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2 hours ago
Played a pro 0.80 code. Game is very Groot Multiball heavy. It’s really not worth going for anything else in the game than Groot Multiball as you will not score any points. I like the playfield layout and the artwork is amazing. Even though it looks similar to Metallica and Iron Man the game feels much different to shot. The Groot head is a great toy. The Orb Shoot is difficult and not worth a lot of points from what I have seen. The sound was low and at a public location so I could only hear mostly the music between modes. Hope this games code will get better. Glad I waited to buy one.
11 hours ago
Weird cult popularity to this game, perhaps apropos of its theme.

If I were to own one, I think I'd have to play it with the sounds turned off.

Decent value at current pricing ($2900-$3500 at time of rating).
11 hours ago
Credit where credit is due for breaking away from the current style of game design and bringing back the style and hardware of the late-EM and early-SS eras but with the speed, flow, excitement, and sound effects that those games lack.

Lots of fun as a diversion and/or as a tournament game. But I imagine that the game would get very repetitive very fast in a small home collection.

Also, while I've heard many people comment favorably on the price, I have a hard time agreeing on that point. Given how little the game offers in terms of technology and hardware compared to other new machines, it seems overpriced to me.
22 hours ago
Lord of the Rings has some, if not THE best theme integration of any machine. The crazy deep ruleset and large number of shots really suit the goliath films. Music is good, lots of callouts from a variety of characters too. Sound quality isn't as great as subsequent releases but not a deal breaker. Machine looks great, and the layout is good. One of Gomez's last brilliant layouts (sorry, still bitter about the hideous Avengers game). I wouldn't want to own it, I think the ball times would be just a little too long, but I really enjoy playing it on location, at shows, and in tournaments.
1 day ago
It may be the best Star Wars game ever released but unfortunately that isn't saying much. The game is fun but for a legendary theme like Star Wars it should have been so much more than it is. It would have been fun to see a more feature filled game similar to Ghostbusters on a theme like this.
1 day ago
Played it on different locations...had to buy it :-)
1 day ago
I've owned Iron Man for many months now, and I must say that it is one of the best pins to have in one's collection. I usually despise newer sterns, but I had the opportunity to pick up a really nice copy of Iron Man and couldn't resist.


-- The game has a very simple playfield design. So simple, in fact, that I dismissed it at first.
-- The game integrates the main toys well: the drone kicker, the whiplash magnet and the monger bash toy/magnet.
-- The ramps are integrated well, with the left shallow and the right steep.
-- Collecting drones via standups is an interesting requirement, as is collecting the shields for add-a-balls.


-- I'm not into super hero films, so I had to watch the movies after getting the game. Meh... Still not into it.
-- Lighting is generally good, although this machine is pre-RGB-LED.
-- I replaced Stern's cheap-ass fluorescent tube with a custom backbox LED kit. It really kicked up the lightshow!
-- The music really gets your adrenaline pumping in this game. A sub is must-add!


-- Disabling the back post is an absolute must. Trust me. This game doubles in fun if you disable it. It also ads a real skill shot.
-- I usually look to Ritchie for speed, but Borg has designed one hell of a fast game. Super speed! This game is ALWAYS a rush.
-- The playfield is set up for speed combo city. I can keep nailing loops and ramps until I laugh out loud. The game is just so fast!!!
-- I find the set up for do-or-die to be difficult but achievable. Lyman did a great job on the software: it is perfectly balanced.
-- There is a good balance between danger and strategy with this one. It's not that bad of a drain monster if you know how it plays.


-- There is no skillful way to achieve extra ball. I prefer games that offer extra balls that are difficult to achieve.
-- It would be nice if the iron man standups on either side were drops. It would make this game soooo deadly!
-- Cheap-ass LED DMD from stern with 1/3 dedicated to your score.
-- General stern cheapness of the era. This was the beginning of the crap, so it's not that bad.

In the end, when I look at my lineup, Iron Man is my go-to game when I'm in need of a quick fix. You can have long ball times on this game, but, realistically, games are usually shorter. That being said, the shorter games are packed full of adrenaline!
1 day ago
An early multi-ball (2 ball) game with some interesting rules. Even more with the home ROM. The game is centered around drop targets with the top bank of 5 individually controlled. Other than building up to double trouble all targets are timed and during double trouble the top targets are also timed with progressively increasing scores as you make the selected targets within the time frame.

Magna-save implementation here is fun in that you must first build up your saves (each side bank of drops awards an available save on the corresponding side) and using the save of course depletes an available save. If you’re careful you should always have saves available and a nice quick pulse can really move the ball.

