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3 hours ago
Twilight Zone is one of those games I always come back to. Yeah, it can be a brutal game but once you learn the danger zones you can have really long ball times.

There is a very nice selection of modes to play. Enough to make every game interesting and different than the last but not so much that there are modes unreachable by the average player (given enough time/games).

The art package on the game is incredible, you can spend hours studying all the different theme emelents crammed in. Speaking of theme the game fits its theme perfectly.

There are two primary toys and both are well integrated into the gameplay. First there is of course the clock which times your modes and has several dedicated modes of its own. Also while in attract mode it serves as an actual functioning clock which is pretty near in my book. Second there is the gumball machine and while it has a lesser role (powerball storage and advancement), it is probably one of the coolest mechs in pinball.

I was also thinking it probably somewhat helped with playfield wear as it would always keep 3 of the balls on a slowe rotation through the game potentially subjecting them to less wear. Thats just some therory that popped into my head though and it probably isn't actually enough to matter.

Its only weaknesses are a small area in front od the clock that doesn't have any art and therefore looks bare... but the piano mod does a great job of finishing that area. Also the pop bumpers can be overly dangerous... but when tuned they are not too bad. Still there are some machines I have played in the wild where it is literally impossible to escape the bumpers with your life and thats no fun. Don't worry though, you can adjust it with the right runbers and outlane opening so that they remain dangerous but are not automatic death.

I'm happy to say that I have finally added this game to my collection. Having it at home with time to really familiarize myself with it has only deepened my appreciation for this gem of a game.
5 hours ago
Space Shuttle is a classic game with simple rules and extremely fun gameplay. The layout is excellent and allows for some great, rewarding shots that are beginner friendly but still tough to master. The spinner shot is very rewarding and the addition of the side drop targets offer some extra incentive to hit the shot just right.

Like many 80's games, the sounds are a bit repetitive but I like them and feel that they add to the experience. Multi ball is very fun and can be total chaos at times. With multiple players, it's possible to lock a ball and then have another player "steal" your multi ball which makes for some fun competition.

Overall, a fantastic, fairly simple game with the ability to keep pulling you back for more.
21 hours ago
Very unique playfield allows for challenging play and great lastability.

You can play not just for score but to challenge yourself to advance though the numbering sequence. Nice combination of spinners, standup targets and scoring lanes.

For an EM, challenging, fun and keeps you engaged and saying, Just one more game.
2 days ago
Played lots of games on this , very well balanced stacks up nicely amongst the top games of he 90s . Good flow and challenging at same time , good toys gimmicks and shots . Very similar to attack from mars but a little more of a challenge ,due to tighter shots .
2 days ago
Great theme. A good game for everyone. Sinking the ship and the multiball modes are all well done. Game can be set up tough so game times don't get too long. Who doesn't like Pirates with attitude.
2 days ago
This game has a coolness factor but I believe it to get boring after a while and repititive..Not exciting to look at either..If you can get it cheap then get it..But I can't understand all the hype..Just an average playing em with some targets...In my opinion
2 days ago
An outstanding example of a gottlieb wedgehead..Super fun and challenging to hit the ace when you need it .. Bonuses make this game a blast to play and excellent art work on the back Glass..Great game to own if you can get it..It's a keeper and deserves to be in the running for one of the best ems ever made...
2 days ago
Ive owned this machine for a few years now. The only complaint i have with it is the lane diverter is notoriously buggy and can be a frustrating road block when you are 'in the zone' on your way to a high score.
2 days ago
Ghostbusters is an advanced level of difficulty. If you are new to pinball, or just dont have a very high skill level in controlling the ball and aiming shots, you will become very frustrated with this machine.
3 days ago
What a great playfield layout and great artwork..Alot of things to shoot for as well as an amazing feeling to watch the pop bumpers light up..Never gets old..A blast to play and look at
3 days ago
Yes, good fun, because all pinball is fun. :) Strikes me as a poor man's Centaur.
3 days ago
Can sometimes feel like a bit of a mess, but the playfield layout is so unique that it just stays interesting. It is so massive it feels like three pinball machines in one. Very addictive.
3 days ago
This is my dream theme from my childhood! The art for this machine is incredible!! The audio is amazing!!'s just not fun! I have tried so hard to love this machine!! I still play it thinking, maybe this time I'll change my mind.
3 days ago
Fun game! the theme is perfect with the way the ramps are designed. Bigfoot as a ball diverter is a nice touch to the game. I think the animations are great, and the topper is really cool too!
3 days ago
I really love this game. The theme is something that I find so interesting. Not exactly a super deep game but I still enjoy playing it. I'm not one to get tired of a game so easily. This may be my favorite Trudeau game.
3 days ago
I love it really great artwork and funny theme !a good gameplay not so easy with the blue fear but all the familly
can enjoy with.I recommend this amazing game a really successfull ...
3 days ago
The highlight of this game is the ramps. All 3 feel great and you'll be shooting them all. The Goldeneye toy is cool, but the flat white plastic look is really cheap. The shots are easy overall so it's nice that you need to hit a death target in the center to light each lock. The Xenia DMD animations sure are something. Overall it still has a Sega feel (as someone who doesn't usually like Sega games) but it's one of my favorites.
4 days ago
Had high hopes for Flintstones but it fell flat. Don't get me wrong fun title , kinda weak ruleset. Lack of general illumination even when led put in. For what this pin commands price wise lots of better pins to choose from. Best mode is Joe's diner recycles move your car from cftlbl. Decent wpc pin but look else where for a keeper.
5 days ago
Very fun pinball, once you start playing you would never stop because you would like to capture more and more killers, genius idea for a game that never tastes!
5 days ago
The layout of this one kills the flow of the game.
The mini playfield is cool toy.
Not my taste and the theme does nothing for me.
5 days ago
Undoubtedly the number one under every point of view!
5 days ago
Aerosmith is a beautiful machine. the lock is great with a ball launched in the box toy. Just the skillshot seems meh. There is no easy shot and no tough shot. Right ramp is the less easy for me. I also like the way as you can choose the number of ball to go with multiball.
When you lock 3 balls you can choose to play multi ball or pass to add another ball till 6 possible. The con is the toy box can be quickly full especially if you play with several players. Multiball scores big points.
You start by selecting your song (mode) which are timed.
I don't know if you can stack in this game but I guess yes and the code could be awesome.

