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Rating #26 of 35 5 hours ago
WOW! What a blast! I played this game for the 1st time at a fellow collector's home. What a great and fun layout. Fast, without being the typical fan layout. Good music,call outs, gameplay. It keeps you on your toes. If it has a weak point it's the lighting. The game is a little dark but for this title it works.
Rating #26 of 8 9 hours ago
I LOVE Metallica as a band so I might be a little biased. I've been listening to them since I was a freshman in high school (1992). I have the MET Pro LED version. The MET pinball machine is near perfection IMO. Like others have said over and over the ruleset is just amazing on this game and probably Sterns most polished game in terms of code and depth. Its loud, it plays extremely fast and is amazing to look at! Me and my friends cant get enough of it. I plan on never getting rid of it.
Rating #26 of 17 15 hours ago
Good layout, long or short shot on the left side. Long for the buttons, short for getting the extra ball.
Right for scoring or free games. The two mushrooms for opening the gates.
Post for keeping the ball in play, a good compensation for the wide open left and right ball drain.

Down side: the center kickouthole, 5000 when lit and keeping the ball getting in there can be boring.

Very good combination of name, art and featuring.
Rating #26 of 11 16 hours ago
Amazing pin,thank you JJP
Rating #26 of 11 16 hours ago
My favorite with WOZ,Keith P. Johnson is a genius
Rating #26 of 21 18 hours ago
One of the best games ever built, PERFECT. Very fun and the sound is amazing.
Rating #26 of 58 20 hours ago
This game is a poor effort IMO, the 4 flippers at the bottom just suck, the upper often gets in the way of the shot from the lower . I like the drop targets but not much else. I have passed on owning this title several times. It might be fun for the boys club, but not for you collection.. My rating DOG PASS
Rating #26 of 8 1 day ago
I always liked playing this and the callouts are great.
Rating #26 of 8 1 day ago
Really cool theme. Choosing your house and completing the missions is a lot of fun. Great little features that keep you engaged. The voice callouts are great too. If you are a fan of the series you will like this pin. The game rewards fast gameplay in almost all of the modes/missions. Buying stuff with gold is great and the prize reel via the pop bumper area is enjoyable. The artwork leaves a little to be desired.
Rating #26 of 31 1 day ago
Nice looking game, with great artwork and amazing music, one of the more charming 80s games. Maybe not very lastable.
Rating #26 of 31 1 day ago
Best Gottlieb machine of all. The PF is busy with a nice look, a lot of gold and yellow colours. Lots of shots and toys but the game isn't too deep. SHOOT THE PYRAMID callout gets really tiresome. Would get it if I find a decent deal. But maybe not recommended in a smaller collection, you need to try it to see if it fits your taste. Cabinet design is weird but backglass is cool and draws you in.
Rating #26 of 31 1 day ago
Used to like this game a lot at the local fun park 15 years ago. I always like bash toys. However, can't stand that awful music when returning to this machine today. The theme is meh and goal of the game is uninspiring to me.
Rating #26 of 31 1 day ago
Cool game, nice looking design and fun theme, but that crypt keeper laugh is all it takes for me not never wanting to near this machine.
Rating #26 of 9 1 day ago
My new Desert Island pin!!!
Rating #26 of 31 1 day ago
Cool game, but suddenly becomes crap once you've tried High Speed 2. Would only get it if I find it really cheap. Design is so-so but as all 80s game this really pops when LEDs are used properly. Theme is nice otherwise, really appeals to me. One of the better 80s machines in my opinion.
Rating #26 of 31 1 day ago
Not for me at all. Cluttered playfield with ugly colours. A nightmare to shop! Cabinet is ugly but the backbox is ok just because of the side art.

Rules are ok, but the game is too slow. Also has random aspects like the roulette and slots. No...I usually avoid it.
Rating #26 of 35 1 day ago
Classic reverse wedgy. Early single drops add up to lots of fun.
Rating #26 of 35 1 day ago
One the best aab! Simple, yet satisfying and addictive.
Rating #26 of 8 2 days ago
Very challenging game at first but once you get in the groove and make things happen is when the magic happens. Tons of modes. Great animations with some of the best dmd work I've seen. Clints call outs and variation really add a nice touch. The playfield art isn't something I love of Hate. The guy. On this is so much fun cause there's so much to shoot at. Your not limited to a target bank like on T2. Yes the ramps are steep but when you get the timing they are rewarding. I'm blown away by all the modes and the killer wizard mode. I also really enjoy that it has midnight madness. If your not familiar look it up. The starting skill shot and choices in rewards adds to the depth. I don't understand how this game is rated at bottom of top 100 unless. Lots to shoot at as well. This game to me has it all as far as nostalgia and gameplay. There's a reason this sees alot of PAPA play.
Rating #26 of 23 2 days ago
no thank you. I played several games and as always really tried to like it. just came off as a cheep knockoff of a real pinball game. the little plastic Elvis cutout, wow, no thanks. Dancing Elvis was OK.
Rating #26 of 23 2 days ago
First off, I love the artwork. nice work getting away from clipart again.
for my taste, I hate the LEDs the keep blinding me. Not fun. The gameplay is OK I was expecting more for some reason. Hope the can fix this with the code. it was early code but no clear direction on what to do or what to hit. I was really thinking of making this my first NIB but I will keep looking...
Rating #26 of 99 2 days ago
Wow what a great game, I can honestly say after owning Star Gazer that this pin is equal in fun factor, addictive gameplay and great shots.
Rating #26 of 14 2 days ago
Great rule set. Hate the 2 inch flippers.
Rating #26 of 22 2 days ago
Holy cow its bad pin. Looks very cheap and nothing to do on playfield. I dont like Stern tables but this is over the top.
Rating #26 of 31 2 days ago
I love ramp shots, and this game got plenty of that. RED mode is very effective and cool with pulsating flashers. Artwork on the PF is one of worst out there but I don't mind. The movie sucks but the pinball machine is better. Kind of like a T2+. Rules are therefore kind of simple, but I like it. Get it if you find a good deal.
There are 27737 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 1 of 1110.

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