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Rating #326 of 104 1 month ago
John Borg nailed this one. Great pin, very challenging as it makes you make all the shots on the playfield. FAST, FAST, FAST
Rating #326 of 104 1 month ago
Excellent modern Stern, the LE package is gorgeous. Gameplay is tight and fast. Really enjoy playing this one
Rating #326 of 10 1 month ago
I bought this game before i even knew how much fun it was. I ordered it online and when i started playing it in pinball arcade i wasnt too happy. After a few day the game grew and grew on me! When it finally arrived it took over my days. Lots to do and gets annoyingly addictive because of the difficulty in getting to see the whole west coast. Reminds me of the 80's and early 90's video games where when you die you go back to the first level. Really fun and deep game.
Rating #326 of 8 1 month ago
Fits the Buck Hunter Theme great. I bought this game as something a little lighter for visitors to sink their teeth into, and it so happens there are a lot of hunters in my family that really enjoy the theme. simple layout, but some challenging shots and a tricky left outlane drain to avoid. Shaker motor installed in mine makes it a lot more enjoyable when you're blasting targets. Stock lighting is a bit weak, needs some warm LEDs for GI. One single ramp, simple and generally easy to hit. lots of little toys around the playfield. ok animations on the DMD for animals in action. its a fun title, I dont think it pretends to be a seriously complex game.
Rating #326 of 25 1 month ago
I have had this game (the LE) in my arcade for the past 3 weeks and I've given it a good amount of testing to finally give it my overall impression. I was completely obsessed with this pin since I first caught wind of it and saw the pics, and purchased it without caring about the cost (crazy). I made sure to hit up the design team about it's progress and always attended each and every live stream Stern or Dead Flip put on up until it's final delivery.

Well I am for sure very impressed! The game is gorgeous. The art is probably the best I've seen on a pin since the days of Bally/Williams. Zombie Yeti is the king and will most likely become a legend due to the attention to detail and overall direction he went with on Ghostbusters. I could sit back and stare at the game for hours and never get bored (which I have, haha!). It's a true work of art.

The music and sound are mostly great, though I do feel Ernie is a little heavy handed in some of his deliveries. I love the use of the score, and mostly dig the original tunes too, though a few seem a bit out there.

The gameplay and layout is amazing. When I first saw the ramp that went down under the board I almost died in glee. Such an outstanding feature. That alongside the ecto goggles and clever use of magna slings and captive balls made this one quite possibly one of the most imaginative pins I've seen in years and I absolutely love John Trudeau for making this all come to life (I made sure to tell him that in an interview back at the 2016 Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown). To have sold in and finished a license from an entirely different (and better) era of entertainment was brilliant, and I'm so looking forward to this trend continuing (wink, wink).

The only real issue for me is as an operator this game is kinda a problem child. I've had to open it far too often. Balls gets stuck on the switch on the upper ramp many times (I've tried adjusting this so many times now with no luck), and the ball goes flying far too often. I'm just planning on finding broken plastics and assemblies soon, and that's sad. I've never seen so many issues with a new game. I own The Walking Dead LE and swear I may have opened that game a total of 20 times since 2014. Ghostbusters LE had to be opened over 20 times in just the first 3 days I owned it and one of the solenoids completely busted on day 3 due to a major short! That's not a good sign for someone hoping to put it out for people to play. I'm scared to do so as I know I'll get called out to fix it far too many times (though I probably will still try to put it on location soon). I'm hoping that some fixes come along asap as the ball jumping over ball guides for the outlanes seems completely unfair.

Overall I absolutely love the game. It's probably my favorite Stern despite the technical problems and one of the best in my collection. If you are out to only get one game (yeah, like only one is possible), this is the one to pick up! If you're an operator, and don't plan on playing it, I may say otherwise...
Rating #326 of 23 1 month ago
Reminds me of Gottlieb's central park, ok the flippers may not be as far a part but it seems like it. Also ball kept jumping over the outlane guides.

As a home pin I would like it for how difficult it is to play.
Rating #326 of 25 15 days ago
One of the classic WPC titles. Offers different strategies for points, go for Monster Fish or Multiball. Or both!

Great game.
Rating #326 of 25 1 month ago
Rating #326 of 25 1 month ago
Rating #326 of 8 1 month ago
The game is quite good, by the under playfield build quality is poor.
Rating #326 of 8 1 month ago
For a first machine it is out of this world.

Up there with Twilight Zone in quality and appeal.
Rating #326 of 8 1 month ago
The funny machine of my group. I just love the clever comments and commentary in this game.

It was so ahead of its time and well thought out given the significant change to pinball.

The animations are second to none.
Rating #326 of 8 1 month ago
My best machine by far. Basically because of the theme and music.

This one takes me back to my teenage years and after a few beers I rock out with it!

The Data East build quality lets it down a little.
Rating #326 of 8 1 month ago
The game that keeps you coming back.

This pinball is my second all time favourite, as it is challenging, yet not overly complex.

Great design with a mix of fun and challenging shots.
Rating #326 of 8 1 month ago
The side art is simple but ultra effective - they should have used the same graphic for the back glass!

An underrated game that keeps on getting better with time.

Fantastic Bally build quality.
Rating #326 of 8 1 month ago
Love the crane and the dodgy Batman voice overs in this game.

