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Venom 180 Ramp Stuck Ball Fix

If your Venom 180 Ramp (aka the Transform Mech) has a tendency to pinch and trap the ball, this is the fix for you!

The Problem: When playing, if the ramp is in the fully up position and an airball lands in the middle position alcove (with the two black bumpers in it) and stays there, when the ball search happens, the ramp will be lowered and the ball will be sandwiched between the closing ramp and the playfield, as shown in the attached photo. The ramp doesn't run backwards during ball search, so the ball is permanently stuck there until you remove the glass, force the ramp up, and release the ball. The issue is that the floor of the mid-tier alcove doesn't have enough slope to cause the ball to roll out before it gets stuck. This is a design flaw in Premium and LE Venom models. You may be able to improve the problem by increasing the slope of your game, but if you're happy with the angle you've set (this game plays crazy fast without a lot of slope) and you are tired of removing stuck balls, this will make the problem go away!

Our simple drop in part fixes this completely without impacting gameplay. All you have to do is remove two screws, remove the rubber bumpers, and replace them with our part, then reinstall with the two screws. It's that easy! The middle ramp alcove will still trap the ball behind the post when you hit it, and will allow airballs to roll free as the ramp lowers during ball search, well before becoming stuck. Created from very durable yet flexible TPU, this part will hold up for a long time and keep your game flowing smoothly. The mod is not at all permanent and is completely reversible.

Does not apply to Venom Pro models.

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