Stern Stranger Things TK Lock Adjustment Kit

The Stranger Things Telekinetic Lock mechanism can be tricky to get setup properly. But when setup properly, there aren’t many more satisfying shots in pinball! Stern released a couple updates and instructions to help users adjust this mechanism. This kit includes a few things to help even further to get it setup and working reliably.

1) Spacers - two 1mm and one 3mm spacer to securely space the ramp the proper distance from the backboard. Stern's instructions have you loosen the backboard mounting screw but often this isn't enough and if it is, your ramp is left loosely mounted causing inconsistent results. The spacers in this kit allow you to properly space the ramp away from the backboard in a secure fashion. If you get "rejects" at the TK lock rod, your ramp is most likely adjusted too close to the backboard or is loose and moves back out of position as the ball rounds the corner of the ramp. These spacers will help you dial-in this critical measurement.

2) Adjustment Gauge - Stern recommends some VERY specific measurements that are super hard to measure with a ruler. They are virtually impossible to measure reliably by one person. Using the included gauge, you can easily measure the gap between the TK Lock Guide Rod and backboard as well as the height of the rod from the floor of the ramp. The gauge allows easy and accurate one person measurement of these critical dimensions.

Kit includes:
2 - 1mm PETG Spacers (clear)
1 - 3mm Acrylic Spacer (various colors)
1 - Adjustment Gauge (various colors)
1 - Instruction sheet
You will also need Stern's instruction sheet for more detailed instruction which can be found in the Pinside Stranger Things Club thread

This kit is designed for the ORIGINAL run of Stranger Things Premium and LE games. It is unclear if the Vault Premiums can use this kit.

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