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Rating #276 of 7 27 days ago
You know when you;re hanging out with your brother's group of older friends and they mention a really hot mom they have a crush on and you think to yourself "really? she's not that hot?" that's Addams Family for me. There has been many positive reviews which are valid, but I feel this pin shows its age. There are a lot of modes but are quite basic just like the toys on the playfield. However, I can see how this pin can be rated high as there is a lot going on but it feels old.
Rating #276 of 7 27 days ago
So you know that girl in high school who got the first new iphone, the newest BMW 3-series and was spoiled rotten? Then when you took her out for a date all she did was give you a headache and confused the hell out of you even after you paid for her meal and showed her a good time. This is Revenge from Mars. It looked great and had a cool deisgn and concept but in the end, I feel it hasn't aged well and I had more trouble seeing what was going on in the upper playfield then enjoying the game.
Rating #276 of 7 27 days ago
So you know that girl in high school that everyone wants to date because she has amazing style and basically the hottest girl in school? Then when you finally get a yes to prom everyone says "WOW you're going to prom with Alicia? Holy she's HOT!" Then you get to prom, everyone is staring at you because you are prom king and queen then after the night is over you realize Alicia had so much beauty and hype but did not have time to explore who she was as a person inside. This was hobbit for me. A beautiful, well-lit machine that everyone wants to play. I just didn't have enough time to get to know the machine.
Rating #276 of 7 1 day ago
Have you ever tried to rekindle an old flame, like an old girlfriend you used to date in high school who you really wanted to get back together with? You finally after all these years get to meet up with her and for weeks the anticipation builds and builds when suddenly you are face to face with her for the first time in years. After talking to her for about 15 minutes you realize there is nothing there, and that flame has gone, that ship has sailed and there are a lot of other girls that are more compatible for you. This was T2 for me. I loved the movies growing up as a kid and played this pin when I was young. When I tried it out recently, I found the game monotonous and the lack of shot selection did not help no matter how much I wanted to like the game. The sounds were good though....

Updated rating! I played a T2 that was in way better condition and it made a HUGE difference. I could actually hit the ramps, it played smooth with lots of action and it was a lot of fun. Definitely on my list again.
Rating #276 of 19 27 days ago
Not much going on with this pin. The music and callouts are great but the game is too basic to get me into it.
Rating #276 of 10 28 days ago
I love this game. That's all I can say. Maybe I'm a crappy player, but I find the challenge of keeping 3 balls in play on a fast playfield, while trying to complete banks of targets at the top of the playfield fun as heck. Then, when you eventually screw up, the real challenge begins---regaining multi-ball by shooting the captive ball at a difficult to reach spot. A neat game, with the focus on earning and losing playing time. A lot of players are turned off by the theme (I'm convinced they find the cartoon style squirrels an assault on their adulthood--god-forbid a toy be too childish), but it's perfectly frenetic and fits the chaotic timed multi-ball. One of my favorite games ever, and I'm convinced Gottlieb missed the boat by not releasing it.

*Also, anyone playing a virtual version of this shouldn't be rating it. I find this a completely different animal in real life. Much more challenging and fun.
Rating #276 of 102 28 days ago
Same comments as I put for 4-player version Jungle.
Rating #276 of 9 28 days ago
Best art package!
Rating #276 of 9 28 days ago
Great theme for guests and curiosity play, but doesn't have legs at home for me.
Rating #276 of 9 28 days ago
My favorite pin.
Rating #276 of 9 28 days ago
Love this game. Of all my pins this is the one that brings me back more than any other. Fast, hard and fun!
Rating #276 of 25 28 days ago
Great classic game and a nice challenge to play. I do think that it's a little too full of gizmo's though, which does not add to the gameplay. Owned it twice, sold it twice.
Rating #276 of 116 28 days ago
A game with an incredible artwork package by Kevin O'Connor (especially the backglass).

A solid design with an initial "ultra confusing" ruleset based on depth for its age.
"You must understand the all seeing eye..."
Many people still cannot score the gameplay on the first attempts, including the captured messenger ball.

For this point alone, it did not always do so well when it was originally produced for operators.
It came out just a little too early before its time of the early Bally golden era.
Two different backglasses produced.
Two different cabinets produced.
Various differences between production and early models.
Compete keeper, no matter which version you find.

Don't underestimate this title if you like early solid state machines.
I am looking for another to add back to my collection.
Rating #276 of 116 28 days ago
Beyond the aspect that this is the first Bally game to use the feature, "zipper flippers" by the creative genius Ted Zale, the gameplay and artwork is completely solid.
In a time when most games used what was called "straight line" artwork, this title stands out as unique with its bold and colorful design by George Molentin.
He is underappreciated artist that did not participate in the art of as many games as he could have been.
This is only one of five of the complete 19 library games that Ted Zale designed with zipper flippers (of the complete zipper flipper library of 30 games) that DID NOT have straight line artwork of the period.
The other notables are Fireball, Four Million BC, Joust, and Nip-It.
The game is straightforward, but rewarding.
Keep in mind due to its age, the backbox design is reminiscent of the Gottlieb wedge heads of the era before Bally transitioned to their standard square box of the late 60s.
The most difficult aspect is not only to keep the ball in play when the flippers are open, but manage to keep the one way gate open to be able to get another skill shot plunge from the shooter lane as there is no way to reach the rollovers again without accomplishing this feat.
In this respect this feature was reused in Bally's 1969 Camelot with an up down post for the same functionality for the "castle gate".
Another classic game from an age, most people no longer recognize.
The hardest aspect to find with this game is not the game itself, as I have actually two games being "Frankensteined" to build a single game.
It is the backglass that was made in crystal not tempered glass.
It has not been reproduced to date.
Rating #276 of 25 26 days ago
It has weird playfield layout but with awesome playfield art. The bigest fail of design is that most of shots are blind and you are trying to hit something under upper playfield.

