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The HerculEASE DIY kit makes it easier for a DIY-minded person to modify their JJP IO board in just a few minutes without soldering and see for themselves how additional capacitance changes flipper and other behavior. The kit is easily removed.

Many have reported improved flipper strength as well as power to other game features. Please see the positive comments in the discussion thread (https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/herculease-jjp-flipper-power-consistency-kit#post-8012813)

HerculEASE has been tested by Pinsiders on
- Guns N Roses
- Dialed In!
- Wonka
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Wizard of Oz
- Hobbit

This hand made kit changes the circuit characteristics of the JJP IO board. It is based on concepts derived from crowdsourced material and has not been approved by JJP. No guarantees are made regarding the resulting functionality or impact to the installed machine. This is an experimental kit. Use at own risk.

Please review the instructions before ordering.


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