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3 hours ago
Played the game at a few shows and saw it as something unique and different and already had the hats off to Spooky for building a licensed game that could hang with a Stern. The third time it really grew on me as I got some extended time and started to get into the rule set. Fourth time was the charm - quiet room on adult settings - knew I must own one. Artwork is excellent. Sounds are great if u are a Zombie fan. Shots are plentiful. Upper Playfield is lame until you figure out how to set it up proper - thank pinside! Game is DARK so additional lighting is a must.
14 hours ago
I've got about ~30 games on this now and the rule-set isn't complete but the game is super fun to play, it's beautiful, and the theme integration is top-notch. I dig the shots and I like how difficult the right ramp shot is. You can definitely feel the difference when you hit the ball just right and it flies up into the ball-lock. I'm excited to see what happens as the game makes its way to V1.0.

Would love to see the game let you run multiple modes a bit easier. For ex. When you lock in Lil'Deadpool, you should be able to start a mode and THEN initiate lil'deadpool multi-ball. The call-outs are lacking and repetitive. Would like some better humor in upcoming versions. Maybe some call-outs that talk about Stern not having enough money to get Spider-Man licensing? Deadpool has a serious bromance with Spider-man in the comics. And I don't think this is going to happen, but an "adult" mode where Deadpool is a bit more himself would be good. Doesn't have to swear, I don't think swearing is what makes Deadpool 'R' rated, but some better adult oriented humor. Maybe a few sexual innuendos that are a bit "deeper" than your cliched ball jokes? Maybe licensing is the issue with Deadpool not seeming "like" Deadpool in the game? Pinball is such a geeky sport, you'd think a few people in Stern would have been a bit more familiar with Deadpool from the comic books and made sure he felt like Deadpool in the final product.

The game looks like Deadpool, it plays fun, the voices are solid... the call-outs just don't FEEL like Deadpool. Stern has (@0.84) really missed the mark. I'll re-review at V1.0.
20 hours ago
A good machine completely ruined by childish, horrible looking aesthetics. The game is also very easy, which detracts a lot on lastability. Fun for a few games, but way overrated.
1 day ago
I did not like this machine for a long time. I never watched the show but zombies are a long lasting theme anyway so that doesn't matter. For me it was always the off-putting white lighting and playfield artwork that threw me off, but I'm starting to see beyond it. The game is a tough mofo to play and will punish you if you're not able to play in control. The rules are deep and there are many strategic shots in order to score massively like the multiplier inlane for the upcoming shot. I play this game more and more whenever I have access to it and I see why it has a steady fan base.
1 day ago
Originally thought this game was good, but a bit same, same as previous games like TF and XMen, but after the latest code update can really appreciate how much fun it is .
1 day ago
Have only played one game, but want to play again, that one game was enough to give me confidence to buy one if it became available again .
1 day ago
This is not a great looking pinball machine. It's not bad looking one, its just bland for me. I know for the time a Space Shuttle was new and exciting, but for me now, a space shuttle is just a clunky looking relic of the past, a marvel to be fair, but not something that is sexy to look at. So I find the cab and backglass and playfield art to be really drab and boring. I do like the space shuttle toy in the middle of the playfield, and I like the ramp that it sits upon and I like how it utilizes the drop target.
While I don't care for the theming or the art. I really like the gameplay and the rule set. It's a simple basic rule set, but very effective. It reminds me a lot of Sorcerer.Except there are two ball locks and that means you can get 3 ball multiball. It does have a few things sorcerer doesn't have. Like a circle disc that pops up between your flippers during multiball start that serves as a way to help protect your balls. Cool little feature.
So anyway. I think the best strategy is to lock a ball. Then shot the drop target and then shot the ramp and multiball starts. Once in multiball hit the targets that spell shuttle and this will get you the reward that is listed on the playfield. Keep hitting this and that can lead to a lot of good stuff. And again I think the strategy for this game is a lot like the strategy for sorcerer and that is, get to multiball and when in multiball that is when you aim for the risky shots. Once you go back to single ball play shot the lock and then go back into multiball.
Simple game play. But its fun.
The sound effects are typical of that era and it does have some callouts. But, I wasn't a fan of the callouts. They're just there. They don't really detract from the game, and I guess they can immerse you in the theme. But, again not a big fan of the theme. So they were just there for me.
All in all a very fun game. Don't know if I would want this in my collection, as I rather have a sorcerer, but again if I had a huge silo filled with pins, this would be nice to have in it. Just for me, not a looker and that is something I like in a home pin.
1 day ago
Big disappointment.
1 day ago
I am rating this after playing this game for probably about 40-60 minutes. I found the shot layout to be unique, but ultimately not very fun. Not a lot of shots in this game. You have the left ramp, the right ramp, the center skull, the left lane to the right of the left ramp, and that's really about it. Also, I found the rule set to be a bit hard to follow or understand. Not a lot of lights or really anything to guide you. The skill shot is interesting... But, difficult to pull off. But, what is cool is loading the multiball. That was and is a cool concept. For me it just needs more shot variety. And I while nothing was horrible about the art, it just the theme doesn't appeal to me. The playfield looks amazing though. Love the roller coaster ramp and love the skull in the middle. But, having that skull in the middle really takes away from the shots you can have in the game. One thing though the music is really good, and while I find the callouts to not be amazing and repetitive. They have a sense of energy that works with the game. It all moves fast. This is a pin that I wouldn't mind playing again. But, I would need to have a collection of like 100 games to ever consider to have this in my collection. Just doesn't hold or bring me back. I got the replay on it and then I moved on.
1 day ago
Owned this title for a year now and it shines more than ever! Fun in single play or with partners which is a rarity in my opinion.

