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Rating #276 of 91 1 month ago
Spider-Man is just a great game! It has great flow. The ramp shots are amazing. I specially like to shoot the left Venom ramp. I love to shoot the villains. It was a very cool idea from Steve Ritchie to put the VUKs behind the figures of Doc Ock and Sandman. And of course I like Battle Royale and the wizard mode Super Hero. It's a great game in general. Thanks to the Stern Pinball team. In my opinion it is probably one of the best games that's out there.
Rating #276 of 91 1 month ago
In the following I'll list the positive and negative aspects about Lord of the Rings

Positive aspects:
- Great flow
- Good artwork
- 2 VUK's (Gimli Shot, Shire Shot)
- Great ramp shots
- Great ring magnet
- Path of the Dead
- Balrog
- Many figures (on the standard edition)
- Great Multiballs
- Great Modes
- Gifts of the Elves are very valueable

Negative aspects:
- Sometimes it's kinda hard to get into the Ring
- It's really hard to get to Valinor mode

Conclusion: It's a great game, to me one of the best games out there.
Still need to figure out how to get better to Valinor
Rating #276 of 6 1 month ago
On my list to own. Fun game and good theme.
Rating #276 of 6 1 month ago
Good game for Trekkies. I'm fifty fifty on this one and mines for sale.
Rating #276 of 6 1 month ago
No multiball hurts this one. Got old quickly. Good artwork and retro feel.
Rating #276 of 6 1 month ago
Classic game from Steve Ritchie. Fun to play and a keeper for me.
Rating #276 of 6 1 month ago
Can't beat the back glass animation I just wish the red balls were painted like soccer balls would be a lot better get those spinners going and rack up 10 bonus balls Bam 10,000 points get the red kick out call Bam 10,000 points
Rating #276 of 6 1 month ago
Fast and fun. One of the best Em games
Rating #276 of 28 1 month ago
I promise I'll edit/update my rating if the honeymoon wears out in a bad way, but I'm a week in ownership with 200 plays. This pin hit me by surprise on how good it is. I wrote it off a couple years ago due to theme and early code. RR75 on location + streams on v6.06 code perked my interest again; enough so to buy a standard. I have the pitch steep around 6.9-7deg and on factory settings across the board.

Theme: a lot of people trash the theme but it is so well implemented. At times its happy, then it gets dark and eerie. Then the music transitions to this feel good music if you do really good. The music and transitions from modes to modes is so well done; it's truly amazing and brings you on such a journey of highs and lows.

Overall gameplay and code: It is so brutal, yet so fun and addicting. It's like IM meets TWD meets FGY meets LOTR. I've never had a pin that made me scream with happiness and chaos at the same time. I'm literally on the edge of my seat so often in this game. So good so good so good.
Rating #276 of 16 1 month ago
Quirky and amazing, it won't please everyone but the Adams genre and those who love its style of playfield will never get tired of it. Interesting shots require loads of discipline too. But in the end it's not for me, maybe I'm just too young or too dumb because it seems to drag and the audio quality isn't great either.
Rating #276 of 104 1 month ago
The ruleset just kills this for me. They fixed some of it with the first code update, but that launch code was garbage. The multiple multiplier thing is just convoluted. I don't care about the theme, but the layout is great, and the shots are fun to hit. Rulesets matter, and this really just bums me out. Potentially a very good design just ruined for me. And just to be clear, I have played this one with the new code, and I still think that it is murky and unnecessarily complicated.
Rating #276 of 104 1 month ago
Classic Bally Pin, great speech and a fantastic layout. Redefined the classic pool theme.
Rating #276 of 104 1 month ago
Classic bally pin with iconic monochronistic art package.
Rating #276 of 104 1 month ago
Very fun pin. Scoring seems to be a little unbalanced maybe? But I love the theme and toys. Pat Lawlor always had a unique design streak in him, and this is just another great example of that.
Rating #276 of 34 1 month ago
Just another poor machine, the vault edition even messed up the cabinet design.

Frustrating game-play, the toy in the middle causes you randomly to drain, there is nothing you can do about it. Avoiding it means you can not continue the game.
Rating #276 of 6 1 month ago
Classic Williams game. Great looking, fun to play, and takes me back to simpler times. Keeper.
Rating #276 of 16 1 month ago
The Pro really suffers by comparison to the LE and premium and the effect is multiplied by the differences in the playfield and no bass or shaker.
Rating #276 of 34 1 month ago
Why is this in the top 100? It plays bad and it looks like a cheap toy. Too many colors, like the sales guy that found how to do objects with gradients in Powerpoint made the design.

