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Colour Classic Score Display Kit. Set of 5 Displays 7 Digit Shop highlight

Bring your Classic Bally SS (Solid State) game fully to life and into the 21st Century! Make it more colourful and exciting to play. Gone are the days of single colour score displays, gone are the original orange coloured displays, gone are single colour LED displays. Welcome to a whole new world of full colour!

By utilising the latest screen technology, we have created CCSD – Colour Classic Score Displays. These use full colour IPS 1.14" screens instead of the usual 7-segment leds. This allows us to have a full range of number options, from various coloured 7 segment style fonts, to over 20 different jpeg image fonts, including neon and nixie tube, etc. The possibilities are endless, from image fonts that mimic the original 7-segment displays, but in a variety of colours, through to exciting new jpeg image displays, in a growing number of possibilities, that will suit your particular game perfectly.

Each display is used configurable (using a setup button on the rear), you can choose a single “font” (think style and colour), or you can choose a range of fonts to be displayed and changed at a given time interval. E.g. every 10 seconds or every 5 minutes, etc. The display can choose from up to 60 different fonts, gain the simple setup menu within the device allows you to select which font(s) to display.

And there’s more: You can add your own designed font images, or add those other users have created and allowed us to share. All the font images are stored on an SD card in the display. So it is easy to change and update the fonts.

When the game starts a full colour splash screen is displayed, and again you can choose from a variety of game specific splash screens (we have done lots of games already), or, you can create your own.

Each of your 5 score display in your game (one for each player and 1 for the Credit/Match/Ball in Play) can communicate with each other – and this allow the changing fonts to be co-ordinated, with one of the displays being the controller, Sending any change of font to the other 4 receiving displays. This ensures all the displays change to the new font at the same time. That’s a pretty cool feature.

The displays are completely plug and play, and you simply remove your old display and plug in the new one, and away you go.

Tested with many Bally SS games, work with original and aftermarket MPU boards, e.g. Alltek and nvram.weebly. Works with BSOS Arduino game code too.

See the ColourClassics Score Display pinside thread for more details.

This item is a self-build kit of parts to enable you to make a full set of 5 score displays for a 7 digit game. It consists of
4 X 7 Digit Displays
1 X 4 Digit Displays for the Credit/Match/Ball in play (Note this is a 6 digit board but with only 4 colour screens provided).

Full photo build instructions are provided.

Each display requires an SD card to hold the image files. These are NOT provided, but I can provide used SD cards at an additional cost. See my other shop listings
Also - spare colour ips screens are available too. See my other shop listings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: 5v Power Supply
These displays make use of the 5v power supply in the game. They draw additional current, and you may need to upgrade the fuse and/or power supply in your game.

For safety I tried full on max current draw using a test program to switch on all displays full white (max current draw) - on some games F3 4A blows.

Each display has a max current draw of 460mA. So a set of 5 requires 2.3A.

On quite a few of my games I have 5A fuse in F3 as using the 5v line for other add on mods.

I have run my Fathom and Medusa or several weeks now, including overnight power on tests, with an uprated F3, 5A fuse and have experienced no issues. My SDB boards have the 3A rated LM323K Voltage regulator.

Another option is to provide an additional 5v power supply for the new displays. details on the easiest way to do this, are in the user-guide documentation.

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