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2 hours ago
An ingenious idea that was too expensive to produce, sadly. It’s easy to miss as it looks like a rather oversized generic arcade cabinet. I was looking for it at the Las Vegas pinball museum since I knew it was the only chance I’d get to play it, and walked right past it twice! Maybe this is why it didn’t get the response it’s designers were hoping for. A flashier cabinet with lights would have only added to the expense, and thus more certainly doom it to failure. A MUST play - this machine is kept in impeccable condition by the lead tech and it shows. Flippers are snappy. Knock one through the creepy clown’s teeth and you’ll have the satisfaction of doing something few pinheads will ever have the chance to do - “beat” one of the rarest games ever made. We will never see a game like it from a major manufacturer. Hopefully a well funded home brew will someday be attempted that rivals it.
3 hours ago
This game has been my favorite game for a long while. I love the red and the katana sword. Very fun game. Not too easy but not hard is right in between. Great game overall.
16 hours ago
Looks excellent. Sound, theme, lighting are all on point. And yet there seems to be no direction, there is a lot going on, and I agree multi balls are too plentiful. It's one of those strange occasions where I think they've actually put too much in the game. If they removed 25% of the stuff, I think they'd have a better game!
16 hours ago
This is my first, new pin. And I have played numerous new Sterns, etc..And I own 16 pretty nice machines already..so, with that in mind, my review is not biased..I'm not a fanboy of any current pin company..I don't review or flag reviews because I own it, or don't.
I really feel that this remake is the best that CGC has put together..aside from the current leg issue, sound issue, TOPPER issue (which doesn't apply here)..The lastability on this machine is really solid..in my opinion, way more lastible' than the original, because of the code. The build quaility is outstanding (for a new machine). And the fact that the playfield is screen-printed makes the build Q even better. Cowboy/train and toys are great, and not tiresome...The DMD animations are very nice, and thanks for the crazy work CGC did to recreate a lot of it. Lighting is TOP NOTCH, and not over the top..with the option of standard lighting-nice touch..( I'm hoping they can take the strobe effect out, during gunfight, and also have the drop target colors change, without dissabling the interactivity)
I have since added more cacti, the RR Track Mezel Mod, shaker motor..It's a big hit here in my dungeon. Will it get old? Well, if you play ANY MACHINE for wayyy too long, it will..otherwisse, no different than my other 15 pins..it will be staying for a while, unless I can land an LE at some point...
16 hours ago
Mandalorian is a really great game, and one of the better Star Wars pins. I like that the lower half of the playfield is a ton of ball lanes to hit the ball through. It’s chaotic but you’re always hitting something.

I can’t say I love the helmet playfield zone, and I wish Grogu wasn’t the main toy. The videos get a little bit repetitive.
16 hours ago
I didn’t really enjoy Rush, though I’m not a fan of the band - which is the biggest factor for enjoying a music pin.

As a piece of game design, I can’t say I really found the shots rewarding or to have good flow. I did appreciate all the voice samples of the band.
16 hours ago
Toy Story 4 is a good game. I don’t think it’s a $12,000 game, but for fans of the franchise it might be.

The best aspect of this game is the color and cheeriness of the game and characters. It’s also an easier game, and shoots better than other JJP games.

The worst aspect is it’s not a particularly fun game to shoot. There’s no shot I get a thrill from hitting.

I think your love of this game is going to come down to theme.
17 hours ago
Ultraman is awesome. It’s different. Since this game came out at the same time as Godzilla, much of my review will compare/contrast these two kaiju battling games.