Boring gameplay on an empty play field, just shoot up ramps without any strategy. The continuously flashing of LEDs hurts the eyes which makes you drain balls, it is like the Strobe mode of Attack from Mars but badly done. Actually the more I think about it the more I think it is inspired on Attack from Mars but somehow they did not get it because it missing the flow.

Star Trek The Next Generation is a much better game. Real rules, classy artwork, recognizable music, funny remarks from the actual actors during play, a lot of hidden tricks and of course the 6 ball multiball and the two cannons! I hope they make a remake of that one so it will be more on location.
Rating #276 of 34 1 month ago
The gameplay is better than most newer games but somehow I got bored with this game quickly. Maybe it is the repetative music or the lack of multi-ball or just because I have to look away to avoid eye contact with the clown and drain the ball (good excuse). I advice everybody to play a few games on location but never buy this machine.
Rating #276 of 34 1 month ago
Maybe build quality should be also part of the ratings. The spots below the inserts are very ugly.
Rating #276 of 104 1 month ago
Finally have found one of these on location. This game is a forgotten Bally Gem. The artwork if fantastic all around and I love the Bob Seger as Jeremiah Johnson Theme. Nice layout and a blast to play. Simple but difficult rules to complete as the bonuses, extra balls, and specials are reset between balls. Wonderful pin, I love all the details on this one. Great drop target placement, both a 3-bank and a 4 in line . Pops give a ton of action, and the spinner up to upper lanes is greatly satisfying.
Rating #276 of 34 1 month ago
This game is frustrating, airballs, kickouts to drain (ballsaver does not make it right) and ugly artwork. They could have done soo much more with the theme, even the NES game is more enjoyable.

This page should be updated:
Rating #276 of 10 4 days ago
Ive owned this machine for about a week now, so I may update or change the rating as I have had more time to play it and get deeper into it.

First and foremost - If your looking for a family pin for the house that the kids can play "THIS IS NOT FOR YOU".
If your looking for a fast paced game chocked fully of rock and roll, monsters and gore "BUY THIS GAME".

As a fan of both Rob Zombies music and films I find this game very appealing and utterly amazing (may not appeal to all).
It is very fast paced and incredibly responsive with a lot going on once you get deeper into it.
The more I play it, the more I love it.
The sound quality is fantastic and mixes 10 different Rob Zombie tracks into the game play. Sound effects also include voice overs from Rob Zombie, Sheri Moon Zombie and Sid Haig. One feature I really like on this game is the clock. The game ships in family mode and you can set the clock to automatically put the game in adult mode after a certain time of day. We have two young children, so it is currently set to switch over to adult mode at 8:30 at night (after the kids are in bed). The audio in adult mode is a little over the top in an awesome way. When you first switch it to adult mode you hear Sheri Moon say "ok, get ready to see some tits, ass and hear some four letter words". Some of which include Sid Haig saying things like "get your head out your ass boy", "what the fuck was that shit", "hey chicken fucker, get the cluck out" among many other lewd and utterly hilarious remarks. The game is chalked full of this and really fun in an addictive way.

Cons: Occasionally the ball gets stuck behind the drop target at the top of the play field. The upper play field is a little lacking. I would have also like to see a few more toys and gimmicks that interact with the game play. Looking forward to seeing what software updates come out and hopefully some mods.
Rating #276 of 31 1 month ago
The sound quality on this game is terrible, which completely defeats the purpose of a band-themed pin. The layout is quite bland with little real theme integration. The gun ball shooter and rose plunger are cool, but that's about it for themed toys. The coloured plastic ramps just look cheap. Modes are fun to play, but getting to wizard mode is ridiculously easy. Backglass looks great, playfield art has some good elements and some not-so-good ones. Definitely not worth the prices they go for.
Rating #276 of 31 1 month ago
This is one of the best games of the 90s. Great, original layout that seems like an adventure playground with lots of shots to explore. Theme integration is excellent, artwork and sounds match the gameplay really well. Ruleset is fun, with a variety of modes and goals. One of the few games that actually has a worthwhile topper.
There are 26867 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 11 of 1075.

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