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Rating #326 of 102 1 month ago
This pin has the typical cheap feel and bad artwork that we have come to tolerate from Stern. The racetrack ball-release gimmick is pretty darn cool. Otherwise, this pin is totally forgettable.
Rating #326 of 102 1 month ago
There's nothing complicated about this game. It's got simple rules, but it's fun to play. Great title to bring into your own gameroom for the kids-- something they can just play and enjoy at face value. It's never going to be a classic, but it doesn't deserve the bashing it gets around here.
Rating #326 of 102 1 month ago
I've played better... I've played worse. This one is pretty forgettable overall, Worth dropping a quarter into, but it's not going to even be on my radar as a machine I'd want to own.
Rating #326 of 102 1 month ago
I somehow managed to go 20 years without ever encountering this title in the wild until I recently found one.

It's not a great game-- there's nothing about it that really stands out in terms of play. It does however have one of the coolest ball save gimmicks that I've ever seen-- that really stood out, and I'm surprised it hasn't been used for more titles than this one. Beyond that, it's pretty forgettable.
Rating #326 of 102 1 month ago
Talk about a game where the look and the gameplay are miles apart from one another! This is one of the better looking playfields from that era, and really pushed the boundaries (remember, rope lighting would have been virtually unheard of in that era!). The playfield, backglass, and cabinet have an incredible look about them-- you just HAVE to drop a quarter in and take them for a spin.

Unfortunately, the gameplay itself doesn't keep up with expectations. It's perhaps the slowest playing game of the DMD era-- just painful. Gameplay is completely uninspired

I'm not sure where the disconnect with this title comes from, but it's very evident as one plays...
Rating #326 of 102 1 month ago
I recently had the chance to play this game for the first time, and I have mixed reactions...

The game has the cheap feel typical of Stern machines, and the art is just terrible. However, I like the flow of gameplay in this game-- it was really a pleasurable experience, and I played several games. I don't know that it has enough going for it for me to want to add one to my own collection, but it's one of the better Stern titles that I've played.
Rating #326 of 102 1 month ago
What is it about scantily clad women and men with horns that made them so pervasive in the late 70s and early 80s?

By the time this machine was released, I was a regular pinball player, and was starting to discriminate between what I felt were "good" and "bad" machines, and the teenaged me would have loved the aesthetics of this game... but the teenaged me would not have been happy that my hard earned quarter would have been gone so quickly-- this game is a total drain monster.

Broadly, I didn't care for the experience of playing this game. In looking at it before I dropped my quarter in, I didn't really expect to enjoy the experience, but I did it anyway, since I hadn't ever seen this title in person. I'm glad I dropped in a quarter to satisfy my need of saying that I played the game, but there's absolutely nothing about the game that would make me want to drop in another quarter and try it again.
Rating #326 of 102 1 month ago
End to end, my game was over in under a minute-- out of the chute, and SDTM on 2 of the 3 balls.

Just not a fun playing experience.
Rating #326 of 102 1 month ago
Feels very cheap. Artwork looks like bad photoshop. The lighting was really bright and well done, but that's about the only positive thing I can say about this machine.
Rating #326 of 10 1 month ago
Really excellent combo pin! I like it very much. Great theme, atmosphere and soundtrack with nice combo options. I donĀ“t like only the original weak coils, but there is no problem to replace them with stronger.
Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago
I've played this game extensively at a local pool hall. (50+ games)
This is the ugliest pinball machine ever made. Chloe's face is the stuff of nightmares.

This is a straight up multiball game. Get multiball (mainly suitcase) and go for the Nuke Jackpot, attempt to light some shot multipliers on the way. After every suitcase multiball you have to make more and more shots up the center ramp (a very easy shot) to open up the next lock. It feels like work. You may as well get an axe out and start chopping that wood.
Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago
One of my favorite Pins. A classic machine with tons of strategy and a high pressure multiball. If you like pinball, do yourself a favor and go play this machine.

The only thing I kinda dislike is the dummy voice is a bit annoying, but I play with headphones on most of the time.
Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago
I have played this game extensively on site at a local pool hall. (100+ plays due to replay value being low, can drop 2$ a play for 2+ hours)
The thing I like the best about this game is probably the theme. I love the TV show, and this machine has some funny call outs and DMD displays that are recoqnizable from early episodes in the series. I am, however, not a big fan of the gameplay and some of the rules. The huge elephant in the room is the miniplayfield. It is tedious, not much fun, and you end up spending a large chunk of your gameplay time on it. The second thing i dislike is the death shield. It lasts a LOOOOOOOONG time and isnt that hard to activate. Finally, if you do poorly on your first two balls the game offers you up a pity multiball on your third. While the first two dislikes I described can be adjusted for tournament play, as far as I am aware the pity Lard multiball cannot be turned off which basically breaks this game for competitive play. This game is overatted by the pinside community.
Rating #326 of 13 1 month ago
It's really not a great game. Love the music, but this game just gets boring after about 10 plays. No real depth here.
Rating #326 of 103 1 month ago

A unique, odd, mystifying rare game from Bally.
Not just "another standard 2 flipper fan layout", if you want to own something different.
The gameplay theme is fun, strong and reminiscent of 1950-60s sci fi movies.
Excellent quality sound and music.
The transporter ramp shot is challenging to keep building jackpots, and unfortunately is normally broken on most games today, until the ramp is reproduced.
The "U.N. Orion" spaceship lock area is HUGE, and similar to the lock system used in Flight 2000.
Although it dominates the playfield, it is a critical link in ball control for multiball.
Like Swords of Fury, once you play the game, you will never will forget the memory, especially if the game is left on running in attract mode.

