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1 hour ago
i m a huge Led Zep fan and i like musical pinballs

it s okay to play this one on location but i would never by one Nib , mostly because of a poor layout

3rd flipper is almost useless

sorry to say i m disappointed , what a great theme wasted
5 hours ago
This is a very fun game with a really nice lay out and awesome art. It suffers from the lack of music/sounds, mostly like other pins from it's era. I think it is one of the best of it's time, but I would put a couple of others ahead of it.
All in all, it is a fun pin and worthy of most collections. If you are a superhero or superman fan in general...it's a "must have."
5 hours ago
I enjoyed it, but I was left wanting more from this pin. In all fairness, I have only played the pro. Perhaps the premium or LE will offer more of what I'm looking for down the line.
I'm a big Star Wars and Mandalorian fan, but this pin just didn't reach out to me in the way some other recent Stern titles like JP and AIQ did.

I liked it, but didn't fall in love like I was hoping to.
5 hours ago
This is the best game most people will never play. It is just so unique and intriguing. If I could buy it, I would. The best anyone can really hope for is playing it in Las Vegas at the Pinball Hall of Fame Museum. I put a lot of time on it, and I highly recommend any pinballer do the same.
6 hours ago
L Y M A N . Great code and rules, fast brutal in your face. My kind of pinball.
6 hours ago
The LE has to be one of the best Stern packages yet! The mirrored back glass, artwork, assets, great flow and game play that keeps you wanting to come back for more. More code will make this a top 10 pin for sure. I love how fast the upper playfield is so you are not up there longer than needed. If Grogu has a hidden feature to make him move even better and being static for now is the only reason this one isn't a 10 out of the box.
1 day ago
A decent game but is held back by the lack of flow. There is a lot of stuff jammed in there so the shots are not as good as they should be. Still a good game, just not a great game. Artwork, sound and visuals are outstanding though.
1 day ago
This is a game that can best be enjoyed in the home. And with ball saves lol. I played it a few times in the arcade many years ago and was so lost on what to do, never came back. Give me Black Hole or Black Knight any day. Than, I played it years later at my friend’s house and discovered there is a lot more to this game. True, not for the casual player, Pat Lawlor’s intentions I think, but once you take the time to watch YouTube on how to play it, dang, what a game. The shots, power-ball, clock, wow. So much innovation crammed into a wide body pin. Star Trek the next generation is still king for me, but this is a wide body pin to impress and humble the best players.
1 day ago
Unbelievable, gameplay is fantastic although a bit multiball heavy. Outside of that can’t fault it.
Theme done perfectly.

No play field issues for me so far but will keep a close eye on it.
1 day ago
Had this for two months on rent. Was bored after 2 weeks. Can see the appeal for some but I just felt there wasn’t too much going on.
1 day ago
Got to spend a few hours on an LE this past week and was surprised how much I liked it as I had heard mixed reviews. Didn’t understand much of what I was doing but just kept blowing up the tie fighters. Would love to rent one for a month or two.
2 days ago
We've had several pinball parties, and people absolutely love this game! It is funny and fun for me to watch as people discuss the artwork and the gameplay. There are lots of little scenes in the backglass, the attention to detail is great. The gameplay teaches players to nudge, and to be strategic with their shots to hit the center roto target when it's value is high. It's a real crowd pleaser.
2 days ago
The best ever.
2 days ago
Whenever I go to AYCE GOGI I find myself drawn to his game. It is fun. I did not get to play the original version of this machine though I watched people playing it and watched the original breaking down a lot.

PROS: I love the ability to select between movies - Alien or Aliens.
Love the AMBUSH mode.
Love the Alien when it grabs balls and the wild magnets.

CONS: Some tough drains on the sides or center (if you don't have the ball save).
In space, nobody can see if you match at the end of the game. No match in the game or not enabled?
Sometimes the multi balls all pile up in the shooter.

OVERALL: I liked it and for me, it has that one more game pull (but I am also a fan of Alien/Aliens).
2 days ago
Wow you can’t ask for more it’s jam packed and the perfect package!!!

