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28 days ago
My #1 favorite game.
Sound, speech, game play, a complete package.
Great game to mod with spinny-Vinny Sparky, coffin and hameer mods.
Best use of cdmd imo.
Only thing that doesn't get a 10 is the cabinet for me.

Otherwise, perfection!!!
28 days ago
Stumbled on this purchase by accident and am really glad I did.
I've had a few Bally games from this era and couldn't get rid of them fast enough usually they have bland soumd and boring game play. Motor Dome will be in my collection for a while.
The ramp is huge and fun to work with the mini flipper. The glass and playfield art is nice to look at and looks great between my High Speed and Black Knight. Music and sound are pretty good for the era. It speeds up with game play. I imagine this pin in a Judas Priest video, it is pure METAL!
I only wish it had a multiball.
28 days ago
Surprisingly fun game that was my fist and for me its a keeper. Looks kinda weird if you are used to Bally Williams but it not a bad cheaper game and is a nice contrast to the others. Easy to work on and reliable but a lot of Gottlieb system 3s seem to have play field wear down near the flippers. The scoring can be a bit unbalanced but this does play fast and fun when given a bit of love. Call outs are funny but do get a bit repetitive.
28 days ago
Freedom is a decent EM game for its time. Nothing too fancy but a fun game to play for a few minutes. The spinner at the top is a fun gimmick and the spinners are really satisfying to hit when they've been powered up.
29 days ago
Ratings are from my doughter who played this game at DPO expo 2017
29 days ago
don't know why, but I'm not the hugest fan of this one. It is ambitious and has stood the test of time, so I suppose I should give it another shot.
29 days ago
I approached this game with a fair amount of skepticism. But after several dozen plays, it's growing on me steadily. I admit to some bias for the theme; I haven't really been a KISS fan since I was a kid, but the nostalgia factor, the music, and the band member personalities are a lot of fun.

