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Rating #26 of 15 3 hours ago

I play this one often, and it goes nicely with a Circus voltaire (about same theme) and maybe pinball magic.


-I like smashing the big trunk

-Game layout nicely balanced with plenty of shots

-Trunk shot is nice

-Outlanes magnets are nice


-The lane around the trunk is designed to make it drain instantly through the middle if you shoot it hard. Just like with Circus Voltaire. WHY?? What a frustration

-Smashing trunk can lead to drains, although not that often

-Outlane magnets often dont work that good. If the ball goes a little fast it drains anyway

Rating #26 of 15 3 hours ago

It is clear Williams tried to make a super nice pinball, with many toys and decorations straight out of the box.

Just like AFM and MM it is funny and you have a pretty long ball time usually.


-Fun theme that (amlomst) everyone likes

-Excellent artwork, cabinet and toys

-Fairly easy rules and gameplay

-They put a lot of effort in the music


I can't think of any

Rating #26 of 75 16 hours ago

Wow, can't stop playing this pin, more classic Stern to come. Greatness

Rating #26 of 101 17 hours ago

Very fun game. It is fast fast fast. I really enjoyed the gameplay and thought the game had excellent flow. I really want one in my collection soon. I great Star Trek pin.

Rating #26 of 35 1 day ago

I want to like this one but I really don't. The concept and theme is really nice: collecting junk to create contraptions to unlock different modes. The rules really drag it down. Multiball is shoot crane a bunch, then shoot crane for jackpot, then shoot crane for super jackpot. The modes simply aren't worth playing in terms of score. Timing them out to get to the wizard mode is the best option which is always a huge bummer. Video mode all day is one of the best possible strategies. It has increasing score every time, is a safe shot, and it collects junk! Once you make it to space you can just time out the 4 adventures again to get back to space.

It's one of those games you pick whether you're going to play completely inoptimally for "fun" or for score. I like playing pinball to beat my high scores. If you're playing for score, it flat out sucks.

Rating #26 of 35 1 day ago

One of the all time greats. No idea why this game is half the price of Twilight Zone, it's certainly loaded with almost as much stuff. TWO freaking talking heads, two diverters, ramps and wireforms all over the place, a bulldozer, scoops, 4 flippers, two shooter lanes, a damn magic target! The game for sure is about the adventure across the country and not just playing for multiball all day. It has modes worth playing for days, it's hard to complete, it has excellent call outs and style, just a ton to see and do here and for less than $3k these days.

The 90s were some magical times for pinball. We got some mechanically PACKED games with rules, sound, and design to back it up. Not to mention PASSION, something missing from some games these days. You can tell every bit of this game was designed by people who cared. Very, very fun.

Rating #26 of 20 1 day ago

This wide body plays like a wide body, and its not hard to put up high scores with the bonus multipliers being easy shots. But I have to say that it is fun to play. Set up the collect bonus kickback, rack up the bonus, and then keep the ball high and right until it falls in. It's not Embryon or Paragon, but I'd say that it's better that Space Invaders. I can't comment on Future Spa.

Rating #26 of 35 13 hours ago

When I played Doctor Who on location I would go video mode all day, which I think is a valid strategy. It leads to LOOOOOOONG games though, like 45-60 minutes on a great game! It's an easy, safe shot but takes forever to get any scoring done. When someone taught me about playfield multiplying sonic booms I felt like an idiot. My games were 10 times shorter and my scores were the same. The sonic boom gives a great sound effect that really makes you feel like you're hitting a high scoring shot. The whole dead end to upper flipper loops to right ramp to dead end combo is one of the best feeling repeatable combos in pinball.

Rating #26 of 35 1 day ago

I played El Toro at the Roanoke Pinball Museum because someone suggested it was the worst game ever made. This game absolutely delivers on that promise. There is almost nothing to do or shoot for. The double rollover lanes are A TERRIBLE IDEA. The right lane is wildly uninteresting, maybe they forgot that the whole reason similar shots on C37, 300, and Atlantis are exciting are because they had TWO LANES! The only thing to do in this game is ram it up to the top and spell EL TORO or get 1000s via luck and some nudging. The art is next level awful. It's amazing this machine made it into production. Boring, boring, boring, awful looking. I would not spend $100 on a collectors quality example.

