showcasing the theme above any sort of meaningful gameplay experience. While the Stewie mini-pinball is a novel idea, but I think it cuts the game off at the knees: there is a lot going on beneath and around that area that is blocked from view making for a very frustrating experience. In sum, there are a couple of neat modes, clip-art FG artwork you've come to expect from FG branded merchandise and the overall Stern build-quality cheapness of the era...kind of a shame Lawlor has this one in his oeuvre.

Rating #326 of 20 1 month ago

Eight Ball is a classic. Really, I'm not sure what else I could say.

In all seriousness though, it's a very, very early solid state, and as such it shows. There's not a ton going on here, but Eight Ball has a few absolutely great shots in the game and a solid ruleset that offers multiple ways to score big, something that is very important to me.

The kickback feature is great for a game of this time period and it really sets this title apart from others. Lighting the spinner is easy and is always satisfying to hit. The right "Bank Shot" loop never gets old, whether you shoot a ball up and around it, or whether a pop bumper flings the ball back down it in the opposite direction. The payoff for racking up pool balls and getting their bonus value maxed out at 5X always feels great.

The left spinner can be hit from either flipper, giving the game some nice flexibility. The right loop can be hit with the right flipper with a nice pop back if the ball rolls up far enough and stops. Both shots are extremely satisfying to pull off. These likely unintentional "trick shots" really fits the pool/billiards theme well.

The only negative thing about Eight Ball is that it can be brutal. Even with skilled play you can find yourself getting house ball after house ball with little you can do. When you really get a game going though, you REALLY get a game going and it feels great.

The chimes fit the game perfectly, the backglass is classy, and the green tint all over the playfield is nice. The cabinet itself isn't anything special, but few were from this time period.

Throw a "power ball" in this to act like a real cue ball for an even faster game! Just a simple way to really mix things up.

Rating #326 of 20 1 month ago

Avatar is a notoriously simplistic modern Stern game. Despite this simplicity, it's a solid game that is built for controlled/skilled players. Flailing only leads to ball drains here, and the game is absolutely punishing as a result. Some may not enjoy this one because of that aspect, but to everyone else, give it time and it will likely grow on you.

For people that care about rules, Avatar is interesting in that, while not that deep compared to other Stern games, there is more to it than what initially meets the eye. In order to play well you need to know what everything does in detail, otherwise you are not going to pull off a decent score. Without knowing the fine details of each mode, you also might not have much of a chance in ever making it to the wizard mode, the most lucrative scoring mode in the game.

Mode stacking is Avatar's strongest aspect and it is one of the few games I can think of where you can stack every single main mode in the game together--Seeds, Banshee, Bomber Battle, Navi Scoring, Link Multiball and Ampsuit Multiball. When you string all of this together it really feels amazing (and the points flow as a result). From a casual perspective, being able to start both main multiballs together is a great thing. If you are scared to go for the Amp Suit in single ball play (that magnet can really whip the ball around unpredictably), start up Link instead since it's safer, then bring in Amp Suit during the safety of Link.

Playfield-wise, I can't ask for much more on Avatar. While it's simple, everything on this game has a worthwhile purpose (Seeds being the weakest part, but from a mode completion perspective it is necessary to hit). My only wish is there being something more to the one ramp. I don't mind there being one ramp on the game, but I wish more modes utilized it, and I wish Banshee required you to hit more than just the ramp to complete the mode (on the second time you access this mode, sometimes it will let you shoot an orbit, but then it takes you back to hitting the ramp).

Sound-wise Avatar does an amazing job. This is easily one of the best audio packages Stern has put together, even if all of the callouts are taken straight from the film (i.e., not a lot of creative effort put into that aspect). The cabinet and backglass are incredible as well for a Stern game and look beautiful. The playfield only looks so-so, but when you're playing you really don't notice.

For me, Avatar is a game that demands patience, methodical play and planning, and its these aspects that keeps me coming back to it. If you just want to step up to a game, bat the ball around and not think much, Avatar might not be for you. For everyone else though, I highly recommend digging a little bit deeper. The addictive feeling the game gives will make the experience all the more satisfying.

Rating #326 of 20 1 month ago

Demolition Man is one of the better "bang for the buck" WPC games available. It always sells cheap, but there is a lot to like about this game. It is combo heavy and rewards constant flow/on the fly shooting, it has a variety of modes, and what can effectively be considered two solid mini-wizard modes (Demolition Time and Cryo Prison Multiball). The biggest downfall to the game is the lack of worthwhile objects on the left side of the playfield--the biggest problem being the cars. These are really cool toys, but the payoff for hitting them is nearly non-existent so there's no reason to shoot for them. Likewise, the Retina Scan shot is nice, but the payoff is too little to be worth aiming for. The game would have been even better with a full left orbit in place of the cars. Shot-wise asides from that though, the game is nice. Two main ramps that feel nice to hit (left and right), and an upper flipper with two of its own shots (a very satisfying "Computer" scoop, and a very hard to hit upper ramp). The left inner loop shot to start multiball is tough to hit yet satisfying, and right orbit to upper flipper combos feel great. The center mini-ramp is excellent as well.

