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Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
“This listing is for a pair of our BRAND NEW "Soccer Ball" designed pinball flipper bat topper MODs. This MOD truly makes your playfield come to life and adds depth and character ...”
$ 11.95
“Revision History: (Included for reference) Version L-2 Date: July 7, 1994 U6: Checksum: E102 (A - USA/Canada) Checksum: DC02 (X - Export) The export version supersedes all A ROMs....”
Matt's Basement Arcade
From: $ 9.99
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
“Ask about the Blood splattered TV option! NOTE: THE CRT CASE IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. If you would like a TV case version of the mod, just let me know! These are currently made ...”
CzTV Mods
From: $ 190.00
Lighting - Interactive
“This is a Plug and Play kit to add interactive lighting to the ramps on World Cup Soccer. NOTE: This is kit has not been completely documented, and is made available at a reduced...”
Professor Pinball
$ 200.00
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
“Waterworld TV mod that plays good quality video on a 2.8" LCD screen! Sound is available as an option! Features: -Latest Version 4.1 of this mod! -Uses a Raspberry pi Zero! -More ...”
CzTV Mods
From: $ 180.00
Cabinet - (Alt) Translites
“Replace your stock WPT translite with this design I came up with after I decided the stock translite wasn't for me. This is the 2nd run of these I have had printed and am doing a l...”
Pin Mods
$ 110.00