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Rating #326 of 19 1 month ago
I played it several times on location, and... It didn't work on me. It's quite an interesting machine, and many people seemed to enjoy it, but to me, nothing worth emptying my pockets.
Rating #326 of 19 1 month ago
Very well-designed, good-looking machine, and pretty fun to play too. It takes the best from its theme, has some very cool gimmicks and ruleset as well. But, as the Simpsons Pinball Party, it feels a bit "clunky", and doesn't give me the best feeling while playing. It lacks of... "smoothness" to me. Also, as TSPP, a lot of "ball-rolling" noise on the playfield. Not a big deal, but quite annoying.
Rating #326 of 19 1 month ago
Fast. Great flow. Excellent theme. Center post. Built like a tank. Straight to the point, but very effective gameplay. I love this game, and it definitely belongs in my personal Top 5.
Rating #326 of 10 1 month ago
Circus is in my opinion one of Gottliebs best wide body pins and also one of it's most overlooked. The artwork is outstanding. Sounds/music is some of the best the eighties pins offered. Playfield layout is challenging and varied, kickout, drop targets, spinner with upper and lower flippers. Simply a fun game that will bring you back again and again.
Rating #326 of 110 1 month ago
Most people that like EMs think of either this title, Fireball, Four Million B.C., and few others from the 1960-70s
The "zipper flippers" and "Ballgator" grabber assembly are what make the game so special.
Not many games used this "zipper flipper" concept successfully in the 1960s and 1970s, and even less than integrated the concept well in terms of really enhancing gameplay.

New solid state collectors are not generally going to "get it" as they think games of this era are too slow or uncontrollable, hence ratings below five or less. This is too bad, as they are missing out on a piece of pinball history which went on to creating more innovative features that people take for granted today.

It can be tough to keep the ball in play with a bad roll out of the "Ballgator" one way gate down open flippers.
The game flow is solid, and the art package is exceptional colorful from the era.
Artwork will stay in your mind, especially the backglass with the "alligator bite".
I lean towards Fireball and Four Million B.C. in terms of overall better gameplay, but this game remains a "trip down memory lane" every time you play.
Rating #326 of 23 1 month ago
Love this game. It's like Monster Bash with the monsters. Easy to pick up and play. My only thing is sometimes it get really boring since you're doing the same thing over and over again (move your car). Still, I'd love to have this pin in my collection.
Rating #326 of 23 1 month ago
Great theme, great gimmicks and it's really easy to play. I'd highly recommend to beginner to advance to play this pin. My own downside is that it's hard to understand what you're supposed to do.
Rating #326 of 23 1 month ago
I really wanted to like playing this pin since Indiana Jones is one of my favorite movie characters. Unfortunately, I just don't feel it (played at Pinball Hall of Fame in Vegas and Pacific Pinball Museum in SF). I just couldn't get into any flow and just couldn't connect with the table at all. Maybe I just need to play even more.
Rating #326 of 23 1 month ago
I know what people like this game so much. It's the first for many features that were to come. My problem is that although this was the first, it's just not perfected like the later games in the generation. Play it to understand the history but go get a later pin.
Rating #326 of 23 1 month ago
I think the game is pretty fun. Great theme of being in the wild west. IMHO very difficult (maybe it was the table at Pinball Hall of Fame in Vegas). Still, I enjoyed it.
Rating #326 of 23 1 month ago
Really like the theme and the ship. It's pretty fun to play. The only bad thing in my mind is that the flow isn't as good as my highest rated pins. Nevertheless, I wouldn't mind having this in my collection.
Rating #326 of 23 1 month ago
It's a very interesting pin. The theme is travelling around the world. Didn't quite click with me but I can see how it could be interesting.
Rating #326 of 23 1 month ago
Come play it for the theme and some of the unique features of the table. Being a beginner, I would say that there is a lot going on and that there may be easier pins to pick up.
Rating #326 of 17 1 month ago
Fun game, plays great thanks to the Sonic playfields. Outlanes are nasty. Always love games about lighting different playfield features, but this one's a bit too luck based since most of the targets aren't shootable directly and you just have to rely on the pops. Not like you'd get a chance for much aiming anyway since it's so fast, but it'd be nice. Bonus collect and the spinner are also very hard to hit, a pity since when you do have a good ball they become your main focus.
Rating #326 of 17 1 month ago
The ultimate stop-and-go game, in my opinion. Looks like a boring 'hit the drops' layout like Jungle Queen or Spirit of 76 till you understand the rules, then you realize it's the exact opposite. Lots of cradling, passing, and aiming to try to pick off the right targets, then sending it into the pops to move the light around. Love having the outlane saves, but wish it was more possible to fall into them from the pops.

