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Rating #276 of 210 1 month ago
Love this game. One of the few classics I want to own. The artwork is really good on a nice machine. Unfortunately a lot of it is lost from wear on most. Lighting and lightshow were really good for its time. Short ball times if you can't make your shots. Keep that ball in control.
Rating #276 of 71 1 month ago
I'm not a GnR fan, but I like this table. Lots of good shots and the software is very good. I need more time on this deck to rate more accurately, but it's incredibly fun. As many have said prior to me, probably one of the best DE pins out there.
Rating #276 of 71 1 month ago
Hard to rate at this time because the code isn't finished but....this game will be incredibly cool. I REALLY enjoyed playing this game and feel like it has incredible potential for the future of pinball. The theme is a bit odd, and feels sort of disconnected but the technology and various game modes are incredible. The animations feel top notch, the screen is well integrated, and the possibilities here are wild! I hope these don't end up costing too much, because I want one! FUN.
Rating #276 of 71 1 month ago
A very "decent" game. It's an early Trudeau and a solid System 80 title. It's very unique it's layout with the "lane save" flippers (similar to those on "Farfalla"). I think the fact that it's Q*Bert helps. Would be fun to own in a larger collection (as it's different), but not anything I'd go searching for. Very understandable as to why there were under 1,000 made. I enjoyed it.
Rating #276 of 71 1 month ago
Played this at Expo 15. One word: CUTE. It really does feel like a bunch of squirrels running all over the playfield, getting into trouble. I enjoy the rules and think that it was a very creative idea. I wish it would have been made into production. Games last a little on the long side due to the timer, but it's a fun game. Not great, but cute and fun.
Rating #276 of 8 1 month ago
nice game, thought it was a little too busy.
Rating #276 of 8 24 days ago
Very under rated game. Plays very fast, magnets and power ball are nice. Music obviously great and back glass is very nice. Chrome Clad LE model is a very nice looking machine.
Rating #276 of 21 1 month ago
One of the games that defined the 1980s generation of the Early Bally Solid State Era. This was one of the "go to" game in the arcades in the day alongside games like Black Knight, Black Hole, and Haunted House, during the 80s revival period. A great game for novices and experts alike. Straightforward ruleset, nobody gets confused. Fun horseshoe targets bank to shoot the pool balls, very addictive. Outstanding artwork by Margaret Hudson, her best work IMHO. Great competition game as well, or up to four players.

Some people say the game is does not fast enough. REALLY? If you do not feel challenged, put a set of 2X4 underneath the back legs and see how long you can keep the ball in play. I give players 10-15 seconds TOPS.

I have owned THREE EBD in my lifetime, 2X original, and 1X 1984 version, not including building one from scratch from a wired playfield, and the fact I still carry a NOS glass on my wall. Yes, it is that GOOD. I really need to find another again...parts available is SUPERB now.

"Stop talkin' and start chalkin'"!

Old Simple 2005 Review:
Classic, fun for all skill levels, "Suitable for any collector!"
Rating #276 of 21 1 month ago
Ramps, Ramps, and more Ramps. Good flow, but not White Water level quality. Great machine, but not the best license usage, but WMS squeezed pinball juice as much as they could from using it. One of the few machines to use alternative flipper control strategies (gun handles). Great use of the extra SUPERPIN playfield space with actions, ramps, and features. Probably the FUNNIEST Williams promo videos in the history of pinball. If you do not know what I am talking about, go watch it, and then you will understand. You are going to laugh your $%# off.

Old Simple 2005 Review:
The "Cyro Claw" feature, gun handle flippers, and unique captive ball targets make this an entertaining game
Rating #276 of 21 20 days ago
Classic game that is still going strong (This "short" review is worth reading, folks, I have owned THREE).
Absolutely timeless pinball machine for a number of reasons.
Here are some of them:
#1 Operators continue to make money on the game, even though it is over 20+ years old
#2 It has a collectible theme, that is recognizable
#3 Easy for new pinball players to pick up and play
#4 Family Friendly
#5 Fun game modes with varied styles
#6 Good use of technology in design for the period (thing flipper, hand, Feel the power)

What does it not have?
A deep ruleset, but "Tour the Mansion" wizard mode is good.
Getting harder to find one without magnet burns or mansion insert issues, unless a reproduction playfield was installed.
Expect to GROSSLY OVERPAY for most machines, because all owners think TAF is made of "pure gold" (including the gold versions) instead of a being an expensive, novelty toy, even if the machine is beat to hell.
There are still plenty of naive new buyers that take the bait. A LOT OF THEM.
If you are paying $11-12k for a TAF, you just got robbed blindly, unless it HUO that was bought NIB, and there are not THAT many of them out there. In fact, it is more likely you will find a gold version that is HUO, but some of the gold parts were inferior in quality to the standard version. WMS started off the whole "Limited Edition" thing over 20 years ago Stern, and their quality control, parts consistency, and engineering did not suck, sorry Stern, you lose BADLY, I will never buy another late model SS Stern game again for the rest of my life.

