Flipper Height Gauge Tool

Ensure your flipper shafts are properly adjusted with this essential tool. The plastic feeler gauge is designed to set the gap between the flipper shaft and the playfield ensuring smooth flippers and great ball play. This little tool greatly speeds up flipper rebuilds especially when paired with the Flipper Align Pro.

Instructions for Use:
Raise the playfield of your pinball machine to access the flipper assemblies.
Insert the prongs of the gauge between the flipper bushing and the flipper crank assembly.
Loosen the flipper crank assembly slightly.
Adjust the crank assembly until the gauge can smoothly slide around the shaft without snagging.
If the gauge catches or snags, the crank assembly is too tight.
If there's excessive space around the shaft, the crank assembly is too loose.

Use this feeler gauge regularly to maintain optimal performance and longevity of your flipper assemblies. Properly adjusted flipper shafts ensure smooth operation and precise ball control during gameplay.

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