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Apron Edgers - Stern metal aprons with riveted eye bolts Shop highlight Over 50 sold!

Apron Edgers are my take on providing additional playfield protection for your late model Stern games. This specific version is intended to fit on any Stern metal apron that uses the through-playfield threaded/riveted "swivel" bolts, as shown in the attached pictures.

Additional details, discussion and pictures are available at this thread -

The issue that these Edgers solve is to provide a layer of protection between the sharp metal edge of the apron and the mating/resting surface on the playfield. In shopping my games, I noticed that every single one of my machines with a metal apron was suffering from wear at that exact point and the apron was eating into the clear coat on the playfield (see playfield pictures). Time, play and movement accelerates this issue, but I found it starting on my BM66 that I purchased NIB at the end of the last run from Stern.

My design accounts for installation height and the pinball contact point and does not interfere in any way with ball travel down the apron and clip right onto the apron and allow for factory mounting hardware to be retained. These are measured and marked for the left or right side of the apron (markings go to the rear of the playfield so they aren't visible when installed) and are printed with enhanced-strength PLA at a high infill density for durability yet still allows for some flexibility so that they move with the flex of the apron and the playfield.

These are currently available in the following colors:

Royal Blue
Light Blue
"Green" Green
"Slimer" Light Green
Pine Green
Olive Green
Matte Gray

I'll be adding some additional colors (pink, etc.) if demand warrants.

All shipping will be via USPS First Class mail with tracking provided.
I'm happy to ship internationally, but that would be at calculated cost for the selected destination. Please contact me and I'll get you a quote!

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Item photos

20201029_231042824_iOS (2) (resized).jpg
20201029_230706791_iOS (3) (resized).jpg
20201031_162301569_iOS (resized).jpg
Screenshot 2020-10-31 122530 (resized).jpg
20201101_154235575_iOS (resized).jpg
20201101_154249703_iOS (resized).jpg
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20210315_193536967_iOS (resized).jpg
20210312_001336644_iOS (resized).jpg
20210312_143727142_iOS (resized).jpg
20210312_234309865_iOS (resized).jpg
20210310_234115208_iOS (resized).jpg
Green Green (resized).jpg
20210319_044646374_iOS (resized).jpg
20210310_200853278_iOS (resized).jpg
20210318_154651024_iOS (resized).jpg
20210316_000914257_iOS (resized).jpg
20210315_121549919_iOS (resized).jpg

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