The Pop Eliminator v2 - Spooky Pinball

Are you sick of hearing the loud "POP!" when you turn your pinball machine on and off? Startled by the sound but even more annoyed that your expensive game sounds like that? Then this is the answer for you. See the video by choosing the "Videos" tab above to see just how this device performs.

The Pop Eliminator is the result of hours of research, testing and annoyance. We hope you find that our efforts have produced a really easy to install, simple to configure and quality product for your machines. Our power sensing and muting technology constantly watches your game and mutes the audio during startup and shutdown to completely eliminate all those annoying noises.

Installation is really easy. Simply unplug and re-plug a few connectors and you are ready to go. Digital readout of the settings on the OLED display tell you how it is performing and lets you configure delay parameters to set the mute timeout for any amount that fits your game's needs. Connectors are included for your specific game or as part of a series specific model. See the details below to help choose what you need.

Pop Eliminator Versions
All Pop Eliminators feature the same muting technology and software. Game or version choice simply changes the connection options. Suggestions are given for specific models or series of games. It is always suggested to check your audio connections before ordering. Check our shop to see other versions of The Pop Eliminator.

Spooky Pinball:
All Games
(*Any game that has an amplifier with bare wire connections. We have not evaluated every game. Send us a picture to confirm.)

Screw Terminal:
This is the same as the Spooky Pinball version. 3 screw terminals are provided, one for each speaker. If your game has an
amplifier with bare wire connections then this is the one for you.

This version does not come with a power cable. Please see notes below under Power Connections.

Power Connections

Spooky Pinball
Models for Spooky games come with a DC barrel jack splitter to 4 pin ATX style connector. As long as you have 12v DC power near your amplifier (confirmed on Rick & Morty) then you will be set. If you have an earlier game with a different setup feel free to send us pictures so we can advise.

All Others
Any other model of the Pop Eliminator does not come with a power plug. We can provide any custom solution you need for your installation. Simply contact us ahead of time to discuss your needs and we can configure a cable or connector to work for your install.

The pinout for power connection is shown below. The Pop Eliminator works on voltages from 12v DC up to 48v DC. The cutoff percentage may need to be adjusted depending on your power supply and voltage provided. See installation instructions for more details.

*Note this will not solve any sort of audio issues during game play. If you have whining, buzzing or other issues you may want to look in to a change out of your ground loop isolator. This are installed from the factory at JJP but seem to be inferior or otherwise not always protect from that DC whine/feedback. A search on Amazon for these will return a top result which has proven to help with whining issues on other games.

Quantity Discounts
To help you outfit all of your games with a Pop Eliminator we are offering discounts on quantities. Simply add all the Pop Eliminators to your cart that you wish to purchase and each line item will be discounted appropriately. You can find other versions of The Pop Eliminator in our shop. Due to the limitations of Pinside, we are unable to apply a discount at checkout. Instead we will refund the amount you get off when we receive and process your order. Just make sure to add as many of each version to your order you want, and we will deal with the rest.

• 2 to 3 receives 10% off
• 4 to 5 receives 15% off
• 6 to 9 receives 20% off
• 10+ receives 25% off

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