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Rating #276 of 12 1 month ago
well, as said in my comment (hi-score), i have played this game for the 1st time yesterday on a tournament... as C. George was playing another match on it just before me, i simply watched him to learn his strategy, which was more than simple & easy : launch the ball to the upper left PF, play there, when ball came down to the left flipper, hold it, ball jump to the right, simple control and aim for the upper left PF again... and sometimes when this goes bad and you have ball on left flipper, aim for the right upper loop... all this again & again & again & again... until you quickly get bored ! than, for my 1st game on it, i just did that, playing 1 hour or so, rounded the clock, and letting the 3rd ball draining as evbd was waiting... oups ! sorry for those who are loving it, but for sure its not for me ;)
Rating #276 of 64 1 month ago
This game bores me to tears. Was really excited to play it an found one in another pinheads collection so tried to spend a bit of time on it but had to walk away , there's not many machines I dislike but this is definatly one of them, it looks really pretty but flat out annoys the crap out of me even the sounds grate on me, the ringmaster pops up way to much an his stupid!!! It just shows that one mans trash is another ones treasure because if I owned this game I would flip it in a second to someone who appreciates it because I really don't . Can't believe it demands such a high price for such a boring game. Definatly for people who love pretty things... The most overrated game in my opinion... But horses for courses...
Rating #276 of 10 1 month ago
This is the perfect pinball machine... for beginners. Ok, also for the average player. But not for serious players: the game is quite easy and it has extremely long ball time, something I really do not appreciate. The medieval theme has a lot of appeal, and overall it is a well accomplished machine. But there are better games out there - quite a few actually. Very over valued.
Rating #276 of 8 1 month ago
Good game play. Interesting back glass. Excellent lighting design.
Rating #276 of 53 1 month ago
Another good table with a good flow.
Rules are easy to understand.
Artwork and sound are average to my taste.
Solid overall.
Rating #276 of 53 1 month ago
This game gets a big potential.
i like the layout, many shots are tough, especially the right loop.
Shots from upper right flipper are not really visible.
This table needs to be finished to get a winner.
Rating #276 of 53 1 month ago
What a beautiful game! It is like in a decor of theater
Decent flow but lots of stop and go.
My main complains are the rules too much complex and not very intuitive and also the low scoring.
Rating #276 of 48 1 month ago
Owned the game for about two months now. I like the shots,the call outs, the lighting and the code. It does have a different "feel" but that is not bad just different. The game has a campy type theme and that is pretty cool. The code updates from Ben are excellent. Here is a guy on pinside discussing his next steps and looking for feedback. That in itself is special. I had to fix a couple of servo problems but now that everything is working I really like this game. Support from spooky is top notch.
Rating #276 of 12 1 month ago
The Best pinball ever
Rating #276 of 12 1 month ago
Very fun underated pin. Great layout, uses diverters well, excellent wizard mode. Fast playing game, I like that the magnet hand gives you a short brake to lock a ball. Looks great with LEDs. Only downfalls are cabinet and translite art are weak, not the deepest ruleset for a good pin player. I keep it around for the good flow, fun to play, unique tech theme even though the movie sucks! Low production game for 90s. At least play it if not Own it. Just my 2 cents.
Rating #276 of 95 1 month ago
A perfect example of why the rating system is horseshit, #275 is a joke, fun and fast for me a great pin.
Rating #276 of 397 21 days ago
Ghostbusters with trip you up with its wide flipper gap and then kick you in the nuts with targets that cause the ball to run SDTM. Some might find that to be boorish, I find it exhilarating.
Rating #276 of 289 24 days ago
Eight ball deluxe is a good game it has good artwork, great rules, good theme, and its a pretty fast and challenging game.
Rating #276 of 289 1 month ago
Cool game good artwork, good rules, and a good theme
Rating #276 of 289 24 days ago
Eight ball champ Is a good game with good artwork, good rules, and it has a good layout and a good theme.
Rating #276 of 289 24 days ago
One of my favorite em's its very well designed the ball below the playfield that's moves is pretty cool and It has a great set of rules
Rating #276 of 9 1 month ago
when you can make the shots its a great game. it's very very "posty" though. that being said. it's dirty harry. who doesnt love dirty harry? I bought the entire dvd set and play it in the background when we play. totally worth the 11 bucks!
Rating #276 of 15 1 month ago
Easy to get into - and easy to play. Long ball times even for the beginners. Also, a nice themes - and I actually like the graphics, as it is so nicely matching the theme. Thus one of my favorites.
Rating #276 of 53 27 days ago
a good pin and quite challenging with easy rules to understand. artwork is average+
Some outlane drains.
the difficulty is to stack the 3 MB and need a little strategy to manage to play them all together.
i'm not sure it's a keeper, a bit repetitive to my taste, not fit in a small collection even if it gets the one more game factor.
Rating #276 of 726 1 month ago
Af-Tor is a game that I had never heard of. From a company I had never heard of. It was a nice surprise to see at the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown.

