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12 minutes ago
The artwork is pretty but the rest of the game sucks.
7 hours ago
I love Star Wars and Steve Ritchie!
This game just feels right & is so superior to the pro version
Spend the extra cash and grab the premium version
9 hours ago
One of the Worst. Games. Ever.
Future of pinball? I don't think so!
SOrry but this game is CRAP
17 hours ago
This game is really a masterpiece. I made a few small tweaks so the right ramp is now a consistent shot. Hopefully there will be a code release soon to complete wizard modes. I really can't understand a bad review on this game unless you haven't played it enough or you're a new player.
1 day ago
Played this pin for the first time. Really enjoyed the atmosphere on this one. Decent shot selection. Wasn't sure exactly what to do upon the first play but had fun regardless. Excellent artwork, music and sounds, even though some were a little repetitive. Overall, a good effort by Sega.
2 days ago
I played a pro and next to the chest there is not really anything else for toys. Art is great, has the real nice rockband 70 style. Music is good, if you like Aerosmith then you will like this the best. The game is fun but not more than that. Good machine.
2 days ago
Star Wars is a great game but the art and playfield layout is just decent. Now for the art I just look at the play field as that is what you see the most. The colors are nice but that is just it. It is not the killer play field art. The shots are nice but not perfect. There are no toys! I played a pro and just the tie fighter, but that is nothing. Rules or sometimes a bit dull. Shoot this, shoot that, and even sometimes you could not progress unless you shoot a specific shot. The music is great, Star Wars soundtrack is really good, animations are good, not the best yet, the explosions are a bit bad. Flow is great the ball keeps rolling, you have no time to rest on this machine. Lights are great. So overall a nice machine that I will play if I see one, one for the home?...I think not yet.
2 days ago
Great looking game, but software falls a bit short of potential.
2 days ago
Challenging gameplay. Revving V8 engine often doesn't work properly.
2 days ago
Rare, underrated machine. I could care less for the theme (never watched the show..) but I like the pin.
2 days ago
Rip the spinners!
2 days ago
Plays like a 90s Gottlieb. Say no more.
2 days ago
Not a fan of the scratchy artwork, but the game suits the theme well.
2 days ago
Good Data East title. Gary scrimped on the licencing and licenced the musical show, not the band. Still a cool game though.
2 days ago
One of the classic Bally titles.
2 days ago
Great WPC95 game.
2 days ago
Upper playfield takes up real estate but doesn't offer anything much. The pro is better. :)
2 days ago
Has a couple of rules shortfalls, otherwise a great game.
2 days ago
The ramp lighting effects put the LE over the top!
2 days ago
AFM shows you that you don't need to have a million things crammed on your playfield to make a great game.
2 days ago
Nails the Tron theme. Great game.
2 days ago
Pop up Gophers are a cool toy. Game gets a little boring after a while, for me anyway.
2 days ago
Great WPC game. Cool 1950s theming. Challenging 2 ball multiball.
2 days ago
Buy Cyclone instead. :)
2 days ago
Transformers is an underrated pin. Add a sub and crank up the volume .... killer. Mini playfield is a bit pointless but everything else on the LE is cool.
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