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6 hours ago
An understated masterpiece, IMO. It is not a drain monster. It has what I like: Fast, flipper friendly shots that are mine to lose. It is the kind of pin I like to meet in an arcade. Drop a coin and you get to play for awhile.

People talk about the bell. I like that bell. When I hit the right shot I am rewarded with that bell ringing. Nothing fancy. Just a ring to let know I am doing something right.

I hate under powered flippers. You know those flippers that are so weak that you start hitting the flipper button harder and making extra effort for yourself. Not this pin. Just stand there and effortlessly push the flipper button and those super 50 volt flipper coils kick in and the ball launches in a blur, ricochets off something up top and comes back to the flipper so fast that you hit it by feel.

This is my kind of pinball.

I bought this pin to fix up and sell. But I just got it running a couple of days ago and all I have been doing is playing Laser Cue. It has been a pleasant pinball surprise. I may keep it.
10 hours ago
I'm amazed this game is rated as low as it is. It's no secret Stern released it before the code was fully developed. I've got to assume many of the ratings are based on the early versions of the software.

I've spent lots of hours on a Premium and now own a LE. This is a fantastic game!

My only real gripe is that sometimes a movie clip plays too long after a ball has drained, leaving you waiting to get the next ball into play, but that's it.

The lighting in this game is amazing!!! That said, the pro version did not get the RGB lighting. I've read way too many forum posts claiming the pro is great, anything else is a waste of money. I strongly disagree. The light show you get is second to none. Stand back and watch the attract mode sometime. You won't be disappointed.

Not only do you end up with a far superior lighting package, but the Prem and LE also have 3 magnets vs 1 in the pro. The programmers took full advantage of the extra 2 magnets and toss the ball around is really unpredictable ways. Makes Orb multiball a real treat!

The pro also did not get the motorized orb that opens up or the Groot arms. Those are less exciting, but they do add another dimension to the aesthetics of the playfield.

All versions got the Groot head in the playfield, and they did a great job with it. After swallowing and locking your balls in, Groot talks before firing all the balls from his mouth at once for Groot multiball.

The rules are easy to figure out just by following the color coordinated lit shots... Again made better by the RGB lighting. Each mode is based on a character, and gets its own call outs and movie clips. Required shots for each mode are different, but easy to figure out with clearly lit shots.

Stern captured the fun lightweight feel of the super hero movie and took full advantage of the killer music in the film. Overall they did a really great job with the movie! Way to go Stern!
12 hours ago
if you ever have the change to play do it you lose the ball Haha
15 hours ago
Classic game made better. Fun to play
21 hours ago
TOM is a very fun game! Always cool to see the ball jump up onto the target!! It does get a little easy and repetitive quickly and therefore I think it gets boring and not a favorite.
1 day ago
Amazing art, but also amazing sound, lighting and most importantly, Amazing game play! This is Stern at it's best. One of those every 10 year pins, almost perfect! I played this gem at Scandia right after it came out and it was so loud I couldn't believe it. What a rush!
This was before I played AC/DC, so I had never had an intense music/pinball experience like this in my life! This game, along with AC/DC, takes piball to a new level!!
Been a few years now but I'm finally rating some of my favorites and as y'all know, this is one of the best ever.
PS- Played Maiden. 2 quick games so I won't rate yet, but just didn't feel close to how good Met is.
1 day ago
played a few games today in a great pinball bar in Paris ( Canon de la Nation ) , beautifull pin , nice gameplay and lighting , think i m gonna like it better than Deadpool which is also a good pin , will play it again tomorrow ! -)
1 day ago
TWD gone, i need another pin with a (complete) good code, and than i'll go for DI... of course i know already lots about this pin, i'm a (tournament) player, and i'm studying a pinball before buying & have it home... its my 1st JJP, and i have absolutly no regret ! after 1 month home, the feeling & pleasure is perfectly as i was waiting, the pin plays very smoothly (Pat L. touch at his best !?), its the "combo fiesta" if you just want to play as it, few "stop & go" as needeed, well all in all a perfect combinaison about the gameplay... the code is than complete & well balanced, deep/tacticaly enough for good players, and directly fun for beginers, in a "classical" style (main line is : enable the scoop, shoot it to began a mode, try to finish it, and next one), with more than enough others funny little things all around (for ex. pinball attack you in MB, hard to cradle than, and the magnets are sometimes really bitch*ng you even more than in TAF (lol)... the general pinball build feel solid... and finally the theme : i know some didnt like it, i know it may feels strange at first (i was also asking myself), but... once you're in, the story line is easy to understand/follow, and its doing perfectly the job ! ... the only small bad point of DI is the timing of some samples voices : sometimes few are playing in the same time (and also we heard to often Mandy saying : "shoot this" or "shoot that", as when you have the pin home, and playing it for some time, you know already what to shoot for ;) ... in conclusion, i like all era pins, for just what they have to propose considering the time-line technology (deep ones, and simple ones), but right now, i think DI is the best pinball i have had in my hands
2 days ago
This machine made me Fathom my existence. The I dove 20,000 Fathoms to find a good place to leave this poop box
2 days ago
Fun game with great audio! Stern did a great job with this one! Shots feel great rules are such that a casual player intermediate player or a expert player have enough to keep them coming back for more... I really like this game and think it will stand the test of time
2 days ago
I own a Shrek for about 3 months now, it took some time but its working a 100%, shooped and fixed.

