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Cabinet - Other
“1 set (pair) of customized instruction and logo cards for your TNA. These are printed on heavy stock paper, cut, laminated and re-cut to size. The set comes with 5" self-adhesive ...”
Apron Envy
$ 20.00
Cabinet - Shooter Rods
“The TNA Radiation Shooter is a 2.25" diameter, highly-reflective radiation warning symbol on a convex medallion fused to a standard shooter rod. The back and edge are super smooth ...”
Super Skill Shot Shop
$ 86.95
Playfield - Plastics
“Acrylic protector for the area over the drop targets etched with ball position numbers and logos. Fluorescent Green is what is pictured. Unless otherwise specified in a note when o...”
RGP Models
From: $ 25.00
Cabinet - Decals
“Speaker panel and coin door decals for Total Nuclear Annihilation. Printed on high quality vinyl, these decals are easy to install and remove. Designed to look like the speakers ar...”
Pinball Nerd Decals
From: $ 59.95
Lighting - Other
“Light up those side rails with this easy to install panel kit. When unlit the rails look factory purple but once the game is on they light up for an excellent new look. Picture sho...”
$ 129.95
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
“Bring your pop to the next reactor level. Full metal cast pop bumper cap finished in stunning chrome finish. Simple stack design stand a full two inches tall. This mod installs i...”
$ 79.95