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22 days ago
The gameplay is phenomenal. There are very few pins out there that will provide such a challenge and have such lastability. However, to really shine, it needs a voice mod package, as the stock music and sounds are kind of cumbersome. Otherwise, my favorite pin as of yet.
22 days ago
Played it at Pinfest 2015 with beta code with all insert lights flashing all the time. At Pinfest 2016 had updated code that made the game playable with multiball and more callouts. Flippers were strong enough to make all the shots in the game but were noticeably weak to keep from breaking plastics while on display.

First and second impressions: Incredible layout with a lot of flow that was well thought out. Upper mini playfield is fun to play right off the bat. Lower Brunswick bowling alley looked amazing however I didn't get to play that. Beautiful game top to bottom with many cool toys - Rug/Car/White Russian. Cabinet/playfield art looked professional and not home brew. It looked like a legitimate, full featured pin that just needed more code down the road.

It truly sucks with the current situation the company is in. Don't quote me but from what I understand, the board manufacturer found a loophole to charge more for boards and is holding the company and pins as pseudo hostages?

Would it be worth trying to purchase one in? If you can afford a $12K plus toy then go for it. Fun game that will probably be another super rare game to own.
23 days ago
This is an epic game kudos to PL and JJP
23 days ago
Some disclaimers on my rating for this game: (1) I'm a big fan of the show; (2) I owned this game for a few years in the early-to-mid 1990s, when it was fresh (and when the show was peaking); (3) I tried not to be to unfair to the game by comparing it to current technology and gameplay. I think this game has some fun gimmicks (like the ramp that goes around behind the back of the playfield) and very entertaining callouts. Although gameplay is simple, it is fun and can sustain a lot of entertainment. For its time, this machine was very well done.
23 days ago
Ok, first, I am a sucker for horror themes. I grew up reading horror comic books. I have a TWD PRO, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Ghost Busters, and a Grand Lizard. When a TFTC became available locally I made an offer and got the game for a reasonable price. For an almost 25 year old game, and a re-import from Spain, it was in good shape all considering—but it had a lot of “small” electrical issues I needed to sort one by one. Mainly switches and repairing some meatball surgery hack jobs that had been performed on the boards in the preceding years.

Anyway, I LOVE THIS GAME. Maybe because I have restored it 100% playability and made it look great again, but the play is fun. I don’t find the Crytpkeeper’s puns to be annoying in the least, but I can see how it can get on someone’s nerves. The rules can be deep, at least as deep as any early 1990’s game. The PF is just wonderful. When you LED out the PF it looks even better.
The backbox is a love it or hate it back glass. It alludes to different episodes of the series. Even with low intensity LED’s I found the back box too bright and took out several of the lights just to tone it down.

The ramps are great, and the one on the right loops if you can make it (tight shot!). The bash toy is the tombstone which is near impossible to hit with the lower flippers. But there is a spinner target that also leads to a VUK when multi-ball is lit, giving you either the Tombstone VUK or the spinner VUK to activate the multi-ball. You can get a good ruleset at Pinball.Org. It told me all I needed to know about the gameplay and how to rack up the points.

Overall I think it’s probably one of the top Data East games. It has that “just one more game” factor for me. My game did have a number of problems but nothing that could not be solved by asking around on Pinside. Every part I needed to replace could be found on line from Ebay to Marco to one of the many other vendors out there supplying pinball parts.

So game play is fine, and if you like horror themes, then this will look great in your collection, and even better next to a Walking Dead!
23 days ago
Great game. Lots of depth and an awesome ruleset. Looks beautiful.
23 days ago
Don't like it at all.
24 days ago
Like this game...mostly for the nice theme and ofcourse....Rudy!
24 days ago
It's ok
24 days ago
Good game! But not worth it's current price tag.
24 days ago
Just picked up my pro and it's really impressive. You can't really appreciate how fast this game is until you play it. It is really immersive and the code will only get better. If you're a Star Wars fan it's a must own. It is similar in game play to ac/dc, but the two lcd's really set this game apart. The call out's and music really bring me right back to 1977. We watched the movie over 30 times that summer!
24 days ago
Underrated game! Not a gambler but I really like this game. "Super Duper Jackpot!!!"
24 days ago
Great theme decent game.
24 days ago
I enjoy this game, one of the more fast paced pins I can remember. Very tough to get into the story though as it is hard to get things going sometimes. Feel like I either score a great game or next to nothing, with not much in between. I do like the LCD screen, although significantly smaller than jersey jacks. But, you can't hardly watch the screen during gameplay because of the speed of the game. The smaller screen in the play field seems irrelevant, hopefully an updated code uses it more in the future. Can't help but to think a toy should be in that spot as it also blocks the view of the bumpers behind it. The Death Star looks nice, but doesn't really do anything which is disappointing.

