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6 hours ago
Probably the toughest BW game from the modern DMD era, along with Johnny Mnemonic. New Pinsound track option brings the movie score and upgraded shoutouts into the game. The original soundtrack is popular amongst enthusiasts but for me the tone background music is really dated, and the "Vampire Hunter's" theme from the movie was really missed, pre-Pinsound. I mean, this theme is as known in Hollywood as the Twilight Zone theme. Game is brutal with great multiball modes. A bargain even still on account of the lack of modes, beyond the multiball modes, but with the cool toys and replayability jacked up because of the difficulty, that may be changing fast.
9 hours ago
One of the best integrations of art and game play. This machine draws you into another world, filled with magic, wizardry, ghouls and goblins. Quite the looker and fun to play, Abra is a solid addition to a row of classic EMs.
1 day ago
Roller Disco's a widebody with double sets of flippers, with a mostly open playfield, so it lends itself to verrrrryy loooonnnng and slow ball play. Whether this is a blessing or a curse is a matter of taste. The scoring set is heavily loaded on bonus, although there's a long left side vari-target to collect bonus that allows for a progressive approach to scoring, as well as bonus carryover. It's relatively difficult to return a ball through the upper rollovers -- you have to get lucky off a top bounce from the pop bumpers - so being able to light A-B-C-D and get the two top star rollovers is a little quixotic. Not that it isn't a challenge, but it's more a matter of shoot the ball high and wide and hope for either a pop-up, or if lit, a roll down the mini-outlanes in the upper playfield in order to score specials. So the play is, well, OK.

As far as the theme, while there are some cute little squibs on the attract mode, the machine was just a bit too early to really capitalize on having Disco snippets incorporated, so it's a surprisingly quiet machine. Most of the shots do have semi-distinctive sound effects. But between the art work and the sounds, it's a lot less fun than the theme choice might suggest. (Oddly enough, the theme was too early to incorporate the kind of technology needed to emphasize the theme, and too late culturally to be cool.)

I may add this to my list of "ersatz licensed themes" - it may or may not have been meant to capitalize off the "Roller Disco Roller Boogie" movie of 1979, a year before its release.

As far as owning it, like any widebody, it's a labor of love for someone who has the space. (Disclaimer: I don't own one, but I help maintain one, sort of, for somebody who does...and who picked it up for the chore of moving it out of a garage, because they are BEARS to move even a few inches.)

One speculative note: certainly this is a game that will benefit MIGHTILY from an LED conversion and some add-on toys (like a flashing disco globe as a topper), and if it could be wired for sound with some appropriate songs, I can see making this into a major fun party pin. But it would require somebody with the proper motivation and creativity.
1 day ago
If I had space . This the EM I would own . It woodrails look great and it is a blast to play .
1 day ago
Fantastic pin ! Jersey Jack's best effort to date. Reminds me of the great Williams 90's pin's but with today's technology. Nothing i dont like about it. When your wife wants to play pinball you know it's a Winner.
1 day ago
Great game...needs to be updated to include songs from Hardwired
2 days ago
Not a favorite of mine even though I do fairly well with scoring at locations and I'm not a "great" player. The layout seems pretty wide open with all of the key shots way at the very top of the playfield. I don't have complaints with the design for the ball coming back and draining SDTM. The code isn't very deep. When you score real good, there is some repetitive key shots that have to keep being made. No adrenaline rush when playing it. There are call outs though that help more than modern day pins do.

The theme itself is not a long lasting theme. 24 was a good TV show, but is dated now and not too popular.

I would not own this one, but I would (and do) play this a couple of times while out on locations.
2 days ago
The layout is VERY similar to other popular themes ... good because it is a well liked layout but come on ... Stern needs to do better than this as the newer pins are "kind of" just re-themes of a popular layout. That is a negative to me for this pin ... it suffers because of the popularity of it's predecessors.

The Groot integration is good and when all of those balls come out at you in a multi-ball, it is a rush. However ... usually a couple of them go right down the center drain. AS does it a little better.

It is fun to play. Variety in the music tracks from the movie is great. The video integration is much better than a DMD so I don't want to bash it too much, but a bit repetitive and long video segments when more call outs and subtle fanfare for good achievements are what we "expect". Maybe code updates will improve that. Long video segments if nothing is going on during the game play is just fine to me.

The variation in the code for achievements completing specific shots I applaud. Not super deep, but completing shot goals is a plus for me. I like the game, but would not want it in my collection if I had a MET also (which I currently don't).

I play this pin in a league and would play it out on locations for a few games before moving on to the next game. Game seems better in a quieter setting so that you can understand some of what is going on. Playing it in a loud atmosphere takes something away from it. I don't get the adrenaline rush while playing it, but the fun factor is pretty good.
2 days ago
The game is fairly fun to play. I'm not a fan of the way the video is integrated into the game play, but they did that well for the plots of the game play. The playfield is dark and needs to be with the video being the primary part of the game. There isn't much to the playfield at all and you can't see the things you are hitting beyond the visual effect of the video - that is by design, but takes away from "pinball" for me.

