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3 hours ago
TX Sector is a really nice 80’s theme game. Not very complex, but fun.
The highlight of this game is definitely the sound; among the best 80’s soundtracks for pinball. My favorite is the pop bumpers with the randomized sound effects. The next notable feature is the teleporting ball feature; pretty cool the first time you see it. The game layout is quite good with quick game play if you’re playing a freshly shopped example. The upper flipper is key to getting multiball, so it needs to be strong and smooth to make the ramp shot. The multiball is short lived, so it’s a challenge to collect the extra ball. As others have said, the art is awful on this game and the innovation compared to Bally and Williams of the same era is lacking. It’s easy to see this getting passed over in the arcade back then. I can’t seem to figure out WHY this game is getting SNOW much hype these days…maybe the rediscovery of what was once passed over.
3 hours ago
I had 3 Centaurs and my house at one time. At first I didn’t know much about the game but became interested when a friend explained the objectives. I ended up borrowing my friend’s game for a short time to decide if it was worth spending the high dollar this title commands. I found out quickly that this game is the top dog of early Ballys! So, I searched for my own game and came across 2 within a week of each other. (one being shipped and one picked up locally) I figured I’ll keep whichever is better.
Such a cool game with unique artwork, awesome sound and great game play; no wonder they made it a 2nd time.
3 hours ago
I recently had the pleasure of fully restoring a Fathom. I didn’t get too many games on it before the restoration because it didn’t work well when I got it. I knew it would be a good game from all the positive comments of others; so I just dove in with restoring the playfield and cabinet. It came out way better than expected and plays silky smooth! As expected, the game play is great all around. Rules are easy to understand, shots are challenging and multiball is rewarding. The artwork on this game has got to be among the top for Bally.
Since finishing my game, I’ve played others at shows. There is a huge difference in a player that isn’t tuned well and a minty example.
4 hours ago
Zaccaria is definitely not a manufacturer to overlook. The art is leagues above any manufacturer; even by today’s standards. Time Machine is no exception; this game is beautiful to look at: Hand drawn playfield art, silk screened cabinet, printed thermoformed 3D art behind the backglass…Holy Crap! The game play on this is simple to understand: with the pop bumpers up; you’re in the future and hit the stand-up targets to advance. With the pop bumpers down; you’re in the past and hit the stand-up number targets to advance. O yeah…The F*ing pop bumpers move up and down!! This creates 2 playfields of sorts and it an awesome effect I’ve never seen in another game. The orbit ramp advances the multiplier and can be combo shot, if your flippers are aligned just right. Then, there are the orange green and red specials: These targets will get lit when you progress through the game; hit to cash in on some big points. Overall, the game play is simple but satisfying. O yeah, and the sounds are very unique, amongst its Bally-Williams-Stern-Gottlieb domestic friends, it stands out.
The down side to Zaccaria in general is the rarity. Many of the parts on these games are unobtainium; especially things with art. If you have the opportunity to buy one of these, make sure it has all of its parts.
5 hours ago
Judge Dredd is another game I’ve played the crap out of. This is one of the best mode-based games with tons of shots, awesome flow, great rules, attractive art and very cool sound. If you want to become a better player, this game will help. The flipper gap on this game is a bit wider than normal, so you need to utilize your bounce pass skills and volley skills to keep alive. The ramps and orbit shots are lightning fast, and locks to the multiball are so creative. Just so many reasons to love this game. It seems to still be at an affordable price for the amount of game you get, but it seems these B titles are on the rise as A-list and new titles become more expensive.
5 hours ago
Stargate: The very few negative things that people complain about are overwhelmingly made up for with incredible flow and rules of the game. Yes, the call-out to shoot the pyramid can get annoying. So...just hit the damn thing and you won't hear it so much! I also dinged my rating for the crappy GI Gottlieb used, but this seems common with other system 3 games. Not sure why they were so stingy with light bulbs…Good thing we have LEDs to make things better ; )
The rules and shots on this game are amazing. I especially like the 5 part combo shot. The modes are very fun and you can really score big if you can keep the multiball alive and actually hit what it wants. If you’re looking to become a better player, this complicated mode-based game will really challenge you. I remember studying a lengthy rule sheet to figure out what’s all going on. When I try to explain the rules to friends, it usually takes about 20 minutes and they usually get confused 5 minutes in.
At this point, I could say I’ve mastered the game; because I’ve been through all the modes 3 or 4 times in one game. keeps me coming back for more.
