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5 hours ago
Fun game that newbees always gravitate towards. I am not a soccer fan and I still love this game. I wish the spinning ball did more. I have had it for a few years and I am glad I got it.
7 hours ago
A fun game ruined by a terrible theme. Some of the call outs get REALLY annoying in a smaller collection and the translite is just terrible. Great layout though and the rules are pretty good. If it was any other theme, it would be on my wishlist.
11 hours ago
This one is okay at best, I feel all of the shortcomings with this game were addressed and improved on by the sequel.

The good:
Fast layout, super satisfying ramp shot, multi-ball build-up is good, and the themeing is fun and different.

The bad:
No lastability. Callouts get old. Music is awesome for the first 30 seconds then it grinds on me it's so repetitive. Very little to do other than keep on getting that multiball. This works for some games but not for this one as it loses excitement when you have to keep doing it. I don't think this game stood the test of time like it's sequel did.
1 day ago
This wide body Gottlieb is typically overshadowed by the other classic Gottlieb wide body releases Black Hole and Haunted House. That is quite a shame because this game is a very fast widebody with flippers everywhere, multiball, a mini skee ball lock shot, an innovative skill shot, and the "She's gonna blow" hidden delivery mimicking a pitch n bat. Lots of value here and if you like Gottlieb wide bodies, then this one is a no brainer to add to your widebody collection since it sells for a fraction of the cost and is just as fun. I personally think it is better than Haunted House because it has more innovative ideas, speech and multiball which Haunted House lacks.
1 day ago
Black Hole is as unique today as it was in 1981. Very innovative and eye catching, the backglass of this one is outstanding. Lower playfield, instantly recognized early digitaized voice, multiball, and even though it isn't directly related to the creepy Disney film of 1979, it has a similar "feel" to it. Fun, enjoyable and I like it!
1 day ago
Best pinball ever made up the Irons!
1 day ago
Fun game, I'll play one when I see it on location, but not my thing. If I were a fan of the books and movies, I'm sure this would rate higher for me. Still, Stern has not done any pin quite like this one, and probably never will again unless there is a VE.
2 days ago
Underrated due to the theme. Great layout and rules. One of SEGA’s best.
2 days ago
I recently had the opportunity to play Dialed In on location. I always passed it by at TPF, usually because I did not want to stand in line for a pin that I had no budget for and was not planning on buying.

My first game let me play for a little bit and did not drain the ball as soon as it left the shooter lane. So, I put in more coin for another round and had a better game. So, I put in more coin and had another enjoyable game. Then I went over to TNA and played a couple of games. And then back to DI one more time.

I like it. If I ever win the lottery I would consider owning one.

It is a fair game for a rookie. I like the back glass. Sine it was on location the sounds was turned down and it was sandwiched between the other pin I cannot make opinions on the other aspects of the game.

It is a nice pin to play.
2 days ago
My rating is after I made some mods. My first NIB pin and my first non Bally/Williams game. I got rid of a Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure to get this and I am not sorry I did. However, my choice was to not get rid of my Attack From Mars for this pin. So, I guess for me that puts this game right in the middle of those two machines which is right where it is currently rated on pinside.

The good: very good flow, nice shots, great call outs, and excellent lighting compliment the theme and music. I happen to love all of the multi ball options and how that makes the play more fun and challenging, something that I couldn't always say with Indiana Jones. It is a dream theme for me but so is Mustang and I don't want to own that machine. So, for me the theme is not what makes it last in my collection. It could be an American Girl doll themed machine and I would still love the machine and keep it my collection. The play is that fun for me.

The OK: I am a big Iron Maiden fan and have heard all of their songs 1,000's of times so hearing the same 12 songs over and over kind of gets old. I would like it to have something other than songs such as clips from live performances from Bruce like, "Scream For Me Brazil" or hear 100,000's of thousands of fans humming the intro to Fear of the Dark for a change. But, it is kind of nit picky as every pin repeats the same stuff over and over. I have had the pleasure of owning a Pro version for a month and a Premium now for over a month. The Premium is much better but it does carry a larger price tag which leads me to the

Could be Improved: Toys are lacking on the Pro with the plastic 1 dimensional characters where as on the Premium and LE there are two, three dimensional plastic figures. I, however, thought the 3 dimensional figures could use more detail consistent with Maiden album art and have changed them both out and modified the machine with more detailed NECA figures. Makes the game look really cool. As was mentioned by other reviewers, Stern machines have a different feel. This again being my first Stern machine, it doesn't feel as smooth as all of my other Bally/Williams machines. When you play them side by side it is easy to tell. The flippers have a smoother feel on the Ballys/Williams than on the Stern. It is not enough to deter me from owning more Sterns machines in the future, however. Just my .02
2 days ago
I recently added this game to my collection because it was in amazing condition, and it's simple, funny and looks good. I personally like the art and use of primary colors. The callouts are cute and silly. The game is lighthearted, especially for a hunting theme. I would say I bought it despite the theme, not being a hunter myself. I know people have complaints about the rules. Perhaps I haven't gotten good enough or gone far enough to find the problems. I think the game is simple to play, easy to understand and yet, not easy to score well. This is a low-scoring game that requires careful ball control to do well. Ball times can be quite short. Not a great pinball machine by any measure. But the fan layout is decent, the deer scooting across the playfield is a nice gimmick, and it is challenging. The ramp is easy to hit, but the ram and bird shots are harder, and the spinner shot is very hard to hit. Most games I never hit the spinner once, which is unfortunate - I like spinners. It does suffer from some odd shots and shallow shot variety. But it looks nice up north in deer country! Would look and play great next to a Fish Tales. Holy suffering cats!!! A better game than I thought based on reviews. But then again, I like IJ4, CSI and Shrek. To each their own.
2 days ago
Just picked this up, but it’s quickly become my favorite. I’ve never seen so many shots in one game, and they’re satisfying and varied to hit. The drop-down targets covering the hole are fantastic, and if you prefer Ramos to pops, this is your machine. I thought Demo Man’s layout was great, but this is even better, even as far as widebodies go.

