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30 days ago
The latest code makes for a very fun pin. The rules are not particularly deep, but when you want to take a break from a deeper game like Game of Thrones or Ghostbusters, WWE is the ticket. The pro is better than the LE because there is no upper play field spinner. This means carefully timed shots off the 'ropes' can land the ball in the center hole for a 3 count pin. All in all a very good game that should be in the top 50.
30 days ago
Really like this game.
Red and Ted work great together, its a lot of fun.
30 days ago
A beautiful game, perhaps the best looking pin ever made. It isn't fast by modern standards but plays well. Rolling the score is common and the symmetrical layout doesn't offer much variety.
30 days ago
A fan favorite for a reason. Though games of this era aren't terribly deep, I find myself drawn to FH whenever I see it in the wild and the story behind the rules is more than serviceable. Ruddy is probably the best toy ever put in a pinball machine and the shots all feel good. Overall a great pin, though I am skeptical of value for the price it seems to be commanding lately.
30 days ago
This game is just pure fun and hits on all cylinders; I'm not a big fan of AC/DC, because it has very limited shots to it, but this game here is just so much better. Has some killer toys and a killer layout. I was expecting it to play similar to either Metallica or kiss, but it plays nothing like either. Not to mention it has some awesome mball action with love in an elevator and toys in the attic. On top of all of that it has some killer animations and in my mind is best use of the LCD display to date, because it feels more retro like a dmd, but yet enhanced. If your not into the theme it just won't matter because this game has that magical feel to it. So find yourself a Aerosmith pinball and get ready to rock.
31 days ago
Awesome artwork. The rules are simple. 1-4 in 3 colors. For each number you close out a 5K score it lit. The objectives consist of roll overs and stand-up targets, unfortunately no drop targets. It builds over all 5 balls, so you don't start from ground zero with each new ball. The flippers have no inlanes which makes stopping the ball very difficult. It has 3 slingshots and 3 bumpers which play very nicely together. The lower left sling shots it up to the upper right sling which passes it over to the bumpers. Play times tend to be fairly long for an EM.
Overall a game that is much more fun than I expected judging by the simplistic playfield layout.
31 days ago
I didn't like this game at all when I first played it a pin show. Then I played it again and it started to grow on me. I finally bought one a few months ago and didn't want to rate it until the honeymoon phase was over. I love this game. Its my favorite right now. Just wicked fun to play and the rules are pretty cool.
31 days ago
The feel is a bit different from the Original - quality isn't there.
32 days ago
I love Pat Lawlor designs...just not this one. The playfield always seems a bit too contrived for my liking, with little natural flow. Lawlor's games are known to be stop n' go, but even Earthshaker and Funhouse have better ball flow than Whirlwind. I find the "claustrophobic" complaint that others have about Lawlor's games fits this game well, with less obvious places to shoot from the main flippers. The game integrates the theme really well, but for me, it still falls behind Lawlor's other work.
32 days ago
I'll probably never own this game. And this game has way too much in it, for an average player like me to experience in ten or twelve plays in an arcade or a friend's home. The game itself is beautiful and attractive enough. The theme is...well, disappointing. The game is a bit overwhelming for someone who can't experience it in a home environment over the course of a long period. This is great for people who own the game, not so much for me. I'm not totally sold on the backbox screen next. I don't find myself using the information on it any more than I do a DMD, and again, I have no idea what to look at when I do look at it.
32 days ago
Another game that's been canonized in the past ten years, like BTTF and SMB, because of theme alone. The game is pretty bad with rules that don't advance game play or inspire continued play. If these things were the price of a Gottlieb Gladiators, maybe you could justify having it, but at the astronomical prices this game has been pushed by hipsters and more discreet millennials just makes this game a head shaker. People always say "All Pinball Is Good Pinball", and I always add the caveat "Except Street Fighter II"...but TMNT isn't that far behind. It's an uninspired Data East game they hoped the theme would save.
32 days ago
Really great game - layout feels different and good. Play a dialed in LE and you will see how much of a challange and fun this game is.
32 days ago
Love this game, very fortunate to have the opportunity of the MMR. I have played the original and the remakes ... I went for the MMR.
32 days ago
The predominant reason this machine holds its value and interest is the artwork and "flip flag" feature.
Last EM game to have the knocker in the lower cabinet.
Pop bumper spacing leads to some interesting trajectories from the left orbit shot.
It is solid EM with a competent ruleset of its day.
However, it certainly is NOT a game you would want to use in the tournament as the game score rolls over way too easily.
High end restorations easily fetch $4500.