This game plays completely different from any spike 2 game from Stern, and different from any 90s BW game (mostly upper playfields), but kind of has that 90s feel to it. It’s unique. And that’s why it’s great.
I’ve also been putting a lot of games on my Godzilla lately. Godzilla and UM are wildly different but they are both excellent.
UM: gorgeous. Beautiful. High quality toys and mechs. This is a high end puce of art. No point in modding this perfection. Game play is calculated and slower paced. Wide variety of shots and plenty of depth in current code. Very unique playfield layout with interesting challenges like climbing through the uppers. The left lifter does not feel delayed at all, the right lifter can seem like a short wait. Some Opportunities for flow and combo, but much calculated with some pacing and stop and go. This game takes longer to boot up than my Houdini (damn that’s long) and I usually just drink a glass of whine while waiting. It’s unlikely the 8 year old will achieve a great score or unlock much depth from random flipping on this game.
GZ: one of sterns best game play titles. Very flowy. Lots of shot variety and an incredible amount of flow and combo opportunity. Fast paced. While Playfield art is great, Toys are all flat plastic and cannot even be put in the same division as UM. I have a very strong desire to mod this game to get more visual Interest and even $800 in mods still won’t get it close to UM. This game is not as stunning to look at. The breadth of modes and gameplay is unparalleled. It’s possible the 8 year old can flip his way into a great score as well as a few multiball modes (actually confirmed with my 8 year old).
Anyone that appreciates diversity and character in their pinball line up will appreciate UM. It brings something that no other game can bring. The French refer to it as that je ne sais quoi.
Can I say UM is better than GZ? No. But I also can’t say the opposite. I have an appreciation of both. I can, however, Understand how GZ appeals more to the masses - much like how a Starbucks mocha appeals to more of the masses than a pour over from your high end local cafe or chugging a few beers appeals to more than sipping a bourbon. And that’s the difference. Because this game is like a rare bourbon…
22 hours ago
Here’s my stream-of-consiousness commentary of how it feels to play Ultraman. This is not going to be an extensive "review". I've played about 300 games to date. To start - it's different. So what does "different" mean?? That's really the $64,000 question. What are the differences and what are we comparing it to? In my mind standard pinball starts with the "fan layout". A fan layout has ramps that return the ball to an inlane/flipper. What makes Ultraman play different is that those returns to the flippers via ramp or habitrail are missing (the left return habitrail as an exception, of course). The experience of watching a ball roll down a ramp, drop into the inlane and then mentally prepare for the shot is only a “left ramp” experience! Well EXCEPT for that “prepare” part and BTW, you don't get a ton of time or line of sight. The "mentally prepare for the shot" time exists for sure, but it is shortened both in time and visbility. Time is cut because the location of the lifter is just inches from the flipper and visibility is reduced as well. Unlike a ramp/habitrail drop, you only get to "see" the ball for maybe 3 inches of travel total. There - I said it. The largest difference in gameplay for Ultraman is the impact that the lifters have on gameplay. For the most part, I like it. I appreciate the challenge.

The other difference I've experienced is related to the above. The ball can spend a bit of time in the subway system and can move in a surpising number of paths. It's by design. That can translate to a good portion of the time that the ball is simply not visible or in those moments, not available for gameplay. Given that the game is also at times frenetic and blindingly fast. The "break" presented by subway travel is not a negative. I use this time to plan the next shot and take note of where I am in the game. I'm still surprised by how many places the ball can exit the first upper playfield. All of this can translate at times to a feeling of "losing the ball" or at a minimum wondering where it went. Some of this is the newness of the game and over time, I'll get to know all of the various ball paths. Even so, the variety of shots and ball paths lead me to add this as part of the overall definition of "different" - again though, I'll add "in a good way".

In closing, I would say that the quality and variety of the engineering is something I would also credit as additive to gameplay. This is not a simple, single level game. It's one of the most complex multi-level games manufactured by anyone, let alone a company with new designers at the healm. I think if you took away some of the (unwarranted) complaints of the lifter mechs and view the remainder of the game as a whole, you'd be impressed at what a young Spooky team has accomplished. The testament to how much I’ve been enjoying this game over 3 months is the 300 or so games I’ve played on it vs the 5 games I’ve played on my Godzilla LE during the same time period. I like GZ a lot, but the UM has me hooked and coming back every evening for more!
22 hours ago
A very unique and interesting pin. It is a really fun game once you spend some time on it and figure out the rules. The theme and style of play may not be for everyone but for those that are tired of the same old fan type layout, this is a breath of fresh air. The artwork and sound quality are next level, may be one of the nicest cabinets I've ever seen. The code updates coming down the pipe should put this game into a very select group of machines I intend to keep long term.
1 day ago
The game is unlike anything out there. It’s pretty amazing, all things considered. But many people fear change and are uncomfortable with new things. Their loss.
1 day ago
CFTBL is a great game from John Trudeau with flow and brutality!


Great flowing playfield layout with slightly off angles for shots making this feel unique.

Art is pretty great I have to say, another great Kevin O’Connor effort.

Game is brutal, and I mean that in a good way! An excellent tournament game.

Sound is pretty solid, not the best soundtrack, but the usage of classic 50’s songs is nice. Multiball theme is pretty catchy too.


Rule depth is definitely lacking nowadays, especially without any wizard mode.

If the center plastic piece is warped at all, it can cause some bizarre physics in the center of the playfield.

