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1 hour ago
Fun machine to play. Cool to reach all multiballs at once but that's it. the mist multiball is fun to see but it is not a game with a long lastability. For me a fun machine to play but not to own. I think they could've done more with the game play and maybe even make the game a little bit more special with some easy changes. The artwork doesn't do to much for me aswell.
1 hour ago
What a beautiful machine! this machine truly looks amazing. I really like the music and the lights of this machine. I only think you should play this machine with your sunglasses on. a lot of things happening and for people who own the machine it is just fine. for people who play it once in a while the machine is not clear. you have to collect patches and start Wongs with balls locked. just a lot of things happening. I do like to play the machine but it doesn't want to make me play it over and over again.
2 hours ago
I like Bally Williams pins more, but if there's one Stern pin i rly like, its this one!
2 hours ago
One of the best Stern pinball machines. I really enjoy this game. My cousin has this game in his collection and I really enjoy it. I love the moving T-Rex head and the hard layout of this game. This machine is for people who have some experience in playing pinball. It is a difficult game but it plays amazing. I like the integration with the shaker motor and the game plays awesome. I would personally prefer this machine over the Godzilla. Cool machine to play and would love to put this machine to my collection later on.
3 hours ago
A very nice Stern pinball machine. I've owned this machine for a few months and sold it since my cousin had a Godzilla aswell. I do like this machine but in my opinion it is a little bit overrated. Ofcourse there are a lot of thing happening and it is a real packed Stern machine. The game plays really well and I love the building in the middle of the playfield. I think when people want to buy a Godzilla they should take the premium version since the rotating thing near the mechzilla and the moving building really add something to the game. for me it was a really fun machine to play but I couldn't get used to the ugly animations.
3 hours ago
A nice machine. We played this machine at Pinside and we did enjoy it. We didn't come to far since we played a few fast games. We've seen the topper of this machine which is one of the best once ever made. We also think that the premium version would be better for us since the Pro version feels a bit empty. But it is a very nice fast game to play and I really like the black knight in the middle with his rotating flail (or whatever it is). I would say I would love to own this machine but maybe a premium/limited edition with the topper would change my mind.
3 hours ago
Just not for me... A very nice looking machine but for me it doesn't to to much. compared to other JJP machines it doesn't plays the way I like it. For me the theme isn't really something I like. Since I have a game room where also other people come to play I think it would do good since it is a nice theme for women and kids but just not for me. I do understand why other people like it! the machine is a old school packed JJP and it looks awesome!
3 hours ago
A fun game to play to just play a quick game. I played this machine a few times at an event and since then I am looking for a machine like this (for the right price since I have to save money to buy one). I really like the left ramp which makes the ball knock the glass. also the machine is challenging but at the same time makes me want to play it again after finishing a game. I think the machine looks very nice (retro). Would love to have this machine in my collection for a while.
4 hours ago
Awesome! I really like playing this game. For me the integration of the theme is awesome. The UV kit is a must have one this machine and I don't understand why it is an option (for pro I do understand but it should be on the Premium and the LE). I have to say that I would take a Premium over a Pro since I think the beamer and the magna grab on the back board would be awesome to have on the machine. I really like the layout of the game which is a little bit comparable with AFM and MM. When you like the serie this machine is a must have for your collection.
4 hours ago
Very nice and cool machine to play! For me this is one of the most fun WPC machines to play. I really like the animations and sound for he games since they are really funny and not to forget the aliens! The game is challenging and is a fun game to play for everyone (the rules are understandable). The layout is perfect and I love the retro theming. I would prefer this machine over a Medieval madness!
4 hours ago
I really like to play this machine. When you know the movie you will recognize a lot of call out's and animations from the movie. The machine has a lot of modes you can play and the machine I played played very fast and was setup at a high angle which made it really fun and challenging. Of course the ball time is long but for me it doesn't matter when I would own it in a private collection.
4 hours ago
Theme, layout , code, uniqueness in shots? All are all A+

Music and callouts aren’t the best …however? helped out greatly by alternate movie/sound packages by the pinside community!!

