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“Finally got to spend some time on this one today, its a great machine like nothing I have ever played before, this is really a players game, you have to be aware of whats going on on the playfield, the skill shot is great and really important to get to get the hurry up going to cash in, like others said its very important to nudge and get your shots on point, its definatly not the the sort of game you want to shoot on the fly an hope for the best it will get you no where. The game is very true to the theme an like the contestants on the game show you need to think of your next move, drops are very important because you need your free spins because the ball drains a lot, The playfield is very pretty and colourful, but the backglass and cab art leaves a lot to be desired. This game suits collectors because its a game you wish you could have on hand because theres not to many around. If you like the show, im sure you will like this game, its a player!!!!!!!”

“Very fun and quick game with many tight ramp shots and the Sandman right in the middle. Graphics on DMD are great. Game is well lit with no dark or hidden spots. Just an all around nice Stern layout.”

“Ok, first off - disclaimer - this is the only pin I have bought more than once. With that being said, it is easily my biggest guilty pleasure.

There is something very open about JM's playfield layout. Yeah, the left ramp is right there, but it is a sure shot and very valuable during modes or for working up to Yakuza Strike. The right ramp is much farther up the playfield, but it is a very smooth and simply 2 way ramp combo from left to right or vice versa. It just works and feels great.

The orbitals are a bit tougher to hit with solid consistency. The right orbital isn't so bad, but the left orbital is a bit of a tougher shot to make with precision. It is possible to hit it from a backhand off the left flipper, but it can be risky.

Modes on the game are well varied and require either orbital shots, ramp shots, spinner lane shots, or a combo of any of these. On other games, I sometimes find myself cradling the ball and timing out the mode, but on JM, there's something about the modes that make them attainable. They don't seem so far "out there"; they appear doable and are very rewarding.

The toys are a bit sparse on this game. The cyber-matrix is cool as it is all about your memory - being able to remember what is where on the cyber-matrix. There can be some major strategy to it as well. For example, do you go for 3 in a row - effectively 3x your jackpots during multiball, or do you go for 3 MAJOR big awards but give up the 3x jackpots.

The glove - oh boy. Yes, this toy is known for being troublesome, but thankfully it can be fixed. There are some people in this community that have done some fantastic writeups, and with some understanding of how it works, a lil patience, some grease, a soldering iron, and new X or Y nuts, it can be addressed and fixed. The glove - while it may slow down the game - is massively necessary to keep the fun factor. Anytime the glove doesn't work, it just is "about 60% less fun" as a fellow Pinsider once aptly stated.

Light shows on this game are just fantastic - especially Yakuza Strike. Man, the flasher really get used to their full effect in this game.

The only REAL negative I have for this game - the abuse of super spinners. When this broken rule gets exploited, the scores can get insane fast. Some people have slowed their spinners down, while others have even resorted to taking them out entirely. YMMV on that one.

Bottom line, the ONLY thing keeping this game in B-C status is the theme. If this was the Matrix, it would be right up there with the A-listers. Thank goodness it is not, because this is a true players pin and well worth the cheap price of admission - given the prices of similar pins from this era and level of popularity.”

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  • “Not sure if this should be rated higher than Mustang but for 1992 it was and still is a great Ritchie game. Time will tell I suppose.”

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  • “Lord of the Rings is still probably Stern's best machine for me. It just has so much going on.

    so many shots (there's at least 9 in the characters alone), so many multiballs (think fellowship, towers, return, gollum, ring, destroy the ring, there and back again, and valinor; and i probably forgot one in the modes as well), toys (magnetic ring, bash balrog, wobbling tower, tilty upper pf) and modes and animations. i'm not gonna list it all here.

    suffice to say that ball times are long, it will be almost impossible unless you are a top top player to ever finish it, it's totally immersive and true to the films, it looks and sounds fantastic and is a blast to play. one of my top ten games if not top five.”

