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Rating #26 of 34 3 hours ago
want to be a better player? black hole is a game that will challenge you. you will become a better player just by spending time on this game. its fun and not the usual layout for its time.
Rating #26 of 57 4 hours ago
The two things that always stand out immediately when you see this game in the "real" are the blue colored cabinet and the Gottlieb Premier weird shaped backbox. Premier always seemed to want to be able to stand out in a crowd. It must have a been a marketing decision.
The playfield is almost like a linear "tunnel" with your entire focus being the center of the playfield and the ramp shot.
Variety is not really the name of the game here.
The backglass image although "unique", just does not fit the playfield artwork.
It was like it was designed for another machine.
Sounds are average, music is a little odd from what you might expect.
Fun game to play for a few runs, and reminds me of Data East's Robocop in some ways with the ramp shot but simpler in ruleset.
"Cheap quality entertainment" and fun, but nothing really remarkable.
Most likely it will still be found very reasonable in cost, even for the low production.
Rating #26 of 8 8 hours ago
Very underrated Pin. Super fast with 2 ramps and very nice flow. The playfield is bright with deep color and it captures the overall theme extremely well. 3 different multi-balls and also a useful 3rd flipper. Super fun, under the radar, low produced game.
Rating #26 of 16 1 day ago
Great Pin to own. Family love it. Will be here for a long time.
Rating #26 of 16 1 day ago
Not a huge fan of this theme. Got to like the music. Unfortunately it grinds after a while
Rating #26 of 8 1 day ago
This is a fun game with some big points being scored. But gets very repetitive pretty quickly. Defiantly not worth the big dollar price tag that goes with it. But still a simple and fun game.
Rating #26 of 16 2 days ago
Beautiful game. Didn't expect to like the game based on the theme but I was wrong. The game is really fun and its the only pin that all my kids liked:-)
Rating #26 of 51 2 days ago
Really neat layout. The game music gets more intense the longer you play. It's fun to trying to time the upper playfield shots. I think the game is too easy at factory settings. Didn't really make me feel like I wanted to come back and play more. I've also passed up opportunities to purchase this game. I understand some people really enjoy this game, its just not for me.
Rating #26 of 8 2 days ago
Upgraded from a Pro to a Premium recently, and wow! The game as a Pro kicked ass, now it's even better. I may be a bit biased as Metallica is my all time Favorite group and I love pinball, it can not get much better then this to me!

The rules are awesome, great flow, awesome music, good call outs by the real band members, great dots, artwork is awesome is well, nothing bad about this machine.
Rating #26 of 84 2 days ago
Great game
Rating #26 of 54 3 days ago
i have only played s.m 15-20 times,cant find one close on location,i think stern did a great job with this one,similar to some other playfields as we know but has everything we love about pinball great flow, fast play,good sounds, easy to learn,3ramps 3flippers ..very very fun to play,it does have a play it again feel,i want one... but it still didnt make me have to have one ,im sure it will probly be the nxt pin i buy im jus hoping to put more hrs on one to help me pull the trigger,it is nice to look at and i think is the best action hero pin out there!! dont pass up a chance to play one!!!
Rating #26 of 10 3 days ago
Absolutely amazing!!
Rating #26 of 16 3 days ago
I think Dirty Harry is an underrated machine. There is a decent amount of depth in the rules which gives you different things to focus on when playing and helps give it some lastability. If only going for the high scores, multiball tends to be the route to go. The shots are satisfying to make - especially the left ramp, modes are not unreasonably hard to start, and multiball is enjoyable.

One complaint I have is that it isn't possible to make subsequent multiballs incrementally more diffcult to start, but this is more of an issue in the home environment than on location.
Rating #26 of 16 3 days ago
BSD is an exciting machine to play with a great "one-more-game" feel. Game times tend to be short and the rules are not very deep but the excitement of stacking 2 or, if possible, 3 multiball modes and being awarded big points is incredibly enjoyable.
Rating #26 of 101 3 days ago
I am not a big fan of symmetric playfields but this one is actually pretty good. Nothing too fancy but good ole fashioned pinball fun. 4 pop bumpers provide plenty of action, drop targets and a good layout make this an above average pinball experience. I used to play this machine a lot when it was new because it was easy to get free games. Even with a modest investment I was able to play for hours.
The artwork is pretty decent and the dark field offsets nicely against the silver ball.
Rating #26 of 57 3 days ago
This is one "rare bird" of a pinball machine (pun intended).

I have had the opportunity to play this machine ONCE.

I really could never understand why this game never made it into production.
Maybe it was a design license issue?
Not a lot of historical data exists now, mostly as this was "before the internet".
It is a solid single level design that is a cross between Paragon and several other early Bally games of the period to provide a comparative example.
When properly angled, it actually was quite a fast game along the outer orbit loop, particularly for this era.

The shot angles for the orbits are very TIGHT, which makes for some required skill to play the game correctly.
Pop bumpers always seemed oddly placed in my opinion.
The double captive balls behind the drop target bank was a neat idea.
The other captive ball seemed like an unneeded "extra".
Sounds and music are unremarkable, typical of Atari games of the era.
Ruleset basically recycled, and really do not know if the game actually was even finished in this era.
Excellent backglass image.

Just another "hidden gem" from pinball history.
It would be nice to see one of them at a pinball show again.
I wonder where they are hiding now...
Rating #26 of 57 3 days ago
Everyone pretty much knows this was an Atari novelty pinball machine, but it still has historical value.

