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Rating #26 of 89 5 minutes ago

i liked this much more than the xmen pro that was beside it, maybe i didnt have enough play time on avengers, but i dont see the hate the pin gets, i think its better than its ratings

Rating #26 of 89 10 minutes ago

looks and sounds great, just couldnt get into into it. it felt clunky to me, although i was playing a routed version

Rating #26 of 13 1 day ago

Have to see how the code evolves for this game. Right now I can play a game or two then have to go play something else I find fun. Hoping the combo system gets additional awards and such as I see many possibilities there. As for toys are there really any? The spinning disk is so far back that it really don't spin the ball in the current code. Have to listen for the ball to clunk into the Gene VUK to make sure you know the ball isnt sitting on the spinner and coming out at any moment.

Rating #26 of 43 1 day ago

I rated this with code V.93. I will re-evaluate with newer code at a later date. The game play and shots are quite good!

Rating #26 of 25 2 days ago

Super fast game went set up steep great artwork and cab, fun and fast

Rating #26 of 25 2 days ago

Very underrated pin fun nostalgia pin great music and speech awesome artwork, easy rule set just fun to play not to deep

Rating #26 of 4 3 days ago

WCS94 is an excellent execution of the theme. I am a sports fan, especially soccer. World Cup every four years is must see TV for me, both men's and women's. Every element of a real soccer game is integrated into this pinball.

As for the pinball play itself, it is very fun. Ramp shots are satisfying....trying to beat the goalie by missing a moving target is a great challenge...strategy involved to advance the cities to play Germany in the final is excellent...lots of interesting bounces and interesting paths the ball can take are cool....playing germany in the finals has to be one of the best multiball modes ever....the announcer is fantastic!

John Popaduik did a wonderful job here, and Kevin O'Conner artwork is always appreciated! The G-rated theme and the simple goal scoring shot makes this game very approachable for anyone of any age. I find my 10 year old daughter playing more often now, as compared to other more 'mature' themes. This one looks to have some staying power in my small collection at this time. Highly recommended.

Rating #26 of 7 4 days ago

This game was confusing to me as a kid and didn’t quite get what did what and so I didn’t play it much.

Came back to it many, many years later and now I really dig this machine.

The hit matrix and visor are neato bandito and very innovative for its time. Great sounds and spacey music.

Holds up well for its age.

Rating #26 of 7 4 days ago

I still remember spotting this game in the dark corner of Aladdin’s Castle. Never seen anything like it and it floored me.

I’m pretty sure I gave ¾ of my evening’s tokens to the Black Knight challenging him again and again.

Holds up very well and I play it every time I make a trip over to FunSpot.

Would love to own one.

Rating #26 of 7 4 days ago

As a big STNG fan, I played the crap outta this one when it came out.

The callouts and music are fantastic. The playfield and rules are in the “easy to learn hard to master” sweet spot.

The only part of the table I have a love/hate relationship with is the torpedo cannons. But that’s on me. One game I’m a marksman, the very next, I can’t hit a bear in the ass with a bass fiddle.

Still the best Star Trek machine to date.

Rating #26 of 7 4 days ago

When this game came out I thought it was the greatest pinball machine ever made.

I many ways it still is.

Rating #26 of 7 4 days ago

Every bowling alley in my area seemed to have one of these in their game room, when I was a kid.

Loved the pop-up heat shield and the multi-ball sounds. Hell all of the spacey bleeps, bloops and buzzes have a great early 80’s funkiness to them. The wave over light show when locking a ball is pretty cool too.

As an older player, there may not be a ton to shoot at I still find the game compelling. I’m sure some of that is nostalgia but fun is fun and this game is that.

Rating #26 of 6 4 days ago

I love this game, its not a typical pin but I am so addicted to this pin. I cannot wait to have this one in my house!

Rating #26 of 7 4 days ago

I've had NASCAR for many months now. I originally played the Grand Prix version in a local barcade and I loved it. Yeah, I was a sucker for the looping ball around the racetrack. The impression stuck with me and now I have a NASCAR at home.

At first I was not enjoying this pin. The Garage was causing me grief. If this game has a poorly maintained Garage then you are going to hate it. The Garage is the main toy on the PF and starts the majority of modes. Mine was shooting the ball SDTM and I found it infuriating. So I took it apart. It was very easy to take out from the PF. 4 screws and two quick connectors and the entire mech was in my hands. STERN really cheaped out on this vital component of the game. They used bushings instead of bearings and the mech really looks like the sort of solution a high school shop teacher might have come up with. The Garage is 'key' to this game being fun. It should have been more robust.

