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Rating #26 of 63 59 minutes ago
I own a Laser Cue, and prefer that game over Alien Poker, the layouts are quite similar with advantage to LC. AP is a good game in its own right. Great controlled drops in the middle provide a challenge. Lots of looping shots that bring the ball to the corners of the playfield. Tony Ramunni art is terrible, no need to sugar coat it. Speech callouts are creepy, and fit the theme. Theme of aliens playing poker is unique...however I've always imagined dogs playing poker to be a better theme (so many different art opportunities). One of Williams last great games before talking a nose-dive as video games took over the arcade space.
Rating #26 of 63 1 hour ago
I don't know if I have this set up exceptionally difficult, but my Abra is dialed in to be one of the most challenging EM games I have ever played. Great drop target strategy with the moving bonus value target. "1000 When Lit" pops are the classic "downfall" of this game. However, my intentional shooting of the pop bumpers never goes well, and results in a quick drain, making for a good risk-reward aspect of the layout, rather than a game-ruining exploit. Climbing the bonus ladder is a challenge, and the center target is a sucker shot, but one that has to be made to reset the drops. One of the best art packages to ever grace a Gottlieb.
Rating #26 of 16 5 hours ago
Really nice game for the time. First ever Bally game with a spinner - if I am not mistaken. Also one of the first Bally ones with chimes. Sophisticated bonus system with an end of ball bonus - all top notch features at that time.
Rating #26 of 7 14 hours ago
This is my all time favorite game. Love the theme, game design, music...everything!
Rating #26 of 82 1 day ago
This game is absolutely amazing, it could be JTs best game to date, packed with toys great risk and reward shots and the art work is some of the best out there not to mention the music and lighting is sensational, slimmer looks well detailed and the lights glowing off him really brings him out.

This games keeps you coming back for more and if this is the last game to use a dmd what a way to finish on.........this will go down as a stern classic and all the rave reviews are warranted!!!

Who you gonna call!!!
Rating #26 of 14 1 day ago
Kings & Queens is the EM machine that is responsible for my love of EMs. I first played it at the 2008 Texas Pinball Festival. Before 2008, I did not put much value on EM machines. I was a DMD snob and EMs were "old and slow" in my uneducated opinion.

Then I played a properly tuned K&Q and my world changed. I was introduced to a world of nudging, shot selection and accurate shooting that forever changed my view of this incredible hobby.

Kings & Queens offers a simple ruleset that is very difficult to master. The idea is to collect the four suits of 4 different cards (Aces, Kings, Queens, & Jacks). You collect the cards by successfully rolling over each card. Once collected, the card is added to the ball capture as bonus points.

The slick operation of the ball capture allows it to transfer a ball to the adjacent ball capture. This continues until the fourth ball capture ejects the ball back into play.

This gimmick is one of the finest creations to ever grace a pinball machine. The joy of victory when you hit the A ball capture and score 100-200 points on a single well placed shot is amazing. The agony of defeat is equally powerful when a shot is just off to prevent the bonus scoring.

This machine is iconic since it was used in "Tommy", the story about a deaf, blind pinball champion. And some may remember it from the movie. I will forever remember it as a game in a tournament in Texas that forever changed my participation in the pinball hobby.
Rating #26 of 9 1 day ago
Just could not get into this. Artwork and music are good but seemed not that fun to play.
Rating #26 of 14 1 day ago
A very good, deep game - and more importantly, it's fun! Feels a bit clunky and cheap at first, but once you get past that, there's a lot to explore. Plays fairly without heavy outlane or SDTM drains. Some describe this as a stop and go game, but I don't feel that way at all. The ramp and upper playfield feed the ball back to the flippers, and aside from a very brief delay for the mystery award there's not much that slows the game down. Great toys that really fill out the theme with the turning Homer head, the skill-based upper playfield, the mini LED screen, the physical couch lock, and the pop bumper cooling towers. Artwork is spot on throughout the game, of course, and the audio is decent, though could be a little better.

TSPP's greatest feature - its rules - may also be its downside. It's not always clear what you're doing. Once you begin to understand, it all makes sense, but getting to that point might be too much for some players. Plenty of room for different playing strategies thanks to this depth however. During an average game you'll see much of the same material, but once you get a good game going the modes really open up and you'll find all sorts of new stuff. Where at first there seems to be a paucity of multiball, you'll soon find that there are lots (couch, I&S, Invasion, mystery spot, pretzel, etc.). Too many great things to talk about really: easy-to-get but hard-to-complete Invasion wizard mode, reversed flippers mode, daredevil modes, funny frenzy mode, CBG hurry-ups, plus all the standard modes which are well thought out and stackable.

Negatives: CBG hurry-ups can get annoying and Secret Stash isn't that cool. I&S saucer is impossible to hit when you want to and seems a bit like a design flaw, Simpsons audio might become grating, cheap build (but also cheap to mod!)

