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Rating #26 of 26 2 hours ago
What a great table that I never had the chance to play before just recently!

For a game minus pop bumpers, and a unique and head scratching layout I was at first scared... but as I began to play I realized that this thing is a true classic that should not be missed. Game play wise, I can see how some may think this doesn't have many shots, but once you understand the nuances to the scoring, it becomes an addictive monster. I love the horseshoe lanes and the way the switches work for scoring and truly feel the mini playfield is one of the best out there.

3 games top my list in the music department (which is such an important element for any game IMO) and this one is one of them (Mystery Castle and Phantom of the Opera being the other 2).

The theme of a game is also big on my list, as I gravitate towards the scary and darker tables, and this one fits right in with the rest of my collection. The art is fantastically retro, and the colors used throughout are outstanding. The only thing I think could have used a bit more refinement would be the backglass. It's cool but just not as amazing as the playfield or side art.

Overall I'm in love and feel that this game needs a bit more recognition for truly trying something different in an era that was slowly changing to a more toy-centric pinball experience. Right now it's one of my most recent acquisitions and also one of my favorites. Hunt one down... I bet you'll like it!
Rating #26 of 8 3 hours ago
I own and operate this pin. We keep it on adult mode. The adult call outs and animations are really great. The GI lighting was a bit dark. Easy fix by adding the Pinball Refinery lighting kit ($60 I think). The cabinet and backglass art is the best ever IMO. The build quality is good and sturdy. No particle board. Easy to service playfield. I love that this pin comes stock with a real silkscreen backglass, color display, FF speakers with 10" woofer and amplifier, and powder coated armor with a nice hammertone texture. There's almost nothing left to upgrade. It really feels like a good value. I originally ordered this thinking it would be a bit of a novelty, collectible, with cool art and hopefully fun. It turns out it is actually an excellent pin. Surprisingly good. Everyone at the location likes it, including the competitive and league players. Fun layout. Lots of randomness with the 4 slingshots and open pop bumper. Lots of ball action. Fun and unique modes. A really fun 7-ball multiball. Plenty of challenge. Hilarious call outs. Cool horror theme. Spooky really did a great job here. Don't less the simplistic playfield fool you. Not every pin needs tons of ramps and magnets and subways and bash toys. This pin is FUN and I'm very glad I bought it.
Rating #26 of 12 5 hours ago
Dracula is just a great game. There are shots from both flippers, the rule set is simple yet challenging, the sounds are good, the art package is good, and the mist ball traveling across the PF is the best. There really isn't much to not like about this pin.

Dracula is a hard game but when you get the multiballs stacked things get crazy quickly. This is the only pin we have had so far that my Wife asked me to hold onto, that kind of surprised me as it is a challenging game.
Rating #26 of 25 10 hours ago
Powerdown wizard mode keeps bringing me back for more!
Rating #26 of 31 19 hours ago
Great game for four players. Very fun!
Rating #26 of 31 19 hours ago
Feels kind of floaty to me. I love the theme.
Rating #26 of 31 19 hours ago
Really enjoy it. Great colors. Didn't feel as sturdy as some more modern games. I'd want one for the adult theme but the price is out of my reach for sure.
Rating #26 of 31 19 hours ago
Probably my favorite 80's game, even better than Sorcerer.
Rating #26 of 31 19 hours ago
Cool game. I'm not a fan of the theme but my hubs and really likes this game.
Rating #26 of 31 19 hours ago
My favorite game as I type this, always changes but Metallica is special.
Rating #26 of 45 1 day ago
My favorite out of the system 11 games. A fun layout that is fast with 2 nice ramps to combo back and forth. The rules are well down and the jackpot is really rewarding when you can cash it in. The short timer on it really builds up the pressure. Good art and a goofy theme that doesn't take itself very serious.
Rating #26 of 734 2 days ago
I finally got the chance to play this game at Pinball Jones in Ft. Collins.

The Pros:
A well laid out PF in a similar vein as Williams' Joust. There are lots of ways to get the ball over to the other side. The third flipper is placed right in the way of a cross playfield kicker shot and it can be deadly (if the shot is properly set up) to your opponent. The drop target between the flippers reminds me of Diamond Lady in it's setup.

The Cons:
Got A.G. parts? I have not been able to play a copy with the wires on the other flippers (auto flips)... because the operator didn't have the parts...

