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Rating #26 of 11 58 minutes ago
Not a Transformers fan. A nice value for the price. I have the Combo and looks fantastic. Theme doesn't do much for me but the layout and music are really well done. I am having a lot of fun and my kids love this game. I don't understand the complaints about the toys. The game play is what your looking for. This game has that. You have to make good shots to complete modes. Yes the mini play field does hinder that a little. Overall this is a very good game. To me feels solid and I will be holding on to this one for some time.
Rating #26 of 63 3 hours ago
An underrated pin in my opinion. I know its not fancy but it is a lot of fun. Note that the version I played (which i own) has strong flippers, which is likely a must to reach top of steep ramps. My balls rocket around the playfield.

Game has a moving goalie which works extremely well. It has a magnet which "saves" the balls when shot at goal. I also like the stadium which gathers balls for multiball. I disagree with other reviews about the sound as I like the European announcer and the familiar chant of "Gooooaaaaalllllllllll!!!" For around $1500, you cannot go wrong.
Rating #26 of 31 23 hours ago
Very fast game but the pace is ruined by the glove, unfortunately.

Great game though, even if the scoring is a bit imbalanced (get spinner millions going and you can get a humungous score!).
Rating #26 of 32 1 day ago
This is a great game that plays super fast. Just added it back to my collection. The rules are simple yet very satisfying.
Rating #26 of 7 1 day ago
Jurassic park the movie has always been a favorite of mine. Then I played the pinball machine. What a fun game. The shots are challenging. The toy dinosaur is very cool. Shaker motor really adds to be effect. I love it and can't get enough.
Rating #26 of 36 20 hours ago
C2Step hits the nail on the head with his takeaway. Jack it up in the back, make sure it's clean and bouncy, and this baby is fun. For those of you who hate outlanes, this is the game for you!
Rating #26 of 407 1 day ago
Best superhero themed pin. Fully developed theme, art, sounds and rules are well rounded.
Rating #26 of 67 1 day ago
I really enjoyed this pin. Yes the play field art is not great, but it didn't matter while playing. I like how well lit the game. It is a fan layout, but has some good toys to interact wth. The moving dragon is cool and so is the battering ram.
Rating #26 of 8 1 day ago
This is my Sci-Fi Whitewater. Love the theme, which is very well integrated. Call outs are from the real actors, which is always nice, and they are great. The claw has not given me a lot of problems and it doesn't hold up gameplay quite as much as the Johnny Mnemonic hand for me. Art package is good and a blue LED behind Wesley Snipes eye in the back glass will make it much more interesting. Some good light shows on this one as well. I love using the upright handles in lieu of the traditional flipper buttons, I would add them to every pinball I had if I could. If you are relatively tall, the upright handles will be much more comfortable for you.

You will read a lot of reviews of the movie itself here; however, a quick look at Rotten Tomatoes will show you just how high the critics and overall population of readers of that site felt about the movie, which was overwhelmingly positive.
Rating #26 of 8 1 day ago
This game is amazing. There are tons of different modes to play, which keeps the game fresh. Animations are incredible with a color DMD. Artwork on the playfield, back glass and cabinet are some of my favorite and definitely match the comic. Really enjoy the call outs and music, although the multi-ball music does its work of being harrying/irritating. Lots of things to shoot for here and very challenging shot making. Bally/Williams from this time period have such a nice, smooth flow when you get them going. The playfield definitely needs LED/extra lighting to show off the artwork.
Rating #26 of 119 2 days ago
Ugly game, lots of fun
Difficult shots, good flow, good toys, good rules. If you can get past the looks it's a great game to play that can be had at a bargain price. One of the best fun to buck ratios out there.
Rating #26 of 103 3 days ago
I absolutely HATED Ghostbusters Pro. To me it was blatantly rushed to market without the benefit of completing the table design dynamics or the software. Ghostbusters LE has finally been released (a few months later) and clearly indicates the difference. While this game has many of the design characteristics of the Pro version (flippers and a good 70% of the table layout), many of the problems that plague the Pro have clearly been worked out. Even the software more clearly communicates what is going on during game-play. Add the additional toys and gimmicks along with the awesome theme and you have a great pin that is fun to play, very challenging with LOTS of replay value. It is unfortunate however because LE's and Premium versions of the game will be hard to come-by for the enthusiast who cannot shell-out seven to eight grand for one, leaving only the Pro available to play in most markets. I for one will not drop one more quarter on the Pro version... ever! Stern REALLY needs to re-think their market strategies regarding the "Pro" versions of their games.
Rating #26 of 16 3 days ago
Just picked this game up and it is definitely an underrated game. Yes, the middle ramp can get repetitive. But if you set the game to a higher difficulty, it takes 7-8 shots to get to the millions. Big difference.

