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James Bond 007 hardware cleanup kit Shop highlight

The subtle details matter!

Much of the factory hardware (silver screws, washers, nuts, clear spike posts) clash with the plastics & artwork of the beautiful James Bond game. I've sourced black, red, and gold-colored hardware to better match the game, and have meticulously gone through each of the different size and length fasteners that I think should be changed (generally anything in/near artwork/plastics). Most parts will be an exact swap in size/length; the few exceptions (e.g., lock washer type, or changing washer positions, etc.) are noted in the installation instructions linked below.

The kit includes over 80 parts, including:
-- All the black, gold, and red colored hardware needed to replace screws, nuts, & washers in visible, accessible areas where the factory hardware doesn't match the art/surroundings
-- 3 or 4 red HexSleeves (on Pro or Prem/LE, respectively), 3D-printed and pre-sized to the proper lengths (3D printed in red color) ... (reference
-- 2 anti-trap 3D-printed black spike posts (plus an extra in case of breakage)

See installation map/instructions/tips linked from this post:

NOTE: By request, you can order the kit with black nuts in lieu of red ones. Reference this post ( for discussion/pics before ordering.

Be sure to order the correct kit for your model (Pro/Prem/LE) as there are a few differences in the kit. Some extra hardware may be included at my discretion, for ease of packing and/or optional extra components installation.

Speaking of cleanup, don't forget the SPECTRE flasher cleanup mod:

Q: I don't see much difference in the before & after pics, what the heck is this?
A: Look closely at the attach hardware on/around the plastics. It's amazing how much better they blend in when the colors match or complement better.

Q: Why should I pay so much for what's basically just a bag of small hardware?
A: Much of this hardware isn't common and/or isn't available in small quantities -- you'll only need about 2-12 of each! Purchasing minimum quantity of every different type would be much more expensive. Plus, I've saved you all the time of figuring out what sizes & lengths you need, and what should go where. In addition, there are a handful of parts that I've modeled & 3D printed. You're receiving a fully prepared kit and simply install it according to the instructions! Your purchase covers the cost of the hardware, the 3D printed parts, and the time I've spent developing the kit (and packing each one) to save you time and effort!

Q: What if I disagree with what looks good in certain places?
A: At the end of the day, it's your game -- so if you think something looks better with OEM hardware than with the colored items I've included, then just leave them out!

Q: What tools will I need?
A: Basic tools like a screwdriver, and 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8 wrenches/sockets. That's it!

Q: Do you have other James Bond mods?
A: Yes! So far I have the following:
-- SPECTRE flasher cleanup:
-- Start Buttons (gun barrel versions):
-- Start Buttons (SPECTRE versions):
-- Coin Reject Buttons:

As with all my mods, user accepts all risks inherent with installation & use of these products.

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After5 (resized).jpg
After6 (resized).jpg
BeforeAfter2 (resized).jpg
BondWand (resized).jpg

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Pro kit - black nuts in lieu of red In stock
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$ 55.00
Premium / LE kit - black nuts in lieu of red In stock
$ 51.00



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