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29 days ago
Enjoyable game. Doesn't feel like a first time effort for a company. I've only been able to play one example of it.
29 days ago
This game is a tremendous disappointment, considering the quality and possibilities of its great theme. I was initially wary of the game based on videos of it online. Then I played it several times at Southern Fried Gameroom Expo. It was a let-down. The rule set is a snooze: hit targets to spell the characters' names. The ball launch is a button with a weird "power meter" feature for when to hit the button. The display screen is the size and shape of a new LCD like on Stern's Batman 66, Aerosmith, and Star Wars, but it's actually a lo-res dot matrix or something with poor graphics. The playfield feels like its artificially small, as if the designers couldn't fill it properly to take up the whole game cabinet, so they just made an extra large apron so they could get away with less on the table. Again, and maybe the overriding issue here, is the waste of a theme that has tremendous potential but is handled in this game as if the game had been built in 1982.
29 days ago
Very mixed feelings about this game. The theme is excellent, and Stern did a few good things implementing it -- primarily the bat-phone and the videos. Artwork is fun. Game-play is decent. Chasing the Penguin crane is fun. I really want to like the game more than I actually do. Sadly, it has an abundance of negatives. First, the coding and rule set are very weak. I hope Stern improves them. Second, seemingly the parts and assembly are cheap and inconsistent. Not only have I heard other people say this, I've seen it myself because there were breaks and/or malfunctions on two of these that I've played. Third, I have trouble with the fact that Stern basically recycled the playfield from The Dark Knight. That was cheap and un-creative of them, especially when this theme deserves so much more. Next, Stern claimed that Adam West and Burt Ward voicework is in the game, but I've played it many times without hearing any. Finally, given the deficiencies of the game, Stern's over-hyped marketing of it and inflated pricing for it leave a bad taste for me. If the rule set, videos, and call-outs improve with new versions of the code, I could see myself liking the game much more.
29 days ago
I'm not a fan of the band. Nevertheless, this game is addictive and very fun to play. You don't have to like Metallica to like the game, although you do have to be willing to hear their songs throughout the game. Visually, the art, colors, and lighting are fantastic. (With this game and Aerosmith, Stern has done two of the most visually exciting games in a long time.) The call-outs from the band, plus Jacky, are fun and entertaining. Lots of smooth, satisfying shots -- especially the ramps and doing combos with them. As well as shots that make you want to keep hitting them, like the grave-marker targets, the snake, and Sparky. The hammer that knocks the balls through the playfield into the coffin is an excellent feature, as is the snake. Sparky is too, at first, but the whole electrocution with eyeballs popping out can get old quicker than you'd guess. One shortcoming of the game is the rule set; the goal of merely collecting coffin shots, snake shots, etc. to get a certain number of them is a bit unimaginative. Nevertheless, the game is still loads of fun to play, to listen to, and to watch. I've been giving a lot of thought to getting one, maybe.
29 days ago
Visually, this game is a stunner. All of the artwork, lighting, videos, colors are really beautiful and make the game a standout for art. Fairly fun to play, too. But the scheme of having each song "mode" merely be a variation of shooting the same ramps, targets, orbits, etc. but in a different order with different color LED arrow-lights (similar to Batman 66) is disappointingly un-creative and ultimately boring; not a great implementation of theme, and not a great rule set. Also, the idea that Stern would do this game without any voice-work from Steven Tyler and Joe Perry is an extreme let down and materially diminishes the game's overall quality. Shifting back to positives: the toy box concept, the ball catapult, and the multiball feature where you can take your three-ball multiball or save up for 4, 5, or 6-ball multiball are great. Also great are the sound quality and most (but not all) of the songs they chose. (I wish maybe two of them were different -- won't say which ones or which omitted songs I would've preferred.) If Stern had done the right thing and gotten Tyler and Perry to do callouts like Metallica did for their machine, then I'd have some serious thinking to do about pulling the trigger to own this game. But the lack of the voices pretty much seals the deal for me to pass on ownership and just play wherever I find it in public or at expos.
29 days ago
Lots of fun to play, with funny (though repetitive) call-outs and entertaining results for successful shots. Deceptive because it looks fairly simple and the goals seem like they should be easy to achieve; yet, many of the shots and goals are rather harder to get than you think. The spinner in the backglass is a nice gimmick. One shortcoming is lastability: I think that the call-outs, shots, and rules/goals don't have enough depth, variety, and surprises to make the game sustainable in a home collection for an extended time of more than a few years. All-in-all, my personal opinion is that this game is slightly overrated. It's a fun, standout game but maybe not entirely deserving of quite as a high a ranking as it gets. (I suspect that the risque side of Elvira and her double entendres add some cache that the game wouldn't otherwise get.)
