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27 days ago
Finally got to play this game at my friends house. The sounds is what makes this game. Hitting the pop bumpers has a very unique sound effect. Loaded with LEDs, this game can have a very sinister look that catches your eye and the fun gameplay keeps you there.
27 days ago
Great game that saved pinball!!!! For the casual player, it is perfect. Airlock save, center ball save, ringing bells AND sound effects. Classic. Plus manipulating USA with the flippers to increase bonus is another great idea. Great system 9 game, and one I'd take over most modern pins. Plus, with LEDs, this game looks and plays as modern as any DMD game! I could play this game over and over. Great fun and theme.
27 days ago
Skyline is a Classic Neyens Gottlieb Wedgehead design.

The Pros:
A great layout with lots of action and skillful anticipation to keep the ball from heading out toward the outlanes. Lots to hit and the top lanes at the top require skillful plunging and nudging from the first ball launched into the PF. There are no inlanes on this deck, so any ball that goes towards the sides is a goner. Advancing the floors gets you closer to specials in the game and also uses BOTH BG animations. Party people, your game is here once those doors open up. Cigar smoking hobos and goosepurses are all the rage on this game! Other than a boring cab, this game has an absolutely STUNNING art package.

The Cons:
This game has to be set up properly or it can play quite long. All the switches on the multi bumper need to be adjusted and paid attention to for best play. Finding a replacement glass may not be easy and is probably expensive. Surviving the PF is the key to high scores.

The Takeaway:
A fantastic looking game that plays great! Find one if you can and enjoy the game.
27 days ago
Twilight Zone is one of those games I always come back to. Yeah, it can be a brutal game but once you learn the danger zones you can have really long ball times.

There is a very nice selection of modes to play. Enough to make every game interesting and different than the last but not so much that there are modes unreachable by the average player (given enough time/games).

The art package on the game is incredible, you can spend hours studying all the different theme emelents crammed in. Speaking of theme the game fits its theme perfectly.

There are two primary toys and both are well integrated into the gameplay. First there is of course the clock which times your modes and has several dedicated modes of its own. Also while in attract mode it serves as an actual functioning clock which is pretty near in my book. Second there is the gumball machine and while it has a lesser role (powerball storage and advancement), it is probably one of the coolest mechs in pinball.

I was also thinking it probably somewhat helped with playfield wear as it would always keep 3 of the balls on a slowe rotation through the game potentially subjecting them to less wear. Thats just some therory that popped into my head though and it probably isn't actually enough to matter.

Its only weaknesses are a small area in front od the clock that doesn't have any art and therefore looks bare... but the piano mod does a great job of finishing that area. Also the pop bumpers can be overly dangerous... but when tuned they are not too bad. Still there are some machines I have played in the wild where it is literally impossible to escape the bumpers with your life and thats no fun. Don't worry though, you can adjust it with the right runbers and outlane opening so that they remain dangerous but are not automatic death.

I'm happy to say that I have finally added this game to my collection. Having it at home with time to really familiarize myself with it has only deepened my appreciation for this gem of a game.
27 days ago
Space Shuttle is a classic game with simple rules and extremely fun gameplay. The layout is excellent and allows for some great, rewarding shots that are beginner friendly but still tough to master. The spinner shot is very rewarding and the addition of the side drop targets offer some extra incentive to hit the shot just right.

Like many 80's games, the sounds are a bit repetitive but I like them and feel that they add to the experience. Multi ball is very fun and can be total chaos at times. With multiple players, it's possible to lock a ball and then have another player "steal" your multi ball which makes for some fun competition.

Overall, a fantastic, fairly simple game with the ability to keep pulling you back for more.
28 days ago
Very unique playfield allows for challenging play and great lastability.

You can play not just for score but to challenge yourself to advance though the numbering sequence. Nice combination of spinners, standup targets and scoring lanes.

