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“I enjoy my RBION and believe it or not, it is a keeper. I have been pleasantly surprised at the gameplay and desire to play one more. In addition, the wifey likes it!! The third flipper doubles the fun and pleasure as you travel from continent to continent and are required to make the shots to progress. No bad days....”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “Got it since it came out. Love it more every day because it has this one more play effect. Combos are a huge fun factor and the sound effects are incredibly good. Dots are fantastic and the shots feel just right.
    Waiting for the update with the wizard modes for now but if those are integrated at last this will be one of sterns greatest games in my opinion.”

  • Rom currently owns this game.

  • “Don't think its a top 10 at all I hate TAF I have played it many times on locations and in the home environment and can't stand it at all still to this day....”

    “great game to play for dollars. Dolly is a real ball buster, fo sho...”

    “I like this game but I don't like the ramp tat goes up and the crossbow
    good rules and nice flow”

    “Wow! Fast and Furious! So much variety and so much fun. Hard to score, so very addicting. I was leary about music pins... Not anymore. Homerun here!”

  • hd60609 currently owns this game.

  • “Tons of cool gadgets, especially the wand, and stuff to aim for. The ball does not drain easily. Decent but not great game flow, good rules are the upside of this game. The artwork is so-so. Cabinet looks very nice, back glass is OK and the field is below par. All the moving toys are probably a bit challenging to maintain over time.
    Overall a pretty fun machine to play on.”

    “My first pinball love. Everyday after school at Happy Joes pIzza.. We got so good we would put a jacket over the top half of the play field to test ourselves.

    This is drop target nirvana. 4 banks, get them in all down in sequence to raise your multiplier up to 4x.

    That's it simple straight forward Gottlieb System One. Not much there, but what a great game to play to work on skill shots. If you can find one that works.... mine is currently inop... play it.”

  • Djude currently owns this game.

  • “Nice layout, good sound and a fair number of toys make for a very enjoyable pinball. The ramp shot is pretty cool, really liked that. From the actual play there's no aspect I don't like about this title.
    On the down side, I can see how that many moving gadgets can be a maintenance nightmare. So I might not want to own one but I'd play other people's Gofers all day long.”

    “No wonder so many of these were made...

    * very balanced game
    * 8 shots for 2 flippers
    * left flipper can backhand the snake pit
    * no lane change is great (real skill shot)
    * fun timed arrow that pulses from standup to standup to earn a special
    * neat rules on the spinner, only lit some of the time based on your bonus level
    * voice sounds great (first ever with 7 words)
    * heartbeat sounds great -- install speaker upgrades if possible
    * strong pop pen, left pop is mean!!!
    * Eugene Jarvis sound effects are great


  • mof currently owns this game.

  • “I love my BBH. Some of the call-outs are why:

    1.Kill 'em and Grill 'em
    2.Holy Suffering cats
    4.Thats some high fallutin' shootin'
    5. Just because I am old doesn't make me a kook
    6.I may be older than dirt, but I am still scrappy
    7. Get off my property
    8.Jumpin Jehosephax
    9.Where's my jug?
    10. Your just the tall hog at the trough
    11.You yellow belly sap sucker
    12. That rams as stubborn as Mom
    13. Are you off your rocker?
    14. Even an old foggy could shoot those birds
    15. I'll use those feathers for my pillow
    16. That cow can poop points out fast enough
    17. She shot a hole in my underbrtitches
    18. We give those to Granny (after winning critters/road-kill)
    19. No point in aiming, just shoot (pheasant multi-ball)
    20. Don't get your feathers ruffled
    21. Methane Madness
    22. You ain't from around here, are you?