No one really knows why this game did not sell well during the period, as sales in general were not terrible with some of the combined titles of the BLY/WMS conjunction period such as BK2K, BoP, EATPM.
Yes, some other near released had the same fate, such as Altlantis and Mousin' Around, but they were all very good games.

In 10 years, good luck trying to find one in great condition (or at all), as they are almost all played out.
Another machine that is going to spike in the market in around 2 years or so, from the date of this review.
Watch and learn.

I have owned several in my collecting history.
The first was a standard production model back in the early 2000s, excellent condition, but typical cabinet fading.
The second is a "floor model" HUO x prototype number #11 purchased at the factory, which is in my collection.
Basically brand new with an unfaded cabinet, but there are some differences between the production model and mine, including missing artwork on the upper playfield, the red light boards, different flasher locations, System 11 PCB differences, and extra holes in various parts of the playfield when they were moving posts around.
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Rating #326 of 84 10 days ago
bad copy of pinbot
Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago
This game is underrated. Want a big score on this game? The rules are simple. Aim for 4 drop targets on the right side of the game. Knock em all down. Proceed to rip the spinner for 2k a spin. Sounds easy right? It is not.

I always feel like the next game I can do a bit better, and then it crushes my dreams. Keeps me coming back for more. One of Bally's best.
Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago
A middle of the pack Stern for me with some reedeming qualities and few things i strongly dislike. I really enjoy the placement of the two ramps on this game. They are both backhandable on the machine I play on and both shots are very satisfying. I find completing modes on this game very difficult, and it can be a bit of a grind to get the doublers lit on the important shots after every drained ball. The multiballs are a little weird being that they can be different depending on if you are an autobot or decepticon.

Being that the machine I play on site is an LE, I have to say I think the gameplay suffers a bit from the Starscream and Ironhide toy gimmicks. They tend to slow the gameplay down a bit. I would honestly just prefer it to be the Pro version. Another dislike of mine is the DMD movie animations. They never seem to look that great. The last thing i really dislike is the inlane areas. They are covered up behind a ton of ramp plastic and trying to look around them to see the lane inserts is a real pain in the neck, literally.
Rating #326 of 7 1 month ago
Jungle Lord is an underrated game similar to, but lost in the shadows, of Black Knight. Jungle Lord features an upper and lower playfield with many different rules applying to many parts of the game. It is not real intuitive to figure out the rules but after learning them, the game opens up to a plethora of gameplay goals and targets for future games. I really enjoy the sounds in this game, with the exception of the repeating tiger during multiball. The buzzer and bell add a nice touch to certain features and the magnasave is definitely a fun addition.
Rating #326 of 7 1 month ago
This is a unique and fun table with several aspects that make it stand out: spinning discs to throw your ball every which way, and and awesome fan on top which sucks you in to the storm theme. The artwork is fun, lighting is nice and bright, and there are plenty of varying shots to make it interesting over and over again.
Rating #326 of 7 1 month ago
Out of the 3 them park titles (Comet, Cyclone, and Hurricane), Comet is by far my least favorite. The gameplay is frustrating and the shots and not intuitive.The theme is good and sounds are nice but the overall fun factor is just not there.
Rating #326 of 7 1 month ago
Fantastic Star Wars experience in a pinball game. Great animations, sound, artwork, and layout. The skill shots are fun and there a lot of variation in game modes. A very fun and exciting game!
Rating #326 of 10 1 month ago
The rule set on this game is pretty complex. You can play it differently every game. The light show is great, but sometimes even overwhelming. The code works well, but I wish there were more scenes and animation. Left orbit issue remains an issue but not needed for scoring.
Rating #326 of 10 1 month ago
I love the theme and the deep rule set. The layout bothers me some. It just does not flow well. Artwork on cabinet from my run has that faded look. A ColorDMD is a must mod. Seems odd there is not Marge or Lisa call outs. Love the doh frenzy.
Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago
This game is wierd, but in a good way. I'm a bit of a sucker for side ramps, and this one has the best side ramp in the buisness. You better get locked into it as well because putting up a decent score on this game requires you shoot it A LOT. The WHO combo is very fun to shoot. I tend to stay away from the Time Expander in the upper middle portion of the game, but big scores are also possible using the Multiball strategy.

I never got into the Dr Who thing, but the artwork is great and if you are a fan of the show then i am sure you will love the art, theme, sound, backglass, etc.

The rules are really freakin weird on this game, but a great machine overall.
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