Th artworks is good - dark like the theme.

Too much plastic on the playfield - what ever happened to Stern metal ramps (like on T3)?
Rating #326 of 43 1 month ago
Ghostbusters is a great game, don't let the others fool you...It can be hard, but with some of the easy high jackpots and bonus held modes, you can easily achieve a high score. It is one of the most fun pins in my collection. With the current code 1.05, it still needs some polishing with the rewards, jackpots, and bonuses.
Some shots are worth entirely too much while others too little. Great game!
Rating #326 of 8 1 month ago
I bought the LE and love this game. It is totally different to WOZ which is nice.

The game code is coming along and after one or two more refinements should be sensational.

I have a similar comment to others in that it is not overtly obvious what needs to be completed next (particularly for novices), but this will become clearer with code adjustments.

The build quality is 10 x better than the Stern machines I own, as they are getting to look like plastic toys in comparison!
Rating #326 of 57 1 month ago
fun, fast multi ball. Love the color and the game just looks cool. Fun to play and not easy to beat. a keeper
Rating #326 of 34 1 month ago
I bought this game after playing it in Dallas. The adult mode is a nice novelty. It is not as deep as Scared Stiff (one of my all time favorites), but it gets close. Many modes, challenging rules and fast action insure this game will not grow stale. It is probably a top 20 title.
Rating #326 of 16 1 month ago
If I owned a pinball company and wanted to produce the ultimate game, this would be the one! Sales numbers aside I think only AFM rivals Addams for being the total package. Neither playfield layout, rules, artwork, sounds, nor animations make the game alone. But when you put it all together you get a masterpiece. The design team just crushed it. The buildup to multiball is probably the most exciting since Black Knight, and the building the mansion is stupid fun. Although short, Seance is the best mode ever. It's probably all been said about Addams Family. And yes, I'm a little nostalgic as I remember playing it in the arcade in the 90's. If Addams Family was built 5 years later, had WPC 95 technology and lower sales numbers we'd all be paying double the price for it. Knock three times.
Rating #326 of 16 1 month ago
I’ve had White Water for a long time and have played it more than any other game that I own. I realize it’s a top 20 game, but it’s still underrated. I’d say it is top 5 but it’s tough to compare it to other games because it is so unique. The bottom line is if you like ramps, you will LOVE this game. If ramps aren’t your thing, then don’t waste your quarters. White Water really flows, even with all of the ramps. It doesn’t appear there are a ton of shots in the game, but combos are the key. It’s like pinball chess and you need to plan two of three shots in advance. Miss one of your shots and you’re going to be sorry…as well as feel some other negative emotions as you watch your ball drain. Insanity Falls is a shot you’ll want to hit over and over, regardless of points or if you need it to complete a raft. It’s just that satisfying. Plus, being Waterfall champion is a nice goal in your pinball life. Don’t ever judge White Water by a game that isn’t 100% functional and dialed in. It tends to suffer more in the wild and likely gets overlooked at times. Also, it’s so unique that I probably wouldn’t pick it to be my only game for the Pinball Desert Island. But, it would be my second game for sure. Stop reading, go play White Water.
Rating #326 of 16 1 month ago
Monster Bash is one the of the best uses of a license I have seen as the integration of the theme is on par with the greats. It has excellent flow and the ramps (or the Creature shot for that matter) have a satisfying T2 feel to them. But unlike T2, there are plenty of other shots to attain. The Drac shots are challenging which add a level of difficulty to the game. Pop bumpers are better utilized than any other game I have played and you actually TRY to shoot them as much as possible. The center spinner shot is tight but attainable and achieving Mosh Pit Multiball is tons of fun. Speaking of fun, I can't stop shooting Frank and I find myself forgetting objectives just so I can get Frankenstein multiball. After collecting your monsters and starting Monster Bash the game goes to 11. This whole game is just loads of fun and surprisingly balanced. Easy enough for beginners but there are some difficult objectives to reach. Kids LOVE this game and this is a great way to get them into pinball. Build quality, art, sounds, toys, you name it and this game is the total package. A nice example looks like it could have been built yesterday. I wouldn't park it next to a new Stern except maybe GBLE. Yes, it's expensive, but Monster Bash is on par or nicer than the new LE's being produced today.
Rating #326 of 6 1 month ago
Great game play once you figure it out...
Rating #326 of 12 1 month ago
Ok folks, Star Wars Episode 1 wasn't a bad film at all. Yes, Jar Jar is in this game, get over it. Jar Jar is part of the theme and has nothing to do with the quality of the game which is top notch. Yes, the game might have been a little better if the designer wasn't locked in a secret room, but the truth is that this game is fun to play and unique. There is no better Star Wars pin out there. This is a movie translated to a pinball game and it works quite well, especially with a nice set of superbright LEDs to make the playfield "pop" more than the monitor. You can play hundreds of pinball tables that will offer you similar gameplay, but there is nothing else like the Pinball 2000 pair. The fact that this is not even ranked in the top 200 clearly indicates snubbing of the theme. Pick one up now before they start releasing one Star Wars film per year and people start realizing that Episode 1 will always be just that... the first episode in a fantastic saga.
There are 26877 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 13 of 1076.

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