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Rating #276 of 8 1 month ago

This is an early classic game I once owned. I am a hockey fan (GO SHARKS!!) so I got this. I like the popup between the flippers which simulates a hockey power play. Nice feature there. Targets to hit and simple enough for anyone to play. Collectible because Bobby Orr was great and he played most of career with Boston however this game has him in his last year as a Chicago Blackhawk so there are 2 big fan bases there to choose from. Backglass has Bobby Orr shooting left handed but in real life he shot right handed. This error makes it unique. In coin collecting an error strike makes that coin more valuable so maybe the same with this game. In any case I kept the extra back glass and made frame for it and have it on my wall. Very affordable classic target type game.

Rating #276 of 8 1 month ago

This pin is one of those ones where the theme was pretty bad. But don't let that stop you from playing or owning it. This is a challenging game but can also be fun for the novice players out there. There are some really great aspects to the pin from controlling which way you want the ball to travel on the ramps by using the diverters to the sanctum lock. The upper playfield is also really cool and fun. This is a definite keeper for me. Don't let the bad back glass art persuade you as there is a really cool aftermarket one you can get it. IMO this is one of the best pins out there.

Rating #276 of 8 1 month ago

I was finally able to add this machine to my collection. It is a great game, fun for the whole family. There are so many cool aspects and shots to the pin and the flow is just great. This is a hard to find game and for good reason I highly recommend if you can find one do it and do it quick.

Rating #276 of 8 1 month ago

This is a great game. It keeps me on my toes and wanting to play again and again. This is one of those games that will stick around your collection for a very long time

Rating #276 of 8 1 month ago

I like this game and owned it for over a decade, but have moved on to newer more fun DMD games. The drop target sequence is fun and not that difficult meaning anyone can play and have fun. Very affordable classic older SS game with high production so lots around.

Rating #276 of 8 1 month ago

This game has great artwork and theme. Amazing walking up to it but the play is boring. Play is repetitive and not fun.

A real pretty machine when all lit up with an amazing theme, but for me it is very disappointing. Technical support from Jersey Jack an issue too. A friend of mine called to ask about a problem and was told they just make them. I think this could be a technicians nightmare and who knows how long this manufacturer will stay in business. Compare that to Stern that is big and going strong with excellent customer service and support.

Rating #276 of 8 1 month ago

I played this pin and it was fun. Good family game that kids would love. Kids like video games and this pin fits that with cool theme of fighting martians. Not that difficult of a game for me to get for my collection and I would be concerned with the monitor going out. Fun to play but not for me.

Rating #276 of 8 1 month ago

I owned an earth shaker. Fun for awhile at first and the shaker motor is cool but I soon got bored. Just not a lot to do. Disaster theme is good. Callouts too repetitive. Not a keeper for me.

Rating #276 of 8 1 month ago

Who does't love that great drive-in theme and a scary classic 3D movie? The artwork on back glass and cabinet is just stunning. Five popular songs from that era that I just love to hear all cranked up in volume. Maybe just me as I am also a rock and roll nut. Animation is great with the guy trying to put moves on his girlfriend and the move your car. Only downside I see is the just 2 ball multi ball , but then that is when you get to search for the creature and see him on the hologram below the play field. Spelling FILM to get to the multi ball is a challenge. Not too difficult and anyone can play. A very under rated game and best game John Trudeau ever designed.

Rating #276 of 8 1 month ago

This is a deep game with lots to do. Lots of ramps, skill shots, loops and holes. Another great Steve Richie wide body game. The theme based on a popular series is great. DMD animations are good and ColorDMD makes the color DMD for this popular pinball game which I put on mine and it stands out even more. This game has last ability. A keeper for me.

Rating #276 of 8 1 month ago

I love this game. Fits the theme well. Artwork good. Lots of shots, multiple modes, many multi balls. Deep game. This will have a lot of lastabilty in my collection. This machine is a tons of fun. This was so popular when it came out that Stern had to produce another run. Mine dated on cabinet the 2005 run. Absolutely the best game Stern ever made hands down.

Rating #276 of 55 1 month ago

I can't get past the level of obfuscation on this pin. There is simply more "stuff in the way" on this pin than on any other I've played. I don't think I've ever enjoyed a shot on this game. I like the theme, and I appreciate the theme integration. Every pin expo, I try and play a game, and I'm overwhelmed time and time again with how unseeable the ball is on this pin. Blocking the view of the ball is not good for pinball.


Rating #276 of 23 13 hours ago

This game is fast, challenging and fun as hell. I had high expectations before I finally played one - and the game managed to exceed them. Can't say enough good things about it.

Rating #276 of 257 1 month ago

Finally played this enough times to get a feel for it...right ramp can be a very easy and repetitive shot, could have used a diverted like x-files has if you hit it enough times in a row.

Artwork is nice, and game rules are easy to pick up.

Plays a bit different than other segas, but the sound still blows.

Rating #276 of 22 1 month ago

Now that I've owned a nice quality Popeye, I now know enough about this underrated pin to give a fair rating.