The songs available in the game are the right ones, in my opinion. Interestingly, unlike AC/DC for instance, the concepts of the band's songs aren't translated into playfield features. Instead, the songs get DMD animations based on the song concept, and the specialized animations play when you hit the necessary shots to complete the song. (Like in Aerosmith.) Meanwhile, the playfield features are based on the band members' characters and the concept of the KISS ARMY -- an approach that really isn't as good of an option (if at all) for bands like AC/DC and Aerosmith. I think this setup is well executed for this game.
29 days ago
I have a LE edition. Amazing art work. The back glass is real cool. The mods are challenging. Hard as hell. Add a ball is so cool. Multiball is so fun. Hit 1000 corpses right out of the box and since then not once. Music is good. The bass is amazing. Color DMD is so nice. Video mode is fun. Visually a beautiful game. The game play is really fast. I'm mean fast. A real challenge to keep up with multiball. Quite the workout. Overall I am very happy with the game.
I Played the early software version when released It was kinda disappointing But after but after software updates it is a totally different game now !!
I recommend this game !! WOW !!
29 days ago
Great design and music. Easy to service with flip out upper playfield.
29 days ago
This game suffers from some poor art choices with robot players and some rule issues leading to unrealistic runs scored totals etc.
29 days ago
This game does such an amazing job in recreating the movie. The movie is fun and lighthearted with great dialogue and that’s exactly what comes across when playing this wonderful pinball game. So many scenes are recreated. OK, the kids don’t play a role, but otherwise.
Thing coming out of the red box to grab the ball – sure it slows gameplay down, but I enjoy thinking about what people must have thought when seeing that for the first time – and it’s a chance to relax my hands. And Thing is just one of many interactive toys – the moving bookshelves, thing flips, the magnets.
Rulewise you are either collecting mansion rooms (each one kicks off some event – either a timed mode, a frenzy, one of several 2-ball mulitball modes or you get points). While you’re working on this you are working your way towards the main 3-multiball – with the jackpots off the upper flipper – this is always challenging.
29 days ago
This game seems to really get it all right. The words that keep coming to mind are “immersion” and “integration”. “Immersion” because the game together with the large screen in the back box and the smart phone completely pull you in to the game play and never distract – you are in Quantum City. The layout seems new, yet so clever, the use of playfield space so economical. Tucking 3 different targets for the upper flipper (stand ups, a scoop and a ramp) under the left ramp basically leaves a full fan layout to shoot from with the lower flippers.
“Integration” because of how all the features, toys and shots affect game play. Firstly you have the Theatre which depending on what is being shown determines what the shot is – I know of no other game in which one shot has so many different functions. Then there’s the moving target QED – sometimes he’s the target, sometimes he is in the way of the shot you want to make so you have to knock ball to the other flipper or shoot something else. Or sometimes he’s moving so you have to wait till he’s out of the way to make your shot. He’s basically changing the layout of the game, depending on game situation.
Pretty much all the main shots also send the ball to different places depending on situation and/or how hard you hit it – this via diverters, magnets or trapdoors into the subway system. The layout is so flexible, sometimes offering up surprise shots like hitting the phone scoop with the upper flipper.
Then there’s the Sim Card shot. Really really hard to hit directly with the upper flipper when you are trying, but often it just rolls in when the ball is moving around in front of the Theatre when you’re not trying. Reminds me a bit of some EM games which have important shots which are extremely difficult to hit on purpose. Basically you try to keep the ball in play as long as possible and eventually the ball goes in by accident.
Personally I really like the theme and title – and especially that the game is unlicensed. This allowed the creativity of the designers to flourish unfettered and it really shows. From the amazing layout, to the original music to the backbox animations and everything else. The backbox is kind of like a normal lit backbox except the view of the city is changing slightly depending on situation. The game has a lot of tongue and cheek humor – like the anouncers of the disaster modes in the phone or the BOB modes – maybe not all completely cohesive with the main theme, but they are wacky and add to the charm.
29 days ago
One the best pinball machines ever made hands down. Deep rule and tough shots very challenging!
29 days ago
Lots to see and do in AMH. A very deep game that rewards the home user who has time and patience to explore it. The overall theme of a fictional ghost hunting television show is quite weak. The art package isn't very well executed. The backglass is amateur-ish, with even the most basic element--the ghosts--needing to be better conceptualized. To me, there's a difference between kitsch parody done well, and kitsch parody for the sake of kitsch parody. I get that the game is a send-up, but it's trying way too hard. The voice call-outs, while funny at times, seem forced and the dialogue kind of lame. Huge points to Spooky and Ben Heck for pulling off a production game in this day and age, but it's overall feel is that of a homebrew game, and certainly feels out of place in a collection of Stern and WPC games.
29 days ago
Lots of flash and awe here. The game is beautiful with a terrific light show and artwork, and could have the best soundtrack of any pinball game ever made. I'm not really taken with the gameplay though. It seems a stunted and claustrophobic. Pair that with the System 11 "simplicity" of rules, and the game is a bit of a disappointment. The upper "WAR" rollovers seem a bit out of place and clunky for a Steve Ritchie design, but points for originality. I really wanted to like the game, given its appearance and overall theme integration, but every time I'm left disappointed when I get to play it.
29 days ago
Fantastic art package, dreadful game. Any game that relies on TWO vari-targets as its main hook is in big trouble. No drop targets also hurt the design. Gottlieb was showing signs of design exhaustion at this point, and basically allowing Bally to eat up their slice of the market pie. There just isn't any fun awkwardly working up the bonus multipliers and ripping a lit plastic spinner. Not much more to say here, just avoid Gottlieb Dragon.
29 days ago
For home use, this game suffers because all scoring leads to a free game, not points or extra balls.
29 days ago
An average offering in the Gottlieb wedgehead 2-inch flipper series. This is a gobble-hole game which is a bit of a drag in the home environment where the trade-off for losing a ball in order to get a free game isn't as intense as it was back when these games were on location. At least the gobbles are positioned at the far edges of the game, instead of smack in the middle, so they can be avoided, to a certain extent. This is a number collection game, based on rollovers, that can also be collected at the centre split standup target. The centre stand-up "sucker shot" hit it's high watermark with Flipper Clown, but is also used here for decent effect. I'm in the minority when I declare that Roy Parker's artwork isn't all that its cracked up to be, but I don't think he created a more beautiful and appealing playfield, with two pin-up girls set upon a silver checkerboard. Gameplay is average, with an above average art package.
29 days ago
A great licence to land, with an incredible cast of characters, but the design suffers from the setbacks that occurred when Trudeau and Python hooked up in the past: it's an exercise in style over function. In simpler terms, the game looks and sounds great, but it's an incredible drag to actually play. This game should really be a testament to Trudeau's legacy as a pinball designer: his off the wall designs failed more often than they were remembered as timeless. Let the non-pinball Looney Tune memorabilia collectors have this one. It's not suited for a collection of any size. By a wide margin, the worst game built on the System 11 platform.
29 days ago
a 90s classic
30 days ago
Solid first effort, but not a great game, quite clunky playing but has lots of toys. Not to mention the worst theme ever for a pinball machine. Would get a hobbit or wait for the new pirates game if you want a JJP. I would never consider owning one.
30 days ago
The best Star Wars game to date. LED the thing, give it the current home ROM, and pinsound and it's incredible. It's a bargain at current pricing and should only go up. For its day the amount of modes, shots, goals is crazy high. Theme integration at its finest.
30 days ago
Fantastic theme and art ruined by a ridiculously wide flipper gap, cheap drains and not great code.
30 days ago
Arguably the greatest game with a garbage theme. JPOP is a crook but the very fact this game exists and is such a great playing game is testament to his creativity and talent. With a better then this game would be as much $$ as all his other games
30 days ago
I absolutely love this game. There are so many great things about this machine. From the middle shot to the left ram shot, this game is super fun to play. It is definitely challenging and that is what I love about it. It looks really good and sounds good in the process. I would 100% recommend this game.
There are 30960 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 11 of 1239.

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