Im not fan of Popeye, but I like arcade themes, so its ok. Deep ruleset could be interesting for home playing, but afterall its for sure weakest table from Widebody/Superpin series.
Rating #276 of 34 28 days ago
Rated same as Premium/LE. Not a game for me.
Rating #276 of 34 28 days ago
Not very good looking, not very fun, not very good music. This game blows.
Rating #276 of 144 28 days ago
If you want to be hunched over for 10 minutes on a redemption game disguised as a pinball machine before realizing that there are much better ways to spend your time and money, pop a few quarters in to Super Mario Bros. Mushroomland. Sure, the game was designed for children and created as an attempt to make pinball relevant to FEC redemption game madness, but that doesn't mean it can't be subjected to harsh criticism as a terrible pinball machine.
Rating #276 of 144 28 days ago
Flipper buttons or grips? Each have pros and cons, but Demolition Man can be fun to play either way. However, while there are plenty of shots, the game starts to feel flat and simple within just a few games. There are some interesting rules, but - even with the upper grip / triggers - the game is actually too easy to walk away from.
Rating #276 of 23 25 days ago
Fun, fun, fun..... for all kind of gamer. Roadshow is a keeper for me and a real winner for the guest. If you can have just one pinball, Roadshow is a good choice.
Rating #276 of 18 29 days ago
This game made me feel the same way Tron made me feel--it's an excellent looking pin, but it just doesn't do it for me. I can understand why others enjoy this game--it has fun moments with the Battlefield and the Sanctum effect of snatching the ball behind a sliding doorway is cool. This would be a great game to have at $2,500 but once the price tag approaches a newer Stern it loses it's "bang for the buck" allure.
Rating #276 of 18 29 days ago
I've seen people call this game a "modern day pitch & bat"--I agree. It's a lot of fun when the difficulty is turned up and the ball save timer/extra balls/other similar settings are turned down or off. It can be played as a normal, go for the highest score game of pinball or it's also fun to play a game and just focus on setting the high number of home runs or shots into the glove.
Rating #276 of 18 29 days ago
For every rating category, I just kept coming to the rating of "Decent 4/6". It's a decent pin, even better if you're looking for a title that can be enjoyed by all ages. It didn't have staying power for me since it seems a bit plodding and methodical rather than fast & full of flow.
Rating #276 of 9 29 days ago
The good: fun shots, funny animations(my favorite is the find Striker segment which other Bally pinball stars show up), cool sounds( airport lady announcing the city that you arrived at, male announcer saying "yellow card" and "red card" when titling. The bad: the announcing sometimes does not fit well for a soccer theme, there is NO Great Britain world cup soccer team, the magna save doesn't help much( which I guess is a good thng-makes the game harder), the back glass is weak--Bally should have had Striker the WC mascot in action pose rather than standing there. Overall if you like soccer and pinbal, it is a fun game to play and own. I overpaid but I love soccer and the guy was in my area so I had to chance to play for a bit.
Rating #276 of 8 9 days ago
I just got the game, so I always like to rate it early and then again after a few months. The game is extremely fun and tons of shots everywhere. You have a wider playing field, so it opens it up for many lanes and many more targets to shoot out. Very high scoring, so you want to keep on playing and beat your last score. The shots aren't easy, but definitely challenging. If you like a good challenge, and not an easy game, this game is perfect. There are 2 ramps, 3 flippers to add more game play, and great videos. It also has a cool ramp within a ramp shot.. You hit a ramp, and then you use the 3rd flipper to jump the ball to another ramp. Very creative. Lots of fun, fun, fun!!!!

So hear are new reviews after having this game for almost 2 months.

-Almost every ball there is a new mission/goal
-So many shots to take and so many shots to make
-Great call outs, talking Skull with some funny commentary
-After you hit the jumps ramps 4-5 times in a row the call out pumps you out to do it again
-Several modes for different multi balls ranging from 2 balls over the edge, to 3, and then Meet your maker with 4.
-So the jump ramp is an amazing rush and agame within the game
-video modes where you get to jump ramps and go around the track keeps you engaged and having fun, as well as add a new element in the game.
- The game is super fast. It keeps you on your heels the hole time. Never does it get boring. (now when I play other pinballs, they feel so slow.
The black glass art is awesome.
- You keep want to play more and more games.

some cheap drains on the right side
fades on the cabinet is pretty common. (It doesn't bother me much.

There are 28580 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 11 of 1144.

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