The good:

1. Completing all the 3, 4, & 5 ball multi-balls & modes and getting to Olive Oyle's 6 ball multi-ball is nearly impossible and keeps me coming back for more. Popeye is getting more play time than my TZ lately. The upper playfield Swee' Pea mode is frickin' brutal, but super fun. Ball must be shot in either left, middle, or right lanes on the upper playfield. Swee' Pea is hidden in one of the rooms and the map to find him is displayed on the DMD. Follow the arrows on the DMD and save Swee' Pea. Incredible use of video and flipper integration.

2. The skill shot wheel is brilliant and allows the freedom to control the direction of the game. I love collecting the spinach can and hitting the loop shot right after to collect both the spinach can and spot an animal. This is a cool hidden feature.

3. Spinach cans are awesome because when lit throughout the playfield, gives player double the award on that particular shot. A quick way to earn high points is to get two spinach cans lit, obtain the 3-ball Bluto multi-ball, and sink the jackpot on the left ramp for double points (normal jackpot 30 Million--with spinach can lit jackpot is 60 million AWESOME!)

4. Animal kicker is a great! I'm surprised because at first, I did't care for it. Now that I really understand the importance of the animals (not only to the story, but balancing gameplay to reaching high scores), the blue ramp is an essential toy.

5. The theme is a bit of a risk, but I'm glad Python took it & created an original deep story around saving animals and the earth and putting an end to Corperate Bluto! Python was all about creating original content and he did an awesome job here. I'm sure all pin designers were getting pressured from the "money men" to create pins around "popular" licenses. Python did a wonderful job creatively under the license options that were available.

6. Extra ball shot on the (right) upper playfield is one of the best shots I've ever discovered in pinball. Get it for an instant knock--Brilliant!

The bad:

1. Upper playfield and animal ramp block the player's view on several key shots. This is not a game breaker for me, but can be frustrating while trying to nudge a ball away from left outlane. This is the big public complaint about Popeye, but I don't find the animal ramp obscuring the outlane any worse than STNG's cannons...funny!

2. Shots and awards are not called out regularly. Now that I understand the modes and rules, callouts are not all that necessary. I can understand why Popeye can be frustrating to a player unfamiliar with the ruleset. If you listen carefully, a ding or sound effect will alert the player to the newly achieved award or shot, but there' snot enough attention brought to the awards as compared to other 1990's high-mode pins.

There you have it! Popeye is great and I am really enjoying it. I will be posting a Popeye gameplay video and tutorial as soon as I can wrap my head around a few more strategies. If you see Popeye in the wild, give it a flip!

Rating #276 of 14 1 month ago

My absolute favorite of all-time! Great compliment to my TZ.

Rating #276 of 13 1 month ago

This game is a sleeper for sure!!! It is so fun and fast I'd be willing to say it's faster than stern Star Trek and with the same amount of flow. The combos in this game make you feel like a pinball master. The big killer on this one is the theme, what a turd of a movie although after buying this pin I went back and watched the movie and really enjoyed it in a humorous slapstick bad acting kind of way lol. This game is sweet if you get a chance to get one grab it you won't be let down. :)

Rating #276 of 25 1 month ago

Nice shots and a great drop target game.

Rating #276 of 35 1 month ago

So much better than a fathom IMO

I rated higher for the artwork even it's not really my taste but i recognize that is art.

The problem is the same for me, too slow for me.

I suppose a great game for its age

Rating #276 of 35 1 month ago

This is a decent pinball machine, a mechanical feeling at DMD era.

Not my taste but if you want to try something different this one could be surprising.

Rating #276 of 204 1 month ago

I played a very nice version of this machine. It was still one of the worst machines I have ever played. A great theme completely botched. Apparently the designers were rushed and it shows. Sad, really.

Rating #276 of 35 1 month ago

Very good game

Was surprised How i felt good on it. My third PL favorites with Addams family and No Good Gofers

The only grip is that skill shot of the death. No interest.

Would like to own it

Rating #276 of 35 1 month ago

I had a chance to play one game and it has been enough to think that is a very good game

I love The adult theme ( it makes me think to manga of Cobra in some ways)

I love The artwork

I love the Great toys

I love the ramp

I love the captive ball game

Ruleset is in average

It's really a pity that so few machines were produced

Rating #276 of 12 1 month ago

Overall, very good game for home use. Requires a wide range of shots, pretty simple rule set that can be picked up quickly by visitors. Definitely passes the "Wife Acceptance Factor" as she plays it as much as I do. Plays very fast for an early SS, and can drain quick, the left drain in particular is a PITA. Definitely not "Today's Multiball" as you really have to earn it! But once you do, quite satisfying...and thus far for me, a pretty quick experience. Initially I thought this would be a temporary addition as a step up pin, but now it may be making a permanent home.

Rating #276 of 19 1 month ago

I'm glad to say that this pin is in the lineup. It is one of those machines that you can have a great game and a horrible game back to back. This keeps some people from playing it, but it brings me back for more.

There are 23006 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 11 of 921.

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