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53 minutes ago
I had the chance to play this wile visiting Salinas, .CA for work. I've never seen the movie. But I have to say this was a really fun machine to play. Fun call outs and really good flow. It def kept me coming back for more.
15 hours ago
Excellent and classic sys 11. Beautiful.
15 hours ago
Excellent system 11 game. Playfield layout is excellent. Art is also really good. Hope to get my hands on one.
16 hours ago
My favorite game in the “comet” line of games, but I am still not a fan. One of the cheapest Williams DMDs out there but not a game I would own.
17 hours ago
Hate the theme. On of the worst layouts I have ever seen.
18 hours ago
Really fun game. Great art and great sounds and music. It’s reslly fun to hit the center shot over and over and multiball is really fun. Just make sure your flippers are strong enough to hit it up the ramps.
21 hours ago
Very fun game by Ritchie. You must not compare pro to premium or LE. Playfield would’ve benefited from a couple extra shots vs the ramp video extravaganza. However, you get use to the next gen feel. I will buy the premium or LE when price is right...too many undervalued machines for half the price. It’s a 10-25 age rated master piece. Youth love it as well as I. Can’t wait to get one.
21 hours ago
MM, TZ, MB... top 3. MB is the funest machine ever made. Any of the 3 could rank 1. Will preorder MBR day 1.
21 hours ago
Very under appreciated Trudeau “Creature” superpin machine. The artwork on the playfield is adapted from the comic book. Comics rule the day and the comic themed artwork is on point. I recommend the modernized color lcd, probably best use I’ve seen on Bally/Williams. The translite and light effects are also very well designed. The theme is very cool, watch the Karl Urban version Dredd...awesome. Sound is great, no need for speaker upgrades. If you like ramps, your in for a real treat. Also, I like the under playfield style...many new games do not use it..sad. Going price for theme, art, shots and fun’s the best around. I’ll put up this 3k machine vs most 6-8k new machines any day.
1 day ago
Good looking game but it seems like there isn't enough to do. Seems like you would get bored fast. Ferris wheel and spinning mystery wheel is cool but not a game I would own.
1 day ago
Beautiful game but would get old in a smaller collection.
1 day ago
Beautiful game. Like the center fire hydrant. Do not like the ramps that don't lead to anything and not a fan of the sound effects. Seems like it would get old in a smaller collection. Center ladder is a neat idea but I wouldn't buy one unless it was a nice price.
1 day ago
The best single player pinball machine I’ve ever played
(but I’ve played about 30:).
Beautiful art showing a few aristocrats playing cards. One of those games you just walk up to and immediately smile. A real gambling game too!
You can hit a good card score (towards the 21) in one or two balls, and then you’ll need to look at your game score to decide if you want to drain the next 3-4 balls, or go over 21 and keep playing for the score. Being that it’s in free play I’m more interested in hitting the 21 (or 18,19,20). But I could see where a kid in 1960, with a nickel in the line, would think hard in that one. Very cool game.
1 day ago
A lot going on with this machine , the ball disappear often between ramps and tunnels, it a fun game but it gets very bright and the ghost screaming is a bit much
1 day ago
Fun game a bit repetitive after a while but the music keeps you want to play
1 day ago
I was not too hot on this game, no ramps, fairly basic features and simple rules....After a few games I could not stop feeding the beast with quarters and talk about speed its like a squirrel knowing spring has finally arrived CRAZY !!!!! the art work is not too amazing to me, sounds and lights are insane on this machine, better than Saturday night fever....AH AH !!!
So put your paws on the buttons for the flippers and Rock on, even the glass vibrates from the shaker.
1 day ago
Beautiful wood rail game. I really like the ‘winter’ theme showing the lady skiers, the snowmen, a lady throwing a snowball at an Indian holding a hatchet, etc:) The name Criss Cross fits with both the ski hill art, and with the tic-tac-toe’s diagonal lines. Nicely themed. The Roto target is challenging with the 2” flippers. The targets are five different rotating colors that match up with the upper five pop bumpers. There are two of every target color on the disc, except for white, and white is the middle one which you really need! There is also one 300k target..for a big score. The Bullseye targets near the flippers are a nice feature too. The round Bullseye colored targets have a hole in the middle with a small rod poking through. If you hit to the side of the bullseye you score 50,000 points. Dead center gets you 100,000 points! Hitting the Bullseye target also makes the roto spin, along with the two button rollovers at the top. The roll over buttons at the top turn into a skill plunge opportunity if the current colors on the roto do not match up with your needs. Goal is to get three pop bumpers lit in a row (like tic-tac-toe). That earns a credit. You can also earn credits by lightning four corners (that lights a gobble hole for the credit). Lighting all five pop bumpers lights the rotating targets and bottom rollovers for specials too. And ‘High score’, along with the ‘Match’ feature, could earn you a coupe more.
Mine happens to be in excellent original condition so I’ve been spoiled with it I think. I gave it high marks.
1 day ago
Really cool and unique rule set but once you build your bonus, it is just shooting the left saucer the entire ball.
2 days ago
I'm not a fan of Metallica music. I only know their most radio-played songs and probably only 4 or 5 of them. Unforgiven was the only one I really liked. So for years I ignored this pin, never played it, and had no interest. I assumed the high ranking was because only Metallica fans bought one or played it, so the score wasn't a true representation of the game. I was wrong. I played the game about 2 weeks ago for the first time, and it wasn't set up right. It was too hard and orbit shots went SDTM for some reason. I wanted to like it, but I just couldn't play it long enough. But, I had a feeling it was set up wrong. Last week I found another that was set up better. Wow. I played 3 games on 2 quarters. I earned a replay on my first game, then matched on my second. I was hooked. I kept playing game after game until I decided I had to get one. The flow is amazing. The game is wide open, but not barren. Plenty of shots, 2 great ramps, and excellent code and rules. Pretty easy to understand, though I admit I don't know everything yet. It looks great (Dirty Donny art is a 10 on this and Aerosmith). The lights, the music, the attitude. It oozes that 80's hard rock theme and has cool toys and mods too. This game deserves it's spot in the top 10. I can take or leave most hard rock music, but this pin is staying in my collection. So glad I gave this one a chance.
2 days ago
great game
2 days ago
This is an amazing machine! It has an excellent ruleset even if they are linear. I see other people complaining about the rules but my advice to them is "Play better". This machine also has some of the best features with the floating ball and the magic wand not to mention the best skill shot in pinball! Just a very fun game!
3 days ago
This game is basically an electromechanical White Water, but instead of making shots to advance the rafts, you're making shots to advance the numbers 1 -> 9 to light special. Simple, but brilliant.

