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Rating #276 of 21 1 month ago
I bought Atlantis because of the rarity and the hype placed upon it from Pinside members. They weren’t wrong. It’s a very cool theme and the artwork is fantastic! The rules are very system 11, which makes the goals easy to understand and the shots are challenging enough to give you that, one-more-game feeling. I love the controlled GI lamps that change color when you lock a ball or get multiball. My ownership of this title was very short lived, only because I basically turned it over to a good friend that has a collection the complements it more; and I still get to play it all the time!
Rating #276 of 21 1 month ago
Sorcerer is all about the artwork! I love the backglass and playfield art, very cool for the era. The 2-ball multiball was fairly easy to get, but I didn’t’ quite understand what to do once I had it… Score more points I guess. The sounds were cool for the first few plays, but then quickly got very repetitive, except for the spinner sounds. Overall, it’s a fun game to own for a while, but I believe it’s focused more on the art than game play. In a small collection, I don’t see this title lasting long.
Rating #276 of 21 1 month ago
Sure Shot was my first EM and it was a beauty! I loved the classic artwork and it looked great in my living room. The rules were simple: hit all the pool ball targets, and then chase the special.
I wouldn’t mind having it back again someday. Good thing I sold it to someone local.
Rating #276 of 21 1 month ago
WipeOut was a fun title for the short time it was in my collection. I do enjoy the Gottlieb system 3s…
This one is rare enough, and being that my first game ever was a bally Hottdoggin, this was the major upgrade of that theme.
The rules were simple and had plenty to shoot for. Perfect pin for a family game room.
I loved the funny call-outs the most. And the main toys (ski lift and ski hill) are really make the game unique. You don’t see this title come up for sale often, but it’s cheap enough and fun enough to give it a shot.
Rating #276 of 21 1 month ago
Elektra is a very complex title for the era! The rules and shots are quite challenging. I love the tri-playfield setup, where the lower playfield is a bonus round when you drain.
I’ve only been able to accomplish the 2-ball multiball a few times. It’s quite exciting, because it’s not easy to hit all the targets in order to enable the locks. I would compare this to the difficulty level of obtaining a multiball on Black Hole.
Love the sounds and voice on the machine or any machine around this era. My favorites are Elektra, Flash Gordon, and Vector with those cool background sounds and voices.
The trouble with this game is finding one with a good upper and lower playfield. The main playfield has a sheet of plexyglass over it, so it’s always good. The upper is a standard Bally finish, so it wears out quickly. I’ve seen the lower PF with and without mylar, but this naturally gets less play.
I can see why this title is a keeper for many collectors.
Rating #276 of 7 1 month ago
The game is a bit simple but the multiball is a lot of fun. Given that it's fairly easy to get a multiball, you get a bit sick of the "alright Mr. President!" audio cue. Still a fun, fast paced game.
Rating #276 of 13 1 month ago
Not a lasting machine, not enough emphasis on objectives, the music should get a 10, it's the Rolling Stones but no, I gave it a low score.

I would say this machine is a medium difficulty pin, it drains too much with the lanes wide open but not enough with them closed. Easy ramps but watch out for Mick, he will SDTM you in a heartbeat.

Music, this is where the pin should have exceeded, has a great license but the soundtrack was poor. I want to hear something out of their top 10, not their less popular songs that hardly anyone recognizes.

The Mick target is unique but annoying. There are three settings, the highest is too much and medium isn't enough movement. Either he is going nuts across the playfield or he is standing still. Furthermore the Mick target was poorly designed and will break in half. They do have a repair kit at Marcos that includes a metal back plate that now protects the top and a new Mick target to replace your broken one.

This pin just doesn't last for me, I think I will at least enjoy it a lot more when I swap the songs.
Rating #276 of 13 1 month ago
I feel like I rated this too high but it really does have amazing art, music and gameplay.

Your experience will be greatly determined by the firmware version and setup.

I have played the new and old firmwares, both machines setup for tournament style play (high tilt, wide lanes).