5 hours ago
Skateball is a players game. Very fun shots and nice rules. If it's setup just right, you can really capitalize on building up the multiplier hole by knocking down the drops a few times. Then, when the ball pops out of the hole, hold up the right flipper to have it arch into the left inside-out lane for a shot right back into the hole. Easy to say, but tough to do. I love the artwork and layout of this game, it just flows so well! It has many similarities to Williams Flash, but Bally did a much better job with the upper right flipper placement. The outlanes, extra drop bank and mini flipper add more complexity and more to shoot for. By far, this is a superior game to Flash. Bally just had the unfortunate timing to release this game. I could see operators saying "why would I buy this when Flash is basically the same". Well...who knows what went down. Either way, great game. Glad it's finally getting some love with new plastics, backglass and playfield available.
7 hours ago
Annoyingly, the layout isn't actually too bad, there are some okay shots to be had. The main trouble is that the majority of the toys and features, four of them in fact, are just to reveal images. Anyone with an once of pinball skill will have seen the naked women within one game and the novelty quickly wares off. The theme is NOT family friendly, which isn't always a bad thing, but in this instance it's just a bit embarrassing standing there at a machine that's telling you how much it likes aggressive men whilst families and kids are running round the arcade. The theme is just one big gimmick, and although it's been done 3 or 4 times now it has yet to make for a good machine.
8 hours ago
Elvis is another Stern game that is just EVERYWHERE in the U.K - even on the island of Jersey it seems to be the only public machine for miles. As a result, I've put alot of time in on it and I have to say while it's not the best thing to ever happen to pinball, it's by no means a bad game. The song modes are all integrated well, and good use is made of the playfield layout which is actually pretty original. Nowadays this would be a Premium game, and the Pro version would be void of upper-playfield and would have a static Elvis, so it's nice that it was made in a time where this was not an issue. The callouts are a bit weak, and the art is a tad lackluster, but the song choices are iconic and I think Ritchie did the best he could with not the most exciting theme around.
8 hours ago
The closest a Stern game came to being an original Lawlor theme, and overall it's pretty good. The playfield layout has Lawlor written all over it, but with enough variety such as the vari-target and tic-tac-toe ramp to set it apart from the crowd. The rules are relatively simple to understand, but there's plenty for seasoned players to work with as Atlantis and Frog Frenzy are not easy to reach. The audio and music is quirky, almost annoying but passable. The art isn't as great as Youssi's previous efforts but still looks okay and at least it's handdrawn! Overall I've spent alot of time on Ripley's and whilst I wouldn't own it I still think it's a tonne of fun :)
8 hours ago
Seawitch is a game I knew I would love just looking at the layout. I never even got the chance to play one until I fully restored one. I traded a fully working nice condition game for a project Seawitch. It needed everything gone through anyway; so I just did everything all at once.
This game plays amazingly fast with a clearcoated/waxed playfield!! The shots are well laid out. It's all about drop targets: hit down the 3 banks advance. The orbit shot isn't a gimmy; you need to be dead on to hit the spinner and loop all the way around. Very satisfying shot when it happens! Going around the left side (for me) is more luck than anything. The right flippers just don't seem to line up right for a clean shot to the left orbit.
Definitely one of the best early Stern's made.
8 hours ago
Elvira is HOT. The game is excellent. I would defiantly place this within the top 5 of system 11 games.
The game play is fun and rules are easy to understand. I always say, a great game is one that is easy for a novice player to get something going, but hard enough for skilled players to keep coming back. This game has both!
9 hours ago
Congo is a great game! Also one of my favorite movies. The game really does a nice job integrating the theme with the art, DMD animations, and toys. The sounds are amazing; even better with a subwoofer installed. I like that it doesn't necessarily have "modes", but hidden tasks that get unlocked as you advance through the game. Because of this, I don't really know how far i've actually gotten in the game. I'm still discovering new things. I had no idea there was a "super" skill shot to the kickback! Very cool.
9 hours ago
FG is a mean game! Very tough to score big due to the very fast game play, close quarters (lower PF), and nasty outlanes. The art on this game is very attractive on the PF, BG and cabinet! I also love the sounds: very cool background sound and I love how the spinner changes tone as you advance through the game. I would not recommend this title for a novice player; it will just leave you frustrated.
9 hours ago
This is a nostalgia game for many. I've determined that's the only reason it's sought after and demands a higher price tag.
