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Real Pinball Playfield Epoxy Pin-Between Tables Shop highlight

Cosmic Craft Company presents... Playfield cut-out Pin-Between Tables!!

These tables are the same dimensions as our other listed Pin-Between Tables, (6.5"W x 16.25"L x 27"H). The base is solid wood, painted in high-gloss, durable, oil-based paint. Thin felt is adhered to the feet for stability and floor protection. These currently are not offered with a cup holder, as we decided we didn't want to cut out more of the playfield.
(It may become an option in the future, it really depends on the condition on the playfields and the art on each individual playfield.)

We have sourced and cleaned up actual used playfields to create a super unique item. We use any portion of the playfield that is in good enough condition to repurpose into truly one-of-kind game room furniture. It is time consuming, and a labor of love, but we really hope everyone likes these!

Once we cut the playfield, it is then stage poured with multiple layers of epoxy resin. Insert slots are filled with colored resin to match playfield color scheme. Once cured, stage sanded and polished, T-molding is installed around the rounded table-top edge, also best matching with the games color theme. The T-molding helps protect the art of the machines and finishes of the table top very nicely.

We currently have 2 available cut from a Twilight Zone, with more coming very soon! (This page will be updated with pics, prices, and variations as they are produced, as no 2 of these will ever be exactly the same, and condition/title of playfield will effect costs.)

Feel free to reach out with any question! Thanks!

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306256392_789414879148088_2354681266029101779_n (resized).jpg

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