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Star and Slim Post Clear Mylar Ring Set Over 100 sold!

When I was young and made a mistake, fell down, or had some small setback, my laolao would kindly say, "Misfortune conquers timid souls, while great minds subdue setbacks." I was like, WTH laolao? It meant nothing to me as a child. However as I got older, discernment came to me and I grew to understand the meaning. The new playfields of the last few years are glossy and beautiful, but they have also proven to be sometimes brittle and impressionable at contact points. Jersey Jack's Pirates of the Caribbean and Wonka machines, some Sterns, and TNA from Spooky have had the misfortune of issues with soft and/or chipping playfields, especially under contact points like the sling posts. And so, I spent a breezy spring night in my quarters creating this set of mylar rings to help you subdue this setback and protect the playfield a bit.

The jjPotC/Wonka set includes 4 "Medium" rings (2.2cm diameter) big enough for star posts, and two "Small" rings (1.5cm diameter) sized for the stock slim posts in the back of the slingshots. Install these and help reduce the chances of your playfield chipping away on the inside or outside edges of the posts.

I also am offering bulk sets that allow you to purchase 10 of whatever size you choose (Small 1.5cm diameter, Medium 2.2cm diameter, or Large 2.54cm diameter) to use on other machines from Spooky or Stern in whatever configurations those demand. Please refer to the picture below that shows each ring size below a post to decide which you may want.

Before removing the white backing paper and installing these, be sure to clean the area under and around the posts with 90%+ rubbing alcohol on a microfiber cloth to get rid of any wax or grease and give the clear mylar ring a clean surface to adhere to. Also, when you put the posts back on, tighten them just tight enough not to wiggle. Very tight is bad with these softer playfields due to impressions, cutting, and chipping that was the reason these mylar discs came to be.

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PotC Mylar Ring Clearance-comparison (resized).jpg
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JJP Sling Mylar set (4 Medium, 2 Small mylar rings) In stock
$ 7.50
SMALL Mylar rings (Qty 10) In stock
$ 12.00
MEDIUM Mylar rings (Qty 10) In stock
$ 13.00
LARGE Mylar rings (Qty 10) In stock
$ 14.50



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