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Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
“Kit to upgrade your standard slingshots with Thing and Carnivorous plant characters. Thing and plant are 3D printed in PETG and handpainted. Cover plastics 3D printed in clear resi...”
Dystopic Pinball
€ 100.00
Playfield - Plastics
“Protect your Stern Rush Pinball machine slingshot plastics with these protectors. Slingshot plastic set - These protectors will keep your sling plastics good as new. Includes 2 x...”
Gameroom Mods
$ 16.00
Playfield - Protection
“And for my next trick, watch me pull a pinball out of my hat! Oops! Did it break a beautiful cartoon plastic? Don't let that happen! Purchase protectors for the slingshots only, o...”
UpKick Pinball
From: $ 10.00