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“Fun game and properly done looks amazing, good music and SFX but not very deep. I think its highly under rated. If you can find one and its working great in a larger collection.”

  • Hazoff currently owns this game.

  • “For a stern this game has great artwork and just looks awesome. The rules are well put together and the game has a ton of shots. Maybe 2 many shots as they are so tight it's really hard to consistently hit your targets. The wolverine bash toy issues have been beaten to death. Yes it's to big and blocks to much. I love the physical ball lock under magneto and the nightcrawler pop ups are a nice addition. This game truely has it all. Just be prepared that the shots are really tight. Overall a really nice change of pace for Borg on this design.”

    “This is a great concept - but in execution, it unfortunately falls short... The game relies on essentially a gimmick that doesn't really work, and therefore makes this game pretty unplayable after a couple turns.”

    “This game, the perrenial number one here, is a worthy choice. It has the depth and speed of the best games - but what separates it is the sound. The humerous callouts (channeling Monty Python, Valley Girls, and anything else that parodies the genre) are as good as it gets. Once you get rolling, there may not be a more fun game. TZ has better artwork, toys and a more interesting Lawlor layout - but doesn't deliver quite the pow of MM. That being said, it would be easy to argue that there are about 15 titles that could be "number one" in pinball.”

    “One of the more creative playfields i've played. Shadow is a blast. I love the mini playfield and the diverter options. People are ashamed of the backglass but I would just leave it alone. I love "ugly" themes and bad ass pinball and this one is a killer.”

  • AsaiDDT has this game on the wishlist.

  • “Love it. Green mode is cool and the light show is amazing, music and SFX are all good.”

  • Hazoff currently owns this game.

  • “Really cool game. I love the layout of the playfield and everthing just feels smooth. Nice shots. I have no problem with the theme at all. Nevermind if the film was good or bad. This pinball does a great job capturing that jungle vibe with all the sounds and animations. Bad ass pinball.”

  • AsaiDDT has this game on the wishlist.

  • “Road Show is a fantastic game, although I found myself unsure of what to shoot for, I still had a lot of fun. Definitely want to play it again. Personally, I find it to be more fun than games like Addams Family and Funhouse. I love the road construction theme and the game does a great job translating it into a great game. I love the music and call outs and i'm not a country guy. I would love to own one someday.”

    “Disappointed. This game plays slow, the angles are poorly conceived... I wanted to like this.”

    “There's a strong argument that this should be a Top Five game... The theming, artwork, music, game design and play are superb.”

    “I like the theme, but this game is just sooo bad.”

    “I sold my very nice Abra Ca Dabra, and the day I was delivering it I got a call about a Strange World. I had told the owner about a year ago that I was really interested, and he remembered and called me! I was trying to pare down my EM collection, but I couldn't resist.

    I'm biased toward games with odd asymmetrical layouts and great artwork; my favorite game of all time is Game Plan's Andromeda. I got to play Strange World recently at an art show in Toronto, and that cemented my opinion of it: I wanted one! Though the rules are simple, the game play and art are outstanding. I'll update this review after owning mine for 3-6 months, but I think it will be a keeper.”

    “You can basically just hit the ball anywhere to score and the saucer is repetitive boredom, also talking about scores they are ridiculously high, other than that the sound and lights make it seem half decent.”

    “Take down the monkeys!!!

    My first EM, and a revolution of sorts for me. Though I always had an appreciation for the beauty, and simplicity or EMs, I never thought I'd want to own one.

    This game is a wonderful palette cleanser between white knuckle modern DMD (and LCD) games.

    Chimes are beautiful. Playfield colours are sweet. If you get a chance, get your hands on a Jungle Queen.”

  • MapleSyrup currently owns this game.

  • “I have had this game for around 8 months now and play it almost daily!! It is just fantastic. I used to be a huge BW fan and this game makes the BW games look like clunky old turds. It is fast and furious and engaging.

    The layout is so fantastic - the ramps and orbits are buttery smooth with nice tight shots and really punish low accuracy
    The rules are very simple and any average player can start trying to turn out huge scores almost immediately
    I have the VE and initially I wasn't a big fan of the super bright LEDs in the GI, but over time I"ve grown to love them and it makes every other game looks yellow and garish
    I enjoy the one ball exponential points from achieving do or die. These rules remind me of a throwback to games like Taxi where you had one ball to achieve it all
    Stackability of the whiplash and war machine multi balls is great as well as the iron man fast/double scoring
    The music is so intense and the callouts are from the actual actors
    So much more

    My only qualm is that I think the iron monger comes up much too frequently

    Overall I see myself keeping this game for along time.”

  • fattdirk currently owns this game.

  • “I borrowed one of these in really nice condition from a fellow pinhead. I couldn't get rid of it fast enough. The game is such an incredible bore. I don't get what people see in it. I tend to like all eras of games, especially early SS, but this title didn't click with me.

    One of the most amazing backglass art packages. Absolutely gorgeous.
    The layout is really cool and really flings the ball wildly around the playfield.
    Love the double flipper layout at the bottom
    Sounds are really well done and match the theme very well
    The multiball is so hard to get and when you do it tends to drain super quick
    I hate how you lose your ball if you don't drop the targets on the lower PF. I think this is just super cheap.

    Overall I just find the game to be like a hot girl with no personality. It looks really pretty but deep inside it's just an empty box.”

    “Classic game. Simple rule set, impossible to master.”

    “Great game and some tricky little shots, nice long ramp shot on the left, good mini playfield adds a good touch, I like the playfield art it should be rated higher in the top 100, but I believe its due to the theme although I love it, (awesome nostalgia if your a wwf/wwe fan).”

  • Mato currently owns this game.

  • “An ok game. You really need to like NASCAR to love this one. The way the ball loops around is really cool.”

    “Fun pin. The magnets add a bit of excitement, as does the huge multiball (which is not that hard to get). I'm not sure about replay value. Can't stand the Crystal Skull theme.”

    “Really fun. Well made. I could go on all day. The only bad would be there is a lot to keep working. Stay away if you have Coulrophobia.”

    “Great EM if you love drop targets. Attractive art. Good replay.”

  • jayway1982 currently owns this game.

  • “All around good game. After playing one dozens of times, it's grown on me. Well made for the times, especially the sound. Few annoying features. Fast to learn, long to master. Girls love it. Skill shot is one of the best made. Great theme. Pink cabinet art is probably the worst part. The two part head makes it hard to work on.”

  • jayway1982 currently owns this game.

  • “finally got one and got to put some serious hours into playing it and I can't get enough. Sooo many different modes and things to do. This has quickly become my favorite pin I've ever played.”

  • hatrick20 currently owns this game.

  • “I really enjoyed this game when it came out in 1994, played it a lot on location, I still enjoy it today. It has a unique feel.”

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