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Rating #26 of 31 3 hours ago
JP EM is a rare game for sure. The solid state version is good, but loses some nostalgia points with the speeeded up chimes, displays, and no joker face in the middle! Very complicated and heavy game. Gottlieb pushed EM technology to the max with one of their last great efforts here. Avoid the middle targets, instead keep sending the ball back up top to lite the extra ball/double bonus. Buy it, if you can find it!
Rating #26 of 11 14 hours ago
Sorry i really wanted to like this. When I found it on location I was so excited to play it. I tried several games but was not for me. It was just too dark on top, no sure what I was hitting or why. Maybe better for home use so you can play over and over. For me 4 times was enough.
Rating #26 of 15 16 hours ago
Played about 10 games on location. Other than the flashers being seizure inducing, I had a ball with it. The battering ram is a drain monster unless you backhand it, the ramps have a very smooth return, but after being on location for only 2 days the auto plunge couldn't even make it to the pops. Also the advanced selection takes way more than 3 seconds to kick in, however if it was a home game it would be easy enough to turn off.
Rating #26 of 22 16 hours ago
A game that remains "out of reach" for most pinball collectors for more reasons than cost.
It would have been Capcom's greatest pinball success with no doubts.

I have had the opportunity to play (and own) multiple versions of this machine over the past 20+ years, both original prototypes and the remake.
Both types are NEARLY identical in construction.
However, standards of construction are less than a standard Bally/Williams game, but not poor by any means.

New pinball enthusiasts generally are let down by the game, as they think it is some "holy grail of pinball" which it is NOT.

Overall, a solid effort with a colorful playfield, unique theme, and above average playfield shots. The DMD animations and sound calls are the true standouts of the game, not the "tube dancer".

If you like this game, but cannot afford it, go buy a Pinball Magic. It is just as good, and 3x the quality of Theatre of Magic.

Anybody that says this game is worth $20k based on "bang for the buck" or a "perfect 10" should be locked up and have their head examined however.
Rating #26 of 14 1 day ago
Wonderful symmetrical EM pin.
Rating #26 of 14 1 day ago
One of the best for newer pins.
Rating #26 of 22 4 hours ago
Not an innovative pinball machine, but still fun to play.
MANY features have been reused from other pinball machine titles in the past long before Metallica.
Good use of LEDS for a colorful light show and effects.
Fun variety of shots and gimmicks.
Excellent quality original hand drawn artwork that does not use photo screen scanning (for all but one version translite), a huge benefit via creative use of the Metallica license.

I really enjoy watching Sparky animations and the "electrocution".

Ruleset for depth of play is below average as it all focuses around different modes of multiball and not much else. Basically, "keep playing until multiball starts". Not a large amount strategy other than scoring. MB stacking does not seem possible with everything based on current software.

Sound calls are entertaining and appropriate.
Music is repetitive, but only grating if you do not like the band.

There are too many hillbilly Stern fanboys on Pinside with ZERO historical pinball design and development knowledge to properly adjust the rating of this machine.
It is NOT a "10/10" in any shape of form.
Best used to augment an existing collection.
Stern's factory quality control in manufacturing remains suspect.

If you are going to be serious about this machine, the Premium version WITH SHAKER MOTOR and latest corrected software is the only way to go.
Be prepared to make adjustments and corrections out of the box, new owners, this is NORMAL.
Rating #26 of 8 1 day ago
A fantastic theme integration. Fun shots and great gameplay. Sound package is surprisingly good. Striker the World Cup Pup is cheesy, but not a deal breaker. Ramps have JPOP feel. The whole package.
Rating #26 of 71 1 day ago
Another game where my score doesn't reflect how much I really enjoy it! I really dug this rare(ish) Gottlieb.

The playfield is quite open and there's tons to shoot for. I also really dug the theme; reminds of Wizards and Warriors for some reason. It plays well, looks great, and like all the system 80a pins, sounds like a Sega Genesis (in an awesome way). Feels a lot like an EM game with a ramp!

