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11 hours ago
Blackout is an enjoyable table. Cool retro, blinky sci-fi sounds, nice clean shots and simple ruleset. Hit the targets to complete red, green and orange and freak out the table with the almighty Blackout (ok, just a primitive relay that throws the table lighting into a brief epileptic fit). Ripping the two spinners is easy and fun. Orbit completed, indeed!.

Compared to its sibling Firepower, ultimately Blackout is more fun but much less satisfying. Firepower will kick you in the ass with a -454 degree space boot; comparatively, Blackout will massage your ass with a velvet glove. This is a good beginner or casual game; with any competent multi-player games, you will require a cryogenic hibernation pod when it's not your turn, as ball times can go a bit long.
1 day ago
Special Forces is a fun pin that was probably quite cool at the time. Unfortunately, it hasn't aged well and outside of a large collection, I wouldn't recommend it.

-the sniper shots that you use the lower flipper buttons on are super cool. Neat idea that implements well to the theme. You have to knock those guys down before you can access other shots.
-generic Bally fun

-cheaply made Bally from that era
-just hasn't aged well
1 day ago
Have been wanting to play this game for years and finally got some time on this deck.

-Python's artwork!! A standout among his already impressive games. The backglass is absolutely gorgeous. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the artwork.
-Ourlser outlanes are brutal.
-Lots of drop targets that are crucial to hit to nab the all-important jackpot.
-I like how the jackpot builds as people don't acquire it
-If you have a bad game, the outlanes will most likely give you an extra ball on ball 3. Nice bit of programming to let bad players feel better

-it's just.....boring. Hitting the 2 ramps over and over is how you score big points, and that's just not my idea of fun.
-the music isn't great. While I love Forden's sounds, the music wasn't nearly as good as his other efforts
-the mystery wheel takes FOREVER. Way too long of a "stop and go" with this feature. Just dump out a reward and let me play again!
-most games have that bash shot plunger stuck by now (the rubbers have deteriorated)

My takeaway is that this is a decent System 11 that probably could have been great with a bit better of a layout. Fair game, but nothing on par with other Sys11's like Taxi, WW, Diner...
1 day ago
Just a flat out classic
1 day ago
I've owned this game for 7 months and I love it. It is one of these pins that grows on you slowly over time. There are no amazing shots, kind of like an EM machine, so the love of this pin comes from the appreciation for the entire package, i.e. Music, rules, animations, art, sound and lastly the immersive nature of it all. It is also the type of game where you should adjust everything to difficult. The prize of defeating Smaug, along with the 3 wizard modes will keep you coming back for more. Mind you, my setting are so hard I have only come close to beating them. I am amazed how low these are selling for, don't listen to the haters, buy on and refuse to sell it for 6 months. The beautiful journey this pin will take you on will blow you away and leave a lasting impression.
2 days ago
I got this game and cleaned it up. It came out pretty well.
I didn't expect to much from this game but it got me hooked on it.
There are quite a few shots to make and its a lot of fun.
The sound and music is not that annoying as i thought it was.
2 days ago
Not much can be said that C2C has not already said. I spent years hunting for a nice example after playing his 4? years ago. I missed out a 3 different examples and finally landed this white whale. It will never leave. I have dreams about playing it. My wife loves it. I actually love the art, esp the lit backglass in a dark room (just beautiful). Game play is fantastic, esp the strategy for EBs and 3 spinners to rip. Sound package it top notch for this era. WOW , what a blast of a game!
2 days ago
Awsome game, sounds, music and dmd animations are top for me, very fun pinball, i add just 1 or 2 toys for be perfect.
2 days ago
The ultimate classic.
2 days ago
I truly don’t get the high ratings for this table. It’s pretty to look at. The art is phenomenal. That’s really about it. It’s basically a souped-up electro table on crack. The shots and gimmicks aren’t much and are fairly easy to master and there isn’t much to do or cheer about once you go nuts and hit those at will. Neat, but just not for me I suppose.
3 days ago
Chicago Coin is not known for making exciting pinball games. This table was a very nice surprise.

The Pros:
This game plays much better than expected. The rules are very simple and pretty well balanced. The advancement of the center lanes and the standups that open the outlane save gates are very well implemented. We don't see anything like this for at least a decade, and it was probably on a Zaccaria deck. Christian Marche does the pointy people in outer space very well.

The Cons:
Finding one isn't easy. Neither is finding parts for old CC games.

The Takeaway:
You can probably find one for cheap, or free. Most people would not want to bring back a CC EM table, this one and Pirate Gold are two that I would love to put in the stable.
3 days ago
Lazy-Q is a great playing game that looks absolutely spectacular!

