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Rating #326 of 10 1 month ago
This is a great pinball machine with a nice ruleset, and if you like Metallica, its awesome. If you like old school Metallica but you think that they have sold out and Lars is a little bitch, it's still pretty damn good, and even a few tunes from before Jason Newstead took over bass.
Rating #326 of 13 1 month ago
We had Demoman in the house for about 7 or 8 months maybe a bit less. As with most pins it got a lot of play when I first brought it home. It's a good value for the money but it does get a bit tiresome after a while, this game is all about ramps and flow so if you like ramps and combos this is a game for you. I eventually got tired of not having anything else to shoot for and found myself playing it less and less. It does have some interesting rules and scoring but in the end it comes down to the multiballs and jackpots. The LH side of the PF pretty well gets ignored with the car crash and retina scan as they are death shots and really don't seem to be worth shooting for.

If you disable the claw this machine becomes infinitely more difficult but the claw is a cool toy so it is hard to disable it.
Rating #326 of 13 1 month ago
Awesome game the play field was planned very well!
I'm not even a big fan of the movie but I am of this pinball!
Rating #326 of 31 1 month ago
very fun game, shallow rule set, but game has good flow. good in a larger collection.
Rating #326 of 31 1 month ago
similar layout to Ironman, but the rules and how the game is played are completely difference. Not as hard as iron man, but just as fun, maybe more. Lots of toys, even on the pro, rule set is good and game is crazy fast.
Rating #326 of 31 1 month ago
good deep rule set, nice layout, fun toys. overall a great family pin. Ball times can be long or very short, not a particularly easy game to get through, but it's definitely possible and a ton of fun trying. Theme integration is done well.
Rating #326 of 8 1 month ago
Now with the new, and final, code updates, this game is just a great game. The game plays fast and hard. Its deep with code. There are so many different call outs that they never get repetitive. The layout is original. I love this game and I've owned one for at least a year now. The only things bad I can say about it are the jump ramp could have been made to shoot a bit smoother and the right kick out is annoying during multiball since it will just shoot it right down the drain if you don't know that its coming, which is hard to keep track of when you're in multiball. To me, this game is destined to be a classic and will be a sought after game the more people get to play one.
Rating #326 of 27 1 month ago
A fun game, that has smooth shots, and is a blast to play. The ability to switch over to an adult mode is great, and gets used a lot when the kids go to bed. Never seen the show, but the rules are easy enough to follow. The exploding safe and dancing strippers are very unique and gets people's attention. Really enjoy this title.
Rating #326 of 6 1 month ago
The design of the playfield is outstanding on its own merit. Multiple holes, ramps, extra flipper shots, with reasonable level of difficulty make for a good variety and challenge. Add the outstanding and lovable theme of The Addams Family and you have the recipe for the most profitable/popular pins of all time.

A primo game with artwork and theme to make it the best pin if you even casually like The Addams Family.
Rating #326 of 6 1 month ago
Playfield is a little too wide open with long somewhat difficult target shots.

That being said the video or side challenges are great. Red's call-outs are great

To me it as not as fun as Funhouse but it is still a game I would like to have in a collection.
Rating #326 of 6 1 month ago
Funhouse blazed a lot of trails for things to come in pinball.

Things that make Funhouse memorable to me:
Smacking Rudy's face with the ball
The build-up to midnight when the music tempo gets faster and the light show builds your excitement.
Fast pace with rewarding shots.

It is a keeper
Rating #326 of 6 14 days ago
This game is the pinnacle of Williams Pinball. It has all the right things in all the right proportions to put it and keep it in the #1 spot.

Play it every time you get a chance!!
Rating #326 of 106 1 month ago
SUCH a great underrated pin. While I won't say anything here that hasn't been said before, I will say this: believe the hype: JM is a great game. If you can't get over the theme, that's me and I'll buy your game!
Rating #326 of 106 1 month ago
Champion Pub: this is a tough game to review. While it's not a bad game, it's not a great game either. So much to do on it, but so little that's actually fun. Who wants to play jump rope in pinball?!

Not my most favorite pin, but definitely play it every time I see it at a friend's. I could take it or leave it, but at the price it currently fetches, I'm leaving it.
Rating #326 of 6 1 month ago
Monster Bash.... When I play Monster Bash I think the designers decided to put everything a pin should have into this one.... and then put some more and a little more... and then the kitchen sink (it's up there by the Wolfman where you can't see anything).

The Soundbites, Music, Monster Gimmicks, Lighting and Theme all make for an experience that is addictive and crazy fun.

I love it. There is so much to do and it's so much fun doing it. I wish I could afford to get one.
Rating #326 of 106 1 month ago
What a great pin! Not much I can say that hasn't already been said. SO deep and possibly the most tricked out Stern pin to date. Definitely would have been a Premium had Stern been doing this model back then. My only complaint is the quality of music: so poor. I really wish Stern had the technology/resources to make a better soundtrack than they did. It's like listening to a cheap General MIDI Casio keyboard play the Simpsons theme. That said, it doesn't detract in any way from the fun of the game. Instant classic that deserves its place in Pinside's Top 100! I want one! :)
Rating #326 of 106 1 month ago
I really enjoyed this game and would definitely consider owning one! Despite all the crap it gets, I think it earns high marks.

