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21 days ago
This game, much like Avengers, looks and feels horrendously cheap. The ramps aren't ramps, they're just sheets of plastic the ball can roll over, the toys do nothing and have come straight from a kids isle, and theres just nothing above the playfield. The rules aren't terrible, and the flow is there, but next to pretty much any game, this one looks stupidly cheap, almost like a kids toy. My girlfriend is relatively new to Pinball, but after playing Star Trek, Family Guy, POTC and a handful of others her first comment was 'where is everything?'. Not good. And I will never forgive Gomez for what he did to my favourite theme of all time (The Avengers) and the fact that this game is disappointing for similar reasons does not bode well. Would be a good game if it cost 2 grand less than the other Sterns, but If anything it was more. Fun for a couple of games but I'd buy pretty much every other game before this one.
21 days ago
I've only played the prototype version which has many difference and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Wish the ramps weren't so expensive to replace.
21 days ago
I like the goin nuts, precisely because the mutliballs is totally different from other Gottlieb models. It really feels like juggling with hazelnuts.
As with the Krull, it is surprising to see that Gottlieb stopped the project in a very advanced state of completion.
21 days ago
Sure that Krull could had been a best seller, like Black Hole or Devil's Dare, if it had enter in production.
But it's difficult to give a note because there is a feeling of unachievment with this pinball.
Playfield, rules are nice and works, but the sound is definitely not the one expected for the production line.
It's an evidence that Gottlieb suffer financial problems, because stopping the production of a such advanced project is very unusual.
21 days ago
The eclipse is not a bad pinball, but it's clearly a low cost Black-hole.
The playfield is the same, with a single level. The lane to descent to lower level has been replaced by a basic hole.
Seems to have been built from surplus parts.
What save this machine, is its backglass artwork that is no so bad, and attractive.
21 days ago
Classic game! And very difficult to find on location, so always worth a play. This game has a very unique layout and art package that just oozes nostalgia. I love the ramps, and the way that the best ramp is only available during multiball. The hologram is awesome, it loses it's affect after dozens of games but the initial wow factor it offers is great. Music is cheesey in a good way, and although speech is a bit repetitive, nearly every callout is a Pinball classic. That being said, lastability could be a bit questionable in a small collection, as there are only a handful of modes that all occur linearly depending on how many times you shoot a certain shot. Nonetheless, good game.
21 days ago
Dirty Harry is one of those games that isn't hugely popular, but because it was made by Bally/Williams in the 90s, still offers quite a lot. The layout is pretty great, I'm thinking specifically of the ramps and the gorgeously satisfying upper flipper ramp shot. The gun is also well implemented and it's very difficult to get the ball into the saucer with it, which is a welcome challenge. The ruleset is okay, multiball is a bit of a gimmee, and important game features are nearly always at the safehouse which is the easiest shot to hit. Theme does very little for me, but guns and car chases are always fun in Pinball regardless of whether someone has seen the film or not. Art is so-so, it's no TOTAN but it's not as awful as The Shadow backglass either. All in all I would never own this game but it's actually a tonne of fun and quite a good tournament game too
21 days ago
I’ve owned a couple system11 classics like whirlwind and cyclone and mousin around may be my favorite of all. Definitely a sleeper game. I fully restored mine and it is brutal fast. The gimmicks in the game play perfectly into the theme and while the rules are not hard to figure out, the game is hard to master since it requires quick reflexes and pretty precise hits. And on top of all that, it flows incredibly well. I see this game sticking around in the collection for a while!
21 days ago
Lightning effects.
Music and sounds.
Hardest jackspot shot ever, but most satisfying.
6 popbumpers.

This was my 2. Pin and i have alot of love for it. Well designes,nice coding. Great 80s music. Satisfying shots, this pin is brutal as F but really really really challenging/fun to play. One more play appeal.
I really understand why its rated SO high here. Great players loves this pin. Average players dont understand the rating ;-)
True classic and a top 10 pin.

Just make sure ALL 3 flippers are strong, makes a big difference.
22 days ago
This is a good Looking pin. Bart is great and at the time it was a top pin! Love the backglass and art on it, it's like you're in the cartoon while plating it.

Maybe a bit simpel nowedays but a Classic never Goes out style
22 days ago
I love this game - I keep going back to playing on location and am considering buying one. I love TZ so this is TZv2 for me. The lights take things to the next level - really like how they change color. It is also nice to have more of a general theme like disaster rather than a licensed theme as everyone can somewhat relate to that as opposed to say TH where it is an instant turn off for me as I never did or will watch those.

It is important to me my friends and family like the games even if they do not play them a lot and everyone I play this machine with loves it.
22 days ago
Understanding the rules is simple : hit all targets in a limited time !
No complex and fun to play, this widebody is one of my favorite Gotltlieb with single ball/single level.

The lamps descending from the targets, remind a bit "space invaders".
It difficult to avoid the stressing of sound, that accelerate when the timer decrease.
It's a good exercice to improve you skill at target's shotting.
22 days ago
"LAVA RISING" ! Yes this is a Volcano, not a pinball.

While not my favourite SYS80, I must admit that this one has some nice features (for its age).
The serie of holes - volcano system -, and the deviator at ball outlet make this machine particular, and innovative for mechanics parts. The playfield remind me the Caveman drawns and the colors / lights match very well with the theme.
22 days ago
I love the Xenon mainly because of its backglass, a great piece of art.
It was one of the first game having a tube and was considerer very innovative when it ran out on the market.
22 days ago
Great game if for nothing else but the atmosphere. A good "dark and spooky" pin. Hard game but a must in any collection. Backbox art is the worst part of it all but I can deal with that.
23 days ago
Super fun with a really unique layout.
23 days ago
Quirky, original game with lots of fun features and shots. One of the best toppers around, and great music. This game deserves more love, and with a low production run (and several of those lost to Amazon Hunt 3 conversions), you should snag one if you ever see one. Great, odd-beat, fun pin.
23 days ago
very fun and underated machine, a lot to do.
23 days ago
O.K, im in love with the theme, but very fun pinball, sound is awsome.
23 days ago
Great fun, great original theme. Fun right away, but hard to master. Love the giant DMD on the remakes.
23 days ago
Very fun game with a deep ruleset.
23 days ago
Like the cartoon it's fun, but after a while it gets a bit much. There is plenty to aim at but the shots aren't that challenging. I'd get bored of this pretty quickly.
23 days ago
The ball zooming around the outside is a cool feature and it ties in nicely with the theme. Unfortunately, the theme just isn't for me.
23 days ago
This is a decent, fairly repetitive game which I get bored of quickly. Maybe I haven't played it deeply into the rule set? I hesitate to say it, because I know people love this game, but it's too simple and silly for my tastes. Overrated, but still a nice game.
23 days ago
One of the best Pinballs ever made!
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