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Rating #26 of 9 1 hour ago
I found this game to be just boring, as much as i am an acdc fan...will not be able to bring this one in as much as the music wants me to.
Rating #26 of 29 1 hour ago
Fairly good use of the theme. Art package, sounds, and playfield are all tied together nicely. Shots are tight. And game play is challenging. Light show is nice, and the Spike system is interesting. New code is decent enough, and I personally enjoy the layout. Think it gets beat up due to theme.
Rating #26 of 127 2 hours ago
Could have been great but some serious design flaws kept it down. 20 drop targets, 2 bumper and and bunch of kick-out holes should make for a fun combination if it wasn't for the poor layout and 2 inch flippers. The stand-up targets in the center block any direct shot to the upper playfield, so the vast majority of the game happens in the lower 1/3 of the field which really isn't all that much fun. Too bad, this one had a lot of the ingredients to be really great.
Rating #26 of 15 17 hours ago
I didn't think this game was going to be good. I loved it! Great gameplay and cool execution of the soccer theme. I love the assist feature and the goalie/goal scoring toys. I want to get this one in my collection. The backglass looks terrible with that stupid looking dog, and probably doesnt get rated as good as it should because of it.
Rating #26 of 15 17 hours ago
Fun game with lots of cool features. Upper playfield is blast! The lane switching is a cool feature. The playfield has so much variety and shots to hit. Great game. I would want to own this one!
Rating #26 of 15 17 hours ago
Fun game to play. Great concept. Really neat pin with the video overlay. The game was really dark and my eyes were starting to strain pretty quickly. Artwork was cool and interacting with the screen was a lot of fun.
Rating #26 of 15 17 hours ago
I thought I wasn't going to like this one but it surprised me! The ramps are a blast to hit. Artwork is great. Gameplay was fun. The sounds and music seemed at little weak. There are no toys aside from the cool locking mech! I would like this one in my collection
Rating #26 of 15 19 hours ago
This is a tougher review. This game gets full marks on sound, animations, music, quality. The animations and video is so polished, playing the game reminds me of a high end VLT in vegas when you unlock special modes. Just excellent design. Ruleset was incredibly deep.

The machine I played was on location and the flippers seemed a little weak, and the pop-ups were changing the direction of the ball, so I think this game needs to be tweak a little. Super impressed overall!
Rating #26 of 15 19 hours ago
Really good sounds, play field layout, modes to complete. The subways/tunnels are cool. Thing toy is neat.
Rating #26 of 84 1 day ago
Looks nice and played good for a companies first machine.
Rating #26 of 15 1 day ago
Didn't like it at all when it came out. UNTIL I got to play it a lot at a friends place. It really grew on my and I had to own one asap. It brought real change to my collection.
Rating #26 of 10 1 day ago
Never had a chance to put any time on this machine before. I came into playing this with zero expectations or notions.
I fell in love with it!!!
Started off with cpu code 1.02. Had a few games on it. It was good. Upgraded to 3.02. WOW What a difference!!!! Smoother feeling. callouts and music really make it awesome!!
I have twenty machines . Not everything I fall in love with. Challenging. I want to play it over and over.
Rating #26 of 19 1 day ago
- artwork is outstanding. i love the hand-drawn stuff.
- love the metal ramps.
- great flow. very smooth.
- nice rules. lots to do. game does not get stale fast.

- not a fan of the band. i know this is subjective, but hey that's what rating a game is about. sorry.
- very cheap in terms of toys and mechs. a pin needs more than just a bobble head.
- shot layout is as vanilla as a layout can be. no weird or original shots at all. i feel like if there was ever a "default" to start from when designing a game, this would be it. cmon, add some flavor!

one of Stern's best, and a very fun game, but not quite a top tier pin because of the pedestrian shot layout and the lack of interactive toys.
Rating #26 of 31 1 day ago
I wanted to like this own as it was on my "maybe" wishlist. I don't like how much space the "upper level" takes up. The wavy ramps are kind of cool, the theme is "ok", but after a couple of games, it just is not that entertaining to me. The key shots seem repetitive and I didn't see a lot of depth to the gameplay. It may have been good compared to other pins at the time it was first released.
Rating #26 of 17 1 day ago
My favorite game of it's era. I'm havlooking no ne restored now and plan to keep it.
Rating #26 of 18 1 day ago
I always find myself coming back to this one. Would love to own it someday. Really fun, quirky game. The secret hideout shot is very satisfying. If you see one on location, give it a try. You might just enjoy it.
Rating #26 of 84 2 days ago
First new machine. Plays fast, lots of kickers. Very busy game, lots to do. Will update.
Rating #26 of 114 3 days ago
Another Gottlieb "should of, could of" game. Compared to NGG of around the same era, this game is ultra bad. The layout is terrible and you never get any good flow going. The shots are boring and weird. He art is meh, sounds are meh, animations are meh. The only thing I really dig was the gopher topper, which still should have been better designed than how it was. Premiere, you guys just pumped out games too fast and didn't take the time to let your designers TWEAK your games to perfection! Bummer.
Rating #26 of 114 3 days ago
Street Fighter 2: how could anyone possibly screw up this license?? Truth be told, this pin gets a lot of flak here on Pinside and I don't think it's that bad. No, it's not nearly as good as it could and should have been, but how can you fault the designers when Gottlieb was forcing them to pump games out to market so fast (with no code revisions allowed!)?? I digress.