The center loop might be a bit long, I also wish it fed back the left loop instead of the pops.

Overall, a pretty great game! It’s a classic for a reason.
1 day ago
As everyone knows, this is a 1 shot game. I may be biased, but even I have to say that. However, it’s still an art piece that should be admired.

The best art in all of pinball IMO.

The design of the horseshoe is pretty well done, as it’s a smooth shot.

The kicker is a very unique toy: this is the only game that features it in this form as far as I know.

I admire the symmetrical layout.


Rules and layout suck, hit the horseshoe all day and have it be that.

Sound is standard for the era, therefore it’s not good in modern standards.

Game should have utilized speech.

Overall, this is just a completely mediocre to bad game that is more then saved by it’s beyond gorgeous artwork that makes this a museum piece.
1 day ago
I was expecting the game to play slow. It’s quite fast and plays great Play one for yourself
1 day ago
Who you gonna to call? Ghostbusters!

Everyone told me to buy the PRO which is probable the easiest to find - none are easy to find, people hold on to this game. Just came last week so I may update. One of my favorite themes of all time, it just reminds me of everything that was awesome in the 80's. Fun game play with lots of great shots, music and callouts all in a modern Stern package. I never get tired of hitting Slimer. Zombie Yeti art is fantastic.

If you get a chance - definitely play! Don't see as often on location anymore either.
2 days ago
While this game didn’t last long at my house it wasn’t because it was bad. I would actually like to own this one again in the future. The layout on this game is amazing. It shoots very well and has excellent flow. I myself loved the deep rules and challenging of getting all the gems. The tower shot was very satisfying. This game is a Elwin masterpiece as far as I am concerned. It’s a great pin for a home environment.
2 days ago
This is my favorite P3 game. There is so much to do between the modes and collecting items for different multiballs. I also love that you can stack modes and multiballs to blow the score up. All the modes are fun and integrate the songs well. The layout is great! I've always loved the use of diverters in a game. They help create more variety using the same real estate, and this game has quite a few diverters. There are so many callouts from Al in this game! One thing that makes me laugh is the things Al says when you cancel mode explanations and he makes jabs at for being a know it all because you don't want to listen to him. Over all the team who made the game did a fantastic job making something that is very fun and did the license justice. Hats off to Multimorphic for making another awesome game!
2 days ago
This game is truly a delight to play.

As a big Solid State fan, I figured it would bore me. Yet, I found myself pleasantly surprised, this game is charming and immensely fun trying to get all the pool balls!
2 days ago
Sorcerer is one of the best sounding games from the early Solid State era. Gameplay is screaming fast and unforgiving, but the sound package just elevates this to a different level.

Love this game. My sound was out for a while, without it, it’s maybe a 4.5/10.
The sound pulls the weight on this machine for sure? And if you want a classic 80s feel, this is your ticket.
2 days ago
This game is fun once you get into the rules and understand what you’re doing. It’s certainly underrated, but at the same time there’s not much to it.

The design is very much enjoyable, a job well done by Gomez! However, the playfield is a bit lacking.

Unfortunately for Transformers, the game is barren and there’s really not more than meets the eye.
2 days ago
EXTREMELY fun game. I had the pro and let it go knowing I would get it back later in a premium. A year later I have done exactly that. I absolutely love this game. It is one of the BEST of all time. It has a replay factor that is unreal. Only points off for me is that it could use some added playfield spotlights which I plan on adding. Just a tad dark. Gameplay wise, the combos are endless and the tight loops all feel so frickin good it just doesn't get old. The combos during multiball are insane. The music changes are cool and the modes are completely fun and satisfying. Then we have HUMOR. Deadpool is a fantastic character for pinball imo. It just works.
Deadpool is a keeper in nearly any size collection.
2 days ago
Better music than most of the music pins
3 days ago
very good pinball with it's 3 discs and it's 6 bumper the game is nice super I recommend it
3 days ago
One of the most difficult pinball machines I can ever remember playing, and the reason I had to have it in my collection. The outlanes are brutal, and the upper set of flippers often get in the way of what you're trying to do. Great theme.
3 days ago
Just a waste of time and money, but I had to play to see if it was really the train wreck it was made out to be. And...Hercules is a roadside attraction with one clown shoe on. Watching and waiting for the ball to lumber down to the playfield was painful and made even worst by the weak flippers. I give it points for being something that i had to take a picture of, but nothing else. Stop and play it once and then simply point at it as you waltz by to a real pinball machine.
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