Anyway, it is very simple to take apart. I found my bushings were completely worn out and also discovered some exceptionally bad 2nd hand soldering and not an ounce of lube on the mech. Once I replaced the bushings, resoldered the connection and added some teflon lube the Garage looked like a damn tank. It slide up and down with ease and once installed into the PF the SDTM problems were gone. I ended up putting my name on the scoreboard twice in 10 minutes.

Now that I could concentrate on the gameplay, I really found myself enjoying this pin. I mean REALLY enjoying it. The rules are quite deep. There are two wizard modes (mini and full) and many of the game modes are just plain fun. The racetrack loop is well used and fits the theme perfectly. I've read a ton of negative comments on the loop taking too long, but I don't find it takes any time at all. The ball loops around 1.5 times and then flies out onto the PF. It probably takes 3 seconds at most. Is that too long? Most games plunge you into a skill shot and then through bumpers. I guarantee you that takes just as long. Besides, it allows me to plunge the ball and take a quick swig of beer. How is that bad!? LOL

This is an undervalued pin, with a deep rule set, fun modes, great speech, and fun music. Yeah it's not Sammy Hagar singing but I don't care. I never really likes Sammy anyway! Where is he now? LOL

If you can get past the theme, and many people can't, I suggest buying NASCAR. It's a sleeper hit. I would compare it to WPT as far as deep rules and stacking modes/combos.


Rating #26 of 7 4 days ago

Holy cow! This game....This game...

It ate more quarters and hours from me during the 90's than any other pin.

The one at my college's rec room and I seemed to have a bond...

Anyway, I love the theme (was a big G 'n' R fan, still am kinda), one of the best looking cabs ever, great music (although the sound system and midi style is very dated now) and overall really fun to play.

One more game turned into 20 more games, easy.

Really high on my wishlist.

Rating #26 of 151 4 days ago

I find the artwork creepy (pun intended); I guess this can be seen as a good thing, I simply don't like it very much. Not a big fan of the layout either. The creature hole seems out of place. Add to that repetitive call outs and you will understand why I do not enjoy that pin very much.

On the plus side, some cool animations, good shaker implementation and… if you like spinners, you will love that game!

Rating #26 of 65 5 days ago

this game will kick your butt. small flippers, rollovers on the playfield, and tough outer lanes. great artwork, theme, and playfield layout. a great 60's Williams machine imo

Rating #26 of 6 5 days ago

You are safe with me! I did not like this game at first, once you learn the shots and stack your first multiball you are hooked. Defenitely a "one more game" type of machine.

Rating #26 of 6 5 days ago

Fun game, maybe a bit repetative. I will throw a game or two in it whenever i see one.

Rating #26 of 6 5 days ago

This was my third machine. As an out of the box single ball no speech machine i would rate it much lower. After adding multiball and speech with led and translucent rubbers with a steeper slope this game both looks and plays great. A classic peice of pinball history.

Rating #26 of 6 5 days ago

This is my favorite game. The theme just hits home for me as it brings back the good times while the series was on tv. Many modes and strategies for improving your score.

Rating #26 of 6 5 days ago

Playd it first in 2014 at nwps and didnt like it. Since had the oportunity to restore and tune one with a friend and changed my mind. Great music and sound, perfect theme, deep rules and to top it off its just plain fun.

Rating #26 of 6 5 days ago

Played a really nice example at 2015 nwps and really enjoyed it. Music and theme really brought me back to when i watched the series with my dad. Great flow and veriety of shots.

Rating #26 of 90 5 days ago

I fail to understand this game making the top 100. This game felt like another Stern special that was rushed out the door with minimal consideration towards game design and play ability. I got bored within a few minutes and completely lost interest within a few games.

Rating #26 of 90 5 days ago

I finally had a chance to spend a couple of hours on a good working copy of this machine thanks to Eighty Two in downtown LA. I'll admit that I was skeptical about how good this machine actually is since it is a wide body and I have found the most wide body machines are somehow lacking. But I'm a believer in this machine Once I got the pleasure pf playing through many of the features, I found myself completely hooked and looking forward to playing it more. I am even considering purchasing one when the time comes to get another machine.

There are 22818 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 1 of 913.

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