Art-wise the game is only so-so. Cabinet and backglass-wise I feel the same. Sound-wise the music is hollow, but that could just be the machine I currently have access to. The music is interesting and while maybe not catchy immediately, it grew on me. The callouts are fun as well and are ripped straight from the film. Speaking of which, this game does a nice job of working in the license.

I appreciate that you can set this game up to play in two different styles--with the claw enabled, or with it disabled. This significantly changes how you can approach the game. If you have the claw enabled, it's fun to try to play the same modes over and over to see how high you can get the mode values to build (they become worth more and more each time you re-enter them). If you have the claw disabled, you really have to pay attention to what you are shooting at in order to score high. The gun triggers add another nice element to the game and can be a major payoff score-wise if you do things right.

Overall, Demolition Man is a great WPC game and is often times overlooked I think because of its price. It is definitely worth playing (or owning) given how cheap it is to acquire one. Give it a try if you see it, or give it a buy if you're looking to add another game to your collection.

Rating #326 of 20 1 month ago

Sopranos consists of a relatively basic "fan" layout. This can be good or bad depending on the rules, and with this one it sits somewhere in the middle. I appreciate being able to stack a lot of things on top of each other, I like the add-a-ball on the Fish saucer, and the Wizard mode (BOSS) feels good to get to. It gets grindy though and subsequent plays back to back can be a draining affair (mentally) if you are half-decent at the game. There is a lot to do on here though, it's just that no single part really adds up to anything completely satisfying--everything is relatively small points and it's not until you get to Underboss and BOSS that the points start to snowball quickly.

Sound-wise the game is a mixed bag. It has some *really* funny callouts and an excellent main in-game theme, but much of the rest of the music sounds very weak like listening to a midi file on the Windows 95 OS (Lord of the Rings had this same problem). The dots are hit or miss as well--some are fun like the Truck Heist, but others (such as most of the dots for the Episodes) are lacking. Cabinet looks fine in its simplicity, and the backglass looks fine as well. Playfield looks pretty basic with some Photoshop-esque visuals, nothing too crazy there.

I think the Sopranos is a decent game and worth playing. It's far from Stern's worse, but it's nowhere near its best. It's a grind/chopping wood affair with the big payoffs being very minimal until you reach a handful of specific modes. Play it if you see it, but I don't think it's worth the price of owning at the current rate it goes for.

Rating #326 of 55 1 month ago

Xenon is a real looker with a very good sound set that has a horribly weak background music track that sounds like a jack in the box meets fiddler on the roof song. The game has about 3 fun shots, and the other 1-2 shots are not fun. Fewest shots in any solid state that I have ever witnessed.

* Asymmetry: good

* Backhands: weak

* Ball Control/Hazards: center of PF is a hazard mess with 4 pops

* Ball Time: short

* Drops (Sweepable): none

* Flow/Stop n Go: a bit stop n go without any orbits and relying on saucers

* Fun/Lastability: it's ok

* Inlane Flow: very good -- single wireforms

* Lateral movement/Nudging: good

* Multiball - entering: good, not too easy

* Multiball - enjoyment: ok, not much to do

* Orbit Shots: none

* Originality: excellent

* Pop bumpers: 4, and they are very mean, but take up too much of a range of the playfield shots

* Scoring Balance: good

* Skill shot: yes

* Sound/Callouts/Voice: voice is annoying as a 10-pt sound, background sound is very annoying. scoring sounds are great. The celebration sounds of xenon when you lock a ball and get a chorus of "xenon"s is great.

* Spinners: 1 - decent shot

* ThemeArt/Lights: very good

* Toys/Gimmicks: not really. In 1979, perhaps a tube is a gimmick, but in 2015, it's just a form of a ramp.

Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago

Best of the EM's out there in my opinion. Gameplay is great, theme is awesome, artwork is awesome and shot selections are great compared to other EM's of this era.

Rating #326 of 19 1 month ago

I had this machine in my collection for a very short time and just couldn't get into it. Although it's fun at first, the call outs are very "blah"... but knowing the Clint Eastwood is not very enthusiastic, I get it ... but for god sakes make the jackpots a bit more satisfying!

Rating #326 of 202 1 month ago

My buddy has a near mint version. Seemed like an fun pin for a few quick games here and there.

Rating #326 of 202 1 month ago

Probably the best of the super wide bodies.

Rating #326 of 41 7 days ago

Great art, good flow, lots of very unique feeling shots and toys. I love that this game has 2 physical ball locks. The neon is really cool looking and the toys in general are fun and creative. Some of the sideshow modes get old but overall this is a great game that doesn't shoot or play like anything else. Comboing the ringmaster inner loops is a blast. This is a really fun unique game with pretty deep code for a JPOP game. It's not overly hard but deep enough to keep you interested. The outlane design is also very different and takes a little getting used to. It can be a bit of a multiball fest as there are a ton of different multiball modes. Not sure if this is a plus or a minus.

