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Rating #276 of 12 29 days ago

Fast, fun and the best pin I own! I will keep it forever!

Rating #276 of 16 29 days ago

I really wanna love this game as the idea of a wrecking ball in a pinball machine is killer, and the flow of this one is super fun, but man, the music and speech are terrible! If I could personally go in and put my own sounds in I would own this game as I love all the throwbacks to old machines, and the idea of collecting junk to build things is perfecto. Oh well, I'll still play it, and still give it a pretty good score.

Rating #276 of 16 29 days ago

An outstanding piece of work, that initially scared me off due to the somewhat annoying speech... but that's only about 5% of an overall review issue for me. The gameplay itself flows like a dream, and has some really fun toys and gimmicks. I love circus, haunted and weird themes so the game drew me in and never really let go. I don't own the game, but would gladly take one if you want to give me one as a present. ;)

Rating #276 of 61 1 month ago

It's frightening in the dark.


- Awesome Multiball mode! One of the best in pinball, involving a ton of strategy and some huge points.

- Great modes & wizard mode.

- Smart missile makes you think about what you want to earn with it. (hint: use it to complete the first CHAOS wave!)

- Really good music.


- 6 balls missing? Where did they go - oh wait a minute, I forgot about Data East's terrible flippers.

- T-Rex is often broken on location and won't eat the ball.

- Tough to loop the side orbit because of the weak side flipper.

- Game feels a bit clunky at times.

Rating #276 of 712 1 month ago

Butterfly is a much better game than I thought it would be.

The Pros:

Those wacky Spaniards have done it again with a table that does not look like it has game... but oh boy... does it ever! The clearcoated PF means that this deck is FAST! The artwork is bright, detailed and definitely not "American". There are not many shots on this deck, but they are good ones. The left lane and saucer in particular are challenging targets that require solid aim.

The Cons:

Once you tap this game out, it can get boring quickly, but then again... everything about this game moves quickly. A fresh set of rubber bumpers is an absolute must. If this game goes flat... it's a painful sight to see.

The Takeaway:

A much better game than the first glance would suggest. This game moves quickly. The geometry is good and the outlanes are hungry! Your game will most likely not be a long one, but it will be a fun one! Do not sleep on this deck, it's a player.

Rating #276 of 61 1 month ago



- Really good sound... hey, at least it's better than BSMT2000.

- Nice, strong flippers.


- Rules amount to "shoot ramps a couple times, shoot ramps for millions, repeat".

- Skill shot is more important than anything else... take high score? Really?

- Fun fact, Michael J. Fox was so embarrassed by this machine that he wouldn't allow his face to appear on the backglass!

- New spinners are guaranteed to spin at least twice! Now attached with honey instead of superglue!

Rating #276 of 61 1 month ago

It's the doomed red-shirt himself.


- NO... NO!... NOOOOOOO!

- Negative reception towards the game led to different games being awarded to A Division victors in future Pinball Expos.

- Good for spare parts.


- Most insulting first place prize in pinball history.

- Terrible sounds... all I can hear is "YAH!"

- Shoot the ball up to the upper playfield to make the game never end!

- No flow at all.

- Rules are terrible for experienced pinball players.

Rating #276 of 61 1 month ago

A good, albeit slightly disappointing machine.


- Sound is extremely good, but thats a given.

- Jailhouse shot is extremely satisfying to make, especially nailing Jackpots and Super Jackpots during Multiball. :)

- Dancing Elvis figure is innovative.

- A loop that's easy to shoot again and again thanks to a magnet that catches the ball.


- Rules are way too simple for experienced pinball players.

- Gifts are boring. King of Rock 'n Roll scores more than anything else.

- Upper playfield does nothing besides advance towards Heartbreak Hotel, which even then doesn't score that much.

- Double scoring activates way too much.

- Bumpers slow down the game by a lot.

Rating #276 of 16 1 month ago

The layout is a bit weird, and the machine could use an auto plunger...because this thing is a DRAIN MONSTER.

Great game overall.

Rating #276 of 10 1 month ago

The game has fun skill shots and a cool theme. My kids love Peter Pan so they were into it too and it was easy for them to understand rule set. Would love to add this game to my collection some day.