SF2 is a pretty easy game; great for newbies and young players. It's. It's not hard to beat all opponents and end up in the "wizard mode." There's some interesting shots and the whole theme/art/sound is well-known. The game instantly feels "familiar."

Sadly, like so many other Gottliebs of this era, the game just falls flat. It doesn't feel like a quality game, the shots are meh, the artwork terrible (again, how do you screw this up?!), and the animations atrocious. While probably one of the better Premiere decks from this era, that's not saying much. Could of, should of...
Rating #26 of 114 3 days ago
Another letdown from the once great pinball manufacturer Gottlieb. While I'd take this game over Freddy any day, it's still just a poor design with a license attached to it, rushed to market. The layout is awful, the art atrocious, and it plays like Mariah Carey on New Years Eve. What should be a really unique, fun approach to pinball (like Gomez's "NBA" game), just falls completely flat. Bummer.
Rating #26 of 114 3 days ago
Raven really isn't all that bad. Obviously the art sucks but once you get past that, it's a nice Trudeau layout! To be honest, it's a brutally hard game! There's many close up shots that will send your ball SDTM. Additionally, the sniper pop-ups (yes, a la Medieval Madness!) will knock your r ball right back at you incredibly fast. While this game is not multiball, don't let that deter you (personally, I think this game is the perfect game for a returns project), this deck is a FUN one. Play on!
Rating #26 of 11 3 days ago
This is a truly great EM, and a wonderful entry-level game to play for non-pinheads. That's because it's so damned easy that you really should set it to 3 balls. Any experienced player on a 5-ball game won't have many challenges playing this. You'll rack up free games by the truckload and find yourself just trying to make it to 300,000 consistently. That's why I dinged it a bit on replay value: it's just too easy. Artwork is glorious, and the fun in playing this is learning how to bank balls to make shots you wouldn't think could be made. Great game all around.
Rating #26 of 735 3 days ago
Batman 66' is the newest game from stern featuring their new platform.

The Pros:
This game looks, sounds and feels GREAT! While the design is pretty much the old Batman with the upper left hand side of the PF redesigned,it is very well done. The toys interact very well and the different angles of the bash toys at the top of the game mean that the same shots give very different results. Multiball is king, but these rules are in an un-refined state. Still lots of fun to play. This game feels great. Stacking multiballs with major villians is great and where I found my biggest scores. I like this layout better than the original batman. The ramp toy and dead space in the center of the PF are gone now. The music is spot on and this game would be perfect in a tiki room!

The Cons:
While I enjoy the rotating platform that features a rotating platform within it, I just see technical issues and problems in the long run with wear and reliability. The premium is the old pro. Is it just me, or did I not see a wizard mode yet? Only time will tell as I get to know the game better and more updates are released! I had more than a few airballs off the left ramp to the back and right hand side of the game. Those ramp trails have to be habitualized!

The Takeaway:
I thought that The Big Lebowski did a great job of integrating a licensed theme into a pinball game. Stern just stepped it up a notch. Yes... Stern has done a great job with this table. Now, I didn't get a chance to play the LE, but I did get to see one and it looks absolutely stellar! I look forward to seeing more games like this from Stern. Keep up the awesome work guys!

na-na-na-na... na-na-na-na... PINBALL!
Rating #26 of 84 3 days ago
I like kiss, just not this machine. Looks and feels cheep.
Rating #26 of 10 4 days ago
great great classic stern game. i feel lucky to have a very nice example. I have 15 games in my gameroom. we usually spend 4 to 5 hours playing...3 nights a week. we play 5 to 6 pins every night. catacomb is always one of them. If you go look at my current and past collection and it will give you a better impression of my regard for this game.
There are 28304 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 1 of 1133.

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