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Rating #26 of 47 11 hours ago

Iraq can only dream of a bomb like this machine.


- Admittedly interesting layout with a moving basket and a vari-target. Be sure to get the 5 hidden features for 1 billion!

- Gottlieb did a terrible job in quality control on this machine, so you won't see it on location much.


- SHOOT THE SPINNER! SHOOT THE SPINNER! SHOOT THE SPINNER! Sound on this machine could be the worst of all time, barely beating out "EVERYBODY UNDERGROUND NOW!".

- Basket bounces are random and score more points than anything else.

- Terrible artwork... Shaq on the backglass looks more like a giant Tootsie Roll than a basketball player

- A true turd chopper, if there ever was one.

- Shoot the announcer!

Rating #26 of 47 11 hours ago


- Surprisingly deep ruleset in both pinball and board game modes.

- DMD animations match perfectly with the shots.

- Magic Token is an innovative idea that sadly never caught on. :(

- Drop targets! :D


- Missed shots can make the game end really quickly.

- Hard to find tokens won in dark bars.

- Candy 2000 can get really annoying sometimes.

- Cellar shots when the target is all the way back can sometimes brick right back out.

- Flippers are useless unless they're at full power.

Rating #26 of 27 11 hours ago

Another game I was surprised with the fun factor, but there are a couple of clunky elements to the game. Regardless I would like to own one someday.

Rating #26 of 27 11 hours ago

Almost didn't play this one when I passed by it, but I always hear such great things. Had a ton of fun playing it, not sure that the cost justifies ownership but I really like the game itself.

Rating #26 of 27 11 hours ago

When I first walked up to this game I thought, dang that is a lot of toys for the time period. It could have been the game that I played, but it felt a little clunky and was hard to get into a rhythm. If I were to buy one, it would likely be because of the theme, less because of the game itself.

Rating #26 of 27 11 hours ago

One of the best examples of theme integration I've had the pleasure of playing. I easily immersed myself into the theme and really enjoyed it.

Rating #26 of 27 11 hours ago

Not a huge fan of this game. If I found it on location as the only pinball, I would probably pass.

Rating #26 of 27 11 hours ago

Could use a deeper ruleset, but I still love the game. I have played it for hours on end, always trying to max out the stiff-o-meter! I hope to have one of these some day.

Rating #26 of 27 11 hours ago

My hopes may have been too high going into this one because I love AFM. While the Pinball 2000 display is cool, it is absolutely a gimmick. I hate the way the upper playfield is essentially invisible because of the video, and sacrifices playability in order to provide excellent animations and video. Very similar to AFM's layout and toys, but pinball 2000 ruined it for me.

Rating #26 of 27 11 hours ago

There isn't a lot to this game, and I can definitely see a few parallels between this game and metallica. The captive ball, the "fuel like" lane on the left hand side. The layout is very similar as well, especially on the right hand side. Maybe it's because I didn't expect much going in, but I was surprised how fun the game was. I don't think I would ever own one, but I would happily drop a few bucks in one.

Rating #26 of 27 11 hours ago

I love this game, and have had the opportunity to play two different machines. While it can get a bit repetitive, I still enjoy it. I think the ruleset could be a little bit deeper, but it is still challenging to complete all the modes.

Rating #26 of 27 11 hours ago

I do like this game, but without getting a decent amount of time in or watching a tutorial it's hard to know how to rack up points. If you are new to the game, longs balls can sometimes end up in surprisingly low scores. It is easy however to get immersed in the theming and music/sound integration. Making the ring shot at the right time is always cool, but that balrog toy is a drain maker.

Rating #26 of 27 12 hours ago

I own a metallica pro, and while I think the cross rising out of the playfield and the hammer are cool additions to the game after having played one in person I don't think I could ever justify the cost of the premium/LE for them. I actually think the gameplay is slowed a bit too much in the non-pro versions because of the toys, but it is a cool machine none the less.

Rating #26 of 27 12 hours ago

Was able to play a good condition MM original, and I do think the game plays well, and in some aspects rates high but in terms of lastability and fun factor I just don't get it. How many times can you bash the castle before you get bored?

Rating #26 of 27 12 hours ago

I was pleasantly surprised by this one, I actually caught myself giggling while playing the stewie pinball.

Rating #26 of 27 12 hours ago

I'm not sure why people hate on this game so much. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, really like the train going back and forth and shooting up the drop target pop-up bad guys.