If you see this pin, play it! If it's for sale cheap, buy it. Fun one that rates low, but shouldn't.
Rating #26 of 71 1 day ago
So everyone all of a sudden loves SoF, but is it really as good as the hype says? While I won't speak for all, I didn't find it to be worthy of the hype. Yes, it's a very cool layout and the sounds are pretty rad, but gameplay itself just didn't do it for me. After a few games, I was ready to move on. Another "cool to play at someone else's house" pin for me. Now, when the game could be found for under a grand, sure! After all the "LIONMAN" posts though, good luck snagging one cheap.

The little trails in the game are cool (esp the cave), but I felt like there just wasn't enough to shoot for. Wanted it to be better, but just found myself bored. Maybe I need more time on this deck; maybe it's overhyped.
Rating #26 of 71 1 day ago
This game is right where it should be: around the 200 mark. Not a great game, but a cool one from Gottlieb. Very odd layout that actually plays well. The best part about this pin is the sound. Of course, everyone dogs the trans but the game itself isn't too bad. Don't think I'd want to own one but fun to play when it's at someone else's house. ;)
Rating #26 of 30 3 days ago
another under rated system 11 game. I think the biggest issue with mousin around is few have played it due to low production numbers.
find one when and where you can and play it.
Rating #26 of 14 3 days ago
for an EM lover like me, this table was SPECTACULAR!!!
Rating #26 of 17 3 days ago
People say this is an easy game, and it us in many respects, except for completing the spider wheel, that's a very tough feat. Overall, this is a really fun pin, gopround breaking (think destroy the ring in LOTR), it's a fantastic theme, great lighting and callouts and the epitome of what 90s pins were all about. It's a topb10 game for me.
Rating #26 of 7 3 days ago
not a bad pinball,there is a lot of thing to do
too slow in the beginning of the game but better when you far in game
Rating #26 of 22 3 days ago
I read so many reviews about this game and glad I did not listen. I am with some of the guys that are recently catching onto this title and give it positive comments. The only good thing about the negative comments is that I was able to get one at a reasonable price. What a fun game - animations are awesome, and really look forward to installing a color DMD into this one as it will fit the theme as Simpsons does with the DMD - cartoon theme. Don't let those comments about the upper play field steer you away from this one ... it is ABSOLUTELY NOT as bad as some say it is, and doesn't even come into play as a complaint of mine at all ... I mean there is a window you can see the roll over lanes just fine, and the upper play field covers the pop bumpers - so what. I love the play on the upper play field, very cool and challenging. I also like the rules, and so much more to this then just collecting the animals. Do folks even care to give this title a change?!

I was just trying to figure out what I would change in this game looking at the negative reviews. The upper play field is a cool idea, and wouldn't change this. Honestly, the left blue ramp is more annoying and wish they would of made this transparent/blue so you can at least so the play field through it. Wish there were more call outs, but once you get to play the game it's pretty obvious so not a huge deal there.

If you're looking for something as a cartoon theme and grew up watching popeye, you really cannot go wrong. I've paid more money for the newer sterns like TRON and AVATAR LE and I hate to say this but Popeye blows them away :-)
Rating #26 of 25 3 days ago
This is one of the best all-around pins of all-time - a game for both novice and expert, young and old. Pure fun. This was Pat Lawlor's response to being a little too esoteric and over-the-top with TZ... There is a lot of his best designs in this game... Whirlwind (spinning disk); TAF (speed and flow)... Perhaps the most unique (and hardest) shot in all of pinball - the hole-in-one. The Zaidico themed music is one of the best tracks of all time. Only 2k made. If you can get your hands on one of these, do not hesitate.
Rating #26 of 42 3 days ago
What a game! Rules are way deep.
Very hard to come into it at The beginning, was even ready to sell or trade it and finally after having assimilated to The rules as and it appears that this game is a pure adrénaline rush.
My only grip is the bland soundtrack and callouts, could have been better so far.
I like combos pinball machine, tough but rewarding shots.
Rating #26 of 11 3 days ago
7 Drops with some targets creating a risk shot. Get the numbered roll overs for higher scoring.
Rating #26 of 20 4 days ago
I can't really put my finger on why I like this game so much. From the outside looking in, it seems like it's just another run-of-the-mill game from the 80's. In a sense, it is. But that seems to be what makes it so fun. The game is so tacky looking that it seems as though it's a playable time capsule. After the first time I played it, I made it my goal to find one for my collection. It isn't terribly deep, but the shots are challenging enough to be continuously rewarding. I think this is one of the best Data East machines. And the backglass is so awful that it circles back around to wonderful!
Rating #26 of 38 4 days ago
I had the chance to play the Pro next to the LE.