A true classic. One of the best pinball machines of all time!
6 hours ago
Obviously not rating as a true pinball machine but Strikes 'N Spares is a simple and fun game, and a great addition to a medium-sized collection. It's a hit with kids, friends who typically don't gravitate to pinball/arcades, and a blast in multi-player. The games are fast, each turn only takes a few seconds with no one waiting for an advanced player to finish their ball. It currently sits between SlugFest and Bromley's Little Pro in the "not quite pinball, but slightly resembles pinball" part of the collection.
6 hours ago
Had the Pro for couple months now and loving this alot more than the premium :-)
Had been adding few mods to it as well but is proving to be a great game for our family.
13 hours ago
Fun, deep ,game. Ball times can be long. Difficulty high. Layout and toys are excellent.
17 hours ago
This is a polarizing game, and you need to understand what it is and isn't before going in.

You can have a great game, and you can also have some quick brutal games, because of this the "one more game/replay" factor is very high.
While there are modes, the most important goal - and one you'll constantly be trying to achieve is the triple multiball/30 million.
Simple straightforward rules, tough but fair gameplay - This is a shooters game which will require muscle memory to make crucial shots with consistency.
Combine all of this with a great theme across the art, music, and animations and you have a game that checks all the boxes for me. The game oozes personality, taunting you the whole time and praising you when doing well. Play it with the lights out and enjoy!
18 hours ago
This game gets a lot of crap because of the theme. I don’t understand it. I stayed away because I listened to everyone but finally broke down and added it to the lineup. I’m having a blast! Shots are smooth and feel great when hitting them. SIM card shot is not that bad. At least on mine. Lighting is great as with all of JJP’s. I like the modes. I’m not sure if it’s a keeper but having a great time with it so far.
20 hours ago
Great game, wish I got one sooner. Excellent layout and theme integration. It’s a tough game, but things are achievable. I find myself hitting the start button over and over.
21 hours ago
Good playing vintage Stern. I do like the fantasy art theme, looks good next to Seawitch - same artist. East to work on, and easy to keep running reliably. I am sure converting the feature and insert lighting to LEDs would make it stand out a lot better. Sound is old school, but standard for 1979.
21 hours ago
One of the most atmospheric games out there and one of the licensed IP games that truly nailed the feel of the theme. One of the best sound packages out there and just beautiful quality build. The game oozes a quality to it. The rules are not that complex, but the game is quite challenging. Even as a wide body it doesn't feel overly floaty either.
24 hours ago
The theme for me is not good. I never liked Jurassic Park, so this game would be so much better with a different theme. (I know that most people loves JP). The shots are on the difficult side. The Smart missile is next to impossible... I think I have made it 3-6 times in total. Game play is intense with lots of danger/reward. Artwork is very weird.
26 hours ago
Mr Frog explains it all.
31 hours ago
Great theme and artwork. I get that people are nonplussed about the tic tac toe but i like it. (My first game I ever owned was OXO so that probably biases me a bit.) I REALLY wish they squeezed in a spinner somewhere. The playfield is super wide open for no good reason. It’s totally possible to have the ball bounce wildly around the playfield and still manage not to hit anything. Feels like they took a standard body game and just stretched it out. It’s fun though and looks really cool, so I can’t be too hard on it.
32 hours ago
I’ve had this now almost 7 years and I’ve owed almost 200 pins in that time.
You name I’ve owned it.This game really is the best.It never gets old always fun to play.Our family has put almost 4000 plays on it since I bought NIB.
If your lucky enough to own one get it and enjoy it.
Will stand the test the time over all current top 10 pins,it will always come out #1 for a reason.
33 hours ago
After the last update this game definitely went up a level after already being one of my favorites. Second favorite game.
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