"Feel the POWER"! (of overpaying for the this machine)
Other than that, rounds out a "keeper" collection quite well.
I give it a high rating for what is to COLLECTORS and PLAYERS, not the price tag.
If this review was based on "bang for the buck" it would drop to #60.

I will probably buy a TAF Gold (versus regular TAF) at some point down the road, but I am not really in a rush.
I will find the one I am looking for eventually.
This machine gets flipped out all the time, when people go broke.

Old Simple 2005 Review:
Humor keeps this game alive, as well as the price tag for collectors, can you say CHA-CHING?!!!
Rating #276 of 21 1 month ago
Two words: "Mode stacking". This is game were knowing how to play it makes it worth your while. The gimmicks are nifty like "Mist Multiball" are impressive, but the blood red DMD and animations and sound clips are seal the deal for quality. Not the best first pinball choice for a collector due to difficulty, and not being family friendly. Very dark theme, like it SHOULD BE. Quality is WAY better than most modern Stern SS games.

Old Simple 2005 Review:
"Mist" Multiball, Stackable multiball feature, Blood Red Dripping DMD, Top Notch sound selection
Rating #276 of 21 1 month ago
A sleeper hit, and a "thinking man's" pinball machine. You need to understand the ruleset THOROUGHLY to get the most out of the machine in terms of scoring and features, particular creating items out of junk. Its more complicated than most realize, and that nearly killed it at the factory from the start. Operators did not like it, because it did poorly in "bar scenes" (really? No kidding, dumb #$@#!) Yes, you can just bat the ball around, but if you want to get out of the Junkyard, you will need to learn how to play pinball, WELL. Low production makes it hard to find in really nice shape now. Maintenance is not bad at all, but protect those PLASTICS! I sold my last one in 2007, and this time I am not letting this one go.

Old Simple 2005 Review:
Understand how to combine junk or get out of the yard.
Rating #276 of 21 1 month ago
Another great game hampered by bad licensing, and a terrible backglass. Replace the backglass with an alternative one, and you immediately will be overjoyed. "A title that grows on you, as a pinball player".
A temperamental mechanical operational beast title that can have a lot go wrong, and whole lot of things to break as the balls are flying all over plastics, toys, ramps, mini playfield, and melting on magnets. Good versions are hard to find. Protect those PLASTICS! (notorious areas to break all over the place, especially below the mini playfield). If you have one, MYLAR the lock area, PERIOD, and put a breaker on the magnet, just like TAF.
You will thank me later, if your game starts smoking cigars inside the cabinet. The player controlled diverters are the shining star of this game.

Interesting history about this game in terms of collecting. The game basically sat "dormant" on collectability until collectors got more experienced all the way up until 2010. Now, it seems everybody wants one like Dr. Who or Congo. A lot of initial collectors dumped their machines on others due to playfield and part issues.

Old Simple 2005 Review:
Stunning game, Great Ruleset, selectable ramps, Amazing Ball "Lock", Challenging "Battlefield" Subgame
Rating #276 of 21 23 days ago
"A game before its time". This machine did not do well in production because the movie was TERRIBLE. The pinball machine is FANTASTIC. Basically, its the Matrix about 10+ years earlier starring the same actor with WORSE special effects and NO bullet time. Game play is FAST, so fast that the ball can start moving at over 120 mph around the orbits and ramps, and you have very little reaction time. The glove gimmick and tic-tac-toe is good for variety. Its a players game, no doubt. Comparable to "The Shadow", in terms of quality.

HINT: Crazy Bob's tells you what rewards on what number on the phone dialer. Its random, and it changes.
This game actually did have some overstock when production ceased.

Old Simple 2005 Review:
Excellent "bang for the buck" pinball machine, controllable magnetic data glove with the "tic-tac-toe" matrix
Rating #276 of 21 1 month ago
Some people just do not "get" this machine. Essentially, it was the sequel to Funhouse on steroids. Its actually less complicated in terms of mechanics than STTNG (on the underside), but overall complexity is on par with TZ.
A well-oiled RS is a slight to behold when the heads start fighting. It has a deeper ruleset and easter eggs than most WMS machines, but the concept of what you are supposed to do is straightforward. The music can be annoying to some players, but I personally like the country rock and Carlene Carter. If you like Funhouse, you will like RoadShow.

