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Champion Pub Pinball - Rom Upgrade

Revision History: (Included for reference)
Software Release - Rev 1.60
G11 checksum Rev 1.60: $E316
ROM date is: 09/14/98

Changes since Version 1.5:

- Fixed bug after Ultimate Challenge, training lamps are now set
- Fixed Cash Fight scores when the player has over 200 million.

Software Release - Rev 1.50
G11 checksum Rev 1.50: $E315
ROM date is: 07/02/98

Changes since Version 1.4:

- Fixed problem where two balls were kick out at ball start.
- Fixed Lock Pin during ball search.
- Improved Extra Ball alarm sound.
- Removed delay from bonus after third ball.
- Improved ball save on outlanes, if no score has happened yet.
- Fixed chase ball to not kick out a ball when one is on the shooter.

Software Release - Rev 1.40
G11 checksum Rev 1.50: $9014
ROM date is: 05/22/98

Changes since Version 1.3:

- Fixed German Pricing, 6 for 5 DM.
- Improved corner eject coil strength.
- Improved playfield test.

Software Release - Rev 1.30
G11 checksum Rev 1.30: $9D13
ROM date is: 04/08/98

Changes since Version 1.2:

- Added improved missing ball compensation.
- Fixed Cash fight so it percentages the players millions correctly.
- Fixed Ultimate challenge so multiple hits at the end of each fight do not
create extra wins.
- Added Poker night awards so they will not be as redundant.
- Changed Spittn gallery so the extra ball could come from any spatter.
- Fixed speed bag test so neither speed flipper stays on.
- Fixed the poker night hand calculator; hands will not falsely be flushes.
- Fisticuffs Multiball was added to the end of ultimate challenge if the
player was still in Multiball
- Victory laps were added to the end of ultimate challenge if the player
beats all five boxers.

Software Release - Rev 1.2
G11 checksum Rev 1.2: $E512
ROM date is: 02/20/98

Changes from version 1.1:

- Fixed training bug from v1.1. You can now complete all training as many
times as you please.
- Cash fights now risk percents of the players score instead of flat scores.
- The Rope magnet will no longer energize during game over or tilt.
- The ball will no longer reserve after a tilt.
- The Power Shot feature was enhanced.
- Fisticuffs multiball used the wrong adjustment to set it-self to HARD. It
now works correctly.

Software Release - Rev 1.1
G11 checksum Rev 1.1: $7911
ROM date is: 02/10/98

Changes from version 1.0:

- Fixed ball search during game over problem. The Scoops will no longer stay
- The slings now turn of for short periods of time when the ball is on its
way down a lane or out of a lock up device.
- All training lamps re-light after all are complete allowing the player to
complete all training again and again.
- Fixed post third fight with full bar of life. There will no longer be a new
fight and Raid mixed together.

Software Release - Rev 1.0
G11 checksum Rev 1.1: $F610
ROM date is: 02/03/98

This is the first production release:

Changes from version 0.10:

- Added Speed bag test
- Improved LED test - User can now move between left, right, or both.
- Fixed LED test - they no longer blink during the test.
- Fixed ROPE or SPEED BAG disabled - The corresponding lamp will no longer
light after the player has completed all training.
- Fixed Boxer disabled - It is no longer possible to enter an infinite loop
after hitting the heavy bag when the boxer is disabled.
- The ball will always return to the player if it drains while the flippers
are off.
- Added difficulties. The various difficulties will now modify the
adjustments to make the game harder or easier.
- Fixed double purse value bug - doubling a large purse will no longer rap
- Added Ordered lamp test
- Hurry up awards are now instantaneous instead of a short delay.
- Arrange Display effect priorities so that an increase purse awards are
displayed during jumps rope
- Added Rope error detection.
- The rope magnet will not turn on if the rope motor is broke or disabled.
- Added Total page to Ultimate challenge.
- Added Translations.
- Added Error message for the boxer mech

This is an officially licensed replacement part. Please view my shop policies for more information.

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