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9 hours ago
I want to qualify my review by first stating that I own the game and took it out of it's box about 10 days ago. To this point I have played 285 games. I like to set my games to hard settings from the get go so that nobody gets 800 zillion trillion points in week one. I didn't set this game to the hardest settings but pretty close. I did not remove the posts and left them in factory settings. I purchased this game new along with Dialed-In at the same time and are my first two new in box games. They are also the first two games that I have played since 2015, so I have played none of the new games since that time period. Currently I have played 49 of Pinside's top 100 and only have a decent amount of time on about 17 of them.

After 285 games I have reached 500k once and have passed 250 k, 6 times. Average time per game is 3:20, 1 game has made it to 10 minutes, 7 have made it to 8 minutes. Average score is 62K. Game is set to max of 2 extra balls but I have never gotten more than 1. In total I have gotten 9 extra balls.

Wizard mode?..LOL...I have never gotten even 1 letter in 'Houdini'. For anybody reading this who hasn't played the game, you need to get all 7 letters to get to Wizard mode. Once again, I do have a lot of things set on hard, but I haven't even come close to getting a letter yet.

This game does not give you a breather. There is nothing easy. There are no gimme's. OK maybe one mode is real easy (in that one you can hit any target on the playfield). Even the ball save feature is next to impossible. I have never saved my ball by hitting the 'SEANCE' targets in 30 flips and good luck hitting the 'ESCAPE' targets in 30 seconds, you can't even get a direct shot on half of them.

Some Positive's: - The game looks and feels unique.
-The art is very good and the backglass is as nice as you will see.
-If you are looking for a challenge, this is as challenging as it gets.
Oh yeah, and the water barrel shot is not as tough as many say it is. It is hard but satisfying to make and I make that shot more often than I do to any of the other shots other than the orbits(left orbit is easiest shot in the game) and perhaps the scoop and key lane shot.
- The game designer tries some new stuff. This is the first game to actually have two different shots that go through the bumpers. (I actually don't love this idea. I kind of think it's a bit of a waste having two shots end up in the pop bumpers most of the time.) If you successfully navigate the bumpers you get rewarded.
- The much talked about 'trunk shot' works almost perfectly on my machine. It reaches the trunk every time and I have not had to adjust the settings. There were just a very few times where the ball bounced out of the trunk and a very few times that the ball must not have been sitting in the catapult correctly because the ball went well off to the right. But a solid 95% of the time the ball goes straight in with no issues.

Some Negative's: - The Inner Loop is simply too difficult of a shot. The opening is too small. Let me be clear here. If this shot was used for just 'super jackpots' and similar very important shots I would have no problem with it. The problem is that it is incorporated into many of the modes and missions. And no....on my machine it is impossible to backflip that shot. I have tried it 100 times at least and have never been able to do it. I can easily hit the ramp with that shot but the ball doesn't have enough power to carry all the way up. The closest I can get is dead center on the 'C' post...any tighter and I hit the slingshot.
- The key lane shot drains down the middle far too often as to make me not want to shoot for it.
- Advancing is very difficult even on easier settings. This is not a game that will probably do well on location.

This game can be made better just like any game can. The scoop sends too many balls out of play for my liking. Even by changing the settings on the coil strength I find many modes start out with the ball draining down the middle or bouncing down the side. This can be changed by allowing a few seconds of ball save just as is done on the 'magic' shots. These drains at the start of a mode are both frustrating and annoying.

Some of the shots are simply impossible with the way my game arrived. For instance, the second secret mission requires me to make a shot that cannot be made on my machine without me make some changes to the game. Therefore I have never seen the third secret mission.

Conclusions: If you want a challenge, look no further....this is easily the toughest game I have played yet. Tough is subjective. My definition of tough hard is it to get to all the modes? At times I feel like it is simply too tough but I have no regrets about buying it. Every time I get sick of hitting the same ramps and same targets in my other games over and over again, I simply switch to Houdini where I rarely ever hit the same target or ramp twice in a row.

I know that I am at best an average player but I am no beginner. I have not played a game that I miss so many shots since the EM days. Those game's are this games only competition for tougher shots.
The designer has admitted that 'American Pinball' did not have the time to do a 'whitewood.' This shows, they gambled on experience but this game could have used a bit of play testing before finalizing. With just a little testing, some of the shots could have been made smoother.

If you are one of those people who complain about not being able to hit every target in the game with ease then stay away. For example, if you think the sim card shot in Dialed In is too hard, stay clear!!! Some of the easiest shots in this game are hard to make.

Sooner or later I am going to give in and change the settings to easier so that I can actually progress in this game. I'll probably adjust the flippers too.

Playing this game after playing Dialed In feels like you are going from a Redemption game in which everyone wins to playing a carnival game which is impossible to win...kind of like throwing those little hoops onto a bottle top. Or it's like going from watching a G rated Disney movie to a NC-17 movie.

