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Jaws - PinWoofer KOP 8in 5.25in Spike-2 Super Kit Shop highlight

PinWooferTM - Spike-2 Super Kit - Advanced Pinball Audio

Please note: this kit includes the following add-on options i) an amplifier mounting bracket and ii) a line trimmer, both described below.

Our system delivers exceptional tonal quality and unprecedented clarity of call-outs, sound effects and music:
 Add presence to your title and unlock the true potential of the audio track.
 Industry leading electronics - 100% in-house design
 Industry leading speakers - the absolute best pinball speakers available
 Easy to install, incredible results

Speakers and Mounting Rings:
8in Cabinet Speaker:
 PinWoofer Label PW-8, 8in, Dual Voice Coil, 120W RMS, 400W MAX, 2Ohm Cabinet Woofer
 This speaker runs two voice coils in parallel for maximum power transfer to the driver
 Unprecedented bass response featuring an industry high, 91.5dB sensitivity rating
 Rigid, 8in PVC injection molded Woofer Mounting Ring with Hardware to provide maximum coupling to the enclosure
5.25in Backbox Speakers:
 PinWoofer Label PW-525, 5.25in, 40W RMS / 200W MAX Coaxial Speaker Pair
 Industry leading 1in Silk Dome Tweeter for ultra-smooth response
 PinWoofer 5.25in Mounting Ring Pair with Hardware - select your machine's trim package (Pro/Premium/LE), and we'll take care of the rest

 PinWoofer Knockout + (a.k.a. KOP) Amplifier:
 Single-sided input
 2.1 Amplification sections - 50Wx50W Backbox and 100W Cabi-net Final Stage*
 Adjustable Bass Cutoff Frequency
 Adjustable Cabinet Bass Level
 Adjustable Backbox Volume
 Treble Adjustment
 Pro level line-output for external monitor, streaming or powered subwoofer
 PinWoofer Line Output Board:
 Plug and Play Audio Board – converts machine audio output to compatible amplifier Input
 PinWoofer Power Board:
 Plug and Play Power Board – dedicated power source - no splitter or other power sharing solution needed
 PinWoofer Platform Harness:
 Plug and play harness to interconnect all components effortlessly

Line Trimmer:
 The Line Trimmer allows you to reduce the amplifier output signal level and can prevent the inputs of your external device from seeing an overload condition. Includes i) one Line Trimmer Unit, ii) one 3ft, 3.5mm TRS Male to 3.5mm TRS Male Stereo Cable, iii) one 12ft 3.5mm TRS Male to RCA Male Stereo Cable and iv) Adhesive Double Sticky Mounting Pad.

Amplifier Mounting Bracket:
 The PinWoofer Amplifier Mounting bracket is popular and functional and allows you to remove and replace the amplifier to a fixed location, as you may occasionally remove the amplifier and place it on the playfield glass to make adjustments. The bracket is secure enough to allow you to transport your machine without removing the amplifier.

PinWoofer Spike-2 KOP Installation Instructional Video:

* Average maximum amplifier power in application can be approximated by taking the prod-uct of the MAX power rating per channel and 1/(√2*1.5).

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Item photos

PinWoofer PW-SPIKE-SPK KOP super kit.JPG
PinWoofer PW-SPIKE-SPK KOP Amp Connections.JPG
PinWoofer PW-SPIKE-SPK KOP Amplifier Back.JPG
PinWoofer PW-SPIKE-SPK KOP Amplifier Front.JPG
PinWoofer PW-SPIKE-SPK KOP PW-4 Speaker Pair with Box.jpg
PinWoofer PW-4 Specifications.jpg
PinWoofer PW-SPIKE-SPK KOP PW-525 Speaker Pair with Box.jpg
PinWoofer PW-525 Specifications.jpg
PinWoofer PW-SPIKE-SPK KOP cab speaker.JPG
PinWoofer PW-8 Specifications.jpg
PinWoofer PW-GLI Ground Loop Isolator.jpg
PinWoofer PW-SPIKE-SPK KOP 4in to 5.25in bbox mount.JPG
PinWoofer PW-SPIKE-SPK KOP use model.JPG
PinWoofer PW-SPIKE-SPK KOP 5.25in bbox mount.JPG
PinWoofer PW-SPIKE-SPK KOP In Play.jpg
PinWoofer PW-SPIKE-SPK KOP amplifier mounting bracket.jpg
PinWoofer PW-SPIKE-SPK KOP bbox photo.JPG
PinWoofer PW-SPIKE-SPK KOP coin box.JPG
PinWoofer PW-SPIKE-SPK KOP line trimmer.jpg

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Jaws Pro - PinWoofer 8/5.25in Spike-2 Super Kit In stock
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