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A large number of Williams games are missing the fuses in the 18V (controlled lamps) and 34V (solenoids) circuits before the bridge rectifiers. Because of the missing fuses things can go very wrong with these games. When a short occurs in a bridge rectifier there is a possibility of burning wires from the transformer to the bridge rectifiers. In worst case scenario even the transformer goes up in smoke. In the best case the main fuse blows and turns the machine off. Look at the bottom of the page for a few examples of how things can go wrong.

To remedy this problem simply placing fuses in the circuit before the bridge rectifiers is advised. A very doable solution. Another problem could be the very large capacitor in the 18V circuit. The life expectancy of 10 to 15 years is already long past for all machines. Now isn’t that much of a problem for the controlled lamps, but the electronics might object. When your controlled lamps burn less bright there might also be a problem with the bridge rectifier. All these problems can be fixed by using this Bridge Board!

On this board are the bridge rectifiers, capacitor replacements and the new added fuses. These components can continue to serve you for another 10 to 15 years and are easily available. Simple screw connections, no soldering skills needed. The bridge rectifiers are on the back side of the board and are also used for mounting the board in the back box. This way the bridge rectifiers have the best cooling thru the metal back plate in the back box of the machine. If you want you can also mount the bridge rectifiers on the front of the board, but an extra cooling body is advised and the use of mounting spacers. Additionally, this new board also has 2 leds for checking if the exit power is present.

You can use this board in ALL games from Williams System 3 up to System 11A and many Data East and Sega games.

Games Compatibility List:

Algar System 6AAlien Poker System 6ABarracora System 7Black Knight System 7Blackout System 6Comet System 9Contact System 3Cosmic Gunfight System 7Defender System 7Disco Fever System 3F-14 Tomcat System 11AFire! System 11AFirepower System 6Firepower II System 7Flash System 4Gorgar System 6Grand Lizard System 11Gridiron System 8High Speed System 11Hyperball System 7Joust System 7Jungle lord System 7Laser Ball System 6Laser Cue System 7Lucky Seven System 3Millionaire System 11APennant Fever System 8Pharaoh System 7Phoenix System 4Pin•Bot System 11APokerino System 4Road Kings System 11Scorpion System 6Solar Fire System 7Sorcerer System 9Space Shuttle System 9Star Light System 7Stellar Wars System 4Still Crazy System 8Time Fantasy System 7Time Warp System 6Tri Zone System 6Varkon System 7Warlok System 7World Cup System 3 Game name Data EastBack to the Future Data East version 3Batman Data East version 3Batman Forever Data East version 3b (Sega)Baywatch Data East version 3b (Sega)Checkpoint Data East version 3Guns n’ Roses Data East version 3Hook Data East version 3Jurassic Park Data East version 3Laser War Data East version 1Last Action Hero Data East version 3Lethal Weapon 3 Data East version 3Maverick Data East version 3b (Sega)May Shelley’s Frankenstein Data East version 3b (Sega)Monday Night Football Data East version 2Phantom of the Opera Data East version 2Playboy 35th Anniversary Data East version 2Robocop Data East version 2Rocky and Bullwinkle Data East version 3Secret Service Data East version 2Star Trek Data East version 3Star Wars Data East version 3Tales from the Crypt Data East version 3Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Data East version 3The Simpsons Data East version 3The Who’s Tommy Pinball Wizard Data East version 3Time Machine Data East version 2Torpedo Alley Data East version 2WWF Royal Rumble Data East version 3

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