Unfortunate that stern releases their games before having a fully complete working code. I know they got to make their money, but the original code on this is awful! I've updated the code 3 times already. Can't imagine how many updates there is going to be for the first year of the release. Once they figure it out, this game will be a lot of fun. I am very interested to see how the premium turns out and the hyperspace loop.
24 days ago
Top notch game!
24 days ago
Aerosmith, love it and hate it. the toy box is cool gimmick. frustrating when ball doesnt go into the box. Shots can be very difficult sometimes. pop bumpers love sending ball stdm for the drain. Artwork is awesome. multiball system is great. take the 3 or go for another.
24 days ago
This is a fun game with a unique layout. Overall, the cab artwork and playfield artwork are great. The translite artwork is decent, but it's the weakest part of the art package. If you're a fan of the theme and/or Disney, it's hard to be disappointed by the way this machine looks. The callouts are fun and the music fits the theme perfectly. My wife is a huge Johnny Depp fan and she has no idea that call outs are from an impersonator.

If you're a fan of flow heavy and fast playing games, this probably won't ever be your favorite pin. However, the layout is unique and there are lots of really fun shots to hit. This pin is all about catching the ball and aiming for the shots to set up huge jackpots. It's pretty intense and rewarding when you max out your jackpots and playfield multipliers and then start one of the 3 multi-ball modes. The code feels polished and there's a decent amount of depth to it. Achieving the wizard mode is a bit of feat and does require some grinding. The ship toy is executed perfectly and it's easily one of my favorite pinball toys ever. Watching the ship sink into the playfield always impresses guests.

All in all, this is a really fun game that feels very polished and has a unique feel. Fans of the theme or fans of slower/methodical playing games will not be disappointed.
24 days ago
GB Prem/LE is a fun pin once its dialed in. (air ball guards and right ramp fix). I think over time it will get better with more polished code. However, I do like the pro better for some reason. It seems to flow better. (Like GOT pro)
24 days ago
Its ok. Kind of fun to play, but gets old for a home setup. Its to stop and go for me.

24 days ago
Incredible game! Lyman is a genius with his code. The LE/Prem is a top 3 pin for sure. And killing zombies never gets old. Get the sound/ music update (Cleland) for the ultimate sound package. Or make your own via pinball browser!

If you love the show and the comics get this pin! Its a blast to play and mod it!
24 days ago
Fast and a lot fun. Non pinheads love this game and experts have to fight for highscores.
24 days ago
Worst. Pin. Ever.

Rating is totally justified.
24 days ago
Odd theming but plays great, the only bad thing is the price...
24 days ago
I really enjoyed playing this game. Unlike other EM's you have to try to hit the jokers before hitting the dropouts which will greatly increase your points for the dropouts. This kept you from just slapping the ball around and praying for the best. You really have to control your flippers in this game which I thoroughly enjoyed!
25 days ago
I enjoy CSI more than most, but it's far from being a perfect game.

The layout is very very unique, and has lots of great shops including the microscope, centerfuge and skull ramp. The placement of the bumpers also allows for obit shots and shots from the upper flipper which is great, but then again Pat Lawlor did this one so not surprising. The ruleset is what lets this game down because, much like 24 and Big Buck Hunter, it's all about multiball. This isn't necessarily a bad thing - Bram Stoker's Dracula is the same, but the emphasis on multiball doesn't leave the game with a huge amount of lastability as there isn't much else to see. Fingerprint Frenzy and other small aspects of the rulsets are nice additions but don't offer much in terms of points and fun. The art isn't terrible but it's all just photoshop so nothing great to look at. Sound is notably very good. All in all, a fun game to play on location to see those toys in action, but not one you'd want to own unless you had a large number of games.
There are 30020 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 11 of 1201.

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