For an EM, challenging, fun and keeps you engaged and saying, Just one more game.
28 days ago
Driving around to get some spare parts for my first owned flipper I get the chance to play many different machines. Just fell in love with that piece!!! So much fun to play, definitely the next one for my beginners collection :)
28 days ago
One of my favorite playfield designs- probably more due to being huge Simpsons fan. Great colors- catches the eye immediately. Rich in decoration but seems perfect to me. Gameplay is complex enough but dont remember anything groundbreaking. Will be interesting to see how this appreciates with less fans in every generation. I find myself rarely watching anymore.
28 days ago
It is easy, but still one of the best jackpots. The animation waiting for the Death Star to open- legend. And then the music?! The most satisfying of the SW pinballs.
28 days ago
Very solid all around. No wonder they are making it again. Fun shots, easy for all ages to figure out, sounds might get a little repetitive. Has something that appeals to all players.
28 days ago
Lot of interesting game play, but didn't last. Playfield was well designed- makes you feel queasy like right in the middle of a show. I would put a few quarters in once in awhile, but wouldn't look to add.
28 days ago
It is one of six pinballs at a local, easily the least played. Didn't like the lay out and art theme of entire machine. I like Kiss, but overall gameplay wasn't appealing.
28 days ago
Looked campy and unimpressive, but actually very fun to play- especially for soccer fans. Was at a pinball show and this machine was constantly in use. Highly recommended, might even consider buying.
28 days ago
One of the best pins ever- if you grew up watching Indiana Jones. For everybody else, probably limited appeal. Great creativity and there is the definite feel of an adventure. Game experience depends largely on mode start success- skill and willingness of ball to stay in. Great quotes, music, and missions.
29 days ago
Played lots of games on this , very well balanced stacks up nicely amongst the top games of he 90s . Good flow and challenging at same time , good toys gimmicks and shots . Very similar to attack from mars but a little more of a challenge ,due to tighter shots .
29 days ago
Great theme. A good game for everyone. Sinking the ship and the multiball modes are all well done. Game can be set up tough so game times don't get too long. Who doesn't like Pirates with attitude.
29 days ago
This game has a coolness factor but I believe it to get boring after a while and repititive..Not exciting to look at either..If you can get it cheap then get it..But I can't understand all the hype..Just an average playing em with some targets...In my opinion
29 days ago
An outstanding example of a gottlieb wedgehead..Super fun and challenging to hit the ace when you need it .. Bonuses make this game a blast to play and excellent art work on the back Glass..Great game to own if you can get it..
29 days ago
Fun game, but not as involved as the William's version. I loved the movies so I would welcome this machine to my collection regardless. . .
29 days ago
Flash was my first pin. Id call it a good intro pin because its affordable but still great fun to play. No, it does not have ramps, toys, or video effects but for its day it was something special. The outlanes seem a mile wide but when you have a good game its a very rewarding feeling. I also like the games where the score makes sense to me. . . trying to keep track of how many billions Ive scored is like trying to keep track of the national debt -- give me something that is more relateable (I hope to relate to hundreds of thousands someday!). The "Super Flash" is super rewarding when you can get it!
29 days ago
Flash Gordon was the first machine I acquired that needed a little "polishing" to get it going. It was simple enough that I was able to work my way thru the issues and fix several electrical problems (not something Id consider myself good at or comfortable with) and had the game up and running several days after I bought it. I found the game to be tough but fun -- I liked the design with the upper playfield. Great artwork, cool sounds for its day. Ended up selling the machine due to limited space but I still seek FG out at shows when I can because I know "Emperor Ming Awaits. . . "
29 days ago
Ive owned this machine for a few years now. The only complaint i have with it is the lane diverter is notoriously buggy and can be a frustrating road block when you are 'in the zone' on your way to a high score.
29 days ago
Ghostbusters is an advanced level of difficulty. If you are new to pinball, or just dont have a very high skill level in controlling the ball and aiming shots, you will become very frustrated with this machine.
30 days ago
Good playfield layout and great artwork..Alot of things to shoot for as well as an amazing feeling to watch the pop bumpers light up....A blast to play and look at.
30 days ago
Yes, good fun, because all pinball is fun. :) Strikes me as a poor man's Centaur.
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