If you don't count the 'SEANCE' targets (or posts) as a successful shot. I hit nothing on well over half my shots. I would say closer to 2/3's of my shots just slam into a static target or post and come right back at me. This is especially so on the right hand side. The left hand side is a bit easier.

After playing this game I need a headache pill. I feel like I've been punched in the face over and over again.
Once again, this is without question, the hardest game I have played in the solid state era.

Bottom line is that I won't be getting rid of this game for a very long time, if ever. If it was the only game I had it would be a different story. But for anyone that wants a collection of games that have varied difficultly levels then this would be a solid choice.
This game is for 'you', the buyer, not for your family. My friends don't like it, it's too hard, they can't make any shots...they love my 'Dialed In'. I find myself playing my other games and getting myself psyched up to have another go at 'Houdini.'
I'd love to watch people play this one in a tournament set on 'Tournament mode.'
Hope this was helpful.
14 hours ago
Very Hard Pinball !!
Great combinations shots
Absolutely unratted
14 hours ago
Perfect pinball. What more is there to say? I call it a ‘Pinball Trainer’ . It gets players used to making shots and completing common pinball objectives. Great fun for newbs and pros alike. I’ve heard it called everything from easy to difficult. Once you are comfortable with the layout, achieving Scared Stiff should be possible.

If you haven’t experienced the Stiff o Meter, you haven’t fully played pinball.
15 hours ago
A great game if you love drop targets. It certainly has the "just one more game. . . " factor.
Even though its is a step back in the evolution of sound I actually like the use of chimes in this game -- they add a pleasant background to game play. No fancy toys or complicated rules. . . this game is proof that sometimes simpler is better.
15 hours ago
I played this at TPF and immediately placed an order. It will be the game to beat in 2018. I would give it the edge over a very strong field this year including JJPs new Pirates, Spooky’s Alice Cooper, Heighway’s Alien and P3s Lexi Lightspeed. I will update my rating once I get a chance to put a lot of plays on it. I can say, right off the top, that the right ramp shot (2nd from the right) seems impossibly hard. I like a challenging game, but I can only make this shot, maybe every other game. The art, music and animations are just spectacular. Lexi has more ‘stickiness’ since it uses the p-roc board and can be customized, but Lexi doesn’t have the eye candy you need to attract players. Lexi and Houdini should be in every collector’s (afficionado’s) collection.
Yeah, I’m giving a plug for P3’s Gerry Stellenberg. Lexi is a labor of love and, I think, under appreciated for its enormous potential.
18 hours ago
Mayhem Meets Strategy!
Very fun adrenaline filled game, with a lot of shots.
Game flow is very good. But some shots are tight: when you are on there is great flow, when your ramp shots are off not so much. So the game is a mix between downright crazy, skill shooting (Ramps, Orbits, Doc Oc) , target bashing (Goblin and Sandman targets) and rule based strategy and you adjust depending on how your game is going.
Modes are stackable and can be added during Multiball and the Octo Multiball...this leads to total craziness as the shaker and all various call outs and lights kicking in... one shot can lead to several scores. I think the center post adds to the strategy also, it can hurt you as much as it helps.
Overall the artwork on the Black is fantastic. The DMD animations aren’t that great,but some of them grow on you. Music and call outs are cool, and there seems to be different call outs very often.
Overall very fun and well themed game.
19 hours ago
I love Rollergames (pinball machine). Music is extremely good and very catchy. Love the magnet and layout. Art isn’t the best though but it isn’t a deal breaker. Do not like the theme at all but it is integrated well.
19 hours ago
One of the best System 11 games and ushers in a new era of pinball as the one of the final alphanumeric display games but starts to feel more like the machines that would come after it. Beautiful artwork, really cool (literally) fan topper, and great sound package. A really fun game to play with lots of neat shots and of course the three spinning discs that really change up the game. They are the ultimate wildcard to make or break your game.
19 hours ago
I've played this several times and maybe the flippers are a little weak on the machine I play or something, but I find this machine overrated. Lots of open unused play field and all the ramps are deep in the back. The center shot is really cool, but I find it drains down the middle all the time... The humor and sounds are the game's greatest aspect. It's fun to play, but not number 1 or 2.
20 hours ago
How could you not love this game? It's a classic with toys and gimmicks galore, lots of shots, cool music, funny callouts, and good music. I can liken this machine to the feeling people get about the thrills of Halloween. Never gets old!
20 hours ago
When I think about 90's pinball machines this is the one that always stands out. There's so much going on, yet somehow it isn't overwhelming. The spinning trunk was jaw dropping to me as a kid and it still makes me smile today. Might have been the pinnacle of the golden era machines for me. Artwork was so cool, the theme is interesting and makes for cool gameplay with the different acts you have to fulfill. The cabinet is super cool, draws you in! A little too pricey for me to own one myself... but if it's in an arcade, you can bet I'll be dropping some quarters on this classic.