The Pros:
George Molentin frikkin' KILLS IT with this art pax. The BG, PF and cab are SPOT ON with the theme and the amount of attention to detail you can expect from a game made in the early 1960's in America. Not too many people gush about Williams woodrails, but this game may be the most nudge-tac-u-lar design ever put onto the street! Getting the ball back to the upper portion of the PF through the gates is incredibly satisfying.

The Cons:
You will use your slings more than you will use your flippers to get the ball to the top of the PF. Takes a bit of getting used to... I also thought the plastics above the slings were repos because they looked different than the rest of the plastics on the PF. They are very bright and vibrant. This is how they are supposed to look.

The Takeaway:
Eeeeety Beeety fleeepers don't do much on this table, but it is lots of fun to look at and when you get used to the nudging required to play this deck, a lot of fun to play as well. Find a copy with the golden caps on the 2 and 6 dead bumpers and the golden flippers if you can! A really FUN design by Harry Williams.
3 days ago
I brought this game with me to college and it's probably gotten about 200 plays in the first week because of how popular it is.
3 days ago
Not seeing the love for this game. Ok if it's full of mods I guess. Playfield and cab artwork is typical of old stern. Very poor.
3 days ago
A phenomenal game with a truly unique layout. Holds high in art and gameplay of the best multiball Bally's like Fathom and Centaur and plays very similar but with a touch of Paragon thrown in there. Gameplan's best title essentially uncontested.

Pros: Gameplay, layout, rules, and art.
Cons: Speech, rarity, expensive like Centaur if you can even find one.
3 days ago
Played it many times at Manchester Exp. Can't get enough of it. Will be part of my collection for sure. One day!!
3 days ago
What a let down......Best damn show on TV ever.....worst Fan Shape Layout on a pinball ever.
4 days ago
Very fun Game. When all works fine and your Machine is clean wirh rebuild Flippers then is that a very nice Game. In Location the Flippers are weak often. Adjust allright andyou have a lot of Fun with this game. Long Balltimes, fun Multiballs. Bang for the Buck and the last non Licensed Game from Stern!
4 days ago
This pin is pretty fun. The hyperloop is very coolnand the shots are tight but forgiving.

2 major flaws: inner loop from
left to right gives a SDTM in 30% of shots.
Mistery hole does the same when spitting it out.
I remember my ghostbusters had the same issue; was patched in code later by adding a ball saver for a few secs.

Like other posters I have the same complaint that goes with any new Stern; code is unfinished. Incredible how to keep getting away with this. As long as people buy their stuff it won't change.

All in a fun pin that would be top 25 I think.
4 days ago
Highly recommend this game, the tic-tac-toe theme fits right in and my kids love the pink and blue color theme.
4 days ago
Not a bad title from Sega, lots to shoot for. Lower right side of playfield seems crowded. Automated shark flipper is a nice touch, even if it's ripped off from Addams Family. Sounds are ok, nothing special. Cab and playfield are nice, and the game benefits from LED lighting.
4 days ago
Cactus Canyon has an above average art package and a great theme. The playfield design plays well, but is not original and similar games have been much better in the past. The sound and code were never completed and it shows. The game is too easy and mediocre for a B/W game. By far the best thing about it is the quick draw drop targets. This part of the game is very neat and implimented well. I feel they should have brought out the enemy personalities to draw you in. Something similar to the quality of MM, CP or Capcom's Kingpin. Battling each member of the gang, having them talk to you leading to a final showdown with Bart was a missed opportunity. The backglass characters also is a disconnect as most are missing from the game / dmd animations etc. What we have is a game that was rushed out the door and never finished and it feels like it. No final bionic Bart, random quotes that feel forced and parts with no music at all. This game commands a high price because it's rare, and not because it's a must have pinball masterpiece.
5 days ago
Some of the best artwork ever placed on a backglass or playfield--just beautiful! Great sounds as well. I wish the game played as good as it looks. I was really expecting to like this one, was disappointed initially and came back to it later. It still didn't impress me, nor has it any of the subsequent times I've played it. If I had a big collection I'd buy a Centaur just so I could look and marvel at the art.
5 days ago
Always heard this is the worst game out there...not great by any means but it is fun. The stand up “snipers” are a unique feature and I like th flow of the ramps. Not an A title but not the worst.
5 days ago
A great theme & the machine certainly has presence not the least that the theme is in tune with the pinball heydays. A great player & certainly a keeper for me.
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