The Good:
-a great playfield layout: it should be as it's basically a new take on T2 from the same designer
-SUPER fun with fantastic callouts from the T800 himself
-The cannon shot in the backglass: sure it's gimmicky and you learn how to nail it quickly, but it's a cool gimmick that I liked and thought was well implemented
-the music and light show is great. Animations are very well done as well.
-relatively cheap pin for the amount of fun it is!

The Bad:
-Ugh. Cut and paste Photoshop job. So glad that we are past these horrible days from Stern. Such an ugly playfield that could/should have been beautiful. I mean, just look at the T2 playfield next to the T3: night and day.
-Not very deep and the modes get old after a few plays
-Nothing incredibly original in the pf design or DMD animations. T2 did it, and arguably did it better.

Not a bad pin at all. Nothing revolutionary, but definitely a great SR to own.
Rating #326 of 106 1 month ago
Ghostbusters is just a fun pin to play. The artwork!!!! OMG, THANK YOU Stern for finally listening to your fans and critics. It is about time that pinball had a resurgence in being an artform vs a simple cut and paste Photoshop mess.

The Good:
-SUPER fun game to play with some incredible toys
-killer modes with clear objectives
-GREAT playfield toys in the Scoleri brothers and Slimer
-very well designed playfield. Perhaps this is JT's best work yet? Tight shots, multiple objectives for each flipper, great ramps that are FUN!
-The Screamer is absolutely hilarious and terrifying the 1st time. WOW.
-good callouts from the original movie
-THANK YOU Stern for spending the $$ to get the license right (callouts, faces, music, etc). I know it costs a lot of money, but it's so worth it
-Fantastic use of the DMD. The end of an era, which brings me to...

The Bad:
-It's a DMD game in 2016. I am fully aware that Stern is now onto the TV kick, but's 2016!
-That flipper gap is tough! Not necessarily bad, but certainly annoying! ;)
-Some of the modes & callouts get a little old after replaying it a few times ("who brought the dog...")

The 1st Stern pin in a long time IMO that is truly worth owning. Really enjoyed this game and would be completely open to owning one!
Rating #326 of 6 1 month ago
Big Guns is not the most technically challenging pin and some pinball wizards may be able to master it too quickly, but for pinball peasants like myself it is just a BLAST to play!

Sound: The orders being yelled at you, the music of a military cadence, and the sound effects of sci-fi blasters and explosions make you feel like you are really in the battle.

Play: The rules are pretty basic. Take out the guards kill the trolls and load the cannons to start multi-ball for a chance to save the queen. For me it is challenging to make shots during multi-ball in the upper playfield while keeping balls from draining in the lower playfield. The skill shot on ball launch is very difficult and will reward you by loading one of the cannons. This game is not about the difficulty of the shots but about the excitement and tempo it generates while playing. Gameplay is fast and fun. I don't expect it will take years to master some of the shots but I do expect to have fun with it even after I have.

Artwork: Medieval Sci-Fi. It is beautiful. The bright colors, the giant back box and the lighting that animates the firing of the weapons add to the excitement. It is even fun to watch while someone else play.

"GET BACK IN THERE" and have fun with Big Guns!
Rating #326 of 11 1 month ago
One of the best pins in my collection,family fun, deep rules set!
You can play this game every day of the week and still want more. Layout is next to perfect all shots are doable ranging from very simple to extremely hard. The DMD animation is excellent and with color DMD it's amazing.I see it is high on the top 100 list but I think it's due to go higher , there are a few games above it that are half as good in gameplay ,art and Play field layout......... Well built machine. machine very good quality stern surprise me with this one I think they've fallen off with quality in more recent years so it is a prize considering what they put out now compared to what this is . A must have for any serious pinball fanatic !! So take my advice go out and get one! and don't have a cow man over the price..
Rating #326 of 15 1 month ago
A fun, iconic machine.
Rating #326 of 15 1 month ago
The first pinball machine I ever played--it was at the Showbiz Pizza on West 38th Street in Indianapolis. I finally owned one a few years ago. Always loved the Space Shuttle on the playfield.
Rating #326 of 15 1 month ago
Any pinball is good pinball, but this one tested that notion for me. Frustrating that hitting the spinning race car mechanism would sometimes send it back down the middle for a drain.
Rating #326 of 15 1 month ago
It was designed for kids--so if you're expecting it to be the most innovative and extremely fun example of pinball you'll be disappointed. I enjoyed progressing through the levels and even as an extreme novice was able to beat the game. I wouldn't pay a huge premium for it, but I guess it's more for Nintendo fans who gladly overpay for unique Mario stuff.
Rating #326 of 15 1 month ago
Annoying song by ZZ Top gets stuck in your head. It's fun hitting the supercharger, but for the price range, there are better options.
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