This is a very challenging machine, it really tests your skills and it's not a good machine for beginners. All the shots are risky, the right ramp is pretty tight. It drains fairly often if the out lanes are wide and the ball has a lot of speed.

I can usually get into a pretty good flow with this machine. Since all the shots are risky, I try to play multi balls and add-a-ball mainly. From the left flipper, kick it up to the electric chair until you get multiball. Then hit the guitar picks for add a ball. The left ramp is very easy to hit, the right ramp takes a little dialing in.

Overall this is a great pin that I keep coming back to because it is so challenging. Ball control with an emphasis on dead bounce passes and post passes is important.

I can't wait to find one of these with tight lanes and some relaxed tilt so I can really enjoy the music.
Rating #276 of 55 28 days ago
played it in reno july .2015 first time,first impresion was fun fast. and smooth it played great play field seemed alittle diffrent than all other machines,wellwalker and barn r good bash toys,ramps r long and smooth ,felt like a s.ritchie game.(j.borg title) it was next to a star trek pro and i played it too and before but i enjoyed w.d way better,so much that i bought a premiumn,all around way better and worth the xtra bucks,the left ramp i not as smooth as is on the pro but if dialed in rt, close to the pro but the premiun is well worth the bicycle bash toy u get to bash on ,xtra magnet,cross bow and way better light show..,i wouldnt b too upset if i had a pro but im am glad i got the premiumn,all in all w.d pro. is great game to play should b closer to top 50 in my opinion
Rating #276 of 51 13 days ago
This game is sooooo ridiculous. Lots of fun going on here. Only thing negative is that the shots are very easy, but this is also satisfying. Not every game needs to be impossible to play through. Callouts are repetitive. The most outstanding feature is when multiball starts with turds flushing and Les Claypool bass jam!!! Makes me smile. HOWDY HO!
Rating #276 of 55 1 month ago
Buccaneer is one of those games that needs to be enjoyed on location.  Collect all the numbers 1 thru 11 via the rollovers or the Spin N Spot feature, then shoot the rollovers beside the spinner for special as many times as you can.  Once you collect a number, you’ve got it for the entire game.  A miss of the spinner makes the ball travel in some very dangerous trajectories—a nudger’s dream (or nightmare, depending on the tilt tightness).  I would probably enjoy the add-a-ball version, Ship Ahoy, more in a home environment.   I really like the art package on this game; the colours really pop.  I have my Buccaneer set up so that the Spin N Spot only lights once every 4 turns of the score motor--collecting all the spots becomes more challenging, and chasing a score becomes a tad more lucrative.  As far as wedgehead rollover games go, this and Golden Arrow are tops in my book.  I may give the edge to Golden Arrow, but it would be a tight race.
Rating #276 of 55 1 month ago
File this one under Operation: Carbon Copy.  Gottlieb took a great game (in Jacks Open), and replicated it using more modern technology.  Not really much difference in layout or rules here.  Same great card playing rules with a few more bleeps and bloops from the sound card.  This game has the same great scoring strategies as its predecessor.  The background tune may annoy some, but I think it adds the right amount of novelty…but only if you are familiar with the original wedgehead.  The playfield gets a pass from me, as I’ve seen much worse, and actually don’t mind the font and card design they chose to decorate it with.  The backglass, however,  is extremely garish, one of the worst from Gottlieb, post-EM.  This wouldn’t have happened on Gord Morison’s watch.  If given the choice between Jacks Open and Jacks to Open, I’d probably lean towards the original EM, but if there were a shortage of those games, and all that could be had was a Jacks to Open, I’d settle for it in an instant.  It’s that good of a game.
Rating #276 of 55 1 month ago
Jacks Open is among the greatest card themed games Gottlieb ever made.  The idea of collecting card hands, one at a time through the drop targets is fantastic.  Resetting the cards after each hand is collected is pretty slick.  Mix in that the top rollovers add sort of a “multiplier” to each target collected and you’ve got a winning formula for scoring.  I’ll never get used to the open wire guides at the ends of the lanes—every time I play this game, I know they are there, and I still try to quick-flip cradle the ball and it ends up dribbling out of play.  The target bank is obvious, and doesn’t leave new players guessing what to shoot for.  The frenzy of collecting the special from that dangerous bank of targets is fun an challenging.   I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m automatically drawn to any Gottlieb game that uses that iconic baby blue colour in the backglass: this game, Volley, Buccaneer.  The playfield art leaves a lot to be desired, but you can only do so much with spades and clubs, right?  A fantastic wedgehead that will be a crowd-pleaser in any collection: easy to understand, with subtle scoring nuances to keep the seasoned players coming back for more.
Rating #276 of 231 1 month ago
I couldn't really get into Data East's Batman. The multiball is pretty damn easy to start, and there wasn't much depth at all to the scoring. As with many other Data East games, the sounds can get repetitive & piss you off after a while.
Rating #276 of 20 1 month ago
A very simple layout that's super addictive and hard to stop playing.
Rating #276 of 14 1 month ago
This pin rocks all the toys fast play and met playing what more could u ask for lighting is top notch let alone all the cool mods you can buy
Rating #276 of 7 1 month ago
This was my first EM. I Was worried but this game provides great satisfaction. The lone pop has great placement and adds to the flow. The drops are located in 4 banks. The lower banks are easily knocked down by slings, errand shots or aimed shots. The upper banks require a bit of luck or the pop or skilled long shots as long as flippers are strong. Theme is great. Cards are a class EM theme and work well with this game. Backglass is unique and timeless. Playfield isn't fancy but has what it needs. Cabinet is basic Card icons and it looks clean. Put this on 5 ball and relax, games can go fast or you can be down to your last ball and have one drop left! That is a great feeling! 2 Thumbs up.
Rating #276 of 24 1 month ago
General shot layout feels much like IronMan without the sizzle. The ball dribbles (off targets) more in this game. Lots of folks love the art...frankly, Metallica and its imagery really aren't my thing. Just not into the whole death/metal theme. Music is painful and a total deal breaker. Of course, if your a fan of Metallica, music will be a major positive for you. Each to his own.
Rating #276 of 18 23 days ago
I will start by saying I am not a Metallica fan at all and that's why I was hesitant about buying this machine. I was wrong in doing so, because this is a top 10 pin for sure. Fast and fun, tons of shots, great rule set and art is very good.
Rating #276 of 156 1 month ago
Played this game twice. First as a prototype during festi flip 2014, then during the EPC in Belgium in Fall 2015.