Old Simple 2005 Review:
Everything but the kitchen sink game (shaker motor, multiple ramps, two talking heads) UNDERRATED
Rating #276 of 21 1 month ago
The license tie in of this particular machine is spot on for the movies, particularly the modes from each of the films.
The game has great shot flow, and has a very challenging wizard mode to achieve. It beats the Stern version of Indiana Jones with its pants around its ankles, blindfolded, and upside down. If you have a Stern machine which is a complete wet soggy noodle, just get rid of it, go find a nice one, spend the money, own this title, and you will thank me. Mechanically, it is not that big of problem to maintain, as the motor assemblies, plastics, ramps, and other parts have been reproduced. I have owned my machine since 1998, if this gives you an idea of its overall quality of the title. It is not leaving my collection.

Old Simple 2005 Review:
What can I say, Indy all the way! Perfect translation in sound, meritorious translation from all three films
Rating #276 of 21 23 days ago
The difficulty of this game is not hard unless you have an amputated right hand, the ruleset not complex, but that is not what makes it so special. Its the music, sound, and light show. It has a ridiculous amount of relay boards used to control the flasher effects and solenoids, more than most machines of the same era. The only machines that really rival it in terms of sound quality design are The Machine (BoP) and Swords of Fury.

EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to find one in collector quality condition due to most of the machines had factory installed FULL mylar on the playfield that causes bubbling and cannot be removed without damaging the playfield. NOS playfields are practically non-existent. The double knight loopback tunnel is wicked fast. Drop targets reset is the same trick used in the original Black Knight.

"You got the POWER"!
"The Black Knight RIDES Again"!

This is MY NAMESAKE, for a reason.
Can you spell R-A-N-S-O-M?

Old Simple 2005 Review:
True pinball COLLECTOR'S (not players) game, Phenomenal techno-orchestrated music (IMHO).
Rating #276 of 21 23 days ago
A tough, punishing game that is not for novices. New players have a tendency to dislike this game, and kids definitely do not like it as first time experiences. Notorious drain monster in the outlanes and center. Phenomenal music score and light show, especially during game over, but terrible backglass image if you do not like Sir Patrick Stewart. Technically and mechanically this is a REAL BEAST. Not recommended for new pinball collectors. There are so many assemblies and optos used, phantom switches and playfield shorts are common problems. Phasers generally need new cable assemblies because the wires get twisted and break. Shopping this title is a complete nightmare, and operators HATED this machine, which I can attest as a pinball technican in my early days. I cannot imagine doing a NOS playfield swap on this game, as I would rather have 10 root canals (in a row). If someone asked me to do it, I would charge them over $2000+.

If you dislike this game because you play poorly, "learn to control the ball", that does not make it a "poor game design" new collectors. Otherwise, the game will just hate you back with a vengeance.

Good luck trying to find one that ACTUALLY works on a route (versus a collector's home), because at this point they are RARE to find in the wild as a Chinese Panda.

Old Simple 2005 Review:
Deep ruleset, long shots/ramps, great voices (All eleven members of the cast), Fast Multi-Ball.
Rating #276 of 21 1 month ago
The ULTIMATE pinball machine partner to White Water and a game that is equal that game in quality.

Old Simple 2005 Review:
Excellent game shot flow, toe-tapping music theme, animated fish marquee, perfect companion to WhiteWater!
Rating #276 of 21 1 month ago
Underrated classic. Most collectors do not catch on of what this game has to offer until the have been in the hobby for a while, and then realize they want one for their collection. Several abused shots reduce the challenge, hence go for multiball. Not all the best games have to be the late model WMS/BLY SS machines. Much better than games like TOTAN, NGG, NF, and many others with more flash in the pan than straightforward game play, because its stacking scoring is solid. Certainly better than games like Stern's "Family Guy". Geez, collectors wake up!


If you want a "wobble head" prototype kit, get the REAL one from Basement Arcade, not the cheap knock off. They are still available if you want to buy one.

Old Simple 2005 Review:
"EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! The doctor must be destroyed!" A game with an original three level mini playfield and fun loopable orbit.
Rating #276 of 21 1 month ago
The machine that demonstrates the finest ramp design in pinball history. Also sports one of the longest ramps in pinball history as well. The game truly has "flow", just like its market slogan. One of Dennis Nordman's greatest design achievements. The music heats up the further you get down the river with each level of raft. I have owned three of this title is 25 years of collecting, and I am done selling it now. Learn how to backhand flipper the ball into No Way Out for maximum scoring, and max out your scoring multiplier with Insanity Falls practice BEFORE multiball, if you want to here the Wet Willy dog "howl" and "TRRRRIPPPLE JACKPOT!". ARWHOOOO!