It is not as much that it is a "turd" as people think in terms of gameplay (but it is VERY SLOW), but it is hard to find replacement parts for machine.
Gameplay is average, if the game is well maintained, but most are not.
Reliability is average, but many of the assemblies were not really designed well for this game.
Game code is below average, and sounds and music is minimal.
Basically, it is like any other early Atari SS game.
Backglass makes a great wall hanger though, if you can find a parted out game which has reached an equilibrium these days.

It uses a cue ball as a proper ball, if it shipped with something different from the factory, I don't know, because I never saw one NIB, as this was just a few years too young before I started tech work.
Maybe gameplay could be fixed with a new improved polycarbonate or ceramic ball in the modern age?
Nah, not really.

When I owned one, I had to get specially built machines assemblies when something broke like pop bumper assemblies, yokes, and such. That was the real PITA.

As a game it has plenty of value in museums or businesses.
Really draws the crowds and makes good money.
Still REALLY EASY to get $1 a play.
No change in mentality today.

It is not always about pure collector value, this game was never meant for that consideration when designed.
If you have the space, a full size pick up truck, and a small wad of Benjamin Franklins, certainly a consideration, but make sure it is COMPLETE, as many seem to be missing parts these days for the reasons I mentioned.
Rating #26 of 7 4 days ago
Best Machine I have ever owned, or played for that matter.
Rating #26 of 12 4 days ago
Banzi Run has one of the greatest system 11 sound tracks ever created. Swords of Fury comes in at a close second. It's one of the main reasons I'm attracted to this generation of machines, the sound designers were so talented with the limited sounds they had to work with. This game absolutely jams!

Obviously a very unique layout and one of a kind. Its great for a change of pace. I've only touched this game a handful of times but I will say it probably has the hardest jackpot in all of pinball. A two ball multi-ball in which you have to land the saucer behind the pop bumpers then make it all the way to the top of the hill and hit the captive ball. A true testament to no free rides in Lawlor multi-ball.

I will own you some day.
Rating #26 of 87 4 days ago
A very unique and great game by a small company. Very fun challenging and nicely done. Refreshing to have a small and new company make such a great game!
Rating #26 of 9 5 days ago
I have been searching for a Tag Team for quite a while. When I finally found one, I was not disappointed.

Yes, the art work is just okay and the sound is pretty vanilla, even for the era. But the playfield is bright and creative. The game play is unique and although one could have a great time just waling away with the 3 flippers, if one takes the time to understand the rule set, this game is a real winner.

Multi-ball, yes, but only after you run through a number of obstacles; drop targets, capture sink holes, and then a very tough wrap around hole.

It even has an option for playing a combination two on two match, thus the Tag Team moniker.

The only true annoyance that for some reason no on else seems to mention, the score display is incredibly small. I've never seen anything like it on any other machine. And I don't understand why. There is plenty of real estate on the backglass. A full sized score display would have been easy to fit.

But all in all, I'm very glad to have finally added one to my collection.
Rating #26 of 269 5 days ago
I really like this game. Gets old after many plays but the layout is great. Also love the random placing of the pop bumpers.
Rating #26 of 57 4 days ago
Some people call this game the "The Fake Theatre of Magic", but the amount of error in this statement is unbelievable.
It offers twice the "tricks", gameplay, and variety than ToM, all for 3X less the cost than a ToM.
PM completely embarrasses ToM in terms of game design.
Additionally, you can buy TWO PM for ONE ToM! (If you can find two for sale quickly).
It is just a better quality machine overall.

The game kicks off from the skillshot "hat trick" and improves from there.
It has an outstanding backglass image and cabinet.
Yes, ToM has a better cabinet that PM.
So what?
Do you play a cabinet?
Playfield artwork above average.
Gameplay is varied and the magic show tricks are superb.
Ruleset is above average as it is linear, but this is a Capcom...
DMD animations are very good, and music is in line with the theme.
Sound quality is average, but get rid of the damn stock Capcom speakers, they are a$$.
Build quality is excellent.
Maintenance is higher than many machines due to some assemblies complexity.

Personally, I wish Capcom would have made many more, so new collectors can learn to appreciate the game.
Many collectors have never seen one in good working condition, let alone actually played one.
It is ALWAYS a big hit at every pinball show, and played constantly.

Spare parts, as this game has unique assemblies and plastics that have not been readily reproduced and NOS is getting scarce. Boards are still available, thank god. Games have literally been "gutted" and parted out to make two games into one at this point.

"Bang for the pinball buck"?
It is here.
If you have the the opportunity to own one, buy it, you will not be disappointed.
Rating #26 of 57 5 days ago
An important milestone in pinball history.

Most people are aware of the features of the double level playfield, Magnosave, speech improvements, and Multiball, but you have look beyond the design.

One of the first games that pushed the pinball world into a quarter a play, along with games like Black Hole.
Revitalized the pinball industry that was dying due to early video games like Pacman.

Artwork by Tony Ramunni is of critical importance.
It set the bar very high for future games.
Gameplay is rock tight even today, and multiball is fast.
Sound was very good for its age.
Music is basically more repetitive tones, which most turn off.
The one thing that really stands out in my mind is the playfield inserts.
They were very special as they were shaped like "gems" not the "starfire" ones that are common today.
Not even the reproduced playfields use them, as they have not been available for many years.
The bad part is most original playfield inserts are extremely heat shrunken.

The last machine I owned was a BK: LE with the upgraded trough switches, extra decal, and a few other small changes. In games of this age, always check the cabinet glue for delamination.

People should never overlook machines that offer solid gameplay after 35+ years.

"Will you challenge the Black Knight again?"
Rating #26 of 21 5 days ago
Love it, fun game, lots of shots and modes, great theme integration, nice flow.
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