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14 hours ago
I just picked this one up a few weeks ago after having it on my wishlist, and must say I am really loving the simplicity and speed at which this game plays. My first draw of course was the art, which fits perfectly in my horror themed hauntcades, and I originally wanted it for that alone. The alien is by far the scariest and drooliest on record, and instantly makes me wanna plunk quarters in. But the gameplay is really the gem here. The locks are super unique and fun to hit, and the drop targets are always a crowd pleaser. Sure it's mostly a right flipper game, but I could hit that main ramp over and over again and feel super satisfied.

SFX/Music wise this one hits the mark like most of the games from the era. In fact, it is these sounds which I have always found the most appealing to hear in an arcade. Somewhat degraded, punchy/unique melodies that match up vibe-wise.

I'll need some more time to put up a full review, but if you do happen to spot one of these games, give it a whilrl. It's a rare and bizarre game that needs a little more attention. Especially for those of us in love with System 11.
17 hours ago
One of my favorites. OK, the rule set is pretty simple, but the flow is great with very satisfying shots. The humor is THE best of any machine I have ever played. My kids enjoy playing it, while having no idea that the call outs are continuously referring to male genitalia, and oral sex. While I am not necessarily a big fan of Elvira, I think she is perfect for a pinball theme.
1 day ago
Badly wanted to love this game but after playing it for a few weeks I was turned off :(
1 day ago
My only problem with this game is that in multiball you can never really get up into the upper half of hte playfield, or rather shoot and pay attention to anything going on the upper part.
Its a fast, fast game. Ruleset is okay... Don't pretend that I know it all yet. Nice way to get multiball. But, for me to get a ball into the upper part can be a pain.
Plays fast as I said, and because of that I never noticed or could watch any animations. Still was a fun game to play. Just not my cup of tea for the theme.
1 day ago
For me this game has a fun theme and integrates it well with a good backglass and nice animations. I think the layout is a fun easy to shoot one and also can be a bit challenging at times. I don't like how the skill shot really doesn't have much to do with the plunger... It does have use as you need to time what reward you'll get when you plunge, and then you shoot for the shot and need to make it. So overall its a really cool skill shot. Really cool use of toys and a magnet. Like the trap door as well, even if I hardly ever make that shot.
Nice multiball rules and easy to get to the multiball. All in all I really enjoyed the game. The one thing I like about the layout is there are many different shots, but they do not feel cramped. They feel spread out just the right amount. Also this game has really cool ramps. The one thing I don't like is the rollover lanes. Hard to tell which is lit and which isn't... Yes, they have the mirror, but I can't really notice that.
I don't know if this is a top game of all time, but it has cool toys, good art with just the right amount of sex appeal, a cool theme, cool cabinet art, and good animations, and it shoots really well. So I don't know what else you might want. Don't know if its worth the price that people want for it though.
1 day ago
Great and unique layout with a lot to shoot for. Very fun to play. Good flow with very nice upper orbits. Drop targets on upper right seem go down more with slow rolls vs satisfying shots...but that could just be me. Excellent Theme, music and artwork tie in.
Animations could use some upgrades. I like Iron Maiden but wonder if the music and theme would wear on me in a home setting. Definitely has that one more game feel.
1 day ago
Classic game with great flow and lots of fun to play. Lots of satisfying shots and combos.
A one of a kind layout with a nice unlicensed theme.
1 day ago
Nice looking machine with a unique layout and challenging modes. A lot of shots seem just too tight leading to a lot of clunkers. Flipper power seems too low for such tight shots leading to a lot of frustration and shots that don’t feel very satisfying. This probably should be able to be adjusted. Backglass is very nice but LCD animations need to be upgraded. Game has a nice set of rules. Despite the frustration and lack of flow it does have that one more game appeal.
1 day ago
Owned this game for a while now so I have spent some time on it. Theme is what i liked about it but in the arcade I was disappointed by the play. Luckily, I got this for a trade and really have enjoyed it. It has some great shots, can be challenging but is a lot of fun if adjusted properly. My kids really enjoy it as well. I’d recommend it
2 days ago
I love pinball with good ball flow and White Water is one of the finest examples. The upper playfield is one of my favorites. Great variety of shots. I don't really connect with the theme personally, but it's still a fun theme and is represents itself very well. Great ball flow on the ramps. All around, this is a very fun pin.
2 days ago
One of the best modern pins available as far as complete presentation is concerned. I really enjoy the skill shot - one of my favorites in a pinball machine. Ball flow is excellent, despite the bash toy in the right-center of the playfield. Not a huge fan of bash toys, but this one is tolerable. Only gripe is the notorious cheap drains when the ball comes out of the pop bumpers. Otherwise, I really like how the ball moves in this one. The DMD animations are some of the finest of any modern era pinball machine. Always eager to play this pin. The Pro version is solid.
2 days ago
Not the deepest pin as far as modes, but it's fun every time I play it. Great pin for beginners or people who don't play much. Some of the best artwork on a pinball machine and it looks even better with LED lighting. I still laugh at some of the call outs and sounds. One of my few gripes is the "Stop the spider!" callout gets kinda old. Who doesn't love Elvira!?
2 days ago
AC/DC is possibly my favorite music themed pin and one of my favorite pinball machines in general. This pin is what got me back into enjoying AC/DC like I did when I was a kid. Excellent layout and shot variety. This machine brings the music to life and makes you feel like you're in the middle of one of their concerts. I love pinball that gets the adrenaline going and this is one of the best.
2 days ago
This pin is an adrenaline rush. One of my favorite modern pins for sure. I'd consider myself a fan of Iron Maiden. Not a huge fan these days, but enough to be familiar with their songs. What people don't understand is that the theme isn't entirely based on the band, but more so based on the 'Legacy of the Beast'. Instead of concert footage and band members featured on the pin, we have Eddie and various other characters. It's not a bad thing, either. I think the artwork is some of the best on a pin and really captures the world of Iron Maiden and not so much the band themselves. A nice change for what people would call a 'music pin.' Definitely not a typical music pin.