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  • “i have a lotta love for Creech. definitely 'less than three' here.

    it's one of the most beautiful looking machines, with some of the best in-game music, and it has possibly the funnest, most exhilarating shot in all of pinball - even better than the hole in one on NGG because it's so much rarer: when you are in multiball, have scored the jackpot and enabled the Super, you wound up the playfield to 4 x, and you finally nailed that Super Jackpot .... man it's a rush.

    ok there are a few little niggles as with any game - the big blank area in the middle of the playfield is underused, and the Creature itself doesn't show up enough, even in multiball, and when he does, the holograms are mostly a bit damaged and age-worn. there is no wizard mode to speak of. and the machine has to be set up just right for the whirlpool ramp to work properly. but these are small potatoes. i borrowed one once for a few months and will certainly have one in my final stable. i just love games with exponential scoring.”

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  • “Wizard of Oz. so much to see, so much to say, so much to like. and yet i hate it.

    when i first saw it 3 years ago i was in awe of there being a new manufacturer who was making things that weren't all about cutting costs. i still think there are some aspects to it that are fantastic - deep ruleset, excellent 'crystal ball' idea (could be so much more - why not a little camera and little screen, to put the player inside there), and clearly the machine is a thing of beauty that lights up like a Christmas tree ..... but unfortunately there is also just too much about it that is meh in the extreme. oh, and i like that it has rollovers too.

    firstly the boring up-and-down and up-and-down play. it's just slow and boring, really repetitive. then there's the annoying music and sounds, and the horrible LCD screen that is just too big and gaudy and slows things down too much. i don't like the fact that i keep seeing games with things that are broken or chipped or not functioning. i hated the fact that this Jack guy is very salesman-slick and is clearly out to milk the public for their money - i mean why else release a second new LE for even *more* money, just to piss off the people who paid for an LE? oh, and i'm not a fan of the outlane saving features that go on for ever either.

    so in summary i think it looks fantastic but sounds awful and plays boring. very disappointing.”

    “This game is fun, but damn near impossible to figure out the rules/scoring for. Played this in a group, and a few times myself and we were impressed with the layout, gameplay, but the ruleset was hard to figure out.

    Art is out of this world, literally. But the game isn't one you want to play over and over, at least not me.”

    “this version is only slightly better than its AAB cousin, the playfield has to much crap on it, there is no flow and it is way to easy to beat this game. not fun, not a keeper for me.”

    “A fun yet very easy game. it is great for the less skilled player with all of those 3" flippers makes it very easy to keep the ball in play. I had an EM Sinbad back in the early 80's and traded it for a motorcycle, this was before there was a market for the EM version of this game. I sure wish I had kept it now.
    The SS is better in the fact you can get Bonus X 2-3-4-5 but other than that this is a great EM with the chimes and it is fun to play.”

    “I love this game. 2" flippers, lots to shoot for, fairly deep rule set for an em. Just fun to play. I never get tired of this game, they re themed this game ( sort of ) as Astro n the late 70's and it was a Turd. Get yourself a 4-Square it will never leave the collection”

    “I just like this game , to me it is very much like Ro-go with the side gates and bonus collect, the tunnel is cool, the up post and just a very colorful game, on high tap it plays very fast. Not a deep game, not much else other than the time tunnel . but the art and the chimes the tunnel make this a winner in my book.”

    “I love 1960 bally games but this one just leaves me going Mehhhh ! I am not a fan of the zipper flippers on any bally games and this one has a sparse playfield. the mushroom bumpers are always great and it is a multi ball game but not one I would add to my collection.”

    “It's really hard to see ratings that come from people that have not spent a good amount of time with the pin or that are obviously wasting time with their one line review. We all know that with Stern, or any manufacturer, it is going to take time for the pin to really evolve. As it stands, for a NIB Stern this pin has a lot going for it. Progression through the rules by winning matches and belts, using the skill shot to win Money in the Bank (when it's utilized in code to cash it in for an automatic belt match it will be cool), the songs in the game (once you set all the sound settings correctly), the commentary throughout your ball time, upgrading your moves to make them stronger, all great things. The ring works well and takes time to get decent at (yes there's a lot of time up there but once code allows for orbits, this will decrease).