Rating #26 of 35 1 day ago

This game is one smooth game. Lots of very safe shots for LONG ball times which complements the epic adventure feel to the game. It sure is grindy though. If you're down by 50 million points, that means you're going to earn every one of those millions, not many risky shortcuts to take here. Theme integration is perfect even if the artwork isn't. The callouts, music, and DMD animations are also top notch.

I don't know if I would ever own one just because of how exhausting it can be to play. Even if you brick most shots, you get a nice safe feed back to the flippers. It's the opposite of a "just one more game" game, I play one or two marathon games a night and I'm totally done. It's a feature that makes it a unique game. Most of the best games out there are out for blood. LOTR is out to take you on an adventure.

An unmaintained game on location can get boring quickly. The biggest issue is that a lot of times the flippers won't be strong enough to make the ring shot. All the way in the back of the playfield, up a ramp, plus a jump? Awesome shot, not awesome on average route games. If the Balrog switch is broken the game will be a slog and you can't play FOTR multiball.

Also the important Gimli half-saucer below the pops is one strange shot. You sort of have to intentionally brick it to get the ball to stick. Unique I guess, but doesn't feel the best.

Rating #26 of 35 1 day ago

Party Zone is OK, I'm not a huge fan of the layout and I find it somewhat repetitive. I don't like that the major shots of both ends of the playfield lead to VUKs followed by a return to the flipper, it makes the game feel just a little strange. There are a bunch of low-value dangerous shots, the center scoop and standups in the middle of the playfield are crazy, why would anyone shoot for it?

The game is multiball all day for me, although maybe I'm missing part of the strategy here. A unique part of multiball is that once you cash in the Big Bang super jackpot (20-99M) the rest of multiball is way lower value (250k all targets). This makes an interesting risk/reward strategy where you want to cash in on max value regular jackpots as long as you can without hitting the Big Bang. An unfortunate part of Big Bang is that it increases game-to-game until collected. This means if you're playing competitively at a location where patrons don't frequently hit it, one player can cash in a 99,999,999 Big Bang then the other players can only get 20M. It's a pretty devastating imbalance, but fortunately fixes itself after someone scores it once.

Rating #26 of 35 1 day ago

Metallica Pro is the gold standard for Stern pros. It doesn't feel stripped down like many pros do, this game has FEATURES. Inline drop targets, 2 magnets, metal ramps, captive balls, a snake kickout, animated Sparky, this game is packed! Lots of shots on the playfield, unique inserts all over to light things to collect, good rules that give you a variety of options on scoring depending on what you're trying to do. Trying to nail the pesky pick targets to add a ball in multiball is an exciting way to start it off rather than flailing for a few jackpots then trapping up like I do in most games. The mini-wizard modes are fantastic. There aren't enough big payoff single ball modes in pinball and this game completely highlights them.

The art package overall is one of Stern's best and really one of the best of all time. This game is a looker.

Rating #26 of 35 1 day ago

This game has a fast layout, super good feeling backhandable ramps, cool unique toys, and EXCELLENT rules. Getting a big multiplied song jackpot is EXACTLY the reason I play pinball! Build up and cash in a huge risky payoff. Grind-a-thons like LOTR can be fun too, but you never get that one great shot feeling. Very similar to T2 in terms of layout but so, so much better. I don't like T2's reliance on the cannon, but AC/DC doesn't overuse it despite it being important.

There's so much good about the game I'll just focus on the few things I don't like. The lower robot Satan playfield is lame, the best part about it as that we don't get Angus' face in that spot. The pop bumpers to dribble out is lame as always. The playfield art sucks. The plastic band is so dumb. You get to choose a lot of modes, but since they focus on a single playfield element some just aren't worth it. I can't remember the last time I chose Let There Be Rock or Thunderstruck because the standups are so deadly regardless of the payoff. Not really the end of the world, most games have modes that aren't worth it.

