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PW 8in 5.25in Spike-2 Speaker Pack Shop highlight

For Spike-2 titles, not compatible with James Bond 007 60th Anniversary Edition

Note that upgrading speakers alone unlocks only about 25% of the potential of your title. To unlock the full potential, we recommend a full PinWoofer kit with powered amplifier.

If you're still reading, you're interested in a speaker upgrade only and you've come to the right place!

PW Speakers are simply the best choice for a high-end pinball speaker, period (we also include UHMW Playfield Glass Tape). Our speakers are custom designed for pinball, and we buy in volume so that we can provide you the best speakers at a fair price!

Backbox Speakers:

In almost all cases, aftermarket or “upgraded” multi-axial speakers are designed for automotive or marine applications. Other pinball speakers are simply automotive speakers in disguise. They employ rigid tweeter materials such as PEI or Mylar. These materials are extremely efficient on purpose so that they are audible over the ambient noise of a car or boat. A consequence of this efficiency is that they overpower the sound field in other applications (i.e., in a game room environment) and present harsh or “grinding” overtones that severely degrade the quality of reproduction and the sound field.

The PW backbox speaker employs an oversized Textile Dome Tweeter (a.k.a. "Silk Dome Tweeter") which has a smooth response over the audio spectrum. Our dome tweeter does not introduce unwanted distortion compared to a rigid tweeter and provides a measured audio level appropriate for a speaker that is forward facing the listener. Look carefully - no other pinball speaker offers this tweeter. You can really hear the difference!

Cabinet Woofer:

The PinWoofer Dual Voice Coil Cabinet Woofer is the premiere driver for your pinball machine. It has an industry leading 91.5dB sensitivity. The suspension is rigid enough to provide snappy punch, balanced with great sustain.

This Speaker Pack Includes:

Includes i) two 43in strips of playfield glass tape, ii) one Dual Voice Coil Cabinet Speaker, iii) Cabinet Mounting Ring (with hardware), iv) one pair of 5.25in PW-525 backbox speakers, v) one pair of Spike-2 backbox speaker mounting rings and required mounting hardware. vi) Speaker Quick Connects.


Choose to add Spike-2 aftermarket 5.25in Speaker Plates if you want to increase the opening in front of your speaker. This is not required, and we will provide a speaker mounting set that will work with the option you select.

Have questions about upgrading speaker plates, or how lighting kits integrate with our speakers? We encourage you to read the below article:

Please note that some Limited-Edition Titles do not ship with 5.25in speakers from the factory. Below is a reference:


Installation is simple, requiring only a few basic hand tools.

Compatible with Stern Spike-2 titles. Please verify your mounting requirements when selecting your trim option (Pro/Premium/LE trim).


5.25in Speaker Plate Installation Video:

Backbox Speaker Installation Video - Pro / Premium 4in to 5.25in Mounting Rings:

Backbox Speaker Installation Video - Limited Edition or upgraded 5.25in plate Mounting Rings:

Cabinet Speaker Installation Video:

Linked to 55 games

Item photos

PW-SPIKE-2-SPK-PAK speakers and boxes.jpg
PW-525 Speaker Pair with Box.jpg
PW-525 Spec Sheet.jpg
PW-DVC-4X2 - Combo.jpg
PW-SPIKE-2-SPK-PTAIL - Wires.jpg
PW-525 4in to 5.25in Spacers with Hardware and Speakers.jpg
PW-525 4in to 5.25in Spacers with Hardware.jpg
PW-525 4in to 5.25in Speaker Install Progression.jpg
PW-525 LE Spacers with Hardware and Speakers.jpg
PW-525 LE Spacers with Hardware.jpg
PW-525 LE Speaker Install Progression.jpg
PW-525 Speaker Pair Installed.jpg
PW-DVC-4X2 - Stern.jpg

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Spike-2 Pro/Premium w/4in to 5.25in Adapter Rings In stock
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$ 170.00
Spike-2 Pro/Premium w/5.25in Speaker Plates and 5.25in Rings In stock
Game: Not selected
$ 215.00
Spike-2 LE w/5.25in Rings In stock
Game: Not selected
$ 170.00



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From $ 170.00

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Ships for $ 25.00 (International $ 75.00)


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