I am not sure why people state you have to like "The Who" or "Tommy", as the game stands on its own merits.
If you only like SS, then you won't understand what the game has to offer anyway.
Perfect game partner to Captain Fantastic.
33 days ago
This was a difficult machine for me to get a good handle on, playing it here and there at shows. It wasn't until I had 2 in my possession for full tear downs and shopping out that I developed a full understanding of the rules and features and was able to understand why this is such a revered title. It is a LOADED machine with motors, diverters, subways, physical ball lock, and that fantastic powerfield. That is without a doubt the most entertaining mini-playfield in pinball. It is always satisfying when you make the top hole. TZ makes excellent use of the widebody geometry. The rules are deep for a '90s B/W title and the modes are nice and varied. I'm more of a "flow" guy so the game is a bit too stop-and-go which limits its visceral impact for me. Still, I know a masterpiece when I see one and TZ certainly is!
33 days ago
Beauty of an art piece, but a dog of a game. All pinball is good pinball, but this just isn't a very good game. Little flow from the King of Flow Steve Ritchie's first offering before he hit his stride with Williams. A big clunky widebody that doesn't use any of its space very well.
33 days ago
You gotta play it when you see it, I guess. It's an strange game that's fun to play in short bursts, but would be a bit too much of a one trick pony to own once the novelty wore off. It is kind of amazing to see what Stern had done mixing a pinball machine with a novelty game, and even more amazing when you get a look under the glass.
33 days ago
Great game! Very hard to find nowadays! Really fun
33 days ago
A classic Gottlieb "chase the numbers" game, that has you chasing specials at the lit numbers, much like Buccaneer. Unlike Buccaneer, there is the added bonus of collecting increased points at the lit gold arrow, which is a nice feature for home use where credits mean very little. The spinners tucked away behind the pops are challenging to consistently hit given their location, which is a positive and a negative I suppose. Another classic art package by Gordon Morison.
33 days ago
hard pin for sure, need some tweaks for having fun home (center post or carrot flippers, and anti-airballs plastics)... the theme is great, as the artwork and sound/music... the layout is not usual... still waiting for a final/finished code, as a player i want more, even if its good already, with 2 video modes, midnight madness MB, and mass hysteria MB with reverse flippers... seems its a "love it or hate it" pinball... :)
33 days ago
well, just get a perfect PRO HUO... before that, didnt play too much that game (but as a player know about Lonnie's coding, and last update), i've read a lot here & there, and were than informed of some probs & needed tweaks... as my son was in love with the theme and the pin, as the price was OK, i than bought the pin... and i dont regret it... i've just done a quite great summary of the pin for french forums, dont think its needed here, may be just my conclusion, as this pin didnt deserve to be so far in the ranking : to enjoy it, you must play on a perfectly working (tweaked) one, not only with HULK not blocking balls, but also the LOKI look, and last but not least, the BW ramp being nicely adjusted (on mine, after tweaking, with high slope and flippers at minimum strenght, no prob at all to climb the ramp)... in that case (and that case only), the pin is for sure a good one... enjoy ;)

forget to mention, we're +/- 200 games played on 3 weeks, with few HELLICARIER done, and just 1 BTE (my son, in 5 balls, and not completly finished)
33 days ago
MNF is a bit of a one flipper game, but it is really fun to shoot...and I'm no football fan. I'd go out on a limb and say that this is the best football themed game ever made (not that much solid state competition though). The fieldgoal shot is awesome...I'm a sucker for lifting ramp shots. Organizing a multi-player game on MNF is where it's at. Playing for points and score rules. An overall very good attempt at integrating the theme of football into pinball gameplay. Rating loses points for the generic art. Not licencing the NFL teams is a real deal breaker, and the art suffers because of it.
33 days ago
The game has a unique layout, however the game rules as executed are poor. The Cactus Sam pop-up is neat, but you really just find yourself wasting time with the rest of the playfield until the target pops up. Neat repetitive background music and sounds. The art is ahead of its time with a comic book feel--if they had only grabbed the brass ring and went full comic book like they did on the flyer. A brown cabinet hurts the game as well. Nobody likes brown.
33 days ago
I'm a sucker for Road Kings. The art, the music, the theme, and the game ain't half bad either. It gets overlooked a lot being sandwiched in between High Speed and Pinbot in those early System 11 games. For those folks that like the history of pinball, it is neat to see Mark Ritchie's first attempt at a game, and how many ideas were carried over into his beloved later work like Indiana Jones and Fish Tales. The centre ramp is one of the coolest sucker shots in all of pinball. The game BEGS you to shoot up the middle...and you better hit it, or it's almost a guaranteed drain! This game is one of my guilty pleasures.
33 days ago
This game pales in comparison to System 1 contemporaries Joker Poker and Sinbad, but is head and sholders above Charlie's Angels. In short, middle of the road fare. I've never been a fan of games that relied upon the roto. It is a neat feature, and some interesting scoring possibilities are built in here, but there's no satisfaction for the senses in hiting a roto target. Lighting the spinner is a tough shot to the left, but its just that: one standup to hit and its sequences to complete, no bank of targets to shoot down. No satisfaction there either. The art package doesn't really do it for me. Needs a bit more to tie it to the Columbia Pictures licence.
There are 29006 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 13 of 1161.

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