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Baywatch Target & Coin Door Decal Set

Item description

A set of new target and door decals for Sega Baywatch. Professionally printed on glossy high quality material and machine cut with precision. Comes pre-cut with hole for center rivet. Fully laminated with matte heavy duty PVC film for durability and UV protection. Designed to match the original artwork and colors of the game. This set covers all targets!

This set contains:
(3) Reproduction replacement drop target decals (original factory design)
(3) Reproduction replacement drop target decals (early production/prototype design)
(10) Target decals - "SHARK" - alternative design included, choose your favourite!
(5) Target decals - "LIFE GUARD ON DUTY"
(2) Round target decals - "LASER KICK"
(2) Different door decals - choose your favourite!

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GT-BW-Decals_01 (resized).jpg
GT-BW-Decals_03 (resized).jpg

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