Super fun game with so much variations it will keep you coming back for more!!!
2 days ago
Awesome game I’m i sucker for ramps but this is extremely good as you can make most shots of any flipper and the third flipper has good integration!

Awesome rule set awesome fun and awesome flow it’s another title from stern that has that X factor!!!
2 days ago
One of the best sterns to come out in years! Super fun with a great lay out and code.

If you see one you must have a game it’s incredible!!!
2 days ago
What can be said about DP that hasn't already been said? It's a fun, fast, easy shooter, with some of the best music and callouts (thanks Nolan North!) in pinball. The ruleset is simple by today's standards and allows players to feel satisfaction when in a shooting groove. The sounds and scoring give lots of positive feedback to the player. When properly dialed in, DP has some good shots. The crossover ramp to the katana is always satisfying. George Gomez's layout is very fun to shoot.

Zombie Yeti's artwork is some of the best in pinball today. He captured each of the Marvel character's very well and shows how pinball art can look. This game has great music and top-notch voicework from Nolan North and all of it comes together to make a complete package.
2 days ago
This game overall is gorgeous, has great flow, has excellent theme integration and is pure fun. It is not perfect however, the Grogu toy really should have done something instead of taking up a huge spot doing nothing. The image of Mando on the screen is also static and should be more animated. I would of rated it perfect except those points and I deducted accordingly. I still would put this game with some of the best Stern has release and recommend it for any collection.
2 days ago
JP is a great shooting game and I would argue one of Stern's best offerings in the last 5 years. Keith Elwin injected some much needed variety in a lot of the same-same offerings that Stern has put out during this time. The Jeep mech is new and clever, but not overly complicated, and the layout is varied, flowy, and fast. The theming is fine, even without the movie assets, and does an adequate job of putting you into the JP world without replaying scenes from the movie.

The voice acting is sufficient, using the same duo that was in Iron Maiden.

Differences between the PRO and PREM are enough for me to justify paying up for the PREM. The T-Rex moving head is great with the shaker motor, and the Raptor Pen turns into an actual pen, vs a loop-around shot. It changes the dynamics of that shot enough imo. The helicopter "spinner" is a throwaway.

Rules-wise, they are easy enough to understand and offer plenty for the novice to the pro. Lots of rules to play out, without being too overly complicated. Though it can be a fast and punishing game, I don't ever think it's unfair. It is rewarding for someone that is really in tuned with the shots.
2 days ago
No flow at all to the game... too many posts and stops and everything dialed in to a quick and unescapible drain.
However the sound and theme are fun and wizard progressions are difficult but very fun. A good collectors piece but not a good money maker.
2 days ago
A good challenging game. Great rules are multiplier centric as they carry from ball to ball. Get that multiplier early, and milk bonus score after you drain or by using the top kickout.

I think this is the only pinball to urkize a rule for spotting each vari target position. Completing the shots at the 4 different levels will award yoy with an extra ball.. And if bith sides are complete, say hello to a special.

Some really great shots on this massive table.

I have to imagine if this had a different sound package, it would have aged much better... As it stands, I gave this game great points for playfield and rules.. But for me, it has one of the worst sound packages which really hurts the overall score.
3 days ago
Stranger things definitely benefited from a code update. I always though the game shot better then what people gave it credit for; however, the code wasn’t great on release. I recently was able to play an updated version on location and I enjoyed it to the point of ignoring all the other machines, which is a good sign.
3 days ago
MM is a fun game but the code is just not deep enough to keep you coming back. I do love blowing up the castle and hitting the trolls, but I always feel like I’m shooting the same objective. Older games in general suffer from dated code when compared to modern games.
3 days ago
AIQ is the best shooting game in my opinion. Every ramp feels buttery smooth. Out lane drains can be rough on this game and the code is very complex. As I continue to learn more about the code and push my score higher, the more I appreciate this game and how fun it is to shoot.
There are 44305 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 1 of 1773.

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