The playfield artwork is not that great and the shot up the center ramp is clunky, but it’s still fun to play for the drop tartgets and multiball.

Added features of the home rom include a skill shot, ability to rotate lit lanes of the mini game which is pretty lame without that ability as well as combo shots and a few other enhancements.
2 days ago
Twilight Zone is, and always will be, absolutely iconic. The layout from Lawlor is nothing like anything else that came before or we've seen since, and the toys are superb in both operation and the way they're factored into gameplay. Music is top notch, every sound is a classic pinball sound now, and the art overall is excellent. I wouldn't want to own it if I'm honest, there's nothing bad about it, I've just played it so often and seen everything there is to see. My only minor gripe is that on rare occasions you find yourself with nothing going on...if no modes are lit or running, no locks are lit and the powerball is elsewhere there's a definite droop in pace...but as I say, super minor, and If anything it just encourages you to get stuff going again. The grandfather of a diverse family of modern games.
2 days ago
This review for the .93 code, I will update as necessary.

After I'd played a few games honestly I was almost ready to walk away from it. What a greedy drain monster this thing was out of the box! And the early software really wasn't that great. Shame on Stern for releasing a game with code in that state. It's deeply unprofessional.

However, now that I tweaked it, wow. I have to pull myself away from this one, the temptation is so strong for 'just one more.' I have more than 20 pins in my collection, and it's quite hard for me these days to find a pin I haven't played. I can state absolutely that Star Wars Pro is by far and away my favorite game of all time.

The shots are hard, but not stupid hard. Once I got the hang of backhanding the death star shot, my enjoyment of the game greatly improved. And that's something I love about this game. I really feel that it has made me a better player. For reference my high score on LOTR is 264m, on Theatre of Magic it's 3.6b. On a good day I can play a 45 minute game of The Hobbit. But wow. Star Wars... it /challenges/ me. The death star shot is hard. The right ramp is tricky. It's blazing fast, and handling multiball requires a lot of concentration. I like the multipliers and the truly impressive variety of strategies.

People say it doesn't have toys, I say they're wrong. The button is the biggest toy pinball has seen in a long time. Sure, there have been buttons on plenty of machines before. But not like this. The risk/reward of that button is brilliant. There is nothing quite so satisfying as button mashing like crazy as the ball shoots straight down the middle and blasting just enough tie fighters to start mutiball just before the ball is lost. The whole experience of trying to judge when you can button mash when a ball is in play, or desperately trying to cradle so you can pound away is truly next level for me. It adds that same kind of magic that Magna-Save does on Black Knight, only on a much more satisfying level.

I like being able to choose characters, and being able to choose which planets, and even then being able to choose the mode I want, and on top of that being able to choose to stack modes or not. Such a wealth of choices!

I find the modes fun, challenging and varied. But one thing I've always wanted - and finally got in Star Wars - is a mode that doesn't end when the ball drains. I love that.

I do like video modes in pinball, and Star Wars doesn't disappoint. The asteroid field is challenging and can reward you nicely.

There's just so much fun to be had - the lightsaber duel, escape from Boba Fett, the four end missions, several different multiballs. It feels a lot like LOTR in scope, another of my favorite games.

I used to think that JJP had the best lightshows in pinball, but honestly SW is better than WoZ or TH. The playfield really changes in the different modes, and they made great use of changing colors for inserts during play.

Unfortunately I've read some unfair hate being dealt on this machine in a couple of other reviews. Honestly, people really shouldn't be reviewing a game that they've only played four or five times. To be fair, the machine does require some tweaking so that it isn't a greedy drain monster, and when I played it like that I hated it too. But scoring it a 3 of 10? That's just not right.

In part I think for some people, nothing will live up to the Star Wars franchise. I think a very credible job was done keeping in line with the Star Wars universe, and I say this as someone who saw the original movie literally dozens of times in the theater as a kid. I /feel/ the drama of the death star assault because it's flippin hard to pull off. I'd contrast this with dramatic modes of The Hobbit, which I think is a very fun game, but because the shots are so easy The Hobbit just doesn't have the same tension as SW.

There are some things that could be better. The original music isn't on the same level as the John Williams score. I'd like more callouts. If there are easter eggs I haven't found them, but the thing should be loaded with 'em. I think the LCD, and particularly the mini LCD could do a better job helping you see what shots are called for. In particular the LCD plays clips that block all status (hint: move the status to the mini LCD during clips, guys!) The playfield is a little dark. I don't care for the LE features at all: the hyperloop detracts from play in my opinion and anyway is used so infrequently it hardly matters, the gate is kind of a cute nod to Space Shuttle but otherwise doesn't add anything, and I can practically guarantee that the fork will cause mechanical failures in the future.

