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Iron Maiden Lightning Bracket

Ever since we sent Iron Maiden down the mountain to make room for new pinball machines and their unique experiences, Apa has been in a funk. He missed the machine, since it was his favorite. And I know that because of how he would pay rapt attention to the ball action whenever the machine was being played. His tiny eyes were glued to the playfield every time I played.

Well, Apa was very happy when we got an Iron Maiden Premium back in, and after having been away from it for years, I was surprised by a glaring item I overlooked when making brackets for it before. The lightning inserts are stark white, but the lightning pictured on the art around them are bluish with white highlights. To be harmonious, they clearly needed a blue cast like I gave the ones in Foo Fighters and Jurassic Park!

And so I set about making a bracket that would give those lightning bolts a subtle shading of blue so they more closely matched the art around them. I was under an incredible amount of pressure because Apa was pouting in the corner, tapping his foot because I wasn't yet playing his favorite machine.

It was definitely worth the wait, though. I fired up the machine with the new bracket installed and Apa was beside himself to be watching his favorite game being played again while I was satisfied that the playfield was now more harmonious than ever before.

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