The game overall is very good with nice ramp shots.

In my opinion the playfield of the LE/Premium is too much overcrowded.

The miniplayfield takes away the sight so you can't see where the ball returns back from the lanes. The throne on the right side takes away the sight to the skillshot in the pop bumper return lanes.

The kickback of the dragon does not feel like it comes directly from the dragon. This works much better on the Pro version.

The cabinet of the LE with the dragon looks much better than the Pro. I do not like the art of the backglass.

I prefer the Pro version for playability and fun.
Rating #26 of 16 4 days ago
Fun game to get into but it's quickly lost it's difficulty as the ball times seem to be so long.
Rating #26 of 46 5 days ago
Seems pretty well planned out. Lots of things to do.
Rating #26 of 23 5 days ago
Ok, this is going to be fairly long, but here is my review of AMH after owning it for a 6+ months. The game itself is very fun to play especially at the beginning, but over time there are issues that arise that keep it from attaining a better rating.

Construction--the game is pretty well put together from a cabinet standpoint and playfield standpoint. However, from a 'maintenance' standpoint, this game is going to be a lot more work than your new Stern game. You can expect to be pulling off the glass for a stuck ball or something fairly regularly. I had a servo go out almost immediately, broken link, etc.

Rules--This is where the game had issues for me over time, at least for my taste. Once you get fairly decent at the game, it is almost inevitable that you start Hotel and Doctor modes almost every game, while things like Theater ghost never get played. This turns the game into being very repetitive after a while, even with the funny lines it just gets old. You can try and aim for the other shots, but the level of difficulty is way harder on the pop bumper modes and jump ramp, so even if you try for them you most likely will end up loosing your ball before you make it (or end up starting one of the other modes accidentally). Then there's the right kickout, which is kind of a mess for everyone it seems, down the middle from that happens all the time...which isn't bad because it saves it, but occasionally it will bounce around and exceed the timer, causing a lost ball via engineering defect every few games.

When you complete a ghost mode shot, then the shot kind of becomes useless from then on except for in other ghost modes. This is also kind of a bummer.

The modes themselves are fun and varied, which is great. It's just the frequency of certain ones vs others that kills it. It would kind of be like on AC/DC where you have 12 songs but it's setup so you only hear 2 of them in 90% of your games...I may like those songs, but it would be nice to not have to play them every game when there are others that are just as good.

Lighting was good. Sound in some aspects is good, other aspects not so good. There are some volume issues sometimes. The lines themselves are great, the only one that gets really repetitive is the ball save one since it gets shot down the drain so many times by the right kickout.

Basically, in summary, the game is fun and a good change of pace. If you're expecting it to be better than your average Stern pro game gameplay wise, it probably isn't going to beat most of them after the initial couple hundred plays because of the modes, and is going to require more upkeep. It does have a lot more charm and comedy than any Stern I've played though, which is great.
Rating #26 of 22 5 days ago
This is one of those games that has a "love and hate" relationship from collectors versus players.
New players HATE the game, because it can be a brutal SDTM.
Outstanding art package.
Excellent sounds and voice calls.
Superb theme.
Decent flow and shots.
VERY DIFFICULT to achieve jackpots.
The real problem is it is another "drain monster". (Pun intended)
Ball control is essential or you never see the creature.
Learn to shoot the whirlpool ramp!
Additionally, multiball can be anti-climatic because it can be over in literally less than 10 seconds, requiring you to start ALL OVER AGAIN for the build up, and it is a lot of work to get everything set.
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