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Lighting - Led
“Light up that dark scoop with our Scoop Illumination kit. It is interactive with the Mystery insert and will light up when that insert lights.”
$ 35.00
Lighting - Led
“Light up that dark scoop area with our Interactive Scoop light. It is interactive the Select City mode, once that is lit, the scoop light activates. Please note the Standard O...”
From: $ 25.00
Lighting - Led
“Light up the dark scoop area with this super bright and vibrant scoop light. Really improves visibility and overall game aesthetics. Plug and play, simple install. Available in red...”
$ 15.00
Lighting - Interactive
“Brighten up your scoop, brighten up your life! Our interactive scoop lighting for your Rick & Morty pinball is customizable to your preference. Plug it in to any playfield li...”
Pinball Mod Co.
$ 45.00
Playfield - Toys/Add-ons
“Data East Jurassic Park is a great looking game! However the three scoops (Control Room, Bunker, Power Shed) are a major feature and they're let down by the boring and dated-lookin...”
Loop Combo Pinball
$ 89.00
Playfield - Other
“I'm the first to admit it -- the Loop Combo backlit signs are awesome! If you've got $85 (plus bulbs) to spend, by all means, buy that set. If you're interested in a less expensi...”
Rocket City Pinball
From: $ 1.50