Police Force Spinner

Replacement spinner for Police Force.

Body of spinner is thicker starting around where the ball hits the target and goes up beyond the rotation point. My "original" spinner has been repaired at this spot and so the whole length has been reinforced. Original uses e-clips on the metal shaft that goes into the bracket. This one does not, but has features on the shaft to center it and keep it in the bracket. When adding the metal wire clip that keeps the spinner in place, make sure the clip is not pressing on the shaft too firmly or it will prevent the spinner from spinning freely. Each spinner made a full cycle to at least the 10k on my machine when tested. Plunge a ball before adding the clip and after adding the clip. They should have the same results.

The disc that triggers the opto is a snug fit, but is able to able to be (carefully) slid side to side to allow for alignment adjustments. After adjusted the buyer may apply a small amount of super glue where the disc and spinner meet to fully lock in place.

Price includes shipping within US. Buyers outside of US may contact me so that we can figure out the shipping.

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