Rating #26 of 35 1 day ago

IJ4 has a really cool captive ball that opens up into a scoop. The Ark dumping out 8 balls is also kind of neat. I really don't like just about anything else about this game. The pops dribbling into the Last Crusade scoop is just AWFUL and SLOW. On top of that, the other scoop has the same return kickout. You will be waiting for balls from the Last Crusade scoop A LOT. Lots of shoot-this-x-times rules, the game gets very repetitive. The Ark multiball takes 19 (!) shots to start and doesn't pay off big in terms of big points. The MAP captive balls unlimited multipliers can make your bonus ridiculous. Most shots aren't very satisfying. You'll get Last Crusade just from pop bumper dribble outs, Temple of Doom is an easy backhand with a safe kickout, the Ark take a ton of hits to mean anything, the right orbit leads in the dreadful pop bumpers. The worst thing about the playfield is that the 4 scene inserts don't match up left-to-right to the four major shots on the game. Why!!! Stern was in the cut and paste art doldrums in 2008, and IJ4's generic tan map playfield is one of the most boring. You can't skip the lengthy mode start movies for some reason, so you get to sit through them every single time you play.

I've never been to the wizard mode and imagine I'll never achieve it. 20 modes to complete to get there including about a billion hits on the Ark. At least you can't say this is an easy game to complete, although ball times can be long.

All pinball is good pinball. I rate games on a relative scale. Is IJ4 fun to play? Sure it is, but I would play almost any other game other than it given the chance.

Rating #26 of 35 2 days ago

Paragon's art is phenomenal, one of the best hands down. I'm more up and down on the gameplay. I don't like dual flippers in general, they sure make the game tough! This game is HARD. I'm not a huge fan of the double saucers up top compared to rollover lanes either. Inline drop targets are awesome. Knocking them all down and getting into the saucer is a good feeling, rewarding sequence. The sound is 1978 nightmare. The table is wiiiiide but isn't really jam packed with worthwhile shots. The rules are simple and strategy is load up on bonus.

Great for the era, just good overall. Bally's top early 80s games are better. Even of the wide load games, I much prefer Future Spa.

Rating #26 of 11 2 days ago

Simply a great game!

Probably one of the best!

Rating #26 of 9 2 days ago

This is a great game with a lot of good shots. Music and artwork are very nice on this machine. When people come to my house this game gets a lot of play. The DMD modes are very fun and my kids love them.

Rating #26 of 155 3 days ago

T3 is a pin I found relatively uninspired at start (T2 remade? What for?) but now growing on me. Had to see good players having a blast on it. The RPG (bagatelle on the fronton) is relatively unique. I like it. Rules are simple, and that's good thing. If you find that game too easy, open the outlanes! This one was used for the EPC2015 (including the final) and I doubt anyone found it too easy...

Theme integration is good. Artwork is decent (if you like Arnie!). Overall, a solid game I would not mind owning.

Rating #26 of 155 3 days ago

This is a One-of-a-Kind game, that plays like no other (EM on steroids?). First impression when you see that game for real is that it is beautiful and colorful. Game plays relatively fast. The small display on the apron is an excellent idea. Some quotes are really fun. Overall, a real pleasure to play.

Rating #26 of 15 3 days ago

Wanted to love it. Just couldn't.

Rating #26 of 19 3 days ago

I love the theme but I don't really love the game. I'm never sure what to shoot for and the layout is kinda confusing. The art is great though and sound and animations are good. I may need to put more time into it to truly love it.

Rating #26 of 6 3 days ago

This game is underrated, maybe because it is not a Williams, i don't know. I'm a Williams Fan, but have to say, that this Pin rocks from the gameplay perspective. Of course there are some negative Points, such as a much too dark playfield artwork which keeps you busy seeing the ball. But with LED's installed it is much better, also the Backglass is much better with LED's. Also the know Sound Problem (noise) is annoying, but you get used to it after a while :-)

But over all i like that Pin and would buy one, but a firend of mine does have one in our room

Rating #26 of 31 7 hours ago

This pin was a lot more fun to play than I had expected, the poor ratings & bad press are unjustified! This pin is waaayyy underrated. It is a blast to play! I'm on the hunt to purchase a LE/Premium.

Rating #26 of 64 4 days ago

Awesome game, one of the best solid states of all time.

Rating #26 of 64 4 days ago

About the only thing going for it is the Charlie's Angels nostalgia

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