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Rating #26 of 8 5 hours ago
I really enjoy playing this game. The DMD work is second to none in my view. Artwork is amazing although finding an unfaded cabinet may be difficult. Theme is well done and is the best Popaduik game. Everything flows and it has the best swirl ramp in pinball. Only complaint is that the play field takes a beating and sometimes hitting the lamp gets annoying.
Rating #26 of 8 5 hours ago
The theme is well done and the machine is solidly built. A very good attempt at pushing the envelope. Only real complaint is the light board problems on early games and that the flipper buttons can be hard to push to activate the upper flippers. A lot going on here but the theme is well done and it's suitable for all ages. The light show is fantastic.
Rating #26 of 10 7 hours ago
I keep trying with this game but it just doesn't work. The game is too linear and just gets old trying to do the same things that are hard to do in part because of cheap drains. The music also gets a bit old for me too. It just feels rushed like it needed some more time to make the shots work right. Great artwork though.
Rating #26 of 29 14 hours ago
A very solid game, plays much better than I expected it to. Love the 70's style comic book art on the playfield and backglass.
Rating #26 of 102 16 hours ago
Solid Stern Pin. Marked the first time Stern actually listened to the fans and put in Comic book art instead of low res pictures from the movie adaptations everywhere. Magneto is a very cool toy and multiball mode. The start of it is the best that I have seen since the bally williams golden era (theatre of magic, addams family, whitewater). Lots of very tight shots and fun to play.
Rating #26 of 29 1 day ago
This is one of the popular Stern tables that I just do not get. Every time I have to play it in league play I come away unimpressed but man, people love it. I do not know what to say except that it obviously is not for me.
Rating #26 of 29 1 day ago
Mixed feelings about this table to be honest. It is a great casual table for non-players as it really attracts their attention although the rule set could quickly turn them off. I love everything about the game except foir the table layout which I find to be pretty empty with a good portion of the table obscured. The backglass display is stunning though even though there is so much presented that it makes quick glances up nearly useless. Watch someone else playing to really appreciate the theme and displays.
Rating #26 of 29 1 day ago
Another one of those classic tables, it has a certain level of "sexiness" which may turn some players off but my wife loved the suggestive comments and thought the table was great fun. I did have to explain who Elvira was though, the problems with marrying young.
Rating #26 of 29 1 day ago
Oh the first time the magic box spins around and the ball flies up and sticks to it before it spins back around, is there any better "moment" in pinball? It just grabs and impresses everyone.
Rating #26 of 29 1 day ago
One of my core classic games, just an imaginative game with plenty of offer. Not the biggest fan of the spinning Genie lamp but at least it fit the tables theme.
Rating #26 of 29 1 day ago
Solid music based table, not quite to the Metallica level of goodness but still a solid shooter with a killer soundtrack.
Rating #26 of 29 1 day ago
Splendid pinball table that really captures the feel for the movies. I have only played it in an arcade setting but would love to play it at home one day with John Williams soundtrack blasting in the background.
Rating #26 of 49 1 day ago
This is a super fun game. It can be quite repetitive but still super fun. The backglass art is awesome. The playfield art is a bit lacking and I wish they did more with time travel on the playfield to tie it together with the back glass a little more, still the playfield art has wonderful colors and looks nice. It has some fun toys for an EM such as ball gates that only open when you hit playfield features also has a pop up ball save between flippers that is easy to get but super hard to keep. Overall a awesome game that was a show stopper when it first hit the market and way better than most EM's of that period.
Rating #26 of 17 2 days ago
This is a great game to play, fun and fast / yet get a break here and there/ lots of risk and reward shots/ Getting custom sounds is awesome . a keeper/ now in my Top ten of the most fun to play / a great change up to keep next to my MET Premium
Rating #26 of 43 1 day ago
Visually, this game makes a great first impression and it's easily among the best looking machines out there. The hand drawn comic book artwork that adorns the cabinet, backglass, and playfield looks great and tons of characters are represented. Also, the machine puts on a visually impressive lightshow and the color changing GI really adds to the experience. The animations are great and there are few machines that have better quality dots or more content. All the expected main characters are represented, but I really appreciate all the minor characters that were fit into the animations. This game looks especially great with a Color DMD. Overall, this is a stunning machine to look at.

