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Rating #26 of 47 2 hours ago
A very different playing pin. It has an open layout similar to AFM, except TH has pop monsters(like MM) that you shoot. There are drop targets all over the playfield that the rules incorporate very well that you must shoot for. Sniping the drop targets while following your visual & audio call outs, never gets old! Several different skill shots that actually require skill to complete. Several different multi-balls including Smaug multi-ball that are all a lot of fun to play.
The audio & video on this pin are second to none! This pin is as visual & audio stimulating as a pin can be! Just a tremendous job by David T, Keith J, & crew!
When you are playing well, The Hobbit feels like a constant multi-ball. It can get very intense when you have a mode running, Smaug multi-ball going, & Beast frenzy all going at the same time! Super Happy Fun Time!!!
I've seen several comments on The Hobbit being "floaty" & "slow". Well, they didn't have their pins set up right! It's anything but a slow game! It's a fast paced, mode based, multi-ball Madness! Go try one out!
Rating #26 of 10 15 hours ago
Best backglass ever.
Rating #26 of 13 16 hours ago
I have a regular edition. Amazing art work. The back glass is so cool. The mods are challenging. Hard as hell. Add a ball is so cool. Multiball is so fun. Hit 1000 corpses right out of the box and since then not once. Music is good. The bass is amazing. Color DMD is so nice. Video mode is fun. I have the upgraded lighting and plastics. Also got added toys. Added topper from laseriffic. Visually a beautiful game. The game play is really fast. I'm mean fast. A real challenge to keep up with multiball. Quite the workout. Overall I am very the game. The only issue I have is the ball on occasion gets hung up near the target. Hopefully a fix is on the way. I recommend the game!!
Rating #26 of 23 1 day ago
If you love simpsons you'll love this pin. It's a little complicated with 5 flippers and it is a tri-level (multi-ball is on the 3rd level couch) but there is a lot of interesting things you can do and the theme is well integrated.

Overall, if I had to buy only one pin in the last 10 years, this pin and Metallica would be on that list.
Rating #26 of 11 1 day ago
This could easily be the most overrated pinball ever. It is a good game. I enjoy playing it. The remake is even faithful in it's reproduction. The game tends to be expensive. It holds it's value which is good but it ties up lots of capitol which is bad. The addition of a bunch of new units will make future value interesting. The biggest drawback, for me, is it can feel cluttered. It is a good pinball. Usually in everyone's top ten. In my list maybe number 10.
Rating #26 of 11 1 day ago
This is the opus of the pinball machine. I can play it over and over and it never fails to amuse me. We decided this would be a signature piece and we went all out on our restoration. We added brass coin door, rails, legs hinges and anywhere else it would fit. I love magic so all the "magic" mods were so much fun. The wands and rabbits just make it so festive. This IS my favorite pinball.
Rating #26 of 17 1 day ago
It isn't as bad as it looks. It appears bad for a game to write a review with that opening sentence but that is the simplest way to explain Millionaire. At first look, it does look like a terribly boring game. In all honesty the worst system 11 might be a fair assessment (a testament to how good system 11s were if this is the worst). The game has a simple rule set with locking both balls for a multiball, re-lock each ball for the jackpot. Then wash, rinse and repeat. The music changes subtly for each advance for the multiball chain and is pleasant to the ears (as is the main theme). The shots are satisfying to make, if you can land them, and there is enough to do in game with the skill shot, stand up targets and of course the roulette wheel. For those seeking depth, sleek and sexy this is not a game for them. If you want a simple game to play for fun and to pass the time, Millionaire does the trick just fine. It isn't as bad as it looks.
Rating #26 of 10 2 days ago
I have owned this game for about two months and wanted to wait before ranking it.

Positives: plays fast, supercharger is awesome, great music, fun theme, cool artwork, great lighting, nice siren topper, favorite game for visitors in my collection. Also, even though I have only got the redline mania mode once, it was one of the best special modes that I have seen in any game.

