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The prototypes are 100% functional and dimensionally the same as the production items, it just wasn't up to the look and polish I wanted for the final product.

The difference is the top printed layers have patterns that I was trying to figure out the best way to print so the writing has some outlines and other issues. From the few feet away that you will be playing it will be virtually undetectable.

Will provide exact pictures of the one you will get for approval before shipping.


Don't settle for a plain red box, or a decal that will eventually peel and fall off. This is accurate detailed 3D Print that has been modeled using an original "Thing Box"

Disclaimer: All designs are of several categories. Original designs by myself, Modified designs in the public domain, unaltered designs in the public domain. All designs were found to be in the Creative Commons category and allowed commercial distribution. Regardless of design the entire contract of sale is solely as a print on demand and construction service and not the sale of the intellectual property.

This is an Original Design by Twisted Tokens

Item photos

Photo May 14 2023, 21 49 33 (1).jpg
Photo Dec 02 2022, 15 51 44.jpg
Photo Feb 22 2023, 14 25 11.jpg

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Thing Box Red Prototype 1 in stock
Specific requests: Not specified
$ 45.00
Thing Box Black Prototype 1 in stock
Specific requests: Not specified
$ 45.00
Thing Box Gray Prototype 1 in stock
Specific requests: Not specified
$ 45.00



This item has not been reviewed yet.


From $ 45.00

Price depends on selected item variation.

Ships for $ 3.80 (International $ 22.00) Free shipping on orders over $ 110.00


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