I did not grow up with this game, so I don't have a bias opinion of the game.
I feel the game is basic in layout and rules. It's still fun for a few plays, but I can think of several other Ballys' of the same era I would rather have.
15 hours ago
I never played it,but it looks good and has all the different switch triggers from that Bally era and cool art as always.
Once owned a Future Spa.Would seriously consider buying either a Hotdoggin or Paragon if a nice one came up for sale.
19 hours ago
This is it! My absolute dream machine. It is everything I every dreamed of in a pinball machine. The best art package, most incredible rules, and a layout that no one else can imagine. I can't believe that they managed to fit 10 flippers on this game, which makes the 99 ball multi-ball one of the most well thought out and epic events in all of pinball. If you have not had a chance to play one of these "Pinside Test Machines", go out and find one right away. At $10k+ it is a steal. Easily a $1M game.
20 hours ago
I think the game play is a 10, this will be a classic!!! jjp hit it out the park with everything this game does!!!! The theme kills it for me, cartoon like...not trying to hate on it but I have to. I would like to own one because it's very fun,fast and smooth ,the limited edition I played reminded me of a brand new Williams from the early 90's, solid game play!, not much to complain about, like the little jump on the middle of the playfield from the moving guy side to side and the ball kept jumping off the ball guide on to the pop bombers, ;my only two complaints and theme 3, price make that 4, all in all great game!!!!! at that price for l.e I will always play it at the arcade. it is definitely worth the trip for me...and the magnets are great too....great job jjp, hope to get one some day, best newer game out? Definately the best jjp to date!!! Hobbit, wozs are just ok,.nice looking not as fun....
22 hours ago
One of my uncles has owned this game for 12+ years, so between his machine and other Addams Family machines I've played, I've played this game countless times. Definitely one of the greatest games out there so far and deserves a place in the Top 10. Very fun and funny. Good rule set -- plenty to do, with satisfying rewards for doing them. Great implementation of theme. Excellent "Thing" gimmicks, bookcase concept, and other adaptations from the theme. Entertaining voice-overs, call-outs, and sounds. Not much to complain seriously about with this game.
23 hours ago
WOW, very fun machine, for all the family, near perfect for me. a lot of great toys.
1 day ago
Solid effort from Williams I think- Trying to get a hand that beats the dealers keeps you coming back again and again. For an EM with 2" flippers the action gets pretty fast at times which we like. Some people says the game is dull but I can think of plenty of 3" flipper games that are far duller than this one. My only ding would be the artwork looks fairly weak.
1 day ago
Great package. Shots are a tone of fun. The lamp spinner and genie are great toys. Unique theme. Love the magnets and the ball saves. Friggen awesome! Many pins in the top 100 don't deserve to be there. This one does for sure!
1 day ago
Great system 9 machine. Pretty simple concept, but a blast to play. I love the backglass on this one. Has recently become a crowd favorite in my small collection. Tough game to beat for the price.
1 day ago
This game hasn't really stood the test of time. It feels very cheesy and dated. The worst thing about it is probably the layout, which is a shambles as the Joker mech takes up the entire left corner, the batcave blocks everything and the museam takes up everything on the right, so there's no flow aside from hitting the ramp over and over (though i do like the way ramp shots aren't indefinite because the game flicks the ball off the ramp after a few, that's good). The themeing is decent, suitably quirky for the original film, but there are so many instances of Batman in Pinball, and this is definitely the weakest of the bunch.
1 day ago
I've spent a lot of time on this game, because everywhere I go to play Pinball seems to have one! Obviously it's not going to be as good at the Williams one, but I still thing there is fun to be had on this one. The Arc toy is fantastic, and I'm glad to see it return on Aerosmith. The ramp is a very satisfying shot, but isn't utilised very well. The rising captive ball is very good and I'm surprised that hasn't been done again since. The art is a bit bland for the theme, the audio is decent and the clips are mostly good (they can't all be made out). This game falls short when it comes to rules - it has lots of modes and a fair amount of depth, but in order to get to all of these modes the game is incredibly repetitive and for every awesome multiball there's 5 minutes of dull linear play to get there. Everything Crystal Skull related is also lacking, feels like the Licensor told them not to include anything that would spoil the film so we're left with a model of the skull and four animations. Although all these things sound quite negative, I will always have a soft spot for this game as so many locations in the UK have clung onto it!
There are 29540 ratings (that include a comment). Currently showing results page 1 of 1182.

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