Rating #276 of 61 1 month ago

Iraq can only dream of a bomb like this machine.


- Admittedly interesting layout with a moving basket and a vari-target. Be sure to get the 5 hidden features for 1 billion!

- Gottlieb did a terrible job in quality control on this machine, so you won't see it on location much.


- SHOOT THE SPINNER! SHOOT THE SPINNER! SHOOT THE SPINNER! Sound on this machine could be the worst of all time, barely beating out "EVERYBODY UNDERGROUND NOW!".

- Basket bounces are random and score more points than anything else.

- Terrible artwork... Shaq on the backglass looks more like a giant Tootsie Roll than a basketball player

- A true turd chopper, if there ever was one.

- Shoot the announcer!

Rating #276 of 61 1 month ago


- Surprisingly deep ruleset in both pinball and board game modes.

- DMD animations match perfectly with the shots.

- Magic Token is an innovative idea that sadly never caught on. :(

- Drop targets! :D


- Missed shots can make the game end really quickly.

- Hard to find tokens won in dark bars.

- Candy 2000 can get really annoying sometimes.

- Cellar shots when the target is all the way back can sometimes brick right back out.

- Flippers are useless unless they're at full power.

Rating #276 of 27 1 month ago

Another game I was surprised with the fun factor, but there are a couple of clunky elements to the game. Regardless I would like to own one someday.

Rating #276 of 27 1 month ago

Almost didn't play this one when I passed by it, but I always hear such great things. Had a ton of fun playing it, not sure that the cost justifies ownership but I really like the game itself.

Rating #276 of 27 1 month ago

When I first walked up to this game I thought, dang that is a lot of toys for the time period. It could have been the game that I played, but it felt a little clunky and was hard to get into a rhythm. If I were to buy one, it would likely be because of the theme, less because of the game itself.

Rating #276 of 27 1 month ago

One of the best examples of theme integration I've had the pleasure of playing. I easily immersed myself into the theme and really enjoyed it.

Rating #276 of 27 1 month ago

Not a huge fan of this game. If I found it on location as the only pinball, I would probably pass.

Rating #276 of 27 1 month ago

Could use a deeper ruleset, but I still love the game. I have played it for hours on end, always trying to max out the stiff-o-meter! I hope to have one of these some day.

Rating #276 of 27 1 month ago

My hopes may have been too high going into this one because I love AFM. While the Pinball 2000 display is cool, it is absolutely a gimmick. I hate the way the upper playfield is essentially invisible because of the video, and sacrifices playability in order to provide excellent animations and video. Very similar to AFM's layout and toys, but pinball 2000 ruined it for me.

Rating #276 of 27 1 month ago

There isn't a lot to this game, and I can definitely see a few parallels between this game and metallica. The captive ball, the "fuel like" lane on the left hand side. The layout is very similar as well, especially on the right hand side. Maybe it's because I didn't expect much going in, but I was surprised how fun the game was. I don't think I would ever own one, but I would happily drop a few bucks in one.

Rating #276 of 27 1 month ago

I love this game, and have had the opportunity to play two different machines. While it can get a bit repetitive, I still enjoy it. I think the ruleset could be a little bit deeper, but it is still challenging to complete all the modes.

Rating #276 of 27 1 month ago

I do like this game, but without getting a decent amount of time in or watching a tutorial it's hard to know how to rack up points. If you are new to the game, longs balls can sometimes end up in surprisingly low scores. It is easy however to get immersed in the theming and music/sound integration. Making the ring shot at the right time is always cool, but that balrog toy is a drain maker.

Rating #276 of 27 1 month ago

I own a metallica pro, and while I think the cross rising out of the playfield and the hammer are cool additions to the game after having played one in person I don't think I could ever justify the cost of the premium/LE for them. I actually think the gameplay is slowed a bit too much in the non-pro versions because of the toys, but it is a cool machine none the less.

Rating #276 of 27 1 month ago

Was able to play a good condition MM original, and I do think the game plays well, and in some aspects rates high but in terms of lastability and fun factor I just don't get it. How many times can you bash the castle before you get bored?

Rating #276 of 27 1 month ago

I was pleasantly surprised by this one, I actually caught myself giggling while playing the stewie pinball.

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