The artwork is perfect a perfect zeitgeist of the 70's and a callback to a more fun era.

The machine itself plays fast, the ball rattling around up top trapped in the poppers never fails to bring a smile to our faces and a great feeling of satisfaction when you rip the spinners with the bonus light lit.

King of the Road indeed.
2 days ago
Fun pin, Plays good. Not to complex but had overall good shots. Background music is not so good, why not the T2 soundtrack? IDK. I played this game a lot when it was new at the local arcade in 1991 so it has a lot of memories for me. Wanted to always own one. Mine needs some elbow grease and a good cleaning but it is a keeper.
2 days ago
The only spirit in the game is a bad hobo wine from 1975. It make you want to get drunk and die
2 days ago
Very boring, probably why there doing a remake
3 days ago
Great flow, great music and the light show with sparky is awesome. I own one now and its probably never leaving.
3 days ago
This is a great game to have in a collection of a few games or more. It's interesting to everyone because it is so different! The ball is not a normal sized pinball... it's smaller. Also, you can't see where the ball is most of the time, but you can anticipate where it will appear based upon the ball rolling sounds and the billiard balls that are hit. It's fun!
3 days ago
Contact plays slow, and has clear shots. This was from the era when pinball was trying to be like video games, so the sounds are overly electronic (lots of "pew pew", etc.) which I think is a good representation of the era. It's a wide body and a slow playing table. Also, the four flippers are pretty unique in that if you push the flipper button halfway, the centermost flipper activates. Push the button further, and the outer flipper fires. It takes some getting used to, but it's pretty unique feature.
3 days ago
I have owned two of these in the past and when I don't have it in the collection I miss it. It is a really fun pinball machine. The trick is to time the multiball and hit the upper playfield shot so you get 5X the points. You can really rack up points that way. One of my all time favorites but like many older Bally/Williams games they are limited in what they can do. Once you beat them then all you can do is start again. That is usually when I sell or trade them. The theme and pinball integration are spot on. You have a Yeti or Bigfoot and a huge ramp that mimics a river. The artwork is amazing and I love the Callouts. I highly recommend this one. Buy it if you can find it in good condition. This one is notorious for cabinet fade also.
3 days ago
I played AFM when it first came out at Sheppard AFB in Texas as a young GI. I fell in love with it then and I still love to play the game now. The artwork, game flow, music, and call outs are some of the best ever created. Who doesn't like to kill Martians and blow up space ships? The only knock from me is it can become somewhat repetitive hitting the center drop down target over and over. The cabinet is notorious for fading on this one so don't be too discouraged if yours is faded. I highly recommend this game to everyone.
3 days ago
A Gottlieb EM without that large top arch. It's unique, but they made 20k of these playfields with different artwork, but this version of the game has the best artwork in my opinion.
It's no easy task (for me) to knock all the targets down on a single ball. Yea, once you do knock them down there isn't much to do, but it's not easy to do so there is a lot of play there before you run out of targets.
Chimes are the standard chimes from the era. You can tell it's a gottlieb, but you can't tell one apart from another from this era.

Buy one!
4 days ago
Yep, its up here for a reason.
4 days ago
Not a pin, but still fun.
Shoot hundreds of mini pinballs and spell words.
This works in a very large collection.
4 days ago
CFTBL is a great pinball machine. It is classic in everyway. Most people have already described this game in depth so I won't go into game play. I want to make sure that if you are getting ready to buy this game you understand it is a very limited game. It is one of the most beautiful pins and the 3d Creature under the playfield is a great toy. The sounds, callouts, and art work are fabulous. However, the rules and game play are a little too simple for me. You spell FILM and hit the two outlane shots that are flashing and then look for the Creature. There are a few other modes but I don't recommend this game for people with a small collection. You will tire of it quickly because of its simplicity. Anyone with more than 5 or 6 pins it will make a great addition.
4 days ago
Tough but very satisfying shots. The upper flipper shots are hard to hit but make all the difference when playing. Skill shot is also hard but cool. The giant plane is a nice touch and it doesn’t take up any space on the playfield.
Art and music are top notch and the blind mode is amazing!
One of data east best games
4 days ago
Excelent looking cabinet and translite and soso playfield photoshop art, game plays fast and furiously, the crane is a cool toy that can change the gameplay dramatically. I think alot of space was wasted on the giant joker cylinder and the right side pathway.
Overall a fast fun tournament game that is visually appealing.
4 days ago
Super fun game, love the artwork although the cabinets all seem to fade. The video mode is cool, the ball lock in the casting reel is brilliant. And the fish topper is one of the best. Not big on the music tho
Gone fishin leave a message!
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