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“These light dividers are used in a number of Gottlieb EMs in order to light up an area on the backglass, usually a "100,000" near the score reels which denotes a single rollover. ...”
Space Coast Pinball
$ 15.00
Cabinet Parts
“These EM score reel card guides always seem to be disintegrating in my games, so I started making these a while back to help restore a Ship Mates and a Dodge City for my collection...”
Space Coast Pinball
From: $ 5.00
Cabinet - Other
“Missing that switch cover and/or switch mounting plate? I designed these a while back to line up with the original holes in my Gottlieb EMs and Solid State games and also look sim...”
Space Coast Pinball
From: $ 4.00
Playfield - Decals
“Freshen up your Gottlieb diamond pop bumpers with these vinyl-cut decals. These are made-to-order with several color options including the the traditional red and blue. The vinyl i...”
UpKick Pinball
$ 4.00