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27 days ago
This has to be one of the most underrated games, ranked in the 300’s? Give me a break.

Fast and good flowing shots, awesome music that sounds good, magnet action during multiballs and a lightning fast power ball.

Encore and super encore are difficult to achieve and Mick moving back and forth is just what he does at a live show so I get it. Always seems to be in the way of a key shot but that just adds difficulty.

Anyway, learn the game and scoring give it some time and I think more would enjoy.

LE is the one to get with this title with the additional features.

Forgot to mention it has a very nice backglass as well!
27 days ago
One of the best pins ever made. First game I ever played I made it to Destroy the Ring and I was hooked since then. Fan layout but some good variations of shots and toys. This was during the period of Stern producing long playing games with deep rules like Spider-Man, POTC, etc which is still the golden era of Stern for me.
28 days ago
This is truly the 1 game of all time. Adults and kids are always draw to it. It is the game that is played most in my collection.
28 days ago
Very fun game. I enjoy playing over and over. Ramp shot and holes shot fun aspect of game. Very deserving of the hype. A must for everyone;s collection. Truly amazing with 20,000 unites out there it seems in short supply for collectors.
28 days ago
Very fun game. I alway enjoy playing but not in large quantities. Better to play in arcade than to have in collection.
28 days ago
This is the game that attracted me to pinball. Very fun and a true piece of nostalgic art with the regans in the back glass. No other sign ball game is this much fun to play. Very nice to have game prompt you to make different shots.
28 days ago
A most original game. With ringmaster a very unique toy. Game has a lot of variation and neat automations like the juggler and back glass. A fun game to play. You do need to get past the strange look. Fun game to play but would not want in my collection
28 days ago
This is a very pretty game. Sound at first wierd but after a few plays it hooks you in. The simple ramp shots are fun and rewarding. Monster fish get you a little panic to make the shot. All in all a fun gam. Very nice open playfield with little hidden ball areas.
28 days ago
We got a chance to play this game and we loved it! The theme and gameplay are great. The revolving target and the crane are awesome toys. We are looking forward to adding this to our collection soon.
28 days ago
Not a Metalica, or Stern fan. So my rating is probably not fair. For a Stern, I like it. Lots of fun toys. I frequently compete well on in, even tho I don't know the rules. A fast machine.
28 days ago
The lastability is just not there for me. The last machine to come into my house and probably the first to go. Don't like how the ball gets lost by the pop bumpers. Too start/stop ish of game play. I don't feel that flow.
28 days ago
So many things I like here. Earned ball save is one, however the state fair on could be a little easier. I appreciate that it was the first to bring in long overdue innovations such color changing factory LED's, headphone jack, and video screen. Made Stern step up to the plate. Visually stunning. Just wish I liked the theme better.
28 days ago
Never liked the 1995. Not sure how the 2017 is rated higher. SDTM drains are too frequent from hitting the saucer. Playfeild is way too open. The theme is the only redeeming quality.
28 days ago
The oldest machine I like. Simplistically perfect. I like that even a crappy game can be cheered up (and scored up) on ball three with multiball.
28 days ago

-Fun Toys and it has more then one
-I like the layout of the game
-Fun game
-Very lit up Pf with many spot lights
-Awesome Joer, that turns into the city and changes back, very cool, very unique.
-They did a good job with the batman theme translating into the game
-Smooth shots, smooth game, smooth hits, just plays so nice
- A lot of shots to shoot for and several ways to get multi ball
-Cool ramps, and Batmobile. Very creative.