Negatives: sometimes it is too fast and if you have a bad game, it is over too quickly; the jackpot shot is almost impossible.
Rating #26 of 6 2 days ago
I am a Ford fan and like the Mustang car. This feeling does not translate across to the Mustang pinball machine. Poor toys and gameplay really let this one down. I have played it many times on site as it is in a convenient location for me but out of the two games at this site Mustang is my second choice to play and I don't like the other game there either.
Rating #26 of 6 2 days ago
Nice theme and art but has unrewarding gameplay with a poor simple bash toy that interrupts the flow of the game. Played this game on site many times as it is in a convenient location for me but still cannot break through to a place where the game is entertaining.
Rating #26 of 6 2 days ago
This game is currently the top of my most wanted list. Fast and engaging game play. There is a straight forward approach to success with the games use of the Saucer and the Martians giving a logical rewarding plan of attack to progress through the game. Top 5 game in my opinion.
Rating #26 of 6 2 days ago
Nice theme with exciting fast flowing game play. The ramps, use of magnets, vanishing balls, and not to forget the main feature of the game, the trunk, all come together to keep all levels of players entertained and wondering what other tricks TOM has up its sleeve. Worthy of a top ten rating in my opinion.
Rating #26 of 6 2 days ago
Classic game that deserves a spot in everyone's collection. Toys and gameplay are awesome as are the humorous character call outs. Awesome for all skill levels with nice progressive rules that provide a logical path to progress through the game. Was my absolute favourite until GBLE came on the scene.
Rating #26 of 6 2 days ago
Out of all the machines I have played this is the best. The gameplay, artwork, sound, fun factor, everything combines to give the total Pinball package. I played the premium onsite a few times and that was all I needed to take the next step and purchase an LE. I am not one to chop and change machines in my collection so this was a big step and i could not be happier.
Rating #26 of 26 3 days ago
Wow I have a hobbit and WOZ and this thing is a very discouraging theme. They are going to be selling very few of these. Sim City 2.0 again.
Rating #26 of 6 3 days ago
First game I bought... Played it alot... simple fun game
Rating #26 of 6 3 days ago
Play is excellent with the updated chip.. Without it, not so much....
Rating #26 of 14 4 days ago
Really nice pinball machine. Lots of fun!
Rating #26 of 14 4 days ago
Fun pinball machine for a few games, but gets repetitive and boring very fast.
Rating #26 of 14 1 day ago
Great flow and lots to shoot for especially for a two flipper game.
Don't like wishing away jewels but do I, yes.
Theming is spot on, great looking package overall.
Slightly worried about the lastability but I haven't been able to beat the Genie yet.
So far so good.
Rating #26 of 15 5 days ago
Demo Man is one of the last great values in 2016 pinball. The game-play and flow are awesome even though the rules/scoring could use a little tweaking (updates make it better). If you love ramps this game is pure heaven. I am a huge fan of Dennis Nordman and this is his 3rd best game but his 3rd would be most peoples best (WH2O and Scared Stiff are a little better). Truly from a game-play standpoint, it is a great value still holding at less than $3000 for a nice one. I don't expect the price to do anything but go up as all great pins tend to do. Also, while tough to clean, it is a super reliable pinball.
Rating #26 of 10 5 days ago
There are things I really like about this pin and things I find totally annoying about it.
Seems a little overdone and too gimmicky.
Fun to play, but would never own it.
Rating #26 of 34 5 days ago
This is the best game of 2016. Great call outs and sound effects. Getting multi ball is a challenge and the center gap between the flippers means frequent (frustrating) drains.

It's got some neat tricks - not even sure how I activated it, but the flippers got 'possessed' and reversed. Took a few seconds, and 4 drains during multi ball, before I figured out what was going on.

Like other players have noted, the ball often jumps the ramp and drains down the left outline. Not cool, not cool.
Rating #26 of 45 6 days ago
This is one of my favorite EM games and one that I was thrilled to be able to add to my collection. The old single player wedge heads usually have decent rules and Sky Jump is better then most. Using the center bumper to change the bonus target, roll-over to give bonuses to all drop targets and the constant attempting to get both lit under one available target is pure pinball bliss. In less than a week we have put almost two hundred plays onto the machine so obviously it plays great and appeals to everyone from age 9 through 45.

As for the theme, think about the skill of skydiving. You are aiming for a target and the closer you get to the center the more points you get. (As an aside, I remember playing the Sky Diving mini game in Super Monkey Ball on the Gamecube for hours and hours!) Hitting any of the drop targets with nothing lit under them is lust a successful jump and very little points. You activate the numbered roll-overs to light the top row of lights under the corresponding numbered drop targets which represents landing on the outer rings of the landing platform and more point. If you can use the center bumper to move the "hot" target to a standing drop target and hit it you get EVEN more points for landing on the inner ring of the landing platform. If you manage to get both lights under s standing drop target lit and then hit that target, well you just successfully sky dived onto the bulls eye and will be awarded big time points.
Rating #26 of 45 6 days ago
This table is just to bare for my tastes, the secondary reverse table is neat but everything is a long shot on top. One of those tables that I never see anyone play on league night.
There are 26880 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 1 of 1076.

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