The Takeaway:
The copy I played didn't have the wires to fire the opponent's flippers. So while I was only able to play a head to head two player game, it played really well. This should be a great table for parties and collectors who like low-run (500) pinball designs. Still not as awesome as two linked NBA FastBreaks (but then again... what is?), but still surprisingly fast and engaging. Find and play one when you can!
Rating #26 of 23 2 days ago
Utterly brilliant and brutal at the same time. Love it to bits! Lightning flippers are hard to master however. Sounds a little tinny, but everything else is a winner! Quotes from the movie are very well timed.
Rating #26 of 21 2 days ago
Love this game, it's star wars after all. The PF artwork is gorgeous. One of the best looking Data East machines, if not the best. However, since it's Data East, the sound quality is poor. This game should always have the pinsound upgrade. I want this in my collection!
Rating #26 of 21 2 days ago
I like this "need for speed" type of theme. The game looks, plays and feels great. One of my favourites.
Rating #26 of 9 2 days ago
This game is excellent, left and right orbit very fast ramp shots are tight but manageable. Artwork is cool typical of the time. All the toys are excellent that cannon is so much fun. Very good artwork in the machine hold up like a tank well-built. a must have for any collection!!!!!!
Rating #26 of 7 2 days ago
I500 is a very well-produced pinball version of the annual race. Official announcers are the voices and actual racers for the time period are referenced. Game plays fast. Very fast. Having only one shot from the third flipper after owning TS was a downer. Recommended for the racing enthusiast. Parts are hard to find. Hopefully that changes.
Rating #26 of 408 3 days ago
The game has good bones and should continue to improve with additional depth to the rules. Jury is still out on the bowling alley being an asset or liability. Artwork is beutiful. As awesome as theme and excution are, high price dampens my ethusiasm for this pin, and I am left expecting a little more.
Rating #26 of 10 3 days ago
Fun for a game or two but that is as far as it goes for me
Rating #26 of 18 3 days ago
The game is fast fun in a box . not the greatest art package But all the elements of pinball merge into a bliss of fantastic shooting pleasure. Lights , color changing on a pro is awesome . the flow is furious. Thank goodness for the few times it slows play in the fast and furious pyramid kickback area under the Cool mechanical dragon . You choose prizes and Houses from the show. If you like the show and you like pinball , the Pro is a good/great choice . I have many LE/premium models now and in past but the Pro on this one is the true champion .
Rating #26 of 20 4 days ago
Played a few times in the past. An amazing theme with endless potential but a swing and a miss with the table.
Rating #26 of 7 4 days ago
Keeps you coming back for more. Very difficult to master.
Rating #26 of 72 4 days ago
I played 6 games today. I don't know the rules, and have no history with the game...

If you are a Rob Zombie fan, you will likely love this game. If you are not, hopefully you can appreciate the unbelievably amazing backglass and cabinet art. The game plays fast and furious — it’s the most spastic shell game I’ve ever played — even more frenetic than Black Hole. It borrows two very strong elements from one of the best games ever, Centaur: 1. live add-a-balls, and 2. moveable inlane lights that earn you a ball save. These two features coupled with the extra sensitive sets of slings built into the game walls make this unique and exciting offering in 2016.

The upper playfield is barely used, and the flipper is too small. I got the ball up there once, and had almost no chance at the ball -- that's nothing compared to the TBL upper playfield I just played the night before.

Action/Per/Minute: Likely the best of all time. Centaur would be a close 2nd.
Backhands: fair — not so sure there were good backhands.
Bonus Multiplier Goal: unknown
Dink Donk: fair — quite a bit of dink donk in the game
Drops: 1 drop. It was askew, and mounted too tall in the game (needs adjustment) — the ball could get past the drop, so it’s not the most precisely placed drop of all time.
Drops Sweep: none.
Extra Balls: yes - amazing add-a-ball feature on the fly — I was playing 2, then 3 then 4 balls at once without being in a multi-ball mode. Pure genius.
Flippers: 2 - felt normal.
Goal -EB/BC/MB/Jackpot: unknown. I did notice one goal of center ramp as a jackpot at times.
Hurry-ups: unknown
Inlane Lane Change: yes - very fun aspect of the game.
Inlane Ramp Release: decent. both inlanes are spoon-fed, but one comes from the upper playfield which is rarely used.
Inlane Swoosh: decent. good on the right side, not so much on the left.
Inner orbit: good - it has one
Jackpot/Bonus Collect: unknown
Lane Change: none. There are no 1-2-3 rollover lanes.
MB Earning: I locked a ball once, but I have no idea how to earn multiball.
MB Fun: very fun. super random movement. not many good detain shots, so it’s very tricky.
Metal Ramp: no
Nudging: very good — have to wrestle the outlanes.
Orbits (Repeatable): very good. you can repeat left orbit to right flipper like high speed. This impressed me.
Outlane Fun: good. right-lane was more fun than the left side.
Pops: Very good — they do not “trap” the ball like on most moderns, so they just add randomness and risk to shots. Well-placed.
Rules (time/order): unknown.
Shots (total): 10? forgot to count.
Skill Shot: very good skill shot. You have to be perfect to get a 3-way bounce. I never got one, but the challenge was fun!
Slap-Saves: very good - normal Williams distance
Spinners: none =( this really surprised me.
Stop'n'Go: decent. pretty much in action the whole time. Video mode is a long process…
Taunting: good - tons of call outs.
Toy/Gimmick: To me the gimmick of the game, is the shell game and the add-a-ball. The toys on the playfield do not interact, so I consider them sculptures not toys…
Voice / V. choreography: Excellent. great call outs from RZ, and they really make the game stand out.

ART: best of all time (from a heavy metal point of view)
SOUND: big 10” sub woofer and shaker motor. Felt great — but you have to be a fan of RZ’s “music” you’ll be hearing a lot of it.
DISPLAYS: color dmd was fun to watch.
FEEL: felt great
OVERALL: It’s a hit for RZ fans, and perhaps for people who love to explore modes and programming. Overall, I did not find all the shots satisfying. I did enjoy trying to keep multiple balls in play, and that’s a frequent aspect of the game. I'm very proud of these guys. We have to remember this is their 2nd game EVER...
Rating #26 of 12 4 days ago
Tired of games that take themselves too seriously, I have found this to be one of the best games of the modern era. Tremendous theme integration, and in the context of a fun and comedic show. A popular game with kids and guests, it has rare staying power and depth to keep experienced players coming back. Lots to do with an upper playfield and five total flippers. It is more stop and go like LOTR instead of a flow machine like AC/DC, and game times can run long. ColorDMD is a must have upgrade.
Rating #26 of 21 6 days ago
I have seen a few of these when traveling and always go straight for them and played them. I wish I would have ordered one new when they were only 5K. who knew. I will say they do feel a little cheep but a fun game for sure I would like to own one day...
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