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Rush 'Exit... Stage Left' Loop Light Replicator Shop highlight Over 150 sold!

Here at Outpost Kodelia, we found ourselves getting tired of having to strain to see which shots were lit in the inner loop, and NinjaCamp agreed. Heck, we didn't even realize there were shot lights for the inner loop for almost two weeks into owning the game! Apparently everyone under 6'4" has been shocked to discover that there's actually a third skill shot. And who hasn't found themselves wondering where that shot for Stage VII of La Villa Strangiato is supposed to be? Well, with the magic of 3D printing and the convenience of rapid PCB prototyping and production, we bring you our solution to this issue, "Exit... Stage Left."

Using professional hardware, this mod intercepts the signals being sent to the four inner loop status lights (RGB arrow, RGB record, combo 3, and combo 2) and passes them along to a compact custom PCB to replicate the light based information where you can actually see it! The whole package is dressed up in a shiny purple and gold case that matches the color and artistic cues from the playfield perfectly! Installation involves unplugging and plugging in a few standard connectors, routing the wire up to the top of the playfield, mounting the display with existing playfield screws and nuts, and zip tying a few things together. No soldering or hacking involved, we've taken care of all of that for you!

This mod is compatible with all editions of Rush!

Features include:
- Replicates the arrow, record, 3, and 2 lights from the inner loop up to a more visible position
- A fully enclosed case for a clean look
- 3D printed antique gold trim and purple case are shiny and styled to match the game perfectly
- All text is 3D printed directly on the parts so it has visible depth and matches the gold trim
- Record decal based on playfield art scan and printed on durable vinyl then securely adhered
- Mounting plate is made of flexible TPU to aid installation and help absorb impact from any airballs
- Mounts using existing hardware
- The case can be rotated up to 20 degrees to the right to customize its position to your preference
- Full plug-n-play wire harness included, above-playfield wires are bundled in a black braided wrap to minimize visibility
- Yeah, the 2 and 3 are backwards in the render, but don't worry, they aren't backwards in the actual mod!

Note that the shipping cost is slightly higher than other offerings due to slightly higher weight and packaging costs.

Ship times on this item may vary. We will notify when we anticipate longer than normal shipment times.

Disclaimer: Since it is not possible to tell what damage existed before installing this mod, NinjaCamp cannot be held accountable for damage believed to be caused from our product. By purchasing this mod you agree not to hold NinjaCamp or its partners liable for playfield damage. Actual colors may vary slightly from images.

Warranty: NinjaCamp will replace this part at our cost if damage to the part occurs during the course of "normal usage". NinjaCamp has the right to define "normal usage" on a case by case basis.

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