29 days ago
Very creative original concept! Plenty fast with good flow and lots of shots and toys. The game seems "mature" in its overall design owing to the vast experience of its designer.
As with the "WOZ", JJP has done it again- nice work!
30 days ago
LOTR is a masterpiece.
I don't keep this one because i like fast and brutal games like BSD and IM, and i don't like when a game last more than 30 minutes. So after a while, i have to forced myself to play it, but the first months i had it, it was a great pinball experience.
So if you like epic games with a great music and callouts, a deep ruleset but easy to understand and a perfect layout you can't find better than LOTR.
Maybe the only pin i will regret to let it go...
30 days ago
I really don't understand why this pin is rank so high.
The flow is inexistant, too much stop (Otto, garage, mini playfield...), the music is horrendous and some sounds and callouts makes me want to tear my head and pierce my eardrums (Comic book guy hurry ups, doh frenzy, I&S multiball... Aaaaaaargh!), and even if the machine is well tuned, it feels cheap and the shots are not satisfying.
I have absolutely no joy no fun playing this pin, it's just a big mess. So it moves from my gameroom really fast.
The same year Stern produced LOTR, and it's really a much better machine by far.
For me one of the most overrated pin of all time.
30 days ago
Doctor Who is a pretty decent game, that draws from his subject matter a great deal to please fans. The Time Expander is the main draw of the game, but there are many different point strategies that involve the entire playfield which is good. Audio is lacking a bit and the animations aren't very good compared to Addams Family or other games of the time. The lastability is also an issue as the ruleset isn't hugely deep with no 'modes' persay, just different shots that can be utilized. All in all, a fun game, but not a game changer.
30 days ago
The game is fun period. The main toy and the gamble to increase your multiball before you drain is well thought out and the scoring seems balanced and you need to know what you are doing to score well. Having said all this I really wonder how much more Stern can cheap out on the build quality. It feels like you will rip the legs of giving the machine a few good bumps. Hard to give a bad score for the game because it is a blast to play but new buyers be aware these are starting to feel really cheap.
30 days ago
This is probably the most perfect execution of a theme in Pinball history. The entire package perfectly reflects the zany, spooky Addams Family, with great custom voice work and music. The layout is one of Lawlor's best, good shots that can occasionally be unforgiving. There are plenty of modes, plenty of multiballs, and lots to do for the more seasoned player. Definitely one of my favourite games, and even though I bump into it quite often as so many were made, I will always give it a few plays!
30 days ago
This is my favorite pinball. My only wish is that someone could come up with a real high quality aftermarket creature hologram. Over time and with play the original never holds up. Someone please answer my prayer. Truly the quintessential pinball.
30 days ago
I don't understand this games rating . It must be from backlash against Stern. It represents the next generation of Stern pinball. The display monitor is awesome. The perfect size. It gives a new liveliness without reducing the backglass art to the point of insignificance. The throwback to 1966 is so cool. The artwork all around completes the feel we so loved in the tv series. The uniqueness that each SLE and LE have means that there are enough differences from game to game that it has to excite true batman fans. With the passing of Adam West , looking at the autographed play card brings the realization that this pinball is a true milestone in Americana. Pinball is a unique American cultural artform and this pinball is the perfect iconic piece. The game play is similar to previous Stern Batman pinballs but that is ok. They were good, this is better. When the bat phone rings it puts you in the game. I have to believe that as time passes this will be considered a high water mark in pinball.
30 days ago
As time goes on this game just holds up. All the Clint mannerisms make me smile. Even if Dirty Harry isn't part of your cultural recall, the game challenges the player without tiring the player out. It is probably one of the most balanced games ever designed.
30 days ago
Pop culture at it's best!
30 days ago
This game is just pure fun. Fast, brutal, simple and addictive.
One of the best for multiplayer games. Jackpot and Super Jackpot are very rewarding. It's a must have in a collection, a true Ritchie classic.
Make sure the flippers are strong and the up/down ramp is well tuned.
I keep mine, it's a keeper.
