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1 hour ago
When Visit my new granddaughter in Boise Idaho I go to Jeremy's Downtown Arcade in Nampa. He has 8 pinball games and lots of video games. One price to play hours. One of the pins is Dragon. The EM version. I love the art!! What a kick to the 70's . Colorful, fantasy and sexy. When i pressed play the good old 70"s sounds came alive. The rules are simple and the play is a little slow. But that's the 70"s!!!!! I would like to own Dragon for awhile and play the hell out of it.
6 hours ago
Best music pin by far... Oh if only ACDC/MET/Kiss/As got the same attention.
9 hours ago
Top theme ever on the top pinball ever, stop
13 hours ago
Absolutely epic game. Only just got this about a month ago but love it and understand why so many do. Goes nicely with. My Hobbit LE amd Dialed In LE amongst others. So much fun, so many shots and just a brilliant pinball machine.
16 hours ago
Man. Love Maiden even though I’m not huge on the band. Maybe best flow of any game I’ve ever played. New code makes it even better
17 hours ago
So this game is one of the most underrated games in pin history. I was in and out of pinside the past year contemplating buying one. Well, as I saw the code updates arrive and watched the chatter in the thread and I finally jumped. I received my LE about 2 weeks ago and I am pretty darn happy. I have owned most of the A titles in the past and this game is an amazing blend of old and new. The layout is great though it looks kinda boring in photos. It shoots well with ramp flow and loops that really keep it fast. The lock is awesome and Sterns fix kit for the early builds takes care of that. Mine is fine with the kit installed today. My demogorgon is tough but, I am going to wait until I play for a month or so to see if I want to tweak it. I kinda like that it's tough to hit. I have made a few as of today.
Now, the UV kit. Absolutely killer! Completely lame that Stern made us buy and install it ourselves. ( I look forward to the day our games arrive with all features and protectors INSTALLED for us). As you install the UV kit you can completely see it was supposed to be there anyway. It is a fantastic feature and just makes the game. The use of projector is fantastic and does way more than I imagined.
The gameplay is thrilling and if you like spooky themes like I do this game creates a spooky vibe like no other.
a fantastic and enthralling experience in pinball. Well done STERN.
19 hours ago
Underated system 11. Love the theme, playability and more inportant lastability. Just a great game all around and it will not be leaving my collection any time soon. If you can find one buy it!
20 hours ago
pinball icon, black knight is the strongest name in the pinball world! strong, rough and difficult game, do you have the courage to face the black knight ?!
20 hours ago
I knocked it one notch on toys and gimmicks. doesn't have one super cool thing that I thought deserved top marks. after that, i gave the game perfect marks.
i own a lot of games, mostly Sterns. I love all my games, like 280 lb babies. But this game blows my mind. the CE package is the best pinball presentation i have ever seen. it shoots great AND the rules are already amazing and will only get better (I am rating this on 1.14). Best risk reward game i have ever seen.
It has risk reward before you start a song as you get very tempted to build song value. Then it has risk reward IN the song as you are tempted to keep going. My high score so far is 27 million and I have already blown a 29 million point jackpot. So much work down the drain! makes you want to keep pressing start. i do admit it is exhausting tho. losing all those points can make you very frustrated as you spent a lot of time building the jackpot. Long playing game when you are playing well. Be warned. Still, I have Iron Man, Mata Hari and 8BD for when I only have 5 minutes and want to get several games in!
1 day ago
10???? really? are these real reviews ??? this ranking is becoming RIDICULOUS. go read my review of the LE that changes NOTHING from ce, one of the worst games i have ever played.
1 day ago
I don't really understand this enthusiasm, it is the worst jjp and also worst among many others, bad really bad, the layout is poor and badly designed, and when I say badly designed it means that it makes it difficult to play and the ball goes into the hole due to bad design , every portion of the plan is copied from other old lawlor's works, it's out of date, thanks for everything but maybe it's time to say enough, the old designers have run out of ideas and this is the worst example of what they are old ideas, skillshot copied by addams, the two shots under the wonkavision copied by TZ, position of the Popbumpers almost identical to Addams and very badly done, 80% of the time the ball coming out of the bumpers goes directly into the hole in the center, hate, the ramp on the left as well as being very similar to addams has the same effect as rollercoaster, the most innovative thing had to be the globestopper machine is practically a trunk of the ToM but also then poor, the trunk had at least one magnet, very scarce, from the software side it is very nice but I am not impressed by the LEDs, the light effects and the bright colors if the game is worth it. note of demerit also for the quality, the plan has crumbled after 10 games under the slingshot posts, one thing you do not expect from jjp and a 10k pinball machine, I sold it because I couldn't even stand to see it anymore, I love hobbit and I would never sell it but this is really bad, the very high ratings given to this title only make this ranking ridiculous and unreliable, pinside finds a solution to the too high reviews made by those who have to sell a bad pinball machine otherwise you risk making this ranking silly.
bad callouts, they do not convey any emotion, the music is beautiful but it is simple they are those of the film, the sound effects are terrible and annoying, whoever said it looks like a slot machine is right. cabinet and backglass art ... do we really want to call it art? ...
1 day ago
So, this was my first JJP purchase, though I'm patiently waiting for my GnR LE. I have room for ten pins and in the past Stern held many of those spots. Im now down to just two Sterns, with a mix of other manufactures and older titles....FH, AFM, IJ, JP, SW, etc. In a room surrounded by those great titles and others, this Wonka CE stands tall.....it's not even close! It's a beautiful machine, the build quality is great and it plays AWESOME. All of my friends and family that have seen it ....LOVE it! It's interesting to see some of the classic Pat Lawlor design ideas(FH steps feels similar to the Wonka skill shot) and other fun stuff(I thought I had playfield insert issues, until I remembered that there are magnets under the playfield redirecting the ball at times). Anyway, pinball ratings are always subjective and nothing is a 10...but this Wonka CE is very close! IMO...Pinball Masterpiece!
1 day ago
Was excited when this was released. Great theme. That said it is not winner at this time. We will see as the game code moves forward. Scoring doesn’t make a lot of sense and flow of game not there. The LE graphics are alright but not my favorite. Music A+ This is not a top stern pin. There will plenty for sale on the used market.
1 day ago
Bought the premium last week. Decent game the theme for me is not that great. The ruleset is deep shots are good. Captain Marvel shot is extremely hard to make and causes a ton of drains. Will probably use this as trade bait in the future.
1 day ago
One of the greatest shooting EMs of all.