Pros: Unique playfield layout, tons of modes, secret modes, wizard modes, etc. Great integration of theme. Fun!
Rating #26 of 7 1 day ago
One of the few machines that after a huge score or poor score just makes you want to play it again.
Other than a few build quality issues this is the best new machine I have played for a while.
Rating #26 of 23 1 day ago
Great art, great theme, great shots, great rules, great music, great callouts. What else needs to be said. Borg hit a home run - clearly a crowning achievement in his great career.
Rating #26 of 12 1 day ago
Have not had it too long as of yet, but could end up as one of my top 2 that I have played to date! I feel this will be a very special game for years to come..
Rating #26 of 7 1 day ago
Such a classic game. I love it just as much now as I did decades ago.
Rating #26 of 94 1 day ago
Same score as TWD Pro for me. Ramps lifting up are cool mechs, but it looks flimsy and the ones I play on location sometimes don't fully meet the playfield. The improved light show is cool, but the colored LEDs take away from the striking all-white/red look of the Pro which is one of my favorite parts of the game. The crossbow is kind of whatever, I don't personally like cannon toys.

This was far from my favorite Stern to begin with and my opinion of the Premium isn't much different. It sure is a unique game but to me it's a terrible layout with good code.
Rating #26 of 36 1 day ago
Played extensively at PAGG a few months back. For being Heighway's first pin, they really did a great job! This game is a blast to play

Others have posted more in-depth reviews, so I'll be brief here. Simply put, it's the fasting playing wide body I've ever seen. Just like a racing themed game should be, there are tons of fast flowing shots. The game is just flat out FUN to play!

Heighway also has tech that no other company is doing. Playfield LCD, LED standup targets, induction switches, & swappable playfields. The ability to add upgrades (like 27" backbox LCD, chrome trim options, fiber optic lighting, etc) at the time of manufacture. Lots of forward thinking here from Heighway. And I have not seen one owner who is unhappy with their FT purchase.

Anyone giving this game a low rating is just being spiteful, or didn't give it a fair chance. It's a solid 8 for sure, based on the fun gameplay alone. If you see one in the wild, make sure you drop in some quarters and BRAP IT UP!
Rating #26 of 7 2 days ago
Good looking game, very nice art. GB music is just the best. Haven't try a Premium but I'm missing some ramp action on the Pro. Outlanes without rubber makes it next to impossible to nudge. To much of the gameplay send to ball up at the back of the playfield.
Rating #26 of 12 2 days ago
Not the Jesus-Pin that the hype would lead you to believe but a fun pin nonetheless.

Great theming, art and sound create a backdrop for fast-and-furious, often brutal gameplay. The magnaSlings are neat and innovative, the Ecto-goggles are fun and different. This, combined with the right subway-ramp and nicely done 3d-molded toys, Ghostbusters LE/Premium comes together as a nicely loaded pinball packagel.

Despite everything this pin has going for it, I feel like the brutal gameplay and short ball times will detract from long-term owner satisfaction of this game and are used to hide the inherently shallow nature of the game. The Pinside mob loves blingy and relatively shallow games with randomized difficulty (*cough*: Tron) so this game will likely entertain a high rating but likely isn't worthy of the Number 1 spot that it inhabits at the time of my review.

It is ironic really. In the same way that Stern shorted the stock of the 2016 summer reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise by nodding to the original movies, I think time will tell that this game, like the movie reboot - had fun moments but lacked the decades-long staying power.

Stern will sell a ton of these. They will do well on route, simultaneously thrilling operators with heavier bags of "one-more-game" quarters and ultimately turning many would-be Pinball players off of pinball because of difficulty. New players will walk away with lighter pockets, discouraged: "I guess I just suck at Pinball." - having never unlocked any of the game's more interesting modes or features.

Home collectors will doll them up with mods in the same way they'd throw gifts of adoration upon a trophy wife, posting their epic scores online as if bragging on sexual prowess and showing the game off to envious friends.

That is, of course until the next pretty girl comes along..
Rating #26 of 64 2 days ago
The artwork and sound integration here are something to behold. With 12 shots, and a VERY narrow top right shot, and wide flipper gap, this is not a game for novice players. I’m so glad that Stern started with an incredibly easy game like KISS, then moved to a tougher game like Ghostbusters. Stern is really impressing me with the moves they are making away from photoshopped art on every single BG/PF/Cab. John Trudeau really earns my respect designing something this good this later in his career. Innovative new toy, innovative use of ramps, with 2 entries, one exit (only ONE flipper-feeding ramp, which is a first for Stern in a lonnnggg time). Best use of inserts I’ve ever seen. They are clear, and so lights can change from orange to blue to green depending on the mode. Amazing. Only downsides: LED flashers were literally unbearable during multiball. I don’t get seizures, but I found them disturbingly offensive. Also, the white big insert middle of playfield stays bright most of the game. I’m going to GUESS that nobody over the age of 40 play-tested this game in a dark environment. Stern still has much to learn. I see where Stern LEARNED from their fiasco with TWD and the ball leaving the pops and going SDTM. They have an innovative oneway gate hanging over the PF in the right spot, to help line up shots to the flippers. It’s great! It shows they are learning and improving, impressed!