Code is a big surprise, I love the way stack was designed, you have to stack before activating a multiball mode. If you do that, you get a lot of points and that makes the machine more challenge and also makes you keep coming and try to get modes on the right order before MB.
Good modes, interesting wizard (shot, shot, scoop, restart, shoot, shoot, scoop), the final wizard mode is almost impossible.

Lots of different shots, mini playfield is fun and attractive to family and friends, art is very well implemented according to the theme, gorgeous.

The call outs are fun and there a lot different ones, I do enjoy the original smash mouth song and added other shrek songs to the modes using pinball browser ( a most IMHO). Add color DMD, use pinball browser and this pin comes to live.

I got shrek because of my 2 young daughters, but I have being playing it a lot more them MM, because of the code.
It will stay here for a long time, one of the best family pins available and only 600 hundred were made, a true LE.
2 days ago
Great Movie and a great pinball. Best Sega ever!
2 days ago
Had a chance to put a few games on a POTC-CE over the weekend at a fellow Pinsider's house. What a beautiful game and IMO is the best game yet from JJP. The playfield, cab, and artwork are all terrific. The layout of the playfield is unique and the rocking ship is a blast to play and adds a extra challenge to master, especially the cannon shot! Last year at the Texas Pinball Festival, I played the prototype that had the 3 spining disc and closing chest lid and I personal don't see where they added much to the game. Sure the 3 spinning disk were cool, but also looked like it could have been a nightmare in the future to keep working the way they were wobbling around on the prototype.
Overall , I was blown away. Eric really knocked this one out the park. The build quality and attention to detail really shows. Hope to add this game to my collection some day.
2 days ago
Great e m machine! Same game as top scorer but yet top scorer is ranked way higher than this one. I don't understand that but whatever. Anyway very good old school game. The centipede on the right it's very fun to shoot for. Definitely worth picking up if you can find one that's not beat up.
3 days ago
If your a Corvette or racing fan then you will like this game. It’s fast fast fast. The LT5 engine toy and lock is pretty cool but not spectacular and is the key to getting jackpots from the upper left flipper. Never get tired of the racing drag strip. Start a race, make shots, and collect the different corvettes. The loops are super fast and making shots and combos are the key to scoring high and being in control on this game. It will test your flipper accuracy and timing and it’s in papa tournaments for a good reason.
3 days ago
AFM was the first dmd game I ever owned and I really miss her. The deal is I love old EM's and don't want too much of my pinball money locked up into one game. I miss her more than my MM. Great game! One of the best ever!! I'm just echoing what everyone already knows but I don't know too many 90's pins as well as this one so I had to finally rate her.
3 days ago
Surfer and Surf Champ are such a great players! I'm a wedgehead lover and although she's a multi player, she's a very special Gottlieb pin.
First of all, she's pretty. I love the whole package on both games but the backglass is better on Surfer of course. A few too many words on playfield explaining point value is my only complaint but Gottlieb did that a lot for some reason (that's what the cards were for dudes).
Second, the game design is unique and well thought out. The way the drops and star rollovers work together is really smart and fun and the spinner location is so important in making this one so challenging.
Third is the flow you get with the deep side lanes and open playfield. When you play play a cherry one you get a fast flow/ball control balance not found in many pins.
Surfer and Surf Champ are my favorite EM multi players!
3 days ago
I've played this game at three different locations, and I always enjoy playing it. And it seems to always play well, so it seems like its built to last. What I like is the game has a lot of shots, but easy to understand rules. The modes are fun, but you also don't need to just do modes to get points, as there are many different ways to get big points in this game. I really like the skill shot, and I like the ball locks, especially the thing hand. That is really cool. The artwork is nice, but not really terribly exciting, but it all fits the theme, and the Cab art is really cool. I think this has a lot of really good sound and callouts. At one time they're probably the best ever, maybe not the best today, but certainly still up there and certainly still the measuring stick for great callouts. SHOWTIME!!!!! I do like the playfield as there is a lot to shot for and the shots make sense. Nice magnets, that sometimes piss me off, and sometimes don't... Still a fun feature. And the other toy is the bookcase, which is a fun enough toy, or diverter. Is this game worth the insane price people want for it... No... Is this game really, really good. I think it is. And one day I hope to own one... As I think modern games rulesets are just too confusing and strip away the fun. This is a game that has toys, magnets, and nice shots and a lot of fun. And its a nice looking game, not the best, but its looker.
3 days ago
David H’s big head on back glass is annoying. The play is fun. Shots are fun.. I would be interested in owning Baywatch someday. Maybe not a keeper forever—— but we will see. I definitely would put a color DMD in. The game pops with a color DMD.
3 days ago
I'll admit, it took me playing about 2 or 3 games on this title before I "got it", but the enjoyment of the game was well worth the initial learning curve.