Playfield is asymmetrical, yet balanced. The brilliance of the playfield layout stems from the star rollovers on the playfield. A sharp, accurate shot from the left flipper will simultaneously rollover the "on targets" button, light the advance standups, and then hit a standup target to advance the numbers. Conversely, a shot from the right flipper turns the targets off, but allows the player to hammer away at the bank of targets. Completing the bank resets the targets and advances your number. Oh, and the player is delightfully well compensated for shooting two targets at once. How many games give the player that kind of strategic opportunity?? I think maybe just Whirlwind with it's sweeping drop target bank feature.

The bagatelle lanes on the right give the player the chance to nudge their way to success, but since a tilt ends your game, you *really* need to be careful.

Artwork is striking, gameplay--while not terribly complicated--is easy to understand and delivers the "just one more game" feeling in spades (gotta advance your way to the special, but you're always so close yet so far away from doing so).

The game is masterful. 10/10. Would Atlantis again.
3 days ago
Robocop is okay. Artwork is definitely not the best but it isn’t that bad. Jump ramp is cool and it’s a fast game but it doesn’t really do it for me. Right shot is poorly designed. Rarely goes in (at least is registers). Music pleasantly surprised me. Music is great in my opinion. Good game if your into the movie, but not on my wishlist.
3 days ago
Jokerz! does nothing for me. Theme doesn’t really do anything for me either but I do have a Riverboat Gambler. Sound really isn’t the good. The center shot is pretty neat and same with the two ramps that lead up to the roll overs but I’m just not a fan of the game.
3 days ago
A breath a fresh air during a time when the same ol' same ol' is coming out from the other manufacturer. The music and sound is the BEST in pinball. The gameplay is fast, fun, addicting, and will have you pressing start one more time. Just gotta lock the ball, just gotta hit the keypad, just gotta start the reactor...Just gotta stay alive! The layout, lights, music all done by Scott Danesi; the incredible art done by Matt Andrews. I can play this game all day every day.
There are 31865 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 1 of 1275.

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