The call-outs are hilarious, the theme is kid friendly with some definite adult stuff thrown in (5 kilo drop targets, Drug Rat, guns all over the playfield and cabinet, etc.) Lots to do, lots of action. Great game overall!
Rating #26 of 12 3 days ago
One great game and I actually prefer the pro on this game; plays much faster then the premium and just plain fun
Rating #26 of 133 3 days ago
The game is fun but I don't see the hype it is getting.
Rating #26 of 97 3 days ago
One of my favorite pins, SFX and music are amazing and the gameplay is addictive. Greatness.
Rating #26 of 7 3 days ago
this game worth every cent absolutely amazing decals and LE artwork all green with slimer on it. The shots are all fun to shoot and getting modes going. the best Stern has done to date. one best things on GBLE is The mag slings you dont no where ball going most of the time. i cant stop playing it coming back for more and more. i cant wait went they update new code
Rating #26 of 19 3 days ago
Such a great game! I didn't think so highly of it the first time I played it in a loud barcade with a broken flipper. The next time I played it in a quieter barcade, allowing me to hear all the music and callouts. This might just be my favorite game yet! I can't think of anything I would change on this so this gets my highest rating!
Rating #26 of 730 1 day ago
Dammit. I'm gonna have to figure out a way to get one now...

The Pros:
This is the best laid out PF that I have seen in a long time. Shots on the lower PF are varied and while at first it looks like a fan, there is enough variety that it doesn't feel like another MB clone. The ramps and orbits are smooth like buttah. The upper PF is great in the ability to stay up top making shots as well as exits and the car bash toy that alters the whole feel of the spot. I am also a big fan of the El Dorado MAUDE lanes on either side of the bowling ball pops which require skillful nudging and timely anticipatory action. Two super skill shots? Why have I never seen this before? The rug rolling back to the drop hole to beneath the PF was a great toy put to excellent use. The display is fantastic. The art package (PF,Cab, Display, Sound and Rug) is GORGEOUS! Voice calls from the movie are spot on and the music is (while not the original soundtrack) spot on and alternates very well between regular and mode play. The integration of theme and rules is great and the "character" of the game is executed in high fashion. The lock shot is solid and the saucer/standups on the lower part of the main PF are well placed. Here's another question to consider: When was the last time you played a pinball game with 3 playable levels? 1982 (Haunted House)? granted there aren't flippers on the lower PF, but the bowling game is very well done and even has different bowling modes/targets that require skillful timing. The lower Pf is integral to the advancement of the game, this is a good thing (and if it fails/ has issues not so good) and makes the entire game seem all the more complete as an entire package. While the big parts of the game are great ther are also many smaller details like the "trampoline" kickback and the white russian drink drops are well thought out and implemented. There's even a bowling pin back by the MAUDE lanes. Love it! Multiball comes and goes quickly and characters can be stacked for a bigger risk/reward experience.

The Cons:
The flippers "feel" different than B/W and Stern. They are strong and shots are easily made. However, certain techniques like bounce passes need to be paid close attention to as the flippers will not react as one is normally used to. The other big thing that didn't work properly was the rug target. It wasn't registering as it should with direct hits. This may be an early production issue or just the copy I played, but it made a big difference in the ability to progress within the game's rules.

The Takeaway:
I have played many games from new/boutique pinball manufacturers over the past few years. None have them have compared to the look, feel, quality, fun and wow factor that TBL has. For a first effort, this game is as impressive as the best that stern has made and quite frankly, the best that B/W made in the 1990's. I am very interested to see what they do with new code and tech fixes. This deck is only going to get better. For me the real test of the game was I played the deck with someone who was not a good player and they walked away from it saying "That game is FUN!" This game will be reviewed further with more play, but I have to admit, I'm hooked!

update v1: after speaking to the owner, he tightened the fleeper mechs and now they feel nice and sweet!
Rating #26 of 65 3 days ago
Probably the best Stern game made to date. The artwork and sound package are awesome. I've played every stern out there now and I think this one is the most fun.
Rating #26 of 54 4 days ago
The most beautiful machine ever designed.
These big screens are the futur of our favorite machines
About the gameplay, this is one of the deepest ones, more than 30 modes! The pop-up targets are well used in this empty playfield, it was necessary.
No difficult shot except Maybe the lowest drop targets. Skillshot is quite tough whatever you choose.
The Hobbit gets a great flow, much better then woz. This game is also faster than i thought. It can be fast with a good set-up of the legs.
Now i have 3 complains. First, i consider that the third flipper is a support flipper, it is not very used, Nothing that can be shot with bottom flippers. The second complain is coming from my personal tastes, the ball times are very, very long. outlanes must be wide open ( remove the central post too). The last one is toy, was disappointed with the animation of the dragon. I was expecting better
toys for a top class pinball machine.
Rating #26 of 111 4 days ago
I like most pinballs of all eras but my experience of this game is pretty negative. Best I could say is that I would be happy to borrow it for a few weeks but that is about it!
Rating #26 of 18 5 days ago
This is a great game like most early 90's Williams game are from this decade. Lots of good shots and a fun video mode too. Only draw back for me is the theme with my young kids it's a little dark.
Rating #26 of 43 6 days ago
Fathom is really a great table for it's time. There isn't one specific reason but I will say this regarding the multi ball rules. I owned a nice Centaur and I have to say that Fathom's multiball rules are so much better than Centaur's. Additinally, if you install the Fathom home roms using an original -35 MPU, there is a nice alternating skill shot for the ABC lanes on the ball plunge. The home rom also adds a couple of speech sound calls.
Rating #26 of 39 6 days ago
Yet another pin that could've been so much east really dropped the ball with this....shame williams didn't have the licence.
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