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Rating #276 of 6 29 days ago
Sound not like your typical em of this era, makes it more interesting. Also, multiple ways of winning free games make it more fun.
Rating #276 of 10 29 days ago
One of Stern's best games ever!
Rating #276 of 16 29 days ago
Maverick what is not to like about this machine? Well the Belle lacks a little speed but other then that it's a fun machine. The paddle wheel reminds me of the Ferris wheel on the Williams Cyclone machine. Drop targets galore , hard shots , skill shots ,super pops and a DmD the size of a big screen, well ok 192x64 that is as big as it gets for dmd's. This is a fun machine did i say that? Even if Mel's face on the backglass is a bit obtrusive. Play this machine when you can , and if you find one get it. And they make replacement color dmd's now, that was always a "what if " with this machine. No longer a issue .
Rating #276 of 13 1 month ago
Im not sure why some dont like it but is a lot of fun1
Rating #276 of 23 1 month ago
The game is awesome (looks great, full of toys etc.)
BUT like all recent Sterns it feels like a prototype, I unboxed it even with rusty screws (!!!!!!).
The game is unplayable without some serious fixing:

-Left ramp; if you shoot it in 1/4 times the ball flies out the top ending up behind a plastic
-On the lanes, the ball just jumps over to the outlanes (WTF??)
-I already received 2 STERN repair kits for things that start to break under HUO use, can you imagine how well things were tested
-Droptargets occasionally dont go down when hit (full hit)
-left scoop spits out ball with a drain through the middle (they 'fixed' this by adding a ball saver). It is a another major flaw that no one saw because it's simply not ever tested before production.

And I can continue with all the things that suck on this pin.
They CAN be fixed after a lot of attention and aftermarket products, but when you pay 10K for a new pin you can expect it to at least work out of the box.

I advise anyone to not buy Stern and support the other (smaller) pinball companies that are after making a good game for their customers instead of filling their pockets as much as they can. bah
Rating #276 of 79 1 month ago
I played an early version of this machine. Bad flow ball got stuck many times. The figure kept falling apart. I hope they play better now. Liked the dual displays a bit confusing though. Kinda had a cheap look and feel, bad flow. Game is not for me.
Rating #276 of 9 1 month ago
Fun game, great for all ages and family.
Rating #276 of 17 1 month ago
Awesome layout complimented with some of the greatest rules for a pinball machine ever. I remember watching PAPPA videos before playing it and seeing all the guys going for Sparky multiball but it's not until you're actually standing in front of the machine that you realise how tight that shot is. That goes for all of the shots, it is a tough game but when you get your shots flowing and you're collecting items lighting crank-it-up is an awesome feeling. Having to put that much work in just to light a "mode" is inspired coding! The only thing which lets the pro down is the light show compared to the premium/LE but the 'Total Light Show' mod more than makes up for this. Best pro Stern has produced and glad to hear they've extended the license. Apparently there may be one more code update to come! Will hopefully be the next game added to my collection.
Rating #276 of 17 7 days ago
The PF is too busy, air balls and the out-lane drains are terrible. A ball shouldn't jump the rail to the out-lane. The theme is decent but the whole artwork is like a bad cartoon. I like the sounds and some features but its isn't a fun game to play.
Rating #276 of 57 1 month ago
The premium is better than the pro, I do like this right ramp feeding left flip.
However, the code needs an huge improvement, bonus score are still way unbalanced.
Rating #276 of 57 1 month ago
Great game, awesome code.
I couldn't expect a code that makes this game so great.
Love the show so it helps to love the pin and the replace sound mod is also a great add-on.
Easily in my top 5.
Rating #276 of 7 1 month ago
Fun to play with a lot of different shots. Deep ruleset with good modes. Good DMD animations.
Rating #276 of 7 1 month ago
Very fast, challenging and fun game that will keep you coming back. Games can be very short as missed shots will come back at you and drain very quickly. Great magnetized Iron Monger that rises from below the play field. Very cool loops and combos.
Rating #276 of 7 1 month ago
Exciting game to play. Fantastic video themed animations with many modes.
Rating #276 of 7 20 days ago
Very fast game. Great artwork, sound, themed music and lights. Could use some more targets, scoring on lower play field, as it seems the goal is just to stay on the upper play field.
Rating #276 of 15 1 month ago
I so wanted to love this game but just feels and plays bad; the code is just very uninspired and the layout is cool, but the designer should have fixed all the air balls and wierd physics on this game before release. Wanted to love this game so bad and have tried it several different times. Just can't get into it because of uninspired code and the physics of the game and it's flaws. Dwight crushed it on code on GOT, but with this title it just falls flat code wise. Way too much storage facility multiball also.
Rating #276 of 15 18 days ago
Need some more time in it but just reminds too much ch of road show
Rating #276 of 13 1 month ago
I have own this game for 20 yrs. was my fave growing up and had to have it! For its era it's lots of fun!
Rating #276 of 14 1 month ago
Got to play about 20 games on Dialed In. Really nice flow and very playable. Level 257 in Schaumburg, IL has WOZ, GB, Hobbit, Kiss and some older titles too. Nobody was there so we kept playing. There's a lot of great ramps and long ball play, my friend would go through a game on GB while waiting for his turn on this one. I like playing this game, if I had a boat load if cash I would buy it, but I don't, so I'll keep playing in at 257. Best new title I've played in a very long time.
Rating #276 of 12 1 month ago
Great underrated game. Fun to play.
Rating #276 of 12 1 month ago
Great family game and challenging to play.
Rating #276 of 9 1 month ago
Even though the code is not yet complete it's hard to find fault on this machine. The hole under the cell phone was a little chewed up for being such a new game. Other than that the game plays smooth and artwork is unique and cohesive.
Rating #276 of 73 1 month ago
Backglass is amazeballs. Spinner is amazeballs. Great sound overall. Very good artwork overall. The excitement is similar to Sorcerer, in that you are aiming to set up that moment when you can have a spinner rip with bazillions.

