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34 days ago
Great theme. A good game for everyone. Sinking the ship and the multiball modes are all well done. Game can be set up tough so game times don't get too long. Who doesn't like Pirates with attitude.
34 days ago
This game has a coolness factor but I believe it to get boring after a while and repititive..Not exciting to look at either..If you can get it cheap then get it..But I can't understand all the hype..Just an average playing em with some targets...In my opinion
34 days ago
An outstanding example of a gottlieb wedgehead..Super fun and challenging to hit the ace when you need it .. Bonuses make this game a blast to play and excellent art work on the back Glass..Great game to own if you can get it..
34 days ago
Fun game, but not as involved as the William's version. I loved the movies so I would welcome this machine to my collection regardless. . .
34 days ago
Flash was my first pin. Id call it a good intro pin because its affordable but still great fun to play. No, it does not have ramps, toys, or video effects but for its day it was something special. The outlanes seem a mile wide but when you have a good game its a very rewarding feeling. I also like the games where the score makes sense to me. . . trying to keep track of how many billions Ive scored is like trying to keep track of the national debt -- give me something that is more relateable (I hope to relate to hundreds of thousands someday!). The "Super Flash" is super rewarding when you can get it!
34 days ago
Flash Gordon was the first machine I acquired that needed a little "polishing" to get it going. It was simple enough that I was able to work my way thru the issues and fix several electrical problems (not something Id consider myself good at or comfortable with) and had the game up and running several days after I bought it. I found the game to be tough but fun -- I liked the design with the upper playfield. Great artwork, cool sounds for its day. Ended up selling the machine due to limited space but I still seek FG out at shows when I can because I know "Emperor Ming Awaits. . . "
34 days ago
Ive owned this machine for a few years now. The only complaint i have with it is the lane diverter is notoriously buggy and can be a frustrating road block when you are 'in the zone' on your way to a high score.
34 days ago
Ghostbusters is an advanced level of difficulty. If you are new to pinball, or just dont have a very high skill level in controlling the ball and aiming shots, you will become very frustrated with this machine.
34 days ago
Good playfield layout and great artwork..Alot of things to shoot for as well as an amazing feeling to watch the pop bumpers light up....A blast to play and look at.
34 days ago
Yes, good fun, because all pinball is fun. :) Strikes me as a poor man's Centaur.
34 days ago
Can sometimes feel like a bit of a mess, but the playfield layout is so unique that it just stays interesting. It is so massive it feels like three pinball machines in one. Very addictive.
34 days ago
This is my dream theme from my childhood! The art for this machine is incredible!! The audio is amazing!!'s just not fun! I have tried so hard to love this machine!! I still play it thinking, maybe this time I'll change my mind.
34 days ago
Fun game! the theme is perfect with the way the ramps are designed. Bigfoot as a ball diverter is a nice touch to the game. I think the animations are great, and the topper is really cool too!
34 days ago
I really love this game. The theme is something that I find so interesting. Not exactly a super deep game but I still enjoy playing it. I'm not one to get tired of a game so easily. This may be my favorite Trudeau game.
35 days ago
I love it really great artwork and funny theme !a good gameplay not so easy with the blue fear but all the familly
can enjoy with.I recommend this amazing game a really successfull ...
35 days ago
The highlight of this game is the ramps. All 3 feel great and you'll be shooting them all. The Goldeneye toy is cool, but the flat white plastic look is really cheap. The shots are easy overall so it's nice that you need to hit a death target in the center to light each lock. The Xenia DMD animations sure are something. Overall it still has a Sega feel (as someone who doesn't usually like Sega games) but it's one of my favorites.
35 days ago
Must fun game ever!!!!
35 days ago
simple but VERY challenging playfield. Takes quite some practice to pass the tasks. Perfect for competitive gaming with friends. At the same time easy and save to maintain for the pinball-owner. Beautiful, timeless artwork with elegant painting and almost romantic lightning. The perfect piece for any livingroom.
35 days ago
its a good game butt it alway's drains the ball fast...sooo i sold it :)
35 days ago
its a good pinball butt i hate the original music...i sold a year ago because i hated the music after a wile...
35 days ago
really a nice game,with a lot off toy's...and the joker is off the hook!nice theme
36 days ago
Had high hopes for Flintstones but it fell flat. Don't get me wrong fun title , kinda weak ruleset. Lack of general illumination even when led put in. For what this pin commands price wise lots of better pins to choose from. Best mode is Joe's diner recycles move your car from cftlbl. Decent wpc pin but look else where for a keeper.
36 days ago
Very fun pinball, once you start playing you would never stop because you would like to capture more and more killers, genius idea for a game that never tastes!
36 days ago
The layout of this one kills the flow of the game.
The mini playfield is cool toy.
Not my taste and the theme does nothing for me.
36 days ago
Undoubtedly the number one under every point of view!
There are 29225 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 13 of 1169.

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