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Zaccaria driver boards diagnostic tool (Ultimate bundle) Shop highlight

This diagnostic tool is an automatic tool which will help you troubleshoot and repair Zaccaria driver boards.

The microcontroller provided with the tool will cycle all the combinations and activate all the lamp and solenoid outputs.

The Zaccaria diagnostic tool includes the LED Lamp outputs test board and Solenoid outputs test board and includes all needed harnesses and connectors in order to test either Generation 1 or Generation 2 Zaccaria driver boards.

You only need to provide a 5V power supply.

What this tool does?

It cycle 3 different tests in order to identify any possible problem:

lights all the outputs one by one;
lights all the outputs and add them all together in order to have all outputs powered on;
run a blinking test in order to verify the correct behaviour of SCRs and Darlingtons

What is included in this bundle?

A microcontroller
5 LEDs Lamp outputs test boards (you need to specify if you want the classic LED boards or the bar graph boards during check-out);
1 LEDs Solenoid outputs test board;
All wiring and harnesses for G1 and G2 driver boards;
Troubleshooting tables with the correct mapping with outputs and components;
Instrustructions for assembly.

This diagnostic tool is sold in kit to assemble.

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