The Twlight Zone Lighted Speaker Kit for original speakers

Bally/Williams Lighted Speaker Kit for The Twilight Zone pinball machine, with original speakers.

We make 4 different Bally/Williams Speaker Kits. This listing is for WPC games with the original speakers. If you have aftermarket speakers, we have a different kit for those.

Great looking WPC Lighted Speaker Kits for Bally/Williams pinball machines using your original speakers. There are reasons why you could never find Lighted Speaker kits for your Bally/Williams games that looked as good as the speaker light kits for Stern’s or the new Chicago Coin’s remake of classic Ball/Williams games. Bally/Williams used a midrange speaker, which is large, and a tweeter that is small, giving a very unbalanced look to your game when lit up. In the past, there was no way to make both sides look nearly identical till now.

Our Bally/Williams Lighted Speaker Kits use color changing LED light strips with a RGB controller that lights up. This brings some flash to those plain pinball machine speakers. The 44 key remote makes it easy to switch between the 20 preset colors and 6 “Do It Yourself buttons,” that will give you nearly unlimited colors. In addition, the remote offers special features such as flash, jump, fade, brightness, etc.

There are 2 main features that give our Bally/Williams Lighted Speaker kits look nearly identical on both the left and right:

First, WPC games have 2 different sized speakers, a midrange which is large speaker and a tweeter which is a smaller speaker. Because of the size difference, the wood board that mounts your DMD and speakers has a large hole in the board on the midrange size and a small hole ion the tweeter side. The only way to overcome this imbalance of speakers is to make a new board to mount your DMD and speaker to that has holes the same size on both sides. Not only have holed the same size, but to create visual balance and appearance on both sides.

Second, our kits come with a tweeter cone mount. The tweeter cone mount is a lighted ring that has an area that is hand painted to appear as if a midrange speaker was mounted. This allows both sides, midrange and tweeter to be the same size, causing continuity of your speaker panel,

Our kit comes with a board that is cut with large speaker holes on both sides of the board. This board is custom made to your game, because some the of the game are slightly different. Below is an example of the original board that came in your game with the different sized speaker holes. Then we have an example of our board that has the same size cut holes on both sides. Again, your board may be slightly different then the images below on cut outs on games such as “The Addams Family” and “Doctor Who”.

This Speaker Kit (or other versions of this kit) fits: Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Corvette, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Demolition Man, Dirty Harry, Doctor Who, Fish Tales, Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure, Indianapolis 500, Jack-Bot, Johnny Mnemonic, Judge Dredd, No Fear: Dangerous Games, Popeye Saves the Earth, Red & Ted’s Road Show, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Terminator 2, The Addams Family, The Flintstones, The Getaway, The Shadow, Theater of Magic, Twilight Zone, White Water, World Cup Soccer


1. DMD/Speaker mounting board
2. WPC Power Tap
3. Speaker light ring for midrange speaker
4. Speaker light ring and mount for tweeter
5. 1 meter 5.5mm x 2.1mm plug extension cord
6. RGB LED 2 port controller
7. 2 - 4 pin connectors
8. 44 key remote control
9. Remote battery
10. Wire ties
11. 4 – 1” #6 machine screws to mount original DMD
12. 4 – 7/16” #6 machine screws to mount color DMD
13. 4 - #6 washers to mount DMD
14. 4 - #6 lock washer to mount DMD
15. 8 - #8 1 ¼” machine screws to mount speaker rings
16. 8 - #8 washer to mount speakers
17. 8 - #8 lock washers to mount speakers
18. 8 – 3/8” nails to mount speaker grills

The Lighted Speaker kit comes with all of the components pictured and listed. The lighted speaker kit does not come with speakers, metal speaker grills or speaker panel.

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