It is a "change" of the way that pinball is played (for me at least) - some like that, some don't. I wouldn't own one, but would maybe put a couple of quarters into it at a public location if all of the other pins were occupied. I don't hate it, but it is just a "meh" to me.
2 days ago
Like has been reported elsewhere, the problem with this game isn't the layout, which is the tried-and-true Metallica layout. It also is a stunner, cabinet-wise. It's the coding...the clips not only going on endlessly over and over without feeling connected to the game, but the attempt to use unknown voice-actors to dub over the stars in the movie clips, hoo boy. It's cringe-worthy. I don't necessarily blame Stern, because they might have had no other choice. But the visual interactivity on other titles is missing here. The Groot arms look pretty neat, though.
2 days ago
This was a sleeper for me. Hard to find one of these at public locations. It is fun to play and a really good change up a line up with more modern pins. It does not give you an adrenaline rush, but the "fun factor" makes up for some of that. The unique playfield layout at the center drain makes you change the way you flip and be more protective by NOT flipping and letting that center post help you out. The out lane free spin design makes you go after one of the drop targets with "some" priority to help create ball saves. Scoring strategies are a learning experience.

The fact that the final wizard mode code was never completed is pretty minor as I may never (or will rarely) achieve that anyway. No music fanfare or callouts for winning extra balls is also a small negative, but doesn't affect game play. The theme of "Wheel of Fortune" is not too popular. Corny jokes by Pat.

Overall this was a bit of a surprise/sleeper. If the lastability turns out to not be a "keeper", that is ok because we are having fun with it. The going prices for this pin makes it not too bad of a bang for the buck in my family's opinion. I wouldn't consider it a top 10 pin, but I think it is better than many pins rated in the 30-50 range.

Fun ... and a little different.
2 days ago
Very much like the Pro version ... not much difference. I've played this pin several times at a arcade in a league. This one is hard to review because I like some things and dislike other things. I want to say the layout is boring, but it is more of a disappointment that it is missing cool toys and features, but I kind of like the game play maybe because it is similar to ACDC that I love. It plays nothing like ACDC because SW falls short of it in many ways. The Tie fighter on a spring ... that should be more of one of the side minor features but is the main bash toy. I like the integration of the small LCD and the targets under them - that is great. This is Stern's best integration of the back box LCD, but it is hard to keep looking up to get the info you need ... so it needs more call outs. Maybe those will still come with future code. I like the 4 main progression plots for the multiball mode rewards. The music is good, the artwork is what I expected for what the license would probably allow and is "ok" because of that. It is entertaining to play. There are some punishing shots that go SDTM that I really don't like about it. I'll watch the progression on this one and MAY someday buy a Premium/LE second hand if the code improves and the game play improves with code updates. The Pro is much better for me however if weighed on price comparisons. As you can read ... it is good and not so good in my opinion, but pretty fun too if you get a good game going on it.
2 days ago
Capturing the theme, lighting, and sound quality are top notch. The sounds and music are repetitive, which is likely ok for a location - the beat will probably be the draw. The game play is fairly repetitive too. The shots and playfield layout very much remind me of EM type of game - no ramps or fancy toys. It seems like a EM that has the sound and flashy lights of the modern pins. It was fun to play, but I would get tired of it quickly if it was my only pin. This would be a VERY good compliment to a collection of 8 or more pins made within the last 10 years for variation in your line up. It could do well on location with other pins as well. I'm not a big fan of the EM style of pins, so it is not something for me to own, but would put some quarters in it for a game or two on location.
2 days ago
Nice to have in a large collection, the music is not so “new wave”
2 days ago
Decent gameplay, like the sound and theme
2 days ago
LW3 is another classic Data East Machine. It’s no Jurrasic Park but it is a fun game beginning to end. It’s pretty interactive between the DMD and gun and lots of shooting. The rules aren’t very challenging but the gameplay is. I lose constantly and fast. Being able to choose your own song (i.e. C&C Music Factory) is really cool.

My only complaint is that the lighting is laid out such that the middle of the playfield with the best artwork is very dark without doing your own modifications.
2 days ago
Finely got to play this game and I really couldn’t get into it. The sounds were pretty cool, the lighting was good, but the game play was flat. It felt like a older game with a facelift. I don’t think it’s a bad game but it’s just not for me. If you like older system 11 games then this probably will be up your alley.
3 days ago
after 2 hours i like it , not fast as a got or star wars ( that i love ) , very different slower wide body feeling , excellent theme and ambiance , like the videos on the big screen , some difficult "x men/tron" shots with upper flippers , a good pin ( lot better and original than guardians of galaxy or aerosmith for example )
3 days ago
I played Taxi back in the days when it came out and loved the flow o Airport ramps over and over. Later 2014 a marylin Version was my first pin, sold it and hope to find a nice one day for an acceptable price ....I think ist a very good pin in a 5+ Collection.
3 days ago
For me this is a great machine, in Point of strategy it is comparable to game of thrones, the shots are quite well.
I think I have to Change the backglas to an alternate translite to Keep the machine in my house ....
4 days ago
Disjointed is the best way I can describe this game. Whatever is going on on the playfield seems to have nothing to do with the animations, call outs or music. I've seen the movie, once, and I'm pretty sure these aren't the actual actors voices. For someone like me to notice, that'd have to drive a GOTG fan nuts. Don't bother chasing modes as they don't do anything really. Bash the Groot head for multiballs. Machine feels like a limp noodle and the brand new playfield was full of divots already.
4 days ago
This game is decent but nothing revolutionary. It has pretty bad art and the shots are alright but the rules are only alright. You shoot the same shot a number of times then battle a ghost which are like modes. It's decently fun and the jump ramp is cool. Fun, but nothing special.
4 days ago
Weird machine. I dig weird.
5 days ago
The dark knight is such an excellent and fum game. There is a lot to do on it and it's really fun to complete everything on it. It's really attractive and the music is really good. The Multi-balls are really fun to stack. I would definitely recommend this game.
5 days ago
Perfection, so much going on and great rules
Kinda like the pro more than the premium, as the hammer (though cool when engaged) does take away somewhat from the clear sparky hits
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