If you think the game is too hard or you do not under the ruleset, learn to play pinball.
This game is not that complicated, if you know how to bounce pass, backhand, and the machine itself is in good repair. I have a tendency to crank my incline angle on this machine around 11 degrees.

"W-E-L-C-O-M-E to Wet Willie's"!

Old Simple 2005 Review:
RAMPS, RAMPS, and More RAMPS! Strategic "thinking" pinball at its best! Welcome to "WET WILLEY'S"!
Rating #276 of 21 25 minutes ago
A game that stands the test of pinball time.
Many "old time collectors" who have owned their machines for over a decade (or more), can vouch for that.
Most knew this when the game was finally released, even when operators were still skeptical.
Make your own decision if you can find a proper working one on location.
This game has a tendency to get "flipped" when new collectors go broke, bored, or want a new motorcycle (which happens frequently).
INSANELY OVERPRICED now, and I thought I overpaid for mine in 2005.
Literally the cost has TRIPLED in 10 years alone.
Its a novelty toy, folks, not made of platinum.

The remakes are NOT "better" than the original.
WTF? What kind of technical assessment is that?
In fact, it should have its own title entry instead of the original like TAF or EBD.
Its not a Bally/Williams game!
The parts used are more susceptible to breakage than the original.
The light boards are completely different.
The technology used is not remotely the same on the remake.
The game play is nearly identical, if that is what is most important to you.

The debate rages on by less than knowledgeable collectors, and completely new people in the hobby that have no full understanding of the games and their development.

Think about this one:
If Chevy made a new Corvette 1967 Stingray (without the Chevy logo HINT HINT) and used new types of parts, an electronic ignition, and improved computer controlled fuel injected engine would it be an ORIGINAL Corvette Stingray?
Would you pay the same amount of money for it?
Education in this hobby seems to have take a down turn.
The good news is the remake allowed collectors to own a "copy" of the original, which is wonderful for the hobby.
Fanboys need not apply here.

I am not a Bally/Williams purist.
All machines have equal value in terms of their place in pinball history.
Do your homework.

Is it the "greatest pinball machine ever made"?
Absolutely not.
But, it has the replay-ability that many pinball machines do not fully have in terms of game play.

Old Simple 2005 Review:
One of the RARE pinball machines that gets it ALL RIGHT, EXTREMELY overpriced however....
Rating #276 of 45 1 month ago
TFTC looks good in a ghoulish way, and is fun to play. the animations on the DMD are first class. but the sound gets kind of annoying.

i will come back and edit this rating once i've spent some time on this game - i just got two of them and am frankensteining them into one good machine and one has has the second-best of everything (cab, playfield, plastics, boards, backglass etc). so when i can get the B game up and running and get shot of it, then i can get the A game cleaned up and tweaked so it works nicely. people seem to rate this as one of the best DE titles along with GNR and JP so i want to give it a good chance before i give up on it just because the sound pisses me off.
Rating #276 of 45 1 month ago
kids love Space Jam, as it has Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam on it, and you get the try to shoot basketball hoops. not as good as scoring goals on WCS, but quite satisfying.

i've played on a lovely example of one and really enjoyed it. unfortunately the one i picked up is a bit of a beaten up wreck, which kind of takes away from the enjoyment. also i hate the shape of the backbox - that stupid rounded shape like on SST or (shudder) XFiles, which just means the damn thing won't fold together properly.

SJ is not as bad as people make it out to be, but it's no A lister. more of a Z-lister, but a DMD one. oh, and it has a huge Michael Jordan head on the backglass, and i don't even like basketball.
Rating #276 of 45 1 month ago
GNR is Data East's most popular and valuable title by some distance. they're a cool rock band with an awesome guitarist who looks like a rock star should (serious hair, serious hat) and who also loves his pinball and contributed to the design of this game. never mind Axl Rose (not his real name but an anagram of oral sex) who is a bit of a douchebag but whose voice was just perfect for the Appetite For Destruction album that this game is based around.

it's a music theme, so of course the sounds are important, and this is a game that deserves to be played loud and would probably benefit from a speaker upgrade to realise its potential. the game also looks fantastic, with two plungers (a gun and a rose, natch) and lots of modes set on the neck of a guitar. there's drop targets, add a ball, a nice inner loop shot that doubles mode value, a video mode where you try to mow down jaywalkers on your motorbike, some steep but satisfying ramp shots, and several multiballs. oh, and the playfield is littered with girls in bikinis, as this is rock n roll.

take me down to the Paradise City, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty..... oh won't you please take me home? yes. yes i will.
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