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Elvira HoH GAPPA ANGRY Bracket

Playing Elvira, I was always surprised when the Gappa Angry insert started flashing a blinding white when the mode hit. It washed out the letting on the insert and dulled everything around it, reminding me of the proverb, “The moon grows darker as it gets nearer to the sun.” Truer words were never passed down, and it was demonstrated when the sun-like intensity of that insert came on and made everything around it less-than by comparison.

After a few weeks putting up with it, I finally grew weary of being blasted in the face with the white light from that giant insert so I retreated to my work area to design a bracket that could hold a filter to make the insert a much more appropriate and harmonious red to denote anger, while at the same time cutting down the intensity of the light from the insert when the mode was on. After a few false starts crafting the anchor points for the bracket, I finally hit upon using the two standoffs off to the side of the insert area to keep the bracket from slipping once installed.

The bracket I finished that solves the problem of blinding light on the insert is a snap to install. You simply remove the large circuit board in the center of the playfield, slide the two post holes over the standoffs on the board in the corner where the GAPPA ANGRY light is, then reinstall the board. About a 10 minute or less job, leaving plenty of time for meditation afterward.

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