Like most gottlieb drop target EMs, suffers from not having the targets reset, made worse by the lack(!) of an extra ball. Once you complete them you're just stuck trying to shatz inlanes for bonus until you max it out, and then there's nothing to do but drain. It'd be great if there was some 'collect bonus and reset targets' hole but there's no room for that anyway. Need to try to mod mine to give another ball on Specials
Rating #326 of 17 1 month ago
Make sure you set the lock lighting to hard!

Great layout, great feel. The rules are a bit basic, sadly. Wish there was a jackpot or something to go for in multiball, flailing around only is fun for so long
Rating #326 of 17 1 month ago
Love this game, one of the best EMs. Center pops are always great, and Spanish Eyes may be the best of them (still need to play a Freedom). All the pops are nice and powerful (DC) and it's satisfying just listening to the reels click as the ball goes crazy. The constant weighing of your options (go for more numbers, collect the numbers you have, or go for the loop) is great, and I love the risk reward once 1-6 lights the loop for an add-a-ball. How many more 6k collects can you manage on ball 5 before cashing in?
Rating #326 of 17 1 month ago
I'm always a fan of 'build up the hole' rulesets, but Surf Champ feels a bit of a let down, since it's basically impossible to shoot the hole on purpose (especially with strong flippers and that annoying Gottlieb EM edge that the ball just rolls around). The pop bumpers are also a bit strangely placed, and don't seem to add much to the game.
Rating #326 of 17 1 month ago
Game can be a bit too slow and easy if set up stock. Too easy to control the ball, not enough danger (the 'outlane' kickers especially feel like a wasted opportunity since you can just hold the flipper up). So I replaced half the plastic guides with bouncy rubbers, raked it to 7 degrees, and removed the hold on the flippers so you can't cradle, and now it's a pretty fun game.

Two rules tweaks would really improve it though:
1. make 'stars' (from guessing the code correctly) worth way more. 250k or 500k, not 100k. It's possible to win by just knocking down tons of drop targets thoughtlessly and building up your multiplier, but the game is better if you need to have aim and quick thinking
2. start with a column or two already filled in with wrong guesses. The game really gets going once you've already got some data to guess with, but in the beginning when you're just shooting randomly it feels a bit pointless.
Rating #326 of 15 1 month ago
I really liked the look, sounds, and play of this game. It has tons to do and the toys are great. It can be setup very hard with settings and outlanes so the complaint that it was easy never was a problem for me. I ended up selling it because I have AFM and MM and the three of them were similar in layout for 2 flipper games in a small collection. One ding is the wizard mode Monsters of Rock is more like Tour the Mansion where it is a points fest and not objective based like RTU. But your mileage may vary. I had this for 5 years so it didn't wear out too quick.
Rating #326 of 12 1 month ago
Plays just like my original MM only faster with stronger flippers, better lighting, beautiful color display and a shaker motor besides that it's the same!
Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago
Very original theme. Crane is cool but takes up a lot of room. Alot of fun building parts and doing the modes. Have not played too much but could get old with too few modes to play.
Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago
An overal good game. Its fun but can get repetative since its left ramp heavy. Overal good callouts and artwork.
Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago
Very fun game. Once you hit shots in a row it gets really fun. Very good flow but can get a little repetative haveing to do alot of the same shots over and over
Rating #326 of 6 1 month ago
This is a grail game for me. Once you play, you understand why it deserves its ranking.
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