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1 hour ago
Very underrated game...
5 hours ago
An absolute classic
12 hours ago
White Water is one of my favorite games. I'd own one of these before any of the top 3 any day. The flow is outstanding with a great mix of easy and hard shots. Insanity falls and right orbit are two of the most satisfying shots in pinball for me. I honestly wish this had stayed a hidden gem long enough for me to get my hands on it. I think White Water deserves to be higher on the list, as it's one of the most interesting layouts compared to so many others above it. For some the SFX wear thin. The game has some opportunity for deepness, but the straightforward moving up the river and lack of "typical modes" knock it down for a lot of people. All in all, for me, something I hope to one day buy and keep forever.
16 hours ago
I used to really dislike this game. I thought it was overrated, overpriced, and frankly, bland. “Hit ramp, shoot scoop, start mode” rinse and repeat.

Then I spent more time with the game. I hate to say it, but it’s as close to a masterpiece as one can get with a pinball machine.

It may be easy to light and start mansion awards, but to fight through them is terrifically difficult.

Thing used to annoy me, as I thought it slowed down gameplay, and was a one trick pony. In reality, it’s a cleverly disguised ball diverter that never allows the player to have a free shot at the jackpot. You really need to work for it! Brilliant.

The graveyard might actually be one of my favorite aspects of the game. Pops can be more lucrative than a jackpot with enough shots and hits, and slowly building its value only to nail a clean shot into the swamp without thing’s help is among the most satisfying feelings.

Throw in snapping flippers, fun callouts and music, and you genuinely have a fun game that will continue to succeed the test of time.
20 hours ago
Fun for a while but it can get repetitive. Cool features like the multiball set up and the claw(when the claw works) plus the grips are neat, something different. Lighting is cool. Lots of little things if you get the time but all comes back to the same couple shots being repetitive. Fun always whipping the ball around the ramps when the speed is there.
20 hours ago
What I think about when I think about pinball. Williams Flash
21 hours ago
At first I didn't enjoy the game. Now I find myself playing it daily. Bonus heavy, fun, and challenging with that double flipper. Replay value is there, when not draining through the scissor flippers. Yes, basic but great for casual play without intense rule set. Remember the age.
22 hours ago
Not sure why this pin is dropping in the overall Top 100 ratings. I always have a great time when I play this one. It's difficult but not impossible, a great theme, fun to hear, fun to watch, all in all a good time will be had when played!
22 hours ago
Love everything about this game. But I really wish they would have used Ryan Reynolds movie quotes, or gotten a sound alike to put some sarcasm in there. Even when I read the Deadpool comics I don't think of Vinnie Barbarino voicing him (that may be a dated reference.) Other than the voice and bit of sound repetition, this is a fantastic fast, difficult game! I need one in the collection. :)
22 hours ago
When I think of the first pin that actually made me want to plunk quarters in it at the arcade - it's this one. Firepower pulled me in with a great scifi theme, and those Eugene Jarvis sound effects from Defender and Robotron - Williams put it all in here. Fantastic game - a true classic.
22 hours ago
One of the most underrated pins of the mid 90's. Great gameplay, tons of shots, high speed gameplay, fantastic multiball, it's all good. Most people make fun of the theme, but personally I loved Baywatch as a young lad so this machine is the first one I searched out to buy. Will be in my collection forever - great replay value!
22 hours ago
One of the top pins of all time. I love my LE, but the regular version has more toys. Both are fantastic to play and if I see one at a convention or in the wild I will always stop and give it a run. I've owned LOTR LE for a few years and have only destroyed the ring a handful of times so it's definitely difficult and worth owning. Replay is top notch.
23 hours ago
Just simply put, I love this game. I can't find anything about it that I don't like. I think "it' too easy" and then I go four games in a row without breaking 3M points. "Too hard" then I have my best game. I will get so frustrated with it that I want to turn it off for a month, but then come back and play it every day for weeks. Great theme, great music, fun animations, fast ball action, ramps, multiball, it's got it all. It's a 10.
1 day ago
I owned this for about 6 months. Decent pin as evidenced by its ciurrent top 20 Pinside rating. For whatever reason, however, I just never could get into it. Maybe it was the theme as I liked but didn’t love the movies this pin is based on.

Music is decent and there are some cool villain toys like Doc Ock, Sandman, and the Green Goblin. At times, the game kind of felt redundant and that you are chopping wood just bashing villains over and over again, though.