Based on The 0.75 code.
5 days ago
For me this is a great pinball, wonderful design, very fun game and engaging sound, great Youssi work !!!
5 days ago
This is a really fun game that I've found to live up to its reputation as one of the greats. I'm not a Star Trek fan, but the theme integration is second to none. The call outs from all the original actors are very well done and fit the game perfectly. The cab and playfield artwork, dot animations, and music are all top notch. The layout offers lots of great shots and the modes offer a lot of variety and take you all across the playfield. The game can be very brutal and even a bit of a drain monster. However, I've found that it rewards accurate shots and the excellent wizard mode is very achievable with a little bit of strategy.

The mode based ruleset offers a decent amount of depth without being overwhelming. The playfield toys are good and the slingshot mounted cannons are fun and well integrated. My only real complaint with this game is that the video mode is the same every time. Once you memorize the pattern, it becomes a bit too easy to score tons of points with it every time it comes up.

Overall, this is a easily one of the best pinball machines out there and it gets almost everything right. A true classic that even non-Star Trek fans can enjoy!
6 days ago
I picked up a Star Trip on a whim. I had never played it before, or any cocktail pin for that matter, and I bought it mainly for the novelty of owning a cocktail pin for awhile. It was cheap, I could use it as an end table; I figured why not.

I have been very pleasantly surprised to learn the game is actually really fun!

The layout is good. Star Trip has 6 direct shots (from left to right: spinner, hole, B, C, 3 drops), 8 if you want to include the 2 rollovers. So there is plenty to shoot for and there are 2 pop bumpers and 3 slingshots to keep the ball moving and add some randomness. There are a bunch of lanes at the top and the bottom which I'll explain.

The rules make the game play like a bonus heavy EM. Lit lanes and certain rollovers add to your bonus and once you have a specific combination of lanes lit (no lane switching) you can get bonus multipliers. Bonuses go up to 19K before multiplier and multipliers go up to 5X. There are is a collect bonus shot which gives you your multiplied bonus immediately and leaves the multiplier lit. There are a few shots worth 5K but the game really seems to be about chasing big bonuses.

Here is where we get what makes this game really fun and is also probably its biggest flaw: it is really hard to nudge a cocktail pin! Getting certain lanes lit is very important but without nudging you don't have much control over lanes. Combined with the fact that there is no lane switching means you are forced to give up a bit of control and let randomness do its thing. It makes the game more exciting.

I'm enjoying playing this game much more than I expected and I'd highly recommend you play it when given a chance or even own it.
There are 29010 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 1 of 1161.

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