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Scooby Doo Plunger Stabilizer Over 100 sold!

In classic Scooby Doo fashion, we've unmasked the villain behind the Scooby Doo auto plunger issues (plunger can't get the ball up the ramp and into play), and it comes down to half of the plunger mech being completely unsupported and free to deform over time, causing the ball to ricochet up the shooter lane and lose enough velocity that it can't make it up the curve. You can straighten out the mech and it'll work for a while, but eventually it deforms again and you're back to square one. We love us some Spooky here, but this is a blatant design flaw that hopefully will be corrected in the future.

Until that time, we've come up with a device that essentially extends the playfield and provides rigid support to the floating half of the mech to prevent this deformation from happening. Printed out of high quality and incredibly strong carbon fiber nylon filament, our plunger stabilizer attaches to both the playfield and the loose half of the plunger mech. Playfield attachment is made with five wood screws and the mech is attached with two machine screws utilizing threaded inserts (no screwing directly into plastic!). Installation is simple and requires no disassembly, just slide it into place and screw it down.

With this installed and the plunger fork realigned properly, we're able to have the plunger clear a double ball situation with the plunger power at only 70% (first plunge clears one ball, second plunge clears the second). You could go as high as 80% if you want a little extra headroom without having to crank the plunger up to full power. Individual games may vary.

Note: Will this fix an already messed up plunger? Maybe. This part provides stability and support to the plunger. In doing so, it just may whip your mech back into shape. But it also might not if your mech is too deformed already. Once the stabilizer is installed you may have to go through a calibration process with your plunger to get everything back in line (same as with any game where the autoplunger is misaligned), but from that point, the stabilizer should largely keep it there. Conversely, if you choose to install this as a preventative measure (which we recommend), there's a chance it could pull your mech out of alignment as you tighten it up to the plane of the playfield, but again this is just a matter of realignment now that the mech is supported properly. In our experience, you may have to continue to fine tune a misaligned plunger a few times over the first couple weeks, but eventually you'll have it dialed in and it should stay that way!

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