In the end, I just had to sell a game to clear up space and funds for an incoming Stern Jurassic Park and SM didn’t make the cut.
1 day ago
I don’t dislike this game but I just don’t like it. This game is not bad but i find it to be very overrated. I think this has to little shots and the animations are no that great.
1 day ago
Great game. Although my least favorite of the black nights. This game is very good and has a great upper play field.
1 day ago
CGC did another amazing job/upgrade on this classic title. The new light show and display are amazing and allow a novice to understand the shots and callouts much easier. The flaw of this game is the callouts though, always have been repetitive. This isn't CGC's fault, that's just how the game is. Super fun to play for anyone to step up and go for a game.
1 day ago
I have only had the machine for a week, but have been playing it for a few months prior. It's dialed in pretty well, with the UV kit. Gameplay is brutal on this one. It's fast, loves to drain all the time. It keeps you coming back for more, that one more play feel. The Prem/LE has several issues, but the Pro seems pretty solid. As with most newer Sterns, updates to code are what actually make a game from okay to excellent (Deadpool and IMDN come to mind). This is no exception. I played several games on very old code and thought this game was going to be a dud. They have done a great job making the game addictive in the last two releases. I am a fan of the show, so the theme works for me, although I don't love the art personally. The callouts and modes are fun and the scenes from the show vs animations made are fantastic. Kudos to Stern on this one for getting all the rights. The Demo is okay and the drops in front are a drain monster if you try to hit them straight on. The modes and stacking are where the real points are in this game. The UV gives an excitement to it (with the music/sound effects), it's probably the coolest hurry up I have ever seen.

Will the game last forever in my collection, probably not. But it's got that damnit...just one more try feel to it for sure.
1 day ago
Fun game is pretty difficult for a Sys11, especially if set up fast and steep. Rules are simple but reasonable for that era. Compared to a pin like Funhouse, released just one year later, this is quite simple. But the ramps feel good to hit, and the gimmicks and toys like the boogie men and grave stones are iconic now that we have a trilogy. The center scoop can be a sdtm drainer. The backglass art is fantastic. Overall, this is a fun pin that looks good and has cool ramps and decent rules. Not deep, but not easy to beat either. A good Sys11 game that paved the way for Scared Stiff and House of Horrors. That alone is pretty awesome.
2 days ago
OF is home from few weeks, with something as +/- 100 games on it, and as a good player (...) already reached/saw all the wizard modes (but didnt fully beat MEISTER)... after DI i was looking for a nice contender (mainly about code point of view), and let's admit that JP was (and still is) on the radar... and than, i knew a little about OF, having played it in some meetings/tournaments (with a positive feeling), than reading & watching over it on internet convince me to go for it (and be back to JP later)... and than, except the theme i'm not really in love (was the same with DI), i have to admit that OF is as i was thinking, but not only with more than very good (rules) surprises : the layout is good, its more based on a "stop & go" gameplay than a master of flow, the code is already very good & very well done, with clever things in it (STEIN multiplicators, use of the knocker in game, use of the 2 right buttons in a mode, tapper video mode, the shaker is nicely linked to some situations, 4 magnets including 2 controled, ...), and back to the theme, lot's of funny things to hear, meanwhile for adults (there's a family friendly setting)... and than, all in all, a very nice pin, which i think deserve much more attention (especially if you're a "player", as with the 14 STEIN multiplicator in 3 [even 4] levels each, you have LOTS of possibilities to tacticaly build your game)... really waiting to see more from next AP Hot Wheels pin... :)
2 days ago
i recently got a RFM home for few monthes, of course know this pin from time, and forget to rate it... what can i say that hasn't been said already !? this pin is fun, fun, and fun ! P2000 is a very nice plateform, pity about how all this finaly ended... than RFM is a very good sequel to AFM, may be with even more funny nonsense (screen/sounds/voices samples)... of course this RFM is quite simple about the design, not very deep, and than most of the shots are quite always the same meanwhile various modes (until the big wizard), but anyway, it remain something you wanna play, again, and again, and again, just because its... fun ! (did i said it already !? lol)... enjoy :)
2 days ago
Wow is this game fast. Left kickback is cool and the light show is top notch! Even with my newer games in my collection I come back and put a couple games on this each time. I don’t see it leaving.
2 days ago
This machine is fast and fun. Flow is great and the call outs just make you want to outrun the police each time. 3 spinners! The upper right flipper shot just feels good when you hit it. Backglass is very nice and the call outs do not get old for me. The game should be ranked higher.
2 days ago
WOW! great game with excellent soundtrack, very cool shots and neat animations. THis game seems to pack a real understated punch of pure excitement. It is a real adrenaline rush compared to some other sleepy Stern titles. This for me is definitely a keeper!
2 days ago
Not a terrible game but not great in my opinion. I honestly think the one by Williams is way better and would love jjp version of this theme.
There are 40125 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 1 of 1605.

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