Flipper Align Pro - Electro-Mechanical (EM) 5.0 Degree

Introducing the ultimate tool for pinball enthusiasts – Flipper Align Pro! Designed to speed up the process of rebuilding flippers and making game leveling super easy. Just drop the Flipper Align Pro between your flippers and use the back edge to ensure both are aligned perfectly. Stop struggling to keep your flippers aligned while tightening your flipper shaft nuts by clamping the Flipper Align Pro to the flipper bats for perfect alignment. Moving a game and want to quickly check its level? Just drop between the flippers and read the bubble level.

Key Features:

5.0' Tilted Bubble Level and Center Level: Easily align your pinball machine to achieve the perfect playing surface. By measuring directly from the playfield you can say goodbye to uneven playing fields and hello to precision gameplay.

Angled Sides for Flipper Alignment: Ensure your flippers are perfectly aligned for optimal performance. Experience smoother shots and more accurate gameplay.

Rebuild with Precision: When it’s time to rebuild the flippers simply clamp the Solid State Flipper Align Pro to the flippers to ensure perfectly aligned flippers while tightening shaft nut. This greatly speeds up rebuild time and ensures proper alignment.

Available in Various Colors: Choose from a range of colors to match your pinball machine or personal preference.

Pinball Identification: Accidentally drop your Tilt ball into your standard SS pinballs? Did you accidently grab EM balls? Use the built in holes to identify 1 in. and 3/4 in. balls.

Customizable Options: Additionally, for Solid State pins, a version with a 6.5' tilted bubble is available, catering to different types of pinball machines. The Flipper Align Pro can be customized with personal messages, logos, or any degree angle of your choice for an additional fee.

Whether you're a seasoned pro looking to fine-tune your machine or a beginner seeking to optimize your gameplay, the Electro-mechanical Flipper Align Pro is your ultimate companion. Elevate your pinball experience today!

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