31 days ago
When I first played this game years ago (close to when Stern released it), my opinion of it was low. That said, I never watched the show past the first few episodes. Earlier this month (June 2017), I revisited this game at Southern Fried Gameroom Expo and quickly became addicted (at least for that weekend). Not sure how long the game would remain entertaining in a home collection, because callout variation is very repetitive and the game seems easy enough that a good player who owns it would master it and maybe get bored after a while. Nevertheless, I found the game highly entertaining for the weekend and wanted to keep playing it as much as I could. The quotes from the show are well placed in the game -- especially for the pop bumpers, safe, and fish -- and fun to hear, even if repetitive. The rules are simple enough to pick up pretty quickly; again, for an expert player, the game might not last too long. Still, I think it would be fun to own for couple of years as a trade-out game. A little underrated; probably should crack the Top 100.
31 days ago
For me, Diner has always been “the game”. My fave. Why, well, aside from the theme (the greatest theme in pinball – and dining for that matter) this game has a lot going on. Serving the customers to go for dine time, hitting the left ramp repeatedly to activate extra ball and increasing the dine time bonus, hitting the right ramp to activate the ball lock (the left ramp rises to expose the ball lock) and, and, and the CUP SHOT – watching the ball spin around at high speed and the cup bonus going up over 2.5 Mio. – well, as some have said, maybe the most satisfying shot in pinball. Now some folks say you should avoid the cup shot and keep going for multiball over and over – it’s a valid point as multiball can be very lucrative – but it is pretty hard to hit the spinner and the sink hole, then start nailing the ramps – so risk vs. reward – players choice. Diner has the pop bumpers in front of the lanes and a lot of space around them so there is a lot of ball action. The skill shot on Diner is rather easy, once you figure out how to time your plunge you can get the max almost every time – but hey, I don’t mind the points.
Diner has some nifty accessories and sounds to make you feel like you’re in there working hard – the cash register showing your progression on the left ramp, the juke box for the skill shot, the sizzling of the griddle, the irate customers if they don’t get served fast enough. And what an iconic back box ! - with the diner from the outside, the moon, the clock and the customers on springs moving around when you nudge.
31 days ago
I’m intrigued and amused by this game because it is so wasteful of playfield real estate – that big plastic in the rear left of the game – and not much is made of the space under the ramps - just appalling, right ? Fish Tales is a great game, really great rules - I like the way the different timed modes are activated in different ways – some with the captive ball, some by catching fish (“Feeding Frenzy”, “Rock the Boat” if you’re good at telling tales), “Monster Fish” using the ramps. The balls being locked in the reel is a cool idea, then being shot out on a big ramp at the beginning of multiball. Multiball is really hard though – hitting the casters club twice then the left loop (supposedly you can set the drop target in front of the casters club so it is not up at the beginning of multiball, but I have not figured out how to do this). The video mode is great – shooting surface torpedos (from your rowboat?) at all those motorized boats and skiers disturbing the fish - gratifying. The video mode yields a lot of points and if your shooting is good you get an extra ball – a game of Fish Tales without the video mode is usually a disaster (points wise I mean).
Fish Tales has great music. I’m a big bluegrass fan (I play banjo myself) and I like the way Chris Granner has created a bluegrass feeling using the synthesized sounds of the early 90s – it’s fun.
The playfield lighting really comes alive with LEDs (as do most I think), I enjoy the light show.
31 days ago
Ok, wow, this game is incredible, off the map, probably one of the best. The playfield layout, the rules, the lights, the toys, the music and callouts – are awesome. Something else I really like about CV, but something I think may disturb other players, are the features which increase the randomness of the ball movement – the captive ball of the menagerie, the pop bumpers on the lower right side above the slingshots, the ball being flung by the ringmaster magnet, even when the ball is being fed from the ramps to the flippers it can do something unexpected (not 100% sure if this is intentional or not, but I like it) – the ball is going every which way much of the time.
The ball is visible almost always (except when it goes into the subway system). This is part of the genius of this very unique layout. And at the same time not having anything blocking the DMD display which is under the playfield glass – is quite a design achievement. CV has two separate ball lock systems (highwire and juggler) – both are cool, but the high wire multiball lock… - one of the coolest ball locks ever ! And how about that big sink hole under the completely raised ringmaster? – it’s like hitting pinballs into a golf hole – so nifty and fun.
And the multiballs – so many different ones – they can be stacked, this can get really exciting (definitely easier to achieve than on BSD !).
