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Lighting - Led
“Light up the dark scoop area with this super bright and vibrant scoop light. Really improves visibility and overall game aesthetics. Plug and play, simple install. Available in red...”
$ 15.00
Playfield - Other
“I'm the first to admit it -- the Loop Combo backlit signs are awesome! If you've got $85 (plus bulbs) to spend, by all means, buy that set. If you're interested in a less expensi...”
Rocket City Pinball
From: $ 1.50
Lighting - Led
“Light up that dark scoop with our Scoop Illumination kit. It is interactive with the Mystery insert and will light up when that insert lights.”
$ 35.00
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
“Data East Jurassic Park is a great looking game! However the three scoops (Control Room, Bunker, Power Shed) are a major feature and they're let down by the boring and dated-lookin...”
Loop Combo Pinball
$ 89.00