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Cabinet - Other
“Are you tired of every pinball machine having the exact same shooter rod plate? Now you can fully customize your shooter plate with this custom cover. It completely covers the blac...”
Filament Printing
$ 25.00
Cabinet - Shooter Rods
“Our kit comes complete with a custom gobstopper shooter and metal Wonka Bar plate a $110 value. The shooter is custom cast and hand painted and sealed to commercial finish standar...”
$ 99.95
Cabinet Parts
“Dress up your Whoa Nellie with a Rocket City Pinball custom beehive shooter housing, 3D-printed in watermelon colors as shown! Other custom colors/arrangements available at your r...”
Rocket City Pinball
$ 35.00
Playfield - Protection
“This mod is simply a small plastic plate that installs directly behind your plunger housing. It is a great way to make your game stand out with an extra touch of color! I'm always...”
Filament Printing
$ 10.00
Cabinet Parts
“Replacement beehives only seemed to be available in white, red, or orange -- until now! So many games have such colorful cabinets -- and the plain white beehives often just don't ...”
Rocket City Pinball
From: $ 30.00