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Rating #326 of 13 1 month ago

Underrated game IMO. Really fun and a good addition to the collection. My only real complaint is the wide range of musical styles in the game, everything from heavy metal to hillbilly with smooth jazz thrown in too.

Rating #326 of 29 1 month ago

I prefer 3" flipper EMs from the 70s, but I gotta say, this one delivers. If set up properly, can be a fast and fun game for this era-one of the best.

Rating #326 of 22 1 month ago

It's an interesting and fun game for awhile, but it is not a keeper for me.

Sounds/lights/dots are some of the best ever, non pinheads & your lady will eat it up so on that end it's a good pin to own. But play wise, it does get old, and it gets annoying. Super heavy on locking in a good jackpot score and then just jackpot city...too many jackpots. All the little things like exploring the sewer, collecting equipment, that all sounds great but it isn't integrated well enough in the scoring to make it worth the time. And that's not even going into being able to bet all your points in roulette which, again, doesn't work as well as you think it will. Mechanically it's a bit of a bear to deal with because of the reels, and the constant abuse the center ramp takes which cannot be replaced anymore. It's a fun one for awhile, and I really wanted to love it, but I put up a huge score on it one night and literally never had any want/need to play it again after.

Rating #326 of 9 1 month ago

Xmen is a game with tons of tight shots and a really cool layout. The artwork on the cabinet and backglass are exactly what you'd expect as a fan of Xmen, although the playfield is a little lacking. It takes a beating from pinsiders when it comes to the voicework and I have to say I agree. If you can overlook the sounds it is a great game. There are a lot of shots to shoot for and the modes seem to be varied nicely with player control over what mode plays next. Since there are so many shots some of them are pretty tight. This seems to lead to either a really satisfying experience or complete frustartion depending on how well you are playing at the time. I really enjoyed this game during the 6 months or so that I owned it. Only reason I got rid of it was because someone approached me about it and offered me a trade.

Bottom line is that it's a fun game with a lot going on. Magneto and Wolverine throwing the balls around keep things interested. Unique combos and shots keep the replay value high. Gambit hurry up is one of the most satisfying shots I have ever seen in a pinball machine.

Rating #326 of 12 1 month ago

This is a real tough table.

Rating #326 of 12 1 month ago

Without a doubt, this is a table everyone should give a try.

Rating #326 of 19 1 month ago

I try hard to love the underdogs of the pinball world, but Raven has fallen flat for me. The first time I shot for the orbits to get the rollovers done to lower the ramp, then made that ramp... and scored only 50k... well, my heart drooped. That was it? That was the big reward?

The key shot is going over the inlanes to light the spinner for 10k a spin momentarily.

So many standup targets, you'd think it'd be more interesting to shoot at all 10? In the end the sniper modes tend to be more tedious than anything, and at first I had such high hopes for them.

Props to the developers for having so many rules controlled via the dipswitches, but even with them I couldn't find an intriguing ruleset that made the game more fun.

With a modern CPU and new programming this game could ACTUALLY be tonnes of fun. My mind spins with the clever rules one could theoretically put in place. Progress saved between balls! Completed standup banks build rewards! Better ramp utilization! Pops modes!

But alas, we are currently stuck with what we have, and it's just not that great.

Rating #326 of 15 1 month ago

I had heard a lot of negative comments about this game with the original code so I was not expecting much when I had to play it at a recent tournament. I must say that I was blown away! The theme is integrated so well into this machine. Killing zombies and working through the modes make you feel as if you are part of the walking dead tv show. I played about a dozen games at the tournament and had to pick up a pro myself after. The game makes you keep coming back for more and I know the code still has a major update coming. There is an amazing variety of shots. The sound effects and music really get intense. Of course the DMD animations are violent but that adds to the realism of the theme.

I believe everyone needs to give this game a chance. It is so different from all the recent rock music pins (AcDc , MET, KISS) and I find that very refreshing. I played my MET every day since I bought it until TWD arrived. Perhaps still in the honeymoon phase but time will tell. I like it more and more each play right now.