Action/Per/Minute: Very high, just has a brief saucer kickoff
Backhands: Great left backhand into spinner !
Bonus Multiplier Goal: Yes
Dink Donk: none
Drops: None =(
Extra Balls: good. can earn from 1-2-3-4 lanes
Flippers: 2
Goal EB/BC/MB/Jackpot: decent, bonus hold from 1-2-3-4 lanes
Hurry-ups: great: short hurry up on lit spinner !
Inlane Lane Change: unknown
Inlane Swoosh: decent, it’s no Williams.
Bonus Collect: unknown
Lane Change: none
MB Earning: decent challenge. gotta do something cool before you can lock ball on left
MB Fun: looks to be tough, but the fun is that you can get 5x on a lit spinner!
Metal Ramps: none
Nudging: great - required especially with Gottlieb flipper gap
Outlane Fun: good, has rubbered post near top of sling.
Pops: Amazing: 3 live pops that can help you but mostly hurt you
Rules (time/order): unknown
Shots (total): 4 - fewest in all of pinball - one unshootable standup behind drops.
Skill Shot: decent - can’t move 1-2-3-4 lanes, so yes.
Slap-Saves: fair - super hard Gottlieb gap
Spinners: 1 great one, has a great sound, and a short hurry up on it
Stop'n'Go: great - almost perfect
Taunting: none
Toy/Gimmick: none
Voice / V. choreography: none

ART: Great art from Larry Day (Cosmic Gunfight)
SOUND: Very good sounds
FEEL: Great
OVERALL: Super challenging 1984 game
Rating #276 of 33 1 month ago
theme is one of the worst, art sucks, gameplay was good, code at time i played was horrible. really to early to rate but if i have to its not good in its present form
Rating #276 of 10 1 month ago
I really love playing this game, and never get tired of it. Lots of challenging shots, and it's not easy to set yourself up for a high score. I like the backglass on the original EBD, but for some reason, I like this Limited Edition better. I just think it looks cool. Maybe because it's so different from most other machines.

I had this in my collection 25 years ago and sold it because I was young and moving a lot. Have been keeping my eyes open for another one, and when I find a good one, it will be back in my collection permanently.
There are 27755 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 11 of 1111.

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