And the wizard mode – I’ve yet to complete it, but it’s clever.
Ok, ok, I’ll admit, the sideshow award “Fire that Cannon” is pretty lame. And “Amazing Roonie” and “Copy Cat” (Homerom 2.0) – yuck – two separate video modes…, but once you accept them they’re both kind of challenging – Copy Cat gives you an extra ball if you can keep your stuff together – that’s a motivation, right ?
31 days ago
Cyclone has a truly great layout. It is an excellent fan layout without being forced to put the pop bumpers in the back right corner like many other fans, but has them front and center in front of the lanes so they keep the ball action lively. I think where Cyclone maybe falls down a bit is that the rules are simple and except for trying to get the jackpot on the Cyclone ramp or the million shot on the Comet ramp there is not really much else to shoot for on this game. That being said, going for these two shots can be very exciting. The million shot gets even more exciting if you can complete all the thru-lanes for double scoring and then make the 5 consecutive Comet ramp shots in the seconds remaining to get 2 Mio (this is fun !). Interesting on this game is that both the Comet and the Cyclone ramps return the ball to the same (right) inlane. So in order to hit the Comet ramp (from the left flipper) 3 times in close succession to get the jackpot you have to get the ball from the right flipper to the left one. Because the ramp leading to the right flipper is wavy it slows the ball down so much you can’t just hold the right flipper up so the ball rolls over to the left flipper (it rolls between the two and drains) – so while the ball is rolling down the ramp to the right flipper you have to decide which of 3 strategies to use to get the ball to the left flipper – 1.) shoot the ball to the ferris wheel 2.) trap the ball on the right flipper then do a post transfer or 3.) let the ball roll out to the end of the right flipper then tap the button just right to gently knock it over to the left flipper. I, at least, can not get any of these 3 options every time.
The ferris wheel – this is such a cool toy and very satisfying to shoot for – doesn’t yield many points – just maybe if the points have built up (from the pop bumpers) and you have double score active. Cyclone has an excellent skill shot – one of the best – all about pulling the shooter rod just the right distance back – five holes in succession, try to hit the middle one. The sinkhole at Dracula’s house (shot right in the middle of the playfield behind the drop target) is fun to shoot, but the rotating spinner on the backglass (a great innovation) gives such low point values there’s not much point – usually one of the first 3-4 hits to the house yields an extra ball so this is the only reason to go for this target – but if you miss the outlane can be the punishment.
I think Cyclone would have profited by a multiball mode. This along with the two ramp bonuses would have made this a really great game. But the great layout, the great light show and the number of satisfying shots still makes this a pretty darn good game.
31 days ago
Dr. Dude is a slow meditative game. I think it is the opposite of a game with lots of flow. So when I’m in the mood for a game like this, it’s great. Shots require precision so one finds oneself trapping the ball, lining up the next shot and taking it. I love the way the ball drops off the “Magnetic Personality” magnet and dribbles down to the left flipper for an easy trap. Main goal is to hit each of the “Elements of Coolness” 3-4 times – a standup behind a magnet (“Magnetic Personality”), a standup (“Heart of Rock ‘n Roll” – this is the hardest to hit and can cause a drain from either flipper even if you hit it properly – it’s kind of mean) and a sinkhole with VUK (“Gift of Gab”). Once done there are two more things to hit then you start multiball. So starting multiball is a lot of work, it’s only two balls so if one drains it’s over and you have to start all over again – this can be a bit frustrating. The other main goal of the game - the Reflex – hit 6 diagonal adjacent standups, then a VUK, then in short succession you have to hit two other consecutive targets – stressful but exciting and lucrative. That’s Dr. Dude – considering it’s a late System 11c game there is not much going on I think. Two shots – the right loop and “Big Shot” standup seem pointless – in terms of points obtainable. The 4 drop targets on the right offer some benefits, but seem to me to be not worth the risk. Even the main ramp with the Mix-Master (which takes up a lot of playfield real estate) seems kind of under-utilized. Dr. Dude has a great light show – even without LEDs (which I plan to install in not so distant future) – when the “Gift of Gab” toy lights up – very nice and I personally think the music is great.
31 days ago
Interesting game. Flow is average. Only one ramp.
Need more time on it.
31 days ago
Ok, the playfield feels empty but the flow is good.
Shots are smooth, the crane well integrated. Rules are decent even if I did not all understand clearly.
Better game than I thought when I played it the first time.
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