Game has great flow and is fast for a widebody. Actually the fastest widebody I know. Shots are satisfying. Skill shot is fun. Lighting is cool. The LCD implementation is optimal. Rules are solid, if not ultra deep. The learning curve is actually faster than for some recent sterns. I love the modular PF concept. LE glossy cabinet is nice.

Theme does nothing for me, but I have to admit it is well implemented.
Artwork is decent - it improved since the first release but is still not outstanding. The retro lighting of the cabinet artwork is cool.

Cons: Animations and sounds become repetitive after a while. Some airballs in 2014, far less a year later. A few technical issues.

Overall, a very nice first pin from a new company. Andrew is a nice guy to talk with. The whole team is very friendly and eager to chat.
Rating #276 of 14 1 month ago
A pretty fun pinball game based on of the my favourite movies ever. A bit simple rules but the action is fast and fun and works great in shorter sessions.
Rating #276 of 14 1 month ago
This game seems underrated by many, but I love the theme and gameplay. Really fun!
Rating #276 of 14 1 month ago
Top rated game by many, naturally. It's a well designed super fun theme with top notch sound and humour. But the gameplay is a bit boring as well are the rules. Go for locks and multiball, repeat ramps and bash the UFO. Master it and you will quickly beat this game.
Rating #276 of 14 1 month ago
Really fun. I love Star Trek TNG the show so this is right up my alley. Fun with missions, exploration and action. It really has a nice mystique feeling about it. One of my top favs.
Rating #276 of 14 1 month ago
Excellent theme and well made game but not very fun for me. I always try to give it chance when I run across it but I simply think it's boring. I want to like it.
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