Capacitor Rebuild Repair Kit for Bally 6803 Power Supply MPU

Bally Pinball System 6803 Power Supply and MPU Capacitor Rebuild Kit

This kit comes with the capacitors to replace the aging, dried out caps on your Bally 6803 series power supply and MPU board.

We only use high-quality Nichion, Panasonic, and SC new stock capacitors.

The color of the capacitors might change as we restock, but they will always be the same aforementioned, fresh, brand name parts.

Game Compatibility

Eight Ball Champ, Beat the Clock, Lady Luck, Motordome, Black Belt, Special Force, Strange Science, City Slicker, Hardbody, Party Animal, Heavy Metal Meltdown, Dungeons & Dragons, Escape from the Lost World, Blackwater 100, Truck Stop, Atlantis

Kit Contents

*All capacitors in this kit are the more robust, "high temp" 105 degree Celsius rated type*

Power Supply Board

1 - 12,000uf/25v axial (modified to fit in the spot for a radial) for C1

1 - 150uf/450v axial for C2

4 - zip ties for use with the caps at C1 and C2

MPU Board

2 - 470uf/35v axials for C8 and C11

Note - A capacitor of a higher voltage may be provided than what is shown here and is fine to use (but never a lower voltage).

Our commitment to quality, reasonable price, and customer service apparently upsets our competition; don't be misled or settle for less than the best! :)

Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks for looking.

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