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23 days ago
Damn stealing locks.
23 days ago
Mediocre game. Enjoyable on location.
23 days ago
No need to upgrade from the pro. Physical ball lock is nice, but the magnet truck shot is underwhelming at best.

Still a fun game but just not great value adders on le
23 days ago
Game is interesting. Tight shots and tough as nails. Not for the weaker players, as it may get frustrating. Can be fun, and definitely needs to be learned.

Some cool shots and tricks to it though.

Nice first effort for American pinball
23 days ago
The game is nice but clearly built for attention of the franchise. They could have done so much more with this title. Generic art, basic movie clips and not much else going for it.

The scoring is also a heavy tilt towards the better players who know the very specific rules and how to exploit multipliers. If an amateur walks up to this game, they don't stand a chance at producing what is considered a good score without a lot of luck behind it.

Wish I could like this more, theme is fantastic, but game is lacking.
23 days ago
This game is amazing fun. I was set on owning a pro, and didn't want to spend more for premium/le but ended up finding a local deal. I'm glad I pulled the trigger. The added playfield is more useful than other games, as it adds strategy to hose you play and what to shoot for.

The lighting is amazing and the cabinet art on the Le is outstanding.

Both pro and le have awesome art from dirty Donny and the sounds are well worked.

The LCD animations are funny and entertaining. Other games utilizing the LCD at this point are just TV or movie clips and don't really do much for the game. This games animations are all custom and well done.

Overall a fantastic piece in any trim level.
23 days ago
One of the best looking games ever imo. You have to get the le. I love the theme and call outs. Really great game
23 days ago
I love the show, so I may be biased, but I really enjoy this machine. Lots of fun modes to play, and its a great player really. Good use of characters and artwork to really take advantage of the licensing.
23 days ago
Wow, what a fast game! Lots of fun from this one, as theres plenty of challenging shots and gimmicks to keep your interest and make you wanting more. I love the ball lock as it reminds me of an engine running, and the little toy car that spins is also great. I can't say I'm very good at this machine yet but it is a rewarding experience even for someone thats still learning. A great output from Bally/Williams.
23 days ago
This is a relatively easier game to earn replays on, at least the one near where I live. I have to say I probably like it more than I should just because its a great value when you can get 2 replays for every 50 cents I put into it. That being said, to really go for a high score, it does become a little bit more difficult. The ball lock is a surprisingly hard shot to make. But besides that most of the shots are pretty easy. I love all the toys on the field and the theme is decent. Not the best, but a solid player from Stern
23 days ago
One of the best games I've ever played. A great theme for fans of horror or cheesy movies. Really just another example of how great Bally/Williams was in the 90's. The spider spinning backglass is simple but a very effective way to add one more level of playing to the game. Multiball is also a lot of fun. Would love to own one if I ever had the capital for it!
23 days ago
Big fan of this game. Set it up so the playfield has a nice slope to it and it plays great. Focus on the runs scoring and competing against another player makes it even better. (Even though its not a 2 player but its easy to remember runs scored. I love the backglass lighting up to show runners on base and the plunger shots are very satisfying. Truly an underrated game from Gottlieb's glory years. Great sound as well for this period of EM as you have 3 distinct chimes, a bell for runs scored, and a great knocker for extra balls. My only complaint is a rather bland cabinet art choice. Christmas colors and arrows? Meh. The playability of this machine as well as the neat backglass animation more than makes up for it though!
24 days ago
Pat Lawlers best. JJP's best. My favorite pin of all time! The layout and rules are so much fun.. and I absolutely love the original theme, especially since the modern pinball world is comprised of mostly licensed and non-original themes. DI is essentially a modern day old-school Ballys/Williams machine and I love it! Super original, original music and sounds, and the one-more-game feel I think was lacking in my previous JJP pins. They nailed it!!! GREAT game.
24 days ago
Easily one of my favorite machines of all time. Played it a bunch on location and was not impressed...this is one where you really need to hear the music and callouts to get into the game.
24 days ago
Good looking fun game. Really “hooks” you in. An excellent shooter. Could get stale but I feel it will always be fun hitting the satisfying shots. Call outs could get annoying though.
24 days ago
A very visually appealing game. I got one that was a project and really enjoyed it enough to buy a really nice one. The colors are bright and a pretty fun pin to play.
24 days ago
Good pin from the era. Fan topper is one of the most creative aspects of this game.Fun pin able to be enjoyed over and over. Not overly flashy just solid fun.
24 days ago
As someone who grew up in the 80s what is not to love. Great theme lots to do with great sounds lights shots etc..One of the better pins to be released in last 3-4 years IMHO.
24 days ago
Like a lot of newer pins, not as many mechanical things as I would like however a blast to play with great theme art the whole package. A lot of replayability in this one.
24 days ago
Ok pin with an iconic theme however not my cup of tea. I do see how others can love it...just not for me.
24 days ago
Fun pin with a variety of shots however the plexiglass cover in front of ship is a little off putting. Overall a solid pin worth a second look.
25 days ago
fun game. when I first played this at TPF last year it was a drainer but w some software updates it has become a really good game.
25 days ago
I had a WCS and it didn't last long. It has a good layout and theme, but there are a couple things off with it that just bugged me too much. The magnasave is the most pointless magnasave I've seen, it's basically a single-use flipper catch that's way more likely to drain on you than an actual flipper catch. Also the left loop which is important for progression sends the ball back directly to the left outlane, which is very frustrating. The sound package is pretty decent and gets you excited, but then the gameplay itself bursts that bubble.

edit: as an afterthought, the kicker arm that launches the ball into the goal on your free throw is unobtanium, if you're looking at one of these to buy, make sure that's not already cracking (or repaired, but poorly).
25 days ago
Theme is great, execution is pretty weird, but I think that's Anghelo's calling card. The game is simple but fun, easy to learn, but tough to master. Love the groovy music and the lightshows for the various jackpots are great. You can never go wrong playing or buying a Taxi.
25 days ago
The 10-pin rollovers are brilliant. The artwork is amazing. Even though the game is very dated with chime sounds and slow play, it's still fun to come back to again and again.
There are 32369 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 11 of 1295.

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