Rating #326 of 16 1 month ago

A challenging game with a great layout. In my opinion the true beauty of this game are the Phurba diverters. I wish more machines would give the player this ability to alter the ball path. Really the main negative on this game is the unbalanced loop scoring. Like many unbalanced games when playing for high score the machine becomes restricted to a few shots. While the loop combo is fun, I really wish the scoring was more balanced with other strategies in the game. This game is deserving of it's top-25 ranking.

Rating #326 of 23 10 days ago

Ok after playing this game obsessively over the last few months I am ready to add my review.

I have gone through many games from both bally williams and stern, I tend to get bored quickly and move the games along after Ive had my fun. But Simpsons Pinball Party has something about it thats stops me moving it along, even though the prices on tspp keep going up & up so I know I will get a good sale price I just dont want to let this one go.

Deep ruleset, very deep game with around 7 wizard modes!

This is the deepest game ever made. Original characters voice overs from the show. I find playing this game as enjoyable as watching the show, its always fun.

Fun fun challenging game, I found this game hard on the easy settings now im onto the moderate settings theres so much going on in this pin i always enjoy playing it, even though it kicks my butt!

Summary: Terrific game currently ranked around 19 should be in the top 5. Sterns best!

If you like simpsons and like pinball this is a must have.

Even if you dont like simpsons you will probably love this game for the fun and complexity.

Great game to mod out with countless mods available, colour screen looks fab and makes the animations just like watching the show.

Tspp is scarce these days as it doesnt get passed around much collectors tend to hang on to them as its a game you know you can always go back to and enjoy. My advice if you can find one go for it and keep it, not only will it go up in value you will have many years of enjoyment from this machine.

I know im showing major love for this one but I cant help it, its my favourite. IMO its a masterpiece and timeless piece.

Rating #326 of 22 1 month ago

I really like this game! You gotta love the circus/creepy clown aspect of this game. The animation of adding balls for the clown to juggle in the backglass is pretty cool. There were only two 60's two player AAB games that Gottlieb produced and this is one of them. They only made 750 of these so I highly doubt there are more than 50-100 of them left in existence. These are the ways you can get AABs. The first is lighting up A,B and C, rollovers. You light them by getting the top single rollover. It will change from A, B or C as 1 point scoring is scored. Next you score one of the three roll over targets that are lit from scoring the top roll over target. Another way is scoring the top stationary targets numbered 1-4. You have to light them in order. 1 then 2 and so on. All of these goals don't reset either on ball drain , player change or even when the game ends. You may turn on the machine and have 1-3 lit up A,B, and C ready to collect for 4 added balls with a irritated 2nd player waiting to play. (can be a draw back of the game). The last way to collect an AAB is scoring 1000 points. (This can be adjusted for different amounts in the backbox.) The bottom of the playfield is sparse and creates quite a challenge of keeping the ball in play. There are two "off" button roll overs and a "on" button rollover. These roll oevrs eithe light the pop bumpers for 10 points a score or they are off for only one point. The outlanes can sometime be brutal but at least they either score 100 or 300. The light lighting up "300 when scored" alternates between the outlanes during scoring.

Rating #326 of 19 1 month ago

Rating based on 1.24 code. Love the feel of the shots. When you hit them, they are very smooth. Its a very punishing game with great one more game feel. New code really polishes this game a lot. Outstanding dots. I don't mind the different voices at all, but I wasn't big into the shows. All this game needs now is color chaning GI lighting and the game will be complete.

All in all, this is a fast, brutal, unforgiving , FUN game. Very Borg.

Rating #326 of 14 1 month ago

I love safecracker, great pin and amazing creativity on Pats part, the pinball portion is all about finding cheats for the board game. The board game is fun too, the only hard part on this pin is getting used to the flippers!

Just a fun time! GREAT music and sounds and art.

Rating #326 of 8 1 month ago

Instant classic. Great game, i enjoyed the layout. I felt rules were a bit easy, not sure if settings can be changed since only played it at local arcade but i felt like gems were super easy to get from bazaar shot. That being said, the introduction sound to the skill shot when first starting a game really engages the player and gets them into the theme.

Rating #326 of 8 1 month ago

POTC i actually quite enjoyed it, but it does have that grab and go feel to it. Make a shot, wait, make a shot, wait. etc. I believe this game is very friendly for newcomers. First game on it hit high score at local arcade.

Rating #326 of 12 1 month ago

Was pleasantly surprised by this pin. Though I wasn't a fan of the movie, overall I enjoyed this game. The magnetic pickup is a nice touch, overall good flow and enough going on to keep it interesting.

Rating #326 of 12 1 month ago

I thought this game was just ok, not great. The drag race multiball was a plus. Overall this is a very attractive pin. My only complaint with the layout is the placement of the Mustang toy, the ball can hide behind that then come screaming down playfield for a quick drain.

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