- Call outs. Not very exciting. Some snore factor.
-Music isn't the best
- single ball is a little boring, multi ball is much more exciting and the WOW factor.
28 days ago
I generally gravitate towards non-licensed original themes, but this theme sucks. The theme however is the only negative thing about the machine. Everything else on this machine is amazing. The flow, game play, lastibility, and rules are all 10 in my book. If my friend (a half mile away) didn't have one, it would be in my collection. After posting, I came back to note that I have rated this table higher than anything I have rated before. And No, I don't own one.
28 days ago
This is a fun game, mostly because the shots are fun to make, the crane is cool, and the batmobile shot is fun to make. The modes and mini games aren't very intuitive, the lighting is always dark, and the joker toy really has no point to it. I'd like to take one home and put some brighter lights into it though. It would be a pretty good one for home with some modifications.
28 days ago
This game used to be on our heavy wishlist because everything about it is amazing. The lights are the best we've ever seen and are just mesmerizing. The screen and integration of animation into the game is phenomenal. I'm not into the theme, but I can appreciate it because it's done so well. Also, the inclusion of two upper playfields with awesomely gimmicky toys is so much fun.
My criticisms are the music and the reliability. The music does NOT change seemingly at all. Wizard of Oz has so much in variety of music, so why does it constantly play "Off to See the Wizard" incessantly? The pin is also constantly broken down at our local arcade and they fix it daily. It's broken twice from playing it myself and every time it's broken it seems to be a different issue. I'd be completely afraid of investing in this machine.
28 days ago
This one is a lot of fun and because of the price will probably always be on my wishlist. I love the use of magnets in pinball and this one has them in spades. The trunk has alot of neat functions game wise and gimmick wise. The ramps are fun and the game modes are clear (something I've seen too many machines struggle with). The theme doesn't really strike me as must have and the sounds are pretty meh, but this game makes up for it in everything else. I sure wish the price was lower.
28 days ago
First, I want this game for home. The problem is that I want this game for home so that I can alter it and finally get a good game in with it. The theme is amazing, the modes are neat, the art and light colors are outstanding. The problem is that the game is just too damned HARD. I never feel like I got my $1.25 play time out of it at the arcade. The flippers are too far apart (further than any game I've played) and the ball frequently hops over the rail into the drain, and shots that say fail ramp go right down the drain. This machine is designed to quickly send players packing. There are fixes for this of course, but not at the arcade.
28 days ago
This is a fun game that I enjoy and make sure I play each time I head to the arcade. The shots are neat, the voice lines are good, and the overall feel is just an air of fun. However, the sound and music never really sound good and the colors are pretty drab for such a cartoon game. I wish I could play it in LED's to get a better feel for the colors. I would like to have one at home and fix it up.
28 days ago
My wife and I had to play this machine multiple times at the pinball arcade each time we went, so we just had to have it. It's simply great fun, funny, is great for beginners and is definitely a crowd pleaser. This game looks 5X better with LED's in it and it has great character with a properly working Kenny (the ones in the arcades never seem to get shopped correctly). The mystery modes and character games scream personality. The call outs are great and fit the theme perfectly. All original voice actors from the show, tons of special ones just for the pinball machine. It's loud, crude, and obnoxious just like the show, so if you hate the show you'll hate the pinball machine. We love it!
29 days ago
No doubt about it, this is a great design for its day, but in my opinion doesnt hold up against some other designs. Its less about the toys and more about the fun for me, this is a great theme that I really wanted to love that just never held my interest. Still, this is a cherished table for alot of people - just not my cup of tea. I find alot of Lawlors other efforts that Inwould keep over this, including RBION with a similar layout.
29 days ago
I am surprised how much I liked this game. This is really a fantastic effort with a few flaws out of the box... First, the theme integration into the gameplay and sounds are truly excellent, but wish a few more of the callouts were custom vs. movie clips. Also, didn’t care for the digitzed version of some of the movie tracks (why not just secure the actual rights?) the GB theme song is great though. Make no mistake about it, the wide flippers make this a challenging table, though I love it. I always find it funny when people complain about a game being too hard... you really want to drop 4-8k on a game you can master in a few plays?

There are a few key flaws out of the box, namely airball city, but mods in the left ramp and outlanes significantly improve this (why didnt it come that way?). All in all, after switching up a few platics and putting several hundred plays on this, it has become one of my all time favorites. It is a nice change up from Sterns usual fare, and feels like a pin that should have/could have been made in the 90s.
29 days ago
too open and straightforward for my liking, its all long shots and steep tilt like too many modern games. the laugh is a bit much, but who can hate the crypt keeper, horror genre is always going to be a top draw.
There are 31630 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 11 of 1266.

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