Rating #26 of 27 12 hours ago

Was surprised how much fun this game is, I don't know that I would ever justify having one in my collection but it was fun.

Rating #26 of 27 12 hours ago

I was able to play one of these in person while on vacation, and until then have only played it on virtual pinball. I love this game, definitely interested to see if a remake is on the way or not and what the market does.

Rating #26 of 23 21 hours ago

Extremely unique and creative effort from Pat Lawlor... And a lot of fun. Not sure I'd pay the expensive "going rate" to own one, but would always leap at the chance to play if spotted in the wild.

Rating #26 of 13 1 day ago

Underrated game IMO. Really fun and a good addition to the collection. My only real complaint is the wide range of musical styles in the game, everything from heavy metal to hillbilly with smooth jazz thrown in too.

Rating #26 of 28 1 day ago

I prefer 3" flipper EMs from the 70s, but I gotta say, this one delivers. If set up properly, can be a fast and fun game for this era-one of the best.

Rating #26 of 22 1 day ago

It's an interesting and fun game for awhile, but it is not a keeper for me.

Sounds/lights/dots are some of the best ever, non pinheads & your lady will eat it up so on that end it's a good pin to own. But play wise, it does get old, and it gets annoying. Super heavy on locking in a good jackpot score and then just jackpot city...too many jackpots. All the little things like exploring the sewer, collecting equipment, that all sounds great but it isn't integrated well enough in the scoring to make it worth the time. And that's not even going into being able to bet all your points in roulette which, again, doesn't work as well as you think it will. Mechanically it's a bit of a bear to deal with because of the reels, and the constant abuse the center ramp takes which cannot be replaced anymore. It's a fun one for awhile, and I really wanted to love it, but I put up a huge score on it one night and literally never had any want/need to play it again after.

Rating #26 of 9 1 day ago

Xmen is a game with tons of tight shots and a really cool layout. The artwork on the cabinet and backglass are exactly what you'd expect as a fan of Xmen, although the playfield is a little lacking. It takes a beating from pinsiders when it comes to the voicework and I have to say I agree. If you can overlook the sounds it is a great game. There are a lot of shots to shoot for and the modes seem to be varied nicely with player control over what mode plays next. Since there are so many shots some of them are pretty tight. This seems to lead to either a really satisfying experience or complete frustartion depending on how well you are playing at the time. I really enjoyed this game during the 6 months or so that I owned it. Only reason I got rid of it was because someone approached me about it and offered me a trade.

Bottom line is that it's a fun game with a lot going on. Magneto and Wolverine throwing the balls around keep things interested. Unique combos and shots keep the replay value high. Gambit hurry up is one of the most satisfying shots I have ever seen in a pinball machine.

Rating #26 of 19 2 days ago

I try hard to love the underdogs of the pinball world, but Raven has fallen flat for me. The first time I shot for the orbits to get the rollovers done to lower the ramp, then made that ramp... and scored only 50k... well, my heart drooped. That was it? That was the big reward?

The key shot is going over the inlanes to light the spinner for 10k a spin momentarily.

So many standup targets, you'd think it'd be more interesting to shoot at all 10? In the end the sniper modes tend to be more tedious than anything, and at first I had such high hopes for them.

Props to the developers for having so many rules controlled via the dipswitches, but even with them I couldn't find an intriguing ruleset that made the game more fun.

With a modern CPU and new programming this game could ACTUALLY be tonnes of fun. My mind spins with the clever rules one could theoretically put in place. Progress saved between balls! Completed standup banks build rewards! Better ramp utilization! Pops modes!

But alas, we are currently stuck with what we have, and it's just not that great.

Rating #26 of 14 2 days ago

I had heard a lot of negative comments about this game with the original code so I was not expecting much when I had to play it at a recent tournament. I must say that I was blown away! The theme is integrated so well into this machine. Killing zombies and working through the modes make you feel as if you are part of the walking dead tv show. I played about a dozen games at the tournament and had to pick up a pro myself after. The game makes you keep coming back for more and I know the code still has a major update coming. There is an amazing variety of shots. The sound effects and music really get intense. Of course the DMD animations are violent but that adds to the realism of the theme.

I believe everyone needs to give this game a chance. It is so different from all the recent rock music pins (AcDc , MET, KISS) and I find that very refreshing. I played my MET every day since I bought it until TWD arrived. Perhaps still in the honeymoon phase but time will tell. I like it more and more each play right now.

There are 23006 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 1 of 921.

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