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Rating #26 of 15 9 hours ago

Fun but too slow for me... and finally borring.

Rating #26 of 11 15 hours ago

Middle of the road DMD game. Layout and rules are good but not exceptional. I\\\'m not a fan of the theme or artwork, and the music and callouts are just annoying. Good for a few games but I wouldn\\\'t want to own one.

Rating #26 of 11 15 hours ago

Apparently Stern think a few soft porn pictures can compensate for a badly designed game. They can\'t. Gameplay is boring with very shallow rules and unbalanced scoring- the multiball modes are easily the most profitable, but getting there is a chore. Lame theme. The one standout feature of the game is Photo Shoot mode\'s blinding white flashers when you make a shot (simulating a camera flash).

Rating #26 of 7 17 hours ago

I just played this game for the first time tonight. And it was a fun game !! Lots of great features !! And a great theme. I will be playing this again soon.

Rating #26 of 16 1 day ago

If you see this game and there are other machines around it, DO NOT PLAY IT. You will regret it.

Rating #26 of 43 1 day ago

Lots of shots, lots of toys, deep rule set. Game just doesn\'t grab me for some reason though. Overall it\'s a great game, just not one I want to own.

Rating #26 of 29 2 days ago

It may take a few games to get comfortable on this one, but once you figure out the rules and hazardous shots, it can be downright fun. Fully shopped/restored is mandatory, but is a keeper in the high end EM collector\'s gameroom.

Rating #26 of 12 2 days ago

A good game in its own right. Nostalgia reigns supreme in this one. The layout is okay and the rules are easy to follow but aside from the ramps, there isn\\\\\\\'t a ton of flow. The game\\\\\\\'s strengths lie in the theme, music and sounds. Each lock brings on a different tune, the sounds (in stereo no less) are quite good thanks to data east\\\\\\\'s sound board and the light show is excellent (if the dozens of flashers are working properly). An enjoyable game if not remarkable worthy of a few plays, just be careful of the clock tower eject It can be a straight down the middle drain.

Rating #26 of 344 3 days ago

Whoa! this is fun, challenging and lasting even though baseball is turd to me of a theme.

Rating #26 of 14 3 days ago

Theme is really front and center here. A lot of humor and wonderful toys. The dots and call outs are pretty good.

Rating #26 of 14 3 days ago

So much fun as a two player. I would like to put some time in single player but that\\\'s not where the draw is. I love the art style and humor, though that lady\'s nipples must be really cold. I know it\'s not a pinball but that\'s usually where it is in the arcade.

Rating #26 of 14 3 days ago

I would love to spend more time on this. The theme is one of my favorites but I didn\'t feel it was well implemented. It wasn\'t bad but I didn\'t come away from it thinking of the movies. The art on the playfield is a little wonky but still alright. I love the cabinet art with the sunset and side profile of Eastwood. The call outs were pretty good. Overall the gameplay was slightly forgettable but at least I would like to give it another try.

Rating #26 of 14 3 days ago

I love this game. Hard shots for the experienced players and immediate fun for the beginners. The art style is really well implemented. The creature floating through the water on the side is awesome. The music is memorable and enjoyable. And the objectives are challenging. I would love to find one someday.

Rating #26 of 41 3 days ago

same game as the base machine, just a shaker well integrated.\r\nEsthetic aspect has been improved with all brass trims.\r\nGreat machine

Rating #26 of 41 3 days ago

Fun pinball machine with good sounds and great pf artwork.\\\\r\\\\nLike the game but not rules are shallow.

Rating #26 of 41 3 days ago

Fun pinball but gets old quickly.\\r\\nSounds and callouts are good but the poor variety of the music comes boring fast.\\r\\nSome good toys but overall an average game

Rating #26 of 17 3 days ago

This is one of those games that you either like....or hate. I really enjoy this game. It is one of the cheapest in my collection, but worth every penny. I get way more enjoyment than what its worth to sell it! Sure it does not compare to the 90\\\\\\\'s Williams or the newer Stern games. A real challenge to play up through the levels! The game gets progressively harder the more you complete. Always fun to work up to the Grand Master than the Champion Challenge. This game has a unique game flow and rewards that accumulate even on completed shots. It really has a retro video game feel to it for those of us that spent the 1990\\\\\\\'s in arcades. If you liked Street fighter arcade game and enjoy pinball this pin is a great choice.

Rating #26 of 9 3 days ago

Really love this game and can see enjoying it for many years to come. Great theme, depth and especially like the red star field lights for Klingon multiball!

Rating #26 of 21 3 days ago

Great Game

Rating #26 of 12 3 days ago

Batman\'s playfield is beautiful. The overall artwork is quite nice on this despite being made for a horrible movie. I truly enjoy the flow of the game. Balls can be quite long but are enjoyable as there are a lot of rules and tasks to this game. Lighting could be better. My workaround was to add an LED strip behind the back playfield plastic and that\'s helped a lot. Sega got it right with this affordable pin.

Rating #26 of 14 4 days ago

Jungle lord is the least sought after Williams, upper playfield pins. Most of the scoring was achieved in the upper playfield and the bagatelle seemed to be more of luck than skill. The upper drop targets are the best/most challenging part of the game, were you need to knock them down before the time runs out. Overall, it’s still a fun game and can be found for cheap, compared to Black knight, pharaoh and solar fire.

Rating #26 of 14 4 days ago

Hotdoggin was my very first game. I played it many, many times; being that it was my only game. Thinking back, it had most of the typical features. Pop bumpers, drop targets, and a cool ball catch/save. The one I had was a player machine and was a great game to learn on, but found myself looking for titles with ramps, music and more fun features.

Rating #26 of 10 4 days ago

Lot of fun to play. Very 80\'s looking. The call outs and music get a little old pretty quick. There are some prototype roms out there that have better/different call outs. That might be better. The ramp (the Wall) is a neat set up with diverters and works well. The prototypes had drop targets on the left which would have been way better for game play than the targets on there now. Sometimes its almost impossible to hit the correct target. It lasted a year in my collection.

Rating #26 of 10 4 days ago

Love Earthshaker. It has some really fun toys and gimmicks. the shaker motor and earthquake feel is classic. I have the sinking building mod like the prototype machines, but the whole feel of the game is just fun. The music might get a little old someday, but after 3 years of owning it, it is still a favorite.

Rating #26 of 10 4 days ago

Love everything about this machine. It is a little hard to get to the advanced modes. Because of that people seem to get tired of the easier shots and modes and move on to something else.

There are 23242 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 1 of 930.

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