The first few dozen times I played this machine, my impressions were lukewarm at best. The shots are tight and the gameplay can feel a bit clunky, especially when shots are constantly being bricked. The geometry feels a bit different than many machines and the playfield magnets and spinning disk really add to the chaos. Ball times can be brutally short and this isn't a machine that gives high scores for just banging the ball around. The oversized Wolverine on the playfield seems to be something I've read a lot of complaints about, but the newton ball mod makes that issue disappear. After the visuals made a great first impression, I was a bit let down by the way the game played.

However, after putting in 100+ games, I really feel this machine is a winner. The ruleset is super deep and the code feels very polished. Learning how to complete the modes can be really lucrative and there are so many stacking possibilities and strategies that can be used. I actually started to love the tight shots, especially the Beast shot thru the pops and the Professor X shot. This machine really rewards hitting combos and hitting enough of them will activate Deadpool to help progress thru the modes. The flow is actually pretty good when shots are being made and the third flipper is loaded with things to shoot for. The 4 multi-ball modes are relatively easy to get to, but the strategy lies in starting them at the right times. In fact, the Magneto multi-ball (which has a great starting sequence) is worth very few points if it's started prior to completing a handful of hero modes. The 2 wizard modes require completing a lot of objectives to get to and many players will never see them. The LE features like the Nightcrawler pop up targets, Iceman moving ramp, and spinning disk are all fun toys.

Overall, this is a great looking game that can really shine in a home environment. The deep code offers lots of ways to play and the huge amount of content insures that it will take most players a long time to see everything. This is a really fun game that be very rewarding for those players that are willing to learn the subtleties of all the shots, modes, and features.
Rating #26 of 29 2 days ago
It is an oldie but man what a goodie! The first time I ever played this game at Silverlake I could not believe the mechanical boxers in the ring actually moved and threw punches. I am not very technical but it seems like an amazing mechanical marvel seeing it in action!
Rating #26 of 29 2 days ago
What an amazing table. Have a friend who does not like pinball? Have them try this one, it is almost like a video game there is so much going on. The downside is that there is not a great flow to the game, it is very start and stop. Funny too!
Rating #26 of 29 2 days ago
Its all about the long ramp shots with this one, still it is quite a fun game once you get the rhythm of the table down.
Rating #26 of 29 2 days ago
Unique table layout that makes skills shots up the crossing ramps a must. Love the fishing pole reel multiball as well.
Rating #26 of 29 1 day ago
Just an excellent game, I play it every time I see it. Everything screams Metallica and comes from their entire career from the crosses of Master of Puppets to the Fuel callouts, it is a fans dream come true.
Rating #26 of 19 2 days ago
Playfield have lack of invention, idea, gimmick, or anything. Its really boring pin and its just another in row of modern Stern poor pinballs.

Art of all table is terrible. Playfield art isnt actually art, there are only stupid simple symbols. Backglass is the same simple and boring.....5min in Photoshop:)

Cant believe its rated so high on this site. Big disappointment for me. Shiny new LEDs dont mean its good pinball guys!!
Rating #26 of 29 3 days ago
One of my family's favorite games. The first pinball game to really grab my 11 year olds attention!
Rating #26 of 9 3 days ago
After owning this game for a couple months and playing regularly, I found it to be a ton of fun. It's the most challenging I have ever played and as I get a little further each time I keep discovering new things. It has truly become an adventure to accomplish. I love everything about it.
Rating #26 of 16 4 days ago
Such an underrated game. I can play this game for hours. I think the movie is as underrated as this machine.
Rating #26 of 24 5 days ago
The build quality of the game is just amazing. The monitor is great visualy and integrated perfectly. The game is just fun and I thought I would never purchase such an expensive machine, however I traded two modern Stern machines for a Smaug edition and do not regret it. I am pulling for Jersey Jack to grow as a competitor because his quality and innovations are great for the hobby. I never thought I would rate a machine as high as this review, but it deserves it.
There are 26694 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 1 of 1068.

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