Music isn’t really my thing, and the guitar can be a little repetitive, but the modes (and there are a ton of them, all unique!) all have great, equally unique spunds.

Some strong LEDs under the playfield (and under the Deadeorld mod) makes this look even better. The comic theme is integrated throughout, and helps to reinforce that this game has nothing to do with the Stallone flick (even if it’s sitting right next to Demo Man).

I personally like to work up to muktiballs, but the alternate Super modes are really engaging for newer players and kids, and makes for a nice change of pace.

Killer game. Should be higher in the top 50 for sure.
3 days ago
This game gets better the more I play it
3 days ago
Great game very underrated, wich is good cause you can finde ine for a good price!
3 days ago
There is little not to like about this game.
3 days ago
I own this machine. I've played it non-stop for a few days.

The Good:
-- Lighting is one of the best I've seen. It really pulls you in.
-- The modes are very fun and challenging.
-- Shots are satisfying as all get out. Both ramps are some of the best ramps in any game I've ever played.
-- The layout is one of the best layouts ever, imo.
-- SOLID BUILD. This isn't in the rating anywhere, but it's a solid machine that could withstand an earthquake.

The Bad:
-- Multiballs, while fun, are basically worthless because the points are too low. If this gets fixed in an update, I'd bump the rules rating up from a 4 to a 6. It's just depressing when you get a multiball and you're sad about it.
-- I like the theme, but the artwork could be improved. The lead character is a guy with 80s looking clothes & style. Come on.
-- The music is somewhat too repetitive. I also think, while catchy, could be improved. It doesn't draw me in like it does on other games.

Overall, it's one of my favorite games of all time. I was a little worried that I made a mistake picking this pin over TNA & Houdini, but I'm now glad I did. I'm a HUGE fan of Lawler games, and this one is definitely his best one ever.
3 days ago
Tommy is one of my favorite DE games. Excellent layout, great animations, great rules, and pretty good art. Music could get a little repetitive though. Definitely a game that I Recommend.
3 days ago
I had this game high on my wish list but when I played it I couldn't wait to walk away from it very disappointed
3 days ago
I couldn't get enough of this game!!!! Love hitting the spinners time and time again and the simplistic design. I am a racing fan so this is right up my alley and I will be picking one up very shortly.
3 days ago
I really like this game a lot. I've only played it a handful of time where everything works as it should. But, when the upper playfield actually is working right and proper the game is really amazing and fun. It has two horseshoe shots one lower and one upper and both are fun, and a bit dangerous to hit. Really, like all old school pinball games, this game can be unforgiving if you are not familiar with how it plays and bounces. I love the theme. This really is to me one of the best themes ever. And while I don't love the artwork, I do like it a good bit. The playfield art and plastics look nice and are just as good as any playfield art around. And to me, the playfield art gives me the vibe that I'm playing gauntlet. Just the perspectives that were used, that's just how it feels to me and that is a great feeling. The backglass art is nice, but I wouldn't say great. I don't think it pops as well as what it could, but the art isn't bad, its just to me lacking the certain Frazetta feeling I prefer in my sword and sorcery art. But, then again... There was only one Frazetta and so you can't blame a person for not being up to Frank's ability. No one is... Back to the pin. I hate the Cab art. Its fine for a pinball machine and it certainly fits... Its just boring. But, it does fit the theme... But, its a pin where you won't care if it gets hidden. Now, the gameplay... Its a nice smooth shooter. Lots to shot for. In my opinion... Which doesn't mean anything because I haven't played enough actual pins... But, I think this game has one of the best upper playfields ever designed. Modern games not withstanding, but out of the classic era, I think this might be the best upper playfield. There are a few ways to reach it. And its fun when you rip a shot and it gets sent back up there. And when the game plays right, its a fun little playfield that you hit your shots and it sends the ball back down and you can start over again. And I think the game strikes a nice balance between the two. You don't need to get to the upper playfield, but if you do you are rewarded with a good bit of points. Lastly what I think this game might have the best or some of the best is the sound. The callouts are amazing and epic. And epic music as well. The callouts might repeat a lot, but they're amazing so it doesn't matter. Go for the tunnel. Just sounds so dramatic. And who can forget "LIONMAN!" All in all this is a solid game. Is it a deep game. No... But, its a game you can turn on and play for 10-30 minutes and really isn't that what pinball should be all about.
3 days ago
Not much I can say that hasn’t been said already.
Out of this world light show, and a beauty colour screen to boot.
CGC did an amazing job on this pin.
I was totally an original only guy til this game came along.
4 days ago
One shot game. BANGERANG gets pretty annoying. Paul’s art looks good though. Not as bad as people say, but not a game I would own.
4 days ago
Some people dont like differnt and walk up to this game with a closed mind. I did at first but once you get over it and aim to have fun its an amazing game
4 days ago
Cool Playmatic game that has an 8-track tape player inside to play Disco music.

Also has chick voices that I could not understand (might be in Spanish).

If you own this game, you should make a backup copy of the 8-track and use that instead; because if the machine eats your tape, it's going to be hard to ever find a replacement.

Only played a few games on it, but it seemed fun, especially if you like black chicks or disco.
4 days ago
great game . well made . challenging but fun
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