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Silverball Mania 2021 Arduino - Complete and ready to use Shop highlight

This programmed and tested boardset includes everything you need to run the new Silverball Mania 2021 on your working game. It connects to J5 of your MPU board. Compatible with Bally AS-2518-17, Bally AS-2518-35, Stern MPU-100, Stern MPU-200, and Alltek boards.

This version of Silverball Mania 2021 uses the original Bally AS-2518-51 sound board for game sounds. If you want to use the new sounds developed by Dick Hamill for Silverball Mania 2021, or develop your own sounds, we have another product for that (See Silverball Mania 2021 Arduino With New Sounds)

The Arduino MEGA 2560 that runs the software contains eight times the code space of the Arduino Nano, supporting the installation of future versions with deeper and more exciting rulesets.

The compact PCB attaches to the MPU board's J5 connector. A jumper selects between the original 6800 and Arduino code versions, and connects to a .1" header, so a remote switch can be added for easy dual-boot operation. Each board shipped is thoroughly tested.

$99 with free domestic shipping. For international shipping send a Pinside Mail message to RoyGBev.

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$ 99.00

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