    Walter Brennan would love this pinball machine. Bird multi-ball is tough and "super duper jackpot" fun!! How many other pins have Super Duper Jackpot?? Its a wonderful machine that is a keeper in my collection.”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “BSM is an excellent pinball machine. The third flipper adds 50% more to the gameplay and fun for me. Watching the movies is an added benefit, but the satisfying fun is still there regardless. The shaker motor a must with the speakers turned up to the max you can take. I appreciate the mirrored backglass. However, I don't appreciate the racist element to the title of this machine.”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “Junkyard is a theme I can appreciate in all respects. The gameplay is fun but no as fast as others. I appreciate the artwork on the playfield, backglass and cabinet more than most other pins. The AFM video mode and shoot the dog video are another element of fun in this beautiful pinball machine. The long shot, past the wrecking ball for multiball, can be difficult. Far out dude...”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “This is a classic Williams pinball machine that will always want you to play one more game. The flashing topper and turbo loop along with the multi-ball graphics never fail in making me smile. This is a very fast and fun game that reminds you of the days before Indy500 and MustangLE. I hope I will always have room for this excellent 1990's pinball machine. The replacement backglass is the only change to be made for the bad hair day artwork on the original.”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “Safecracker is a unique pin compared to others. It is so much fun, and challenging. The smaller flippers and playfield require the player to adjust the mind-set of a full size flipper/pinball playfield. I enjoy the backbox gameplay and pinball play as much as any other great pinball machine. It is great to have a Safecracker in the line up to go to for a mental mix-up in the pinball routine. The size also lends itself to a location where you may not have been able to have a pin...thereby, unintentionally feeding the habit....one more pin in the collection!!”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “Road Show is a widebody with four flippers. I really enjoy mine. I have the yellow flashing hazard light topper that lights during multiball. A fun and semi-challenging game in some respects. Getting the ball in Red's mouth is difficult!! I enjoy getting to the west coast and have the west side of North America crack and fall into the ocean. Some tight and unique shots with Road Show. It is one of a kind, and one I hope to always have on hand to play a game or five....”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “TOTAN is an excellent pinball machine. Hitting the ramp and having the ball spin around is pinball fun. Bashing the Genie and sneaking in the Harem is fun too (giggle, giggle). Saving the Princess and destroying the Idols keep you wanting to play another game, and then another. Keep the playfield waxed regular on this one because before you know it, is four a.m. Wednesday!!! Color DMD a must.”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “I give NBA Fastbreak a 10 since they are linkable allowing pinball to be taken to a different, better level of enjoyment playing against your mate standing six inches away from your side, in elbow's jabbing reach....
    Listen to the call-outs of your favorite team players from the 1990's when you choose the team you want to beat your linked friend in a friendly game of BBall, pinball style. Answer trivia from the same era when the Bulls were dominating. Sorry no Jordan, but as it turns out, no loss. This game(s) are a blast. Take note Stern and JJP, deliver a linkable themed set of pins for sale, and double the demand in doing so.”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “This is a very fun three flipper game. The Mine Shot, for me, is the hardest shot to make on any table I have owned. It is great fun on a playfield that seems to have lesser open/visible ball area than most others I own. Tons of fun shots playing Whitewater.”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “Williams IJ is better than the Stern IJ, on most days. Williams IJ Pinball Adventure is an excellent machine and will never intentionally leave my collection while I am living on earth. It is a keeper. The gameplay and everything about the pinball machine save the backglass is perfect. Still haven't figured what the Super Ball button is for, but I am sure I will one day....”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “Sluggin' Champ makes me wish I lived as a teenager back in the 1950's. Collect the teams for the National League and the American League to light the specials on the gobble holes and score big points. Shoot the targets and score RBIs. This game is great for me as an old time baseball fan when the Dodgers were in Brooklyn. Sluggin' Champ is fast, fun, and always wants me to play another game. Baseball and pinball nostalgia all in one. Sluggin' Champ is one of the classic woodrails I have found as a keeper in the collection.”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “The rules (Lyman) have turned this into a great game. I think the general playfield design is good but has some well documented, annoying aspects like the huge/vision blocking hammer, PITA snake rejects, and equally PITA captive ball failing to register. You can overlook these flaws though due to the outstanding art package, sparky, extremely satisfying metal ramps and creative rules. Sparky brings a ton of humor to the game but also makes the game pretty random. Unlike some other bash toys he's dangerous and unavoidable. Borg did the same thing with the TWD prison and Monger which subtracts some points in my opinion. I'll enjoy it for a year or two but it won't be a keeper. Mainly because it centers too much on Sparky Multiball as a way of getting to coffin Multiball and CIU modes where the real fun starts. I'm also not a real Metallica fan so it has no emotional appeal to me.”

  • luckymoey currently owns this game.

  • “World Champ is world class pinball from the 1950s. Pop bumpers, targets roll-overs, a gobble hole to avoid and knock downs to accumulate. Gorgeous backglass and playfield. Fast, Fun and a Favorite woodrail that is a keeper in the collection.”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “Dragonette is a beautiful game themed from the show Dragnet. Just the Bare Facts Mam! Classic Americana artwork that is unparalleled. One to Six number collection, roll-overs, 500,000 points holes, Specials, pop bumpers and all the 1950's fun available. A beautiful pinball machine that will want you to play one more game.”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • “Big Hit has it all. It has the Sear/Willis Tower in the backglass from a viewpoint at a baseball game from what is likely Comisky Park where the White Sox played home games. It has four, three-inch flippers to bash two banks of drop targets. It has two pop bumpers down playfield to randomize the game play and influence the target shots to the vari-targets. The playfield lights the bases as singles, doubles, triples, and home runs are earned. Scoring points and runs gives another aspect of fun to the gameplay. This 1970's wedgehead could likely be a keeper for me.”

  • BenetBoy78 currently owns this game.

  • There are 21299 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 1 of 852.

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