    I do have the LE so the chaos disk really adds to the ring (almost a must have), titantron (has a lot of potential when it's used more), and the art package is better.

    Don't listen to those who just review to add a check mark, or don't like Stern, or don't like wrestling. Spend time with this machine and it'll grow on you.”

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  • “Really like this pin, mine needs a nice new playfield when and if they are made but still fast and furious with great 80's sound FX and music.”

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  • “Great rule set! A lot to do!! I watched the movie before playing the game and was amazed at how well the design team integrated the movie into the game. Very well programmed and that is why it's a timeless classic!”

    “Lethal Weapon 3 is an entry-level DMD game from DataEast. that pretty much sums it up and tells you everything there is to know about the game.

    entry-level: they don't come much cheaper for DMD games, and there is usually a reason for this. it's a DE, so it has its quirks and foibles, but is basically a fun title. but it gets old pretty fast, and you soon find yourslef looking for something else instead. so these are always available, and there were plenty made, so they stay at the bottom of the price range. still going up, but then everything is.

    the soundbite 'OK, OK, OK' gets a bit annoying, and the feature where you have to let go of the right flipper button in order to grab the gun and fire is frankly just frustrating rather than clever.

    but it's not that bad. i'd happily empty my pockets into it and play it for hours if i saw one on location without other choices available. it's just that some pinball machines are better.”

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  • “The sun is shining ..... but the ice is slippery

    there are several fantastic features on The Shadow: first and foremost, the lock shot, when the ball is grabbed by a magnet and whisked away, is a thing of beauty; then there's the start of multiball, which is a feast for the senses; the splendid upper playfield ('the Battlefield') which is like nothing else in pinball; and last but not least, the clever use of phurbas to turn two ramp entrances into four ramps, which is nothing short of quite inspirational, and again unique in pinball.

    i think this is a wonderful game, it's beastly difficult to get a decent score on unless it's tweaked just right, but has lots to aim for. there are modes to enjoy (including a difficult video mode, and a 'secret laugh mode' that is a frenzy mode with Tim Curry going nuts, and lots of fun) as well as more than one multiball, a high scoring Vengeance mode that focuses on the phurbas, and an even higher-scoring inner loop shot that pays dividends to those seeking the big numbers: i recommend watching Bowen's tutorial to see what i mean, if you haven't already. the wizard mode is just about attainable eventually by a mortal, which is always nice, ie. it's not impossible like SDMEWM on TSPP, but it's also not too easy, and is a real fillip when finally achieved. that's why i love games like Scared Stiff and Monster Bash, they're accessible to any numpty like me.

    anyway the Shadow is a fine pinball machine. plenty of bang for your buck, lots to enjoy, tough as old boots, and a good old family-friendly game that keeps you coming back for more. looks good too.”

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  • “Looks like a great game at its price point. Like the shots. Hard to shift gears and save the ball. Makes it a challenge.”

    “It really didnt seam as nice as I thought it would be. So many better choices for less money.”

    “This game is a bit over-hyped IMO. Fun,, but a bit too easy. Racking up 5000 for each lit roll over in the bagatelle lane, can add up quickly and light the special easily. There are far more challenging games. Artwork is great, and what draws most in-just what Gottlieb intended to grab your quarter!”

    “This game should be in anyone's EM top 20, or even top ten. If set up properly, can be very challenging. No easy ball cradles here. Delicate flipper work will get you thru the card sequence. A liberal tilt bob helps with nudging for the top roll overs and saves from the open elbow side outlanes. Classic Gottlieb all the way!”

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  • “This AAB game gives it's replay cousin a run for it's money. The WOW award for the upper roll overs really adds to it's appeal making you change strategy based on where your score, number of balls left, and number of roll overs completed. High up on the AAB food chain for sure!”

    “I like it, Owned a very low play big brave and used to play the shit out of it. not as easy as it looks, love the vari target and the drops. A fun and challenging game..”

    “It is ok for a few games. but for me gets boring quickly, not much to shoot for that's new, same drop targets time and time again. The center stand up target is a little tougher, but that's it. No sling shouts and just not much else. Great art work on Back glass.”

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