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4 hours ago
Some of the best artwork ever placed on a backglass or playfield--just beautiful! Great sounds as well. I wish the game played as good as it looks. I was really expecting to like this one, was disappointed initially and came back to it later. It still didn't impress me, nor has it any of the subsequent times I've played it. If I had a big collection I'd buy a Centaur just so I could look and marvel at the art.
6 hours ago
Always heard this is the worst game out there...not great by any means but it is fun. The stand up “snipers” are a unique feature and I like th flow of the ramps. Not an A title but not the worst.
12 hours ago
A great theme & the machine certainly has presence not the least that the theme is in tune with the pinball heydays. A great player & certainly a keeper for me.
1 day ago
It's kind of neat to play "The Largest Pinball Machine Ever!", but it's more of a novelty than an awesome game. Playfield runs kinda slow because it so large. You're constantly waiting for the ball to come back. Over all, fun the first few times, but I might pass on this in the future.
1 day ago
Just picked this up and have put on about 20 games. This is my first JJP game and I love it. The layout is great, the build quality is fantastic and it speakers are really nice. The game is so much fun to play. Still trying to pick up a bit of the rules. I will update the review once I have more plays on it.
1 day ago
Finally had a chance to put some games on Batman 66. It was one of the least favorite Stern titles that I've ever played. I do think the rotating carousel is a unique idea, but there just seemed to be some odd spaces where the ball would end up getting stuck.
1 day ago
Steve Richie's ultimate modern classic. Shots are amazing, game is difficult to master but easy to play/not inherently punishing. Out of the box, needs an LED OCD board for LED conversion and art blades or BackAlley buildings to create the experience. People can go really toy-happy/crazy on this game, but I keep mine stock. Only knock is the plastics art- the creepy heads on the left plastics especially- but besides that this game is a total work of art.
1 day ago
Addams is the game that showed me that the experience of pinball could be truly magical. In many ways, it was as though the very movie came to life before my very eyes, but in an expanded and brilliant new way. A special game and genuine keeper.
1 day ago
Nordmans best game ever. wish never sold. alot of fun nudging lower half has great dynamic. just saw reveal of new jjp version. think it will be hard to beat the stern.
1 day ago
Really fun pin. All the shots are really great, smooth orbit and ramps, diverter on the left ramp, fun center shot to score. Not much bad to say about this one except the cabinet artwork is pretty plain. I have mine lit up nicely with Comet LEDs. Very solid pin, great for kids, they love to try and get the high scores for all the different teams. There is a real basketball hoop in this one and multiple ways to score with it. 4 spots kick up the ball while also having to pass it to avoid the defender. Of course the shot up the middle is the easiest way to score, but also the left ramp diverter goes up and that ramp wraps around to score a shot also.
1 day ago
A great game, like many on the list, highly underrated.
1 day ago
Great game, lots of fun, two super spinners, off set flipper shot ramp, multi ball, kickout hole, drop targets, and three bumper thumpers...= Classic game in my book. Great shots, challenging with great audio. A classic game I'm glad is in my collection. This game is way underrated. Much better than mousing around and many other titles rated higher.
1 day ago
Fast action older Stern. Love the long line of drops. Tough to lock ball though.
1 day ago
Surprisingly fun as a cookie cutter layout. More or less Kiss. Bad geometry for the ball lock. Seems to slopped in more than made on purpose.
1 day ago
Not very deep but its mean. Makes you want to come back for more. Love stacking multiballs.
1 day ago
The game that got me into pinball. So much fun.
1 day ago
Great art but that is all that its got. Not that fun.
1 day ago
Future classic. The shaker motor is a must on this game, makes a huge difference in the feel of the game.
1 day ago
Very fun for an early SS. Great strategy needed for use of drop targets.
1 day ago
Super awesome game. Total ass kicker. Love it.
1 day ago
One of the better rock themed pins.
1 day ago
One of the best, forever a classic.
1 day ago
As modern as it gets. A little too much for my taste.
1 day ago
Great classic.
1 day ago
Used to me my #1 favorite. One of the best all time.
There are 30778 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 1 of 1232.

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