21 hours ago
Cool game even though I'm not super into licensed titles. The launch cannon and the skull were neat little gimmicks, but overall I don't go gaga when I see one. It looks cooler than it is fun to play for me anyway.
22 hours ago
A classic machine that saved pinball. It's beginner friendly with simple to understand rules, easy two or three ball multi ball, and an awesome theme. I love space themes and for 1984 the Space Shuttle was all the rage. The play field is full of cool artwork and the mirrored backglass is no slouch either. There isn't much I don't like about this machine, one of the machines I'd love to own someday.
23 hours ago
As a Blackhawks fan, it has it's appeal visually. Pretty boring layout, everything is symmetrical and there's just not a lot going on. I like to play a few games, its ok. I do like the little flippers to shoot the drop targets in the center though.
23 hours ago
One of the most beautiful machines ever made. I don't know what it is about this game that just draws me in. One of Python's greatest pieces of art. It's beautiful but a tough machine at the same time. This table seems to drain easily on the outlanes which gets really annoying. The flow isn't super great since there's only one ramp shot, lots of the time the ball just goes crazy bouncing off drop targets and posts. The helmet on the top is a cool feature, as is the upper play field that the ramp connects to. Its a very alluring machine, I want to be much better at it than I am someday. Let's not forget about the music, the music is wonderful. Lots of variation too.
23 hours ago
Was excited to try this, loved the Jetsons as a kid, found one locally and got to play it.... Man, what a bummer, and I HATE giving Spooky a bad review since we all want them to succeed but this would have been better left unreleased. It is super boring, the sounds are pretty lame, the display was frizting out as I played it... the art package was solid, thats about all I could say positive - don't see how they even sold one unit.
23 hours ago
Ground breaking for it's time with the addition of the upper play field. Fun theme and ok for a few plays for me, I just don't like it enough to want to play it a lot. The sounds on this game are really obnoxious to me, especially the drop target timers... there's so many banks of them it's constantly making that noise.... I do love BK2K though. I'm in the minority in loving that one more than the original.
23 hours ago
One of those machines that must be played if its in a collection. I love High Speed and this is just a little better in some respects. The Supercharger is a really cool gimmick that really draws you in. The backglass is a classic. Music and sound is excellent. Forever in the Top 100.
1 day ago
The backglass is awful but someone on Ebay is making an alternative that's WAY better.
This is an underrated, fun game. Music is so-so, but the jet sound effects are great and the siren is awesome. Very flashy with 7 flash bulbs on the playfeild. Great attract mode when set to "novelty".
1 day ago
Way too electronic, lacks character. The digital playfield is annoyingly bright and distracting. Not enough variety of shots and the middle of the playfield is barren. I think it's because they designed it that way to be modular for different games, but ends up hurting its potential.
1 day ago
Such an excellent game. Only problem is price.
1 day ago
Dragon is more of a novelty game than a pinball machine. Lots of fun for goofing around but doesn't belong in any competitions.
Sounds are good for a laugh as well.
1 day ago
This game just did not do it for me. Ramp, ramp, ramp, ramp....and so on. It just seemed like a lot of ramp play. This game has a great theme and could have been amazing but it just isn't. The lighting is good, playfield is nice, the cabinet is nice, the display sucks in my opinion. Animations are hard to understand what they are and repeat very often as does the sound features. Too repetitive for me. Some people love it, I had mine for 30 days and I was done with it.
1 day ago
Fun game. It is built like a tank. Some of the toys and dodads are a little touchy but other than that the quality of the game is good. Mine is an older model EC LE and everyone complains about the 5V lights. I have had no problems and when I did have one go out it was very straightforward to track and replace. The playfield is beautiful and the light show is equally impressive. A few things feel a little half done--like the wizard head that just kind of sits there...there is a mod with some fire pots but that should just be part of the game. Plain targets feel like they should have stickers on them. These are expensive games, and that extra $5 that the factory could spend would make the game look $500 better. Cabinet art is nice. Mine is the painted version and is very nice. I can play the game for hours and really enjoy it. Great family game!
2 days ago
I went into this one thinking I'd hate it. The theme looked terrible and I felt that the cell phone craze had finally hit pinball and felt like it was going to be really stupid. (You can play on your cell phone instead of the flipper buttons? Really?) However, I was absolutely blown away by everything else about it. The layout, toys, gimmicks, sound, lighting, and just overall interactivity of the machine are nearly impossible to match. After the second game I now plan on buying one by the end of the year even with it being out of my budget. I haven't been so blown away by a pinball machine since the first time I played Theatre of Magic (my all time fav). I just have to have this machine....
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