The Pros:
A crazy layout with a few really interesting design features. Drop targets by the outlanes that can be reset from the 3 banks of drops on either side of the pf. Big loops around the top arch are surprisingly fast. Starting multiball from the right standup is not easy. Starting it from the center standup is a real feat. The pop garden works well and the drop to lock mech reminds me of Andromeda. The plunge into the pf takes a dog-leg left and is not consistent. Keeps you on yer' toes from the start!

The Cons:
This game feels, different, but not always in a good way. The copy I played had a faded BG and stickers on the pops. I think it looks better this way. In other words, the art pax is Constantino Mitchell approved. ACK! I keep on thinking I'm gonna shake the head of the body of this game.

The Takeaway:
An interesting game that I got to play. Find one if you can!
Rating #276 of 726 1 month ago
Captain Hook is a game that I have been looking for, for years. Finally got to play a super nice one at the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown.

The Pros:
A much better layout than one would originally think. All the shots are well laid out and the upper right hand target feeds to the upper flipper with cross PF shots to drops with standups behind them. WAY SWEET! Reminds me of Defender. The targets on the side as well as the center standups have good angles on them for solid action as well as some risk/reward for the two center standups. The spinner lane is placed perfectly for satisfying spin-tac-u-lar action! The Pirate's chest with the Skull and crossbones on the cabinet are spot on!

The Cons:
The art pax looks like something out of the 70's. The Blue/red split on the pf is interesting, but the artwork is just not that inspiring to me. Fortunately, the game plays better than it looks. It's not quite Cyclopes or Andromeda, but it is better than most of Game Plan's other designs.

The Takeaway:
I think I need some more mileage on this deck to really learn the rules, but hitting the drops and resetting them with the center standups means that this game will make you shoot all over the PF to get the game to give you that big score. Most of the games I played were consistent with the end score, so until I find out all of it's secrets... I hope to see it again and play some more Captain Hook!
Rating #276 of 103 1 month ago
"Queen of the High Seas"?
Unfortunately, not.

Another "hit 'n miss" title from John Trudeau.
Fun, but clunky.
Good for a few rounds.
The problem with the game design lies in game leveling.
You have to keep things like the cannon ABSOLUTELY level, or the game is just unplayable, with the ball hopping air balls and causing flying ramp shots.
The same goes for dialing in all the ramps.
I REALLY disliked the ramp down the middle of the playfield, as it obstructs the player's view.
The sinking ships gets repetitive quickly (ie center cannon shot), as progress seems uneventful, leading to comments of one dimensional gameplay, which is entirely correct.

When I owned the machine, I felt like always I was battling the machine in a poor way, even though it was in good shape.
If you have not owned one, you probably do not know what I am talking about here.
You won't keep the machine forever, you will sell it, but enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Dots and animations were above average for the time period.
Ruleset is average.
Shots are tight and achievable, but just do not offer the best satisfaction.
Strong flippers are required for both the whirlpool and backside ramp shot.
Artwork package all around is good, but the reds notoriously fade.

Game needs to drop below the top #100 quickly, there are many more better games from the same rough period out there.

Even today, it is roughly a $1800-2000 game.
DO NOT spend an Ebay $5k pricetag on this title, geezus!
Rating #276 of 103 1 month ago
Another game that falls into the "not a pinball machine" category, but extremely fun.
Mini "putt putt" golf simulator before the age of "Golden Tee" and a remake of Southland's EM version "Little Pro" game from 1960s.
Not a redemption, but a full game.
A game that goes GREAT with other games like SlugFest! and Hot Shots Basketball.
Playfield quality is solid, along with sounds and lights.
Shot variety is mildly challenging, but not really that hard.
Golfer looks like a direct copy of the original 1960s version.
Very, very low production, although a few of the conversion kits can still be found.
If located, BUY IT, you will not find another.
It is not going to be that expensive, as it will be under $1200 at most.
Treasure the game from a period between modern and penny arcades similar to trade show steam shovel games and Zoltar Fortune Tellers.
Rating #276 of 118 1 month ago
Very nice artwork and a decent layout make this pin to be an above average experience but not much more than that. Ramps, drop targets, captive balls, 3 pop bumpers, its all there. The flow was so-so. Overall the graphics are better than the game play. Nice machine to play at an exhibition but way to expensive to own. For that kind of money there are more fun machines out there.
Rating #276 of 118 1 month ago
Easy but fun machine to play. Shoot the pyramid! OK, might get old after a while but I enjoy playing this machine. Especially considering the price it beats out many higher priced pinballs.
Good handling with the 3rd flipper and satisfying to take it volley into the pyramid.
There are 26688 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 11 of 1068.

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