There are a number of different ways to win (achieve replays), from getting a runner on each base (4 trap holes) to sequence to points to score. There are a lot of possibilities to keep track of, and thankfully so, in case one or more of those ways to win are no longer available. For example, if you start by trying to land a ball in all four trap holes and you drain the first two balls, then there's no way to beat the game using trap holes. Then you'd wanna start trying for sequence, points, or score. And of course you can win using multiple methods to replays...if you're skilled enough.

However, this layout and ruleset is so challenging and rewarding. I've played this game a good number of times and most plays I could get RIGHT UP TO the replay threshold (the reward for achieving the aforementioned goals) but NOT QUITE achieve it. Because of this, it has a wonderful replay value to it. Neyens and Gottlieb must have playtested the heck out of these games because they're JUST the right amount of challenging and borderline beatable.

If you see a Hit 'n' Run, I'd urge you to give yourself a few games to get familiar with this interesting and nuanced ruleset. I'm sure glad I did.
3 days ago
Great theme that has a bit of a twist to it with having to save the earth but I think it fits in very well. It’s fast and fun, it keeps me coming back for more. Some people complained they can’t see shots underneath the upper playfield, I think it’s fine, if you know how to play then you don’t need to see the ball every square inch it travels over. This is a great game, but I can see how a novice would be turned away because it is challenging and has a nice deep ruleset and the outlanes aren’t very forgiving. The DCS sounds phenomenal with a subwoofer, art work is crazy and while the animals don’t really match the Popeye style of art I think it blends well anyway.
3 days ago
This whole game is a gimmick, but it is a good gimmick! A few people have mentioned that it is a horrible game for a small in-home collection. I agree with that, but with this one caveat.... it is a great game for a mid-sized or large collection. We own 7 games and Champions Pub is the perfect change of pace game. It is completely unique and brings a totally different playing experience. It definitely has a few flaws, but we really enjoy it.

Some of our basic notes

- The sound and the callouts are great they really fit the game well.

- EVERYONE who visits our little arcade loves the theme. It might be the top game for our visiting pinball newbies. Someone described it is a pinball version of the old Nintendo "Punch Out" - that is a pretty accurate description. The surprising thing is that they were able to capture the quirky fun of the Nintendo game.

- Other have mentioned it, but I don't get the bottom right side of the playfield. It is almost like they had extra unused space and decided to stick in some pegs for no apparent reason. As a result, the game is very unforgiving on the right-hand outlane.

- The scoring is a bit weird -you need to crank up the multiplier in order to score big.

- The nature of the game leads to a lot of crazy bounces and unintentional drains.

- The jump rope and punching bag gimmicks are great... but they are a bit temperamental and don't always works as they should.

- The lighting isn't great and the game is pretty dark.

I know that seems like a lot of negatives, but most of them are relatively minor and the gameplay more than compensates for them.
3 days ago
I have waited to rate the game. We have owned it for about a year - and of the 7 games we own - Spiderman might be the one that gets played the most. It is fun and can be readily picked up by newer players. The game itself is a bit basic with the Sandman being the biggest gimmick in the game, but we don't mind. I understand that it can be a bit too easy for the hardcore players, but for us, it is about right.

A couple of notes

- A color DMD really does add a lot to the game. If you are buying the game make sure you have enough $ left over to pick up the color DMD.

- The game really does look cool. The art on the VE is spot on (IMO), and the LED light show is great. It makes for a fun-looking and inviting game.

- We have had it in our collection for about a year and we have no plans on getting rid of it.
3 days ago
Really nothing negative to say. I just wish the animations came on an lcd with some old Universal movie clips and the topper for the LE was animated. These "improvements" would really freshen the game up a lot. But, it is supposed to be a remake and it excels at that
3 days ago
The first pin I played growing up. My dad brought this home and it stayed with him until the day he died as it was his favorite. Loosely based on the movie (Sean Connery), the sounds go higher in octave as you progress. Lots of drop targets. I managed to turn the score over twice in one game and still recorded the high score. Have fond memories of this game.
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