Rating #326 of 13 1 month ago

Very pretty and flashy game but boy what a snooze fest I owned one and sold it after only 2 weeks

Rating #326 of 7 1 month ago

Awesome data east game. Maybe their best. Lots to do and lots of shots to master. The artwork is great and a must for your collection.

Rating #326 of 7 1 month ago

I have always loved playing this machine !! If its in good working order. Its a blast.

Rating #326 of 9 1 month ago

Love the show and like the theme - need to play it a bit more to get a better feel, but initial impressions wer that it was a lot of fun and overall really good pin

Rating #326 of 9 1 month ago

Fun game I remember playing a ton when it first came out and one of the first pins I remember playing with a shaker motor, which made it cool

Rating #326 of 9 1 month ago

Love the theme and a very fun game - wish the actor voices were more true to the dark knight movies and sometimes a little repetitive, but still really like playing this pin!

Rating #326 of 9 1 month ago

First time I played it I wa impressed with the technology and lighting and modernization of a pin, but the next time I had a chance to get a number of games on it, I really liked the game play, theming and overall package...thinking about picking one of these up for sure...

Rating #326 of 9 1 month ago

Another pin on my most wanted list - great variety depth and theme!

Rating #326 of 9 1 month ago

2nd pin I bought and first I bought brand new and still love playing it - great depth and variety, deep ruled - great pin!

Rating #326 of 9 1 month ago

On my most wanted list!

Rating #326 of 9 1 month ago

All time classic - look forward to seeing how the remake turns out

Rating #326 of 9 1 month ago

Whirlwind is a game that everyone seems to enjoy, both newbies and seasoned players. The spinning discs and fan topper are unforgettable and really add to the action. The layout is similar to other Pat Lawlor games which are always fun. Other than maybe Funhouse it's tough for me to think of a deeper non-DMD title. Couple this with the relatively affordable price (due to high production I assume) and you have some good SS bang for your buck. I'm probably in the minority but I actually prefer Earthshaker to Whirlwind and I can't put my finger on why. I've owned them both and they are both great, but I seem to miss ES more than WW.

Bottom line is that this is another classic from Lawlor that everyone is immediately drawn to. It's a bit bittersweet for me as this was the ultimate in SS games for me until I owned one. Now I think of it as the game that made me finally realize I am (apparently) a DMD guy.

Rating #326 of 8 1 month ago

Great theme integration, fun layout and bashing the saucer is always fun. Fantastic call outs and humor make this a pleasure.

Rating #326 of 15 1 month ago

Cool game but after 6 months i prefere don't keep him, gameplay is not so great

After play a crank it up you must begin again and Again the same rules

Not my favorite borg game , i préfère Ironman by à mile

Rating #326 of 25 1 month ago

Terrific game. Fathom keeps me coming back game after game, I can't get enough of those inline drop targets. I'm sure anyone who has seen this game would also agree that the art package is a stunner also.

Rating #326 of 43 1 month ago

I really enjoy Theatre of Magic, and it's highly regarded for a reason. It's a table that's simple for pretty much anybody to get into, but there are some tricky shots that need to be made to maximize score in a more efficient way. I feel like this table gets a little buried underneath tables like Medieval Madness or even Cirqus Voltaire, but I think it stands up pretty well. If I were to criticize anything about this table it'd probably be the redundant and at times cheesy sound, but the table plays very well as a whole. It's always nice to play a pinball machine that has a somewhat deep ruleset that is easy to follow, and with a playfield that very clearly shows what shots need to be made next.

Rating #326 of 43 1 month ago

Simple enough premise... pick up passengers with your taxi. What I like best about this table is its relatively simple playing area that very clearly shows you what you need to do and when you need to do it. On some tables I need to look around to see where exactly I need to get an extra ball or get a high score shot, but Taxi makes it clear. Taxi has a really satisfying feel when you continuously hit the loops over and over again with the left and right flippers. The million point shot that this table has is a little difficult to hit, but that's what makes it a million point shot. It's fairly easy to get points on this table once you learn how to time your shots. This can be a fast playing table at times, but I still think it's accessible to just about anybody. Taxi is one of my favorite pre-'90s machines.

There are 23376 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 13 of 936.

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