Action/Per/Minute: decent
Backhands: good
Dink-Donk: good (none found)
Drops: unknown (I played a pro I presume)
Drops Sweep: unknown
Extra Balls: (not sure how many ways to earn it, but I earned a few)
Flippers: 2
Goals: unknown (didn’t read rules)
Inlane Lane Change: unknown
Inlane Ramp Release: ok, not very fast
Inlane Swoosh: ok, could be better
Jackpot/Bonus Collect: unknown
Lane Change: yes - good reflection on backglass let’s you see the 1-2-3 lanes up top.
MB Earning: decent. I earned a few but have no idea how I did it.
MB Fun: pretty good
Metal Ramps: none
Nudging: none needed. Not common with Sterns which have a very fast and narrow vertical game
Orbits (Repeatable): Yes, there’s one orbit. I think it’s repeatable.
Outlane Fun: unknown - don’t remember
Pops: boring: they completely hold up the game.
Rules (time/order): unknown
Shots (total): 12 - VERY high for a narrow-body single-level game
Skill Shot: yes, but unknown what it is
Slap-Saves: super important, really gotta become an expert to play this game
Spinners: 1 super spinner top left. Great design it rips well. Good sound.
Stop'n'Go: poor. Pros: the cellars grab and release quickly, but there are a few points where it holds the ball, and you watch like 15 seconds of dots, it’s really amazing, I would guess it’s the longest holdup of all time.
Taunting: none?
Toy/Gimmick: good. Slimer is quite cool.
Voice / V. choreography: unknown. I was in a bar, couldn’t hear all the coolness.

ART: A. Super art package
SOUND: B+ I hear good stuff.
DISPLAYS: C+ Red dots. Not sure red dots can ever score higher than a C+
LIGHTSHOW: A- Gotta dock a little bit for the LED flashers - totally obnoxious.
FEEL: Felt just fine, as all new Sterns do

OVERALL: A-... A little early to declare it, but this may very well be the best Stern of all time: Would have to play it back to back with LotR, Metallica, ST… I really like where Stern is going.
Rating #26 of 29 2 days ago
Stern you got a hit in my personal opinion. This game is extremely fast and colorful. It's a challenge every time you play it in which you want to keep playing . Great game
Rating #26 of 6 2 days ago
Only ever played in the wild at a bar that is so loud I can't really rate the sound options. Great fun, lots of replay-ability. Rules clear enough to know what you are going for and still challenging for more advanced play.
Rating #26 of 6 2 days ago
Honestly only have about a dozen games on this machine, but always find myself wanting more. My wife's favorite game of all time. Great toys, fun theme for golfers.
Rating #26 of 6 2 days ago
Of the games I've had, this is the one that keeps me coming back for more. Uh Oh! Look like rain!
Rating #26 of 51 2 days ago
This game is beautiful. There is something odd looking about the guy with axe on the BG, though. That's a big head, mister.
It's an ultra wide-body, but with good operating solenoids, it can be really fast.
There are pretty cool shots here. The spinner lane, across the playfield, through the waterfall back to the right flippers is pretty cool, and the in line drop targets uncovering the treasure is hard to complete, but very satisfying.
The rules are basic, but there are lots of opportunities to hear the knocker go off by completing different shots.
It's not a great game, but it's still pinball, and can be really fun. Glad I finally scored one.
Rating #26 of 13 3 days ago
Outstanding value for a pro. Great shots, super fun game. I wish it had a dedicated right ramp,but that's my only complaint. The art and sound package rival the best games out there.
Rating #26 of 13 3 days ago
The game is completely packed with fun things to shoot at and satisfying shots. The rules are fun and true to the movies. The best overall sound package and sound quality ever on a pinball machine. It's hard, but I can't stop playing it. Difficulty isn't a negative for me. Fantastic job, Stern. You can't go wrong with this.
Rating #26 of 14 3 days ago
Dragonfist is the definition of brutal fury.

Incredibly fast, it forces split second decisions that often lead to mistake shots. And if you miss a shot, Dragonfist will punish you.

When you make orbit shots that sweep all three drops in one fluid motion, you feel amazing. When 5 seconds later Dragonfist whips the ball impossibly fast through the inlane and into the outhole, you remember that it is brutal.

It is my absolute favorite game in my collection.
There are 26757 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 1 of 1071.

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