I really like the number of shots in this pin. Awesome original layout. Loop shots feel satisfying when hit. Ramps feel tough to hit at times, but I like the challenge. Song selection is not surprising. They kept it safe with the hits. Nice sounds and call outs. Great light show. An all-around solid pin.
2 days ago
Great machine, sure the art is just bad... And boring.. But the gimmicks and overall fun just makes it a very interesting pin.
3 days ago
Easily one of my favourite pins of all time I love the challenge keeps me coming back flow and layout are good shots are tight but not impossible I will be keeping this game in my collection for a long time.
3 days ago
Always loved Fish Tales, always will.
Not the greatest pin of all time, but certainly one of the most fun to play!
3 days ago
Another pin which is way too overrated imo.
Theme is just decent, playfield artwork is horrendous, and the music-sounds-call outs are perhaps the worst and most annoying in all of pinball.
Granted the ramps are plenty and fun but they massively clutter the playfield and all in all there is something that just doesn’t work with this pin.
I’ll let everyone else have fun with it I guess !
3 days ago
A good pin but overrated imho. The theme does nothing to me so it doesn’t help.
Still, never quite totally understand the “mass historia” for these Elvira branded pinball machines to be honest...
3 days ago
Maybe not a super deep game, but one of the most beautiful and with a great theme. Theatre of Magic is one of the best classics.
3 days ago
Had heard about The Shadow for some time but had never played it...until yesterday: to put it simplu, I was blown away by how beautiful and great this game is. I am obsessed by it ever since! It immediately enters my top 5 all time with the likes of Funhouse, Attack from Mars, Medieval Madness and Twilight Zone. Yes, the Shadow is THIS great!
3 days ago
Just became the proud owner of one of these games. Played one in mint condition at pinball at the zoo in 2018 and loved it. Took almost another year to aquire one under $5000. If you appreciate the early Dawn of multi ball talking pinballs,; whereas, the entire goal is to achieve multi ball, then Bally fatham is right there with firepower! I have firepower and for the longest time couldn't appreciate the increased cost to fathom, but if you collect early solid state pins as your hobby, having a fathom is required in your collection. Great game and even better shots, unique outlanes....Fathom!
3 days ago
Best Pin ever...I love it
4 days ago
One of the most unique machines I’ve ever played. Another great J-pop design
4 days ago
Very underrated game. Theme integration is amazing.
There are 34251 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 1 of 1371.

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