Overall this is more than just a heck of a fun game to play -- this is a legendary machine. Star Wars will never be leaving my collection.
2 days ago
Possibly the best Steve Ritchie flow game ever... and that's saying A LOT! Great art package by Greg Freres, and integrates the films with a game about as good as possible. Rules can be a bit repetitive, but the game fun factor keeps me playing more regardless. Fantastic effort by a great team! Proud to own this one.
3 days ago
An absolutely beautiful pinball back glass and play field to look at. There were two at TPF 2017. One played better than the other. It is a pin that I would drop money into at an arcade but it is not one I would want to own; I think I would get bored with it in short order.

But man, is it pretty !!
3 days ago
Chads new code really transformed this game from good to great! Balanced scoring and many bug fixes. It deserves a spot in the top 100.

I've played this machine several times before and I finally got my hands on a nice one. Baywatch is the ultimate cheese factor for me. The cabinet is colorful and lively instead of the usual black coffins which is always a head-turner imo. Baywatch is probably Segas finest machine, it has loads of shots and ramps, target banks, drop targets, spinner, VUK, and the rules are decent. It's usually repeated ramp shots to collect a letter or start a mode, somewhat like the fan layout machines like Monster Bash or Medieval Madness. But some of them can be really difficult.

I've always liked the hand-drawn artwork on DE and Sega and this is no different. A bit boring center playfield and dark but the rest is pretty nice. The theme keeps it together well. 90's cheese with the Hof and Pamela Anderson is a ok in my book.

The sound is as usual the weakest point with low quality midi music but the fx is good enough. This machine benefits from better quality speakers.

All in all, a very fun game with lastability.
3 days ago
What a fantastic game! The Martians theme is well done. I enjoy games with longer shots,great flow, and ability to choose which parts of the table to score from. This one checks all the boxes for me. I was fortunate to pick up a copy that was routed it’s entire life by a great operator. It has the usual cosmetic issues (cabinet fade and stroke of luck hole wear) but it plays absolutely perfect! It’s easy to see why it’s one of the highest rated Pinballs and was chosen to be remade. Play and enjoy!
3 days ago
I own a Cactus Canyon with the ‘Continued’ code installed. It’s an amazing game. It’s a basic layout and toys are minimal. There is a moving mine entrance, a bash toy and a train toy. Nothing fancy, but the ‘contiuned’ code takes it to the next level.

These games are worth a small fortune.
3 days ago
Great game, multiple deep kick out holes, drop Target banks, spinner, roll overs, classic stern sounds, great theme a real blast to play.
3 days ago
Just a fun pin with a ton of shots to make. I just started to play so I will add more details as I play more. I just can't believe all of the shots there are to make on this pin. 4 flippers so you need to keep awake at all times. The shark flipper is pretty cool with the shark theme music after you hit the ball with.
4 days ago
Mac attack is a really fun and unique game. It has good music and sound. The video modes are awesome and the Mac mobile toy is awesome.
4 days ago
A couple of nice features in this game are (1) the lower left ramp diverter that the player can control to select the skill shot award, (2) the ball lock mechanism, and (3) the diverter that changes the output of the shot from the upper right flipper under the "battlefield" upper playfield. These features give the game some decent entertainment value for occasional play, like at competition or on location.

For me personally, the rest of what the game has to offer isn't very appealing for long-term interest or ownership, unless part of a very large collection allowing this one to be a once-in-a-while player instead of a primary game.
4 days ago
Best theme and game from Stern hands down!
5 days ago
From all the music themed pinball machines, this one is the best by far....
5 days ago
Nice fast game with clear objectives!
5 days ago
So it is still pretty early to be rating this game as the code is not yet at 1.0, but wow, great game. Steve Ritchie and Dwight Sullivan really deliver in this game. Fun, innovative code with cool unique mini modes like Light Saber Duel and Escape From Boba Fett really help this game shine. The hyper-loop ball accelerator is totally fun and not over-utilized. Wish the Death Star was a little bit easier to destroy but then again Valinor is not all that accessible either... Will likely rate again once it is completed.
5 days ago
I have now been enjoying my Premium VE for several months and feel ready to rate it. A terrific game with awesome shots and deep innovative rule set. Each song presents a new challenge of how to play the game. It really adds to the overall experience of the game. Great lighting and music add to the experience. Love it! An all-time great - period, end of discussion...
5 days ago
I have owned and restored an original, and this one just plays like it! Solid feel, fast gameplay and the pin is hard.

Same fun as the B/W and the topper and the bigger display make it fabulous.

So indeed, excellent job by CGC.
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