Don't be confused with the variations of this layout. This needs to be a single player game. Use 5 balls to either max out your score (hitting 5k drops and rollovers), or in addition, after getting all the drops, use the lit target to score up to 10 specials!

This is my favourite shooting EM as you can control the light by hitting a fairly safe target to advance and cycle this forward between a 10 bank and a 5 bank. Perfect theme integration for a western theme such as El Dorado!
1 day ago
Another Elwin, win.
1 day ago
Elwin does it again, props to him and his team.
1 day ago
Great then, great play, fun for all levels.
1 day ago
Got to play it, like it way better than the premium.
Solid set of rules, good flow.
1 day ago
I have been looking forward to playing this game for some time now and it didn't disappoint! The game is relatively easy to figure out but never gets dull! I'm partial to Steve Ritchie's designs and this game is another in a string of successes! The Pro version doesn't have the top flipper like the other editions so I still have something to look forward to!
1 day ago
Not sure if some of the people rating this low and complaining about the shallow code and lack of toys realize that it’s a SeaWitch redo. I don’t have enough time on SeaWitch to comment on how they improved it but I can attest that this game is REALLY fun. If you prefer sweet orbits and juiced spinners to ramps and bash toys, you’ll like this game. If you like early SS games but prefer modern sound/lighting and modern Stern flippers, this game is for you. Plays fast and mean when you jack up the back legs and open up the outlanes and remove the rubbers. Probably not the greatest for a super small collection but this is a great multiplayer game and noobs love it because you walk up and can figure out what to do in 2 minutes. The artwork is fantastic and this game is stunning in person.
1 day ago
I own all the JJP games and this is the best one, the more balanced. What a show!!! I own the LE and CE. Amazing games.
2 days ago
Glad I was able to put quite a few games on this one that you do not see too often.

Not my favourite of the classics (gasp), but generally a solid game overal.
3 days ago
I love the movies and I truly love playing the Williams pinball machine!
3 days ago
I started with the Pro version of this pin with the original code and while a great game, it lacked the movement of the T-Rex head and the Raptor pen gate and after owning the Pro for about a week, the Premium became available in my area and the Pro sold within a day and I'm really loving the Premium.

This pin without the custom audio and video Jurassic Park mod is just a dinosaur game with Jurassic Park's logo. You have got to add the custom audio and video mod to this pin to make it a true Jurassic Park themed pin because it adds scenes, callouts, and actual audio from Jurassic Park's first movie. It is a great game and the T-Rex has got to be the best toy on a pin. Also, adding mods to the play field are a must from spotlights to brighten areas up, Jurassic Park signs, and the raptor on top of it's pen. The lit up shooter rod with the mosquito in it is also a nice add.
There are 42459 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 1 of 1699.

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